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  1. Hdnjb 2023/10

    OCTOBER 2023
    Thank you Antonio!!! Antonio is a sweetheart and love his attention to detail!!!

    Andre came today and was professional, quick, and friendly. Thank you Andre!!!

    Brandon came to help treat a ant problem we are having. He is always polite, detail and explains what is doing on. I love that Evergreen courtesy to lett us know when they are coming or running behind.

  2. Mitch Dawson 2023/10

    He did an outstanding job. Very polite and professional

  3. Brittany Washington 2023/10

    Antonio was excellent and thorough. Every time he’s treated my home it’s made a difference. Thank you ? …

  4. Emily Ramirez 2023/10

    Great service, always mindful of our kids and pets, professional and polite. Mr. Blizzard has taken great care of the exterior. We used to have a terrible ant problem but no more!

  5. ilene Berman 2023/10

    Evergreen Pest Solutions exterminators are awesome! Once again, Antonio Blizzard did an amazing job servicing our home. Always provides a text of the services he provided! Treated the living room, the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedroom, and office area.Treated and inspected the exterior perimeter for general pests.
    Treated the garage.
    Dewebbed around the exterior of the home.
    Treated entry points.
    Treated the deck.
    I sprayed 3 feet up and 3 feet out around the exterior perimeter of your building. Keeping away from all impervious horizontal surfaces. Crack and crevice exterior treatment completed.
    Treated around garage entrance. I didn’t see any activity on the next appointment I will inspect and do preventative treatment. Also removed all the spider webs on the exterior and around the windows on the second floor with a pole extension! Thank you, Antonio and Evergreen Pest Solutions- I can sleep soundly knowing my home is bug free!

  6. June Peters 2023/10

    Great Service by Antonio. He is very pleasant and does a great job in treating all of the areas around my home and outside shed and porch. He thoroughly treats under the house and areas for any pests that I have seen…including snakes.

  7. Anne Groben 2023/10

    Thank you Antonio B. for my treatment today. Keeping my outside protected keeps my inside pest free!

    Thank you Andra for the mosquito treatment today. I had a lot on my schedule and he greeted me then smoothly performed the service. Well done!

    Always a pleasure Antonio B. Thanks for our treatment today!

    This was a very thorough visit from Antonio B. today! Thanks for listening and taking care of my pest issues inside and out! Great working with you again today!

    Thanks Antonio B. for your kind and professional greeting, work, and communication!

    Thanks John Brown for getting the wasps nests down. Good to see another friendly Evergreen employee!

    Kevin was in his follow up text on his usual great service. Thanks for a great start to Spring.

    Today John performed another outstanding service to recognize. Also please recognize for continued past service with Kevin. Both provide thorough and pleasant experiences.

    Markel performed my service today. It was nothing short of pleasurable. He did routine outside service as we discussed. And he reminded me of the 2-hour window to keep my pup inside! He has wonderful customer rapport for a Class A service person on your team.

    Thanks Christian for your service with a smile today. And Evergreen trust while I worked and you serviced interior and exterior!

  8. Mr Garner 2023/10

    Great quality service from Antonio. He came out to treat my home for pest and was also very informative regarding how to get rid of the pest. He even treated the spider webs. I’m a satisfied customer.

  9. Wanda Harris 2023/10

    Chris was very, very polite. He asked, where was I having the most, I’m seeing more spider webs than usual. He Said, I’ll get you straight and I’ll knock the webs down. I like Chris !!!!Job well done. I would like him to come out ever time.

  10. Adrian Landrum 2023/10

    Performed general maintenance and were very thorough. Andre & Chris Korth are wonderful technicians.

  11. Harihara Padmanabhan 2023/10

    Good service and they are always on time and flexible in schedule as well.

  12. Camille Kolster 2023/10

    For my first treatment I was pleased. Antonio Blizzard was professional and thorough. He took the time to talk to me about the service and answers my questions.

  13. Patricia Seward 2023/10

    It’s that time for my quarterly Pest control service. You think routine but as soon as I see Antonio I know it’s more than a routine service. He cares about the service he’s rendering. There’s no rush job. He ensures you’re giving the time needed to perform the work that’s needed. He’s the best & he provides the best. Thanks Antonio

  14. Amy Ulisse 2023/10

    We have a current ant infestation and were told when we signed up to just call if we have any issues and someone would come out. However, today when I called I was given November 10th as the earliest time they could come out because they were not servicing our area.

  15. Katherine Satterfield 2023/10

    This is only my first service but already significantly more thorough than my last Pest Control service.

  16. Irma Faszewski 2023/10

    I cancelled the account and was told I had to call back a month later to cancel. I had some family emergencies and completely forgot that I was told this. I do not understand why I called to cancel and then was told to call back a second time. I of course was charged an extra month and was not given a refund. I also still had issues after visits and had to have someone come out several times. My husband also sprayed since I was unhappy. I do not recommend this company.

  17. Robert Walker 2023/09

    Evergreen is recommended for your pest Service. Chris provided professional and potent services. Communication is outstanding

  18. Deijdra Johnson 2023/09

    Antonio Blizzard did a great job treating the exterior and perimeter of our home. He was very professional and proficient. He showed up and went straight to work. He knew exactly what needed to be done and did it without redirection. Just overall a great job. Thank you.

  19. Malik Ball 2023/09

    This post is From My Wife
    Sharika Moore
    I Love Noah and Jonh in the Richmond Va area!!

  20. Emmett Ferrell 2023/09

    The technician (Antonio Blizzard) did an awesome job treating my property. He took his time, and he covered all the areas of my property that needed to be treated.

  21. Tercel Tweedy 2023/09

    Antonio was extremely helpful. He went over and beyond when past technicians have dropped the ball. Thanks again and I will only be requesting Antonio moving fwd

  22. Lauren Miller 2023/09

    John is awesome! The evergreen team is very friendly and helpful, and scheduling the service was made simple!

  23. Lashonda Canty 2023/09

    Evergreen, initially came to my home and I wasn’t interested at the time but after speaking with James and noticing an increase of spiders, wasps and centipedes around the entrance walk way. I decided to try them out. Heath was the service technician that performed the initial service on 3 July 23 and he did fantastic! He was very knowledgeable and kind! He sent an overview on what was completed and provided me with information about the next upcoming service treatment !

    – 2nd service conducted by Evergreen today (5 Sep 23) by Antonio. He was very friendly, and knowledgeable. I explained the specific issues and he informed me of what steps he would take to combat those issues. Prior to leaving he made sure I was aware of what had been completed and informed me of the next steps.

    Great experience with this company thus far ! I highly recommend

  24. alan stannard 2023/09

    Josh Brown was great! We have had so many issues with drain flies and we left Orkin to come to this company and we have had such a great transition. Josh was respectful and on time. He listened to all of the issues we were having and treated everything we needed and explained as he was going along!

  25. Shirley Hughes 2023/09

    Always very nice and professional. Keeps the bugs away

  26. HENRICE REGESTER 2023/09

    Antonio Blizzard performed my service. He was courteous. We missed him and he came back to do the service. He was very informative and gave suggestions. Very pleased.

  27. Robin Bowman 2023/09

    Mr. John Brown always provide exceptional work, above and beyond his duties. He knows how to take care of his customers inside and outside of the home.

  28. Angelina Ried 2023/09

    Absolutely wonderful service! Office personnel and service man were polite and professional.

  29. Morgan Miller 2023/09

    Called back in June to check on my account and when my last payment would be. Lady stated it would be july or august(can’t remember) and that I didn’t need to do anything if I wanted to stop my services. Was NEVER told it would auto renew. And now I’m still getting charged and can’t get a refund because there was no NOTE on my account to cancel. VERY disappointed and will never return as a customer!

  30. Paul Blyden 2023/09

    Antonio Blizzard provided excellent service today. He went above and beyond to make sure all areas of our home was treated properly.

  31. michael butler 2023/09

    Antonio B did a fantastic job. He’s always a very professional, and kind.

  32. Ray Vaughan 2023/09

    Antonio Blizard was professional and friendly. We would prefer him to be our regular tech for every visit.
    Thank you.
    The Vaughan family

  33. Britt McPhail 2023/09

    I personally was not there, but a business associate of mine was, and she had this to say, “I would rate him in the middle he was in and out in a flash. Asked me where did I want him to spray I said all over inside and out appeared that he came with little direction nice and pleasant, but he did the job so fast that I hope it is affective.”

  34. Dave Jones 2023/09

    Chris was my technician today and he was very pleasant, answered my questions around the spiders infiltrating the deck door, gave suggestions and treated areas that needed attention, de webbed right before our birthday party. Fantastic job Evergreen!

  35. Joy Owen 2023/09

    Antonio did a great job!

  36. Lamont Johnson 2023/09

    Our Technician Adam was very knowledgeable and did a great job. He was professional with all the information and made sure we were aware of anything that we needed to know. Thanks Adam!! We will definitely be referring your company to others!!

  37. Dyvita Jones 2023/09

    Antonio always does a great job

  38. Crystal Zhang 2023/09

    We had a new technician, Keegan, came into today for our service. He was super nice and professional, covered all the necessary parts and having everything done on a timely manner. It was a great experience working with him today!

  39. Melissa Lavin 2023/09

    Lots of empty promises. Twice No called and No showed. Rearranged work schedules, and other personal appointments so that they can come in a three hour window. Twice!!! No notifications nothing! So didn’t even receive our first service. Very disappointing. I will not be recommending them obviously. I guess if you live closer to their headquarters they will show up. The last and only time I buy anything from somebody who is soliciting at my door. Fingers crossed we get our money back soon.

  40. Brittany Peynado 2023/09

    Chris was great! He gave me great details on the services he did. I would recommend Evergreen!

  41. Carlos Balanzategui 2023/09

    I have to wait all day, because you do not give a time frame to perform your service,
    And they ask me for my opinion of the service before performing it.
    The person who performed the service was very kind and answered my questions and applied her product in the places that I had identified.

  42. Kristen Lee 2023/09

    John Brown came by today and did a great job. He listened to my concerns and adequately and quickly addressed them.

  43. Regina Williams 2023/09

    Antonio Sudan amazing job. He was polite and professional

  44. christy dill 2023/08

    We signed up for quarterly spray and inspection and we have not been disappointed. Our tech Andre is always on time, professional , and so very knowledgeable. I highly recommend.

  45. TJ DAY 2023/08

    Always a great experience. Antonio was very professional and informative. We love evergreen!

  46. Kim Martin 2023/08

    Antonio B. was very professional and took care of all areas of concern. I have been very happy with the service I have received and recommend this company.

  47. Linda M Gordon 2023/08

    8/9/2023 I had forgotten that today was a service appt. for my home. I happened to come home for lunch & Antonio rang the doorbell. He expertly treated interior & exterior. I am very pleased with his work.

    5/18/2023 Antonio did a followup to treat interior. He was courteous and professional. He explained how effective the applications are & how it protects my home.

    5/9/2023 Even when i am not onsite when John arrives, I feel confident that he will do everything that needs to be done. He is always courteous & professional. He explains what he is doing, why he is doing it, and current pest(s) status in your home. John is amazing!

  48. Chon A. 2023/08

    Very professional and courtesy, always follows up and immediately addresses any concerns.

  49. Frank Young 2023/08

    Great service. Our tech Antonio Blizzard is always friendly and professional.

  50. Leslie Newton 2023/08

    We just had our first treatment today. Keegan was very courteous and professional. Grateful for his time and expertise.

  51. Linda Satterwhite 2023/08

    John arrived on time, polite and very professional.

  52. Brenda Harless 2023/08

    Had a recent outbreak of ants in my kitchen and upstairs bathrooms. Christopher Korth came out today to resolve my problem. I am pleased with his service and he is a kind and thoughtful person who listens to my needs. Evergreen should be thankful to have him as an employee who represents them so well.

  53. Danielle Morgan 2023/08

    Worst company I have ever dealt with. I signed an agreement for quarterly preventative services. I have been with them for 1 year (4 services) and had a terrible experience with 2/4. Both services I took an entire day off of work to be home for them to come because they could not provide a window timeframe, and both times they did not arrive. Nothing was offered to accommodate me at the time other than “sorry”. The most recent time I made them aware that I had an ant issue, and the tech did not make any notes of ant activity. My husband (who is not a trained professional) knows exactly where they are coming from. We even saw on our outdoor cameras the technician did not make rounds as the services notes state. I called to cancel our services as we are not receiving any of the services THEY agreed to provide, and it has been over a week before I could speak with someone who had authority to cancel my account. I will admit, they did try to offer to make the issue better at this point in time by offering to waive my next month’s fee, but it is way too late now. They cancelled my account and still charged back a $400 “discount” they offered at the start. So now I am out $60/month, my initial deposit, and $400 for only 2 complete services for the entire year. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY and don’t lose out on money like I did.

  54. Brittany Metelus 2023/08

    2019: Sean and Ryan were great and very professional.

    Edit 8/2023: I just had Antonio come by to lay traps for a mouse inside. He was very informative and laid traps everywhere I asked, even if only for my peace of mind. Additionally, he took extra care outside and even made sure the covers and such were cleaned around my garage camera!
    **Update: The trap laid for the mouse worked quickly and Antonio came and collected the mouse to dispose of it for me. He’s a rock star

  55. SP 2023/08

    Antonio was very informative and throughly explained what was being completed. He addressed the concerns I had completely and was very professional! Thank you!

  56. Devin Jones 2023/08

    Chris Korth treated my home today and was very nice and professional. I also appreciated how mindful of my two cats he was. This is the second treatment I’ve had from Evergreen and I have absolutely no complaints.

  57. Elisabeth Vible (Lisa) 2023/08

    Knocked on my door at 8:18 PM. A little late to be soliciting. Adjust your hours.

  58. Brandon Jones 2023/08

    I renew this review because it is still very relevant.
    Awesome job maintaining and preventing pest intrusion. We’ve been pretty much bug free indoors since the start of my treatments. Shout out to Andra, who always takes care of my property!

  59. Donald Benson 2023/08

    Associate Antonio came by today again I had him before a couple weeks ago now he was able to come back to do exterior work to ensure I don’t have any issues. He is a exceptional person I not only enjoy the job he does but I enjoy how he is very approachable.

  60. Torrey Foster 2023/08

    Adam did an excellent and professional job today. Thank you for your service.

  61. Brian Wood 2023/08

    Mr Brown was polite,knowledgeable and kept us informed as to what he was doing. He performed a detailed inspection pointing out problem areas where bugs might enter our home. We are more than satisfied with his service.

  62. AJ Jackson 2023/08

    Technician came out Name Deon great customer service prompt and knowledgeable definitely will request again thanks

  63. Cynthia Thornton 2023/08

    Andre was very polite and professional. I especially appreciate his patience with my three dogs. ? …

  64. Michael Pope 2023/08

    Antonio did a Great job servicing my home inside and out. Very thorough and professional

  65. Jordan Hanna 2023/08

    Can’t recommend this company enough. Noah came out today and walked us through everything that we would be doing, he was incredibly transparent and thorough. We’ve had issues with copperheads and wasp nests, but are avid gardeners with two dogs – so we of course wanted to be sure we weren’t disrupting our *welcomed* pollinators and keeping things safe for our animals. We have really enjoyed our first experience with them and are now on their subscription plan where they visit us quarterly. If you’re looking for kind service and loads of knowledge on the subject matter – look no further! Thanks, Noah!

  66. Cheryl Lineberry 2023/08

    The tech was very friendly and asked me questions what I needed done!

  67. Cindy Morris 2023/08

    My technician Antonio did an excellent job treating my house and shed. He asked if I had any issues. I responded that there had been ant activity. He sprayed around the windows and doors thoroughly and removed cobwebs. He did not rush his treatment. Excellent job.

  68. Lisa Ruskin 2023/08

    Keegan was awesome!! Very descriptive of the service , took the time to explain everything to me and didn’t rush!

  69. Sarah Branzelle 2023/08

    Antonio Blizzard did an amazing job, we had a mad house today with kids and therapist and he was a natural and went on about what he needed to do on his own and dealt with all of our concerns of pest. We are grateful we got him today and have Evergreen back at our home again so desperately needed. Again, thank you Antonio Blizzard for the care you took in doing your job well for us.

  70. Brandon M 2023/08

    Update 8/2/2023 Evergreen is still servicing our home for pest control. Antonio came out today and sprayed the exterior. He was prompt and thorough, completing the task in a timely manner. Thanks for the great work!

    After having Evergreen for a year now, they continue to provide excellent service. Great people, great service. On time and easy to work with. Highly recommend

  71. Jon Lak 2023/08

    The tech Health was on time and completed a professional service through my entire property. Very courteous.

  72. BLONDIE VAUGHAN 2023/08

    Updating my review for 2023!! Per usual they were fast and efficient. Called Friday; Serviced on Saturday! Antonio B was the best!! Went above & beyond to make me feel safe. His service and knowledge are Top Tier!!! Thanks Antonio. ?
    Very polite and efficient. I will need to schedule a follow up for new boxes and snake repellent weather permitting. Thanks again
    Tech was great, very knowledgeable and made sure he addressed all my concerns. Will request him personally for future services.

  73. Sean Grannum 2023/08

    Very professional, covered all requested areas of my ?. …

  74. Margarita bryant 2023/08

    Watch for these people!!! They have come to my home Twice and BOTH times within the same day or next I have ants coming through my window. I have been in this home for 3 years and have had ZERO ant issues alll year. As soon as they show up the same exact ants he shows on his little pic trying to solicit, wind up all over my window and in my home but only in that area!!! I will be calling the cops the next time they show up. I have a newborn and this is absolutely ridiculous. They are only ever in one spot, one window Everytime they come. I will be calling monday for the head manager and corporate to file a complaint as well as going down to the police station to give the name of company and they guys name who stopped by. Its all over the internet how these bug control companies do this to get new customers. smh THIS IS NOT HOW YOU CONDUXT BUSINESS!!

  75. Supe Mayn 2023/08

    Antonio Blizzard is the best! I don’t who y’all use but Antonio ALWAYS takes the best actions to protect my property from a Big Brigade.

  76. Ernie Ward 2023/08

    Antonio did a great job and very considerate.

  77. Michael Templeton 2023/08

    Chris Korth from Evergreen pest services treated our outside and inside today for ants. He did a great job, was very professional and answered all of my questions.

  78. Jessica Rytell 2023/08

    Edited August 2023 to add: Antonio B. has been my go-to lately! He has helped me tremendously with multiple issues including concerns for outdoor snakes and attic rodent activity. He has always responded immediately and made resolving my concerns a top priority! I can’t thank him enough!! ☺️☺️☺️

    5 stars for sure. They are only a call away. Any time that I see activity in my home, I call them, and they are out to my home within a couple days. Eddie is great! He always calls before he comes, is on time, professional and polite, takes time to try to find the root of the problem and provide advise on a solution. 100% would recommend this company.

  79. Kimberly Chi 2023/08

    Very professional, very polite and my dog really liked him. Antonio Blizzard gets a 10 out 10 from this household.

  80. Andrea Dearing 2023/08

    Thank you Andre for contacting me in advance both phone call and text message prior to arrival. Also when I called the office to discuss an area of concern the woman who answered the phone was also professional, attentive and took notes for when the technician would arrive to address during next service visit. Thank you.

  81. Jeff Dixon 2023/08

    I had the pleasure of being serviced by Antonio Blizzard, he was very knowledgeable friendly and very efficient! Great experience cant say enough about how this young man represented the company! 5 stars

  82. Lee Pelonero 2023/08

    Shout out to Chris Korth! Professional, kind and informative

  83. Niki' “Magicnik” W-K 2023/08

    I love our service guy- personable and friendly and patient with our dog!

  84. LynnMarie Quimby 2023/08

    Chris was great. Very professional and at the same time friendly. Very thorough.

  85. Charity Pomales-Rodriguez 2023/08

    It was a pleasure. He was patient and professional. He did his job. It was an awesome to meet Jolly Green Giant. Til the next time.


  86. Aida Harris 2023/08

    Keegan was wonderful very friendly answered all my questions. And extremely knowledgeable


  87. Vickie Holt 2023/08

    Antonio has taken care of us for years. He is kind and considerate. I feel like there is much value in this service!

  88. Darrin Bilik 2023/08

    Chris did a great job. Was prompt, kept us informed of what he was doing, and what to expect moving forward. He was very professional and polite.

  89. Mandy Zahl 2023/08

    Chris came for our services and listened to our issues and performed the necessary treatments. He was extremely friendly and respectful. Highly recommend this company. They send text messages about appointments and always come when they say they will.

  90. Jen Erwin 2023/08

    John was on time. Explained what he was goi g to do. Took time treating all the areas. Look forward to doing business with him.

  91. Patricia Davis 2023/08

    Adam was very professional and attentive. I had several areas to point out for him to treat and he made sure to thoroughly treat those, as well as all of the normal areas.

  92. salena robins 2023/08

    Keegan came to perform quarterly service at my house today. He was kind, curteous and thorough. Gave me some helpful hints for pests around my home. I appreciated his thoroughness. Highly recommend this company and Keegan was great as well!

  93. Marla Puckett 2023/08

    Always friendly, prompt and affordable pest control service.

  94. Daniel Palla 2023/08

    The technician did an excellent job. I’m very happy with the quality of his work and very friendly and courteous. Happy customer

  95. Lauchlan Pierce 2023/08

    Great work by Keegan. Super professional, got a spider nest the competitor missed, and it was done efficiently! Thank you Evergreen

  96. Miranda Burke 2023/07

    Keegan is great! He is quick and efficient during his visits

  97. Juan Hardy 2023/07

    Andre was a great serviceman. He was very knowledgeable and courteous. I would recommend him to treat my friends and families.

  98. Beverly Barker 2023/07

    Today, 8.28.23 Keegan L came by for a follow up appt to my regular service. He was professional and gave me alternate suggestions on how to prevent pests from coming into the home. Well done!

  99. Abhinav Sharma 2023/07

    Heath was really respectful, courteous and very professional with the pest solution services, he provided to me today on behalf of Evergreen. He was very cooperative and paid a lot of attention towards my service request and also detailed me on like how the chemicals he was using are non toxic and also how the bugs and pests respond to it, when they come in contact with it. I appreciate his willingness to help and his professionalism. Thank you Evergreen.

