Fairfield Veterinary Hospital

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Fairfield Veterinary Hospital
3.9 based on 134 reviews
  1. TimRuff TD 2023/10

    Friendly staff and a knowledgeable veterinarian.

  2. Stephanie Ragland 2023/10

    They are ok. A bit rude on the phone sometimes and kinda expensive but overall alright

  3. Radonna Edward 2023/09

    Dr. White there save my chocolate labs like he is a survivor

  4. Renee Barrett 2023/08

    Dr kerner is great

  5. Barbara Wisniewski 2023/08

    Wonderful pleasant caring service

  6. Charity White 2023/08

    Wish I could give zero stars but worst vet ever Sarah White, non impathetic and rude to my teen daughter. Said unless she paid $600 she could not have her dead pet back. Said pets were luxuries and if she didn’t have the money to pay she shouldn’t have him. She is 19 year old college student with a full time job that came home to her best friend dying and she wants to scold her on money when her bff died. I honestly don’t know how this rude woman sleeps at night. Needless to say my daughter paid her whole bill just to drive off with her dead dog crying. I would never recommend this awful lady to anyone. Pleeeeease don’t take your animal here

  7. anthony algood 2023/08

    I dont remember the ‘exact’ month and year…but I best guess maybe 1991 or 1992
    —any way
    for at least 30 years {give or take–but no more than 30 years}
    Fairfield Veterinary Hospital, Have taken Care of not one
    but four dogs in the time we lived in Richmond, Virginia

    a) Chihuahua
    b) Poodle
    c) ‘NOT ONE’ but two Chow Chow dogs

    it was with sadness, that on Monday July 24, 2023, “I” personaly have spoke with them in the passing
    of our 4th dog, and Thank them very much for the service for the past 30 or so years. I also inform
    them that if I was to get another pet, I would contact them to be my vet ‘again’…..good bye

  8. Juan Rivera 2023/07

    Today it was the first time dropping off my pet and the staff so far very very nice I liked it


  9. De’Aira 2023/06

    They all over the place, wanted me to pay a $60 deposit which is crazy to me.

  10. Althea Pinkney-Liggans 2023/06

    They took very good care of my pet and made me feel very comfortable with their recommendations

  11. S. Noneya 2023/06

    I tried my hardest to jump through all their hoops when I first called to schedule an appointment. Went on line, filled out their form, agreed to pay the 60 deposit. They were supposed to call me back within 2 days. They didn’t. So I called 5 days later. Had to repeat my card number over the phone 4 times and yeah I got grumpy because they still didn’t get it right. This morning I was on the way out the door to go present my card in person for appt tomorrow. The phone rang and it was the ‘manager” (who pronounced my name incorrectly after staff and I joking about this yesterday.) She said she had “listened to the call” and they didn’t want me as a client because I was too mean to the staff when I was repeating my card number for the 4th time. I don’t know if their doctors know they are turning clients away in this manner. I have 3 pets, their loss. My relief.
    Skins can be thicker or hearing and typing should improve.
    UPDATE: A few days later: they sent me an email that my dog should come in. This was because I had already jumped through the hoops and filled out the on-line form. Stupid people left my profile active after denying me service.

  12. Mary H 2023/06

    Theriot website lists all the care they give and doctors on staff. When I emailed them about an appt they immediately recommended another Dr. I didn’t understand

  13. Steven Coe 2023/03

    I must say I could not ask for a better vet and office staff. I have been going here for years and have always left happy. This staff goes above and beyond and would recommend to anyone.

  14. Melony Brooks (Mel) 2023/02

    BEWARE!! This place is a joke.. Spoke to a female name Lauren & she said that I had to pay a deposit to hold my appointment then all of a sudden that day was taken. Scheduled another appointment she (Lauren) called me to take deposit & confirmed my appointment.. TODAY get there & all of a sudden they they don’t have me for an appointment.. Then it’s well we can see you at 3:30 just for the Dr to come out and say she haven’t took a lunch break. Took m ypayment though which I got a refund

  15. Tess Shipe 2023/02

    Friendly staff!

