Countryside Veterinary Clinic

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Countryside Veterinary Clinic
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  1. K K 2023/11

    Really appreciate the staff, vets, vet techs at Countryside. Everyone is helpful, kind, and is giving of their time. Feels like they listen. Appreciate the thorough exams and thorough explanations of Dr Dyer.


  2. Terri Somerday 2023/11

    I brought my recent rescue, Jazz, to Countryside for a skin rash. The entire staff was so kind, patient and understanding of my dog’s anxiety. Dr. Cook gave Jazz a thorough exam and treated her for her rash. I cannot thank everyone enough for the extra time and care. Thank you so much.

  3. Art Kovolesky 2023/11

    Stacey did a wonderful job on my dog’s nails

  4. Nancy Davis 2023/11

    We needed a safe place to board our dog that had emergency surgery just prior to us leaving town on vacation. They could assess her wound, give her meds, appropriately progress her diet from bland to regular and we could pay for extra walks. They were very accommodating and we could leave knowing she was well cared for.

  5. Neil Hoyt 2023/10

    Overall, a terrific experience. Although the vet was running behind, it was wworth the wait, he took ample time with us during our first visit with our recently adopted two-year old pup. The doctor was very thorough in his exam, explained everything clearly and was patient in answering our questions. The staff was great and the clinic was very clean. We appreciate their approach to pets and their owners!

  6. Clara Sainsbury 2023/10

    I have been bringing my 2 dogs here for about 2 years, a few months ago also got my boyfriend to switch to countryside for his dog as well. We have always had good experiences with the staff here. The clinic is very clean, the veterinarian is very friendly and we’ve never had difficulty getting an appointment. Would recommend to family & friends.

  7. Mary Allen 2023/10

    The vet tech and the vet were very nice, thorough, and caring to my pets. This was the first time I needed them at the last minute and they worked me in and were super.

  8. James Alexander 2023/10

    The people there were so friendly and helpful. Was served and seen quickly.

  9. Kim Dowd 2023/10

    Everyone here is incredibly kind and knowledgeable. I feel like they worked with me for a resolution that was best for myself and my pet. I highly recommend Countryside!

  10. Naturally Me 2023/10

    UPDATE: 9/30/23:

    I had my dog neutered at Countryside and the care and love that was shown to myself and my puppy was simply amazing. The staff was so affectionate and kind to ensure that I was informed of everything that would occur and provided detailed information how to take care of him when he got home. They followed up the following day just to make sure that he was doing OK and informed me I can reach out at any time. It is a very comforting feeling to know that I work with people who are loving and Compassionate. I would recommend anyone to visit this veterinarian clinic.

    I love the atmosphere and service at Countryside Veterinary Clinic. The people that work there are so kind and supportive. The doctors are top notch. My puppy wasn’t feeling well and as soon as I called I was provided with recommendations to help and an immediate appointment when home remedies didn’t work. They took excellent care of him and he was back to feeling better within a couple of days. I would definitely recommend this clinic to anyone looking for a great staff.


  11. Joe Katz 2023/10

    Efficient and thorough.

  12. Sarah Vaughan 2023/09

    They take very good care of anxious dog when we are away. Having peace of mind when leaving your animal is paramount.

  13. Muhammad Al Abdullah 2023/09

    Great place for a breakfast or brunch!

  14. Carrol Bronson 2023/09

    Just a quick nail clip for Buki, my 14 yr old cat but it was awesome. I was worried about it hurting her because they were so bad but Christa was wonderful with her and said Buki did great.


  15. Jennifer Stoops 2023/09

    Due to a medical concern, they were able to schedule us for an appointment 2 days after I called. Front desk is always so kind, helpful and cheerful. We never have to wait long to be taken to the exam room which is a relief for our pet. The vet assistant was extremely nice and professional while putting us at ease. Dr. was so helpful, kind and truly listened to all my concerns and answered every question from his medical issue to weight and diet changes. This clinic is hands down dedicated to their patients and their families. The kindness, compassion and passionate attitudes towards our fur babies is irreplaceable. We love the comfort and ease they bring for our pet when we come here. Thank you to everyone at Countryside!!

