Dog Krazy, Inc.

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Dog Krazy, Inc.
4.5 based on 119 reviews
  1. Tonyia Neal 2023/12

    Great place, great people! While it was my first time taking my pet there, it will not be my last time. Excellent services provided in a timely manner!

  2. elizabeth bong 2023/12

    Nicole did a fantastic job grooming my dog! I love how she trimmed his fur and how kind she is to him! We will definitely be back!

  3. Michelle Butchko 2023/12

    Horrible service! My daughter brought our dog in on theNovember 12, 2023 for a nail trim. I call on the November 17th to say they didn’t cut his nail in the front. I had a shoulder replacement and couldn’t get my dog up soon to have them fix his nail. The manager told me I need to pay again. Horrible customer service! My dogs nails look like daggers and didn’t grow that much in 5 days!😡😡😡😡


  4. Erica Morrison 2023/12

    This was our first grooming experience at Dog Krazy after 7 years with another groomer that changed ownership. We are very pleased with the decision to try Dog Krazy! First, we were amazed that we could make an appointment instead of having to drop her off early in the morning and pick her up 5-6 hours later. Instead, she was at Dog Krazy for only 2 hours and, we even received a 15-minute notice that she was about to be ready. Nicole, the groomer, not only is personable (a people and dog person – wow!) but asked the right questions before the appointment and talked with us afterwards as well. We look forward to building a good relationship with our new groomer for the health and happiness of our dog. Thanks, Nicole!

  5. Catherine Isaza 2023/12

    Very helpful and patient sales lady who helped me pick out the best collar and tags for family dogs!

  6. William Bridenstine 2023/11

    Love it, so much to choose from and the staff is amazingly friendly.

  7. Dawn Mabry 2023/11

    Staff goes above and beyond every visit

  8. Aelan Snyder 2023/11

    This is the ONLY dog store I trust. They have the friendliest people, the best food, and tough chews and toys. The groomers are great and so mindful of what you want for your dog. They really get to know you and your dog. One of the managers, Tyler, spoils the heck out of my pupper. I can’t say enough good things about this place.

  9. ashlie gentry 2023/11

    Such a cute place! Here are Hershey’s treats today for her 6th birthday!


  10. Shandi Huerena 2023/11

    I can not sing the praises of this place enough.

    I am incredibly picky when it comes to my dogs grooming. I brought them a tough case, a 6 year old Newfie who had gotten in mud and had mats!

    I was expecting prices that would break my heart. What I got was out of this world service, informative staff and outstanding customer service.

    They groomed him all day. He was there -8- hours. They listened to me when I told them he was old and had hip problems so they gave him nap breaks and cuddle breaks.

    They were knowledgeable about the dogs they cut, Newfies are double coated and they knew not to just shave him Willy nilly. They were amazingly gentle with him and he enjoyed his experience.

    He came back to me looking and smelling amazing. I have never in my life had such good service with a groomer.

    I knew this was a hard one to handle and so I was expecting to be treated with a bit of judgement for my buddy’s mats (owners of Newfie’s know mats are like Thanos, they are inevitable). But I was treated with nothing short of amazing friendliness and understanding.

    He looked outstanding when he came back to me and all staff there was affectionate and kind towards him.

    Now the price, folks, when I say I was blown away I am not kidding. 200 was all we paid for this service. 8 hours grooming, amazing hair cut, paw pads, ear cleaning, dealing with the mats, everything and it was only 200. Without the mats it would have only been 130. This is an amazing price for amazing service. I will never take him anywhere else.


  11. Mikahh Chuu 2023/11

    Super friendly & inviting store! So many great products to choose from. They’re really KRAZY about dogs. Much love for Buck!


