Dodson Pest Control

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Dodson Pest Control
4.8 based on 134 reviews
  1. Carrie Grace 2023/08

    I have been using them for about a year and I have seen more spiders than I ever did before.

  2. Joe Measell 2023/07

    I called Dodson with concerns of a bed bug presence and they jumped into action right away. I was very pleased at how quickly they were able to respond to my call and provide a same day inspection! I spoke to Gary first and then he passed the word along to Zachary who showed up as soon as he could. When Zach got into the house he was extremely pleasant professional and knowledgeable. He answered all of my questions, eased my concerns and inspected the house like it was his own. I really appreciate the service Zachary and Dodson provided. I would highly recommend them for anyone’s pest control concerns!

  3. Thomas Wright 2023/04

    I use Dodson at my rental properties and my home, they are always prompt and courteous and do a thorough job! Very satisfied!

  4. May Walton 2023/01

    Since Chelsea didn’t want to be fully honest in her documentation on why I canceled my service, I will leave it here. The #1 reason that I canceled after 1yr of service is due to the rude phone etiquette that she and Shannon displayed. Customer service is a hard job. I’ve done it for 13 yrs. Answering phones and emails for 8hrs a day, dealing with all kinds of people is very taxing. I have never and will never have the attitude, tone, or make the unnecessary comments that they have made to me. I will give another business my money which I have done. I had a very sweet and pleasant 13min phone convo with the receptionist of my new pest control service as she went over the packages and signed me up. The 2nd issue was that I did not receive services that I requested in-between my last 3 treatments. The ladies said that they dispatch the tech, but when I mentioned it to the him, he told me that he never got the request. Not sure where the disconnect is. I was willing to deal with that issue and stay a customer due to how great the techs are, but I will not tolerate rudeness especially at my expense. All 3 techs that I had over the year were awesome. They were all polite, sweet, and professional. No issues with the guys or the treatments. Brian followed up with me about my cancelation and he too was the sweetest and I appreciate his follow-up. This is the 2nd review in the last 4 months about the ladies being rude. Hopefully they get them some training. I’m sure they have swayed others from signing up or continuing service.

  5. AK Davis 2023/01

    We had our new home treated shortly after building it in 2015. We selected Dodson at that time. They provide annual termite inspections for us. Today the inspection was done by one of their outstanding staff members, Ronell. He was extremely professional and personable. He answered any questions that I had for him as he shared information with me on what he was looking for. Just an awesome customer service attitude. Dodson, this speaks to the caliber of people you are vetting and hiring. Please continue to staff with people like Ronell. Please pass this to management. Thank you!

  6. Noelle Bisig Ward 2022/11

    Brian and the team are excellent! They are also very detailed and knowledgeable – see gnats, they look at the root cause to prevent – gnats were coming from soil/excess water in a plant for example. Teach you about keeping food and water sources contained from pests while providing a great proactive treatment barrier for your protection year around. Love Dodson Pest Control Company. Always on-time, thorough, and quick. Highly recommend!

  7. David Firster 2022/11

    Fast return call and arranging service.

  8. Elvis Guy 2022/10

    I called to speak to someone about a quote for my house and the woman that answered the phone was VERY rude. She would not let me speak so I then stated that I would go and use someone else to her response “thats ok good go ahead”. I would NEVER use or recommend to anyone to use as I’m sure their techs have the same or even worse customer service than the lady that just sits at a desk all day does.

  9. LIAS 2022/10

    Something is not right lately.

  10. Crystal Edwards 2022/10

    We have had Dodson for years with Brian. He stopped coming and we have been assigned to multiple people since then. It has been awful since. They come when they want even if you are not there which means they can’t spray under the house, garage or in the house if there are issues. Sometimes they don’t come at all and charge us for a service we never received. Have talked to the regional manager twice once in January and very recently. We were initially asked to please give them another chance. This recent call the manager was extremely rude and not helpful. This business used to be the best, now they are horrible. Do NOT come here, unless you are lucky enough to get Brian.

  11. Kaisy Abreu 2022/09

    Used them for all of last year. The techs are nice I don’t remember the name of the tech that did my service but he’s no longer with the company. I’m trying out something different this year but will be right back to them if it doesn’t work out.

  12. Renita Courtney 2022/08

    I lived in the country and experienced spiders & other bugs. After hiring Dodson to come out regularly 98% of the bugs disappeared. They sprayed outside around the house, and inside the house including the garage.

