Dogma Grooming + Pet Needs

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Dogma Grooming + Pet Needs
4.6 based on 175 reviews
  1. Drake Huzek 2023/10

    Simply the best dog groomer in Richmond

  2. J W-R 2023/09

    Dogma has always been terrific, my pup enjoys going there!

  3. Melissa Comstock 2023/08

    They are wonderful !!!

  4. Katie Kelly 2023/08

    My girl Sunny always look beautiful and happy after her spa day with Dogma. The staff is friendly and great with my girl.

  5. Mary Wallace 2023/08

    Very friendly and helpful staff. They are more than willing to special order items for you if they normally do not have it in stock.

  6. John Duke 2023/06

    Friendly staff who have a real love for animals. Prices are no more or less than other places in town.

  7. Gardner Phillips 2023/06

    A client since 1996 with the third owner now

  8. Maggie Desmond 2023/05

    They are always very nice and understanding with my dogs.

  9. Sonya Majkovic 2023/05

    I took my Pomeranians for their very first groom appointment to Dogma and I do not regret it at all. I was so hesitant to take them anywhere because one of my pups need handling, as she can get a little aggressive and neither one of them have ever gotten groomed. They did a fantastic job, my pups look amazing!

  10. Cheryl Simpson 2023/05

    They always do a great job on Zoe. So glad I found this place.

  11. Elizabeth 2023/04

    I go here for the walk-in dog mail clip and grind and i highly recommend! They are super fast, affordable, and you can tell they really care about the animals.

  12. Michael Langan 2023/04

    The best. Always kind, attentive, and greet our pup by name each time. A lovely place to take your dog.

  13. Eva M. 2023/03

    Love Dogma. Kind staff.

  14. Amanda Stamper 2023/02

    My pup hates getting his nails clipped but Dogma’s walk-in service was excellent. I was in and out in 15 minutes, my dog looked happy afterwards, and the groomer said he did well. Was such a relief to find a place where he feels comfortable and we’ll be back each month.

  15. Andre Gemelli 2023/02

    They are very caring and my cat loves being there. I highly recommend them.

  16. Ben Jarrett 2023/02

    Best place in town to get dog nails trimmed!

  17. Matt B 2023/01

    Great experience and pricing. I’ve been multiple times for walk in nail trims and they are always super polite, very fast, and do a good job. There’s a reason they have lots of business.

  18. nick katharos 2022/11

    Great experience

  19. daphne relvas 2022/11

    Their walk in nail trimming service is EVERYTHING! Super convenient & fairly priced. The staff is extremely friendly, knowledgeable & passionate for pets. The store itself is adorable, with the cutest items for sale! 10/10 recommend

  20. Miss E.B. 2022/10

    Adopted a dog that was very neglected. They have been very patient and understanding as we work to get her healthy and happy ? …

  21. Anita Beasley 2022/10

    Dogma is a great find. Need a quick nail clip for my grandpuppy. Took us quickly as a walk in. Staff was very curious from the second we walked in. Would totally recommend to everyone.

  22. Rachel Rodriguez 2022/07

    Came in for a walk in nail trim today, they were amazing. The staff was super friendly, and the groomer was patient and respectful of my pup’s first nail trim/ dremel experience. Will definitely be coming here for all future grooming needs!


  23. Colletta 2022/06

    Love this place an my fur babies love here too great service

  24. Denise Dowden 2022/05

    I got great customer service and answers to my questions. The staff is knowledgeable and they have their own pets so they speak from experience.

  25. Joe Schilling 2022/05

    Simply the best! The best people, the best cuts, the best location, the best customer service. I wouldn’t take my dog anywhere else. Here is Ms. Clover after her most recent cut. Love the Halloween bows!


  26. Rebecca Hensley 2022/05

    The condition that this establishment left my dog’s nails in was miserable but the condition of the staff was the same or worse.

  27. Jessie Hearns 2022/05

    Great experience at Dogma! Everyone was so nice! Went for a walk in nail trim for my dog….will definitely go back!!!

  28. Andrea Barja 2022/04

    Went in looking for cat food & they were super helpful and so so so nice! We plan to start bringing my dog here for his nail trimmings.

  29. Vincent Klug 2022/04

    Best dog groomer in Richmond. Can take awhile to get an appointment. But it’s worth it.

  30. David Murdock 2022/04

    Always really prompt and friendly service. We take our 3 dogs there for monthly nail trims, and they are always super nice, both retail store staff and groomers. Highly recommend.

  31. Abigail Thorndike 2022/04

    Great place for all of my pet needs for my toy poodle, VikkiBobbi. Very helpful and friendly staff. Convenient location in Cary Town with off street parking. They do nail trimming and grinding for a good price.

  32. Jonathan Ruthazer 2022/03

    The best around, hands down.

  33. Samantha Bryanne 2022/02

    You usually have to book a month in advance, just a head’s up. These folks are friendly, great at what they do and very affordable, so I’m not surprised they’re booked out.