  12. mary smith 2023/11

    My dog and I love this store. The staff is amazing. Summer is an awesome groomer Lulu gets excited just knowing we are near in the parking lot!!’n

  13. Shel Hankley 2023/11

    This was our first time at Dog Krazy to get our dogs groomed. Nicole did such an amazing job, as always. The dogs love Nicole and that makes me feel more comfortable. Love the abundance of supplies and bakery treats in the store for dogs. Such a wide variety. I will definitely be coming back to get party stuff for birthdays. Thanks for having such a friendly staff and our favorite expert groomer at Dog Krazy. We will be back in 6 weeks!


  14. Myrna Cano 2023/11

    What a service!!!! A+++++

  15. Kai H 2023/10

    Short Pump location is a wonderful show of how great Dog Krazy is! The manager, Tyler, is so wonderful and makes sure to make your experience great for you & your furry friend! The team at Short Pump knows how to have a fun time with their job but at the same time, make sure the customers also have a fun time and enjoy the experience. Grooming has some amazing new groomers to help out and I am so excited to see their growth!

  16. Jane Lennon 2023/10

    Super friendly staff and convenient dog wash station.

  17. Alice 2023/10

    My power was out, no AC. Between the two of them, I have over 300 lbs in giant-breed dog. It’s very hard to find last-minute accommodations, let alone grooming. But they needed baths and I needed a place for them to go for the hot day. Summer (our wonderful main groomer and the person who answered the phone) and the rest of the staff (and house dogs- shouts out to Buck!) couldn’t have been better. They worked both of mine in, allowed them to come and leave early and separately, and were very patient with both of my big guys’ eccentricities. My dudes were so beautiful when I picked them up! Summer was wonderful- she worked with their stubbornness and called to check before proceeding with sensitive procedures. Highly recommend- they saved the three of us today! Their coats are beautiful and they are safe and happy!

  18. T M. 2023/10

    Great service and quality products. This is my go to for my pet needs. Please visit you won’t be disappointed.

  19. Anna Williams 2023/10

    Such a fun store. Everyone is nice.

  20. Todd Davidson 2023/10

    Very friendly and helpful staff!! A+++

  21. SB 2023/10

    Super helpful, their love for dogs truly shows.

  22. bob duncan 2023/10

    My first time there and I got nice designed cookies for my Australian Shepherd and other treats. Sweet people and Nice groomers.

  23. Christopher Vaughan 2023/10

    I came in to have my husky bathed. The store was super clean, and my pup left looking cleaner than ever! I was also able to grab some dog food on the way out, Such a great store!

  24. Katie Wilson 2023/09


    They have SOOOO many selections & options for dog treats/toys/food/etc !!! PLUS they have cat stuff & do grooming!!!! And on top of it all, th staff is AWESOME! ♥️🥹 I really can’t say nicer things. The prices are reasonable, the selection is amazing, it just can’t get any better!! Your fur baby will thank you for shopping there!! 🐶🐾

    I bought my babies several things:
    – 6 Duck Hearts
    – 1 Can Pumpkin Puree (For the their lick mat)
    – 2 HOME MADE Yogurt Bites
    – 5 HOME MADE Cookies

    I didn’t even spend $30 for all of this!!! I couldn’t be happier!!!! ♥️♥️♥️🐶🐶🐾🐾

  25. MQm James 2023/09

    Exceptional service and professional care for my Poncho ❤️

  26. Caroline Caylor 2023/09

    Awesome place!

  27. Dj Junior 2023/08

    The staff was extremely helpful and kind. I was delighted knowing I can now use self service for my dog grooming. I will be sharing my experience with others in hopes they will consider using the service themselves. Again I enjoyed my experience overall and so did “Coco” ( my do). I plan to visit again soon.

  28. BusterEllaAndHudson Shields 2023/08

    Our boy LOVES to go into Dog Krazy in shortpump! His first time there the staff was so kind + helped him get over his fear of the dreaded broom. His favorite thing to pick up at Dog Krazy is his raw food from Steve’s Real Food! Highly recommended checking out this store + bringing your pup! They’ll enjoy it for sure!


  29. A Cosby 2023/08

    Great products, friendly staff and good prices! We brought our purchases home and our dog loved them all!!

