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EcoShield Pest Solutions
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  1. Dawn Boston 2023/10

    I spoke with Teresa this morning regarding my service appointment. She was very courteous and was able to provide the rescheduling information I needed.

  2. John Hall 2023/10


  3. Velvet Epps 2023/10

    Bryan is a wonderful technician and did a great job servicing my home.

  4. Jason Kepner 2023/10

    Brian checked in on what we needed on top of the regular service, cleaned up around the exterior as well as replaced all the traps. Very polite and professional.

  5. Russ Tomlin 2023/10

    Anna was great to deal with if regards to my concerns.

  6. Cerel Collins 2023/10

    Brian Stevens was very attentive, professional and provided great consultation about the service he was providing. Highly recommend!

  7. Fred And Sue Link 2023/10

    Bryan came out & took care of our home~Was very professional, great personality, kind!~Answered some questions we had~Did a thorough inspection!~Greatly appreciated him~Have been with EcoShield for our exterminating needs for over 2 years & we appreciate it when they send the same technicians out~Thank you again Bryan!! Fred & Sue, Williamsburg, VA

  8. Sydney Whitaker 2023/10

    Brian was super friendly and efficient

  9. Tyrone Curry 2023/10

    Brain did a great job and were very professional!

  10. Gina Dunn 2023/10

    Brian was very nice and helpful implementing a lan for our unwanted pests!
    Thank you

  11. Michael Killian 2023/10

    Jerome A was so nice in helping me get my service restored.

  12. John Jackson 2023/10

    Joshua influence my decision on 10-25-2023 to stay with Ecoshield. What did Joshua do ? Professional, understood my situation and knew how to help within less than 7 minutes. Thank you so much Joshua and Ecoshield.

  13. Stephanie Grassi 2023/10

    Brian did a wonderful job! He addressed all of our concerns. He was polite, clean, and helpful! Highly recommend!

  14. Alie Korver 2023/10

    Super kind gentleman helped me out quick and easy Maurse

  15. Melissa Britt 2023/10

    Brian was so nice and helpful! Ecoshield does such a great job!

  16. Alex Cunningham 2023/10

    Brian was very professional and walked me through everything that he was going to be doing.

  17. Scott Kester 2023/10

    Zel in customer service is an asset to your company. She was very helpful and pleasant.

  18. Ibani Toter 2023/10

    Brian, was very virtuous, did an awesome some getting rid of cobwebs. He also showed me where he sprayed and I was very satisfied.

  19. Stephen Bruns 2023/10

    Brian S was very professional and helpful in answering questions we had. Promptly on time and cleared up the problem areas we had. Highly recommend their service.

  20. Ajamu Talib 2023/10

    The person’s name is Rod. He was quick to handle my request and sent me exactly what I needed. He sent me all the documents I needed for the clients. Polite and professional.

  21. Jeremy Dunn 2023/10

    Brian was great. Very professional and fast!

  22. Jason Pillow 2023/10

    Brian, very friendly, easy to work with, accommodates my requests, accomplishes all follow-up. Thank you

  23. Christina Kyger 2023/10

    Brian was fantastic! He went above and beyond with our service and made sure to answer my many questions. I appreciate how informative, kind, and efficient he was. We’re looking forward to seeing him again for our next service!

  24. Andrew 2023/10

    Brian was very through and helped to explain the steps that were taken to have the property de webbed and prevent further spiders.

  25. Adriane James 2023/10

    Brian was great! So nice, very professional and listened regarding our issues with the outside of our house.

  26. Jim Gustin 2023/10

    I called with an account issue and Karl E handled my customer service problem very well

  27. Corey Finney 2023/10

    Brian, was productive and very helpful. He also gave me plenty of formative information.

  28. Yvonne Ruiz 2023/10

    Semi country living and we used to have ants, fleas, ticks and other bugs around the house and yard. EcoShield took care of my problem right away. I’m a couple of months in now and no issues. Still pest free. They schedule a time for treatment and show up on time. No issues with billing. I had questions today and my technician, Cody, was super helpful. Told me how the products worked and eased my mind that my dogs would be safe after treatment (water yard to activate and let it dry before putting dogs out). Very helpful and professional.

  29. Mamore 2023/10

    Brian was very professional and did a great job!

  30. Vet Fou 2023/10

    Ryan came out to service our yard, told him about concerns, he told me what he could do to address fleas and ticks in our yard.
    I appreciate the fantastic service!

  31. Latrice 2023/10

    This is my second go around with Ecoshield. They did such an amazing job on our first home that I was inclined to get them again on our new home. However since we have had them at our new home there has nothing but problem after problem. We only have them service the outside, every single service we are still left with big spider webs all around our home as if there was nothing done. There was one time in which they said a service provider showed up and he did not, and I was still charged for it. We have cameras around our home so I was able to go to pull the footage of the day they said they were there.
    This last visit was just enough – I pointed out to the technican all the areas including the front porch which he was standing on that had huge spider webs and our back porch area. When he was finished (he left without even telling us that he completed the service) it was still the same spider webs there. I call Ecoshield, they tell me they cannot do a follow up service until 14 days, and I explain to them that our first service was not done properly. After 5 minutes of back & forth, he tells me that he will let the main office know. I highly doubt that, because the main office never calls when the call center says they will relay the message. Its not worth the money for half way service that I get each quarter.

  32. Stan Ward 2023/10

    Brian was great! Very thorough and detailed. Been using this service for a year or so and always receive excellent service!

  33. Sandy Heider 2023/10

    Sean assisted me with updating my payment information and answered my questions about my account! Thanks

  34. William South 2023/10

    Brian answered my questions. He is very personable and has great service.

  35. megan washington 2023/10

    Bryan did an excellent job. He was on time polite and had excellent customer service. We got top line service and I would highly recommend them!

  36. Joanna Harris 2023/10

    Brian was clear in his explanation of the job he was going to perform and finished quickly.

  37. Stacey Marks 2023/10

    I have used this service for about a year and am very happy. I do not have any bugs in my house or in my face when I am outside. I have had several technicians, Elijah is the best. Thorough, consistent, conscientious, and caring. Elijah always knocks on the door to talk to me, and takes care of any extra bugs that try to nest near my house, like the yellow jackets that were taken care of today. Communication from the office is excellent. Never had an issue with billing. Highly recommended.

  38. Lucy Bosch 2023/10

    Everytime they come this miss more and more. They are supposed to clear all the spiderwebs off the exterior of my house and always miss the majority of them. They said they would solve my ant problem in 2 treatments. They’ve been here 5 times and I still have ants. The photos are from after their visit today.


  39. Marissa Radack 2023/10

    Brian was so nice and helpful. He replaced a mosquito pod for us and was extremely polite!! Highly recommend him

  40. LEE ANN HETTRICK 2023/10

    Jason was very helpful in resolving my request! Polite, quick and professional.
    Thanks, Jason!

  41. Lawrence Heath 2023/10

    Brian was on time and discussed options, asking for information on any pest issues we have noticed. Very pleasant and efficient!

  42. Leanne Findley 2023/10

    Brian did an awesome job. He is thorough and very knowledgeable. He takes time to explain and answer question. Brian is very pleasant.

  43. Tom Spring 2023/10

    Brian was/is awesome. We’ve had EcoShield for like a year, but today was only the second time we felt like someone actually cared about doing our pest service (the first time was the first month of service).

    Most of the time, we’d never even know the servicefolk were here if it wasn’t for the door hanger saying so (no real chance of noting specific attention areas if you can’t talk to the person beforehand).

    He made sure to knock and talk to us before the service, ensured we are getting everything we want (and not getting anything we don’t need!), and even took the time for special request of spray locations.

    I definitely would give Brian more stars if I could, and I hope he’s our serviceperson for the foreseeable future.

  44. Chris Rowe 2023/10

    Brian did a great job he actually got started with no one home. It was a slight mixup and start time. That was my fault so I appreciate him not going after the next appointment.

  45. Leroy Stoutingberg 2023/10

    Brian was very respectful came in did his job explained things before leaving great service

  46. Christine HM 2023/10

    I do NOT recommend this company. Service was okay but prices are higher than other local options. We chose to cancel service because we repeatedly had wasps coming in the house without a rep ever finding the issue. After months, we found the problem ourselves in an otherwise obvious location outside. Clearly, reps were not doing a thorough job. Regardless, our year contract ended over a year ago, so cancellation would otherwise seem easy.. WRONG. All reps give you the run around despite providing two written cancellation notices. Their cancellation process is horrendous. I would have avoided them from the get go if I knew of this. Make sure you read more yelp reviews which appear to show similar experiences.

  47. Stephanie Bibbs 2023/10

    Brian was very professional and knowledgeable.

  48. Sarah Gardner 2023/10

    It did take me two weeks to speak to a live person and I spoke to Nova today about scheduling a visit to continue working on getting rid of some yellow jacket nests in our yard. She was very nice and helpful and kept me informed of any information pertaining to my visit and our issues with the yellow jackets

  49. Randy Faris 2023/10

    Brian did a great job
    Send him everytime!

  50. Morgenacht Dawn 2023/10

    Brian was awesome with the spray for spiders and ants. Friendly and professional, he also delivered a cool device filled with fluid when I mentioned a flying pest problem. Been using EcoShield for over a year now and Brian is the best technician we’ve seen so far. Happy to hear he will be coming back as needed, and given the time of year, that should be as scheduled.

    Thanks, Brian!

  51. Ram Raghavan 2023/10

    Brian did a thorough and great job!

  52. Michael Rizzo 2023/10

    My technician Brian is experienced and pleasant. A job well-done.

  53. Mary Rafaly 2023/10

    Brian was excellent. He was professional and thorough.
    1274 Bear Island Parkway
    Zion Crossroads VA 22942

  54. Keith Jones 2023/10

    Brian was very friendly & helpful

  55. Lee Durocher 2023/10

    Jan addressed all my concerns and followed up with the local office

  56. Kelly Judson 2023/10

    Brian was great and very efficient. No bugs here!!

  57. Dustin Dunbar 2023/10

    Brian was super helpful today. Incredibly proactive in asking about our problems and then providing recommended solutions. Took care of all issues he noticed. Definitely an A+ guy.

  58. Courtney Deal 2023/10

    Brian was terrific! Addressed my concerns and LOVED my Halloween decorations ? …

  59. theresa gibbons 2023/10

    Technician Brian was very courteous and professional. Great sense of humor and very efficient.

  60. Pam Fisher 2023/10

    Ellie was helpful and respectful.

  61. Jocelyn Haskins 2023/10

    Nova was a wonderful and understanding person. Provided great customer service!

  62. Kitty Rivers 2023/10

    Brian did a great job and was very professional and friendly
    #Chesterfield Va

  63. Charlie Pope 2023/10

    Brian did a great job and I enjoyed talking to him

  64. Charline & Conor Hand 2023/10

    Brian was amazing. He treated our garage, exterior and found a creative way to treat our compost that has been infested with yellow jackets. The last treatment he did for us was incredibly successful so we’re feeling very prepared for the fall and upcoming winter! Brian was also an effective communicator, explained everything he was doing and put us at ease.

  65. A Google User 2023/09

    Brian was very helpful and went above and beyond..thanks

  66. kenneth oriole 2023/09

    Brian, was thorough. Polite and professional.

  67. Michael Shaheen 2023/09

    Friendly and respectful! Delwin did a good job!

  68. Aaron Johnson 2023/09

    Ms. Liz T
    She did a Awesome job. She communicated well with me and listening to the problem I had concerning my bill.

  69. Michael Davis 2023/09

    Brian showed up early and got the job done thoroughly and was personally.

  70. Wendie Price 2023/09

    I posed a question and received answer from a polite, friendly Jasongreg. Everything appears to be on track for my second visit.

  71. Gary Retone 2023/09

    Brian did an excellent job. He was very thorough and professional. He went the extra mile by treating our fruit flies too.

  72. Mary Ellen Coffey 2023/09

    Brian did an awesome job! He was friendly, professional and thorough! I hope he is the one to return in 4 to 6 weeks.

  73. Mia Gaines 2023/09

    Brian was very knowledgeable and very professional. Very nice demeanor. Great service.

  74. Xavier mckenzie 2023/09

    Brian has customers service very knowledgeable and patient great experience

  75. Aleshia Green 2023/09

    Brian was so informative and did a great job explaining what he was treating for and how it worked.

  76. jesse covino 2023/09

    This company came door to door in my neiborhood. They told me that it was a bi-monthly service but I was charged $160 first two months. I was told by their representative multiple times the follow service was included this was not the case. I’ve been charged an extra $150 for cancelling. Been charged in total $470 for a service and a follow up and I have more pest now than ever. They sprayed all our neighbors homes and is driving the mice into my home. This company treated me horribly. They lied about coming out to my property 27 times they came our 3 times. They wouldn’t let me cancel, don’t be fooled.

  77. Dana Wiggins 2023/09

    Brian was great. He was timely and quick, but also very thorough. He asked good questions and answered all of mine. Scheduling was easy and there were reminder texts. I was impressed compared to our old pest control company on his first visit to our home.

  78. worried worried 2023/09

    Brian did an excellent job he went above and beyond he has a great personality and is good at what he does I am very satisfied thanks for sending him my way

  79. neil nordheim 2023/09

    Brian hooked it up! looking forward to a bug free life!

  80. Charly Williams 2023/09

    Brian was fantastic. So quick and efficient. 10/10 recommend.

  81. Kurtis 2023/09

    Yvan is wonderful and truly defined great customer service. 10/10 I would hope to talk with him again if I ever needed anything!

  82. Cathy Friedmann 2023/09

    Brian was great. He answered all my questions. He did everything with cheerfulness in spite of the heat. I would have him back anytime.

  83. Michael Cook 2023/09

    Ants and Bugs still around, seems like they didn’t spray anything, even though I saw they did, but most the time miss a lot of spots of spraying, especially today when they came out. He barely removed any cobb webbs, didn’t go into fenced area to remove the cobb webbs, and only sprayed corners of the house on some spots especially porch. Wouldn’t recommend, doesn’t seem to do the job.

  84. renita smith 2023/09

    Brian was very professional and did everything in a timely manner. Was mindful to my pets as well. Thank you!

  85. Villa Nova's Pizza 2023/09

    DeAndre provided us with excellent service. He thoroughly explained all the treatments performed and answered all questions. Very professional and knowledgeable. Thank you!
    Please send him back for our next quarterly treatment.

  86. Cathie Mason 2023/09

    Brian did a great job. Seems very thorough for the initial service. Can’t wait to see future results!

  87. Michael 2023/09

    Brian did a great job today!!!

  88. ricky atkins 2023/09

    Do not use this company! It’s a rip off! Doesn’t do what they sell you on!

  89. Brent Raines 2023/09

    Cathy A took my call and had great customer service and made sure to get me on the schedule by contacting the local office!

  90. Mike Marsella 2023/09

    Rica listened to my concerns and quickly resolved my issue. Great customer service! Highly recommend!

  91. kholoud abu saleh 2023/09

    I don’t have bad experience it’s Good experience and customer service great Cathy A was very helpful

  92. Shaun Christopher 2023/09

    It was a wonderful experience working with Julie. I really appreciate the great customer service she provided and based on my exchange with her, I decided to stay with your company! She seems like a very valuable employee and you are lucky to have her!

  93. It's your boy D. White 2023/09

    Brian was polite, friendly, & professional. Great job!

  94. Day Lara 2023/09

    The technician Brian was very nice, and respectful guy. Is the first time using their services.

  95. Eboni Harris 2023/09

    Brian was great his customer service is extremely good and he knows what he’s doing he was very helpful and informative. I can tell he loves what he does he should be promoted in my opinion because he’s a very nice guy and gets his work done as well as talks great about the company.

  96. Marshall Barnes 2023/09

    Customer service representative, Yhanz, very courteous and attentive!

  97. Andy Headley 2023/09

    Brian was excellent showed up professionally and was prepared. Very friendly and efficient. Hope to have him again.

  98. anthony nderitu 2023/09

    The person who did pest control is Brian. He is very informed and experienced with his job. He was listening to my concerns with the service and helped me understand everything he was doing. To me, he went over and above! I am happy with the service.

  99. Benjamin Toro 2023/09

    Great job! Thorough treatment for spiders and other of summer’s creepy crawlies. Thanks! Ask for Brian…

  100. Erica Caudell 2023/09

    We had tried to call the company and left a voicemail that we could not have our service done and they still showed up. We could not afford it and now we are stuck with a bill that we can not afford. I call to ask a question about the account and payment and i want to cancel service but i am not allowed because my name is not on the account. which i understand but as the wife and owner of this house who is paying for this i should have a right to talk about the account.

  101. Frances Matthews 2023/09

    Brian very nice and helpful for follow up instructions

  102. Laura Burton 2023/09

    Cathy was so polite and a great rep and very helpful

  103. Karolina Moelchert 2023/09

    Brian was very nice and knowledgeable

  104. Jicly Granado 2023/09

    Very nicely guy and do it a good job in my house exelent

  105. Alfonso Marino 2023/09

    Brian did an amazing job clearing out all the spider webs. Very professional and efficient work.

  106. Nidhi Bhagat 2023/09

    Brian provided excellent service today! He came and got the wasps nests that were so high to reach! Thank you Brian!

  107. Turbo 3x 2023/09

    Maurice provided great customer service. The company is still questionable. Nice job of explaining what and when. Nice work today

  108. Andy Deane 2023/09

    Brian was great and got the job done quickly. Will be sticking with these guys for the foreseeable future for sure.

  109. Roberta McBride 2023/09

    CHA is very professional and polite. It matters when young men uses the words yes and no mam along with thank you.

  110. Freddie Swagga 2023/09

    Brian came to the house and did a wonderful job! Best service we have had for pest control

  111. Kirsten Rose 2023/09

    Brian did a great job today. Thorough and professional and a pleasure to work with.

  112. Chris Mulligan 2023/09

    Maurice was very personable and addressed all of our questions and issues.

  113. Shani Kent Hall 2023/09

    Rica was very responsive and listened to my concerns. The company is very pushy otherwise but she was great.

  114. Kimm Riley 2023/09

    Bryan was friendly and professional when he came by to do my service. He assured me that they would take care of any pests that would bother us in my home.

  115. Sutisha Simluang 2023/09

    Brian is very knowledgeable, quick and friendly!! Highly recommend!

  116. Noel Harris 2023/09

    Excellent! Brian is lovely and was very helpful. He identified places our house was susceptible to pests. Much appreciated!

  117. Holli Trail 2023/09

    We were approached by a representative of this company who was in our neighborhood working on a neighbors property. The gentleman told us the service would be $159 every 2 months and they would let us know when they were coming out so i as a female home alone and working from home would be aware of the arrival of techs to my personal property. They came to my house 2x without letting me know they were coming and almost paid the price when my dog was outside when they arrived. They came out the first time the week of Aug 14th and then again the week of September 6th. Obviously not 2 months apart. They also charged me $159 for each of those services. I called the company to dispute the charge and resolve the communication issues and was treated very disrespectfully by their persons in the retention department. I was promised call backs by managers in the company and never recieved those calls backs. I had to call days later again to beg them to cancel my account and send me a cancelation notice. I have called my bank to dispute the charge and will be pursuing this with the company. Do not sign anything with this company electronically. Always get everything in writing with them. I can’t speak for their quality of service with actually killing pests since we only gad them out 2x and we still had an ant problem so im not sure if that was due to their product not working or not enough time but i would not recommend them for their poor customer service, lies, and deciet.

  118. Sonia Smith 2023/09

    I got exceptional care from Heather. Heather was caring,understanding of my situation. She seems to enjoy her job and is knowledgeable of her duties. It was a pleasure working with Heather.

  119. Jean Hansen 2023/09

    Brian came today to service our new yard that was so overrun with ants I was afraid to let our new puppy play outside for too long. He was extremely friendly and helpful! He took care of all the pests, even the spiders in the windows. Everyone at this company has been very responsive! They cover a wide variety of pests to suit our needs.

  120. Alexander Truong 2023/09

    Really friendly service, Brian was a pleasure to work with! He was thorough and had a lot of knowledge about the process which helped me understand how his services worked. I would definitely recommend his services to any colleagues or friend that I know!

  121. Rachel Gardner 2023/09

    DELWIN IS THE MANNN!!!! He is very respectful and took his time to hear our problems on the inside and outside of our house. We LIVE IN THE WOODS and I used to always get bit by spiders. Ever since we avail of this service – me and my newborn has not been bit (fingers crossed) yet. He cleared the spiderwebs, left some trap papers, and sprayed. He is very meticulous and made sure he explained to us what he is doing and what our plan is. He even told us at the end, the summary of his job today and when he will be back. He also ask if we needed him to do anything else. Very professional and truly exceeded our expectations. They also helped us too on 2 in-ground yellow jacket’s nests – we never had problems with them again. They also automatically wear protective shoes so my house rule of no shoes inside the house was automatically done. 🙂 GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM AND DELWIN!


