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Dog House
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  1. Robin Frost 2022/11

    Wendi always takes great care of our dogs!

  2. Christine Maggard 2022/10

    The folks at the Dog House always do a beautiful job on our boys. They treat our boys like they are their own. Not only do I get back beautifully groomed dogs when I pick them up, but the dogs are happy. We just love the ladies and gentlemen there!


  3. Abbey Shearin 2022/07

    Our dogs smell amazing for weeks after coming here. We love this place!!!

  4. Julie Anderson 2022/04

    My little guy loves coming here and practically drags me from the car to the front door. The service is impecable and he always comes home happy and handsome. He was a mess when we first adopted him as the shelter had to shave him completely, howver with.time and TLC from Wendi, he is no looking great.


  5. Conny Barrett 2021/10

    I am very happy the way they treated my baby

  6. Beth Brooks 2021/05

    Awesome, they are very loving

  7. Ash B 2021/04

    My dog has been going here for quite some time now and she always looks exactly how I tell staff I want her cut. The location is so cute and the inside looks well taken care of and I know she is in good hands with staff. Prices are reasonable and they even add little bows upon request.


  8. Barry Levites 2021/01

    Love the work they do! My dog always looks fresh!

  9. Italian Mama 2020/10

    The ladies here are so sweet & do a wonderful job with the dogs. The dogs enjoy coming to get pampered here. They are like family.

  10. ROBIN D 2020/01

    Did a great job on my fur baby! very nice people also! Will go back again!

  11. Jon J5 2019/10

    I love Reese’s haircut. I know she was a handful I heard her barking as I was walking away. But they didnt reject her they did a damn good job..True Pros..thanks again see you next time.

  12. Sue Ballance 2019/06

    Cindy is the best in town. Kobi always comes home looking precious and well groomed.

  13. Tammy Wyatt 2019/02

    They take such good care of our dog Zoe!

  14. Natalie Wade 2018/09

    Finny (my dog) is my best friend, I would only trust her with the best! Cindy and the crew at The Dog House are just that! I appreciate having someone I can trust to not only do a perfect job on the cut, but who also takes sweet care of my favorite buddy!

  15. Marco Gutierrez 2018/08

    Great service and quality

  16. Kelly Ozah 2018/06

    The best in town!

  17. Clay Shoaf 2018/05

    This is the best dog grooming shop in town, bar none. They treat your dog with love and they give a professional cut. Don’t risk going anywhere else. The Dog House is where it’s at.

  18. Patsy & Joel Ledford 2018/01

    For years these wonderful folks have been grooming our two little poodle mixes, doing an excellent job. We are so thankful for them.

  19. Jeanne Boisineau 2017/09

    The ladies and their staff at The Dog House have groomed five of our dogs over ten years. Not only are they superb and talented groomers, they are terrific with the animals. Dogs that won’t let us near them with brushes or nail clippers at home happily and calmly trot into the grooming room there. The entire staff obviously love animals and take great care with them. They’re also lovely people. We know Maggie, Tink, Sophie Lambchop and Auggie always received and receive not just great service, but love and real care while they’re at The Dog House.

  20. Gail Torres 2017/05

    Love this place. My dogs love going here. They are always happy when they go and like the ladies who work there. Nothing like going to the vet where they get super anxious.

  21. LaShae Brown 2017/03

    I LOVE & RECOMMEND THE DOG HOUSE! It was hard for me to find a place where Reily was very comfortable and the staff was not calling me every 20 minutes because he wouldn’t allow them to touch him. I have a toy puddle and he is 6 years old. The staff treats not only the owners but the dog as if we are a big family. I find myself calling them just to check up on him and they don’t mind. When it comes down to grooming, they do an excellent job! I’ve never had to go behind them and check because something was not taken care of. I don’t mind paying for the services because I know they took great care of him and he’s happy. Thanks AGAIN FOR EVERYTHING!

  22. Derek West 2017/02

    I’ve taken my two dogs to Cindy and her crew for years! Highly recommended!!!

  23. Thomas Lloyd 2017/02

    Excellent job and friendly people.

  24. Gia Mitchell 2017/02

    Oh my gosh my Livvie got the cutest cut!!! They treat your pet like family and actually know their craft 🙂 I cannot stress enough how wonderful the people are!!!! Highly recommend!!!!!

  25. Jessica Marshburn 2016/10

    Great service! Highly recommend you get your pup groomed here- I have a 10 y/o terrier and he can be quite a terror – have been charged extra other places due to this, but not here- everyone is always happy to see my dog and he does great, and comes home looking and smelling great!!

  26. A Stokes 2016/09

    Absolutely LOVE this place! I have a 9yo Staffordshire Pitbull Service dog and he looked soooo happy coming out of this place! I’ve taken him to PetSmart, and even though he is very personable… I could tell he was a little shaken up. My baby smells great, and they even had the oatmeal shampoo I requested (only for a small extra fee). I also am very overprotective of my animal. When it comes to nails, I’m very picky (I’ve seen animals go down bc of this ). Titus is a happy and clean man, and that makes me feel great. I think we’ve finally found our PERMENANT groomer. ?

  27. Christine E 2016/03

    The Dog House is top notch, they do a great job grooming plus take the extra time with your dog that he or she needs if they are apprehensive or frightened. My three dogs and I have been going to them for years. One dog is nervous around new people and situations, Cindy and crew take the time to work with him to reassure he is ok, not just throw him in a crate and go on. I will always take my pups to the Dog House!

  28. Edward VanDusen 2016/01

    Always great service and care for the dogs. Mom has used Cindy for years now it’s the only place I will take Molly.

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