  34. Kathryn Seeds 2022/02

    I brought our first gorgeous tri-color rough collie Noah there to be pampered and groomed. He loved it there and so did we for many years. They knew the breed and how to groom him!! On my last time bringing Noah, I was humiliated by one of the groomers, for not tipping the person who groomed Noah. I felt ashamed because I didn’t know I was supposed to tip. I learned a big lesson that day but never went back out of shear embarrassment! The owner is so sweet as are the groomers, and knowledgeable! It’s a great place to take your pup to be groomed. It was my own stupidity and shame that stopped me from going back! Don’t be like me – Uber sensitive! But DO tip!

  35. McKenzie Hurst 2022/01

    Disappointed. As I dropped my dog off this morning ( first puppy cut, I had on the books for over two months, apparently they only had me down for a bath and trim?!? Not my issue whomever took the appointment clearly messed up because they also book my December appointment the same. Unless there is a cancellation my dog is getting a bath and brush out. Whoever is taking appointments needs to be more clear, because I know I never asked for just a bath as it’s my dogs first big heart cut!

  36. Sydney 2022/01

    Best place in town to get your dog done. I’ve gone a few places since moving to Richmond but after trying Dogma a year ago, I’ve never looked back. So friendly there and they do a great job!

  37. Jon Emch 2022/01

    Consistent and wonderful employees

  38. Braxton Vinson 2022/01

    We’ve taken our dogs here for years, they do a wonderful job. One of our dogs has to be medicated for anxiety during grooming and Dogma has always been so great about working with us.

  39. Kristina Edwards 2021/10

    Love the quick and friendly walk in nail trim service!

  40. Lamont Miller 2021/10

    Dogma is the Best place 4 Ur pest treats , grooming & accessories.. Dazi & I ❤️the Staff & atmosphere… Parking is Great also… ???????? …


  41. Andrew Blake 2021/10

    When I first reviewed them in 2018, I gave them 5 stars and cited friendly, caring, consistent service. Recently, we called to schedule a routine appointment and were told that none were available for at least 3 months. Consequently, we had to look around and ended up using Pooches and Smooches, who did a far superior job with our 2 dogs at a comparable price. I am recalibrating this review now that I better understand the options in our market.

  42. Delaney Mills 2021/09

    Definitely the way to go for nail trims!

  43. Mark Brawley 2021/09

    Quality grooming, Been in business years,Best in Richmond

  44. Bailey Cheung 2021/09

    Cute vibes, with friendly service but nail clip technician seemed flustered and did an adequate job

  45. Jamie Coffey 2021/09

    They’re the only place I trust with my two dogs. Super friendly, and great service.

  46. Dominique Fleming 2021/09

    I go there for the atmosphere how personable it is supporting the local shops and because they have all natural good products for my pups only inconveniences their walk in nail trimming time everybody and their mama knows about it so I …

  47. Paige Hawkins 2021/08

    It really saddens me to post this today. I have been an extremely happy and very pleased customer for 10 years. Me and my Aussie’s have always been treated wonderful and with kindness.
    I’m really not sure what has happened, but I dropped by the store to get “Sammie’s” nails cut and talked to “Daniel” about the possibility of bringing her in the following week for a TRIM and no bath because she’s getting over a broken leg. He, as always, was very sweet and said I could bring her in for the TRIM several days later. When I dropped her off we discussed again for her to get a TRIM overall since she’s been laying on one side. He repeated it back to me twice. I came back 45 minutes later and she was SHAVED. I paid and left because I was so upset that I couldn’t breath. She’s recovering from the leg break, now winter is coming and she’s shaved to her skin. Two areas look like rug burn. My friend called and asked to talk to DeeDee and was told she was out of town until 11/17/20, Tuesday. I had to go back a day later to get her flea collar and the sweet person at the register had made a goodie bag and apologized by following up that DeeDee would be in touch. It’s Thursday and I still have not gotten a phone call, email…NOTHING.
    I’m not the customer who complains but I feel this is not be overlooked. I believe in local business but I will never recommend or go back to a place who can’t contact a loyal customer


  48. Sara Brown 2021/08

    Just picked up my Eddie after his first grooming session! I was worried because he is a puppy and is very skittish but the staff handled him so well and he at least did not seem rattled when I picked him up! He looks and smells great and the staff is super nice and communicative. Will definitely be returning 🙂

  49. Bob Ruthazer 2021/08

    Groomer, Daniel, did the best job on our dog. He looked AWESOME. Luv Dogma.

  50. Jason Worley 2021/07

    Could have done better with the cut not happy with it

  51. Michelle Robinson 2021/07

    I take our pitbull Daisy there to get her nails clipped and grinded. Everyone there is very nice and knows Daisy by name. As soon as we pull into the parking lot Daisy knows exactly where she is and gets excited because she’s getting to see her friends.


  52. Lisa Hughes 2021/07

    Super friendly staff, COVID compliant, nice shop with lots of variety. Good prices.

