Farmers Veterinary Hospital

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Farmers Veterinary Hospital
4.7 based on 244 reviews
  1. Debbie Satkowski 2023/11

    Even with the COVID 19 pandemic forcing big changes, Farmers Veterinary Hospital gave kind; thorough care to my new little rescue kitten! Veterinary assistants brought the necessary paperwork out to my car and when it was time for Lil Joe’s (formally “Lil Baby”) appointment, they came out to get him. I was connected to the veterinarian via my cell phone and in great detail he explained every step; every procedure of Lil Joe’s examination. I was put at ease because I could tell that Lil Joe was getting the care he needed, with some TLC thrown in! Dr. Jason Hall really put me at ease with his calm demeanor over the phone and his lavish praise for Lil Joe!! He even told me Lil Joe was purring during his exam! The medications Dr. Hall prescribed improved Lil Joe’s health within a few days and now, 17 days later, he is thriving!! I have found a new veterinary clinic for my cats and I will be making an appointment for Katniss Meow in the very near future! Lil Joe will be back too!

  2. Joan James 2023/11

    Farmer is the best vet in Henrico. Always there for my dog

  3. Christian Nulty 2023/11

    We made a vet appointment three weeks from now for a stray kitten we were fostering. We found a good home for the kitten, but Farmers will not let us cancel the appointment and are still charging us for it. They should be ashamed.

  4. Elizabeth Donnelly 2023/11

    Our beautiful orange boy cat Phil got very sick very quickly- wouldn’t move wouldn’t eat and had to hold him to the sink to drink- his regular vet wouldn’t see him but farmers took him immediately- gave great care and Phil is back- we are moving services here – thank you all for your kindness and professionalism

    Updated 11/10/2023
    We have moved all of our pets to Farmers- today they saw our dog Raymond who can be snappy. The appointment went so well- ray even allowed them to muzzle him without high drama- a first! He’s scheduled for a grooming/ cut down next. Everyone was wonderful and no stress at all. Also the cost is much better than our prior – who has a 2 month wait for appointments. And, quite frankly, I’m relieved to move to a practice without issues. Thanks again!

  5. Catherine Clark 2023/11

    Very good service.

  6. J 2023/09

    My first visit to Farmers was exception. Even though my pit Leo was ill, The staff mad it very comfortable for him. THEY REALLY CARE….I just got another pitbull puppy. I will be taking him their soon to get his shots.


  7. JAC INDUSTRIES 2023/08

    No help at all, I understand they are busy but they could have at least let me set up an appointment to see a doctor.

  8. Lamont Miller 2023/08

    This is the Place 2 take Ur Devoted Best Friend.. Whether they Fly 🕊️ in the air or Walk on all 4 legs… Farmer’s Veterinary Hospital treats All clients & their Masters with care, Dr,Hall , Taylor,Dustin,Susie, Jorge ,Autumn, Holiday & the rest of the Wonderful staff are Respectful , Professional , kind & caring… They also work with Ur financial Budget ..! Take Ur furry,feathered loved ones here when they Don’t feel good or need a Grooming. Cheers 🥂🎈🍻2 Farmers Veterinary Hospital… It’s MILLERTIME 👍🏾


  9. Whitney 2023/02

    Always very knowledgeable and friendly. They take great care of my pup.

  10. Andre Mitchell 2023/02

    Thanks for doing a great job on Sasha, we were in & out and everything checked out ok.Thanks again.


  11. June Banes 2023/02

    Not but two words There Greattttt

  12. Irene Nicholas 2023/02

    Great place to go to have ur animals taken care of! The doctor is Great! In fact the whole staff is Great! I was there today and my dog had her Rabies shot and picked up medication for my dog. I would give Farmer’s Vet. Hospital a 10 + for a score. Great job Farmer’s Veterany Hospital !1/13/23

  13. Chris Lythgoe 2023/02

    Excellent service with plenty of detailed information.

  14. Kyle Rowland 2023/02

    They go above and beyond!

  15. Denise Shipp 2023/02

    I’ve been taking my grand pup… now a grand dog lol… to Farmer’s since 2015. They have not disappointed me when it comes to my grand dog Coco. I would recommend Farmer’s to any animal lover.

  16. Nancy Burke 2023/01

    Farmer’s as always is my go to vet practice. The staff is very professional and attentive. As well, Dr. Hall is the best. Great listener. Very thorough with explaining conditions, medications, test results and plans forward for each of your fur babies.

  17. Charlotte Porter 2023/01

    Awesome as usual. The staff and Doctor are very friendly and informative. They make you and your pet feel comfortable. I would recommend Farmers to everyone!

  18. John Hubbard 2023/01

    1st visit with new puppy – great staff including receptionist to Dr’s assistant & Dr.

  19. regina boone 2023/01

    Thanks for helping Jake!
    The veterinarian and vet techs are always awesome. I highly recommend.
    However, I will say the front desk person today was not very welcoming this morning, but maybe she was /is just having a bad day as we all do sometimes. I understand that. I’ll give her a pass today, but politeness certainly goes further than no greeting or eye contact and passing on energy from another customer interaction is not a plus.

  20. Amelia McLendon 2023/01

    Excellent service

  21. Matthew Toner 2023/01

    We’re so blessed to have Farmer’s vet in the area! They love our animals as much as we do, and we never need to feel anxious about entrusting them with their care!

  22. MarQuetta Blakey 2023/01

    My baby is a handful. They always know who I am and who he is when I call. Staff is knowledgable, helpful, and patient with answers to my questions. This last visit was no different.

  23. Diane Jefferson 2022/11

    When walking in staff wasn’t very welcoming didn’t seem to have knowledge of how to answer questions that are important, need a little help, but..When the Dr’s helper or nurse came out she was friendly, acknowledged my pain of letting my fur babe go and answered each question with no problem. The Dr.was wonderful they make a very wonderful team.Thanks 💛#BIGBOI

  24. Michelle Carpenter 2022/11

    They are fantastic 😍 Love Love them. Great attitude, patient and always smiles. My dog loves them and she doesn’t like people lol but she loves them. …

  25. Christine Reid 2022/11

    Dr. Hall is amazing. His rare combination of caring and competence is a treasure.

  26. Chris And Suzi Alexander 2022/11

    Dr Hall and his staff are wonderful. Always willing to fit my fur babies in last minute.

  27. Jeannie Beannie 2022/10

    Dr. Hall is pretty great!

  28. terri amernick 2022/09

    Dr Hall and the staff are so wonderful with the animals and their humans. I can’t give them enough praise!!

  29. Misty Kiser 2022/09

    I love Farmer’s Animal Hospital. I always enjoy visiting. Dr. Hall and the staff are great!

  30. Michael Glenn 2022/09

    This has been the best Vet I have used in 30 years. Staff is also amazing. They are so friendly and treat my dog like their own.

  31. Jaylaan & Jessie Bell 2022/08

    The doctor and the physician assistant were very nice, attentive and professional. They took the time to answer our questions and concerns

  32. Diana Parsons 2022/08

    Dr. Hall was able to see us the very day I called for an emergency appointment. He spent time with us explaining every lab result and his diagnosis about our dog. The medications he gave had her feeling a bit better every day. A week later she is back to her playful self. Thank you Farmers Veterinary Hospital!

