Dogtopia of Chesterfield

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Dogtopia of Chesterfield
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  1. Fox Greenlee 2023/09

    I used Dogtopia for about 6 months, twice a week for daycare. While the employees try their best I truly think there are too many dogs in each room for the quality of care to be good. I’m using another, smaller, local place now and the difference is huge. My dog sometimes was literally soaked in piss when I picked her up from Dogtopia. The manager claimed that was normal in an open play environment and I naively believe them. This has never happened at other places since I left Dogtopia. Additionally most of the staff at Dogtopia never really got to know my dog’s name or personality.

  2. Sarah Partridge 2023/08

    My dog has done daycare, boarding, and spa treatments at this facility. I’d had pleasant enough experiences bringing her to daycare, but was extremely disappointed in the supervision on her boarding stay.

    Upon picking my dog up from boarding I noticed that she had buildup of discharge around her eye. I wiped it off and thought it was just eye boogies but when I got her home she continued to have discharge from her eye. I called the facility and asked if they had noticed anything during her stay and they claimed not to have noticed. However, her vet confirmed that she developed pink eye during her stay.

    I’m incredibly disappointed that this went unnoticed during her boarding stay.

  3. Janice McKinley 2023/08

    Chicken nugget loves Dogtopia! It is important to me for my dog to be well socialize. We live in a condominium community and she is now comfortable with dogs and people of all sizes when I walk her. A clean and safe environment. Half days make it convenient and affordable. Thank you

  4. Chris Barr 2023/08

    The staff at Dogtopia are the best and really take great care of the dogs and their customers. We especially appreciate the great communication and helpfulness – we are so thankful for Dutch who goes above and beyond to provide amazing service. A+++++

  5. Sara Abbott 2023/07

    Dogtopia staff, including Erik and Mary, have always been attentive to me and my dog, Simon. They are great at communicating any issues they may be having and with how Simon is doing. I always feel at peace knowing they are taking care of him.

  6. Ruth Perkins 2023/05

    Friendly staff that always make you and your dog feel welcome!

  7. Bryant Jarratt 2023/04

    Little expensive but great people

  8. Naomi SasakiWhalen 2023/04

    They know every dogs name; I have yet to see a dog not happy at drop off.they are genuine dog people

  9. Gary Warren 2023/03

    We love everyone at Dogtopia. They treated Daisy like she was a part of their own family.

  10. Cindy Mitchell 2023/03

    They treat my baby girl like family ? …

  11. briscoknight77 2023/03

    I have been taking my dog to here for about a year. Very friendly staff and great service ?? …

  12. IFM 2023/02

    Been great so far, 2 daycare visits. The staff is very friendly and helpful plus they love my dog. I like being able to watch what’s happening using the Livestream.

  13. Lauren Epps 2023/02

    Unfortunately I have to air my story for everyone to see. Last week my 17 week old golden was kicked by a dogtopia worker. I happened to be watching and caught her on camera. When I called to report it the girl Dani (spelling?) at the front desk was snappy and rude, but told me they would review the tape. One of the managers Hannah called me back and couldn’t have been nicer , however none of what happened is ok. First of all if that employee kicked my dog in the two minutes I was watching the camera what else goes on there? While I got refunded for my prepaid visits (we WONT be back), there wasn’t a follow up with what repercussions if any were given to the employee that kicked my dog. The owners never addressed the situation w me, and again, there was no follow up to check on my dog or let me know what action would be taken with that employee . I’m disappointed as this was a good location/situation for my schedule working as a nurse, but my dogs well being is most important. Be careful who you trust your babies with!

  14. BD Rollins 2023/02

    Great customer service! Being able to see my pet enjoying play time was great. The video feed was some time paused. My Pet was worn out from all the play, and that was a good thing. ? Thank you! …

  15. david donoghue 2023/02

    JD my Choc Lab, loves it there, and the staff are fantastic, highly recommended

  16. Kathy Jones 2023/01

    The best! Maxwell has been going to this location for years, never one problem. They greet him by name when arrives. The staff have taken excellent care of him after surgery. He boarded recently and it felt amazing to pick him up so happy and relaxed. No heavy panting. No distress in his eyes or behavior; he was as calm as he would have been had he been home. Thank you for giving him and our family peace of mind!

  17. Molly Olejer 2022/11

    We are very thankful we chose Dogtopia. Our rescue pup is learning so much about socializing appropriately. And he comes home exhausted! The staff has been exceptional. Thank you Dogtopia

  18. Sandra Bullock 2022/11

    Dogtopia does an outstanding job of caring for my dog, both during day care and boarding.

  19. Ann Winn 2022/10

    My dogs are so excited to get there. The staff are so friendly and you can tell they just love what they do. When they come home, my dogs are exhausted. I know then that they have had a great time

  20. Brett Walker 2022/09

    Awesome place that takes great care of pets. You can tell that the employees like their job working with all of these dogs. The place seems well kept and organized. If it smelled a little better, I’d give it a full 5 stars

  21. Ellie Basch 2022/08

    My dogs love their playtime at Dogtopia Chesterfield; I can observe them interacting with staff and other playful doggies. The place is clean, and the staff are friendly and professional.

  22. Michelle Papierniak 2022/08

    We take our dog 1x per week for socialization. He loves it and gets excited when we pull in.

