Dog’s Day Inn

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Dog’s Day Inn
4.5 based on 164 reviews
  1. Katrina Butler 2023/09

    I didn’t board my dogs here. I went for a tour and I saw a few things I didn’t like. For example, moving dogs from place to place by pulling them by the collar or by grabbing their neck scruff instead of using leashes. The size of the individual kennels and the kennel rooms. As far as the “air conditioned” kennels, it’s actually a plug-in floor unit and an industrial floor fan (like the kind painters use to dry a house). This place may be okay for daycare but I wouldn’t leave my dogs here while I’m on a trip.

  2. Preston Hernandez 2023/09

    The stays are great and pricing is amazing. However, take your pets elsewhere for baths. Over $100 to bathe (2) shaved 50# dogs.

  3. Jamie Culp 2023/09

    Do a great job taking care of your dog while out of town

  4. John White 2023/08

    Great doggie care, knowledgable staff, in a really nice facility.

  5. caroline mills 2023/08

    I’ve taken Daphne to dogs day inn a few times for boarding and day care and always had a good experience but today they went above and beyond for me! A friend was going to board her for me and something came up literally at the last minute, dogs day inn helped me out with a 5 day board on the spot. I am so grateful and relieved they helped me out. Very much appreciate it. I did not catch the names of the 2 employees who helped me out this morning but big shout out to them as well!

  6. Silvia Balcarcel 2023/07

    Worst experience ever, they left my 4 month old puppy there for 6 hours no water and no snack and they told me they were gonna have him ready within 3 hours. And on top of that when we picked him up his hair cut looked horrible nothing like the way I told them to cut it, they also hurt him when they cut his nails. I will not be coming back to this place

  7. Zach Rossow 2023/07

    Scheduled, booked and dogs ready!

  8. Michele Stevens 2023/07

    Very friendly staff 🐾. Clean and professional. Milo has never enjoyed getting groomed but seems to actually enjoy coming here. Thank you so much. …

  9. brian davis 2023/06

    Kristen was a world of help for me. My dog has been turned away from 2 different places to get her grooming done. They just did not take the time to create a connection with her. After 30 secs and her growling they just turned us away. I called and talked with Kristen for several mins prior to our appt. When i brought her in Kristen got down with me and my dog and was very kind and gentle with her. She asked me to pick up my dog and hand her over so my dog knows that it is okay to go with her. After they were done with the grooming they said that she calmed down and did pretty good. They did a wonderful job and she was very excited to have a nice haircut. Thank you for your help and patience with my dog.

  10. Jeremy Davis 2023/06

    Our dog loves it here! Staff are friendly

  11. PATRICK ATKINSON 2023/06

    Our Ginger loves going to Dogs Day Inn.
    Some times when we might be near Dogs Day Inn and Ginger is riding with us in the car.
    And we DON’T STOP.
    Ginger believe it or not….Ginger pouts.

  12. Rona Evans 2023/05

    Awesome customer service, great passion and care for my dog. The plus was it was such a clean environment for pets. Much appreciated

  13. Dionte N 2023/04

    Kash has been going to Dog Days for over a yr now and he loves it. It’s nice to be able to drop your pup off and not have to worry if they are being mistreated. Kash is always happy to go even before he knows where he is going. Grooming is also amazing, they always get him right after being matted. He always looks nice after each grooming.

  14. Dan Bendl 2023/02

    Great staff and consistent results

  15. Dick Webb 2023/02

    My dogs are well taking care of when staying at Dog’s Day Inn and the staff is very nice.

  16. Lisa Turner 2023/01

    We just started using this group this year and could not be more pleased.
    We have a 1 year old Great Pyrenees and he can be a lot at times. The staff takes excellent care of him and showers him with love and attention. Their grooming is top notch. But the most important part is that he eagerly goes right with a staff member when we arrive; this tells us all we need to
    Know!!! Love them!!

  17. Jenn Calhoun 2023/01

    I use their Doggy Daycare. The staff is great and my pup has a good time!

  18. Shawn Norton 2023/01

    The staff is friendly, caring and takes good care of my puppy when she’s there. I always recommend to friends.

  19. Edward Kiefer Jr 2023/01

    I do not have a dog, but close friends of ours in Glen Allen do. I visited this place recently and ALL doggies were getting pampered. So if I did have a dog(s) I would bring them here. Jasper knows. EK.

  20. Dominique Maddux-Jackson 2022/11

    Very nice and friendly. Decent price and i felt my dog was in good hands.

  21. Earlene Melton 2022/11

    Friendly Fun, and treat your pets like family

  22. Bobby Harger 2022/11

    Nice place. My sons dog enjoys the place.

  23. Chanda Hannah 2022/11

    Love it! Great experience and Luna looks amazing! I can’t stop looking at her and smiling because she looks so darn cute! Kim at Dog’s Day Inn did an amazing job.


  24. Ali G 2022/10

    Love this place! They are always so happy and greet my dog immediately as I come through the door. She is a happy girl there and I know they take great care with her and all the pups.

  25. Ashley 2022/08

    Been taking my schnauzer here on and off for 2 years. Appointments are easy to make and vary available.

  26. sara leonard 2022/08

    I went there to socialize my dog. Apparently she was anxious and they left her by herself all day. When I came to pick her up they told me, oh her paws are wet. We had to clean them because she had an accident. An accident? I was under the impression that she was outside? If there was an issue with my dog you should have called me to come and get her. Was she in a cage all day?