  13. Diane Langston 2022/06

    Took care of the infestation. Was very friendly and easy to work with.

  14. CollegeBound JoX 2022/06

    My Technician Brian Craig does a great job explaining what they are putting down and leaves you with a little knowledge so you know what to look. Keep up the good work.

  15. Krystal Pennington 2022/03

    They got rid of cockroaches in a few months. Highly recommend!

  16. A D 2022/02

    Awesome service as always! Keep on keeping them bugs out of my house.

  17. JoAnne Healey 2021/10

    Raleigh was excellent. He was a joy to have in our home. Very personable, knowledgeable, and polite. Who knew a pest inspection could be so delightful?
    He is honest, fair, and respectful. I can’t say enough good about Raleigh or the company he represents, Dodson Pest Control.
    I highly recommend this professional company.
    Josie Healey

  18. Debra Taylor 2021/10

    Rallegh Engel is expected

  19. Elaine Stewart 2021/09

    Ralleigh took care of our termite inspection for a re-di. He is extremely knowledgeable and customer service is outstanding. Ralleigh is very thorough. He was referred to us by Ask Midlothian Moms FB group & Reservoir Moms FB group and as always they were right. We know and trust that he makes sure our home remains in tip top shape. We will definitely use Ralleigh with Dodson Pest Control for years to come.

  20. Jessica Preas 2021/09

    Fantastic service.

  21. Carlos Quinteros 2021/08



  22. Steven Jordan 2021/07

    Just wanted to say thank you to Dodson and specifically David H. and Brian C. David did a more thorough inspection than I had expected, gave solid advice, and was trustworthy and personable! Brian came out for our first treatment and took the time to answer all of my questions and listened to my concerns! I couldn’t be happier and I’d recommend Dodson to anyone. Thanks again!

  23. Sean Bojanowski 2021/05

    I would like to thank Brian for his time. He kept me informed that he was running late. When he arrived, he provided me all the details of what he would be looking for and did a very deep clean and spray. He asked me my concerns and then provided me an update or what he noticed during his inspection!

    When I asked my friends who should I hire for pest control by buddy Doug Atkins said he trust Brian and the company and he has been using guys for the last 5 years. I was sold and now I am a customer. Thank you again Brian for being a true professional!

    Lt Col Sean Bojanowski, USAF

  24. Rob Stepp 2021/05

    Raleigh want great and took care of our hornet problem! Highly recommended! Thank you Raleigh!

  25. Dean Meyerhoeffer 2021/03

    My customer representative RALLIEGH ENGEL was simply amazing!!! He was very personal, extremely well informed and knowledgable, and very interested in finding a solution that is cost effective. He could have tried to “sell” us expensive solutions, but he listened to us, inspected our home , and recommended perfect cost effective solutions. I am so happy we contacted Dodson for our pest control provider. I look forward to a long lasting relationship. Thank you Dodson for hiring (and finding) competent and committed employees company representatives.

    Thank you,
    Dean Meyerhoeffer

  26. Tamara Harris 2021/03

    Friendly and professional customer service. The techs and all representatives of Dodson have given me the best customer service and i would recommend their business to others. From my inquire to receiving the service, I have no complaints.

  27. Theodore Voorhees 2021/03

    Dodson, and our regular service technician Brian, provided consistent and responsive service for four years while we lived in Powhatan. I recommend them.

  28. Brian Golden 2021/02

    They never returned my call.

  29. The life and adventures of Baby Byrd 2021/01

    I had Raleigh I was crying and about to have an anxiety attack he really helped me calm down he was very kind and he explained everything to me assuring me that everything will be ok I am so thankful for his kindness.

  30. Douglas Atkins 2020/10

    Brian rocks! He has been treating our home for over a decade. Calls everytime before he comes out asking what he needs to address. Whatever they do, we don’t see spiders and insects in the house. Highly recommend.

  31. John Rudin 2020/10

    We have used Dodson Pest Control for many years. The service technician, Brian, is extremely courteous and efficient to ensure that we do not have problems and/or eliminate any issues promptly.

  32. Donna Miles 2020/09

    Eugene has been a blessing in disguise. He takes care of our business and does an amazing job communicating with each one of us. We’ve been using Dodson for several years now. Thank you so much!