  23. Gerald Roebuck 2022/08

    Very professional and my dog gets plenty of exercise while during boarding instead of being confined or crated

  24. Bob Rosenkranz 2022/07

    Excellent management of scheduling, superior treatment of my dog, Ranger, and responsive, effective adjustments to changes.

  25. Jack Dillon 2022/07

    I picked up my son’s dog there to help him out. The place seems nice, but they will (at their discretion) give your pet a “treat”, and charge you $2.00. Also, his dog came down with “Kennel Cough”, which is very common I was told. That resulted in a visit to the Vet for antibiotics.

  26. Lisbeth Gonzalez 2022/07

    It’s such a bright and delightful place for your dog! The staff is fabulous, friendly and loving. I also like that I can drop in and see what’s going on during the day on the webcam. It gives me peace of mind, and I don’t feel guilty if he has to stay a little bit longer. He enjoys playing and interacting with the staff.

  27. Toni Baber 2022/07

    Friendly staff. My dog loves going in and seeing his people and dog friends.

  28. Anastasia Freeman 2022/06

    I’ve relied on Dogtopia several times in the past year and for the most part it’s a wonderful experience. The staff makes booking appointments and checking in so easy, plus I’m grateful I can provide my dog his own food and crate blanket so he has something familiar. They also accommodated his need to take vitamins in the morning. And the fact they offer bathing and grooming services before pickup? It’s the icing on the proverbial cake! My good boy always looks so clean and handsome when I come to pick him up. The only negative thing I’ve noticed is that my dog does sometimes have a bit of a cough after staying there, but it’s never been severe and usually with a little Benadryl and some rest, he’s as good as new.

  29. Lisa S. 2022/06

    Basically a one stop place for all your pup’s needs.

  30. Caisey Hutto 2022/06

    All Dogtopia staff have treated me and my pups with kindness and professionalism. My dogs love going to Dogtopia and have gained healthy social skills since attending Dogtopia. I love having the webcam footage of them playing throughout the day. I would recommend Dogtopia to anyone!

  31. Amy Robb 2022/05

    I love the friendly and approachable staff. I love being able to check in on my pups via the cameras. Also, having the ability to get a bath too. All in one place? Incredibly happy and so are my pups.

  32. Kat Mae 2022/04

    Dogtopia has become the godsend in my life. Back in October of 2020 I adopted a dog from a shelter. He suffers from anxiety and I am unable to leave him alone in my home. He is also not to be crated while at home due to his previous owner’s experience of the dog busting through two crates. So when I took my buddy on this Meet and Greet, I spoke to the staff at the desk regarding his issues and we felt he would do well in their environment especially during lunch time when he would be crated. We felt this would be a good experience for him because other dogs would be crated right next to him and he would not be alone. As life continues to journey back to a new normal, I had to go out of town over the weekend, and having Dogtopia for my buddy’s out of the house activity was a fantastic option for my dog sitter. That same week, I had to attend in-office training. Once again, I took advantage of Dogtopia’s daycare services. I enjoy checking on the webcam to see how he is doing during his day.
    Having Dogtopia available has freed me up to consider more travel and attend functions I cannot take my pup to.

  33. Cameron Gilbert 2022/04

    My dog gets exercise and engagement throughout the day and comes home ready to rest!

  34. Robin Plotner 2022/04

    Best daycare in Richmond!! Love the staff – so friendly, inviting and accommodating. I drive 20 mins to take my pup when there’s another location 2 milesDown the street just because there so phenomenal!!!

  35. Kim Waters 2022/04

    We love Dogtopia!! The staff is always incredibly friendly and welcoming. They’re super accommodating with our difficult and varying healthcare schedules and I love being able to watch my pups on the webcams during the day. It’s a great peace of mind. We have a hunting dog who gets plenty of stimulation and exercise here! The value is fantastic. Definitely recommend Dogtopia over some of the more expensive competitors in the area.

  36. C W 2022/03

    Very friendly staff! They really take the time to get to know each dog!

  37. Alan Leventhal 2022/02

    Our fur baby had two great play dates here. Staff extremely attentive to the dogs in their care.

  38. Lisa Anderson 2022/02

    Super great people who take care of your pets. Glad we chose boarding and Daycare Dogtopia for our little princess so we know she is being taken great care of while we’re away.

  39. Madeline Lewis 2022/02

    They always take great care of our older dog and go above and beyond to keep her safe and happy.

  40. Bella V 2022/01

    My family has been using Dogtopia for a few years now. No complaints! Great service! You can even monitor the dogs if you wanna check in on your dog. Great place 🙂


  41. Mara Velazquez 2021/10

    They love my girls


  42. Jade Housewirth 2021/10

    I’ve been taking my dog to Dogtopia for over a year now and they’ve always done an outstanding job with him at this location. I hadn’t been in a couple months and brought him in this morning and they knew exactly who he was and were excited to have him again. Nothing feels better than leaving your dog with people you trust.

  43. Jordan 2021/10

    Oakley came back from his weekend retreat smelling fresh and walking around with a new strut in his step after his nail trim. Love being able to see him play on the webcams while we’re gone. Thank you to everyone at Dogtopia Chesterfield for showing Oakley a great time!

  44. Courtney Walters 2021/10

    We love Dogtopia! I’m always impressed that the staff recognize my pups and know them by name. My dogs are always excited for their stays, and happy/exhausted (from all the fun) when I pick them up.