  27. Loretta M 2022/07

    We have used this boarding service on and off for the last 2 years. Our experience is always hit and then a miss. Today took the cake! We just picked up our dog and he has a big patch of hair missing on his back. He was either bitten or burned. I called and spoke to Kristin, the manager, and there was absolutely NO accountability or empathy. She said that the groomer pointed it out when she was blow drying him yesterday. Well, wouldn’t you bring that to the attention of the owner? She tried to imply it was already there. I asked if he had been around other dogs and her response was “typically we don’t have him out with others.” Typically implies that you may have, this visit. My dog is also sick, vomitting and has diarrhea. I asked if he had any of these symptoms while he was there for 3 days and of course, per Kristin he did not. He was fine before we dropped him off! We used them back in November, no issues, so we thought we would try again. And I always tip well. But this time, we did not send our own bowls, which I forgot. It makes me question the cleanliness of the space and bowls and if that’s the culprit for his upset stomach. I honestly had a bad feeling when I dropped him off this time, as he was shaking at check-in.. Not to mention the front desk lady is monotone and not very pleasant. I’m sad to see my dog in this predicament, and am spending the day before Christmas Eve, cleaning carpets due to him getting sick. We will not be patronizing their services anymore! They are easy to book with, and prices are reasonable. But with all the after effects, and lack of communication, you spend more in time and energy nursing your pet back to normal. No thanks!


  28. Sheri Brown 2022/07

    We have used Dogs Day Inn for over 5 years and they treat Gaston as if he were their own family. He is always excited to go see his other furry friends, so he can play. I never have to worry when he is there, because I know he is being taking care of. The staff is very friendly and I wouldn’t even consider taking Gaston anywhere else!


  29. Melissa Sclater 2022/05

    Only place my German Shepherd loves. They pay attention to her mood and will let her hang with the low key smaller dogs if she is too anxious to be with bigger dogs.

  30. Katrina Young 2022/05

    Prince is always happy when I pick him up! The staff is great! I’ve called for updates during longer stays and they have been more than happy to answer all of my questions. Without a doubt I recommend Dog’s Day Inn!!!

  31. Michelle Knapp 2022/04

    I called to set up an appointment for my dog- Kristen, the manager, is literally the rudest person ever. If you work in customer service, you cannot be as snarky and obnoxious as this woman. She makes you feel like you’re the problem for trying to use her business and talks to you like you’re a waste of her time. Be better.

  32. sebrina butcher 2022/03

    I’ve been using their services for over years. I trust them and know they’ll take good care of my Abby

  33. Crystal RVA 2022/03

    My pups LOVE daycare at Dogs Day Inn!!

  34. C H 2022/02

    Our girls love Dogs Day Inn. Our vet recommended we use them for daycare a few years ago and we have never looked back. We use daycare weekly on and off(we have two high energy hounds), kenneling when needed and grooming once a month. Our dogs come home happy & healthy with big smiles. We are so glad to have found them!

  35. T. Gardner 2022/02

    Get place for boarding & grooming for my Yorkie. I use them quite often.

  36. Raven Sharrieff 2022/02

    Our boys loved it here! Love how you can see where the dogs will be staying. One of my dogs have a bit of separation anxiety. This is the first time he let a stranger take his leash! Everyone was nice, professional, and great to work with. My other dog was reluctant to come home!

    They will be back. Thank you!

  37. HM Bush 2022/02

    First time boarding my puppy and he seemed to have a good time here. He stayed for a week and acted like we had only left him for a day. Only wish there were some pictures, cameras, or even email updates for dogs being boarded for longer periods. They were great about answering the phone and giving a verbal update though! I plan on using them again.

  38. Meredith McLelland 2022/01

    We recently used Dog Days Inn to board our 7 mo old Golden Retriever for a week. They exceeded our every expectation! They were available by phone each time I called and I was always greeted and helped as soon as I walked in the door. Their facility is GREAT! Huge outdoor spaces for dogs to play, engaging staff that truly seem to enjoy spending time with the dogs. I picked him up freshly washed and groomed and it was apparent he really enjoyed his time there. We will only be using them for doggy daycare, boarding and grooming moving forward! Truly best in class operation!

  39. Breaha Tate 2021/11

    This place is fantastic! Our pups looove coming here. All the employees are phenomenal and very good as handling all types of dog personalities 😊 Our pups always come home happy and tuckered out from all the fun. Thanks so much for taking such good care of our fur babies! …

  40. Reka E 2021/11

    They are great with my dog and he loves it there for daycare. They always great him by name and do an excellent job with grooming.
    However, every time I board him, he comes back with an illness. First he caught hook work from boarding, not once but TWICE. Now he has a respiratory infection. Not sure if they do a good job disinfecting their kennels but I’m torn. My dog has a great rapport with the staff and they treat him well but I can’t keep affording for him to get sick after boarding.

  41. Frances Booker 2021/11

    My dog has been going here for grooming since 2008, a few times per year. He gets a simple cut – nothing fancy. I have tried other places, but my dog always looks and acts better when he gets home from Dog’s Day Inn. Now that he is a senior dog, I really appreciate the attention they give him. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for a professional dog groomer at a reasonable price.