  53. Patricia Schrock 2021/06

    The staff is great, helpful and professional.

  54. Amanda Padilla 2021/06

    Just took my 14 week old puppy to Dogma to have her nails trimmed for the first time. The staff was incredibly friendly and the walk-in service was lightning fast. The man who trimmed her nails came and talked to me afterwards about how she did and what we can do at home to prepare her for nail grinding at future visits. They had some interesting toys, handling equipment, and treats – not just the run-of-the-mill stuff you see in chain pet stores. I bought a bully stick at a fair price! To top it all off, when we were checking out they said the nail trim is free for all first-timers! Awesome experience, we’ll definitely be back!

  55. Barbara Verser 2021/05

    I’m a cat owner that feeds my baby Primal Raw Nuggets. Deedee orders this food for me even though, due to a lack of interest, it’s not something they stock, The food is perfect when I pick it up, which is really important to me because it means it was never allowed to thaw and refreeze. Everyone in this shop is friendly, professional, and accommodating. They must do a super job with grooming, too, because there are always many dogs coming and going. I LOVE this place.

  56. Karen Farmer 2021/05

    Happy pets and friendly, helpful staff. A little pricey but worth it in the long run.

  57. Red Gable 2021/05

    Great place.. good people .. very busy.. excellent location

  58. Holly Moody 2021/05

    Love Dogma! Staff is so sweet and helpful! And bought the cooling mat and my Pomeranian Loves It! Don’t hesitate to take your puppies here for the staff, services and store. You and your puppy babies will not be disappointed.

  59. M 2021/04

    Awesome job on my boys!!

  60. Sam Lloyf 2021/04

    Great place !!!

  61. Joel Furtick 2021/04

    Best pooch nail place ever!

  62. Olga Guevara 2021/04

    I love it they are really friendly and nice customers service they did a nice style for my puppy

  63. Tiff Hitaffer 2021/04

    DeeDee is so friendly. The staff here is always stellar. I always choose Dogma for all of my canine grooming and feeding needs. They have very high quality brands you can trust. I personally come for Fromm’s. My pups love them too.

  64. Jon Bibbs 2021/03

    My Dog Max’s favorite place for treats, food and toys

  65. David Baumann 2021/03

    Wonderful people great service and my dogs don’t mind going there!!

  66. Ellen Flanagan 2021/03

    We had a great first experience here this week. They were friendly, clean, organized, and super sweet with our dog Penny. She came home gorgeous and with a little bandana, which I love. The way they do scheduling and pickup is convenient for folks working during the day and the price was fair. We will be seeing them again for sure!

  67. Cedric Giese 2021/03

    Pretty disappointed. I usually take my pup to another groomer in Carytown but they were fully booked till June. So I decided to give Dogma a try. My initial phone call was great and the person helping me was awesome. When I dropped my dog off I explained to not go too short and even showed them a reference picture which they said they would give to the groomer.(They were very busy.)They called me a few hours later to ask permission to shave his belly and I said yes as long as everywhere else was longer. When I picked up the dog his fur was way shorter than I expected. I know these things happen and I feel bad writing this review especially since this is a small biz. Maybe it’s my fault, I don’t know. I’m willing to give them another try but next time I will ask to speak to the groomer directly and have a print out. Anyway, it’ll grow out. 🙂

  68. Crystal RVA 2021/02

    Dropped in to get my pups nails trimmed, they were quick, and extremely nice! Looking forward to having him fully groomed there since he was so comfortable!

  69. Timothy Rich 2021/02

    Great place and great folks! Telling friends and family about Dogma!

  70. Jeannie Wermuth 2021/02

    1st time and they were so caring, they did a great job clipping his nails, and so wonderful with him even though he was scared. Definitely will be back.

  71. Aeh Haeh 2021/01

    The groomers were willing to stay and service us since its our first time taking our cat in for her nail trim. We’ll make sure to come in before 4 pm next time but the length of service was quick and efficient.

  72. MzReka2023 2020/10

    Dollie had her first trim today. Even though they were busy, it didn’t take long to get in and out. The staff was friendly and professional.

  73. Bohemian Soul 2020/09

    I brought my mini schnauzer here for a grooming (including breed cut). This was my first visit to Dogma. Overall, good customer service, the grooming services are reasonably priced, my pet was not anxious or injured in any way upon return, and his cut looked great. However, I did take one star because it looks as if they forgot to buff his nails as requested (minor detail but still important). Overall pleased with the visit and will be back.

  74. Samantha F 2020/09

    Prices for grooming are great but I get some serious anxiety here.. the waiting area is tiny and right by the front door. Lots of dogs in an out so it’s stressful for me and my pups

  75. Lamont Miller 2020/09

    They’re the Best at dog grooming… Dazi ?is always well taken care of …

  76. Sarah Sutton 2020/09

    Great group of people who really care about each dog. They have been professional and communicative throughout the COVID-19 process. We have been going to Dogma for years, and plan to continue to do so!

