Crossroads West Veterinary Center

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Crossroads West Veterinary Center
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  1. The Joseys 2023/09

    Do not recommend. Bad attitude, bad service, and cares about nothing but money. I had the unfortunate experience of needing to use this vet for a rescue dog and will absolutely never be back.

  2. diamomdgrl 2023/08

    Dr. Miller and his staff are wonderful! I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Bart. He is a very special person who truly loves caring for animals. He has helped me and my dogs so many times. I am very thankful for Dr. Bart and his staff.


  3. Sherri A. Thaxton, P.C. 2023/08

    We love Dr. Fenton. Greatest canine veterinarian ever! So talented and caring! Great, caring staff!!

  4. Lisa Jones 2023/07

    Dr Miller is the breeders Vet. He answers emergency calls. He finds a way to see the most urgent cases. He is definitely my doctor for @frenchiema_1 on Instagram. Thanks again Doc.


  5. Amina Snider 2023/07

    Dr. Miller is fantastic and the only Vet I trust with my sweet French Bulldog, Sabine. Excellent care, knowledgeable and professional. Staff is all amazing. Love these guys♥️


  6. Shawnda Lassiter 2023/06

    Great customer service, took care of my bully Truck during and after surgery and the staff love Truck so much. Dr. Miller is awesome, and would recommend them to anyone.

  7. Deborah Rosenau 2023/01

    Dr. Miller is the very best vet. He genuinely cares for your pet and your concerns. Ask him any question, and he will share with you his many years of experience on that question. We really appreciate him, and he has been our vet for five years this month. He takes great care and time at each visit. Our Dumpling, Polar, and Donut all love him.

  8. Alvin Wong 2022/11

    Dr. Miller is great, definitely cares about our dog and cat as we bring them in for their checkups, and gives fair recommendations for treatment without trying to upcharge. We have had only positive interactions with each visit.

    Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to schedule an appointment with him. The only way to do so is by calling and hoping the front desk is available to pick up your call and schedule something. There is no real website, and their facebook page lists the wrong email address for inquiry.

    I understand there’s only one phone at the desk, but calling during business hours, I expect something a little more than just repeatedly dropped calls.

    Meanwhile, ordering prescriptions is done through an online portal and is extremely quick and efficient.

  9. dana hudak 2022/10

    Dr. Miller and his staff are terrific!! I trust them wholeheartedly with all of my animals.
    Long time customer!

  10. Jessica Milby 2022/10

    Edit: to their respons, they lied, i stated many times that I was only their for shots. My boyfriend who was with me can confirm this. My mom actually read the bill and was the one who advise me to call and is now hesitant to bring her own dogs upthere. She Is alsoconcerned that Dr Bart talked me into giving my two dogs shots they do not need!!!
    I only asked about prices for things that was pushes on me to get done for my dogs, not things that I brought up on my own. I stated many times I only wanted rabies and distemper shots. Also I was told Dr Bart would call me back and he never did. Still waiting to hear back a week later.

    Bart Miller is amazing, iv been going to him for over 10 years now and wouldn’t go anywhere else. But after today I just might. First I’m greeted by the rude girls that work there. They tried to do a fecal that I never asked for and gave me attitude when I refused. 10 years iv never gotten one done here EXCEPT for when my dogs were sick. I came today for shots only and they charged me for 3 exams that I didn’t even ask for nor did my dogs receive a full exam since I made it cowar I didn’t need fecal test. I ONLY WANTED SHOTS! I’m not sure when this place became shady like every where else but I have given this vet so much business and now my whole family including myself are going to stop coming

  11. Molly Auger 2022/09

    I just wanted to express my deep dissatisfaction in the service at the vet lately. We have had two instances where our dogs have needed immediate care/needed appointments to be seen, and the front staff has been completely clueless and unprofessional. Most questions or inquiries for an info, help, or appointments being met with the response “I mean I don’t know”, “I don’t know what to tell you”, they have been completely helpless, not offering next available appointments for our dogs. We have been left with a “screw you” mentality, leaving us to utilize the emergency veterinary center with non truly emergent situations, and during times when our REGULAR vet is essentially refusing to take on their care. We were told to email pictures of our dog, and left a message for the Dr to call back about our other dog – both not met with responses, and when we called the next day, the staff had no clue about anything dealing with the situation. This is extremely disappointing and also a new change with new staff members. I have spoken to other friends that take their animals to you all as well, and they have shared similar disappointments as well. I hope you take care in this email and make changes because you will be losing long time customers who love Dr Miller over bad customer service and dismissive attitudes of others. Not to mention the extremely long wait times, if your appointment is at 11 then you are seen at best by 1230, there is also no considerations for dogs (particularly rescues) who do not get along with other dogs.