  122. Gregory Gordon 2023/09

    this woman knows how to do her job. She switched the account to my name, which no one else at Ecoshield seemed capable of doing over three months. However, when she sent me the portal link to create a password, it didn’t work and I had to call back and do it over. nonetheless, she solved my big problem.

  123. Morgan Walker 2023/09

    Brian did our first pest spraying and was timely and professional.

  124. Dawn Southall 2023/09

    Customer serviceman Josh M.was very helpful and so polite he helped me out tremendously.

  125. Anne Measell 2023/09

    Technician did not check in with homeowner. Says he performed a service but we don’t know. Also, never
    performed any service inside the home. Really disappointed in this company. Tried to call and left on hold too long. Replied to an email with request to spray inside and never received any response. Main communication from them is a three time per week reminder of a bill.

  126. Savannah Williams 2023/09

    Tyler came out to our neighborhood and talked us into getting their service. I had high expectations after talking with him and thought their product would help solve our insect problems. Well little did I know shortly after signing up it would be a disaster. The first appointment was rescheduled due to them not being about to get past a “ road block “ at the end of our road which wasn’t true. Then the next day they came out and my ring caught the service guy clean my porch and do ONE spray. When that should have been a more targeted area due to all the spider webs and bugs we talked about having on the main porch. They were supposed to come out and treat the inside of our home and that never happened. Tyler said he was going to put down sticky pads to see what type of bugs they needed to treat for inside and it’s been a month and only one person has come out and we are still having issues. Needless to say the service has been canceled. Don’t let them fool you with their “ we have over 729557 FIVE star reviews”.

  127. MacKinzie Weaver 2023/09

    Brian was fantastic. He had early availability and communicated clearly with me when he was going to be coming by. When he got here, he was friendly and personable. He explained what he was doing and even made accommodations to leave our spider webs alone (we like them- they keep the rest of the bugs away and mostly leave us alone).

  128. J Lynch 2023/09

    JasonGregg did a great job assisting me today.

  129. JohnHenry Birkeland 2023/09

    Rica spoke with me on resolving my issues and was very helpful.

  130. Giovanni Garcia 2023/09

    Brian did great and answered all of my question! Highly recommend!

  131. Claudia Vizquerra 2023/09

    Brian was very friendly and also clearly explained the work he did

  132. Carla Harrison 2023/09

    Brian did an excellent job. Very personable. Quick and efficient.

  133. Omar Rokayak 2023/09

    Brian was absolutely amazing! He was extremely friendly, informative, and efficient! I’m very appreciative of his excellent service!

  134. Rafael Sala 2023/09

    Brain did a great job treating my house. He went beyond what was expected. Very thorough with the cleaning and treatment…glad with EcoShield work so far.
    Review after my first visit. I asked for a second treatment as there were more bugs than usual. The vendor said cost of the second part was included in the initial payment. They came and did a treatment and charged my credit card. I called to complain with no resolution so I decided to cancel the service… they will sent you to a long wait to talk to their ‘cancellation department” promising after a long wait they will call you back…they never did (I have my phone records) I sent text and emails tasking to cancel. Impossible. Read other reviews on Yelp and BBB. They are dishonest. Their sales people misrepresent the services. They charged me $150 for cancellation fee when I finally talk for 30 min with a supervisor who insisted on keeping me on their contract and did not want to cancel. Worst experience with this dishonest company.
    Read Mat Balint’s review below…exactly the same experience I had. I am not the only going through this situation. I received an email of cancellation of services after paying $150 penalty but I bet they will try to charge my credit card again like it happened to other costumers, so I have to cancel my credit card now… Crooks!

  135. Kevin Lord 2023/08

    Rachelle was very helpful,and thorough.

  136. Linda Bailey 2023/08

    We have a spider web out back that was supposed to be dewebbed yesterday. I see no evidence of this having been done. The huge spider is also still there. I was here at 4:00 when they said they were here but saw no evidence of anyone working on the exterior of the house. They were also supposed to check inside as I asked them a few weeks ago to treat our bathroom. Again no one has done so. I have tried multiple times to contact these people and get no response.
    I will not check the services they provided as I don’t see evidence of their having provided any services.
    I again called EcoShield. The person I spoke with said they would try to connect me with the home off which is in Richmond. I have yet to speak with anyone in the Richmond office. This is the third time this has happened. Why doesn’t the Richmond office have their own phone? Perhaps they don’t want to field complaintes. The gal on the phone kept apologizing which didn’t solve the problem.
    Bottom line – do not do business with EcoShield. The front person is a great salesman but the service is not backed up at all and is poor at best.

  137. Amy Hanna 2023/08

    Heather did a great job taking care of my issues

  138. Nichole Singleton 2023/08

    Jones was very helpful today in getting my regularly scheduled appt updated to ASAP.

  139. Cam Nulty 2023/08

    DeAndre did a great job!

  140. M.T. Hallett 2023/08

    Great service from Brian- fast and convenient.

  141. Marvin Day 2023/08

    Brian and Josh did a very good job. They explained very thing they were doing.

  142. Chris Smith 2023/08

    DeAndre was quick and thorough with his service today. He knocked down some big wasp nests and spider webs! Thanks DeAndre for the good work!

  143. Georgia Ford 2023/08

    Brian was here today to spray my yard for mosquitoes. After he finished he took the time to explain what he had done. From what I observed he did a very good job covering all the trees and bushes. If the spraying works I would like for him to come back for the next scheduled appointment.

  144. Jameel Dennis 2023/08

    Brian was amazing! Professional and courteous. He did an outstanding job and gave me full confidence in Ecoshield! Thank you!!

  145. Carly Walsh 2023/08

    Thank you Brian for the very thorough and great service!

  146. Katherine Shumaker 2023/08

    Very professional and effective service. Mark S. Was very helpful today as well.

  147. Beverly Irvin 2023/08

    They were helpful Rica went above and beyond perfessinal, understood and got service scheduled the next day. Worked wonderful with me and the customer care services were phenomenal. Thank you, sincerely satisfied blessed customer

  148. Kristin Kelly 2023/08

    Jason was very polite and professional and helped me with what I needed from Eco Shield.

  149. Pete Fuson 2023/08

    Brian did a very thorough job of repairing the holes from carpenter bee damage. I appreciate the responsiveness and appropriateness of his work.

  150. Daniela Jackson 2023/08

    Brian was great to have come out for our first treatment. Very informative and nice. He finished the job fast and let us know everything he did. Will recommend ecoshield to anyone.

  151. Blake Auchmoody 2023/08

    JP helped me understand the nature of the follow up visit

  152. Ed Anderson 2023/08

    Franz in customer service was very helpful in servicing my account. I would use them again.

  153. Elaine Kennedy 2023/08

    Brian, Josh, and Justin were the best! They finished my job well.

  154. Joshua Campbell 2023/08

    Brian was professional and cordial. Got the job done while working with our schedule.

  155. Eric Berryman 2023/08

    Brian did a fine job. It was raining really hard. Going to come back another day for exterior… Handled the interior like a pro.

  156. David Miles 2023/08

    DeAndre explained the procedure he was going to perform and did everything the way he explained. Courteous and cordial. Highly recommend. Hope he is the regular guy that comes back for the next treatment.

  157. Karlyn Kline 2023/08

    Karl E was a huge help transferring my service to a new address

  158. Joseph Thomas 2023/08

    Joyce’s she was very courtesy. She did a very good job.

  159. David Angely 2023/08

    Brian was very professional, efficient and informative in treatment visit. Great service and highly recommend.

  160. Ci Ndy West 2023/08

    Brian, very friendly . Very efficient. Very well down.

  161. Penny Horrigan 2023/08

    Brian was on time, pleasant, professional and quick.

  162. Tonja Pittman 2023/08

    Deandre did great today he even got rid of my wasp nest in my shed! Looking forward to no more ants.

  163. Cindy Shrewsbury 2023/08

    Cathy A. was very professional and answered my concern in a very friendly matter,these days thats a plus for me.

  164. Sarah Laine 2023/08

    DeAndre was great! Personable, professional, and got the job done!

  165. Scott McKinney 2023/08

    Brian and the service were great! Super professional and quality work.

  166. Jessica Gattermeyer 2023/08

    DeAndre completed our first service quickly and was very through! We were very happy with his services!

  167. D M 2023/08

    Called EcoShield today to discuss missed appointment. Helped by Jonel who was very helpful, courteous and provided prompt and excellent customer service. He explained our appointment was rescheduled due to an emergency involving the technician, which we completely understand. He made sure we were ok with new date.

  168. Rebekah Giannini 2023/08

    DeAndre was thorough and professional. He was knowledgeable and great to work with!

  169. Audrey T 2023/08

    Jane was able to help me with my request. She was extremely efficient and pleasant to work with.

  170. Judy Mosedale 2023/08

    Jaden is a great salesman and Brian is a friendly and fine technician. Brian tackled ants and wasps for us. I like that it is eco friendly.

  171. Troy Lucas 2023/08

    DeAndre was great and worked efficient

  172. chip lohr 2023/08

    Deandre performed a very thorough service and was very courteous and professional.

  173. Fátima Carrera 2023/08

    It was great to have bryan. He was really helpful & explain everything really clearly.

  174. Charlie Watkins 2023/08

    Good from start to finish and communicated well throughout the process. Brian was very able and helpful.

  175. Elbert Boom 2023/08

    DeAndre did an excellent job. We would like to keep him as our permanent technician. Would recommend him.

  176. Kimberly Baker 2023/08

    Brian did an excellent job. He was very nice and professional as well.

  177. Michelle Q 2023/08

    Sighed up with ECO, first service was great! Then my contract started, they came to do the 2nd service, wasn’t home so they just did the exterior, but signed up for interior and exterior. Called them to come back, but during this time I was out of country, but Finally got a hold of them to schedule the interior. They set times and came late, which at that time again nobody was home. Called again, they said they would try again however my 3rd service was coming up and they would just do it then. I said I didn’t want to be charged again. They charged me again prior to my satisfaction of the 2nd service. I have called numerous times, can never get a hold of a manager. I have called to cancel, and straighten our account, which they will not and still charged.
    I was forewarn that customer service was hard to get a hold of and resolve issues. Not happy at all with the service or the products and still having to pay $300.

  178. Brandon Jordan 2023/08

    Spoke with Christian at length about the service, and he was both relatable and knowledgeable… I am hopeful they will be even better than my prior service because they are addressing the source of the bugs in the mulch beds around the house rather than just spraying only the house itself. No issues with my prior service, this approach just seems better and at a comparable price.

  179. B K 2023/08

    The original owner (guy from AZ) was professional, and sold me on what I had hoped would be a professional service. After the initial service though, while the second visit and second technician was polite to my face, she was not professional in her manner while doing the job. While talking on her phone doing the job she was continually cursing with someone she was talking too (over some type of issue)… While I don’t really care about some cursing here or there, it was just unprofessional to do while working..

    The BIGGER issue though was that I went to check on the spray job right after the fact and observed that there was overspray in my dogs water bowl. While I should have moved the bowl inside prior to the spraying, it was completely UNPROFESSIONAL to not take two seconds and move the bowl slightly away from the spray location, or at least stop spraying for that moment and avoid it completely. If I wouldn’t have been home to even do that, I likely wouldn’t of even noticed that it had gotten in there…and who knows what reaction that could have caused.. Quite simply, the fact that it got into the bowl is unacceptable.

    I know the chemicals are supposedly pet friendly, but seriously..? It just was completely out of line with what a professional would do and how it would be handled..

    Ultimately, its another one of those, looks great upfront, and then the follow on service is not the same level of quality. Sadly, the owner who sold me on it has dropped the level of quality control which is not going to help his business overall in the long term.

    Not recommended.

  180. Paul Moore 2023/08

    Brian was very professional and nice to deal with.

  181. Chad Gravely 2023/08

    DeAndre did a great job. He was very thorough and polite.

  182. Xavier Lewis 2023/08

    Rachelle was upmost professional in handling my affairs with Ecoshield, you definitely have a great dependable representative on your team!!!!? …

  183. Greg Wright 2023/08

    Don’t do it! I signed up for this service contract with some young man coming to my door. Promised me everything they did for a certain price. I figured I would give them a try. BIG MISTAKE!! He set the appointment for 2pm the next day, so I came home from work a little after 2. The tech was taking down spider webs which I didn’t have many if any. We I ask what else he had planned; it was nothing like what I was told was going to be done. He said that nothing was in his notes to do those other things. The tech said he was going to call and get it straight. I went back to work inside for about 10 mins and saw the Tech getting in his truck. I walked out and ask what he found out. He said he didn’t have some things on his truck so he put a trap out for moles verse the stuff I was told would be used. When i ask why there was nothing on the yard, I was told the graduals went in the ground immediately. I went to my patio, and nothing had been moved from the house to even stray as they say 3ft up and 3ft away from the house. Unfortunately, the service has not been as expected at all. When I asked to speak with the service manager about this, I was told that he didn’t like calling people from his cell because he didn’t want people to have his number!! They do not offer level of service that they seem to be selling at least in the Richmond, VA marketplace. 8/29 I got a text saying they were coming out to treat after I canceled it. When i called the number for the Richmond Office it went to a call center that said the local office was too busy to talk and they needed to take care of what the issue was. I held for their solutions group to cancel again, and CS came back and said they were too busy with calls to talk!! I said put me back on hold until they are not too busy. 15 minutes later someone picked up and I canceled for the second time. I’m telling you, Beware of this company!!!

  184. Page Potter 2023/08

    Brian was a great technician to have out for our first experience with EcoShield. He was efficient and friendly. Handled any concerns we had. He’s a top choice technician to work with!

  185. James Walker 2023/08

    DeAndre did a great job, very personable

  186. Andre Edwards II 2023/08

    Bryan he did amazing and was very kind

  187. Mike Stover 2023/08

    Brian did an excellent job and explained everything he did.

  188. Olive Purser 2023/08

    Maurice was extremely help in taking of my pest problems . Very efficient at targeting the areas in my house . Very polite and listened to take take care of my pest problems with Nate’s in my house . Thank you Maurice

  189. Deirdre Harding 2023/08

    Bryan was super friendly and very polite, And very professional. He did a very thorough job. Thank you!

  190. Brooke DiCicco 2023/08

    Brian was fantastic and thorough! He made sure to go over everything with us and talk us through everything. Super glad we booked with them and super thankful for Brian’s work!

  191. Raphael Brown 2023/08

    Brian did and excellent job and great customer service

  192. Shannon Mills 2023/08

    DeAndre did a wonderful job with our new service!

  193. Terri Hall 2023/08

    Geanne was very patient and understanding.. she listen to me and she resolved my complaints and keep me as a customer.. thxs again Geenane

  194. Irwin Bernstein 2023/08

    DeAndre was very efficient today. He reviewed all services and was professional and timely

  195. James Martin 2023/08

    Brian was efficient and responsive on my first visit with EcoShield. Loved working with him!

  196. Betty Leinwand 2023/08

    Met with Oren to set up service & DeAndre did treatment. Both very professional, knowledgeable & polite. This is my first treatment but very pleased so far.

  197. Eunice Green 2023/08

    DeAndre was very friendly and professional. He explained what he was going to do. After he was done he told me what he did.

  198. Liz G 2023/08

    Brian was my technician and was very knowledgeable and friendly. He provided top notch service.

  199. Bryan C 2023/08

    DeAndre showed up on time. He explained the process and asked if there were any areas of concern. He followed up with what he had done. He was very professional and courteous. Thank you!

  200. Garnette 2023/08

    After trying other pest control services over the past year I have found that Echo shield far exceeds any other pest control service in the area. Their service technicians are knowledgeable and dependable. Jeff Daugherty has gone above and beyond in explaining the problems with mice and their solution in how to prevent them from entering the house again. He has over 23 years of experience working with pest control management.

  201. Robyn Jackson 2023/08

    I was impressed by my consultation with DK and now with my first treatment with Brian. Both DK and Brian were patient and took the time to fully describe the program as a whole, as well as what to expect from individual treatments. I’m looking forward to fewer ants and spiderwebs—not to mention the yellow jackets!

  202. Kris Shelton 2023/08

    Brian did awesome spraying the lawn

  203. Roger Frydrychowski 2023/08

    Telephone assistance by Josh M. on rescheduling of service due black ant infestation interior

  204. Christy Phillips 2023/08

    Brian did a great job. Thanks!

  205. Wesley Oliver 2023/08

    DeAndre work well satisfied. Excellent job Completed

  206. Jenna Monahan 2023/08

    Brian was great and got all of our services done quickly

  207. Bob Bensen 2023/08

    Adi, demonstrated kindness and much. patience and compassion until she gently figured out how to solve my problem for me.
    Thank you Adi,
    Bob Bensen…

  208. Christie Andrews 2023/08

    Deandre was a blessing to meet. I look forward to the continued wonderful service we experienced today.

  209. David Merchant 2023/08

    Brian did an excellent job for me today explaining everything in detail. He was also an exemplary representative of your company.

  210. Sonni Mariano 2023/08

    Delwin’s level of customer service was absolutely wonderful! He took the time to explain step by step which areas and pests he was treating, and also welcomed feedback of specific pests that were most concerning for us. I also enjoyed that he was transparent and clear with instructions for our pets’ safety. Fantastic service and personable through every step of the process, highly recommend working with Delwin and EcoShield!

  211. Trey Kirby 2023/08

    Brian was very polite and professional when arriving at my home to conduct his services. He had very good people skills and a positive attitude.

  212. Doug Mattix 2023/08

    First treatment done. Seems very through. Look forward to see results.

  213. mylene franz 2023/08

    DeAndre did great! Very respectful and efficient.

  214. AVFDLDYFF Banks 2023/08

    John was personable and helpful. Was very respectful of time constraints as well.

  215. Karen Russell 2023/08

    Brian was very professional and courteous. I hope he comes back for my follow up services

  216. Kimberly Robinson 2023/08

    Christine is the best customer support specialist. Very Professional and patient. I was explaining to her the level of service many times that I’ve gotten used to, and she really listened and understood my concerns. Truly a professional and she did not display any eagerness to hang up. Very courteous individual, and I do appreciate all of her efforts and kindness because she gave me outstanding service and this kind of courtesy will never go unnoticed. NEVER EVER!

  217. R J Gallagher 2023/08

    Deandre was super polite and professional.

  218. Darrin Hoad 2023/08

    Had my first service with Ecoshield today. Deandre was very polite and professional. Very pleased with my first experience. Thank you very much!!!

  219. Juice Dajack 2023/08

    Ecoshield Technician was on time. Brian was very pleasant. Informative. Hard worker. Everything was done as requested. He laid the termite traps in no time. Great service. Great attitude. I would recommend Ecoshield to everyone.

  220. Kim Grauer 2023/08

    Brian is amazing!!! He was efficient and effective. He took his time to explain everything to me. He went above and beyond to meet my needs. I look forward to working with him in the future because I know he is my go-to guy!

  221. Michelle Nal 2023/08

    Terrible service . Stay away. Would never work with them

  222. Ellen Horstead 2023/08

    Brian was very helpful, friendly and efficient.

  223. efunlola olaitan 2023/08

    I enjoy the services and Adi was very halpful. thank you

  224. Santa Clause 2023/08

    DeAndre did a great job around my house! Very clean and fast

  225. Jon Pollard 2023/08

    Brian was very professional and polite. Did a great job

  226. Jean Cheng 2023/08

    Everything was fine, but I didn’t realize it only provided a bug barrier to the house. I thought it would include the whole property.

  227. Nathan Dostart 2023/08

    Customer service is great, Baby was very helpful. Local office (Richmond VA) was not, would not pick up calls for a return visit and ended up waiting several weeks to have them come by 45 min after the visit window.

  228. Joseph Klein 2023/08

    Brian came by to help spray the whole house and yard. Caught several things I didn’t notice. Did a great job. Very happy with the service.

  229. Mike Zitzow 2023/08

    DeAndre did an excellent job.

  230. J R 2023/08

    Brian did a very good job!

  231. Tai Hill 2023/08

    2 years of “service” and I still had trouble with ants, and roaches. Just found 3 multi generational wasp nests on my back porch, so I doubt they even treated my property. its a rip off.

  232. John Kim 2023/08

    DeAndre was great. Explained in detail what he was doing and followed up with what he did and found. Overall happy with service.

  233. Jennifer Lively 2023/08

    Oren from Ecoshield was very helpful and responsive. He went out of his way to meet with us and explain the available services. The value for what’s included is great. Spiders, bugs, rodents, etc. I also liked the fact that their chemicals are safe and I don’t have to worry about my furbabies health.

  234. Ana M 2023/08

    Brian was wonderful and worked quickly!

  235. Anne Marie 2023/08

    Anna helped me with my account, took care of it quickly!