  16. Janie Horne 2023/08

    Everyone at Countryside is so nice and always helpful. I’ve taken my dogs there for years and know they are getting the best care.

  17. Randy Murchison 2023/08

    Dr. Duval and her staff are incredible. This loving care for my dog was the best I have had.

  18. Lynn Gaines 2023/08

    Staff is friendly and our skittish pups were comfortable.

  19. Rebecca Pullen 2023/08

    Great care and great people! Would definitely recommend.

  20. Renee Gutierrez 2023/07

    They are caring, compassionate and knowledgeable. All staff are super kind and friendly. The best!

  21. Sridhar 2023/07

    Friendly staff. Our pup liked it there.

  22. Sam Black 2023/07

    Kind and compassionate care for our critters. Thank-you!

  23. Andy Android 2023/07

    The whole clinic had very friendly staff, the visit was quick, professional and we were not sticker shocked with the prices after, great place to take your beloved animals!

  24. Debbie Mistr 2023/07

    We had an ear injury that needed more care than we were able to give at home. No appointments were available, but they took him in as a drop-off ($29 “day care” fee) and we’re able to take care of him by 3:00, with a phone call from Dr Dyer to update us on his condition and treatment.☺️

  25. Regina Reams-Giuffreda 2023/06

    Accommodating and caring.

  26. Lori Welty 2023/06

    We were greeted with a smile and welcomed with kindness! Everyone was very friendly and Sarah was very nice and got us all taken care of. Very pleased with our first visit!

  27. Rachel Fazio 2023/06

    Our dog was stung by a bee and Countryside Vet saw us quickly and gave our pup a steroid shot for a very reasonable fee. Staff and Vet are super friendly and professional.


  28. Marc Atkinson 2023/06

    The doctor was very nice and was able to help with my dog Annie and her medical needs.

  29. Rena Richardson 2023/06

    My experience was great. I brought my Bella in told them her symptoms and the young lady at the desk automatically knew what was wrong with her she was in less than 20mins

  30. Ed Rossmoore 2023/06

    Kind, thoughtful and caring. 🐾🐕They spoke to both our pup and us ( humans!) …

  31. Maria Livaniou 2023/05

    Staff is so caring and really treat you as family! Very lucky to have such a wonderful vet clinic who truly love what they do!

  32. Caroline Park 2023/05

    I’m so glad I’m able to get my pets care from these doctors and vet technicians who I trust a great deal.

  33. Mark Crean 2023/05

    Thorough, friendly attention from Dr Dyer

  34. Melissa The Top Drawer RVA 2023/05

    Got me in same day for a appointment – very kind staff and dr! My Luna was a happy girl to be feeling better quickly. Five stars. ♥️


  35. Taylor Reed 2023/05

    My dog always enjoys visiting and the staff are always so kind. You can tell they truly enjoy what they do. Thank you all for your help, I appreciate you and so does my sweet boy!


  36. Claudia Thomas 2023/05

    Been taking my dogs there for many years. One has since passed but now I’m taking my 2 greyhounds there and wouldn’t go anywhere else

  37. Kaitlyn Maas 2023/04

    Extremely friendly and patient staff! My dog has separation anxiety and gets nervous in new environments. The staff goes the extra mile to ensure my dog feels comfortable while there. Prices are decent and fair – clinic is very clean. Love this place and will continue to bring my pup here for any medical needs!

  38. Savhanna Jones 2023/04

    Everyone with whom I interacted was so pleasant and knowledgeable, from making reservations on the phone, to drop off and pickup in person. We boarded our 7 month old kitten while we went out of town because he was on antibiotics- a responsibility we did not want to put on a friend. They took great care of him at a time when we were worried about his wellness, and he came back cheerful and healthy! Thank you, Countryside!

  39. Stacy Lukanuski 2023/04

    Wonderful Doctors and staff

  40. Debra Winall 2023/03

    They are always so positive and patient with my older dogs!

  41. David Grove 2023/03

    I took my daughters cat Bella there and they were so very helpful, understanding and nice. I would recommend them 100 times over.

  42. Danielle Dunkum 2023/03

    Great place! Called and they fit me in same day! Staff is friendly and they make you and your pets feel welcome. Decently priced.