  42. Leslye Holloway 2021/11

    My babies love this place! Whether it’s day care or boarding, Dog’s Day Inn does a phenomenal job in taking care of Roxy and Tulip. Im very particular in where my babies go and we have never had an issue– we’ve been using this day care facility for about 4 years now. Clean, Friendly, Professional…. real Dog Lovers! Thanks everyone!

  43. Sodenise Flowers 2021/10

    Called to ask questions but the person that answered the phone was not friendly so definitely will not feel comfortable leaving my fur baby at this place.

  44. Nick Meeson 2021/10

    Took my 6 month old pup here for the first time over the holidays. The lady who came out to take my dog was very friendly and answered all my questions. She asked if I wanted my dog to get a haircut while she was there and I said yes. Didn’t have a preference on style so I said what ever they thought was best. They did a great job!

    When I picked up my dog Blakely they said she was perfect playing with all the dogs. Blakely was very tired when she got home which I know is a sign she played a ton.

    I’ll be back for all my grooming and boarding needs. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

  45. Gaye Schrader 2021/10

    Our dogs love staying here!

  46. Dr. Octavia Wynn 2021/10

    We took our dog Squirrel to stay for 7 nights while our family vacationed. We were specific about our do’s and don’t’s for his care, including NOT wanting grooming services since we have a personal groomer and recurring appointments. We arrived for pick up to learn that Squirrel had been groomed and the fee was added to our bill. The customer service lady (Kristen? Crystal? Christian? Something like that) was rude, unapologetic and essentially implied my daughter and I were being dishonest. A manager was not available onsite or via phone. We were promised a call, didn’t get one. Squirrel appears to have done ok (though I’m not sure how well he slept, our buddy was exhausted), but the poor customer service was the deal breaker for me. Couple that with added, unauthorized charges and procedures performed on Squirrel without permission; we’ll never return.

  47. Taylor Stannard 2021/10

    I boarded my dog, panda, for the first time ever this past weekend. I was very nervous and looked around online at multiple places to see where would be best. I called and spoke with Kristen and she explained everything about the prices, boarding areas, and reassured me he would be totally fine. I told her sometimes panda can get food aggressive with other dogs around and I wanted to make sure that no other dog would be around him while he was eating and that he wouldn’t be around any other dog if they were aggressive. She explained how they introduce other dogs slowly and wouldn’t put them together if there were any problems and it made me feel confident in their services and how they handle pups. I called every day I was gone and got a complete run down of how he was, what he was doing, and was told to call whenever I wanted. Never felt like I was annoying them, and really felt comfortable with panda there and was able to enjoy my vacation! He was all bathed when we got him and had a huge smile on his face! It was a huge relief that we could find a place that we trusted from now on since we have never felt comfortable enough to board him before!

  48. John Moerner 2021/09

    Parker always enjoys his time here… both with the awesome staff and the other four legged friends!

  49. Esmeralda Piza 2021/09

    I called for a last minute weekend reservation. My dog loved it. The staff are absolutely wonderful.

  50. Mark Canada 2021/09

    Picked up our dog after a week visit and he looked and acted great, very attentive and friendly staff too.

  51. Molly Zinzi 2021/06

    Had a great experience with dog days inn!! we boarded our dog for the first time and they made him so comfortable and took great care of him!! When we picked him up, they gave us all the details on his stay, and he even got a bath which was a nice plus for me!! 😉
    Will definitely be returning!

  52. chelsea eddleton 2021/06

    THE BEST GROOMERS IN RVA!!! Period…I said what I said…

  53. lisadar 28 2021/06

    They deal with my dog who has a bunch of requests thanks alot for loving my dog and putting up with his shenanagins love this place..

  54. Michael Camizzi 2021/06

    Left our cat here for a week and all was great!

  55. D. Karen Garland 2021/06

    Dogs Day Inn never disappoints. I have used DDI for grooming and boarding for my 15 year old Lhasa Apso who is deaf and blind and my 2 year old Shihpoo who is very energetic for several years. My boys are always returned to me happy, well cared for and smelling good. The groomers always follow directions and do a great job with cuts and detangling with a cute bandana, neck tie or bow tie. We travel a lot during the summers and use DDI at least 7 nights/month for boarding. My calls to check on my boys are always welcomed and my boys have never been injured. I love Dogs Day Inn!

  56. Joan C 2021/06


  57. C R 2021/05

    I’ve been taking my dog here for years for grooming and have boarded a couple times and have always been satisfied with how my dog and I are treated. Grooming is always lovely!

  58. HaberMom 2021/05

    We had a horrible incident at previous groomer last month so I was extremely apprehensive about finding a new place. The staff at Dog Day Inn were informative, patient and kind. My boy had a great time there and looks beautiful, including with his adorable new neck tie they have him.

  59. craig jones 2021/05

    Always a great experience

  60. Carl Jackson 2021/04

    It was my first time boarding our dogs while on vacation, the ladies were awesome they were very organized , polite, and u could tell it won’t just a job to them they actually have the passion for animals , the facility was very clean and well maintained. When I returned to get my dogs they were happy and well taken care of. I highly recommend and will definitely bring them back in the future. The cost was also very reasonable

  61. Curtis Diesselhorst 2021/04

    Never had any issues with them with our 2 dogs, both daycare and boarding. Highly recommend.

  62. NaTasha White 2021/03

    Always great

  63. Cathy Marcus 2021/03

    On count of the virus I didn’t get to see the place but it has alot of good reviews. My dog came home happy and smelling great from the bath she had before she came home that’s extra of course. I’m boarding her there again this weekend.

