Fan Veterinary Clinic

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Fan Veterinary Clinic
4.5 based on 133 reviews
  1. Paul Anthony 2023/11

    Canceled our appointment and charged us a fee because my wife was running a little late due to multiple road closures & morning traffic getting our daughter to school. Been coming here for half a decade. Not anymore.

  2. BOOM Lab 2023/11

    Brought all of our pets here for the last 6 years. Unfortunately they’ve adopted some rather shady business practices as of late (10/24/2023) and I will no longer be bringing any pets here.

  3. Ashley Shea 2023/11

    Fan Vet is exceptional. Drs. Debnath and Gregorio are caring clinicians who have helped our special needs dog cope with her unique challenges. The entire staff is wonderful, from calming our dog to helping us with insurance documentation. We are grateful to this fine practice!

  4. Charlene Noll 2023/10

    Excellent care, very happy with the services provided and I have confidence in their recommendations.

  5. Emily Reed 2023/10

    I’m sad to leave a bad review, as I’ve been taking my animals here for over 6 years. Unfortunately my experience last week has permanently tainted my view of this vet. I will say, though – Dr. Debnath is amazing. Kind, compassionate, just a wonderful doctor. That being said – I’ve witnessed one particularly rude vet tech/receptionist on a few occasions but never experienced it myself, so never really let it impact my feelings towards them (though it is sad to witness the degree of unprofessionalism and lack of empathy). Last week I was dealing with an extremely sick cat, and 3 urgent/emergency vets and $2500 later I called fan vet asking if they could check him over one more time to check for constipation (per a suggestion from Urgent Vet) or to see if anything could be done to help him feel better. The tech – I believe Megan – while overall polite, alluded to my cat being on death’s doorstep. She told me I could take him back to the emergency vet for hospitalization (though I never received a diagnosis and he wasn’t in a life/death situation), or I could take their next available appointment a week later. I’m upset that nothing else was offered in terms of help, but what really let me down was when she said “you know, with cats when they get bad it happens really fast and is usually their liver shutting down. Poor kitten.” A heartbreaking thing to hear. 24 hours later I take him to another vet (varina), they give him a laxative and a vitamin b shot, and that night he is almost 100% better. I’m really unbelievably disappointed with how the phone call and situation was handled and I will be switching all my animals to Varina. Not sure if they’ll ever read this but I hope it can be a learning situation for them, because it was handled so poorly. Sucks feeling like your own vet office not only won’t try to offer any help but will also make you feel as if your animal is about to drop dead.

  6. Barbara Carter 2023/10

    I gave 5 star rating, but thinking my cats might object, lol. Srsly, been taking my pets there for over 25 years and they’ve all had good care.

  7. Tiffani S. 2023/10

    Such a wonderful vet office!! I’ve been taking my dogs here for 15 years! They’ve helped with all my anxious new pup struggles to now my oldest dogs geriatric issues. I highly recommend!!

  8. Erika Sexton 2023/10

    They treated my elderly dog with such respect and kindness.

  9. Lindsay Hess 2023/10

    The most incredible caring place you can take your animal. My cat had eaten an Advil this am. I called in a panic and the front desk team was incredibly helpful and quick to get the vet on the phone. She was taken care of immediately and is already home. They are so gracious and kind. Thank you thank you thank you.

  10. Morgan Stanley 2023/09

    I switched to this vet after a recommendation from a friend and they are fantastic! I just took my pup in for a procedure and they were patient while they answered all of my nervous questions, the doctor that operated called me afterwards to reassure me, and the assistant called me with updates on how he was doing. I really appreciated how they went above and beyond to give me piece of mind ❤️


  11. Kathryn Scalfari 2023/09

    Fan Vet is amazing! I’m so glad they’re down the road from me. They’re always available to answer questions and I’ve never had an issue getting in for an appointment when needed.