  33. Charles Oliver 2020/08

    We had problems at our house with ants and other small creatures and we tried at first to do it on our own. Finally we contacted Dodson and they did an amazing job!! Brian was on point every and any time we needed him to come out. If we had the choice to keep our services with Dodson and Brain when we moved to South Carolina, we would for sure!! If you get to ask to choose a tech, ask for Brian!!

  34. Christopher Parham 2020/07

    Alex is very informative and has kept pests out of our store for quite some time. Full confidence in this company

  35. jon ramthun 2020/07

    Brian Craig sets the bar very high! Great customer service!

  36. Richard Kingswell 2020/07

    Ralligh is a true high end professional I was highly impressed and his dedication to work through my problems at my house could not recommend him highly enough outstanding member of our community.

  37. Robert Fryer 2020/05

    Brian C. Was out to do our bi-monthly service and was very professional. He took his time to explain what he was doing and to answer all our questions. We look forward to having Brian service our home for a long time. He is an asset to your company. Thank you Brian and Dodson!

  38. Jessica Phillips 2020/05

    Brian is our Dodson technician and specialist when it comes to any critter. He’s always explaining to me about certain spiders or why I have so many ants, they love my house. But he always has that Magic that finds where they are outside, even wants to show me how they’re coming in and then zap—they’re gone! Brian shows his professionalism and is so passionate in keeping the ants away from our home. He definitely goes the extra mile. He certainly is an asset to the company!!

  39. Rene Gant 2020/05

    Anytime you have to deal with pests, it is unsettling. I sent a message thru the Dodson Pest website and David Harper called me that morning and was at my house that afternoon. Very responsive and very professional!

  40. Angela Faulkner 2020/04

    Service is great!! the tech guy(eugene sheets) is awesome, anwsers all my questions and the best thing it’s work only 3 monthly visits and other than normal household bugs (which end up on a glue boards anyways no more bugs

  41. Kim Mulvey 2020/04

    Eugene Sheets and Dominick Evans were extremely professional and knowledgeable. They took the time and explained everything they do and asked questions to see if I had seen any rodents or insects. These two technicians deserve praise from your management team! Thank you gentlemen!

    Kim Mulvey

  42. Christopher Flaherty 2020/03

    Brian is very knowledgeable about the products he’s using and about the critters here keeping from coming in or log cabin, oh and super friendly too.

  43. Barbara Sipe Hall 2020/02

    A great group of guys! So polite and helpful. Thank you again!!

  44. Mike 2020/02

    Brian is our Dodson guy in Midlothian He’s always courteous and thorough. He also tells you what he’s doing each visit. I’ve had no pest issues at all. Thanks.

  45. Pamela Perkins 2019/10

    Brian, with Dodson Pest Control, does a great job at our Magnolia Green locations. He is very thorough in looking at the location (inside and out), explaining what he found, asking if we have noticed any problems and then treating what needs to be treated. Brian always says to call if we are noticing anything that needs attention right away. We enjoy seeing Brian each month. Thanks,

  46. Muriel Myers 2019/10

    Iam very satisfied with service and Eugene and Raleigh ,they.very nice to talk with .

  47. Andrew Carson 2019/10

    I’ve been using Dodson for more than 10 years and can’t say enough great things about their service and especially their staff.
    Brian Craig and David Harper have been really fantastic representatives for their company!

  48. Melissa Miesner 2019/10

    We have had great success in working with Dodson. Our technician is personable, friendly, reliable, and extremely knowledgeable. We recommend this company highly for your pest control needs!

  49. Debbie Howard 2019/10

    We have had Dodson service at our for many years and they do a wonderful job! The service techs are friendly, efficient and make me feel like they genuinely care about our needs.

  50. Carolyn Baum 2019/10

    I asked Ralliegh Engel if he had a form I could fill out about his excellent service and he gave me his card. He is a very nice young man, efficient and knowledgeable. You are very fortunate to have him working for your company.
    Carolyn Baum.

  51. Jernee Brown 2019/10

    Its good..

  52. Chivhan Ingram 2019/10

    Casie did an outstanding job! He was very knowledgeable about the issue that I had and went above and beyond to put me at ease. Would definitely recommend their service.

  53. Mary CB 2019/10

    Our service technician, Bryan, is professional and thorough.

  54. Joe Miller 2019/09

    Eugene Sheets is very professional and very knowledgeable of the different insects that he treats. Always calls ahead to schedule the appointment with me. Does a great job!