  45. Raymond “Relentlessly BOOMER!!!” Carney 2021/09

    I don’t clean dog hair out of my bathtub
    Because, I have Dogtopia!

  46. Kristy Bockover 2021/09

    My dog simply LOVES going to Dogtopia!
    He was immediately at ease with the facility and staff so there was zero transition time-priceless!! I would recommend highly to anyone needing dog care! Milk

  47. Natasha Winfree 2021/09

    The staff here are great. My pup has been going there for over 3 years for weekly daycare and boarding whenever we go out of town. I’m thankful that I don’t have to worry about my girl while she is there because the staff really care about the dogs under their watch.

  48. Anne Counoupas 2021/09

    Finn always comes home happy and exhausted. He waits by the door every morning just in case it might be a Dogtopia day!

  49. Mary Callender 2021/08

    The staff is so friendly and helpful. They seem to get to know you and your dog and really enjoy working with the dogs!

  50. Seany Flamingo 2021/07

    They leave the dogs outside, even in the rain like right now. (08/03/2021) And they don’t treat the dogs very good. If you’re okay with having some woman yell and scream at your dog to shut up then you won’t see a problem with this place. This isn’t just a single occurrence. And the way they yell at the dogs, I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re hitting them as well but that’s just speculation. I’m sure the company or loyal customers may try and argue with me over this but I have it recorded so there’s really no dispute. In fact just now at 10:07am while I’m writing this, she just yelled “STOP!! SHUT UP!!” at the dogs.

  51. Michael Broth 2021/06

    My dog starts losing her mind with excitement the second we turn into the parking lot to drop her off. The staff clearly shows real love for the pets that they care for. I couldn’t feel more confident about leaving my pup with them for boarding and grooming.

  52. Lindsey Stettler 2021/06

    I attend a different location of Dogtopia but at this location every time I pick up my dog she is the only one who is wet, CAKED in grey mud and smells like dog urine amongst other things. I’ve never had this issue at another location but it’s now been multiple visits that she has been picked up in terrible condition. At the other location she is wiped down, cleaned and perfume sprayed to make sure she goes home fresh. I have a huge dog so having to wash her every time I pick her up, and I have to wash her few times in 1 shower, to get the smell and dirt off is disappointing. Won’t be returning to this location.

  53. Meghan Beardsley 2021/05

    My German shepherd needs a place to socialize and play and get all her energy out while we are at work. Dogtopia is staffed by the nicest people who pay attention to details. They recognize my dog on sight and my dog is immediately thrilled to see them (this is not how she is in other situations with people). I feel secure leaving her there and especially love when she comes home happy and exhausted. They offer a great calendar of photo and treat events which are always something to look forward to. Lastly, when my dog had to have surgery which required 5 months of at home crating and healing, the Dogtopia people called periodically just to see how she was recuperating which meant a lot to us.

  54. Josh Stone 2021/05

    Indy loves going here.

  55. Christine Trostler 2021/04

    Bane loves this place

  56. Amanda Thomas 2021/04

    My dog loves this place and the prices are reasonable as they have cameras compared to Holiday Pet Barn Resort nonetheless they are both good. I would recommend Dogtopia to a friend !!

  57. Sylvia Savino 2021/04

    Dega just loves going there so I know she is well taken care of when I bring her. The staff are just wonderful folks, they seem to love her as much as she loves them. Dogtopia is very affordable and very flexible. Sometimes I need them to keep her overnight and they have always been accommodating. They also provide baths and grooming and do a great job!


  58. Mark Feola 2021/04

    Love the webcams, people are constantly in the rooms with the dogs, no need to make a reservation.

  59. Darren Speizer 2021/03

    Friendly staff and seemingly clean facility, but all that really matters is that our dog is happy when he arrives at Dogtopia and happy when we pick him up. If he likes it …it must be good;

  60. Rachel Hill 2021/03

    This place LOVES our dog, possible more than we do (just kidding). The attention and love she receives during the day is incredible. They celebrate birthdays, holidays and have random treat days! Their “spa” is a great value too. Highly recommend Dogtopia of Chesterfield and we will absolutely keep sending our Holly girl here.

  61. Monica Rodriguez 2021/03

    My furry child comes home exhausted from playing and he gets excited every time he gets to go.

  62. Christine Ellis 2021/03

    I love that my dog comes home happy and exhausted from daycare. The staff is so nice and seem to genuinely care about the dogs. It is very comforting to be able to watch my pup on the webcams and see him play with the other dogs. It is so convenient to be able to drop him off without having to sign up for a time or day. I would highly recommend Dogtopia to anyone with a playful, energetic dog!

  63. Laura Burke 2021/02

    Our pup Tucker absolutely loves going to Dogtopia! At the mention of Dogtopia he runs to the door, tail wagging, anxiously waiting to hop in the van to go see his friends. Whether it is for a day or for a week, Tucker does great! The staff at Dogtopia is friendly and loving! They treat Tucker as their own. My kids love that they can check in on Tucker via the webcams and almost always he is having a grand time playing or following a human around. Other times he is tuckered;) out and chilling. We would definitely recommend Dogtopia of Chesterfield!

  64. dottié Wolfe 2021/02

    Everyone is so happy and friendly and they all seem to love the dogs. And although I didnt have the ability, i love the fact that they have an app to watch the dogs play anytime you want to peak in. Boarding is a wonderful addition and I took full advantage of the boarding , bath and getting our pups nails cut before I picked her up. She had a wonderful time at 6 months old, as her first social interaction with other dogs and other people. And when I receive her back she smelled wonderful and was alot more calm from the exposure. I would definitely recommend this place, and I plan on using them whenever I need to go out of town, or when our dog just needs some playtime.