  16. Art Thomas 2023/02

    I’ve been to this vet on numerous occasions and I never had any problems with the service. The only thing is the cleanliness of this place makes me very uncomfortable. Even after I mentioned a trail of blood outside, throughout the building, and inside our room, no one cared enough to clean it up.

  17. Bman Fx 2022/11

    We’ve always taken our animals here and will continue to do so. The staff is amazing as well as the services they provide! 🙂

  18. Neil Blair 2022/11

    Second time there with a friend’s dog. They’re great! Pretty affordable too!

  19. Deb'orah C 2022/11

    I take my Chihuahua Angel there to get her nails clip…The Staff are good with the pets very respectful …they take very good care of my lil girl❤

  20. Treva Henson 2022/10

    They are always willing to accommodate me with my dog has an issue

  21. Regina Smith 2022/10

    Drove up at my appointment time they came out to get my dog Cali for her rabies shot. We were done in less than 10 minutes

  22. Kenya Greene 2022/10

    My lovable doggies first visit went well.

  23. melissa webster 2022/08

    Staff is amazing to my spoiled boy Hendrix.


  24. Jasmin Johnson 2022/08

    Fantastic staff!! Have been taking our dog there for appointments, grooming, and boarding. Never had an issue. Informative, understanding, very well trained with animals. And sympathetic in the hardest times. Would highly recommend.

  25. Doing guccimane 2022/07

    It’s a veterinarian hospital

  26. Austin 2022/07

    Been bringing my pets there for almost 20 years now, never had any problems, friendly staff and fair prices

  27. Cornelius Burrell 2022/07

    I have been taking my dog there for 9 years

  28. Zoie Martin 2022/07

    People are great 👍 Helps my babies when they need it 😊 …

  29. Lillian Lee 2022/06

    Perry good

  30. Kevin A 2022/05

    As long as we been going…..we should get a DISCOUNT 😉

  31. Rose Ridgeway 2022/05

    Very clean., professional., kind.,friendly., and timely..


  32. Chey White 2022/05

    Great staff

  33. bg bg 2022/05

    I don’t go there on a regular to be judging but both times I went everything went pretty smooth and fast and I’ve been there twice already

  34. ONLY1Kitty B 2022/05

    The staff is Always super friendly & very informative. Also, they are great with handling your babies. The only thing I will say is don’t be late for your appointment you will be charged a late fee no exceptions!

  35. Robinette Taylor 2022/03

    Four star because its close. Ive never had any problems. A bit too expensive. Be prepared to pay alot for anything.

  36. Brook Daniels 2022/02

    Horrible don’t bring your animal here. They are rude unprofessional and treat animals horribly the manager Erin is rude and unprofessional and Maddison as the front desk is as well.

  37. Nikki R 2022/02

    Been a customer for years…friendly staff and always able to accommodate the needs of your pet. An older building, but prices are reasonable. They provide healthcare, boarding and grooming services.

  38. Kay Glenn 2022/02

    I had a great experience today with Dr. Kerner and the entire staff. Thank you to all of you. Kay

  39. LaShea White 2022/01

    The staff here is so friendly and professional. My dog was not scared she was placed on the table for her exam and there was no shaking. The veterinarian explain what was needed for treatment and a plan for the future. My dog is older and I was a little scared but with them I feel they care.

  40. Emily Gordon-Agarrat 2022/01

    Great service ,friendly staff & good location. My Furbabies are treated with LOVE ❤

  41. Chef Flavor 2021/11



  42. John Page 2021/11

    Very nice folks working there🙂 …

  43. Lanita Epps 2021/11

    If you love you animals dont go here trust me. They dont know what they doing took my dog they did test and xrays said infection 4 weeks later he gone Liver cancer why they didnt see it at first. Find another vet.

  44. Frank Long 2021/10

    I had to put my little girl to sleep ,they were very nice and accommodating.gave me plenty of time to get myself together.❤ was grateful for the staff.

  45. Sunny Day 2021/10

    Great place to take your pet for medical care.