  33. Debra Haynes 2022/08

    Love the friendliness support and care of this facility I always leave with a huge smile thank you for taking care of my fur boys 😊 …

  34. Katrina Samuels 2022/08

    They care about your yr fur babies!!!


  35. PWade 2022/08

    Every appointment has been quick, easy, and stress free! I got my new doggo a couple of months ago and have been a few times now, the subsequent followup appointments to evaluate his issues were easy and affordable. The vets were knowledgeable and helped me have peace of mind that he is in great health! He’s been a blessing in my life and I’m thankful that Farmers Veterinary Hospital has ensured he stays that way!


  36. Gloria Brown 2022/08

    Milo enjoy her bath with her sister today

  37. Edward Judkins 2022/08

    Great customer service and pleasant experience.

  38. Molly Teper 2022/07

    The staff has been excellent both times I have come here (once for a dog once for a cat). They don’t try to price gauge and they don’t make you feel rushed. Thoroughly answered all of my questions. Highly recommend.

  39. Isabella Latek 2022/07

    Absolutely amazing! Super wonderful! Very attentive, hear all our concerns and was never dismissive. They made us feel heard and gave us great information so we could really understand processes for specific treatments. We were able to see the charts from previous vets, ECT. on their computer screen and made sure that had all information. Staff was amazing from start to finish! 1000% will be going back for all future vets!

  40. jaqueline watson 2022/07

    farmers veterinarian have staff that are friendly, caring and have patience for each pet and there owner. the place is clean, they have there own pharmacy , there is a website

  41. Gloria Savoy 2022/06

    I was Very little Yokie being going to your Clinic for 3yrs….he’s been with an irritation around his eye that was WELL taken care of today..Thank you for a job well done.

  42. Frank 2022/06

    Good, friendly service and the staff was very nice to my dogs.

  43. Roger Hommel 2022/06

    Wonderful place to take your pet. Knowledgeable, friendly and concerned.

  44. Ann Meeks 2022/06

    Excellent care, never rushed. Dr. Hall is great with dogs and their people!

  45. Peter “Pete” Fiedler 2022/06

    Good Vet. nice staff and very clean facilities!

  46. Kate Fiedler 2022/06

    My dog wags her tail as soon as we get into the parking lot. Everyone at Farmers Veterinary Hospital is welcoming and helpful. I would highly recommend Farmers VH to anyone looking for quality care for their beloved pet.

  47. Patricia Parrish 2022/06

    This is the first time I had my dogs (6mos. old Morkie and 4yrs. old Yoschon) groomed at this facility. I was so impressed with the cleanliness of this place and the courteous way I was treated by the staff and the attention Bethany (the groomer) paid to each of my pets. One big happy family.😉 …

  48. Patty Finn 2022/05

    Dr Hall is wonderful and his staff is friendly and caring. I feel my pup gets excellent care there.

  49. Lorenda Shaw 2022/05

    I sure miss the husband and wife duo that had the place. They really made u.feel like family. I gave the new guys a shot but it’s just not the same. And the prices are higher but I guess its just a different time now.

  50. Beverly William 2022/05

    Always caring providers

  51. Montel8 2022/05

    Dr Hall is simply the best. We drive all the way across town to bring our pets to him.

  52. Peter Fiedler 2022/05

    Dr. Hall is an old family friend, he and some of my children went to school together. He runs a good clean practice and is very good with animals. He also desperately needs another Vet to assist him!

  53. Joan Gillison 2022/03

    After being turned away by 2 ER,(filled to capacity) my cat unable to urinate, my aunt called Farmer’s whose dog had appt, aunt resch her dog’s appt for my cat to be seen urgently. Dr Hall & staff were very caring & concerned with Tabby’s issues saw immediately, assessed him& was able to unplugged him kept him few days. Due to his age, he’s gradually getting better. Thx Dr Hall, really appreciate you and your staff…..Aunt Brenda thank you for caring/love for my cat & your love for animals.

  54. Lorraine Price-gibbs 2022/03

    The staff is friendly and always listen to your concerns

  55. Teresa Armstead 2022/03

    The groomer is very good .

  56. Steven Dance 2022/02

    Very good help and care ❤

  57. Kim Powell 2022/02

    Love this veterinarian hospital! Right now its curbside service were they take your pet inside, and treat him. They are caring and friendly!…I thought I had posted this months ago, Not! Now you call and tell them ur pet is here and you go in with your pet Unless they say they’ll come to you at your car and get your buddy. That’s what they with my big boy! (He think’s he’s the ONLY Dog in the world and is so excited when he sees there’s another!) I like Farmers vet and Groomers!

  58. Chuvalo Christian Sr 2022/02

    Great people there. Very caring & friendly.

  59. Raakin Ali 2022/01

    Good vet.

  60. sharonda goode 2022/01

    Love my vet and staff. Been going here for years .excellent service and very attentive!


  61. Jill Lee 2021/11

    They are AWESOME!!!! They took great care of my furbaby and us. We had to make a very hard decision, they let us stay with him as long as we wanted to. Autumn is AWESOME and caring. She sat next to my baby and rubbed his fur and that made me cry even more. My baby had cancer.

  62. Rita Justice Austera 2021/11

    This is our family vet for our 3 cats. They’re great. Our 15 year old had an echocardiogram this week. Highly recommended

  63. nickie leigh 2021/11

    Very nice staff… The vet was wonderful and explain what was going on with my dog.. nice place to go to..

  64. Laticia Summers 2021/10

    Love Farmers. They are quick and efficient. They are so nice

  65. Lana Gantt 2021/09

    Wonderful customer service. Dr
    Hall and his staff are the best.

  66. Rusty Shackleford 2021/09

    Very kind vets, we love them and so do my animals. They’re very considerate and caring.

  67. Dustin Parks 2021/09

    Everyone has bad days AND everyone deserves a second chance.Today was my second chance at Farmers Veterinary Hospital. I have been a happy customer for the past few years but the experiences of my past few visits have led me to take my dog to a different Vet so he can receive quality care. Even when speaking to the manager, customer service was not the first priority as she went through all the ways I was wrong before giving me a half hearted apology and letting me know that I could drive back and get the services I already paid for. Two years ago I would have given a 5 star review to this place. Sad that it has gone downhill as this should be a quality resource for our community.

  68. Chinikie Goode 2021/09

    The front desk assistant seems to have a attitude and not wanting to be bothered with her job however the veterinarians and veterinarian assistants are extremely nice and loved my kitten.

  69. Simón Valencia Abello 2021/09

    Best in the game. They love my dogs, are easy to deal with, fair prices

  70. Kiesha G 2021/08

    The staff is so friendly and they take excellent care of my furbaby.

  71. Will Crehore 2021/08

    Farmers staff are super friendly and understanding when you are booking an appointment in stressful situations. I feel acknowledged, listened to, and trust them to look after my animal companions.