  43. Alice Scott 2023/03

    Wonderful experience for our dog during her stay! The staff truly cares about your pet here!

  44. Kaitlin 2023/03

    I really liked this vet clinic. They’re very attentive and kind to my pets, helpful when I need them, and easy to work with. We are moving out of Richmond and I’m really bummed to have to find a new vet. 🙁

  45. Suzette Lefebvre 2023/02

    My dog was there for a surgery yesterday. All staff was very cordial as I arrived. I completed some informational forms and a technician described exactly what would be occurring during surgery and what medications she would be receiving. I was called when she was alert enough to travel. She did great. I cannot say enough nice things.

  46. Suzanne Peterson 2023/02

    Took my little dog in for treatment of long term allergic skin. Dr. took time and care to tackle from all angles, looked at cells under microscope, explained conclusions and treatment thoroughly and is treating on many different levels. I couldn’t have asked for more. 24 hours later my little buddy is finally able to relax without itching.


  47. gwen Sperling 2023/02

    Excellent caring docs and animal ppl definite going back!

  48. ANDY 2023/02

    I took our newly adopted stray cat in for neutering. The entire staff and Doctor were very informative, friendly and a pleasure to be with. Benny was in good hands, and I highly recommend Countryside Veterinary Clinic.

  49. Tricia Bardon 2023/02

    Received excellent care for my dog

  50. Charles Aaron 2023/01


  51. Anthony McCormick 2023/01

    Friendly staff and great timely service.

  52. george beans 2023/01

    Outstanding service and care for our dogs.

  53. Greg Rogowski 2023/01

    Great people and facilities for boarding our two yellow labs. Also a vet for any issues that arise.

  54. Alexis Shockley 2022/11

    Countryside took fantastic care of my pup Kimber and the vet Dr. Alyssa Fenton was wonderful with communication of care. She showed true compassion for me and my pup when I was so worried about worst case scenario, never rushing me or making my questions seem silly. Dr. Fenton is my go-to for vet care and I trust her advice and recommendations above all other vets I have ever trusted my pets care with. I have even followed her from one practice to another!

  55. Arlene Goldberg 2022/11

    We first took our new dog to see Dr Dyer and Loren and are now happy clients. I highly recommend CVC.

  56. Theresa House 2022/11

    Dr. Fenton is a kind, thorough and amazing veterinarian. She has treated various pets of mine through the years and when I followed her advice, always had a positive experience.

  57. Jason Kerrick 2022/10

    The staff was very nice and too great care of our two cats while we where on vacation.

  58. Kharon Spada 2022/10

    Very nice . No issues with getting my cat scheduled.

  59. Cay Ireland 2022/10

    Dr Fenton has always shown nothing but compassion to my dogs over the several years (a decade now?) that I’ve known her. Since the world changing Covid event, it is more and more difficult for vets and technicians – hopefully we humans will show you all the same compassion.

  60. James George 2022/10

    I’ve had one dog spayed here and two other dogs seen for lameness with several chiropractic sessions with Dr. Fenton. I have found the clinic to be straightforward with their processes and charges and felt confident in the skills of both the staff and Alyssa.
    I would not hesitate to come back and have referred students to Alyssa. Follow up calls were timely.

  61. Katie Johnson 2022/10

    Countryside Vet Clinic has always come through for me and my dogs. I appreciate their care and compassion (and affordable prices). I travel with my dogs overseas frequently which requires a specialized health certificate from a USDA certified veterinarian and I’m grateful that Dr Dyer can do this for us. Dr Fenton is licensed to do chiropractic work on animals which is important in keeping my performance dogs in shape to do their best. There are a lot of options for vet care in Richmond but I’m so glad that we’ve found this place.


  62. Sarah Schaaf 2022/10

    Great clinic and Dr Alyssa Fenton is fantastic!

  63. Joe Crook 2022/10

    A great vet clinic that obviously cares and is extremely knowledgeable about dog care. My dog is 13 years old and this clinic quickly identifed many health ailments that my dog was dealing with that I was unaware of and they knew how to recommend a multitude of remedies that I had no idea were available. Definitely will be back.