  55. LeRonia Johnson 2019/09

    Mr. Ralliegh Engel punctual friendly and efficient

  56. Elizabeth Woodward 2019/09

    Extremely happy and satisfied with my service. Eugene Sheets comes to our home with positive attitude and always very helpful and answering any questions that we have to keep our home pest free.

  57. Suzy McPeters 2019/09

    Brian C at Dodson Pest has been doing a great job for our family for 13 years. He has helped us out with ants, spiders, and mice that we have had problems with at various times. He takes his time and gives thorough explanations of what he has seen and what he is treating and is always mindful of my children by putting bait in places that only the ants will be able to reach. He is dependable and always shows up when he says he will.

  58. Katie Hoak 2019/09

    We worked with Ralliegh recently for pest services in our new home. We LOVE him – he’s incredibly kind, courteous and helpful. You can tell Dodson is a family run company that cares about its customers vs a big nationwide chain. Feel very lucky to have found these guys and have them as our regular pest professionals!

  59. Natasha Mroczek 2019/09

    Ralliegh came by to give an estimate. He was friendly, professional, and extremely informative to us. He explained that for our situation, pest control was likely unnecessary and we could do the same thing ourselves without professional services. He gave us some free traps to try out on our own! We will definitely go back to Dodson in the future if needed, and hope we encounter Ralliegh again if we do!

  60. Steven Barton 2019/08

    Brian is always timely, polite, and efficient. He is extremely knowledgeable about the insects and other pests that are around our home. We seldom have problems, but any time there is an issue, he takes care of it quickly and finally. We recently had another company canvassing our neighborhood for pest services. I let him know there was no way we’d leave Brian and Dodson.

  61. Jen Thompson 2019/08

    Our rep Brian C. is always great to work with. He is friendly, and always takes care of any problems we are having! I would recommend him to anyone.

  62. Michael & Patricia Tufano 2019/08

    We at Argent Credit Union are grateful and appreciative of Eugene Sheets and the services he provides us. He always comes to our building upbeat and wearing a smile. He is very professional and thorough. We highly recommend Eugene, he is a great at what he does. 5 stars for sure!

  63. Eric Singletary 2019/08

    Tech T. Catlin has been regularly servicing my home for a while now. He is very professional, pleasant and thorough. I am very happy that I don’t have a bug problem, and with his services I expect it to remain that way..His employee number is 04628….

  64. Page Schalow 2019/08

    Ralliegh was fantastic! He listened to my concerns and laid out all the options! I was thrilled that he had several options to choose from regarding my needs, and it was very affordable. Thanks Dodson and Ralliegh!

  65. Patricia Jones 2019/08

    Eugene has been our service rep. for a little over a year. He is very professional, courteous, task oriented and knowledgeable. For the first time in the 24 years we’ve lived in this house, we have not had the springtime ant problem that has always been a constant in our lives. I attribute this to the service we have been receiving from Eugene. I would highly recommend him as a service rep. to any customer. Thanks Eugene for the continued great service. We look forward to many future years with Dodson with you as our service rep.

  66. Christina Neece 2019/08

    Ralliegh with Dodson Pest Control could not have been more helpful! He was professional, on time, and communicated clearly about what the needs of the home were. I will happily call Dodson again!

  67. Patrick Brady 2019/08

    Ralliegh Engel was awesome! I got stuck on a time
    crunch and he was absolutely great! Came out within 3 hours and had me the report right after that! I wholly recommend Ralliegh for his service and response!!! Outstanding company!

  68. Valveless One 2019/08

    Customer for over 20 years….service always timely and effective!

  69. PF S 2019/08

    Termites around the frame of the garage door: thorough inspection and a lower price for a more thorough treatment than the competition; professionalism all around in dealings with inspector. The treatment process: Cody arrived promptly, …

  70. Andrea Gregory 2019/07

    During some remodeling projects, we unfortunately discovered a hornet’s nest somewhere under our home. After hearing several recommendations for Dodson Pest Control, we called right away. It was after hours and we left a message. Ralliegh Engel returned our call that evening and set up an appointment to come out and inspect the next day. He was prompt and courteous and after inspecting the entire crawl space was able to figure out where the nest was. We then arranged a time for him to return and treat the nest. The price was fair and service was outstanding, definitely recommend!

  71. Allyson Pittman 2019/07

    Brian C has taken care of our homes for the past 14 years.
    Excellent example of true customer service including reliability, promptness, and attention to detail.
    We highly recommend Dodson and especially Brian C!

