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Dog Lovers Obedience School
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  1. Jessica Smith 2023/12

    We started taking our 10 week old puppy to Dog Lovers Obedience School, and he’s now 7 months and graduating Intermediate! We’ve had a wonderful experience throughout. Emily is very knowledgeable and was so helpful with puppy tips and tricks during the puppy classes. We hadn’t had a puppy in quite some time, and it’s crazy how much you forget about training! Our pup can be a handful, but she was always patient and effective in correcting naughty behaviors as well as offering positive re-enforcement for his obedience. I also loved that they welcomed kids to class, as it helped both our daughters bond and take more ownership of having a dog. Our time at the school has definitely helped our puppy integrate into our family and we look forward to more classes soon.


  2. Ellen Tucker 2023/12

    Always a great experience at DLOS! Love their group classes and half day drop off sessions!


  3. Megan Seagram 2023/12

    We rescued a puppy a few months ago and knew she needed professional training ASAP. DLOS was highly recommended by some friends and I am so grateful! Gracie has built so much confidence and is SO amazing out in public when I take her places. People rave about how good she is for being only 6 months old! We love the DLOS team!

  4. sue matthews 2023/12

    Over the years we have taken all 3 of our labs to Dog Lovers Obedience School and our whole family has learned how to train and live peacefully with our dogs. Emily and her crew have such patience with us owners as she shares why dogs behave the way they do and then teaches how to control your dog. And there is no judging – she calmly explains why my way isn’t working and tells me what to do instead.

    Then after your dog has completed class and you are living life with your dog, Emily is still there to help you through any rough spots you experience. Sometimes that means a phone call or an email, or she might come to your home to work with you. There are also whole and half day training sessions if your dog needs a refresher session. Dog Lovers offers training from the puppy stage all the way through your dog’s life with support and help along the way.

  5. Jacob Whitney 2023/12

    Emily and the Dog Lovers team did an amazing job with half day drop off with my pup. On top of addressing my main concern of teaching the “drop” command, Emily also worked on loose leash walking, stay, and down. After the half day drop off I received a report card and was taught how to reinforce and improve the training that was covered throughout the day.


  6. Emily Alwood 2023/12

    When I got my puppy I wanted to start training him immediately and after doing some research on dog schools, we went to Dog Lovers and am SO happy we did. We started our dog there at 9 weeks and he is now 2 and the training paid off immensely. I am forever grateful!

  7. Forrest Clarke 2023/11

    Emily is amazing!! Love the classes, and Pepper has improved a LOT over the last 4 classes! Worth every penny! Thank you Dog Lovers Obedience School!


  8. Rosel Moore 2023/08

    Daniel is a wonderful trainer! We’ve been working with him for the past 7-8 months in a mixture of group classes, privates, half-days, and board & train sessions. He is very caring and gentle with my dog, safety-minded, and really strives to find the best training methods for us. He’s really helped build my dog’s confidence and lessened his reactivity. I’ve learned so much from him and that has built my own confidence in leading my dog and being comfortable taking him places with me.

    My pup has also done regular boarding with both Daniel and Emily. I never have any worries while I’m away.

  9. Robert Humber 2023/07

    The trainer was wonderful and my dog behaved better than I could have imagined.

  10. Ruth Schoenhaut 2023/06

    Daniel came to our home after I called, fairly desperately, because mt little Shih Tzu wouldn’t eat or drink out of her bowls. She was afraid to approach them. Within an hour, she was eating cheese out of her bowl. After 4 visits, her behavior has changed because of Daniel’s teaching and our being more consistent with reinforcement. Call Daniel if you have any problem with your dog’s behavior. He is wonderful!

  11. AKA fisheater1 2023/05

    Not good with communications regarding evaluation fees ($40) for puppy classes. Hopefully they are better with training dogs.