  77. Talasha Deanna 2020/08

    The Dogma staff are friendly, well educated, and passionate about what they do. I just brought home a new puppy and have been trying to get her to eat. They educated me on the different brands of food and what to look for in ingredients. My Lola came home with not only a complimentary first time nail trim but a whole dietary regimen! She was the last to get her small little teeth in the litter so she gets puppy cereal for meals! (Dry puppy food mixed with goats milk #lovesit) They also recommended a smaller alternative to the bully stick and SHE LOVES THEM!!!! Dogma has really impressed me and Lola that we have already told half our fur-rents! We will post pictures of their grooming work when Lola is old enough! Thank you Dogma! Follow Lola on IG at @thereallolachanel


  78. V P 2020/08

    The process was smooth and you could tell that the workers cared about the dogs. He looked extra handsome after grooming and even got a snowflake bow. If you need a groomer that can shape your dogs fluffy legs, Dogma is great. Parking is convenient as well as they have their own parking lot. I’m sure that would make it easier for those with large dogs.

    The store itself has great products as well. A good sign is that there’s no raw hide to be seen!


  79. Susan Loop 2020/08

    They did a great job with my 9 month goldendoodle if you like the shorn look. I was told because of matting they would have to go short. I asked to keep the legs which did not have mats. Came back shorn. I was to a groomer in phoenix 5 weeks ago and she came back beautiful. I did comb and brush but there were some mats. But i dont think they wanted to deal with it. Will not be back.

  80. Erika Stinnett (KiTtY) 2020/08

    My doggys get excited when I pull into the parking lot which is a completely different reaction than other grooming places I’ve gone to. They love dogma!!!!

  81. Sarah James 2020/08

    Kindhearted, sincere, and friendly staff!

  82. Carolyn Martyn 2020/07

    Only groomer I will take my dog to. He is a giant baby and hates getting his nails done, but he is so comfortable with all the employees and they take such great care of him he never puts up a fuss walking to the back with them! These people are dog lovers through and through!

  83. Jacob Samuel 2020/06

    Wrigley is feeing extra handsome after his first haircut since before Covid. The staff at Dogma are super friendly and the facilities are nice and clean!


  84. Danielle Jackson 2020/06

    Love getting my dogs nails cut here, even if she doesn’t.

  85. Mary 2020/06

    We are new to the area and took our baby girl here for a much needed groom. Everyone was so nice from start to finish and our baby was so cute and obviously well cared for. We’ll be frequent customers.

  86. tichia brown 2020/06

    I’ve tried taking my two pitties everywhere in RVA, this is the ONLY place that was successful in bathing and trimming nails. They were my last resort before getting my pups sedated for nail trims. I brought one in the day before his bath to get his nails trimmed. I was a little hesitant at first, my rescue gets stressed out easily. The tech let me know he was getting stressed out and they stopped right then. That showed me they genuinely care and are not money motivated. They recommended cbd treats for his appointment the next day and they would try again. Day 2 was a success! I was beyond ecstatic with their results. I’ve recommended them to everyone I know.


  87. Liam Palmer 2020/05

    Wonderful staff and covers all of your pet needs. I’ll always bring my dogs here for grooming.

  88. Robyne Christie 2020/04

    I had my senior dog groomed for a few years and never had a complaint, but have taken my puppy 3 times over the past 3 months. The second grooming I asked to keep her longer and her body was just above being shaved! Yesterday for the third grooming they cut her top knot off. It had never been cut and I kept it tied up. The groomer hand delivered puppy to me which had never happened in the past and told me she cut it because SHE wanted to see my puppy’s eyes and she thinned it out which was not my instruction. I will be searching for another place to have my puppy groomed. I am beyond angry. I will never recommend Dogma Grooming to anyone again!

  89. Lucy Hughes 2020/03

    I’m from out of town and took my big pit baby to get his nails cut since he acts like I’m destroying his life when I try lol, and took care of him great he was so comfortable with then and he left happy as did I. Also all the staff were extremely nice and helpful. If I Iived in Richmond this would be our spot. Thanks!

  90. Mary Torres 2020/03

    Excelente, lleve por primera vez me princesa shih tzu, i me la dejaron lindísima, sin duda será mi lugar favorito para llevarla siempre


  91. Mary Tucker 2020/03

    Great people and dogs

  92. Benjamin Carr 2020/02

    Super friendly staff other than I’m pretty sure they lied to me when they told me my dog was cooperative. That, or my suspicions that the dog is carrying out a personal vendetta against me are accurate. She seemed happy, though.


  93. Nate Knight 2020/02

    Wow! Top notch service and the friendliest staff both foh and boh. I really can’t understand how they’re so fast in clipping nails but it’s insane and never once a bloody clip! They also have full service grooming, a pet needs shop, and a plethora of food and treat offerings. Go local and support Dogma at the top of Carytown, you will not be disappointed!!

  94. Russel Jackson 2020/01

    Daniel and Stacy are the best love them both and so do my doggys

  95. Jamieson Woodruff 2019/10

    Staff is super helpful. Highly recommend!