  72. Herbert Anderson 2021/06

    Outstanding Service

  73. Jhene Denise 2021/06

    I’ve been going here for years and I love it! They take good care of my babies. They even follow up with you following visits to check in on the progress of your fur babies & to also answer any questions you may have. They work with you when it comes to payment and just genuinely care about the health and happiness of them.

  74. R. Yates 2021/06

    I highly recommend Farmer’s Veterinary Clinic. During these days of Covid, they meet you at your vehicle & take your baby inside. The vet calls to discuss what’s going on & keeps you on the line until the visit is done. A staff member processes your payment over the phone & beings your baby back with receipts & any meds they may need.

    When our elderly cat (she was a stray so we’re guessing she was at least 19) turned up blind one morning in April, our regular vet said she’s old, it’s to be expected, it was probably happening for a while & you didn’t notice, we’ll put her down when you feel her quality of life is done. I called my cousin who recommended Farmer’s. Dr. Hall fit her into a packed schedule & found that she had kidney problems and high blood pressure. Within 3 days of being on medication, she was back to her usual self. Although we had to put her down in September (complete kidney failure), Dr. Hall gave us 4 months more than we would have had.

    When my daughter brought a kitten home from college in December, there wasn’t even a question about where we were going. I can walk to our old vet but I choose to drive to Farmer’s because of the compassionate care Prissy received.

  75. Top Notch 2021/06

    The lady at the front desk is reason enough to avoid this place

  76. Marvin Tillman 2021/05

    Working hard to provide great service during these trying times!

  77. Carol Swinson 2021/05

    Very caring and professional. Dr Hall was really attentive to my cat and it is obvious he really loves and cares about animals. I have taken my other cats there as well and have been really pleased with the care they received.

  78. Debbie Glover 2021/04

    Farmers Vet policy has changed since Covid. You can no longer walk in and talk to a person to buy a needed product. Be ready to leave a message and wait 24 to 48 hours for pharmacy to call back. 9nce you get someone your needs will be met. I SURE MISS Kate……. Where did care for the customer go!!!!!

  79. Lavinia Chong 2021/04

    I was very impressed with the staff and how thorough they were. The doctor came out to the car and introduced himself after speaking to me on the phone. The only thing was that I asked for my second cat’s nails to be trimmed and they assured me that there was a note in the file but she never got her nails trimmed. I didn’t want to have to bring her back and pay more money for a trim.

  80. k Hughes 2021/03

    Staff was empathetic and understanding,and even sent a simpathy card signed by all staff 4 my furbaby sasha who received her wings.We were very thankful.Thank u Farmers 4eva❤💕 …

  81. themyrashow 2021/03

    My 6 month old Amstaff terrier was a nervous/excited wreck he could barely sit down and they treated my baby with nothing but patience I love it here!
    Tip: Since we are now waiting outside with our pets due to covid (which is no problem by the way) it’d be great to have some waste bags/basket out there? Puppy enjoyed the grassy area next to the building but when he relieved himself we found ourselves scrambling to the car to find a baggie😂


  82. Brandi Taylor 2021/03

    Brought my dog in due to him not being able to walk. They did his vitals and he had a temperature of 105. She recommended he goes somewhere to be monitored overnight and she said she would send the referral to VVC. I even confirmed with the receptionist that the referral was being sent when she brought him back out. Well that didn’t happen so my dog had to wait over an hour to even be seen when it should have been an ICU situation where he was brought in immediately. Highly disappointed in the service I received today!

  83. A A 2021/03

    Absolutely love them. My dog has stranger issues but somehow he’s always so good when he’s with the Farmers Vet staff! Sadly I’m moving but I was able to squeeze in a checkup with them before I find a vet in my new state.

  84. Latasha Deleon 2021/02

    Great place an friendly vets

  85. Valerie Slade 2021/01

    A terrific veterinarian. People work there a friendly and kind recommended to others to take their pets. They care about their animals

  86. Sumaat Khan 2020/12

    I’m going to be making a visit soon but I’m young and in college and didnt have a job at the time when my cat had a urinary block, the doctor told me I had to go to the ER for my cat and helped me with a lot of my fees and made things significantly affordable. Also he let my cat have overnight stay instead of at the hospital and took personal care of him which I was so incredibly thankful for. They actually care about the pets which is amazing.

  87. George Purvis 2020/11

    Professional,knowledgeable, compassionate, highly recommend.

  88. Pamela Vaughan 2020/11

    Not happy with the recent services I’ve received for the past 3 months. Love Dr. Isaac dearly but their is a serious customer service/communication problem within the business. Response time is horrible.

  89. Ashley Baker 2020/11

    Been here twice and was thoroughly impressed with everything!! We wjll absolutely come back! Posted a much longer review on google maps!


  90. Michelle Holder 2020/11

    We love Farmers Veterinary. Kate is especially helpful and does a great job at the front desk.

  91. Katie Scott 2020/11

    I high suggest this place been going to these Veterinarians for MANY years they treat your animals the way you would at home LOVE them

  92. Cheryl Lodge 2020/11

    We got a new kitten in November and have taken him to Farmers for his last kitten shots and nail trims. They have always been very accommodating and friendly. During these crazy “pandemic days” they have been very professional and appeared to use great precautions to ensue Teddy could still be seen while keeping everyone safe. Highly recommended.

  93. Patrick Rizzuto 2020/10

    Earlier this week, our 6 year old cat developed signs of a UTI, including significant pain. We had never worked with FVH before, but our regular vets couldn’t see us and we were desperately cold-calling trying to find an alternative to the ER. I spoke to a wonderful receptionist Kate, who was so concerned by the description of our cat’s pain she talked to one of the vets Dr. Hall, who agreed to work us in RIGHT away. It was incredibly clear how much she loves animals from her expressed sympathy.

    Due to the pandemic, my husband and I stayed in the car, but several friendly, sympathetic staff members wearing masks came OUT to do paperwork with us (it was close to 90 degrees), and brought our cat in to see Dr. Hall. Dr. Hall was very kind, reassuring us about our cat’s overall condition while also confirming the UTI. He narrated the entire exam over the phone for us, explaining his findings and their significance. He then provided us not only antibiotics but pain relief, so our cat could start feeling better quickly. And it was a FRACTION of what it would have cost us at the ER.

    Our cat was feeling better by the end of the afternoon, and next day was back to her normal self. We are still finishing the antibiotics to clear up the UTI, but the next time she has issues, we will be calling again!

    Thank you again FVH!

  94. Jonathan Simmons 2020/10

    I have been taking my pets to this practice for years and I absolutely love the service and sense of family. Kate and Dr. Hall always make you feel welcome and they genuinely care for the health of your pets. I highly recommend giving them a try if you are looking for the best care for your pets.

  95. Beverly Gaines 2020/10

    I have been taking my fur babies to Farmers Veterinary Hospital for more years than I can remember. I have always been satisfied with their professionalism, quality services and treatment plans. They don’t mind answering questions, location is good, and I highly recommend them to family and friends.

  96. Carri 2020/10

    Vet is really knowledgeable and explains everything…I feel like my fur baby is well taken care of!