  30. Angels Over Me 2023/08

    You and your pup will love this place. Best place for a dog bath and the treats are the best. Dog bath area is cleaned after every customer’s use. As a self proclaimed neat freak, I love that and they keep this place spotless. Please give them your business!

  31. T Brooks 2023/08

    Dog Krazy, Inc. was so accommodating. It was the first time I used their wash station, and it was a breeze. The staff really cares about the customer and their fur family friends. The Short Pump DK, Inc. is definitely a caring establishment. Thank you.

  32. Shawn Senning 2023/08

    I love this place! And my dog loves it too. I have three dogs, but only one who goes with me everywhere. The employees took time to meet him, try some treats (he’s picky), and our experience was great. We will be back when the weather cools off.


  33. Jaclyn Schmidt 2023/08

    Store and employees are nice. This rating is for the self serve dog wash station ONLY. It’s $15 for 20 minutes and functions like a car wash station. This is fine if you have a tiny dog but it’s impossible to properly wash and thoroughly dry any larger fluffy dogs. I can barely get my Samoyed properly wet in 5 min of spraying. Shampoo takes at least 5, more if I’m scrubbing, and then rinsing him takes 10. Blow drying generally takes me 30 min otherwise he stays damp and gets skin issues. Just not feasible to truly wash a fluffy/double coated dog here.
    Unleashed was our regular go-to and unfortunately after this wash we’re still on the lookout for a new place to go to self-bathe our dog.

  34. Kailyn Bickerton 2023/08

    Our puppy loves coming here. He’s all tail wags! They workers are kind, welcoming us in, and giving him a treat. They’re very knowledgeable and have a great selection of healthy food, toys, frozen items, and puzzles.

  35. Susan Morgan 2023/08

    Everyone was so kind to Jackie and Zeke! They had their nails done and went walkabout in the store! We will be back! Thank you!!


  36. Jule Alston 2023/08

    Such a cute place with nice people always willing to help. Great groomer!

  37. Jenna B 2023/07

    Friendly staff and affordable variety of dog chews.

  38. Ryan M 2023/06

    Super friendly people. Quality products.

  39. Jennifer Elias 2023/06

    If you have a healthy obsession with getting your pooch the very best, I highly recommend adding Dog Krazy to your favorite destinations list, you won’t be disappointed!

  40. Dave Terry 2023/06

    Always a pleasant experience at Dog Crazy. Quality grooming, great treats from the bakery that is right in the store.

  41. DPGDawg 2023/06

    This was Babys first time here. They did a great job on her nails and took extra care washing her rash area. Baby loved all the cookies they gave her. I will definitely be taking her there again.

  42. Kendra Weindling 2023/06

    Friendly and helpful

  43. Megan Haaf 2023/06

    Bought 2 different dog birthday cakes both had mold in them.

  44. Tamara Harless 2023/06

    We’ve been bringing our dog for grooming to Dog Krazy for the last year and we love it!

  45. Candyce Custer 2023/05

    I spent 400 dollars at my vet because they cut my dogs ears so bad they got infection s the vet asked who did this to your dog? this is horrible. I contacted dogcrazy noone responded. I was told quote oh we have young people here they don’t care so I told a supervisor she never responded

  46. Emily Knoch 2023/05

    Says they’re open right this moment on Google. Came all the way here just to find out they are closed. I don’t celebrate Easter. Please stop assuming everyone does. If you say you’re open on the internet, please be open. I’m so fricking tired of this.


  47. Kathleen Habib 2023/05

    The groomers did a decent job grooming my dogs but twice now they have called last minute to cancel my grooming appointment. I understand that things happen but they didn’t offer any compensation for my inconvenience even after I asked and explained that this is the SECOND time they’ve done this to me. They also didn’t offer any available appointments until two weeks out. I’m extremely disappointed in the way I was treated as they were not very apologetic and very unprofessional. Needless to say I will not be bringing my dogs back.

