CVCA Cardiac Care For Pets

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CVCA Cardiac Care For Pets
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  1. Dianne Reynolds-Cane 2023/11

    Prompt, professional, caring, smart

  2. Jean Kaufman 2023/11

    I have my cats HCM scanned here regularly. We are well taken care of.

  3. Larry Price 2023/11

    Prompt service. Very knowledgeable vets

  4. pamela ferguson 2023/11

    My experience was exceptional! The doctor explained everything in detail and answered any questions or concerns. The tech was excellent, too. She was patient and kind to my pet.

  5. Brett Abner 2023/11

    Consistently great care from Dr. Westphal and the whole staff.

  6. Darth Insanius 2023/11

    Fast service, professional and knowledgeable. Friendly and caring, took time to explain situation and next steps.

  7. Kirsty P 2023/11

    We had our first visit today with our kitty and it was an exceptional experience! All staff members were so kind and knowledgeable. Our doctor was great at explaining everything going on throughout the exam and echocardiogram. Our vet assistant/technician was also fantastic and made our girl feel safe and secure. I could tell she had a good experience because of these folks! Specialty vet medicine at it’s finest. Thank you all.

  8. Tyler Bishop 2023/11

    They were quick to come collect us for the appointment and took great care while giving my kitty an ultrasound. The cardiologist was extremely helpful and informative. Thanks guys

  9. Candice Earney 2023/11

    The care provided by Dr Westphal and all the team at CVCA Cardiac Care for Pets is fantastic!! Hattie Grace got a good report! ❤️


  10. Lauren Joyce 2023/11

    I’ve been to CVCA 3 times in the last year and a half and have left impressed every time. They treat me and my cat so well and the whole process is so smooth. I never feel like I’m being talked into doing anything unnecessary or spending more money than I need to. If only our regular vet was this good!

  11. Jennifer McLeod 2023/10

    They were awesome & patient w/ me & Scooby…Dr. Westphal & her assistant (I can’t remember her name but super sweet) explained everything very well…I feel better knowing exactly what’s going on & what to look for…ty! 🙂

  12. Christopher Wheeler 2023/09

    The staff here were extremely friendly and knowledgeable, and very quick to assist with getting my cat in for an urgent matter.

  13. Sarah Tyrpak 2023/09

    Came here as a referral to rule out cardiac issues for my cat. Everyone was extremely helpful and kind and the vet took the time to explain everything about the procedure before it was done and all the results. I would definitely recommend this place

  14. Terri Monnet 2023/09

    Everyone at CVCA is always professional, kind and helpful. My questions always get answered in a timely matter and Dr. Peiffer is very knowledgeable and caring ! Thanks for all that you do

  15. Heather Atkins 2023/09

    My girl was very nervous and everyone was so sweet and patient! You can tell they are truly passionate about helping animals!

  16. Lynn Schmidtke 2023/09

    Such a warm, caring facility! Talk about attention to detail! They physician took his time with my cat’s echo and explained everything! The tech was so loving to my cat, like he was her own!! The minute I walked in, I was treated like a 1st class guest!!
    I had to reschedule and reschedule and they were absolutely fine with that.
    I was in the cancelation list, and they kept trying amd trying to get me in. It finally worked out.
    I recommend CVCA whole heartedly!

  17. Vicky Harte 2023/09

    The CVCA staff saved our little poodle’s life by treating him for complete heart block and helping us get a pacemaker for him. They have given us another day with him and for that we are eternally grateful. Recommend highly. Their staff is fantastic.

  18. Mary Lee Quinn 2023/09

    My 13 year old miniature schnauzer
    has a growth on his gums and a heart murmur. I was concerned about any surgical procedure and wanted to consult a cardiologist. Dr. Weildman was excellent in diagnosing and describing the problem, in non-medical English and with pictures, to me. I can now go forward with confidence to the dentist. Staff is excellent, very friendly and loving to my dog and was ready for me the moment I arrived. I highly recommend CVCA for your beloved pet that has. a heart problem.

  19. Mark Creek 2023/08

    Wonderful place. Everyone was very informative and pleasure to work with.

  20. Paul Doolittle 2023/08

    Total professional care in a supportive atmosphere!

  21. Kerri Whitmore 2023/08

    It is worth the price for peace of mind on what’s going on with your pet. When you leave the office you know exactly where you’re stand with your pet and what treatment options are available. If it wasn’t for CVCAI would’ve been treating my dog for the wrong diagnosis. They are beyond fantastic

  22. Bethany Lackey 2023/08

    Treated Foxy with love and the best care. Super professional and even apologetic out of their control (a delay in my regular vet not sending the charts yet). Well worth the 3 hour drive to get there!

  23. Charlene Ivey 2023/08

    Very easy to request an echo fot our cavalier online. Cvca contacted our vet for background and communicated with us what we needed to do. Very pleased that we were able to be in the room with our fur baby during the procedure. Being able to stay with her was one of the driving factors Staff and dr Weidman were excellent in communicating with us what was going on during the procedure and very thorough explaining the results of the test

  24. April Rice 2023/08

    Everyone I’ve interacted with at CVCA has been amazing. The front staff at CVCA is always so friendly and welcoming. Dr Westphal is extremely knowledgeable. I appreciate the time she takes to explain everything clearly and go over my options. Jamie did a great job assisting Dr Westphal with my dog by talking to him and calming him down when he was nervous. Overall great experience with them.

  25. Christina Stewart 2023/08

    Every aspect of my interaction with CVCA, from the initial phone call to the actual appointment was fantastic. The staff are knowledgeable, courteous and compassionate. The doctor is very skilled and took the time to explain my pets condition as well as expectations, potential treatments and possible outcomes. All in all I felt like my pet was give the very best care and I was given peace of mind for my pets condition and left with a clear understanding of all aspects of my pets needs. Thank you to all who helped in our care!