  65. Peter Carr 2021/02

    Wonderful service and willing to help

  66. Keith Hunter 2021/02

    Love them! Would highly recommend them to anyone.

  67. Marsha Joyner 2021/01

    Tucker is happy going to Dogtopia and it gives him a chance to spend time with other dogs. I am happy because I know he is safe. The staff is kind and caring


  68. Consuela Gregory 2021/01

    The staff are kind and know dogs and you can tell that love and truly care about the dogs. The staff know the dogs by name and my dog is always excited to see the staff and her doggie friends. The dogtopia of chesterfield is organized and get the dogs in and out fast and safely. They have a calendar of activities/treats for the dogs that makes you feel like your pup is special. I came once to receive the gift of a cute Valentine’s Day picture card “from my dog”. It was so sweet. The spa services are great and can be done during daycare and boarding. My dog is always excited to come and I feel comfortable leaving her. I love that I can “drop in” to check on my pup via the cameras in each daycare room. All around, I would highly recommend Dogtopia of Chesterfield for all dogs!

  69. Stephanie White 2021/01

    I love Dogtopia! It’s nice to know I can check on my dog whenever I want to through the webcams or by calling. Everybody that works there has been very friendly!

  70. shane pitzer 2020/12

    Staff is friendly and attentive. Your dogs will have a blast. Our 3 greyhounds come home tired from their day of play. I could watch the cameras for hours.

  71. Jeremy Kent 2020/10

    Our dog always has a great time here and get all of her energy out

  72. Mac Nuckols 2020/09

    Treatment,care and activities for our two Westies. Around the house we cant say or spell d o g t o p i a without being committed to bringing them in for a stay.


  73. Nancy Rivera 2020/09

    Dogtopia is an amazing place for daycare and boarding! My Ghost loves this place. He is always so excited to come play. Staff is always nice and helpful! Love the good night pics. Makes me feel comfortable knowing my baby is well .

  74. Becky McNeer 2020/08

    Friendly staff who really love dogs and make me feel comfortable leaving my dog with them.

  75. Katie Moulder 2020/08

    Duke and Jacie loved their evaluation day. They came home and slept through dinner. I had to wake them up to go out and eat. Kind of lazy today. Can’t wait to bring them back!!

  76. Sara Sullivan 2020/08

    Great employees who love all the dogs 100%! Great baths and our pup was sleeping while drying so not traumatic. Love Dogtopia!

  77. Christine Sickinger 2020/06

    Dogtopia is the best!!!

  78. Cindy Mitchell 2020/06

    They are working with Bella to my request of getting her back to being used to a crate. Momma needs a vacation and looking forward to being able to kennel her.

  79. Myisha Bernadette Henry 2020/06

    I love love love this place for my baby. I know hes in good hands and I feel the staff sees all the pups as their own. I am very confident in their skill and reliability of taking care of my fur baby! Thanks guys in all you do!

  80. jenny mills 2020/06

    The staff here is very dedicated and we trust them with our 2 dogs 100%!! It’s very comforting knowing that our pups are in good hands. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  81. cole torres 2020/05

    Super friendly, wonderful staff is what keeps me going back. There are a few rooms that they use to keep dogs of varying size and activity levels happy and I love that I have the ability to watch the cameras to check in on my dog throughout the day.

  82. Kristen Higginbotham 2020/05

    It is alway clear that the owners an staff love the puppers in their care. The daycare has an awesome family type atmosphere and they all know each dogs name and personality. Communication is alway thorogh and timely. Dess loves going to ‘school’ and seeing all her friends!


  83. Joan Burke 2020/05

    We took our dog, Belle, for a meet and greet session to see what Dogtopia was like. We loved the facility, the friendly and informative staff, and Belle enjoyed her time with the other dogs. Several of our friends bring their dogs to Dogtopia daycare and highly recommended it to us. We will be recommending Dogtopia to others now, too. We especially liked the attentiveness of the staff. We can tell that they really love dogs! They patiently answered all of my questions and were very thorough on explaining the routine and the services. We especially liked that they give rescue/shelter adoptees their first day of daycare free. What a wonderful surprise!

  84. Kendall Capra 2020/05

    This place is awesome. They take the time to evaluate each dog ahead of time and safety is very important to them. The staff is extremely friendly and loves working with dogs. I love how you can watch the live feed of he dogs playing all day. Dogtopia is priced fairly for the benefits. My energetic husky puppy comes home exhausted. I love the flexibility and how you can do half or full days. I know my dog is in great hands.

  85. Laura Wilkins 2020/04

    Home away from home. Wonderful dedicated employees, who always keep a careful eye on the pups.

  86. Robin Ford 2020/04

    Best puppy daycare I’ve taken my pup to. Staff is friendly and attentive!

  87. Mike Smith 2020/03

    Very friendly staff that always greats my dog by name. Always come home with a tired, happy pup.

  88. Alex Ratti 2020/03

    Great handlers

  89. Kasey 2020/03

    Dogtopia is absolutely wonderful! Can’t say enough good things about the staff there. They always are so friendly and welcoming and my dog loves going every time.

