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  1. Alex Ross 2023/07


  2. Cindy Stokes 2023/06

    Excellent location for dog daycare, friendly and knowledgeable staff.

  3. allison peressini 2023/03

    Please, anyone boarding or doing daycare here PLEASE know, as said directly to me from a team member and a member of management – they DO NOT SUPERVISE your dogs. My dog was left alone outside and sustained minor injuries, before his playmate even arrived. Their direct answer to how he sustained such injuries were, and I quote “we do not supervise them”. I’m not upset at his scrapes, I’m not unreasonable. My fear in this is that he could’ve escaped (they claimed he was injured while trying to get through the fence) but beyond that, dogs are dogs. Even the best of friends can decide they don’t want to play and especially unfamiliar dogs could certainly end up setting boundaries that could result in a fight. To hear my dog faced minor injuries, saddening but understandable. To hear the excuse for those injuries was that they do not supervise animals was unacceptable. That is purely what we all are paying for – supervision in our absence. It was not made clear to me in my year and a half of boarding, nor anywhere else on their website, that dogs are unsupervised while in the yard, with or without other dogs. I think it’s important for anyone currently utilizing these services or considering to in the future that it is made clear that these animals are let out to play and, in the words of two separate team members, left unsupervised.

  4. Jenny of course! 2022/10

    Oh no, I’m a lady.
    I’ve been dreading this day Chevy. Facebook fired, and all I want to do is share memories with and laugh.

  5. Diamond Fields 2022/08

    Update: boarded my dog here for 3 nights. I provided labeled and prebagged food, one being extra. I called when I was out of town and they stated he was eating fine. When I picked him uo he still had wednesday AM and PM in the bag. When I called the lady said they just pull from the bags and “that’s just how it is” I tokd them at drop off his food was labeled and bagged. Not returning. Dog stop is better you can watch your dogs on camera to see what they are doing and you don’t have to make a reservation. I never saw him on any instagram posts unless I asked which was only once.

  6. Miriam Boukhira 2022/08

    Love this place!! My dog was so happy to be boarded here. Smells good, great staff, and awesome services. Highly recommend!

  7. David Keim 2022/02

    Friendly staff

  8. Nick Ingraham 2022/01

    They take great care of my baby boi!


  9. Jerry Lucas Baldwin 2021/08

    Too expensive for me, but the girls seem really nice!

  10. Kourtney Galvin 2021/08

    My dog has never complained about this place once. He is throughly tired and happy when he comes home after a day of doggy daycare

  11. Spencer Munro 2021/08

    Really happy with the quality of care my dog receives here. The facility is very clean and the staff are very friendly. They take the time to support my dogs training while also snapping great photos. I also really love the doggy report cards! Highly recommend!

  12. Nicole Palmer 2021/03

    I have had nothing but good experiences with DogServices! I wanted a good boarding/daycare place for my lab after moving here, and I definitely found that! I love their online reservation system, their easy drop/off and pick up, and how happy and tired my dog is after his stay with them.

    The only reason I didn’t give 5 stars is because they open at 7:30am on weekdays, which is inconvenient as I am already at work by then. I absolutely recommend DogServices!

  13. Katie Toibin 2021/01

    Best dog day care facility in Richmond. The employees at Dog services are always so willing to help and deliver expectational customer service. One employee that stands out to me is always Mackenzie. Mackenzie is always a pleasure to speak with over the phone and is always very sweet patient. My 2 year old lab mix Logan always comes home a tired happy pup. Look no further for a dog day care / boarding location in Richmond.


  14. Nicholas Capito 2021/01

    Place is a great way to keep your dog socialized. The staff is nice and we trust them with our two pups. Their environment nos safe and they have a great process to figure out if your dog is a good fit for their day care. Give them a call.

  15. Michael Knight 2020/08

    Our dog loves this place!!!

  16. Pamela Ferrell 2020/08

    Galahad has been going to day care for a few years now and the staff has been great! He loves it and never hesitates to run into the hands of the staff. When he was rescued, other day cares were at capacity and Dog Services was able to accommodate him right away, we have been going since. At times, your dog may need a “quick rinse & blow out” instead of a full grooming session, this is a great perk I’ve used often. Would highly recommend if your pup needs attention while you’re at work!!