  64. Nicole Harrison 2021/03

    My first time boarding my dogs and they come back happy and healthy. At other facilities they get stressed & don’t eat. I wish we would’ve found Dogs Day Inn much sooner! Thank you all for taking care of my fur babies and all of the hard work that goes into that job.

  65. Dear Doting 2021/02

    They, like, took care of my stinkies and stuff.

  66. Henry Davis 2021/02

    I never boarded my dog, ever, and I was nervous. This place gave me no reason too. Awesome service, allowed me to call and check on him at any point, they fed him well, all without any problems, and I can buy the dog good there. This place rocks.

  67. Sara Clarke 2021/02

    Our dog always has such an amazing time on his vacation getaways & always comes back home completely exhausted!

  68. Gavin Femiano 2021/02

    This place is very clean and professional! They really care about your animals! My 2 dogs and 2 cats came back bathed and happy ! Thank you so much ! We will definitely be using A Dogs Day in again !

  69. Erica Hall 2021/01

    Love this place my baby comes out happy everytime

  70. Deborah Dugger 2021/01

    I have taken my dog there for 12 years. She loves it and they take great care of her. I have tried the big box groomers to save a few bucks, but they didn’t do a great job and they are very impersonal.

  71. Roman Cubias 2021/01

    marley has been going here since she was 5 months old, shes now turning 5! theyre my go to for her care, while im away for vacation or whenever she needs to release energy at daycare. not to mention they do a fantastic job on her nail trimmings.

  72. Amber Reynolds 2021/01

    My dog is NOT the same!! My poor baby had anxiety and nervousness the WHOLE time and I told them if ANYTHING at all was wrong to call me and I would have him picked up but I got no call. He’s skinny as a rail. He’s got a large scab on his nose and I noticed when we got home his lip was bleeding all on my seats and he’s got a nasty cut on his lip with pus in it!! I will NEVER EVERRRR take my dog here again!

  73. J M 2020/12

    I have taken my dogs here a few times for a week or so. Nice people and the dogs were happy and healthy.

  74. Kary Valentin 2020/11

    Roger loves his day care ❤️

  75. Whitney Sears 2020/09

    Great place for grooming. My dog loves going and princess around after she has been groomed.

  76. Michael Sciotti 2020/09

    Out of the three pet boarding/daycare places we have tried, this one is by far the best!! This was our first time bringing our dog there, and we will definitely be going back! The staff here is great and attentive, and when I picked up my dog from boarding he looked and smelled great! The staff there really took the time to do his bath/brush right!! It is a little out of the way for us, but we’ll worth it! This facility has 4 outdoor play areas, and temperature controlled kennels. If there is bad weather, the animals still have their own covered outside area to stretch their legs and get some air. They have luxury suites available, as well.

  77. Thomas Parker 2020/08

    Always good service.

  78. Josh Adams 2020/08

    These ladies always do an awesome job on grooming!

  79. Barbara Maxwell 2020/07

    Been going here over 20yrs,

  80. Sheila Coleman 2020/07

    They take excellent care of my puppies. The staff is professional and always kind. They go out of the way to take care of me with my busy schedule. The young lady who owns it is so knowledgeable about animals. I call her for everything!

  81. Sir Jon J 2020/05

    My dog is always happy to go and even happier (and exhausted lol) when he comes home. Thankful papa!

  82. Candice Bruce 2020/05

    They always take great care of my fur babies 😁. I drive 45 minutes one way just because of their excellent service. …

  83. Stephanie D 2020/05

    Used Dogs Day Inn twice. The first time was fantastic! The second time, not so much. Dogs were there for a weekend… There was some confusion about one of my dogs’ life-saving medication, and instead of calling me to clear it up, they didn’t give him his medication on the second day. So when I got home, and there was leftover medication, I had to call them to see what days they gave him his meds and what day they didn’t, because I didn’t want to double dose my pup. Everything worked out fine, my pup is still alive, but I don’t want to risk my dog missing his life-saving meds again. We are going to find another place for them to say.

  84. Marlo Griffin 2020/04

    Staff is very friendly and helpful. My little Yorkie loves to visit for his grooming. Thank you!

  85. Oceanview 2020/04

    customer service seems forced not authentic.

  86. Michael jones 2020/02


    We left our cat and dog here for 1 week and when we got them home we saw that our dog had obviously not been fed, he lost a lot of weight and was starving and lethargic. He can be nervous at meal times, but all they needed to do was pay a little attention to him and make sure he starts eating and he’s fine. Our previous kennel never had any problems keeping him healthy. For the prices they charge they should at a bare minimum make sure your pets are adequately fed. I don’t even want think about what other treatment he endured since they don’t even care if the animals eat!!!
    I hope these people go out of business!!!

  87. Joan Miles 2020/01

    Staff is wonderful and so helpful and friendly! Stacy is an excellent groomer and they take great care of my Shih Tzu Bailey. I highly recommend them!

  88. Aaron Thomas 2020/01

    Great service and price.

  89. Ron Early 2019/11

    Jane always does a great job

  90. Bovice Biggums 2019/11

    Take your dogs here. Ask for Dorie.

