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CPC – Commonwealth Extended Care
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  1. Gee Moe 2023/07

    Needed some stitches and Natalie provided great care and did a great job lining up the cut at my lip. Time to wait was not bad considering a lot of people were there to be helped. The check in was quick.

  2. raeu fiore 2023/04

    I just want to thank the front desk staff for going the extra step to help a patient get taken care of. I understand the bureaucracy of getting xrays or prescriptions ordered by doctors, but making a simple call to speed up the process for an elderly patient meant a lot. Due credit for taking a minute of your busy schedule to take care of those who truly are alone and walk against the wind.

  3. Doodle 2023/03

    Went in for a very painful uti. Staff seemed overworked and overall miserable & non empathetic. Was here for 2 plus hours check in time was 1:04pm it is now 2:45pm. Usually go to the cpc off of ridge field but had to go to this one instead. Definitely won’t come again. Felt like a major inconvenience to them when I asked for a printed lab result and work note.

  4. Nicole 2023/02

    I have had several three to four star visits here over the years, but my last visit, where I was treated like trash, has earned this place a single star.

    I was covid+ and there for a Paxlovid script. I was asked to wait in my car and current wait times were 60-90 min. I waited in my car for an hour before receiving a voicemail telling me to come inside or call the RN back. My phone had gone straight to voicemail due to poor signal. I walked right in and spoke with the desk clerk. She told me to wait in the hall for a nurse.

    I waited and waited in a confined seating area in the hallway with a half dozen older adults and I worried that I would be getting them sick. But I was patient. The hallway slowly cleared out and then others that arrived long after me had been seen, so I checked in with the desk clerk. She called back to the nurses station and asked if they were still planning to see me. I was then told I didn’t answer my phone and they thought I left.

    I was blamed for not following instructions and only seen after everyone else as punishment. Only I did follow the instructions left on my voicemail by a nurse who asked me to come inside from my car. I went inside and checked in with the desk clerk and she told me to wait in the hallway for a nurse to come. I’m not sure what more they wanted me to do. After an hour in the hallway I even tried calling the RN back. The answering service only allowed an option to speak with the front desk. I hung up because I had already checked in with them.

    This was a great example of the Swiss cheese model that explains occurrences of system failures. I simply fell through the cracks.

    If I had only been skipped, I wouldn’t have written a review. I can get over that. Mistakes happen. It was only after I was met with passive-aggressive and aggressive nursing staff that I left in tears, and with the names of the nurse administrator and clinic director written down for me by my NP. I left messages for them the following day and never heard back.

    I have worked in healthcare for a decade and I have never seen anyone speak to a patient the way I was spoken to.

  5. Lauren A. E. Lee 2023/01

    I went in with a sinus infection and sever abdominal pain. The doctor said my urine was negative for infection and after barely any exam, he didn’t know why my abdomen was so swollen and sore. I asked if it could be the appendix, he said no- the pain would be on my right side. I said it WAS the right that hurt the most. He shrugged and said he didnt know what to say since I had no fever and handed me an antibiotic script for the sinus infection. I said, “so what, I wait until I feel a pop and tell paramedics it probably was my appendix after all?” He said he guessed so, and I left.
    I went to the ER for an emergency appendectomy that night at 1am and only just got the appendix out in time before it ruptured. I went to CPC for medical care but I couldve saved a copay and asked a stranger on the street for their opinion for all the good this did. I was huslted in and out and could have had a fatal outcome if I ignored my intuition.

  6. Cricket Loveland-lavalley-Meissner 2022/11

    If I could give a zero I would. I have been calling for a week straight other physicians have even called, to schedule a surgery. I have spoken to the officer manager 3 times and she says ” I promise to call you by the end of the day” and never calls back. They closed early yesterday and today.

