Fall Line Arborists

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Fall Line Arborists
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  1. Steven Winslow 2023/10

    The Fall Line guys charged a fair price and were in and out quickly and efficiently.

  2. Brandon Cosby 2023/09

    Really enjoyed working with Jake. He was knowledgeable, thorough, and didn’t make us feel like we were being sold on anything we didn’t want. Pricing was very reasonable and his crew completed the job faster than anticipated. Will use them again.

  3. Kathy Taylor 2023/09

    Jake and his crew did an excellent job! A neighbors 100 + year old oak tree limbs were hanging over and resting on the roof of my house. My home insurance refused to renew my policy due to the large limbs over & on my roof. Jake came out promptly and quickly scheduled the work. He did a great job, obviously knew what he was doing. This was a precarious situation. His price was reasonable, he answered all questions, did excellent work, cleaned up all debris. Another neighbor was so impressed they contacted Jake to do tree work at their home. I highly recommend Fall Line to those in need of tree work. In fact my brother needed extensive tree work and is working with Jake. He is also impressed. Jake is an honest, knowledgeable businessman who takes pride in his business and his work. I will definitely be calling Jake at Fall Line again.

  4. Natasha Deoliveira 2023/07

    His attention to detail to our landscape was exactly what we were looking for no flowers harmed in the process ! Couldn’t be happier with the results !

  5. Nadia Baramki 2023/07

    We had a tree fall on our fence from a bad storm. Jake did an amazing job for us cleaning it up quickly and made our yard look even better than before. We highly recommend him!

  6. Chereen Baramki 2023/07

    Amazing service, extremely good at what they do, and reasonably priced. We live in the fan and had a 40 foot Bradford Pear tree in our backyard that had become too risky to keep. It had power lines going through the branches and was in a small space, so the removal was a little bit tricky. They removed it carefully and skillfully within a matter of hours, without incident. Would definitely recommend their services!

  7. Kim Usry 2023/01

    These guys were knowledgeable, professional, kind & courteous. Clean up was awesome. Appreciate the menu estimate they gave, was able to pick and choose from the jobs discussed. Jake knows his stuff!! Highly recommend!!!

  8. Danny Rusbasan 2022/11

    Finally a trustworthy tree company for me! They did a great job trimming some old trees to hopefully help extend their life some, instead of defaulting to it should come down. Also cleaned up an overgrown area of our yard, while leaving some saplings for future growth. They were upfront about their pricing, and their quality of work they did was SOLID

  9. Ethan Smith 2022/06

    Jake did an outstanding job pruning a tree that was hanging over my house. Responded within an hour to set up a quote and had the work done within the week. He was very helpful during the quote explaining what needed to be done. Went above and beyond to clean the debris left over. Highly recommend to anyone, especially for Urban tree work in tight spaces.

  10. Paige Quilter 2021/06

    I cannot say enough praises for the work Jake Waldbauer does. I am so appreciative for the quality of the work and his responsiveness to major ice storm damage to 2 of my trees. He is so professional and knowledgeable about trees. I recommend Fall Line Arborists 200%!

  11. Jeff Halun 2021/06

    Jake and his partner did an absolutely fantastic job pruning an overgrown pecan tree in the common alleyway behind my and several of my neighbors’ homes. Despite working in temperatures approaching 110 degrees and having to trim around a tangled web of dangerous power and communication lines, he completed the job without injuring himself or his partner, and without causing any property damage whatsoever. This was a task that neither myself nor any neighbor had ever attempted, but Jake made it look easy. His price was right in line with the competition, but I struggle to see how anyone could have done a better job than him. I recommend him without reservation and my neighbors and I are certain to rehire him for additional work in the future. Thanks again, Jake!

  12. Julia Patrick 2021/05

    Jake was a delight to work with. He did a great job of ensuring what we wanted cut, pruned and cut down. Jake took great care of my yard while working. He even took down & put back up my hanging lights and took down a baby tree for no additional charge. Jake is professional, timely, and his prices are fair. Great guy who will take great care of your yard and home. Highly recommend!

  13. Rachael Unger 2021/04

    Jake and his crew just did some GREAT work for us, getting big oak and pine limbs away from our house, as well as opening up some canopy cover in our backyard. He’s super nice, very responsive and open to what you want done. Can’t recommend him highly enough!!

  14. Taylor Logue 2021/03

    Jake is the man and he knocked out a huge tree in no time, cleaned up the yard, and took care of everything else for a great price. Solid business!

  15. Christine Litwa 2021/02

    Jake did an excellent job pruning several trees as well as assisting with a large oak that was posing an imminent risk to my home. He went above and beyond to be helpful, honest, and kind. He is knowledgeable, skilled, and a pleasure to work with!

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