  91. FEMMEBOT MO 2019/10

    Highly recommend

  92. Jacquelyn Wilson 2019/10

    Our dog enjoyed the place…

  93. Jannaci Pollard 2019/10

    I’ve never dealt with the manager but today I did. I was honestly disappointed by her unprofessionalism. I was expressing that I’ve asked for my dog’s nails to be dull and he always comes back sharp. Sometimes I have to get someone to pick him up and to pay for a service and it not be done correctly is frustrating. She kept cutting me off, while chomping on gum. Instead of her apologizing for the mishaps, the first thing she says is, “I mean we don’t have to cut his nails today”. I obviously wanted them cut, just the right way. I will see how he is today when I pick him up but honestly, today made me not want to go back. There are plenty of places who will groom him RIGHT, without the attitude and unprofessionalism. The entire interaction could’ve gone differently if she didn’t take offense to what I said and she tried to understand and relay the message.

  94. Grace Denio 2019/09

    Always have a great boarding experience. They do holiday dinner meals for the dogs and have a great setup. Highly recommend if you have a big dog! I have a pit mix and it’s been hard to find places that’ll take him because he can be so rough. So glad I found them

  95. Neal Masri 2019/09

    These guys are phenomenal. My wonderful lab Atticus, who lived to be 14, went there his whole life. Starting all over again with my boy Indy who LOVES it there.

  96. Lisa Hackett 2019/08

    I travel from williamsburg to board my pup Reese. Reese loves all the girls, they take good care of him. This last time we opted for the bath prior to picking him up. Not only did they give him a bath but they included nail trim, ear cleaning and teeth brushing. Two weeks later my Reese still smells good. Since they are located near a Krispy Kreme, Reese insist we pick up a dozen for the staff. I will still go out of my way to board my pup here bc it is peace of mind knowing he is taken care of to a T.


  97. Family Landscape Company Inc. 2019/08

    Awesome and highly knowledgeable staff. That truly care about your dog. Highly recommended!

  98. CaroleRae Spence 2019/08

    Our dog has been going to Dogs Day Inn for several years and loves it there. The staff seem to really enjoy their little furry clients.

  99. Hal Lewis 2019/08

    Helpful staff, my dog seems to enjoy it there.

  100. Brianna Heller 2019/08

    This place is amazing. They take great care of your animals ❤️ they also have great customer service I was very nervous about boarding my puppy here as she has not learned yet her boundries too as far as playing with dogs that don’t want to be played with. They were very accommodating to this and kept an eye on her she came back to me beautiful and without a scratch:) I would definitely recommend this place over all others. Very clean too🙂

  101. Doris Wilson 2019/08

    These ladies their are so sweet. They care about your pet like it’s their on pet. They are kind and gentle with your pet I have two dogs I take their for grooming. And I also have board my pets their for a couple of days never worry about how they treat them they also have where you can drop your dog or cat off for a play day.

  102. Karen r 2019/07

    My dog just loves it here. No breed restrictions, great grooming. She has a heart condition and is on limited as activity and they take care of her so well. Keep up the great work!

  103. James De Zinna 2019/07

    Ozzie loves it there it’s like going to Elizabeth Arden for a day weekend or week of beauty..

  104. Mimi Layne 2019/05

    So today was my first time using this company. I must say from the first time of me calling to inquire about their services it as been awesome. Customer service has been excellent. They allowed me to ask as many questions I wanted. I didn’t feel rushed. They truly made me feel comfortable. My daughter dropped my Gizmo off this morning and she stated everyone was nice. Fast forward my parents picked my Gizmo up and he looked so good.He was groomed well and smelled so fresh. I will definitely be using them again for day care and grooming needs. I was very skeptical at first but I’m glad I went with them. Thank you so much to everyone that previously posted reviews because that’s how I made my decision. Job well done
    Gizmo & I thank you so much
    Happy Holidays

  105. Miles Anthony 2019/05

    They rock!🐶 …

  106. Danny Trent 2019/04

    They are the best! Everyone is nice! I have been taking my dogs there for many years and have always received top notch service!

  107. Ed Schrader 2019/04

    If you’re in the RVA area, this is the only place to board your canine family members. …these gals rock!

  108. Jacqueline Dickerson 2019/04

    My fur baby has been going here for since 2012 and I have never complained . Today was different, I was told one price to have my dogs groomed when I dropped them off .When I returned I was told a higher price. I thought they would honor the price they told me but it wasn’t. This is the first time I have been there where from the time I dropped them off to the time I picked up was so disappointing.

  109. Sean O'Connell 2019/04

    Nera came back extremely happy after her stay. She got plenty of socialization and even got a bath before she came back home. Definitely recommend trusting Dog’s Day Inn to look after your furry friend when you have to go out of town.


  110. Russell Sawyer 2019/03

    They know my pup pretty well and always treat him like a special guest. He seems to like going there.

  111. Michelle Schill 2019/02

    They have great rates. My dog loves it there. I’ve taken my old and new dog there so I’ve been going now for about 20 some years. They are wonderful with all dogs.

  112. Vikki Holt 2019/02

    They are always friendly an my baby loves being there

  113. Whitley Gilbert 2019/01

    There is a complete disregard for neighbors as they leave the dogs out ALL NIGHT into the morning BARKING. Various volumes of constant BARKING. Management purposely doesn’t adhere to the noise ordinance- forcing neighbors to find ways to sound-proof their homes. If I could give ZERO stars, I would. I don’t care how long they’ve been in business if they ignore community complaints.