  12. Meghan Reynolds 2023/09

    We have been taking our pets here for years. I feel so lucky to have found this place, especially when I hear other people’s horror stories about their own vet experiences elsewhere. The staff is always professional and courteous. All of them show genuine care and affection for our pets. Dr. Debnath takes time and care during our appointments. I never feel rushed and always feel comfortable asking questions. She is thorough and knowledgeable. I’d recommend Fan Vet to anyone looking for a safe place to entrust the health of their pets.

  13. Kristin Gaulin 2023/08

    I’ve taken all of my pets here for years and I love them. I can’t think of a bad experience and my current dog gets more excited to go there than anywhere else it seems 🙂

  14. Cailyn Nikolis 2023/08

    Kind staff who care about your pet. I’ve taken my dog here for all routine and unexpected visits. I pick up his preventatives here too. Reasonably priced and I feel like he gets a thorough exam every time.

  15. Robert Plier 2023/07

    I had a very good experience with this place. They were professional and friendly, and most importantly were sensitive to my cat’s needs. The only reason I don’t give it a 5 star review is because it seems to take quite a while to get an appointment there.

  16. Gerome Couser 2023/07

    I am a true pet parent. On our initial visit the associates and Dr.
    Lenher made us feel like we are regulars. They fell in love ❤️ with my Luigi. He was scared at first, but she and associates made him feel like “home” and I felt better also because I want them to be our pet vet for Luigi and if an emergency Fan Veterinary Clinic is around the corner!!!

  17. Michaela Hartmann 2023/06

    Kind, compassionate and knowledgeable staff both at the desk and in the exam rooms. Everyone here has been amazing. Even when we showed up with no appointment because our cat got loose and had a fight with a cactus. We couldn’t get her to stay still. Neither could they, and they asked if it was okay to sedate her before doing so. I laughed and told them that’s why I brought her, she needed to be sedated to get the needles out because three people couldn’t hold her down. 😆 The fact that they asked permission first before sedating her made me feel so glad to have chosen this vet based solely on how close it was to my house.

  18. Bryan Drake 2023/06

    Caring and diligent care for our fur babies

  19. Kent Morse 2023/05

    My Cleo Cat’s very favorite vet – They treated her well … and her owner too … LOL

  20. Connor Corkrin 2023/05

    Amazing staff and Doctors that take the best care of our pup!

  21. Elizabeth Lucas 2023/05

    Everyone in the office has a true love for animals and it shows. My dog gets nervous of course, but also happy to see everyone for his monthly allergy appt!

  22. Conner Kasten 2023/04

    Super friendly vet whose been very accommodating for our nervous dog

  23. Mytu Nguyenle 2023/04

    Friendly vet and staff. Cared for my cat. Her spay was done smoothly and healed in no time.

  24. Elizabeth Marrs 2023/04

    I took my cat to Fan Veterinary Clinic for a dental exam. They were so kind and gentle with her. The Veterinary and technician were both patient with her and explained what she would need to have done. I was very pleased with her care.

  25. Heather aka Rogue 2023/03

    Multiple doctors to care for your fur babies. They are always very caring & considerate…


  26. Jaspr Cragg 2023/01

    We’re new to the Fan. Having moved during Covid, our pup was in arrears in his relationship with a vet. Fan Vet to the rescue. The professional staff made us all welcome from phone contact to as the office door opened on our initial visit.
    Dr. Debnath is everything you would want in the best interest of your animal loved one. Patient, willing to answer questions, thorough, not in a hurry, definitely a confidence inspiring experience. Location is a convenient and a nice walk around the block or two for your critter.

  27. Moongoose McQueen 2023/01

    Very kind, undersrand and took the time to explain

  28. star angels 2023/01

    They are really helpful and caring they are the only ones I trust with my babies regular care

  29. K. Amber Swensen 2022/11

    Incredible people. They go above and beyond. I am so grateful for them.

    They performed my cats spay and she healed up so nicely with no complications.