  46. Roneshia Turner 2021/10

    Great groomers and vets

  47. James Harris 2021/10

    Fairfield animal veterinarian is not too bright they need more help in their quotes.

  48. brittney pearce 2021/09

    Lovely Vets. Affordable prices compared to other vets in the area. Took great care of my dog and kitten.

  49. Vicki Miller 2021/09

    My pet knows when she gets there. Staff is very nice

  50. Stacey Cook (Thylacine737) 2021/09

    Service was slow, staff was friendly however but they came to the door where they had us wait, asked us to hold our dog so the wouldn’t have to touch him, gave him a rabies shot, then told us we could leave.


  51. Hasana Brown 2021/09

    Nice friendly staff !

  52. Cheryl Gary 2021/08

    No comment

  53. Mary Heavener 2021/07

    They are doing their best to combat COVID and not letting parents in with their patients.

  54. tony chase 2021/06

    I’ve been going to this vet for almost ten years now, and they have never let my dog down.

  55. Lucky Newton 2021/05

    They was covid safe I wasn’t able to go inside with my furbaby but they did communicate often and was real polite..they are a very costly

  56. MARY BAILEY 2021/05

    Always great with my dogs. Efficient, kind. I prices can’t be beat!!!

  57. o White 2021/05

    Everyone was so loving and caring not only to my dog but they showed me love as well

  58. Brian Lienhart 2021/05

    Pretty good. Lil slow with getting RX filled sometimes. Overall good and reliable

  59. Gwen Holman 2021/04

    Love them

  60. Angela Cooper 2021/04

    Wonderful. They are always courteous and prompt.

  61. Sir Bryson87 2021/04

    Awesome Squad!

  62. Perfect Touch Auto Glass 2021/03

    They’re good at keeping me updated on my dog appointments. Prices seem fair, all good here

  63. Pablo Ruiz 2021/03

    We love this place!

  64. Carrie Jones 2021/03

    $27 for 3 year rabies vaccine!

  65. Nasha A. 2021/03

    They treated my babies with love and care

  66. Crystal 2021/02

    I have had a very hard time finding someone who will groom my dog since he tries to bite when being groomed. Although, they tried they did have to sedate him to get the him groomed which I expected. He was matted since nobody would groom him and he licks himself a lot 🙁 This hospital and groomer did an awesome job with him. If I could give them more stars I would ❤️ Zeus and I thank you!

  67. Lillian Varin 2021/02

    Fantastic caring staff.

  68. Jeannine Williams 2021/02

    Great customer service & the most thorough review from our dogs visit ❤ We have found a new home for our fur babies

  69. Toxic RVA 2021/02

    Been using them for 20 years, great staff.

  70. Aimee Coley 2021/01

    Excellent care and genuine love for my dog. I have been going here over ten years. I love it here…and so does my dog💕 …


  71. Pansy Trotty-scurry 2021/01

    My dog 🐕 love it there …

  72. Clarance m Depriest jr 2021/01

    Staff was very courteous and answered all my questions

  73. Antoine Winfree 2021/01

    Everything went smooth for these 3 days …shouts out to keonna Shelton she’s a beutiful soul

  74. Sheri Vaughan 2021/01

    I love them and my dog does too. They take good care of my dog and her needs. I realize that everyone has different experiences, but Yes I would absolutely recommend them.

  75. Lisa Bonita 2020/11

    My pet has been going to this ver for 11 yrs it has become a market place not concerned at all for sick loved ones only about the money ” marker place no ❤ at all and we cannot go in to see what in the world is going on. Dont know the staff there anymore

  76. Cee Kat 2020/10

    Very disorganized call my pet by the wrong name several times kept calling him a pitbull he’s clearly an American bully

  77. Heather Earl 2020/10

    Cannot say enough good things, wonderful, friendly and helpful staff, great vets.


