Don Pedro’s

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Don Pedro’s
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  1. Gypsy “Gypsy aka cookie” Luck 2023/11

    Very good Spanish food. 👍loud crowd tho. Unless you like or enjoy loud 📢 music then this place is for u.
    Dine in
    Meal type
    Price per person
    Food: 4
    Service: 3
    Atmosphere: 3
    Vegetarian options
    They have dishes for veggies food
    Parking is right outside
    They offer kid menu

  2. Joshua Gray 2023/05

    My boyfriend and I came later in the evening and sat at the bar top. Staff was patient and helpful, made us margaronas, which were delicious. THE FOOD WAS SO GOOD. I had the combination burrito and he had the chorizo tacos. Everything was super fresh and flavorful and piping hot. The lettuce, tomatoes and onions on our dishes were grocery store fresh. Amazing value for price. Spent $63 for two people to have dinner and 2 drinks a piece. Will definitely be back.
    Dine in
    Meal type
    Price per person
    Food: 5
    Service: 5
    Atmosphere: 5

  3. RR eesse 2023/05

    Excellent experience. The food came super fast and the service was excellent. Loved the atmosphere of the place. It was a pleasant surprise when we went there. We had driven past that area many times and never noticed that a Mexican restaurant was in the area.
    Dine in
    Meal type
    Price per person
    Food: 5
    Service: 5
    Atmosphere: 5
    Recommended dishes
    Chicken Burrito Deluxe, Taco Salad

  4. Walter Lopez 2023/04

    Comida agradable el servicio un poco dudoso, la persona que nos atendió no tenía ni idea de los platillos. Ambiente agradable.
    Dine in
    Meal type
    Price per person
    Food: 3
    Service: 1
    Parking space
    Plenty of parking
    Parking options
    Free parking lot

  5. lAME FAme 2023/01

    Came on a very slow day. No customers just my girl and me. She ordered a chimichanga. The chicken was dry and cheese was like microwave. The whole thing seemed reheated. I ordered the cow tongue and out came was beef sliced. Most of the items on the menu aren’t there and seems to only have it’s good days. I past by it all the time but nothing really. Avoid this place unless you know what your walking into.
    Dine in
    Meal type
    Price per person

  6. gustavo valencia 2023/01

    I order the lengua tacos and their was very good. Good flavor and good hot salsa

  7. Tomas López 2022/12

    Excelente para comer y karaoke si gustas

  8. Jen Ren 2022/12

    Loved the food!

    The staff is so nice. My waitress gets me all the extra things I ask for and figures out my wants even though she didn’t speak English (I’ve gone a couple of times and had her). The carne asada tacos reminds me of the southwest and San Diego. Big chunks of steak and really nicely marinated. The shrimp tacos are good too! The rice and beans were not bad. Guacamole and horchata were good.They also have a spicy red hot sauce that is even a little too spicy for me, which is rare. This is now my favorite Mexican place around here and it is authentic.

    The music is a little too loud for me, I think they have karaoke/DJs on Sunday’s but if I can get a seat in the back corner it isn’t too bad.

    I’d go back again for the food and service. If you’re going to tip bring cash or make sure you tell them before they process your card. I did but they still processed my card without the tip and then charged me $2 to run my card again and that would have been part of my waitress’ tip.


  9. kennie howard 2022/11

    Fix yall closing time so people won’t waste time driving there.

  10. Bridey Garver 2022/10

    It’s under new ownership and I’m not impressed.

  11. Jorge Cabrera 2022/09

    Comidas muy ricas
    Dine in
    Meal type
    Price per person

  12. That bitch Is 2022/06

    I had a disgusting time I did not have a feeling to be welcome in a establishment my boyfriend and I wanted to come and have their soup nobody greeted us nobody acknowledged it I don’t know if it was because Of my ethnic color or it was something more to it but they did not come to us and we were sitting there longer than 30 minutes people were staring at us like we was adolescent. I do not recommend this restaurant For nobody. Don’t spend your hard earn money where they are prejudice. This restaurant will NOT BE GETTING NONE OF MY RECOMMENDATIONS OR Acknowledgment. 👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾


  13. François Laramee 2022/06

    La nourriture est la meilleure mexicaine
    Belle expérience d’immersion. Le personnel est adorable. Musique forte un petit peu à l’occasion

