Dog Krazy, Inc.

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Dog Krazy, Inc.
4.8 based on 384 reviews
  1. Roy Dale Maitland 2023/12

    Never going back to this place again

  2. JRK JRK 2023/12

    Amazing staff!!!

  3. Sid Wilroy 2023/12

    Awesome place – they had the freeze dried nuggets in stock and gave me a coupon

  4. Jase J 2023/12

    Great local fur baby store. Greatest staff, very helpful.

  5. Hannah Quigley 2023/12

    The staff are always welcoming and helpful. We have started bringing our dog here for nail trims and they do a great job.

  6. Jessica Recore 2023/12

    Oliver is a grooming life saver!!! Our pittie hates having his nails done and isn’t fond of grooming, but he RUNS to Oliver with his butt wiggling at top speed and throws himself at Oliver. Couldn’t be happier to have found this gem of a store and groomer when we moved to town! (The themed photo shoot is the best “gift with purchase” I’ve ever received too! We eagerly await the results after every session haha)


  7. DJ Sleep Ez 2023/12

    Great customer service and equipment is easy to use to wash my dog

  8. Tabitha Terra 2023/12

    SUPER helpful associates and I love supporting local.

  9. Mikaela Peters 2023/12

    I cannot recommend the carytown team enough! Gabe is always incredibly friendly and accommodating, and Oliver works absolute miracles with my incredibly melodramatic dog’s nails. They will always be my go-to shop as long as I’m in Richmond. Amazing service and incredibly friendly people 🙂

  10. Nico Rivera 2023/12

    Oliver showed lots of love and respect for our little girl, Doja!


  11. Katie Megnin 2023/11

    The staff are very helpful and love on our pups whenever we take them in. The groomers are great!

  12. Cheryl Baumgardner 2023/11

    We love Dog Krazy in Carytown! Our groomer Oliver is the best and our dog Yogi loves it there!

  13. Liz Benedetti 2023/11

    Friendly, helpful service and nice selection. Love a local shop with personality!

  14. Alicia Gruenwald 2023/11

    Lovely local shop!

  15. Goldie Mendez 2023/11

    New person at Carytown location is so sweet!

  16. pam lieberman 2023/11

    Oliver did a great job with a skittish five month old Cleo for her first bath. We will be back!


  17. Sul Lim 2023/11

    Very friendly 🙂 …

  18. Ben Keller 2023/11

    They are the best and are always so good to us and our dogs!

  19. Emily Satterwhite 2023/11

    Phenomenal customer service and a great selection of high quality products for your pup!

  20. Stiven Almonte 2023/11

    Great treats and very helpful staff. Always nice to see have and Kate when we vusit

  21. Lana G. 2023/11

    Best pet shop, tons of toy options, treats, and the staff are super nice. Emily was so sweet and helpful 🙂

  22. KiingM 2023/11

    Great spot, love the service..

  23. Michael Simmons 2023/11

    Our favorite dog store in RVA. The staff always go above and beyond! They spoil our dogs with treats and love! Excellent customer service!

  24. Caitlin Viele 2023/11

    We switched to Dog Krazy after being disappointed with the service at a popular local grooming business and I’m so happy we did. I love that Dog Krazy books by appointment time, so my dogs are not in a crate the entire day. Oliver always clarifies how I want them cut and does a wonderful job. Most importantly, my dogs are excited to go, and are well cared for. I especially love the photos they send as well


  25. Jean Thompson 2023/11

    Best pet store in Richmond!!

  26. Andrew Duong 2023/11

    Emily the cashier was super friendly!!!

  27. Ty 2023/11

    Great store and excellent staff. Emily was so nice and helpful!

  28. tonya bramblett 2023/11

    Emily and Cynthia were so helpful and loved on our senior chihuahua. ♥️

  29. Alexis Rattler 2023/11

    Thank you Emily and Cynthia Bruce is going to enjoy his new bone and treats. We love dog Krazy!

  30. Keys Pattie 2023/11

    Great staff, tons of goodies, Flintlock & Dot are fans!


  31. Karen Sokohl 2023/11

    Kate and Gabe are rockstars and treat Woidy like a prince and spoil him
    Rotten! Thank you!


  32. Sarah Preston 2023/11

    Kate and Gabe were a great help during my visit today. They were attentive, kind and provided great recommendations for treats and toys. The store had a great selection, and I’m excited to go back.

  33. Katelynn Jarrells 2023/11

    Oliver is incredible!! Took such amazing care of my sweet pup, who tends to be nervous! Makes me feel so much better knowing she is in good, caring hands. Everyone there is so welcoming and wants to help. I love dog Krazy cary town!


  34. Owen McG 2023/11

    So many great, unique items! Emily was very friendly and helpful.

  35. Virginia Arrington 2023/11

    Kate is my fav

  36. Liz Orsi 2023/11

    Love, love, love, dog crazy. Friendly staff, excellent grooming and great food selection.

  37. Chrissie Simmons 2023/11

    Great place to shop for your fur babies!

  38. Alex Bonilla 2023/11

    Emily was amazing and helped us with our purchase today!

  39. Sarah 2023/11

    Absolutely LOVE this store! Service is excellent, Emily was great and helped me locate new great items and convenient service! Will continue to shop here!!

  40. Rebecca S. Keller 2023/11

    Just left the store, Kate was great! It’s always wonderfully helpful when you have someone who’s knowledgeable to help you with items in the store. Always enjoy my time at dog crazy!

  41. Monica Macia 2023/11

    Oliver did and amazing job with Lilo. We just moved and this was the best grooming that my cockapoo has had. Thank you!


  42. Jonathan White 2023/11

    Kate was great!

  43. Eileen Myers 2023/11

    Kate was super helpful

  44. N S 2023/11

    Helpful friendly employees and an awesome self service dog wash.

  45. Slate Simmonds 2023/11

    We love this store! Every one is so friendly and accommodating. We always enjoy picking up dog food here and feel so welcome😌✨ …

  46. Anna Zaptin 2023/11

    Dog Krazy is my favorite Richmond dog store!! We haven’t brought our new rescue into a lot of shops but this place is a perfect environment for shopping with pets. They have everything here from fun toys to essentials like toothbrushes. The staff is so incredibly nice and helpful. They immediately gave our baby some treats!❤️🐶 …

  47. Tori McKeand 2023/11

    We are visiting friends this weekend and we stopped in Dog Krazy with our Frenchie Geno. The store is clean, flowed well and they have lots to pick from. Both ladies were super friendly and helpful. Geno is celebrating his 1st birthday and we got lots of great treats!! We will be back to shop again!


  48. Joe Stinson 2023/11

    Kate was great

  49. David Joyner 2023/11

    Great advice, friendly people

  50. Shauna Maines 2023/11

    The only store to go for dog enrichment!

  51. Zay 2023/11

    Dave and Kate were amazing! So knowledgeable and helpful

  52. Greyson Jalette 2023/11

    SUPER AWESOME STORE!! Cynthia was super awesome and helpful and helped me find exactly what I needed:)

  53. Lauren Issa 2023/11

    Everyone here is so nice and helpful. Today, Kate helped me and was great to talk to. Thanks all!

  54. Angelica Aguilar 2023/11

    Love love love this location! Super well organized and such a lovely staff. My pup and I love visiting!

  55. Talal Dernawi 2023/11

    Gabe and cynthia were more than helpful in finding all my needs, and gave me helpful tips on keeping my pet safe and clean. Would definitely recommend the store to people looking for more than just a petsmart with basic needs

  56. Mesja Vega 2023/11

    Thanks to Kate, Cynthia and the other lovely worker who helped us this morning with Winston and finding the right treats for our big boy!


  57. Jenell Crews 2023/11

    Emily was super great and helpful

  58. S. 2023/11

    Thank you for taking care of the cat people, Kate!

  59. Miriam Bonano 2023/11

    Love Dog Krazy! Always so friendly and helpful! 🙂

  60. Ashley Cambra 2023/11

    Very helpful and friendly. Thank you Emily for helping us with our leash questions!

  61. Darren Pearson 2023/11

    My go-to pet store in Carytown with a great selection of Fromm dog food. Super friendly and helpful staff, too!

  62. Val Sevilla 2023/11

    Oliver did an amazing job! Check out the cheetah prints! They’ve lasted four months so far.


  63. Kathryn White 2023/11

    I have been taking my boy to Dog Krazy in Carytown for years! Every other week we go in for a nail trim and a treat and he is greeted with nothing but love from the entire staff but especially Oliver and Kate! He’s been through many years of training but can still be reactive in certain situations and the staff is always so kind and sensitive to his needs ❤️


  64. Wendy Sue S 2023/11

    Pearl loves this place

  65. Shari Gonzales 2023/11

    Gabe was so helpful!!!

  66. Stacy Eastway 2023/11

    Very friendly helpful staff

  67. Kathleen McLynn 2023/11

    We got treats and pets!
    – Birdie and Molly

  68. jp menendez 2023/11

    They have puppy pies! Got one for Frankie as he turns one today 🐶 …

  69. Christy Forrester 2023/11

    Was looking for a place with great dog treats! Cute store and helpful folks with a wide variety of awesome treats!