  48. Tawana Mason 2023/05

    Our Prince 🐶 always comes home full of excitement and looking dapper with a seasonal scent. We enjoy the convenient location and the consistent customer service of the staff. Stock of Puppy/Dog Treats and accessories are great too! …

  49. Marissa Barrera 2023/05

    Staff were wonderfully kind and patient with my skittish pup. She felt right at home by the time we left with all her new goodies. The slow feeder we purchased as been a blessing and the bone is by far her new favorite. Looking forward to going back and taking advantage of all the savings opportunities they educated me on!

  50. J A 2023/05

    Loved this place. Great customer service and good vibes.

  51. Riley Small 2023/05

    I’m furious. We going to take my dog in for a grooming appointment and at first they rescheduled which is reasonable, things happen and that’s okay so we rescheduled for another day and when we go in they say, and I quote, “your dog got sprayed by a skunk.” WHAT? On the drive home I took a good whiff and guess what, nothing. Smelled perfectly fine, I mean he almost smelled good. He did smell bad around his face because he threw up but that left no reason for them to deny him his grooming appointment and STILL charge us $200. This is outrageous, never coming back. I’m sorry for being so hostile in this review but Im so sick and tired of our appointments being held up, canceled, and even denied.

  52. Amy Chapman 2023/05

    We love this place. Staff is always very friendly and helpful. They make our dogs feel like superstars.

  53. Austin Taylor 2023/04

    Very helpful and friendly staff!

  54. Dianne Paul 2023/04

    Dog Crazy helped me to decorate my house to “welcome” our new puppy with an adorable sign that says “owner of the cutest dog in the whole world!” The young man cashiering at the counter, who is a VCU student, could not have been more helpful!

  55. Cassie Gonce 2023/04

    Great experience at Dog Krazy! We stopped in with our dogs for some treats from the bakery after seeing the storefront. All of the staff was super friendly, but Cindy went out of her way to walk us through all of the treat options and answer any questions we had. And of course, everyone was so nice to our dogs. So nice to have another super dog friendly place to visit in RVA!

  56. Amy Tankoos 2023/04

    Super helpful and friendly staff. Store very clean and everything easy to find.

  57. Peggy Puryear 2023/03

    Very helpful and courteous.

  58. David 2023/03

    Great staff excellent care of our pups

  59. Ananya Iyer 2022/11

    Very kind people with a great selection of toys, chews and food!

  60. T Harvey 2022/11

    I had the pleasure of visiting the Short Pump location on March 26th, the service I received from Kayla, Keri and Bert was outstanding! Each of them took their time to really listen and determine my fur babies needs. Thank you so much for helping my baby feel so much better.

  61. Jayne Steiner 2022/09

    Very friendly personnel. Took time with my little dog & tried to make him feel comfortable.

  62. Justin Tanner 2022/09

    Love this place! I take Bear here to get a bath on the regular. The staff is extremely friendly! Visit here for all your Dog needs!

  63. DJ Stets 2022/09

    November 16th, Schnauzers Scout and Bernadette butchered when groomed. Groomer was young..took 2 hours to groom them and didn’t do anything to their head/face at all!
    Not happy. Dogs traumatized. Paid $100 deserve refund.

  64. Wil Austin 2022/09

    Yesterday, after eating a late lunch/early dinner, we stopped by the Short Pump store to pick up some Open Farm food for our two dogs. As we pulled up, we realized the lights were off and we were about 10 minutes past closing. Some people were walking out and my wife asked them if they were customers. They weren’t, but one in the group happened to be Bert-the owner of this branch I believe. We mentioned our need and our error and much to our surprise, she said it would be no problem to run back in, open the store, and allow us to get the food! We were certainly hesitant to keep her past closing but she advised that it would be no problem and that she would be happy to do it! Within a few seconds, the store was re-opened, I went and picked up the food, paid for it and was out. Bert didn’t know us from Adam and yet simply didn’t mind helping out a customer in need. SUPERIOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. Thank you Bert for your time and effort. I’m already a Dog Krazy customer for life and now I’ll be a SP Dog Krazy customer for life in my next one as well!

