CritterTown BathHouse

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CritterTown BathHouse
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  1. Melba T. 2023/10

    Great DIY dog bath house! They have varying levels of pricing based on whether or not you want to clean up after yourself or let the staff clean up. You can also get a membership to get after hours access to bathe your dog. We’ve been really happy with our membership for about a year now and love the staff, location, and whole set up. Thank you!

  2. Cristobal Lopez 2023/08

    Great place to take your four legged friend and give them baths. Price is good specially if you share one Tub if you have more than one dog.

  3. Lee Fields 2023/05

    Great to have a place like this where I can wash my search dog after a day in the swamp.

  4. German Vargas 2023/04

    Everything is provided to bathe your pets!

  5. Gordon Mccune 2023/03

    Fantastic ! Super – helpful, professional, friendly (and knowledgeable) staff. Well stocked with all the amenities ! I had a great experience and now … I’m a customer for life !

  6. Athena Sicario 2023/02

    Incredible idea for grooming your pets. Wonderful atmosphere, very safe, everything you need to wash your pets without the long drawn out mess of a process it can be at home. Excellent products, treats and more. Multiple bath sizes for comfort and ease and drying stations. I’m so thankful for this genius idea of a business!

  7. Sonya Thomas 2023/02

    I had never been to crittertown before But my 1st experience was absolutely wonderful! They have a small shop in the front offering treats and different items for your pets and 8 different bathtub situations in the back . You literally just need to show up with your pet. They supply absolutely everything! The staff was incredible and extremely helpful. They offer waterproof aprons, scented shampoos, medicated shampoos, conditioners, and lots of brushes and combs. I did not have to wait at all and it was literally the 1st time that I had been able to bathe my huge dog comfortably in years. Each station has a blow dryer, they also provide towels. I was so impressed that I went home and got my other dog and went right back the same afternoon with her.


  8. Ks Kathleen Stewart 2023/01

    Reasonable price, great service,

  9. Leah Terry 2023/01

    Wonderful small business…a very convenient way to give your pet a bath and pick up treats/supplies. Super friendly and helpful as well, highly recommended!

  10. Kaelynn Manning 2023/01

    Absolutely adore this place and its staff. When we first moved to Richmond, we were in need of a dog harness after our pup chewed her expensive one to pieces. I made a post on nextdoor asking if any neighbors had an extra one lying around, and Jennifer responded. When we met for the harness, she also gave me a bath certificate for her business. We just got around to using it and will definitely be going back!! Claudette was super helpful as this was our first time, she walked us through the entire process and went over their shampoo, face wash, and other product selection with me. They have a wide assortment for a number of skin issues and coats, as well as dental and ear wipes. They also have a tray of colognes and sprays at the end that are the perfect finishing touch! We went with the honey almond, thanks to Claudette, and we love it!! Plus, they gave our pup a cookie at the end!! They let you know when a dog is coming around the corner or coming near your tub, which was amazing for our very nervous girl. Love this place so much!!

  11. Jacq Crowley 2023/01

    Always great, easy service, nice warm water, plenty of towels, inexpensive, I’m always in and out with some nice cookies for my pupper, if you can’t bath your dog at home, or don’t want to deal with the mess, (me) this is the place for you!

  12. Keisha Young 2022/11

    Great place to bond with your pet. Clean, friendly, and relaxed. ❤️


  13. vrev7005 2022/10

    This place is amazing.

  14. sara leonard 2022/10

    A little chaotic. My dog freaked out when I tried to dry her and I had to holler for help even though the employees were standing 5 feet away staring at me. Struggled to check out because my dog was freaking out and they didn’t offer ro hold the leash or anything so I could grab my wallet.

  15. Cat Ben 2022/08

    Great! We were a lot and Jennifer was ultra ultra accommodating. Will return.

  16. Meghan Hogan 2022/07

    We live in an apartment, so when our hound decided to roll in poop we were desperately trying to find somewhere to give him a good bath. The place is sparkling clean, supplied everything we could’ve needed and more, and had the quickest easiest checkout process.

  17. Dave Woods 2022/07

    Never been to a place like this. Dog was muddy. What a relief to find this place! Super convenient, nice folks, easy walk-in bath for the muddy doggo.