  90. Talal El Oukaili 2020/03

    We rarely use a dog daycare , we have kept our dog there a few times before . We called today to double check if they still had her medical records which they did and we told them we are bringing her in. When we got there they were waiting for us at the door saying that we couldn’t bring our dog in. They gave us no explanation why, our dog is the sweetest thing I had 32 people over for thanks giving and she was as nice as can be. Very rude , horrible customer service, if they treat humans this way how do the pets ?? Absolutely horrible experience. “Dogfobia” at its best

  91. Hiba Harmoush 2020/02

    Treated our dog so bad that my 7 year old son cried. Never go there again in my life

  92. Andrew Bloomquest 2020/02

    The staff is very friendly, helpful , and professional. It is obvious they truly care for the pups that come for daycare. I really do feel like when I bring my pup in for daycare he is safe and cared for. And I love the app that you can log in and see your pup play on video.Thank you!

  93. Samantha Burch 2019/10

    Recently moved to the area and tried to use them for quick bath and basic grooming needs. Found scheduling to be very difficult. Facilities looked nice for doggy daycare or boarding.

  94. Taylor Jenkins 2019/10

    Everyone was extremely nice and helpful. My dog also had a blast on his first day. Came wait to bring him back!

  95. Julie Holt 2019/10

    Dogtopia Chesterfield always cares for my pup well, whether I want to get her energy out with daycare, or need them to take care of her with boarding when I have to be away. And I’m able to check on her via the webcams when *I* need my puppy fix! They love her and I appreciate the staff and know I don’t have to worry!

  96. Steven Bailey 2019/10

    Great place to take your dog! Definently has the best schedule for them to release some energy. The get to play with other dogs for the entire day, except for only two hours. Our dog comes home beat everytime. For the people that do shift work, their hours are long. You wony have to worry about not having enough time to pick up your fur baby. They also have cameras in each of the rooms so you can watch your pup and check in on them if you want.

  97. Charlotte Dowdy-Rhoad 2019/09

    Like being at a dog park. I never go to dog parks. They can be dangerous for adult and/or animal. I will not put my dog in that situation.

  98. Kasey Reneau 2019/09

    The staff is so nice and treat my dog like she is one of their own. She always has fun there. It’s a little pricey and smells bad inside but what do you expect it’s a dog place. I wish they would take the dogs outside to play more often.

  99. Paul Lizhnyak 2019/08

    Dogtopia always provides excellent service and our dog loves it there. Highly recommend!

  100. Clara Fitzgerald 2019/08

    I have two dogs that have been coming to Dogtopia off and on for two years. Initially the experience was a positive one . However, this last visit was it for me. While I was out of town for two days I looked at the webcam constantly to see my “peeps” but what I noticed was that they were totally ignored. The person in the room had no interaction with my dogs or any other dog which broke my heart . I also asked for both dogs to be bathed not once but twice. I was given a credit for next visit however between that and the lack of interest and attention my dogs and others dogs did not receive my dogs will not be back. NEVER AGAIN

  101. Patricia Wyatt 2019/07

    Took Abby there, staff are so nice. She was worn out tonight.

  102. Geoff Gangloff 2019/07

    Open play situation. Not the place for unsocialized of jelious dogs

  103. Gail Mottley 2019/06

    We have a great Dane which as well as you know is very hard to bathe.. Cody is absolutely wonderful !! Our boys coat always looks amazing and the staff as a whole does a great job … would highly recommend Dogtopia


  104. Kathy Wilson Jones 2019/06

    Cameras so you can watch your pet-child throughout most of the day. Staff are great. They will accommodate your needs in a way that reduces most all concerns. Good listeners; great feedback.

  105. Tamara Lafferty-Totman 2019/06

    Love this Place! And Dozer our Boxer loves its too!

  106. Britany Brown 2019/05

    Quick and easy. Hassle free.

  107. Margaret Aldrich 2019/04

    I love that my dog gets so many hours a day outside of her crate! To have a 7 month GSP who has crazy energy is a lot but when bringing her home after a day or boarding time with Dogtopia, she is exhausted! I don’t think we have ever had her exhausted before…it’s kinda nice! And to be able to watch her play on the webcam is awesome; I love knowing who she is playing with and that she is being a good play partner.

  108. Ree R 2019/04

    They take good care of my dog

  109. karyn hayes-ryan 2019/03

    Video cams to watch your dogs play

  110. Lawrence Stone 2019/03

    Very friendly staff. Always willing to help.

  111. Wanda Braxton 2019/02

    I always recieve friendly and courteous service ..

  112. Randy Neagle 2019/02

    We’ve had great experiences at Dogtopia of Chesterfield. Our Newfoundland is 11 years old and has started to slow down over the last year. Dogtopia took extra care to watch him and ensure he was comfortable & happy while we were away. We intend to use them again!

  113. Lauren Denny 2019/02

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  114. Felicia Wilson 2019/02

    Great experience at Dogtopia. They take great care of my fur baby. Friendly staff. We use their daycare, spa and boarding services & are never disappointed.

  115. Laura Vaden 2019/02

    The people! Everyone seems to love my dog and care for him as much as I do. I never worry when he’s in your hands. I love how I can go online and check in on him during the day. I can’t say enough great things about Dogtopia – Midlothian Turnpike or Hull St location. I recommend it to everyone. Tank attends the daycare and gets some spa treatments while he’s there.