  14. Rochelle Leal 2022/05

    This is no a family friendly restaurant this is a bar (barra) went around 7:30pm on Friday every single table was full of beer bottles not food. The music was very loud like a club. I just open the door saw inside and left. We drove 20min here for nothing
    Dine in
    Meal type
    Dine in: Yes
    Outdoor seating: No
    Takeout: Yes
    Delivery: Not sure
    Curbside pickup: Not sure

  15. Camille Daly 2022/03

    I have to say I was quite pleased with the amount and variety of the veggies in the quesadillas. A wonderful surprise. And great flavor! Customer service could use she work, though.
    Take out
    Meal type
    Price per person

  16. Ulysses Kelly 2022/01

    I love them and there food the best experience…

  17. Tracey Greene 2022/01

    Actually I just pulled over here to adjust something in the car. But I’m sure it’s an excellent restaurant. You can’t go wrong with Mexican food it’s always so awesome

  18. John King 2022/01

    Make sure you have plenty of time available or you don’t have to go back to work. Foods good but takes forever. 1 server in the entire restaurant. Authentic and tasty but you can take a siesta waiting for it!

  19. Bernardo Gomez 2021/12

    Tienen buena comida, estoy seguro que no podrías quedar insatisfecho, más que todo tienen muy buena comida de mar…… lo recomiendo 👍 …

  20. Alex Aldana 2021/12

    Muy buen sabor un lugar para relajarse y pasarla bien

  21. Rod Johnson 2021/11

    If you’re looking for a good place to eat with some good food this is not the spot to stop at and I advise you to keep going and find another restaurant.. waiter doesn’t understand English nor does she speak proper English she seem to not care about my order or being good with her customer service as to she was sitting at a table with her friends drinking beers the food was bland and didn’t taste that good the ac was pumping so it was very cold in there which made it hard for me to be comfortable while trying to eat the music was very loud so I couldn’t have a normal conversation with my gf without yelling across the table the waiter didn’t check on us the whole time we was sitting there eating overall just a bad experience and I wouldn’t recommend this place

  22. Sherry Thompson 2021/11

    Great food and good prices too

  23. Dajuan Coleman 2021/09


  24. Kellie Smith 2021/08

    Disappointed they don’t have Chile relleno anymore but they still always have flavorful food

  25. Lyle Mccapes 2021/06

    Out of 4 orders ALL were wrong.
    8 people in the place of them 4 at the bar not eating.
    40 minutes for our orders.
    Food was not palatable.
    I would not recommend.

  26. Emili Rodríguez 2021/05

    Un buen lugar la comida es exquisita, buen sabor, excelente servicio

  27. Barington Spencer 2021/03


  28. Kevin Phillips 2021/02

    More of a bar than restaurant. Have been there before and would return but not on a Sunday evening (music too loud). Good food and friendly staff.

  29. Lisa Adams 2020/09

    This is definitely as you will get in Chester. We got the Diablo Shrimp and it was really hot. I did ask for mor heat because it’s not normally hot. This way great! The server was super nice and attentive.

  30. Catana fer- 2020/09

    Me encanta la comida de hay tiene un sabor delicioso.. soy colombiana pero me gusta mucho la comida centroamericana.

  31. Jose Santiago 2020/07

    I don’t like writing these to start off, but this placed just lost a loyal customer ,due to the unprofessionalism of the server that handled my order. My girlfriend went to pick up the order and they almost forgot her drink, and when she check her food they gave the wrong order and blamed her for not giving her order correctly. And we told her that if she didn’t have the music so loud and talking to other people while taking our order she would of heard us better. Then she laughed and told us to stop being dramatic over an order. But the best part was when they charged us $80.75 for a ordered that was only suppose to be $20.75. luckily we checked our bank account after we paid. I will never ever EVER EVER come back!!! SMH!!!! This is so sad because i like to support small business but this is one small business that wont be taking my money anymore!!! Thank You Marlen !

  32. frosty fortnite 2020/04

    Food was average.. music was very loud where you couldn’t even enjoy the company of your friends and waiter didn’t speak English we had a hard time ordering our food

  33. Maria Ramirez 2020/02

    The burrito was not a typical burrito. I specifically asked what came on it because my husband is very picky. She mentioned sour cream on the side I said and never mentioned it was a wet burrito with red sauce smothered on top. When the burrito gets there we ask if it can please be remade without sauce. She said no. She said that’s how ALL burritos in ALl the restaurants are made. I said not true. I said we didn’t know it was going to be smothered In sauce because that’s not how normal burritos are made. She refused to take it back. My husband did not touch it and she still charged us for it. She seemed shocked that my husband didn’t eat it, despite the fact that I made it very clear he does not eat sauce. Especially on top of a burrito.