  70. jasmine void 2023/11

    I love this place for all my fur baby’s needs! Everyone here is so incredibly helpful and knowledgeable on just what my German Shepherd puppy might want or need. As well, this is the only pet store in RVA that sells her TN-locally-owned pet food! I’m so glad this place exists and would recommend anyone with a dog to go here! And bring your fur babies!!

  71. Cara Bloomer 2023/11

    Paws up for this place!

  72. Rebecca Randolph 2023/11

    Always helpful and awesome!

  73. Nicole Holstein 2023/11

    Love this store. Their dog bath is a machine from the future and by far the easiest way to bathe your pup. Plus their toy and treat selection is amazing.

  74. James Fraser 2023/11

    Very nice people and a great store for the pups!

  75. K Coleman 2023/11

    Our dog’s favorite spot to get treats! Kate is so pleasant and kind to our senior pup.

  76. Jennifer Wampler 2023/11

    Kate was very helpful

  77. Tamar Beecher 2023/11

    Friendly and helpful staff!

  78. Sunny Morales 2023/11

    Convenient self service pet wash! So friendly and helpful.

  79. Amy Smith 2023/11

    Super helpful and friendly staff. Wide variety of treats, toys, and things for your fury friends!

  80. Victoria Perry 2023/11

    Great cat toys!

  81. Rian Slate 2023/11

    They always have the best dog toys and treats, stuff you can’t get at the big chain stores like Petsmart. The staff is also so friendly!

  82. Brian Allen 2023/11

    Honey was very pleased with the selection of toys they had for her to pick from for her birthday!


  83. Allison Beale 2023/11

    Dog Krazy is our pup’s favorite store. Whether they’re open or not, Tater is always headed straight to their door on a walk.

    On the days we can go in, everyone who works there knows Tater by name. They’re all fabulous at answering our questions; from the best dog food for him to which harness is the perfect fit.

    Tater also goes for grooming with Oliver and is always excited to see them. He loves feeling fresh and we love the photo shoots after!


  84. Mike Jabbur 2023/11

    The best!

  85. Ashley Lascano 2023/11

    Emily was great! Very helpful 🙂

  86. Brad Nixon 2023/11

    OUTSTANDING customer service! Emily was so nice and helpful!

  87. Dean Branch 2023/11

    Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Always a pleasure going to the store and they have a great rewards program.

  88. Marshall Williams 2023/11

    Best pet shop in Richmond! Great products, friendly staff, and baked treats that my dog loves

  89. Denise Dempsey 2023/11

    Love it here!! Great selection of toys, treats and food. Also, the self use dog bath is phenomenal.

  90. Christopher Barton 2023/11

    The staff are incredibly nice and always super caring. Gabe at the front desk has remembered me and my pup every time we walk in and takes care of anything we need. Sarah is always super thorough with his cuts and insuring he is comfortable and we are happy with it. Highly highly recommend for anyone looking for a place to get their dog groomed or just check out all the amazing options for food, treats, and toys they have!

  91. barry myers 2023/11

    Very customer friendly

  92. Heather Simko 2023/11

    Super friendly staff!

  93. beth k 2023/11

    Clean and easy! Kate was very helpful! Nice self bath

  94. Amber Mason 2023/11

    The staff are always so helpful and caring!! They spoil my pup with treats and love!! I take all my dog clients here!

  95. Meredith Meller 2023/11

    Great staff and nice store with lots of options for your pup. Luke is a happy boy after eating his pig snout!


  96. Kendra Honaker 2023/11

    Kate helped me find the perfect birthday treats for my dog!

  97. Maggie Clemmons 2023/11

    Oliver is the best and always has Oakley looking sharp and smelling great!

  98. karim sultan 2023/11

    Emily was so helpful

  99. Cyrus R 2023/11

    Cynthia helped me out today to get a cat toy for my kitten!

  100. Makayla Keller 2023/11

    The sweetest staff!!

    That always remember coda and give the best recommendations!

  101. Brittney Everhart 2023/11

    The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. I was informed on the sales as soon as I entered. I was excited to find the products I was looking for.

  102. Amber James 2023/11

    The best pet store! Our local go-to since we live so close by and they always have exactly what I need. Very friendly customer service as well!

  103. Justice Craig 2023/11

    Great place!

  104. Olivia Brassingram 2023/11

    Best in the bizzzzz!

  105. Michelle Campbell 2023/11

    They’re Cat Krazy, too! Great friendly service! Easily told me where to find what I was looking for & helped me make a choice. My kitties love what we brought home!

  106. zack cochran 2023/11

    Great experience, very helpful

  107. Amanda Rush 2023/11

    We always feel welcomed at Dog Krazy!

  108. Amy Lawson 2023/11

    Kate was great at assisting us with all our needs. 5 paws all around!

  109. Marshall Francis 2023/11

    Best dog store in town! Everyone that works there is extremely helpful and kind. My pup LOVES their homemade treats, highly recommend!

  110. Kim Hearn 2023/11

    I bring my dog here regularly for grooming and always have a great experience. Oliver really goes above and beyond, even doing a mini photo shoot after the grooming. All the staff are so friendly and knowledgeable, and I know my corgi appreciates the treats they give her every time we visit!


  111. Aaida Tesfa 2023/11

    Kate was great!

  112. N R 2023/11

    Very friendly staff

  113. Woppy 2023/11

    Awesome place to visit and get some quality toys. Very charismatic workers and just an overall great vibe.

  114. Angie lillo 2023/11

    Very friendly, attentive and helpful staff

  115. Justin Sikkar 2023/11

    Very helpful and kind to our dog! They always have treats to give to your dog

  116. Audrey Huang 2023/11

    Kate was so helpful and nice! We always love getting something for the pups when we’re out of state and are so happy we stopped in here!

  117. Lauren Tharp 2023/11

    Awesome shop! Super easy to wash your dog and loads of cute and unique items. It is extremely nice as well.

  118. Megan Fleetwood 2023/11

    Such a lovely store!!! I have been a customer for a couple of years now, and everything has always been really nice. Lately though it’s been EVEN NICER!!! The staff are super friendly, but the manager Emily is the sweetest! We recently switched our dog (he has no teeth, and is 15) to a different type of wet food, per Emily’s recommendation, and he is absolutely THRIVING. We even added some pumpkin to his diet too. She always has those 12 cans waiting for us every other week, right on time. Such a warm environment and you feel welcomed 🙂 will continue to be a customer!!!

  119. Sherri Singleton 2023/11

    Kate is awesome! Thanks for always being so kind.

  120. Eileen Orta 2023/11

    Kate was the sweetest!! Wish there was a Dog Krazy store in Miami!

  121. Brian Hunt 2023/11

    Best place to go for our treats and food. Great customer service.

  122. Rick Hill 2023/11

    My pup and I love the staff at Dog Krazy! They are so inviting and love on each pup that comes through the door. They give knowledge recommendations on the products they sell. The grooming experience has been the best I’ve encountered so far. I will continue to be a customer.

  123. dickie martinson 2023/11

    Kate was awesome help!

  124. Mikaela Barboza 2023/11

    Always super friendly staff! Come in probably once a week

  125. the scribe 2023/11

    Tons of dog supplies for our new puppy and a very helpful staff!

  126. jonathan burnett 2023/11

    Gabe was “Krazy” Helpful!!


  127. Jeanmarie McFadden 2023/11

    Self serve wash is the best I’ve ever used. Kate was super helpful!! Great place!

  128. Josh Carter 2023/11

    I’ve been going to dog crazy exclusively for all of my dog’s needs for about the last year now, and I have always been content with the quality of products and the extremely personable service provided by the staff! Emily is an absolute delight.

  129. Crystal Payne 2023/10

    Love this place and Kate was extremely sweet and helpful!!

  130. natalie w 2023/10

    We went to Dog Krazy to use the self-wash dog station. It was a breeze! The teammates showed us everything and answered all our questions. They even checked on us once to make sure everything was going fine. I will definitely make this part of our routine and be back soon.

    Thanks Dog Krazy!

  131. jason K 2023/10

    so friendly and helpful, good selection

  132. Tyffany Rigsby 2023/10

    Absolutely awesome, friendly staff and such amazing finds!

  133. Reina Melgar 2023/10

    Me and my partner have been coming here for a couple year now. Everytime we are absolutely overjoyed by the selection, employee enthusiasm and tips. Today in particular we came across a wonderful person by the name of Logan who gave us recommendations on chews based on his knowledge and own experience with his dog! I’m from MD and I was absolutely excited to know a store like this exist. Everytime I’m in there it’s hard not to come out with anything! I highly recommend this place to everyone with a pet!

  134. Joyce May 2023/10

    My dog was struggling with allergies with certain meat protiens. The staff at Dog Krazy is very knowledgeable about this and steered us to a food that worked great for.her!
    They are not only knowledgeable but they care!