  236. Rena Klump 2023/08

    This was our first experience with Brian & he was wonderful! Got rid of our HUGH SPIDER & sprayed for the wasps found!

  237. Henry Eng 2023/08

    Deandre is fantastic. Great service answered all my questions. Very efficient.

  238. Nina Leaming 2023/08

    My son had his house in Williamsburg sprayed and after they left he found spider webs and ants still there. They took his $143 and didn’t do a good job!

  239. Karen Lovekamp 2023/08

    Friendly, prompt and kept me informed what was done and why. Very pleased with my service.

  240. Jason Ward 2023/08

    DeAndre did an excellent job today, looking forward to his next visit.

  241. Celeste Sharpe 2023/08

    Recently spoke with CHA who was able to efficiently help with updating my payment information. She was helpful and courteous!

  242. David Meiklejohn 2023/08

    Customer support was fantastic from Cathy A! Communicated very clearly, extremely attentive in hearing my concern, and was able to provide the service we all expect from customer support!

  243. Maureen Krambach 2023/08

    DeAndre was fantastic
    Very professional
    Did an amazing job from start to finish
    Highly recommend

  244. Joe Elias 2023/08

    Pushy door knocker ignored ‘no soliciting signs’ and pounded until I answered. Pretended that someone scheduled an appointment (we didn’t) and wouldn’t provide any paperwork as evidence. Very unprofessional and aggressive. There are plenty of other service providers who won’t knock your door down just to trap you into a service agreement.

  245. Tess P 2023/08

    Deandre did an amazing job . Explained in detail the service he would be providing and then executing the service as outlined .

  246. Christopher Chance 2023/08

    We have quite the bug problem at our home, and Brian came over at 730pm on a Saturday to help us!!! Extremely professional and hard working!! Can’t wait to see the results. Thanks, EcoSheild!

  247. Morgan Harris 2023/08

    Brian came buy our house today to spray the outside. He was very kind + professional, made sure our dog was safe inside before starting since he had to open the gate, and he was very fast. This was our first time using this company so we’re still waiting to see the results, but so far we’re impressed and satisfied!

  248. Matthew Kaufman 2023/08

    Brian and Tyler were great. Professional and knowledgeable. Did a great job on the house and appreciate the new service. Will recommend to others.

  249. Stephanie Paulsell 2023/08

    DeAndre explained everything, answered all my questions, and sprayed inside and outside the house. He also took extra care with our problem areas. I appreciated the next-day service!

  250. Jonathan Haber 2023/08

    Thanks Danny C for your awesome service.

  251. Ashley Bradley 2023/08

    DeAndre did a great job with dewebing and spraying our home.

  252. Lisa Worthington 2023/08

    Brian and Ryan were great, professional and friendly. Highly recommend them.

  253. Lynette Plummer-Henderson 2023/08

    Ty was prompt, professional and gave helpful suggestions. He represents Ecoshield very well. Give him a raise!

  254. Benjamin Miller 2023/07

    Brian was fantastic and very professional!

  255. Jon Wiles 2023/07

    Brian was amazing and very friendly and did an amazing job

  256. Angel 2023/07

    Brian was really nice and put booties on his feet without even having to be asked. TYSM ? …

  257. Cynthia Bell 2023/07

    Some sales person from your company rang my doorbell 3 times in 1 day today to try and sell service. Rang my bell at 10:52am, 5:09pm and again at 7:53pm. I finally went out tonight at 7:53pm and told them we are not interested. Beyond annoyed.

  258. James McNeill 2023/07

    Brian arrived a little, which was great. He was professional and explained what he did and what to expect. Thanks

  259. Christina Mejia 2023/07

    Brian did a wonderful job. I can’t say enough good about him. Would highly recommend

  260. Ross Micheletti 2023/07

    Brian and Ethan did a very thorough job of removing some wasps from the siding of my house. They explained everything in detail and sprayed and dusted to keep any wasps from coming back. One week later and we’re still enjoying our reclaimed back porch. Thank you!

  261. Eric Goodwyn 2023/07

    Brian and Ethan were respectful and did good work around property for my ant problem.

  262. Ann King 2023/07

    Brian, Ethan and Tyler did a great job.

  263. Omari Blankenship 2023/07

    Ants are my biggest problem don’t know what Ty sprayed but I haven’t seen any since Thank You!

  264. Cari Grigsby 2023/07

    If I could give negative stars I would! Horrible business, customer service is awful. Too much to go into on why it’s horrible!

  265. The Blue Rose Of Virginia 2023/07

    Brian came over here and worked clean, efficiently, and showed nothing but professionalism the entire time. Thank you again!

  266. Cassius Cole 2023/07

    Brandon came by again for our bi monthly egg cycle service. Always professional and great service. Thank you!

  267. Robert McKeag 2023/07

    ONeill was very courteous and helpful as he helped us with an issue. He is very professional dealing with people.

  268. Samuel Lopez, Jr 2023/07

    Very good service, good prices. O’Neil from EcoShield was very helpful.

  269. RAIDER GAINZ x 2023/07

    Brian did an excellent job. Very prompt and knowledgeable.

  270. Gwendolyn Morgan 2023/07

    Bryan did a wonderful job thanks to Cameron for his knowledge and explaining everything to me

  271. Dallas Clayton 2023/07

    Brian did a great job! Very pleasant young man, was courteous and professional.

  272. Travis Maxwell 2023/07

    Brian was awesome! He was extremely meticulous, and made sure I knew where he was treating! Three cheers to mosquito genocide! ? …

  273. ale :D 2023/07

    Brian was very helpful and even took some Cobb webs down for us! Provided a very fast service and super friendly! definitely recommend ? …

  274. Sheila Flowers 2023/07

    Brian did a great job. He was on time and very informative.

  275. Henry Roney 2023/07

    Brian is a very professional technician and very personable! He did a great job!

  276. Carrie Graubics 2023/07

    Brian was fantastic! Highly recommend.

  277. mustafa algharbi 2023/07

    Jane good person and she do her job perfectly. Thank you jane⭐️

  278. Aaron Chavez 2023/07

    Bryan and Ethan were here today to spray yard and house. Very communicative. Thanks

  279. AK 2023/07

    Brian took care of my house very well. Took care of all of our requests and was very efficient!

  280. Leslie Beck-Long 2023/07

    Brian was very professional and explained everything that he was going to do around the outside of the house. He then let me know when he was finished and asked if I had any questions.

  281. emily goodman 2023/07

    Brian did a great job! Very professional. Look forward to them coming back. Thank you for your service.

  282. catherine dorsett 2023/07

    The owner, Mac was friendly, professional. He pointed the issues at hand and what caused the ant, spiders and other crawly things which I greatly appreciated. Maurice was very nice, polite and took care of everything that I pointed out.

  283. M C 2023/07

    Bryan was very professional and took care of my first initial service. He was very helpful by explaining what he was going to do step by step. Excellent service especially on a hot day. Thank you Bryan!

  284. Kyle Howlett 2023/07

    Bryan and Luis were great appreciate y’all

  285. James Walls 2023/07

    Bryan and Ethan they are very professional and friendly highly recommended them for your big problems

  286. Diane Artis 2023/07

    Team member David P was on time, very polite, answered my questions and took care of my concerns .

  287. live2 dance 2023/07

    Josh was very helpful in trying to get my mosquito service rescheduled.

  288. Robbie Mackey 2023/07

    The EcoShield team has been super helpful and communicative. Brian was friendly, on time, and our treated interior and exterior very quickly!

  289. Jeff Point 2023/07

    Brian, my tech from Ecoshield did a great job today. Explained everything he did and took care of my concerns.

  290. Mandy Glover 2023/07

    Heather was wonderful! She was a great help in getting me over to the group I needed to speak with and was very knowledgeable in what services could be provided to help with my current issue. She was also kind amd friendly!!

  291. Da'Nika Pleasants 2023/07

    Cameron came out on 7/5 as we had a neighbor receiving services and he got us setup. Cameron was very thorough and provided us with answers to questions that we had to start services. That quick, we had Shay come into our home on today’s date-7/6 and she sprayed all the areas of concern we had. I’m so glad they knocked on my door because this has been something we have been putting off with getting treatment in our home with the ants and other smaller bugs. Thank you so much!

  292. Valerie Slater 2023/07

    Thank you Echoshield. DeAndre arrived promptly at 10 AM, did an amazing job of removing all spiderwebs, treated my entire yard and home, and even unlocked the side shed door that always makes me nervous, to treat the inside of the shed. I am bug squeamish, but my Technician, DeAndre, made sure every wasp nest, spiderweb, crawling spider, and other creepy crawlers were taken care of without laughing at my unease. It’s the first time in a long time my home has been web and spider and wasp nest free. Thank you again Echoshield and my Technician, DeAndre. Highly, highly recommend!


  293. Samantha Shifflett 2023/07

    Great customer service Randy helped me transfer my call to cancel services

  294. Bryan Chavez 2023/07

    Maurice was exceptional today. He helped with all my concerns and address the issues with my wasps and ants! Highly recommend!!

  295. lolatangos 2023/07

    When I had concerns about my service, I spoke with Romel. He was very professional and courteous and listened to my concerns and was able to read them back to me. I hope all their customer service reps are like this.

  296. Ronald Cardwell 2023/07

    Brian did a great job. He was actually here early for the appointment, and he let me know what he was doing. He also let me know to keep my pets outside for a little while to keep them safe from the spray.

  297. Terrell Morgan 2023/07

    Brian did a awesome job he was on time and very professional

  298. Kirk Pickerel 2023/07

    Maurice was the technician who serviced our home today. He did an excellent job. He listened to my concerns, and addressed them immediately. He was very thorough in treating our spider issues, and explained what he was doing as he worked. I was very impressed and hope that Maurice is our regularly scheduled tech.

  299. Meghan Turner 2023/07

    Brian was my technician and was very friendly and personable. He sprayed the interior of my home, as well as, the exterior. He asked me if there was any other places I wanted to make sure he took care of. He was very thorough and customer service was great! This company also offers military discounts, and also trial base offers. In between services is also available if for any reason you don’t feel the first treatment was satisfactory in eliminating the pests. So far, I would definitely recommend to my neighbors and friends! Thank you for your service Brian!!

  300. shalivia strong 2023/07

    Brian was amazing and I hope to have him regularly.

  301. Theresa Hahn 2023/07

    Brian was great. He was very helpful in explaining everything.

  302. Anthony French 2023/07

    Brian was very thorough in his work and did additional spraying at my request.

  303. Shelton 2023/07

    Oren was wonderful!
    We’re looking forward to receiving service from this company!
    Very respectful and knowledgeable!

  304. Stephanie Lewis 2023/07

    I’ve had good experiences with EcoShield. Taylor provided pest control services at my home in Richmond, VA and was courteous, thorough, professional and kind.
    Angela is a customer service rep who provided excellent customer service. She was kind, considerate, professional and helpful.

  305. Andrew Brinkdopke 2023/07

    Brian, was proffessional, and effecient. Went all around the house removing webs and nests.

  306. adell hall 2023/07

    HARVY was very helpful and professional in his compassionate way that he spoke with me and handle my situation.

  307. Jas Heim 2023/07

    Brian provided great service for multiple pests and Oren was helpful for selecting services. Big decline in mosquitos since we started and looking forward to a decline in wasps and other pests too.

  308. Erma Kelly 2023/07

    My communication with the Accounts Rep. was very helpful. It was clear, courteous, and professional. She was able to offer solutions. I appreciate her understanding of details and service.

  309. Jorge Larios diaz 2023/07

    Brian & Ethan did an awesome job, clearing the insects and pest out of my deck and yard. They were well informed with knowledge and addressed all my questions and concerns! Thank you guys for A1 service!

  310. Helen Leadbetter 2023/07

    Bryan was courteous… very hot day… went around the house…seemed to do well

  311. Scott Halloran 2023/07

    Carlos was very professional and did the job as described, this was our first treatment and the cobwebs in the garage are all gone!

  312. Jay Viera 2023/07

    Brian came out today on this scorching day and performed all the services needed with professionalism and excellence.

  313. Chelley J 2023/07

    Tech Brian came for my first EcoShield Service today, and he was super awesome.

  314. Jason Hudson 2023/07

    I feel good about my service. The guy’s were help and friendly. They answered any questions I had. They were very knowledgeable about how everything works

  315. Cecilia Hernandez 2023/07

    Our house got treated today, and the service that Brian did was more than what we expected. We hope to continue working with him, and totally recommend him!

  316. Kristi Hebner 2023/07

    Brian was very professional and did nice job.

  317. Alisa Vincent 2023/07

    Brian did a great job spraying the house and yard, and was patient with all of my questions.

  318. Key Strom 2023/07

    Brian did an amazing job and went above and beyond to make sure all my questions were answered before leaving. Amazing service!

  319. Sam Fleck 2023/07

    Brian was fantastic – on time & very personable. He serviced the house thoroughly & we are happy with EcoShield!

  320. Lilly Chapa 2023/07

    **Notice that most of the positive reviews are after the first service — they have their sales people and techs pressure you to post a 5 star review!**

    For the love of God, do yourself a favor and avoid ever signing a contract with this company. We were talked into what seemed like a great deal with no strings attached by a sales guy and were reassured by our guaranteed legal right to cancel with no penalty within 3 days. After getting service the next day from two guys who didn’t really know what they were doing, we cancelled…and for the next three months proceeded to get hounded by EcoShield about an outstanding charge because they insisted they never received our cancellation email. I sent them proof of the email (as requested) three separate times, was told it would be reviewed, and then it’d be crickets until the billing department called me again. They finally “waived” the charge because I asked for a way to actually follow up on the proof I was sending and they couldn’t do that.

    Thank goodness we cancelled the card we had on file because they would have automatically charged us, and I can’t imagine what a refund process would look like.

    You will never speak with the nice sales person again after signing the contract and the customer support and billing teams are clearly disconnected and NOT local to Richmond.

    Even if you do everything right in regards to your contract, you’ll have a terrible time. Run, run, run from EcoShield.

  321. Char Allen Davis 2023/07

    Had first treatment today. Brian was very courteous. He told me everything he was doing inside the house and outside. Took down the spider webs outside, treated the yard, patio and tool shed. Good job Brian?? …

  322. kathy owens 2023/07

    I would like to thank Brian for doing an excellent job he did all that was asked to do and more looking forward to seeing the next time, thanks Brian!!

  323. Jeff Bast 2023/07

    Brian showed up, gave me the welcome packet, and went right to work.

  324. rolando montanez 2023/07

    Brian is very friendly and professional. Thank you for your service ? …

  325. Brittany Dean 2023/07

    Jane was very professional and was able to assist me with what I needed and helped me in a timely manner. She was great!

  326. david vicini 2023/07

    Brian came out to our home and did an excellent job! He was super friendly and extremely thorough. Highly recommended!

  327. DeAnna Lewis 2023/07

    Brian was our specialist today. Very polite and knowledgeable. Excellent 5 star service

  328. jonte hopkins 2023/07

    Kurt was very helpful in completing a task of rescheduling an appointment and service that previous counterpart never did resolved. After call he emailed confirming everything we discussed over the phone and also stated we would receive a $50 discount on next service. The only disappointment was the discount to date was never applied to my account:(

  329. Brannan N 2023/07

    Brian came out and was super quick with my first outside treatment

  330. Dan Redding 2023/07

    First service with Brian tonight. Looks good so far. Took care of a bunch wasp and mud dauber nests on our property. Looking forward to seeing how well this works.

  331. TJ Cluney 2023/07

    Stay away, we have had nothing but difficulties with this company from the start. The spray that they use is not organic or non-reactive as they claim, it is often too strong and causes coughing and difficultly breathing. We keep having bugs come back, with this year being the worse, even after a quarterly service. This company does not give enough notice of when the quarterly sprayings will be, and have had to deal with last minute rescheduling. This makes planning to have the indoor portion of the spraying near impossible due to work schedules. Their customer service is non-responsive when calling to schedule cleanings and follow-ups, and gives the runaround; they have the habit of not responding to emails until well after normal close of business hours (10PM). It took over 40 minutes of being transferred to multiple agents to close our account giving us the runaround, and were told multiple times there would be no cancellation fees; we just got our final bill and there was one listed, so they lied about that. I’d give this company zero stars if I could, and we’ll be reporting them to the BBB.

    Update: I received a call from customer reps within a few minutes after posting this review; I appreciate Geanne’s assistance.

  332. Alex Brulliea 2023/07

    Franz was extremely helpful in working with me on my issues. He was very quick about it and understanding of my situation. I have nothing but positive things about my experience with ecoshield and hope that others look to utilize them as well!

  333. Ryan Lowry 2023/07

    Thank you Brian! He arrived on time and had a good attitude as well as did a good job.

  334. Kenneth Quade (Tr1Optimum) 2023/07

    One of their salesmen came to my door and tried to sell me their product despite my no soliciting sign. If anyone at EcoShield is interested, I have his picture from my doorbell and the video of my sign.

    Very unprofessional. Would not recommend.

  335. Caleb Toussaint 2023/07

    I went to cancel my service, not a bad service just had to cancel, Mr. O’Neil D.C, helped me cancel, although he tried to give me discount packages to retain the service, I simply couldn’t. He was courteous and assisted me removing the service from my account. Thank you Mr. O’Neil,

    Also, warning if you cancel the contract there’s a $150 cancel fee

  336. Jonathan Trowbridge 2023/07

    I just had my first treatment done to my interior and exterior of my home and i’m really impressed with the quality and attention to detail of their service throughout the whole process! Seth was the sales representative who signed me up for the home treatment program and he was very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. He even remembered to give me a courtesy call before the first service so I had a heads up before they arrived. Shay was the person treating my home and she was awesome! She took time with me to walk through my home and treat areas that were of concern and found a bunch of spots I didn’t even think of. Overall very impressed with the service and representatives and I can see why both of my neighbors on either side of me (and some more down the street) use EcoShield! Thank you!

  337. PRIYESH P 2023/07

    Char was excellent help taking care of my requests in timely manner

  338. Diane Gooch 2023/07

    Justin was great – polite and knowledgeable. It was really hot today and he didnt rush – he got rid of cobwebs and treated throughout. Very pleased with the service.

  339. Meaghan Adams 2023/07

    We have been using another company for about 6 years, the EcoShield team came by, so we decided to give them a try, and man I’m so glad we did! Even with having regular services done before we always struggled with ants in the kitchen and spiders everywhere in our garage! Since the first service, I haven’t seen nor one single ant, and waaaaaayyyyy less spiders! Definitely worth having them out, and everyone is so friendly!

  340. Cam Lawson 2023/07

    Ty was very knowledgeable an knew a lot about what he was doing

  341. Brandon Gleason 2023/07

    Brian was very professional and took the time listen to my needs for my home and what insects I see around my property

  342. John Johnston 2023/07

    Brian was verry friendly great tec verry good person would like him to come back

  343. satan cucumber 2023/07

    They treat them like garbage on a daily in the worse ways.
    don’t care about their injuries.
    push their technicians to the point of breaking.

  344. Racquel Smith 2023/07

    Brian was super awesome! He was very informative and detailed with explaining the services.

  345. Demetrice Brown 2023/07

    Jane was very helpful with solving problems that I was having.

  346. James Chastain 2023/07

    Brian is very professional and did a great job ! Jim Chastain

  347. Lisa Harvey 2023/07

    Brian and Evan did great service! On time and showed up on time.Very Professional

  348. Quinn Barrow 2023/07

    Brian was professional and efficient with his service of my home. The cobwebs were all swept away from the exterior. He explained what the chemicals that were applied would do and what I could expect to observe over the coming weeks.

  349. Juanita Washington 2023/07

    I requested pest control for my mom an Ty came an service her home an she is really pleased with the service I want to thank Ty for making my surprise for my mom worth it

  350. Kathleen Linville 2023/07

    I showed Delwin where we have carpenter bees. He took care of the issue for us and was knowledgeable about these bees.

  351. Elliott Leary 2023/07

    O’Neal provided me with excellent service today. I give him 5 stars!

  352. Paola Brooks 2023/07

    Brian was thorough and very helpful. Thank you so much!

  353. Lisa Mason 2023/07

    His name is Brian he was very good and polite love the service

  354. Ashley Ward 2023/07

    Brian is a sweetie! Happy to try a new service. Old one wasn’t working

  355. Robert Bernard 2023/07

    Informative, friendly and knowledgeable.
    Made sure our dog was inside while he put down certain applications.