  65. Victoria Walsh 2022/08

    He has been so happy and feeling better since he got home. He had a great time with the staff and they took such good care of him! Thanks so much for taking care of my senior doggie!
    I will be bringing him back to get the A+ care he deserves!


  66. Frankie Woodward 2022/07

    aaron made my cat, who hates being in her carrier and also hates being outside, so comfortable. she has never been groomed before and aaron was so mindful of her comfort. they walked me through everything they were going to do and the precautions that they would take since she was so nervous. they made her feel very safe and i (very much a helicopter parent) felt confident and comfortable leaving her in their care! everyone in the shop was amazing and i felt super welcomed there. 10/10 all around, i will definitely be back.

  67. Colette Reid 2022/07

    We had a great experience using the self dog wash last week. The store was spotless and the staff was fantastic! The manager, Meg, was so welcoming. It was easy to see how much she loved her dogs, the brand, the owner, and serving her customers. She even asked if she could give our @charliethebordercolliegirl, a treat. We will definitely be back. It was an awesome visit. We will definitely recommend Dog Kraze to our local friends!


  68. Patrick Daley 2022/06

    Neat place for pet stuff! Lil pricey.

  69. Whitney-Elizabeth Moates 2022/06

    My FIANCE Frankie Lewis and I took OUR fuzzy SON poonhouns together..

    We had such a wonderful time with the family


  70. Onawa Calvin 2022/06

    After scheduling an appointment for my not yet 2 year old cat Oscar (before – 2nd photo) nervous for him and excited just to learn maybe he enjoyed and needed regular baths. With no knowledge of bathing cats I sought support from Dog Krazy @Short Pump. We arrived early w Oscar in his carrier so he could settle in as much as possible. We clarified a few time we’re very early and no worries. We bought some treats he loves, some new wet cat food, and CBD snacks. Almost immediately the cat groomer came out to apologize and told us they’d be 20 minutes. About 18 minutes later, right at our scheduled time the groomer then came out and met us in the cat room. Oscar was laying down and other than then the sound from maybe the dryer, he didn’t seem unsettled.
    We did notice that the groomer had come out w noticeable scratches and marks on both hands.
    The apron was covered in animal hair and not clean. Yet seemed certain they were experienced w cats. They then asked if we wanted his nails trimmed. We said sure if they could do that. We hadn’t been able to trim him for that week and agreed.
    After assured it wouldn’t be a problem and they’d start with the trim. And even stated they had “two babies at home” that scratch and claw their hands, and all over their face. It did register a concern because we have very little issues with trimming our cat’s claws at home. Oscar is the 2nd youngest or 5 cats, in a combined home. We know it’s necessary to have a calming approach and not to overwhelm them. Again we felt assured it would be no issue that they couldn’t manage.
    We asked how long would the bath and rear/fanny trim be. The groomer indicated it could take 1-2 hrs depending on how Oscar takes to (1) being bathed and (2) the dryer. But assured us he could be towel dried.
    We then picked him up in the cat carrier and asked where should we go. We then handed him to the groomer and off he went to have a spa day. Not without some concern it being his first grooming experience disclosed more than once and detailed in his pet profile.
    About 50 minutes later Erin (groomer) left a message.
    “Hi this is Aaron (sp?) calling from dog crazy in short pump I hope y’all are having a good evening or good afternoon so far um whenever you get this message would you mind giving me a call back in regards to Mr. Oscar the number is 804-XXX-XXXX thank you so much and I hope to hear from you soon…”
    We had arrived back to Short Pump after picking up our Morkie at the Carrytown location. My partner went in and then came out about 8 minutes later. She was told Oscar bit and scratched the groomer. The bath wasn’t done or the rear/fanny trim but trimmed both front paws. Erin then recommended to have Oscar sedated by our vet. Oddly the groomer had been sitting on the floor of the store petting a dog.
    I was disgusted and worried for Oscar. We drove home, I sat with him, played with him to be sure he was ok and I then noticed a missed call. The vm was an officer calling from the Henrico Animal Police following up on our cat Oscar. I called back immediately and left a vm. Called again and as I waited for a return call, I contacted the manager at Short Pump who looked at the groomers hands and suggested they get it checked out. A rabies vaccination record for Oscar had been provided. At no time was my partner or I told the bite would be reported, that the groomer was told by the manager to seek treatment, or that we’d have to be forced into a isolation period, Oscar would be on record due to the neglect of an unqualified groomer and poorly trained manager who didn’t ask any questions or call us directly.
    We now await our county’s animal protection agency and have to manage someone’s lack of experience as a groomer especially to suggest putting Oscar to sleep, and the poor communication in both the voicemail left 50 minutes later w no sense of urgency, and suggesting medical treatment from any one of the other pets they’ve been in contact w/groomed. Additionally Oscar’s nails were cut too short(1st photo). Horrible exp w this groomer + mngr!! Oscar’s ok!!


