Diamonds and Dutch Pet Bath & Spa

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Diamonds and Dutch Pet Bath & Spa
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  1. Bernard “Bino” Dodson 2023/09

    Clean!!! Fast & convenient. Excellent service polite & friendly.

  2. Connor Freche 2023/09

    My go to pet spa. The owner was incredibly patient with my corso puppy and did a fantastic job on his nails despite all of Bones’ efforts to the contrary. Self serve baths are clean, with a wide variety of soaps! Small, Minority owned business that is doing it right!

  3. Christina Thornewell 2023/09

    Great place!

  4. Charlie Fisher 2023/09

    I came in to get my dogs nails trimmed today, and had never been here before. He is normally a well behaved dog, but he HATES having his nails trimmed. Michelle, the owner of the Diamonds and Dutch was AMAZING with my dog. He was not happy at first, but she was able to reassure him enough to get through it. It wasn’t easy, but she was fantastic and he left with a wagging tail. Will be back, and I will recommend them to my friends for their pets. Thanks Michelle!

  5. courtney day 2023/08

    This place was absolutely amazing! The service was great and the hair cut on my puppy was as cute as can be! The only thing I could say is the price of the haircut was a little high. I paid $82 for a haircut for a 7 pound puppy. That is more than I pay for my 80 pound golden doodle at places.

  6. Ronda Bernstein 2023/07

    UPDATE: You can now book grooming appointments through the website. Must book at least two weeks out. Original: I brought my dog here for a grooming appointment. I thought it was for a haircut but it was just for a bath. Be mindful that if you want both, not to book through their website or Instagram. You have to find the groomer contacts on their website to book with them directly. That said, Lucy got a bath and blowout and smelled sooooo good after. Two days later and she still smells good. She also got a cute bandana. It’s a private appointment so Lucy had just one person working on her the full time. The place was quiet as there was no one there doing self-serve either (A family had just left.) While I waited, I went to the ice cream shop across the street. Much recommended as well. I will be bringing Lucy back for more baths for sure (and not just so I have an excuse to get ice cream).


  7. Suzette Brown Dismuke 2023/07

    Minority/women owned business so PLEASE support… the place is very clean and inviting. I called desperate to have my dog cleaned and she was able to fit me in same day. (I can’t guarantee she can do that all the time so please call for appointment). She has both self clean and professional grooming on site. Our groomer was Mya. She was very sweet and took care of furbaby even though she does not like to have her face done. I really appreciated the time she took making sure she was perfect before we left. Mya even gave us a coupon to use for our next visit which is already booked in August. They also offer memberships so I am going to look at taking advantage of that as well. Highly recommended.


  8. Jordannah Rhodes 2023/06

    The groomers at D&D give their full attention and expertise to the pups that come through! They communicate with respect and love for the animals. I have had the privilege to work 1:1 with Michelle as she calmly and patiently trims the nail off of my older pitbull who detests the Dremel. Highly recommend this neighborhood shop!!

  9. Ebonny Robinson 2023/06

    Omg they made my little fur baby sooooo cute.. we are def making this our place for our grooming and extra love needs. Very professional, friendly and cost efficient. Thank u diamonds and Dutch pet bath and spa.. I love it

  10. Kyle Griffin 2023/06

    Reasonable prices, very friendly and professional staff. They do a great job with dog nail trims

  11. Daniel Cook 2023/06

    Took my dog in for a self-service dog wash. The place was empty when I went in during the week and we got set up quickly with a bath. Everything was clean, and the woman working was very friendly. This will be our go-to for doggie baths from now on!

  12. MBJ 2023/06

    Love, love, love ? We have found the perfect place to take care of our big-little pup! The team waa friendly and helpful. My pup was a bit nervous, but they were able to firmly and lovely provide her with nail service. They shared some useful tips for training. This was overall a great experience! Extra points for being close to home and extremely reasonable.

  13. Joe Pond 2023/05

    We had our little pug cleaned here and were very pleased with the results. They had a good selection of grooming products and services. The staff was very friendly. And the prices were very reasonable.

    We were originally going to do self-service but decided we would drop her off on our lunch break and grab lunch nearby.

    Highly recommend.

  14. L. Davis 2023/05

    First time was a pleasure!!!

  15. Elle 2023/04

    We went here for the first time and Michelle was so helpful! We’ll definitely be back!

  16. Lisa Gaidanowicz 2023/03

    I love this place! I have a rescue pup who is easily frightened and they managed to do his nails with little to no stress. Everything you need to get your dog clean and smelling good at a fair cost. ❤️❤️


  17. Racheal Sims 2023/02

    Enjoyed bathing my doggy here super friendly environment and they have everything you need definitely will be a regular here ? …


  18. Samantha Delarosa 2023/02

    They always take care of my babies and everyone who works there is super sweet and caring. They give back to the community and are a great local business. Highly recommend to bring your fur babies here!