  116. Karen Malone 2018/10

    Great location, wonderful staff! We’ve been bringing our labrador here for several years. Safe, reliable, and fun place for both daycare and boarding.

  117. Ryan Franges-Masho 2018/10

    We’ve been going to this location for about a month but the way I was treated by Eric today has ended our patronage.

    Initially my concern was simply that an employee in one of the rooms might be having a bad day–it happens. I was just a little concerned with how she was behaving so I was going to retrieve my dogs and go back another day.

    However when I walked in I was treated as if I was an idiot and a liar. I was calm (as stated my intent was only to remove my dogs for today) but barely got a word out before Eric attemtped to disprove what I had seen. He did not let me speak and talked over me, insisting that he had just been watching the footage only to admit when he did let me speak that he ”must not have gotten to that”.

    I work with dogs, I have for over fifteen years. I know the business very well. I understand that scuffles happen, that things get overwhelming, that dogs can be frustrating, etc. However Eric mentioned a few things about how he trains his staff that adhere to out-dated and continually disproven training techniques.

    I had concerns about not only the dogs in an area but an employee but the manner with which Eric handled this has ended our patronage. If you’re being cussed out or if someone is being unreasonable sure, throw it back at them… But that’s not how you deal with every upset client. Had I been treated with respect and made to feel listened to this would have just been marked as an off day. Unfortunately having an indicidual so high ranked within a company treat customers like this it makes me wonder how he treats his employees. Unhappy employees make for bad situations and accidents.

    I no longer trust Eric and therefore can no longer trust this establishment.

  118. Angela Boseman 2018/10

    I’m not sure if they know what they are doing. I called to inquire about grooming and was told the price for a bath. I asked what that included and got “well we end up brushing and blow drying them.” Okay?? Do you clean ears? Do they get a blow out? Can you be more detailed? The lady was very hesitant in being able to answer questions and seemed very unsure. I won’t be taking my dog to people who aren’t confident in their own services.

  119. Sgradillas 2018/08

    Took good care of my baby girl.

  120. Jennifer Meade 2018/08

    He is excited as soon as he realizes we are headed to you! He is NOT locked up in a cage all day and all night, he is out playing and having fun with his friends. We love that you all give him the attention he needs. All of you are there for us even at the last minute and even when you are closed. I have had 2 more children since we have been at Dogtopia and each time you were more than willing to help get Chewie, one of those times you met us in the parking lot as we were rushing to the hospital haha! I don’t have to ever worry about him in your care. Thank you from us all and Chewie we really appreciate all you do. -The Meade Family

  121. Chris Heath 2018/08

    This place is a dog paradise!

  122. Kim Baker 2018/08

    Dogtopia is fantastic. Truly. They take such good care of my dog. One time, Elli got sick while being boarded there and they went above and beyond to take care of her and reassure me.

  123. Michele S 2018/07

    Wonderful staff. My pup always comes home happy.

  124. Natalie Moore 2018/07

    They dont take the dogs outside so they are just peeing and pooping on the floor inside. My dog is potty trained for outside so she holds it all day. Also, I boarded my dog for 2 nights when I got her back she had fleas. Everyone is nice though and they have a webcam so you can watch your pup!!

  125. G. Rice 2018/07

    If you are looking for a place that cares more about dogs than humans, this is where to go! This is what my ideal daycare would be if I were to open one.

  126. Evelyn Hornak 2018/06

    Nikki has a balance disability and the staff are aware so she doesn’t get hurt. She loves it there and plays well with all dogs. She even had a bath with her nails trimmed and did real well. Great place, clean and friendly.

  127. Joseph Pankoski 2018/06

    The facilities are great, and the people are wonderful- always greet my dog by name!

  128. Sarah Porter 2018/04

    Great stafff!!! Love the webcams!!

  129. Rick Boebinger 2018/04

    Augie loves it

  130. Wynn Malone 2018/04

    Friendly staff, excellent web cams, and the best dog baths in town. They get my Labrador twice as clean as we can ever get her at home. We’ve used them for boarding a few times too, with good results.

  131. margoriedel 2018/03

    Our dog loves her visits to Dogtopia. The staff is friendly and always attentive. We love the web cameras so we can check in on her from time to time.

  132. Name Missing 2018/03

    My dog loves this place

  133. Jake Richmond 2018/02

    We’ve used them several times since moving to the area and we love them. A little on the pricey side but absolutely worth it. The staff is super friendly, our dog loves them, and the facility is kept very clean. We highly recommend them.

  134. Jennifer Hamner 2018/02

    our beagle puppy had great personal attention!

  135. Rip Bussey 2018/02

    Greatest doggy daycare we’ve ever been to. The most caring staff you’ll find. At this point I’m pretty sure our dogs wish they lived at Dogtopia. We really appreciate their webcams that allow us to check in on our dogs during the day.

  136. Arthur Wild 2018/02

    This is truly a wonderful daycare and boarding option. Better than others we have looked at. The staff has always been friendly, patient and knowledgeable. The price has gone up a bit over the past year, but we still find it worth the increase for taking our dog when wanted or needed to such a clean and safe place. I wish the rooms were a little bigger for his group and time outside a bit longer, but all in all our favorite place to take our special buddy!

  137. John Jones 2018/01

    My golden doodle absolutely LOVES this place. She plays hard and the staff gives her excellent care.