  17. Hailey Dieter 2020/08

    We can’t say enough good things about Dog Services. We have taken our dog for both day care and boarding for about a year now. Our dog Luna has seperation anxiety but when we drive up to Dog Services she pulls us in and seems so happy to be there. It always smells and looks clean and the staff is very friendly and genuinely seems happy to see Luna when she arrives. Luna is always a happy (tired) pup after going to Dog Services.

  18. shirley painter 2020/06

    They take great care of my dog.

  19. Melissa Harreld 2020/06

    This place is amazing for boarding or doggy daycare. Friendly staff…you can tell they love animals.

  20. Kerbie L 2020/05

    Wonderful customer service!

  21. TinaBrownParker 2020/04

    Duckie and her staff are just great

  22. Kathy Butler 2020/02

    Food was good, service was good. But not thrilled with the extremely limited selection of alcohol brands.

  23. Taylour Blackwell 2020/01

    My dog Fenwick all’s enjoys his time at DogServices. I love it because I don’t have to worry while I travel.

  24. sharon glover 2019/08

    My dog is so excited for day care each morning! Gives me peace of mind when working long days.

  25. Al Dietz 2019/06

    Best doggie daycare in Richmond!

  26. Michael Doyle 2019/03

    Great place. The employees really treat your pets like royalty

  27. Jennifer Lynn 2019/02

    I can’t stop bragging about how amazing this place is. The staff is absolutely amazing, and you can tell they really love their job and care about the pets they take care of. They are really thoughtful about the groups they put together for daycare, and safety is clearly top of mind for them. Our pitbull, Penny, LOVES going there, and she always gets SO excited when we pull up. We’ve never boarded her there (because we have a house/pet sitter that comes to stay when we go out of town), but we absolutely recommend daycare.

  28. MH Butts 2018/08

    He loves it

  29. Sandy Bumbrey 2018/08

    I take my big fur baby Torro to Dog Services frequently and he absolutely LOVES it. He comes home exhausted and well exercised and sleeps like a baby. The staff go above and beyond and he loves every one of them. As soon as he enters he gets behind the desk and looks for treats and the staff are always there waiting to give him lots of love. I love Dog Services and would never consider another day care for my precious boy. Thank you for all you have done for Torro and for being so kind and flexible. Torro is a happy dog when he gets into the car because knows that he is going to Dog Servies and that he will get to see his girlfriends and have lots of fun for the day .

  30. Marcia Gillison 2018/06

    Taken my dog here many times ..she loves Dog Services

  31. Kinsey Ralston 2018/05

    These people really care about the dogs that are left here. Even their small talk leans towards these wonderful animals.

  32. Nate Bott 2018/05

    We were originally told that our dog would be able to stay there even if she was aggressive toward other dogs; however, when we dropped her off we were told differently. The assistant manager came out and spoke to us and was very understanding and very apologetic that we were given misinformation and was very helpful in finding other dog day cares in the area that did not do communal play.

  33. Davin Burk 2018/04

    Wonderful place to get all of your dog needs! Boarding, day care and even limited grooming services are offered! My two dogs LOVE it there!

  34. Dee Reese 2018/04



  35. Alex Andrews 2018/03

    My dog loves it here! Great staff and awesome facility!

  36. Rivina T 2018/02

    The staff with the pink hair she is awesome she knows her job. Thank you for taking good care of the animals

  37. A. C. 2018/02

    Terrible daycare. Unsafe, unfriendly staff. Would never recommend this place to anyone

  38. Nancy Morgan 2017/10

    Friendly staff to owners and dogs!

  39. Neil Spoonhower 2017/08

    We occasionally board our American Bulldog there when we go out of town. They take amazing care of her, know her by name when she comes in, and treat her great. Most importantly we feel she is well cares for…

    While the facilities aren’t “pet resort like”…in my opinion those places are more for the owners…they get excellent care and that’s what is most important.

  40. Scott Owens 2017/08

    Great service and they really care about my dog!

  41. Jen Ayala 2015/10

    What a wonderful group of people! Our dogs could not be happier there! I recommend them to everyone I know looking for daycare for their furbabies. Even our male, with a host of anxiety issues loves going. Highly recommended!

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