  7. Cda Nordquist 2022/11

    Long wait, no one was in waiting room when we can in, have now been in 1 hour twenty minutes no doctor. My 97 year old dad needed to give a urn sample, she put in a bathroom with gave me a pair of rubber gloves, cup and left. If I could give 0 I would.

  8. Surge M 2022/10

    I’m rounding my second hour of waiting in the examination room. No feedback from anyone—except what I can hear from the other patients complaining in the hallways. In the name of god, go somewhere else for your urgent care needs.

  9. Sabine Cyrus 2022/09

    I went to this facility for the first time yesterday for care. The lady at the door screening for Covid was the rudest person I have ever met in a healthcare facility. I had to wait until she was done scrolling on Instagram to get acknowledged. Then she gave me no instructions just handed me a post it with my temperature on it. I asked her what was I supposed to do next as I had never been there before and she directed me to the door and rolled her eyes. Lady if you hate your job then QUIT. Sick people in need of help should not be subjected to this rudeness.
    Also, I had to announce in the waiting room my medical issue. This to me is a violation of privacy. There should be another process to protect sensitive and personal information… ie HIPPA

  10. Sujatha R 2022/08

    The nurse was very rude

  11. Wesley Ralston 2022/06

    Absolutely TERRIBLE! I would never go back to Commonwealth Extended Care, which is the urgent care branch of Commonwealth Primary Care. I’m a patient at Commonwealth Primary Care, but this was the first time I’ve used their urgent care option, which they advertise as a better choice than going to urgent care facilities (like BetterMed, or Patient First).

    I got there at 10:30am, was screened at the front door of the building by a person who was not friendly nor helpful. She told me to wait in my car and they would call me when they were ready to see me. They didn’t call until about an hour later at which point they told me to pull into one of the allocated parking spots on the side of the building, which is when I learned I’d be having my visit with the doctor in my CAR. Really? I work in healthcare and have for the last 25 years in a large private practice. We stopped seeing patients in their cars 6 months into the pandemic! If you haven’t figured out how to see patients inside safely where they can be comfortable 2 years into this pandemic, something is wrong.

    But, I pulled into the spot as instructed, and eventually a nurse came and took my vitals and asked why I was there. I explained my symptoms and she said the provider would be out shortly. She also collected a COVID test from me (which I don’t think I needed since I had COVID in May which I told her, and I have no new symptoms or fever so testing is not recommended per CDC guidelines). But nonetheless she took the sample and I continued to wait another 45 minutes. Finally after 45 minutes, a doctor walked up and started seeing the patient in the car next to me who had pulled in and parked in her spot about 20 minutes AFTER I did! I called the receptionist again to see if they had accidentally skipped over me but she said no, that I was on the “other doctors schedule” and that “they both move at different paces”. I asked how it was that I could be at an urgent care clinic that sees patients supposedly on a first come first serve basis and be seen AFTER someone who got there 20 minutes after I did. She said that the other doctor’s schedule is who I’d been put on and that I’d have to wait for her and she still had one person to see before me so it would be a while longer. I waited another 15 minutes, and still no provider had come to see me.

    At that point, I called the BetterMed closest to me, the receptionist answered right away, and told me there was a 20 minute wait. I drove over there, checked in and was seen within 5 minutes, in a nice clean air conditioned exam room, by a very nice Nurse Practitioner, who diagnosed my issue, sent in my prescriptions to my pharmacy, and sent me on my way. The whole process was very efficient and pleasant.

    So frustrating and disappointing to have wasted 2+ hours of my time at Commonwealth Extended Care!

  12. Al Albiston 2021/09

    While I’ve long been a satisfied patient with my PCP at Richmond Primary Care – I cannot recommend their urgent care wing, Commonwealth Extended Care.
    After 1.5 hours in the waiting room and another 30 minutes in the exam room, and no apology or explanation, I limped out – and will never go back. Over 2 hrs. and I never saw a Dr. But they were prompt to take my copay 1st thing. Don’t waste your time there.