  356. Tom Nook 2023/07

    The company is awful to its employees.
    In regards to them having an HR department, it is pretty much non-existent.
    If mentioning of HR to a higher rep, expect said reps to remove your shifts and have you linger on no word of your work status until after the holiday.
    Some residences they make technicians work in are large scaled buildings owned by the very rich, meaning the size of these houses can be 4x the size of a standard middle-class home for scale reference.
    they wish for techs to also do this in under 30 minutes or less.

    the company for some branches doesn’t even have a company storefront, instead, they use hotels to run their business.

    they make routes that don’t fit the needs of the technician and they are on the road constantly through insane conditions.
    they require technicians to work upwards of 6 days a week on nearly 12-hour shifts a day.

    they don’t maintain or inspect their employee’s trucks and keep up track of them.
    even when told by the technician whose job is to report and then get a word back from their boss.

    under all these other conditions, technicians are also expected to keep up with routine test’s on each of their chemicals outside of their work hours, meaning this job takes up so much of a person’s life, they have nothing but this on the mind 24/7.

    the job is nearly run like a pyramid scheme and each branch if not properly funded performs such lengths to stretch their budget that they will harm techs in the process and not give a hoot about the meat they feed the grinder.
    especially those who have worked there for multiple years.

  357. Sharon Brown 2023/07

    Maurice wz very courteous & helpful. I’m ever so pleased w ur company & its treatment of my ground wasp situation. After 1st treatment, minimal ground activity. Now I hardly ever see them…amazing!! Kudos 2ur company & employees!!

  358. Dan Starcher 2023/07

    Great home service, always friendly and informative when they arrive with notice the day before. Customer Service (Jane) has been very helpful in resolving current issues.

  359. Lindsey Kyte 2023/07

    Brian did great! Super nice!

  360. benjamin hazelgrove 2023/07

    We had some issues and called in and Caesar was very attentive and resolved our problem swiftly.

  361. Tiffany Rodriguez 2023/07

    Brian did an amazing job! Excellent company.

  362. Mark Chapin 2023/07

    Excellent Service – nice professional field personnel. Jen in customer service is exceptional.

  363. Emma Langley 2023/07

    Brian and Ricky were awesome, provided great service and very personable 🙂

  364. NaturallyFlawlessLiving -Meloni 2023/07

    Dilwynn ( spelling?) did a wonderful job. He described everything he was going to do and what to expect afterwards. He listened to my concerns (June bugs) all with a smile. Job well done

  365. David Wright 2023/07

    Brian was excellent. He was very nice and considerate to my family and myself. He made sure I was happy with the service.

  366. Amy Smith 2023/07

    I use Ecoshield for pest control and had them come out for a Yellowjacket problem. The two technicians that came out were very courteous and professional and definitely knowledgeable! Those bees didn’t stand a chance! They took the time to explain everything to me before and after. When I called the main office, I spoke to Teresa and she was extremely helpful and professional!

  367. Kim Keene 2023/07

    A friendly salesman came to our door this afternoon and we set up service for Wednesday. After seeing that we had a yellow jacket problem, the appointment was changed to the same day. Brian came early and was professional, thorough, informative, and friendly while servicing our yard.

  368. Lynne Walter 2023/07

    Have to do a shout out to Evan and Brian! Evan thoroughly explained EcoShield’s performance process and did so with ultimate professionalism! Brian soon came by with an amazing upbeat attitude and assured me my property would well serviced! You’ll feel you and your home are in trustworthy hands.

  369. Bob Jones 2023/07

    Owner was professional and had a good handle on his products he offered. Seemed somewhat pricey!
    Sales rep, Char, did an excellent job of listening, communicating and canceling the contract(already have another contract)
    Rate her as a 5!

  370. Kristen Wilkinson 2023/07

    Brian was amazing! He took care of all the creepy crawlers around my home and sheds, cleared out the spider webs all around the outside windows, porch, and inside my garage. He also sprayed/knocked down a couple of wasp nests that were hanging in my garage. Brian was professional, helpful, informative, and a super nice guy! He got everything done fast too! Very happy to have this company’s bug services for the next couple of years. ❤️

  371. rham022085 2023/07

    Brian and Ethan came through and did and amazing job

  372. Linda Green 2023/07

    Anna A, provided excellent service. That’s why I gave her 5 stars.

  373. Andre Taylor (Drdre79) 2023/07

    Brandon brown you did excellent job of taking down ants nest on one our account Mrs McGraw shot from your co worker Maurice the technician

  374. blake richardson 2023/07

    Brian was professional and did a great job. Would def recommend.

  375. Sean Solanky 2023/07

    Brian did a great job explaining the process and was very thorough with the initial treatment.

  376. Jamar Johnson 2023/07

    Brian did an amazing job very friendly! I recommend him for every job!

  377. Stephanie Garr Adams 2023/07

    Brian serviced our house and was great to work with. He took care of all the areas we had problems with bugs and mice.

  378. steve payne 2023/07

    Brian was a great representative. He was friendly, informative, and made sure we were happy with the service.

  379. Cadie Kelley 2023/07

    Last year I was conned into a contract (they advertised NO contract so ???) tried to cancel and was informed of the absurd cancellation fee. Ended up keeping the service simply because it was cheaper to finish the contract than to cancel. When the company visits they do barely anything. A little wipe of webs and that will cost you $150. Supposed to be bi monthly but continue to charge me every month and harass me for card info they had on file already. Please do yourself a favor and do your own pest control!!!!

  380. Stacie DOENCH 2023/07

    Brian talked with me when he arrived to make sure he addressed all my concerns/issues. He did a thorough job and checked in before leaving to make sure I was satisfied with the service today.

  381. Davy Jones 2023/07


    The service itself is 5 stars
    But the administration there is horrendous. I have had to call them multiple times to avoid them charities when not supposed to. I am constantly forced to leave voicemails but never get a returned call from those said voicemails. So I then have to call and hope someone answers to get through. I have been lucky enough to catch them before they send another service so they could charge beforehand but this last straw was the problem.
    They came by for a service on a date I told them I wouldn’t be home but was told I could call back and have them finish the job. That was in May and I called the day after memorial day. July 5th comes and I was yet to receive a call. So I call to get with someone to cancel my service after completing the job because I have been ignored enough.
    Here is the kicker, their salesman stated we weren’t in a contract but an agreement of service so that I could cancel when I wanted. A mistake on my part for not reading thoroughly enough to see that with the cancellation, they will charge me the discount given on the first service. So they not only charged me for the followup when they said they wouldn’t when they came out, but then proceeded to explain I would be charged for cancellation even though they have been horrendous with keeping their side of the agreement. It’s a shame those techs work for a company so shady.
    They sell as local, they are not! Go with a company that is based out of Richmond Va so you are not played like I was. I can afford to take a loss like this but not everyone is prepared for an almost 200 dollar charge when not being treated properly.

  382. Katie Webber 2023/07

    I can’t say enough about Maurice’s willingness to go the extra mile to help our ant infestation. He patiently waited while we cleared certain areas of our house to be able to better treat, he gave us feedback on how we can cut down on ants in general, and he did all of this, with a very kind and professional manner. Thank you Maurice!

  383. Stacey Herndon 2023/06

    Tye came out today to do our routine spray. He was very professional and answered my questions. So glad we made the decision to hire EcoShield.

  384. Cayce Hack 2023/06

    Bryan is awesome, timely, honest and very knowledgeable. I know them bugs ain’t coming back while he’s around ? Byah Byah! …

  385. Vadivel Murugesan 2023/06

    Disappointed with Hidden Costs

    I recently enrolled in the pest control services offered by this company and had a generally positive experience with the technician, Brian, who provided excellent service. However, my overall satisfaction has been greatly diminished due to the lack of transparency regarding hidden costs in the agreement.

    While Brian’s work was commendable, I was never informed about additional charges that were not disclosed during the initial agreement. This lack of upfront communication has left me feeling disappointed and concerned about the reliability of the company.

    Unfortunately, this has led me to make the difficult decision to cancel my pest control agreement with them. Transparency and honesty are crucial aspects of any business, and the failure to inform customers about all the terms and conditions before signing up is unacceptable.

    I hope this review serves as feedback for the company to improve its communication and ensure that all customers are well-informed about the costs associated with their services. While Brian’s work was satisfactory, the hidden costs overshadow the overall experience.

    I trust that other potential customers will find this review helpful in making an informed decision when considering their pest control needs.

  386. Melissa Joi 2023/06

    Turned my outside alarm on when he came up and he still continued to ring the bell and knock. Woke up a sleeping baby. Will never hire this company.

  387. Cyprian Yankey 2023/06

    Maurice did an amazing job protecting our home! We recommend him and EcoShield!

  388. Robert Poindexter 2023/06

    Lymar Ecoshield representative helped with a billing question. Lymar,was incredibly patient with me as I asked a barrage of questions regarding my recent pest control bill. They took the time to explain each question and concerns in detail, and I never once felt rushed or dismissed. They were a true professional- friendly, efficient, and knowledgeable.

  389. Ann Charlotte Schumm 2023/06

    Maurice did a fantastic job! He was very personable and knowledgeable about pest control! Really appreciated todays great service!

  390. Victoria Fong 2023/06

    Cathy A offered great customer service! She was incredibly friendly and efficient. I have used ecoshield in my past two homes and I have always been satisfied with their quality of service. Would definitely recommend for your pest control needs.

  391. Barbara Novak 2023/06

    Jean was very helpful. She answered all my questions.

  392. Cory Dunn 2023/06

    Christian rang our door bell at close to 9pm tonight. Totally unprofessional to try and sell services while my family is trying to wind down and about to go to bed. Set our dog off on a barking spree. And the only thing Christian could say was “I have been working all day.” And didn’t even apologize for bothering my family so late. We won’t be using this service ever, if they can’t respect proper business etiquette.

  393. Dexter Green 2023/06

    Jake and Rashaad were outstanding. Both were very clear and well spoken when explaining their services, offers, discounts, and packages. I was looking for a pest control service when Jake visited my home and Ecoshield’s cost made it an easy decision to at least give them a chance. Rashaad did my home service and did a great job at removing the wasp and spider nests from around my home. He walked me around my house and explained to me everything he had done and did not leave until he knew I was satisfied with the service. So far, I am very pleased with the services they provided and will be continuing to use them for the foreseeable future.

  394. rachel muldoon 2023/06

    My grandfather is 92, this technician talked him into termite monitoring. My grandfather thought he would pay in 70 dollar installments. They took out over 1800.00. That’s all he gets a month from social security. When I called on his behalf, explained that he didn’t understand, I was told he was explained the contract for 3 hours! No refund or payment plan was available. Obviously if the technician had to explain it that long, my grandfather didn’t understand the money would be taken out all at once. I will be contacting lawyers and News stations.

  395. Cynthia Montgomery 2023/06

    I believe in first impressions and I’m not impressed! My appointment was for 12 pm to 2 pm and they showed up at 3:35 pm. No phone call, no apology, nothing for being late. They were here for about 5 minutes and then just left. The service that was described to me is NOT what I received! Very disappointing! Strike one!!

  396. David Jank 2023/06

    I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with Dan Christian for a number of months now, and I am quite impressed with his level of professionalism. He is super responsive, courteous, and knowledgeable about what he is doing! He really puts a good face on the Eco brand, and I tend to look forward to seeing him. I’m glad all the techs I’ve met so far from Eco Shield have been knowledgeable, and able to answer questions. It is really appreciated.

  397. Peggy Chavis 2023/06

    Spoke with Joshua regarding some assistance I needed with my account. He was helpful, understanding and he provided me with the info I needed to move forward. Much appreciated.

  398. Chris Lamb 2023/06

    The guys had a great pitch so I decided to give it a shot. Sure enough Rashad showed up on time and was super professional. He was even really kind to my dog (who is a bit on the energetic side) and took care to let me know everything was done. Super happy with the service.

  399. Mark Fox 2023/06

    Professional service with money back guarantee… not just the typical redo

  400. Joanne Kelly 2023/06

    I would like to thank Marben for his service. He was helpful, courteous and his manner was exceptional at this day and time.
    Thank you again Marben for helping me today. You are certainly
    a valued employee.


  401. John Rindge 2023/06

    So far the treatment has been working
    I just had a question and Allan was very helpful. Thank you

  402. Diane Bishop 2023/06

    Ricky did a great job keeping me up to date on a payment mixup for termite service and the company was able to get the problem resolved quickly.

  403. Chris 2023/06

    Nad was very helpful. There was a miscommunication with the local team about when they were coming back to finish up a service. Nad helped me get the service scheduled and brought the account up to date. Painless and quick, just the way I like customer service calls. Thanks, Nad!

  404. Sue Ellen Hargadon 2023/06

    Generally no problems. We have had a termite inspection service in place for several years with a different company.
    In cancelling the service there were no issues, just a change of mind. Chris was exceptionally helpful in taking me through the cancellation process. He was very professional.

  405. R S 2023/06

    Great customer service from Grace and was very understanding. I would highly recommend as they have done a great job treating my home for pests.

  406. Rusty Wheeland 2023/06

    Slight miscommunication between salesman to service tech, between time of service, and animals on property. Once sorted out, Rashad the service tech was top notch.

  407. Robert Moff 2023/06

    Tyler was an incredible salesman/technician and made us feel very informative about their product and my needs. When I had questions afterwards, Nad was able to take care of our needs. Very reliable and lots of integrity.

  408. Peggy Partridge 2023/06

    Was very pleased with my service and enjoyed talking with Ann but want to cancel my service for now and will contact you if I need you in the future. Thank you!!

  409. michael grafmuller 2023/06

    Did not perform all the salesman promised and wants to charge per visit almost what I pay per year for the same service from Ecopest. Call center is out of the country and they do not honor promises

  410. Beulah Paulraj 2023/06

    Deandre was very respectful and great!

  411. ND 2023/06

    Jane was very professional and able to help us.

  412. Herman Kim 2023/06

    Horrible Management. They gave us 2 hour window for a visit. However, they were still late by one hour… Asked them to cancel the contract but they argued we have to pay the cancellation fee if we refuse the treatment. They sent the new technician out which took more time.. Couldn’t make it to our dinner plan as a result.. Quality matters more than quantity….

  413. Nic Snow 2023/06

    Grace was most helpful in resolving my issue.

  414. Season Malan Appelget 2023/06

    I appreciated talking with the owner at the time that they sold me on their service. Unfortunately, the service has not been as expected. The promise of, if your initial service does not solve your pest removal needs, they will come back… seems untrue, they will not even give me a date when they will come back. I have had to call Customer Service three times, the local office finally communicated with me by telephone said they were going to schedule an inspection and have not after the phone calls and four emails. They do not offer level of service that they seem to be selling at least in the Richmond, VA marketplace.


  415. DeAndre Bright 2023/06

    My man Justin good dude. Definitely care about the customer

  416. John Flores 2023/06

    Their salesmen continue to ignore “No Soliciting” signs. I question the ability of these employees to read. If they can’t read, then they shouldn’t be trusted with pest control chemicals.

  417. Jaeden Barbour 2023/06

    Great communication on and off the phone! Awesome professionalism and most importantly well knowledgeable on the task at hand! A young man named TJ came to our home and pitched us a perfect pitch, was very inclusive on every necessity necessary to complete the job. Well educated young man and glad to have met him! What an awesome team of individuals, thanks a lot!

  418. Dawnette Moore 2023/06

    Always good customer service. Caesar was very helpful and friendly. Answered all my questions in a timely manner.

  419. Shannon Foxx Day 2023/06

    Jandy did a great job helping me schedule a revisit to treat a hornets nest.

  420. Olivia Chappelear 2023/06

    The Ecoshield team is unmatched! Tyquan is an excellent specialist, and Caesar provided incredible customer support!

  421. Colleen Blair 2023/05

    There have been many times where they have rescheduled us to times that don’t work for our schedule. The service does not work We have had so many bugs, particularly spiders in the past two months we have tried calling Ecoshield to come to our house and they ignored her phone calls and emails. Canceling with them is extremely difficult. I do not recommend Ecoshield. They are not military friendly.

  422. Laura Gilmer 2023/05

    Brandon B. did a great job spraying our home, utility room, and yard today. He gave special attention to treating anthills accumulating in the yard and swept all the cobwebs from the exterior railing and house, reaching heights never touched before. Since signing up with Ecoshield, I never see pesky insects. Kudos again to Brandon B. for his thorough servicing of our home.

  423. Marie Rose Ramos Crostic 2023/05

    Tanner Brunsberg my salesman was very professional and timely. Scheduled my initial appointment and had my service done right away. Cesar from Eco shield was the CS rep that took my call concerning my mosquito treatment was professional and efficient. He helped put my mind at ease about scheduling my appointment and tried to reach out to the Richmond VA office to expedite my scheduled appointment for the mosquito treatment.

  424. Victoria Whitman 2023/05

    These are some great people, they are very knowledgeable about their products, are polite and friendly, and provide a great service! The training manager Josh, did an amazing job explaining what service was needed, what products they were going to use, and what those products would accomplish. Highly recommend this company to anyone with in need of pest management.

  425. Lee Ann Hettrick 2023/05

    Brandon came today for my second treatment on my home. He was on time, early actually, professional, personable, he explained what he was doing, overall, well-educated in this business. Great job, Brandon!

  426. Gloria Calderon 2023/05

    Maurice did a wonderful job & I want him to do the same thing from now on

  427. Dan B 2023/05

    I was solicited and sold a product that does not work. I have expressed this concern to them multiple times but they continue to show up and bill my account. Their visits last 5 or so minutes so I know they do not complete what I am paying for. The last communication I had with them I said not to come anymore. They did not listen and came the next day while I was away. I have tried to cancel but they will not let me. The person that sold me the service lied several times, used deceptive language and would not take no for an answer. Using Eco shield is a waste, beware!

  428. Ryan Yuen 2023/05

    Dillon was our service representative. He was informative and very helpful in explaining the services they provided. After agreeing to the service. Cody came within 2 hours and sprayed and cleaned up our exterior. He first informed us of what he planned on doing and asked if we had any questions. He was fast and professional and made sure to address any concerns we had before leaving. Thanks Ecosheild.

  429. Lindsay Belfor 2023/05

    I sent EcoShield Pest Solutions an email requesting help. No one replied and they didn’t answer the phone. After two weeks of being unable to get in touch with them I found another company that is local and responsive. It took 3 days of phone calls (and a lot of time on hold) to speak with someone to cancel my account and at the end of it EcoShield Pest Solutions charged me $150 to cancel because that was the “discount” they had given when I signed up. Don’t sign a contract with this company, they will take your money and ignore you until your scheduled bi-monthly appointment.

  430. Emily Smith 2023/05

    A salesman for this company knocks on my door MULTIPLE times per day, every day; they just came by for a THIRD time today at 8pm. Going door to door is incredibly outdated, and you never know what the person on the other side of the door may have to greet your sales people with. Please stop this outdated and invasive business model.

  431. Patsy Lewis 2023/05

    DK was the salesman I spoke with. He was very knowledgeable and personable. He answered all my questions and wasn’t pushy. DK returned for my service later the same day, which was provided by Jacob. He also was very polite and helpful – explained what they were doing and why. I would be very happy to have either of them as my future service folks who perform the duties and answer any questions. They were also very dedicated and sincere about the safety of my puppy throughout this whole process.

  432. Keeshawn Sun 2023/05

    Maurice came out and did a great job!

  433. Kathy Haigler 2023/05

    Andre did a great service today. He spent a extra time listening to the issues we are having and explaining the treatment he applied to prevent any further issues.

  434. Nicholas Ellis 2023/05

    Giving EcoShield a 5 star rating. I had just moved to my neighborhood 2 weeks ago, and met Ryan as he was canvassing door-to-door for sales. Great guy, very friendly, able to answer my questions, so it was a no brainer signing up…

    Delwin and Brandon were the technicians that came (literally 20 minutes after signing up with Ryan) to perform their work. Both had smiles on during their duty, and were also equally as friendly and professional as Ryan.

    Glad I signed on with EcoShield.

  435. Kendra Selden 2023/05

    Oren sold us our pest maintenance package, and he was wonderful to talk to. He explained everything clearly and throughly and made sure he knew what we would be getting out of the service! Delwin and Brandon showed up for the service the very next day. They were quick, kind, and professional. Couldn’t ask for better!

  436. S. Mathews 2023/05

    Maurice was on time, polite, professional and friendly. He even found a second wasp nest I didn’t know about and took it down for us.

  437. Alex Albro 2023/05

    Brandon did a great job and was very informative!

  438. Ryan Gonzalez 2023/05

    Oren was very professional and offered a great product. Very knowledgeable and thorough. We were not ready to begin services at this time but will definitely consider his company when the time comes.

  439. Kenny Campbell 2023/05


    Joyce L. was absolutely wonderful and perfectly accommodating to my needs, it was quick and stress free and she was extremely professional and friendly. I have worked customer service in the past and Joyce exceeded my standards with her service.

  440. Thomas Loeber 2023/05

    Scammers that try to lock you into contract and then charge you a few hundred dollars to cancel, allegedly because you have to pay back all the “discounts” you got.

  441. Partners Partners 2023/05

    Amazing experience CJ talked me through all the services and I signed up for the 5 time trial period

  442. Bobbie Murphy 2023/05

    We have been very pleased with our EcoSheild service. Their quarterly service keeps the bugs totally wiped out. Brandon Brown usually services our home here in Richmond and is professional and personable and performs any special requests we have. I highly recommend them!!