  26. Mark Green 2023/08

    Friendliest staff and Vet

  27. Ellen Owen 2023/08

    Wonderful staff! Explained everything and reassured me.

  28. L Maloney 2023/08

    Staff and cardiologist are very professional and a pleasure to deal with.

  29. Sarah Bradford 2023/08

    From front of house to the vet assistants and veterinarians I spoke with, everyone was friendly, professional, and helped put this hypochondriac’s fears into perspective. A welcoming environment. Dog enjoyed the cozy break room with pup friendly window. Highly recommend. Note: parking lot / Waze directions are a little confusing, even if you are used to RVA traffic.


  30. Terri Payne 2023/07

    Thorough explanations from the whole team: the front with charges, the techs for procedures, the doctors with findings.

  31. Sandy Corvin 2023/07

    Dr Pfiefer and all of the staff we have met are amazing ! The first contact with the phone call to the staff at appointments, all are genuine and helpful! Since coming to CVCA, in just 6 months we see a tremendous change in our 13 yo dog’s health and stamina! Grateful

  32. Julia S Spencer 2023/07

    First time at CVCA and Kay was so reassuring, calm, and helpful. Dr Westphal was very thorough and explained clearly what I need to do to care for my cat. I appreciated that the info email and initial phone call discussed what would be done and the cost (a range was given).

  33. Craig Burshem 2023/07

    Friendly staff. Dr Westfall was awesome!

  34. Kimberly Clements 2023/06

    Super facility, super Dr who took her time explaining and answering all my questions… very nice private waiting room with beds and treats/ water while you wait for the consultation…I’ve been there twice and both visits were top notch…

  35. Lindsay Kelley 2023/06

    Everyone at CVCA is fantastic! I am always thinking of questions and concerns regarding the care of my dog, and whenever I email they always kindly respond with helpful information. My pup and I have had a great experience so far, and look forward to continuing to work with them!

  36. Lindsay Morris 2023/06

    The staff cares about you and your pet

  37. Haley Lieberman 2023/06

    CVCA Richmond is amazing. We’ve been to a LOT of vets, and they are the cream of the crop. The vets and techs are genuine, caring, adaptable, welcoming and informative. They have treats in every room, they allow you in the room for most everything, including ultrasounds. Our dog is fearful at most vets, but he does really great here and it is absolutely due to their approach. They also have great floors! Sounds random, but a lot of vets have super slick tile floors that our old man gets skiddish walking on. I would recommended CVCA Richmond to anyone and everyone needing cardiac vet care. <3

  38. Nick Velardi 2023/06

    Excellent care and service. Dr. Weidman and Dr. Peiffer gave our Luigi the best care we could’ve imagined. The vet techs and support staff are amazing.

  39. Whitney Jernigan 2023/06

    Very happy with this place! Everyone was very nice and helped us understand what was going on with our puppy! Very caring!

  40. Jenny Miszkonis 2023/06

    Very nice staff and doctor – Kiwi enjoyed her visit!

  41. Anna Kolantis 2023/06

    They were amazing and both the doctor and technician were very kind, friendly, patient and informative. Would not like to go again bc I’d prefer a healthy cat, but will absolutely go again because the care they provide is invaluable. Highly recommended (if your pet needs it).

  42. Cynthia Morarend 2023/06

    The staff is always very caring and explains our cat’s heart condition thoroughly. We feel comfortable asking follow-up questions if necessary.

  43. Katharine Kenny 2023/06

    Our experience with CVCA was great! Dr. Ryan and his exceptional team were so kind and caring to us and our ailing dog – and took the time to answer all our questions. Thank you!

  44. Justin Vaught 2023/06

    Both Taryn and Dr. Westphal were amazing to me and my dog. They took the time to explain what they were doing and looking at and what that meant for my dog’s current level of heart disease. They treated her like she was their own and they very obviously live what they do! I look forward to them helping us along on this journey.

  45. Jennifer Thompson 2023/05

    My Yorkie was seen at CVCA and the staff there is wonderful! My baby has some issues now and will be on 3 different meds the rest of his life. Danielle and Jamie were wonderful with all my questions and helping me to find a pharmacy that would not break the bank. I am forever grateful to them and CVCA. Thank y’all!

  46. Funshine Bear 2023/05

    Dr. Pfeiffer is such a caring and wonderful doctor. it’s my pup first heart failure and he so patiently answered my long list of questions and explained it in great details. His assistant Danielle was so thorough to go thru dc instructions and medications. I highly recommend this doctor and this practice. I am so happy my pup gets such excellent t care.

  47. Diana Fahrnkopf 2023/05

    They did an amazing Job with Duke. The staff is really friendly and helpful. The care they give is amazing.

  48. Jody Emerson 2023/05

    Excellent service and explanation.

  49. Leslie Bacile 2023/05

    Friendly, kind, helpful! Just expensive !

  50. B John 2023/04

    Everyone is friendly as you walk in CVCA which really helps when your pet has a serious heart condition. Their check-in is well organized and thorough. Dr. Westphal is professional, knowledgeable, and caring. All of my questions were answered in layman terms and patiently. I’m very pleased with Dr. Westphal’s expertise, experience, and guidance. Her assistant, Jamie, who was obviously a huge animal lover, was also comforting and kind.
    A good experience. I would highly recommend CVCA for anyone whose pet is struggling with heart disease.

  51. P Dunham 2023/04

    They always take such good care of my senior chihuahua. Thanks to the awesome care they provide, he is happily living his best life, even with his cardiac issues!

  52. Annalese Grimm 2023/03

    Friendly, knowledgeable staff with extensive knowledge that puts your fears aside while taking care of your sick furbaby. Grateful to have such an amazing resource in VA, would recommend to anyone!

  53. Linda Shore 2023/03

    CVCA is a pleasant place. Everyone is friendly & caring. They take their time with your pet & are very thorough. They make sure you know what is going on & if you have questions. We got our questions answered & they were never impatient with the amount of time we used.