  30. Nathleen Holt 2022/11

    To expensive

  31. Ian Eidson 2022/10

    Everyone was friendly and professional… been going here for 3 years now and not a bad experience yet. Still requiring customers to wear masks but whatever… they had provided me one since I didn’t have one available. Thanks Fan Vet Clinic for taking care of the health of my pup:)

  32. Vincent Klug 2022/10

    Wonderful vet. Got me and my dog in after she was bitten by a stray. Also was there when my dog was a puppy and was great regret step of the way. Definitely recommend.

  33. Ashley McHenry 2022/09

    Great vet! They took such good care of my cat and helped me navigate her health! 🙂

  34. Lauren Steinruck 2022/08

    Not patient centered care
    I had a procedure done on my dog and they gave me “standard discharge instructions” without checking my dog. She did not have a standard operation and actually needed more intensive follow up, which led her to injury.

  35. Joshua Delgado 2022/08

    Friendly neighborhood vet.

  36. adam 2022/07

    A great vet in the city that I’ve had the pleasure of bringing multiple pets to.

  37. Kristen H 2022/07

    They were awesome with my dog Mia. She had a reaction to a vaccine and they allowed me to rush her back and treated her immediately! They were awesome with her being special needs (needs sedation for any exam). I would highly recommend them to anyone!


  38. Mike Harmon 2022/07

    Been coming here since 1988 w/5 different pets. Obviously I’ve been through multiple changes of staff, but the same culture of friendly courteous staff, and professionalism, has remained the same. Highly recommended…


  39. SSS LLC 2022/07

    Always a good experience. We take all of our pets here.

  40. Miriam Pody 2022/05

    I’ve been with these guys for four years, and have stuck with them even as I moved around Richmond because they do care about your pet’s needs. The staff are friendly and efficient, too!

  41. Anya Bahros 2022/05

    We love Fan Vet. The staff is super friendly and accommodating. Highly recommend for your furry friends.

  42. Joseph Burke 2022/05

    I have two big German shepherds and they treat them like their their own it is a great experience

  43. Vicki Jones 2022/04

    EAZZY has been going here since he was a puppy always a friendly atmosphere and the staff is so caring answers all my questions no matter how many. Your fur baby is in the best hands there thank you all for everything.


  44. Tom Holliday 2022/04

    We’ve been taking Georgia, our female chihuahua, to FVC now over 12 years, since shortly after she was born. The vets and staff have always been top notch. What might have been the most traumatic time for Georgia was when we had her teeth cleaned last year and two teeth had to come out. The vet did it so well that we Georgia came home that day relatively unfazed. All we had to do was make sure she had all soft food for a couple of weeks.

  45. Greg Miller 2022/03

    They take care of the furry family members!

  46. Ashley Q 2022/02

    Great and friendly service! Trina & cocoa go here!

  47. Erica Mitchell 2022/02

    I’ve taken all 4 of my fur babies here for the past 8 years. Even though we moved out of The Fan and pass several over vets on the way here, I still bring each pet here routinely. The staff are patient, kind, treat pets & people will respect, and the vets never rush through appointments. They answer all of my questions and are so great with my cats and dogs. If you’re looking for a great place to bring your fur babies, regardless of health issue, this is the vet for you!

  48. Deborah Solyan 2022/02

    I’ve been going to the Fan Vet for years. They have always been professional and honest. I have always been very pleased with the way they have treated my pets. It’s nice to have a friendly, neighborhood vet that really cares about the animals and their owners they serve.

  49. yousef hattar 2022/02

    Great place with great people. Very helpful and extremely kind. I recommend this place to everyone around the area. You won’t find a better vet in the area

  50. Jason Picarello 2022/01

    Great staff and a great location.

  51. Nick Ingraham 2021/11

    Friendly and helpful. No contact appointments work really well

  52. M D 2021/11

    They are very friendly and did a great job.

  53. Sean Boyd 2021/11

    Very helpful and friendly staff

  54. Sheena Trejo 2021/10

    This place is awesome! The staff are so friendly and truly care about our pets!