  96. Louise Lockett Gordon 2019/10

    I’ve never taken my 11 year old sheltie for full grooming because I was beyond paranoid that someone would shave his fur. I picked him up today and he looks like 4 year old! Amazing! They got after all his undercoat that apparently I was not getting down to. He looks fantastic and I’m sure will be a lot cooler. Best place in town for grooming.

  97. Katherine Carr 2019/10

    My dog comes home looking and smelling wonderful after being groomed at Dogma. All of the staff are really nice and animal lovers. They also carry a variety of cool products.

  98. Melanie Meyers 2019/09

    They do a great job with my dog, and staff has always been very friendly!

  99. Gloria Ruggeri 2019/09

    Dogma is professional and yet very personal. They do a great grooming job while also staying aware of each individual pet. We have been taking our pets here for years and are always satisfied.

  100. Frank Yaconiello 2019/09

    We are from Virginia Beach. They trim our dogs nails, with out our dog spazing out,

  101. Jordan Hunter 2019/09

    This is the only place in richmond where my dog will allow someone to clip her nails! I’ve tried petco, petsmart and a few other places but she doesn’t do well being on table and in a restraint (which I completely understand why). Dogma goes above and beyond to make my girl comfortable and calm. They never put her on a table and they have someone petting her on the ground while they clip her nails. Not to mention they have a very cute selection of items for purchase while you wait! Highly recommended!

  102. Crystal L Jaromin 2019/09

    Friendly staff, and love how much they care about my pops.

  103. Nicky DeRosa 2019/07

    They take great care of our buddy Andre. He gets pretty nervous but they make sure he is as comfortable as possible. Not to mention he looks amazing when his cut is finished.

  104. Bryan Rule 2019/07

    Super friendly staff and they really seem to care about the comfort of their dog patrons. Chewbacca is an Aussie-doddle, so he has a thick, fine top coat, and an even finer, downy undercoat, so when it gets long, it mats up constantly, even with daily brushing. The groomer spent a lot of extra time brushing and working out the problem areas, and I can tell, based on my pup’s disposition when he was done, that she took care in doing so.

  105. M W 2019/07

    Took my dog to get his nails clipped, service was great and incredibly fast!

  106. Karl Grooms 2019/07

    They gave me a price of 40 dollars to get my cat haircut on the phone.
    Once I got there to pick him up, the pice change to 50 dollars, they didn’t complete the hair cut., and my cat was was nervous for about 3 days. I no they handle him to side of was longer than the other side.

  107. mameemeow 2019/06

    Friendly staff members. Little girl always seem to be happier when she leave. Literally, she is smiling. She smells great , her breath smells great and her nails looks great. Prices aren’t bad either. I highly recommend dogma. Thank you for all you do. Thank you Daniel for taking care of girl on her last visit.

  108. Relling Westfall 2019/06

    Great chew toys for my Golden and wonderful grooming for him and my cockapoo. Staff is lovely and kind, when not very busy.

  109. Molly Marion 2019/05

    Walked in on a Saturday to get my dog’s nails clipped, very quick! We were in and out within 10 minutes.

  110. Tonya Gregoriades 2019/05

    They are friendly and my dog is never stressed after her grooming.

  111. Katie Fuller 2019/05

    I had called to make an appointment for my golden doodle, The man answered the phone and put me on hold 3 times before a lady came on the phone and said we’re going to have just call you back because it was in the morning and they had a lot of people to check in which I understood and left my number for them to call back but they NEVER did. If they would have just taken the few minutes it would have taken them to make an appointment instead of putting me on hold 3 times I wouldn’t have gone some where else. My parents recommended this place to us and we were excited for our dog to go some where that could potentially be a great experience for her but the customer service is terrible!!!

  112. Nicholas Rivers 2019/05

    Always get a great spa day for our little pupper! She always comes home smiling and with a new accessory (bandana, bow, etc.). Just make sure you plan well ahead, they book up weeks in advance!

  113. Adam Lapins 2019/05

    Always do an amazing job with our little dog!

  114. Summer Hollingsworth 2019/05

    I got my pomeranian groomed on a short notice on the weekend. Apparently you can book a part groom instead of a full groom on Saturdays. I absolutely love that option. The workers truly care about animals. If i didn’t live 45 mins away I’d love to work there. I shopped Cary St while my dog was groomed. CUT TO…a year later and got two of my dogs groomed this time. The staff was awesome again. Dropped off my dogs on a Friday around 9:15am and picked them up around 2pm. My dogs look wonderful and will definitely book again.


  115. Sarah Quiles 2019/04

    Great experience and lovely people! Pup enjoyed his time here and we had a very short wait.

  116. Vaporland 2019/04

    The only place I take our dog. Total pampered canine care.

