Dr. Evan’s House Calls

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Dr. Evan’s House Calls
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  1. Elizabeth Roderick 2023/05

    Dr. Apotheker is a great vet. He is wonderful with our squirmy, high maintenance cats (are there any other kind?!), and has been extremely helpful during several difficult treatments. Our cats really appreciate not having to get in carriers and travel by car to the vet. I highly recommend Dr. Evan!

  2. Kelly Yeong 2023/03

    Excellent care! Have used his services at my home and at the SPCA clinic. Always responsive to messages!

  3. Sarah Cavaliere 2023/03

    Dr. Evan is the best. He’s been taking care of my very difficult dog and cat for years. He is knowledgeable, spends the time listening to concerns, and explains options thoroughly. In moving to house calls, he is always quick to respond to my questions, medication refills, and appointment requests. I know my pets receive the best care with him.

  4. Jeanne Boisineau 2023/01

    Dr. Evan and Caitlin are so knowledgeable and experienced, and the level of care they provide is the highest. We left the vet we’d been going to for almost 30 years, where they’d both worked, to become Dr. E’s patients when he struck out in his own practice. Our pets love them both, and so do we. We trust Dr. Evan and Caitlin with our nineteen pets, from chickens to rabbits to dogs and cats.

  5. Patrick Riley 2022/08

    Evan is a fantastic veterinarian! He’s been taking care of our pets for years. Wouldn’t trust anyone else!

  6. William Nguyen 2022/06

    Amazing, professional, prompt, and talented team! My wife and I had a difficult time getting our feral outdoor turned indoor cat into a carrier for a vet visit for updated shots. So upon the advice of a friend we contacted Dr. Evan and his team. So glad that we did, because they were sooooo good with our cat. Our cat doesn’t liked to be held nor grabbed, but like all great animal doctors, Dr. Evan and his assistant were able to calm our cat, and administer the shots needed. Highly recommend Dr. Evan for anyone looking to have a Vet who makes house calls for their beloved pets.

  7. Lori Groopman 2022/06

    I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Evan. Two of our cats have significant health challenges and Dr. Evan has been there to help them and guide us in their care every step of the way. His assistant, Caitlin, is also wonderful. She is highly skilled and professional and a great asset whenever Dr. Evan comes to see our kitties! We feel very lucky to have both of them on our pet care team!

  8. J M 2022/05

    fantastic vet!

  9. Alyssa Coleman 2022/01

    BEST VET IN RICHMOND! You should consider yourself lucky to be his client, I know we do! They are absolutely wonderful with my dogs! Dr. Evan and Caitlin have even taught me how to be a better dog mom! You’d think having a vet come to your home would be hard on the dogs or more expensive but no! Lady and Cookie love when they come to visit! I don’t think Dr. Evans gets paid/sponsored by those big corporations to do X-rays and all those other things that usually rack up the bill so they actually come out cheaper in the long run! But to us they are priceless as we have gain a forever vet friend. Thank you Dr. Evan and Caitlin for all y’all have done for us over the years!

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