  55. Veniece Canova 2021/09

    This is the best veterinary clinic in the area that I’ve taken my pet to. They are so sweet and friendly, and really love and care for animals. This is a humble and genuine business, the prices are affordable and they give excellent care. It seems like everyone who works here truly loves what they do. I’m moving within the next year, and one of the biggest drawbacks is having to find a new vet, because now my expectations are so high, and my dog just loves coming here! I can’t emphasize enough how great this place is, but you definitely should visit if you have the chance.

  56. Calvin McLaughlin 2021/08

    I’ve lived in a few cities in the past few years, and not one of the veterinary clinics I’ve visited has held a candle to Fan Vet. They recognize my dog and remember his name, previous visits, and history, all as soon as we walk in the door. Staff is knowledgeable, friendly, present and professional – and they’ve taken covid seriously & adjusted their business to provide the same great care while remaining safe and responsible.

  57. Raven Sharrieff 2021/06

    They made us feel so welcome! A huge step up from where I have been going for years for my cat. I highly recommend!!

  58. Katora Timberlake Walker 2021/05

    Nice staff fast and professional. Thank you

  59. Melanie Armstrong 2021/03

    Lovely, caring folks who do a great job looking after our pets’ health. Super helpful and down to earth.

  60. k 2021/01

    Wouldn’t go anywhere else. My cat loves them

  61. Ross Mowchan 2021/01

    Great pet care at a reasonable price. Both Dr Taylor and Dr Debnath were very helpful and willing to work with my pets’ needs.

  62. Nick Banta 2021/01

    Do yourself a favor and pass on Fan Vet. Pass on their high prices. Pass on them failing to keep your appointment on their books and asking you to reschedule after you’ve already taken a half day off work. That’s the second time they’ve done that to me. It’s definitely the last chance they get.

  63. Nadia 2021/01

    I’ve been taking my two cats here for a few years now. Always been treated honestly and with care! Highly recommend anyone looking for affordable pet care.

  64. Mia Jones 2020/12

    Wonderful staff. Very warm and helpful. My kittens were not happy about getting their vaccines and chips but everyone was so gentle with them. The DVM was very thorough and friendly and listened and understood everything my gals needed. Highly recommend!

  65. Austin Long 2020/11

    You get so much more somewhere else. The only positive here is their customer service. Our female boxer puppy was experiencing some discharge that we had brought to their attention 3 times, only 1 of them did something, often leaving out key information we would have preferred to know ahead of time. Our breaking point was when she developed a fever of 104.7 and wasnt eating. We took her in for a visit and they gave her some fluids and sent us home. Later the same day, her temperature got to 105.1 and ended up in the Vet Hospital. At the vet hospital, they didnt understand why certain tests hadnt been done about her discharge due to the length of time she had had it. They said her fever could have easily come from her discharge as well. All for something we had asked about on multiple occasions over several months, yet no one could properly inform us or take care of our pup. We finally switched to River City Vet and received more care in our first visit than we received from 4-5 visits at Fan Vet for what felt like half the price. Our visits would always cost at least $150+ at Fan Vet, but our first visit at River City was $130, including heart and worm guard and 2 prescriptions. Save yourself money and the headache and just go somewhere else.

  66. Jillian Stickley 2020/11

    I would not recommend ever bringing your pet there. My cat had rodent ulcers. I took her here, and they told me a depo shot would fix it. The next week it flared up again. I took her back and they simply gave her another one. I asked them what to do, and they said to wait until it got worse. It flared up again, and I decided to take her to someone else. At this different location, I was told that giving cats these shots when they are young is bad for their health. They then told me of an alternative we could try. The Fan Vet did not tell me about the risks of the shot and did not tell me there was a possible alternative. Do not take your animals to this place if you want quality treatment.

  67. David Kimbriel 2020/10

    My cat had a scrap with a neighborhood cat last night, and they were able to fit us in even for our first appointment with them this morning even without records available. Our cat received their next round of vaccines, a feline aids test, and some first aid for the price that one of those items would have cost us at our last vet.