  100. Bryan slaton 2023/07

    We have great service from Mr Blizzard from Evergreen. Thank you.

  101. Christine Grimes 2023/07

    Heath was polite and thorough during our first treatment

  102. Judy Snyder 2023/07

    Antonio Blizzard came once again to treat our outdoor space. As usual, he was very professional and took the time to treat even our gazebo! Excellent service and very friendly!!

  103. Nanette Fisher 2023/07

    Christopher did an excellent job explaining what was being done and was very receptive to any questions I had about the company and service. My initial contact was James and he too presented the information in detail. Both individuals were very courteous and professional.

  104. Jeffery Dowdy 2023/07

    Antonio Blizzard performed my treatment and was extra helpful with some of my concerns I brought to his attention!

  105. Laura Fogarty 2023/07

    My technician, John Brown, was efficient, thorough, and patient. He treated all of the problem areas in my home and answered any questions or concerns that I had. This was my first service with Evergreen and it was a good experience!

  106. Dianna Shepherd 2023/07

    Each person that has been To my home to provide service has been professional and pleasant.
    I appreciate all of them and I am pleased with the quality provided. Adam completed my service today
    I am completely satisfied with my service and plan to stay with this company.

  107. Sheryl B 2023/07

    I would like to thank Health Russell and Antonio Blizzard for the outstanding job they have done to help us! While I’m in a community that’s still building, it’s bringing a lot of unwanted visitors and there treatments are outstanding! They both listen to what’s happening, explain their plan and execute! They both have provided a piece of mind for me in the process and I greatly appreciate their customer service and providing feedback of what they took care of after each visit. They are true models for this company and I recommend everyone to call for an appointment!

  108. Amber R 2023/07

    Reading isn’t a strong suit of this company… so they probably shouldn’t be handling chemicals.

    NO SOLICITING means just that – but these guys have been in our neighborhood aggressively pushing sales. Jamming the doorbell 3 times in 2 minutes because the door was not answered fast enough? YIKES.

    And then when you DO give them the time of day and let them know you already have a pest control service, they are adamant about asking who you use. Not you. That’s who.

    I wasn’t shocked to see many other one star reviews noting the same poor interactions and business practices by this company.

  109. Holly A 2023/07

    Evergreen is trash. Stopped showing up but wanted to keep charging. Look elsewhere if you don’t want to pay for nothing! Instead, go with Chesterfield Pest Services for no contract, and unlike Evergreen they don’t charge you until service has actually been provided!

  110. Gaye Smith 2023/07

    John Brown did a very professional job. Very nice, gentleman to talk with! Would definitely recommend him and your company..

  111. Katherine Knight Bengel 2023/07

    Andra continues to be very prompt, great with communication before and after our visit, and we have not had any problems with pests since he started servicing our house.

  112. Xiomara Galindez 2023/07

    Our tech John was very polite and knowledgeable. Would highly recommend

  113. Lizacoy 2023/07

    John Brown serviced our home and was very professional, thorough and quick with the treatment. He also made sure we understood what he was doing and ensured we didn’t have any questions for him.

  114. James Cooper 2023/07

    Heath our service tech came today for our first treatment. He was friendly, knowledgeable, and did a thorough job treating our house yard and even checked the attic to make sure there were no wasp nest. I am very happy with my initial service and got a good value also. Thanks Heath!

  115. F BP 2023/07

    Very detail oriented and listen to what I had to say…. awesome job.

  116. Deanna Saddem 2023/07

    Heath, was great! He was very respectful and very thorough. He listened to our concerns and addressed everything.I highly recommend Evergreen Pest Solutions!

  117. T Compton 2023/07

    John brown. That man deserves a raise. Professional, respectful and got the job done that’s all i ever care about.

    Edit still deserves a raise !

    Edit again. My guy stayed to wait for me to get home because i left the doors locked dudes as legit as they come customer service out of this world.

  118. Tina L Zieser 2023/07

    Antonio Blizzard came and give my home a pest treatment. Professional,responsiveness ,
    on time. Great service.

  119. Shawn Smotherman 2023/07

    Tech A. Blizzard serviced my home today and was extremely thorough and helpful. He took time to review and treat problem areas and answered all of my questions.

  120. Patrick Collins 2023/07

    Heath did a very thorough job treating my home. He provided great feedback on what was done, and potential problem issues to monitor. Much appreciated, would recommend this company to others.

  121. Joel Schmidt 2023/07

    James and Heath were a blast to work with. Both were professional, thorough and engaging. — Great conversation. Fast service.

  122. Chele Renee 2023/07

    My service today was done by Antonio Blizzard. Antonio was very professional, polite & informative. I was very happy with his professionalism, & the service that was provided.

  123. Joel Santos 2023/07

    Great job always. Antonio was very helpful and informative. Thanks a lot for the great service!

  124. Natalie Perdue 2023/07

    Heath was a great technician! Was very friendly, respectful, and communicative.

  125. James Smith Jr. 2023/07

    Heath did an excellent job . Very knowledgeable, friendly and professional .

  126. Posh and Polished 2023/07

    Update: I appreciate techs who works with the client. John serviced my property recently, but I want to give credit where its due. Both John and Markell work with my schedule to make sure they arent disruptive to the work day. They could easily say welp they aren’t home not my problem, but they call to make sure the time works for my family.

    As for this most recent service John was efficient and thorough like always.
    John Brown came out to the perform my services and was extremely efficient. He is extremely polite and helpful.

  127. Connie Chalmers 2023/07

    Heath did a great job. He with that extra mile with concerns I had about my cats. He is definitely an asset to your company.

  128. Essence Johnson 2023/07

    John Brown just left my home did an excellent job very professional took his time and arrived on time kept me updated on the service he was providing and explained everything!!! I will be referring my friends because of his serve thanks again John Brown of evergreen

  129. Kevin Hicks 2023/07

    Adam with the Evergreen team did our service today and he was wonderful! Courteous, professional, thorough and efficient. Very pleased with our routine service and the team members they have doing the hard work!

  130. Joshua Li 2023/07

    Andre was my tech. I appreciate his timely communications as I’m always out for work. He is always responsive at anytimes I have reached out to him about our service. Thank you Andre for these couple years so far and many more.

  131. Inelisa Fenderson 2023/07

    John B. was very knowledgeable and took the time to explain the process.

  132. vincent henry 2023/07

    Antonio serviced my home yesterday and I appreciate the detail he provided about the areas that were treated. All of the summer bugs will hopefully be discouraged from taking up residence here.

  133. Melanie Cheripka 2023/07

    Heath did a thorough job with a professional, friendly demeanor.

  134. Desiree Dixon 2023/07

    John Brown visited my home because of the ants were trying to take over lol! He was so helpful and knowledgeable. He treated every area of the bottom floor of my house (inside and outside). He let me know exactly what he was doing and why and will be following up with me in a week to make sure that these pesky things are gone!

  135. Debbie Finley 2023/06

    He was friendly, efficient, professional, and did an excellent job. He offered to answer any questions I had.

  136. Michelle Jones 2023/06

    Adam helped resolve what was becoming an issue with me about the expected service activity for the day. He calmly explained the service and then after seeing that my expectation was different based on the conversation with the sales person. He pivoted and provided an acceptable solution.

  137. Jarred Stansell 2023/06

    Heath Russell was very professional and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend him to anyone! Thank you for your service, Heath!

  138. Daline Roelofse 2023/06

    I am really happy with the service. Everybody was extremely friendly and personable. I am really happy that I decided to sign up for it. Heath explained everything really well. I definitely refer them to my friends. My dogs approved too.


  139. Choco Taco 2023/06

    I think the young man’s name is Heath that came and did the service on our house he was professional and sounded very knowledgeable about what he was doing and was here before time to start.

  140. Jessica Koonapareddy 2023/06

    The salesman was professional, didn’t feel pressured to purchase the services.
    Heath Russell was very professional. He had great customer service skills. He was patient with us – i was running a little late and he was very kind. He was right on time. I really appreciated that he wore shoe covers and even changed them when he went outside and came back inside to spray more. Thank you Heath!

  141. Kyle Dobry 2023/06

    Heath was knowledgeable and thorough. Would use again.

  142. kristyn walls 2023/06

    Great service reasonable prices. Andra Dodson was fantastic.

  143. Tara Mills 2023/06

    Great company to work with. Always have had good service and communication with them.

  144. Janay Brown 2023/06

    Thank you so much John Brown! Wonderful service –

  145. Joshua Marshpund 2023/06

    Very prompt service. Heath Russell was very knowledgeable and good

  146. Jonathan Robinson 2023/06

    Heath came by to take care of our ant problem and was both courteous and very informative. We hope to have him again next time.

  147. James Mathieu 2023/06

    Andra always does a great job when he treats around and inside our house and gives helpful insights about pest control in general. Would recommend!

  148. Timothy Cull 2023/06

    Antonio always does a great job !!

  149. Mia Gilliam 2023/06

    They are extremely professional and flexible; it actually surprises me if I see an insect indoors. It’s like I forgot the existed.

  150. Lateema Washington 2023/06

    John was very polite and he did a fantastic job inside and outside of my house!

  151. Asja Swan 2023/06

    I received great service from Andre. Highly recommend.

  152. Bruce Kenimer 2023/06

    Great customer service! Always friendly & quick to respond to requests!

  153. Lequita Roach 2023/06

    Antonio Blizzard did an excellent job. He even was friendly with my pets. He was very professional and respectful. I hope I can keep the same technical each time.


    Lequita Roach

  154. Willie Pettus 2023/06

    Came out and did mosquito spray for lawn and was very nice and explained everything he was doing

  155. J. L. Owens 2023/06

    We have been with Evergreen for a couple of years, and their technicians are always great, but Christian did a particularly good job today. He was attentive and listened to what I’ve noticed, explained what he would do about it, and was cautious around my children and dogs. All around exception employee.

  156. Dennis . Hamm 2023/06

    Today Heath Russell, the Technician for Evergreen Pest Services, came by and took care of my house. Not only did he do a good job; he was very professional and informative. He answered all of my questions and had a very good attitude. Thanks again for the wonderful service.

  157. James McGrath 2023/06

    On time, quick and professional, took care of everything we needed. Thanks Heath Russell, look forward to see you quarterly.

  158. Jessaca Giles 2023/06

    Heath was great. On time, polite & respectful. Service was quick & he communicated throughout the process.

  159. Monique M. 2023/06

    I used this company as preventative maintenance. Heath Russell was my technician and he did an amazing job. He showed up on time and he explained in detail what he was treating.

  160. Derrick Smullen 2023/06

    Absolutely professional and efficient service performed by Heath…Thank you again.

  161. erika ortiz 2023/06

    Antonio Blizzard had being taking care pest control.
    He is a very professional at what he do.
    She always make sure to take out all the spiderwebs fumigate all around my house and front porch and underneath the house and everywhere needs to be exterminated.
    We are so Thankful for him.

  162. Alex Butler 2023/06

    I truly recommend this company. I’ve been using them for a while now, even moved houses and retained their services. My technician, Andra, was incredibly polite, professional, and efficient. 10/10 would recommend.

  163. Rain H 2023/05

    Have been using them a whole and have been pretty happy. We live on an acre lot and this service helps us really keep down the bugs.

    June 30 2023. Andre spent extra time getting the little spots as the ants have been super crazy and my youngest sister with autism is always dropping food. Somehow ants have found their way to the upstairs bathroom for whatever crazy reason as we never have food in there.

    (Older post) Hassan did a great job and even did extra and cleaned off spider webbing off the porch. really thorough.

  164. Anne O'Meally 2023/05

    Andra did a thorough job and provided courteous service. Thank you!

  165. Debbi Wheeler 2023/05

    Antonio was great! We talked about everything I was having issues with and he even found a wasp nest I did not know about. It is service people like him that keep me as a customer. Thank you

  166. Brent Fleisher 2023/05

    Adam was fantastic and very professional. Even took time to make sure the kitties were well taken of!!

    Highly recommend!!!


  167. ramathorn76 2023/05

    Adam and his team were on point and excellent. Highly recommended


  168. Victoria Pretlow 2023/05

    Chris Kourth did an amazing job! Not only was he fast and professional, but he provided friendly and informative service, too! I highly recommend. Thanks so much to the folks at Evergreen!

  169. PWillis2023 2023/05

    Antonio, did a great job treating and inspecting the exterior perimeter for general pests.

  170. Madeline Lewis 2023/05

    Not sure if they are any good at pest control, but I don’t trust them to read chemical labels correctly if they can’t even read a no soliciting sign.

  171. DIY dudette 2023/05

    As always, the techs at Evergreen are dependable. They are on time, professional, courteous, and they know what to do and what to look for. They don’t oversell a service; if they recommend it, you need it. They have the ability to treat most anything that crawls, flies or burrows on your property. Evergreen has serviced my home for many years and I highly recommend them.

  172. bisid peng 2023/05

    Antonio was punctual, professional, and extremely knowledgeable. He took time out of his busy day to explain the ins and outs of his work. I was in the fence about continuing with this company. We are choosing to stick with them mainly because of Antonio.

  173. Lisa Harris 2023/05

    I am very pleased with the customer service I have received from this company. My last tech was Antonio.He was very professional and detailed about the service he was providing.

    Evergreen has providing me with their service for over six years now. I can honestly say that I have never had any complaints or pest issues. Thanks Evergreen for your amazing services and your technicians are always informative, respectful, and on time. This is truly appreciated

  174. Regina Childress 2023/05

    Antonio was very friendly, professional, knowledgeable & patient with me & all my chattering. I would definitely recommend them!

  175. Susan Butler 2023/05

    Antonio Blizzard – great service and he texted me everything he did today since I’m not home. Very professional!

  176. Lucius Alford 2023/05

    This was a great employee who represented your company well very personable and pleasant.Also very detail about your product lexplain what he was treating and why we do not want any other Technicians but Antonio Blizzard excellent service Thank you

  177. kristen Burke 2023/05

    Andra was amazing❤️ Thanks for sending him out and treating our home

  178. Kryssia Leon 2023/05

    I have been using this company for the past 4 + years. Best investment and every guy who comes to do the service is friendly and very professional.

  179. Connie Taggart 2023/05

    Antonio was great! Professional, knowledgeable and responsive.

  180. Terri Marcum 2023/05

    We have been using Evergreen for awhile and Antonio Blizzard serviced us today. He was very professional and took the time to tell us about treatment and how he would watch our ant problem. Extremely satisfied with service.

  181. Keya Stepney 2023/05

    Very professional, honest, explained services offered, and affordable.

  182. Laura Jimenez 2023/05

    Antonio was amazing. Helpful, professional, but also informative and answered lots of questions.

  183. Johnny Love 2023/05

    Andre always does an wonderful job of inspecting our home inside and outside.

  184. melanie Midlin 2023/05

    Andra is professional, honest, and hard working. He cares about his clients provides honest and reliable service and I am thankful for how he helps.

  185. Gigi 2023/05

    Andra is quick and professional. I consistently had house spiders before using Evergreen, now I don’t. And I have not found any large spiders in my garage.

  186. Agnes Carabat 2023/05

    This is my first time using the services of a bug/pest/insect control company. Time will tell if it works or not. I wanted to mention that Payton from sales and Heath who did the spraying were both very professional and respectful. They are assets to this company. Thank you.

  187. A. Nonymous 2023/05

    I appreciate this business. The service manager always comes out to do my service and is always very helpful. I have had a much worse roach problem this spring and he made sure to put extra bait out and double spray around the door.

  188. Duane Vigil 2023/05

    Great service and very great staff. Andre has been our technician 3 times, and he does a great job. Great communication, and flexibility. Will keep using them for as long as we are at our current residence.

  189. Erin Quitiquit 2023/05

    I recently had to reschedule my general service call and the team quickly had me back on track with a new appointment even though I was late in providing notice. When Heath arrived, he was very courteous and friendly. Thank you!

  190. Wanda Davis 2023/05

    This was my first visit since signing up with Evergreen Pest Solutions Virginia. Heath Russell was prompt and showed up right on time. He explained everything he was going to do and then what he found and how he took care of it. Heath was very polite and efficient. Would highly recommend him and Evergreen.


  191. MP3 Prealeau 2023/05

    This is my first time writing a review but it won’t be my last. I can’t say enough about my technician Antonio Blizzard. He’s hard working, polite and goes the extra mile to ensure that the job is complete. I’ve never had to complain about his work and I just want to say that Antonio represents the company very well. I thought about canceling the services a few times but because I noticed the results and his professionalism, I decided to stay with it. He’s definitely an asset and I look forward to continuing my service with Evergreen.

    Michael Prealeau

  192. Hana Campbell 2023/05

    Antonio was great! Kind, professional, and great at his job. Love Evergreen Pest.

  193. Casey Nolan 2023/05

    Update: Andre has been providing us service for the last few years and always does a great job. He’s very friendly and kind and always helps to address whatever pest concerns we have!

  194. Tiffaney Bruce 2023/05

    Antonio was Very professional and thorough with his work. Happy customer!!!!!

  195. Raven Stone 2023/05

    Heath was so professional. He did an excellent Job explaining his process and giving tips for prevention. Very good experience.

  196. Natalie Johnson 2023/05

    Antonio was great! Very professional and thorough. Sprayed the interior of my shed when asked with no hesitation. I’ve had Evergreen for a while now and have been pleased with all of the technicians that have come. Definitely money well spent!

  197. K. Martin 2023/05

    Antonio B. did an excellent job in treating my home for pests! He was very polite and professional throughout the whole visit, which I appreciate! I highly recommend this company!

  198. Debbie Brunette 2023/04

    Even though Antonio was nearing the end of a long day he was still polite and got the job done effectively

  199. Chris Gathright 2023/04

    Always thorough and regular. I can count on them. Like my tech too, Andre is great

  200. Demarcus Tarpley 2023/04

    Hausan Pierce did an amazing job treating the exterior of my home! He was very professional, responsive, and efficient!

  201. Tamara Watkins 2023/04

    Antonio Blizzard was my techinician. He was out to my home on Tuesday 3/28. He conducted a thorough and complete inspection. And, he left feedback on what he did and the results. He also told me the focus of my next inspection. Also, the office staff always alerts me of my upcoming appointments and if I have any particular areas that I want the technician to concentrate on.

  202. michael purdie 2023/04

    Antonio Blizzard came by to put down snake repellent. Did a thorough job and was incredibly kind and professional.

  203. Morgann 2023/04

    Antonio was awesome. Came in and got the work done and was courteous and professional. Thank you, Antonio!!!

  204. Live w/ Ms.B 2023/04

    The customer service is always 5*. They are always informative and thorough . My last service was performed with suggestions and reassured me all my concerns were taken care of. The property needs vegetation removed and he has been doing what he could outside to protect the inside . He was polite and respectful of property while servicing.
    He can be permanent on my appointments if possible.
    Thx again Ms.B

    John Brown returned to service our property with his usual great personality and professional assessment of our needs. I shows care while providing services and leaves recommendations to protect the properties integrity. Looking forward to his next visit.

    Thx John Brown

    Hausan Pierce performed the service with extra attention to our needs .
    Look forward to his return and his professional personality to greet us.

  205. Jonathan Staylor 2023/04

    Antonio B. was very professional and courteous when he performed the service and informed me of what he did in detail.

  206. Jackie P 2023/04

    Antonio Blizzard was our technician and he was very friendly but we called because we have mice activity and needed professional help to get rid of them and find where they are coming in. He came in and handed me mousetraps and told me to just put them where I saw mouse activity. He did not look around my home to see where they could be entering. He sprayed something upstairs he said mice hate but literally that night there were mice upstairs, very unfazed by the spray. He did not even set the traps and put in his notes that he had. We had already set our own traps. We needed help beyond what we could do as a homeowner. He’s a very nice guy but nice doesn’t get rid of mice .

  207. Rebecca Condrey 2023/04

    I just moved and was lucky enough to still have Andre as my assigned tech. He is super thorough and friendly! Took time to point out areas of concern and answer all questions I have. Still a 5 star review for this company and Andre! Always pleased with their service and communication!!!

    I reviewed this company two years ago (see below) and am still so impressed with their service! I have moved to a new home and Andre was my tech today. He could not have done better! He came to provide an initial service as if I were a new customer and pinpointed problem areas, he even provided solutions I could do to help those problem areas. Andre was friendly, attentive and extremely informative. Great service again and I’m thrilled to continue working with this company!

    I felt James was amazing! Not only was he polite and professional, but he answered all of my questions and educated me on the pests for which he was treating. James went above and beyond to make sure I was happy with the service provided and that I was fully informed. This experience could not have been better. Thanks so much!

  208. Delisa Downey 2023/04

    Evergreen provides quarterly pest treatments for my home. Andra did my treatment today and is amazingly responsive. Also, he provides good ETAs for when he’s showing up, and checks in to make sure I’m totally satisfied with my home treatments. Thank you, Andra!

  209. Ty Cannon 2023/04

    Andre was quick and efficient. Gave me a full understanding of what he can do (lot of rain the day he showed up) and also gave me a rundown of what the outdoor treatment would be. He was thorough, professional, and very understanding about my messy home.

  210. Bruce Taylor 2023/04

    Andre is wonderful. He always texts me on the day he comes and gives me a timeline of his arrival. I text back what needs attention and he will do it since we are usually not home. I like how I can call or text them for a special visit if needed.

  211. Sherry Zane 2023/04

    Antonio Blizzard did an amazing job. Very happy to have such a good professional working on our house. Thank you for the service and god bless.

  212. Kim McMillan 2023/04

    Antonio was polite, friendly and thorough. He arrived on time and did a great job!

  213. Jamie Oulton 2023/04

    I have been using Evergreen for years. Andre is the BEST! Very thorough and thoughtful and goes above and beyond reaching out to see if I need anything extra every time!

  214. Belinda Jackson 2023/04

    Antonio Blizzard visited my home this morning. He was very polite, and answered any questions that I had. Did an awesome job on the outside and inside of my home. Mr. Blizzard was very informative. He also was very patient with me. Thanks for doing an amazing job and keep up the good work. I am very appreciative of your service.