  54. Jennifer Kinsey 2023/02

    The Doctor is very informative and goes in detail about my Smokes heart problem. I appreciate all they do.

  55. Kara Dawson 2023/02

    Nobody wants to go to a cardiologist for their pet but I have felt so supported by CVCA. They are quick to respond to my myriad of questions and were factual but caring in providing the diagnoses and treatment options. I truly feel the care they have for my cat, Greta.

  56. Samantha Scrivner-Reed 2023/02

    My 13yr old pup wasn’t feeling well. She has developed a heart murmur over the past year. I took her to primary vet and took x-rays. Showed enlarged heart and some fluid. The CVCA was able to get her in rather quickly.
    These people were so gracious and informative. They answered all of my questions. Would highly recommend.

  57. Cathy Evans 2023/01

    We had a great experience. Took time to talk with us and explain everything.

  58. Patricia Lyons Brown 2022/11

    If your pet has heart issues, this is the place to take them. Friendly and knowledgeable staff.

  59. Linh Bui 2022/11

    The doctors and staff at CVCA are all very welcoming, caring, and competent. They’re were also considerate of my cat and how little she wanted to be at the hospital. I appreciated CVCA’s efficient exam process that made sure my cat was in and out as fast as possible, while still being comfortable and well treated. Big thanks to Dr. Weidman and his helpers.

  60. Tracy P 2022/11

    I’m a first timer and was VERY nervous for my 16 y.o. furbaby. Thankfully there was random conversation to help calm ME down so I could be present for Roscoe. Explanations with visuals were given and easy to understand, any questions answered, a proactive plan was put in place before I left. The room where we ‘checked out’ was so comfortable and set up so nice for the animals (comfy chair, window to look out of, bowl of water, dog bed, blanket, toys). The atmosphere walking thru the hospital felt warm and not that sterile feeling. Everything about the appointment went smoothly from start to finish, the staff was great to myself and Roscoe. Big thanks to Dr Ryan and staff!

  61. Kristen Betsill 2022/10

    Everyone we spoke with and interacted with was incredibly helpful and efficient.

  62. Strachelle Wyns 2022/10

    What a great atmosphere- clean, welcoming, comfortable, professional, and thoughtful! I really appreciated how reassuring and caring everyone was toward my pet and me.

  63. Edie Ellis 2022/10

    Caring staff. Dr. Pfeiffer answered all my questions and explained medication protocol. Clear summary of test results. Cricket was at ease with the staff.

  64. Bridget Bauske 2022/10

    The best facility if your fur baby needs to be seen by a cardioligist. The kindness shown from beginning to end, and reaching out to let me know how much the medication was going to cost me made me feel secure in having my dog seen here.

  65. Charles Duke 2022/10

    Great experience Honesty and compassion, knowledge of situation

  66. Marie Tripton 2022/08

    👍 Liked being able to observe the exam and the explanations during the exam …

  67. Jennifer Hardiman 2022/08

    Great experience, thank you! Appointment ran on time as scheduled, Dr. & tech were kind and thorough

  68. Phillis Peppard 2022/08

    Our dog was very sick . CVCA had just had a cancelation for the next day. They worked worked with my primary Vet to get her records . They are amazing and caring ! Our second dog was showing some signs of possible heart disease. The gave us two appointments at the same time so we could make just one visit.

    The staff is friendly and caring ! The dogs have done very well going in without us during Covid. We love CVCA !!!

  69. Joan Love 2022/08

    Excellent experience with CVCA. I appreciate that the doctor took time to review test results, listen to my concerns and answer my questions.

  70. Mary Vance 2022/07

    A very nice facility and wonderful staff. I appreciated the time, thoroughness, compassion, hearing our concerns. It was an overall reassuring experience.

  71. Troy R. 2022/07

    I truly appreciate the cardiac services you’re providing to help prolong the life of our little buddy, Doug! Although I wish we’d never needed your services, you are indeed the best! I really appreciate the military/veteran discount as well; your recognition of my wife & my combined 59.5 years of service is greatly appreciated! I truly trust CVCA’s competence & professionalism, and I’m confident my pet is receiving the best cardiac care possible.

  72. Heather Reilly 2022/07

    Grateful someone had a cancellation so we could get in quickly! The team was very patient and kind to me as a senior dog mom with a heart condition. They absolutely care for you and your pet.

  73. Steve Foster 2022/07

    Quality of care was great! Very knowledgeable and friendly!

  74. R Domenech 2022/07

    Excellent caring Doctors and staffs. I am very happy with their service and level of professionalism. Dr. Peiffer’s knowledge and explanation of my dog’s heart condition and the staff assistant bedside manners was exceptional. Both gave me a thorough and clear explanation of my dog’s condition.

  75. Susan Cropp 2022/07

    They are so kind and gentle with my little dog. And they have kept him alive and happy for much longer than I had hoped. What more could you ask for? I absolutely recommend them. Dr. Westphal is the best!

  76. Catherine Jordan Journeys ZT Part 1 tile 2022/07

    Thank you for treating Sammy! Explaining treatment plan and providing a good write-up for us to follow.

  77. Kelley Wendt 2022/07

    I am so happy to have this specialty care in the Richmond area. The techs were so kind, patient, and friendly. Took their time giving me thorough instructions for holter monitor and told me not to feel rushed to read paperwork (even on a cold morning in the parking lot!) Then I received the cutest picture of my little hound who was obviously enjoying some love from her tech. Last but not least, I received a follow-up call regarding my hound’s prescription medicine which reduced the cost by almost half! Thank you for your time and attention. See you in 9 months!

  78. Kristin English 2022/06

    Techs are always so gentle with my little crunchy old lady – you guys are wonderful! Appreciate the positive attitudes! It’s stressful when you aren’t sure if you’ll get good news or bad news but everyone there always makes me feel better/at ease. The doctors are always willing to consult after the appointment if additional questions come up – very helpful.