  72. Rasheeda Phillips Jeffress 2019/07

    Ralliegh is an awesome service tech! Very thorough and detailed. He takes pride in his work. Great job and thanks!

  73. Clifton Cammack 2019/07

    Ralliegh came and gave us a free inspection for ants
    Was very knowledgable and informative

  74. Jim Satterfield 2019/07

    Great customer service

  75. joni jones 2019/07

    Ralliegh Engel has been a Godsend! He is always so helpful and will come check out any issues at the drop of a hat. He’s very knowledgeable and knows what insects to leave alone (like ground bees) and what needs to be treated. We appreciate everything he has done for us and he treats us like friends. Thank you Dodson Brothers for keeping such community-minded and well-informed staff!

  76. Elizabeth Gallup 2019/07

    Second time Ralleigh Engel has been to my house to take care of yellowjackets nesting in the ground (one nest last year, and one this year). He was at my house within an hour of me calling Dodson, and like last time was very friendly and got rid of the nest.

  77. Misi 2019/07

    Eugene Sheets and Raleigh Engel have been very helpful to myself and for the ministry I work for, Mercy Mall of VA!! They are always professional and friendly! We would recommend them to anyone!

  78. Kourtney Ennis 2019/07

    Ralliegh Engel came out to inspect our house recently and we had a very pleasant experience. He was thorough, straightforward, and honest which made for a very reassuring interaction. Will be calling him again should we have any issues!

  79. Shamika Pugh 2019/06

    Ralliegh Engel
    Came to our apartment to inspect for roaches
    Was pleasant to work with

  80. C. Williamson 2019/06

    Brian always does the best job! He is always very courteous and attentive to what our needs are when treating the house for bugs. I highly recommend him and Dodson for you pest control needs! Great job Brian!!

  81. David Canavan 2019/06

    Our inspector, Ralliegh, was awesome. He was pleasant, professional knowledgeable, friendly and gets an A+.

  82. Gennifer Carpenter 2019/06

    Really great customer service! When I had concerns about my home, Ashley was patient, thorough, and respectful. Thanks for your help!

  83. JO AARON 2019/06

    Ralliegh is magnificent. He did an inspection at our home and was very informative, knowledge and kind about the issue that I am experiencing.

  84. mary hudspeth 2019/06

    My husband and I are very happy with Will and Dodson Pest Control. The service has been impeccable. Will is professional, thoughtful and knowledgeable.

  85. Laura Caccavale 2019/06

    Ralleigh was great! Extremely responsive and helpful. Would definitely recommend!

  86. Chris Ames 2019/06

    Very detail oriented

  87. Erik Rosolino 2019/06

    My parents hired Dodson to perform a fumigation for an ongoing bed bug problem they’ve had for the past 6 months. The fumigation crew was professional, timely, and compassionate to my aging parents…but best of all…no more bed bugs!

  88. Keona Staton (Keke) 2019/06

    Ralliegh Engel he came to our apartment to take care our Wasp he had good service very polite and very helpful

  89. Caitlin Ruppert 2019/06

    Ralliegh Engel was so very helpful, kind and respectful of my sleeping baby during inspection and service. Highly recommend him in particular for general pest control!

  90. Joyce Walker 2019/05

    David Harper was very pleasant, polite, efficient and patient. I had plenty of questions and his responses were professionally and I very pleased with the job he completed at my residence – Homeowner Joyce

  91. Misty Pagnotti 2019/05

    Brian has been serving us for several years. He is courteous, efficient. Always listens to our concerns and addresses them . We recommend Brian and Dodson highly.

  92. slime gang 2019/05

    Ralliegh was amazing with showing me what needs done

  93. J 2019/05

    We have been working with Brian at Dodson for many years – great service! Professional, hard working always on time. Highly recommend to all my Powhatan neighbors.

  94. Roslyn Ryan 2019/05

    We have had a fantastic experience with Dodson. Excellent, prompt, thorough service and Brian is the best, most helpful tech anyone could ask for. Highly recommend!!!

  95. Dean Dillingham 2019/05

    Brian is always on time, very personable and really good about explaining the products and process. Kudos!