  215. Scott Hutchings 2023/04

    Andre has been doing a great job servicing the house and responding to my requests. Products seem to last about 2 months, not the full 3 months claimed. So you may see webs and such earlier than wanted.

    Edit: Andre services the house again on 4/6 and did a great job. Courteous, respectful of our place, and knows his work.

  216. Justin Briggs 2023/04

    Antonio Blizzard was incredibly knowledgeable and thorough in treating the exterior of my home. He took his time, explained what he was treating and gave me a detailed summary of the services and findings afterward. He was fantastic!

  217. Allen buchanan 2023/04

    Andre is always so professional and polite and always says what he is doing. Very friendly.

  218. Sharon Fix 2023/03

    We have been using Evergreen Pest Solutions for over a year and have been very happy with the price and the service that they have provided. Always professional and friendly technicians, always on time, and always responsive to us setting up extra visits when the need arises.

  219. Eric Kirkland 2023/03

    Hasaun Pierce was very efficient. On time polite and thorough.

  220. David Pumpkins 2023/03

    Andre was great as usual. Thorough and professional. Great service!

  221. Nathan Clark 2023/03

    Antonio was great, came and got the work done efficiently and politely. 10/10

  222. Dale Jackowski 2023/03

    Evergreen always has perfect communication and professionalism. They come out for free every time I call, and are happy to take care of it quickly. Would definitely recommend them

  223. Scott Ledgerwood 2023/03

    I recently had service performed by Andra at my house. He let me know the day before that he was coming and also told me what he did when he was finished. I really appreciated him keeping me informed and was very pleased with the service.

  224. Molly Gross 2023/03

    John was absolutely fabulous! We missed him the first time he came by, so he treated the outside of the house. When I mentioned we really needed the inside done, *HE* organized with the office a return trip out the house at a time that worked for me the very next business day. He was prompt, courteous and attentive. I appreciated his professional manner and helpfulness. His willingness to make not one but TWO calls to ensure our issue was taken care of was very kind. He also informed me he would “check back in on” us to make sure the issue was resolved and see if needed anything else. I appreciate his help and hope he remains our technician in the future. 10 out of 5 stars!

  225. Gaurav Gupta 2023/03

    Great service , always have been on time, let you know about schedule prior to their visit and show up on time. Nice work , Andra specially was great.

  226. Kevins Kars 2023/03

    Mr. Antonio Blizzard serviced my home today, I was very pleased with his knowledge and services overall. He went the extra mile to make sure all my needs were met. Thanks again Mr. Blizzard, See you on the next service!

  227. Andy Campbell 2023/03

    EPS always show up on schedule and they always do a terrific job. Very pleased. Antonio did an especially fantastic job today!

  228. William Garvey 2023/03

    Andra was great! Right on time and did a thorough job! She made sure we had our dogs inside, and secured both gates when leaving. Gave us a thorough report of what she did/found.

  229. Stevara Clark 2023/03

    Hausan was amazing! Very knowledgeable and attention to the concern I had! Worth every penny!

  230. Jason Evans 2023/03

    Antonio Blizzard very professional. They do great job of reminding you of when services are schedule and respond to questions in a prompt manner

  231. Tom Franceschine 2023/03

    Andre has been performing pest maintenance on our home for over a year and is fantastic. On-time, great communication, excellent results.

  232. kaitlyn fisher 2023/03

    Hausan pierce did an amazing job . He answered my questions , i explained my concerns and he addressed them immediately! Thank you so much.

  233. Christopher Littlejohn 2023/03

    Great service by Antonio Blizzard, gave me some insight on what to look out for and did a great job prepping my house. Very attentive with my child’s belongings around the house. 10 out if 10 ?? …

  234. Eddie Payne 2023/03

    Antonio was super friendly and did a good job treating outside of our home.

  235. keith rowell 2023/03

    Great experience and used them for a few years. Always on time and easy to communicate with.
    Hausan Pierce helped with my most current appointment. Friendly, professional individual and will definitely continue to work with Evergreen because of all of these things

  236. Brittney Kanard 2023/03

    Antonio was a great technician and did a good job treating the exterior of my home!

  237. Lori Lockhart 2023/03

    Thanks Andre, your services were amazing & you are always very thorough with reaching out to see my needs when you visit. I appreciate your hard work, & insuring our home is safe. Thank you again!

  238. Mary LeGrand 2023/03

    Technician was very courteous and respectful…did an outstanding job…his name is Antonio Blizzard.

  239. Daniel Gregory 2023/03

    Just completed another service by Evergreen. Andre did a great job, and he was polite, knowledgeable and efficient. I can say this has been consistent with all the technicians who have been to our house. On top of that the office is always very helpful when it comes to scheduling and answering any questions we have about their services.

  240. Ambia K. 2023/03

    Hausan stopped by and was very patient, kind, and informative! I liked his professionalism and highly recommend him

  241. Kevin Gathers 2023/03

    Housan was very courteous and polite. Was very thorough in explaining what he was spraying and laid insect traps in the garage.

  242. Kindu Shabazz 2023/03

    Hausan Price did a great job. Was courteous and kind. He was efficient and diligent. Wife asked if he would accept a face mask and removing his shoes. He obliged with no problem.

    Antonio Blizzard. Came the next time and was very professional

  243. Mandy Jordan 2023/03

    Andra did a great job for us and led my husband through the services he was providing! We had a few questions for him and he helped us understand what we should expect.

  244. Christina Strong 2023/03

    I’ve used Evergreen Pest Solutions since 2017. They have always done a great job and are thorough so when I bought a new house I took them with me. My technician, Mark, was friendly and patient with my many questions. Hopefully I’ll see him next time. Thanks for the great customer service from all your employees.

  245. Reggie Villanueva 2023/03

    Andra did a good job every time he service my property. He is an asset in your company. Keep it up, Andra!

  246. Donna Crawley 2023/03

    Evergreen has been wonderful. Hausan Pierce serviced my home today. He is professional, courteous and friendly. I highly recommend Evergreen Pest Solutions.

  247. Brandy Thore 2023/03

    Evergreen is a lifesaver! Our house is surrounded by woods so we get annihilated by spiders, rodents, and ants. Andra was super courteous and mindful of our pets, keeping communication with me to ensure I knew when he was on the way and how long to keep our dogs inside. The text updates have been the best!

    THANK YOU!!!

  248. Toby Raine 2023/03

    Andra came by this quarter and it was as painless as could be. I have not had one issue with pests since Evergreen started treating the property.

  249. Welton Needam 2023/03

    Evergreen has very polite & professional technicians. Andra contacted me a day prior to my scheduled visit. He did a great job & performed his duties in a timely manner.

  250. Kari Desantis 2023/03

    I had an excellent experience with our technician from Evergreen Pest today. He was very knowledgeable and courteous. He really went all the way to tackle our rodent issue and educated us how to prevent future problems. Thank you for sending, Hausan Pierce,a real professional ,to our home!
    Kari Desantis

  251. Alexander Byrne 2023/02

    Hausan came out for a quarterly service. He was professional, polite, and communicated throughout the visit. Highly recommend Evergreen and Hausan!

  252. Michelle Widholm 2023/02

    Everyone I’ve ever talked to at this company is very nice. I was having an issue at my house with the bugs and after the first treatment it was completely fixed. Their maintenance treatments are great at keeping bugs at bay too.

  253. Crystal Nance 2023/02

    I have been using this company for almost a year now. My technician, Andre, is great! He always makes sure every place has been checked before completion. And he always has a positive attitude. I have not have any bug issues since I’ve started with this company.

  254. Jeff Wilson 2023/02

    Technician professional and personable. Took care of my concerns. We are pleased with this service and will continue with this business.

  255. Ivy Keck 2023/02

    I appreciate the prompt and courteous service from Andra!! He is very professional and my dog likes him!! That says a lot because she’s very protective.

  256. Daniel M 2023/02

    I’ve had a contract with Evergreen for almost three years now. They come out every three months and spray for general insects and pests, plus they de-web all the spider nests which is a huge plus for me. They’ve always been very responsive when I need specific pests taken care of outside of the normal quarterly schedule. Super professional and courteous technicians come out, including Antonio who always goes above and beyond at my property. Highly recommend.

  257. Jacquilyn Delp 2023/02

    Antonio is just the best! Does a great job always has a smile on his face and a great upbeat attitude. It shows what a great company Evergreen is. Been with this company for many years and will be for many years to come!

  258. Kathy Shaw 2023/02

    I’ve only been with them a short time, but they’re amazing. Since I’ve been using them I’ve not saw one creature that doesn’t belong at or in my house. They’re always on time and very respectful. I highly recommend John Brown.

  259. James Chalmers 2023/02

    Today John Brown serviced my home and he was very professional and wanted to make sure that any concerns that I may have had he would take care of it. Awesome service…

  260. Belinda Lane 2023/02

    Andra was punctual and professional. He thoroughly inspected and sprayed around the outside perimeter of my house and cleared cobwebs from all windows. He is always courteous. The quality of the work correlates directly with the quality of Evergreen’s employees, of which Andra is a prime example.

  261. M. Donnelly 2023/02

    Have been using Evergreen for regular pest control for a few months now, and so far my experience has been great! Thanks to Antonio for excellent service and clear follow-up communication.

  262. Sonya Allen 2023/02

    Antonio was pleasant, responsive and professional. Evergreen has always cared about my concerns as a customer. I have been with them for several years.

  263. Sarah Vernon 2023/01

    John Brown was our technician today and was great. He was the first staffer to consider our screened-in porch an access point for bugs/pests to enter our house and treated it along with the other exterior walls. I appreciate that commitment to detail.

    Update: 1/23 — Andre was our technician today (and our last quarterly service too). He is super courteous and always does a great job. He sent a text late yesterday to provide a head’s up we were on his schedule today which is helpful.

  264. John Pierce 2023/01

    Andra has been performing maintenance on my property for a few months now and is fantastic. He does a great job treating all the key areas and let’s me know of any concerns.

  265. Dex Wheeler 2023/01

    I have been happily using Evergreen for several years now. Andra has been my technician for most of that time and he is always punctual, friendly, and thorough in his service. He’s always willing to provide advice when new pests have shown up around the house.

  266. Rusty Hale 2023/01

    I would like to commend Hausan Pierce on his professional service during yesterday’s visit to my home. Hausan is friendly, prompt and an excellent communicator. I couldn’t be happier with choosing Evergreen Pest Solutions! Thank you Hausan!

  267. Peter Stange 2023/01

    Hausan Pierce did our service today. He knows our property and our trouble spots. He keeps our honey bees safe and reminds us to keep our dog away from sprayed areas for two hours. He removes webs and sprays around our RV’s tires and legs preventing pets from inhabiting.
    Great job Hausan! I hope they keep sending you!!!

  268. Kyle Stevens 2023/01

    My wife and I always get excellent service from Evergreen. Hausan Pierce helped us today and he professionally met all of our requests for service. We have also worked with Markel, Andre, and Brandon in the past. Everyone has been thorough, detail oriented, kind, and informative. We are very happy with the service we get from Evergreen.

  269. Terri Barnes 2023/01

    Hausan Pierce was very professional, allowed me to ask questions and completed the inspection with a smile. Job was done in a timely manner.

  270. Bryan Roller 2023/01

    Hausan Pierce was extremely professional. He did a very thorough job of examining the outside of the house and cleaned and/or treated as necessary.

  271. Mason Brown 2023/01

    John Brown was awesome and made the whole process easy and their support team was super easy to coordinate with. As has been Hausan Pierce! Always have had a good experience. Updated 1.3.23

  272. Scott Viemeister 2023/01

    I get the monthly service. Andra is always very professional and calls or texts me every time before, during and after the treatment.

  273. Jay Richardson 2023/01

    Andra was a godsend for us. Not only did he take care of our pest service, but he found out that the water spout in the backyard was on and had flooded the entire yard. I would’ve never known if he hadn’t knock on my door to mention it, who knows how long it was on. Thanks Andra.

  274. Amanda Christiana 2023/01

    John brown has come to my home a few times and each time makes sure he covers any area that I’ve seen any activity down to the smallest sugar ant. I don’t do bugs ! And with evergreen we have seen nearly no activity living next to thick woods !
    Thank you! Highly suggest!

  275. Seneta Burns 2023/01

    Wont allow new review so here’s an update:
    Today, Antonio came to perform the service and it was great as always. I received the courtesy call that he was running late but was still interested in coming to complete the service call. Very professional treated the inside of the house and the garage. He even talked me through what he was putting down in the house and garage. Reminded me that I can schedule courtesy visits if I see anything before my next scheduled date. Great at keeping away unwanted guests.

    2021 – Very professional and respectable of my time both during the pre-booking (David) and day of actual service (James). They made sure I thoroughly understood the process and what was being done and used. Also these guys were a no brainer for service vs price as well as much of the neighbor was already using them.

  276. Raymond Slaughter 2023/01

    They performed the routine pest control. Hausan Pierce was my service tech. He was professional and had great energy for an AM appointment. He was fast and also knocked those gnat filled spider webs down for me.

  277. Steph M. 2023/01

    I’m really impressed with this company. They message you multiple times to remind you when they are coming, then the tech messages you to let you know their name and the time frame they’ll be there. Always professional and friendly.

  278. Lori Coughlin 2022/12

    Been a client for a few years. Each person who has been to my home has been very professional, informative & done a great job. Andre was at my home today for my regular service & did a great job. I like that I receive a text after service with findings & what they’ve done.

  279. Buu Trinh 2022/11

    I have been a customer for a couple of years and I’m pleased to have Andra as our technician. He always communicates through calls and texts to make sure we know what time he will come and the treatment for the quarterly service. He’s polite and professional.

  280. Trevor Howerton 2022/11

    Andra was on time and very professional. He was very attentive and explained what could’ve been causing the problem. He took care of the inside of my house as well as the perimeter. Job well done!

  281. Cory Sowick 2022/11

    Hausan arrived on time, was very professional and helpful in answering my questions. Very quick yet thorough work, we’ve only had great experiences with this company so far.

  282. Roberta Walker 2022/11

    Markel was extremely courteous and helpful as always. He provides excellent customer service, which unfortunately has become increasingly hard to find these days. Thank you, Markel, for your professionalism, efficiency, and willingness to share your knowledge. Kudos!

  283. Anneliese Wyatt 2022/11

    Andra is our normal pest control technician and he is fantastic! He always texts me when he is on the way. He is very detailed in letting me know if he finds anything that he thinks should be treated. I have not had any insect issues since he has been treating our house. I highly recommend this company and I hope Andra is your pest controller. I can’t say enough wonderful things about this company and Andra!

  284. Temika Soremi 2022/11

    Hausan came out today for treatment. He was professional and in time. Thanks for the great service!

  285. Bryan B 2022/11

    John Brown the go to man. Goes all in to insure the job is done professionally. Appreciate his services and advice.

  286. Jenny Waggoner 2022/11

    Andra has been our technician for the last year or so, and he always does a thorough job! He checks in before he arrives and clearly explains the services he is providing that day. He always asks if there is anything else that we need, and I know if we ever have an issue that we can call on him.

  287. Pam Cart 2022/11

    Hausan was very professional and knowledgeable about what he was doing. He was very thorough and I would highly recommend this company and him.

  288. Sarah Gunn 2022/11

    Andra has provided exceptional service. He is very thorough and always checks in to make sure we aren’t having any issues.

  289. Golden Entertainment, LLC 2022/11

    Today, 11/9/22, John Brown with Evergreen did another wonderful job. He was thorough, professional and thoughtful. He listened to my concerns and addressed them today.

    Today, 8/23/22, Andre did a great follow up service on our ant problem. There has been a significant reduction in ants inside my home since the last treatment 2 weeks ago.

    I have retained their services for over a year and would recommend them. If there are any issues between regular services they are quick to respond and desire my satisfaction.
    John Brown completed the service today. He called to ask me about any issues and sent a follow up text detailing the work he performed.

  290. Ty H 2022/11

    My exterminator Hassan Pierce was excellent today. He checked every area of my house including my attic for rodents. He also sprayed the whole outside perimeter of my home.

  291. Lyn Lloyd 2022/11

    They have taken care of my home for almost a year. I have not seen any crawlers since their first visit. I am very pleased. The service people are very professional. Thank you.

    Going on 2 years now. And Andre has taken care of my home again. With a smile on his face he had tackled the ants and spiders that wanted to call my home theirs. He put an end to that! Thank you Lyn

  292. Harry Heckel 2022/11

    Evergreen has been fantastic. Good people who care about doing a good job. They’ve been flexible with scheduling and willing to come out for a crisis. I can’t recommend them enough. Hausan took care of some impressive wasp nests on the last visit. A special thanks to him! Highly recommended!

  293. Lauren Stokowski 2022/11

    Hausan Pierce has come to our home several times and has always been a pleasure to work with. He helped us with a rodent issue that saved us hundreds of dollars from hiring someone else. He is the best!

  294. Kelly Lilly 2022/11

    Andra is great. Arrives on time, thoroughly treats property, and communicates every step of the way. Responds to questions or concerns quickly.

  295. Renae Stittgen 2022/11

    Great service overall the technician still showed up even though it was past the apt time more than I got from a week ago. Highly recommend this tech he was very professional, courtesy, through in his job and cleared away spider webs from frount of house. Keep uo the great work John brown.

  296. Pamela King 2022/11

    Hausan was on time, very pleasant, and sought out answers to questions when he didn’t was in doubt. Excellent customer service.

  297. John Z 2022/11

    Our tech John did an excellent job. He was very friendly and provided knowledgeable service during his preventative service.

  298. Andrea Merchant 2022/11

    Thanks John Brown for being on time for our scheduled pest control service. He was very thorough. Quite knowledgeable about his job bcuz he was able to educate me on a few new things about spaces in the windows. Extremely thankful for that info. Definitely recommend this company 10/10. Every single time they go above and beyond to ensure you’re satisfied with their product and services.

  299. Matt Clingempeel 2022/10

    John Brown serviced my house today. He was on time, professional, and knowledgeable. Service was efficient and has been effective over the past year. Recommend.

  300. Patti Herring 2022/10

    Chris serviced my Home today and did a Wonderful job! Chris was pleasant and respectful. Chris is an asset to EVERGREEN PEST SOLUTIONS.

  301. Trey and Carter Brown 2022/10

    Hausan was on point!!! He texted and called before he arrived (and still came even though I missed the communication) and was extremely helpful and courteous. He treated insects and bugs in my entire interior and exterior, treated and cleaned for spiders, webs, etc. and even included a post check up for mice activity. I asked for some traps too just in case they came back and he prepped them for me so I didn’t have to read the instructions. I’m really please with his professionalism and service. I’ll contact him again when we need another call!

    Hausan Pierce was my technician.

  302. Leshan Jackson 2022/10

    Kyler was an excellent technician. He was the 1st tech to actually move the stove to spray behind it. His thoroughness and attention to detail was fantastic!

  303. crzydmnd 2022/10

    They do what they say and say what they do, which these days deserves highlighting…

    Hausan was especially helpful and friendly and was not only OK with my dog surprising him but amused her for a minute which I appreciated very much. He also had no 0problem navigating the many boxes and various obstacles I happened to have strewn about at the moment…

  304. Tiffany Coughlin 2022/10

    Austin was very professional and knowledgeable. His customer service was great and he applied a treatment to assist with the ant issue I was having. I really appreciate his services and would recommend him to others.

  305. Pam Zetts 2022/10

    I am the worst at leaving reviews even when they are deserved. But I want to say Kyler was responsive and worked around my scheduling needs for my recent service.
    Late summer is their busiest time and even when the office can’t keep up with calls or messages the techs I have dealt with will always text or call and help you with your issues.

  306. Cynthia Moore 2022/10

    John Brown is always so professional. He communicates upon arrival to ensure he is taking care of our needs. He is very thorough and makes sure he summarizes what services he completed, the results of his inspection, and the plan for the next service. I am satisfied with Evergreen Pest Services because it’s employees like John Brown that makes this company great.

  307. Nikki Matthews 2022/10

    Markel was our Evergreen guy today and he was amazing. I just have to say he has one of the brightest Amazing Smiles anyone has ever had. He’s friendly outgoing and he takes the time to listen to your concerns and needs. I’ve been with Evergreen almost 2 years now and every single technician that has come out have been amazing people. They are never in a bad mood they always treat you with respect and do a very good job! Maybe next time I’ll get to see you again Markel! Last but not least Evergreen you have an amazing group of workers and technicians keep doing what you’re doing! Thank you guys so much… So I just wanted to update this review I had another gentleman come out from the company his name was Kai.. I just want to say again, he was absolutely amazing!!!! He was so respectful took care of everything very very personable.. since I can’t leave another review I wanted to add more to this one and update it. I highly recommend this company to anyone looking for pest control services. No matter who is sent out to your house or who you call they are an amazing group of people. Thank you so much again Kai it was great chatting with you!!!!

  308. Lance Olayvar 2022/10

    I had the pleasure of speaking with Martin who quickly resolved an issue I had with another pest control company. Martin was friendly, understood my problem and set everything straight. I’m happy to have switched to Evergreen.

    *Update* 06/15/2022 – Markel is my technician. He’s knowledgeable and does great work. He’s also respectful, provides advice on how to prevent pests from getting in my house and he doesn’t cut corners and that makes me really happy to have him servicing my home.

  309. Jennifer Baber 2022/10

    Brandon was our service technician today and he did an excellent job. He was very helpful and informative to the roach issue we have been seeing in the home and offered some simple advise to help solve the issue compared to other technicians who have previously just sprayed and left with little interaction.

  310. Stephanie Merlo 2022/10

    I have tried to have faith in this company but I keep ending up disappointed. First, they never give me the same tech to come out and spray. Each time I have to reexplain trouble spots. Second, the only awesome tech that paid attention to details was Austin and he went above and beyond, but again..my tech was changed to someone who doesn’t spray thoroughly. Third, the product doesn’t work AT ALL. And forth, I called to cancel and was told I would receive a call back within 48 hours. Still no call AND money was taken from my account.

    I do not recommend. Who wants strangers constantly showing up each time where you have to attempt to build up a whole new report?