  79. Ashley M 2022/06

    Luckily my cat’s heart was in great shape so I won’t need to come back, but if I’d needed to I would be 100% confident that we’d get the best, most compassionate care. From the first phone call, everyone listened to my concerns about my cat’s usual stressed and fearful behavior during appointments, and were completely prepared to make our visit a success. My cat was safe and supported and I am sincerely grateful.

  80. Daniela Zimmer 2022/06

    I am incredibly thankful to Dr.Peiffer and the team for taking such wonderful care of my boy! I’m a little bit of a “helicopter mom” because my boy is an old man but Dr.Peiffer has put up with all my phone calls and questions. He has been extremely generous with his time. I can not thank him and the rest of the team enough!!!!!

  81. Caitlan Martin 2022/06

    Taryn was seriously amazing and put my nerves at ease. Thank you guys for all your help with this new and scary time! The compassion and thorough explanation of my dog’s condition

  82. Russell Rescue of the Carolinas 2022/05

    Great facility. Wonderful staff. Professional and knowledgeable doctors. I would recommend to friends. The explanation of the prognosis and the care given to my foster dog were exemplary.

  83. C M 2022/05

    Like many people nowadays our pets mean more to us than ever. Our Great Dane had a couple of severe health concerns come up by the time he was 8 months old, one of them being a cardiac condition. Reassurance that he would be well cared for no matter what his results came back as took a lot of the weight off my shoulders. The educational conversations had with Dr. Westphal were concise and helped me understand what was going on with him so I could provide better care at home. He is now 2, and thriving! If you are looking for cardiac care for your giant breed dog I would highly recommend Dr. Westphal and her team at CVCA because having a provider willing to level with you and explain diagnoses, causes, and treatment plans with patience in layman’s terms is priceless.

  84. Ashlie Thompson 2022/05

    Customer service was excellent. Care of my pet was amazing! Thanks for all y’all do!

  85. Jennifer Ross 2022/05

    I am grateful to have a cardiology specialist for my dog nearby and my experience has been positive. Everyone was friendly and thoughtful, and the doctor was knowledgeable and helpful. When an appointment is important and stressful like these ones can be, I really appreciate not feeling rushed, so I can ask questions. I generally do here- much more than a typical vet appointment.

  86. Nicola Newland 2022/05

    Dr. Westphal always takes the time to explain her findings and make sure I understand my little one’s condition and treatment. Everyone is so friendly and truly cares. Thank you for all you do…it is greatly appreciated.

  87. Trudy Abruzzese 2022/05

    Pleased with care and treatment. Appreciate Dr. Weidmen taking time to speak with us about test and treatment plan. Very efficient, Dr. Weidmen called with results of test snd clinical examination. It’s nice to speak with the Doctor so we can ask questions and get answers at the time of the visit.

  88. Ashley Harris 2022/05

    Great with my baby! Very friendly. Addressed all my concerns! The patience with my baby. Giving me all the info I needed in terms I could understand.

  89. Lauren Carraway 2022/04

    Awesome staff, super welcoming and friendly. The vet explained everything really clearly.

  90. Gary C 2022/04

    This was a very positive experience. The rooming process, was efficient and reduced the stress level for my cat. The quiet proessioanlism and speed of the ultrasound exam, reduced the stress for my cat. The consultation room was set up to be as stress free as possible. I know I’m talking a lot about stress, but for a pet with heaet issues, less stress is best, for both of us. I mean, doing the scan and getting the cat directly to the consult room to recover while the doctor takes the measurements and formulates a treatment plan is a great method of operation. I feel confident we are in good hands.

  91. Patricia Walsh 2022/04

    Very professional at all stages of the process, and very calm and caring with Max, my cat – and me! The staff were patient in answering all my questions. I did not feel I was being rushed. I appreciated being able to be with Max throughout the testing.

  92. Arijeta Potter 2022/04

    You guys are awesome, thank you for treating Bileau . I love that my dogs disease is almost gone, ❤️❤️❤️

  93. Tracy Faulkner 2022/03

    Great staff!

  94. Heather Burnham 2022/03

    Great staff and excellent care to my cat. I wish we didn’t have to come back but I know we will be, so I am at least thankful to have such an excellent and knowledgeable group of professionals to go to. As a team they did an excellent job of keeping my cat calm during the procedure and the doctor did an excellent job of explaining to me his heart abnormality with diagrams and all.

  95. Denise Barker Terry 2022/02

    As much as we hate to have to use a specialist, it is good knowing they are there for any of our specialty needs for Jaxxon. the kindness not only to Jaxxon but to my dad. My mom passed away in September and Jaxxon and my dad have saved each other, he was so concerned about this visit and what we would find. Everyone was so considerate and showed the care and respect for our Jaxxon. We feel comfortable in knowing Jaxxon is in very knowledgeable hands. Thank you so much.

  96. Gabriella Uhazie 2022/02

    I am so amazed by this facility and it’s providers. Our Greyhound received excellent care from Dr Westphal and company! He was quickly evaluated during his appointment and Dr. Westphal took the time to discuss diagnosis, treatment, and symptoms to look out for. The office was very easy to community with and we would recommend to anyone!

  97. Carrie Such 2022/02

    Excellent care from a professional, compassionate, loving staff! Wonderful communication prior to visit and visit expectations were crystal clear. The doctor ensures the owner’s understanding of the results before leaving and quickly shares with primary vet. We’ve now been to this practice twice and each visit further reinforces why this is the choice of our primary vet. Thank you CVCA of Richmond!

  98. Jessie Hearns 2022/02

    Thanks for great care and service! Everyone was so sweet and loving to my puppy and really great explaining what the results were of her test.