  114. Monica Messick 2019/01

    Quick and very friendly staff. Our dog looked like she didn’t want to leave when we picked her up.

  115. Matty B 2018/12

    Wonderful group of people who work there. They take such good care of my pups! Thank you !

  116. Gina B 2018/11

    This place is always clean and in good order indoors and out. The employees are very friendly. They seem to do a good job of keeping small dogs and large dogs apart. My only concern is that my dog does not want to go with the staff when I am dropping her off, so I’m not sure how much she enjoys it – – but that could just be my dog.

  117. HotJrod Redd 2018/11

    My dog seems to love it.. I like how tired he is when he comes home..

  118. April M. 2018/09

    We’ve been going to them for years and they are awesome! I always love they way they groom our mini schnauzers. I have boarded our dogs for extended stays and I never have to worry. Staff is awesome! A little on the pricey side when you look at other places but I always have peace of mind leaving them there!

  119. brandon jones 2018/08

    Only visited

  120. Dee Reese 2018/08

    Pitbulls love it

  121. Monica Byrom 2018/07

    The staff loves the doggies. They take hood care of my boy when he visits. He’s super high energy, I commend them on bathing him & filing his nails!!

  122. Nikki Longo 2018/07

    Clean place with people who care about your dog. I have a tripawd (3 legged) dog and they were great about asking about his energy levels, how much rest he might need and anything they should know about for play sessions. The only thing I didn’t like was how the last who checked us in seemed too sales-y with this add-on and that upgrade. I know it’s a business and that’s just part of the process, but how it was presented just seemed very nickel and dime-ing. Maybe she was just having an off day, but overall it was a good experience.

  123. Margaret Benbeneck 2018/07

    Clean & organized.

  124. William Lee 2018/06

    These folks are very nice and do a good job. Good to the pups. Prices are reasonable.

  125. laviyah horne 2018/06

    So lit

  126. Tim Erskine 2018/06

    Our dogs have stayed there twice now and the second visit was a good barometer: the pups were happy to be back and gladly headed off with the staff. No anxiety or hesitation. Probably the best sign of a good place. We are also highly impressed with the detailed reports we get on the dogs’ stay when we pick them up.

  127. Mina K 2018/06

    They are awesome and always take great care of my dog.

  128. Niki Holtz 2018/05

    We bring our dog Biscuit here when we have to leave town for a long weekend. He loves it. The staff always gives a detailed report and are always friendly and welcoming. He’s the cutest so how could they not be? 🤣 He is always exhausted from playing when he gets home AND they don’t charge you extra for missing the Sunday pickup time and pick up early Monday morning instead- so we don’t have to rush back from our weekend to try and make the 5:30 deadline. One wish? Cameras would be cool so we could check on him from time to time. But with the way the world is these days and technology, I’m sure it’s only a matter of time. 💜💜

  129. Bridget Atkins 2018/04

    Awesome!!! They are the best!! My dog loves it here and I love taking him there.

  130. Sara Butcher 2018/04

    We used DDI for the first time for our 11 year old Husky. We were nervous & they assured us they would take great care of her and told us to call as often as we wanted. We also had her groomed before picking her up & they did a stellar job. We are very pleased with their services & will definitely go back.

  131. Pamela Canada 2018/04

    Good place to leave your 🐕 …

  132. Priyanka Purnanada 2018/03

    Such a great doggy day care! My dog loves them and they take great care of him.

  133. Michael Hagood 2018/02

    My friend’s dog goes here, nice staff and great location.

  134. joshua shrader 2018/02

    Love these guys. They take great care of our pup and genuinely seem to love what they do.

  135. Jarrett King 2018/02

    Great employees, facilities, and a sincere love and concern for their patrons’ pets. They are also great communicators and really work to accommodate their customers’ wishes and are willing address special needs and/or concerns. Your pet will likely leave so happy you may have a nice problem here of convincing your furry friend it’s time to finally go home!

  136. Sida Dry 2018/02

    I left my relatively new rescue dog with them while i traveled for work. I had concerns prior to drop off but they answered all of my questions and gave me reports during her stay. I will definitely take her there again. She was so happy and well taken care of. She slept for the first day back home since she played so much. Prices are reasonable.

  137. K Hopper 2018/01

    My dogs are in heaven at dogs day inn. Even after a two year move, the dogs say inn crew remembered, welcomed and made my pups feel very happy. They are the best!

  138. Rochelle Bland 2018/01

    They take very good care of your pet. My dog loves it here

  139. Theresa Elder 2017/08

    Very pleased with my husky’s stay at Dog’s Day Inn (Granite Spring Road) from June 8 through June 12, 2015. Little Fox came home beautifully groomed, peppy, and in great spirits, as she usually is. Representatives at the boarding facility had forewarned me that she might return home tired out from all the play, but Fox seems to be her usual self. The facility is clean and the rate is reasonable. Fox will definitely return to this boarding facility when boarding makes more sense than carrying a husky to relatives’ homes with no place to keep an energetic dog.

    December 2016: I just want to add that I have taken Fox to Dog’s Day Inn several times in 2015 and 2016, each time I was always grateful to the personnel who took care of our pups. Fox will stay with them next Monday through Wednesday, Dec. 26-28, and I know she will return home happy and groomed beautifully. This is one of the gifts I can give to my husky. Thank you, Dog’s Day Inn! I continue to be a very happy customer.

