Dogtopia of Short Pump

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Dogtopia of Short Pump
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  1. Kelly Jean 2023/10

    All the employees at Dogtopia are friendly, dog lovers, professional, and go above and beyond for all dogs. They made sure my dog had his picture taken over Halloween and Christmas and made him an ornament for Christmas! They treat me and my dog with excellent customer service and are super flexible with making sure my needs and my dogs needs are met. My puppy leaves tired and happy from all his play time. I would and have highly recommended Dogtopia to anyone needing excellent doggie day care services!


  2. David Vaamonde 2023/10

    Friendly and reliable place that takes great care of our pup!

  3. Susan Morgan 2023/09

    All of the staff have been welcoming and my pups have had a blast!

  4. Megan Jenkins 2023/09

    Our dog is happy as can be when she gets to spend a weekend at Dogtopia! The staff takes good care of her and always gives her a warm welcome!

  5. S Bradbury 2023/08

    My 2 pups had a good weekend stay, but the younger one came home very dehydrated , drank water for 2 hours off n on.
    Watch for drinking!

  6. Steve Swinson 2023/08

    Friendly staff, out dog loves them.

  7. Carol Kroog 2023/07

    My dog has such a good time interacting with other dogs and climbing or jumping over the gym equipment. We enjoy watching him on the webcams. Messes sre cleaned up quickly. Staff is friendly and helpful. It’s a win win for our dog and us!

  8. Tatiana Pestova 2023/05

    Exceptionally friendly and knowledgeable personal. The place is super clean; no smell so ever. Love it!

  9. Debbie Liddle 2023/05

    The staff is very friendly and helpful. They have shown my dog a lot of love, she loves going there and I trust them with her care. I’m so glad I started taking her there and she gets to play with her new friends. Best money spent. ?❤️? …

  10. Ellen Davis 2023/04

    Our pup can’t wait to get in the door at Dogtopia! She wants to see human & canine best friends. The staff is wonderful with her. They clearly love dogs. Our girl has been boarded here a number of times as well as going to daycare.

  11. Lara Finnie 2023/03

    Zaiah (short for Isaiah) is now 20 months and has the best time when he plays and stays at Short Pump Dogtopia! We have been entrusting him to them for over a year now. We recently boarded him for 4 days. Everyday he gets to play while we are gone. (Though, I’ve heard he sometimes goes in timeout for kissing too much – not all the other dogs like kisses! He’s a lover not a fighter!) I love getting to see him via the webcams – and see how the staff interact and play with him. This time I had the spa give him a bath and trim his nails right before we picked him up. He smelled great! After all that playing, he came home and slept – a lot!


  12. Kathy Butler 2023/03

    They get to know the dogs and greet both them and the owners by name. They also realize the differences in the dogs (mine likes humans more than other dogs) and keep that in mind when the dogs are in their care. You feel good about leaving your pup with them when he can’t wait to get out of the car and into the building whenever we pull up.

  13. Kristy DeFazio 2023/03

    Great experience! Staff super caring and friendly

  14. Kayla Payne-zeno 2023/03

    They are so wonderful! You can tell they care so much about our pups and give them the best care!

  15. celia ross 2023/02

    My dog has been coming to this location for several months and I would recommend it to anyone. I was extremely nervous to take her for an evaluation because she was six and had little interaction with other dogs. She is also very vocal to other dogs on leash. The staff was very reassuring and answered all my questions.

    Now, she goes to daycare maybe once a week and she’s boarded there for any trips. After boarding or daycare, she seems excited, she loves on all the team members, and of course, she’s tired.

    I’ve had pleasant experiences with every employee I’ve met and they always seem upbeat and happy to see/send home each dog. I’m amazed at the amount of dogs they know by name.


  16. Alexa Scott 2023/02

    I wanted to give a huge thanks to Jada. My dog was boarding there over the weekend and had an accident that caused his toenail to rip off. She informed us immediately and made sure he was taken care of until we got there. She was very understanding and helpful. She even went out of her way to send me updates and pictures of him throughout the weekend. Thank you to the rest of the staff as well for making sure he was taken care of.

    We really appreciate all you have done!

  17. Lynn Landesman 2023/01

    Best experience for the pups! Our puppy has been going here for almost a year and it’s the best environment. Caring staff and management!