  99. Michelle Daidone 2022/02

    Loved our experience! The entire team’s compassion and authenticity in communicating their care for our cat Hudson was very much appreciated.

  100. Eric Tyler 2022/02

    Excellent facility and staff from that lived up to expectations from word of mouth from others that I know that have gone hear for various reasons. The previsit paperwork to the post screening debriefing was done with the utmost kindness and professionalism

  101. Lauren Dias 2022/01

    Happy with the ease of booking and appointment flow. Appreciate the clear communication with scheduling, emails, staff member, and Doctor.

  102. Sally Davis 2022/01

    Thank You. They accommodated the need for my cat to be seen asap. I was running late due to an uncooperative cat . They called because I was running late and I was lost. It turns out I was less than a mile away. They still saw my cat. Best service and the exam as well.

  103. Adrian Landrum 2022/01

    Great and very helpful service

  104. Stacy Newport 2022/01

    An efficient, informative and compassionate visit for our sweet dog! Appreciate the care our dog received and the way everyone put us at ease during what could be a stressful visit.

  105. Tracy Houck 2022/01

    Dr. Westphal and her assistant Kay were kind and professional. I feel great confidence in CVCA as a result of this visit—from Courtney helping me snag a cancellation, to the actual time with Kay and Dr. Westphal, through the follow-up options offered (including the number for the on-call cardiologist). CVCA seems to be a well-run business with a high standard of patient/owner care.
    Dr. Westphal is a very effective communicator. She took the time to tell me—and show me—what was going on in my dog’s heart. She very patiently answered my questions. She was concerned about my pet’s comfort during the echo, and gave him a break to regroup. That was compassion. She also staggered the introduction of the new medications so his little body would be better able to tolerate them—that was smart!.


  106. Susan Vogel 2022/01

    Everyone was so nice from the time I walked in the door until the time I left. Dr. Westphal and the vet tech were both so good with Sylvester.

  107. Ariel Sierra 2021/11

    Dr. Turner is an amazing cardiologist and I thank her for her attentiveness and compassion towards Bibi! I appreciate the empathy and compassion they showed my baby. Dr. Turner was very attentive towards my cat and overall seemed like she genuinely cared about her well-being.

  108. Christina Jones 2021/11

    I recently. took my 10 yo dog here. Due to COVID only one person was allowed to come in and they had taken proper safety precautions to me feel safe about coming inside.The staff was friendly. All my questions were answered. I loved how when explaining information, I was spoke to as a person and not another doctor.

  109. Lynn Rooker 2021/11

    Kay was so helpful. She helped me get Bruno in and out of the bldg. Also, thanks to both Drs for taking care of Bruno during his exam. It was a pleasant experience. Friendly staff and they took great care with my pet

  110. Annie Gavin 2021/11

    I was in need of a cardiologist for my dog but no where close by gave me good reviews. Then I lucked out and found CVCA. My primary vet gave my Moses 3 months to live after diagnosed in April. He is still with me thanks to CVCA and is improving with his DCM. So glad to make the trip from North Carolina to Virginia. These people are the greatest!

  111. Victoria Goulet 2021/11

    I found out last week that my sweet girl has a murmur and some mild heart enlargement and made an appointment for her for mid January – it was the soonest at the time. Thankfully, by some miracle, I was able to get into a cardiologist closer to home sooner because of a cancellation, but I just wanted to come on here and say how appreciative I am of this facility. In the interim between the diagnosis and now they have reviewed my dog’s x-rays and ECG and sent our hometown vet some feedback on what they recommend we do before we get her in. To have that kind of service available at no cost to the patient is just unreal to me. Taryn (I believe her name was) is phenomenal as well. She answered when I called both times last Thursday. I could barely even talk to her through my crying and she was just an angel. I’m thankful to be able to get in somewhere closer and sooner but I have received nothing but the best care for my girl in these past few days and it needed to be acknowledged. God bless you guys. Thank you for what you do.

  112. Brittany Harper 2021/11

    Overall highly satisfied with my experience and would definitely recommend. The Best part of my experience was the clear communication (what was going to happen, prices, time estimates, results)

  113. L VanOstrand 2021/10

    Absolutely wonderful staff. Thank you for taking care of Smokey. Good to have the ability to schedule a next day appointment

  114. Stacy and Patty Alspaugh 2021/10

    Fantastic experience! Kay and Dr. Weidman were amazing! The professionalism and customer service provided were exceptional.

  115. Anthony Batitto 2021/10

    Excellent staff all around. They treated my cat with care and went over in detail all of the findings from her EKG and ultrasound.

  116. Jennifer Michels 2021/10

    We really weren’t sure what was wrong with my bulldog before bringing her in at the recommendation of our primary vet; I was hesitant to have to take her to a new vet, where she was unfamiliar and we didn’t know what was wrong. The vet techs were all so sweet and understanding from the beginning; Dr. Weidman took the time to explain everything, answer all my questions and concerns, and I never felt rushed or like I was spending too much of his time. I called several times after hours while we worked to get her meds right, and I got the same understanding care and time with the after-hours vets, too- and they all acted like my bulldog was their only patient. I really can’t speak highly enough about this entire team and I’m grateful for their care of keeping my bully as healthy as we can. Dr. Weidman & his team really take the time to listen to your questions and concerns; I never felt like I was taking too much of their time. They’re really committed to wanting to help your fur baby!

  117. Donna Hetrick 2021/09

    Having our 10 1/2 year old cockapoo diagnosed with congestive heart failure was devastating! It was amazing to be able to take her to the experienced and empathetic professionals at CVCA. And even better to hear that we wouldn’t need to bring her back for 6 months as we had been given a 3-6 months to live diagnosis initially!

  118. michelle polly 2021/09

    Great place! Highly recommend!