  12. MD Taylor 2023/05

    Thank you to Daniel and DLOS for the amazing job he is doing training my furbaby. She was a bit of a handful, but thanks to Daniel’s expertise and insight into the dog and owner relationship, she’s becoming a well-behaved and obedient girl. We have done ½ day drop offs, working on specific issues, confidence building as well as basic commands, and they take them on field trips! She did e-collar board and train with Daniel, WOW, we got back a different girl! We are very pleased with her progress and about to start the intermediate class. If you’re looking for a top-notch dog trainer in the area, look no further than Daniel and DLOS!

  13. Shelby Rusher 2023/05

    Daniel and Emily are amazing! They have so much patience and really help you understand the “why” behind training tools. Our puppy just graduated from Beginner Classes and we are so grateful for all the help Daniel provided us to ensure our pup has confidence. They are also great for Half-Day Drop-off classes if your pup needs additional help on certain lessons. We are now headed to Intermediate Classes and plan to continue working with Dog Lovers as our puppy grows/matures.

  14. Lore Quillin 2023/05

    My service dog in training Ruthie and I graduated from beginner and intermediate classes with DLOS. Both Emily and Daniel were familiar with service dog training, and offered a balanced training approach, which is exactly what I was looking for. They offer a flexible schedule and both trainers complete continued education on a regular basis which is always good to see!


  15. Libby Baughan 2023/04

    I cannot say enough great things about Dog Lovers. My notoriously difficult to train frenchie puppy has been going to group classes and half-day drop offs with DLOS for several months, and her obedience is night and day. Daniel has also given me, as her owner, the tools to continue training at home (where the most important work happens). I can see the difference in my puppy with each class, and am so extremely proud of what both her and I have accomplished with the help of Daniel and Emily. We graduated beginner and are now moving through intermediate classes–something I never could have done without DLOS and its amazing approach to training. They know their stuff, and it works.

  16. Sarah Allen 2023/04

    My dog spent a week with Daniel and I could not be MORE thrilled with the results. He was able to provide her a great foundation so I just stepped in to replicate what he taught me. My dog is so much more calm and enjoyable to be around. THANK YOU SO MUCH DANIEL!!! Misty is a big fan!

  17. Danny Wahlquist 2023/03

    Excellent classes and private lessons. Daniel Edgar has been incredible with our Beau!

  18. Jason M. Krumbein, Esq. 2023/01

    Excellent training, using positive reinforcement of command.

  19. Kaley Rosenthal 2022/11

    My pup Remy ran away from Dog Lovers Obedience School in November 2021.
    Emily, the owner, did not reimburse me for my return flight or associated expenses as a result of my dog going missing for 4 days while under her watch. Nor did she compensate the trapper who gave up 3 days of her time.
    Adequate preventive measures were not put in place – ie multiple doors and baby gates) until months after Remy’s escape.
    I did appreciate her search teams’ help looking for Remy but this should never have happened and was 100% preventable.
    If the wonderful tracker Carmen Brothers and Kelly Jones weren’t called in by my best friend, I don’t think we would have Remy back at home, safe and sound.
    When Emily finally resolved this matter with me, I will remove this post and pray that this does not happen again while dogs are under her watch.

  20. Arlene Goldberg 2022/10

    Danny is a knowledgeable and patient trainer.

  21. Nemer Muallem 2022/10

    Caring, professional and dedicated team of dog trainers. We saw almost instant improvements with our fur babies. Highly recommended for training classes and boarding.

  22. Tyler Meighan 2022/10

    Emily helped my wife and I with a rescue we adopted that was having issues with anxiety. We were not familiar with tactics and strategies to help ease her anxiety, so we reached out to Emily for help.

    After attending a private session that taught us some strategies to try and implement while at home, we left and immediately began implementing them. It was very apparent it was helping from our perspective immediately, but the real sign her anxiety has improved was when friends and family that knew Athena before we took her began commenting on how much she had improved.

    The knowledge and expertise of Emily were very apparent, and helped make what was becoming a serious issue, something that we could better handle.