  12. Noah Ansteadd 2022/09

    Dr. Miller was so understanding and helpful this has to be one of the best vet centers I’ve ever been to. The staff was also so friendly I Highly recommend to others

  13. Brandy Sisk 2022/09

    Dr. Miller is the BEST Dr and Brittany is a pleasure to speak to

  14. Jason Moyers 2022/09

    I started using Dr. Miller seven years ago. We had another vet treat our Bulldog puppy who was 16 weeks old. Unfortunately the vet made a careless, uninformed decision that caused the death of our 16 week old puppy 45 minutes after dropping her off. We are very familiar with the Bulldog Breeds as we have 5 of them. Dr. Miller is the most educated veterinarian I have ever encountered when it comes to the bully breeds. He is always upfront, always shows real concern, and spends time talking and explaining all of the particulars and options that may be available for whatever particular reasons for visits. Our dogs are all like family, and when our 13 year old female bulldogs time had unfortunately came to be, instead of having to take her somewhere that she wouldn’t want to be in her last moments, Dr. Miller drove out to our house and assisted us at home. Something you would never expect to hear in todays time. There is no one I would trust more when it comes to our dogs.


  15. volney53 2022/09

    Great Staff and Dr Miller is amazing doctor

  16. Todd Napier 2022/08

    Dr Miller is a knowledgeable, and kind veterinarian. He has seen both Priscilla and Winston since we moved here, about five years ago. We highly recommend any bulldog owner go to him.


  17. Rebecca Burlage 2022/07

    I have read wonderful reviews of Dr Bart Miller’s work with frenchies and performing after hour c sections. So I go to make an appointment and find out they are are wheelchair accessible! Yea!


  18. Lee Angle 2022/06

    Fit us in last minute when our own vet couldn’t. Super nice! Super reasonably priced!!!

  19. Chad Jones 2022/06

    Very experienced, awesome group of ladies and gentleman.

  20. Deb Rosenau 2022/03

    There is no other vet’s office I would take our fur babies to. Both Dr. Miller and his staff are the very best. They treat our animals as if they were treating their own. We love Dr. Miller and his team!

  21. James Whittemore 2022/02

    Great vet. I’ve taken my maltese to multiple vets and none of them have been able to even slightly help with my dog’s skin condition. One visit with Dr. Miller and it’s been 3 weeks since he has chewed or scratched habitually. Thanks Crossroads family.

    3/30/22 update
    Had to take my maltese to see Dr. Miller again today. He stopped eating 4 days ago and was having a few other issues, eg. excessive drinking and urination, incontinence, vomiting, etc. Within the first 5 minutes of the examination Dr. Miller had a good idea what the ailment was and he wanted to clarify with a few other tests. After said tests, the issue was confirmed and treatment was started. Yet again Dr. Miller saves the day. Thanks so much.

  22. daniel meltsner 2022/01

    Quick and friendly service

  23. Courtney Winkler 2022/01

    Dr Miller and his staff is AMAZING!!
    My frenchie Chevelle would not be alive today without them!!
    Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!💖 …

  24. Robin J 2021/11

    Dr. Miller is always there for my pets. He has gone above and beyond on several occasions for me. He is also extremely fair and honest about treatments. Rather than recommending thousands of dollars of testing and treatments, he recommends the best course of action for the PET, making the pets’ comfort and best interest his priority.

  25. Betsy Fink 2021/11

    Bart Miller loves dogs and is excellent vet. Really the best for bully breeds.

  26. Deborah Blevins 2021/11

    Love Dr. Miller

  27. Lisa Gallagher 2021/10

    A mask-less worker came from a back room and pet my French Bulldog pup without asking, while also getting in my face. Be advised they are not following Covid precautions mandated by the state! The patient room was not sanitized in between pets (the door was open, so I saw) and it was a very uncomfortable experience. My pup has never disliked or been afraid to go to the vet until this place. Dr. Miller roughly cleaned her ears with a dry q-tip which made her cry. Pretty sure you are not supposed to do that with French Bulldogs! Her temperature was also not taken which seems important if you’re trying to figure out what is wrong with your pup. Overall, I feel worse after visiting here and am looking for a new vet that cares about my dog’s well being. I do not recommend going here if you have concerns with Covid or want to be taken seriously.