  119. Liz Kincaid 2021/09

    Really sweet staff and kind knowledgeable doctor Being kind to my furry baby and being clear on expectations n communication; the girl that got Bella out of the car was so kind to her

  120. Monica Carolan 2021/09

    Five stars. I had a good experience at CVCA Richmond. From the friendly, informative initial call to make the appointment, to the warm welcome when we arrived at the facility, and then the detailed call from the helpful doctor explaining our dogs condition and treatment. The whole process was welcoming, informative and friendly.

  121. Brittany White 2021/08

    I really appreciated how kind and understanding they were. How they explained his conditions so I could understand.

  122. mia provost 2021/08

    Both Dr. Turner and Nikki were extremely professional and put me at ease while I was worried about my cat! Thanks so much! Thorough communication and short wait time made my appointment easy!

  123. Kelly McKinney 2021/08

    I am grateful to you all! Thanks for making the experience great for Toby and I. The kindness of everyone from Kaye at welcome through the visit with Dr Jess. Exceptional experience! Highly recommended!

  124. Andria Kennedy 2021/08

    CVCA has been fantastic with caring for our cats and dog. They always work with our schedule and the need to drive up from Portsmouth without batting an eye – and they go the extra mile of offering a litterbox to the cats when they hit the office! Throughout the COVID-19 changes, they’ve remained professional and helpful, staying cheerful in every conversation. You can’t ask for a better team to monitor cardiac health in your pets.

  125. Donna Petree 2021/08

    The staff and doctors at CVCA go above and beyond to ensure my pet is well taken care of. Communication is excellent and I leave knowing exactly what is going on and what to expect. The cost is very high however and can be a deterrent for some who cannot afford the care.

  126. Karen Coleman 2021/07

    Thank you for taking the time to see her today and to help my baby girl!!! I really appreciate you taking the time to explain things to me thoroughly and the honesty and putting medical terms in words that I can relate to…. Thank you for loving my girl like I do!!

  127. T M 2021/07

    Great experience! Great explanation of fees, medication and procedures. They were there when my cat needed them.

  128. Susan Zell 2021/07

    I was very impressed with the professionalism, friendliness and efficiency of everyone I interacted with at CVCA. Dr. Turner answered all my questions and didn’t rush me. Also, when I leave a message I always hear back promptly. I couldn’t be happier with the care my cat received and how well we were both treated.

  129. Kelley Balewick 2021/06

    Every time I’ve been here the doctors have taken the time to answer all my questions and make sure I understand everything.

  130. Emily Davidson 2021/06

    I would definitely recommend this practice, there is a genuine concern and compassion for the pets and owners! Very friendly and kind to our dog, thoroughly explained procedure and findings

  131. Tanya Morris 2021/06

    My dog is doing great and I appreciate everything you guys do to keep her healthy! You guys are amazing!

  132. Melissa Beth Frank 2021/06

    We are sad to even need a pup cardiologist but comforted that CVCA team is so caring and compassionate. Our pug is family and everyone we have come in contact with has been so lovely and understanding about how difficult this is for us. So thankful to have Dr. Weidman on our team to help our pup.

  133. Rebecca Randolph 2021/06

    Dr. Westphal was very helpful and took the time to explain Bodie’s condition to me and answer my questions. The attendants were also very helpful and courteous. They put us on the waiting list when we couldn’t get an appointment for a month, so we were able to get a quick appointment due to a last minute cancellation.

  134. Diana Tiller 2021/05

    They took excellent care of my dog. They communicated and listened to our concerns.

  135. ACM 2021/05

    Very pleased with our experience at CVCA – thank you Dr Westphal and Kay! The kind, compassionate, and professional way that both Dr Westphal and Kay treated us during our visit was exceptional. They didn’t waste time, yet I never felt rushed and was able to ask questions and share my concerns. I would certainly recommend Dr Westphal and Kay to anyone needing specialized veterinary care.

  136. Sandi Little 2021/05

    Very knowledgeable and compassionate. Will always answer any questions you have.

  137. Panda Panderson 2021/05

    They showed compassion and good care for my pup. I was glad they were able to get him in so soon for an echo.

  138. Shannon E. 2021/04

    The entire staff at CVCA is wonderful. Everyone shows such care and concern for my cats and their individual needs and personalities. We’ve had three kitties treated at the Richmond office. Pre covid I was allowed to be present for my kitties’ echocardiogram which was calming for him. Presently, the kitties are taken in for their appointments, but are brought back outside to me as soon as the echo is finished. They are normally inside for about 15-20 minutes. This really helps an anxious kitty and I appreciate how careful they are with covid protocols to ensure the office remains open. The doctors always fully explain the diagnosis and answer all of my questions. I am thankful for CVCA and their services.

  139. Janice Gardner 2021/04

    As stated previously, your staff in the Richmond, VA office is AWESOME! I also received excellent help from the Fairfax office in obtaining an immediate appointment for a very ill pet. The kindness and caring of the staff is amazing. This is my second pet that I’ve had treated here and you just know that they truly care about your pet. They also ensure that you are well informed of their condition and the care they need.

  140. Alexis Edwards 2021/04

    I took my senior cat to CVCA at the recommendation of my primary care veterinarian. I could not go into the facility due to COVID restrictions, and I appreciated the staff’s clear communication about procedures and what I should expect. The veterinarian reviewed his findings with me patiently and answered all my questions.

  141. Thomas Callow 2021/04

    Our 16 year-old cat was referred to CVCA from our neurologist and it was a great experience. Friendly and warm staff, I wouldn’t hesitate to entrust any of my cats to the wonderful team at CVCA in the future.

  142. Sue Taylor 2021/04

    Saw us very quickly the same day my dog was referred to a cardiologist by a specialty vet. Very caring with excellent communication about findings and options for care. Thorough explanation of costs. Entire staff was impressive and kind.

  143. DaJaynae Williams 2021/04

    The visit was awesome and not overwhelming. They have super patience with my MANY questions.