  311. Edana Essa 2022/10

    First service provided in July. Sales person advised to contact them again if needed in 2 weeks. I saw a couple of bugs and called Friday. On Monday the outside of house was sprayed again per my request. I was away from the house but I received a message explaining the service performed. I called the exterminator back to spray inside and he was kind enough to come back about 30 minutes later and spray inside the house. He advised me to use foam spray to vover a couple of holes that lead to crawl space to avoid any bigs from easier access to home. He also sprayed hornet/wasp nests I didn’t even know I had in the backyard. I’m very pleased with the quality of service and the professionals. I highly recommend them.

  312. Lauren Austill 2022/10

    Every technician has been professional and punctual. John Brown, our most recent, even offered other tips for keeping certain bugs not covered in our service at bay. Highly recommend!

  313. Pretal Muldoon 2022/10

    Andre is a great service technician. He is always kind and courteous. We really like it when he comes and services our house. Other technicians always seem to tell me something different or argue about treating the inside of the house.

  314. Essence Grant 2022/10

    Mr. John Brown came in and did a wonderful job. He explained everything thoroughly and was very professional. I have been with this company for awhile and I may say he has been one of my favs. Thanks for taking the time out to be detailed with the service you provided!

  315. Mary Laposata 2022/10

    Andre treated our home today. We are grateful for his help to exterminate ants we have this Summer. Andre also provides tips on how to keep them at bay. Here’s a spot where they are showing up to take the ant bait and hopefully bring back to their nests. Thanks!


  316. John Daigle 2022/10

    I have been with Evergreen for a few years and couldn’t be more satisfied. They are always on time and willing to help with any problems. The cost is better than what we had been paying.
    I highly recommend them!

    John Brown gave us excellent service. He was prompt, courteous, knowledgeable and professional.

  317. Ruth Varney 2022/10

    I was not home when Brandon came today. However, I perused the premises and saw he did a good job dewebbing. Last time he came, he patiently listened to my questions and problems with ants. He went into the crawl space and I trust he did that again today. Last time he came, he exterminated the ants. I have seen only two since then and they were remnants of the treatment he used. He said he would return if necessary and called me as he told me he would to inquire whether he needed to return. He did not. The ants are gone. Brandon gets my highest praise.

  318. Alexandra Michael 2022/10

    We’ve used Evergreen for about a year now and have been very satisfied with their services. They come out quarterly, as well as by request if we see pest activity. James has done our quarterly service twice now and was especially knowledgeable, professional, thorough, and kind! I would definitely recommend them.

  319. Carol Suber 2022/10

    I received excellent service from Andre. He was extremely polite and knowledgeable. He was patient (it took me a few minutes to get to the door), and pleasant. He made sure that I received the service that I was paying for. I’ve been with Evergreen for a few years now, and I’ve always received excellent service from their technicians.

  320. Rick Haynie 2022/10

    Markel did an “excellent” job. We have been having a problem with ants in our house. He did a very thorough job to get rid of them and any other pests that are sure to come out this time of the year. Thank you Markel

  321. e b 2022/10

    My tech, John Brown, is always punctual and provides a detailed description of his work. He is responsive to any questions or concerns. My home continues to be bug free.

  322. Sharyl Adams 2022/10

    Kyler, my technician, was professional, courteous, and engaging. He answered my questions, particularly about the crawl space. I highly recommend him.

    There were a couple of mixups with the company initially regarding scheduling, but the customer service reps were helpful in solving the problems.

  323. Donna Hoffman 2022/10

    Their website says that they treat you like family. Well, if this is how they treat their family, I’d call child protective services. First my community is posted “No Solicitation”. I explained that to the young man at my door and asked him to leave the community. First he told me he had serviced a neighbor and had some time left over so he thought he just go down the street offering his services. In the next breath he said his boss dropped him off so he couldn’t leave. I told him to call his boss and tell him to come back and get him. The boss said that he has a permit. The permit is to solicit; not to solicit in a posted area. He ignored that and offered me 50% off. I told him I have a pest control service. He wanted to know who, but I told him it was none of his business. He insisted that I was going to sign a contract. Hard sell is a soft way of putting it, he was shouting that I WOULD sign a contract. I repeatedly said no. I finally gave up and went in the house and closed the door followed by a call to Henrico Police. He was still in the neighborhood bothering residents until after 7pm. He was at my house a little after 5pm. Based on my brief experience with them I would say that they are likely to take your money and you’ll never see them again. STAY AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE. I see there are other reviews about their sales tactics. I guess they really don’t care.

  324. skylar luzon 2022/09

    John brown came to service my house today. He did a wonderful job! Made sure all the baseboards were sprayed as well as the outside. They come every three months but if you have any problems in between they always come. He was great about reaching out to me to make sure I was taken care of!(:

  325. Irene Schlosburg 2022/09

    The technician did a great job. He even treated around and in my garage and around the door frame when I told him I discovered a convention of ants.

  326. Lauren Dabney 2022/09

    Hausan came by today and was so polite and attentive to my issue! He made sure I understood the services he would perform and if I needed them to come back out they could. Very happy I signed up with such a top-rated pest control company like Evergreen. Thanks Hausan!

  327. Betty Thurston 2022/09

    I found that the owners, technicians and service representatives have been responsive and communicative. If something was promised, they predominately delivered, If there was an oversight, it was adjusted. Prices are fair. I am overall pleased with my decision to use this company and look forward to a continued great working experience.

  328. Larry Toler 2022/09

    John Brown provided our Evergreen service today. He was friendly and asked if there were any particular areas of concern. At this time our only concern was a small ant infestation around our front porch. John did a thorough review and extermination of all areas exterior to the house. He was thorough in his review and application of treatment. He is welcome to provide our service any time. Larry Toler

  329. Elizabeth Schwartz 2022/09

    Completely unprofessional. They do not return calls in a timely manner, or answer most of the time. The past few times we have scheduled a technician to come out they have not arrived within the 4 hour window they said they would or called to update us on their ETA. Then when we call, no one answers. My husband and I both work and have a baby, so this is completely inconsiderate of our time. I also feel like the service they provide is not good quality or worth what they charge. They have not been able to rid our house of ants at all. They came around door to door and fear mongered my husband and I into a contract promising quality alternatives for pest control since I was pregnant at the time and we now have a baby. Then once we were locked into our contract they said there’s nothing they can really do since we have a baby. Don’t waste your money on them. Horrible experience.

    After this complaint we spoke with the manager and he promised he’d send his “best tech” which seems to be what they tell everyone. Things slightly improved for a few months and now they are worse than ever. We were supposed to have a service Monday 8/15, and called to find out the tech cancelled because it was raining even though they were supposed to treat the inside of our house. They rescheduled us without consulting with us for next Tuesday on a day we’re not home. They agreed to reschedule to Friday 8/19 when we called to complain, then once again didn’t show up. When we called to see why the receptionist or call center person said they “don’t know what happened” and reschedule us to today 8/20/22 at 3pm. We told them we would not be home before 3. A service technician showed up to our home at 10:30 am with no warning. When my husband spoke to him on the phone he kept asking if anyone was home so he could perform the service even though my husband assured him that we stated we wouldn’t be home until 3. He said “I guess I’ll come back later then” and hung up on my husband. I have no idea where the 5 star reviews come from because this is the biggest scam and poorest excuse for a company there is. Go take a look at their complaints on the Better Business Bureau website and you’ll see why. I have filed a complaint there as well out of desperation for a resolution and a way out of a contract with his horrible company. Though based on other one star reviews here, they will likely try to continue to charge us. Stay as far away as possible from this company.

  330. John Thomas 2022/09

    John Brown always shows professionalism and understanding of the job. He’s taken care of me many times. Thanks so much John! Keep up the great work!

  331. michelle vaughan 2022/09

    Professional and Patient… Austin was phenomenal. He walked me through his entire process called me on my cell after I started talking through my security cameras lol. Gave me the best advice to protect my dogs this season with tick services and made my scary self feel at ease coming home tonight knowing every area was inspected and treated. Thanks Austin for Your Above & Beyond Customer Service ?????

  332. Robert Benton 2022/09

    Brandon did a great job helping to keep our home rid of any little unwanted visitors. He was super helpful when it came to answering all of my questions I had.
    I’d highly recommend Evergreen pest solutions to anyone whose seeking for a reputable company to service their home or business.

  333. M E 2022/09

    On time, professional, and explained what he was going to do and worked promptly to complete it. Andre did a great job treating my home.

  334. Rachel Tracy 2022/09

    Markel has amazing customer service and went above and beyond in helping us with an ant issue. He arrived on time, answered all our questions, and gave us helpful advice. I highly recommend! Thanks again!

  335. Jan Misch 2022/09

    John Brown has been the best bug guy we have had feom this company. He is the first one to check the ceawl space and collect the cob webs around the house. Now I just hope the stuff does what it’s supposed to do.

  336. Cathy Burns 2022/09

    John Brown did our treatment this month. Been using Evergreen for about 18 mos and definitely see a decrease in insect presence. Courteous and professional.

  337. Garret Flynn 2022/09

    Hussan did a great job. He is pleasant and has a great disposition. Took care of my ant problems around my shed. Evergreen is great.

  338. Ray Rod 2022/09

    Thank you Hausan Pierce for your services. I enjoy the updates you send. To inform me of what was inspected and what was done.

  339. Nataly Leon 2022/09

    We’ve been with pest control for over a year now i believe, I cannot express how amazing this company is, not only that but John B. was right on with everything. He explained very well, explained what he sprayed and answered all of our questions and concerns! I hope to see him again. Thank you John for taking the time to speak to my husband and I!

  340. Elayne Pagano 2022/09

    Have used Evergreen for approx 2 yrs. Very satisfied with the service.
    John Brown is our tech. He is very polite and friendly. Is considerate of our home, making sure to wear foot protection. Able to answer my questions. He has serviced our home several times. That is an aspect I appreciate, it provides continuity in the service. I also like the fact that when there is a problem the Evergreen staff stay on touch until I am satisfied.

  341. Sandra Adams 2022/09

    We have been with this company for over a year now. We have had excellent service every time. Andra came out today and did a very thorough job. She then communicated with me everything she had done. I would recommend them to anyone.

  342. Amara Stadler 2022/09

    Austin came and treated the interior and exterior of my home and was extremely thorough. He listened to my concerns and answered any questions I had and even educated me on things that I wasn’t familiar with. Austin walked with me throughout my home inside and out and pointed out several areas where insects and other pests could be coming in. He went way above and beyond his duties and when he left I felt a lot better about what I can do to help treat issues in between their visits. I would recommend this company to anyone. Excellent service at a very reasonable price. Thank you Austin for actually caring about your job and for giving me excellent customer service.

  343. Macmommy Mac 2022/09

    I am determined if I didn’t give birth to it or buy it pet food, it doesn’t belong in or around our house. Kevin was our Evergreen Professional that serviced our home. This is his second time with us and I can truly say he is my favorite! He’s professional, knowledgeable, very thorough and truly a nice person as well. The outside and inside of my house has never felt safer?. He’s shown us cracks to seal (we did) and prepared us for houseplant advice from little gnats. He’s the best.

  344. alonza george 2022/09

    The service provider Hausan was courteous and professional. He listened to my concerns and acted upon them immediately, informing me when the work was completed.

  345. Trey Pollard 2022/08

    Andre always does a great job and is very thorough and communicative with what he’s treating and any activity he might see. Evergreen Pest is the best pest control service I’ve ever used.

  346. Laura Ferreira 2022/08

    We were having lots of problems at our old house.. multiple mice every week and strange bugs we had never seen before. Then we tried Evergreen Pest Solutions and it all stopped. They were so great about our address change too. Very accommodating and friendly! Even when we’re being super picky, they fix whatever it is quickly and with a smile. This company really does get the job done and their customer service is amazing!

    2 Year Update: We’ve been with Evergreen for a couple of years now and they never disappoint when we request something, but their technicians and customer service are what makes them so great! They’re very knowledgeable and always punctual. Mr. Andra especially has been so kind and professional while answering our questions and caring for our home. His communication and attentiveness make him a great technician! Great service

  347. EJ Seay 2022/08

    Markel has been great. He’s very responsive and followed up on his own to check on our ant problem. He was able to come back out very promptly to help as well.

  348. Nick Reeve 2022/08

    As always, Andre was professional and very timely. He texted the day before to let me know when he’d be there and stuck to his schedule. He was done in minutes and didn’t try to upsell me or do any extra services, just sprayed the perimeter and swept spiderwebs.

  349. Rigo Ascencio 2022/08

    John Brown is a great service guy very thorough and knowledgeable. He sprayed inside the whole house and gave us tips to help with future control.

  350. Ashley Crabtree 2022/08

    We’ve been using Evergreen for years now! They’re always prompt, professional and courteous. John Brown is our favorite technician! He is informative, quick and always gets the job done!

  351. Amber Golder 2022/08

    These guys are fantastic! John Brown provides very thorough, friendly, and professional service. If we ever need service between scheduled visits, they’re always quick to send someone out. Very happy with Evergreen!

  352. chris lane 2022/08

    My Tech (Kyler) was awesome! His professionalism was outstanding! He delivered on the promise that Evergreen Pest Solutions had promised. Outstanding!!!

  353. Ozzie Osioo 2022/08

    John Brown did a great job doing a routine inspection on the house and did a thorough check after we had heard some noises in our wall. He was professional, on time, and made us feel like he was truly there to help out however he could.

  354. David Martin 2022/08

    Hausan Pierce was my technician today and did a great job. He let me know what he was doing, and what he saw, and asked me if there were any areas I needed him to treat or if I had any concerns. Thank you Hausan!

  355. Rachel Dwyer 2022/08

    Hausan came over and helped me remove the wasp nest in my backyard bar and remove the ants trailing from the backyard into the house. He was very friendly and helpful! Will definitely continue services:)

  356. Stephanie Thompson 2022/08

    The technician John Brown that came to my home was very professional. He did a very thorough job. He was upbeat and very informative. I will definitely recommend this company to my friends and family. Thank you so much Evergreen and John Brown is a keeper.

  357. Michael Matthews 2022/08

    Andre with Evergreen has been very communicative, both in his arrival time and what services he’s performing. I appreciate his knowledge about the products being used and behaviors of the bugs we’re keeping out

  358. Drew Brown 2022/08

    I’ve been using this company for years, and I would recommend them to anyone. My technician Andre is incredibly responsive as well as proactive with his communication. It’s never been difficult to speak with a kind representative of the company who seems to genuinely wish to help.

  359. Jesse Doran 2022/08

    Hausan Pierce was the tech that arrived today to do my service and he was very professional and did a great job. I hope he becomes my regular technician moving forward.

  360. Doris Crockett 2022/08

    Update 7-8 John Brown did my service today. He is truly an amazing person! So kind and knowledgeable! Thank you so much for your great service I always look forward to your visits.
    John Brown was on time and did a wonderful job for me today!! Thanks so much John

  361. Cynthia Hagood 2022/08

    Today James came to my home. He was PROMPT, FRIENDLY, KNOWLEDGEABLE, and FOCUSED. If I need service in between the quarterly visit, soneone comes out immediately or within a day. Very friendly people. So far no bugs.

  362. Emily Coleman 2022/08

    John was very respectful of me and my house and explained everything so well and gave helpful thoughts on how to address problem areas as he did his treatments.

  363. Johnny Lin 2022/08

    Andre has always been assigned to my address for quite sometime and has always been punctual and informing me about what he has done inspection wise.

  364. Michelle Royal 2022/07

    Markel was a very big help and took his time explaining everything to me and giving me the best value for my money. I would definitely recommend their services.

  365. Sheranda Loney 2022/07

    I’ve never been so eager to leave a review. For the duration of utilizing this service, I feel John Brown was the best technician thus far. He was accommodating of my space considering I’m still working from home and taking inbound calls. He truly took his time and in my opinion, performed the most thorough service I’ve received. I’m hoping to have John as my ongoing pest technician. Thank you John for a job well done!

  366. Jessica Durand 2022/07

    Andre was friendly and professional. He did a great job and explained everything along the way. Fantastic customer service! I highly recommend.

  367. NG 2022/07

    Markel provided my scheduled service and did the best job , he was thorough and informative , Markel informed me to keep my dog away from all spray even in the yard for two hours , which I had not ever been told , he went way beyond , I will be requesting his service from here on out and encourage others to do so as well !

  368. Denise Parker 2022/07

    I’ve been using their service for years. When I had an issue with ants they responsed and took care of issue. I have been very pleased with service and techs. Kyle did a great job.

  369. Michael Freenor 2022/07

    Andra has always been great. Keeps in contact to let me know when they’ll be around, what’s being done, and always completes thoroughly and in a timely manner. Thanks a bunch!

  370. Donna Stewart 2022/07

    Kyler was very nice and professional. He explained what he was going to do, then came back to explain what he found and had completed. I’ve dealt with this company for years and am very pleased.

  371. Heather Ford 2022/07

    Recently had tech John Brown service the house for an in between treatment. He listened to my concerns and thoroughly explained the treatments he would be providing to resolve the issue. He was professional and efficient. Been with Evergreen for about 2 years now. Never had an issue getting additional treatments scheduled (only needed twice upon moving to a new place). Would recommend their services.

  372. Nick Davis 2022/07

    The five stars are for the service and professionalism of Mr. John Brown. He and another technician serviced my home this morning. I sincerely hope that they are the only two that service my home from now on.



  373. Sherri Haynes 2022/07

    Mr. John does his job professionally when he come in to do my service. He always give me details of what he is servicing my home with and every area is treated good in and out. He does an excellent job of services

  374. Michelle Thompson The 2022/07

    Kevin has been amazing. He responded to my messages and worked with my mother, while I was at work. I can’t thank him enough. I have requested him to be our monthly technician. He is well educated and after being a teacher myself, this is greatly appreciated. My hats are off to him and the whole office staff for working with us and our difficult schedules. It is so appreciated, and deserves recognition on All levels.

  375. Lisa Stanzione 2022/07

    Andre was great! He is very responsive. We no longer have a mouse problem and he treats for ants every time he comes. Great communication.

  376. TERESA BURFORD 2022/07

    Hausan did an excellent job taking care of the wasps in my gutters. He’s very customer friendly! It’s a scary situation when you are allergic to the wasps.

  377. Linda Harris 2022/07

    Since I have been with Evergreen Pest Solutions, I found they have been very responsive to any activity I have noticed in and around my home. Once serviced, my problem is solved and I couldn’t be happier.
    I highly recommend Andra as he is very thorough, polite and very professional. He goes above and beyond to ensure I have a pest-free home.
    Thank you, Andra. Evergreen Pest Solutions is successful because of devoted technicians such as yourself. Thank you!
    Linda Harris.

  378. Shannon Fisher 2022/07

    Andra was beyond exceptional and went above and beyond. He was professional, courteous and very thorough. After spraying, he went back and ensured no spot was missed and even got a broom to sweep the spiderwebs in high to reach places I couldn’t personally reach. I have been very happy with the customer service from the beginning and even more thrilled with Andra’s recent visit. Definitely recommend this company!

  379. Kim Mcmillan 2022/07

    Andre was punctual and polite. I appreciate the text the day before with the time he planned to be here. He let me know when he arrived and asked if I had any concerns for him to address on his visit. Thanks so much

  380. Mike Zetts 2022/07

    Thanks to Hausan for our service today. We forgot he was coming and he was great and still got our treatment done. Always had a good experience with Evergreen.

  381. Scott Flaherty 2022/07

    John is very thorough and lets us know about any problems he encounters and treatments he used. We know ahead of time when he’s coming and he always shows up on time. John always addresses any problem areas and explains the treatments he uses. I’m very happy with the service we’ve received.

  382. Andrea Wright-Gill 2022/06

    I have been a customer of Evergreen Pest Solutions for several years and highly recommend their services. They are professional and always responsive. Andre has been my technician for the past several quarterly visits and he is the best! Very courteous and takes the time to ask about any concerns or issues. He always makes sure that my home is pest free and taken care of. Thanks Andre I appreciate what you do!

  383. L kohnke 2022/06

    EverGreen Kyler came 8/25/22 and treated the interior and exterior of our house. He listened to my concerns and he educated me on fruit fly that I wasn’t familiar with.

  384. Shadows In The Dark 2022/06

    Great people!! Love seeing their friendly faces and great to talk to. Definitely would recommend them for anyone who has pest control service!!

    I have been giving great reviews straight to the office. Today is April 14th and John Brown came out and serviced my house. Evergreen has done an extremely professionally and I only see a couple of ants during their peek season and the normal small spiders, I call the “Henry.” It’s just normal. Before we were raided by ants all spring and summer with another servicing company. I will never leave Evergreen, unless Mother Nature destroys the little boogers!! Thank You

  385. Brandon Jordan 2022/06

    Technicians did a solid job with bug control over the two year contract, but now I’m caught in the scam where they refuse to cancel your service and keep billing you. Nothing is worth this stress and hassle. I cancelled in writing June 6th 2022 which they acknowledged in writing and now I still have an unauthorized charge this week in August and they said they will continue to charge me until I jump through more hoops for them… What more than acknowledged written cancelation is required!?! I even called their office and spoke with Connor who says he can’t cancel me – only a Manger who isn’t available to talk today can do that and said manager might call me back in one to three business days to discuss…no, that’s not in the contract, there’s nothing to discuss except fraudulent charges. I see per other reviews this is their custom and practice and thus should be subject to punitive damages if and when this goes to court.

  386. Yvonne Perry 2022/06

    I had John as my technician and he did an excellent job I am nothing but satisfied with his customer service and treatments he made sure to check to see if the interior of the home needed any treatment he is the best I have had so far and would love to keep him as my technician.

  387. Jarvis Mitchum 2022/06

    I have had Evergreen for a couple of years now and I must say I have never been dissatisfied with their work. They have exceptional customer service and professionalism when they come to your home. I have had many talented technicians come to my home. The most recent technician was James. He was great, thorough with his work, and addressed the concerns that I had with some recent pest. If you need pest control, call Evergreen!

  388. Michelle Stdic 2022/06

    My Tech Chris came out this morning he as all so polite, explained what he was doing, checked inside and outside of my house replace the traps Thank God just bugs! Chris did his job to the fullest Once he finished he sent me a text of his finding and what he did Thank you Chris…I been with evergreen for over a year I am very happy and very pleased with their service.