  135. Molly Greenspan 2023/10

    I visited Dog Crazy the first time recently. The staff is amazing friendly and really care about animals. I will definitely be back.


  136. J W-R 2023/09

    My little guy had such a nice time here
    Everybody was super engaged and helpful
    We will definitely be back for a walk in nail trim or grooming session again

  137. Samantha Pappas 2023/09

    I’ve been taking my puppy Gigi who is now 5 months old for the past two months and Oliver has been AMAZING with Gigi. I am always nervous because Gigi is still so young and can get nervous in a new setting but Oliver is phenomenal, updating me throughout the whole process and is so gentle with Gigi especially if she needs a short break. 1000/10 recommend Oliver at dog Krazy.


  138. Ellett Mcgeorge 2023/09

    My family and I have been coming to this location for years now. Oliver has done such an amazing job each and every time grooming our Gambit! Great store for you and your pup to check out next time you’re strolling through Carytown.


  139. Cewheatley 2023/09

    Friendly staff. Very knowledgeable. Will shop here again.

  140. Paul Lee 2023/09

    A wonderful store with everything you need for your doggo. The staff is great and the took great care of my dog who needed her nails trimmed.

  141. Mandee Bratton 2023/09

    I seriously love this store! I desperately needed a groomer earlier this summer. I understand the high demand for groomers as someone who also works in the animal field. I was thankfully able to get my cavvy, Liam, in to get groomed right before my vacation in May. I met Oliver, and i don’t think i’ll be looking for a new groomer anytime soon! They are always so attentive to what i want to have done with my boy. Even as far as asking about his medical needs/restrictions ! I know Liam is well behaved, but he’s getting up there in age and I know he’s a bit more anxious than his younger years. I’m always so happy with how he looks. I LOVE the ‘photoshoots’ (i share them with all my coworkers who love him almost as much as I do) and it’s a plus to get some shopping done and go out to eat around Cary Town knowing Liam is going to look his best when I pick him up!

  142. Edna Wray 2023/09

    Nice place and people with a unique product stock.

  143. M 2023/09

    I took my two boys for long over nail and face trim. Oliver did an amazing job on our first time there.. We appreciate it so much. Thank you..

  144. Danise 2023/09

    Amazing Pet Store in the Heart of Carey Town! From the moment my spouse and I walked in the door, we were greeted with the most exceptional customer service, support and enthusiasm.
    The prices were more than affordable & and there’s SO MUCH to choose from. We were definitely happy we choose here over Petco.
    Best Decision made all week!
    We will definitely be back!
    Hopefully you will too!

    ~ A More than Satisfied Customer

  145. Abigail Heird 2023/09

    We love our time at Dog Krazy! Oliver is the best groomer around. Our pup, Mila, had always struggled with the groomers. We would have to groom her at home until we found Dog Krazy and Oliver. Now she loves going there. And they always get the best pictures of her!! Highly recommend going to Dog Krazy!!


  146. Sam Moyer-Kardos 2023/08

    Best grooming experience for my nervous goldendoodle! Sarah is an experienced groomer and handled Daisy very well. Very patient with my sweet but scared pup.

  147. Mike Decker 2023/08

    Vary nice little store my pup loved it!

  148. Lauren Rique 2023/08

    Friendly and knowledgeable staff!!

  149. BusterEllaAndHudson Shields 2023/08

    We absolutely love Dog Krazy! Our favorite thing to get while here is Steve’s Real Food frozen raw! 10/10 recommend Dog Krazy Stores!


  150. TIFFANY HITAFFER 2023/08

    Deceptive business practice for VIP day. Came in when they opened. It was quiet, no one seemed particularly busy. Asked about the bag rules, fill your bag and whatever fits gets a 20% discount. My Fromm’s adult gold, 15lbs usually costs $29.99, which was indicated by the tag on the shelf (did some quick math to make sure it made sense to buy the small bags over the big one I normally get). Got rang up and noticed the bag that was marked was ringing as 34.99. I told the cashier that the tag said 29.99 and someone across the room snapped, we changed the prices yesterday, they’re all online. To which I replied, oh so it makes sense that you increase your prices before a once in a quarter sale. Sure. I was met with silence. It’s not the cashier’s fault. But, just take the tags down, don’t lie to peopl and tell them they’re getting 20% OFF OMGWHATADEAL!!! Blatantly encouraging us to fill the bag with food that they just marked up %20 percent anyways so it’s not really a deal. It’s bad business. I felt guilty for leaving Dogma for a chain store. At least dogma is honest. Shame on me.

    Update 7/29/23: I would like to say first that the staff is nothing but helpful but after my review, I received an email apologizing and offering me a store credit to make up for the difference in price (despite the reply to this post). I decided to go in and use the VIP day. Grabbed the July aPaw-thecarie ($5 off a $15 item). So I got my bag of food and a anti itch shampoo from the wall, marked at 17.99. of course it rang in at $14.99 and isn’t eligible. So the cashier and I go through four more bottles, ALL MARKED ABOVE $15 therefore should be eligible. But not a single bottle was priced as marked. It’s just exhausting trying to give them another shot. Oh, and there was no credit on my account. Shock and surprise. Fin.

  151. Nolan Rheinish 2023/07

    Everybody in the store was very friendly and excited to meet my fur baby!

  152. K HALL3 2023/07

    Excellent selection!!

  153. Melissa Albanese 2023/07

    5 starts for Dog Krazy, 10 for Oliver the groomer. Thank you for grooming Meepo, and for his post-grooming photo shoot!


  154. Michell Dorn 2023/07

    Friendly people and great atmosphere

  155. Rachel H 2023/07

    Went in to buy a gift for my brothers dog’s birthday. Super friendly staff who showed me around! They also have dog beer (broth) for those wanting to share a drink with their pup!


  156. Walker Pogue 2023/07

    •Gentlemen at the counter was engaging, hospitable, and informed.
    •The space was intimate but well stocked, never felt the need to run to Petco, etc.

  157. Sara Mackenstadt 2023/06

    I’ve been getting my pup groomed here for two years and they are the absolute best! She’s had a couple different groomers and they’ve all been great.

  158. Jordan Amor 2023/06

    I’ve frequently bought supplies here. Everyone is very helpful and friendly. A few weeks ago I used the self-service dog washing station for the first time. The employee gave great instructions on how to use it. Super convenient! Will be back!

  159. Random Mermaid 2023/06

    Did the self dog wash, very nice and clean! Staff was very helpful when I had questions. Will definitely go back and recommend

  160. Mike Lang 2023/06

    Super friendly staff, great homemade treats. Unfortunately we’ve had to visit the veterinary surgeon next door a few times so this stop makes the trip a little sweeter!

  161. Atsy88 2023/06

    Nice little shop for items not usually carried at the big box stores. Friendly staff.

  162. Alex Cooley 2023/06

    We love Dog Krazy. Everyone is always so nice and helpful. The only place we buy dog food and treats from! They also do walk-in nail trim appointments which is so convenient.

  163. Daniel Becker 2023/06

    Fantastic dog-centric pet store. Great selection of quality foods/treats. Their groomers are fantastic, our pup comes out looking fantastic and all happy. Not stressed (or sedated) at all.

  164. Joyce Bowman 2023/05

    Would give more stars but the older lady that works there is not very friendly

  165. Jack Fitzpatrick 2023/05

    10/10. Amazing and easy experience that took all the stress out of getting my dog groomed. Did a fantastic job with my anxious pup, they were even able to cut his nails which no one can do!

  166. Brenda Burgner 2023/05

    These folks are great! They are very dog centered … caring, knowledgeable and skilled. Dog Krazy offers a variety of supplies for my fur baby from toys to birthday treats to just plain ole dinner.

  167. Samantha Lebarron 2023/04

    The ladies working today were full of excitement and good vibes. My dog lola was a little timid at first but she slowly eased in and laid on the floor at check out. The ladies even gave me a discount on my order being my 1st time. I was very impressed and I will go back again the next time i’m in town.

  168. Melanie Culbreth 2023/04

    Sarah is so amazing. She is a great groomer and my pup loves her.

  169. Benjamin Funai 2023/04

    I have to give a big shout out to Oliver at this Dog Krazy location! My dog has intense anxiety when he leaves me but always has a great grooming experience here. Also, in a world where customer service is close to non-existent, Oliver will text/call me as things come up with regards to scheduling, treatments, etc which I 100% appreciate 💕 PS- the report card/photos they send afterwards.. amazing!! Thanks Oliver 🙂


  170. Nicole 2023/03

    Cute store, some employees aren’t as helpful as they could be… I’ve been to this location 3 times now, last time I had a huge order and had to carry it all out to my car myself.