  443. Matt Balint 2023/05

    Do not use this company. Horrible experience. Will be canceling ASAP. They quoted me a $170 service billed quarterly. They explained I pay $170 on initial service, which INCLUDES a follow up service 31 days later to “break the egg cycle” and my next payment would be 3 months from initial service. Low and behold, I get charged $170 on initial and $170 on the follow-up 31 days later. So I’ve already paid $340 within 31 days. I call and get routed to a call center overseas at which point the person is matching my energy of frustration off the RIP and repeating that I signed for the contract and agreed to pay for the services, instead of deescalating and explaining what happened/contract, etc. I also have to pay $200 to break contract for the “discounted” price of the service (this I did know about). I cannot tell you how many times 2 different techs I talked to stated $170/3months and that First two appointments are the first payment of $170. Meanwhile, they’re charging nearly $600/first 3 months. Absolute scam. Worst customer service, predatory practices, and misleading service and representation I’ve experienced in a long time. Worst part, insect issue does not seem to be dissipating. I promise you. Look elsewhere and you’ll get better service for less money. Shame on Jose for misleading people on the back to back payments needed. Shame on this company. Shame on that Philippine man for being rude and providing awful customer service. Ridiculous.

  444. Celeste Chance 2023/04

    FRANZ helped me with my account to seamlessly cancel it. I moved, otherwise would be keeping my services. Like always super helpful team, will definitely be recommending to others.

  445. Raven Souther 2023/04

    We moved into our home over a year ago and have seen so many spiders, but Ecoshield came through and showed/walked me through how they would help us get rid of spiders once and for all. They sent out Cody to do the initial service for us and he was amazing. Cody did an amazing job explaining the process of what he was going to do before he began the service. Cody was patient while I asked questions and answered them. I look forward to working Ecoshield in the future and enjoying our pest-free home.

  446. Lynn Friel 2023/04

    Jeff was very thorough and inspected thoroughly.
    Reah was very helpful on the phone.

  447. Mary Leas 2023/04

    Although I called to cancel my service agreement, the agent Cesar was extremely helpful and assured me that he would take care of the cancellation. I was very comforted by his response. Thank you.

  448. Nick Campano 2023/04

    Gave them a shot after an incredibly persistent cold-call by some kid with a box of No Doz in his tool pouch. After a couple of treatments the only difference I noticed was an increase in insects inside my house as they moved away from the sprayed areas.

    There was no real way to cancel their service so I just deleted my payment information from the website. They did not take the hint and continued showing up to my house two more times, the second time their email assessment even indicating they didn’t spray anything. They still charged me for this and eventually sent the bill to a collection agency.

    Genuinely awful experience.

  449. Rachel Markhoff 2023/04

    Great service, would definitely recommend. Got rid of our spiders, ants and wasps nests on the house. Our technician Cody was very knowledgeable and nice. Dominik was very responsive and informative.

  450. K Nguyen 2023/04

    I had noticed ants coming into my home. I had called the number and spoke with their representative Hannah, who had connected with the Henrico office and they had sent out a technician the next day to address this problem. Very responsive and flexible in terms of scheduling.

  451. Henry Kuhlman 2023/04

    The young man, Brandon, who serviced our home for ants and spider activity was extremely professional and friendly. This was our first treatment, we are looking forward to getting our annual ant challenge under control with an eco-friendly solution!

  452. Alexander Steiner 2023/04

    Great value for a comprehensive pest extermination package. Liked that pesticides are plant based, and they stand behind their work. I feel confident that our home will remain pest free with ecoshield on our side.

  453. Kim Smith 2023/04

    Grace was helpful and cordial. Though I am not interested in maintaining this service, she politely, persisted to keep me on as a client. She explained the contract obligations and fees related my rquest to discontinue

  454. Patti Feldt 2023/04

    Jay was very professional and helpful over the phone. He listened to my minor problem and was able to offer a very satisfying solution. I enjoy working with EcoShield Pest Solutions very much!!

  455. vanessa erickson 2023/04

    Oren came to chat with me about bug prevention at my home. I hadn’t really noticed how many spiderwebs were around until they started pointing some out. The next day, we had service here to remove the bugs and webs. I love that they are plant based and said their product would not transfer to birds or bees. Ecoshield were fast, friendly, very communicative and helpful.

  456. D2 D 2023/04

    Previous 5 Star Review: Delwin is super friendly, professional and punctual. Very knowledgeable of pests and products. Will request his services for future appointments.

    Current 2 star review:
    Daniel – Thank you so much for coming back and resolving the complaint. Daniel is very knowledgeable and open to educating his clients. Friendliness is a must-have in today’s society! Our bug issues diminished almost immediately. Daniel is not the problem.

    It is the business methodology, if you will. I had refrained from paying due to negligent previous service – where they came to the property but the bugs seemed to run toward, rather than deflect. They added late payment fees even though I tried again and again to use their ONLINE PORTAL rating system TO INFORM THEM (assuming they’d actually receive this information). It doesn’t actually submit anything as it suggests/prompts you to come to places like Google to really help them out. Well, not sure this review will do that. With that said, trying again and again to submit a review on THE BUSINESS WEBSITE, it did not actually work. I then tried to call but ended up getting nowhere. A call center – where? You guessed it! Not in our local hometown, no; but thousands of miles around the globe in the Philippines where they literally have no responsibilities, nor accountability, to their paying customers – they called me to remit payment.

    Although the customer service in the Philippines is on par with 5 star service, it does not align with the business model that customers are experiencing.

    Why am I being called to remit payment if the business page has a review section for me to tell them what went wrong?

    This is where:
    -You get a NONFAULTY review system
    -Take accountability for your business promises
    -Review the customer feedback
    -RESOLVE any negative feedback
    (wait for it)

    I only have one more month left and am looking forward to it being the last.

    Not that it needs to be said again, but….
    Don’t call your customers about money until you actually know what is going on. Because what it looks like from my point of view, is that you don’t care to listen to customers (as the people with ears are on the other side of the world and you don’t use real feedback loops) and that you are only interested in the people who fill your pockets.

    Lastly, I had $20 added to my bill. Is this a late payment? For the service you never got the review for that I submitted several times? Wow, guys. Cannot wait to give you a happy farewell this May 2023.

  457. Jimmy McNelis 2023/04

    Eddy Cyprie was provided exceptional customer service, by speaking clearly, respectfully, and with diligence. I appreciated his assistance in paying my bill.

  458. Kay Estes 2023/04

    Cody performed our service. He was professional and did a great job!!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

  459. Neerajan Lamsal 2023/04

    I really liked the customer service. Thank you Grace and Easther for helping with the overall process with cancellation. I will definitely get back with ecoshield some day.

  460. Thun Sothea 2023/04

    I spoke with the associate after lunch and had the work performed that evening. Tanner scheduled the work and Cody came out and performed great work. Convenient and professional.

  461. Judith Kohnen 2023/04

    brian was our tech for the first treatment of our new home. He was knowledgable, professional, and courteous.

  462. Clayton Hewitson 2023/04

    Cody did a great job with the pest control, both indoors and outdoors, especially de-webbing in less than optimal weather conditions. Would definitely recommend!

  463. David Graham 2023/04

    Pressured me into leaving a 5 star review, stood there while I did it. Such a strange experience for the customer.

  464. Michelle Eichorn 2023/04

    Ann helped with a service problem I had. The problem has not been resolved but she notified the appropriate office. She was professional throughout our call.

  465. Ken Barker 2023/04

    DK, Ryan and Isabella provided an excellent service today. They were very professional and efficient. I highly recommend using EcoShield Pest Solutions.

    I call EcoShield customer service about an upcoming visit to ensure special attention is given to mice that have started making their way into the house. Ice was my customer service again. She was very professional and was able to make the needed note to my account for the specialist coming later this month.

  466. Natasha Williams 2023/04

    First time with this company. Cody came out and sprayed the foundation and windows. We have had other services and no one has taken the time to do anything but the foundation. This company is thorough!

  467. Curtis Grant 2023/04

    Cody did a great job today at my property.

  468. Scott Lipschitz 2023/04

    Our technician, Maurice arrived early. He was very professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. He was excellent, I rate them five stars.

  469. Dave Benton 2023/04

    High pressure sales for an outsourced business. Banging on doors with clear no soliciting signs. Pretending to have business relationships with neighbors. Trading positive reviews for discounts. Locking people into 36 month contracts. Not worth your time. Hire someone local.

  470. Rai Minor 2023/04

    Brandon was terrific, very friendly and great to work with. Great experience, highly recommend. Barnone customer service with each visit.

  471. Heli Buch 2023/03

    Maurice did a good job of spraying outdoors and indoors, as well as brushed away some webs he found in garrage. Great service!

  472. Jon 2023/03

    Not a great service. Had them out for mole and pest control and it seemed okish, but service is a pain to deal with. Pretty sure they use an overseas call center. Had to jump through hoops to update an expired card. Drivers are inconsiderate when visiting the property. Had one guy manage to block an entire 4 car driveway with just his one truck instead of just picking a side. They ended up giving me half off the monthly service but used a ‘cancellation fee’ as a stick instead of just accepting the service wasn’t good.

  473. Leah Phelps 2023/03

    I spoke with Heather this morning to service my account. She was extremely helpful, informative, and understanding. She made the process simple and easy.

  474. Drew Moreau 2023/03

    Grace was very courteous and helpful as I had to cancel my account due to me using another company and not using/needing this plan. Thank you Grace.

  475. Michael Mcdonough 2023/03

    Heather was very helpful when I called to see what my payment options were. She was informative and professional and gave me a variety of options to keep using the pest treatment service.

  476. Robert Carter 2023/03

    Every time Delwin comes to complete my pest services, he is courteous and friendly. He is always knowledgeable on any questions I might have and follows up to make sure everything is good to go. I look forward to my interactions with him and he definitely sheds a positive light on the company.

  477. Victoria Fox 2023/03

    I love working with EcoShield. Everyone you come across in this company is so kind and friendly. They are truly here to help their customers. Their pricing is very affordable and their services actually work! I have no issues with bugs in the house or outside the house and I live on a lake. They have made it so I can enjoy being outside in the yard and in my home without worrying about bugs or getting bit. They wont sell you on something they don’t think you need and they are upfront and honest about what they think your needs are for your home. I wish I could give them more stars because they definitely deserve it. 11/10 would recommend.

  478. robert coppock 2023/03

    I hired EcoShield for pest control. They quoted me a one time price to start and I was told after the initial service the price would go down to their regular monthly fee which was substantially lower than the initial $170. I was reviewing my bank account statements and realized I was still being charged $170 for their monthly services. I called EcoShield and explained that this price was not what I was quoted and I asked for the difference between what I was quoted and actually being charged credited back to my card. This never happened! I cancelled my service and they still kept charging my card. However, at this point they weren’t even showing up to perform the service. When I refused to continue paying them for services they never performed they turned my account over to a collection agency! Now I’m being chased by some crazy collection agency for the mistakes this AWFUL AND DISHONEST company made. I’ve never in my time living in the Richmond VA area come across a more dishonest group of people. I’m an owner of a small business and don’t take this review lightly. I’ve never left a poor review before but these people give us small business owners a bad name. If anyone on my staff behaved this way towards a customer I’d fire them on the spot and do everything in my power to take care of that customer. These folks don’t have that attitude or business sense. There are plenty of other REPUTABLE pest control companies in the Richmond VA area that actually are honest and do what they say they will. Find them and stay away from EcoShield! They’re crooks and prey on the communities they visit. Horrible, horrible experience!!!

  479. Brady Garrison 2023/03

    Maurice did an excellent job spraying and was very thorough, and Rica was very professional on the phone and patient to help me with all of my questions

  480. Lucy Page 2023/02

    Kip was very thorough and careful with the kids to make sure he got rid of our pests without putting the kids in danger

  481. Tangy Terry 2023/02

    Maurice was very thorough, professional, and friendly. It’s his type of service that keeps me with EcoShield.

  482. Deann Hall 2023/02

    Today I spoke with James A about moving my service address. He was very helpful and professional.

  483. Nancy-Jean Roberts 2023/02

    Sara is always on time and punctual. She has been my favorite technician since I signed up with Eco Shield Pest Solutions. Worth it by far and the easiest to get in touch with.

  484. Anita Stewart 2023/02

    Kip was great! Professional and would always check to see if we needed anything specific. I highly recommend Ecopest.

  485. Cooper Allen 2023/02

    Kip did a great job, was very professional and informative, and showed up on time. Would definitely recommend!

  486. Charmaine Borowski 2023/02

    Our service tech, Kip, was extremely professional. He listened to our concerns and promptly took care of the issues. Excellent service tech.

  487. Jen Trent 2023/01

    I have had nothing but positive interactions with customer service and the techs that come to spray. Thank you to Christine for not only great service, but your friendly attitude!

  488. Mark Cartwright 2023/01

    Kip was on time and was able to address any concerns that I had. Which were none, because of the quality of service. I haven’t seen a nuf since the initial visit. Good job.

  489. Millie Ives 2023/01

    Maurice did OK good service today


  490. Ricko Boyd 2023/01

    My service technician Maurice is always professional and attentive to our concerns. He goes above and beyond to ensure we are satisfied.

  491. Criston Basdikis 2023/01

    We have been very pleased with EcoShield. They are professional and will answer any questions you have. Kip is awesome! Great service 🙂

  492. Amanda Ouellette 2023/01

    Bernard is wonderful everytime he comes out. He’s efficient and always very polite. The eco services provided give us peace of mind with our dogs while protecting our house from pests. After four visits, we are very pleased with the results!

  493. MrDirtbob 2023/01

    Great service easy to modify appointments and scheduling Kip is doing a professional job ensuring my property is treated.

  494. Brian Berry 2023/01

    Kip came by today for our bi monthly treatment and did a thorough job. I haven’t had any issues with pests since we started, happy with the service!

  495. Karen Orlando 2023/01

    Less important: the treatment had no impact on the insect problem we had.
    More important: Brandon left our gate open and let our dog out. Their solution to missing/dead dog: 50 percent off next treatment… We don’t ever want these people at our house again. I can’t believe after what they put us through that they are refusing to cancel our contract!

  496. Donna Barker 2023/01

    Kip came out today and did a thorough job! Very pleased with this company.

  497. logan gregory 2023/01

    Maurice did an amazing job. He explained the process in depth, was personable, knowledgeable, and patient.

  498. Lori Scott 2023/01

    Maurice was exceptionally polite and professional. He explained everything and focused on my concerns. After performing the treatment he again explained everything and made sure I had everything I needed to be taken care of. EcoShield definitely hit the mark on this service.

  499. Kayla Perkins 2023/01

    Kipp was wonderful, he verified our issues and asked several questions to ensure we were truly taken care of.

  500. Duane Barb 2023/01

    Kip came out this morning and did a great job, very professional and super friendly!

  501. Snow 2023/01

    We used to have spiders all throughout the home during the fall/winter and haven’t seen any since we’ve started using EcoShield. Same with the ants outside! Grace in particular is an friendly and efficient exterminator with lots of tips to share.

  502. Jessica Williams 2022/12

    Bernard was great! He went the extra mile to make sure I didn’t bring bed bugs home with me from vacation. I thought his customer service was one of the best I have had and hope I get him again!

  503. StillMarie White 2022/11

    Very courteous and clean cut workers. If they come inside they respect your carpet by removing their shoes!!! They make sure you are happy and satisfied. They ALWAYS let you ahead of time, when they plan to do the next treatment.

  504. Tone Loc 2022/11

    I received the best service ever from the technician Sara Richardson! Finally someone came to my home and actually attempted to find and fix the problem, she actually took time to go through section after section of the home to find the problem. She was so informative and gave me knowledge on the situation. I hope she’s the only one that comes to service my home
    From now on, she’s great!

  505. Shee LovesHer5 2022/11

    Pricia was very kind and very helpful. I appreciate her service that she was able to provide for me. She was very attentive to my issues and was able to resolve them in a fast and timely matter. Thank you so much Pricia.

  506. wanda terry 2022/11

    The customer service of Patricia was excellent. I was an angry unsatisfied customer. She remained calm and professional as yelled and expressed my frustration. She then convinced me to allow her to set up service times around my work schedule to ensure I was able to have interior as well as exterior service. She called the next day with follow up information. I’m still a customer because of customer service representative Patricia.

  507. No Name 2022/11

    Terrible experience- The service didn’t work for us at all and they charge $151 to cancel the service. I was also harassed by their sales people via three phone calls and text messages in their attempts to keep me from canceling my service. Be aware of car-salesman like conduct. They pitched themselves as some small “brotherly love” company and end the end I was just treated like another number.

  508. Stephanie Pyrchalla 2022/11

    Danny C. Did an awesome job. He took his time to check in with me at the beginning and end of his visit. I appreciated him explaining the treatment he was doing and his help with my house plants. He was professional and personable.

  509. John Gormus 2022/11

    Kip was professional and helpful and made sure to ask if everything was to our satisfaction before leaving. He treated an area upon our request and again made sure I was satisfied before leaving. So far this company has been on time, professional and responsive to all requests.

  510. Doreen Shulman 2022/11

    Brandon came out today for our quarterly service and was very professional and thorough. EcoShield does a great job for us!

  511. Kimberly Ritter 2022/11

    Roshel was very helpful when we cancelled our account, and provided us with good customer service.

  512. J Aboulhosn 2022/11

    Early on, I wasn’t too happy with this company’s service. Had our fare share of techs that would say they came but never did, never left door tags, etc. EcoSheild has definitely redeemed themselves. The best service technician I’ve had was Kip Burns. He is the definition of customer service. He went above and beyond and I honestly couldn’t have asked for anything better. While he was servicing the outside, he noticed our missing crawl space door, he recommended I call the main office to get a quote for repair! EcoSheild does that?! Yup. You just gotta call and ask.

    He also cleared all types of cobwebs around my doors and exterior windows, when he was treating inside, he even repaired my AC vent!! He took his time and made sure the job was done right, and THEN SOME! Thank you Kip, I’ll be calling the main office to get a quote soon! Hope you continue to be my service tech because you were truly the best technician I’ve ever had from EcoSheild.

  513. Floyd Moore 2022/11

    Maurice is a great tech. I would highly recommend this company. Everyone on the staff is highly intelligent and courteous.

  514. Maggie Reinke 2022/11

    I don’t typically write reviews, however, I think this is necessary to inform the public of my experience. The salesman was wonderful and helpful. The actual experience with the company has been far from good. Most of the people that came to our property were friendly. Their overall business strategy is predatory. They will do everything and anything they can to get money, even if they are in the wrong. I would recommend to stear clear of this company.

  515. Terra Miles 2022/11

    Maurice is very friendly, and courteous. It was a good pest control experience. Job well done!

  516. Danny Welsch 2022/11

    Brandon came out and was very friendly and courteous. As a realtor I will recommend this service to all my future clients.

  517. Zelic Jones 2022/11

    We have had a mouse issue and weren’t able to resolve it ourselves. Bernard and Elijah were able to educate us and also set up traps in areas that encouraged the mice not to reenter the house. We had been mouse free for several months and as soon as we saw new activity I called and they came out the next day.

  518. james neim 2022/10

    Delwyn was polite, friendly and attentive to our concerns. He made suggestions and practical recommendations to control mice. We called Friday afternoon and they were here on Monday to address our problem.
    We are glad we chose their service.

  519. Tia Beaty 2022/10

    Colby, Caleb and Sergio were very nice and friendly. Very knowledgeable about their product and careful to protect my flowers and plants while spraying. Seeing the plethora of God’s creepy crawlies popping up around the neighborhood lately I’m glad they’re available.

  520. Greg Abdus-Salaam 2022/10

    The technicians Sergio and Max were incredible. Professional, punctual and efficient. They addressed any concerns that I had. I’m happy to have joined the EcoShield family.

  521. Lilly Jordan 2022/10

    Sergio and Caleb were very professional and well mannered! They did their job in a timely manner and were both super sweet! I would recommend them to anyone!

  522. Malik Adams 2022/10

    Caleb, Sergio, and jamonie were perfect and they delivered the best customer service I have experienced in a long time ! Top of the line these guys deserve a RAISE!

  523. Carleen 2022/10

    Just had my first treatment with EcoShield. I’ve used other pest control services but EcoShields treatment was by far the most thorough – they even knocked down spider webs..And their pricing was similar or a bit less than the other companies. The service tech, Brandon, did an excellent job. It’s also a relief to know that their products are non-toxic to pets and humans (from what the company told me).

  524. Jane Yarney 2022/10

    Kip did a great job following another technician who was in and out on a rainy day appointment!! He was very personable & thorough!

