Fin & Feather Pet Center, Inc.

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Fin & Feather Pet Center, Inc.
4.2 based on 536 reviews
  1. J “Jacqui” Moe 2023/12

    Amazing Service always helpful ☺️

  2. Derrick Wilson 2023/12

    Good selection of fish bird and reptiles.


  3. Kaylee Davis 2023/12

    One of the best animal care stores around! I came in after having not the greatest of days and all the employees went out of their way to make it better and help me find everything I needed!! Huge thanks to you guys! I will be back!

  4. Mark Lightfoot 2023/12

    I love Fin&Feather Alex the fishman is the best that I have ever spoken to about fish..

  5. Enoch Regier 2023/11

    Most of the reptile enclosures had dirty or no water. Anoles were dead in the water bowl and skinny starving. Enclosures were dirty and not taken care of at all. Smelled horrible. Many baby ball pythons in a tank with hardly any water and improper bedding and all looked stressed.
    When we informed an employee about this they just brushed it off and said ‘oh awesome’ and went back to talking with another employee. Employees do not care for the animals and were rude.
    The store does have a good selection of products and supplies and otherwise is a good store, but animal neglect ruins it all.


  6. Charles Kelly (Charlie) 2023/11

    This is the pet store for you if you enjoy purchasing stressed and poorly treated animals. Somehow worse than Petco, congratulations!

  7. Kendrey Brown 2023/11

    I visited fin and feather for the first time recently hoping to support a locally owned pet store, however.. i left on the brink of tears. All of the enclosures were too small and dirty, basically no food or water, flies everywhere, rabbits and birds looked on the brink of death. I immediately went to look at the reviews and was shocked to see that this has obviously been brought up to the staff/management. Someone said last month there was a dead hermit crab in the tank, they informed staff that conditions were not at all correct, yet when i went in last week, the small tank was full of at least 5 very large hermit crabs. They literally purchased more animals knowing that they were killing them and I find that unbelievable, and I can’t even imagine what goes on behind closed doors. Please adopt these animals out to people/places that have the space, money, and time to properly care for them. Stop supporting sale of wild caught animals. You have a great selection of products, I truly hope you will listen to your community and transition into a product only store because animal lovers will NOT support you like this. Adopt don’t shop<3

  8. Christine Armstrong 2023/11

    Love this place! They have a great store, and everything is almost always in stock. I don’t have a hard time finding anything. Very helpful and knowledgeable staff!! Great selection of fish and plants for aquariums. Fantastic selection of small animal foods and accessories. Great pet store without the pet chain nonsense.

  9. Berkeley Perez 2023/10

    Fin and Feather provides an unique and pleasant shopping experience. The staff totally sets the environment and is very helpful, knowledgeable, above all friendly. Definitely a brilliantly bright star on 161 Lakeside Ave. Thank you all.

  10. Tiffany Berkeley 2023/10

    They always get my snake Goku right

  11. Gloria Jett 2023/10

    Salesperson was very knowledgeable about products. Friendly staff

  12. selema simmons 2023/10

    Love my fishes but they need better service or more employees. We waited 25 minutes after we found what we wanted ask for help the employee told me she would get some one for me. When she could have helped me she was talking for 15 minutes (not about her job to a customer that didn’t anything ) never got anyone to help and it was two employees at the register that I try to call over as well with no response like they didn’t see these groups of five people just standing there waiting for service so me and my family left but as we was getting in the car I was upset we waited that long with our anything so I when back in to speak to the manager but when I went back in a another employee came in and I ask her to help me and great service I was in and back out in 6 minutes with my 🐠🐟🐠🐟 and her service was so great I forgot to talk to the manager

    Please do better

  13. Reilly Park 2023/10

    It’s heartbreaking seeing the dirty and small animal enclosures (which also smell awful) housing animals here. I really hope this place decides to stop selling animals and instead focuses on marketing their selection of products to actually help animals. I don’t plan on returning.

  14. Ashley Holland 2023/10

    We went in to get crickets and mealworms for my bearded dragon, started looking at the bunnies (to get an idea for our kids). When I asked the lady at the register if she could get a bunny to take out for my kids (4, 2, and 1) to see and pet (to see how they react) she told us no bc our kids are to young. Then when I asked if I could see the bunny to hold, she refused to allow me to hold the bunny saying they were to young. How do you expect to make business and get good customers if you refuse to allow them to try to see the animals. I refuse to go back because my kids ended up walking out crying because we refuse to buy a bunny we aren’t allowed to hold.

  15. M K 2023/09

    “Great pet store a little expensive but had everything I needed”


  16. rhamele williams 2023/09


  17. Meghan Reynolds 2023/09

    I went there to see what they had in terms of supplies for my hermit crabs. I finally found a small, dark and dusty shelf close to the ground with a few items. Next to it was a hermit crab tank. It was really sad to see the conditions of the tank, which were dirty and neglected.
    In the front corner of the tank was the only hermit crab I saw, half emerged from its shell and obviously dead. There was a fly crawling over it. It was a really upsetting experience, especially as someone who loves and cares for hermit crabs.

    The reasons for two stars instead of one are that it had a lot of different animals and supplies, and the employees I interacted with were friendly. When I told them about the hermit crab they addressed it.

    There were other animals that were cared for. I just wish they would either take better care of the hermit crabs and set up a proper environment, or just don’t have them at all.

  18. Alan Jones 2023/08

    Great place. Friendly staff.

  19. Jess Martin 2023/08

    First time shopping here. Loved the selection of fish, reptiles and isopods. Great selection of frozen feeders for my snakes. Will definitely be returning

  20. W Ford 2023/08

    Employees were rude. We had asked to pick up one of the guinea pigs but the employee was rude about it and said that if we weren’t buying it they weren’t going to let us pick it up to hold

  21. Taylor Bowen 2023/08

    Best place to get live feeder rats

  22. Saundra Pool 2023/07

    customers service is great

  23. David Gray 2023/07

    One stop shop for pets needs… etc…

  24. Bonita Jones 2023/07

    Most helpful staff

  25. Dorothy Daugherty 2023/07

    Nice place to shop

  26. Beverly Bone 2023/07

    Best location for anything and everything for your pets!? The staff are wonderful 😊 …

  27. Vanshawn Lewis 2023/07

    Very cool place.

  28. Nichole Mccaskill 2023/07

    Markia was our server! She was amazing! Definitely come back for her!

  29. chris hamons 2023/07

    A weekly stop for me. Great place and people

  30. D Hanson 2023/07

    Really nice pet store. Helpful staff. Good selection of products.

  31. Tony Santos 2023/07

    Lots of choices

  32. Taylor Harrell 2023/07

    The staff is fantastic and so knowledgeable. I always have a great experience when I go to get fish supplies. Fair prices and usually really clean/healthy tanks.

  33. Andrew Manos 2023/07

    A great little pet shop. I got my curly haired Tarantula named Morty there. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Pretty good prices too.


  34. DeLainey Heyer 2023/07

    this is the best pet store in Richmond!! employees are all so kind and knowledgeable, and care very deeply about their animals’ health and wellbeing! there’s always a great selection of reptiles, invertebrates, and fish. great place to get all of your pets and pet needs 🙂

  35. Kate -My Teacher- Harris 2023/07

    Love this place! Helpful employees, have all the things. My only complaint is that it is so far away!

  36. Marcus Williams 2023/06

    Excellent place to purchase pets. Staff is extremely knowledgeable of everything they sell.

  37. WhoDatRva 2023/06

    Absolutely awesome local pet store with tons of great people working there.

  38. Patricia Joaquin 2023/06

    Very nice people

  39. Madison Lowrey 2023/06

    Awesome pet store! They have bird food that can be bought in bulk and is so much better in price and quality than the pre-bagged option! They are friendly and informative as well!

  40. Elizabeth White 2023/06

    Staff are super helpful.

  41. Heather Allison 2023/05

    Every time I go there, they are so nice! They answer any questions you have. If they don’t have what you want, they will order it.
    I have loved this place since I was a little girl!
    I got my blue tongue skink from these guys!


  42. Savannah Setzer 2023/05

    The state they keep their animals in is pretty depressing. I’m experienced in animal husbandry, and nothing about their food or enclosure is good for them at all. The “animal” smell is so nauseating that I can’t stay in there for prolonged periods of time to look through the store. They have a nice selection of Oxbow products, though.

    Rescue your pet and skip this store unless you are just looking for supplies.

  43. J. Smith 2023/05

    They seem to have a larger variety of fish than your average pet store. It did seem a bit cluttered or not as neat as your chain pet stores.

  44. Taryn Hains-Karmilovich 2023/05

    Ian was super helpful with everything we needed for our pond. There’s a great selection of pond supplies, plants, and fish. We will be back!

  45. Kimberly Manthy 2023/05

    Great selection of koi fish, and very knowledgeable!

  46. Pamela Allmond 2023/04

    Nice set up up of Fish all types

  47. Scott H 2023/03

    The people here are knowledgeable

  48. James Cunningham 2023/03

    Definitely not a lot of “feathers” we drive 2 hours because they show exotic birds on their website. Unfortunately when we got there they only had parakeets a pair of cocatiels and a quaker. Not much to browse from. Other then that they had a good selection of snakes, lizards and spiders. Inventory/supplies seemed pretty
    good as well.

  49. Datrise Boyd (Trise) 2023/03

    My daughter and I spent hours in here. The staff we encountered was extremely nice and informative. Would definitely shop there again.

  50. Anna Wade 2023/03

    Very knowledgeable and helpful.


  51. Emma Allison 2023/02

    Very friendly staff but all of the animals seemed so distressed and it was a bit heartbreaking, they do have lots of exotic animals but they all seemed so stressed and it was so sad to see, they had a “rescue” snake that had absolutely nothing in the tank besides a water bowl, not even substrate he was biting the glass and looked extremely sad, im begging you fin and feathers staff please give these animals love and proper care, they are living things just as we are


  52. Joseph White 2023/02

    Very cool place feist going there an everyone e there was friendly

  53. Roy Cook 2023/02

    This store has been a great help with the knowledgeable staff and inventory. I’m a 20 years saltwater aquarist and happy they are selling saltwater fish and corals again! Tonight I signed up for the points program and I already have $10 off… Uh boy, lol, I’ll be back in next week for some plants and fish for my first freshwater setup! Big thanks to Shane for helping me out with all the supplies!


  54. Alana Stanley 2023/02

    This is my place! They are probably so tired of me because I’m always here lol. If you’re looking for something specific or need advice they’re happy to help.

  55. Nate the great 2023/02

    I have gotten the sweetest pet rats from this pet store. The staff were great, and the pets weren’t mean and bitter. They seem like they’re treated well and are attended to often. My go to for getting my fancy rats.

  56. Cathy Horton 2023/02

    The staff is so helpful, and they always have what I need for my pets.

  57. James Murphy 2023/02

    Great extremely knowledgeable people … a little cluttered

  58. ashley Anderson 2023/02

    Amazing place very knowledgeable staff. And very clean. Staff was super friendly.

  59. Sharon Grey 2023/01

    Well the smell was quite live.

    But the variety and general health of the animals seemed to be excellent.

    We enjoyed this independent shop. It’s humble outside is quite deceiving. It’s much larger inside.

    As a reptile enthusiast there is so much I would change but what they’ve got going on is adequate.

    It’s not glamorous but everything seems to be working and animals seem to be healthy.

  60. Renard Benjamin 2023/01

    Everything you need for your pets

  61. Adimia aka Lux 2023/01

    Been coming here for 5years. Shane and the team are the best. New fish wall looks spectacular. They always have something new and neat to consider for your next fishtank. Better value and experience than big box pet stores.

  62. Rosie Kelso 2022/11

    Awesome store

  63. Kelly Taylor 2022/11

    Lovely fish tanks, knowledgeable help!!

  64. Tomy Marin 2022/11

    Regular day is no open? What happened?

  65. Bryon hower 2022/11

    Knowledgeable staff, healthy animals and a huge selection

  66. Erin Whitehead 2022/11

    Best fish store in the area… extremely knowledgeable

  67. Natalie Sorensen 2022/11

    Really great local pet store with a good selection of aquarium supplies, which is what I go there for. They also have reptile, small mammal, bird, and cat and dog supplies to name a few.

  68. Caughtafaygo _ 2022/11

    Nice spot. Steadily improving. Friendly people. Live feeders a plus. Could use a little more attention to the enclosures and cleaning but thats to be expected in a busy shop though not necessarily an excuse. Other than that its a great place and to their credit the Nicaraguan boa had a nice full shed (healthy for my non snake peeps) some reptiles can be priced heavy but you have to consider the overhead and the typical person shopping in there has never heard of morphmarket lol. Anyway i like this spot and its staff.