  138. Diane Leighty 2018/01

    I like the flexibility, being able to drop my dog off for a few hours or the whole day. I also appreciate the care that is given to the dogs, each with their own issues. The folks here clearly love dogs and know how to handle them with care.

  139. Mandee Bratton 2018/01


  140. Coach Stoots 2018/01

    Love the web cam! The only negative is that our dogs smell pretty bad when they come home.

  141. Kenica Eggan 2017/10

    This place is the best! We moved from AZ and have tried 3 other boarding facilities and by far this place was the most reasonable pricing and the pups can play all day! Thank you Dogtopia!

  142. Lloyd Poe 2017/10

    Our very large dog had a great time! And the owners are so friendly and remember his name each time. I felt completely at ease with leaving him for a week at a time.

  143. Vickie Young 2017/10

    My Koda is always excited to go to Dogtopia and play all day with other dogs his size. I like that they are supervised in a large open area indoors with outdoor time and that I can check in on him by webcam. The staff at Dogtopia of Chesterfield is always friendly and professional.

  144. Sharon Frye 2017/10

    Words can’t express how much I SUPER SUPER LOVE THIS PLACE !! ? and so does my fur baby ? ? my Thumper was a shelter dog who was very skiddish especially around males but he just loves Dogtopia and he is a mommas boy so it’s great to see the excitement he shows when we arrive for his boarding thank you to each and every staff member for being the BEST OF THE BEST!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS

  145. Sandy Moore 2017/09

    Myah’s favorite place to go. She knows the words “Doggie Daycare” She’s worn out and calm after a day here.


  146. lynn tubbs 2017/09


  147. Sandra Garrett 2017/08

    My Springer Harry loves visiting Dogtopia! He has made so many friends and enjoys running and playing with them. He just recently moved from the Toy Box to the Romper Room and seems to do just fine. When we get within a couple blocks of Dogtopia, Harry starts to get antsy and seems to know he is in for a day of fun! The employees at Dogtopia are friendly and sincerely seem to love what they do. Harry is always worn out when he gets home….evidence that he has had another fun-filled day at Dogtopia. I would highly reccommend Dogtopia to anyone looking for quality doggie daycare!

  148. Jenny Puccinelli 2017/08

    I love Dogtopia. I like that they know who Talley is when we walk in, even employees that I am not familiar with. I especially like the flexibility- I am not one to plan ahead so it is very helpful for me that I can bring Talley in the morning last minute without making a reservation first. I really like the 1/2 day option too, it works well for my schedule since I do not work and it is just enough time for Talley to get some playtime in with other dogs. If I am running a few minutes late to pick Talley up, I like to call to let them know and the staff is always very understanding.

  149. vanessa mccauley 2017/08

    Great folks, happy did

  150. Cathryn Coffey 2017/05

    WOW! Dogtopia was the first place I have used for daycare/boarding. I was more nervous than my dog but the staff was wonderful and my dog comes home happy as a clam! I feel very comfortable leaving her here because 1. They have webcams and you can check in most times during the day and 2. The dogs are in open space environments not left in cages or small corrals. They have the opportunity to play both inside and outside. My dog comes home happy and tired! So happy I decided to take my sweet girl. I think it is helping her feel comfortable around other dogs because typically she is not very social. You do not have to make reservations ahead of time which is helpful when you have a busy schedule. Another benefit is that you can get your dog groomed or nails clipped etc while they are there.

  151. l O'Connor 2017/04

    They always take care of my dog. The staff and management are amazing.

  152. Joy Jones 2017/03

    Always accommodating. Show loving concern and attention for my guy Mack.

  153. Bob Claudio 72 2017/03

    Jake loves coming here and the staff is great

  154. Beth Lowe 2016/10

    Always a good experience. The staff up front are cheerful and helpful and seem interested in our dog. Murphy is eager to go in and socialize so we don’t feel guilty when we have to leave him behind when we go out of town. Plus we get to watch him and his buddies on the web-cam. The kids get a kick out of that.

  155. Mary Castle 2016/09

    Fantastic! Our dog has been going to Dogtopia for about a year and a half and LOVES going to see his dog friends (and people friends there, too) He knows the word “Dogtopia” and runs for his leash if we mention this word. Super nice staff as well!

  156. Sherwood Dance 2016/07

    Attention and kindness shown to my dog. Full time supervision, knowledgable staff, cleanliness. Excellent grooming. There are no shortcomings!!

  157. Wendy Learn 2016/07

    Great place for fun and exercise for our little pupper-doodles! He loves it and looks forward to spending quality time with other dogs his size. The staff is wonderful and has made owning a dog easier when I know that I’ll be busy all day long and can’t spend it with him. We give Dogtopia 5 tail wags for a great job!

  158. McKamie Wilson 2016/07

    My dog, Tedward, loves going to Dogtopia and I love taking him there. The people are friendly and they care about Tedward and me. The have always been very flexible and more than willing to help me when I need to leave Ted with them. And I feel confident that they will take good care of him.

  159. Michele Nichols 2016/07

    We love the care you give to our 7 month old Rat Terrier/Mutt Pound Puppy. It’s an easy drop off/pick up process. The web cams give me an added extra comfort. And last, but not least, I love that my pup comes home EXHAUSTED!!!!

  160. Susan Lee 2016/04

    We love Dogtopia. This is our dog’s happy place.

  161. Melissa Hutchinson 2016/03

    Our dog, Charlotte, loves her days at Dogtopia! The staff greet her by name with lots of hugs and kisses and I can tell they truly enjoy what they do. Dogtopia runs an extremely clean, bright and safe environment for every size dog, and I highly recommend their services.