  171. Ren May 2023/02

    Went in one day on a whim and ended up changing our dogs lives forever. I fed my dogs Hills for years and my pit always had skin issues. I asked them what they would recommend and the kind lady behind the counter told us it was likely chicken. She recommended a lamb or seafood diet from a natural company. She told me the owner is a pet nutritionist or dietitian and only carries the best. That was about a month ago and we’ve switched our 3 cats and 2 dogs to food recommended by them. We’re now saving money and the difference in our animals health and energy is night and day. We do not go to any chain pet stores anymore this is our only spot.

  172. Tiff Hitaffer 2023/02

    Knowledgeable staff.

  173. Mona 2023/01

    Amazing service! My dog Kylo got a bath at Dog Krazy and they did a wonderful job even though I’m sure he gave them some trouble. Thank you so much!


  174. Sawyer 2023/01

    Oliver treated tater tot like family, welcoming him and giving him treats. His groom was impeccable and he came home very relaxed and smelling great

  175. Vincent Klug 2022/11

    Solid dog store. Everything you would expect. Good for treats and toys but I was a little disappointed in their collar selection.

  176. Danielle Wilcoxen 2022/11

    Very friendly and helpful staff. Nice selection of high quality foods, toys, treats, and things. My dogs absolutely love the duck feet they carry.

  177. Joanni King 2022/11

    I have been a customer of this business for a few years now. I began at the Stafford store and the staff there is amazing! But the Cary Town location staff customer service is HORRIBLE. I drove two hours to pick up some food for my fur babies and called ahead to ask if I would be able to purchase food close to/just after close (no more than 5 minutes)…(1) the young lady that answered the phone was fairly rude (2) she kept me on hold for long period of time (3) “the system will not allow us to process payments after 7pm”. I asked if I purchased online prior to close and pick it up no later than 7:05pm could that work. She tells me “they are not allowed to do that”. I WAS IN SHOCK. Stafford would NEVER! Every time I come to this location the customer service is HORRIBLE. Borderline racist. My bag purchase records is never correct. I have been on “bag 1” for the size that I purchase for a while now. Never received my free bag. Never complained about it because I would be purchasing a bag of food anyways. I am not trying to be a stickler here but its only five minutes. If this had been the stafford location they would have allowed it no questions asked. This experience genuinely makes me not want to purchase anything from their stores ever again. ESPECIALLY not at this location. I wish Kayla from Stafford location could train this staff on customer service. This store needs help.

  178. Carlos Olave 2022/09

    Love stopping by this place every time I’m in Richmond!!! Amazing customer service too 😃 …

  179. Victoria Case 2022/09

    The best!! Everyone there is so friendly and helpful and loves dogs. It’s a. Great vibe.

  180. Londyn Carter 2022/09

    Oliver did a great job on my yorkie pup. My baby was very relaxed after pickup. Happy customer.

  181. Meredith Lackie 2022/09

    The selection is stellar. As new pup parents, it can be overwhelming to pick out all the things. Cindy was so kind and gave us informative advice for toys, treats, & a harness for our pup. We really appreciated her tips and came home with several of her suggestions. Thanks Dog Krazy team!

  182. Alexis Gonzalez 2022/08

    Everything for dogs

  183. C M 2022/07

    Nice staff

  184. Nick D 2022/07

    Best dog-wash I’ve seen. Once you try it, you won’t use the standard dog washes again. Staff greets and loves all of the pet visitors. (They greet the people too). Very helpful and friendly.

  185. Molly Manuse 2022/07

    Had a wonderful first grooming experience at Dog Krazy. I showed up a day early by accident but all of the staff was so kind, giving my nervous dog treats and pets and making her feel at home. When we went back the next day for the actual appointment, Ginger was wiggling non stop and so excited to go in and meet her groomer. The employees clearly love and care for all of the dogs and I feel so comfortable bringing Ginger back in the future.

  186. Hilary Scott 2022/07

    This is such an awesome dog/cat supply store. I came in to get my dog a special treat for his 1st birthday after finding this shop online. The treats must have been really delicious because he seemed to enjoy them a lot. They had a very nice selection of things, the staff was very nice and helpful in answering lots of questions I had about grooming and such. Also thank you to the sweet lady for giving my kids stickers and being so nice to them.

  187. Gregory Wegener 2022/06

    Amazing, as always!

  188. Lee Kimball 2022/05

    Great place for dogs and dog lovers.

  189. Soraya Dubois 2022/04

    Love coming here. They always have great advice and are super helpful and paitient.

  190. Amanda Rising 2022/04

    Great selection of pet products and super helpful and friendly staff

  191. Tyler Ponte 2022/04

    My dog decided to lay in a mud puddle today… Dog Krazy made it super easy to wash AND dry him without the hassle or mess of doing it at home! The self service dog wash is my new favorite thing. The staff was also was very friendly and helpful!

  192. Seph Smith 2022/03

    The customer service at DK is top shelf. I purchased a pretty expensive bag of dog food for my dog and he had an allergic reaction. They allowed me to return the food and gave me a refund. They really didn’t have to do that, but they did. I’m grateful for this store. Thanks!

  193. Sydney 2022/02

    I usually love this place for the self dog wash. Had an uncomfortable/aggravating experience this time around though. Was on the way back from picking my dog up and wanted to stop in HERE specifically, a small biz, for a car treat for the pup. Quick in and out was the plan.

    My dog’s picky with treats so I stopped briefly at the front treats, kept moving then went around the whole back section. There were 2 associates just standing at the front the whole time – a group of 4 shopping together then another (non brown) female. I noticed as I started walking towards the fridge area (happens to be more out of sight of the front counter) one associate started walking to the back then walked into the back room as if going to do something, then instantly popping back out to walk to me and ask if I was looking for anything specific/needed help. Me.. the solo brown girl. Not the group of 4 friends, not the other female who’d arrived after me. He followed with “I just wanted to make sure you ALL were finding what you needed” while only making eye contact with me.

    Maybe I’m overreacting/thinking.. but I left feeling singled out and wondering why I was the only asked if I needed help. Having worked in customer service.. I see a couple things that could have avoided making a customer feel like this. 1) greeting at the door and asking if there was anything you could help with at the start.. since it appeared you both had down time and weren’t actively assisting anyone 2) when trying to make sure ALL of us were finding things, maybe address the group “can I help anyone find anything? Is everyone doing ok?” To avoid singling anyone out.

    Idk. Had gone in planning to give them good business and instead left feeling rushed and only buying 2 treats.

  194. J Mo 2022/02

    They had unique things my dog would enjoy. Very friendly and informative staff. And the prices are very affordable. Looking forward to my next visit.

  195. Robin Keegan 2022/02

    I went to have my dogs nailed trimmed for only the second time. Needless to say she was a little nervous. The groomer took her back and after about 15 minutes came out. They explained that pup was a little nervous and wouldn’t let her touch her paws. They didn’t want to push it because it would make it more difficult for her to become sensitized to the process. They could tell I was a little nervous too and responded so well to me. They coached me how to help her be more comfortable. Although she was unable to get her nails done, I was so grateful that they put my dogs safety and comfort first. They also explained that because I walk her on cement so much they really didn’t need much. Sometimes customer service looks different and I was glad they managed the situation like they did.


  196. Judy Parker 2022/01

    Fun and easy dog bath
    Update they increase the price of the dog bath.

  197. Amelia Shoemaker 2022/01

    I took my dog here to the self service pet grooming station this past Sunday. On Monday he broke out in a terrible rash. $300 vet bill later-… he has a bacterial skin infection most likely caused by unsanitary grooming tools. Really disappointed that their grooming area is obviously unsafe.

  198. Theadora Allaway 2021/12

    The vibe of this place has completely changed in the last year. The amazing dog loving staff has all left and every time I’m in it seems to be run by the owning family with a moody middle school age boy stalking me around the store while his dad(I think) keeps asking where I’m from. Used to drive from VAB to RVA to bring my dog here and now can barely bring myself to walk in when I’m in the area.

  199. D M 2021/12

    Love this place. Everyone knows my dog and her story, they’re super knowledgeable, not pushy on items, and are always happy to be there. Kudos to the owner for running such a successful place.

  200. Jada Coleman 2021/12

    We brought our Oakley a rabbit toy from here typically he tears through his toys within the first day but this one has lasted going on a month and he absolutely loves it, also the staff are wonderful!

  201. Victoria Walsh 2021/12

    The staff at made my senior pup feel at home, right away. Everyone petted him and said hello, as soon as I gave over the leash, he was comfortable.
    They listened to everything I had to say about him: going deaf and blind, dealing with early stages of dementia, and separation anxiety issues.
    They took amazing care of him and he was so calm!

  202. Christina Buonomo 2021/11

    Amazing lil fur baby shop!!!!

  203. Melanie Koch 2021/11

    Nicest staff. Good service. If they don’t have what I need, they order it in for me. Everyone wears their masks !!!!

  204. Patti Gordillo 2021/11

    While visiting my daughter in Virginia, stopped in to get some treats for my dogs waiting for me in Michigan…great selection of products, toys and treats….Good prices also..