  389. Kristi Adams 2022/06

    We have been using Evergreen for over a year now and we could not be happier! They have remained consistent and attentive! Everyone that has come out to service our house and property has been so knowledgeable and personable. They’ve always explained each service as well as the pros and cons for service we’ve asked about. They are always smiling and willing to walk us through every step and reasoning and procedures around each service. If we’ve had any issues between services, we’ve always been able to call and have someone come address it quickly and at no extra charge!

  390. shannon lynne 2022/06

    Andra arrived on time and was very professional. He serviced our home and did an excellent job.

  391. Melanie Jones 2022/05

    I’ve been using Evergreen for a few years now. I live in a neighborhood by a body of water so lots of bugs and the biggest roaches I have seen in my life… I’m talking the size of a small dog. Those are the reason I decided to get a pest service for the first time because it was either that or invest in some home defense weapons to ward of these monsters and I was greatly outnumbered. Due to having a small child in my home, I decided against weaponizing and thought a service that uses safe products to defend my home was a wiser choice. I’ve met a lot of their technicians and they always send reminders ahead of time when coming to spray around the house and very polite. Today I had Andra and he is a very nice man, quick, got ALL of my spiderwebs (some other techs have missed some in the past), AND remembered to lock my backyard fence which is very important because I have three dogs. Would love to have him back! Thank you Andra!

  392. Jeremy Stokes 2022/05

    Evergreen always sends a tech out if I let them know we are seeing bugs. The techs are always on time and thorough with their treatments.

  393. Tia Brockenbrough 2022/05

    John Brown was very professional, thorough and communicative. Definitely the best technician we’ve had!

  394. lore rodriguez 2022/05

    Kevin was friendly and professional. He did a great job and explained everything.Fantastic customer service! I highly recommend

  395. Sachiko Goode 2022/05

    My agent today was John Brown. He was timely, professional and gave us good recommendations to keep our home protected.

  396. Gemini Baby 2022/05

    I’ve had the pleasure of working with James. Very professional explained the process and very thorough. He happened to come across a hole of ants I didn’t realize was there. Thanks for your consistent, upbeat, professional attitude and attention to details.

  397. Woody Anderson 2022/05

    Kyler was great! Knowledgeable about his job, very friendly and easy to talk with. His attention to detail was wonderful. I hope he is the one that comes to take care of me next time. Thank you!

  398. Amanda Ray 2022/05

    Hausan Pierce came today, super communicative – thorough treatment. Happy with the service.

  399. Lady Dionne Daniels 2022/05

    Andra showed up on time very professional. He listened to our concerns and treated them accurately. Excellent service as always. Thank you again.

  400. Jason Simorva 2022/05

    I have been using Evergreen for roughly 5 years. They are great. Andre is the best, always friendly and takes great care of us. Great response time when coming out for an issue in between our quarterly appointments. Would recommend.

  401. Jennifer Haga 2022/05

    I started using Evergreens quarterly service as prevention about a year ago (mainly from seasonal ants), but there’s a variety of other insects their treatment eliminates. I haven’t seen a spider in 6 months. No lie. I like the affordability as well bc I can call them back out any time. Although, I haven’t needed to. And the service professionals have always been high spirited and motivated individuals. I recommend.

    I am updating my review bc I want to give a compliment to all of the technicians who have respectfully visited my home over the past few years I’ve used the company. And most recently John Brown who did an excellent job with my exterior and she shed and was super friendly and informative.

    Update 2/18 John brown came out for our routine service today after I called and told the office our positive covid status they ensure he could still do the outside. He still arrived completed service and sent well wishes. ?

  402. Nancy Heath 2022/05

    No matter what problem I have with unknown creatures, Evergreen is always there to answer my questions and always explaining what they are doing to remedy my pest problems! Markel always treats our house and he does a fantastic job! Very polite!

  403. Vtessa Watson 2022/05

    James with Evergreen was very helpful and informative during his visit yesterday. He gave me a few tips and also informed me on some issues that were addressed during my home inspection. I appreciate his help overall.

  404. Linda Locket 2022/05

    John Brown my rep was awesome. He texted me what he treated for this time and what the follow up visit will entail. When I arrived home, he also left me a hand written note. This is great communication and customer service.

  405. Nikki Washington 2022/05

    Had the pleasure of meeting Brandon this morning. Brandon was punctual & very professional. In addition, I had a slight hiccup in my schedule & wasn’t able to allow the completion of the full home inspection & treatment for today’s visit. No worries on my end, as Brandon immediately scheduled a follow up visit to finalize treatment. So happy he was adamant in finding a time that accommodated my schedule, to ensure my home obtains the reccomended plan to stay in tip top shape bc spiders & creepy crawly bugs are NOT welcomed here!

  406. Tim Harris 2022/05

    Been using Evergreen for a couple years now and continue to be pleased. My tech, John Brown, offers good advice and does a thorough job.

  407. Jacquelyn Meade 2022/05

    First visit complete and we were pleased with the professionalism of our service tech, Travis.

    Three years later, I am updating my review to say that I am still happy with the consistent, professional service that this company provides for me. Today, my tech John B. arrived punctually and performed the service in a thorough yet timely fashion. He was polite and respectful. Still a happy customer!

  408. Venessa Woodson 2022/05

    My technician Austin was extremely professional. He was very informative & communicated every part of the process. It was great!

  409. Karina Recupero 2022/05

    John Brown serviced my home today and he was extremely courteous and made sure he got in contact with me while he was on my property. I recommend this company to anyone who needs regular pest control. Thank you John for the wonderful service!

  410. Lisa Archer 2022/05

    Hausan Pierce came today, he treated exterior foundations,doors,windows,porch, vents and shrubs around the home. And Used Granular around perimeter.Dewebbed  exterior of the home also. Thank you.

  411. Emily Braughton 2022/04

    Austin was very professional and very thorough. He showed us some issues and offered good suggestions. He also explained just what he did. I am very pleased with his service, we will definitely continue with Evergreen.

  412. Lori Wright 2022/04

    I have been a customer now for a couple of years. Andra has been the one who has done most of my services. He does an excellent job and check out everything. He ask me if I have have any concerns and addresses them. He has always done an awesome job! Thank you so much Andra for taking care of my home.

  413. Jonathan Mills 2022/04

    Always on time, and always address any concerns from seasonal ones such as to specific ones like ants trying to move indoors.

    The technicians we’ve had, like Hausan Pierce, have all been excellent and very courteous.

  414. A Customer 2022/04

    Andre visited today. Thoroughly cleaned spider webs, applied barrier to the foundation and attached shed. He was did a great job, very polite.

  415. Peggy Atkins 2022/04

    My worker John Brown was very polite and very responsive to my needs. He did a very good job.

  416. Jennifer Williams 2022/04

    Mark, was so pleasant and so personable. He took time to listen to our needs and concerns. When he left he reminded me again not to let our dogs get to the treated areas for 2 hours. I thought that was very sweet and thoughtful of him! Great job Mark!

  417. jennifer swanson 2022/04

    I have been with Evergreen Pest for a few years. Hausan Pierce was my tech today. He was very polite, and read my notes, that I do not want the spider webs removed, yes I’m weird like that. Like my spiders, before he came to the door. I would recommend Evergreen Pest to everyone. Reasonable priced, and everyone is super polite and knowledgeable.

  418. Toccara Paige 2022/04

    Andra did a wonderful job. He showed professionalism and was very helpful. Plus took care of this wasp nest.


  419. Zina Farris 2022/04

    James, my technician, represents how a business of this nature should provide customer service that is catered to whatever the need may be at that time. He is honest, professional, friendly and doesn’t mind going above and beyond the call of duty.

  420. Elizabeth Russell 2022/04

    I’ve been using Evergreen Pest Solutions for about 3 years now. I’ve never had bad service, the techs are always polite and professional, and knowledgeable. I just moved and transferring the service was easy. Had my first treatment on the new place and my tech (John Brown) was helpful, respectful, and not phased by requests or questions.

  421. Charlie Cummings 2022/04

    John Brown listened and was very attentive to my concerns. I explained I do not want harsh chemicals inside or outside of the house. I prefer plant based products. We reviewed the products he had already available and we made the safest selection. In the future he will have plant based products to spray on and around the house. He has made notes of my requests and included those in their database. Those requests will be used to facilitate other customer’s home visits as well. Thanks.

  422. Marvin Khuldiph 2022/04

    Great company!! Would recommend them to anyone looking for any of their services. Uses natural sprays which is important for me as we have 2 dogs and parrot. They are always on time and very responsive on the phone!

  423. Ashley Elliott 2022/04

    Evergreen Pest Solutions has always provided professional service! John came out and serviced our house today, he was very kind and let me know exactly what he was going to be doing! Highly recommend their service!

  424. reketa fischbach 2022/04

    John Brown is a new technician who came out and serviced our home today and is the best we’ve had in the 4 years of our service contract. Very friendly and knowledgeable.

  425. Jesse Matton 2022/03

    Brandon has been very helpful with formal help, through proper pest control, and informal help, with product and home suggestions that will help any critter issues (specific lights, foam products, etc.). I appreciate his close inspection and willingness to try new things to make sure we address the problem. I’d recommend requesting Brandon on the Evergreen team to others. Thanks Brandon!

  426. Gwen Heningburg 2022/03

    John Brown was very professional and answered all my concerns. He arrived on time and was very informative about the services he was going to perform.

  427. Lisa Leland 2022/03

    John Brown came out today. Did an inspection, sprayed, cleared cobwebs around outside of house, replaced can cover that had fallen off. Kept in contact with me by text the whole time as I was at work. Very pleasant and very thorough. Great experience! Thanks, John.

  428. Laurie Perry 2022/03

    Austin was very pleasant and knowledgeable. He explained everything in detail. I was very happy with the service I received. I hope he continues to be the person that comes and treats my home.
    Thank you Austin!!

  429. Nam Tran 2022/03

    7/6/2022 update:
    Markel came by to do our quarterly service. Appointment went super smooth, Market is super nice and was very thorough. Took care of the outside amd the inside as we get deeper into the summer. Cant complain!

    3/17/2020 update:
    James came by to do our quarterly service, even during all this coronavirus madness. Super nice guy, very informative and accommodating. He was in and out. You can do outside, inside, or both. Give Evergreen a chance if you can. Price is very reasonable!

    Both technicians were super nice. Got to talk to Steve a bit more and he was very informative with any questions I had. They came out in the beginning of the appt slot, which was nice. They worked very efficiently and I’m hopeful that their services will truly help us. I would highly recommend them.

  430. veronica spruill 2022/03

    I have been having problems with field mice. Hassan serviced my home and treated the interior foundation, kitchen, laundry room, essentially every room in the house. He treated the exterior as well, and was so patient in answering all of my questions. I am very pleased with the service I received today. I would recommend Hassan Pierce and Evergreen Pest Control to all of my family and friends!

  431. Do Baby 2022/03

    I really enjoy the customer service and taking the time to listen to my concerns. Keeping me informed of new service that’s been added to the company. Thanks James for be patient with your explanation to my question and concerns. Awesome work!!

    Thanks again, Donna B.

  432. ThaSurjin804 2022/03

    Austin came by an did the routine inspection and service. I talked to him for a few minutes about some things and he had an answer for every question, and added some input/incite. Very polite and knowledgeable. We even had a short conversation about something we were both interested in. I am very pleased.

  433. Gary Gregg 2022/03

    Update 2 June 2022 (5 Stars): Continued outstanding service, received a call today for my pest control service letting me know what would be accomplished. My technician John Brown informed me before and after treatments to my home and let me know what he did. Everything was treated without issue and he was extremely professional. Thank you. Does Evergreen work, yes, I used to have cockroaches, spiders, spider crickets and I’ve been using Evergreen for just over a year, After the first treatment I saw lots of bugs and after those first few weeks no bugs for the last 11-12 months.
    (5 Stars) Markel was extremely professional, ensured the price, the service, all safety precautions and got right to work. Used all Covid safety gear and protection on his shoes. He worked quietly and efficiently. He answered all my questions and concerns. Very pleased with the service and Markel was outstanding. Thank you

  434. Jennifer Whittemore 2022/03

    James is gone! Don’t waste your time! He was one of a few guys keeping this place from being a complete scam.

    James is the guy to go to at Evergreen. He pays attention to what is needed and does the best job he can do, every time. I don’t actually like this company or their sales tactics, but James made me a promise to take care of my house and he kept his word. I would not have stayed a customer without him.

  435. Marcus Allen 2022/03

    My service tech John Brown was very professional and courteous. John was very concern about the work he performed around my house. Great service; Great tech i will continue too use Evergreen Pest Services.

  436. Kate Herr 2022/03

    Andre did my pest service today. He was very professional and sprayed both inside and out.
    He is the best service person I have had come out.
    Evergreen is equal to other services I have used. They have always been responsive to my needs.
    I have been using them for 2 years. I have/would recommend them to my friends and neighbors.

  437. Michael Myers 2022/03

    Brandon was sent back out because I had a few concerns and he was very thorough, took his time, talked with me and educated me. Highly recommended!

  438. Heather Accardi 2022/03

    John Brown completed the service at my house today. He made sure to check in before he started to see if there were any areas of concern and then followed up once he was done. Great work!

  439. Kristina Alley 2022/03

    I have been using this company for 2 years now at 2 different homes. I was actually with another company and we had an ant issue in our home right at the beginning of COVID. The company we were with at the time, would not complete service in the home due to COVID. I was referred to this company by my parents and they came out to complete the service in the home, during COVID, with no problems. I have had several techs over the last 2 years and they have all been great. Most recently, Andra came out for our monthly service. He has been out before and he is always great!! Very professional and makes sure that we dont have any issues on the inside, before completing routine service on the outside. He also advised of things that could be treated for i. future services, as it relates to the time of the year.

  440. N Nero 2022/03

    Just recently had service by Andre and it was top notch. While the contract says outside of the house will have spiderwebs removed, I usually have to do it myself but Andre did the full exterior thoroughly. Great service.

    12/2021 Update – Andre has been doing my service and I couldn’t be happier. I complained about silverfish and he suggested checking out the attic. He actually went into my attic and sprayed. This guy goes the extra mile and he’s amazing.

    I’ve been a customer for a while and I’ve had a couple of yahoos but this guy is awesome.

  441. Nick Diaz 2022/03

    Short sweet and to the point. Andre showed up and made quick work of treating my house, and addressing any questions I had. I have cats and had to move them to another room so they wouldn’t get at any of the poison; Andre had no problem giving me the time to do so, and even gave me a heads up when he got here so I could take care of them.

  442. Mark Younce 2022/03

    John Brown has serviced our home on multiple occasions. Each time he has been punctual, polite, and inquired about any special needs or concerns we may have. He is a good technician and an expert at customer service. A rare commodity in today’s world.

  443. Brenda Butler 2022/03

    Today my house was treated by andre. I was worried about the increase of spiders and he assured me that he would do his best to take care of all of my concerns . I was very happy with him.

  444. Myrene 0Connor 2022/03

    We have been very well served by Andra. He has taken care to make sure our home is bug-free inside and out. We never have to worry about bugs here. Thank you, Andra!

  445. Lauren Moss 2022/03

    John Brown came to service my house today and he did a great job! He was very thorough and took care of the ant problem around my house.

  446. Raul Gonzalez 2022/03

    Kyler did a thorough job inspecting the house, providing recommendations and explaining what he was doing. Very professional.

  447. TMM 2022/03

    John did an excellent job ?. He was very clear with communicating the task and all that was done. A very polite and professional young man ? …

  448. Vanessa Casale 2022/03

    Mr. Brown and his team providing our services were very professional and thorough. They listened to our concerns and addressed our needs. Looking forward to our next scheduled service. Thank you!

  449. Robbin Mouton 2022/02

    Kyler did an excellent job. He answered all my questions. He inspected for pest and treated all areas.

    Thanks again, Robbin

  450. Kaytlyn Oard 2022/02

    Andre was great! He was very polite & kind. He also called me when he was on his way which was super helpful for me since I was coming home from work.

  451. Jennifer Brown 2022/02

    The extermination people were polite and professional, but the products did not do what they claimed to do. I had ants in my home three weeks after the placement and they were worse than ever.

  452. Lena Parrish 2022/02

    Evergreen always provides excellent customer service. We have a really bad case of ants in the summer and usually require maintenance in between services. Evergreen is always available for us when we need them. Andre is usually our technician and he takes good care of our house!

  453. Christopher Yousik 2022/02

    Andra was the technician for today’s service. He texted me the night before, letting me know when he was coming. He arrived when expected, he provided a quick consultation nailing down what was needed. Andra was a kind and knowledgeable technician. I’m grateful for him and his hard work today.

  454. Danielle Tawiah 2022/02

    John Brown came to my home for routine prevention services. He was very attentive and professional. He was also polite and explained which services he would be performing for the day. I certainly hope to have John come service our house again in the future.

  455. George Burdine 2022/02

    John Brown did a great job of addressing my home during my monthly service. He checked to make sure everything inside was fine, which is always nice since we live next to a creek and our activity inside can go up and down. He was proactive in his treatments as well to ensure I don’t run into any issues. Evergreen has done a great job of working with me, and even sends someone out every month instead of every 3 months at no extra charge. This is greatly appreciated, as our area tends to create some unique issues with pests, and it’s nice to know they’re willing to adjust service to fit my needs.

  456. Jasper Holmes 2022/02

    John Brown is magnificent. Always an excellent job when he’s preforming services at our home.

  457. Janet Stanley 2022/02

    John Brown is awesome. Very respectful and professional. Communicates with the client before, during and after. Very thorough for the service his preformed. This guy needs a raise or promotion.

  458. Charles Henry 2022/02

    John Brown serviced my house today. He did an excellent job of performing all scheduled services.

  459. dbryant102 2022/02

    Markel was very courteous and willing to make sure I was happy. He did a good job and I appreciate the good people at Evergreen.

  460. Danielle Plumeau 2022/02

    John Brown was fabulous! I told him what my concerns were with the flies/mosquitoes I was seeing on my property. He was very informative in regards to what needed to be done and how long we should stay inside after a treatment. Once he was done, he sent a very detailed text message on the services provided! We love John Brown!

  461. Sarah Breeden 2022/02

    Markel did a good job here at the Milburn house he is polite professional and best of all personallable.would definitely recommend evergreen and definitely ask for Markel

  462. Ankush Sharma 2022/02

    Evergreen has been responsive and helpful throughout the 4 years I’ve used them. During that time they have been consistent and polite. I have had very positive experiences with my pest solutions technician Andre, he has been very helpful, polite, and cooperative. I will continue to suggest them as a pest solutions service provider.

  463. chelsea duffey 2022/02

    John Brown of Evergreen Pest is Amazing!! He listened to my concerns today and was patient and took action right away! He even went over and beyond and provided me with some material to put down at my own discretion. Never had any issues with Evergreen, they rock!! Thank you guys

  464. EastGate 613 2022/02

    I appreciate John Brown and his proffesionalism. Everything was “Sir” this or that. He was prepared with boot covers and mask. He took the time to show possible entry points of pests and gave suggestions on how to correct those issues.

  465. Dreams Salisbury 2022/01

    They set up appointments and keep them. James always asks if I have any particular concerns and he points out anything he finds. They are excellent in working with my budget. I’m a long time customer and I really trust their work and their concern for me as a customer. Eco-friendly, efficient, and very friendly and caring for my concerns. Top notch!

  466. Jessie Blaylock 2022/01

    John came when he said he would. He took the time to answer my questions. He also explained what he was doing. Thank you for an awesome job.

  467. Denise Honeycutt 2022/01

    James was professional and very helpful with the treatment. He’s very knowledgeable and always provides excellent service. Have not seen any creatures since switching to Evergreen!

  468. Michaela Millan 2022/01

    Kyle is doing a fantastic job. The company is really awesome in customer service. I never had any issues and love the service we receive!

  469. Heather Stone 2022/01

    We’ve been with Evergreen for a few years now. Responsive and friendly techs who are knowledgeable has been our consistent experience. Kyler took the time to explain the spray used and was patient with my questions. Great continued experience with Evergreen.

  470. Jennifer Gardner 2022/01

    I have been using EverGreen since 2017. They are always very polite, informative & professional. Andre serviced our house today & did a fantastic job. He gave us text updates the night before, letting us know when he would arrive as well as a text summary of what he did after the service was complete.

  471. Michael Luongo 2022/01

    Andra made sure to give a heavier treatment than normal around some trouble areas for us, which I appreciate. He even scheduled a follow up call to check in and see if more treatment, or additional indoor treatment would be needed. The fact that additional or emergency services are covered without additional charges is very useful.

  472. Samantha Vazquez 2022/01

    John Brown showed up on time and got to work. I was in a meeting but that did not pause my services. John understood and gave me a deatiled account of the services performed. It gives me great relief that I can work from home and not have to worry about pests. Thank you John!

  473. James Smith 2022/01

    Andre with Evergreen did a great job! He came by for a general service call and explained any issues he saw at my home. He was very professional. I recommend this service to anyone who needs pest control service.

  474. Sarah Wiegman 2022/01

    Andre is our technician and he’s fantastic. He always texts, communicates clearly, summarizes what he’s done and is so pleasant at 8am in the morning. We have used this company for 3 years now and we love them. Great value and service.

  475. TASHEVA POUNCEY 2022/01

    Mr. Kevin is awesome! He’s very attentive and a wealth of knowledge. It’s always a pleasure having him service our home. He explains at length the process and why he’s treating a specific area. Evergreen sent someone to our home immediately due to the weather changing, increase of ants and spiders. I am extremely pleased with the product-solution and customer service. Thank you Mr. Kevin and Evergreen Pest Solution.

    26 April 2022: Thank you Mr. John Brown for your continuous support and service. We greatly appreciate your personable demeanor while always going above and beyond to service our home.

  476. Antonya Hurt 2022/01

    They are always courteous, professional, and responsive. James (service) was polite and listened to my issues. I will always recommend Evergreen. And don’t get me started on the sales guy (Aiden) that got us started last year… a great young man with a great future ahead. Thank you Evergreen for being the resource we needed to treat our home.

  477. Bbddaann1 2022/01

    Very courteous and pleasant technician. He explained what he had done, and when I asked him too if Evergreen had something for frogs he told me he would check into it for me.