  23. Richard Newcomb II 2022/10

    Emily and DLOS are, in short, amazing! She is patient with and dedicated to all of the dogs she trains. We needed some help with our rescues and definitely came to the right place! She has even worked with us 1 on 1 to prepare for bringing our baby home, helped as the official “dog wrangler” at our wedding, and my sister-in-law has even driven her dog to RVA on three separate occasions for board and train specifically with Emily. Emily was also an advocate for my wife when she was viciously attacked by a dog she was fostering then slandered online by the organization she was fostering with. Thank you, Emily!!

  24. Drew Brasfield 2022/10

    We have used Emily and Dog Lovers Obedience School for training and other pet care needs with our German Shepherd for the past four years. Group training classes were great and a lot of fun. We also always get a lot out of occasional private training sessions with Emily, who customizes those to our needs and is always able to teach us some great training techniques! Emily is also our go-to for boarding when we go out of town but can’t take our dog with us. There is no one we trust more to watch him than Emily because we know she takes great care of him. He always comes back tired and happy!

  25. Kate McMillion 2022/10

    We have been clients of DLOS for over a year as we progressed with our labradoodle from a typical puppy to the obedient family dog we desired. We first had private puppy lessons with Emily in/at our home during COVID, beginner and intermediate group classes, and just finished our first board and train session last week. We have worked with Emily and Daniel (who both have amazing patience) with great results. I found DLOS through recommendations and have recommended them myself as the experience has been rewarding for both owner and dog. An added plus is kids are allowed to participate in the sessions which means the whole family has ownership/understanding of the rules/boundaries, instead of just watching from the sidelines.


  26. Brianna MacPherson 2022/07

    Emily helped us with our very needy schnauzer! Highly recommend for any pup!

  27. Jane Farer 2022/06

    I do not doubt Emily and Daniel are solid trainers for your typical dog training needs- sit, stay, walk well on a leash etc. However, if you have a dog with a specific issue (in my case a 9 pound miniature dachshund with aggression issues) they may not be the best match. In a high stress situation at my house, I was not happy with how it was handled- my dog was pulled up into the air and was was being choked while hanging from the leash. They also had strong opinions about my dog’s behavior and were in disagreement with vet recommendations. Emily was kind enough to recommend a different trainer. Just like in many situations when you hiring someone to help with a problem, a lot of it is about “fit” –and Dog Lover’s Obedience was not a fit for us.

    Adding edit in response to Owners Comment:

    8.17.22 Hello DLOS Team, I appreciate your comment regarding training before meds… I think most would agree. However we have different perceptions of the incident which occurred during your visit. First, one of the dogs was muzzled… and the likelihood of “serious injury or death” seems dramatic with two small dogs. Secondly, the dogs were already separated when Emily pulled him up by his leash/collar. So, her action was not a maneuver to separate- it was after the fact. Finally, there was plenty of opportunity to discuss the reasoning of this action, however that was never done. I don’t feel like I should have had to ask, especially since I yelled out “don’t choke him” when it was occurring. I do not feel like I left you a “bad” review but instead tried to give a realistic portrayal of my experience. I am sorry if you felt otherwise.

  28. Mary Searls 2022/06

    I have known Emily for many years, initially through puppy raising with CCI. My family used a trainer to work with our very high strung rescue dog and were very pleased with the training and care given! By pure coincidence, we found out that Emily took over this school and was now running it! Emily and her staff have given me the tools needed to truly enjoy and work with my dogs. Emily talked me through a very difficult loss of young dog that I loved and preparing my home to welcome a new puppy. Even as someone who has experience raising dogs, I will ALWAYS go to DLOS with any new dog in my life to give him/her the best start. I frequently come back with new questions and Emily is so responsive and compassionate. The difference I see in my dogs that have gone all the way through training and my dogs that were just trained at home is substantial. I recommend DLOS to ANYONE and everyone! My family is so grateful for Emily, her staff, and this school!