  96. Roland Weeks 2019/05

    Raleigh arrived early and had a clean truck and uniform
    And everything went well and was very pleased with service
    Would recommend Dodson pest control

  97. Vic Dorr 2019/05

    We’ve worked with Brian for years. Never has he been anything other than a fine representative of the Dodson firm: prompt, diligent, courteous and thorough. He not only does his job as a service technician, he explains what he’s doing, and why. Today he was helping us deal with the weather-related appearance of a couple of 11/2-2-inch wood roaches.

  98. Stephen Melton 2019/04

    Brian is always thorough, prompt, and courteous. He will call a day prior to his visit and ask if there are any issues that need addressing. In addition to his professionalism, he goes above his duties and is keen on making suggestions on how to keep outside “things” outside. Brian does a great job.

  99. Michael Smith (480 Volts) 2019/04

    We have had Brian coming out for a few years now, and have not had any troubles with pests since ( and we live in the country). Brian and the others at Dodson Bros have been a pleasure to work with!
    Thank y’all!

  100. Kathleen Luton 2019/04

    My technician, Brian Craig, does a great job in checking in with me about any pest issues. He always comes when he tells me and has been great about working with me a couple of times when I have needed him to come back before my next scheduled treatment. I could not do without his services. I would highly recommend Dodson.

  101. St. Luke Episcopal 2019/04

    Brian takes very good care of our facilities. He’s proactive, friendly and observant.

  102. Cole Van Derwerker 2019/04

    An amazing company, Brian Craig definitely know his stuff. 10/10 would recommend to my friends.

  103. Shirley Jones 2019/04

    Ralliegh was the inspector that came to my home.
    He was very polite and informative. Explained to me the problem and what was needed to correct it.

  104. Brad Nimmons 2019/04

    Brian Craig has given our family exceptional service over the years and always goes the extra mile. Dodson is lucky to have someone whose professionalism and expertise are only exceeded by his courtesy and care for customers.

  105. S Wright 2019/04

    Brian goes above and beyond, consistently! Always top notch service! That’s what keeps me as a customer!

  106. Mike Shelton 2019/04

    We have been using Dodson for 20 years with great service. Brian C. is a wonderful service technician. He always call the night before servicing us and is always on time. This young man is the best person on the Dodson Team. I would give Brian C. 10 stars if it would allow me but 5 is all the program is set to at this time. Dodson is great and if you go with this company MAKE SURE you get Brian C.. He is a wonderful person and an excellent worker that really wants to please his clients. He treats people like family. Dodson, you need to give this man a huge raise and a promotion. Thank you for the great service.

  107. Stephanie Wrenn 2019/03

    Great customer service! Friendly & knowledgeable technicians. I definitely recommend them!

  108. Rana Morse 2019/03

    Ralliegh Engel is the BEST BEST!!! What a great service he provides! So nice and friendly! Found a lot of stuff that needed taking care of that I was unaware of!!!! Thank goodness!!! If there was a place for 10 stars I would give him 10!!!!

  109. B Shredl 2019/03

    Eugene does a very good job for me. He’s quick to take care of anything I ask of him without getting an attitude. He shows up on time or early, and if anything comes up where he can’t, he’ll let me know as soon as possible so I can adjust my own schedule.

  110. Christine Whitmore 2019/03

    We have been working with Ralliegh and the Dodson company for about 7 months now. We had just moved in to our first home, and I had just had our first child when we started experiencing an issue with ants in our kitchen. We tried everything to get rid of them. Finally we decided to call the Dodson pest control after doing research on all the pest control companies in the Powhatan area. A big thing for me was if their products were safe for babies and pets which they are! Highly Highly recommended!

  111. Michal Szczotka 2019/03

    Brian C. has been applying pest control around our house for many years. He always calls before visit to schedule time and inquire about any changes.

    Brian is best example of great customer service: very friendly, courteous, cares about our house and always explains what and why is being done.
    It’s pleasure to do business with you.

  112. Michelle Whitmore 2019/03

    Ralliegh Engel did a wonderful job, very personable

  113. Sheryl Thomas 2019/03

    I cannot say Enough about Dodson they are the BEST!!!PEST CONTROL!!!we haveever have had. Brian is An Outstanding Person and We were Grateful to have a Professional Young Man, Who was always on Time, Flexible,Professional,Thorough, Knowledgeable, however do to a out of state move for a job change and how we wish Dodson was in our Area!!! We sure miss Brian.would recommend anyone in Chesterfield or Surrounding areas to Brian at Dodson, Wish We Had Them In Our Area!!! MISS THEM!!!