  144. Caryn Foster Durham 2021/04

    The unknown of my sweet boys heart condition was scary and everyone at CVCA was kind, compassionate, and talked to me in a way that was comforting and informative. The instruction/direction given before coming was extremely helpful.

  145. Todd Covey 2021/04

    Again, I can’t help but say thanks for the awesome bedside manner and communication in dealing with the well being of my pet Stiles The perfect mix of compassion and straightforwardness. In a time of receiving not the greatest of news….I could tell there was care but also facts were not sugarcoated

  146. Michelle Beever 2021/03

    This is a wonderful place. I feel really cared for and my pet is very loved by everyone here. I feel like I’m given thorough reports and leave confident in what information has been given to me and what my next steps are. I also feel relief in the case I don’t know what to do I can ask and will get an answer very quickly. Having a pet in need of cardiac care is stressful and Dr. Westphal and her staff are so helpful and caring. Really puts me at ease knowing I’m giving my pet the best care I can.

  147. Deborah Altizer 2021/03

    Very happy that CVCA works well with my primary Vet, Dr. Biehl . Also , happy how quickly a Doctor would see my Brody, The doctors were kind during an emotional time for any pet parent. Their findings were explained with a paper follow up. The team was professional and respectful and that is all I needed at this scary time.

  148. Sara Roan 2021/03

    I so appreciate how personable everyone is and how much they seem to care about my pet. Keep up the awesome work!

  149. Diana Freedman 2021/02

    Thank you so much for all that you do! I feel very fortunate to have a clinic I can go to that is not too far away and covers so many procedures with a very talented and knowledgeable staff. The in-depth report on the checkup in a compassionate manner is most appreciated.

  150. p st. raymond 2021/02

    Super efficient stress free process in this crazy Covid world. Dogs were handled well by great staff! Will do again ! Thanks CVCA!❤️

  151. Benjamin M 2021/02

    Our pup, Biscuit, has a big heart. We knew that all along.

    But he began to cough a lot and we became concerned. He was diagnosed with DCM by Dr. Lynch at the Glen Allen Animal Hospital (fantastic vet) and we were referred here.

    The staff here is excellent and very responsive. Kay has been outstanding and their workup on Biscuit was perfect.

  152. Michelle Miller 2021/02

    Other than the months long wait for an appointment locally I have zero complaints. I was able to schedule an appointment in Richmond for 3 weeks out. Pre appointment emails were informative and helpful in planning. I knew exactly what to expect. Finley was taken for his appointment a couple of minutes early and was back to us in approximately 15 minutes. Nikki, our greeter couldn’t have been nicer. Finley felt quickly at ease with her and wanted to stay with her when she brought him back to me. Our treating cardiologist, Dr Jess W, was on the phone with me very fast. He explained in layman’s terms (and medical as I’m a NP) what was causing the murmur. Also, I got the best news ever: it’s innocent and nothing to worry about. Checking out was super simple. All my receipts and consultation report were emailed to me within an hour. My primary vet received a report same day as well. I couldn’t be more happy with CVCA! Peace of mind knowing my furry baby is well.

  153. Nicole Krause 2021/01

    I had very good experience and appreciate the efficiency and care. Dr. Turner and Taryn were so sweet talking about and taking care of my old guys

  154. Jeanette Hobbs 2021/01

    Excellent communication before, during & after the appointment. My primary care vet had the results in a matter of hours! Courteous staff & very efficiently run. Would definitely recommend.

  155. Janice Leonard 2021/01

    Everyone was helpful and friendly. They cared about my cat.

  156. Marshall Evans 2021/01

    Thank you for diagnosing my kitten and providing a treatment plan. He is doing very well and seems to be a happy boy. They were able to see my kitten within 2 weeks and were understanding that I was driving from NC.

  157. Katy Wardell 2021/01

    So grateful for the CVCA Richmond team- they were able to see us quickly, clearly communicated test results and answered all my questions. Thank you! Excellent, compassionate communication

  158. Mark Crean 2021/01

    My dog needed an ultrasound and examination to monitor a heart murmur. The experience was very good and I was pleased the practice is not allowing people to enter with the pet and interact with staff and doctor. I did urge CVCA to intervene with the Emergency Hospital. That division has a heartless reputation for demanding immediate payment for emergency services or having owner surrender dog before offering emergency treatment.

  159. Alex B 2021/01

    I was initially confused when I got there just because there are a lot of practices in the building so I wasn’t entirely sure where to go but once things got settled I was really pleased. The doctor answered all my questions even though she had apparently already written out most of the answers in the paperwork I got lol

  160. Casey Curcie 2020/11

    My dog was seen for a cardiac evaluation. Dr Westphal was very thorough and communicative and the veterinary nurse who retrieved and returned him to me was so sweet with him. I especially appreciate their COVID protection policies!

  161. Lynn B 2020/09

    You always take good care of Bear ever since DAY 1 when he was hospitalized there and we first found out he suffered from pulmonary hypertension. Very grateful that our vet (Ferry Farm Vet Clinic) referred us to CVCA. We never feel rushed and the Drs take the time to explain Bear’s results and how things may have changed from previous visit.

  162. McKenzie Gray 2020/09

    The communication from the staff was great. Taryn was SO sweet and Dr. Weidman took his time discussing the diagnosis and answering my questions. I was very nervous about this appointment because Millie can be a handful and quite nervous herself, but Taryn and Dr. Weidman (and whoever came in contact with Millie while she was there) helped the appointment run fast and smooth. Thank you!!