  29. Tom Newton 2022/04

    Clean, professional, friendly, skilled.

  30. Will 2022/02

    I’ve been to 4 classes with my puppy and we’ve learned so much! Classes are fun and each one has been unique. Daniel has been so helpful, I highly recommend their puppy classes!!

  31. James H 2021/12

    We trained our dog here 11 years ago and it was the best decision we made. It has made all the difference in having a well trained, obedient dog. When I’ve met neighbors walking their unruly pumps, or should I say being walked by the dog, I’ve always suggested that they consider Dog Lovers Obedience School and tell the how it has helped us. Ownership has changed since the original owners retired, but the new owners have kept the praise based training. Recommend the basic obedience class.
    Other services are offered but a bit on the expensive side.

  32. Anne M 2021/06

    Emily and Team are results-oriented and very knowledgeable about dog behavior. In the few months I have been working with them, I am so much better equipped to handle my dogs successfully, or at least not to let anything get too far off the rails, and DLOS is always there when needed! The process has been fun and positive. Congrats on 10 years! Thanks for all you do for us and our canines!

  33. Jessica Engle 2021/06

    We’ve used Dog Lovers for both of our dogs for group and private lessons and have been very happy. Emily and her team are professional and extremely knowledgeable. The group lessons are helpful for both the dogs and their humans! We have recommended to several friends over the years and will continue to do so. Great experience!!

  34. Shankar Swaroop 2021/05

    Great place to get young puppies trained. We are so glad we found this place. Just what we needed for our new addition to the family.

  35. Bridget A. Watts 2021/03

    Don’t waste your time on the group puppy classes. We wasted so many weeks trying to get our puppy to behave with minimal guidance and help. Invest in Off Leash K9 Training instead. Our dog is amazing now!

  36. Monica Klisz 2021/03

    I am training my 5th dog with Dog Lovers over the course of 23 years. Emily, Daniel and Mary and wonderful trainers and are firm, reasonable and make training fun. The dogs truly enjoy watching their owners figure out canine communication, make time to practice, and feel proud when their pups shine! I can’t say enough about this school.

  37. Cole Turner 2020/12

    Both puppy playtime and obedience classes are well done to help dogs’ social development.

  38. Lena Vandevander 2020/10

    So patient and kind!

  39. laura wilhelm 2020/06

    Does not care about their clientele would not recommend to anyone prices may be good but the reason they’re so good is because there’s no refund if services are not rendered correctly

  40. Dorothy McCarron 2020/03

    Awesome experience with Dog Lovers Obedience School. Emily is extremely accommodating and she really takes the time to understand your dog.Definitely one of the best dog trainers in the area, especially for the price.

  41. Jennifer Collins-Lovings 2019/10

    We really enjoyed puppy class. Highly recommend.


  42. Kennedy Roszkowski 2019/10

    My husband and I loved this school for our dog Luna after rescuing her late last year. We noticed shortly after getting her that she had some leash reactivity and was easily distracted. We learned and reinforced basic commands with the beginner class. Emily also worked with us in a private e-collar training class for off-leash training. It is amazing to see the transformation in Luna and we love the comfortability we have on walks. We highly recommend this school to anyone and everyone!

  43. Crystal’s Pets 2019/09

    They a great trainers. They are patient to fine what works for each dog.

  44. Christopher Tweel 2019/07

    This is a great school with a relaxed environment. The dogs we’ve had go through their program have had some amazing results. The trainers are knoweledgable and kind, and can give extra help for troubled pups on a steeper learning curve.

  45. Angela Schubert 2018/10

    My 6 yr. old did the puppy class w/our German Shepherd. We liked it.

  46. Jayne Kirkland 2018/06

    Emily is great. We adopted a puppy from the SPCA, and we found out we had a wild puppy. Emily is helping us to train her. I would recommend Dog Lovers to any new dog owner.