  117. Darlene Queen 2019/04

    Best groomer in town

  118. jeffrey lewis 2019/03

    Lovely place

  119. Ross Mowchan 2019/03

    Great and friendly service

  120. Sandra Walton 2019/03

    They treat both my cat and my family excellent, though it’s a fight to put Runtly into his carrier he never fights with the young man who clips his nails. This place gets a thousand thumbs up grin us.


  121. Jesse Diaz 2019/02

    Great atmosphere friendly ppl

  122. Robert Gray 2019/02

    They treat my older dog as if they love her as much as I do.

  123. Andrew Newell 2019/02

    I asked for a trim and these people took a pair of clippers to my long hair, double coated border collie dog and now it looks like a large pomeranian, every inch. Who knows what my dogs coat will grow back as and how rough. You never use clippers on a dog like this you use thinning shears.

    I showed up early at 8am to drop her off so she would get done early and they tell me they groom large dogs last. What? How about in order of being dropped off?

    They ask for payment before showing the dog to you. I don’t know what that is about, god forbid they stand behind their work and show what you’re paying for.

  124. Stephen Page 2019/02

    The staff is always focused on the pets as the priority.

  125. Sharon and the dogs brewer 2019/02

    Always a great experience, Merrit takes extra time especially with our blind sweetheart!


  126. Miss Indi 2019/01

    My dog really likes this place and so do I. My only issues is that sometimes they miss spots around the ears.

  127. Kelley Johnson 2018/10

    The staff is very personable and takes great care of our dogs. They’ve never had a bad haircut in the two years we’ve been taking them there. My dogs can also be a little anxious but have never had any reservations about going to Dogma so I know they are treated well when they are there. I recommend them to everyone.

  128. Regina Tyson 2018/10

    I’m not sure how to rate them at this point. It’s a hate love thing right now. One, I’m not even from or live in this state but I️ do business in the area

    I️ only go now because it’s very true this is the best place “in town” to get your dog groomed. That’s just the honest truth. But I’ve always wondered why my baby always growls at the seems to be nice woman (can’t think of her name) and she never does that especially when she got the feel of who you are already. So I️ really started “thinking” their mistreating her.

    I️ talked to a few family and friends and they said I️ was over reacting so I️ continue to take her. BESIDES that I️ did get a feel of weird energy when I️ was in the store alone with all the employees one particular visit.

    One I’m not saying I️ was scared lol I️ just felt like they was not treating me the same as when other customers was in the store.
    The lady that my dog seems to HATE lol …just started talking about Charlottesville or whatever that town was where they got crazy beating on innocent black ppl and taunting them in the streets with kkk masks on ? soooo now I’m really like “ummmm yeah “. But in my mind I’m like WHY THE HELL would she bring that up? I’m Black, yes. She is white. And idk but last I️ saw (that day) everyone there was white. Then she just kept on talking about it.
    Honestly idk how to feel about them they seem so sweet and nice but me and my dog seem to keep getting bad vibes from them. I️ hate that because she always looks like a doll baby when they groom her ? I️ wish I️ can stay and watch her and that would make me feel a lot better but I’m not sure due to the topics they seem to like to talk about.

    On behalf of the things in the store. They don’t have many options but I️ guess it enough. I️ have a girl dog and never find nothing like make me super want it (my baby is a princess lol). The things are over priced if you ask me BUT it’s a small business and most places like are expensive so I️ guess that’s normal

    Well that’s my FULL review. hope it’s helpful to someone. No shade to the business but like I️ said grooming wise I️ can’t complain (besides the nails part they always need to round them cause she still be scratching me up) which I️ don’t thjnk is a major issue

    Oh yeah and another thing. They’re very popular so they seem to stay booked so I️ always would encourage to make your next appointment before leaving the store instead last minute calling. Especially ESPECIALLY during the holidays.

  129. Dober Man 2018/09

    Dogs are treated horrendously, left in cages for hours with neither a potty break or water…people are belittled and harrassed and Didi owner? or manager says she ahbors these behaviors in people due to her past…yet treats customers and …

  130. Lavender Hendricks 2018/09

    AMAZING place for all your petcare needs and services. My choc lab has black nails so I go here to get them cut. They also have organic snacks and other pet accessories.

  131. Melanie Armstrong 2018/09

    The folks at Dogma really care about all animals (and their people) and do great work.

  132. Charles Lawson 2018/09

    The place is great; the staff is the most knowledgable in Richmond, and the grooming also (customers include show dogs, and Richmond elites like governors); The low reviewers here are only upset because they are unable to read the hours sign (“walk in nail trimming Tues-Sat 11-4”) , or their own frequent buyer cards (all brands require 12 purchases).

  133. Diacell Winston 2018/08

    I really like taking my Cinnamon to Dogma the staff is always friendly, I feel that they really take good care of her and they always ask what we want done and I can trust that it’ll be doing well. Shout out to you Dogma staff!!