  140. Nathan Dryden 2017/07

    Reasonable prices and the staff is very sweet to our dogs

  141. Brian Clark 2017/07

    Dogs days Inn treats all the dogs and cats with care love and respect! And yes they do watch cats😃 it’s hard to find a great facility to care for your animals. My animals and I are thankful for dogs days inn! …

  142. Diandra Simmons 2017/06

    Was overcharged from what I have been originally paying and when I asked why I was paying more this visit I was rudely told gas prices go up, grocery prices go up, so do ours. They have an outdated notice on the counter about a pricing increase from 2015, but I brought my dog in 3 months ago and it was cheaper. If you’re going to change the prices, that’s fine. Just let your customers know before they book or dont give a smart answer when they ask why the price has suddenly increased.

  143. Jesse Merrill 2017/05

    Dogs come home happy and tired

  144. Bobby jourdan 2017/04

    Thes guys are real deal my dog love being there home away frm home trust me they 👍 great …

  145. Shannon Darby 2017/04

    As I going through my hard times they have been taking care of my blessing from God …me and my Sandy r homeless due to some apartments…So they have been a light for me.. The owner really is a bless to me she has a big heart as no one has ever did nothing for me when it come to the care of my pets .

  146. Gustavo Calvo 2017/04

    Irresponsible place I leave my dog of 14 weeks (Milo) a basset hound for one night and they said that it would be only with small dogs NOW HE HAS 2 HUGE SCRATH ON HIS EARS and this came not from a puppy, where were they when this happenend!!!

  147. M B 2017/04

    We took our fur baby here last summer for daycare to see how she liked the facility – she was there for about five hours and when we picked her up and brought her home, the skin between the webbing of her feet and beneath her pads was red and irritated. The staff said it was likely due to having a sensitivity to their gravel. When we boarded her a month or so later, they were aware of the sensitivity, and I don’t recall having any further issues at that time. So, we boarded her here again this past week and reminded them of her sensitivity. Either they didn’t pay attention to this or there is another issue going on because when we picked her up, she again had the red irritation between her webbing and below her pads, and acted like she didn’t want to walk as her feet were hurting/bothering her. She also seemed to be overheated or dehydrated because she gulped down two bowls of water (she asked for more but we didn’t want her to get sick) when we got home. For the price we pay to board her I expect her to be in the same condition as when we left her. Unfortunately I think at this point we are going to have to try another boarding place when we have to board her again here in a few months as this facility does not seem to work for her.

  148. Mariah Dudley 2017/03

    Dogs Day Inn has helped our dog Sadie so much! She was reactive on leash, and we weren’t able to successfully introduce her to other dogs. Now, with their help, she not only has dog friends but we feel confidence knowing she has fun and gets the play and exercise she needs while we are at work. They always seem excited when we bring her in and she is always happy when she sees where we are taking her, and they clearly take great care of her and answer all of our questions. I highly recommend them, especially for anyone who is worried that their dog is reactive to other dogs or isn’t sure that their dog can play with other dogs. They are definitely pros and they care about what they do, and we are so grateful for them.

  149. Paul Stoneman 2017/02

    Excellent experience every time. I have two dogs that can be temperamental, one that was kicked out of the previous daycare for jumping over a fence. Every time the dogs have stayed there (day sessions and boarding) They come back tired but in great shape. The staff takes their time to work with the dogs and their individual personalities. We are incredibly happy we found this place.

  150. Katrina Kraft 2016/09

    Sherman always enjoys his stay! We wouldn’t take him anywhere else. They treat him like their own!

  151. Debra Sparks 2016/09

    I love, love, love this place! You could not take your dogs to a better place for boarding and grooming. They are all very loving towards your dogs yet professional when it comes to the care and welfare of the “babies.” I have entrusted my little friends to Dogs Day Inn for more than ten years. I have moved further away in the last year, but I’m still making the drive to the people I trust! Give them a try! You won’t be sorry!

    Debra Sparks

  152. Melia Flanagan 2016/08

    Dog’s Day Inn has become our two dogs’ “home away from home” for the last year. The clean, well-organized facility provides everything my older in-the-house girls need for their own vacations when we have to be away. Playtime, administering meds and feeding our own food are not considered extra up-charges here. The facility has many fenced yards, each filled with gravel, where the pups can play in a clean environment when they are not in their indoor runs (the facility smells clean every time we visit – no small job with so many dogs).They always enter with wagging tails, a sign to me that they know it’s a good place and have positive experiences with the staff and other dogs. When I pick them up, they are beautifully groomed and “good tired” from playing. If you are looking for a place that will take good care of your dog, let them move and play and keep them safe and well-cared for, this is the perfect place.

  153. Aubrey Hornsby 2016/08

    I am so thankful for Dog’s Day Inn! My dog has had two owners prior to me and has spent more that two years of his life in a shelter. He has separation anxiety so I was extremely nervous he would think I was leaving him when I boarded him over Thanksgiving. They had me bring him in for daycare and he was exhausted when I picked him up. I took him back a week later for four days and he could not get out of the car fast enough! He went with the employee (who remembered his name!) without hesitation and didn’t even look back at me when she took him outside! Also, they tell you to call whenever to check in- which I did both during daycare and his first day of boarding. They went over to check on him and tell me what he was doing and the dogs he was playing with and did so happily/ did not act as though it was a burden. Clearly I’m a crazy dog lady and I feel completely comfortable leaving my dog here (and he is always SO excited to go).