  205. Lexi Oakley 2021/11

    Love this place. The employees are so kind and helpful, the environment is clean, they are always well stocked and they have the best selection of food, treats, and supplements I’ve seen of any pet store in Richmond. They have a self serve dog wash that is very simple to use, and they also have professional grooming services available as well. Excellent spot, and I get to support a small business by shopping here 👍

  206. Jenna Johnson 2021/10

    Happy, clearly dog-lovin employees. Used the self wash and got our dog’s nails trimmed perfectly. Super happy! My only request would be some stuffing-less plush dog toys for my shredder/thrasher of a pup!

  207. Hannah Sellars 2021/10

    Brought my pooch in here for the self service dog wash. It was the first time for me and my dog, and it was a super easy process! All of the employees are super nice and will answer any questions with tons of info. I’ll def be a regular here! AND they have tons of goodies

  208. Dani Girl 2021/10

    I am so happy I spent the extra money to have my baby, my doggy, in some of the best hands in richmond! Not only was Ashley attentive to my needs for my dog but she seemed to create a more calming and understanding air that even my dog with special needs felt better about. my dog came out of the back of the grooming facility looking better than she ever has out of multiple groomers over the past 13 years. Everything about this place expresses heartfelt pet Care sentiment. I’d be silly to go to any other grooming facility.

  209. Elizabeth Lucas 2021/09

    Everyone who works here REALLY love dogs and it shows.

  210. Dawn Howard 2021/09

    Friendly staff good prices great stuff to choose from

  211. Jonathon Shauserger 2021/09

    Great service and great products. Artemis loved it there

  212. Tom Campbell 2021/09

    Convenient little pet shop in Carytown. Nice selection not found at larger chain stores. Great customer service.

  213. Nicki Dydak 2021/09

    Best pet shop in town! 100% worth a visit. Bring Fido and watch them freak out! Love the big selection of natural dog chews and Asia was super helpful when it came to switching my cats food. 😻😻😻 …

  214. Coleman Clark 2021/08

    Very helpful staff

  215. Darnella G 2021/08

    Great store with friendly staff

  216. Anthony Abell 2021/08

    Wonderful people and a great puppy rest stop!

  217. Jacob Arno 2021/08

    Very cute dog shop with neat variety of treats

  218. Joseph Owens-Sturgill 2021/07

    Best of Richmond!!

  219. Justin Miller 2021/07

    Great job with Lucy

  220. Becky 2021/07

    Friendly helpful staff. Groomer Shanice is wonderful with Gina our little Shih Tzu.

  221. Kevin Divins 2021/07

    Great place to get unique pet products! The employees were nice and friendly!

  222. Armin Hartmann 2021/07

    My pupper needs it, they got it. What’s not to like?

    Also, friendly service! And I haven’t even tried their neighborhood delivery service yet.

  223. Sherelle Miles 2021/07

    Been shopping here for almost 2 years. Love that they ship my doggies order to me. That way I don’t have to drive out there, even though the stores are nice.

  224. Carmelo Piccione 2021/06

    Helpful, accommodating staff with several high end raw cat food options.

  225. Michael Woolridge 2021/06

    Nicki did an excellent job with making sure I had as much assistants as possible with my two bullies! Great place!

  226. Cambria McCue 2021/06

    Dog Krazy is our go to for all our fur baby needs!! We love this store and their online shop is easy to use for recurring orders!

  227. Kavya Graf 2021/06

    Got a birthday box from Dog Krazy and my dog loved it. Also the only place that I was able to find a dog birthday hat. Thrilled that there’s small business as cool as this one so close to me!


  228. Brett Bowman 2021/05

    Awesome place

  229. Katie Lind 2021/05

    Best pet shop, knowledgeable staff!

  230. Lauren McKenna 2021/05

    Always friendly, ever helpful staff. Love th3 groomers, too!

  231. Maya 2021/05

    I love Dog Krazy. It is nice supporting smaller business. They do lots of random fun sales and have very active customer service.

  232. Carlo DeLeon 2021/05

    Awesome store. Asia was great. She helped us get treats for my doggy’s birthday. Friendly place. Will definitely come back. Thanks!

  233. Danielle Kirrane 2021/05

    We had a great experience this morning using the self-serve dog wash. The tub/space is perfect for keeping your pet inside & safe. Great price at $10 for 15 minutes. Much better than washing at home. Would highly recommend, we will definitely be adding Dog Krazy to our routine.

  234. Anthony Brennan 2021/04

    Nice selection friendly staff

  235. Julie O'Brien 2021/04

    Good products & great customer service!!

  236. Sarah Freshley 2021/04

    Has everything your pup might need & great customer service

  237. cathi walker 2021/04

    I made an appointment 6 weeks in advance to have my dog groomed. Once I arrived the groomer I scheduled the appointment with was grooming another dog.

    The ‘manager’ came out to tell me a series of stories as to why my appointment was not with the groomer I scheduled. Negative experience and I will not return.

  238. Tisha Richardson 2021/04

    It was a sad experience because I had to put my dog to rest. The staff were so kind and sweet. They took great care of us and our pup. Even after we lost our dog their care was great. They sent us a card.

  239. Raychel Santangelo 2021/04

    Me and my boyfriend visited Dog Krazy this weekend, SO excited to get the very best for the newest member of our little family, but had not a clue where to start as our little pup will be our first. The overall atmosphere of this establishment to the employees was amazing, but I really wanted to post to brag about our experience with Julie. Julie approached us after a minute or two of wandering (and looking very confused I’m sure) and asked us if we needed help finding anything – WELL after 45 minutes of giving us her undivided attention and answering all of our questions/concerns and recommending very specific items to the breed/weight/age of our pup – we left the store with everything we could ever need and more knowledge than we thought we needed! The passion Julie has for her job is very rare to find in today’s world, but makes all the difference in providing Dog Krazy customers with the “5 star” experience. We can’t wait to be life long customers, and we can’t thank Julie enough for all of her help! This place is amazing 🙂

  240. Antonia Hermes 2021/03

    This place always has the cutest treats for your pup, and my cat’s favorite catnip toys are here 🥰 …

  241. E Meacham 2021/03

    The staff was super friendly. They have a lot of food, toys and treats to offer. The self-serve dog wash is a great idea! Next time I will have to bring my dog with me.

  242. Lisa Rawlinson 2021/02

    Lots of great choices for the doggies, staff super nice and helpful

  243. Jenna Dawkins 2021/02

    I love this shop. Employees are super friendly and they’ve got unique items.

  244. Bishop S. JaNine Hyman, Ph.D. 2021/02

    Very friendly, helpful staff. Quaint little place in the heart of Carytown. Prices are a little steep but overall a positive experience.

  245. Lauren Bell 2021/02

    Very friendly, animal- loving people here. Love the selection and my dog enjoys visiting too.

  246. Rachael Bell 2021/02

    Love this place! High-quality, nutritionally appropriate food and treats for your dogs and cats. Friendly, knowledgeable employees are always sweet and helpful

  247. Leah Argabright 2021/02

    After searching through nearly 30 stores, I chose Dog Krazy. This shop exceeded my expectations and have earned a lifetime customer!! The owner is a licensed pet nutritionist and her staff is high knowledgeable about current health and wellness services for your companion. Krazy great selection of treats, foods, and toys to stimulate your pup!! Specialty baked goods in all shapes and styles – we chose mini cigars, a slice of pie, and some grilled cheese sandwich treats 🙂 I would recommend this store to any pet parent who takes their fur babies health as seriously as they take their own. Whether you’re a veteran owner and well instructed on the latest care or just starting out Dog Krazy is the place to be!!

  248. Brandee 2021/02

    I always love coming into Dog Krazy. The bulk treat section is the main reason I visit, as they always have an awesome selection of quality pieces that my pup loves. Also, everyone who works there is so kind, patient, knowledgeable, and eager to help. I wish our budget allowed for them to be our sole purveyor of pet products, because their service is unmatched.

  249. Mia Jones 2021/02

    Love this place! They have all kinds of healthy food, plus toys and unique treats. Huge selection. The staff are so genuinely kind and welcoming and helpful. They do nail clipping and grooming as well. They also have some cat stuff 🙂


  250. Marizet Stewart 2021/01

    Great place to stop for your furing friend great costumer service 👍 …

  251. Rosemary Lofton 2021/01

    I apologize whoever saw the last post I had the wrong place it was intending for another company again I apologize for any one that saw that post . I have been to Dog Krazy, Inc. Many time and I was very impressed with the place everything was nice and neatly stacked up and in order it didn’t smell like a animal that even been there and the people are very nice as well so yes I will highly recommend this place

  252. Ross Tanner 2021/01

    My pup loves this place! Especially all of the “Honey I’m Home” treats. They always have a high quality selection here. My go to Dog store!


  253. Benjamin M 2021/01

    Always friendly staff and all you can ask for.

    Only negative is that they seem to be short on Zignature large bags of Kangaroo formula. First place I’ve had an issue with in that regard.

    I typically park in the abandoned lot of Sauce & Toss rather than curbside.