  114. Christin Owens 2019/03

    Ralliegh at Dodson Pest Control is GREAT! He arrived at my home at the early end of my arrival window time (huge bonus!) and gave me the run down on what would need to be done to handle my yellow jacket problem. He was honest and professional and never pushed any additional services. I agreed to the services needed and he was able to immediately take care of the problem. He also told me to contact him if there were any problems after he left. Ralliegh was quick and efficient. While I hope to never need pest control services again, I will definitely call Ralliegh! I highly recommend Ralliegh and encourage anyone looking for pest control to contact him immediately.

  115. Kevin O'Laughlin 2019/03

    Brian , has been my technician for years and always provides top level customer service.

  116. Cheryl Martin 2019/03

    Eugene Sheets is always pleasant and professional when he comes to service Waterside at Ironbridge.

  117. Christine Peterson 2019/02

    We called for a quote and within minutes Ralliegh returned our call and within 30 minutes was at our home to give a estimate. He was very knowledgeable and friendly and took the time to thoroughly explain our options. He was able to start service immediately. I feel very comfortable with Dodson and Ralliegh and highly recommend them. Outstanding customer service!

  118. Angela Kelly 2019/02

    Ralliegh was super helpful in evaluating our pest control needs. Great honesty and thorough explanation of options.

  119. Danny & Sally Roberts 2019/02

    New customer. Great customer service! Ralliegh Engel explained everything in detail and answered every question we asked. Looking forward to doing business with Dodson.

  120. Bobbie Atristain 2019/02

    Will from Dobson Brothers is always consistent with appointments. He is courteous and professional. We had a infestation of mice once my chief mouser kitty passed away. They were quick to come out and now we are rodent free.

  121. Jennifer Viverette 2019/02

    Great place and very nice staff

  122. Nicholas Staub 2019/02

    Ralliegh very great inspector very informative.

  123. Carrie Tesh 2019/01

    Dodson and especially Brian are awesome! He is always on time, if not early. Dodson does great work and they always address any pest issues that might be present. Highly recommend.

  124. Carol Goins 2019/01


  125. Matthew Hayes 2019/01

    Mr.David Harper, came to my house very nice man very informative. He show me the termite tunnels under my house at each point. He actually crawled everywhere to see all the problems that existed under my house. If only my home inspector …

  126. Carrie Dillard 2019/01

    Brian Craig (04241) has been our Dodson Technician for between 10-15 (?) years now. He is reliable, extremely knowledgeable, and goes the extra step each time he comes to our home. We welcome his visits!

    He is now, also the Technician for son’s first home, in an adjacent neighborhood. And knowing it is Brian, and ‘being with our family’ for so long, has assured him that his home, too , is well tended to.

    We recently had a mouse problem for the first time in our 28 years in our home. Brian came, and had rectified that issue in ONE day.

    He is a true Ambassador for Your Company.

  127. John Cooling 2019/01

    Brian Lamb is a professional to deal with in representing Dodson Pest control. He always calls to insure we are going to be home. When he arrives he asks what issues we may be having. After listening he explains what he going to do to rectify the situation. After completion of his work he explains what he has found and what he has done to remedy the situation. When leaving he tells us to call him if we have any problems and if everything remains fine he will see us in a couple of months. We enjoy dealing with Brian and look forward to his continued service.

  128. Billy Tuma 2019/01

    Ralliegh engel has done our property and we have been extremly happy with service

  129. michelle Burley 2019/01

    Eugene Sheets always has a pleasant demeanor and is always willing to answer any questions I may have.

  130. Lyndon Aguiar 2019/01

    Ralliegh and his team were exceptional! They responded very quickly to my request, especially given that we have a tight schedule selling our house. He was extremely courteous, professional and knowledgeable. What incredible service and at a reasonable price! We highly recommend Dodson Pest Control!

  131. A Obryan 2019/01

    Excellent service. Professional inspector Ralliegh Engel.

  132. Sharon Farley 2019/01

    Great technician – he does a really good job.

  133. Michelle Mcallister 2019/01

    Will is fantastic! He treats our house monthly and answers any and all questions. We highly recommend him and his company!

  134. Phillip Arnold 2018/07

    We had Dodson come out to treat for bugs and tho the talk was good the service was fast and didn’t seem to do much not long after they left we had bugs back in garage and couple days after couple in the house so will do a follow up and see how that goes

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