  134. Kevin Parks 2018/08

    DiDi and crew love what they do, and our fur babies appreciate the TLC! There’s a reason their schedule is full, and it shows? …

  135. Sean Nortness 2018/07

    First time visiting today. My doberman needed her nails clipped. Her anxiety is through the roof when it comes to hygiene. What takes me up too two hours at home was completed in under seven minutes. Super friendly and apparently very experienced staff. Calm, clean, well organized environment. Good pricing. Will be utilizing their services in the future. Thank you.

  136. Jessica Patterson 2018/07

    This place rocks! I found the store by accident one day and as a pet lover I couldn’t resist going in..and boy I’m so glad I did. This place is the best for any dog or cat need for sure!

  137. Lisa S. 2018/06

    The best groomer around!

  138. MyKayla Beschler 2018/06

    I just started working here. So far so good. Everyone is really nice and they love what they do. The few that I spoke with today have been working here for a little more than a year. That’s a good sign. I’m part time…I love taking my break with my favorite house cat here at DOGMA. Her name is Lolla I believe. She sits accross from me and welcomes me into the room when ever I come in.


  139. Nate Peterson 2018/05

    Fantastic! Everyone was super nice. My dog is normally super shy but she was giving everybody licks and almost didn’t want to go home. And she smells great!

  140. Lindsey F 2018/05

    I could not be more impressed with Dogma! Not only did my pup come out of his grooming appointment looking and smelling beautiful, he was happy and greeted the staff before he even looked at me! When I got him to my car he actually pulled me to go back inside. My dog can hold a grudge like no other, so I’m glad we’ve found a place he loves!

  141. Brittany Timmons 2018/05

    They are the best groomers I’ve been to for my Chow Chow Toby. He looks great!

  142. Robin Clarke 2018/04

    Extremely over priced,I ‘ll take my business to petco

  143. Jason Aldrich 2018/04

    As the resident pedicurist, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the clientele!

  144. Sarah C. 2018/04

    The employees are always awesome. The owner, I’m guessing, is always there giving advice and I can tell she really cares about her animals. They also recommended some pet odor candles they have and they work great! I’m loving them and I’ll be back for more!

  145. Cindy Loving 2018/03

    Best place in Richmond for all things pets!

  146. Jasmine Lewis 2018/03

    Customer for over 10 years! Would never go anyways else.

  147. brian martin 2018/02

    Super nice place. They are really sweet to all three of my fur babies.


  148. Scott 2018/02

    Spent 15 minutes on hold before finally hanging up and calling back. They must have forgotten I was on hold or didn’t care. I find that too long to wait and received no apology for having to wait. Went to get my dog’s food, which was for my free bag after purchasing 10 bags, but then was told I still needed to purchase 2 more bags!!! Their recordkeeping has been pretty poor, losing receipts and not marking my purchases on my card. The lady did end up giving me my free bag of food. Then when I asked about poop bags, she proceeded to show me Trump poop bags, which she thought was funny. I let her know I found them offensive. I dont care who you vote for, but I find this in bad taste to the Office of The President of the United States. I dont think a small business should be in the business of getting involved in politics. I wil shopping elsewhere. I know I can get better service and pay less at Chewys or Amazon with free shippping.

  149. Jack Lavelle 2018/02

    I haven’t been here but I seem to have accidentally posted a rating of this place and now I can’t delete it. I’m sure this is a great place to get your dog cleaned according to strict orthodoxies.

  150. Lacy Hickl 2018/01

    We love Dogma! The staff is great and they carry such a great selection of food for out pup. She loves being groomed here too! Couldn’t recommend them enough!

  151. michael heagney 2017/09

    Amazing and friendly staff. Cannot go wrong with anything they carry. They are a one stop shop for our 3 cat and 2 dog home. Stay Local!!

  152. Sue Edwards 2017/07

    Love the selection of dog toys and treats

  153. nathalie craft 2017/06

    The people are professional super nice…they love dogs…they CARE

  154. Faith Harris 2017/05

    Small, independent, excellent grooming services.

  155. Michael Hopkins 2017/05

    Kind staff, arrive right before closing to get dogfood and they let me take my time. Plan on using them for grooming, as I have heard good things from close friends.

  156. Cynthia Coldwell 2017/04

    The staff loves my dog as much as I do and she loves going to get beautiful. Also thorough and notice any budding health issues. Great advice, too!

  157. Brianna Rauch 2017/03

    My recent visit was my first time going to this groomer. I was able to schedule an appointment quickly for my dog. They asked me lots of questions about him to make sure he was taken care of. I had some requests myself for my dog’s grooming and they listened and made note of it for the groomer. They took great care of him and he looked so good when he was done. I even called to check on him since it was his first time and he can get nervous. They answered my questions and assured me he was doing well. I will be returning to this place!


  158. Wendi White 2017/03

    Love this place!!!

  159. Sarah Cary 2017/02

    So personable. Love their products. Love the staff.

  160. Moo Murray 2017/02

    Great groomers; fabulous selection of dog (and cat) food, treats, and supplies; knowledgeable and friendly staff.

  161. Erin Ramirez 2016/08

    Lila is the best dog groomer in the world. Her and all the people working there are amazing at what they do.