  68. Chris M 2020/09

    Receptive, caring, and experienced. My cat has been going to Fan Vet Clinic for years! They’ve kept good records of her health and get right to the issue. I would recommend to anyone in the Richmond Area.

  69. jbshaver829 2020/09

    I would never take my cat here again. We have an 8 week kitten, I called to set up an appointment to get his first round of shots and to schedule a later time to get him neutered. The girl on the phone said “we can neuter cats as young as 7 weeks, we just did one now” so I said oh ok and set up the appointment. Upon taking him in, the techs at the desk (two of them) both commented on his age and that he was a baby. I mentioned I thought they needed to be older to neuter, one tech said “it’s good to neuter them this young”. And we left. About 2 hours later they called and said they would not be doing the neutering because he’s too young. When I went in to pick up all I got was “we’re sorry”. I don’t know how you can trust licensed vet techs who dont know the appropriate age an animal needs to be before they are fixed. They used Covid as an excuse as to why they thought that but if your staff isn’t all on the same page how can you expect them to take care of yourself animal? Never heard from the vet, he never spoke to me or apologized. I was told I could wait to speak to him but with a screaming kitten that needed to get home I wasn’t about to do that. These animals are important to us and if your staff can’t be on the same page for something as simple as the appropriate age to neuter a cat, what else aren’t they on the same page on. I will drive 30 minutes to a different vet before I ever go back there again

  70. Carolyn Moomaw Chilton 2020/09

    Great staff.

  71. Lissa Searfoss 2020/08

    All my pets have gone here and my friends. Reasonable price and caring staff.

  72. Tiffany 2020/08

    The vets are nice!! My cat is very skiddish and they handled him so well!! I highly recommend.

  73. Sam Elling 2020/08

    Friendly and attentive


  74. Justin Russum 2020/08

    I began taking my senior cat here after I moved to the area a year ago. Went a few times and was not too happy with the bedside manner and demeanor of the older gentleman vet. Finally due to his age and medical condition my cat stopped eating and it was time to put him to sleep. I made an appointment there and it was the singular worst veterinary experience I’ve ever had. They made me wait in the lobby for almost 45 mins trying to keep my composure despite having an appointment, while the front desk staff was cutting up and having a grand old time. Then a new vet saw my cat and had to stick him over 8 times in two legs to find a vein to administer the IV. THEN they didn’t give him enough medication so they had to scramble and go get a second dose. I also ordered a paw print cast and they never bothered to call and tell me it was ready so almost three weeks later I called and asked where it was ” oh it’s here whenever you want”. Go to pick it up and it’s a take and bake that says to bake within 3-4 weeks. Totally horrific experience and they will never see any animal of mine ever again.

  75. Emily Dunne 2020/08

    Everyone I dealt with at fan vet clinic was friendly to both me and my dog! Dr. Taylor is very knowledgeable and answered all my questions thoroughly. They worked quickly and that’s the calmest I’ve seen my dog act at the vet in a long time. The cost was pretty average for a vet visit but the service and care makes it more than worth it!

  76. Tess Kennedy 2020/07

    Called for a last minute appointment and they got me in quickly. Staff was extremely kind and professional. I was very stressed out and they did a wonderful job calming me down and not stressing out my cat.

  77. Hannah O'Toole 2020/07

    We love Fan Vet Clinic! Dr Taylor is so sweet with our beagle, and the techs and receptionists are great too. We’ve never had to wait too long for an appointment.

  78. Helen Shutika Kobayashi 2020/06

    This was my first visit at the Clinic and I was blown away. The staff and vets were both incredibly friendly and and professional. During my appointment the vet was very informative and answered all my questions. They really know how to handle animals, and you can tell that both vet and staff enjoy the work they do. I highly recommend them especially if you live in the Fan, they’re super convenient, depending on where you live you could easy walk around the corner and be there!