  478. Nancy Sheridan 2022/01

    Evergreen is very conscience of their work and does a great job. Kevin is the one who did our service today and is very polite and pleasant. He did what I asked him to do with no problem. I appreciate the quality service.

  479. Kevin Fink 2021/12

    Noah the tech was great. Very nice and I was short on time but he showed up earlier than quoted and were in and out in no time.

  480. Janelle Thompson 2021/10

    John Brown was professional, kind, responsive and does great work! I love my ever green service and I know I’ll keep them for years to come!

  481. Shonda Taylor 2021/10

    My experience with Evergreen has mostly been positive. I have had great and thorough technicians Like John, Chris, James etc.and appreciate the work they do. Thank you for your professionalism and service.

  482. Chris and Kristina Switzer (Life of Switz) 2021/10

    Honestly, the reason I chose to go with Evergreen Pest Solutions is based off the people. They are direct, professional, timely, and will work with you to establish a plan that fits your home’s needs. From the jump Zack got me locked into a plan that worked for my wife and I. I didn’t feel pressured into purchasing something which is a plus. Moving forward, today I had my initial spray/inspection. The work was performed by Chris and he was like the rest of his team, on-time, pleasant, professional and a super nice guy. He did a solid job on explaining exactly what he was doing and why and outside of the obvious things this was helpful. I recommend Evergreen to anyone who wants to keep their house clean and free of unwanted pest and rodents, and for a fair price. I’m looking forward to not having various creatures hanging out around our entries anymore.

  483. Renee Royce 2021/10

    John Brown did our first service today. He was professional, knowledgeable and polite. He answered all our questions and explained everything he did. Thanks John!

  484. Adrienne Glenney 2021/10

    John Brown was our technician and was very professional, knowledgeable, and quick! Highly recommend Evergreen, they have a great team.

  485. James Zatowski 2021/10

    John did a great job. He was very professional and did more than any technician has in the last year of our contract. 5 star service.

  486. Laurie Darrisaw 2021/10

    John Brown was very knowledgeable and explained what he would be doing. He also got the cobwebs with a big spider down for me. He was very polite and reminded me to wait about 30 minutes before I went outside to sit due to the strength of the treatment for mosquito’s. I am asthmatic so truly appreciated that he made me aware of that.

  487. Kyle Stevens 2021/09

    My family was very happy with our technician Andre. We appreciated his cooperation with treating everything we needed from our attic to our shed. He was friendly and helpful.

  488. Kayleigh Gilroy 2021/09

    Our tech, John Brown, was awesome! He was so professional and friendly. We loved having him take care of our house!

  489. Mimi 2021/09

    All my fish in the pond died after the service. I paid $300 for the initial visit and treatment, instead of $150.They still sent me a contract even though I emphasized no contract wanted at our initial phone call. They told me that “This is just our standard agreement that is auto populated”. The treatment for yellow jackets requires additional charges, which I mentioned initially. They told me that it will be included in the treatment as long as the property is not heavily infested. However, it was a different story when the technician came. So many discrepancies!. Beware of what you sign. There are 24 months contract and auto-renewal!!


  490. ANNETTE richardson 2021/09

    David the sell specialist was very knowledgeable and helpful regarding evaluating our needs. John came today to start our initial treatment. He was very professional and explained the plan & what services to be performed today. Very positive experience.

  491. Corey Clauden-Cross 2021/09

    Our technician Mr. John Brown was such a pleasure. He was professional, quiet, very helpful and welcoming. Best service ever!

  492. Sharon Eberle 2021/09

    I have used this service for 4 years. I recently moved and Evergreen helped me make a smooth transition. Brandon provided my 3Ps prompt, professional and personable. As always service was through and informative. Evergreen’s people sell their product.

  493. Yoshida Minor-Harvey 2021/09

    Deaundre B. Was a wonderful technician. He was very professional. He came out and serviced our home and was quick but very efficient. I was very pleased with the service he provided. Thank you Evergreen!

  494. Lauren Peters 2021/09

    We have been using Evergreen Pest Solutions for over two years. The workers are always thorough and professional. John came today and was willing to be flexible with my schedule, answer all my questions, and educated me about what he was doing and why. If I am not able to be present during a visit, I’m always updated with a summary of services completed. We will continue to use Evergreen Pest for years to come.

  495. Tiffani LaNeave 2021/09

    I have been using Evergreen for several months now and have been very pleased with the service. They go above and beyond to ensure that the customer is satisfied. I had an issue arise this morning and called to see if I could have someone come out in the next few days. I certainly was not expecting same day service, but that is exactly what I got. My technician, Andre, called me and set up a time to not only come out today, but he worked around my schedule and found a time that was convenient for me. His promptness and flexibility is much appreciated. He was extremely friendly, helpful and offered great advice to help find resolution to the problem. Definitely recommend!

  496. Brandon Simons 2021/09

    Deaundre and Cedric were amazing and made sure I understood the entire process start to finish. They checked in with me before leaving to reconfirm work completed and the process going forward. Respected my kids and pets and were super friendly! Huge positive difference in customer service and care compared to national brands that treated us like a number.

  497. Robin Brooking 2021/08

    I have been using Evergreen Pest Solutions for over a year and they are superb. Andre is my usual technician and he does a spectacular job – friendly, conscientious, professional, check-ins before and after each service to make sure everything is okay. Wonderful customer service!

  498. Elizabeth Phipps 2021/08

    My Pest Control visit was very informative. They explained the process of what they are going to do and when they came across something they felt I could do to help prevent invasion from pests more they reassured to point it out. I have dogs that jump and they were very understanding. They explained the importance to keep my dogs away from some of the stuff they use in case of a reaction to it. The prices are reasonable especially for the long hold and I would recommend anyone to take the time to invest in this company. Thank you so much for being able to come out as far as I am. As well as taking the time to clean up the spider webs and nests around my home. Your Associate was very respectful and I will definitely continue with the company for future pest control preventions. Thank you so much!

  499. Shelby Johnson 2021/08

    Technician was professional and did a great job explaining services and process he would be using to apply treatments, and he was able to answer all our questions. Very positive experience!

  500. Missi Ridenhour 2021/08

    Andre came out today after some frustration getting a technician out to us. He was so courteous and thorough. He made room in his route immediately. He is an example of why we have continued with Evergreen even with the lack of communication from their route coordinators.

  501. Sandy Jones 2021/08

    Always prompt and polite. The few times we’ve ever had to have the redispatch due to seeing pests, they are quick to schedule and have never had to do a redispatch more than once!

    Update 5/29/21 and still appreciate evergreens promptness and professionalism. Andre was out here today and did a thorough walk through around the house and provided updates after treating the area. We appreciate the peace of mind that evergreen give us!

  502. Jeanine LaRue 2021/08

    Technician, Andre came in the pouring rain, removed his shoes and sprayed interior of our home. He then did the outside of the house with granules which worked with the rain.
    My only frustration was that when the appt was made, I was told it would be Friday, early to mid afternoon and waited till 3:00 when no one showed. My husband made a call to the office and was told the service would be done on Saturday! I had put Friday in my phone’s calendar right away. I think I would have made a comment about a Saturday appt which I’ve never had before. Seemed unusual to me.
    All resolved now. Andre did a fine job.
    Thank you,
    Jeanine LaRue

  503. April Huddleston 2021/08

    James is very knowledgeable and so helpful. His friendly customer service makes him very easy to talk to. Today I was not home and he not only text me to let me know what he had done but also left a door hanger. Top notch service!! Very happy customer!!

  504. Jaxon Jarrett 2021/08

    John Brown was great for our service today! He was on time, friendly, and gave a thorough explanation of what he did and the extra issues we requested. Thank you!

  505. Carolyn Pegram 2021/07

    My husband and I were very impressed with the customer care that Logan, a Route Manager, gave us on our initial contact with him. He was extremely polite and answered all our questions, patiently and politely. He was very knowledgeable on the topic of pest control. We were able to schedule our extermination appointment for 2 days later, which will happen tomorrow. I have no doubt that we will be completely satisfied.

  506. Linda Burruss 2021/07

    My home was thoroughly inspected and treated, inside and outside. He even checked in the cabinets that may have a pipe to see how well the seal was around the pipe. I used another service for 3 years and they never checked around the inside pipes. Thank you!

  507. Allison Dyer 2021/07

    John Brown came to my home today. He was so professional and he throughly looked through my home and helped me plan how to reduce the ants that have been showing up so much ! He treated everything and explained everything so well. I am grateful for his assistance and am glad Evergreen is now servicing my home !

  508. mark martin 2021/07

    This was my first time using this company. The technician, Kevin, contacted me before he arrived. Kevin was exactly on time. He was professional and patient and answered all my questions. He explained everything he was going to do and explained how the natural spray works.
    I really like the fact that it is a natural spray and not a dangerous chemical.. I have animals and was glad the spray was not harmful to them.
    Overall, a very good experience. Kevin is a very nice man and is extremely pleasant and professional.

  509. Lesley Crutchfield 2021/07

    Eddie Is awesome and does a great job consistently!
    Update: Dre was my tech on 17 September 2021. He was very polite, explained everything to include any medical concerns about the pest control products (I have respiratory issues) and completed service on the entire house. He was masked and he wore the shoe covers when he entered the house. Thanks again!

  510. Maggie McGurn 2021/07

    John Brown was our technician, and he was wonderful! This was our first time using this company, and I am so happy we went with them. John was very friendly and very thorough. He treated the interior and exterior of our home, and he explained what he would be doing, he explained his findings, and he answered all of our questions. I felt like we were in very good hands!

  511. Erich Hutton 2021/07

    John Brown responded out for an initial inspection/treatment and was very courteous and professional in going over the property and any areas of concern. His advice will help better protect my home between visits.

  512. Mark Melancon 2021/07

    Mr. Markel arrived and introduced himself; he was courteous and exercised the current protocols in place. He answered my questions regarding the efficacy of the products used in relation to the inclement weather we were experiencing at the time of his arrival. He assured me that if we weren’t satisfied in any way with the results that Evergreen would return- at our convenience- and reapply. I/we are very satisfied with the service we receive. the products perform as expected.

  513. Denise Lindsay 2021/07

    Another great maintenance service by James keeping our property as bug free as possible. Does a thorough on site inspection around the house. Showed us where we needed to caulk to keep out pests. My mother in law had mice infestation and he took good care of her.We are very grateful for his services there.

  514. Nancy Paulette 2021/07

    John has always been a complete professional. He is very good about making sure we are happy with the service. We’re very happy with him.

  515. Evelyn Powers 2021/06

    Marcus on the first visit was very. professional. He told me what he was doing and he followed through. HE WAS RELLY PLEASANT TO TALK TO. On the second visit I missed him, but he left me a post it with everything he did..Thank You..

    I also want to thank the owners and the management for taking care of my family & I.

  516. Robert Allison 2021/06

    Kevin has been my technician for the past few quarterly inspections/service. He is great about letting me know when he will show up, the services he performs, and makes sure to take the time to talk with me about what I am seeing and offer advice. For the price, there is no beating the peace of mind provided, and the very personal service. I havent had any stress dealing with bugs since starting the service, but the quality of the people even outshines the 5 star performance. Thanks for everything!

  517. Tanja Dean 2021/06

    James was very nice and went the extra mile to treat my home (he might have noticed my bug phobia) and great advise. He also had a trainee with him (sorry I don’t remember his name) who was very polite.

  518. Amber Forsythe 2021/06

    John listened to all of my concerns and addressed each of them, even those that I recalled as he was evaluating the areas I initially voiced. He also cleared the spiderwebs from the exterior of the house even though that was not one of the issues I had mentioned. One thing I wish Evergreen would do is schedule an actual time or at least a time frame instead of just a day and then having to wait until the technician calls to see if I am currently home.

  519. Kylie 2021/06

    Both Kevin and John have come out to service our house and they were both amazing! Super polite, efficient and professional! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

  520. Sarah Gibbs 2021/06

    I have been using this company for a while now. I had my service done today. I pulled up when John Brown was finishing up. He was so friendly and professional. Even though he had finished the Maintenance service already he still took the time to come and speak to me . He let me know everything he had done and asked if there was anything else he could help me with! When I told him another issue we were having he was quick to let me know that he will take care of that with no problem at all! He was very personable and knowledgeable! You don’t come across many people like him nowadays that are in great moods and so nice while they are working ! I was very impressed and pleased with his service today !!!! Thanks again John!!!!

  521. Carolyn Parker 2021/06

    Would never use them!!!! One of their salesman came to my door on July 7th and didn’t want to leave. My house is surrounded by different kinds of security cameras. I told him I was not interested. I already had pest control. Why do these …

  522. Brian Pool 2021/06

    We love Evergeen. They always provide great advice, which is especially helpful living in a 40+ year old home in a wooded area. They are extremely responsive and always address issues through to completion. Great value for the services rendered and peace of mind!

  523. Veronica Ruby 2021/05

    Dre was super polite and did a really great job! He addressed what my concerns were, snakes in the backyard and ants in the mailbox! He went over the services that would be provided! Very happy with the services

  524. Alex S 2021/05

    Evergreen Pest Solutions is a great business. Kevin came out to my house as scheduled and reinforced the barrier around my house. He was professional, thorough, and polite. I will continue to use Evergreen in the future. I would recommend this business to anyone.

  525. Edith Mbuthia 2021/05

    I had Brandon do my service and was very good and he took his time to make sure he treated everywhere. His communication was excellent. I loved his service.

  526. Paulette Taylor 2021/05

    The technician, James, is very polite and professional. He has been the technician at my home for over a year and I am thoroughly satisfied with his attention to detail, his explanations of services provided in the quarterly visit and bringing possible future problems to my attention. He always asks if I have any questions which he answers. He always provides 5 star service.

  527. MARK MARTIN 2021/05

    On Saturday I wrote a good review on Kevin. He is a great guy. However, I now have other information to add.
    Apparently you can’t believe anything the salesman tells you.
    I expressed , to the salesman, that that I would not allow automatic withdrawal from my account. He assured me that the company would only send me a bill through the mail.
    As you can imagine, that did not happen. I just got an email that showed my account had been billed by this company WITHOUT my consent. Now, since I am a senior citizen this may turn into a legal matter.
    I would tell everyone to not believe what is told you

  528. Lori Lockhar ihope vigt 2021/05

    John Brown came out to my house and treated my home. He was here with great timing, very thorough with inspecting the home inside & out will all areas that could be potential issues. He answered all questions I had and was very informative on all procedures taken. Thank you John!

  529. Maleea Perez 2021/05

    John Brown the Technician was very professional, polite and knowledgeable of the job!! He treated the inside and outside of my home thoroughly and efficiently!! I would highly recommend to family and friends!

  530. George Sanborn 2021/05

    I’ve been so pleased with the service Evergreen Pest Control has given me since starting the service several months ago. My technician John Brown is the best! When he came for the first time to do inspection he was very thorough and found things I wasn’t aware of inside and out. There was a trail of ants coming from outside which he treated and have not returned. He also pointed out several things I should do to prevent anything entering the house in the future by keeping the flue shut on the fireplace (which I leave open since I’ve started fires in the past with it closed, but having that Aha moment that “I should’ve known that!” Which John explained was the entry point for the HUGE spider I had found recently in the same room.), filling in hole underneath bathroom sink (John told me the specific type of product that would work best.), caulking along floorboard of tub that had come up slightly and removing weed on the outside climbing along our chimney to the roof to the skyline window. I recently had a bombardment of flying ants and called Evergreen. The woman who answered was very pleasant, kind and concerned and promptly got me on his schedule. John called to let me know he was on his way, treated all areas affected and explained that skylight needed to be checked. John explains everything he’s going to do and tells you exactly what he did (including what treatments he did outside, including dewebbing where needed on the outside of house). After the appointment he always sends detailed notes of what treatments he did. John answered all the questions I’ve had and isn’t in a hurry to leave, always asks if there is anything else I need addressed. What a professional, knowledgeable, kind and sincere person who obviously loves his work! This level of service is such a breath of fresh air in the times we are in.

    Susan Sanborn

  531. Vondele Parham 2021/05

    John Brown was awesome! He was very friendly and knowledgeable. His mannerisms speaks volumes. He was attentive to my concerns and made sure I knew exactly what was offered and what he would be doing. His worked matched his mannerism. Very impressed. Look forward to doing more business in the future.

  532. Pamela Winter 2021/05

    Eric E and James were very professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. Each time they tended quickly to the needs and concerns we had. I highly recommend Evergreen Pest Solutions! They are reliable and do honest work! We have noticed a big difference since using their service.

  533. Mikray Guerry 2021/05

    I am very pleased with James Marsh’s service! He is courteous, professional and pleasant. I am most impressed with his prompt responses and his knowledge of his profession. I would recommend Evergreen because of their technicians like James.

  534. Tyler Welle 2021/05

    Been using Evergreen for a couple years and won’t use anyone else. Always on time, knowledgeable, thorough and professional. Eddie and Kevin have both been pleasant to talk to and work with. Any bug issue we’ve ever had is always taken care of and maintained. Great people and great company.

  535. Leigh Negvesky 2021/04

    We are very happy with the service from Evergreen. Very professional and pleasant. Love that they text me when they are coming and when they leave. Our new technician today was Kevin Thomas. He inspected and treated around the whole house and let us know to keep the animals in until everything was dry.

  536. Josh 2021/04

    John Brown was the technician for my first treatment. He is very knowledgeable and listened to my needs. He was able to explain everything that he was doing and some preventative measures I could take to further help in keeping pests out of my house.

  537. Grace Barr 2021/04

    Highly recommend! My technician, Eddie, is very pleasant, knowledgeable, and very respectful. He thoroughly inspects inside and outside my home each visit and always provides a wealth of knowledgeable information during the treatment process.

  538. Linda Witherspoon 2021/04

    My service technician was Mr. John Brown and he was very punctual and professional. He explained to me what he was going to do and what is you expect. He was very courteous and polite. Overall, I had a very pleasant and professional experience with Mr. Brown.

  539. shawn gore 2021/04

    I was very nice, but declined services yesterday from a guy knocking on the door. I have a no solicitation sign, by the way.
    Shows back up today and refuses to leave! Told me he was standing under my tree to get out of the rain, but it wasnt raining! Stood in front of my house for 20 minutes, daring me to call the police. Finally, I did. He stood there another 15 minutes. Police spoke to him and he left. Really odd. Cant wait to speak with someone at the business, but they are closed until Monday at 9 AM. They need to get this nut out of residential neighborhoods knocking on doors. Wish I could share a picture so everyone could beware of this guy and this company! Careful… I have no idea what this dude’s intentions are….

  540. Dylan Lauber 2021/04

    Despite the pouring rain, Andre arrived on time and provided a prompt inspection and treatment.
    He also kept me in communication so I would know when to expect him. Thanks for the great work!

  541. Hyeyong Allen 2021/04

    I am very happy with company overall their services. They are always there to accommodate with your problems.
    However, I m especially more pleased with one of the Technician named Paul. I liked the way he go over in detailed what he had done that day and then a few weeks later he came to follow up on the last service he had done. He was very professional and friendly. Thank you!

  542. Natalie Mapp 2021/04

    I’m late writing this review but I can’t let good work go unnoticed. My tech John Brown was awesome. He went through the inspection of my home with a fine tooth comb and explain everything to me. I have any many pest control company and techs and by far this is the best company with the Best tech John Brown.

  543. Danielle Keeton 2021/04

    I just had the exterior of my house treated and I am very happy with all the updates throughout the process. I received plenty of reminders starting (I believe) a week out from service. Andre sent messages the night before, left a VM while he was there (sorry my dogs have no manners), and sent massages letting me know treatment was done and things look good and quiet around my foundation. Thanks very much!

  544. Phil Soldan 2021/04

    The technician Dre called before he came and arrived promptly. He was very polite and sprayed around the house and sprayed inside wherever I requested. I was very pleased with his service.

  545. Susanne Cordner 2021/04

    James has been phenomenal. I had some ongoing issues with ants, and he’s been super responsive and really focused on getting everything taken care of. He’s great.

  546. Ryan Melnikas 2021/04

    Evergreen provided pest control services for us and I recommend them. The technician (John Brown) was polite, thorough, and totally willing to walk me through what he was doing and why. I actually learned a bit too about how to keep pests out- thank you to John and to Evergreen.

  547. Jody Jones 2021/03

    John Brown did my servicing at my house he is a very kind caring gentleman and he worked with me with my two dogs as well I would recommend him anytime any day please send John Brown back to us every time great customer service thanks John keep up the great work

  548. ric hertless 2021/03

    Inspector was great! 8/20

    I can’t figure out how to leave another review, so I’ll add to this one-
    Once again the technician was friendly, explained our situation clearly to my wife and I, respectful and an all around nice guy.

    The nice lady we have spoken to on the phone when we have called has been super helpful, friendly, patient, and understanding.

  549. Maryann Walsh 2021/03

    Mark was GREAT! He was friendly, professional and very thorough. We wish we could have him as our technician all the time. He is a great representation of your company.

  550. Kay Floyd 2021/03

    Andre came out this morning for a new service starting up. He was very polite, friendly and professional. He explained all aspects related to the contract and the service itself. He explained how and where he applied treatment and the chemicals used. I am very happy with his service.

  551. Elizabeth Pringle 2021/03

    We’ve used Evergreen for a few years and have been happy with the service. Andre is our current technician and he does a great job. Great attention to detail and kind. I really like that he texts a general time frame of when he’ll be coming. It takes the stress out of remembering to unlock the gate and make sure the dog isn’t outside.

  552. Paul Jasinto 2021/03

    Andre was efficient, professional, and friendly. He was able to ease any fears we had about the pesticides and our baby as well as give us confidence we are protected from any pest issues going forward.
    Excellent service at a competitive price from a friendly serviceman, everything we could possibly want and expect from a pest solution company.

  553. Nick Sowan 2021/03

    To kick it off, my experience with Evergreen started with Jacob coming to my door. He was impeccably friendly, informative, provided insight on what neighbors were noticing or having done and was not pushy. Though a neighbor down the way called the police on a “suspicious man”, he remained professional, chatted with the police and then continue to work with me on understanding the service (for the record, he was not suspicious, he was in uniform, had a tablet in hand and introduced himself right upon arrival…but maybe the pandemic made people forget that we have door to door sales people, who knows).