  525. Chris Engram 2022/10

    Sergio and Caleb came to my house, were professional went over everything made sure they was very clear with what they were doing, very fast but efficient and overall good job

  526. Rachel Jimenez 2022/10

    Sergio and Caleb did a great job today. They explained what they were going to do and were very professional. Gage was also incredibly helpful explaining the product and how it works. Hopefully, we will see improvement in our ant issues.

  527. damon villamar 2022/10

    Elijah the red head was great. He bravely got rid of a nest of yellow jackets for us and completed our service in a timely manner. Would recommend these guys 10/10

  528. Kaila Cosgrove 2022/10

    Caleb and Sergio did an amazing job! Just moved to a new house and had a couple issues that needed to be fixed and they took care of it right away, definitely recommend them for any pest issues you might have

  529. Kim pate 2022/10

    The Ecoshield team was very friendly and professional. We received our first treatment today. The treatment that was used in the house didn’t have any lingering smell. The guys explained everything as they went around treating the yard and the exterior of our home. We are very happy with the service and recommend them. But it’s too early to see how things work. But we’re hoping it will solve the problems with spiders and hornet nest.

  530. Debbie Lovelady 2022/10

    Caleb and Sergio were fabulous. They talked me through the process and took care of my house to ensure my boys can play putside.

  531. jeanne duke 2022/10

    Everyone from EcoShield is so nice and professional. We especially love Elijah D. I love the service EcoShield provides and we have no bugs/pests inside or outside of our home! Highly recommend!

  532. Betsy Smith 2022/10

    Corey was pleasant and courteous and did a thorough job with my pest control service. I’m very glad to know my home will soon be free of pests.

  533. MJ Nazar 2022/10

    Brandon, Elijah, and Leroy were very friendly and very thorough. Elijah was especially open to explaining what he was doing and how everything worked, which I appreciated.
    This is my first experience with pest control. I am looking forward to seeing how effective it is.

  534. Kay Rowe 2022/10

    Signed up for their service today. They were very polite, professional and described their services in great detail with an email follow up as well. They texted prior to the technician arriving, he announced himself and told me what he would be doing. He notified me when he was finished and asked if i had any questions. I look forward to working with them.

  535. Kellyn Hensley 2022/10

    Troy and DK did a great job at our house today. They were friendly, fast, and efficient. Definitely recommend EcoShield. 🙂

  536. selicia kay. 2022/10

    I had some concerns about not seeing improvement on pests. Joshua assured me that i can call back 7-10 days after service if things do not improve and even showed concerned on ways he could help keep my new puppy safe between and during services.

  537. Cynthia Irby 2022/10

    Sergio and Caleb were excellent with exterminating my home. They were knowledgeable and friendly. They are a great asset to Ecoshield. Looking forward to great changes in the bugs and rodents.

  538. Ashley Glasco 2022/10

    Kipp was so friendly and efficient when he came to spray. We love using EcoShield as we get a lot of wasp nests in the summer

  539. Randall Bozarth (Thabozarthguy) 2022/10

    DK and Troy came out and did a phenomenal job covering the yard, garage, base boards of the home, and all entry points. Hayden was the person I spoke to just before who helped me set up the appointment. These guys seem to know what they’re doing and with the coverage they provided and I am happy with the service!

  540. Tyler Watkins 2022/10

    We are pleased with our decision to use Ecoshield for pest control. Sam was the sales person, and he was friendly and explained everything in detail. Elijah, Delwin, and Jerome were the treatment team and they did an awesome job explaining why they were using certain treatments, what results I could expect, and the plan to come back for the next treatment. Easy-going and super friendly, as well as being on time! Couldn’t ask for much more than that!

  541. Sydney Anderson 2022/09

    Just signed up for EcoShield! Isabella was awesome and patient with all of my questions! DK and Ryan were super friendly and efficient! Everything was made easy and worry free with these three!

  542. Tom G (Mr G) 2022/09

    Sergio,Caleb and Carson. These 3 guys know their business and do a great job. Very thorough and knowledgeable. Look forward to working with them.

  543. Timothy Brown 2022/09

    They do excellent work and it keeps away the pests. This was our second service. Brandon was very polite and explained every thing he did. I would recommend EcoShield.

  544. Todd Mounce 2022/09

    Sergio and Hayden came out and were courteous and professional. Explained the process and worked hard. Highly recommend

  545. Pat Yost 2022/09

    I called customer service today and would like to commend the service I received from Kevin. He was very polite and went an extra step to get the info I requested. He is an asset to your team. Thank you. Patricia Yost

  546. Caron Ward 2022/09

    Sergio, Eric, DK, Mikey, and Amadeus

    These guys are amazing! Amadeus came by and explained that the team was in the neighborhood and available to treat the house for pests! Once he mentioned spiders, I was sold!

    Each member of the crew was friendly and ready to get to work and do a good job! I would highly recommend them to any homeowner interested in pest control!!

  547. Pappa Behr 2022/09

    Sergio, Caleb and Mike all have great customer service! Mike got me signed up and Sergio and Caleb showed up shortly after. They all were clean and professional in answering all the questions I had. Can’t wait to see how well this service works. Hopefully it’s as good as its employees!

  548. Rodrigo Silva 2022/09

    Be careful, they do not deliver service promised. We had a pest concern and the house was cover with spider webs we asked them to come and check it they said that they would try to reach local office but since they were scheduled to come in two weeks they would probably wait for that, nobody ever called, just two weeks later to schedule regular service I told them not to come. We cancelled the service and they charged our card for the “initial promo discount”. Not worth the money and they did not keep the agreement.

  549. Rachel Baxter 2022/09

    Sergio and Caleb were very professional and courteous. They went above and beyond to get my house safe from bugs and pests. I will certainly recommend them in the future.

  550. Ranjith Kumar Gundla 2022/09

    Just Signed up with EcoShield Pest Solutions. Sergeo and Caleb were extremely professional and they did an excellent thorough job !

  551. Shane Nelson 2022/09

    We hired EcoShield because we were unhappy with the Company we were using. Elijah completed our first service and he was extremely thorough. Great job overall.

  552. Josh Davis 2022/09

    A man showed up unsolicited at my door one weekend. He said they offer pest control services. Two of the first pests he listed were mosquitos and ticks. I was very interested. He went on to say they offer multiple services and they were being bundled for one low price. We talked for a while. I agreed to bi-monthly service. I should have spent more time reading what I signed. The person did say that, despite the agreement being a 12-month contract that they let people cancel whenever they want. A service person came back later that day while we were home. The person wiped down and sprayed stuff on outside window and door frames. They actually left the wasp nest on one of the higher up windows they probably could not reach with the spray either. A couple of weeks later I was in my yard watering newly spread grass seed and was mauled by mosquitos. I checked my email and read through the docs they sent. They did not treat for ticks or mosquitos. All they treated was for spiders and wasps around windows and doors. So, I didn’t really get a bundle at all. I never had a problem with pests inside my house. I wanted mosquito and tick control. I called them and had to sit through 10+ minutes on hold to talk to someone that was not a native English speaker. A combination of language barrier and obvious training to prevent customers from canceling made the call extremely frustrating. I had to ask to cancel 5+ times. Each time the customer service person went into a long monologue trying to convince me to stay. It was typical training to not let the customer cancel. I asked to speak to a supervisor. They told me I would have to get a call back in 24 hours. I finally got them to cancel. The contract fine print included another gift. The service price was discounted. So, to cancel you have to pay the difference with the “original” price. Their web portal does not allow you to cancel your account or change service schedules. You can only view stuff. The only way to do anything is call, actively wait (no call back), and then talk to a foreigner who tries to not let you leave. Terrible experience. Stay away.

  553. Three Ridges Wilderness 2022/09

    Just signed up today! Troy, DK and Aaron did such a thorough job. We were amazed. We’ve been with the same pest company for 10 years, but we’ve never seen this much attention to detail. Super friendly, too! I can’t wait to see the results of this more natural, environmentally friendly pest control. Thank you!

  554. Ashley Bobo 2022/09

    We are very pleased with our service!! DK & Ryan were very professional, knowledgeable, and helpful! They were able to sweep cobwebs away, spray our home, and preventatively treat the yard!!

  555. T Gal 2022/09

    Just signed up with EcoShield! Elijah and Caleb are very professional and delightful to talk to. They answered all my questions about EcoShield pest services and told me exactly what they were doing today. They were very thorough with the cleaning and spraying inside and outside my home. Very pleased!

  556. Arielle O'Reilly 2022/09

    Maurice did a great job with our routine service! Very polite and thorough, and asked about any necessary inside treatment as well. More than accommodating dewebbing and treating our large playset too. We are fairly new customers and have been very happy with EcoShield.

  557. Thenson Dialectos 2022/09

    Sergio and Caleb came out within a half hour of initially meeting with Max to discuss pest control options. They walked us through the process of the services they would be providing and the areas they were targeting. They answered all our questions and recapped once they were finished. Thanks guys!

  558. Mark Koontz 2022/09

    Corey was fantastic. He cleaned the trim around the windows, and sprayed both inside and outside. He was courteous to our family and incredibly friendly. Highly recommend this company,
    particularly in the county where bugs can be a big nuisance.

  559. Katie Conrath 2022/09

    Josh came out to our house to help with a rodent problem and was very professional and knowledgeable. He took his time to examine the problem and came up with a solution. Very happy with this service.

  560. Monica Garcia 2022/09

    DK, Ryan and Anthony were incredible! Such fast and affordable service. All they guys were incredibly kind and respectful to us as they worked. Highly recommend.

  561. Mark Feola 2022/09

    Today was our first application. Brandon arrived on time, was friendly, courteous and knowledgeable. We were very pleased with the service he provided.

  562. Becky Starring 2022/09

    Sergio and Caleb came by and took care of business! Really nice guys, and Sergio did an excellent job explaining everything ? See you guys in a month. …

  563. Katie Irvine 2022/09

    EcoShield has been wonderful to work with. Josiah explained the process to us in detail and made sure all of concerns were addressed. When DK and Ryan came out to perform arrive, they were polite, professional, on-time, and incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. They were already aware of the issues we had and were even able to assist in spraying the inside of the home, which we didn’t even know would be included which was great. We highly recommend their services and have been very impressed and appreciate all of their help!

  564. Katelyn Smith 2022/09

    DO NOT use this company. A solicitor with the Richmond office visited our house last year and sold my husband a plan. We were advised we could cancel anytime and would just have to pay for the last spray. NOT TRUE! I have been fighting their “back office” for months trying to cancel our agreement. They offer coupons every time trying to entice you stay and continue giving them money. After repeatedly requesting that my account was cancelled a vendor was sent to my home while we were away and performed a service. Now my husband is being harassed on the daily for a charge we technically should have been responsible for. Seems very gimmicky to me.

  565. Jessica Johnson 2022/09

    Elijah and Delwin came to us yesterday for the initial service, and throughly explained each step of the process as they were doing the work. Both were very courteous and professional as the house and sheds were treated, so we hope to have some fun backyard events this summer thanks to them!

  566. NyRee Walker 2022/09

    Brandon is by far my favorite!!!!!! Very detailed, friendly and very knowledgeable!! Brandon took the time to service interior and outdoor spaces thoroughly asked if there were any problem areas I was concerned about, I had none, but he offered to look. Above and beyond treatment from the kindest gentleman! Thank you EcoShield for Brandon ??

  567. Charlene Adams 2022/08

    We have Ecoshield treat our new home every other month. Maurice was friendly and efficient. Thanks!

  568. Adriana Pope 2022/08

    Sergio and Caleb were awesome! So friendly and nice to work with! I highly recommend their service and appreciate their attention to detail. 5 stars!!

  569. Krista Mills 2022/08

    Jessie Wallace was a big help. She walked me through the QR code to give a review for my technician Kip. I really enjoyed talking to her.

  570. Corey Sheppard 2022/08

    Today is our first day using their service. Shane was very informative and even showed us some love on the services they offered. His crew, Caleb & Ryan were just as sharp as Shane. They open for questions and very informative with their responses. Good energy guys!

  571. Vanessa Lackowitz 2022/08

    Cory was excellent. Knowledgeable, efficient and kind. Gage was also a great source of knowledge and not pushy at all.

  572. Lynn Powers 2022/08

    Brandon was very professional and polite and fascinating to talk with! He came out because I requested a do-over because the last exterminator did such a terrible job that these centipedes continued coming into the house. He did a PERFECT job. He sprayed continuously along the walls and not hither and thither. He was very respectful of my dogs’ beds and toys to make sure that none of the spray touched them. Excellent service!

  573. Jason Simulcik 2022/08

    Showed up to solicit their service on Saturday while we were home and offered more services than our current pest control at a competitive rate. Provided a discount for the initial service and were knowledgeable about our area. The two technicians were shown some trouble areas were wasps had built nests and spiders had spun webs. They took care of all the areas I specified and I will see if they spend more time during future calls than our current provider who seemed more interested in just spray and run than actually addressing any pest issues.

  574. Leon Atkinson 2022/08

    The technicians that came out to perform my initial service were two gentleman Sergio and Caleb.. Sergio & Caleb should you say about Batman and Robin?.. these guys were on their game and took care of things. Very respectable, helpful & knowledgeable. Thanks guys..

  575. Tameka Henderson 2022/08

    Sergio and Caleb were very polite and professional. They did a great job and it didn’t take long at all. Would recommend this company just based off of customer service alone!

  576. Ben Lolli 2022/08

    Delwin was super friendly, knowledgeable, and courteous. Definitely a pleasant experience and thankful he was our technician!

  577. Susan Aaron 2022/08

    Maurice was great customer service and was able to provide inside service first before addressing the outside of my house which was helpful bc i was in a time crunch

  578. Kelly Arbogast 2022/08

    Sergio and Caleb just completed my first service. They were incredibly friendly, informative, and helpful. Bonus, they loved on my golden. Gave came the day before for the initial consultation to offer me the deal since they would already be in the neighborhood. I had a different pest control and was still getting bugs. He was also very personable, professional, and knowledgeable telling me how they differ! Highly recommend this services.

  579. Haden Ponish 2022/08

    Incredible techs and customer service. Delwin had stopped by to hit our property for the initial service and went above and beyond to make sure all of the overgrown areas were hit and taken care of. He’s extremely knowledgeable and someone who cares about the quality of the product.

    Before leaving the property, he realized a side shed had been overlooked. Rather than leaving before I could come out, he unpacked the truck and made sure it was taken care of. Would highly recommend.

  580. Kristin Henson 2022/08

    First day using EcoShield and pleased with the service. The team was in the neighborhood and Anthony knocked on door to explain the company and what they offer. We just moved and finding pest control was on my list of to-do’s. Anthony explained the services provided and answered all my questions clearly and accurately. I appreciated his initiative and not having to find a provider myself. Received an email immediately showing the costs, services, and schedule in an informative and easy to read format. Caleb and Sergio provided the indoor/outdoor spraying and were very professional and also answered all of my questions. Good customer service always appreciated!

  581. Shannon Tilley 2022/08

    Victoria is a huge asset to EcoShield. We would normally turn door to door sales persons away but she was different. Victoria explained the product, benefits and cost very thoroughly. She was super personable and knowledgeable. Needless to say, EcoShield you have a new customer. Thank you Victoria!

  582. Stephanie Pryor 2022/08

    I recently had your service a couple of weeks ago. I want to give a special shout out to DK and Ryan. They were on time knew what they were doing and two of the most pleasant young men I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with in a while. I have been very pleased with the results.

  583. A Gee 2022/08

    I am so please with Ecoshield and with Chelsea! I feel like I always have a great experience when talking to your employees but Chelsea definitely put the icing on the cake as she was most helpful! Thank you Chelsea A.

  584. Ashlie Hart 2022/08

    Delwin provided great service, very professional, and knowledgeable about the services being provided. Requesting Delwin for future appointments. Highly recommended.

  585. Christa Stec 2022/07

    Elijah was so helpful and answered all my questions, even as I was freaking out to find so many bugs in my KITCHEN. Yuck. But he explained the process, and was very reassuring that we had found the issue quickly and with a two week follow up should be able to take care of the issue. Thank you, Ecoshied!

  586. Ryan Mahanes 2022/07

    Sergio and Caleb did a great job for the first treatment. Even as the last appointment of the day, they walked us through every treatment and product. Along with the sales rep Mike, they were all professional, on-time, thorough, and personable. Good start!

  587. Mark Harrison 2022/07

    Brandon was our tech for our appointment today and he did a great job. We had a wasp nest that he had trouble finding and he wouldn’t leave until he made sure he found it and took care of it. Very nice and helpful. Looking forward to working with him again in the future.

  588. John Owen 2022/07

    amazing service from sergio
    he was really thorough and
    totally knew what he was doing …

  589. Jocelyn V 2022/07

    Caleb and Sergio were very professional and friendly. They came in and explained the treatment plan and process. Top tier customer service.

  590. Master Mase 2022/07

    Gracie, DK and Elijah all conducted themselves professionally and friendly. Worked timely and open to any and all questions with thorough answers. Definitely recommend them and will continue to use Shield’s service.

  591. Kevin Walsh 2022/07

    Ethan came by the house and gave us the detaild and Elijah Darnell was great and informative about the process as well execution of the plan to remove the german cockroaches from our house.

  592. Tony Noe 2022/07

    They promised all these different services like sealing entry points in crawl spaces and attics and never delivered. Literally just some guy shows up to your house with an unmarked can, sprays random spots and leaves all for the low, low price of 130 dollars a month and then they charge you 150 to cancel if the service doesn’t work. The “satisfaction guarantee” is a myth.

  593. Stephanie M 2022/07

    I just ended my 1 year contract. I did not see any change in amount of bugs the only nice thing was the removal of cobwebs around my house but I could pay someone a lot less to take those down. Also the last service i jad they didnt even get all the cobwebs. The people are nice I just saw no benefit in this service.

  594. Greg DiNardo 2022/07

    I am a customer of Ecoshield, they do a fine job with their pest control, but I had a bad experience last Friday where they were scheduled to come and asked for me to be home when they arrived.

    I waited for them patiently, but never heard anything. I was also unable to get in contact with anyone that could provide any information about when I could expect them.

    They ended up never showing up. I still haven’t heard from them 4 days later.. really frustrating!

  595. Amanda Livick 2022/07

    Delwin was very kind, informative and uninvasive during the initial service. Although he didn’t need to, he asked how my day was and was friendly. I appreciate his attentiveness to all the spots in my home!

  596. Bruce Johnson 2022/07

    Sergio, Caleb, and Mikey were very professional and pleasant! They were super cool and proficient and I am well-pleased with the service. Raises all around! Don’t hold back the steak!!

  597. Luke Hopkins 2022/07

    Bernard was my most recent technician. He gave a thorough explanation of what actions he had performed during his visit when I was unavailable. Great service.

  598. Joseph Latella 2022/07

    The EcoShield technicians Noah, James, and Adan were on time and very professional, and responsive to our needs. My wife and I are very much looking forward to their next visit. GREAT job guys!

  599. Mary Dyce 2022/07

    Shane provided information on the company and their services. Once he advised that the products were plant based, I was in. I also loved that the company is locally based. Sergio and Caleb did a wonderful job applying the products. Thank you for your professional demeanor and respectful manners. I will definitely refer you to family and neighbors. You guys are 5 in my book!

  600. Robert Bruning 2022/07

    The guys taking care of our house are always pleasant and professional. They always ask if there are specific areas of concern. Great business and great people.

  601. Jessica Clarke 2022/07

    Victoria sold us on EcoShield with her vast knowledge and willingness to negotiate; we just had our first treatment by Brandon and we were also impressed with his knowledge and professionalism!

  602. Lisa Harrison 2022/07

    DK and Ryan came out today and took care of BUSINESS! They were AWESOME! Very professional and thorough it was a pleasure to have an experience to have someone actually care about the work they do! They both were on top of their game! They even took time to make sure that my pup Hazel was happy too 🙂 Christian was available as well if any questions or issues came up and stayed in contact with me during the entire visit, Absolutely recommend this professional team!

  603. Sharon R. Ayersman 2022/07

    Mike worked with me on the contract and fees and Delwin did the actual extermination process. The rates are almost unbelievable because they are so fair, particularly with all the work Delwin did in my massive, heavily wooded yard. They were both so friendly and professional, I felt like I was working with friends. I often worry about my grandkids getting ticks and with all the negative news about the diseases ticks carry, it is really worrisome. I won’t need to worry any longer! I’m so glad to be able to work with them both!

  604. Abigail Wells 2022/07

    Sergio & Caleb did a great job throughout my interior and exterior, and even finished despite heavy rain. They were very friendly and helpful!

  605. George Gunn 2022/07

    Initial pest treatment today. Sergio and Khalid were punctual and very professional. Sergio took the time to explain the details of the service provided today, as well as what to expect during future services. I hope this same team will service my home in the future.