  69. Keisha C 2022/11

    Drove to this place to purchase my daughter a rabbit for her birthday. The staff was really knowledgeable about all that I had to purchase. Asked if they provided military discounts and was told yes. As am putting things up today and look at the receipt, no discount what so ever. Smh

  70. Casey Gochnour 2022/11

    Every time I go, I always find everything I need and know that the staff is knowledgeable enough to make helpful suggestions for purchases. You can tell they really care about animals and it makes me feel better to support a business that really does.

  71. Charlotte E. 2022/11

    I had bought a leopard gecko and a ball python from here and the employ had informed me that my leopard gecko had an eye issue but it would just require me to give her eye drops. I later found out that my leopard gecko was blind. The employee told me she only had a minor eye issue instead of her being blind so that they could sell her. The ball python died soon after I had purchased her, she refused to eat but showed no other signs of sickness. The last time I went into the store I had seen a dead baby bearded dragon that had been left in the enclosure. All of their birds had ripped their feathers out and were in cages way too small. It’s truly heartbreaking to see animals put through this type of treatment. I can’t even walk into the store anymore because I’m scared of what I’ll see. Please do not support this store and the treatment of their animals.

  72. Tori Montgomery 2022/11

    I’ve gone to Fin and Feather for years. Generally nice in the store. Usually a decent fish and plant selection can’t really speak on the other stuff. They do have bunnies in there that I don’t really like being kept cramped in a glass cage. But I haven’t seen puppies in there in a while!

    I usually just go for the fish and aquatic plant selection.

  73. Marc Wagner 2022/10

    Great neighborhood store!

  74. Stephanie Dudley 2022/10

    Not impressed with how their aquariums are maintained,

  75. Elizabeth Taylor 2022/10

    Knowable staff good variety of pets and all the supplies you need. They have an awesome pond shop that knows their stuff.

  76. Al Darko 2022/10

    Excellent quality fish, knowlegeable staff…..So much better than ANY big box store….Shop Local!

  77. Rabbit Run 2022/10

    Best spot for freshwater fish and supplies! Great selection for reptiles too if thats your thing.

  78. Andrea Green 2022/10

    This pet store has a good selection of limited ingredient dog food and treats although their store hours are convenient they do close early on Saturday and i think they’re closed Sunday

  79. Karen Keegan 2022/10

    Best place around to find all our pet needs! From live rats & horn worms to cat and dog food! Friendly, knowledgeable staff and great prices too!

  80. Tyrone Sherman 2022/10

    Awesome place for information. I shop there regularly and I am Always greeted and treated like a priority. The staff is great. Shane is just super friendly..a ball of information and an all around good guy. Thanks for all of your information, advice, and for making me feel valued.

  81. Anthony Couillard 2022/10

    What a fantastic local pet store! Been the staple of Richmond for as long as I can remember. Their selection of more exotic type animals is pretty impressive. Lots of pretty cool snakes, lizards, tarantulas, scorpions, and even other types of insects. Have a pretty good sized bird room always have either guinea pigs or rabbits out front. And one of the better selection of fresh and salt water fish in the area. I stopped in usually once a week, maybe once every other week to grab feeder Guppies and minnows for our turtle. Usually will get a package of mealworms as well. They have a huge selection of premium dog and cat food. Lots of toys for your animals and goodies. They carry pretty much any type of food selection you need for almost any animal. The staff is always very helpful. Pretty easy location to get to. If you need something special they can’t even do special orders as well. Pretty soon we’ll be buying a frog and I know we’ll be getting it from Fin and feather. It’s very easy to forget that we have a local pet store, my kids always want to go it’s like going to a mini Zoo. Take the time and go check them out you won’t be at disappointed.


  82. Kristen Montgomery 2022/09

    I will always recommend this place for fish needs and pet needs,GREAT SERVICE !

  83. Jan Safi 2022/08

    As they mentioned some animals in their website but when u go there they don’t have

  84. Charles D. 2022/08

    Always nice to stop in and see what they have in stock. Nice friendly staff and knowledgeable about the what they sell.

  85. Li Villaranda 2022/08

    The fish center is three doors down, if you’re looking for koi and goldfish. Basically everything you need for a pond or aquarium is there.

  86. Fee Fee Leonard 2022/08

    I’ve been buying fish from fin and feathers for many many years the store has changed a lot but it’s still a wonderful place. Prices as for everyone else have went up.

  87. Amanda 2022/08

    I was recommended Fins & Feathers by my fish club in NOVA, but they didn’t include which one. It is this one, not the one in Ashland.

    The fish section in this store is clean and organized with great selection. The young man with longer curly hair working there was really helpful.

  88. James Hise 2022/07

    Excellent shop easy to get to and plenty of selection

  89. Pro gamerx379 2022/07

    Pretty chill store the reptiles are a little bit too pricey than normal prices

  90. Phyllis Sawyer 2022/07

    I only gave them 2 stars because the website doesn’t show prices of their products. As far as the store goes and the staff, they are great

  91. Lauren D 2022/07

    First time here today and would absolutely come back. Store is clean and employees are friendly and helpful

  92. Mandy Johnson 2022/07

    LOVE this store. There’s a large variety of fish and other animals to look at and the employees are extremely knowledgeable and friendly.

  93. Tammi Keifer 2022/07

    I always try and take my niece to a different pet shop so my husband came up with the idea to take her to Fin & Feather. She saw lots of fish and snakes that she normally does not see at the size that they were. She also saw other fish that are not in the other pet stores. We had a ball with her.

  94. MistysBlues 2022/07


    UPDATE: 5/24/22
    There was a *Brown Widow Spider* in with the crickets I bought yesterday. Brown widows are as toxic as black widows.

    I don’t particularly mind adding it to my collection, but this is extremely dangerous for people who are not used to keeping spiders.

    Original Review
    I went here because they’re supposed to have “everything for every pet” but I didn’t find that to be true.
    I needed small feeders for my tarantulas but wasn’t able to find anything the appropriate size and was told to order what I needed online.
    I also didn’t care for how they kept some of their animals. They had a 5″-6″ T. stirmi in a small tupperware about the size of a dinner plate, several fish tanks had outbreaks of fungus, and one of the guinea pigs was all alone.
    I was kind of sad because I had heard so many great things about this place and really wanted to like it.

  95. Kimberly Tucker 2022/07

    I have shopped at this store (for dog food) for over 20 years but I can no longer support them. While the staff are generally helpful, the odor is so bad I cannot go back. I have mentioned this to the owner and recently to a staff member. Her response is that it’s hard to use cleaning products near the animals. I hear that, but it’s obviously doable as other stores with reptiles and birds do not have this issue. And I am never on that side, as I am buying dog food on the other side of the store. I hope something will spur them to take action as I would prefer to support them than a chain. Otherwise I hope the fish and reptile business will sustain them because there are now many other sources for high quality dog food.

  96. Pedro Gomez 2022/06

    Everything good 👍 …

  97. JIM GRAHAM 2022/06

    Awesome variety of fish!

  98. Amanda Kapec 2022/06

    Buy my dogs food here. Don’t know why my rewards Account has to be added every time I go in but other then that its great. My last name isn’t exactly common but the reward program looks you up by your phone number.

  99. Paul Downey 2022/05

    Hit or miss on tropical fish. Better stores in the area.

  100. Miguel Delossantos 2022/05

    Nice place to get what u need for your pet. very knowledgeable staff!

  101. matt goodwin 2022/05

    Great shop with lots of pet supplies. Staff is always helpful and knowledgeable.

  102. Jediah Logiodice 2022/05

    Fin & Feather is a hit or miss type of place. I’ve had 5 star service, and 1 star service; guess it all depends on who is working that day.

    Unfortunately, a 30 minute drive to flip a coin, means this store is likely off my list for the foreseeable future. I averaged out the rating to account for the possibility that you may love it (or hate it).

  103. Jayton Howard 2022/05

    Great local spot with helpful and knowledge staff! Lots of great stuff to check out and amazing aquarium section. Always love stopping in here to see what’s new and think they’re service is great!

  104. Arun Pothala 2022/05

    This is a place where you could find a lot of reptiles fishes exotic pets , I have visited this place today and got amazed .. please checkout the pictures , I highly recommend this place to visit .. you Guyz are doing a great job .


  105. Dominique Fleming 2022/05

    I loved seeing people with so much patience and knowledge equally sharing and helping those of us trying new pet avenues. They helped me get a proper filter/pump (black thing) for my new goldfish George’s fish tank.


  106. ohhellnaw 2022/04

    Very knowledgeable staff!

  107. Carolyn Brannon 2022/04

    Good selection of pet supplies.

  108. Diamond Fields 2022/04

    Nice staff. The rodents could have better cleanliness and habitats though, especially the rats 🙁

  109. Jessica 2022/04

    Months ago I was inappropriately touched by an employee twice (tall pale and skinny guy). The other employee, a woman with dark hair, didn’t believe my husband when he brought it to her attention.

  110. Lianne Wistrom 2022/04

    Bought two fish on Sat. Then 3 days they died. Spent over $50 for the fish. They wouldn’t exchange them or money back. Telling me it was my fault they died. I wouldn’t return to this store.

  111. Naynay D 2022/04

    I did not enjoy my visit to this store. The only reason they’re getting a 2 star is because they auctually carry Harrison’s pellets. Aside from that the store smelled so bad I had to breath through my mouth instead. Ive not run into many petstores that smelled as bad as this one. Aside from that the bird supplies availible were outdated and some were just plain cheap looking or unsafe. Animal care in the store was lackluster in general. I know there is temporary holding for sale but unclean is not part of that. The turantulas were hard to even view stuffed in a wooden curio cabinet as well as reused dog treat drawers there is resourceful and then there is just unprofessional looking.Their frozen rats were over priced to boot. And staff seemed to avoid being talked to if they can help it.

  112. Jennifer Nash 2022/04

    This place is awesome! I have two lizards and a hamster and everytime I go in this store the customer service is superb. It’s like they actually care about helping their customers which is rare these days. One of the last times I went in there was because I needed crickets for my lizards. It was 7:45. They close at 8 so I called ahead and they prepared my order for when I got there.

  113. Susan Richmond, VA 2022/03

    Convenient location. Great service.

  114. Bernice Wood 2022/03

    It could be better if they clean up little more kill Flys and smell terrible

  115. RoseClown 2022/03

    I gave this store multiple chances on recommendations from other pet people. I was a bit concerned as the snakes are not kept in great conditions (multiple Ball Pythons in one tank, a anaconda with a tank several sizes too small and who is constantly soaking in a bowl of water due to lack of humidity, etc), and never received a reply to a email I sent about one milk snake who had had a stuck shed for over a week- though next time I went in the issue did seem to be resolved. I figured it was a temporary set up, and decided it was at least probably better than Petco.

    None of that prepared me for the experience I had with the mice.

    I decided to get pet mice to help scent for my snakes and because I like them. After research, I purchased 3 females from Fin and Feather. Out of the 3 I got, 2 were pregnant and had babies, and 2 died- one of which had mouse pups that I then had to hand rear. Both of the adult mice died from signs of a URI- upper respiratory infection, which on research I realized one of them had obvious signs of since the beginning- and is caused by bacteria that can spread.

    Even if these are primarily feeder mice, the fact that there was widespread disease enough to cause two of three to die within weeks suggests inhumane and unhealthy conditions- which should not have been surprising to me seeing how they kept the snakes and other reptiles.

    Bonus points- before they started passing, I had to go get another live mouse to feed my BP- I specifically asked for a female just in case she decided not to eat, so I could put her with the others. Luckily when she decided she wanted f/t instead, I double checked the mouse before putting him with them, and saw a big ol’ pair. So he was put in his own enclosure. All of them have a vet visit scheduled soon so if any other signs of URI pop up I will have treatment ready.

  116. Ky Ryan 2022/03

    I’m not sure how people are okay supporting this pet store. All their enclosures are horribly kept. The snakes specifically have horrific living conditions. Some of them had no hides and barely any substrate. Most of their arboreal snakes didn’t have anything to climb or to be arboreal on. There was also a lot of enclosures you can tell haven’t been cleaned in a long time with snake shed being left in them. It was just sad.

  117. Malcolm Johnson 2022/02

    Great selection

  118. David Burton 2022/02

    Great selection!

  119. Cassandra Hines 2022/02

    They have wonderful pets. The people there are so friendly

  120. Cameron Sewalish 2022/02

    Good store but don’t even think of taking fish there to sell they won’t even offer you money they’ll just offer to take them off your hands

  121. Meade Skelton 2022/02

    This place is the best for birds. One of my Budgies I bought here lived for 12 years ! Always healthy birds at this place. Great prices and selection, and you can tell they are locals and not carpetbaggers.