  79. Freddie Berry 2020/06

    Good staff. Nice to my pet and good customer service

  80. Marybeth Grinnan 2020/06

    This is the first vet my dog is excited to visit! Every time we walk by he wants to visit. 🙂

  81. T.L. Reed 2020/05

    The staff at the Fan Veterinary Clinic are really nice and work hard to make my buddy Ace’s visit as stress free as possible. He really has hated vet visits in the past but with them he’s doing much better and hasn’t even needed a muzzle to get his shots. I greatly appreciate them for that and Ace loves the cheese whiz on a stick.

  82. Christine Yager 2020/05

    Doctors are wonderful!

  83. Eric Szymkowiak 2020/04

    Lovely staff

  84. Sunah Jeong 2020/04

    We came in just for a basic checkup so that we could get a prescription heartworm preventatives. They pretty much forced us into fecal exams and blood tests and tried to force us into vaccinations when we literally never mentioned that we wanted that at all. Just assumed that we would be okay with it. What should have been maybe a $100 bill for two dogs was more than double that because of all the stuff they forced onto us. They didn’t even ask! They just started doing things and charged us. We didn’t even get a chance to say we didn’t want these services, we had to cut in before they were gonna give our dogs unwanted vaccinations. Never ever going back here again and I would never recommend anyone go here unless they like spending all their money.

  85. Marjorie Stacy 2020/04


  86. Joel Willman 2020/04

    We’ve been taking our dog to Fan Vet for several years. The doctors and staff there have been incredible, and they’ve taken great care of our baby.

  87. Julie Rockafellow 2020/04

    We absolutely love Dr. Debnath. She is so patient with our pug and takes time to say hi to him and make him feel calm before starting the appointment. She always explains everything thoroughly and takes time to discuss any concerns we have. Can’t say enough good things about her and absolutely recommend her.

  88. Shawn Nguyen 2020/02

    Have taken my kittens to this clinic twice so far and the procedures have been very swift and timely. Everyone I have interacted with thus far is very kind and informative. I feel very confident that my kids are in the right hands and can trust that they will be taken well care of.

  89. Michele Polier 2020/01



  90. Kimberly Brown 2020/01

    Am taking my business elsewhere. My cat had stopped eating and was rarely going to the bathroom. While they rightly recommended an ultrasound, the vet was cool to let him wait almost 3 weeks for the appointment. When I voiced my concern that my cat would die by then, they weren’t very helpful. Took the cat to another vet who got him an ultrasound immediately, force fed the cat, gave him anti-vomit medication that the Fan Clinic never recommended so he would keep the food down and antibiotics so that he wouldn’t get an infection. And this wasn’t costly. They male vet at the Fan must not have pets. His heart definitely isn’t in his job.

  91. Rebecca Lake 2019/11

    Usually going to the vet made me anxious but the staff here was great and Dr. Mason was awesome with my cat. Took the time to try to calm her down before the exam even though the vet office can be inevitably a stressful place for cats! Appreciated being given multiple treatment options before deciding to go forward with treatment. She also took the time to explain other concerns I had about possible skin conditions that my cat didn’t even have but she dispelled my concerns. Fair pricing as well.

  92. Laura Barnes 2019/10

    Compassionate end-of-life care for my sweet old lady dog.

  93. Lucas Cochran 2019/09

    Love this place. I used to live walking distance from them which is why I went. But now that I live out in short pump I still drive the extra time to take my dogs here because they are just that good.

  94. Caroline Woods 2019/08

    These people love my cats as much as me and give a fair price for services

  95. Rachel 2019/08

    I brought my cat here and had an all around great experience. Each staff member I interacted with was friendly and helpful, and I will definitely ask for Dr. Mason again next time my cat needs a check up. As a first time pet mom, I had a lot of questions and she was patient and thorough in answering, in addition to being so good with my nervous kitty.

  96. Brandon Ellis 2019/07

    Very friendly and caring.

  97. Elizabeth Mayo 2019/04

    Best food ever

  98. Nicholas Rivers 2019/04

    Staff is super friendly and helpful!