  71. Nevine Anderson 2022/05

    Excellent place to get your pet something special. Staff was super helpful!

  72. Dakoda Newell 2022/03

    I retract my good review. I’ll take my business elsewhere. I don’t support corporate or corporate wannabes.

  73. Cynthia Blankenship 2022/03

    Dog Krazy is friendly, helpful, knowledgable, and very accommodating for my pups!

  74. Michele Noll 2022/03

    Very disappointed… tried 2 times to have my dog’s nails trimmed & both times told to come back. I asked if you can make an appointment & they don’t do that. We have been going there for 2 years, but time to try a new place.

  75. lindsey jackson 2022/03

    One of my favorite stores to shop at and my very favorite pet store. Employees are always so nice and helpful. You can really tell that they love working there and each one truly loves dogs. I have been shopping at dog krazy for over three years and have been a regular at the short pump location since it has opened. Always a great experience!

  76. Jamie Oulton 2022/03

    Customer service was awful Sun. I went in with my daughter to see if another dog was in the wash area as my dog is a large breed GSD who likes to bark and scares people. I had to wait to talk to the employee which was no problem except that two people with dogs came in right behind me. The employee was more concerned about helping the people with dogs than answering my questions. She immediately dismissed me and rushed me out to help the people that came in behind me. I ended up at Tractor Supply and had the most amazing customer service experience and all around cheaper wash. Not time limit on that wash!! I then ended up at Red Ridge to get dog food as we purchase Inception for our guy. Again had the most wonderful customer service experience. Customer service can and will make/brake your business.

  77. Nicole Coleman 2022/02

    Great experience and delicious treats!

  78. Alexis Gonzalez 2022/01

    Nice place for dog

  79. Catherine Nixon 2022/01

    So happy to have found Dog Crazy! The staff is so friendly, and my little yorkie received stress free, quiet grooming! That’s hard to find!

  80. Ronnie Lamb 2021/12

    Awesome service

  81. The Jacksons 2021/12

    Consistent experience no matter the location.

  82. Ferhat Gür 2021/12

    Giving false information about dog food they don’t sell

  83. David Daughtry 2021/10

    My girl friend loved the dog collars and bones with marrow

  84. Brooke Clarke 2021/10

    Love this place the convenience of the dog wash station & the staff are always so nice. The treats they sell for the pups are wonderful.

  85. Paul Kroog 2021/09

    Got my dog groomer and bought dog food associates were very helpful

  86. Ursula Uszynski 2021/09

    Short pump staff pleasant and helpful

    Too bad that owner lacks skills to respond to e mail detailing a bad grooming …

  87. tiffany campbell 2021/09

    The staff was polite and very helpful. Took me right to what I was looking for and stayed by my side in case I had any questions, which I did. The checkout process didnt take any time at all and I signed up for their rewards program…It was my first visit, but it definitely won’t be my last. Think I’ve found my dog’s new pet store. I dont know what they pay, but everybody that worked that day deserves a raise.