  97. Carolyn Frank 2020/10

    They so good when ever I call they get me in that mean a lot to me

  98. K S 2020/10

    The staff at Farmers stayed late on a Saturday to make sure my pet was seen. I am grateful for their compassion.

  99. Colin Jones 2020/10

    They are kind and caring and take wonderful care of our pups.

  100. Renee Greene 2020/09

    My precious babies are always satisfied with the service we receive. Am getting ready to have my second dog Chloe fixed.


  101. Michael Katcham 2020/09

    This is the only place I trust with my pets

  102. Skyler D. Yan 2020/09

    Very caring staff towards to my sick calico cat and as well as myself. Unfortunately my cat did not get better and passed. All staff were very kind and sympathetic the day I had her cremated. Also got a signed card from them few days later to show their support. Definitely made the process little easier. Thank you very much.

  103. Tammy Smith 2020/09

    I am thankful to all of the vets and personel at Farmers, they are truly a blessing for my dogs and our family. I have been taking my pets there for over 15 years. They have always given compassionate care to them and have been open about options and costs. They have been like family. I highly recommend!

  104. Biasia B 2020/08

    Great vets, very caring and will not hesitate to help you!

  105. K Armstrong 2020/08

    Always a great group of people to work with. Answered all our questions, was patient with us and our new puppy! Thanks

  106. Larry Mckinnon 2020/08

    This has to be the best vet I have ever been too! They are very personal with you and your animal. Been going for several years now, even though I moved farther away…I still return to them.

  107. Roz Smith 2020/08

    Always very helpful. I have been going there since my dog was at least 6 months old and he will soon be 15 years young.

  108. Jacob Altieri 2020/08

    Farmers Vet and Dr. Hall were amazing. We have a Pom mix that we have found out has many complications, and the team at Farmers Vet talked us through all our options and always kept price-point in mind while making sure our pet is still getting the care it needs.

    This was my first visit and it won’t be my last. I have definitely found a great place to be taking my pets and I couldn’t be happier.

    Another great bonus is that they accept Care Credit. When paying the total bill upfront isn’t a option for some (like myself), this is a great way to still take care of your pets while being able to afford it.

    Again, I will most definitely be returning to the Farmers Vet and my Pom will most definitely be returning as well to get the surgery that she needs.

    Thank you to the team.

  109. Rita Jones-Walls 2020/07

    Pros-They are good with my fur babies and not as expensive as some other Vet hospitals.

  110. Mike Duke 2020/07

    They were very busy today, but managed to work us into their schedule. Everyone was very caring and professional. I will definitely go back to them in the future!

  111. Lance Parker 2020/07

    Excellent service and the Doctor and staff and so kind and very experienced. My dog is already seeing results and allergies are clearing up just a day after giving him the prescribed medication. I definitely recommend this veterinary clinic to all!!!

  112. Gary Crawley 2020/07

    During a time when we need some sense of normalcy, Framers Vet Hospital continues to provide excellent service to its customers. I greatly appreciate their continued service of excellence and the warm, personal and friendly environment. Thanks for all you do!!!!!!


  113. Victoria Purdy 2020/07

    Wonderful, friendly staff! The vets do thorough checks on my dog and offer a lot of helpful advice.

  114. Leslie Beard 2020/07

    Farmers Vet has been an excellent provider for my cat!! They always let me know ALL of my options instead of just pigeon-holing me into a pricey solution. Their online pharmacy is also the best- I order my cat’s flea meds via the online portal and they arrive FAST! Thank you Farmers!!

  115. Barbara Johnson 2020/07

    I received excellent service

  116. Deborah Finnegan 2020/06

    Farmers Veterinary Hospital has been there for our family to take care of our pet’s medical needs from the beginning of our live together and in the end. The staff of Farmers is compassionate, thorough and friendly. They have worked with us to provide the best veterinary care possible. We do recommend Farmers Veterinary Hospital to anyone.

  117. Chereen Baramki 2020/06

    Amazing, caring, and responsive vet and staff. Reasonable prices. Great hours. Open Saturdays. Takes walk-ins.

  118. Stephanie Henderson 2020/06

    We have been taking our pets to Farmer’s for about 9 years. I couldn’t ask for a better place to care for dogs. During this time, we have lost two of our beloved dogs and they showed such care and concern through the whole process. Dr. Hall is truly an amazing Veterinarian and Kate, well she Truly knows how to run a front office and take care of all who come in. The grooming services are great and allow us to take care of our pets with one stop. Thanks Farmer’s for all you do and for treating Princess and Precious like family!

  119. Ryan McLaughlin 2020/06

    This clinic is top-notch. The staff are efficient and kind to my dog and the doctors are great. I’ve only ever had good experiences here, and I won’t be taking my dog anywhere else.

  120. Courtney Valos 2020/06

    Always amazing care & a loving staff!!!!!!!

  121. Anna Mulvany 2020/06

    Excellent pet care and people care! The staff is professional, and really takes the time to help you.They are all superb with a shout out to Kate and Dustin specifically. Charlie, Ming, and Freddie love you!

  122. Josh Schweizer 2020/05

    Great folks working with great care here. Thank you all for your help with my 16 year old pooch.

  123. Krista Bourne 2020/05

    This office is fantastic! They are knowledgeable, kind and caring! They saved my fur baby! Competitive pricing! If your baby is in need of a new veterinarian, look no further!

  124. Doug H 2020/05

    The staff here are very kind and accommodating. I have called on several occasions and have been able to quickly get in to have my pet seen.

  125. Nancy Lincoln-Graves 2020/04

    The doctors and staff at Farmers’ are the best! When Hooper the Cat presented a difficult problem – one difficult to diagnose – these folks were kind and patient but maintained a real sense of urgency in finding the cause.
    We are so grateful!

  126. Beth Hargett 2020/04

    We took our very sick dog (pancreatitis) here for overnight care after they were referred to us by our usual veterinarian. They readily accepted our Siberian Husky and kept her overnight on iv fluids. They took wonderful care of her and she was looking much better the next day. She has improved by leaps and bounds and it seems the worst of her ordeal is over. We cannot thank Farmers Veterinary Hospital enough for agreeing to take care of her on such short notice and for the top notch care she received while with them. I highly recommend Farmers Veterinary Hospital!

  127. Anissa Booker 2020/04

    Kind staff.

  128. Kelly Sharpe 2020/04

    Down to earth and kind people. We are glad to have found a good vet!

  129. Vanessa Eastham 2020/03

    Had a great first experience with Farmers Vet with our male cat and now bringing our female cat to them in a couple of days!

  130. Eileen Buckingham 2020/03

    Dr Hall and Dr Dolan are excellent. We recently moved to this side of town and thrilled this is the closest practice. Fair prices, good service, and compassionate care for my dogs. My two pups are senior so my partner and I have spent a lot of time here this year! We’ve built a great rapport and can call for random issues with a quick response. Dr Hall has also called to check in on our one dog during his treatment with other vet specialist. I recommend this office to anyone looking for a great vet.

