Dog House Cat

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Dog House Cat
4.8 based on 4 reviews
  1. Charlene Noll 2023/12

    Lovely small local pet store with excellent prices and personalized service! Got a beautiful collar for the baby and they enjoyed the barkuterie board greatly!


  2. George Salley 2023/11

    Really 9 out of ten stars. Very nice place, friendly and helpful. I have shopped here in the past and will again.

    5 stars from me means perfection or very close. 97 or better out of 100. I cannot remember the last time someone got 5.

  3. tabbi bowler 2023/10

    Very nice and knowledgeable. Ashley is very helpful and full of suggestion. I love this store!

  4. Madison Herndon 2023/08

    Dog House Cat is a great and much needed addition for Richmond pets and their humans. The owner has carefully considered the selection of products and is very open to ideas for future products. As a cat owner it is nice to half a place to go that isn’t catered 90% to dogs and 10% to cats. I can’t wait to see what else is to come! Highly recommend for fun and aesthetically pleasing pet products!

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