  88. Andrew DeVault 2021/09

    Pups seemed to really enjoy their Christmas treats! Staff was friendly. Store was clean and welcoming.


  89. Annie K 2021/09

    I go here just for the self-service dog wash. It’s always clean and fully stocked. The shampoo and conditioner smell great and leave my puppy soft and fluffy. The staff is friendly and the bakery is too adorable. They come up with the most creative treats for your furry companion.

  90. Nelson Stammer 2021/08

    This place is great. They know their stuff and really are able to help out some of us who have challenges when it comes to their pet care. Great job. Keep up the good work.

  91. Kelly Frankenburg 2021/07

    First time customer yesterday, and I was very pleased with my visit. The store is clean and well organized. The staff is friendly and helpful. I used the self serve dog wash. It was super cool with the soap coming right out of the hose with the water. The water was a little cold (which staff warned me they were having a problem with the heater that day), otherwise it was great. The dryer was warm and powerful and dried him quickly. I felt a little rushed with the timer counting down, but got it done just in time. I have a very large dog, and he fit in the wash just fine. I will be back for future baths for sure.

  92. Adie meyer 2021/06

    It was great

  93. Eugene Pembleton 2021/06

    Nicest staff you’ll ever come across. They truly love their work.

  94. Janel Girard 2021/06

    The staff is always helpful and kind with making sure I get the right things for my dogs at home! Would reccomend going there!

  95. Claire Carter 2021/06

    Doubt I will come here again. Not one person asked if I needed any help. One lady was yapping on the phone and another was chit chatting with a guy who seemed to be waiting for something but she clearly was not assisting him. What happened to service and speaking to customers? Back to Red Ridge I go (who has better prices, from what I saw)

  96. Mary Tucker 2021/06

    Finally! I found a place that actually cut Alexandras nails
    to an appropriate length! I have been being charged for
    a nail cut and grind for years at Petco, Petsmart and several
    other places and gotten nothing but a small dremel!

    Today she will not give me the paw and hurt me at the same

    Thanks Girls, I wish I remembered your names!

  97. JessKidding Pet Photography 2021/05

    The entire Dog Krazy Staff @ Short pump is amazing, extremely knowledgeable and treats my dog like he is their own!
    10/10 would recommend!

  98. Andrew Washburn 2021/05

    This store is awesome! The staff is great, especially Diana, who is always super helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable. She always treats my two pups like they’re her own, and they love seeing her. The times that she’s trimmed their nails she has always been extremely professional, and always knows what to recommend when I have a question. 5 out of 5 for sure!

  99. Je'Ana Lewis 2021/03

    Dog Krazy is awesome!!! They have a barkery for the pups as well as a self wash station that’s a lot easier to use than my tub at home. So many options for healthy food and treats. They also have CBD for dogs and cats and it comes in handy for my anxious doggy. Naomi is amazing, she’s so informative and pointed me in the right direction for my Charlie! It’s like the Chick-Fil-A of pet supplies stores!

  100. Chase Taylor 2021/03

    I went to Dog Krazy today for the first time in Short Pump. So many neat thing for sale! The staff was very friendly and helpful. Meg was so awesome and helpful! Got some fancy treats for my doggies! 😋 I will definitely be back!

    P.s. yall need a bigger bowtie selection. I’m trying to make my dog look super fancy! 😅😅

  101. Cathie Walker 2021/02

    Love this pet store . Great staff and an excellent selection of goodies for your dog or cat.

  102. Anne Marie 2021/02

    Dog Krazy is awesome! Je’Ana is super sweet and has a wonderful personality! 10/10 recommend.

  103. Breeanna Bowen 2021/02

    Amazing ! Chewy would give 5 paws up! Everyone was so welcoming and understanding! Easy to talk too! Thank you for giving us such a great experience after her last at petco wasn’t so good!!