  131. hailey battilana 2020/03

    They treat my Jellybean right

  132. Keith Foster 2020/03

    Great service they took great care of my 🐱. …

  133. ryan tagg 2020/02

    I never knew I was that crazy dog person but my pup was a little lethargic after her shots and I totally overreacted. Even though I’m sure I looked like a nutcase, Dr. Isaac was incredibly kind, patient and understanding. Everyone has always been great, just a wonderful clinic staffed with amazing people.

  134. Robin Ripley 2020/02

    Anytime we call Farmers Vet hospital they answer right away we get shots for our baby girl and they are so gentle with her also good with Patches. Call them they answer right back.

  135. Sirenmermaid ocean 2020/02

    First I would like to say my dogs had come here a few times before. unfortunately after our last experience there, I have to leave a one star review….. Not happy with the recent services😱 …

  136. Jean Longest 2020/02

    I’ve dealt with Farmers for over 50 years which is a testimony to how much I treasure them because they have been so loving and helpful to me and my pets.. I used to joke that I got more attention from them than I received from my family doctor who is a relative!

  137. Matthew Whitt 2020/02

    People are nice and friendly. Vet seems knowledgable and experienced, follows up with visit and cares about animals.

  138. Heather Desper 2020/02

    Very impressed with Farmers Veterinary Hospital. Went for a routine check up for our dog and it was during Covid. We couldn’t go in but we felt great about their professionalism and it was a great experience for all.

  139. Joseph Burke 2020/02

    Really good place to bring your pet

  140. Virginia Morrow 2020/02

    Farmers Veterinary Hospital has taken good care of our 2 dogs for many years. They are compassionate, knowledgeable and efficient and each staff person makes us feel welcome and that our dogs are important to them.

  141. Barbara Sipe Hall 2020/02

    Great bunch of people

  142. Leanne Costantinidis 2020/02

    Kind positive attentive knowledgeable punctual patient staff. Nothing to comment on that would need improvement.

  143. domonique nicole 2020/02

    Doctors and staff are very friendly. They take their time and answer any questions that you have. They provide a variety of services.

  144. Debbie Jacobs 2020/01

    We will be having his teeth cleaned soon!


  145. Tomiko Jones 2020/01

    I have been taking buttercup to Farmers Veterinary since she was a kitten . Excellent Consumer Service, show Compansion to her. I wouldn’t take her anywhere else!!!😄 …

  146. Julia Arnone Hensley 2020/01

    We drive from over a half hour away just to come to Farmers. We used to live closer, but they’re family and treat our fur babes like they’re their own. Couldn’t recommend them more. A group of truly caring, amazing diagnosticians and medical practitioners.

  147. KEITH HICKS 2020/01

    Good service

  148. Sharon Sidi 2020/01

    Kate she is so friendly and knowledgeable when asked a question ✔💯 …

  149. susan dawson 2020/01

    Awesome place to bring my furbabies! Great friendly staff and very affordable! Highly recommend! Thank you Farmer’s for all the care and love you give my furbabies❤

  150. Lia Konieczny 2020/01

    Kate and all the vets at Farmer’s Vet are amazing. Their prices are fair, they always make time for me, and they provide the best care for my sweet pups.

  151. Brandon Ellis 2019/11

    Very nice and takes walk-ins till 2 on Saturdays.

  152. Lori Sherwood 2019/11

    I have received expert care for my two Dachshunds at Farmers – I highly recommend them for veterinary care. Kate always makes me and everyone who comes through the door as the most important client ever.

  153. Jim Sitzler 2019/11

    I took my Dog Bear back to Farmers recently after seeing a vet slightly closer to my house. There is just a difference in the care you get from the folks at Farmers. Dr Hall has such a great knowledge and is very clear with what he is thinking is the best course of action. The best way to describe it is that Farmers has what the bigger Vet practices in the area try to copy. You can’t fake that the staff knows your dogs name and asks how you cat or non-fur children are doing. It’s assembly line vs individual care and I pick Farmers.

  154. Phebe & Dan Stillman 2019/10

    I have had them care for my pets over the past 25 plus years. The compassion and care they have provided has been exceptional.
    They work as a team to provide for our beloved pets needs ….from grooming to surgeries……and I truly appreciate how they help find the better deals for flea and tick protection , heartworm meds etc.

  155. Matthew Launderville 2019/10

    Came in as a new patient with a parking lot rescue kitty – Farmers gave me and “Bees” all of the love of a longtime customer. Lots of advice, friendly staff, accommodating and warm. Can’t see going anywhere else

  156. e gray 2019/09

    As far as my amateur opinion can be taken, they seem to operate with kindness and ethics. I like visiting here. Usually it’s for medical reasons, but this past time I went to have my feral cat’s claws trimmed. It took pretty much the whole clinic to hold him down, but they got it done, and cheaply, too! They’ve earned my customer loyalty the hard way.

  157. D Hanson 2019/09

    First time visiting Farmers Veterinary… very good experience friendly doctors and staff fair prices I’ll be back

  158. C RUDOLPH 2019/09

    I’m horrible with names but Dr. Farmer(I hope that was her name) was amazing. She REALLY knows her stuff. Jaxx is our cat and he seemed comfortable with her treatment. The vet assistant was also very nice and friendly. It feels good to find a vet who cares about my baby and not treat him/us like another dollar. I’m so glad we have a new, nice vet😊

  159. Isela Bryant 2019/09

    By far the most exceptional veterinarian care my dog has ever received. Dr. Hall was very thorough in examining my dog and ruling out any other potential problems. I am very pleased with their care and would recommend them to anyone!

  160. G Young 2019/09

    Service always the best.

  161. Lady B 2019/08

    Miss Diva went in feeling really bad. The dr loved on her and gave her meds to make her smile again.

  162. Grayson Clark 2019/08

    Incredible staff, saw me as a walk-in and made room for me in their very busy day. Absolutely great with the animals.

  163. Terry Rector 2019/08

    I have been going to farmers right now for about eight years. They are the best at what they do. Customer service is number one. Their veterinary staff is very knowledgeable and compassionate to your needs.

  164. Dale Germain 2019/08

    Very kind , compassionate during a difficult time. Made accommodations for my dog’s best interest and our family. Thank you.

  165. Dominique DeVeronica 2019/08

    They’re always very helpful, friendly, and easily available

  166. Susan Dawson 2019/08

    This place is awesome!! Everyone here is amazing!! I highly recommend you to bring you little babies here. I’m so happy I found them!

  167. Crystal Horsley 2019/08

    Dr.Hall is amazing!! The entire staff shows my fur babies so much love and are incredibly knowledgeable.

  168. Sarah Call 2019/08

    We had to bring in our dog for a walk-in appointment for some last minute symptoms that have gotten worse quickly. Our local vet was packed and had no appointments.. but Farmers was incredible! They got us in, even after hours, and was so knowledgeable, helpful, and made our sweet pup feel so much better. Wonderful vet office & wonderful people who work here!

  169. Rachel Machacek 2019/08

    We’ve been taking our two cats here for about 3 years. Farmers truly feels like a small town vet – they know us and our cats and we rarely have to wait long, as has been my experience at other vets in town. Truly personalized and compassionate service from Dr. Dolan and Dr. Hall. To boot, Kate at the front desk is a font of animal-care knowledge and never tires of exploring solutions with us.