  122. Carolyn Marie 2022/02

    The guy who bought my fish from me was helpful. After that the staff wasn’t very helpful at all. The fish tanks were all dirty, full of algea even dead fish in the tanks. Stock was very low and some things like air stones they didn’t even have. Fish selection was minimal. I won’t be in a hurry to go back. I’m glad they bought my fish though.

  123. Eric Dalton 2022/01

    The knowledge and expertise of staff is beyond anything around. Plus cheaper and more quality than the big chain pet stores. Awesome selection of hard to find reptiles and supplies

  124. Austin Young 2022/01

    Awesome selection of animals with at least as close to proper care as a pet store can reasonably provide. Great access to feeders of all kinds for reptiles. And amazing selection of fish.

  125. Beth M 2022/01

    We were shopping around a few places to see where we want to buy a reptile from. Received incredible service and help from Shane, who was exceptionally knowledgeable about reptiles. Happy to help up create whatever we liked, easy to talk with, not pushy at all, happy to show off some animals to us and the kids. We look forward to going back soon and picking up our supplies!

  126. Heywood Johnson 2021/12

    Really enjoyed talking to the employees

  127. Gavin Rowe 2021/12

    Helpful when I got a betta fish

  128. lah dea 2021/12

    Pretty good place it’s just to Small

  129. Tyler M 2021/12

    Knowledgeable staff and a good selection of animals/products.

  130. Joanne Johnson 2021/12

    Good customer service and variety of pets/products

  131. Katrina Ortega 2021/12

    Declined terribly. 2-3 months ago this place was great for freshwater aquatics. (Note I’ve got 3 tanks all successful no illnesses/deaths/well established- so I’m experienced with my aquariums) Got great fish/plants/supplies/natural decor. The last 3 times I’ve been in the last 2-3 weeks I bought a pearl guarami, came home to realize the poor thing had been attacked by another fish in its tank it’s got huge gashes on its side and an entire fin bitten off. No way I planned to return the poor thing- have been nursing it back to health since. 2nd time bought some platy all female and some medication and supplies I like to have on hand– put platys their own tank no other fish had been in the tank before just freshly cycled with great platy parameters- noticed one had terrible fin rot immediately. Next day a second one had very obvious illness all symptomatic of columnaris and a 3rd was dead already. Retested all parameters- everything fine. Immediately started treating the tank with medication. Next day suspected columnaris platy dead- as it died it released a ton of fry(I already was buying supplies to start fully over for my 10 gallon tank seeing how sick these fish were due to the disease wiping entire tanks out then requiring a full bleach wash of everything and starting over for that tank- I decided I’d rather begin setting up an entirely new tank while treating those fish and hopefully the remaining surviving). So now I’m down to a butt load of fry in a sick tank and my fin rot Platy is the only adult alive. Went to look today at the supplies I bought that day- the medication I keep in stock just in case- bought last week- expired 5 YEARS AGO! Plants in the tanks are in god awful condition anymore- supplies low stocked- inexperienced workers. Such a decline from being my favorite go to store I spent a ton of money starting off- majority of my first community tank is their plants and fish all thriving. Now I’m starting over on this tank- with a ton of fry I don’t know how safe I feel putting with any other fish or into any other tank. So much time and money wasted. I was truly in tears having to start over again now. Anyone who has established a brand new tank knows how expensive and timely plants/filters/Heaters/decor/substrate/fish etc etc is. Won’t be back except to get my money back on this expired medication.

  132. Rebecca Hildebrand 2021/12

    Me and my mom visited here on Tuesday and I was blown away by how well the reptiles were taken care of, all good enclosure sizes and they all looked so content! There was one monitor that caught my eye, he was beautiful and so silly digging in his dirt! When the lady there told me he had been returned due to someone neglecting him and calling him aggressive when he was just playful made me feel for the reptile. Please everyone do your research before taking a reptile home. They are family too and need love and correct hospitality as well.

  133. Marcus Corpening 2021/11

    Amazing selection of animal products and reptiles

  134. Andrew rich 2021/11

    They always have anything we are looking for and are always helpful!!!

  135. Bruce Thompson 2021/11

    Wonderful service and great selection of fish.

  136. Allison Bowles 2021/11

    Love the staff very nice pet store

  137. Peggy Stokes 2021/11

    Great service. (Very friendly). 3 new grandfur bunnies. Granddaughters new pet.

  138. Karen Carter 2021/11

    Best local pet store. Great fish supplies

  139. Tyler Watson 2021/11

    Only place store wise I can find dubia roaches in town but call before u go they maybe sold out

  140. Charlenn Bryant 2021/11

    They were the best just got a bunny from them the lady who help was a amazin ave new ever thing about but bunnies thank u will be comin again

  141. Michelle Davis 2021/11

    Very knowledgeable and friendly staff, great pond plants and fish available as well.

  142. James Berman 2021/11

    The only local place left of that I can buy large frozen rodents for my ball python. Always a cool spot to visit too.

  143. Emily Kelsey 2021/11

    I’m really surprised this place is still up and running. I went a couple years ago and it was a dump. The animal enclosures had absolutely no food and water in them and they were filthy. I also bought my guinea pig from here the first and only time i went because he was alone, looked so sickly and i felt bad leaving him there. He was literally losing hair and had skin abnormalities so i had no idea how long he was like that, just sitting there waiting to die. Took him to the vet right after i got him and turned out he had ringworm- shocker! It was concerning considering ringworm is contagious yet there are no top covers to the guinea pig enclosures and i saw kids sticking their hands in them. I regret not contacting this place to ask for a reimbursement on my vet bill for the treatment. I still have this guinea pig and hes in full health now. This could have been prevented!!!! I feel bad for any of the other animals that have been neglected by this store over the years. I reported them to animal control during that time and clearly that did nothing. This place is a shame and should be shut down. They care more about profit than the health of the animals they’re selling. If i could give 0 stars, i would!

  144. Marge Mason 2021/10

    Great customer service

  145. Kevin Phillips 2021/10

    Northside of town. Parking can be an issue.

  146. Roi Jacques 2021/10

    Best fish shop around!

  147. Just a chill Pigeon 2021/10

    Always helpful and staff is generally nice.

  148. Poncho 400 2021/10

    Good selection of exotic pets and supplies!

  149. Juliann silver 2021/10

    Great store that carries live feeders. Worth the drive for us.

  150. bridgette morton 2021/10

    So far I’ve had good experience with them and I can get the stuff and food for my scaly babies lol

  151. Robert Matthews 2021/10

    Excellent folks. Helpful, honest and straightforward. I appreciate that. I was dealing with big box don’t care about you PetSmarts…..I mean pet stores and kick myself in the butt for not visiting Fin & Feather first. I am a customer of Fin & Feather for a long time to come. Thank you all very much for the help and service today.

  152. Dinia Martinez 2021/09

    Me encanta acompañar a mi esposo a comprar peces y todo para su lago que tenemos en casa. Koi & Gold Fish. Excelente atención.

  153. Colleen Seely 2021/09

    Very knowledgeable staff and a big selection of fish and supplies.

  154. Chase Colyer 2021/09

    Great selection, helpful staff, lots of exotic animals to look at.

  155. Danielle Williams 2021/09

    They always have employees willing to help and the supplies I need for my pets.

  156. Charlie Mitchell 2021/09

    Love Fin and Feather, high quality pet supplies and large selection. 100% recommended!

  157. Victor Burgdoerfer 2021/09

    When it comes to pet care and products, if they don’t have it, you probably won’t need it. With pond accessories, reptiles, birds, puppies, kittens, fish, pet foods and supplies/medicines; you have tons options to choose from. Very, very expensive though and you have to chase down the staff if you need assistance. Because I already know what I need, I tend to go there if I have other errands to run in Lakeside. 15 years ago, I wouldn’t have gone ANYWHERE else. Time, change of staff and the cost of things have changed this for me. I still recommend them though and enjoy reminiscing my younger years as a child picking out a fish for my aquarium.

  158. Nic Carwile 2021/09

    I adore this place for getting aquarium supplies and live plants/fish. Staff are always friendly and happy to help and they take restock requests if there’s something specific you’re looking for. I’m glad I finally found a local aquarium store that I love.

  159. odessa maxwell 2021/08

    Got so much help for my questions…so knowledgeable

  160. Rachael Faigle 2021/08

    Best specialty pet store in town with outstanding staff

  161. Tiwana Rountree 2021/08

    Fish fish area very clean fast and friendly open good hours and carry a lot of fish needs

  162. Catherine Hopkins 2021/08

    The store could use some cleanup. There were flies in the rabbits and guinea pigs. Moths in the bird rooms. The staff is friendly and seems knowledgeable.

  163. Sonja Heredeen 2021/08

    Great aquatic plant selection, healthy looking. Nice selection of driftwood and tons of aquarium supplies. Definitely will return.

  164. Mr. Mercury 2021/08

    Girl was very helpful and informative. Great exotic selection for fish and reptiles/amphibians. All staff were very knowledgeable about the animals they had in stock.

  165. Mila Keko 2021/07

    Awesome animals friendly service

  166. Matthew Brintley 2021/07

    Great store, customer service was excellent

  167. Jason Breeding 2021/07

    Great place has all your pets needs and great customer service 🙂 …

  168. chelley S 2021/07

    Always get my specialty parrot food here. I rather pay for by pound and knowing it fresh than already package bird food.

  169. Nancy Hundley 2021/07

    The guy at the pond store was great! So knowledgeable and helpful to me setting up my first pond! Thanks fin and feather for the great selection of plants!

  170. Jael Martin 2021/07

    I love Fin and Feather employees are very knowledgeable unlike the experience I get at the chain pet stores! In fact I moved out of the Lakeside area to Mechanicsville and I still will drive out of the way just to go to Fin &Feather to buy food and treats and habitat items for my pets! Love them they’re awesome definitely recommend!

  171. Megan Hamm 2021/06

    Great little pet store that caters to my cat, dog, and bearded dragon. Friendly and knowledgeable staff, with great pricing.

  172. Tanya Fleetwood 2021/06

    The best little pet shop around! Knowledgeable staff! Well worth the drive across town, check it out!

  173. Sophia Talley 2021/06

    This store had what I was looking for when I was looking for it (over the big chain pet store). They also have better options for the birds seed I was looking for and at a better price/sz. As with many things, other item selection and value varies (like bird toys, but I think I heard that they price match👍). …

  174. Troy Parks 2021/05

    Good people good price

  175. Corwin Hyman Sr. 2021/05

    Amazing “real” pet store

  176. walter reyes 2021/05

    Excellent.great customer service.

  177. Rayvenphoenix 2021/05

    I love this place. Friendly community

  178. Angela&Andrew Lavelle 2021/05

    Awesome place ! And great for any help for pets !!! 👍👍👍 …

  179. Cassidy Jesmer 2021/05

    Awesome local pet store if you don’t want to visit a chain

  180. Chris 2021/05

    Best place to get my snake live rats to feed on. They are quick and friendly.

  181. Mohammed 2021/04


  182. Me Me 2021/04

    Great pet store, the staff is really knowlegable.

  183. Greg Lingo 2021/04

    I had a difficult return and the individual I dealt with was very accommodating and helpful. The issue was resolved to my satisfaction.

  184. Hayley Smith 2021/04

    This is by far the worst smelling pet store I have ever been in even with a mask on. The cages looked pretty dirty. I felt bad for all the animals. The stuff was pleasant.

  185. Alex Krupp 2021/04

    Expect great help from all staff, notably Cooper in the pond center who was able to assist me and several customers at the same time by himself while providing excellent service. Would recommend for everything pond related!

  186. Sandy Brown 2021/04

    Although not fully stocked , who is , the guy was extremely helpful ! We did find a couple angels for one tank , and gourami for another ! Very friendly !

  187. Theresa Stanley 2021/04

    Staff was great!! Very helpful and had what I needed. I’ve been back 5 times since my initial review. The staff have been phenomenal! I’ve always loved frogs and NEVER considered having one as a pet but came upon a group of tadpoles. I’ve now got numerous tiny tree frogs 🐸. Were it not for the knowledgeable staff I doubt any would have survived. Pinhead crickets were way too big for them to eat. I was able to get flightless fruit flies here and the frogs are thriving. It’s nice to shop local as well. Thank you for being there when I needed you! ❤

  188. Bonita Young 2021/03

    Best fish price. And they always have something new.

  189. Aaron Brown 2021/03

    They listen and provide the best advice on what you should and shouldn’t do for your fish.

  190. DeviantInc 2021/03

    They was a lot better this time than the last time I was there. Guy back in the fish part seems to know what he is talking about some times that is hard to find.

  191. Tyler Melrath 2021/03

    For the most part not a shabby place for reptiles and fish! However they are priced extremely high and have some neglecting nature on the anole lizards!