    They did good…

  79. Marcie Lesher 2020/09

    We had called to get a quote to euthanize our pet. We were quoted the price of $44, he only weight 6 lbs. . We showed up that afternoon for our appointment. While we were waiting a prospect called and asked how much it was to place a chip in her pet. The receptionist gave her the price of $45 than was corrected by the other receptionist of the $65 price. I didn’t think anything of it until it came time to pay for our visit. Now mind you, I was in there putting my dog down, and my daughter was paying for the visit. The $44 we were quoted turned into $140 visit. We were so distraught we just paid the bill and left. I tried to call the accountant and asked that they honor the price we were quoted, but she wouldn’t budge. I asked her what we would have done, if we didn’t have the money. She said that we would have to sign a promissory note to pay the balance. She was very cross and completely unsympathetic to what we had gone through. So make sure you get an itemized quote before you get anything done with your pet. I will say the vets were wonderful.

  80. hw benjamin 2020/09

    Thorough, friendly, affordable.

  81. Tim Bond 2020/09

    Nice people, we moved to Fredericksburg but still brought our pets here. Reasonably priced

  82. Royal Tee 2020/09

    Absolutely Horrible!!!! My dog was taken there for a service, but it was not rendered. The doctor deliberately didn’t complete the requested service, but successfully charged my credit card. Once I further inquired the following day, I was advised that the service was completed. I brought my dog back for the same service, but advised that I had to pay…once again!!!! Poor service.

  83. Shel lay 2020/09

    The staff is always very nice and courteous.

  84. Angela Sobers 2020/08

    They are awesome. Our dog was sick and he passed. Even the nurse was crying while talking to us.

  85. Lolita Love 2020/08

    Family vet for 30+ years

  86. Emmy Grace 2020/08

    The service was very good. They handled my cat well, and they had a candle made especially for pets to calm them down so this was a good experience. I definitely will make another appointment…just have to figure out how too do it Lol

  87. Vincent Price 2020/08

    We had to euthanize our 10-year family member. They made us comfortable and was very consoling.

  88. William Austin Jr. 2020/07

    I made an appointment for my dog and got a confirmation for the visit and when I get there they wanted to charge me $63 for a walk in visit I explained to them that I have confirmation for my appointment but the receptionist didn’t want to see it. I wanted to know why but no one would give an explanation. They are so unprofessional and don’t know the difference between a pitbull and American Bully. DO THE RESEARCH

  89. Krystal Miller 2020/07

    I was a walk in and need attention for my puppy right away. Everyone was friendly, professional, nice and address all my concerns with a very busy parking lot. Thanks 5 stars!

  90. Misty Fox 2020/07

    We have used this vet for over 25 years. They are always so friendly and treat my pets with care.

  91. tracy hayes 2020/05

    Please do not have your furry love ones treated at this facility. First let me start by saying all of my experiences with this facility weren’t bad. When I had issues I spoke with the facilitator and they were resolved. However this particular time I had it. This was racially motivated. I had a scheduled appointment for my American Bully. When I arrived on time they were assisting another customer. I patiently waited for the completion of the transaction, the young lady asked me to put my pup on the scale when a young lady came from the back and told African American female to tell me I must pay a walk-in 63.00 fee . The young lady proceeded to tell her I had a scheduled appointment. She said those orders were coming from the Dr. . The young lady assisting me kept apologizing saying she didn’t understand why they are treating me this way, I proceeded to ask for the Dr . who never came. His assistant and another employee came up and asked me what’s the problem I began to explain I have an appointment. They were rude to me and tried to shut the door in my face. I told them I will never comeback.

  92. Nancy Broaddus 2020/05

    Good caring vets

  93. Tashima Jones 2020/05

    They always take good car of my baby

  94. Kia Lloyd 2020/04

    I don’t appreciate how they communicate with their staff they are rude and unprofessional!

  95. Destiny Cambel 2020/04

    DO NOT take your pet here! The receptionists are RUDE! I don’t know what little girl they have answering the phone but she needs to be taken off immediately. I believe her name was sieera. I asked a simple question about prices, received an attitude and was told I can go somewhere else. I heard laughing in the background which was UNPROFESSIONAL! I was told to be aware coming here from a friend but I couldn’t resist because the prices seemed reasonable. I will never come back and will definitely be telling everyone about my experience.

  96. Leslie McCormick 2020/04

    Lowest rated veterinary in Richmond for a reason! These reviews say all you need to know!