  18. Kathy Jones 2023/01

    Maxwell has separation anxiety and hates crating. The Midlothian location met our expectations. But the Short Pump location fell a little short because they failed to help him. When I picked Max up, the skin on his nose was gone, and dried blood surrounded his nose area. Kennel nose. Heartbreaking. I wish that they had placed a cone on him and called us.

    When I called staff from the parking lot for an explanation, she apologized and thought someone had called us.

    On the one hand, it was a relief there hadn’t been an attack. On the other hand, it was infuriating.

    I won’t say don’t go here, but be sure they understand your dog and are willing to accommodate special needs.

  19. Melanie Stensrud 2022/11

    Our dog loves this place. The staff are great and very helpful.

  20. Cindy Stokes 2022/11

    Super friendly staff who care, my puppy came home happy and exhausted!

  21. Paul Kroog 2022/11

    My dog liked it but they didn’t answer the phones or called us back to answer questions.

  22. Mohammad Siddiqui 2022/11

    We love bringing our dog to Dogtopia short pump. The staff loves him and he loves the place. They take care of him as their own. He comes home so tired and relaxes. It gives a peace of mind knowing your dog is safe and happy every time he goes there!

  23. Franklin Foggy 2022/10

    Absolutely awful. They treat their employees poorly. They never answer the phone. And the front desk workers are rude. The dogs have kennel cough don’t bring your dogs here.

  24. Kimberly Ellis 2022/10

    Very upset , second day my puppy got attacked in her face …. There’s way too many dogs in the toybox room and they even have adult dogs with the puppies , my puppy’s face has gash marks and is swollen … they tried to make it seem like it wasn’t a big deal too… just overall not happy right now

  25. Michael Harkness 2022/10

    I bring my dog (Great Pyrenees/Lab) to Dogtopia for daycare everyday during work. I cannot say enough about how excellent they treat her every single day. They are my dog’s second family and I am beyond grateful for the time they take to get to know their dogs and their professionalism to pet parents.

  26. Elizabeth S 2022/09

    My dog gets excited when when we pull in front of Dogtopia and her tail continues to wag as she enters the main lobby and it greeted by numerous employees (by name). Thank you Dogtopia!

  27. Cameron Gilbert 2022/09

    My dog loves this place and comes home happy and tired.

  28. Jordan 2022/09

    Oakley boarded for a week while we were on vacation. We checked on him on the webcams throughout the week and he looked like he was having a great time. He came home freshly bathed and smelling great, and has been completely wiped out for the past 2 days lol.

  29. Micki Long 2022/09

    I was very hesitant about using a dog daycare place as my dog is not the most socially friendly even though we have been socializing him since puppy classes. He tends to be pretty Alpha for a 13lb dog. The people at Dogtopia are great at keeping the energy good in the room and separating pups when the energy gets too charged. As we know, not everyone gets along all the time!! He LOVES the place and is always excited to go…he does truly think its the best day ever!

  30. Shannon Tyler 2022/09

    My 3 year old Shih-poo spent 1 day in the Toy Box room with I’d say around 25 Dogs some to big to be in there. 10 days after spending a full day there my Dog became VERY sick. Coughing, Labored Breathing and spitting up white foam. We took him to the Vet he had Kennel Cough. We live on 10 acres he is only at our home never around other dogs and up to date on all shots so this was very scary. He is still sick as I type this. When I saw how many dogs were in that room I should’ve driven over there and picked him up! My “FREE” daycare turned into $200 at the Vet. Please be aware. The Front desk people are wonderful it’s not them. Just be aware!

  31. Matthew Ellis 2022/08


  32. Rebecca Weinberg 2022/08

    Just recently started taking my 11 year old greyhound here. She is always greeted with a smile.

    She LOVES it. She has another greyhound friend to pal around with and the workers genuinely seem to love their jobs and all their furry friends.

    I love the ability to check in via the cameras on their app. And I think it’s so cute that they have some downtime for a nice early afternoon nap.

    They offer 3 days of free daycare after you send your dog for a meet and greet which is ABOVE AND BEYOND any other daycare in the area.

    Will definitely be using Dogtopia for the foreseeable future.