  254. carmen canino 2021/01

    When my boyfriend and I walked into this store they barely greeted us. Another couple walked in right after us and they greeted them in a much more enthusiastic tone than us. Not thinking much of it, I noticed that the same employee had been watching us the whole time. When I was checking out, the cashier accused me of stealing and when I told her I literally had no idea what she was talking about she said must’ve been another couple. I then took my items and said “thank you, have a good night” and she then said absolutely nothing. I’m pretty sure her name was Naomi (which was on my receipt) but I’m overall unsatisfied and will never spend my money there again.

  255. Michael Peddle 2020/12

    Let’s of choices and helpful staff

  256. Mary Wallace 2020/12

    Great service, easy to use self-washing service for your dog.

  257. Jason Mapes 2020/11

    Staff is helpful and the have and abundance of healthy food and toy options.

  258. Jeffrey Akwuegbu 2020/11

    Absolutely the best place for your animals always feel welcome and take great care of our dogs

  259. Julie Streeter 2020/11

    Super convenient local delivery offered from their Cary Town location (within a certain distance of the store) makes for easy shopping experience when you still want to support a local business but avoiding shopping inside during covid. After deciding to switch our dog’s food brand (that we were getting from another store) we are happy to be able start buying from Dog Krazy and to continue shopping here in the future.

  260. Erin N 2020/11

    A great place to support locally and get fresh bones and chews for your dog! Only downside is that the employees can be very pushy and make you feel like you need to buy stuff that you ask about. Though I believe this is how they are trained, it’s not something you expect or want in a local shop

  261. Virginia Poodles and Doodles 2020/10

    Cute place

  262. Lissa Searfoss 2020/10

    Unique items for your dog and great customer service

  263. Evelyn Leggett 2020/10

    Helpful staff, great products with a large selection, and many cute dogs. I will definitely be going back.

  264. Justin 2020/10

    First time at this store and I was thoroughly impressed. With the selection of products and the knowledge of the staff. I will definitely be coming back. Service was excellent

  265. Carol Nicely 2020/10

    Love this small business. We come here for all our dog needs and are never disappointed. Great staff. Great selection/variety. Great quality… and if something were to be subpar they always remind me to bring it back so they can make it right. I have yet to need take them up on this. I recommend this place to everyone, and can’t say enough good things about this establishment!


  266. Amanda Reynolds 2020/10

    Dog Krazy in Carytown is simple the best!!! Our fur baby Nacho loves coming here and actually starts to wiggle and scream with joy when we pull up and he drags me in the door. They have a large assortment of treats which are his thing, along with really cool birthday items, and overall dog needs. The staff is very helpful and informative. They also have an amazing self dog wash station that made it possible for us to actually bathe our dog ourselves. (The celebrity voices guiding you through the process also helps!) Cannot say enough how great this place is!


  267. Ramon Araujo 2020/09

    Always enjoy going in

  268. Jean Haynes 2020/09

    Always helpful and knowledgeable with a great selection of items.

  269. E Bringard 2020/09

    Super cute place, the associates are always friendly and helpful. They have very cool gifts and treats that you can’t find elsewhere

  270. T.L. Reed 2020/09

    Dog Krazy is my favorite pet supply store in Richmond because of its people, treats and the best dog washing machine I’ve ever seen. Of course, I’ll probably only get to use it once because now my dog knows what it is and won’t go near it. Lol

  271. Tiffany Cutts 2020/09

    My dog Beamer and I love coming to the Short Pump store every week! Staff is very friendly/knowledgeable and always gives Beamer lots of love! I really like that they have a variety of items and Beamer is always trying out a new treat!

  272. charles cleveland 2020/08

    Friendly and knowledgeable staff, great products, and great location. The prayer wheel preceding the exit is a pleasant touch.

  273. Tomas Pizzani 2020/08

    These people have to be the most helpful,polite,.and really care about your dogs needs, and of course the owners needs. They’re really fortunate to have found this place.

  274. Gee Pleasant 2020/08

    They were so knowledgeable and understanding. The best customer service that I’ve had in a long time. They have definitely gained a customer for life

  275. Julienne W 2020/08

    They love my pup Shiba so I’m showing love back. They have a great selection of dog foods, toys and specially items.

  276. Sam Pillow 2020/08

    I love Dog Krazy! The friendly staff always recommends the best toys & treats for my new pup. Shop local!

  277. Valerie Sadid 2020/08

    I love this place they are so friendly, their services are great and the self serve dog was is the best! They have a great selection and great quality products. I highly recommend this place for your pooch!

  278. Hailey Tait 2020/08

    We loved it!! Great, friendly service. We got our little doggies some nice new harnesses and a bag of treats! Our boy looked very sharp in his harness! 😁😎😉 …

  279. Toan Phan 2020/08

    Dog Crazy is located conveniently in Carytown, and has some of most helpful people working there thank you Jamie for helping me pick treats and the correct food for my pit lab’s dietary restrictions! 10/10 Would recommend to all pet owners!!

  280. Chris Marchetti 2020/07

    Good merchandise and nice folks.

  281. Stephanie Russell 2020/07

    What a bunch of lovely young ladies that work here. And very knowledgeable.

  282. Foster Billingsley 2020/06

    Great local store with almost anything you need for your pet. The staff is personable and patient.

  283. Jake Wilcox 2020/06

    Very helpful staff, and all items are made with your dog or pet’s health in mind. They offer in house grooming and self grooming if your dog isn’t comfortable with a groomer.

  284. Sarah Ouellette 2020/05

    Friendly staff and huge selection of treats. George definitely agrees and can’t wait to go back again.


  285. Kimberly Jameson-Dean 2020/05

    Just visited their new Short Pump location today. Amazing supply and variety!!! The staff was super friendly and polite. Grand opening gift bag was available with a $50 purchase. Of course I hit that mark, but I was THRILLED with the goodies in the bag! FULL size treats and toys along with at least a dozen different samples. WELL WORTH the $50 purchase!!! I look forward to returning!!!

  286. Katie Collins 2020/04

    I have been shopping for cat food from Dog Krazy for three years now and it’s all thanks to Jamie, a wonderful employee that’s worked there for years who turned me on to the store and a healthy way to feed my pets 🙂

  287. Matthew Smith 2020/04

    The selection quantity and quality is awesome. My three dogs love the freeze dried duck feet. The sales woman convinced us to try out a duck head too and they went crazy for them! I would definitely recommend stopping by any time you are in Cary Town and treat your four legged friend.

  288. Kristina Allred 2020/03



  289. Elizabeth 2020/03

    Cat owner review! It’s not just all for dogs!! I’ve purchased nice quality cat treats and cat toys from this store, treats that are otherwise unavailable in your typical chain pet stores. Highly reccomend the freeze dried treats that have all sorts of uncommon options like ahi tuna, rabbit, chicken hearts/livers, etc. It sounds gross but my cats love it and they’re great for vitamins and minerals. If you are shopping for dogs they have a pet wash in store, fresh biscuits and treats, a huge variety of uncommon treats and chews that I have yet to really see in Petco/Petsmart, and the prices are great!

  290. Peter Wall 2020/03

    Incredibly helpful and knowledgeable staff make this pet supply store worth visiting. Food and mix-ins are high-quality and come from reputable sources, treats are all local or made with simple ingredients, and there’s a great selection of toys, coats, boots, and other accessories. A dog wash and grooming service is also available!

  291. thomas desanto 2020/02

    My favorite local pet store in the Richmond area. Everyone that works here has been friendly and willing to answer any questions. I like that they only stock respectable companies products too.

  292. Ashley Harrell 2020/02

    Katie helped me today and gave me phenomenal service. I had no idea what to purchase and she was able to get me a great deal on some Christmas treats for the animals in my life. Would deff recommend this place.

  293. Alex Cuff 2020/02

    We have been taking our dog to Dog Krazy for food, treats, baths, and grooming since he was a puppy (he is now two). It is the only place we go. The store and staff are absolutely wonderful and always treat us so kindly and take care of all of our dog’s needs. Our dog loves coming into the shop, and always bolts for the door when we walk by so that he can come in and say hi. Thank you for being so awesome! I could not recommend Dog Krazy enough.

  294. Dan Harris 2020/01

    Love this place.

  295. Brandon Newlon 2020/01

    Very friendly employees and they do a great job grooming our pup!

  296. Michaela Hinson 2020/01

    Love this place! They are so helpful and accommodating for their customers. 10/10 would absolutely recommend buying all your dog necessities from them!

  297. Vanessa Taylor 2020/01

    Everyone at Dog Krazy is always very knowledgeable and friendly. They have high quality foods, toys, treats and accessories for dogs! I ordered a bag of puppy food for pickup and showed up same day and prior to them confirming that the order was ready. I jumped the gun and it hadn’t made it to the store yet. Ryan was really helpful in answering questions and trying to figure out a few solutions so our puppy wouldn’t have to switch food or go hungry tonight! Ryan went above and beyond and even drove from the Carytown location up to the Short Pump location (after hours!!) to pick up their last bag and drove it back so we could take it home. I mean, great customer service! Plus it’s a cute local spot! So much to love about this store! Thanks!