  97. Mr. Baker 2020/04

    They were quick and informative kept me posted about everything I asked for.

  98. Veronica Ali 2020/03

    Making it work and safe for clients with the drive up clinic.

  99. Tahisha Wyatt 2020/03

    They have always taking good care of all my pets!

  100. Matthew M 2020/03

    The service here has been great! I feel like it is a little pricey but that may be because I previously have only used the SPCA’s clinic before coming here and the rates are different if you adopt a pet from them. Fairfield Veterinary Hospital has started taking care of both of my canine pals and we couldn’t be happier!

  101. kzblanks blanks 2020/02

    I have been using Fairfield vet for the past year. They’ve seen 2 of my dogs and a cat. I ONLY came here for a specific doctor however I have finally had enough of the extremely rude front desk staff. I chose to drive an hour to see this dr at another (more expensive) clinic just so I didnt have to deal with the attitude and poor service of this front desk. One of my last visits with my very sick rottie, I showed up 30 mins early and waited patiently for our appt only to be put in a room almost 30 mins past our appt time AND have a different dr walk in the room with no explanation. When i explained i was there to see a specific dr who had been working with us for 2 years, she said oh she had a drs appt and isnt coming in. Not once did the front staff tell me in the HOUR that i waited that my appt had been given to another dr. Nor did they give me the courtesy of a phone call prior to driving 30 mins to get to our appt. Not once did they apologize. The office manager did however bash other employees to the receptionists that were there. It was extremely unprofessional. The drs may be great, but the front staff is horrible. I have talked to numerous clients, past and present, who feel the same way. They need to have a complete turnover in their front end.

  102. Regina Spence 2020/02

    been going for years,

  103. valeria Chavis 2020/01

    I had to take my dog there. It was time for her shots
    After that she got a biscuit and we went home.

  104. Alicia Powell 2020/01

    Staff was nice, patient and polite our dog was calm the whole visit.


  105. Darlene Patton 2020/01

    Could not ask for better care, and handling of my dog with an eye injury. Originally took her to another clinic. Vet did not even spend 5 mins With her, and prescribed eye cream.Took her to this place for 2nd opinion. Right away without tests they could see eye damage. Received drops and even pain medication for her. Time spent, was Approx 20 mins.

  106. Rick Feher 2019/12

    This is a small practice in an old building, but make no mistake everyone at the Fairfield Vet knows how to care for your furry family and wants to help. The staff is so great and supportive, and each of the doctors is knowledgeable and capable and cares for your pet like their own. I’ve had 4 cats and 2 dogs under their care over the years, and I’ve witnessed this office work at being better and becoming more. Highly recommended.

  107. Tiffany Hayes 2019/10

    Th staff is rude and they do not of set standard of care. I asked the doctor for pricing and they just do what they want too here!!! Almost killed my dog

  108. Kandice Reeves 2019/10

    I was very happy with my experience…the doctor thoroughly explained everything I needed to know about so I didn’t have to ask but a couple of questions…my baby boy is already feeling better and acting himself it makes my heart full…and we decided we will be taking our other furbabies there too

  109. Silver Wingeddetective 2019/06

    I’ve used Fairfield Vet Hospital for almost 8 years. I moved over 30mins away and still made the effort to go to them only. But this will unfortunately be my last visit. On July 5th at 7:41am, I called to see if they had any ime for a wellness check that morning. The assistant rudely cut me off saying they were booked. Okay, no problem. So, I made an appt for July 12th (the next friday) at 930am. Mind you, I have a 2 month old and it’s my only day off until next week. I get to the appt about 15-20mins early after dropping my son off to my mother to babysit, who needs to be at work at 2pm. When I check in, I’m told I have no appt. I know things happen, but then I’m asked if I could come back at 12:45pm. I explained I couldn’t bc of my son. I was asked if I could drop him off. I explained that I couldn’t bc I dont live on this side of town and my son is breast fed so I’d need to get him home and I’m not driving back for it. I made the appt for all these reasons! After 1 1/2 hrs later, I’m finally being checked out after no more than 10 mins of an assistant’s and the doctor’s time. I notice I’m being charged for a walk in $68 instead of the normal $48. I’m sorry, but that’s not right. I MADE the appt. It is not my fault that it was not put in correctly. I should not be faulted for someone else’s mistake. I paid the fee with no fuss bc I knew there would be no point. It’s not worth the drive anymore. While Dr. Infantes was great, the staff was unprofessional and inefficient.

