Dog Krazy, Inc.

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Dog Krazy, Inc.
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  1. ashley taylor 2023/12

    Just walking into this shop is fun. The displays and dog cookies are so fun. The staff is so eager to help me find just the right thing for my little girl, Sissy 🙂

  2. Woody Glisson 2023/12

    Great selection of supplies, food, and toys. Staff is awesome too and incredibly friendly. Looking forward to go here regularly. Wish I knew about the stony point location earlier.

  3. Kelly Lashley 2023/12

    The employees are super friendly and helpful. I always find what I need and usually things I don’t need but get anyway😂. It’s also a great place to get your dog some socialization. …


  4. Karyn Buckley 2023/12

    Very helpful and very knowledgeable! Great selection of healthy treats for your pet!

  5. mary lynne mcdonnell 2023/11

    Helpful, fun associate
    Friendly other shoppers.

  6. milbest77 2023/11

    Love this store! Staff is so friendly and helpful.

  7. Nicole Carey 2023/11

    We stopped in on a random Saturday and were super impressed with the sales person and the overall content of the store. They have so many interesting dog toys that it made it almost impossible for us to make a decision on what to buy that day. The sales person listened to me lament about my toy annihilating dog and even offered options that would work for her!

  8. DeeAnna Bernardo 2023/11

    So very frustrated. Unprepared for people using self wash.

  9. M K 2023/10

    “Great place to take your dog to give it a bath, has everything you need, nice staff my only disappointment was I came for medium bag of special dog food but they stated no one buys that size so at the end paid double what I wanted to and purchased a big bag”

  10. Sydney Von Wilson 2023/10

    I love the convenience of this location and appreciate the array of dog treats and toys to spoil my new puppy and old pup with. They are super nice and have allowed me to come in and do training sessions for my pup to get use to the grooming room and have pawsitive experiences. I look forward to the day we get our chance to try the pet showers as I’d like to save my own pipes from additional hair clogging events. The latest and greatest purchase the staff helped me identify is this super large, filtering water bowl. Now that we have two dogs, this bowl has saved us from taking 4 trips a day to the sink to just 1. Thank you Dog Krazy for helping my Krazy Dogs have what they need for a happy and healthy life!

  11. Rick E. 2023/09

    Took my dog for a bath. All was wonderful and the experience was great except the provided shampoos. Very appreciative but the shampoos were literally like water. I thought I just got a bum bottle so I tested a few others. All the same. No consistency other than being very liquid and poor lathering. Fix that and it would be fantastic!

  12. chris white 2023/09

    Great pet store! Super friendly staff and a lot of variety. The special baked goods were a lot of fun too, especially for our boy’s 7th bday coming up.

  13. Darlene Holtvoigt 2023/09

    Took my Fia to be groomed. Zeya did an excellent job. I would recommend her to anyone! SHe is the best. Also, Patty is excellent. She is friendly, was super with my Fia, and is knowledgeable about animals and the products they carry. We will definately be back

  14. Sue Heatley 2023/09

    Excellent service. They are about 20% higher in price than other groomers. The convenient location makes up for that in some cases, and it was easy to book an appointment.

  15. Suzanne B 2023/08

    We appreciate the helpful staff at Dog Krazy. We are fostering a dog for the first time and have lots of questions. It’s so nice to have a local shop with helpful people.

  16. Madison Wyatt 2023/08

    This is my go to pet store. All of the staff are amazing. I’ve been taking my pup here since he was only 7 weeks old and he has become besties with the asm Dustin, he is so helpful!! I just recently got my baby groomed here and they did an AMAZING job, I wish I could shout out the groomer but I can’t remember her name. I trust all of the products, super high quality and definitely worth the money. Staff is very knowledgeable. LOVE this place

  17. B M 2023/08

    Great for getting small services and specialized items. Will be back

  18. Bill Luton 2023/07

    Well stocked, friendly and helpful sales associates

  19. Angi Hamer 2023/07

    Very cool place lots of specialty items for your dog. Staff were very friendly–I stopped in one day while waiting for my son’s tutoring session to be over. Love the idea of being able to bring my dog somewhere I can bath him.

  20. Barry Sheryl Lea 2023/07

    Barktastic & ruffmazing experience! Great atmosphere, we’d definitely recommend you bring your favorite furry friends to visit .

  21. Mark Mendenhall 2023/06

    Super friendly, but SUPER $$$. The things we do for quality of our doggy family members. Just make sure everything you purchase ends up in your bag. That was not the case in my one and only experience. It was an oversight on both sides, but still.

  22. Nathalie Midkiff 2023/06

    Really nice employee. Asked questions about my pet. Every person that entered the establishment was greeted and spoken to with kindness and he was genuinely interested in all our pets.

  23. Corey Creehan 2023/06

    Super kind people

  24. imagesfrom Oz 2023/06

    What a great store and dog loving people! I love this place.

  25. Carrie Lensch 2023/05

    Such a great business! Great selection of items, knowledgeable staff, reasonable prices.

  26. L W 2023/05

    Nice place but.. they make me wash my own dog. Kidding. That’s what I sought them out for. I bathe him twice a week because he’s between a boarding facility and dog sitter 3 days a week. Peeeewwww. Great service offered. I’d have to kick him out of the house with that B.O. if you guys weren’t there. Thank you! The staff are always happy and pleasant.. Knowledgeable. All your pet needs should be met. Oh, they do offer full grooming services of you don’t care to or have time to do it yourself. I forgot her name, forgive me…colorful hair? Awesome. She cut him for me when I couldn’t get home to his regular groomer. Really appreciated that. He was a hot mess! I bathed him. She cut him. Go team! Great place! They gets all my money, honey. Nothing but the best for my Boi.