  104. Diamond Fields 2021/01

    Nice people. I go here all the time. I like the self serve dog wash station

  105. Laura Kerr 2021/01

    Me and my whole fam buy our dog toys and dog food here and it’s always excellent. The people working are always super helpful and kind.

  106. Christopher Winn 2021/01

    The groomer Julie is very nice and did a great job with our puppy who doesn’t like any groomer especially petco. Very nice 10/10

  107. James Manning 2020/12

    This store is well stocked and clean. The dog baths are convenient and properly maintained. I love that the dog and cat food are high quality, and the house made treats are healthy and fun. You can tell the bakers who make the treats are so creative. Every dog is made to feel special when visiting, even the manager remembers their names. The customer matters here.

  108. Lynn Smith 2020/11

    We were so pleased with the grooming services at Dog Krazy. We have an old dog who isn’t able to stand for long periods of time. We struggle to wash and groom her at home because of this. She had a negative experience previously with a groomer as well, so we’ve been so hesitant to take her to a groomer. She was so happy at Dog Krazy!! She loved being there, and the groomer was so kind and patient with her. Thank you for taking such good care of our old girl! We will definitely be back.

  109. Jason Mottley 2020/09

    The staff are outstanding and knowledgeable.
    Madison did an excellent job of bonding with our old buddy and her grooming knowledge and abilities are far above par. I wholeheartedly recommend Madison and the staff of Dog Krazy Pump Road and will most definitely be returning there for future canine needs.
    Truly satisfied and impressed. Thank you.

  110. Betsy Duncan 2020/05

    Absolutley wonderful place to go for all natural food for your dogs! Great customer experience!

  111. Jess Wooten 2020/05

    Excellent spot! Every other place in the RVA area was solidly booked for a month or longer, and this place took walk-ins! Of course that seems like a red flag but they did a fantastic job. Miranda was super courteous, and the grooming job was exactly what I asked for!

    They even reached out to the vet for paperwork so I didn’t have to lift a finger! Excellent service. This will be my primary groomer.


  112. Anthony White 2020/04

    Wonderful staff! Highly recommended

  113. Laura McNutt 2020/04

    I’ve been shopping at the Dog Krazy in Carytown for a few years now and I absolutely love them! It is so convenient that there is one in Short Pump now too. Great selection and amazing staff 🐶💜 …

  114. Robert Williams 2020/04

    Phenomenal staff members who are extremely helpful to ensure your furry friend is well taken care of! We have stopped by every weekend for the past 3 weeks to pick up a cookie or new toy for our Australians Shepherd. The prices and selection are great and they have products that are healthy ( many human grade ) for your dogs or cats.

  115. Brie 2020/03

    Long hair cat with matted hair, in pain. I called 16 places both groomers and vets, all of them said he would need to be sedated and that they could not help at all or could but not for months. Dog Krazy got us in right away and and was able to take care of it no sedative. I will be using them from now on.

  116. Ashleigh House 2020/03

    I had a dog a little while ago that loved Dog Krazy’s gourmet treats. I also went around Christmas time and got him a bandana and bell collar. This is the best store to take your dog to. I wouldn’t go anywhere else after going to one of Nancy Guinn’s locations.

  117. Shannon Webb 2020/01

    I have only ever shopped at the Carytown location. In comparison, this site is about twice the size. The treats/food selection is about what you’d expect if you’ve every been to their other locations. There is a bakery on site here so there are loads of cookies to choose from; there is even a cakey type that I had not seen at their business before. The employees are very friendly. I’m always pleased with my Dog Krazy experience.

  118. Terri Somerday 2019/12

    Just discovered the Short Pump location. The store is larger than it looks from the outside. Super knowledgeable and friendly staff. Prices are reasonable and super cute dog cookies.

  119. Jan Pelchat 2019/12

    Everyone here is friendly, thoughtful, and accommodating! Groomer Ashley listened to ALL of my concerns over having my hyper sensitive Corgi girl and everything went off beautifully. She took extra time to talk to Sassy and pet her and hug her during her grooming. Sassy will be back!

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