  163. Tyler Balcombe 2020/09

    Everyone I had contact with at CVCA showed my family total compassion and absolute class. They delivered the worst news of my life when they told me my 4.5 year old golden retriever had a 5cm mass on his heart and that he had 400ml of fluid in his pericardium that was preventing his heart from beating properly. This news came straight out of left field and the veterinarians we worked with gave my wife and I the time to process the information moving forward. When we were ready to discuss details about his condition and possible ways to extend his life, they did so thoroughly with great detail that helped us to understand how serious this situation was. During our follow up visit a month later they told us he would need to be put down within 24 hours because his condition was so severe and again, they did so with compassion and class that is very much needed in times like these. Lastly, they sent my wife and I a card in the mail expressing their condolences for our loss. We could not have had a better experience given the circumstances. Strongly recommend their services.

  164. Sheila Schaefer 2020/08

    Their experience and expertise saved the life of my aging pet! I’m forever grateful.

  165. Katherine Siefker 2020/08

    CVCA has been wonderful to work with both professionally and personally. Everyone there has been wonderful and I received excellent service while there. The staff is always friendly and helpful. The doctors have been great to work with.

  166. Kris Smith 2020/08

    The staff at CVCA were so kind and patient. They took the time to understand our concerns and explain things to us. It was reassuring to have quality time with all of the staff on our dog’s healthcare team. They really put our worried minds at ease!

  167. Jennifer Lopresto 2020/06

    Overall we were impressed with CVCA Richmond, and will take our dog there for follow up cardiac care. They were great! Dr. Westphal’s expertise, and the CVCA team’s pleasant and professional handling of our dog. Great work!

  168. Scott Sparks 2020/06

    Dr Turner was so kind and compassionate with our Great Dane Dewey who had gone down hill so quickly due to several cardiac related issues. Dr. Weidman diagnosed and treated him initially and then along with Dr. Turner 5 days later during a 2 night stay at the facility. A few days later, he declined further and Dr Turner made room in her schedule (with no appointment) to see Dewey and give her recommendations. Although the hard decision has been made to let Dewey go later today, CVCA was great to work with to try and help my big boy. And the other staff at CVCA were so kind and helpful. Dr Turner’s care and compassion!!

  169. Tammy Davis 2020/05

    Lucky had a very good Doctor’s appointment and even though he had to go inside by himself he did not seem to be stressed when he returned back to the vehicle. We thought everything ran pretty smoothly during these Covid-19 times. Courtney came to the car and explained everything and took Lucky in and returned him then Dr. Weidman called us to explain Lucky’s test result. All was done very safely . The Care they show our cat Lucky is very much appreciated.


  170. Margot Geisler 2020/03

    This is the third dog I have brought in to this facility and I’ve been highly satisfied with the care. The first dog was to the neurologist, the second for a deep neck gash, and now the third dog for cardiac care.
    How courteously and professionally the staff treated me is the best part of coming to CVCA.

  171. Virginia Krueger 2020/03

    Our cat is feeling so much better now! The Communication was great, which was especially important since the service was curbside, and the care was excellent.

  172. Susan Thomas 2020/03

    The doctors and staff at CVCA are exemplary. Their care and concern for owners and their pets are evidenced by their professional and caring manner from arrival to departure. Knowing and saying your pet’s name when you arrive is comforting. Their care and compassion is appreciated. Many thanks to a great team!

  173. Stephanie Sims 2020/03

    It was a 2 and a half hour trip for me to come to the CVCA but it was worth it and I would do it again! They got my dog in fast and the appointment was quick and they took very good care of both of us. It was a positive experience despite my anxiety and fear over my precious boy being sick. They also followed up and really have things organized, remembering me and my pup as we continue correspondence.

  174. Naomi Altherr 2020/02

    Very kind and professional staff!

  175. Cynthia Pearce 2020/02

    A top notch facility. Courtney greeted us upon our arrival. Our Little Boy, Haggard (135 lb, 22 month Newfoundland) was unsure about entering the building without his mom with him. Instead of trying to drag or pull him, Courtney looked to me for assistance. I was abke to go walk him to the foyer, with no stress or trauma. PRICELESS! Dr. Wedman was very patient and understanding explaining issues to a pet parent that was having their world turned upside down. I cannot thank this facility enough for their patience, understanding and empathy. Seems we will be working with them closely for the remainder of my Little Haggard”s life and I am thankful that they are so lovely……thank you Courtney, Dr Weidman and CVCA.

  176. Stacey Smith 2020/02

    My pup has been a patient here and visited a few times over the past few years. The staff has always been compassionate, caring, and gentle with my old girl. I appreciate how knowledgable and professional the staff are.

  177. Michelle H 2019/11

    I had a fantastic experience here today! When I arrived for my dog’s appointment, a welcome sign with his name (like at the airport :)) greeted us as did Taryn, and Taryn, Dr. Westphal, and the resident (whose name I’ve accidentally forgotten) took incredible care of us. Everything was explained to us thoroughly, and everyone made sure that Dexter was given lots of love and comfort throughout the examination. The pet and owner experience are really a top priority here, and it’s clear that they’ve taken time and effort to understand their clients’ experiences and make them as positive as possible. Thank you so much, CVCA!

  178. Susan McCarthy 2019/06

    This is the only vet office that my dog doesn’t fear. He is treated so well, like he is a special visitor. I truly believe everyone there is a dog whisperer. They treat Tyrod like he is the smartest and most wonderful dog in the world (he is!!! I’m glad they think so too). I never feel rushed and they answer all my questions (and I always have many). I wouldn’t go anywhere else for his cardiology needs.

  179. Sadie Duke 2018/11

    We switched cardiologists from VRCC to Dr Weidman at CVCA and couldn’t be happier. Upon arriving, they had a welcome sign with my cat’s name (Xantha) on it to greet us and the exam room was clean and comfortable. The best part was that we could be present during her cardiac ultrasound and see the monitor as the doctor walked us through the evaluation results. They even had nature music (birds, etc) playing to keep her calm. I was equally as at ease as my cat was during this procedure. All of the staff were top notch and quick to respond with my follow up questions. She’s been on new meds now for 6 months and just got the best check up report yet from her regular vet today! Thank you CVCA!!!

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