  28. Widdss 2021/10


  29. Brittany Brannan 2021/09

    Very friendly service you can tell they love dogs!

  30. John Marsh 2021/09

    Great service and caring staff. Dr. Miller is great.

  31. Kimberly Nichols 2021/09

    Super nice staff. Overall super great visit.

  32. amma mulcka 2021/07

    Always have to wait at least 45 minutes past appointment time. Last visit – office was packed so I waited outside. No problem. They were gonna call me when it was our turn. One and 1/2 hours past my appointment time they called and said I was next in line! Nobody is that good!

  33. T. Cameron 2021/07

    To their reply of not having a record of me or my pets is not true. This is my married last name and this is by far the worst vet I have ever encountered. The office wait is an hour or more, they seriously overbook, so plan to take lunch. If you don’t believe me, go there and see. The place is dirty and smells, The staff is constantly changing and don’t know very much at all. This Vet needs to retire. He has treated all 4 of my pets, Glad we changed vets. My friend who referred me was told by the vet that her dog had a mass, and would need surgery. $$ later, it turned out he only had grass up his nose which came out on it own after 3 weeks. Your DOG/ CAT deserves better.

  34. Big Jay 2021/06

    Wonderful services amd very knowledgeable of the English Bulldog Breed!!!


  35. Blonde_Graham_Stack Fit & Fun 2021/06

    Best vet. We love taking our English bulldogs here. There is no other vet I trust when it comes to bulldogs and their health. Specifically any surgery.


  36. brenda offenbacher 2021/06

    Dr. Miller and his staff are amazing. I’ve been a breeder for over 20 years. The last 6 of French Bulldogs. My vet recently retired and Dr. Miller was recommended to me by a friend. Truth be told my only regret is not going to him sooner!!! Thank you Crossroads for your care of my baby and I look forward to many years together.

  37. Allynn Jordan 2021/06

    Wonderful place.

  38. Claire Thain 2021/06

    Dr. Miller has cared for our 2 dogs for over 10+ years – and we trust our furry kids with him. He is a high quality, professional and knowledgeable Dr. and all around great person, doing some truly amazing work. His staff is super friendly, helpful and they are also very knowledgeable which just shows how Dr. Miller really teaches his Team. All around great vet and we would highly recommend them!

  39. Diana Kantlis 2021/04

    Dr. Miller treats your pet with true compassion. Definitely one of the few vets that makes time to schedule your pet for a visit even on a short notice. The staff is great, very polite and helpful!

  40. Amanda Johnson 2021/04

    Love Dr. Miller and how much he cares about all animals! The staff is great as well!

  41. Carla Cupp 2021/04

    A very nice place.

  42. BECKY DONLEY 2021/04

    Staff friendly. Dr Miller takes time to explain everything

  43. Mason Hensley 2021/04

    Took our English Bulldog here for a checkup. What a great team! Will definitely be back.

  44. Jennifer Falcone 2021/04

    Dr Miller has seen my dogs a few times now. I drive 2 hours to go to him. He’s the first vet I’ve trusted since my vet in Ohio. He treated my dog as un invasive as possible. He didn’t try to do things that were unnecessary. His prices are very reasonable. Yes, you may have to wait a little while, but that’s because he’s giving each person his attention and making sure they understand what’s going on. He’s also not afraid. I’ve seen vets who won’t go near a dog until they are restrained. He came right up to my dogs and was hands on. Highly recommended!

  45. Angie Fahr 2021/03

    Dr Miller, and his staff, are so great! We are extremely blessed to have found him.

  46. Dionne Adisa 2021/03

    Loved the customer service and environment

  47. John Wooten 2021/02

    Great vet

  48. Trisha B 2021/02

    This place is amazing! The people truly love and care about your animals!! They saved my service dog (Godiva’s) life!! Check them out, they work with you and help you anyway they can! Thank you so much for giving me back my fur baby!
    Much love,

    Godiva and Trish


  49. Prathyusha Varma 2021/01

    Dr. Miller has been the best vet for my goldendoodle! My puppy is very naughty and always gets into some kind of trouble and Dr. Miller has always been there to my rescue! And I can’t thank Mallori and Jennifer enough for always accommodating me on very short notice! They have been total life savers and their prices are very affordable and Dr. Miller always prescribes medications only if needed unlike few other vets who just give meds for the sake of it. I’m forever grateful to them!