  162. Rhonda Groves 2016/08

    I love this place, and so does my dog! They do a great job, and truly love dogs. Plus, it’s a local business, vs. a chain store.

  163. Tom Lavan 2016/03

    Have taken our golden to Dogma for four years and always been very happy with the outcome. The staff and groomers could not be kinder – they LOVE dogs. Book in advance – they are always busy!

  164. Kirk Roberts 2016/02

    Everyone I’ve ever interacted with at Dogma is always happy and friendly.

  165. Jason Lowe 2016/01

    Weekend walk-ins for nail clipping is super convenient, and the friendly staff always take good care of our dog when we take her there. Great product selection as well, especially for food and treats.

  166. Mark Pennington 2016/01

    We have sent our dogs to Dogma for years with nothing but stellar results. One of our dogs is completely blind and the staff takes special care with Ernie every time we have him groomed.

    This is an amazing group of people and they love what they do.

  167. Kathi Shiff 2015/03

    I have taken two generations of dogs to Dogma over the years including a Bouvier, rough coated Collie and a large hound. The staff has always been AMAZING and helpful. Yes, on occasion they were busy and I’ve had to wait a few minutes to be helped. But, hey, what’s a few minutes when it comes to receiving excellent animal – centric service?

  168. emiller1024 2015/02

    I love Dogma because not only do they do a great job grooming our fur babies, but they really do care about the animals. We had a golden retriever who had cancer and the staff/manager suggested grain free food and even gave us free cans of food. We also had a 13 year old chow chow with bad arthritis that we brought in for grooming and they made sure she was able to sit/lay down a lot during her grooming session and kept her very comfortable

  169. Stephen Poore 2014/08

    Okay, really– this place rules. When we are in town from Chicago we make it a point to attempt to get a hair appointment for our dog, they are that good! Rarely do I give five stars but this place deserves it; from the intentional care of our puppy, to the amazing friendly staff– this place never disappoints. They do the best dog haircuts in the universe!
    Thanks Dogma!!!

  170. Connor Lilly 2014/02

    When I took my dog into Dogma they did an ok job and I want to stress OK. When cutting my dogs nails the trimmed them so short that one of them had bleed and then reopened when I got her home. I had some questions and was told I would have to come back to speak with a manager and I happened to be around so figured I would stop in. The woman I spoke with was extremely rude and unhelpful and she brushed off the fact the nails were cut to short making it out to be something super minor that “Happens ALL the time”. I will not be taking my dog back nor will I recommend Dogma to anyone.

  171. Gloria Guntinas 2014/02

    The only place I trust in RVA! best service, best love for all animals best everything all!

  172. Annie Oakley 2014/01

    Fluffy was dropped off at 9:00 as a shaggy mutt and picked up less than 4 hours later as a hansdomly groomed mutt. The staff was very gentle with him.

  173. lavera williams 2013/06

    I have taken my dog Heath to Dogma since he was 9 months old. Over the past 3 years I have been happy with their service. Last week I took Heath to get a wash and blow out as he had recently been cut down and therefore was not in need of a hair cut. When I went to pick up Heath, a very fluffy dog that barely resembled Heath was brought out. I explained that the dog was not my dog. The staff looked at me as though I was crazy and stated that there were no other miniature golden doodles brought in that day. I looked at the dog again and said this is not my dog. I began calling his name and giving him commands that he did not respond to; then I demonstrated that he wasn’t even answering to his name. The staff looked baffled. Finally, I stated that my dog was micro-chipped and I would be taking him to the vet to prove it wasn’t my dog. At that moment, she made a call and started inquiring about a dog that looked like mine that may have been picked up accidentally. After what seemed like an eternity, the owner, who was certain they had their dog, came back and I immediately recognized that she had Heath. Never once did Dogma staff apologize or express any concern. The staff’s boyfriend stopped by as it was after hours and she talked with him briefly but never showed any real concern about my crisis. I went outside to call my family as I was furious and did not want to express my frustration to her but never once did she address their mistake. My question is; how do you mix up 2 dogs if you are following protocol and labeling the crates? This dog barely resembled my dog so I guess the other owner was hoping to get away with a real jewel but was disappointed to find that I could not be fooled just because our dogs were similar. I will never go back to Dogma.

  174. Pierre Tremblay 2013/05

    I understand things happen and for one incident to occur for someone to write such a negative review is not fair to Dogma. I have been taking my 3 dogs to Dogma for over 10 years and they are the greatest. The staff are so friendly and truly care about my dogs. I am in line paying my bill and Didi takes the time with me, and great other customers as they come in, she is always so pleasant. I think my dogs are more happy to see Didi and Anne than me. Keep up the great work Dogma!!!

  175. Susan Sage 2011/09

    I have taken our Dachshunds to many, many groomers. Every Dachshund owner knows how much they can ‘whine’ during toenail trims. Dogma’s staff is professional and loving. They also have a WIDE variety of specialty toys, treats, and gifts for dogs and cats.

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