  18. Clare Shanley 2022/06

    I love coming in to CritterTown to bathe my St. Bernard/Newfie. There are always a wide variety of products to use and the staff are so knowledgeable. Claudette is especially friendly and helpful and always answers my questions about what would be best to use on my dog. I love seeing her genuine excitement at every dog that walks in the door. Could not recommend more!

  19. denise flanagan 2022/04

    Great place! I can bring my dog in and get him all cleaned up. And the people that work there are so friendly!!

  20. Jim Smith 2022/03

    Nice people, convenient place to wash your dog.

  21. Catherine Herrmann 2022/03

    First time using a self service bath store and I can’t recommend this enough. I recently move to the city with a dog that is miserable to bathe. We tried CritterTown and will definitely be back. The facility is clean, very well stocked, the worker (possibly owner) was welcoming, helpful, and made the experience even better. So worth the $15

  22. A. Finley Wade 2022/01

    Critter town is the perfect place to wash and “fluff” your dog(s). Having been a repeat customer for over five years there is no better place. It is cleawanting to find a place to scrub their pup(s) and n, the staff both cheerful and helpful, and the dogs seem to either tolerate it or enjoy it. I recommend Crittertown to anyone have the supplies needed to you.

  23. Steven Pickett 2021/11

    I’ve been a dog owner for a long time, and never knew you could take your pup to a “do it yourself ” bath house. This place is GREAT ! They supply everything. Shampoo, towels, hairdryers and more. Inexpensive too. This makes giving your dog a bath easy. I’ll be coming back on a regular basis.

  24. Sylvia Williams 2021/10

    Claudette the dog groomer is very good with my two poodle mix the place is clean and offers food & snack treats for all pets as well as other pet products

  25. Chloe Spenser 2021/10

    So nice! Brought all 3 of my dogs and was able to crate the one my husband and I weren’t cleaning at the moment. Very well stocked, the woman there was super helpful and it is very clean.

  26. Jo Hardwick 2021/09

    The staff were very personable and helpful for this first timer. Will definitely go back.

  27. Erin Kichinko-Willis 2021/09

    I brought 4 of my dogs here (in 2 shifts) and everything was fantastic! The staff are so friendly and helpful, the facility is clean, and there was an expansive selection of shampoos and brushes to use. One of my dogs was freaked out by the dryer and one of the staff members gave me some tips on how to make it a better experience for her. Such a great neighborhood spot!

  28. Lynn Dieter 2021/08

    Always a great visit. Excellent supplies and service.

  29. linda hardwicke 2021/08

    Great opportunity to bathe your dog and not have to clean up! I plan to return. It is very convenient.

  30. Gigi 2021/07

    I liked that they were a variety of shampoos to chose from and colognes, in addition ear wipes, all included in the price.

  31. Leah Argabright 2021/05

    I have a 1 year old Leonberger and this was our first time in!! We were lucky to have had the place to ourselves for the majority of the time and this was really great for my puppies stress. The tubs were large and well constructed to allow for easy access and maneuvering. Store was clean and attendants were super sweet and made themselves available as needed without being “under foot” plenty of options for soaps, colognes, treatments and accouterments needed for drying, brushing, and clipping!! Im thankful I went with my gut on this one and you should too!! Disappointing results need not be worried about!!

  32. Chelsea 2021/03

    Absolutely love it here. Always get my cats food and the products are quality.

  33. Steve Iwanowski 2021/03

    Love this place. Great place to give your smelly dog a new aroma. Well worth the price and staff are helpful and friendly

  34. CU2 Wootin 2021/01

    Yes, I will come back ! Towels ✔shampoo✔conditioner ✔brushes✔ and a huge tub with warm water and a hair blow dryer. Apron for you to wear! The apple cookies for 1.00 are a great treat for your dog after bath. Plenty of room for social distancing and masks were worn. My back was spared from bending and the tub was big enough and deep enough for my 80 lb Sheppard mix to turn round in. He is an old fella and they have steps for him.


  35. Alex Dimen 2020/12

    Friendly and helpful. Great experience!

  36. Christian Morera 2020/12

    Took my three dogs here, plenty of towels, tubs, shampoos , and drying stations.

  37. Thomas Lonetto 2020/12

    Great experience as always. The perfect place to wash your dog and leave the messy clean up afterwards to the professionals.