  192. julia leann 2021/03

    come here all the time (used to) but after emailing this location about my prior experience (hornworm price change) no one reached back to me. i think it’s safe to say that their prices depends on the day. i’m unsure why i got charged almost full price for half of the hornworms in the pod, the gentleman removed them from their food and put them in a separate container where they died the very next day. i got the smaller hornworms and they still could have grew a little bit. this guy didn’t know what he was doing and i wasted my money.

  193. Heather Montgomery 2021/02

    All the food for all pets

  194. Kevin Sims 2021/02

    Melvin is the best !!

  195. David Cole (Dave) 2021/02


  196. Alexis Gonzalez 2021/02

    Nice place with good people

  197. Greg Gentry 2021/02

    Great people very knowledgeable

  198. Stan Andrewski 2021/02

    Great locally owned shop with tons of knowledge and supplies for your pets.

  199. J W-R 2021/02

    Pretty great little place that has tons and tons of pet stuff! My bluebirds demand live mealworms so I go here to get them.

  200. Adam N 2021/02

    I’m not going to leave a real low rating because I usually come in here to get crickets for my lizard. But the reason why I have a lizard now is because I purchased a fish here and it had a disease which killed all my fish. It was the Texas electric chiclid.

  201. yansy murillo 2021/01

    Have everything you need

  202. K&C Prado 2021/01

    I wouldn’t normally leave feedback but this place deserves this. They are ALL very inconsiderate and rude to the customers and have the attitude that they’re all above you and know everything and are the only ones right. I have no issues …

  203. Will Vehrs 2021/01

    I go because they carry Verus dog food. Good selection and friendly service. I took my 3 year old grandson and he enjoyed seeing the fish, rabbits and reptiles.

  204. Kyle Mayo 2021/01

    Regular customer, just spent $130 on reptile supplies. Part of my order, 50 small crickets, took 5 minutes to get bagged… no big deal… but were extra large compared to what I feed my small reptiles… too large for them to eat. Checked with my wife to get her consensus, and we agreed we couldn’t use them as feeders. About 90 seconds after purchase, explained the problem to cashier and was told they wouldn’t refund them. No apology or explanation of policy, just a zero customer service response of “You saw how big they were when you bought them.” Maybe not the best way to treat clientele if you value them as return customers.

  205. Karen Hudson 2020/12

    Local owners aim to please.

  206. Ethan Jankowski 2020/12

    Just go there! A fantastic local store with so many great options!

  207. Colton MInnich 2020/12

    I asked the younger guy that works there if they had more of the rock that I needed. He said he would check and started helping other customers. I finally asked again and he said no. Terrible customer service 😑 …

  208. River A 2020/12

    Employees were nice but the state of the dirty cages and the fact that they house rabbits and Guinea pigs together makes me never want to return

  209. Bruce 2020/12

    Great store and variety of animals. They had an albino hognose and prairie king snake when I went. Very good temperaments of the snakes. We were able to handle the snakes and the associate was very knowledgeable. She took her time with us and showed us around. I recommend going to this shop for your pet needs.

  210. George Truman 2020/11

    Great place to buy from. For all your pet needs. Everyone is really nice and very helpful. Answered all my questions. And concerns. Will continue to buy from.

  211. Eric Hedrick 2020/11

    Great place to find whatever kind of pet you’re looking for. Huge variety of arachnids, reptiles, some birds and fish. They also have anything you’d need for any animal you buy from food to antibiotics.

    I love this place regardless of my combined experiences. Recently I bought two fire mouth cichlids for my fish tank, a few snails, and another cichlid. Yesterday one died at the 10 day mark and I noticed that the other fire mouth cichlid had A really puffy mouth. I Researched and determined that it was mouth rot and bought the proper antibiotics. Waiting to see if the tank will survive.

    Nice place to buy what you want, but look closely at the animal you are buying. “Care” doesn’t seem to be top priority. Always treat your tank when adding fish or have a quarantine tank.

  212. Ms Ford 2020/11

    Been shopping here for years & the owner is an active member in the community. Their prices cannot be beat when supporting small traditional business. Depending on the product they still work with customers on “Suggested Retail” price. 😉 Which is why their prices cannot be beat. If they don’t have something. They look it up immediately & will order it for you. My first stop to shop in Lakeside.

  213. Faith Harris 2020/11

    Always helpful. Even during this covid-19 stuff they were so helpful when I was having trouble with the water parameters in my fish tank. And they were the only pet store in all of Richmond I could find frozen daphnia for my betta. I always try to drop into fin and feather when I’m on that side of town. Sometimes the staff gets a little swamped since it’s private owned and there are only a few workers at a time, and I may have to wait in line a little for check out so that’s the only reason I’m knocking off one star making it 4/5. It’s a great place to go though, especially if you are a fish owner like myself. They also have a wide variety of animals that are fun to look at and seem knowledgeable and caring for each one.

  214. adam talley 2020/10

    Rude staff

  215. Beluved Drayton 2020/10

    Amazed at the animals!

  216. Cat Edwards 2020/10

    Awesome hours. Been in business since 1959

  217. JJ Thompson 2020/10

    Most knowledgeable pet store in town!

  218. t winkler 2020/10

    A lot of variety that places like Petco and PetSmart have made difficult to find.

  219. Lonnie Holloway 2020/10

    I always like to go to Fin and Feather, but some of the people who work there like to stand and talk at the register. I waited over 15 minutes to get the help that I never gotten……

  220. Jorge Salgado 2020/10

    Best pet store in RVA… Knowledgeable, patient, and good folks in there. All types of assorted animals and pet supplies.

  221. Stephen F 2020/10

    Nice store with a good selection of small animals, reptiles, birds, inverts and freshwater plants and fish. Staff is friendly.

  222. Daniel Olsen 2020/10

    One of my favorite aquarium stores. They always have great fish and competitive prices

  223. Bogdan Paraschiv 2020/10

    Looks pretty shady but the staff it’s very helpful, they are prompt, and trustworthy. We paying advance for a bird and for aprox 2 months they keep us posted until he/she was ready to come home.

  224. Jessica Wiltshire 2020/10

    The folks at Fin and Feather are always so kind and helpful. We go here often and almost always find what we need even if it’s just advice! Super knowledgeable, honest and the animals are treated well. What else could you ask for!?

  225. Linda Shore 2020/10

    Great pet supply store. They have a good selection of foods & treats for dogs. They carry cbd products for pets. I always have to say Hi to the rabbits, guinea pigs & birds.

  226. Felicia Cegelski 2020/10

    I just loved the friendly associates that answered all my questions and concerns. They have a great selection of items. They have items that the other large pet companies don’t have. It was a pleasure to be there and support a community place of business!

  227. emmy 2020/10

    Their associate Catherine was exceptionally helpful and knowledgeable during the process of purchasing my new pet frog. she ensured I had the proper setup, nutrition, and tank decor/accessories and overall made sure I was well taken care of. Will definitely be returning!

  228. Roger Leek 2020/09

    Friendly and knowledgeable staff.

  229. Jone Jones 2020/09

    Easily accessible building, convenient parking, helpful staff

  230. Tammy Olsen 2020/09

    Great place to find really cool fish.

  231. Joelle Gibson 2020/09

    Only place I go to purchase items for my Columbian Boa! Great prices!

  232. John Howard 2020/09

    Cool fish but some of the tanks aren’t very clean

  233. Richard Miffleton 2020/09

    I love this place I literally drive 25min out of my way and come here to get things I need for my beardie

  234. stephanie collins 2020/08

    Love this place!

  235. LARRY VENABLE 2020/08


  236. Toni Bowles 2020/08

    Very nice people !!

  237. Stephanie Ramirez 2020/08

    It is awesome because what we want we get

  238. r ow 2020/08

    I trust and love this place a ton the staff is great and the selection is amazing!

  239. stan bukalski 2020/08

    Best place for all your pets needs. Even Meal Worms for Dragons!

  240. Matthew DeSimone 2020/08

    I recommend going here for pet supplies over the chain stores this is a local business and this store has soul

  241. Dana Hatton 2020/08

    Awesome place, great employees, fantastic owner!! Nothing but great things from this pet store!! Love love love!!

  242. jaime bain 2020/07

    Love this place.

  243. Gregory Moeller 2020/07

    Love this place!

  244. Garnet1738 2020/07

    They’re great and knowledgeable and cool

  245. Loni Durant 2020/07

    We went looking for fish and they had them yes. Customer service was great

  246. James Phillips 2020/07

    The staff was great and very knowledgeable.


  247. Paige 2020/07

    This store always has what I need for all my pets. Staff is very knowledgeable and always friendly. I drive from Chesterfield to go there. Highly recommend!!!

  248. Stephanie Cooper 2020/07

    Had the fish I’ve been looking for. Lots of awesome tanks I haven’t seen anywhere. Very helpful staff also. First time I’ve been there.

  249. J Birdie 2020/07

    Great pet store! Still as awesome as it used to be when I used to go in as a kid 25 years ago! Lots of fish and reptiles, some small birds and rabbits etc 😀

  250. Cheyenne Wood 2020/07

    actually disgusting enclosure conditions. the ball pythons were super skinny & covered in their own poop. the tokay gecko was EXTREMELY skinny & wasn’t moving much.. which isn’t normal for tokays. most of their animals are without water & have stuck sheds. the workers aren’t helpful in the slightest. do not recommend supporting this location at all.

  251. Madison Kelly 2020/07

    Had a wide inventory of pet accessories, supplies, cages, tanks and food. Was impressed with how they set up special rooms for the reptiles and birds. However flies were flying around bunnies and guinea pigs. The rats and mice stank really bad. Fish were generally healthy-didn’t see any dead.

  252. Sasha L 2020/07

    Purchased 2 cockatiels and they are great so far. I’m glad they are used to people and are warming up much more quickly than expected. Emma was awesome with my questions and assisting me find what I need.

  253. Lina 2020/06

    Love this place! Friendly and knowledgeable staff.

  254. James Imes 2020/06

    It took at least 20 minutes before someone would help me in the fish section.

  255. M. Snyder 2020/06

    Nora, who does the dog grooming, is a gem. She does wonderfully with my two cockerpoos.

  256. Elvon K 2020/06

    Live mice for my snake . Been doing here for years. Big fish variety. Random reptile variety. Nice neighborhood pet shop.

  257. Daniel Cummings 2020/06

    Love this pet store! My Dad has known one of the guys who worked here for years! Very helpful staff here who are knowledgeable and kind.

  258. Sean Mccracken 2020/06

    Great selection of very healthy fish, a bit over priced compared to other pet stores with similar or exact products. Example paid $25 for an aquatic plant dubbed rare by the staff but found at another retailer for $5.

  259. Sandra Trapp 2020/06

    Love this place! Staff in pond department super knowledgeable and helpful. They have offered great advice for setting up my above ground pond. Whenever I ran into a problem they have given me excellent advice and solution.

  260. Matt Sherrard 2020/05

    Great place 👍 Staple of the community! …

  261. Jane O'Neil 2020/05

    Buy local. Great service

  262. Cinci Simons 2020/05

    It’s great to have a neighborhood pet shop that sells high-end food. I also like their points reward system that saves me money.

  263. Mike Meikle 2020/05

    An excellent pet store with hard to find items. Plus there are a variety of exotic pets and fish available.

  264. Kiley Davies 2020/05

    Managment has definitely stepped up and cleaned up the store so much and the employees are incredibly helpful and friendly!
    Limited cat food selection but the foods they do carry are extremely difficult to find anywhere else!

  265. peter rocket 2020/04

    Easy helpful shopping

  266. Beluved Drayton 2020/04

    I enjoy coming here! Staff is so friendly!

  267. Amanda bee 2020/04

    Ive been coming to this place for years now…The employees are very nice and extremely helpful.They have a fantastic selection of fish,birds,reptiles and bunnies and more.

  268. Andrew Greaves 2020/04

    I love this place, the staff are so helpful and knowledgeable! I get water for my tropical fish tank from here and I’ve never had any issues with the quality!

  269. Shealyn Milesh 2020/04

    I went here to find a betta. I know bettas in almost all pet stores have lousy living conditions but this was pathetic. Of course they were in small cups with probably 3/4 a cup of water but they didn’t look at all cared for. The kicker was a dead betta that looked like it had been rotting for days if not longer. Come on people, you can’t be bothered to even look at the cups to see if your fish are alive? Just don’t stock them if you can’t do it even half decently. Also, besides a perfunctory “hi” from one or two employees as we entered, no one said a word to us. There was a pretty little peach betta I wanted to buy but didn’t because I don’t want to give these people a dime of my money. The only reason I gave them 2 stars is the other tanks and fish looked ok. If you’re looking for a friendly knowledgable staff that cares about the animals in their care, look elsewhere.