  50. Lena Vandevander 2021/01

    Patiently waiting for Dr. Bart!


  51. Gerrit VanVoorhees 2020/10

    Great staff and support!

  52. pepa stevek 2020/09

    great guy to talk to but does not know much about diagnosis, most of the stuff he offers you are better off on diy website.

  53. Marie Ramkey 2020/09

    They take great care of our pets!

  54. Jim M 2020/08

    He is the only vet I will take m Great Dane to. He and his staff are top notch. He takes the time to talk to you and help you understand what is going on. This can make him run a bit behind schedule but I don’t mind with the level of care we get!

  55. Susan Musser 2020/08

    Dr. Bart Miller and staff are awesome!

  56. LifeWithMegan 2020/07

    best vets office around. Highly recommend Dr.Miller.

  57. M Martha 2020/07

    Dr Miller is fantastic. He is knowledgeable and caring. He never hesitates going the extra mile and he knows his bullies. Brandy, and Jennifer are both patient and loving to my pets, making each visit a pleasant one, regardless of how busy they may be or stressful the situations are. This is a rare find and I highly recommend this vet office.


  58. Babette Barrett 2020/07

    Dr. Miller is very kind and inexpensive. My cat Tyler couldn’t be in better care.

  59. Richard M 2020/07

    We searched all.over for someone familiar with Bulldogs. Well we found Dr. Miller by chance and make the 2.5hr drive because we trust him with our baby. He diagnosed an allergy issue after several other vets wanted to pump her with antibiotics. I highly recommend this Vet to anyone. Great Vets are hard to find.

  60. Kristina Mitchell 2020/07

    Great pricing, amazing loving care!!! Love this place!!!

  61. Raju Bhupathiraju 2020/04

    Good service and very friendly staff

  62. Debbie S 2020/04

    Dr. Miller is the most amazing & compassionate veterinarian around! I wouldn’t trust my babies to anyone else!

  63. Noah Samuel 2020/03

    Best place for your pet!

  64. Ceily Poh 2020/02

    Very nice

  65. Jeanetta Freeman 2020/02

    Dr Miller is a treasure to animals. He really cares.

  66. JoJo Hanson 2020/01

    Me and my dad went up there yesterday at 3:30 for an emergency c-section for our dog and the doctors just kept giving her shots to “help” with the puppy delivery but knowing that wasn’t working we waited till 7:45 for them to get her into surgery more people came in between then and they decide to take care of them first, seeing that my dog was having trouble trying to push the puppies out. When we finally got in there after the surgery was done we found out that all that waiting there did caused 2 puppies to die. Dont go up there for a c-section

  67. Sadler Salvage 2019/10

    Best vet ever! I’ve only been there once and had a great experience. I asked him to call me and he called me on his day off & he did! He is amazing vet. Highly recommended. Worth the 2 hr drive for me!

  68. Leesa Baum 2019/09

    Gosh i love them. Take my yorkies and pitts to them. Always accommodating. Dr Miller and the ladies are great.

  69. Xantea Bowe 2019/06

    Great vet and most of the staff are really friendly.

  70. Ethan VanLesser 2019/03

    I’ve used Dr. Bart for years now and never had a bad experience. Thanks for careing for our pets and making them happy members of our family.

  71. Tom Childrey, The Credit Card Guy 2019/02

    Dr Miller and staff are extraordinary.

  72. Linda Walker 2019/02

    He saved my 15 year old Shih Tzu
    Bert is a great vet

  73. Tyler Thrasher 2019/02

    Dr. Miller is a very intelligent man and is great with my boys. Would recommend to anyone!

  74. Tony Better 2019/02

    Great staff!!


  75. Kathi Allen 2019/02

    Dr. Miller is always great with my dogs. They love him. The staff is always nice and ready to go the extra mile.

  76. Betty Thurston 2018/11

    My vet is the best! For my poor, sick Kitty in and checked her all out and when I had to bring her back for the same problem, they didn’t charge me an arm and a leg to help her feel better.

  77. Adriene Arkwright 2018/09

    He saved our cat! It was after hours when Buttercup was found with a 5″ tear down her abdomen. Think goodness the doctor answered the phone. He wanted for us. We drove 45 minutes to get. He sewed her up and we took her home. Buttercup is now a house cat 🐱 …

  78. Laura Walker 2018/09

    Dr. Miller is a great vet!