  47. Angelia M Kersey 2018/06

    Emily is amazing!! My dog has learned a lot from her but more importantly, we as a family learned a lot from her. She is the best! She helped us become the best companions for each other!!


  48. Joe Brognano 2018/05

    Emily is great to work with, our dog is progressing which is because off her knowledge.

  49. Sarah James 2017/11

    I have used Dog Lovers for their puppy classes and board and train program and have had excellent experiences with both. Emily is extremely professional and worked (very patiently!) to find the perfect training tools/techniques to fit my puppy and me. My pup adored the program and loves going to class! I’ve recommended Dog Lovers to several dog-owning friends and I plan to use them again in the future for their intermediate classes.

  50. Thomas Ruff 2017/10

    Emily is great with the dogs and knows many different methods to get your dog trained.

  51. Carli Pegram 2017/10

    We attended a class with our pup and it became very clear to us within the first few minutes that this was not the training facility for us.
    There were 20 dogs (and owners) packed into a pretty small room. There was very little guidance on what was going on at all or what training methods were going to be use. The class started with us walking around in a circle to practice loose leash walking. We use a harness with our pup so it’s pretty easy to keep him from pulling, but other than us keeping the leash tight to keep him close we received absolutely no guidance or training on how to loose leash walk. We just kept the leash short, which isn’t training our dog anything its just physically keeping in him closer to us. We then had to stop and sit. Our puppy hasn’t learned sit yet, that’s why we were at a training class…. We stopped and our pup didn’t sit, no surprise, so the instructor came over and said “have him sit”. Seeing as he doesn’t know the sit command, he just stood there. The trainers response was to yank him up by his collar until he gagged and shove his butt onto the ground. If I had wanted to physically force my dog into positions I could have done that at home, I don’t need a stranger to do that. We didn’t go there to be taught how to shove our dog onto the ground in a sit position he went to train him to sit.
    We went through a few other activities with pretty much the same outcome. Someone’s dog didn’t listen so she came over and physically shoved them into the desired position, or the dog wouldn’t listen so she sprayed it in the face with bitter apple spray.
    The last straw for me was when she was trying to demonstrate “leave it”. She would put a treat two inches from the dogs nose and if the dog reached for it she hit them in the face. I get the concept she was trying to get across, but it was clear that the dogs had no idea what was going on and some of them were even frightened. There wasn’t even a consistent command with them being hit in the nose, so how were they supposed to know better.
    I get that everyone has different training styles, but the style of Dog Lovers Obedience school is not for us, and to be honest I find it incredibly hard to believe that hitting your dog in the nose or spraying them in the face in an effective way to gain their respect or train them in any way.

  52. Alpha Love 2017/05

    Emily is a great teacher and very knowledgeable!

  53. Daryl Watkins 2015/07

    We have now taken 2 of our puppies through 3 classes with Emily. She is consistent, thorough and really understands how best to emphasize the importance of the relationship between dog and owner. We are about to sign up our youngest puppy for his intermediate, off-leash class. I would HIGHLY recommend her for any training needs!

  54. Trish Blackwell 2014/06

    Excellent school and teaching. We drove 45 minutes each way to get to Dog Lovers Obedience School and were quite pleased that we did. Emily, the owner and instructor is fabulous and really gets the difference between breeds and training styles. She helped us successfully train our stubborn little terrier without the use of food / treat motivation. In just 8 classes we made a tremendous amount of progress and loved the personalized touch and flexible scheduling Dog Lovers Obedience School provides. We will definitely be continuing taking classes through Emily and highly recommend her school.

  55. Melanie Reilly 2013/09

    Our puppy is about to complete the Beginner Obedience class and we could not be more pleased. Dog Lovers is about the same price as the other obedience schools, and so we picked this one based on their range of class times. The quality though, has been great. Emily, the woman who teaches most of the classes is so knowledgeable and patient. The class has been so encouraging and we’ve learned so much. Since choosing a school was difficult for me, I definitely wanted to give this one 5 stars for others who are looking.

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