  270. Claudine Johnson Eaddy 2020/04

    Though this store has the selection needed, their customer service is extremely poor. We prefer to shop local and were looking to purchase a bird, and we waited patiently by the bird section. We had to seek out assistance though a staff member walked by us several times and never once asked us if we needed help. After asking the other person a few questions, he turned to the next customer, but didn’t ask if we wanted to see or purchase anything. We will no longer be shopping there, and will just go to the chain store to get what we need.

  271. Nathan Miller 2020/04

    Awesome selection of everything you can imagine pets surpluses


  272. Scott Thacker 2020/03

    I couldn’t even tell what number visit this was, and it was still perfect as usual. Extremely cool animals, unique and excellent prices. Super friendly and knowledgable staff with very carefully maintained habitats.

  273. chrissy “uw1shuhaddis” collins 2020/02

    Good customer service

  274. Virginia Poodles and Doodles 2020/02

    It had a lot of everything, my only complaint was there wasn’t prices on a lot of stuff. The staff was helpful.

  275. Eileen Buckingham 2020/02

    hey this place is great, but none of the employees were wearing a face mask when I went in today …

  276. Rusty Shackleford 2020/01

    Selection and expertise

  277. aos aos 2020/01

    That place is sooooo aWesome

  278. Tony Kitts 2020/01

    They always have food for my bearded dragon and snake! Friendly service!

  279. Michael Miller 2020/01

    Too many kids working there. No one offers assistance. They take customers out of turn. And with the amount of associates working, there is no reason for it.

  280. megan schiattareggia 2020/01

    The staff is super friendly and helpful. They have a great selection of reptile products which is great for me cause I have 2 turtles and a bearded dragon. Also, they have a good selection of feeders. Would recommend!

  281. Jonathan T 2020/01

    Great spot, went in with my daughter to get her first snake and Cathrine was amazing. she was extremely knowledgeable and answered every possible question my daughter could come up with. By the end of our purchase we left feeling much more confident and informed, a great overall experience.

  282. Bailey Rush 2020/01

    Full Disclosure: I worked here over a decade ago.

    I have been a customer of Fin & Feather since before I was an employee all those years ago. Melvin was always a wonderful boss while I was there (in my early college years), and the store has only seemed to improve over the years since!

    They have an awesome selection of pet supplies, birds, reptiles, freshwater fish, pond supplies, and I think they are in the process of adding more salt water fish stuff to their store. I always find what I’m looking for there, and there is always a knowledgeable person there to assist me if I have questions.

    Fin & Feather is the oldest locally owned pet store in Richmond! So go support locally owned businesses and show them some love! I know you won’t regret it.

  283. Katherine Connolly 2019/12

    Best selection of fish in Richmond area

  284. Kenzie Lubking 2019/12

    The people there are very nice and when they give you your pet they put it inside of a box with a breathing hole on the side so you don’t have to scare the pet by poking holes in the box

  285. Timmy “N” 2019/12

    Bought 2 juli corydoras died in 2 days. They dont take care of their fishes. they over price dont come here.

  286. John Stone 2019/12

    I went to get a tank and fish for my daughters 5th birthday. I was never greeted, the fish sales person was informed, and gave answer. Prices were not on every tank, and labels were misleading. I was directed to the sister store for what I was looking for. I was told that one small fin fish would need a 40 gallon tank. I didn’t purchase at this store.

  287. Wilfredo AMILL 2019/11

    Súper bien

  288. Nick Williams 2019/11

    Great local pet store

  289. Jas Asp 2019/11

    Dissapointing compared to the way it was many moons ago.

  290. Crystal Allen 2019/11

    My grands love this hands on pet shop

  291. Timberlake Homestead 2019/11

    Went to possibly pick up some fish but the tanks look bad and fish needed medical attention

  292. Shyann Earley 2019/11

    My favorite pet store! Great customer service and very friendly staff! Very clean!

  293. AJ Bradley 2019/11

    Nora does an EXCELLENT JOB grooming our dog! I would recommend her to anyone that wants it done right!

  294. Erica Kulp 2019/11

    Great staff, long time customer. Knowledgeable and reliable or they will direct you where you need to go. It’s nice to have a long standing small business which that speaks for itself

  295. Fostina Hardin 2019/11

    We go to get food fir my grandson’s python. They have a lot of animals. And iy’s pet friendly. Treats for your pets while browsing.

  296. K L 2019/11

    Fin and Feather should be ashamed of themselves. If they really cared about animals, they would take care of them. Instead, the inside of their store looks and smells like a Romanian orphanage from the early 90s. These people are in it for the money, not the animals. I beg ANYONE reading this to go somewhere else.

  297. C W 2019/11

    Fish Nerd Review:

    If you are looking for crypts, this is the place. They sell potted ones for $8.99 and they all look fantastic. Really healthy and full.

    Fish selection was average. Didn’t see anything that “wow’d” me but they had the essentials.

    Staff was friendly nothing wrong with them.

    Store felt dirty, especially aquatics, everything looks full of algae and gross. But in my experience that is 90% of aquarium stores. Only reason for not 5 stars.

    Had a good selection of different style aquarium tanks. Bought a shallow tank here that I had never seen before anywhere else.

    Overall it’s just nice to come to a place dedicated to your hobby and feel welcomed and for that I appreciate this store.

  298. Wolfe From that Game 2019/11

    Upon first impression this is a shop that has actually had some planning and thought put into it’s layout and execution. Which is very different from the majority of the local shops that are all more passion projects, being assembled and expanded anywhere with the minimum. It feels professional.

    Moving past that. They have a killer selection of reptiles, birds, mammals and fish. The prices are all way below norm also. But this isn’t some discount barn. The quality and health of every animal is quite high.

    For me, I was in town for fish to stock my own project. I had visited the other two main fish stores in the area and don’t get me wrong, they are amazing; but the approachable and knowledgable staff that knew customer service combined with their unique and killer selection was the perfect environment for me. I took home enough bags to float a cement brick.

    I can’t reccomend them enough. There is nothing like it where I’m from in Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania.

    Attached is a photo of the fish I got in my own personal tank.

    Dwarf gourami female
    Bamboo shrimp
    Mexican dwarf lobster female
    Yellow Kilifish
    Neon and Glolights


  299. Pete Olson 2019/10

    Very knowledgeable.

  300. Brian Dougherty 2019/10

    Great customer service and quality products

  301. Dennis Malarkey 2019/10

    Everything for all pets.. Well, maybe not pet Bengal tigers…

  302. Daniel Murray 2019/10

    Favorite pet store, amazing selection.

  303. Zach Parkman 2019/10

    Great prices and they are always helpful with any questions

  304. Susan Vornov 2019/10

    The only place in town to get frozen mice and rats for pet reptiles

  305. Jane ONeil 2019/10

    Local pet store in Lakeside with my cat food the big stores don’t carry.

  306. Sharon Craddock 2019/10

    They have a variety of pets in closing rodents, rabbits, large parrots, and many species of fish.

  307. Wanda Braxton 2019/10

    Thse associate that assisted me and my daughter on guinea pig info..was very professional and knowledgeable

  308. Steve Petrone 2019/10

    Great store for all your loved pet family and if you are a reptile lover like me there the best

  309. Mark Timok 2019/10

    Great store for all your pet needs. Very knowledgeable staff. Best all around pet store in the Richmond area.

  310. Anna Griswold 2019/10

    This place is amazing! I haven’t seen a pet store like this in years! Huge selection of items, they have cats, fish, birds, bunnies, spiders, lizards, snakes, you name it! Not to mention it’s pretty much the only place in town to get a feeder rat!

  311. Fawn Lisette 2019/10

    I read one or two really bad reviews and I must wholeheartedly disagree! There were two staff members when I went here and although they were not the type to follow you around and ask if you needed help, which I hate (I never need help when asked but 3 minutes later when I actually need help, no one can be found), at Fin & Feather the employees gave me the space I needed a were more than happy to answer my questions and help when I asked! I also really appreciated and enjoyed the fact that they had no issue with my kids handling the animals (Rabbits and Guinea Pigs) I never felt crowded or rushed and found the Perfect bunny for my kids. Not only that but they were willing to hold him for us, not just until the cage was set up but before he was paid for. I hadn’t expected to find the perfect one that day and needed to get money together for everything needed.

  312. Rebekah Mallory 2019/09

    Enjoy this place.

  313. Micheal Ross 2019/09

    Very knowledgeable me

  314. Keisha McDonald 2019/09

    Use to go there all the time

  315. Rebecca Tate 2019/09

    Nice selection and the staff is very friendly and helpful.

  316. Owen Castleberry 2019/09

    Awesome animals, great and knowledgeable staff, Animals are in amazing care.

  317. Alfred Shapiro 2019/09

    Good selection of healthy aquatic plants and fishes. Be sure to see the Burm’ if you visit.

  318. Crissy 2019/09

    I come here often, the customer service was awesome back in the days…. now these “girls” that work here have horrible customer service! No eye contact, no greetings, straight stuck up with attitudes. I will not be going back.

  319. Rachael Hawks 2019/08

    Always awesome 😊 …

  320. Jonathan Murdoch-Kitt 2019/08

    A great pet store.

  321. Stan Bukalski 2019/08

    Best local pet store in Richmond

  322. John 2019/08

    Very cool pet and pond store…extremely helpful people. We will go back!

  323. Tony Kaschalk 2019/08

    Nice little pet shop with prices pretty reasonable. I come here for a lot of my aquariums and they’re really knowledgeable.

  324. Heather aka Rogue 2019/08

    Super rude & ready to over charge you – then argue about how they’re right even though you’ve been going to the store nearly as long as the employee has been alive! SO SAD – USED TO BE A GREAT STORE.

  325. Brianna Bevan 2019/08

    Very knowledgeable and great to work with. It’s nice to find a pet store with employees that take the time to educate you about animals and products.

  326. Ryan Franges-Masho 2019/08

    One of the only small, locally owned pet stores still open. They recently redid things inside and this place is better than ever. They have a wide selection of exotic pets you literally will not find anywhere else in the area

  327. Callan Hisle 2019/08

    I recently bought some fish from this location, about a week after introducing them to my tank I had and AWFUL ICH outbreak. I returned to the store to let them know, not asking for a refund or anything. just a friendly FYI. The “manger”, who happened to be the same guy who sold me the fish earlier, completely dismissed my concern and placed blame and fault on me. This is not how you conduct business. A simple “I’m sorry that happened, thanks for letting us know” would have been wonderful. Instead I was blamed. I do not recommend for fish, nor will I purchase anymore fish from this store.

  328. Jeremy Cummings 2019/08

    A charming and quaint local pet shop. Much larger than it looks from outside! Large selection of fish, plants, and other aquarium products/equipment (they carry pond fish products/equipment as well). Treat your furry friend to one of their locally-made fancy dog treats, conveniently displayed at the register in a “bakery” type display. Quality selection of other pet products as well including stock for dogs, cats, rodents, birds, and reptiles. Staff are very knowledgeable and willing to share their expertise. They have a few other locations around the Richmond area as well.

  329. Fred Mayes 2019/07


  330. Michele Harris 2019/07


  331. LifeWithMegan 2019/07

    lots of stuff to chose from here!

  332. Steve Waddell 2019/07

    Always helpful here!

  333. Shaheed S. 2019/07

    Local, convenient and friendly.

  334. Jay Branson 2019/07

    Really surprised at the variety of critters!

  335. Crystal Corker 2019/07

    The people and manager there were very nice and very professor. They served us well!!😀 …

  336. Mark Bouziane 2019/07

    Excellent staff and pond supplies, as well as a great variety of fish

  337. Mike Maroney 2019/06

    Great staff, great service, great selection

  338. Daddy Daughter Date Night Tuesdays 2019/06

    They need to sell live meat rabbits for bigger reptiles

  339. Laurel Cook 2019/06

    I really good selection of fish. The staff is always willing to help.

  340. Christopher Tweel 2019/06

    The people here really know their stuff. Will work with youmaking sure that you were going to get the right kind of packed and that you’ll be ready and prepared to take care of that pet once you get it home. The staff really are second to none.

  341. Stephen Polito 2019/06

    Good selection of reptiles, enclosures are fair sized when it comes to a pet store. Animals look to be in healthy condition and cared for well.

  342. Markus Fitchett 2019/06

    Love this spot I get all of my pets from here they allways have a great selection of all different kinds of fish brids and reptiles and if they don’t have it just say the word and they will get it for you

  343. Bernadine Benoschek 2019/06

    We own a reptile business and purchased several hundred crickets that were infested with hair worms that ended up costing the lives of several animals and countless dollars in vet bills. On top of that the sto re is disgusting and the animals are in horrible conditions. Not only will i be sharing my experiences they can expect legal actions as well. These people are not qualified to care for Any animal. Do not purchase from them.

  344. Michelle King 2019/06

    Maybe I’m being extremely unreasonable, and I understand this is a pet store, but the smell is absolutely horrible. I expect a smell (duh animals) but the air is almost not breathable. No ventalation at all visible(hope they have it). Leads me to believe animals may be neglected, tanks and cages not being cleaned well or at all. Just an honest opinion that I think should be looked into by owners.