    Side note it smelled like a construction site. The OLDER ladies Were all dressed like hookers in mini dressers it cut out on their stomach and chest. I had my 7 year old and 2 year old there with me at 10 AM.

  34. Tori Eleonora 2020/02

    They were mean music was banging and no one was there except us and the people that work there all I have to say is 😡😳👎🇲🇽 …

  35. Felix zetino 2019/12

    Muy buena la fajita mariscada y las pupusas Humm me encantó

  36. Isabel Contreras 2019/11

    Good 4 stars

  37. Lizet Pérez 2019/11

    Pésimo lugar y la atención

  38. mike cook 2019/11

    The negative reviews are shocking. Granted i only go during lunch at least once a week but usually the food and service are outstanding

  39. Amber Nunyaa 2019/10

    👍 great food
    Perfect takeout spot
    *outdated ambiance, a bit cluttered
    Pool table
    😉pretty Spanish chicas 💕
    Clean restrooms
    👎👎 no happy hour 👎 👎

  40. Eric Makepeace 2019/10

    Delicious authentic Mexican food with beer and good music

  41. Pamela Roque 2019/08

    Es un changarro, mala comida y mal servicio

  42. Dismarts 2019/08

    El personal es muy bueno

  43. Maria Young 2019/08


  44. Jason Scott 2019/07

    Fast friendly service and atmosphere. Fantastic authentic food, pupusa revueltas are delicious.

  45. Tamika Calloway 2019/07

    Friendly people. The food absolutely delicious.

  46. Renee Ls 2019/07

    Very misleading and overpriced for no good reason, I ordered the chicken wings that were $7.99 I received 5 small chicken wings and fries that were super hard and crunchy. I also ordered nachos it was also not what I expected the food was just bad. Anyways don’t waste your money here I honestly think they cook to impress drunk people, or individuals who are on some form of drugs because those are the only people who will literally accept this garbage.

  47. Chelsea Davis 2019/06

    If I could give a negitive I would.. food is bland. Queso dip was served cold- told them about it, they half a** heated it up and they gave it back to us…Our server passed out the wrong food to the wrong person, and when she finally came back to the table to check on us I told her I ordered one meat and they have me another, granted there is a communication block between us with language… But if you knew that and you could not understand my speech or my body Language the manager that knew proper English should have completed the communication block we had and taken care of us correctly like her job is to do so.. instead she not only argued about how she cooked the right food so someone ate it but she tried to defend the fact that she serves me some bland dry chicken that (wasn’t me so I could give nothing less of care) when I commented how I shouldn’t be charged for Queso dip that was cold her comment was “you ate it” yeah B*&tch because I’m hungry because I clearly can’t eat my food that I ordered since I didn’t ever GET it, let alone I ordered a WATER and she completely ignored me on me asking for it. It’s okay I don’t need a drink when everyone else got onel… And i ordered that when I first sat down. Even if she was still learning English she served the food and she knew what she wrote down on her ticket… Why did you STILL pass it out incorrectly. Rating -15 with hospitality rated -25 All around trash atmosphere. I left still hungry since the Manager never came back to fix it

  48. Alicia Gonzalez 2019/05


  49. Kobby Agyeman 2019/05

    Customer service is great! Well, and the food is fantastic.

  50. tony barrientos 2019/05

    Another great restaurant with good food at a good price….the server was very attentive and friendly…I do recommend this restaurant to everyone 👍🏻 …

  51. lupe lira 2019/03

    Muy sabrosa comida deliciosa la recomiendo muy buen servicio

  52. Roberto Cisneros 2019/02

    Muy buena atencion

  53. Taylor Whitehead 2019/01

    They were closed but still let us come in and get a Margarita. Very nice ladies.

  54. Clay Steppe 2019/01

    Employees dont go above and beyond but the foods good and the atmosphere is relaxed.

  55. Leonard McAllister 2018/11

    Great soups and pupusas

  56. Remi Pelletier 2018/10


  57. Michael Hagood 2018/10

    Very run of the mill Mexican restaurant. Many of them just like it on this side of jeff davis. Nice decorations and music though

  58. Nicole D 2018/09

    Food was delicious 👍👍 it’s a small diner with mainly locals I guess and You’ll have to find ur own table but I would definitely go again cuz of the food 😬 everybody there was pretty friendly. …

  59. Larry Adams 2018/08

    Great food clean and great service

  60. Jose Odir Alarcon Hernandez 2018/08

    Rica comida 😋😋😋😋 …

  61. Sara Spell 2018/08

    Very nice place, good food, amazing service

  62. Rosa Morales 2018/05

    Me gusta mucho, es buen anbiente, si viene con su pareja o amigos!!