    Today Kiev came out to conduct my initial service, pulling up my driveway right at the beginning of the timeframe I was provided for the service. He informed me of the steps he was going to take and post servicing my house/yard, provided an overview of everything he saw, to include there may be something going under my shed (it’s a possum, that I don’t mind under there). Gave full details, was super personable, friendly and professional.

    All in all, at this point I have been pleased with the staff and anticipate the service to be beneficial after seeing neighbors results. I think positive interactions/communication has been a highlight thus far, neighbors that use the service also agree!


  554. Lindsey Scurlock 2021/03

    This was our first time using this company. Our technician, John Brown was very nice and knowledgeable. He inspected through out the house and listened to the needs that we were looking for and was courteous to letting me know to keep our kids away from the products. My only suggestion would be for the technicians to give a courtesy call if they will be arriving towards the end of the time frame, otherwise it was overall a successful first visit. Looking forward to see if this helps our ant issues!

  555. O Harris 2021/03

    This is my first experience with Evergreen. I have had a few spiders here and there however it was a no brainer for me when the sales guy advised he was treating my neighbors for xyz….I am not having any concerns but if my neighbors are of course I need to get ahead of the problem! John B. called to ask if he could arrive before our scheduled time. He was very professional and mindful considering I am working from home. He was very informative and respectful of my request (if you see anything crazy just write it in the report I don’t want to see any pictures)! He went above and beyond telling me about my pipes and how pests work. I am thankful for Pest companies!!! Thank you John!!

  556. James Taguchi 2021/03

    These guys are great. They are on time for their quarterly service, their staff is very friendly and the are very responsive. We have had them come out multiple times between scheduled services to re-treat for ants. Andre has serviced our house several times and he is courteous and professional every time.

  557. Elizabeth Holcomb 2021/03

    Thanks sooo much for ridding the exterior of my home and my property of TICKS. My 2 beagles must have brought them home from hunting in the woods when they unexpectedly got loose. Once you treated everything and set traps, the issue was …

  558. Chris Taylor 2021/03

    Today was our first initial visit from Evergreen Pest Solutions. Markel was great and very professional. He showed up exactly on time when we were scheduled and was able to answer all of our questions and concerns to start.

  559. Laquetta Buntin 2021/03

    My technician Luis O. was very professional used a mask and shoe coverings. I love how he broke it down to me in simple terms on what needs to happen next and what the expectations will be from me to assist and from him as a technician. What I can expect for the future. I highly recommend them.

  560. Emily Johnson 2021/03

    Our neighbor has Evergreen and he finished up at her house, I just happened to be outside and she recommended me to talk with them about services since we have a lot of spiders and ants in our neighborhood. The technicians name was James Marsh and he was very kind and showed me some places where there were carpenter ants infesting a stump in our yard and gave me some tips for keeping the bugs away! I feel very thankful took time out of his day to talk with me and give some advice, even without me saying whether or not I would get their services. Seems like a great company and great people to work with!!

  561. Edward Marsh 2021/02

    James did an amazing job. He pointed out ant trails he treated, made recommendations on things to help prevent ants and other pest from returning. Very pleased!

  562. LaTora Hargrave 2021/02

    I will like to give high praise to Markel at evergreen. He is always professional and prepared. He has a wealth of knowledge and cares about his job. Thank you so much

  563. Shawn Johnson 2021/02

    They did a great job and John Brown was very thorough. He was great at explaining the service is the service and was very quick hes a quick and came back to explain everything. Thanks very much sorry it took me so long to remember to do this. I wish everyone could be as nice as John Brown

  564. Emily Cinnamon 2021/02

    In a word: rip-off. We switched to Evergreen because we wanted to support a local business and the pitch sounded great (too good to be true it turns out). Instead all I get are charges on my credit card for someone who doesn’t even show up. Both me and my husband work from home, so we know when people come by the house. Evergreen has come to our house twice, the very first time and then two invoices later after I complained that they never show up. That was another couple invoices ago – they have gone back to their old ways it seems. So of course we’ve seen SO MANY bugs in our home since we switched from Landlock Pest Control to Evergreen. Apparently this is a common experience with Evergreen, at least in my neighborhood and despite what these other reviews say. Suffice to say, Landlock is getting a customer back.
    Don’t waste your money on this shady company.

  565. Alexis Goldstein 2021/02

    Markel is hands down the best. Not only a super genuine dude who truly cares about the work he does, but he never rushes or cuts corners. He has a giant smile under that mask that you can see radiating out through his eyes! I have a little baby and 2 dogs and he’s always so complimentary and extra careful. Make sure when you sign these guys up to ask for him.

  566. Bradley James 2021/02

    We have been using Evergreen for the last two years and enjoyed their service. I was home today due to the rain when they came by. Dre was very polite/courteous and professional. Once he finished he let me know he didn’t see any issues that required any extra attention and that he had completed his visit and would be leaving. Evergreen has been great and we recommend them to all our friends.

  567. Sam Mickle 2021/02

    Always very professional and reliable. John Brown does a great job. He went the extra mile today when I expressed concerns about some increased insect activity. John stayed longer, treating additional areas inside the house, providing suggestions, and making sure that all my questions were answered before leaving. He also planned a follow up to check in and committed to additional future visits at no extra charge. Very high quality customer service.

  568. Chris Harmon 2021/02

    Solid impression with sales person but first service visit resulted in (and they did warn this could happen) ants, humpback crickets and spiders coming out like crazy. Had to wait a month for second visit but they did not come when scheduled (nor did they call and reschedule they just didn’t come and I had to call and find out).
    The next week when they were “rescheduled” I was given a timeframe in afternoon then a call in am whole taking kid to dentist; I said I wasn’t available then but was at the provided time. They had to again reschedule (at this point I believe I talked to a supervisor) because that’s not how they operate. Great – wait another day. That day they did arrive (no call though) and I did point out the many places and they as far as I know treated sufficiently but I did ask for as much to be put down for ants as possible (like REALLY a lot) …not sure if they did.
    A few days later the supervisor kindly followed up to see how the pests are and it was no better inside (in particular) and around the house. He said he would have someone come on an upcoming date he gave. Lo and behold again no show by after lunch and I happened to have another kid Dr appointment (what do you do?) So he said they would *definitely*!be there the next day (that’s today) and they would also call (never actually received a call from a technician before they arrived). 4:15pm comes and I get a text message and email.message claiming the work is done!? No phone call before and this is the best they visited the wrong house! Even attached photos of a house a few doors down. Called main office as I’ve had enough and not seen any real pest reduction using their service; the supervisor calls me while I’m talking to her so I call him back and explain what happened and tht I’m done.
    He’s trying to convince me to stay but this is hugely unlikely. I hope your experience is better than ours.

    UPDATE: it has been months since I cancelled this service and was just charged again. I should note as they just called me back that if you do cancel service, it is standard that they don’t close the account out for 3 months (then charge to close it out) “just in case” – well yeah. OK.

  569. Bryan White 2021/02

    Kevin texted me when he was at my home. Advised what he had done. I mentioned ants in another area and he took care of that too. Very thorough and professional.

  570. Lee Campbell 2021/02

    Markel Lee is an asset to Evergreen. He’s communication and professionalism is outstanding. He never hesitates to give me an update on when he will be on the way and when he’s completed the service. He’s extremely attentive to ask what areas need to be treated and what to look out for. Markel truly goes above and beyond to be sure that we are getting the service necessary.

  571. Kristen Matthews 2021/02

    Markel did a great job. He was very polite and enjoyable to be around which reflected in the care he put into protecting my home. His walk through and treatment of my home was very thorough and complete. He walked with me to see my areas of concern and addressed them accordingly. I couldn’t be more please with Markel’s treatment and respect for me and my home.

  572. William Friday 2021/02

    From the time they rung my doorbell these guys were very professional. I did cut off the kid in the middle of his sales pitch but that’s cause I was busy not cause he hasn’t getting to the point fast enough. I appreciate how kind and professional these guys were throughout the whole process especially John when he came to service my home. If you can request him he’s the tall guy that’s good with dogs ?????

  573. Felicia Boney 2021/01

    I was told that my service technician would be John Brown and the appointment was set for 10:30am. John arrived promptly at 10:30. He introduced himself and began to ask me a series of questions BEFORE he began to work. He asked to inspect my home visually before doing any recommendations. He did NOT try to sell me additional products and he also informed me that I did NOT have a huge pest problem. The respect he delivered to me and my home, along with his honesty left me feeling secure and happy with my property. Thanks John!

  574. Trevor Curran 2021/01

    John Brown was very knowledgeable and thorough in his inspection. He was professional and courteous throughout the process. He helped to point out some tips to help prevent future problems. All in all, we are happy with the work that was done.

  575. LaVar Carmichael 2021/01

    Markel was my tech. Professional, courteous and on time (I forgot all about the appointment). We are doing a bit of remodeling and end of the year purging and he moved right around all that stuff and did his job. Didn’t have to ask him to spray under the sinks around pipes.

  576. Andrew Alexander 2021/01

    Been using Evergreen for a few years now. We get emails and texts when a service is coming up, and they come out quickly if we discover an issue in/around the home between services. The staff is always friendly and happy to explain details like why a bug is in the attic or signs to watch for for carpenter ants or termites. Their pricing is a bit odd in that you pay monthly and get service quarterly, but that isn’t really an issue for us.

  577. Julia Silva 2021/01

    I’ve been using Evergreen for the better part of a year now and I’m so glad I made the switch. I have very limited pest activity in my home and if I need additional services, the people at Evergreen are ready to help. James is my favorite, he is always super professional and friendly! He’s very knowledgeable about pests and suggests ways I can help deter them from entering my home without coming across as condescending. Overall, I can trust Evergreen to be reliable and efficient. A+!

  578. Claude Summers 2021/01

    My initial service performed by John Brown was excellent. He was very thorough and answered all of my questions professionally. His service was the best example of your company’s professional standards. Thank you and I look forward to a great relationship

  579. Heidi Gillenwater 2021/01

    Andre has been treating the exterior of my house for mosquitoes for several months. He is always professional and friendly. He also goes the extra mile. Even though it was not part of his job, he too extra time to clear spider webs that have accumulated on the outside of our house and porch.

  580. m austin 2021/01

    Evergreen is a solid company. Andre came out today and was professional, but still fun enough to laugh at my bad jokes, LOL
    Really appreciate his, and the company as a whole, for their commitment to customer service, satisfaction, and they get the job done. We have far less pests than we did before they started coming out and the program is set up so that just about the time we see activity they are out for the next service.

  581. Lori Southward 2021/01

    I am under pest contract. Andre is always so willing to go beyond his duty and keeps in touch on the days he is coming to my house. The owner has been to my home as well and so very willing to go the distance to keep his customers happy. It shows as Andre has the same work ethic. I would recommend Evergreen Pest Solutions!

  582. Brien Carr 2021/01

    Eric is always on time and friendly. He answers all my questions and is willing to complete additional treatments as soon as we ask.

    New guy Andre is also prompt and friendly. He has been very thorough and rechecks every treatment for progress or regression.

  583. John Doe 2020/10

    Ah man although I was ready To cancel my contract, I spoke to a man name Eugene I think he’s the district manager but he greatly changed my mind. He was very humble and very concerned about my issue at hand. He expressed his concern about making sure his clients are well taken care of.. he showed great customer service skills which is a plus. I’m glad I had the opportunity to speak with you mr. Eugene, you deserve a raise brother

  584. Lisa Michelle 2020/10

    Great company to work with, quality service performed by professionals who go above and beyond pest control to get their job done. I am very satisfied with the level of professionalism and the extended care provided to my residence to insure my problem was resolved. Nice technicians, great products, no spiders. Thank you Evergreen .

  585. shawn green 2020/10

    Very customer friendly service. Technician was polite, knowledgeable and easy to converse with. He walked me step by step through what he was doing and answered my questions with no hesitation.

  586. cole torres 2020/10

    We had an excellent pest control service at our old home, but when we moved to VA, I had to find another company. I had the most unfortunate experiences with Evergreen from the very start. After discussing with the sales person my concerns with using pest services in the yard, he told me incorrect information about the kind of treatment they use and how it is dispersed. I didn’t find out this information was incorrect until after I had already signed a contract. The service person told me the information I was told by the sales agent was incorrect and said that the sales agents aren’t trained effectively. And yet these people are the ones that present us with supposed factual information for us to base our decision on. We decided to stick with it though because if the hefty cancelation fee. After a few times out, we were still having the same issues we were having before starting the service with no improvement. We called for a retreatment and the rudest employee ever told me that the reason why I was still having issues is because I had a sun room with sliding doors and that an area like that can’t be treated effectively. Essentially we were paying for nothing. My husband called and was given other options that supposedly would work, but would involve us leaving the home for several treatments. That didn’t seem worth it for the minor issues we were having. He canceled our contract. Thinking we were done, we thought nothing about no having no contact from the company whatsoever until we recieved a bill for services 2.5 months later. Our call to correct the issue went unanswered for 2 weeks until I had to call them again. Despite that fact that we had canceled, they kept charging us for services even though we had no services performed during that time. I’m not one to write a negative review over one bad circumstance, but this was terrible service and complete lack of integrity from the beginning.

  587. Kaden Jones 2020/10

    I have had a good experience so far with this company. Office is always helpful and polite. The technicians are great. We have had Eric and Eddie at our home a few times and they are very polite, helpful, and knowledgeable. I would highly recommended them for any pest problem you have.

  588. NC Harris 2020/10

    Been with them for a few years now and I’m not going anywhere. Braids coming promptly on routine preventative visits, they also come when problems arise with no problems/resistance given.

    Recently Eddie came and thoroughly inspected and initiated resolution to a field mouse my son saw on the porch one night while lounging. I’m confident the issue has been resolved and they won’t be attempting to intrude on our lounge time again!?

    Customer service has always been excellent. Highly recommended. (I also really appreciate the use of all natural products that won’t harm my family!)

  589. Delia Copado 2020/09

    I am happy with the customer service, the technician is cautious to take care that he does not track in dirt from outside with shoes covers on his shoes. He is friendly and addresses the issue so he can provide the best service possible. I like that if the issue hadn’t been fixed they will return until the problem has been fixed. I especially like the fact that they do keep in contact to make sure that the issue has been dealt with.

  590. Merry Rech 2020/09

    Sean is extremely professional – going beyond polite and courteous. I really appreciated the timeliness of calling beforehand and that he was able to service the house early in the morning. There was no waiting and wondering when he would arrive. He was willing to get down low to spray where needed, not concerned with needing to kneel on the floor. He explained everything he was going to do, and then did it with expediency. Thank you Sean for your professionalism!

  591. L So 2020/09

    Eugene Feggins the owner is very attentive to your needs and truly cares about your issues. He personally came out to my home for mice issues. He has a very polite staff! Eddie has been treating my house and does a great job! I would totally recommend Evergreen

  592. Jessica Burton 2020/09

    Evergreen has always been friendly and accommodating!! They do a great job and always with a smile. Communication is always great as well! I forgot to change my address, so they inadvertently treated my old house, but once notified they without hesitation or issue came directly over to my new house and completed my treatment. Happy customer!

  593. Chris Fullman 2020/09

    The folks at Evergreen have been pretty great in the past 6 months we’ve been using them.

    The communication has been easy and clear—both via email and texting—and their service visits after the initial treatment are fairly hands-off. They’ll take pictures of problem spots and talk about strategies we can do on our own to solve them. Brushing off the house exterior from webs is a nice bonus, too!

    They came back right away after a mouse had found its way into our utility room to help us figure out where the entry points might be and provided recommendations on how to seal them up, which I did right away and that seems to have done the trick.

    We switched to them from Terminix and are happy with the decision. Thanks, Evergreen!

  594. Karen Brown 2020/08

    Evergreen services are reliable and efficient. They are very thorough and clearly explain everything they’re doing and why. Their arrival doesn’t interrupt our routines unless we have questions. Best of all, we can call them between visits if a problem develops and they respond quickly. They’ve serviced our property for years. Thanks to them, spiders, camel crickets and other creepy crawlers don’t call our home theirs anymore. We highly recommend Evergreen.

  595. Zach Sloane 2020/08

    Eric came through and did a phenomenal job sealing the perimeter of our home, inside and out, with protections from insects. We live in the woods so this is a big deal for us and Eric did a wonderful job making sure it’s all taken care of and covered, as well as providing some advice for habits to keep insects out between quarterly visits. Evergreen has excellent customer service and makes sure you get the most out of your subscription and are always satisfied with each visit. Thanks a lot for a great year and a half of keeping our home covered and bug-free.

  596. Ursuala Stallings 2020/08

    Shawn King was the rep that came out to my house. He said that he would be here by 11am, and he was here before that time. He was very pleasant and courteous. Although I didn’t have any questions, he let me know exactly what he needed to do. He kept a smile on his face which made me smile. Thanks for the wonderful customer service. Job well done.

  597. Topsail Seablings 2020/08

    Eric is very professional and always listens to my concerns (if any) . Evergreen is very easy to call and set up an extra visit if anything is seen around the house. Only thing I have seen, each spring, are the little black ants, they treat and I never see them again!! Amazing

  598. Melissa Estes 2020/08

    We just started using the service, but the two times they have come out both gentlemen have been very nice! They are very informative, willing to answer questions and always prepared. We had the most recent visit do an inside spray as well and the servicemen came with mask, gloves and boot covers. Great service so far!

  599. Karen Daly 2020/08

    We’ve had a great experience with Evergreen! They are very responsive and easy to work with- Markel is especially thorough, professional and willing to answer questions or concerns. Overall great value and effective treatments – we recommend them highly!

  600. Jami Queen 2020/08

    I was very impressed with Eric today. He was very punctual and accommodating. He sent me a text and advised me that he might be a little early and asked me if it was ok. This is a very customer focused action, In the past, people have just arrived early and it is a little startling. He also explained everything he was going to do and why. He is a very professional young man and did a great job.

    I am requesting Eric to do my service every time!

  601. Debra Lunsford 2020/08

    As always Eddie Palko does a great job servicing my home . His eye for details and concern always leaves me feeling My home is in great hands . Thank you Eddie! Always on time and always professional.

  602. Rachel Schutrumpf 2020/08

    I received a text 1 week before service which helps setup my schedule and appointments. James was my technician today and he is extremely smart & thoughtful. He examined the entire outside of my home and discovered we probably had woodpeckers which leads to a larger problem with carpenter ants. I appreciate their honesty and helpfulness. You will never be disappointed by using Evergreen Pest Solutions!

  603. Beverly Bisharat 2020/07

    Great Job James. Love your details and thoroughness. Thank you for the pictures where we are having a problem.. My husband is starting on correcting these issues. Yay!!! Money well spent on this service. Very please with your work. Best service.

  604. Melissa Brushwood 2020/07

    For the past 1.5 years I have been arguing with them that sending an email 2 days before service is NOT acceptable. That does not allow enough time to plan ahead for someone to be home so they can service the entire house. In addition, I have had to ask on multiple occasions for someone else to come back to get the rest of the spots they missed. My current service man is great but we are two years into a contract before I’m even slightly satisfied.

  605. Tracy Griffin 2020/07

    Although I have had a few issues with other technicians, James has done my service the last couple of times and he is great!! He has exceptional customer service skills and is extremely thorough!

  606. Matthew Campbell 2020/07

    Our technician was very friendly and very professional. He introduced himself, went over the service and began immediately. Watching him, I noticed he was extremely thorough and I don’t think missed a single spot. Very happy and we will continue using Evergreen for years to come!

  607. Bradley Skiba 2020/07

    We use Evergreen to treat our house quarterly and as needed. They’ve always been polite and professional when they come, not to mention knowledgeable. They’ve come out at the drop of a hat to address issues that come up between our regular treatments and do a great job explaining factors that can cause increased activity. Definitely recommend.

  608. Ashley Osborne Rolander 2020/06

    The Evergreen team has been super friendly and responsive. I love getting the notifications for service and the emails/texts about any updates. Great value and great service so far. Thanks!

  609. Jeff Miller 2020/06

    Had a minor ant issue between regular services, called them up and they had a technician out the next day! Very polite, wore booties over his shoes. Simple and painless experience.

  610. Elaine Quinby 2020/06

    Sean arrived on time, asked if I had any issues, was ready to treat the exterior and I asked about doing the crawl space. As always with your technicians, he was accommodating and friendly. Once he completed his work, he texted me that he was finished. Efficient and friendly, he is always welcome. I have an ant army that arrives in the spring so hope he comes back again in May!

  611. Aneysa Johnson 2020/06

    Eric was amazing! He was friendly and explained what he would be doing for this appointment. He made sure I didn’t need anything inside of the house before working on the outside. I hope he will continue to be pest control guy!

  612. Stephanie Benedict 2020/06

    Our technician ERIC was on top of his game and very knowledgeable.. We would like to request him on a monthly basis to come out to our home. 5 stars for you Eric

  613. Elaine Quinby 2020/05

    I had a day or two advanced notice that they were coming. My technician was uniformed and arrived in a clearly marked pickup truck to do my quarterly pest control, was courteous and asked questions about any issues concerning me. Marke was polite, efficient and sprayed my two sheds to handle any insects that may have started wintering in there with the recent cold spells. I am happy with Evergreen and have no regrets about hiring them to provide maintenance for controlling pests. I believe their pricing is competitive and highly recommend them for anyone needing the peace of mind they offer.

  614. Bethany Harding 2020/05

    We signed up with Evergreen pest solutions on Friday afternoon with Martin. Martin was so personable, didn’t beat around the bush with us, and answer all of our questions in depth. On Monday morning Sean came to perform the initial treatment on our home and yard. He called ahead to let us know when he would be on the way, and when he arrived he was extremely friendly and knowledgeable, and even removed a wasp nest in our backyard! My Mother-in-law is deathly allergic to any bee or wasps sting, so this was a huge plus for us, as it allows our family to once again come over and spend time on our back deck and in our back yard. Sean was even good with our young children, chatting and laughing with them, which isn’t always common with people who come to do work in/on our home. So far, We highly recommend evergreen!!