  345. Lori Arthur 2019/06

    Best pet store around, hands down- amazing, diverse stock of exotic pets, birds and reptiles in store and they can get you whatever they don’t have. Plus the employees must have a degree in animal science or something with the level of knowledge ability that they are more than willing to take the time to share with you to ensure you make the best choices for you and your pet.

  346. Owens Simpson 2019/06

    The most fun pet store I’ve honestly ever been to. The staff there is so knowledgeable about all of the animals, from birds to fish to rabbits, and they are open and willing to have conversation with you. 10/10 recommend even just to browse for fun!

  347. Amber G 2019/06

    I have always loved going to Fin and Feather as I want to support local businesses. Every time I have gone in the past it has been a lovely experience and I would go out of my way to come there rather than chain pet stores closer to where I live. But today, I’m hoping this will get attention from the owners because the conditions in which the animals, specifically the reptiles, are just downright unacceptable. In the tank with the rats, one had clearly died and the others were eating it. It was a carcass and all that was left was the tail and some bones. How long had it been in there? Quite a few beta fish were dead. There were very large snakes in very tiny, maybe 10 gallon tanks. Quite a few lizards (baby bearded dragons, frilled dragon) looked very sick. And beyond all of that, the place really did smell of ammonia.

    I’m really hoping that they can turn this around for the animals sake. After today, I do not think I will return.

  348. Lindsey Dance 2019/06

    Great personal service and care. I will agree on that. They really take the time to order what you need and help you with anything they can. However, though I can’t speak for the rest of the animals, there are some questionable things about how they treat/sell their ball pythons. I got my ball python here in January. He was healthy and calm, but he was in an enclosure that couldn’t have been more than three feet long with multiple other ball pythons (in the same enclosure). They were also feeding live (to those that have snakes, feeding live rats has its advantages, but there are definitely some serious disadvantages that could kill the snake if you’re not careful), claiming he wouldn’t take to frozen/thawed for weeks, even though he took to it in the first feeding with me. In hindsight, this might have been the case if they removed him from his enclosure to feed him (also not super great practice). And lastly, out of all the ball pythons, they had a light-colored puma bp for sale as a champagne and a darker-colored champagne bp for sale as a puma. Now, they insisted that my snake* was the puma ball python they had for sale (even though it was obvious he was a champagne) and vice versa. I had to pay $300 instead of $200 if I wanted to get him, the “puma” (which I didn’t mind in the moment). Anyway, yeah, definitely recommend for personalized pet care needs, but maybe not for buying snakes. Message me if I’m totally wrong abt these morphs.

    *Pictures of Seymour are from a week or two after purchase.


  349. Kendra Jackson 2019/05

    Always friendly and they have what i need

  350. Cassius 2019/05

    A great store but limited cat supplies and prices on pets are very high. More expensive than other stores but definitely worth looking around at

  351. Zolan Machado 2019/05

    The living conditions for a lot of their pets are very poor and reflect a sickening lack of compassion for the animals living here, primarily the rodents and small mammals. It does NOT take long to do a monthly cleanup to improve the quality of life for these animals (Jesus Christ, even yearly would be better than what I saw today), especially when you have employees that have time to stand around doing nothing. I am disgusted by how little your business cares about the animals you sell. Judging by your other reviews I can see that this is nothing new for your company.

  352. Elena Seay 2019/05

    Awesome place to get fish, or any other animal. All of the animals look well cared for. People are super helpful and friendly too.


  353. Victor Mancilla 2019/04

    They have amazing fish.

  354. Patric Simms 2019/04

    Great customer service, amazing products!

  355. Jeremy Robinson 2019/04

    They’re awesome, Shane is the man

  356. LaDonna Thompson 2019/04

    Great customer service and a great experience seeing the pets

  357. Darlene GBIrwin 2019/04

    Good variety of grass for my betta

  358. Roy O'Dell 2019/04

    Good prices, knowledgeable and friendly staff. Couldn’t ask for more.

  359. kathryn williams 2019/04

    Very nice local pet shop. Has all your pet needs

  360. M A 2019/04

    Lots of hard to find pets at this store very good quality items and very helpful staff. 4.5 stars.

  361. Jackie Hunt 2019/04

    Great local pet shop. Always friendly and helpful. Only store that carries the dog food brand I buy.

  362. C M 2019/04

    This place is really dirty, and really smellys, needs to be really clean up so the customers can enjoy going in. kind of high on their prices. The pets homes are so dirty that the customers are afraid to purchase. 1/10/19 went into the store got knew Manager which he got his work out for him.this store still needs lots of cleaning but its alittle better. Prices are to high for the birds . Food and ect. Same to high.

  363. Tiffany Rife 2019/04

    Love the selection of food available for my cats. There are always a few animals to say hi to. Staff is helpful. PmThere is limited parking but it hasn’t been much of an issue. For those who play pokemon go there are also a few gyms here. I highly recommend patronizing this store.

  364. Izze Turlington 2019/03

    Interesting selection but not good rabbit selection AND A BONDED PAIR OF RABBITS STUFFED IN A LITTLE ACRYLIC AREA WITH GUINEA PIGS. They looked miserable. I wish I could have taken them.

  365. Steve Vornov 2019/03

    This is the only store for miles stocking frozen mice for my snake. For goodness sake! Buy your tropical fish here and stay away from Walmart.

  366. Janzen Holden 2019/03

    My boyfriend and I visited today, and were not impressed with the conditions that the animals were living in. We checked out the small rodents room (we own 3 rats) and were very uncomfortable with what we saw. Most of the tanks were empty (rodents shouldn’t be kept in glass tanks anyway, there’s not enough air flow and the ammonia from their urine can be toxic) and the ones that were there were packed full of mice for such a small tank. The water bottles in the tanks were coated with algae on the inside, and the tanks themselves were grimy and dirty. There was a sweet momma rat with her babies and it broke our hearts to see her like that. I’m not usually the type of person to leave a bad review for a small business, but when it comes to the well-being of animals that depend on you for care it’s unacceptable and shameful.

  367. Cordelia Cox 2019/03

    I get all my supplies for my leopard gecko here. The employees are all really friendly and helpful. My girlfriend comes here to get supplies for her 4 birds and she asked if they had ever thought about stocking a certain bird food mix and now its something they always have. Their prices on feeder insects are great and if you need branches for climby reptile you can go pick out one that fits your enclosure instead of playing the lottery and hoping you get a useful branch from Amazon. Overall a great store that I’m planning on going to for my pet needs forever.

  368. Chavaleh Gochenauer 2019/03

    I have been coming to this shop for years and it’s always a great experience! I have gotten almost all of my decor from them and always buy substrate there. I personally have gotten four snakes from them and have brought friends in and gotten three snakes and one gecko from them and all of them were perfectly healthy! Shane does a great job of making everyone feel like family and he and his team are very educated about the animals they sell! Hannah has helped us with most of our purchases and they are just fantastic! They remember all the animals we’ve gotten from them and ask about them every time we’re in! We love fin and feather so much and highly recommend them to anyone!

  369. Sharon Hernandez 2019/02

    Very great service and advice with new 🐍 …

  370. Anamaria Espinoza 2019/02

    Good atention very clean .the person there helping to. Much

  371. Ben Pitts 2019/02

    Knowledgeble staff, well kept animals, good selection, lots of live feeder options.

  372. Kiera Hundley 2019/02

    My boyfriend and I purchased a 6 month old ball python from here earlier this year. We are now having to put him down because he has IBD and is in very bad shape. I’m just now realizing that some of the things that my python would do weren’t just my snake being hungry or bored or just being a snake but they were symptoms of IBD. It’s heartbreaking to watch this snake go through this. Be aware of the signs, research them and ask a worker if they have seen the snake with these symptoms before purchasing because some of them look like normal snake behavior but they aren’t.

  373. Jacob Lund 2019/02

    I would like to support a local pet store but the fish seem to be neglected to an extent. They were pouring a lot of ick medicine into the tanks, and looking up the brand of medicine they were using I found it does contain copper which I know is toxic to some invertebrates, which they did have in these tanks. Also, the betta fish were in some of the worst conditions I’ve seen for them, most PetSmart’s and Petco’s have better care for their bettas. They were in smaller than usual cups and appeared to have a bubbler in their cups which would only disrupt them rather than help, as they like low to no flow and can breathe from the air so dissolved oxygen is not a problem. I am not as well versed in care for the other animals that they carry so I cannot vouch for their health, but I can say that they are not taking good care of the aquatic pets which were there.

  374. blueice300zx 2019/02

    Haven’t visited in over 20 years and it still didn’t disappoint. Very friendly and helpful staff, store is well organized and parking was easy. We adopted a new member to our family, meet Polo!


  375. Steve Mcdaniel 2019/01

    Nice place

  376. Jonathan Kassalow 2019/01

    Great Pet Store

  377. Clyde Gable 2019/01

    Good spot

  378. LadyJah Peal 2019/01

    Great place love to go there for my pets

  379. Brian Telfair 2019/01

    Great store with very helpful staff

  380. Chuck Christian 2019/01

    Aquariums are poorly maintained most of the times…no variety.

  381. william grizzard 2019/01

    Great service very friendly had to order something they call me as soon as it came in

  382. Justin 2019/01

    I go to this store every week i’ve always got great service and knowledgeable answers to any questions I’ve had.

  383. Roxana Vasquez 2019/01

    My ferret has currently been ill and we ran out of her carnivore care on the 4th of July. I called like 6 different vets in the area but they were all closed. So happy that they were open and my baby was able to have her food!

  384. Ava Considine 2019/01

    I don’t know what some of these people are saying. This store is amazing, they care so much about their animals! Everyone here is super helpful and friendly. I can’t imagine a better place to get pet supplies or a new member of your household!

  385. rebecca fallin 2018/12

    Cheap aquarium plants

  386. Mary Kersey 2018/12

    It stinks in there and its to small.

  387. Milan Ristić 2018/12

    Very nice

  388. fijichopsticks Sss 2018/12

    Very poor customer service, employees were very unprofessional and rude.

  389. Lisa Jarrell 2018/12

    Wonderful pet store no problems from me.

  390. Sonshine Singz 2018/12

    I love this store. Has all my needs for my Bearded Dragon

  391. Jackie Stewart 2018/12

    Hope they get more clothes size xxsmall for little dogs


  392. Subliminal Frequency 2018/12

    They can use a couple more welcoming employees but service is still good…and the store has A LOT of great stuff for your pets especially for the owners leaning to more organic eating for their pets.

  393. Leigh Luscan 2018/12

    We stopped in for the first time today for bedding for my daughter’s hamster and will not be back. These animals are not being properly cared for. One of the small rodents was dead in their cage and when we notified a staff member, their reaction told me this is a regular occurrence there. Birds are stuffed into small boxes. The whole place smells bad. Ugh.

  394. Deborah Addoms 2018/11

    Love this place!!!

  395. Sonja Ford 2018/11

    Always have the rats/mice I need…

  396. rmlindenau 2018/11

    Small but personal pet store. Just about any questions you can think of they have the answer! You can also see lots of exotic birds and reptiles! Love stopping in just to browse.

  397. Justin Burnette 2018/11

    No longer like the old store. No wonder the last time I came in was a year ago. No selection of animals what so ever. You can get the same at most Pet smart and Petco. They do have a few kittens which is nice. Rabbit’s, hamsters, ball pythons, the common birds.

    Deff a great place if you need supplies. They have a good selection of aquarium with stands. Bird cages and perches, snake and reptile enclosures.

  398. Brittney McBain 2018/11

    Great selection of speciality dog foods that the big name stores don’t carry. I have a large Mastiff that has a special diet, and words can’t describe how happy I am to have a place so close to home that carries a variety of things he can enjoy. From treats, to real bones, antlers to toys. Can’t say enough about their selection. The staff is always helpful and informative. Always happy to support local businesses, especially when they’re as great as Fin & Feather.

  399. Michelle Hottinger 2018/10

    Friendly helpful staff.

  400. Bob Schwartz 2018/10

    Great knowledgeable staff!!!

  401. Lou T 2018/10

    Very good customer service

  402. Joe Meadows 2018/10

    Very happy with the hair cut on my dog gracie

  403. Brittany C 2018/10

    Always have a great time in here! The staff is super nice

  404. Richard im 2018/10

    Under new management. Staff looked like I’m a culprit…still got dog snacks by the bins …cramped aisles …pricey and we’ll be a moving to other acres…just not worth going all the way to lakeside for…

  405. georgia bell 2018/10

    Once you get over the smell,you will enjoy the different options available for your pet! My new home for our cats needs,Quinn and Bella.