  170. Foxxy LAH 2019/07

    Friendly and knowledgeable. Made our ezperience peefect. My dog was happy and felt comfortable with the doctor and staff. Clean. environment from front to back. Lost of options for pet care here.

  171. Lillie Nicholas 2019/07

    The vets and vet techs here really care, really love animals, and give you all the help and support you need. They treat my 17 year old cat who has chronic kidney disease, and are always willing to take my frantic calls and visits when I feel something is wrong. From one neurotic pet parent to another, let me say, you can trust Farmer Vet with your dog or cat.

  172. Cynthia Dowell 2019/06

    Wonderful place! People are always friendly and understanding. And my dog loves the love they give her!

  173. Drew Weisbeck 2019/06

    This office is above and beyond. They go out of their way to ensure both owners and pets needs are met, and I fully trust them with the care of my puppy. The staff are friendly, intelligent, compassionate, and flexible. I’ve lived many places and been to many vets, but the experience at Farmers is a cut above.

  174. Rita Braxton 2019/06

    They’re very nice people and give good care but are very expensive on everything more than most vets! The charging too much is going to cause me to end up going some where else if they don’t lower their prices. I hate to have to leave them because I like them, but can’t afford their high prices on a regular basis.

  175. areina hensley 2019/06

    Was in a rush for vaccines and meds for elderly dog as I just moved back to Richmond. The team is so super flexible and truly love what they do. My parents are animal lovers and have been going to farmers for years and years. They really took care of my dad when his best friend passed away it was heartbreaking but they made the experience beautiful!

  176. Anne White 2019/06

    Love love this vet. I got an appointment the same day for my dog who had an ear infection. So friendly over the phone. Our experience improved even more once we arrived at the office. Everyone was so nice, caring, and the vet was extremely gentle and knowledgeable. We’ve found our new vet.

  177. Sharon Beach 2019/06

    My family has taken their pets to Farmer’s Veterinary Hospital for at least 50 years. Very friendly, helpful and personable vets and staff.

  178. James Harrell 2019/05

    Good vet.

  179. Shuwanda Robertson 2019/05

    Good place for pets to go

  180. Leslie 2019/05

    From the staff at the front desk to the vets themselves, Farmers was great. I called in needing an appt for my cat ASAP, just to get a check up and get her a flea med prescription. They got her an appt that day, and accommodated us immediately once we arrived. Despite there being a hold-up, they kept me well-informed and were very apologetic. It was out of their control, totally understandable, and I just appreciated the open communication! Then upon checking out, the kind woman at the front desk did what she could to get me the best deal available for the visit and provided rebate information for the flea meds. She really made my day and I wish I remembered her name! This was two months ago, and I’m still so pleased and would recommend Farmers to anyone.

  181. Judy Kirkpatrick 2019/04

    Very pleasant and understanding

  182. Katie Sullivan 2019/04

    Dr. Dolan, Kate, Sara and the staff are all very friendly and knowledgeable. They made this veterinary hospital feel like home. My new little puppy had a great first vet visit because they genuinely cared about his well being. I will now be calling farmers veterinary hospital our little family’s home. Before I called farmers veterinary hospital to get the appointment for my new puppy I called other veterinary hospitals. Farmers was the first to get me in right away. Not to mention when I got there it wasn’t a long wait and the receptionists were not ignoring you like most other veterinary hospitals. I highly recommend any pet parent to go to Farmers Veterinary hospital and call it their home!!!


  183. Admin Admin 2019/04

    We loved everything about the vet except the front desk lady. She wasn’t my favorite. She was nice but had some comments she should of kept to herself. She seems to judge very quickly but if you can ignore her I would recommend going there.

  184. Deloris Mickens 2019/04

    The doctor’s and staff was very nice,caring, professional and they went the extra mile and beyond


  185. Andre McDonnough 2019/04

    Great place to take you pet

  186. Kiersten Hoffman 2019/03

    I’ve been a customer for a couple of years now and even with moving to Southside, I still make the trip to Farmers Vet Hospital for their exceptional care and service. They treat my dogs like their own and I couldn’t ask for more!

  187. Abigail Lunsford 2019/03

    The staff was all very nice and helpful!

  188. Lia Konieczny 2019/03

    Staff is very friendly, accommodating, and knowledgeable! prices are extremely fair and they always provide great care for my two dogs! We love Farmers!

  189. That Chick (TuanBon2) 2019/03

    Friendly, efficient, knowledgeable staff who have been caring for my furry family for almost 5 years.

  190. Andrea Pérez 2019/03

    They are amazing. I was traveling internationally with my dog, and they were an excellent choice, because they had all the international certification forms updated. I definitely recommend them!

  191. Kathryn Picton 2019/03

    It was a Saturday and my vet in Chesterfield was booked. Also I could not take my dog I’m a rental car so my daughter was going to take us in her car. I went online and found Farmers
    took walk ins and they were in the city where I live. She had developed glaucoma and Dr. Hall was very good…and recommended we see an Opthamologist.

  192. KENDRA MACON 2019/02

    I always have a great experience every time I go. They are close and convenient for me. I switched from Fairfield back to Farmers.

  193. Ellen Otey 2019/02

    Every single person is a “caregiver” there and they are exactly that. From Kate at the front desk, the technicians and both vets, Each person truly cares for my pet and its well-being. They all are very knowledgeable and take a lot of time with me and my pet. They personally call me to check up on my pet when it’s sick, reminder about medicines and appointments. The best thing of all, they are extremely flexible. If I need to see them today as long as I am in by the cutoff they will see me that day. Five other vets would not do that for me. They are all wonderful in my book. I would highly recommend them and give them 10 Stars!!!!

  194. Miles November 2019/02

    Very helpful and friendly staff

  195. Anglette Harris 2019/02

    Awesome team always kind and accommodating!!!

  196. Treava Ruff 2019/02

    Farmer’s has the sweetest staff & really care about your pet’s.

  197. Felicity Hill 2019/02

    Very friendly. They are very gentle and loving with your animal. Plus they are reasonably priced.

  198. susan gantz 2019/01

    Love the staff at Farmers. Professional and caring.

  199. Lavern Baker 2019/01

    Very good with pets

  200. Corey Scott 2019/01

    Farmers has been taking care of our 4 legged children for 40 years.

  201. Cressandra Layne 2019/01

    On December 7th, 2018, our sweet fur baby Bo began having seizures for the first time in his 13 years. As the weekend progressed the seizures only got worse. Monday, December 10th was a snow day for my entire family so we set out to find a hospital that was open (ours was not) and would allow Bo to go over the rainbow bridge. There were some hospitals open, but sadly because it was an emergency they wanted to charge an arm and a leg. I called Farmers and they were open and they were not going to charge me anymore than what the normal charge woould be for a regular patient. We went in and they allowed us privacy to be with Bo before we had to say good bye and even after we said good bye we were allowed to stay as long as we needed to. Since then we have transferred our other fur baby, Wicket, to their hospital where he has received excellent care for routine check up and for his grooming needs. We are very grateful for them caring for our babies.

