Diamond Doghouse

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Diamond Doghouse
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  1. Cynthia Goss 2023/09

    Barron loves the Diamond Doghouse! Dodie and Sarah are absolutely phenomenal. We have been to all rest and this is the best daycare and boarding. The team is attentive to each dog’s unique needs. We love the Diamond Doghouse.

  2. Julianne Reif 2023/06

    Was denied over the phone because my dog is a pit mix. My dog is 35 lbs has never shown signs of aggression and is beyond sweet and gentle with other dogs and people. The site said they do in-person evaluations. That’s when they should determine if the dog is a fit or not. Extremely disappointed.

  3. Mark Iovanisci 2023/02

    Great spot, my pup looks forward to going and always comes home tired.

  4. Josh M.K. 2023/02

    We recently moved away from Richmond, and our dog Daisy is missing her human and pup friends at Diamond. This place is a treasure that we will sorely miss.

  5. Robert Anderson 2023/01

    Awesome experience for your pup for day care or extended stay. Long term staff that are all dog lovers. Great facility

  6. Bethany Silva 2022/11

    We’ve been taking our dogs here for 6 years for both daycare and boarding. We’ve been to other places and watched our dogs try to drag us back to the car. But here, they sprint to the door. One of our dogs has epilepsy and we feel so good about leaving her here. They are taken care of and loved on and we couldn’t be happier. Also you can’t beat their prices. I am getting ready to have our first baby and even though I’m due around Thanksgiving (which is a time when boarding reservations are a MUST – which I clearly can’t make because I don’t know when I’ll go into labor) they have been so accommodating, telling me not to worry and there will be space for my pups whenever it is that they come in. I am truly grateful for this place.

  7. Magnus Akesson 2022/11

    Awesome kennel!

  8. M B 2022/10

    Great place! The owner is wonderful and I never worry about my dogs while they are here. Quick drop off.

  9. Rebecca Mountain 2022/08

    Our whole family loves the Diamond Doghouse. Our pup is pretty picky about who she likes, and she pulls hard to get inside the Diamond Doghouse. They take great care of the pups and we’re so glad they’re around.

  10. Chris Rooney 2022/08

    We love Diamond Doghouse for our dog. The owner is considerate and very communicative. My dog clearly likes the people working there. The price is right, you get daily photos of your pups on social media, and last-minute dropoffs (like on unexpectedly busy work days) are easy. Overall DD is a great place, and my dog is STOKED whenever he figures out we’re taking him there. He comes home happy and tired. Highly recommend.


  11. Maria Wurttele 2022/08

    Breed restrictive and rude.

  12. Lierin Ariella 2022/07

    I was recommended to Diamond Doghouse by a friend, but upon calling I was told that my dogs could not attend because they are Lab/Pitbull mixes. The stigma against Pitbulls/Pitty mixes is so frustrating. It’s something I always worried about when rescuing my 2 girls. Would people treat them differently just because they are mixed with pitbull? Apparently so. Very disappointed. Luckily, they currently attend daycare where they are loved on + treated well! In the future, I think it’s important to base eligibility for daycare off a dog’s personality/behavior instead of breed.

  13. tayloriselaine 2022/07

    took my dog here 5 or 6 times over the last few months. the people who work there are extremely disrespectful and rude. everyone else seems to have a great experience but i don’t know why they were specifically awful to me on several occasions. i’m 27 but they seem to be older boomer women who talk down to the younger generation. my dog loved it here but i’ve been talked down to and made to feel stupid too many times. they also only take CC when it’s over $20. and a half day is $12. and if you don’t have cash they get very upset. truly would be a fine place if it wasn’t for the two ladies who work in the front.

  14. Angel Alexander 2022/03

    The staff is very nice and they treat your fur bady with care and kindness this is the best place to take your fur bady there’s is no other place i would take my dog they are family now

  15. Lynn Tiernan 2022/01

    If I could warn anyone from taking their dog there, I am doing it now. The woman abused my dog, physically. She is “old school”. Seems she is proud of it. I’m thinking of reporting her and filing criminal charges.

  16. Cheri S 2021/08

    This place is awesome, the owner and the entire staff truly love dogs, my Lucy is a wild thing but they are amazing with her and she loves her doggie daycare days. I highly recommend them. Lucy is happy, better behaved and chill now that she goes regularly. Thank you to everyone!

  17. Maria Medas 2021/06

    My dog Vern is clearly wild and diamond doghouse gladly takes him in anytime we go out of town or just need a little respite. Dodie and Sarah are super accessible as well as transparent about their fees and hours. They can usually accommodate Vern with little to no notice. They’re really centrally located (literally behind the wawa on Arthur Ashe by 95/64) Vern’s pretty good with dogs but is REAL loud and doesn’t love many people- I am so thankful Diamond doghouse takes such good care of Vern.


