Dr Kathys Mobile Pet Care

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Dr Kathys Mobile Pet Care
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  1. Harry Reynolds 2023/10

    She loves my dogs and we love her!!!

  2. Cassie Lee 2023/08

    She helped my sister this morning with putting her dog down. My sister said she was very nice and it was very peaceful. Thanks so much for helping!

  3. Shain Verow 2023/03

    Dr. Kathy has literally been a lifesaver for our cats. There’s not doubt that cats act very different when brought into an office, it can be a lot of stress for our shy shelter cats, however her coming to us and putting them at ease helps so much. She has also helped us plan the end of life for two of our oldest felines, with the upmost compassion and care for their comfort and happiness.

    There’s a lot of veterinarians, but she is a very special one, and I am so happy to have her helping us manage the health of our feline family members.

  4. Andie Jamerson 2023/01

    No response , called several times

  5. Susan Thomas 2022/06

    I am happy and relieved to have found Dr. Kathy!
    Our pets loved her.. Our dogs liked her! She has reasonable prices, she is knowledgeable and provides us with excellent service for our pet crew.
    Thank you!


  6. Arvla Bellamy 2021/01

    Dr Kathy is personable and thorough. I wish I had her when my Scooby and Tess were with me. Nothing but the best for my fur babies

  7. Thomas neblett 2020/10

    Everyone should stick to thier regular vet

  8. Matthew Wright 2020/10

    Wonderful, caring vet…she does all house calls to my knowledge…me and my mother highly, HIGHLY recommend Dr. Kathy…!

  9. Richard Fisher 2020/04

    Dr. Kathy is absolutely awesome! She is like the dog whisperer. We just rescued a golden retriever that apparently had been in a puppy mill. The poor baby is scared of everyone and everything. Dr. Kathy has worked with shelter and puppy mill dogs for years. She was able to draw blood and test for heartworms and tick borne diseases right on the spot. It was amazing how this dog just allowed her to do the examination with no issues. Dr. Kathy’s prices were half of what a mobile vet from Chester charged us (and this other vet did not even examine the dog because we couldn’t catch her). The other vet charged us $110 just for showing up which was very disappointing to me. Oh well, it’s Dr. Kathy for us forever!! We LOVE her!!

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