  202. Carmen Vasquez 2019/01

    I’ve been trusting Dr. Hall with my pets for eight years. He always listens to what I have to say about my pets and does a great job explaining their’ health in detail so that I can make informed decisions as a pet owner. My pets love him too!

  203. Melanie Hackworth 2019/01


  204. Seth Anderson 2019/01

    Easy to make appointments that fit your schedule, with very caring and knowledgeable staff.

  205. Taylor Herbert 2018/12

    The very best care your pet can receive. Dr. Dolan, Kate, and Dustin make this the very best Veterinary clinic I have ever seen. I recommend everyone pay them a visit.

  206. Garrett 2018/11

    Had to euthanize our dog. Vets were all super nice and explained the entire process very well. Will be our main Vet for now on.

  207. Dwayne Hicks 2018/11

    Greatest veterinary in the city. Lots of love and care here.

  208. Keke J 2018/11

    They always give great, friendly service and information to keep my dog healthy..

  209. Audrey Nolasco 2018/09

    Comassionate, friendly, professional staff that take all the time you need to go over every detail of your pets care. I can’t say enough about how wonderful they are! Having flexible last minute appointments and Saturday hours is also a huge plus.

  210. EK G 2018/09

    Took my newly adopted dog here for the first time although everyone seemed friendly I felt uber rushed.

    The new dr. Exams me new dog and really doesn’t address the behavioral issue I have because she tried to limit my time into one specific thing.

    It’s hard when you adopt an older dog and you have questions that Pets’s Mart trainers can’t answer and the dr. Pushes off.

    I don’t know if I will continue with this locations. It seems like you will get a different dr every time.

  211. april halstead 2018/08

    The staff treat you and your pet like family

  212. Michael Horsley 2018/08

    The most helpful and caring staff I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with in this type of setting. The Doctors and nurses truly care for the wellbeing of my wonderful furry family members. I will never entrust their care to any other veterinarian office.

  213. veronica annarumma 2018/07

    Very nice, laid back staff, dr takes time to explain things instead of rushing you in and out

  214. A Stokes 2018/07

    I absolutely LOVE this vet hospital! My dog’s original vet is located about 45 minutes away, but for convenience and emergencies I use Farmers. Farmers is a little more pricer BUT Dr. Hall is so thorough, well-educated, kind, patient, and understanding! Titus loves going here and he loves Dr. Hall as well as the male vet tech. It was only one time that I had a misunderstanding with a staff member, but I chalked it up to them having a bad day (or memory). There are so many negative thoughts about pit bulls but Titus is loved on extra hard because he’s a pit which makes my heart feel so warm. Head on down to Farmers; they’ll treat your animal so good, you’ll have to carry them out to go home! Thanks for everything, Farmers!

  215. Robyn Michelle Phelps 2018/07

    Dr Hall, Dr Teague and their staff take care of my little dog and two kitties with kindness and great veterinary knowledge and skill. On our last trip Dr Hall had to take care of scared little Toni Catterson, and she settled down quickly and trusted her pet doctor for her shots. Everyone at Farmers is kind, makes the visit pleasant, keeps pet parents informed and they are very accommodating with working pets in, even without appointments. Really great having them as our vets.


  216. chichi small 2018/07

    Bit pricey for vet services ..the grooming is hit or miss

  217. Renita Reed 2018/07

    Excellent Service when you go in and Very kind and Nice when you Call and ask Questions love Farmers Veterinary Family

  218. Mathilde Johnson 2018/07

    Very qualified doctor, excellent customer service, treat your pets as if they were their owns.
    I would highly recommend Farmers Veterinarian Clinic!

  219. Staci Crocker 2018/07

    I completely love this vet! They are compassionate, helpful and very imformative. It’s nice going somewhere that you feel like family. Thank you so much Farmers! I recommend 10/10!!!!

  220. Liza Bowers 2018/06

    The best vet in Richmond! Dr Hall and the entire staff are so thoughtful and genuine, they go above and beyond in their care and service. I had an emergency situation and they fit me in the schedule immediately and had my vet records from another hospital sent over asap. They even called and texted me the following days to make sure my pup was doing well. Wonderful people who truly care about your pets.

  221. Kimie James 2018/06

    I wanted to love this vet but unfortunately after our last experience there, I have to leave a one star review and share our experience so that other dog lovers might avoid the same experience. My husband and I took our pup to Farmers for an emergency appointment one afternoon bc she vomitted and we saw traces of blood in it (she hadn’t been feeling well and we had an appointment at SPCA clinic for two weeks out). Farmers was able to see us and $500 and multiple tests and a bag of meds later, they said that they didn’t know exactly what was wrong but to keep the appointment at the SPCA so they could compare blood tests before and after antibiotics. Over the course of two months we took her to SPCA, to an independent holistic vet and back to SPCA where we were told she needed an ultrasound. We called around to a few places to get quotes for ultrasound- including farmers, this is where is goes downhill. We called on a Saturday and at first were told by the front desk that they didn’t have a certified U/S tech but that we could bring our pup in on Monday to get an informal reading. The front desk person told us she’d confirm with vet and call us back. When she called us back her whole demeanor changed. She told me that I needed to do something bc it was unfair to my dog that I was ‘dragging my feet on getting her treatment’. I told her that I that the earliest appointment I could find was with River City Vet on Wednesday but that I was still calling around to see if I could find an appointment earlier and to collect pricing bc I had no idea what ultrasounds cost. Actual quotes from the conversation ‘It’s a Saturday and you couldn’t have picked a worse day to call to try to get this info”, “You had this dog here back in January and you need to do something for her. You really need to stop dragging your feet”. “The vet said she gave you recommendations that you just ignored” (this was untrue, when we left, the vet SPECIFICALLY said go to the SPCA in two weeks and compare blood tests and see if there is an improvement, which we did. I was growing frustrated by this point and asked to leave a message with the vet that she might call me back, perhaps there was a break down in communication happenning, I was told “You absolutley cannot speak to the vet. No way. Do you realize today is a Satuday!?” finally, “The vet said your better off just keeping your appointment at River City on Wednesday instead of coming here. The icing on the cake statement “You know you’re going to have to spend money on this dog (errm, excuse me?! My initial appointment with Farmers was $500 and then I’d spent another $120 on meds in the few weeks following, all without having a concrete answer from them as to what was wrong. Over the past three months, we’ve spend $1800 to finally discover (from River City, who was a GODSEND through this whole expereience) that our girl had an incurable stomach tumor. Im not totally sure why the vets didn’t do or suggest an ultrasounds when we FIRST brought her in- we know now that they had a machine there and have the ability to do informal ultrasounds. If they’d suggested it, we would have done it AND who knows what would have happened in they’d been able to tell us back in January what our sweet girl was going through. On a side note, the front desk person gave us some recommendations but passive agressively told us not to go to River City, against her comments and at the recommendation of some trusted pet lovers I know, we went there. They diagnosed our girl, commended us for being persistent in trying to get to the bottom on our girl’s health issues and told us that they were committed to working with us to explore whatever direction we decide to go with our pup. Farmer’s was hands down the worst vet experience I’ve had in the 10 years that I’ve had my sweet girl Millie. The silver lining to this experience that we found River City and they now have a client for life.