  99. Steve Vornov 2019/02

    Good care. After we moved across town, we came back. Also no grief about getting prescriptions for Chewy or petmed


  100. Jeanie Bailey 2019/02

    Dr. Aunie Debnath is the best with our little fearful kitty. We appreciate her calm demeanor! Everyone there has been very helpful 🙂

  101. Chris Caswell 2019/01

    Amazing folks

  102. Justin Morello 2018/11

    Great staff, fairly priced, and super helpful! Clearly care about their patients and do a fantastic job

  103. John Chilton 2018/10

    No complaints. Neighborhood vet.

  104. BA Boucher 2018/10

    My dog had a “old lady bump” that was starting to turn color. Not only did they get us in immediately, but the Doctors took their time diagnosing and explaining what exactly was going on. I have two 11 year old dogs, so I’m in a near constant state of fear for their health, and this clinic, not only takes us serious but explains everything in a way that calms my wife and I down.

    Best Vet in Richmond, and they’ll be taking over our dogs’ care for now on.

  105. Mark Han 2018/10

    Dr. Mason is as equally knowledgeable as caring! Copernicus and I will not go anywhere else.

  106. Lissa Searfoss 2018/09

    Best very ever! They are affordable and they care!

  107. James hairfield 2018/09

    Great little friendly clinic.

  108. Charles Schirra 2018/08

    Took my cat in for an emergency, they saw him super quickly, were incredibly gentle with him and showed him the same love and care I would have. They told me to call as often as I’d like to check on him. Can’t recommend them enough.

  109. Shay Mann 2018/07

    Very friendly staff and didn’t take weeks to get an appointment. Even as a new client I was seen the next day with two cats. Strongly recommend using them if you live in the fan or near west end.

  110. Leroy Jenkins 2018/06

    Great staff and doctors. They were very helpful

  111. Jenna Wallace 2018/05

    Everyone here is so welcoming, and they took great care of our cat.

  112. Midge Liggan 2018/03

    Been coming to this clinic since it opened. Would not change vets!

  113. Michelle Bolding 2018/02

    I made the mistake of giving the doctors here the benefit of the doubt after they did an unnecessary surgery on my dog back in December 2017. My dog had passed a foreign object after feeling crummy for a few days.
    I took her to the vet to have her checked out. After specifically telling the staff that my dog had ate an egg for breakfast, they did a scan and said that she definitely had a foreign object in her stomach that was not food. On their advice, they did surgery only to discover that it in fact was just the egg I informed them that she had for breakfast. She was an older dog and had a very rough recovery. Fast forward to last week. My dog starting having breathing problems, and I took her here because they had her records and I was assured that the unnecessary surgery was a fluke (one that I still had to pay $1,250+ for). After performing Xrays and blood work, they said she had an enlarged heart and fluid in her lungs, but with medicine would have a good quality of life for a few months. After taking her home, her condition did not improve as the doctor said it would. I decided to take her to a different vet for a second opinion. I contacted Fan Veterinary Clinic to send her files to the new vet. They sent the receipt stating the dog had two injections. Multiple phone calls over an hour, and they did not send my dog’s files to the new vet. Eventually they stopped picking up the phone because they had closed for the day WITHOUT sending the requested documents. The new vet attempted to provide a diagnosis with the information they could gather, but without the files, they didn’t have enough time to diagnosis and treat her and she died. After calling the Vet the following day, they said they sent the files to the wrong address and were sorry. They however made no attempt to reimburse me the $410 in labs and xrays that they charged me for yet would not provide when they were requested. I made a HUGE mistake in giving this place a second chance. Please do your pet a favor and find a new vet.

  114. Karen Hudson 2018/02

    My cats are well taken care of here. Been coming for years.

  115. Caitlin Ford 2018/02

    I wish I could give more stars! From my first interaction to set up my appointment to the time I paid was all top notch care and affordable. Dr Aunie was very attentive and gentle with my not so pleasant cat. I will only be going here for my animals needs, phenomenal place. Thank you again guys!