  19. Mr GrimmLock_NYC 2023/01

    The Groomers are Fantastic. I’ve been there several times and Every time my dog Zeus gets Great Service.

  20. Antonio Owen 2022/10

    Great place to take your pet. My boys came back super fresh, clean, and free of excess hair. Super friendly and helpful Owner and Staff. Will definitely be going back!


  21. rashid branch 2022/10

    Oh, wow. The owner, Michelle is the best. She is very professional and will take time from her busy schedule to assist you with whatever you need. I took my dog in for a nail clippings and Michelle was able get them clipped. I’d gone to several grooming places and net even Pet Smart was able to clip the nails. It was worth the travel and don’t forget to tip Michelle because she’s absolutely wonderful.

  22. Nathan Garnto 2022/09

    Maria is the best!

  23. Gianna Gentry 2022/08

    Ive took both my dogs (pitbull nd Cane corso) to get groomed and what can i say i loved it !!! Everything about the store they come with all supplies,shampoo,toothbrush etc just great

  24. Andrea Stockman 2022/05

    Today was my 1st time but not Panini’s. I loved it and will definitely go back.

  25. Jarmal Holloway 2022/05

    Great place and staff

  26. Robby B 2022/05

    I stumbled onto this place by chance because another place in Highland Springs was never open as listed & always went to VM….Friendly service, reasonable prices, calm atmosphere.

  27. Kori Fuller 2022/05

    The shop was very clean and neat! Brittany did a great job on my son! He looks great and smells even better! We will be returning ?? …


  28. Brittni Harris 2022/03

    I don’t recommend it

  29. Ashleigh Lofton 2021/12

    I absolutely love the ladies at Diamonds and Dutch. They are professional and knowledgeable. They take the time to get to know your dog and learn their behaviors and accommodates them as much as possible. My dog Fergie loves them as well.

    Thank you ladies for all you do and keep up the good work!

  30. ParteeTime with Jr and Mommy 2021/10

    They were down to earth and friendly. Will be going back on a regular basis

  31. Sarah Fitch 2021/10

    This place is fantastic! The owner was incredibly sweet, and took time to show us all the amenities for the self service washing stations. All of the bathing areas were well stocked and clean. I would definitely return!

  32. U.T Winston 2021/09

    Great awesome place to go wash your dog. Very clean and friendly environment. Staff is very helpful and knowledgeable but most of all they love dogs. If you are a dog lover I want to keep your cat clean I’m just a good place to go and yourself. This is the place to go…. Diamonds and Dutchess ??????



  33. Jamie Carter 2021/09

    Owner and staff were very friendly and professional. Building was very clean and welcoming. They made my wife and I feel very comfortable with the process. Staff was very knowledgeable about what to use on our two dogs. I will definitely be returning in the future.

  34. Harry Thompson 2021/08

    They took very good care our baby.he fell for the owner Brittney….they got closer around the mouth than the other big name pet store….


  35. Leslie Eddington 2021/08

    Willow is The best! The owner has a great spot to go just for the in between grooming bath station.woman owned..And I support!

  36. Mesha Johnson 2021/06

    Best spa ever!! I wouldn’t take my pooch any where else! It’s very clean, easy to use and the staff makes you feel like family!! Highly recommend!

  37. Stacey Brooks 2021/06

    Great experience staff is very professional and great customer service, the vibe of the spa is just awesome, thanks to Brittany the groomer she has very patient an calm with my pup first cut. She made him feel at ease . I highly recommend this place ? ? …

  38. Jackie Stewart 2021/05

    Friendly service, always cut my Taco right

  39. elaine braud 2021/04

    Great place to bathe your pup! They supply everything but the dog. Several shampoos to choose from.

  40. 804 CAP 2021/04

    Cool friendly staff… definitely recommend these guys …

  41. Georgia Coopersmith 2021/04

    welcoming atmosphere, dog loves it, jumps right into the tub !

  42. Jonathan Bussard 2021/03

    Went here fir the first time today and what a treat. A clean and tidy space with a super friendly and helpful attendant. A huge selection of bath products to use. We will definitely be coming here again and again. Thanks so much you guys!!

  43. Abdullah Al-Gefry 2021/02

    My dog is definitely a fan of the grooming and so are we. The staff is very friendly and we sure will use this service in the future. Thank you!

  44. Unique Heyward 2021/02

    Went in for just a dog bath and came out with a grea smelling dog and had awesome conversations with the owner.

  45. Raynard Williams 2021/02

    does very good work

  46. Maria Medas 2021/01

    Diamonds and Dutch has the nicest staff and is always so welcoming. I’ve not used their tubs, but their groomers and staff trim/file my old dogs’ nails. $8-10 and they do a really nice job. Way cheaper and easier hours than the vet. I usually call ahead to see if they’re busy and they always encourage me to “just walk in!” It’s always super clean and quiet/low stress as well. So happy to have this business in my neighborhood!