  13. Lisa Ellis 2021/07

    It’s been 1 hour and 49 minutes and I still have not seen a doctor; I called ahead and was told the wait was about thirty minutes. I hope the actual visit itself is worth waiting for

  14. Vilna Mead 2021/03

    Dr. Gill Goldman is exceptional! Dr. Goldman heard all my concerns and was very thorough. She is a great listener, I didn’t feel rushed or ignored. I felt heard. I couldn’t recommend her enough. Thank you Dr. Goldman for your kindness.

  15. Michelle K 2020/10

    Wrong hours listed online!!!!

  16. Doug Lewis 2020/05

    Service was quick and efficient. Helen Tanner PA was thorough and professional

  17. Deshonda Minor 2019/11

    Dr Thomas Cawley was the best doctor I have ever had! I no longer see him because of my insurance which made me so sad. He is so nice and always had a smile. He took very good care of me! Such a wonderful doctor and I recommend him to anyone!

  18. Cynthia Jackson 2019/11

    I recently visited the CPC extended care for some bug bites that were on my arm and hand only to be terribly disappointed and highly upset after seeing Dr. Robinson of which he stood approximately 2 – 3 feet away, never looked at the bites closely, never even touched me and all in 2 minutes he was in the exam room to tell me, to take some Benadryl and put ice on. Unbelievable! I had a red swollen and warm to the touch circle on my arm the size of a baseball, plus a blister in the enter of it. By the following day I’d developed another red swollen circle on my other arm and ended up going to the clinic near my job spending another copay of which the cream and medication she gave me had me feeling better within a couple hours. Why is Dr. Robinson still attending to patients he’s not going to touch and treat properly. Dr. Howard on the other hand is AWESOME and the main CPC OFFICE is great as well. But Dr. Robinson needs to RETIRE! He’s the only reason why I’m giving 3 stars today, it would be 1 star, but the staff was great as well.

  19. Deborah Leininger 2019/03

    Commonwealth Urgent Care
    My experiences at Commonwealth Urgent Care, and with Commonwealth Primary Care located in the same building have been so much more than common. From receptionists, nursing staff, to physicians, all have been professional, polite, and proficient in their professions.
    Keep up the good work!

  20. Knox Hubard 2018/10

    Professional, thorough, engaged.

  21. Tony Moldovanyi 2018/09

    I’ve been seeing Dr. Mills for over 8 years. He’s amazing, as are the other providers that I have seen in the Glenside office. The front office staff is hit or miss. I’m assuming by the lack of management, that they don’t have an office manager. It’s common sense that if you have 8 providers in the office, all of which have their first appointments at 7:30, that you can’t unlock the front door at 7:30 and get 8 people checked in by one person at the front desk and have all those patients seen at their appointment time. First appointment of the day and I’m never out in less than 90 minutes. Let’s not even talk about the phone system. Called to change an appointment last Friday that I made 6 months ago. It took 7 phone calls, one of which had me waiting FORTY TWO MINUTES before I had to hang up. Finally I sent a fax to the office to get someone to call me, after which I was told that “The doctors spent a lot of money on this phone system and there’s nothing they can do about it.” Was then told that Dr. Mills’ next available appointment (for nothing but maintenance meds) was 4 weeks out. It’s absolutely ridiculous.

  22. Eashwer B. Iyer 2018/09

    Wait time reduction needed

  23. Karen Taylor 2018/09

    Wonderful and caring team. Very thorough and followed up. Great experience.

  24. Matthew Townes 2018/09

    Great hours, frequently little to no wait time.

  25. Patricia Nackley 2018/08

    This is not urgent care. Waste of time today with my daughter. Patient First Short Pump gets 5 stars. Most results back while you are there.

  26. Kathy Gerber 2018/08

    Thorough, knowledgeable and caring group. I am a patient of Dr Zelenak. His assistant, Rochelle, is also wonderful.
    Update: This review should be in Commonwealth Primary Care rather than extended.