  27. Elizabeth 2023/05

    Awesome customer service from this younger lady who helped me! I believe her name was Goldy. Amazing selection of toys, treats, and raw dog food! Great selection of natural pet stuff free from toxic chemicals.

  28. Bryan Mayrson 2023/05

    Super friendly and helpful!

  29. Chris Waugaman 2023/04

    Staff is very friendly and helpful.

  30. Rain Down 2023/04

    They carry the food I love for my dog.

  31. Daniel Vall-llobera 2023/04

    Great service, and they have my bougie cat’s food.

  32. Allison Shelton 2023/04

    Staff members are incredibly helpful and friendly!

  33. Katie B. Finn 2023/04

    DogKrazy at Stoney Point is my neighborhood pet store. The staff are very helpful and they have a wide variety of food, treats, and toys.

  34. EXi CEO 2023/02

    I enjoyed visiting often for the self dog wash and to get the only food my senior lab can eat but one of the managers (Tyler) ruined any chance of me ever returning. He lacks professionalism, is rude and follows me around the store even when it’s empty. I literally walk in grab a bag of dog food and walk back to the register to check out. He times me from the moment I pay for a self dog wash even though the shampoo I purchased from his store requires the product set for 5 mins before rinsing. I only go in the morning during the week. I’m usually the only customer in the store so noone has to wait for a wash bay. He goes out of his way to make unnecessary comments or tell me to leave when im at the bay over 20 min. My dog is 16 he can’t stand for long and I have to let the product set. Searching for a time stamp on my receipt when he should have been working is petty and a inefficient way to spend time on the clock. I could call to make sure he isn’t working so I can give my dog a bath in peace but ill just go somewhere else. All the ladies that work there are amazing, friendly and helpful.

  35. Davi Idemudia 2023/01

    This was my 3rd visit here. They have a great selection of toys and treats that I’ve not seen before. The staff is always very friendly and helpful as well.

  36. Scarlet Rose 2023/01

    First time here. First time owning a guinea pig as well. Erin took great care of him and the entire store was so sweet and nice to myself, my son, and our little Fred! Absolutely coming back! I live in Ashland so this is a hike, but a well worth it hike! Thank you so much for making my Fred’s very first grooming such a great experience! I wish I could put the video on here! He was absolutely loving the blow dryer!!! Purple towel was before his spa day got started! Bow is after at the all done mark! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Thanks Dog Krazy and thank you Erin!!!!


  37. Nicole 2023/01

    Cool place, trendy, self service dog baths inside store, although they gave me the wrong product…
    Friendly customer assistance.

  38. X. Natasha Lindeback 2022/10

    The staff here are phenomenal. As soon as you enter the store there is someone greeting you and asking you what you need. If you’re looking for something specific they’ll walk you to the section where you can find the item and then they take the extra time to explain the benefits of the different options.

    I will typically go to Dog Krazy before buying online because I appreciate the knowledge and friendliness of the staff.


  39. Catherine Jones 2022/09

    Clean wash stations and helpful staff. Hazel got pets & treats from Brody after 🙂


  40. Lisa BRUNEAU 2022/06

    9/1/22 Came in with my new dog a very large German Shepard. I had to find someone to help me. There were 2 employees at the front chatting. Asked for their expertise in choosing a new dog food. My dog is very picky. She chose the same brand she used for her cat. She said she doesn’t own a dog. I was looking for very knowledgeable, not just quessing. This is a dog specialty store. Dog expertise is important. She only showed me 1 brand. I asked she had samples because, my dog is very picky. Samples would be nice.

    Next I asked for something to chew on when I am not home. I told her I already had a big bone for her. I had my dog with me. She showed me small dog bone. I said that is too small for her standing next to me.
    She wanted to sell me the Gorilla wood bones. I said I don’t want my dog to eat wood.
    I ended up with Nylabone. It seems that they don’t cater to large dog.
    Lastly, if you bring a dog in with you, I would expect someone to notice her, and pet her. I drug my new dog for an experienc. I felt like I was at PetSmart alone.

    I spent $107 on a bag of food, and a bone
    Won’t be coming back.


  41. K LB 2022/05

    Unbelievably, helpful staff who were all very knowledgeable.

  42. Mar-Quan Thomas 2022/04

    Awesome dog store

  43. O S 2022/03

    This store is amazing! There are so many options for my pets who have completely different needs. Emily made sure to show the options available for my one year old pit bull and for my 13 year old shih tzu! I love the treats and toys! I can’t wait to come back again!

  44. T K 2022/02

    This is my favorite place to take my dog for a wash and treats. Super friendly staff!

  45. Maddy Guzak 2022/01

    The best self wash for your pup out of all the locations! Has a full blower that is adjustable, not just high or low setting. HUGE store with a ton of options for groom supplies, toys and food. Finally got the silent squeaker toy for my Doberman that I couldn’t find anywhere else! Thanks patty and crew for being so kind so my dog, she seems “scary” to other people because of her breed but you all welcomed her with open arms 🙂

  46. Jenn Thomas 2021/12

    This place is so great!!! Meg is so nice and knowledgeable! Will definitely be back for all of my pet needs!

  47. Katie Gabrual 2021/12

    If you need a groomer please go see Erin. She does an amazing job and she treats my dog Spencer as her own. She is so kind, loving and very patient especially towards my little guy! Also, please shop at this location the staff at stony point really cares about your animal needs. They provide great recommendation on what to purchase. They are so personable and always makes sure your dog or cat get lots of love and kisses! Make sure you all have Erin as your groomer! She is the best!


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