  162. Susan Wilkes 2016/03

    I’ve appreciated the friendly staff and their obvious love for the animals. Cleanliness and safety are other great strengths of Dogtopia. I love taking my beagle there!

  163. Julia Dougherty 2016/03

    Love the staff and so does Mosby. They are great!!

  164. Jim Hostetler 2016/01

    We transferred to this Dogtopia after a great experience at one when we lived in Northern Virginia. I have to say that we have been very very pleased with how they’ve taken care of our pup. We had her stay there with them for the weekend and asked that they cut her nails. They looked and realized that her nails had been trimmed recently and were still in good shape, so instead of ignoring it and charging us anyway, they let us know and took that part off of the bill.

    This kind of integrity and gracious care for our pup ensures that we’ll keep going back to Dogtopia in Chesterfield when we need day care or boarding,.

  165. Criss Faison 2015/10

    Love the people and that the dogs are happy there! They are always ready to work with us and our schedules. The addition of a groomer is a big plus!

  166. Heather Grubb 2015/10

    Teddie loves daycare here! She gets so excited and is exhausted when she returns home. Everyone is so nice and sweet who works there.

  167. A Kapetanis 2015/09

    Your people are friendly and really get to know the dogs in your care. As we work on training our dog, you follow through with our training methods, as well. Our dog loves going, and he comes back tired but happy. We also like the fact that we can see what the dogs are doing throughout the day using the mobile app.

  168. Erick Picard 2015/09

    Boarded our pup here on several occasions. Place is awesome. I never think twice about handing them the leash. I can even keep an eye on our dog while away via their webcams. The best part is knowing that your dog is getting as much (if not more) love & excercise while away as they do at home! Locally owned & operated with a friendly & loving staff.

  169. Lore DeAstra 2015/09

    A happy dog = a happy life! Our dog loves the staff, playrooms, and friends. Thank you for providing a wonderful facility for our dog.

  170. Keith Franz 2015/07

    Friendly atmosphere as well as compassionate and caring associates.

  171. Kathleen Purcell 2015/07

    Everyone is friendly and professional, my dog is very well cared for and very happy there. She comes home happy, well socialized, and tired (in the best possible way)!

  172. Adrian Cragg 2015/06

    I like the attention that’s given to our Fur child Melo, and the fact that we can check in on him from time to time during the day via the Web. A staff that truly seems to care and love dogs (Melo) as much if not more than we do. I’m appreciative of the fact that I don’t have to worry about his well being (physical or Mental) in the hands of others.

  173. Melissa Simulcik 2015/06

    Dogtopia is GREAT – I have been taking my two dogs there for day care and boarding stays for about 2 years. I love that the staff know my dogs and greet us by name. It makes me feel comfortable leaving my beloved ‘kids’ for day care or boarding, because I know the staff really cares about them and will ensure they have a safe, fun time. My dogs love going and leap out of the car to run in and join their friends. We very highly recommend Dogtopia!!!

  174. Brittany Hobbs 2015/05

    I take my 2 year old lab/hound mix everyday. He is always excited to come and the staff are great! I would highly recommend this place to anybody!

  175. Marcia McGonagle 2015/05

    Friendly, happy, caring staff who my dog obviously LOVES! Sparkling clean facility. Webcam access to watch the dogs play! Friendly, caring staff!!! Did I mention the staff? A great place to play!

  176. Ventriloquist John Byrd 2015/05

    I have only used daycare and am extremely pleased. Our one year old beagle Lucy loves it! She even knows the word school so we have to spell it in front of her! Ha! She has been going twice a week for the past six months. Margaret Byrd

  177. Allison Gardner 2015/04

    We love everything about the facility! My very favorite thing ( and the thing that sets Dogtopia apart from others) are the numerous hours of playtime the dogs get during daycare. I also love the baths, they do a wonderful job on that! The staff is always so friendly and treats us and our dog like family. Can’t say enough good things about Dogtopia Chesterfield!!

  178. Susan Overton 2015/03

    The friendly staff is awesome. The quality of care for all the dogs is exceptional and the dogs love staying there. This speaks volumes to the “parents” that leave them in your care. I love the speedy way the staff handles the drop off and the pick up. I continue to be impressed and would never consider bringing my sweet Thira anywhere else! The owners and staff are exceptional! Can you tell that I highly recommend Dogtopia to everyone who is considering doggie daycare or overnight boarding!

  179. Josh Collins 2015/03

    I love the friendliness of the staff–everyone clearly loves the dogs and the dogs love being there–and the facility is awesome–big spaces, clean, outdoor space, and separate spaces for big vs little dogs. I also love that I can check in on the webcams and see my dogs playing.

  180. Elissa M 2015/02

    Love the attention to detail and the attn to our dog.

  181. James Deyerle 2014/02

    Our dog loves Dogtopia! When we pull up she sprints inside and immediately wants to play with the other dogs, and it’s great to be able to watch her from anywhere using the webcams. There are always a good number of dogs to play with, and she comes home exhausted every time so we know she had fun. The staff is excellent and knows the dogs by name and personalities (including writing fun post cards from the ‘dog’), and with the webcams you can see for yourself they’re always interacting with the dogs. This was the second place we tried, but this is the one that has us coming back whenever we travel.

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