  406. Meghan McClure 2018/10

    Wonderful local pet store with friendly staff. The young guys there always carry my big bag of dog food out for me. The staff is also very kowledgeable as well

  407. Ashley Young 2018/10

    Fin & Feather is a great local pet store with a wide range of products. The staff are always friendly and I like using the rewards program. I wish they didn’t sell pets, though.

  408. Jordan Kelly 2018/10

    Fin & Feather is a great pet store, they offer a huge selection of small animals (birds, guinea pigs, rabbits, mice and rats, snakes, spiders, and more) on one side of the store and the other is a wide variety of fish. Prices are fair and they have just about anything you’re looking for. I enjoy shopping here to avoid the corporate feel put off by PetSmart or Petco.

  409. Stan Jackson 2018/10

    I really enjoy this store , the employees know their stuff and is willing to help. They give you one on one service and will remember you the next time you come back ! I was new to the pond thing and with their help all 26 of my fish are doing well thanks guys and girl 😊 …


  410. Ethan 2018/09

    Great as always

  411. Stephen Kelley 2018/09

    Friendly staff, lots of variety to choose from.

  412. Gregory moeller 2018/09

    Good selection and decent service

  413. Connor Mulcunry 2018/09

    The store is great and employees are consistent.

  414. Sylwia Reyes 2018/09

    Helpful staff, well stocked with healthy animals food you won’t find elsewhere

  415. Joe Waple 2018/08

    Love the place!

  416. Kristen Nuckols 2018/08

    my kid loved this place.. and all the animals

  417. Jon Bibbs 2018/08

    They sell higher quality dog foods that are difficult to find in the city.

  418. C McGrath 2018/08

    Knowledgeable staff, healthy birds. Very happy with our purchase. Would buy from again.

  419. Cheri Berman 2018/08

    The only local place to sell frozen rodents for snakes. Lots of other goodies for all sorts of pets.

  420. Adrianne H 2018/08

    Knowledgeable and friendly. Pricey for some things, reasonable for others. Please go if you have fish. Also, drop in and get your dog license as well. Quick and easy.

  421. Archie Richardson 2018/08

    Sales personnel are friendly, eager to help customers, and quite knowledgeable about the animals and products they sell. I would recommend this excellent Pet Store to my friends and acquaintances without hesitation.

  422. Katherine Hart 2018/08

    I love going to this place. They have tons of small animal and bird supplies that you can’t find at your normal Petco or Petsmarts. I have also bought three rats from them before and I love those babies dearly to my heart

  423. H S 2018/08

    The staff here are super friendly and extremely knowledgeable and helpful. They helped me with a lot of questions I had about caring for my pet and gave me honest answers. I come here every two weeks and my experience is always excellent

  424. jose rodriguez 2018/07

    Complete pet shop

  425. Dimas Colon 2018/07

    Nice place staff not really paying attention

  426. Jason Crane 2018/07

    Great little pet store. Excellent selection and friendly environment

  427. Joshua G. Tan 2018/07

    This place has been a childhood favorite of mine to visit. Always friendly and willing to answer the questions of anyone. They excel in customer service and offers hospitality one would only find at a small business. Their place may look small, but they offer advice and help for a vast variety of animals you wouldn’t find in any big box stores. Currently, they are doing a mass overhaul on their fish department. I expect the best has yet to come. I offer my full support and would recommend this to everyone.

  428. Robert Smith 2018/06

    Good place to shop for your pets

  429. Kat Holmes 2018/06

    So knowledgeable! Love going here for my bearded and boas!

  430. Donna Wilson 2018/06

    I am all about supporting local businesses, especially one that has been around since 1959, but… every time I go there to look at/ buy aquarium fish or supplies, there are a ton of dead fish in their tanks. This has to be the #no no in the aquarium world. Who would buy fish there? C’mon… put all if those teenagers to work. Scoop them out. It’s not that difficult!

  431. Donna Jenkins 2018/05


  432. Ashley Alvarez 2018/05


  433. Robert Smith 2018/05

    It good friendly people

  434. Craig Dell 2018/05

    Great people and selections.

  435. Brian Neves 2018/05

    Locally owned and a great establishment

  436. David Markham 2018/05

    Great fish store

  437. George Fisher 2018/05

    It’s a good place with good people for the most part. I did have a semi-unpleasant experience there with someone I assume is a manager.

    I had not been there very many times and didn’t know all the “rules”. They have bird food in the back in these big tubes. You grab a bag and fill it from the tube. I didn’t know or realize that the food was all differently priced. I mixed two of them. Mind you, there is no sign warning one of not doing so.

    When I got to the register the manager pointed out to me that he would charge me the highest price, since I had mixed foods. The total came to an exhorbitant amount. I explained very calmly that I did not realize the price differential and that I would prefer not to pay that much for the food since it clearly was not worth it. He immediately took an attitude and said that he would prefer not to sell anything to me then. He went from zero to “I’m basically kicking you out” in no seconds, instead of doing what a sensible manager would do, explain what was wrong, charge a reasonable price with the understanding that the customer had been educated about their bird food etiquette at that point. Nope…..he went with “well then I’m not selling you anything” instead.

    Shame, they have a good store, but that gentleman with the temper still works there. I’ve been back, but begrudgingly as that experience soured my view of the establishment.

  438. Nathaniel Cox 2018/04

    Friendly, knowledgeable staff

  439. Heather Clifford 2018/04

    Ballin plants

  440. George Johnson 2018/04

    Good pet store..

  441. Jimmy Doss 2018/04

    Nice and helpful people.

  442. Theresa Nettles 2018/04

    Awesome had what I needed but prices were high with limited quantity

  443. Doc Fras 2018/04

    I went in fairly close to closing, probably right at 8 when an, employee began to lock the door (I just wanted to buy some dog food and run back out). He reluctantly let me in and I was so thankful. I picked up my food and proceeded to the counter. The person behind the counter was rude and barely gave me any eye contact. I did not feel welcomed at all and don’t plan to be back. I only tried the place out cause my friend told me they were great and they are one of maybe 2 stores that sell the food my dog eats.

    Needless to say, I’ll be going back to the other store in Carytown. The customer service is much better and the people are way more friendly Customer service goes a long way and the employees there made my decision much more easier.


  444. Kevin 2018/04

    Best Pet Shop in Richmond! Knowledgable staff, small, local, and reasonable prices. They carry all kinds of biologically appropriate dog food and at good prices. Excellent and healthy aquarium life. Always friendly and eager to help any way that they can.


  445. Jason Flood 2018/03

    Cheapest feeders I’ve ever found

  446. Cary Starke 2018/03

    I’m always very satisfied with my visits. I get any help or advice that I may need.

  447. Matthew Nuckols 2018/03

    Friendly helpful staff. Great variety of fish.

  448. Victoria Johnson 2018/03

    Everytime I have been in this pet shop I feel bad for the animals! 😭😭 They’re cages aren’t clean, the reptiles need water in their cages. They look dried out. …

  449. Honor Loyalty 2018/03

    I felt very uncomfortable when I first walked in because the employee on duty didn’t greet me when I first came in. She just gave me a funny look then turned away. It was my first time in the store and I had no idea where anything was. I didn’t feel comfortable asking so I searched myself and I eventually found the dog shampoo I needed. I went to counter to pay and the young lady still never said a word to me. I end up having to say hello, but she never responded to me.. I thought to myself how strange someone could just blatantly ignore a customer to there face like that?? So after that I never said another word I just observed her actions. She never said anything. She just took my card, passed me the receipt to sign and bagged my items.. she never thanked me, never said nothing, but just stared at me as if I was alien.? I felt like I just had a prejudice experience and it was very uncomfortable. I would rather take my business to a big pet store instead of this small ownew one.. I really would like to support our small businesses but with service that makes u feel less than human…I’d rather not go there again.

  450. Michelle Cottrill 2018/02

    Courteous and friendly.

  451. Joy Spidle 2018/02

    Nice selection

  452. Dustin Folden (Killer_Dustbunny) 2018/02

    Love this store

  453. Alexander Petrocelli 2018/02

    Great local pet store!

  454. 411 lakeside 2018/02

    Over priced. Employees would rather giggle and text than see if someone needs help.

  455. Melinda Moore 2018/02

    Great people and quality food for your pets!! A great small business to support!

  456. Christopher DiBella 2018/02

    Great selection of fish…and lots of goodies for any kind of pet.

  457. Steven Marteny 2018/02

    Very helpful staff. Pretty much all the pet supplies you could need

  458. Steve Boschen 2018/02

    Best pet supply store in Richmond and the service is superb; small and privately owned by the same owner since 1959.

  459. Paula Graham 2018/02

    The fish and pond department has a great selection and amazing customer service. Their staff, especially Shane, is very knowledgeable and patient, and not only answers questions but also demonstrates how things work for you.

  460. Arun Hari 2018/02

    Like this place for the various pet options and extensive options to choose from. Associates are very friendly and accommodating. Been a good customer to this store for quite couple of times.

    Do visit their pond exclusive store, two stores away. The best one around this area, I should say.

  461. Andrew Wood 2018/02

    By far, Fin & Feather is my absolute favorite locally owned pet shop. They have everything you need to get started with or continue providing for any type of pet (hamster, birds, guinea pigs, fish). Saltwater tank enthusiasts should note that they do not have any saltwater tanks and accordingly no saltwater fish, but they do have some supplies. Every bird (zebra finches and parakeets) and fish (bettas, dwarf lobster, green spotted puffer) I’ve gotten here has been healthy and happy. Very professionally managed and kind sales people who won’t rush you or be to salesy by pushing you towards more expensive supplies or anything. They leave it up to you.

  462. Brian Robinson 2018/02

    Okay. Aquarium selection isn’t too bad, but could be better. Glad to see they don’t sell puppies, so that’s a big plus.

    Unfortunately, this place doesn’t have a public restroom (very inconsiderate if your customers are human), and with kids that means we have to leave, so they lost our business twice, we’ve learned not to even stop if that’s how they feel how important their own customers are.

  463. Addie Williams 2018/01

    Large selection of pets and pet items.

  464. James Conyers 2018/01

    Great experience, STAFF was VERY helpful

  465. Brandon Baker 2018/01

    Only place around with decent priced feeder rats and mice.

  466. Susan Belden 2018/01

    I was disappointed with the bird supplies and thought their prices were high.

  467. Mandy Voss 2018/01

    Bought a bird from them but they couldn’t give me much info about the bird.

  468. willie phillips 2018/01

    55 gallon tank 114.00 can’t beat this price for 200mi

  469. Lori Cawthorn 2018/01

    Put my next pet on layaway today and I’m so excited to get her home. I’m soon to be a mommy to a ferret

  470. chris calloway 2018/01

    As someone who works at a pet store this is a very well run store. People with a lot of knowledge and clean store

  471. Eric Kyte 2018/01

    Best and only place to get your feeder mice/rats. My ball python has no complaints 👍 …

  472. Maddox Cochrane 2018/01

    I went today and got an amazing pet ball python very beautiful and very well priced for 220 but super rare it is a pastel ball python super amazing employees

  473. Patricia Spitler-Walker 2018/01

    Employees are knowledgeable about the pets they sell and all the food and equipment that may be needed. They’re respectful when speaking with customers; and have a large supply of pets. From fish & birds to snakes & lizards!

  474. Heather Schell 2018/01

    Locally owned is what I’m all about but they have far too many animals to keep up with and several cages out of water. I know rodents drink a lot of water but especially when they are stressed and bored. Throw some toys in there or a couple paper towel rolls to stimulate them or they will have problems and depression. Enough of that lecture. It’s a perfectly basic pet store with mostly all you’ll need. I’m sure they’ll order stuff for you, as well. Yay pets! 😏

  475. Leslie Dow 2017/12

    Nice reptiles

  476. Krystal Fischer 2017/12

    Love this pet store!

  477. Andrew Castellano 2017/11

    Knowledgeable employees

  478. Richard Schellenberg 2017/11

    Support local businesses!

  479. J Lepore 2017/10

    Super friendly staff they have a lot to offer as far as quantity and variety and they are very convenient.

  480. Awesome ness 2017/09

    The bunnies

  481. Jo Beth DeVore 2017/09

    Such a great selection of dog foods.

  482. Barry Deaton 2017/09

    Best place to go for fish pond supplies.

  483. Michelle Martin 2017/09

    Very friendly and helpful staff! Glad to see they are still around as most other pet stores in the area are gone.

  484. Steven Boschen 2017/08

    Best place in Richmond for pet supplies and best customer service

  485. Travis Guilbeau 2017/08

    Local, knowledgeable staff, excellent selection of fish supplies and live fish, unique exotic pets.