  222. Rochelle Fisher 2018/05

    We initially found Farmer’s Veterinary Hospital because we needed a same-day appointment for some kittens that were found and needed a check-up/vaccinations. Because we had such a great experience, we began using them regularly for both our resident cats and foster kittens. I highly recommend Farmer’s Veterinary Hospital for both routine and minor emergency care. Our appointments have primarily been with Dr. Hall, but we have also seen Dr. Dolan on one occasion – both veterinarians are comprehensive and knowledgeable. I also appreciate the kindness and helpfulness of the receptionist/admin and veterinary assistant during visits and setting up appointments.

    I really appreciate Dr.Hall’s willingness to listen to concerns and his ability to provide comprehensive treatment plans for our cats. I also appreciate that he is up-to-date on more recent standards of care and allows clients to voice their thoughts on what might be going on – I tend to do a lot of research and I’m sure working with clients can be overwhelming – but he is always patient and listens to the full problem – never making us feel rushed. Again, I highly recommend Farmer’s Vet Hospital if you are in the area!

  223. CeeJay Price 2018/05

    Very friendly staff

  224. David 2018/05

    Excellent customer service!!! The Vets were the best!!!

  225. Patty Michalak 2018/05

    It’s so nice to have caring doctors and staff that don’t cost a fortune. Super nice folks!

  226. Marissa Marklevitz 2018/05

    I have been going here for years because they do walk-ins as well as appointments. Anyone with a pet knows that sometimes you can’t always anticipate when you’re going to need a vet so walkins have saved me, at least my piece of mind. Dr. Hall is the chillest, he’s super knowledgeable, kind, and funny. He will do right by you, your pet, and your wallet. The staff there is always super nice, down to business and also very knowledgeable, and every single one of them love animals. I can’t say enough good things about this vet. I feel lucky to have found them.

  227. Patrick Carr 2018/05

    Dr. Hall is the best. Followed him here from Fan Vet.

  228. Brandi Bovell 2018/05

    I used to love this practice, and was a customer for years. The amazing Dr. Teague, retired and sold his practice to another veterinarian, and patient care, and general service has gone down hill since. After my most recent visit I have decided to move on and find a new vet. I took my 3 year old pitbull Shadow in for a skin rash, was seen by Dr. Dolan, who wanted to put her on 3 different meds, based on what it could be VS. attempting to test to find out what it actually was. A simply skin scrap would tell her if it was mites, she wanted to give her the shot in case it was mites, i declined and asked for the test first. The test showed no mite activity, so i am glad i declined the unnecessary chemicals being administered to my pet. Then she prescribed prednisone in case its allergies, and and antibiotic in case its something else. I went ahead and trusted the medical professional, within 3 days the dog started vomiting and diarrhea all over the house, from the antibiotics upsetting the natural balance of her GI tract, and skin rash was no better. I called an informed them of my troubles, and also informed I was pulling her off meds bc if anything she was worse not better. I received no apology, no follow up call to check in, simply silence. I put her on probiotics from the vitamin shoppe, and started benedryl a few days later as needed, to treat allergies, shes doing somewhat better, still has skin issues, but benedryl helps a little and doesn’t upset her tummy. I really need a vet that tries to treat the source not the symptom, and doesn’t immediately prescribe a bunch of things without even diagnosing. After I called back to complain Dr. Hall (the new owner), did call back, but instead of trying to listen to my concerns in a professional manner he just kept stroking his own ego by telling me what a great practice he owned, and how much better it is now that he took over. Never once an apology the dog was worse, or even concern for her well being. I would have at least expected him to offer a second opinion as the owner of the practice. I also notice how much morale among his office staff has gone down since he took over. No one seems happy with their jobs anymore, and you can feel the chaos when you walk in of the entire staff being overworked. I am so saddened to know what this practice once was, and to see where it is now, in addition to feeling taken advantage of financially after spending over $100 for them to make my dog sicker. I truly do hope this helps someone reading this from getting taken advantage of like me and my dog.

  229. sandra moran 2018/04

    good people with excellent pet skills. Immediate caring service and the prices are excellent.Everyone makes you and your pet know that you have come to the right place

  230. Liz Anderson 2018/04

    They saw us right away after I saw worms in my dogs feces. They were so kind and caring. Incredibly professional and I will be returning here for as long as I can. 10/10 would recommend.

  231. Esther K. Choi 2018/04

    The nicest, most knowledgeable vets! We always feel like our dogs get the best attention and care here. The front office staff is also very friendly and helpful. If there is a rebate on heart worm medication, Kate will submit all the paperwork to ensure you get it from the manufacturer. We have also boarded our dogs and had them groomed at Farmers. Reasonable pricing at a place we trust. Thanks, Farmers!

  232. Michele Basye 2018/04

    Excellent Veterinarians and the staff treats your pets as if their own. They really try to make the visits fun for the pet

  233. Barbara Wisniewski 2018/03

    Awesome service

  234. John Angles 2018/02

    The staff here is incredible. The veterinarian spent over an hour with us answering questions and seemed happy to do so. We even got a follow up call a few days later.

  235. Casey Natale 2018/02

    Very friendly staff and easy to get an appointment! Or their walk in hours are super helpful!

  236. Jonathan Fink 2017/09

    Very friendly. Very reasonable.

  237. Necole Wood 2017/07

    OMG!! This place is heaven sent. I’m glad I chose this facility to care for my dog. They are convenient, friendly and flexible. I would certainly recommend to friends.

  238. James Griffith 2017/07

    Helps my dog alot and is one of the best vets in richmond

  239. Seph Smith 2016/10

    I just got charged 190 to have my dog’s ear looked at and get a flea pill. I understand that the flea pill was 69 but the other charges were ridiculous. All the vet did was take a swab of ear goo and look at it under a microscope and say it was yeast, like I already guessed it was. He gave me some spray for his itchy paws which was 35 bucks and that’s it. 190 bucks. Get out of here. I had my last dog’s rear leg amputated for 500. 190 for today’s visit was ridiculous.

  240. Mark Williams 2016/05

    Always concerned and loving.makes me fill comfortable when my pets are in their care

  241. Jasmine J 2016/04

    Fantastic service, treats cats very well and recommends products that actually work!

  242. Matt M. 2016/03

    They show a lot of care to the pets here and the clients!

  243. Toni-Leslie James 2015/10

    Excellent vet service!

  244. Johnathan Holloman 2014/09

    First I would like to say my dogs had come here a few times before. One of them even had surgery here 5 years back. I had called Farmers a few weeks back inquiring about how much it cost to have a dog put down (my 13 year old Rotti was having a hard time) with group cremation I was told $80 because I was already established there. On Tuesday I called again because we were going to take him in that morning, I asked for a quote again just to double check. The receptionist calls me back and tells me $284!! I ended up taking him to the 24 hour emergency Dogwood Vet on Broad St. $125.50 and the vet tech took a clay mold paw print from my old man and put his name on it for me as a gift. It was pretty nice.

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