  606. casey lamson 2022/07

    Delwyn did a fantastic and thorough job treating our house. He did a great job explaining the application and taking the time to answer our questions.

  607. Bruce Langevin 2022/06

    Beware! Don’t sign a contract until you do your due diligence. I had better results using Ortho Home Defense than what I saw from them. In addition, I was quoted one price but the contract they sent was more. Amadeus assured me he would honor the quoted price but could not correct the contract. When I called a few weeks after their initial service to mention I had more spiders and bugs around the house than before, I was told they were scheduled to be out in 10 days. I explained I would not be home because I was going north for a few weeks and asked if they could come sooner but was told they could not. I could not get ahold of Amadeus; he did not return my call. At that point I asked to terminate the service and was told my contract was for 7 service calls at $15 each more than I was told. Long story short, I was charged an additional $160 to terminate the contract and Amadeus never returned my calls. Bottom line: they tried to charge me more than I was quoted for a longer duration. They failed to send someone out to perform additional service as I was told they would. So for a total of $310 I got nothing in return. For less than $20, from my experience Ortho, will do a better job.

  608. Martin TenBonezz 2022/06

    DK and Ryan came by this afternoon to perform an initial service. They were both very courteous, professional, and informative. My wife and I felt reassured that we made the right decision in choosing EcoShield for our pest concerns after DK and Ryan’s visit.

  609. Kate Owen 2022/06

    Caleb, Sergio & Carson were great-easy to work with, not pushy and got the job done quickly. Looking forward to ant-free living this summer!

  610. stacyleona1 2022/06

    Had a rep stop by – walk up and no car visible – tried to sell me on pheromones and cleaning out cob webs. He was really pushy when I said no – I really like to investigate a company before using them and this one is expensive – and then offered $150 for “the whole package today only”. When I still said no he walked away saying “well I will find someone in this neighborhood for this no brainer deal”. Rude. Go away.

  611. Sean Smith 2022/06

    Anthony, DK, and Ryan came out and did a quick and fantastic job. They answered all questions, were polite, and worked effectively and efficiently. Would highly recommend!

  612. Kyle Thore 2022/06

    Cory came out and sprayed our first application, he was very polite and knowledgeable… explained process and will be back in 30 days for second application.

  613. GMCJ Pill 2022/06

    Amazing customer service! Dillion was great explaining why they are the best company to go with. We left Dodson and we are glad we did. DK and Josh came out and where amazing. They even found hornets nests we didn’t know about. Thanks DK for taking one for the team! 22 year veteran and these guys were very professional and respectful that you don’t see anymore. The team listened to every concern I had and made sure they meet my needs. Glad to be a new customer ! Keep up the great standard that you guys have set.

  614. Nicole Mayo 2022/06

    DK , and Troy were amazing with their professionalism and respect for my home. Shane represents his business well. He doesn’t use pushy sales tactics and is very honest in his approach. I would recommend their services to my local family and friends.

  615. Shatarus Shay Harding 2022/06

    Officially signed up with ES ! Prince was my initial representative & he was absolutely awesome ! Elijah was my service tech & he was even better. They were informative, professional & friendly !

  616. Brooke Ronae 2022/06

    Dk and Ryan We’re wonderful and had outstanding customer service skills and answered all questions. Victoria was an excellent customer service rep.

  617. Brian Hare 2022/06

    Real good guys, Jake, Sergio and Caleb did a great job and explained everything well during the process!

  618. Albert L. Harper 2022/06

    Maurice of EchoSheild rendered the second pesticide service on 26 July 2022. All actions and service were very courtesy & professional. Conversations were relevant as he showed interest in my wellbeing and family which is very important and much appreciated. I expressed a concern due to the slight rain we were experiencing at the time. He explained that the products he used were water based and the rain would not cause negative results after application. As he departed, he assured me that if there were subsequent relative concerns, he’d gladly return to ensure the treatment was effective and to my approval. Great service. Thanks Maurice.

  619. Christian Waterman 2022/06

    EcoShield just protected our living area for the first time. I will recommend this company to my friends and family! They are quick and offer good prices. EcoShield’s employee Elijah was very professional, knowledgeable, and friendly! Great company and employees.

  620. Jaclyn Powell 2022/06

    Total waste of money. Doesn’t work. AND this company has the WORST customer service. The pest control doesn’t work. When we tried to cancel, they said you only had one more and we would be done so we did that. But then they kept coming. They promised us discounts they never gave. They continue to call harassing us to pay a cancellation fee they told us we wouldn’t have to pay. I have called multiple times and never talk to someone who speaks English. They tell me I don’t have a bill and that it is taken care of when I call and remind them of what they have said. But then continue to call and leave messages hounding me for money.

  621. Nicole Elam 2022/06

    Maurice’s special blend smells so fresh and no chemical smell at all. I always appreciate anything natural and not harmful to animals but offers the same protection. Thank you!

  622. Abigail Borden 2022/06

    Sergio and Caleb were friendly, professional, and did a fantastic job. Very awesome first impression! ?. Maurice was awesome too! He came out a month later for a follow up visit and treated for moles, beetles, and spiders. …

  623. L Lee 2022/06

    Living on a heavily wooded lot, we have all sorts pests, especially depending on the season. Today I had the pleasure of meeting Corey. He is super friendly, walked me through the entire process, and was efficient yet thorough with the treatment of my house. I look forward to working with him in the future!
    Cheers, Eliza D

  624. Salaam Bhatti 2022/06

    Ecoshield said they’d be here between 8 and 12 so I figured they’d be here closer to 12. But, I was happily mistaken when Brandon came by 9 AM! He was kind and friendly, even did a double walk around to make sure he got all the spider webs.

  625. Austin Butler 2022/06

    Update: Brandon from EcoShield just finished a touch up for the stray bugs I had been seeing. The customer service was excellent and Brandon addressed all of my concerns!

    Original post:
    EcoShield has divine timing lol I was looking for a good pest control co. (especially since it’s getting warmer outside) & these guys made it easy! Anthony does an awesome job of explaining everything. He, Caleb, and Sergio were so friendly and a pleasure to work with!

  626. MELISSA CAVINESS 2022/06

    Sergio, Calab, and Hayden were great! Hayden sold the product very well and Sergio & Calab knocked it out quickly…. in the heat! ? See you guys in 4-6 weeks! Thank you! …

  627. Jessica Henry 2022/06

    Kip was great!! I told him I had a concern that there was a hornets nest in the crawlspace under my house, he went in and checked it out for me!!! Awesome company and a great employee! They definitely deserve 5 Stars!

  628. Logan Howard 2022/05

    Amazing experience with Caleb and his partner today! Both were very professional and thoroughly explained what they would be doing today. Best customer service ever!

  629. Chris Arroyo 2022/05

    Eric and Elijah came out to my home and where very informative in their process and respectful of my home. They customized their treatment and asked important questions ensuring they provided the correct service for my home. They worked well as a team and I look forward to having EcoShield continue their services protecting my home.

  630. Jessica Parker 2022/05

    Had an amazing experience with Anthony today and signed up immediately for this amazing service. Immediately referred them to my neighbors as well. Troy and DK provided my 1st service the same day. Super professional and friendly.

  631. Abigail Workman 2022/05

    Got our first service from EcoShield today, had them in Northern Virginia and so glad they have expanded to Richmond! Sergio and Caleb were so professional, thorough and went above and beyond. I would highly recommend their services to anyone in the area!

  632. Tracy Pendleton 2022/05

    Good conversation with Sam, covered a lot of detail. Treatment applied by DK and Ryan. Everyone was very professional. Looking forward to seeing the results.

  633. Davi Idemudia 2022/05

    What a wonderfully pleasant experience I had with Maximo. He rang my doorbell and we started to chat. Such a friendly and personable young man, knowledgeable as well. After seeing what they had to offer I did sign up for the service. About an hour later Maximo and Brandon came by to service my property. So friendly and professional, I’m very pleased with the service so far. Highly recommend ?

  634. Christopher Senger 2022/05

    Sergio, Eric, and Caleb were amazing!
    Superb customer service!
    Very pleasant gentleman!
    Extremely responsive!
    Top Notch Service!!!!

    Best choice I’ve made for Pest Control!
    And best of all…. It’s plant based and kid/pet friendly !!!

  635. Karen Raschke 2022/05

    I very appreciated Brandon and Delwin’s first – and lengthy – treatment at our house. They answered all my questions, they showed me respect and they were friendly in all the appropriate ways.

  636. Emilie Nash 2022/05

    They knocked on our door about 3 weeks ago. They spoke to husband who agreed to let them spray our house. He signed a contract with them, and they sprayed. When I spoke to owner he said they guarantee their product and if we weren’t happy they would let come out a respray free of charge. 13 days after they sprayed we started seeing wolf spiders and ants. Then we began seeing full grown black widows ( two of them to be exact, in different corners of our garage) hanging out right where they spray. I run child care in home so I immediately called to have I them come back out and respray. I was told they couldn’t come out, but they would move up my December appointment. I told them that was not acceptable because of my business. So they released me from my contract. I brought in another local business to spray that day, where they noted numerous spider nest, and critters found. Now today I received a 2nd bill for $151 for canceling the service. I already paid $143 for a product that didn’t work. Now that I am trying to get this bill taken care of they want to send someone else to respray. I told them I had already had another company out because they told me that couldn’t respray until Dec. They refuse to waive the $151 fee, which is crazy considering their product didn’t work and they are are the ones who couldn’t honor the guarantee, and broke the contract. I am still waiting for a supervisor to contact about the this matter, and I don’t want it o be sent off to collections. I am furious with this company and feel like I have been scamed.

  637. Ashley Kusterer 2022/05

    Caleb and Sergio were amazing!!
    The best customer service I’ve ever received came from Jerica H. She went above and beyond! She was so incredibly friendly! I will only be contacting her for my needs going forward.

  638. Joe 2022/05

    Sergio, Caleb and Josiah came by today to get me set up with initial treatment. They were on time, efficient and provided great customer service. Thank you!

  639. John Richardson 2022/05

    Maurice was my technician. We went over all the problem areas around the house. He did a thorough job. When he was done he went over everything with me. Pleased with his service.

  640. Leah Phelps 2022/05

    First Day using their service. They arrived On Time! Quick, friendly, and knowledgeable. Ryan and Dk did the work and Victoria handled the rest.

  641. Madi Ward 2022/05

    Elijah was wonderful and efficient. The web clean up makes my house look cleaner and the spray they put down is safe for my pup! Overall I would recommend. Very helpful for these hot swampy summers in RVA.

  642. Sandra Newsom 2022/05

    Caleb and Sergio was prompt. Caleb explained what he would be doing today and the process. I greatly appreciate the overall of the service that he was rendering.

  643. Gary Knight 2022/05

    Jake, Sergio & Caleb were awesome and provided great service… they definitely went the extra mile with the service they provided… I’m looking forward for our next treatment!

  644. Jenae G 2022/05

    I was about to use this service because Victoria sale woman was so sweet and nice and explained everything thoroughly… due to me having a HOA I didn’t need the services at this time. I called and spoke with Grace, she was pleasant and had great customer service ! The process was hassle free and very professional ! I’d definitely recommend and use in the future.

  645. Ashley Hearne 2022/05

    Caleb and Brandon were great in explaining and carrying out the services! Would certainly recommend them and their company.

  646. Brent Jacobsen 2022/05

    Sergio and DK came by and knocked my house real fast and were super friendly. Well definitely recommend them to my neighbors who haven’t already signed up

  647. Miss Fabulash 2022/05

    This business was doing door to door soliciting in my neighborhood today. This dude had the AUDACITY to walk into my back yard when I didn’t answer the door. My dog almost ate him alive. I wish she had cause he strolled right past the no trespassing signs. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL!!!!!!

  648. Sasha Mangray 2022/05

    Was looking for pest solutions when they literally knocked on my door. Easy intake forms and prompt service with good communication. Best of all, pet safe products!

  649. Joyce Garner 2022/05

    Shout-out to Kip, who went out of his way to problem-solve about a pest mystery and EcoShield’s recommended treatment.
    Since I enrolled in program perhaps two years ago, they have functioned as partners; we rely on their best judgment and have not been disappointed. We’re in Chesapeake Bay “runoff” protection area and are committed to live and let live wherever possible. Thank you, Kip, and colleagues before you.!!

  650. Randesha Hobbs 2022/05

    The company claims they came out on the 29th  but I have cameras above my front door and in the back in view of the entire back of the house. I was home at the time the tech supposedly came. No service tech came that day. I called the same day and that rep apologized and said she’d look into and schedule a new appointment. Great, I was happy with that. I called back the next day to get the date and time of the new appointment. The first rep did not see the conversation from the previous day. So much for looking into it. The new rep offered a new appointment free of charge, but she kept wording it like I received service and required follow up. I did not receive service, it’s not free, you already charged me. She put me on hold and transferred me without telling me she was going to. The second rep was understanding but I told her I just wanted to cancel, she said no problem, it wouldn’t be an additional charge. She said she had to transfer me to Customer Care, she said she would speak to the next rep and explain. She didn’t. I had to explain what happened all over again. Admittedly I was irritated at this point. The new rep pushed for a new service appointment, again using the phrase free of charge like I was asking for follow up. He said they were trusting me when I said the tech didn’t show up but also maybe he just didn’t knock. So I’m a liar apparently. I reminded him that I have cameras. He said we’re all human we make mistakes. He also revealed to me that my main reason for signing up, having carpenter bees treated, was not visible to the tech but it was covered and could be added. I insisted on cancelling, he informed me that it was a $150 cancellation fee and he would request a refund for the service that I didn’t receive but they would need to speak to the tech before it would be approved. So the intial sales guy made an error by not making the notes visible, the tech made an error by not showing up, the rep I spoke with the day of the supposed service made an error by not scheduling a new appointment, the first rep I spoke to the next day made an error by saying she didn’t see notes from the conversation from the previous day, the second made an error telling me it was free to cancel, but I should pay them to cancel and their not even guaranteeing to refund the $129 I’ve already been charged for services that were not completed.
    Also the last Service Complete email shows 0 for chemicals used

  651. Vincent Bustillo 2022/05

    Anthony was awesome in setting up our first appointment and informing us on all their processes. DK and Ryan did an awesome initial job and went back through the entire process with us again.

  652. Jessica Dava 2022/05

    Shane, DK, and Ryan couldn’t have been more professional or courteous. Very knowledgeable, thorough, and reasonably priced – highly recommend.

  653. Jillian Blaschak 2022/05

    Coury came out and treated our home. He fully explained our service and was highly professional and courteous.

  654. Tim Eddith 2022/05

    Chancey was on time, very detailed and efficient. If I had questions he was informative and quick to have a satisfactory answer. I highly recommend Ecosheild and will definitely be a customer for a long time.

  655. Ronald Colonna 2022/05

    Just wanted to say that Caleb and Sergio were professional, courteous and understanding. They walked us through every step in the process. Answered all the questions that we had and eased our fears. If this is the type of employee that Ecoshield Pest Solutions has that speaks volumes about the company itself. Also a shout out to Gage who jump started this whole process. All three of your employees try to make you feel at ease and comfortable.

  656. Nancy Davis 2022/04

    Someone came by two weeks ago with an “introductory offer” for pest control. We have been meaning to look into a way to get rid of our mosquitoes so we heard the salesman out. Seemed like this was what we wanted. He mentioned mosquitoes, spiders, ticks, larvae, wasps, etc. They said it would start working in about 5 days and if we see any come back, call and they will come out right away.
    A lady went and got the cobwebs off of the outside of our house, sprayed something in the corners of the outside, and put glue spider traps in our garages.
    Well, I was outside and got eaten alive by mosquitoes. We realized then that when they were here before, they never once went out into the yard to do anything. We looked on the website and found out that mosquitoes were a whole different package. We called to cancel. They said since we are cancelling early we need to pay the full.price and not the “introductory price”…..for services not given!! Unbelievable. If we did not cancel today they would be back again on Thursday to squirt the corners again for an additional $180 to be automatically charged to our credit card. Wow.
    So, lesson learned. We paid the additional $150 for them to cancel.
    By the way, we waited on a phone tree for over 30 minutes to what we thought was a local number only to get someone who barely spoke English trying to upsell us or pay to cancel.
    Worst company ever and I will warn all my neighbors not to be duped by this scam.

  657. W01184 FA02 2022/04

    I was introduced to EcoShield last month. Both man were very friendly professional. Brandon has been at my house twice and both times have been a pleasure. Totally recommend and I haven’t notice any pest around the house at all. Their products are safe which is a big deal to me since I have 2 toddlers.

  658. Ben Saxton-Ruiz 2022/04

    Jamonie gave me a quick inspection and pointed out carpenter bees and ants, among other things that had not been addressed by the other service I had, then Maurice came out and was thorough in treating all the areas I had discussed with Jamonie. Professional & thorough!

  659. Joanne Johnson 2022/04

    He does a great job…knocked down wasp nest, spider webs and put food in snake bait box. Came inside and sprayed and made sure I was satisfied

  660. Rhiannon Almeida 2022/04

    Anthony came by and went through my property explaining what services I could use! Didn’t push and was a genuinely nice guy. DK and Troy came and did the services needed and were great! Loved the fast turn around to make my yard safer for the kids. Recommend!!

  661. Viennetia Wright 2022/04

    Elijah and Eric were VERY Informative. We really appreciate their services. Looking forward to our next services with Elijah and Eric.

  662. Kristina Kregel 2022/04

    Today was our first service with EcoShield and it went really well. DK, Troy and Shane were a pleasure to work with, and seemed very knowledgeable. Everything was thoroughly addressed.

  663. S. B. 2022/04

    Eli and his partner arrived with great energy and smiling faces. They explained to me the services that they were doing today. They answered all of my questions and concerns during servicing. They were very thorough.

    Update: My issue was escalated to Allan Bañares. Allan took care of the issue and followed up with me. Thank you Allan!!

  664. Arun Selvaratnam 2022/04

    They accurately identified my pests issues and were completely transparent about pricing, what they were going to do, and how they were going to do it, which I appreciate. Corey serviced the house; he did a great job, especially on tackling the spiders in our basement. Their spray is safe for pets/kids, which is another big plus.

  665. tony davis 2022/04

    Sergio and Caleb completed today’s service like real pros. Very impressed with their knowledge and professionalism. Awesome team!

  666. Pauline Espree 2022/04

    Caleb and Sergio did an awesome job on the areas of the house that had carpenter’s bees and all of the other potential problems that may come along in the near future. Thank you very much.

  667. Susan Webb 2022/04

    Sergio, Caleb and Hayden did a great job explaining what they were doing without taking up too much of my time. Explained contract in detail. Appreciate their help!

  668. Addis Wubie 2022/04

    Quick and great service, fair price and professional. Anthony and Maurice were very informative. Came in and did my initial service quickly since they were already in the neighborhood.

  669. Lana Sajdi 2022/04

    Dk, Troy, and Adam were professionals; understood our needs and gave the solutions accordingly. The first service this far was on time, thorough and accommodating to our inquiries. Thank you all

  670. Cody Garner 2022/04

    Didn’t plan on the service but the 3 guys (Ethan, Elijah, & DK) we’re all professional. They applied the initial treatment and thus far, so good! I’m excited to see how this works.

  671. Lisa Hall 2022/04

    Sergio and Caleb were very experienced with what had to be done. Very nice and easy to talk too; explained everything in detail.

  672. Morgan Karlinsky 2022/04

    DK and Troy came out set up mice bait/trap and sprayed and set up mosquito buckets. They worked quickly and were super nice! Hopefully soon we’ll be seeing less mosquitos!

    The mosquitoes are still pretty terrible in our yard and we still have a mouse/rat problem in our house. They don’t have a very great costumer service set up since they seem to outsource. I guess I’m used to more of a small business situation where if you have a problem they try to work with you to solve it without you having to hassle them.

    When we contacted the salesman, Eric, who sold the program to us said “This is expected. We’re maintenance not magic. The rats throughout the entire neighborhood are bad so I can’t 100% guarantee that we can take care of all of them. As for the ants we are flushing them out of all of their breeding cites as well as the wall voids where they were nesting. This is perfectly normal. If you want, you can call the office and have a check up set up but I am out of the office today meeting with other clients we are taking care of.”

    The customer service guy that Eric told us to call at “the office” (although he was friendly) was not able to help us. He also said he’d set up a free visit, (which comes with the service) but we never heard from them or saw anyone come by. We ended up canceling instead of trying to wait and see if the monthly pop ins would eventually work.

    All in all, nice guys but I’m not convinced this stuff works, at least I don’t have the patience to wait for it to kick in.


  673. Nick Notgrass 2022/04

    Initially Anthony came out and I real liked his pitch so I gave it a shot. Leroy came out today for our initial service and was super communicative and really had an awesome personality. Looking forward to more services!


  674. Larry and Martha Baker Sr 2022/04

    Sergio and Caleb did a great job. Handle themselves very professionally. Great communication skills. Positive attitudes.