  110. Stephanie Moore 2019/06

    If I could rate this place below 1 star, I would. The vet were going to charge over $600 for two rabbit spaying, plus the cost of shots and inital check up. We were originally quoted $130 per rabbit, as the rabbits are part of a rescue and would continue to provide with services required. The staff informed me they would never do that. Also, they didn’t have anything on file, laughed at me when confirming and asking for address, then hung up on the phone on me. Would never recommend this place!

  111. Crystal S 2019/05

    Fairfield Veterinary Hospital is THE BEST veterinary choice I could have ever made for my fur baby and I will be FOREVER thankful for their ENTIRE STAFF!!! After being hurt and having suffered a seizure, my 3 year old Pomeranian, was not doing well at all leaving me inconsolably hysterical. When I contacted them for help, there was never a moment of hesitation. The care she received from EVERYONE we encountered was above and beyond what I could have ever wished for. The level of genuine care, empathy and compassion we were shown was as if we were one of their own family. Financially, I was unable to admit her into another hospital able to provide overnight care nor was I able to afford the rather expensive tests and scans that they might provide. NONE of those issues interfered with her treatment at Fairfield Veterinary Hospital. Not only did they accommodate my financial situation, they also worked with scheduling for the continuous treatment she required. The doctors and nurses thoroughly educated me on every aspect of her prognosis, medications, treatment and provided a realistic expected outcome. There truly are no words to express my gratitude for everything they have done for us! Fairfield Veterinary Hospital saved my fur baby’s life and we are eternally greatful!!!

  112. Shanna Stevenson 2019/03

    Everyone I came into contact with were friendly and the Doctor was great and he answered all my questions!

  113. Farmers Veterinary Hospital 2019/03

    Farmers Veterinary Hospital would like to thank Fairfield Veterinary Hospital for its donation in helping a rescue situation. We truly appreciate you!

  114. Jon Rogers 2018/08

    I’ve had multiple pets that i have taken here in the past. My current cat Mitsy being the most recent. She had her jaw broken in half by a dog on Valentine’s day night. I took her to an emergency vet overnight to stabilise her and quote a surgery for the next day. I called fairfield right when they opened to ask for a quote and their price was half what the emergency vet would have charged. I told them I would be picking her up from the emergency care and coming straight there. 40 minutes from the time i hung up until I got to Fairfield. When I arrived they were expecting me and had a room ready to go for us. The assistant came in with tissues to discuss the procedure with me and my sobbing fiance and comforted her the whole time. 6 hours later mitsy was out of surgery and ready to come home. We arrived 5 minutes after the call and it took 5 minutes to fill out all the paperwork, the vet to come out and explain how we should care for her while she heals and bring her home. Within a month she was all better and today she is still a happy cat.
    With all our visits for mine and my mothers older cats with old cat problems they offer us cheaper snd expensive drugs and insure us the cheaper ones work just as well without trying to push us into expensive medication.
    I live 40 minutes away now and fairfield is still my go to vet. Very courteous, polite and helpful.

  115. E F 2018/08

    My dog hurt his paw, and his regular vet stopped having Saturday hours and recommended I try Fairfield. They took me as a walk in. Everyone was so nice and courteous. I couldn’t of had a better experience.

  116. Danita Bailey 2018/07

    I have gone to this place for years. My dog died at 16 years old. Our last visit was horrible. The staff was cold, didn’t seem to care that I wasn’t ready to say goodbye, & a few days later when my dog was really sick, they wouldn’t even schedule an appointment. I am not sure what happened to this place in the last few years, but I will never take any other pets here.