  615. Sharonda Shepard 2020/05

    Markel arrived early this morning which was great. He was pleasant and professional and knowledgeable about a bug he saw outside before I even asked. He covered the entire home inside and out. I appreciated the fact that even though it was early and the house wasn’t as polished as I would have preferred, he worked around the stuff that was out of place and did it in a manner as not to offend. Thank you for a great job.

  616. Vicki Rosas Sanchez 2020/05

    Sean did my service today. Very fast and efficient. I am recuperating from surgery, and not only did Sean do my pest control, he moved my trash can out to the curb for pickup since I was unable to move it at this time. He was kind, understanding of my needs and respectful. I recommend Evergreen Pest Solutions for your pest control services.

  617. Josephine Cortes 2020/05

    Our service person Christopher was very professional, nice, easy to talk to and answered all of our questions honestly. This is our first time using Evergreen so as time goes by I can rate how good their product works and write a review. So far, so good.

  618. Nic Jackson 2020/04

    Ever since I signed up with Evergreen I haven’t had any major issues with pests at all. Their technicians are always friendly and courteous, any other company trying to beat their service is gonna be hard pressed from day one. I also greatly appreciate how they explain what they are doing and what it will help prevent

  619. Tam Smith 2020/04

    Very attentive and informative. Sean our rep today was great! He listened to my issue with spiders and had a plan of attack! I told him the spider we trying to catch us (not bugs) so he knew what to do. He was very friendly and easy to work with. Thanks as always for your help.

  620. Pamela Jones 2020/04

    Eric was great. He removed spider webs as well as wasp eggs above my front door that would have eventually become a problem. He also treated the garage again as I had seen a few insects in there over the past couple of weeks. I highly recommend this company.

  621. Christina Ann Trevino 2020/04

    I really appreciated the safety precautions he took. The salesman that approached my house was very well-informed and made me trust their company. I’m definitely going to recommend this service to my friends and use them in the future.

  622. Jonathan Siler 2020/04

    Have been a customer with Evergreen for half a year so far. I have been very pleased with their service and pricing. No pests in sight since their service. Most of all, they’re incredibly real to their customers, friendly, and making sure to keep me informed of anything they find. Great company all around from what I’ve experienced.

    Update 7/2020: Evergreen is still doing great for me. The personnel are incredible and clearly care for the customers.

  623. Shannen Moon 2020/04

    The prices are fair, and the services are definitely worth it. Our technician, Shawn, was exceptional. He was extremely quick and efficient with our maintenance, while being super professional and friendly. 10/10 would recommend!

  624. Alma Hassell 2020/04

    The tech that came out to my home today was awesome. Sean was very professional, respectful and made sure I was satisfied before he departed. Good employees like Sean is hard to come by. Hold on to him. He’s great.

  625. Bill Busch 2020/04

    I have experienced excellent service from the Evergreen staff, both in Customer Service and the services provided to my home. They honored their policy of intermediate calls between regularly scheduled ones. Today two gentlemen came because I have Carpenter Bees back now that the weather has warmed up. They used environmentally safe products and re-sprayed the perimeter and under the deck which showed signs of damage to the support beams. They also asked if there was any sign of ants within the home because they saw tunnels on the foundation. Very pleased with this company, their employees and freely recommend their service.

  626. Sharon Smith 2020/04

    Evergreen is a great company and so pleased with recent quick response from my regular guy who is great! He had made and gloves and covering and professional but as always friendly

  627. Jamica Fleming 2020/04

    I love this company. I know that I am in good hands! If I ever have a problem, I know that they are just a phone call away. They never hesitate to make sure that our needs our met, no matter the request. Every technician that I’ve met has been courteous and efficient! I highly recommend using them for all your pest control needs.

  628. Ken Epps 2020/03

    Andre was great! Was very professional and courteous. He called about coming earlier than the appointment time, which I appreciated very much. I explained where there was problems and he took care of everything. I was very happy with his work.

  629. Stephanie Merlo 2020/03

    Markel was awesome! Called an hour ahead of time and even asked if it was ok to come early, which of course..yes.
    He was thorough, knowledgeable, treated our pets really nicely and made sure we were comfortable with having them be outside of the kitchen for 2 hours.
    Thanks for the great service!

  630. L Brown 2020/03

    Markel was friendly and extremely helpful on letting me know what areas he will be treating and what to expect during and after treatments. Very happy customer and glad we chose your company! Thank you again for the exceptional service! -Lena

  631. Dragon Reaper 2020/03

    Evergreen has been willing to work with me since Day 1. Rearranging their schedules and talking with me and educating me about pests and how they get in, common problems, etc. Highly recommend their service for any kind of common household irritants like ants and spiders or even hornets and wasps. Eric was my serviceman and he was polite and helpful whenever I had questions or concerns and willing to help.

  632. Donna Marie Moore 2020/03

    The Evergreen Tech, Eric was very polite. He came on time and explain everything in detail of what he was going to do during this visit. To work to perform well here at my home what’s quality and he came back to let me know what he found and what I can do to correct problem that he found.

  633. William Sinka 2020/03

    Response times and schedules are great. However, ants being my key worry when signing up, I’ve consistently had an issue. That’s a problem that still has yet to be solved. Obviously it isn’t one in the winter but boy do they show out in the summer. That aside, great service

  634. Jamie Carter 2020/03

    Eddie is very professional and goes above and beyond to ensure his customers are satisfied. He is very friendly and I highly recommend him to service your home. In 2 1/2 years we have never had any issues and if one should arise this company will ensure they send someone out to resolve the problem.

  635. Jennifer Snead 2020/03

    Eric E. Has done the best job I have ever had done. He’s a very nice and knowledgeable respectful young man. I feel he really listened to our issues and went above and beyond today.

  636. J C 2020/02

    Chris was very professional easy to communicate with, very kind guy, explained to me fully what was being done as my initial treatment since the rep told me different but I understood and was satisfied with the plan.

  637. Brittany Aultman 2020/02

    James was very polite and professional. He did a great job explaining the issues we had with our home and did a thorough inspection. We have used Evergreen for a year and they have always been responsive and reliable.

  638. Scott Ellis 2020/02

    Markel visited us today. Great service, very kind individual and definitely enjoyed our conversations. He answered my questions without skipping a beat. Ty again. For a wonderful service.
    A very pleased customer.

  639. cheyenne torres 2020/02

    Our technician Chris was awesome. He was extremely thorough and really listened to my concerns. It was hot out and our property is not small but he didn’t shy away from amy of it.

  640. Angela Spencer 2020/01

    My home was just serviced today so I can’t speak yet to the efficacy and value, but I was pleased with the technician’s (Eric) promptness and clear and thorough explanation of the services. He was friendly, respectful of property, and methodically yet quickly carried out his duties.

  641. Blanca M 2020/01

    The technician James was helpful in handle the issue at my home. He was prompt and polite. I appreciate the call back to check in to make sure I didn’t have any more problems.

  642. Lindsay Molen 2020/01

    Our most recent service provider, Eric, was great. Super friendly and helpful. You can tell they genuinely want to make sure the service is working and that we aren’t seeing bugs in the house. The only reason I didn’t give 5 stars is because we did see a lot of bugs in early Autumn. But we also never scheduled an interior treatment so the fault may partly be on us.

  643. CANDY ERWIN 2020/01

    Sean has done a great job and I haven’t had an issue with spiders, bugs and other critters. And he always lets me know when he’s been to my house. I appreciate that! He’s always polite and professional. He gets an A+.

  644. Tom Eckels 2020/01

    Techs are knowledgeable and always give detailed explanations of their activities. I’m particularly impressed with quick response time when additional services are needed. Price is competitive and got my business however the efficiency and professionalism keeps it. I had no complaints with the previous provider (Terminex) and Evergreen exceeds their service.

  645. Fredda Pelter 2020/01

    Very polite & professional staff. I have had nothing but wonderful experiences working with Eddie, Eric, & Eugene. They always call & give a heads up when they are on their way to the property, and take the time to answer questions. I would highly suggest their services.

  646. Brooke Roberts 2019/12

    This is my first time getting this service done with this company. The guy who came out was very professional and pleasant ! He was able to come out earlier than expected which worked for me . The job was pretty quick and efficient . Thanks ! ❤️

  647. Justine Baldwin 2019/10

    Reasonably priced. They were prompt and very knowledgeable. William explained to me what he was doing to do and why. He answered all my questions with authority and patience. Eugene the manager reached out after the appointment to ensure all went well.

  648. Kristin Lemon 2019/10

    I had previously posted a negative review and the owner actually stopped by our home to deliver an apology and handwritten card for a mistake made by his company. I wanted to re review and say how admirable that was and what a great business person that is to hold themselves accountable to fix the issue. Everyone makes mistakes and it takes an awesome person to make it better. Thank you!

  649. Mel Jones 2019/09

    So far so good. The door to door salesperson wasn’t very honest when he came by. I only signed up w/them b/c he put me under the impression that they worked w/the HOA & our neighborhood was over run w/all these bugs. Either way I fell for …

  650. Susanne Shumway 2019/09

    This is a review for the technician that performed the service. It is too soon to know how happy I will be with Evergreen in general. Eric Everett was very knowledgeable, courteous, professional, kind and friendly. I hope all the technicians are as good as Eric going forward.

  651. Patrick Gee 2019/09

    Please explain to me why one of your employees felt comfortable enough to come on my property uninvited to tell me about insects and pest that are in my area? Especially after I told him I already had my home serviced by another company 3 …

  652. Chris Manzelli 2019/08

    We had signed up for this service and unfortunately got off to a rocky start. However, as soon as we voiced our concerns, the local manager Eddie set his schedule aside and took charge and bent over backwards to make sure we were taken care of. He stayed in consistent contact with us to make sure not only on concerns were being addressed but the issues within our home were taken care of, which they were. Knowing now how hard these guys work to get it right I would definitely recommend them.

  653. V Marshall 2019/08

    Davonte is very friendly and professional. He arrived at the agreed time. He answered all of my concerns. He also gave me recommendations to keep my home safe and pest free. I am very pleased with the service so far.

  654. Tiffany Vaughan 2019/07

    Eric E came out today to treat for rodents. He was very thorough and check to make sure that no one in the house had allergies or would react poorly to the treatment. He also removed some webs from the front of the house that had been missed at our last maintenance visit. Incredibly professional, great face for the company!

  655. Bobby Tart 2019/07

    Highly recommend James. Very thorough in his inspection and clear in his explanation of problem and fixing the issue. Communication was great and appreciate the updates on appointment time and arrival.

  656. Michelle Crawford 2019/06

    Sean is AWESOME! He took great care of us today. He was prompt, polite and very respectful. He explained our contract, explained what he would be doing and asked if I had any questions. After he was done he came and let me know what he did, why he did what he did and again asked if I had any questions. So far I am very happy that we started service. The gentleman that came around to sell us service was great too (I’m so sorry, my husband talked to him and doesn’t remember his name) he was funny, knowledgeable and personable. The only thing that was kind of weird to me was that he was coming by so late…it makes people very cautious of even talking to him.

  657. Milly Mwangi 2019/04

    Great service and awesome customer service! James was very professional. He was very knowledgeable in pest control and explained the areas he was spraying as likely hiding areas for pests. Since we started using Evergreen we haven’t had any problems with pests. We don’t even need to call them, they always know when it’s the right time for service. This gives us a peace of mind. Would absolutely recommend this company to anyone who don’t like seeing the little creatures crawling around.

  658. Steven Moye 2019/04

    I have been satisfied with the level of service provdided by their tech, Eddie. But, our 1 year contract ended, and I have been trying to cancel my service for the past 6months. I have received, yet another unwanted treatment with a $100 charge.

    Horrible customer service at their office. And their service/account manager does not return calls. 2/5 would not recommend to another person.

  659. Kiya Rivera 2019/03

    EDITED : re – reviewed and edited. Initially I rated 3 stars due to the below ; however changed to 5 stars now as they have made such a huge effort to address my concerns. The actual company owner came and spoke to my husband about my concerns ( you don’t see this now now a days so I was pleasantly surprised). I think their customer service is excellent. They have worked very hard and done everything in their power to address our concerns.

    The employees are very nice and pleasant. The reason why I rated a 3 instead of 5 is because on multiple occasions they made mistakes in the charge cost of the service. They fixed it the first time after calling twice .. the second time, I do not believe I was credited back the overcharge. In addition to this, unfortunately, I still have ants frequently in my house despite having quartly service. The company has come in between quartly treatments to re-treat once I have told them ants are around. However, I feel like I shouldn’t be seeing ants so frequently while getting service/treatments. I don’t believe they treat or locate ants nests so maybe that is the issue.

  660. Chelley J 2019/02

    We’ve been using Evergreen for Over a year now and the customer Service is superb! We get the same technician Erik, every visit so we’ve been able to build a business relationship with him, he knows our house and keeps track of problems we’ve discussed with him, he’s very knowledgeable, and he’s super nice.
    I recently had an issue and needed to speak with someone at the local office. I spoke with Lina who was very nice, answered all of my questions efficiently and knowledgeably. Great customer service all around!

  661. Leatha England 2019/02

    Eric was great! It was our first service, so he made sure to go over our contract & services provided in an efficient yet meticulous manner before he started. He was polite, professional, kind and thorough.

  662. Melissa Dagenhardt 2019/02

    I’ve been with Evergreen for over two years. They are extremely accommodating and care about building relationships with their customers. They have helped us with inside and outside service and use enviro. friendly products. Also, helped us with a bees nest inside the wall and it was covered by our quarterly service. Highly recommend!

  663. Dakota Temple 2019/01

    I had a sales person Mark from this Company walk up to me while I was outside with my son. He starting off asking do I live at this house? Without any induction of who he was. Then I look at him and asked why? Then he said that his company …

  664. Stephanie Zimmerman 2018/08

    We originally signed up because they knocked on our door and said they were treating most of the neighborhood, NOT true. We had to call back after almost every ’30 day waiting period’ between services because we were still having issues, especially with ant season. We kept them for the full year contract hoping it would get better, but once it was up, we canceled our service. Canceling was like pulling teeth, it took multiple emails and phone calls and a lot of being jerked around. Today, while I was in the shower, someone showed up and started treating the outside of the house. I saw him, stopped him and told him we canceled. He said he would just finish up since he was here. I said no, because we’re not paying for this. Back and forth and finally he called his manager who “graciously” offered to half the $88 charge, so it would “only be $44” but that’s all they could do for me. I told him flat out we were not paying them a cent, our contract was over, it wasn’t our fault he got sent out. Fast forward an hour and they’ve charged our card for the full $88. Awful service, awful product, awful marketing. I wish I had 2 more hands, so I could give this place 4 thumbs down.

  665. Kelsey 2018/08

    Evergreen did a thorough job servicing my home in a timely manner and were very polite and knowledgeable. I do feel like there have been more spiders and spider webs weeks after the summer, but they plan to come back out and provide service before our next scheduled appointment and that is greatly appreciated.

  666. Kyle Bowman 2018/08

    Great technician. Very good customer service, and very knowledgeable about the product. Answered all questions I had with no hesitation. Which is comforting, considering I have three dogs that go out back on a daily. Thank you evergreen.

  667. Amy Holmes 2018/08

    We just started using Evergreen this year and our experience has been great. I like that they automatically come out and treat the exterior of our home every 3 months and that I can schedule in home treatment at anytime for no additional cost. The technicians that have treated our home have been friendly and knowledgeable. I definitely recommend them!!

  668. Dennis Weiss 2018/07

    Eddie and James arrived on time, were prepared to solve the problem. They treated me with friendly professionalism and obvious pride in Evergreen and what they do. I like this high level of service. It ensures my confidence in the company, its local presence, and its staff. Dennis W

    New review 7/16/2018(: Erik was polite, knowlable, fast (that means efficient), considerate, friendly….,all the component qualities of professionalism. 5 stars!

  669. Billie Feathers 2018/07

    I’ve been with Evergreen for a little over a year now and have always had a good experience with them. This last visit was incredible! I had a new guy and he was followed by a more experienced guy. The level of education was over the top! Both were extremely friendly but very professional. They took their time and made sure that all of my needs and concerns were met. I’m so very glad that I have been asked to post a review because I had planned on calling the manager to let him know just how much I really appreciated this last visit. This new person will really be an asset to his team and the company.

  670. Courtney Carnell 2018/07

    My experience has been amazing with Evergreen. The technicians, the office staff…everyone has been nothing but pleasant and quick to help me with anything I need. I got on here to write a review and was surprised that everyone was complaining about the salesmen coming to their door. I signed up with a salesman that came to my door and he was very professional. He told me my neighbors were serviced by Evergreen and it was true…I saw a truck over there the next day. My personal experience has been wonderful and I would recommend them to anyone.

  671. Bryce Petty 2018/06

    I’ve been using evergreen ever since I’ve moved to Richmond and have been very satisfied. Their services do as promised, and the technicians are very helpful and professional when coming to treat my house. The salesman whom signed me up was very professional and informative, and he was able to answer every question I had. I would recommend this company to anyone.

  672. adam allred 2018/06

    Love this company! Sales guy was cool. Technician knew his stuff and did the job right. No more ants or spiders. Office called me to see how I liked everything. Great customer service. Highly recommend this company to anyone.

  673. Luis Rodriguez 2018/04

    This company has treated me very well. I do not have any complaints about them. The salesguys was very friendly. I was not home when my wife got set up, but I ended up calling him the next day and he answered all my questions and made me feel very comfortable to proceed with the service.

    The first service was very smooth. The technician was very knowledgeable on what he was doing and answer all my questions that I had. The products work very well. I really like evergreen and I recommend this company to anyone

  674. Dina Hansen 2018/03

    I wish they were more organized and were more professional. We had unforeseen circumstances and needed to terminate our contract. I emailed and called many times with no reply expect to tell me via email to call the office. The office never actually answered the phone. Finally a month after my initial phone call, I receive a call from someone who tells me they are the owner. They are surprised at the lack of follow through and assure me they will terminate our contract. Today I see that never happened. Our card was charged again as if our conversation never happened. I’m extremely disappointed and don’t recommend this service.

  675. tammy duncan 2018/02

    Great service for a great price. I have nothing but good things to say about Evergreen. The technicians are always friendly and answer all of my questions. Whenever I need to, I just call them and they come back out for free. Satisfied would be an understatement.

  676. Melissa Davis 2018/01

    Ryan, did our initial set up of our account and having our service set up. He was very knowledgeable and friendly. He was able to answer all of my husband and I questions that we had about the services. I highly recommend him.
    Brinton, he was very knowledgeable and friendly. He talked my husband and I through the whole process and every step of the way. Also informed us of the finding he found and explained everything to us. Highly recommend him to do our services again and to any other home.

  677. Bill Callahan 2017/09

    So far, so good! The customer service representative Jeremy who got us started was very helpful and thorough in providing us the information we needed to switch services and what Evergreen could manage for us. …

  678. MikenLiz Robinson 2017/09

    The service was outstanding. Our designated time slots were from 12 PM to 2 PM, the technicians were here at 12 PM. We had two technicians, Marc and Eddie that divided the work in a quick timely manner. The technicians were polite and informative. Would recommend this service to anyone.

  679. Amanda Amanda 2017/07

    The service was excellent!! Our appointment was between 4:30 and 6:30. They called to see if they may arrive early and of course we were fine with it!! Steve and Marcellous were both friendly and professional and did a thorough job. They were knowledgeable and answered all our questions. I highly recommend this company!!

  680. Erin Cook 2017/06

    Noah and Eddie came out to my house this morning for our first treatment. They were very professional, nice, and even a few minutes early!! Wonderful customer service from everyone I have spoken to from the phone to in-person.

  681. Lyndsey Noel 2017/06

    This is our first time using a pest control service and we have been very pleased with Evergreen so far. Eddie did the initial inspection and treatment at our home today. He was very professional and knowledgeable and took the time to answer any questions or concerns that I had. The service was thorough and completed on time.

  682. Leonard Lane 2017/03

    we had two techs. Eddie came and did the inside. He was very pleasant and knowledgeable and explained the different chemicals he would use. It was due to rain that day, so we decided that the outside should wait until a day when rain was not expected. The office called and set up another appointment for the outside. Erik came on time and did the perimeter and eaves. He was very efficient as well. Unfortunately we had I light rain 6 hours after the outside was done, so I hope it did the job.

  683. Jan Chalkley 2017/03

    Daniel was very helpful and friendly. He explained everything in a manner that I could understand the work to be done. Afterwards he let me know what had been taken care. Also Logan was a very pleasant and nice salesman for your produce. I will definitely recommend your company. Thanks!

  684. The Big Texmex 2017/02

    Eddie came out and completed my interior service today. He was professional and fantastic with his inspection and providing information about solutions. I love that the chemicals used are both pet and environmentally friendly but still highly effective! Am very glad we found them!

  685. Edith Askew 2017/02

    Eddie came out today and sprayed for second time for ants. He was very professional and gave me some helpful hints too. Very good respectively and a good PR person for your company. Thanks and have a blessed day

  686. Christopher Berg 2017/01

    Don’t let these people take advantage of you.

    I am extremely unhappy. They talked my wife into signing up for the contract after showing up at our house. I had to call 5 times to cancel the contract and kept getting the runaround. I was told someone would call me back, I couldn’t just cancel with the people who answered the phone, first call back they asked if I had problems with the service, subsequent call backs never happened until I was extremely firm with people on the phone. They never explained to my wife, or to me on their first service visit that there was a 2 year contract with a cancellation fee. It was on the paperwork, so shame on my wife – but these are the kind of tactics are the reason why I hate door to door sales people.

    We had their service for almost 3 months, and the longest duration without ants was 2 weeks. We kept having to call them back. Our house is still covered in spiders – and whatever they sprayed the webs with didn’t actually kill them, and they were supposed to come back to remove the webs, but never did. The service was supposed to cover spiders – but their response was that we have a lot of trees around our house. When coming back to treat for ants – they blamed some crumbs on the counter and the fact that there was food in the pantry (I’m not kidding – and this was a manager). What is the use of their services if they don’t actually fix the problem?

    I saved a bunch of money and bought a can of Raid and some ant traps – now the ants are finally gone. Save yourself a bunch of money and do the same.

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