  38. Evan Elmore 2020/11

    Awesome place to bath your pups made even better by being close to pony posture

  39. Abby Credicott 2020/09

    Love the neighborly atmosphere. They have plenty of wash stations so I didn’t feel rushed through my very long & very overdue wash of my pup.


  40. Pat Borka 2020/08

    Always pleasant here without the overbearing know it all dog people. I like the atmosphere.

  41. Robin Nooney 2020/08

    Fabulous facility, super friendly staff. Top quality treats and chews!! Love Crittertown!

  42. William Anderson Jr 2020/07

    I been binging my dogs for 15 year’s and going today.

  43. Paula Brownson 2020/07

    Great facility for washing bigger dogs. Variety of tub heights so your back won’t hurt afterwards!

    Very nice, welcoming staff.

  44. Patricia Clement 2020/07

    Love this place!!! They provide all the supplies and easy to use bathing and grooming stations and you provide the dog! Leave with a happy dog and they keep all the wet towels, dog hair and mess! Best deal in town! My dog freaks out at groomers. He’s much happier with me grooming him and I’m happy not to have a mess at home.

  45. Me Me 2020/04

    I absolutely love this place!

  46. Liam Carr 2020/03

    Great Covid setup and very friendly staff, will definitely go back again!

  47. Jacob Kelley 2020/02

    Great place to get your dog looking and smelling fresh

  48. Ali G (Freckles) 2020/02

    This place is a critical part of my life as a dog parent. The bathtubs are at a comfortable height so no back breaking. And they do all the clean up! The worst part of bathing a hairy dog…

  49. Michael Southam-Gerow 2020/01

    Excellent self serve dog bath spot. Also they have a great tech who can trim nails as needed.

  50. marie Castle 2019/11


  51. t smi 2019/11

    If you want to avoid cleaning your entire bathroom after giving your dog a bath, come to Crittertown. They provide the towels, shampoo, dryer, and an elevated bath tub ( they also have a lower tub for geriatric dogs). ….

  52. David Johnson 2019/11

    Excellent self service dog washing. Nail clipping/grinding is great. Very friendly staff. Price is a little high compared to other options, but it is a locally owned business as opposed to a national chain.

  53. Gwen Cherry 2019/09

    I love this establishment. They are so friendly and attentive. It’s just what I need in between those expensive groomings.

  54. Carlee Deel 2019/08

    Just took my dog to get her nails clipped and Alison was amazing!! She took her time with my very scared beagle (to the point of biting) Alison didn’t want to try the muzzle as the first resort so we didn’t even have to do it! i was very scared of taking her to get her nails clipped because so many people have refused to do them since she’s a risk of biting but that didn’t phase Alison at all! this is definitely where we will be going from now on!

  55. Chris Parsons 2019/08

    They offer have walk-in nail clippings with much broader hours than other place… Very often most weekends hours. Just call ahead to be sure because it depends on whose working.

    They also provide a full range of brushes, towels, and scrubbers with the bath… Some places do not.

  56. Cam Brandon 2019/08

    Great price, great clean bathing area with all desired bathing supplies including excekkent water pressure😁. Staff is always available and so helpful. Clean ttowels & bathing accessories, blow dryers – only thing missing is you and your dog! Ginger & I loved the whole bathing experience! …


  57. Vera Pollock 2019/06

    Nice staff

  58. David Edmonson 2019/06

    Great place to wash my two labs. The facilities are clean and accommodating. And the staff is very helpful, and forgiving, as well!

  59. Renee Askew 2019/05

    Awesome staff and services.

  60. Annette Graham 2019/04

    So wonderful, friendly and convenient!

  61. Kathryn Nicholas 2019/04

    Love this place! Excellent nail trimming and best selection of bones and treats

  62. Anita Hile 2019/04

    Excellent and positive experiences every time we use their service. And while it’s self service, their customer service and provision goes above and beyond! We are frequent customers and will continue to be so.

  63. Jill Sweeney 2019/04

    I have been going to Critter Town pretty much since it opened. It is the best; all you need to bring is your dog. They supply towels, scrubbies, a huge assortment of shampoo, ear wipes, and even some cologne at the end. The tubs are elevated, so no bending over. If it is a little higher than elsewhere, it is worth it. (I only tried one other place, and I was not impressed.)