  33. Mia Bahagry 2022/07

    I felt compelled to leave a review when I normally wouldn’t because I can’t believe this place doesn’t have a perfect five ⭐️ The staff, the owners in particular, so clearly care about dogs and have extensive knowledge of different breeds. I have never felt more comfortable leaving my dog Kona with such a capable staff. I’ve been to five daycares in the Richmond area and this one is by far the best.


  34. Thomas Boswell 2022/06

    Wonderful place to take your dog! Our dog loves every single visit to Dogtopia. They have friendly a staff and meet our dog’s needs for day care visits and boarding.

  35. Thomas 2022/05

    An amazing place for your pup to learn good social habits and the staff truly care about each and every dog that comes in to be under their care.

  36. Nicole Parker 2022/04

    Chance & Roman love coming here! Every one is so passionate about the pups that go there. Im so happy to have a place I can trust !

  37. CC 2022/04

    My dog Smokey is a 10 year old Chi mix and he absolutely loves Dogtopia! If I say the word “daycare” his ears perk up and he begins to get excited! He has boarded for a few days while I was on vacation, as well as spend a day. After a day/stay at Dogtopia, Smokey is literally snoring in his bed once home because he spent the day running and playing, and getting attention.
    I can’t say enough about how much love and trust I have for Dogtopia.
    They have photo and treat days, it’s clean, the canine coaches know your dog, not just by name, but they know your dog’s personality. If you did want to check in on your dog, you can see what they’re up to on the webcams .
    I rarely check the webcams because I have such peace of mind about Smokey’s safety and absolutely know he’s having a blast!


  38. Shari Himelbloom 2022/03

    Friendly, caring, helpful.

  39. R Scott Trickett 2022/03

    Very nice facilities and supervision of the dogs is excellent. Very nice to be able to “check in” on your dog with the app.

  40. Juanita Thompson Ashburne 2022/03

    Awesome staff, attentive to our toy box pup, Kobe. I’m so glad we live close to this place, its great for days when Kobe needs to be around other dogs and burn off some energy. Place is clean, professional and from what I see – yes, I am that puppy parent who watches from the app, the employees are kind and loving to our dogs!

  41. Maria Wurttele 2022/03

    Cannot say enough about this place. The owners and staff are caring and friendly. My dog is still learning a lot of things and they are constantly willing to work with him and set him up for success. It’s clear that they really care for each dog. The rooms are never overly crowded and they are diligent about which rooms work and which ones don’t for each dog, depending on size, excitability, and manners.

    My dog Jackson is well trained, but he gets very overstimulated. They’ve been great about giving him constant breaks away from all the fun so that he can calm down and get back to playing without getting anxious and overdoing it. They are also working with him on his manners, and making sure he approaches dogs that want to play with him instead of just getting in everyone’s face and demanding to play (haha). While Jackson is a mutt, he probably has a good bit of Pitbull in him. The owners were reassuring that they’ve worked with pitbull rescues and know that these animals are extremely loving goofballs, albeit a bit neurotic. They’ve never judged me or Jackson, and instead every time I’ve picked him up we’ve had a great catch-up where they tell me all the good times he had and where they’re still working with him. They often give me tips and make me and Jackson feel so welcome. The more time Jackson spends with them, the more the staff learns about his quirks and like I said, they always work with him and know how to look after him so that he and other dogs have the best time.

    Jackson always comes home happy and tired and he absolutely loves this place! We’ve had a great time with daycare and boarding and I highly recommend.

  42. Lynda Fullem 2022/02

    Definitely the best place for boarding your beloved family pups. They also offer doggy care. My three dogs love coming here, they know all of the staff, and are treated like family. There is a dog cam so you can check on your pups anytime while they play. Having my pups stay here gives me peace of mind when I’m out of town.

  43. charity haraway 2022/02

    This daycare/Boarding are amazing , I love the facilities and the staff are wonderful , they take such good care of my baby Blake and he adores them and has so much fun playing with all his buddies .
    Mary and Eric are amazing and I always recommend Dogtopia , this is the only place I would ever take my precious boy . Over the years since I adopted Blake he’s been to all the locations and the staff and care are just A+.


  44. Candice bruce 2022/01

    Not professional, the staff are slow and unknowledgable. The manager is is not helpful and its smells aweful at the facility.

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