  79. wendyis servinghim 2018/09

    The most knowledgeable vet available!

  80. Ronalyn Brown 2018/09

    Attentative, and caring

  81. Mary Omeara 2018/06

    Dr. Bart and his staff are wonderful!! He genuinely cares about the well being of your pets. Great customer service. I have been bringing my fur babies to him for about 5 years and Dr. Bart is always accommodating.

  82. James Simpson 2018/06

    If you have a English bulldog this is the place to go. A caring doctor and staff. Has taken excellent care of my two bullies.

  83. Deb Rosenau 2018/05

    Great staff and doctor! You can easily see that the staff and vet love our Dumpling as much as we do!

  84. Jessica Cortez 2018/05

    Amazing they truly care and want to do the best they can to help Dr Miller is amazing and then some he is very knowledgeable especially with English bulldogs or any dog I’m thankful to know where I can take my dogs since moving to this area and also now I have a amazing vet who I can also refer my puppy parents too!
    Thanks for taking care of pink for me!
    Hope to see you soon!

  85. Rick McClure 2018/05

    Bart Miller is an excellent vet. He takes time to talk with you and explain what is happening with your pet. He is also hands on and lets you participate in the exam. His compassion for animals is unmatched.

  86. Brooklyn Brooklyn 2018/04

    Takes great care of my oreo,

  87. Randolph Smith 2018/04

    Buster, Lucy , & Roxanne always receiving primo love & care from Crossroads Dr. Bart & crew


  88. Kaylor Wallace 2018/02

    Dr.Miller and his staff are incredible. They genuinely care about your pets.

  89. Jason Moyers 2018/02

    Dr. Miller and his staff are simply….AWESOME. After we lost our 4 month old English Bulldog to negligence of another vet I began my quest to find a Vet who knew Bullies inside and out. A few local breeders I reached out to recommended Dr. Miller and we are very grateful to have found such a loving and caring Dr. for our bully babies. It is a 45 minute drive for us to his office, however it is worth every minute to have found a Vet we can trust. Most of the time there is a bit of wait however keep in mind he is spending quality time with his patients (both human and animal) and will spend just as much time with you!

  90. jessica bahlman 2018/02

    Highly recommended for giant breeds and for c-sections! They care about you and your pets. Great with our cats and our Mastiffs.

  91. Evan Novak 2017/10


    – Overall unprofessional and unethical.
    – Ancient technology as far as xray machines, I was surprised to find that when I shopped around for a new vet NOWHERE ELSE has film xrays still in use.
    – My dog relapsed multiple times under Dr. Miller’s care while battling pneumonia.
    – Never prescribed medicine for longer than a week out without a follow-up visit, attempted to give me some sorry excuse for when I wished to follow-up in two weeks out.
    – Every new visit the first question I was asked was “Are we doing _________ (insert expensive form of care) today?”, Not a “How’s it going?” or “How is the dog doing.”
    – Severely understaffed at all times. Receptionists and vet techs always running around like chickens with their heads cut off.
    – Because of being understaffed, every appointment I ever had I was seen no earlier than 45 minutes later than my appointment time.

    Bottom line: If you care about your animal, don’t take them to Crossroads. The establishment is a leech trying to suck the most money of out of you.

  92. Jennifer English 2017/09

    We moved to Short Pump in August 2011 from Ohio….we had no idea what vet we would take our doxies too…our Maggie had already had back surgery in Columbus Jan. 2007…On Christmas eve of 2011 we had company from FL and was headed out to our son’s house ..we noticed Maggie struggling to walk….being that our son lives in the Gum Springs/ Goochland area we thought we’d check the closest vet to us here in Short Pump and call Dr Bart’s office…his office staff had already left and he was just locking up to go home and enjoy Christmas eve with his family but said please bring Maggie in….well she was fine just a little constipated. .We decided right then and their that this would be the vet for our fur babies …he could have very easily said sorry we are closed or he could have not went back into the office to answer the phone…bless him…since then he has cleaned our Zoe’s teeth and took a cyst off of her chest area and did an amazing job….so I seriously do not know where these bad reviews are coming from..I guess anybody can have a bad experience anywhere sometimes but we have only good praises for Dr. Bart Miller and his staff….He actually takes the time to explain everything to you and answer any concerns you have…. 🙂

  93. Renee Judkins 2017/04

    Love Dr Miller! He’s the best and always treats my pets as if they were a part of his family too.