  64. rose hammel 2019/03

    Agyer ibernet enft to the grocery with wadgmt dog id clran

  65. Barbara Bivens 2019/03

    This place is awesome. Very reasonable pricing. The $15 charge includes your choice of tubs (several different heights), a wide choice of shampoos and bath items, towels and ear wipes. Super friendly and helpful staff. Took my husband today because I have a broken leg and stinky dog, the staff helped us arrange things so we both could work on our dog.

  66. Mark Canada 2019/02

    Very knowledgeable and friendly staff

  67. Matt Holcomb 2019/02

    amazing place, wash tubs that cater to older dogs and dogs with disabilites. very friendly and helpfull staff.

  68. EricaRVA 2019/01

    A clean furbaby without a dirty bathroom. Shampoo for all types. Clean towels, brushes, drying stations and cologne. SUPER friendly staff who will show how everything works. $15 for all dogs, and the STAFF CLEANS UP after you! Then treat your furbaby to a treat! Wide selection of treats, collars and leads.

  69. Nick D 2018/10

    Very friendly and helpful staff. My pup and I love visiting. Competitive food pricing too!

  70. K J 2018/10

    A fantastic Mom and Pop that deserves the business of every local resident. Jennifer is delightful and knowledgeable. Boutique foods are the path to a healthy animal and Crittertown has what you need! The self-wash tubs are always clean and offer a great alternative to paid grooming, though they have recently started offering scheduled baths via employees. We are lucky to have this place! Don’t overlook it!!

  71. David McAdoo 2018/09

    Outstanding customer service!

  72. Tracey H (Ms3Kee) 2018/09

    Love this place. The staff is friendly and they really do give you everything you need to wash your dog yourself. It is a back saver.

  73. Eric Gehler 2018/06

    Excellent pet store and pet bath. Great customer service


  74. A Jones 2018/05

    Great place to wash your furry friend

  75. Laura Anne 2018/05

    Clipped my puppies nails with no problems.

  76. Rebecca Woodson 2018/02

    The best place ever! Wonderful, caring staff and excellent facilities!

  77. Lisa S. 2018/01

    Awesome! Everything is included!

  78. kiary mtz 2018/01

    Lots of supplies to help dogs take a bath

  79. Alex Glaser 2018/01

    Very knowledgeable and helpful. Great selection of pet food and treats. Plus you can give your dog a bath there too!

  80. Sue Cline 2017/11

    Great service, knowledgeable and friendly staff. Prices better than big box stores with better food selection. Great neighborhood supporters too!

  81. Kenise Ford 2017/11

    I love this place..Its convenient to home and very affordable.The staff is always friendly. They even have smocks for children to help with bathing the dog.

  82. Christina Buonomo 2017/10

    This place is so amazing. I went yesterday, since it’s gotten too cold out to wash coops outside. The tubs we’re clean, there were so many different tubs sizes and types for different pups. There were two staff members that I remember. 1 was assisting with nail clips and any other way you could need.. bath selection, where something is, etc. The other was cleaning everything… Although it didn’t look like anything needed it she was running around the whole time, I even saw her shampooing the front carpet entrance before I left. They clean the tubs, the soap bottles, towels, and brushes (if used) after each wash. And the best part is.. they also have hugs dryers to blow your pup out afterwards and colognes and spritzer smells too.
    We bought two smelly candles and a bag of treats before we left.

  83. Teresa Pitre 2017/05

    We love to make bathing the dog a family thing but they always seem a little annoyed that my boys are with us. And they don’t have nail trimmers :/

  84. Laszlo (Laz) 2016/11

    Excellent food selection and a wonderful friendly staff.

  85. Jessica Hunsucker 2016/10

    They assisted us in ordering the brand dog food we wanted that they do not carry in stock and always have our next bag waiting on us. Appreciate a local shop near our home that has stand up wash baths with everything included with your choice of soap!

  86. Kirk Roberts 2016/06

    Way more pleasant than plugging up your own tub drain! Staff is super friendly, many different shampoos and cleaning aides to choose from, included in price. Separate stations for hot air drying/brushing afterwards. They clean up your tub when you’re done, and it’s much less than a professional groomer.

  87. Jason Lowe 2016/03

    This place is awesome – very affordable, excellent customer service, different size/height tubs for washing, great product selection, and a loyalty program to boot.

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