  675. Katherine Elliott Cannon 2022/04

    We started using Ecoshield when a representative stopped by to offer services during the summer . I happened to have a carpenter bee and ant issue so we gave it a shot. No more pesky carpenter bees. Maurice serviced today and gave excellent service inside and gave good advice for some ant issues. Thanks Maurice!

  676. Malik Camp 2022/04

    Sergio, Caleb, and Ethan got here an hour and a half early and did an excellent job with the service, knocked it out in 20-30 minutes. I appreciate the great energy the guys brought and the professionalism, keep up the great work! Thank y’all so much.

  677. Shirley Donald 2022/04

    Jake from Ecoshield came by my house and was very enthusiastic about the services. I already had a service that I had paid for, but I signed up with Ecoshield, thinking it was for one time only. After reading the contract I realized that it was for a yearly service. Since I could not get my money back from my current service, I had to call and cancel Ecoshield. Sandra was very helpful and said someone would call me. This is not a reflection on the service/sales person since he was WONDERFUL, but simply because I cannot pay for two services. As soon as my contract is up with my current Pest Company, I will call Ecoshield again.

  678. Lydia Garcia 2022/04

    Started service today! Shane was extremely knowledgeable and super helpful and nice. The work was done quickly and efficiently by the nicest guys! Very happy that the products are natural.

  679. Valerie Ralph 2022/04

    In the beginning this company was great very responsive and accommodating to our needs however after a yr the services have been horrendous. When you call to get an appointment you get no response or told that they are busy and will give you a call back. I’ve been waiting for a callback for well over a month for them to do a touch up outdoors since they weren’t able to perform the task a couple of months back. July 25 I was scheduled for my quarterly spray however when I called to get an estimate as to when they would arrive I was told that there wasn’t a time on the books and someone would give me a call. No call no show. Maybe they have too many customers to serve therefore they don’t need anyone else.

  680. Kathy Berlin 2022/04

    Eric explained the services they provide . He was detailed and friendly. Caleb and Sergio were also friendly and thorough

  681. Denita Montgomery 2022/04

    Isabella was awesome with presenting to me the service and what to expect. Caleb and Sergio came by as promised on my scheduled date and time were very professional and did an excellent job. I look forward to working with this team.

  682. Denise Cartwright 2022/03

    OMG !!!Sergio and Caleb were “Simply the BEST “ to quote Tina Turner. They are true experts in their field. Knew about all of the pest that I will never encounter because they put down a preventative that protects my home and my dog. Today, I learned a lot about the life cycle of a pest. Thank you Sergio and Caleb. Look forward to seeing you at the next visit.

  683. Kerri R. 2022/03

    Maurice serviced my home. He was prompt and informative. I appreciated his thorough assessment of my home and areas to treat. Thank you!

  684. Greg Guinther 2022/03

    This is a scam company who has limited local presence and cannot be reached by phone. Their customer service is located in the Philippines where they speak very pleasantly from a script, promise to take action, but offer no resolution to any problems. I have been waiting over 45 days for a refund for service I didn’t receive – and when I canceled the credit card charge to get my money back, began receiving bills and threatening emails. Their Richmond sales representative Colby who sold us on the value and responsiveness of their company cannot be reached by phone and texts and email go unanswered. I receive calls from them at least once a week regarding the money they want, which I politely answer, but receive no follow up action. Stick with local companies that have phones to answer.

  685. Carolyn Gile 2022/03

    Kip was very efficient & thorough in the treatment. This was the follow up treatment after the initial treatment. I did not understand the treatment window was always for the entire morning or afternoon, I had an already scheduled appt. When I called, they were able work with me on the timing for today. In the future I will set aside the entire block of time, or reschedule the day. With just getting started, am very pleased regarding the reduction in insects seen inside and around the perimeter.

  686. Christifer McCall 2022/03

    Caleb and Sergio were fantastic! They were very informative and were in and out in under 15 minutes! I hope they keep coming back for the follow up visits!

  687. Frank Ramos 2022/03

    Very professional and respectful team. Shane was very informative through the service. DK and Ryan did an excellent job and were also very polite. You can tell they all take a lot of pride in what they do!

  688. Lisa Downs 2022/03

    Thoroughly inspected home for ants, spiders, and hornets. Sales rep and technicians were personable and knowledgeable. Eco-friendly. This service is just what my home needed.

  689. April Roberts 2022/03

    Zach assessed my beetle problem and his associates DK and Ryan provided expectational services right away! They were informative, professional and very friendly. I will continue to use EcoShield for all my pest control needs!

  690. Marcelle Fowler 2022/03

    So far, so great! Gage stopped by when he was in the neighborhood and offered to do a service. At the time, I wanted to give it some thought. When I called to set up service — knowing that it may take some time to get me on the schedule — Gage tried to add me to the schedule that evening. When it got to be too late, he called to ensure having a technician come first thing the next morning would be okay. Of course it was, since I didn’t expect to get on the schedule so soon anyway.

    The technician, Delwin, was prompt and professional. He spent time thoroughly going over the services and answering any questions I had. He also did an AMAZING job clearing the crevices and areas in and around the lights that I leave on at night. It looks like the area has been power washed!

    When inside, he made sure I knew about areas that had been sprayed so that I could keep my dog away for a while, even ensuring she didn’t get near the door when he knocked to let me know he was done.

    Really pleased with my first service, and looking forward to expecting and receiving the same level of service going forward!

  691. Caroline Smith 2022/03

    Ms. Colby from ECOSHIELD Pest Solutions knocked on my front door and explained their process of Eradicating voles and moles which has been terrible in my yard.
    I found her to be very knowledgeable in her job which her lovely-kind-and happy demeanor was wonderful to see.

    In less than 2 hrs later Colby and the tech/applier guy Corey were back doing our initial treatment he too was very friendly and diligent;thank you – great folks great service

  692. Patricia Nesbitt 2022/03

    Ethan came by and signed me up with EcoShield Pest Solutions, such a pleasant young man! You won’t regret meeting him! D.K
    and Ryan came and sprayed, very nice and professional young men. I hope we can do business for years to come. So far so good pleased with my decision to join this company…can’t wait to see those pesky wasps go away!! And I can enjoy my deck again! Thanks guys! Highly recommend!

  693. Solita Green 2022/03

    I want to give a shout out to two technicians that have came out to my home Leroy and Delwin. Both were very professional they actually listened to some of the concerns I had regarding some of my pest issues. They are hands down the best.

  694. Weldon Hill 2022/03

    Excellent work DK, Troy, and Carson!! These guys came ON TIME and were courteous and uber professional. I very much like the eco-friendly products. Outstanding work!

  695. Jametris Gladney 2022/03

    Caleb and Sergio were so awesome! They came in and made the process super easy. They both were very friendly. Thanks guys for your service.

  696. Sandra Will 2022/03

    Caleb and Sergio were awesome friendly and thorough. Appreciate the care they put towards their customers.

  697. Benjamin Funai 2022/03

    Dylan @ EcoShield was super informative and not pushy when it came to explaining their package options ? He answered all my dumb questions which I appreciated. DK & Troy came to do the treatment itself, were super polite, and worked around my dogs. Def recommend! …

  698. Michael W 2022/03

    Sergio and Caleb came to do my initial service today they were very friendly and knowledgeable. They showed up a little earlier than scheduled and were efficient. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone

  699. Stephanie Bergeron 2022/03

    Sergio and Caleb were fantastic! Super detail oriented, professional, wore booties inside the house which is always appreciated. Adorable gentlemen and super sweet.

  700. Mayne Byrd 2022/03

    The young lady, Grace, who assisted me on 6-28-22. Was one of the most knowledgeable and courteous customer service rep I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. Thank you

  701. rebekah sheppard 2022/02

    Sergio, caleb and Dylan did a great job clearing out our shed, and spraying our yard and house/business! 10/10 recommend

  702. Alexa Ferramosca 2022/02

    We had a great experience with Eric signing us up. The next day DK and Ryan did a thorough job hitting all our cob webs and all the requested spots that won’t normally be hit with spray. I love the fact that the stuff they use is safe for kids and pets. Excited for our next visit.

  703. Angel Copeland 2022/02

    Delwin was very professional and very informative with providing us the best options for pest control. He thoroughly explained the process and what we should expect after treatment. I felt very confident in the services that he provided. He was very respectful of our time. Great technician.

  704. John Wilmore 2022/02

    DK and Ryan were excellent. Very professional and knowledgeable about their job. I look forward to working with them. Also thanks to Ethan, my initial contact, who was also great. Thanks again.

  705. Jaci Alberts 2022/02

    Eco Shield did an incredible job on my service. Delwin was super detail oriented and explained everything he was doing. It’s only been a week and I’m already noticing a difference!

  706. Laurie 2022/02

    Elijah and DK just did our first treatment. They were very nice, friendly and efficient. Hope they are our regular technicians. They did a great job. I’m sorry I didn’t originally check all the stars. My mistake.

  707. TaiShay Mickens 2022/02

    I’m a travel nurse, and upon returning to my home it was in shambles, & I knew the house needed treatment. The area of town I’m in it’s all types of creepy crawlers, especially when it gets hot. In come Eric with the sales pitch, & Troy, and DK swooped in a few hours later and were super quick with the initial service.
    Thus far all is well… will return with the 45 day follow up update!

  708. Jay Humphries 2022/02

    Brandon completed the application today and was very professional and thorough. Overall I am very happy with this service. We had ants doing a lot of damage last year- they are gone. My wife is allergic to bees and they no longer nest on our porch. Highly recommend.

  709. Kenneth Hood 2022/02

    DK, Elijah, and Victoria were Fantastic to work with. They take pride in their work, are extremely knowledgeable, and truly put the customer first!

  710. Julo Day 2022/02

    We had these 2 young ladies give us a rundown about the “pest control” package which was to include mosquitos only to find out today that these 2 were not properly trained and gave us wrong information. I found out today that the mosquito coverage in all actuality is NOT part of what I was said to be paying for and that what I’m supposed to have is basic coverage versus pest control. I’m going to cancel and go with another company thats transparent and has properly trained sales reps. Not at all pleased.

    Update: Spoke with Colby and my original plan has been honored. Colby called to verify what was missing and apologized for the misinformation. She has made things right. My mosquito bucket will arrive tomorrow, which was missing as well as the reclassification of my contract. She did her part and with that I’m satisfied.

  711. Kathy Heider 2022/02

    Max, sSergio, & Caleb came out to do an initial pest control treatment. They explained everything very thoroughly & did a great job for us!

  712. Kris Harris 2022/02

    We just moved into our new home and have been struggling a bit to keep up the fight against bugs. Sergio and Caleb were awesome and attentive to our needs. They were very helpful with explanations and questions. Very professional and fast. We appreciate all the help.

  713. Brooks Ross 2022/02

    Caleb & Sergio were stellar & extremely professional.
    Will absolutely continue to EcoShield because of this experience 5 out of 5 recommend.

  714. Sari Rizek 2022/02

    DK, Ryan, and Aaron got me signed up and started my service in a timely, professional manner. Thank you

  715. Kelly Mcmillan 2022/02

    Gage was very informative and answered my questions well. When DK and Ryan came to perform the service, they were very kind and explained the process as they went along. I appreciate that they use products that won’t hurt my kids or animals. They were great to work with.

  716. Stacey Herrick 2022/01

    Ethan, Ryan and DK got us all set up and started with our first treatment! Great customer service and awesome maintenance plan for our home! Highly recommend EcoShied Pest Solutions and their friendly and knowledgeable staff and excellent service!

  717. Olga Starr 2022/01

    Maurice was very efficient , professional and knowledgeable . He did an excellent job of addressing all of my concerns regarding spiders and other insect inside and outside of the house. Very pleased with his service. Would highly recommend.

  718. Christopher Young 2022/01

    Sergio and Caleb just completed my first service. They were incredibly friendly, informative, and helpful. They arrived early and were done in no time. Anthony came the day before for the initial consultation. He was also very personable, professional, and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend this service!

  719. Cynthia Paullin 2022/01

    Sara, the technician came today, and worked diligently to find potential places where bugs could enter, used various means of extermination techniques and products, and explained to me why she chose them. I was really impressed by how hard working and knowledgeable she was, and felt confident we will see less of those gigantic “palmetto bugs” we have seen fly into our house lately! It was also wonderful seeing that she swept away spiders on the exterior and treated what was needed. Top notch customer service!

  720. Haley Landon 2022/01

    The whole team of Victoria, Sergio and Caleb were outstanding. Extremely professional and courteous. Would highly recommend

  721. Andréa Viza 2022/01

    Quick, easy, especially after paying for an over priced service that didn’t work a few weeks ago. DK Ryan Jemonie we’re friendly & helpful.

  722. Jan Rivera 2022/01

    Brandon just completed my bi monthly services. He was very friendly and helpful with my hornet nest and spraying down my house! Very happy with his service!

  723. Brad Ellyson 2022/01

    We used to have BioShield and to say the least, they weren’t good. Had them for a few months and maybe saw them once. Gracie knocked on my door this morning and introduced herself in a very professional way. I felt comfortable talking to her about the issues we have been having and she even walked around the property with me to show me and explain what things were and how this company can help. You can tell she likes what she does and is passionate about helping people with pest issues. Once we went over everything, we went ahead and signed up and set an appointment for 1pm today. She and the Tech not only showed up on time but she even sent me a text (that I missed because I was working) 10 minutes before to let me know.

    The Tech was Chancey and he was extremely professional as well. He went over the plan with me again on his tablet to make sure he had all the right information of what was being treated today. Once that was all done, He informed me of how the treatment goes and the areas he would be spraying. We let him know we have 2 dogs and a 1 year old and he let us know everything is environmentally friendly and to just let everything dry for 15 minutes before letting my dogs around it and my daughter. Chancey was very friendly towards me and my wife and we even had a few laughs.

    The entire treatment took all of maybe 10 minutes. Super fast and efficient. After everything was done Chancey went over everything he did with me and my wife. He spoke very clear and worded everything that was easy for us to understand.

    Gracie and Chancey are amazing attributes to this company and I’m extremely glad I got a knock on my door for this service. I will definitely recommend not only this company but Gracie and Chancey as well to my friends and family. 5 stars is not enough for what they deserve.

  724. Jonathan Walker 2022/01

    Sergio and Caleb were great. They were on time and very helpful with our spider and big problem.

  725. CJ Darby 2022/01

    Caleb, Sergio and Jamonie were very professional and courteous. Explained the process so I understood your services and took care of all my immediate issues. Thanks so much for the five-star service!

  726. Michael Swanner 2022/01

    Met with Anthony, who did a great job explaining the pest control services.

    The pest control technician Corey came out that same day to take care of everything. He was very thorough and took time to explain what he saw and what we should watch out for.

  727. Mande Rimel 2022/01

    Nicest people !! Elijah and Leroy were very thorough in explaining the process and in their work. I can’t wait until I can enjoy my back porch again!!

  728. D. Larry Johnson 2022/01

    Very convenient and a fast and thorough application. Shane had a very good explanation of what would be applied, DK and Eric did exactly what was described. Highly recommend. Need to get rid of any ticks!

  729. Jessica McCall 2022/01

    Caleb and Sergio came to our house in a timely manner and were very helpful and informative. They were in and out very quickly. Hope to see them again with the future follow ups.

  730. Steven Wilson 2022/01

    Just had our first application performed by Caleb and Sergio. Very efficient and professional team. They were able to answer all questions about the product and how each works.

  731. I-Asia Renee 2022/01

    Maurice has great customer service and he was very polite when servicing our house . Definitely a great company to use .

  732. Waltrice Patterson 2022/01

    Technicians are professional, knowledgeable, and pay attention to detail when treating my home for insect eggs and nests. They cleaned away spider webs and sprayed in problem areas like my patio and garage so I can enjoy these spaces more comfortably.

  733. Eric Obaugh 2022/01

    Brandon came out to my house and took care of all my bug and outside rodent problems. He was thorough and did his job very well.

    Thank you EcoShield for hiring well trained and caring technicians.

  734. Ursula McLaughlin 2022/01

    Both Cory and Gage were quite professional explaining the service and contract. While working inside Cory took the initiative to take care when working around pet dishes and toys.

  735. Farica Whalen 2022/01

    Just had first service completed. Caleb and Sergio were both informative and polite. They seemed to do a thorough job and made sure I knew if there were any concerns I could call and they would follow up. So far I highly recommend service.

  736. Sally Seward 2021/12

    Cory was here today to explain things and tell me what to expect. Today was my first day with EcoShield and he did a great job concerning all aspects of the experience. I give him 5 stars (out of 5 ).

  737. Omar Ansari 2021/08

    I don’t normally write reviews but I had to for EcoShield in Richmond. Shane and his team were extremely professional, fast, and through. We found ants a while after our first service and Shane was quick to schedule another treatment. This team is awesome!

  738. bobbie smith 2021/08

    Colby showed up & I let her know about my pest problems. She was delightful & I felt desperate for help & signed up. But sadly my very ill husband is scared to be around anything now, no matter how safe. I quickly called the company & …

  739. Travis Edwards 2021/07

    Day One Customer Service Aces!! Our neighbors were receiving a pest treatment and I got into conversation with the technician. After a quick look at the service packages and prices I was hooked. Solid customer service from field technician.

    Team Chief Destiny. This technician was so kind and efficient we almost invited her for dinner. Destiny was not only knowledgeable but thoughtful. Answering questions before I thought of them to ask. You could see her mind working on where and what needed to be addressed in and out of the house. Really outstanding! Best tech of any type I ever allowed into my home. I look forward to seeing her again at the next service – my wife and I were left with a solid understanding of the process and great prices associated with the service. I’d absolutely recommend Destiny and the team to anyone.

    Team Tech Andrew. This technician was wonderful to my kid and also expertly explained the services provided. He was not pushy and never used sales lingo or hooks. Perfect. In less than an hour I was setup, paid, and serviced. Great peace of mind knowing how the process works and how they company can support.

    Team Leader Josh. This guy must be good at hiring because both technicians were top notch. Keep it up!!!

  740. Renee H 2021/05

    Salesman came to our door, spoke to my husband, who said that he would not agree to any services until he had the chance to speak with me and the salesman had him initial paperwork to request further information from the front office (I saw …

  741. Ken Zamborsky 2021/05

    These guys were nothing short of professional and courteous. Shane took the time to explain reason for everything they were doing. Being a first time homeowner he and his team have given me great peace of mind.

    Special shout out to Colby, Jack, and Eli who were also very helpful and friendly.

    Thank you and looking forward to continuing to use your service.

  742. Eddie Echeverry 2021/03

    The pest control people are really nice. Although, the product they use does not last. Already less than a month in after applying their products I was having ants and rodents in my home. I couldn’t imagine having to have them come in every …

  743. john joyce 2021/02

    I met a Young man this week while working in my garage who was selling EcoShield Pest control products and at first I said no but as he started to asked about my truck project I could tell he was very educated and sounded very professional …

  744. Molly Kinsey 2021/01

    Courtney J. was so helpful in telling me how to switch to their service & getting me scheduled quickly to start treatment. She was so polite & friendly. I can’t wait to be spider free!

  745. LA Dickison 2021/01

    Editing this review because it’s not letting me post a second one — to say a HUUUUGE thank you to the pro Ecoshield just sent out, Dwayne — HE IS AMAZING AND SO THOROUGH! Seriously — Dwayne is a top-tier manager-quality man. He was extremely polite, THOROUGH, knowledgeable, amendable, understanding, hard working, kind, honest and flexible. Ask for Dwayne and you won’t be disappointed!!!!!!

    Original review:
    I can’t believe they came out right away when I called, how amazing is that??? Huge shout out to Eli, and Ryan for a stellar performance in pest control— and many thanks to their boss Mike and associate Devon for the same in customer service. As a household of animal and ecological professionals it was extremely important for us to find an ethical, environmentally responsible service that addressed specific pest issues competently. Not only did they do that, techs Ryan and Eli went above and beyond by answering all my questions thoroughly and patiently whilst also maneuvering compassionately around my dog, cat, hamster, and child. These people are humane local treasures and I will be telling everyone I know to support their services. They are bright, busy, earnest, honest local pros and their chrysanthemum granulation wizardry doesn’t harm the wildlife nor my own beloved creatures and family. Seriously Richmond — Do yourself a favor and give them a call!!!

  746. Eli Merced 2021/01

    Great techs! Excited to see what this company brings to Richmond! Very helpful and well rounded also very professional at treating customers with care! There deep soil treatment works perfect, haven’t been seeing any ants pop up through the summer months! Proud of the hard workers in this local bug company!

  747. Andrew Long 2021/01

    Colby walked us through their process and we were impressed so we gave them a try. On the first visit their technicians were extremely thorough and professional. They even went to the extent of treating under our grill for spiders. The experience so far has been great and I would recommend Eco Shield.

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