  154. Carter Pups 2016/06

    We had such a great time here while our humans went to an appointment! Super friendly & helpful when stopped by evening before, & at morning drop-off.

    We will definitely come play again if we’re in the area! Btw, the cannolis were yum!!

  155. Carole Spence 2016/04

    Our dog is a very spoiled lab-pit mix. He really seems to enjoy going to Dog’s Day Inn. It took several trips for him to know that we are coming back but now that he knows that he seems to be really happy to be there.

  156. Angelica Bega 2016/02

    I cannot say enough good things about this place. My dogs love going to doggie daycare here. I’ve been impressed by the facility and the caring and attentive staff.

  157. Lynwood Washington 2016/01

    Ace loves it there and despite his anxiety they are able to care for him (border collie). I wrote instructions for him and how he likes to be handled and he never comes home unhappy. He always gets excited when I make that left turn to get to Dogs Day Inn. The staff is friendly and though I am a crazy mom who spoils her border collie I appreciate they follow the rules and keep in mind of his issues. LOVE LOVE LOVE this place.

  158. Shaun S 2015/08

    This was the first time I’ve had my dog boarded so i was a little nervous about it. The staff was great, very polite and accommodating to Sasha who isn’t always a peach around other dogs. They were able to pair her up with a play buddy that had a compatible demeanor which was great!
    All in all, the care they gave my dog was terrific so they get 4 stars.
    The reason they didn’t get 5 stars? They didn’t tell me that dropping her off Friday afternoon and picking her back up on Sunday would equal 3 days. In the hotel world that would be two nights, not 3. If that is their policy, so be it. But it could have been verbally explained to me up front. Not a huge deal though, only $25 more and Sasha seemed to have had a good time there.

    Bottom line, i’ll be taking her back there the next time I go out of town.

  159. Zenita Mitchell 2015/07

    Bear is always safe and clean

  160. Morgan Mathis 2015/05

    This was the first time I’ve had my dog boarded so i was a little nervous about it. The staff was great, very polite and accommodating to Girlfriend who isn’t always a approachable around other dogs.They were able to pair her up with a play buddy that had a compatible demeanor which was great! All in all, the care they gave my dog was terrific so they get 5 stars.

  161. Lori L 2015/04

    They are the best! Although there are places closer to our house, we take our boy out to Dog’s Day Inn. They remember our dog and even his name. He always comes home happy and loves playing with the other dogs. Most times I don’t ask for him to be washed, but always have his nails trimmed. They are so good with him and he gets excited as soon as we pull up in the parking lot. Sometimes we just take him for the day so he can get his nails done and play. Other times we have left him for the week when we go on vacation. I highly recommend them and Astro does too!

  162. Tamar Lawrence 2015/02

    My dog is always so excited to visit here! Thank you for taking such good care of him!


    We have three dogs, a Jack Russell, a Mini Schnauzer and a Mini/Standard Schnauzer. We came to Dog’s Day Inn on the recommendation of a friend of ours who takes her dog there. We had complained to her about how the place we’ve been taking them to for years, just charges for every little thing and that when we picked them up from their last visit there, they were so matted up and smelly and we had to take them to the groomer right away to have them shaved down. It was supposed to be a top notched Kennel, and for years it seemed fine but now after comparing our old Kennel to Dog’s Day inn, well there is NO COMPARISON and now I realize, we’ve been just settling staying with our old kennel for so long.

    So we decided to drop by unannounced at Dog’s Day Inn to get a real feel for how it is. From the outside, you think it’s someones house and it’s so tiny but once inside you see the grounds are just right and perfectly designed for dogs. We were greeted by the most friendly, knowledgeable, and professional staff you will find anywhere. We were offered to see every area but didn’t need to. We could tell everything was clean, the dogs we saw were calm and happy and it was all designed just for them. These people know dogs…REALLY know them.

    So we booked our three dogs stay. The day we dropped them off, they went right along with the young lady without hesitation. They seemed to know they were with a “dog person”. Before we left, we were called over to the window and our two Schnauzers were out in the yard making friends. We are always concerned about our Jack Russell, as he is old and grumpy and is aggressive towards male dogs of any size so I called later that day to check on him especially since he needs to be separate from other male dogs and can’t be in the normal pack, I was assured they were all fine and having a good time. Our Jack Russel was given individual play and cuddle time and was eating it up! All this at no extra charge. Another point when I called, there was no delay in looking up who your dog was or whatever, they know your dog and their names because they are getting to know them individually. I’ll bet there aren’t day care places for little kids out there any better than this place. I’m totally impressed with them.

    Since they also have a groomer on staff, we decided to have them all bathed and they look and smell amazing.

    When we returned from our trip, rather than the dogs going nuts to leave, they all walked out calmly, greeted us, were glad to see us, and were ready to go home, but not to the point that you felt like they were anxious to leave. They were all even calmer going home and the drive home was further than from our old kennel which was only about 5 minutes from our house. Dog’s Day inn is still VERY convenient for us and actually more on the way to wherever we go than our old kennel. We are absolutely thrilled with Dog’s Day Inn! It will be our dogs new “home away from home”. Who knows, maybe I’ll start going on longer trips now that I know my dogs are so well taken care of.

  164. I am 2014/01

    Whenever I’m in Richmond training with my dogs, this is the only place I’ll board them.

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