  298. Lu Ann Collier 2019/12

    Very helpful staff

  299. Anthony Stith 2019/12

    Employees were super friendly and informative.

  300. Meghan Schott 2019/12

    Expensive base prices but I like supporting local small owner businesses

  301. Kim Crowley 2019/12

    Very friendly staff and awesome place to bathe your dog.

  302. Erin Hill 2019/12

    I regularly get my dog food here. Great service and rewards program.

  303. Max C 2019/11

    Great place but a little pricey

  304. Charles Appich 2019/11

    My dog loves the treats and staff here

  305. Anna Miller 2019/11

    Wonderful beyond the beyond working with my old crotchety dog to cut nails, will go no place else

  306. Anna Miller 2019/11

    Went to get dog’s toenails trimmed, and they are the only place I’ll go. I have to hold my dog and they let me and are very patient when he is scared.

  307. David Johnson 2019/11

    Nice place, friendly and helpful staff. Pretty reasonable prices for dog grooming. Great selection of food, treats, etc.

  308. Joel Willman 2019/11

    Dog Krazy has a lot of healthy food, treats and quality toys. Their grooming service is great; we’ve been taking our dog there for 2 years and they’ve done a fantastic job. We’ve gone through many groomers and they hire real quality people that know what they’re doing.

  309. SML Fan page YTP 2019/10

    A wonderful great clean respectful place the people was very helpful and the prices are wonderful I will definitely be back

  310. Laura McNutt 2019/10

    My favorite pet supply store! The staff is friendly and super helpful

  311. Tobias Bohn 2019/10

    I’m a cat owner, but decided to stop in after the SPCA shelter staff recommended them. They had a small but impressive selection for cats including bulk bin snacks you’d be hard pressed to find elsewhere: freeze-dried minnows, rabbit ears, and chicken necks, to name a few. Claire – the associate who stopped to help us – gave us a tour of the store and spent plenty of time explaining the pros and cons of each product we asked about. Those freeze dried minnows? Our cat put his nose to the air as soon as we cracked open the package. He’s nuts about them. We will be back.

  312. nathalie craft 2019/09

    Less then expected….😙 …

  313. Sonya Alvarez 2019/09

    Best groomers and staff I’ve encountered

  314. Jennifer Pearce 2019/09

    Friendly staff with great knowledge in doggie stuff. : )

  315. Kelly Coffman 2019/09

    Super friendly! We popped in after visiting the Tottering Teacup to get our pup a bday treat ♥️ We got great recommendations and got to talk about our pup, plus went home with a special bday cake that he devoured. Will be going back!

  316. Erin Vera 2019/08

    Went for a walk-in nail trim and some trimming for my dog’s feet and tail. Shanice was amazing! She was so sweet and patient with my anxious girl. My dog is a weird mutt mix and has some very odd hair lengths/textures but Shanice made her look amazing! I’ve already scheduled a full groom with her for next month.

  317. Tanya mckeithen 2019/08

    They are a local chain(think 5 stores total in state) but they have specialty food and self grooming station and full grooming by staff. They also have frequent buyer program so when you spend $100, you get $5 off and also other brands have frequent buyer discounts. Most staff are pretty helpful and welcoming.

  318. A small cat (cat) 2019/08

    Great selection of healthier pet food – grain free options like I buy our cats. They had a lot of options in here for me to buy for my cats such as food, toys, etc. even though the name suggests it is a dog store. Check this out still if you are a cat mom or have a family member or friend who has cats and you want to buy some gifts for that person and their feline. 🙂 We stopped in near closing after a late dinner so we did not get that much time to look around for something to purchases. We were in here maybe 3 minutes because we didn’t want to hold up the lady from closing the store. The woman working behind the counter was friendly and helpful.

  319. Carleigh Weaver 2019/08

    we have been customers of Dog Krazy for almost 2 years after a recommendation from the rescue where we got our sweet pup. staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and incredibly helpful. their products and attention to what products they sell make them a definite yes for any dog owner!

  320. Renee Askew 2019/07

    Awesome awesome awesome!

  321. Jazmin Bailey 2019/07

    Love this place. And they know their stuff.

  322. Tammy Berkheimer 2019/07

    Love this place. Great staff that are helpful and knowledgeable about their products.

  323. Kari Westwood 2019/07

    They always have very interesting and healthy selections for your fur friends! Staffs are always nice and helpful!

  324. Jake Zamesnik 2019/07

    Best pet store I’ve ever been to or will ever go to. Amazing selection of everything my dog could ever need and amazing customer service by all of the staff there.

  325. Caitlin Wilson 2019/07

    The staff here are the absolute nicest and always go above and beyond to make sure my dog is happy and comfortable when he comes in for grooming.

  326. Big Ski Dude 2019/06

    Great place very friendly

  327. Abby Schoenfeld 2019/06

    Great variety and super helpful staff

  328. Debbie l Wade 2019/06

    I like that I can walk in and wait for my dog to be serviced. Cool place just for my pooch.

  329. olivia claytor 2019/06

    My Bella loves this store and the staff are all so nice to her. They are very educated on the items sold in their store.

  330. Michael Brost 2019/06

    Great selection of natural treats and food. It can get expensive. Great staff, they are always happy to help, answer any questions you may have, and make sure you know what you are getting and doing.

  331. Jeff Sahm 2019/06

    This place is great. Very personalized service, knowledgeable and friendly staff. Parking can be tough on the weekends, but ive had them offer to meet me at the curb with my heavy dog food bags when ive had to park far away.

  332. Jeff Patrick 2019/05

    Super nice people. Very well educated re foods treats and dog care.

  333. Bianca Fermin 2019/05

    I wish I could give 10 stars. My frenchie had a mud bath today. The staff was extremely professional and informative. My pups fur and skin looks, feels, and smells the best it has ever been. I will be returning with the rest of my dogs.

  334. Kay Morgan 2019/05

    After over a year of continued patronage, I can’t rate this place highly enough. Compassionate, friendly staff are always there to greet you, they know what my cats eat and how often we buy, their rewards program is robust and genuinely a life saver.

    My poor old cat started to suddenly develop some matting on his back, and they squeezed us in same day because I was worried about waiting too long (their grooming books up very far in advance, I just got lucky because someone no-showed! Definitely plan ahead!) It was efficient, Shanice was kind and friendly the whole time, and I just couldn’t be more grateful.

    Thank you, Dog Krazy!! 💚💚💚

  335. SR Kettyle 2019/04

    Very friendly. Smith, my AMPT loves being able to go in shop with me. He picks out his own treats

  336. Jordan Hunter 2019/04

    This place is great! The staff is very friendly and they have the coolest items for purchase here! They also have a self service dog wash in the back for $10 that includes everything you need. They have really cute dog cookies and treats everywhereeee too. Love bringing my dog here!

  337. Mee Mee G 2019/02

    I love this place. It’s all things dog and cats too. I’ll definitely come back as the staff was very helpful and knowledgeable.

  338. nicholas heard 2019/01

    The staff is extremely friendly and on point when you have questions. Feels like home!

  339. Michael Fragola 2019/01

    Wouldn’t shop anywhere else Love coming into dog krazy its very welcoming with the best products for my dogs

  340. Hailey Koger 2019/01

    Update: The owner emailed me and told me that the policy recently changed and it just has not been reflected on the website or the receipts yet. They did have great customer service and and updating my review to reflect that. Thank you.

    Don’t buy anything if you’re not 100% sure your dog will like it! Spent $20 on a toy that my dog has no interest in and can’t return it despite having my receipt and just buying it 4 days ago!!! And even if you do return the 2 items allowed you do NOT get your money back! If I had known this I would have just went to Petco around the corner that has a 100% return policy!!

  341. James Lane 2019/01

    They care a lot for our 4 legged family members. Some are like our children when you become seniors. Thank you Dog Kraus.


  342. Jewels 2019/01

    The staff is incredible! The girl with the beautiful turquoise hair was so helpful and loved my pup, who loved her right back!! Very knowledgeable regarding food and allergies. I have switched food and my pup hasn’t been scratching herself at all, in only three days! They have high quality toys that actually last. I will only be going to Dog Krazy from now on. When the quality is better, I actually ended up spending less, and not having to go to the vet!

  343. Kimberly dailey 2018/12

    Customer service is excellent

  344. H S 2018/12

    A great local shop to support. And they’ve done a fantastic job grooming our Rough Collie. The staff are caring, skilled and sweet. Their groomers charge less, take less time and leave our dog far less stressed than any groomer she’s ever seen. We also love the walk in self serve doggie wash. We go at least once a month. Definitely worth your time.

  345. Lily Kidd Kambourian 2018/12

    One of my favorite stops before the weekend! They have a great selection of chews, treats, and toys, and our pup gets so excited to try all sorts of new things. They also have a loyalty program which occasionally will nab you a discount on your purchase, and I’ve seen them do donation drives for feeding local animals in need. As great as all of the treats and toys are, the people here are better still. Everybody is fantastic, friendly, and knowledgeable. Definitely worth stopping by if you haven’t yet!