  47. Tonia Allmon 2021/01

    Nice ppl

  48. Marshella Hicks 2021/01

    Great place Brittany did a great job with my puppy she looked so much better after her grooming

  49. Chris White 2021/01

    Excellent…used to use petsmart grooming but they ditched out in us when our schnauzer got sick…diamonds and dutch did a great job and made our puppy look and feel great again…highly recommend them.

  50. Joel Urbano 2021/01

    Amazing service,great places for your pets,all of them are kind and friendly?? …

  51. Amelia Hulth 2020/10

    Had everything we needed at an affordable price. The owner was very hepful.

  52. Kelly Sharpe 2020/09

    Amazing customer service! They loved on my dog and were there to help me and give me pointers the whole time! This was my first experience with a dog wash facility and I left so impressed.

  53. Jasmine Caldwell 2020/03

    I absolutely love this place. It is clean and everything is always stocked. There are groomers available for appointments and walk in nail trims. The owners know everyone’s pups by name and are always striving to make their customers happy. There’s a little boutique to purchase from as well. They even have a handicap tub for senior pets or your pet that may not be able to jump in the tub (our tripawd appreciates it!). If you live in the Northside area, skip the trip to those corporate places and make the trip to support this local gem!

  54. John Coleman 2020/03

    This is my spot for my fur babies.and a place to talk to good people. They are a blessing.

  55. chris 2020/03

    Great experience very informative about pet matters

  56. Crystal N. Suber 2020/03

    This place is so cute. Great service. Reasonable prices.

  57. Timothy Joyner 2020/01

    Fantastic place to wash your pet.Service was impeccable. Owner was friendly, knowledgeable and very helpful. My dog left there smelling better than me.Would highly recommend

  58. Tahisha Wyatt 2020/01

    It was really nice and clean. The owner Michelle was very professional and friendly. If you want to take your pet to get bathed or groomed or simply just do it yourself without the hassle this is the place to go!!!

  59. Jonathan Mathes 2020/01

    Love this place. Definitely a great dog bath place with everything you need for a complete wash. They have tons of different shampoos and conditioners and even have specialty ones if needed. Extras include toothbrush, toothpaste, nail trimmers, scrub gloves and more! All included in the dog wash price. Quit washing your dogs at home and dirtying you’re bathroom. Bring them here !

  60. Bonnie Sampson 2019/10

    Just took Daisy for her first bath there and it was fantastic. The owners are so kind and helpful. The place was clean and they have everything you need included in the cost of the wash. Toothpaste, nail trimmers, etc. they also offer grooming services. They also have a lot more tubs than pet value, which is where I usually take my dog. I def recommend this place!

  61. rhonda boothe 2019/08

    Very professional and took very good care of my babies!! Services are reasonably priced. Very impressed!

  62. Matt Schefft 2019/07

    I took my old dog for a bath. She liked it much better than our tub or the backyard hose. The water temperature was perfect, there were a number of shampoos and conditioners, the blow dryers worked really well, and the service was fantastic. Dog owners should support this business!

  63. ZEN WITH CYN 2019/05

    Diamonds & Dutch is the perfect solution to every pet owners nightmare THE MESS ? I took my girl Kush to get a bath & ended up brushing her teeth & was even able to get in her ears because they provide everything, I mean EVERYTHING you need to leave your fur-baby smelling good, looking good & felling even better ??. Did I mention the best part: YOU DONT HAVE TO CLEAN UP ANYTHING! Kush & I both left all smiles ? thanks Diamonds and Dutch for such an amazing experience great services & products and most of all great hospitality. We definitely will be back ?

  64. Mr. Bost 2019/05

    I first attended this establishment at its grand opening and it was amazing. I brought my 8 year old pitbull name nino for a wash since I heard that it’s modeled like a self service car wash ? without having to deal with the cleaning after ????. As soon as you enter you notice the large home styled baths and clean feng shui! It also had different dog art that complemented the vibe perfectly. The customer service was superb especially being that it’s self service. The owner made sure I knew about the products and where everything was located. I will definitely be returning to this location for my dogs grooming needs. See you soon!

  65. RJ LHeureux 2019/03

    Awesome customer service and very convenient. My pup looks great!

  66. Alexandra Young 2019/03

    Very friendly staff, reasonable prices, and all the supplies you could need..

  67. Andrea Cleary 2019/01

    Absolutely LOVE this place! Not only was I excited to have a dog washing place in my neighborhood and to support a local business, but they also have all the amenities you need, including homemade shampoo and conditioner, the tooth brushing, brushes, gloves, clippers, ear cleaning supplies, and so many other things— all included in the price. The service we received was stellar. I can’t recommend this place highly enough!

  68. Lauren Hewitt 2019/01

    The ladies running this place are fantastic, very sweet and incredibly helpful. The facility is awesome too. It’s nice not having to bend over to try to bathe my dog at home. They have everything you need and it was like 16 or 17 bucks. They also clipped my dogs nails, which I cant do on my own, which was an additional ten bucks. Much cheaper than what the vet wants to charge. I’ll totally be back!

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