  116. Tim Switzer 2018/01

    Super friendly and do a great job looking out for my pups

  117. peter jenkins 2017/10

    Kind people and great service

  118. Ryan Herndon 2017/07

    Decent place for vaccines… if any major health issues run away as fast as possible. Took my pup there with stomach bloating issues. Was told by the owner that she needed to be referred to this clinic in the middle of nowhere for an ultrasound. Called them and they were backlogged for weeks. Fan Vet’s Dr. told me there was no other option we needed to wait for that. After a couple of days of seeing my dog struggle late one night I had a bad feeling she was fading… Took her to the Emergency Vet in Carytown and they had all of the equipment there that was necessary. She recovered from this thanks to them. It was easy to see and confirmed she would have passed in the near future. Was shocked to see good reviews here and had to share my story. Instead of finding a way to help my dog the vet was more worried about referring to a place that he probably receives a kick back.

  119. Donna Edwards 2017/02

    My daughter’s been taking her dogs there for a while and I had to experience an emergency trip as my first visit having recently moved to the area. They were wonderfully accommodating. I feel very comfortable having them as our new vet. And I have three fur babies!

  120. Kelvin Woo 2017/01

    Great staff! Fantastic and down to earth people who treated our puppy well.

  121. Carolyn White 2017/01

    My dog Tooky has been going to Fan Vet for almost ten years now. Drs. Taylor and Hall have always been knowledgable and patient with her (and me!) and the women who work there treat Tooky like she was one of their own. Thanks Fan Vet!!

  122. Jess Brooks 2016/11

    I brought my cat here for a flea treatment, and they were wonderful. My cat can be very feisty, but they were so gentle and sweet to her, and very helpful and informative to me. Thanks, Fan Vet Clinic!

  123. Audrey Nolasco 2016/11

    I’ve taken many animals to the Fan Vet Clinic (including strays, foster pets), and have always received excellent care. From the girls at the front desk to the veterinarians, everyone is compassionate and professional and eager to help. I definitely appreciate the small neighborhood vet feel that the Fan Vet Clinic has (Dr. Hall has called me personally to follow up when my dog was ill).

  124. Jordan Smith 2016/08

    Everyone there was very friendly and helpful, and the vet took his time to explain everything and answer all our questions without us feeling rushed. It was a wonderful experience and we will definitely be returning.

  125. vrev7005 2016/07

    Reasonably priced and consistently on point.

  126. Sandy Terakita 2016/06

    Charlie was cared for here for the first time❤️

  127. Ryan Tagg 2016/03

    Don’t take them there for anything beyond basic care

  128. Richard Poelma 2015/11

    Great staff very helpful !

  129. Jonathan Robbins 2015/11

    The entire staff there has treated both our cat and us wonderfully during his illness. We could not be happier with everything.

  130. Sarah Smith 2014/06

    Love the whole team and especially Doctor Hall!! Fan Vet does all the standard vet things, shots, health check ups, ect and offers reasonable prices and good working hours. On the rare case you do need to get in to see them on short notice, they always make it work. Basically, my definition of a great vet. More recently, our dog is having some teeth issues from an old injury and the entire team has been really attentive and caring. They have also been understanding of our budget limitations and are willing to work with us to find efficient solutions that keep the dog happy and healthy without being condescending or hurtful to us as owners. The entire staff has a great ”we are here to help you care your pet the best way you can” attitude is much appreciated and why I continue to recommend them.

  131. Paul Tindall 2014/04

    I’ve gone here several times for various things and always had a positive experience. Highly recommend them.

  132. Sarah Plaut 2013/04

    The girls at the front desk are always sweet and helpful. Kind staff and excellent vets. I also like that they are open Saturdays.

  133. Kirk Sparrow 2012/03

    Dr. Taylor and his team at The Fan Veterinary Clinic have been giving my animals highly skilled and compassionate care for more than ten years. He not only addresses my pet’s health, but gives the personal relationship between me and my animals equal attention. You simply can’t do better for your pet!

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