  18. John Spacek 2021/05


  19. Taylor Fogarty 2021/03

    I was worried moving to the city with my young puppy, but I feel so much better now that I’ve found this great daycare! Artemis always comes home absolutely exhausted and super excited to come back. The pictures posted on Facebook are just a bonus!!

  20. Christopher Nalley 2021/03

    Great staff. Treat our dogs like royalty

  21. Rebecca Zee 2021/02

    Recommended by my vet (Cary St Animal Hosp). Hands down the best doggy daycare I have ever sent my pups to. They know all of the dogs and post daily pictures to facebook. One of my dogs has severe food allergies and they never forget to give him these treats instead of the regular ones. Boarding is also available 7 days a week. I never worry about my dogs getting anything but the best care from Diamond Dog house.

  22. Cyndi Goss 2021/02

    We have been to multiple doggie day care in Richmond but hands down Diamond Dog Day is the Best in Richmond. Barron gives it 4 paws up.

    The staff is very focused on providing the best care for your dog. I highly suggest Diamond Day care!

  23. Chris R 2021/01

    My dog always has a good time here. Dodie is great.

  24. Barry Kohn 2020/10

    Aurelia loves this place.


  25. Melissa Rumuly 2020/10

    We LOVE Diamond Doghouse ♥️ We’ve done both boarding as well as Doggy Daycare and we have nothing but amazing things to say about all of their staff. They’re friendly, warm and we trust them with our boy. They take great care of him and we’re grateful to have found them!

  26. Kathleen Barrett 2020/08

    Good daycare and overnight care. The staff obviously enjoys the dogs. Quick drop off and pick ups. We’ll be back, and I recommend it to friends.

  27. Richard B 2020/05

    I can’t imagine our dog (or us) being more comfortable of happy with a “doggie day care” as we are with Diamond Dog House. From the owner, to the employees, it’s a perfect mixture of dog lovers all the way around. We also greatly appreciate that all dogs are required to have an intake session to make sure behavioral problems that might be an issue don’t exist. Perfect!
    If we could give Diamond Doghouse more than 5 stars was possible, we would gladly do so.

  28. Michael Looney 2020/05

    Dodi doesn’t just run an awesome dog care facility, she runs a great business by any industry standard.

    The interview and the free 4 hour intake session ensures that all of her dogs are compatible with each other.

    Extremely friendly staff and the size of the facility…..the very large outdoor indoor program makes this place a no brainer. Can’t see going anywhere else!

  29. Amanda Reynolds 2020/04

    This team is simply the best! Nacho loves it here and they always give him tons of love and attention. You can tell he knows the car ride there and gets more excited as we get closer to the Diamond. Love it!


  30. Mikki Swift 2020/04

    Awesome place that cares ffg or your dogs

  31. Will Fehringer 2020/02

    Hard to say enough good things about this place. Dodie is so friendly and truly cares about the dogs. My dog loves it there, and gets so excited when she sees that’s where we’re going!

  32. Amber Parker 2020/02

    We love Diamond Doghouse!! I’ve been taking my dog there for 3 years ❤️ Friendly staff, convenient drop off, dogs are pooped at the end of the day!

  33. Martha Looney 2020/01

    The best thing that has happened to us in years was finding Dodi and her Diamond Dog House.

    5 stars all the way for genuine dog loving and caring people. HUGE outdoors, covered, wading pool etc and they go inside when it gets hot. NEVER CRATED! Excellent employee to dog ratio.

    Very affordable as well. When you buy a 10 pack, it is about $18 a day. No reso required. Great pics of your baby on FB.

  34. Ryan Corbitt 2020/01

    My Dog loves going here.

  35. Coach DeZaine 2019/10

    They always treat everyone like friends and our dogs love it there.

  36. Mathew Betts 2019/10

    great staff and awesome care. pups are always worn out!

  37. John Nick 2019/09

    I just rode by the Diamond Doghouse.

  38. Zack Walton 2019/08

    Best place in Richmond to take your dog for the day or board your dogs for the weekend.

  39. GoldenLoaf 2019/07


  40. John Nick 2019/07

    I just rode by the business.

  41. Jon Heck 2019/05

    Great staff, super attentive to our dog. Love this place!

  42. Ryan Paxton 2019/05

    Our pup loves it. I appreciate they post pictures daily.

  43. Blake Taylor 2019/04

    Best dog daycare in Richmond!