  117. joshua wood 2018/07

    They put so much heart into the care of your animal because they understand that they really are a part of your family

  118. Shirley Moore 2018/05

    The service was lousy had to keep returning for them to replace splint they put on my dog less then 30 minutes. I live on next street fr vet by time I got home it was off had to turn around and return done this three times before finally put it on and it stayed. But I had to pay for the visit no compassion for me having to drive to and from there for negligence in services.

  119. Eire 2017/11

    My experience with them has been much better since Abbie left! They hired some new staff members which are much more compassionate.

  120. e gray 2017/11

    Disclaimer: despite receiving adequate care for my cat in the past, I am forced to rate them low. Read on to find out why.
    On September 2nd of this year, I went to Fairfield Veterinary Hospital (4804 Nine Mile rd) for an urgent issue with my cat. My payment for the unexpected bill was delayed by an hour, and instead of waiting, they confiscated my cat. They said they would wait one month, all the while charging daily medical care fees and boarding fees (so thousands more in additon to the ~160), and after that it would go to collections. So they would keep my elderly animal, eventually give her back after a month, and still saddle me with that huge bill. I was hysterical, so they shoved me in a back room. When my money cleared, again within an hour, they finally returned her. Did I make it clear they forcibly ripped her carrier out of my arms, and did not simply threaten to take her away? I am almost certain this was illegal, but stealing someone’s elderly pet like that would still be morally reprehensible and bad for relations with a longterm customer (as I once was) if it was legal. I later found out that they planned to start filing with collections immediately, so it would have started damaging my credit the next day, instead of in a month like they said. I am concerned this is happening to others, so I have to say something. The way they behave in general is a bit on the suspect side to me, but to have my credit, my way of life, really, threatened like that, to experience blatant harm in such a sensitive time. I still can’t believe that happened to me.
    It is also the only vet office where my animals have gotten fleas. For the first time in a decade, in fact! That place is so dirty. If you want to see some badly abused animals, look no further than the fish tank in the waiting room. The whole inside is green and reeks of ammonia. I am tempted to return just to steal those poor things.
    She received Covenia during her visit, something I would not have personally okayed given her condition, and it is likely the side effect precipitated her death six weeks later.

  121. Svondai Brown 2017/10

    The staff was very helpful when I set my dog appointment……… But the fees over the phone nearly double when I picked him up!! This place is a complete ripoff. They added over $60 in extra fees I WILL NEVER GO THERE AGAIN…….

  122. Sylvia Sedlmayr-Barnes 2017/08

    Had an emergency ear infection with my dog. They squeezed me in on a Saturday. It was quick, thorough, friendly, and professional. Been looking for a good vet for ten years. Found one !!!

  123. J H 2017/07

    I have been bringing my furry kids to see them for the past 6 years. They always handled emergency visits (as this one was) very nicely. I will continue to bring my furry kids to see them.l

  124. Teresa Carr 2017/04

    These guys were great! The front desk was very friendly and helpful at getting us checked in/out and loved watching my puppy meet the dogs that were coming in and out. The Vet and her assistant were very loving and patient. They took plenty of time to get to know my puppy and teach me about shots and foods. They weren’t pushy at all and just shared information and let me decide what I wanted to do. My puppy followed them out of the room and they let him walk around the back and meet everyone. He loved it! It’s a great, local place that we will be going to from now on!

  125. Tami Teaney 2016/09

    The staff at Fairfield Veterinary Hospital always show my pets the greatest care and compassion. I have never hesitated to take my pets to any of the doctors there for health care or boarding.