  486. Chris Vertefeuille 2017/08

    Great little pet shop. Carry the stuff you can’t find in the chain store. I go there for meal worms, it’s the only place I can find them around me

  487. Frank Rojas 2017/08

    They had what we were looking for.
    We have new babies thanks to them, we got two cocktails from them.
    They have all kinds of pets in store.

  488. trashcanforever * 2017/08

    The rats and mice are in horrible condition they are way to many in one cage and all of them have respiratory issues there is dead animals everywhere you look in the room with small rodents. Also the snakes and other reptiles are kept in …

  489. Sherry Kearney 2017/07

    Smells awful

  490. Arvla Bellamy 2017/07

    Friendly staff, answered all questions and familiar with their products

  491. Bailey Bodine 2017/07

    This is the best pet store to go to find uncommon/less popular pet supplies. They have a great selection of dog/cat food as well as extensive reptile and bird supplies.

  492. Thomas Lowery 2017/06

    Amazing pet store with a wonderful assortment of pets.

  493. Kyle Rogers 2017/06

    Great place. Good prices, staff is knowledgeable, and quality animals and products.

  494. Sydney Ryanne 2017/06

    Every single fish I bought from there has died but my fish I got from other stores are fine so that leaves me to believe that they don’t take care of their fish also the people there have pretty much no personality.

  495. Abigail Jarvis 2017/06

    Overcrowding in the small animal cages. Dead animals in the small animal cages with the live ones. No humidity guage for their reptiles and their snakes are in horrible conditions. The ball python enclosures are way too dry. One of the pythons had stuck shed and was very dry. Unsanitary conditions for the small animals. If I weren’t desperate and out of town I’d never come here.

  496. Cassandra Diclaro 2017/05

    Customer service needs improving.

  497. Nathan Dryden 2017/05

    Fish tanks are dated but fish are healthy.

  498. Laura Kimball 2017/05

    I visited here for the first time today and was pretty appalled. The place smelled bad – pretty normal for a pet store, sure, but it got worse the further I went in. Several of the animals’ cages were infested with flies (especially the guinea pigs and small mammals).

    There were also several dead animals clearly visible in the reptile room. One anole looked shriveled and had clearly been dead for more than a day, ditto one of the hissing cockroaches. Their rainbow boa looked underweight and severely dehydrated – not 100% sure if it was alive or dead.

    There were several other examples, especially in the reptile and fish departments.

    They did seem to have a large selection when it came to hard goods – pet foods and supplies – but the treatment of their live animals was bad enough that I didn’t want to spend any money there.

  499. Corr Dad 2017/04

    Cool place.

  500. Mary J. Brown 2017/04

    Love the cute guinea pigs

  501. Greg Fellows 2017/04

    Nice local pet supply shop. Vast variety of goods for pretty much every pet nees

  502. Priscilla Mcknight 2017/04

    Omg went there yesterday to buy a goldfish for my mom there were at least 50 DEAD goldfish in the tank stuck to the filter the girl that helped me was like oh it’s one of those things. For the love of god remove them won’t shop there again, also store reeks.

  503. olivia. ryan 2017/04

    When you walk in the smell hits you, and it’s not a very good one. This place is good for buying supplies for decent prices. However, the smaller mammals such as rats and hamsters are packed together in a tiny cage with no type of wheel or anything to keep them occupied. I do understand that the rats may be used as food for snakes, but some people do buy them as pets. I think they should definitely improve the living spaces for their pets.

  504. Craig Stueber 2017/03

    Best prices and most knowledgeable staff in town

  505. Bryan Hargrave 2017/03

    Really putting the big box guys to shame, F&F employees know their stuff.

  506. Lisa Riddle 2017/02

    Very helpful

  507. mike 2017/02

    Very helpful. Highly recommend

  508. Adam Rabung 2017/02

    Knowledgeable and friendly staff. Good selection.

  509. Tamara Nikkel 2017/02

    Absolutely love this place I purchase all my small pets from them and I have several…

  510. Dawn DeLancy 2017/01

    For all your pet needs.

  511. Travis Carper 2017/01

    awesome local owned . they were super cool to me

  512. Marcellus R. Johnson 2017/01

    Moderate prices, great customer service . Supplies for all your Pet needs.

  513. Melissa Cook 2016/12

    It’s a nice store plenty of variety for your animal babys.

  514. Andy Latham 2016/10

    Great people who know what they are talking about! They understand our two bunnies and shih tzu and the dichotomy between them! Very thankful for everyone here!

  515. Charles Bailey (Charley) 2016/09

    Incredibly cheap tanks (I bought my 125 + stand for $800). It arrived within 2 days

  516. Warren S 2016/08

    Has everything I need

  517. Nicholas Vanover 2016/08

    Well. I have been going here for the past 4 months since there is no where else to get feeder mice and rats from around here. The staff I don’t care for. The blonde that helps us must not know what she is doing. We had 50 guppies in the bottom of a plastic bag since I guess she couldn’t tie a knot. You would think with how much someone buys they might cut a small break on pricing. Since 2.19 a mouse is pretty high. As far as thier reptiles and fish. I always seem to see some very weak fish there floating around and the reptiles arnt always looking the best. Temp in thier tanks are rather low aswell. When somthing else comes up as far as a place to get feeders. I will no longer be purchasing from this place. If u don’t need somthing they carry and only them just hit petco. Much cleaner and friendly environment.

  518. Lisa Beasley 2016/05

    The customer service was awful. The young girl sighed when I ask her to show me where the bird food was in the bag and not in the dispensers. They lost this sale. I left everything on the counter.

  519. Collin Edmond 2016/04

    Obviously they got their friends and family or SEO company to spam 5 star reviews with no text. This place is a filthy hole, inhumane and makes big box pet stores look like Noah’s Ark. I was in today and 1/3 of the beta fish were dead in their cups, the young staff was just hanging out and talking. There were tons of dead fish , overcrowded cages and filthy conditions.

  520. T B 2016/04

    Trying to set up a mini 5 gallon aquarium was daunting enough, when your daughter wants goldfish in it. Ethan was so helpful trying to help me amp the filter up to take the high ammonia levels. After many fish losses we got it! We drive a fair distance to them just because they are very knowledgeable.

  521. Joseph Ciszek 2016/04

    These other comments reflect a sharp divide between those who thought that this store was fantastic and those who thought the living conditions of the pets were deplorable. I fall closer to the latter viewpoint. The conditions for the small mammals are particularly shocking The rats and hamsters are packed in tightly to the cages with not even a wheel or ball to occupy themselves. One glass enclosure was badly cracked and the smell was horrid.

    In their defense, it is possible that the owners of this small, local business are well intentioned and merely have a differing view on acceptable living conditions for an animal. Admittedly, some of the issues are cosmetic and easily explained by the absence of large corporate backing that a chain would have. I am certain that behind the scenes at some major pet stores an even worse condition could be witnessed. But while some of the sections appeared well attended to, such as the fish tanks, the overall appearance of the live animals in this store show a clear lack of empathy.

    I wanted to like this store because they really do have a great selection of exotic animals and some unique products. But like visiting a meat processing plant, this store will leave you feeling depressed, possibly guilty, and hoping that your own purchasing habits have not supported this environment.

  522. Christopher Helme 2016/03

    Cozy little pet store with everything one needs to take care of their pet of choice.

  523. Caroline Sorey 2016/03

    Dying and diseased animals everywhere. I have snakes and occasionally need feeder rats, but not feeders that have their hair falling out and can barely move due to sickness. No animal should suffer torture. Please do not support this business.

  524. stephanie weber 2016/03

    Love this place. Great local place to get your all your pet needs instead of the giant corporations. Always buy feeders from them and never had a problem. They have their own breeding programs as well. Promote small business!! 😃 …

  525. Leighton Paquette 2016/02

    The only reason we go is because they’re the only place we know to get feeder mice and rats locally. The staff is nice, and the bunnies are cute, but their rodents are CONSTANTLY without water even after we tell them, their snakes have no hides or privacy, and precious few on staff seems to know anything about reptiles!! OK on the best of days, barely tolerable on the worst.

  526. Noah Grant 2015/12

    Very friendly.

  527. Sara Martinson 2015/11

    I had never been into a Fin and Feather but I had always heard good things. So I went to the Lakeside location today for the first time and was disgusted. The building itself was in very rough shape and the staff was not friendly at all. The cages were all small and cramped for the animals they had and none of the animals seemed to be very lively… that is the ones that were actually alive. I made my way to the fish room to find tanks of fish with dead and live fish together. This one poor fish swam into the body of a dead fish! There was also many dead roaches on the floor and a dead fish on the floor! There were multiple betta fish that were also dead closer to the check out area that wete labeled “fancy fish”. The scorpions and spiders are kept in the smallest, cramped Tupperware like containers that look like something you would put dressing in for a salad. The rodent cages didn’t seem very clean either and smelled terrible. I couldn’t get out of there fast enough since I was trying to fight the urge to confront someone about the awful conditions. I never leave reviews but I feel it necessary to warn anyone who loves animals to not go there.

  528. Ronin 2015/09

    My wife bought a ball python from fin and feather. For me as a birthday gift. When she brought it home. I knew right away that keeping this very little, and very dehydrated little one was going to be a chore in it’s self. When I had set the cage up. I asked my wife what was in the cage with the snake. She told me. Just a little bit of bedding and a water bowel with no water in side. I had kind of figured from how skinny the snake was that she had not been fed properly due to a visable spine. I could also tell she had not had enough water due to her very loose skin. I asked her what type of lighting was.used. she told me the same type I use for my boa. What in the hell is wrong with these people. Not properly feeding, hydrating, and inproper lighting. Not to mention they dont know the sex of the animals they are selling, or how to look after the snakes humidity. I will be contacting who needs to be contacted. To make sure the animals there are properly taken care of. And that store either hires people who know what they are doing. Or shut them down and find the animals there a better place to go to.

  529. Brandon Spence 2015/05

    Only place i can find live mice good people that know what their talking about

  530. Suzie Anderton 2015/03

    I love this place; it is amazing in it’s variety and best of all, it is in the neighborhood. It is refreshing to not have to go to a big box store and I have had only great experiences with these folks. They are so helpful; they frequently order special items for me and I always go to them first! I love that there is a “local” place to support!

  531. Matthew Smith 2015/01

    Always a great crowd. Service and supplies A+++

  532. D deT 2014/09

    I have shopped at Fin and Feather for almost 50 years. In the past 5 years the store has gone downhill to the point that I would be uncomfortable buying anything that is not vacuum sealed. The store is filthy, the animals are sick, mite …

  533. Zohaib Alam 2014/01

    Ordered food from them. I was told I will get a call when it arrives. Never got a call. I called them two more times to ask about my order, again they said they will call me back. After two months I gave up, I will never go there again.

  534. Brittany Nelson 2013/04

    I’m a professor and I just moved to Richmond and I wanted to check out Fin & Feathers for supplies for my ferret, multiple fish tanks, and kitten and was hoping to support a local business. I’ve never been compelled to write a review on google until now. I couldn’t stay in there longer than it took to briskly walk around. The conditions the animals are in are completely inhumane. I can’t even discuss the way they are housing the rats and ferrets without feeling completely enraged. These are such intelligent creatures with sensitive respiratory systems and they are in insanely overcrowded, filthy conditions. Animal rescues and chain pet stores look like resort vacations compared to this place. It was very clear that the owners/staff know very little about properly caring for animals or either don’t care. Claiming you have long term experience does not mean it is an educated one. This is place is absolutely criminal.

  535. Helen T 2012/12

    I have been a customer of Fin & Feather since 1973. They are not a speciality store, dealing in just fish, or just dog supplies, but a good all around store with a touch of the old fashioned pet store in them. As a person who has fish, dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, and small animals living in my home I am always able to get what I need in one stop here.
    The animals at this store are never mistreated, and I have had excellent luck with my critters from F&F. 6 years ago I bought a hand fed lory from them, and she is still the most wonderful bird I have ever owned. My most companionable rats have come from them also.
    I now live in Virginia Beach but come to Richmond on a regular basis and I still shop at Fin & Feather. I support my local stores down here, too, but F & F has always tried to get what I want and I appreciate that so much. They are just a good all-around store.

  536. Michele Kelly 2012/03

    The General Manager expressed no compassion when I informed him that I had purchased a sick parakeet from them last night. He charged me for the medication, albiet a discounted price, but he charged me nonetheless, and he told me that he could swap the bird out for a different bird. Now, if there is one sick bird in the bunch, the likelyhood of others being infected is quite great. Besides, in the time spent, I have already become bonded with the little fella. It would be cruel for both of us to seperate now. The man was very business-like in his attitude. This does not suit me well as a lover of animals. My husband also noticed that there were very many dead fish and the betta fish where kept in dirt bowls and some of them were dead as well. Sad way to operate a pet store. I will go elsewhere and also pray for the animals that pass through this store…I hope they all make it out alive! Very DISAPPOUNTED!!!

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