  346. Ella Gardner 2018/11

    Best pet store ever

  347. CJ Fast 2018/11

    They need to advertise as a pet FOOD store because that’s about all they have.

  348. William Moran 2018/11

    We took our Greyhound to find some chewables and we did not leave wanting. Dog Krazy has a really wide, well curated selection of high quality goods for dogs. While not cheap, I feel that prices were reasonable and now our dog is happily chewing away.

  349. MaKayla Dulaney 2018/11

    I absolutely can’t stress how wonderful this store is. All the staff I’ve met have been incredible with my dachshund and love when he comes in the store with me. All their products are high quality and they select them all with caution. The manager is a certified dig nutritionist as well. Prices are reasonable for high quality products. Haven’t gone to any other pet store after going to this one.

  350. Jessica Maino 2018/10

    awesome establishment

  351. PAPPA SILK 2018/10

    They’re awesome and very helpful. My dog loves their treats and food!!

  352. Bonnie Dulaney 2018/09

    Such an awesome staff.

  353. Chris Heidenthal 2018/09

    Nice staff, great products.

  354. Will Vehrs 2018/09

    The selection does not seem as wide as the Fredericksburg location, but the staff is friendly and helpful.

  355. Lindsey F 2018/09

    I got my dog, Cooper, groomed at the Dog Krazy Richmond location today and was so impressed! The groomer discussed everything she was going to do beforehand. His groom only took about 2 hours (and he’s a collie mix, so I expected longer). When I came to pick him up he was hanging out behind the counter with the cashiers, loving all of the attention! He looked so happy when I got him and seemed to love the staff. He tends to bark and get anxious when I leave him for grooming, but that wasn’t an issue here since he got so much love!

  356. tajuanna tinsley 2018/08

    Awesome staff that is very knowledgeable and very helpful… They also always have fun treats for the puppers🐶 …

  357. Joseph Romano 2018/08

    Catherine was very friendly and has a nice floppy puppy she brings to work with her. She knows how to treat a pupper!

  358. Kimie James 2018/08

    SO great! Such a compassionate and helpful staff. You can tell folks who work there are pet lovers. I was having a tough day when I walked in there and was met with compassion bc they know how tough it is to experience the loss of a pet.

  359. Carolina Valencia 2018/07

    Service was great! Greated us with a smile! Would go again but im not from the area!

  360. Priyanka Purnanada 2018/07

    This pet store carries premium brands of dog food that my dog absolutely LOVES! They are friendly, knowledgeable, and very welcoming.

  361. Bryan Rule 2018/07

    Very friendly and attentive staff. Great selection of high quality foods and treats. It seems like they took great care of my pup.

  362. daniel dwyer 2018/06

    Great place. Speak with Austin

  363. Chris Patoray 2018/06

    The staff takes great interest in the pets that shop here. We love using the pet shower and the shopping for an array of products. Thank you for the wonderful commitment to Pretty Girl and giving her so much positive attention.

  364. Portia Rodney 2018/05

    Wonderful place, and the groomer is amazing!

  365. D.A. Armstrong 2018/05

    They are always very friendly and helping!! My dog leaves very happy! I love the self-wash.

  366. David Hartley 2018/04

    Had my dog groomed And Ashly did a great job All the staff were very friendly, and most importantly my dog liked everyone there.

  367. Call me Jazz 2018/04

    I love the large selection of natural foods and treats to that is not available in other pet stores. The employees are very welcoming and they are very helpful if you are on need of a product that is not currently in the store they will order it if they can.

  368. Becky Hapeman 2018/03

    Love this store & what they’re all about. Highly recommend to go there with your dog, get them bathed & enjoy the staff

  369. Carl Wentzel 2018/02

    Dog friendly. Lots of high end speciality treats and dog foods . A mandatory stop when walking your dog in Carytown

  370. Joni Dalton 2018/02

    I love this store!
    All of the employees were super helpful and very friendly.
    I am EXTREMELY pleased with my purchase of the fermented fish stock. I bought one big carton for my critters and I bought a small carton to try with patients at work (I’m a veterinary nurse.) We had a cat patient come in that was super neurologic and hadn’t been eating for several days. I mixed some of that fish stock in some canned food and he sucked it down like it was the best thing he had ever tasted!
    I also got some raw goat milk that I was gonna keep frozen at work in case we needed it for any reason and not a couple days later someone dropped off some kittens that were MAYBE 3.5 weeks old at the most. I’ve been adding the goat milk to their canned kitten food and they’ve been thriving.

    My dog is currently chewing on one of the yak milk chews I got him and he loves it.

    They also have the best collars ever. I have been looking forever for a blue flame martingale collar for my dog because his head is too small for his body AND THEY HAD ONE!!!!!

    Thank you for offering real products that I am not afraid to offer my critters!
    I’ve included some pictures of my dog, Archie (Peruvian Inca Orchid/Shih Tzu mix), wearing his awesome new collar and enjoying his yak milk chew.


  371. Jason Fischer 2018/01

    Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. Wis it was closer

  372. Chereen Baramki 2018/01

    Knowledgeable and helpful. Great products. Friendly staff.

  373. HotJrod Redd 2018/01

    Fantastic staff.. Very friendly and helpful.. I love the walk in bath for your dog.. I will be going back..

  374. Cami McCue 2017/12

    Great selection of raw diet foods and very knowledgeable staff.

  375. Elizabeth Cilia 2017/08

    We need one in here in Poquoson !!!

  376. DJ Stephens 2017/08

    Love this place. Staff is knowledgeable, owner is a certified pet nutritionist and so pleasant and helpful. Amazing selection of treats, toys, food and more. Highly recommend

  377. Valarie Weems 2017/07

    I love Dog Krazy and my fur babies love this place. We moved from the Fredericksburg area and I was extremely happy to know that you guys had opened a location in Richmond!!!

  378. Nicole Deppmeyer 2017/05

    This is an amazing store for pet owners.
    Great layout of the store. The employees there are knowledgeable and friendly.
    Great selection of premium pet food, treats and accessories!
    This will be my go to store!

  379. Trev “Tuerd” Slush 2017/04

    A+ to this place. I have a Pitbull (Rosco) that has skin allergies, he loves bodies of water; the beach, the river, lakes etc, will swim for days if I let him. For some reason though, he really hates baths, to the extent I can’t bathe him on my own. The vet I goto gave me medicated shampoo that has to soak on him for 10 minutes, I could never contain this 70 pound creature in my bathtub for that long. On Tuesday, I went to check out their self serve dog bathing machine (without Rosco,) the employees there were very informative on how it worked. To the point where I was confident that this was the solution to the problem. The following day, I brought Rosco in, bathed him, he really hated it, as expected. BUT, the fact that I could bring him in and bathe him in a contained area for only $10 was well worth it. On top of that, the employees were genuinely concerned about Roscos skin problems and gave me food samples to take home and see if they would help with the issue. I will be back soon to bathe him again!

  380. Thomas B 2017/03

    Nice small business for dogs

  381. Patricia Worsham 2017/02

    My pupper absolutely loves this place and I do too they are so,so kind to me and my pup and I go there weekly they are inexpensive and have great values I have had only 100,000% wonderful joyful visits love this place and 100% support them!!🐾🐶👍😍💚💯 …

  382. Ryan Herndon 2017/02

    So I happened upon the new location in Richmond while family was visiting. Really enjoyed the place and was very happy that a self service dog wash was available. I spoke with a mgr/owner about my Shar Pei mix and how I could not wait to take advantage of this amenity. So I roll up yesterday morning with my pup only to be told I cannot wash him because a groomer is using the wash. Well alright… I assume I’m going to be told to come back after lunch…. Nope. I was told the groomer was using the wash all day (this was at 10am) and the next day. Not only could I not wash my dog that day but even the next as well. Then the groomer tells me about 2 days a week where they use it all day… And those days would change in Sept and not even be the same days as Aug.

    Am I missing something here??? You discuss an amenity with a client… Have it listed on your site… But it is unavailable two random days a week and you expect a customer to work around your schedule. Here is a concept… If you insist upon this then have the hours listed. The site would be good, but damn at least in the store.

    Carytown is a meat grinder for small businesses. That location has been several different businesses in recent years. With this flawed business model it will probably change again soon…

    Either way I will never go again and will no longer be an advocate of this new business.

    Thank you to Crittertown Bath House… Open for walk ins 7 days a week.

  383. Tyler Currie 2017/02

    They are so nice in here! The groomer stuck around after hours to trim my pup’s nails! Mack thanks you and we will return!


  384. Ashley Lawrence 2017/01

    Dog Krazy is by far the best nutrition store for all things pet, cat and dog! My cattle dog used to be so itchy until they helped me find the food that helped her stay healthy and itch free, I couldn’t be happier!

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