  126. Curt Pavone 2016/09

    I brought my 18 year old cat here, who had a blood test showing kidney problems and a possible infection. The vet, Dr. Rice, without informing me of the risks or the necessity of a shot, gave her Covenia. Covenia is supposed to be used for skin and soft tissue infections. Cat does not have any obvious sign of any infection. Side effects of Covenia include kidney damage. And death. Do not allow any vet to give your animal Covenia. It stays in the bloodstream for weeks and can also cause severe anemia. Please research this drug. I can’t tell you how scary it is to have your cat looking like a zombie and then find out online how controversial this drug is, and all the people reporting serious problems after their pets got this injection. Don’t bother trying to argue with the vets, as there is a great deal of denial about this drug. You should never give your pet a drug that can cause an allergic reaction that then stays in the system for weeks. Always ask for a prescription or get pills if possible, that way you can stop treatment if you see a problem. The other issue is the vet said we should give cat fluids, not how much, or how often, or even a prescription. I was then prescribed one bag with a dosage of 200 mls. How often? Check-up is 2 weeks away. Bag is 1000 mls. Please do the math. I need a refillable prescription. For a cat with kidney problems. We then took different cat in for a UTI and saw a different doctor, Dr Wattle. When I mentioned that my cat had a reaction to Covenia all I could hear was silence. I told her I wanted it in the chart that my pets were not to receive this drug. As I left. the receptionist Abby said to me, “you let us know when you want your pet to receive that Covenia shot”. I looked at her in disbelief and said no I don’t want my cat to have that drug. She then repeated herself. with added sarcasm, in case I didn’t get it the first time. I did, I just could not believe my ears. She had just handled my bill and knew I requested it be on the top of my pets chart not to ever give him this drug. She was mocking me. I could not believe it. She was nasty and to top it off I am supposed to drop off a urine sample to this clinic. I now do not feel safe knowing this is the person who will handle it. So weird. It says to me that I must have been a topic of conversation while I waited in the exam room. Grossly unprofessional. I would avoid this place. I can put up with ugly walls and ceiling tiles that are stained, but snide, unprofessional personnel and doctors who don’t write appropriate prescriptions, don’t inform you about a long acting injection are real issues. I will take my business elsewhere.

  127. Elysia Stonem 2016/05

    My dog has some severe anxiety and cannot stand to have anyone cut her nails. They’ve been very good at getting us in quickly and interacting with her to calm her down. We had to work together to find an effective way of de-escalating her anxiety but these Vets here love animals and took the time.
    Great job guys!

  128. Lisa S. 2016/02

    I am a dog walker and have taken several client’s dogs there. They are all efficient, kind and considerate . Also, their rates are very reasonable. I have recommended this hospital to many dog owners.

  129. jessicao o 2016/01

    Brought my puppy here for his initial visit, I asked for the specific price of his subsequent visit for his vaccine and was told because it wouldn’t need an exam it would be $20. At his next exam the same receptionist charged me $45 because it was a vaccine with a visit. When I explained what she told me last time, she stated that she never would have said that, basically calling me a liar. She then ignored me talking to her after that, was unapologetic, and never attempted to right her mistake. I will never take either of my dogs here again. She was incredibly rude, disrespectful, and needs to take a few more lessons in customer service.

  130. Melissa Dill-Barnett 2016/01

    I brought my foster kitten here to get spayed, the receptionist when I went to pick her up forgot to give me her medicine and didn’t tell me anything about the exam. I got homer and her tail and paws were completely wet. I went back today to get her medicine and I asked how much she needed and when. The lady who have me the meds just said it was all on the box. Completely rude. I asked if the doctor had checked her ears for mites because she was scratching her ears and the lady just said that the doctor didn’t say she had mites so she doesn’t. Needless to say I took her to another clinic and she had some issues with her left ear that required medicine. I never got to speak with anyone about what was going on with my cat, the people are completely rude and I would never suggest anyone to go here

  131. Dianne Mumpower 2015/10

    Everyone here is absolutely the best! They treat you and your pets with the utmost respect and care. No appointment necessary for most of your veterenary needs but some scheduling required. I hope I never have to take my pets anywhere else!

  132. Sascha Elliott 2015/04

    This is a wonderful practice! Dr. White and the entire staff have been amazing. It’s very reassuring to have your pet in such caring and capable hands.

  133. Christine Forgione 2015/03

    3 month old puppy over vaccinated because the Doc was to busy to read her chart or look at her collar and didn’t bother to ask me. unacceptable in addition I had a 10:30 am appointment and all this happened at 11:30

  134. TB RealTV (TBTV) 2013/06

    The staff was very nice and the service was quick. My daughters guinea pig needed his toe nail clipped.

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