  27. k bar 2018/07

    Richard Tate is great but the office staff is HORRIBLE. Rude and uncommunicative. As long as they’re just entering appointments in a calendar, they’re happy. But the second you request something or ask a question, they talk down to you and treat you like you’re crazy.

  28. denny modlinski 2018/06

    No wait, quick seeing the doctor and a very professional staff. My go to location when I don’t have an appointment with my regular doctor

  29. Leah Bussard 2018/05

    I just wanted to call and try to set up an appointment and was told I could not be seen unless I was Ill or already an established patient, which was fine, I understand that, but Ashely did not have to act so rude over the phone and make me sound like I was an idiot for asking a question.

  30. Carrie Dorsey 2018/02

    Certain doctors are terrific. The desk staff doesn’t answer the phones and many times I have to wait over 20 minutes before speaking with someone. Why??? No excuse for Terrible customer service and communication.

  31. Bruce Nilson 2017/07


  32. Susan Daul 2017/06

    Been a patient of Dr Mills I followed him. The office & nurses have all been great. Margo gets most of my calls, & she is very detailed. I drive from Varina…

  33. Trey Blankinship 2017/05

    Deserves 0 stars. God forbid you get a controlled substance from here. You will be treated with no respect and assumed to be a criminal

  34. Davis Bailey 2017/02

    Margee Krebs, ANP patiently addressed all my healthcare concerns. There need to be more medical professionals in this world like her that are intelligent and compassionate.

  35. Amber Baker 2016/10

    I love this practice. I was able to get an appointment as a new patient quickly, they have an urgent care in the same building that is open nights/weekends, and their patient portal online is so convenient if you ever want to message your doctor!

  36. S S 2016/07

    No free wifi,

  37. sarah britton 2016/03

    This is a long read but VERY necessary if you are considering putting your health in CPC’s hands. If I could give this place 0 stars, I would. I can’t remember the last time I wrote a review, but as I was searching the phone number to call and complain about being prescribed the wrong dosage being written for my medication, I noticed I was able to leave a review. I highly recommend looking elsewhere for quality care. I am not treated with respect and am looked at cross-eyed when I ask legitimate questions about my health. I switched my doctor earlier this year (within the same practice) because I was questioning the knowledge of the Doctor I was seeing at the time whom told me “you’re the first patient of the day where a really don’t know what it could be! I hope it gets better…let me know if it doesn’t, good luck to you!”. Upon my first visit, my new doctor (who was actually a nurse practicer) wrote me a prescription for the wrong medication which I did not realize until I tried to fill it on a Friday afternoon and saw it would be $250 due to it not being covered by my insurance. I had to wait the entire weekend, take off work and then go in and pick up the new prescription the following Monday. (Let me also say that she “wasn’t comfortable changing my medication yet” from the start so we kept me on the same thing, yet she still messed it up). The next time I saw her I went in for a possible UTI. She told me that I may not need the medication but it is usually covered by insurance so I could take it just to be safe because she “couldn’t see for sure”. She also had to take a second urine sample because they accidently tossed the first one. I was on my way out for a camping trip hours before I needed to pickup my prescription from the pharmacy when I was called by my the pharmacist asking if I was allergic to sulfa (which is on all my medical records) because the drug she prescribed had a large amount of sulfa in it. I am highly allergic to sulfa so I am very thankful for the call and there being a doctor on call through the store pharmacy to help me find a quick alternative. Last week I called in a refill on a prescription and noticed as I went to take the medication, that the directions said on the bottle and on the receipt “take 2 tablets by mouth daily”. I am supposed to take 1 tablet daily, at most. I am lucky that it is not a new medication for me so I knew the correct dosage. God forbid it be a new medication and I took that amount. I am very upset with this practice. I do not feel taken care of or even safe. I am questioning all of my medication now and am very worried others will be hurt due to their lack of professionalism and knowledge.

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