  94. Lauren Elliott 2017/04

    Great staff and Dr. Miller is awesome with all types of dogs. His knowledge and willingness to help animals is inspiring. As a local from Richmond, this is the best experience I have had with a veterinary practice.

  95. Amy Alford 2016/07

    If I could give a negative 100 it still would be too many for Dr Miller..yes Bart Miller has owned, showed and bred bulldogs for 20-30 yrs, he also has a HORRIBLE NAME with other breeders and showers, he will ALWAYS recommend palate surgery …

  96. Mark Pennington 2016/07

    I found myself with an adopted stray and shortly after that it had a completely shattered hip. Dr. Miller and his staff took amazing care of Buddy. And they took good care of me, the very worried owner. When I got Buddy, he had heart worms, two types of intestinal worms and the broken hip. On our first visit Dr. Miller got on the floor with me and the dog. We sat there for 20 minutes looking over the dog and talking about his treatment.
    I have made several visits along the way to make sure Buddy is healing and his other ailments clearing up. I board Buddy with Dr Miller and the staff knows him by name and treat him amazingly.
    To date Buddy is worm free, heart worms are on the way out and the hip is better than I could have imagined.
    We cant thank Dr. Miller and his staff enough.

  97. Naseam Samaan 2016/06

    Been taking my animals here for years. Dr. Miller always had my animals best interest. I have a very allergic dog, and we considered several treatment options. I initially wanted to continue with cortisone shot, but he steered me to prednisone pills. Which was cheaper and more effective. I have other stories like that Dr. Miller throughout the years. He has never told me to do something that I was uncomfortable about or was exceedingly expensive. Always took care of my animals. I do have one black mark for Dr. Miller. When my girlfriend (now my wife) moved into her first place, he gave my wife two kittens that has a personality of narcissism dipped in lead paint (they are really dumb and no actual lead paint was involved). The cats only came in for shot, so they are at least healthy.

  98. Patrick Grady 2016/04

    Bart Miller is hands down the best Veterinary Specialists in RVA.

  99. Lynette Paoletti 2015/09

    I have been going to Dr Miller’s Crossroads West Vet Center for 15 years. I have never, ever had a problem with Dr Miller and his level of care. He is the best veterinarian around. Unfortunately, his poor choice of a particular office staff member has prompted me to leave his excellent care. While she once gave my dog the wrong medication, I decided to stay despite my hesitancy. However, when she forged my name to the release to have my dog’s remains cremated, I decided that was the end of my patience level for this kind of unprofessionalism. While I would like to give him the 5 star rating that he deserves because of his excellent care, I felt like a three star would draw somebody to read my review and make you just bear in mind that you are dealing with more than just Dr Miller. You are dealing with his incompetent “office manager” as well.

  100. Joe OMalley 2015/07

    Dr. Bart Miller’s compassion and unrelentless care for his patients needs and
    willingness to consider all measues necessary to provide the best care with
    consistently wonderful results. I have had 2 generations of Dalmation’s under
    his care and he saved my 2 year old Dal who suffered from urate crystals
    that placed him into shock and kidney failure. It is a compliment to his
    practice and staff while a special note of gratitude for taking him away
    from his family on his birthday to care for my dalmatian when my buddie surely
    would have died without his intervention and commitment to work with me
    till we cleared his crisis point . Thank you for always being there for all of us.
    Joe OMalley

  101. Katelyn Miller 2015/06

    Regarding Evan Novak’s comment below, Evan Novak was notorious for not following medical instructions and not giving medications as prescribed. Further, he was always certain his dog was ill even when his dog was bouncing off the walls clearly feeling great. He was usually late for appointments causing him to wait, and would be a “no-show” at times. Mr. Novak was politely asked to take his business elsewhere due to extreme reluctance to follow directions. It is quite unusual to have a client like Mr. Novak. Most clients are far more concerned about properly medicating their pets than is Mr. Novak. Dr. Miller and his staff are awesome!!

  102. John Gardner 2015/03

    Excellent care, highly recommended!

  103. Rachael Dickinson 2015/01

    Dr. Miller is WONDERFUL! He does not try to push unnecessary procedures for money and genuinely wants the best for your animal! I wouldn’t take my dogs any where else!!

  104. Bridget Hamlin 2013/09

    Dr. Miller & Jennifer Miller- Have been such a HUGE help to me and my dog. I highly recommend them. They were friendly and caring. They explained everything to me. Very happy and caring staff -And a huge thank you to Wanda Brown for all of her help and kindness.

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