  44. Caroline Clark 2019/03

    My dog Millie LOVES this place! Even after one daycare session, when we pulled up the next day, her tail was wagging like crazy. Dodie is extremely friendly and both my dog and I instantly felt comfortable with her. Millie comes back exhausted and has been noticeably more polite with other dogs. I bought the bulk pass right away! Definitely reccomend.

  45. Andrew Trent 2019/03

    No better place in Central Virginia to bring your dog for daycare.

  46. Deanna King 2019/02

    The best dog day camp in RVA!! The owner, Dodie & her staff are amazing and they absolutely love every dog that comes through their door. Plus my dogs just about knock down the door to get inside; they love it too!!!!

  47. Brandon Corbett 2017/06

    Update: The owner called me and apologized. I believe her apology was heartfelt and genuine. But I think it’s still one those situations that you can’t put the cork back in. It sounded like she has reevaluated discussing politics or sensitive topics with customers, but I also hope she reevaluates what caused her to feel that way in the first place. I’m not sure I’m comfortable with giving her my business knowing what I know but if you’re cool with those views, then this is a great place to take your dog.

    I’ve upgraded to 3 stars in light of this.
    Generally speaking, Diamond takes extra great care of my dog. Even when the wife and I moved to Baltimore, we still board her when we head down to Virginia Beach making sure we stop here on the way. But that is now in question because of incredibly inappropriate and unprofessional comments by the owner.

    The last time we dropped her off, the exchange went like this…

    Me: Here she is. She’s missed this place!
    Owner: Yes, she has! How do guys like Baltimore?
    Wife: It’s… eh. Good and bad.
    Owner: I know what you mean! Those [Confederate] monuments! Such a shame they were removed! And done in the middle of the night! Such cowards!

    At this point, I nearly yanked my dog back and stormed out but it would have ruined a planned weekend with my family at the beach. So we boarded her as planned. (They even took a really amazing photo of our girl and posted it on their Facebook page! She never sits still for photos!)

    I guess it bears mentioning in this context that I’m a giant liberal and I think Confederate statues are an abomination and cities that remove them without notice in the middle of the night is a very smart and safe way to ensure that no one else gets killed by Nazis or their allies.

    But it shouldn’t really matter what my personal politics are. What she said was inappropriate. Period. Full stop. She brought it up out of nowhere and made a huge assumption that she was speaking in front of people who held her similar abhorrent values.

    If you’re okay with the owner’s ideals, I’m sure she’d love your business. But I don’t want to support someone who believes that and talk trash about my current city. If she had just not said anything, I would have never had known and been perfectly happy to keep boarding my dog there.

    I’m giving 2 stars because they have a great staff there and they really do take care of my girl very well. It’s a shame about the owner and her views.

  48. Sharon Sullivan 2017/04

    Great home away from home my pups had a blast!!

  49. Whit Shane 2016/10

    We love Dody! Best place and best price!

  50. Nishana Taylor 2016/09

    When I brought my dog back she had scratches on her face and legs and she practically begged me to leave that place I shooting have went to my usual I was just in a rush that day but the Animal Motel is a great place to go great prices and my dog Ioves it there and the workers are super friendly.

  51. Jenita Johnson 2016/07

    This place beats anywhere else in Richmond for boarding/day care. Very competitive pricing, & my pet is always excited to go. The boarding facility is really spacious which is great for my pet because I hardly ever crate him at home.

  52. Tyler Ferro 2016/03

    Amazing daycare for dogs. Friendly staff. Every dog I see go in is excited to be there and happy when they leave.

  53. Christina Koch 2015/08

    The staff is great and we have had some challenges at home that have required some last minute boarding and they have been flexible and super helpful! Would recommend to anyone!

  54. Jeff H 2013/08

    I love this place.
    I take my dog every Friday to play with the other dogs and would recommend Diamond Doghouse to anyone (and have) with a dog!
    Prior to here, I tried two others and neither of those would let me see the facilities and one even had lost my business due to negligence claims and pet deaths.
    When I started at Diamond Doghouse, there was a break-in period that showed the staff how my dog acts with others. This helped them determine the best grouping to keep her happy.
    In all the time I have been a customer, my dog has been in one scrap that I know of. I also know my dog, while a small one, can be very rough at times.
    The rates are very reasonable and the location is perfect for anyone in the city who needs to drop off and jump on the highway.
    You cant say the staff doesn’t care either: Recently they petitioned to reduce the amount of firework activity at the Diamond, with all of their boarders in mind!
    Finally, there are soft surfaces, via grass carpet for the dogs to be on, not just concrete (which is mostly smooth and sealed).
    My dog loves everything about this place, from the drive there to the drive back.
    I highly recommend.

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