  63. Jeremy Garrett 2018/05

    Great service and food

  64. Matt 2018/05

    Good service. Delicious food.

  65. Motivational Mogul 2018/05

    AWESOME. Great food. Good prices. A filler upper for sure…

  66. Yoselin Salazar 2018/04

    Muy bueno

  67. Mark O'Meara 2018/03

    Great food and atmosphere

  68. Cheryl Morales-Lopez 2018/03

    Had a blast. Very friendly. Great food, music, laughter, and they have a pool table.

  69. jegusarmy 2018/03

    The food beer and people were awesome there. I had a super time. However I think most of the people that work there or actually from El Salvador not Mexico. It doesn’t matter the place was awesome.

  70. Maria Mendez 2018/02

    Un lugar muy bonito y sus desayunos deliciosos

  71. Jay Levy 2018/02

    Went there for carry out and my food is sitting at the bar and a customer grabs my bag opens its Looks back at me as if I can’t see him sabotaging my food. He and others surrounding the bar are looking at me laughing. Of course I didnt eat it. The cashier sees the customer grab my bag and is laughing along with customers. All hispanic atmosphere. Black people beware! Racism comes in all colors!

  72. Joseph Campbell 2018/01

    Decent locally owned bar restaurant combination.

  73. charles Morris 2018/01

    Awesome food and polite staff found this place by accident but have made it a regular stop

  74. Richard Walker 2017/12

    Very authentic Latin American food and very tasty. Would definitely come back.

  75. Marlon Escoto 2017/11

    Ugly place bad service

  76. Karina Zapata 2017/10

    Super rico lo recomiendo

  77. kalash nikov 2017/09

    This place is amazing. Very fast service and food is amazing!!

  78. Stockdale Cheryl 2017/07

    We are regular customers and never leave hungry or disappointed… Love, Love, Love Don Pedro’s

  79. Chris Taylor 2017/07

    Fabulous food in what I would call a “very traditional” Mexican restaurant.

  80. Naomi Kite 2017/07

    Food was delicious. The 2 waitresses working didn’t speak or understand english, so, (I guess she was the owner), an older lady came over & translated.

  81. Jeff Karow 2017/07

    Food was great but bar is main distraction here. Had dinner after 6pm on a Saturday night and they had Pandora blasting in this small dinner. Service was on point but could barely hear over music.

  82. Eblin Banegas 2017/06

    Bonito lugar

  83. Pedro WDinc 2017/05

    The food is real…everybody uses the word “authentic” this place is…best little whole in the wall

  84. Adam Lapins 2017/04

    Music is way loud and service is horrible

  85. Devon Harrison 2017/03

    They give you lime in your water. #1 in my book

  86. Nehemias lopez 2017/02

    really good food try the chicharrón con queso popusas

  87. Lea Townsend 2016/12

    The Papusa’s are excellent!

  88. Fabrizio Pettoello 2016/10

    Ristorante sulla strada cucina senza particolari qualità

  89. Chris Nycum 2016/10

    Update – 08/2015

    Looks like this place has gone down hill. Different people it appears and now the food is a mess. I had a chicken burrito and wife had a chimi and both were crap and gave us horrible indigestion.

  90. Paul Dunn 2016/07

    Pretty good Mexican food for being in the middle of no where.

    The burrito was stuffed and full of fresh ingredients

    Free chips were ok

    Horchata was good

  91. Lori Coleman 2016/07

    Food was really really good. Best I’ve had in a while. But I had hair in my food. And the atmosphere was just ok

  92. Victor Flores 2016/04

    Excellent food and service.

  93. Paul Giovinco 2015/06

    Loved the beef and shrimp burritos. Very authentic and well priced. Guacamole delicious and freshly made. A must place to eat if you are craving Mexican/Central American.

  94. Daniel Roberts 2013/03

    Felt like i was back home in Albuquerque. Food was outstanding!

  95. Alia Chambers 2011/06

    The best mexican/salvadorian food south of the james, or in Richmond I should say. Very authentic and very good! Love the burritos and the quesadillas! It’s a small “hole-in-the-wall” type joint, but hey aren’t those always the best places!?

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