  64. Beth Goodbody 2022/10

    I have been nothing but impressed with Countryside. Everyone truly cares about the animals they see. The veterinarians explain treatment plans and go over the options.
    I highly recommend this practice.

  65. sheryle handsome 2022/09

    The best staff ever! I love this place! Great communication. I can’t say enough good things!

  66. Crystal Nolen 2022/09

    Dr. Alyssa Fenton is always helpful and knowledgeable. They allow me to pay in the room which is very helpful so I don’t have to go back out through the lobby.

    Dr. Fenton has also done a wonderful job on OFA hip X-rays if anyone is in need of that service. She clearly cares about her patients and it shows.

  67. A Gee 2022/09

    I am and have been pleased with this place since I’ve started taking my dogs there. So professional and understanding. I really appreciate the staff entirely

  68. Rachel Edwards 2022/08

    We put you at the top of the lists of bests vets in Virginia. Alyssa Fenton ,thank you for the care you give to our family pets. We have used your veterinary expertise for 11 plus years. First vet to engage us in preventive care for our dogs: annual visits, appropriate vaccinations ,best choice of food, proper weight, plan for daily good life -exercise and games and lots of love. We actually have conversations with you about our dogs antics. Aside from preventive health you have treated our dogs for illnesses that could have caused death had they not been given appropriate care! A fifteen week old pup who ate a stink bug and became violently ill. Another ate too much chocolate and had to have stomach pumped. I could share many stories. Mostly though you are always there to bring our pups from brink of disaster with expert diagnosis, treatment and follow up .Kind to our dogs and us when we are in most need. We travel a lot and have had to use many vets and clinics. We ALWAYS call you to verify that the treatment from other vets is correct for our dogs. We trust you.


  69. Roxanna Vasquez 2022/07

    Staff is friendly and genuinely care for all pets, they make a plan for reactive dogs and are transparent about treatment and costs. Dr. Fenton is one of the best vets around for wellness, reproductive, and sick animals. She works tirelessly and her staff are friendly, really listening to what you need and want for your pet. I’m amazed at the personal service I get there. You won’t be disappointed!

  70. Alliyanna Degree 2022/07

    I absolutely love it here, my two kittens have recently become new patients here and our experience was great. I’d never been to a vet before but everyone was so sweet and patient with us. Based on that first appointment, I’m really excited to be working with them to keep my pets happy and healthy!

  71. nancy valvona 2022/07

    Love Dr. Dyer. He is so good with our cats. They got their rabbi shots and didn’t even feel it.

  72. Mary Mesnard 2022/07

    Very caring and knowledgeable in regards to all pets. The staff and vets are very helpful keeping my pet healthy.

  73. Linda DeYoung 2022/07

    My experience has been through Dr. Fenton. She performed the neuter op fir my Sheltie, and cared for him afterwards. She has generously offered helpful tips during our years together. I s her as someone who gives her all; hardworking, caring, and sincere. In the true definition of a physician, she attends.

  74. Ryan Barker 2022/07

    Amidst the snow storm, the delightful team at Countryside were still going above and beyond! Dr. Dyre was amazing! The entire staff were super attentive, friendly, and cheerful! My dog Chewy and I are very satisfied with the awesome and quick service and I highly recommend for any and all pet/animal medical needs!

  75. Paige Port 2022/06

    An outstanding Veterinary practice. All of the staff are compassionate and caring. We drive more that 40 minutes to see Dr. Fenton, and have always been able to get an appointment when needed.

  76. Terry Jennings 2022/06

    Alyssa Fenton DVM has treated my dogs for many years. She has always gone above and beyond with my dogs. I never hesitate to take my dogs to her because I know she loves them like they are hers.

  77. Betsy Thompson 2022/06

    I use Countryside Veterinary Clinic for my dog and couldn’t be happier. Dr. Fenton is always thorough in her exams and helped me get excellent care through a referral when he needed a specialist. Their office staff and techs are super friendly and extremely helpful. I highly recommend them!!

  78. Rob Powlen 2022/06

    I live in Philadelphia, PA and brought my 2 Shelties down to Virginia to have a checkup with Dr. Alyssa Fenton at Countryside Veterinary Hospital. The hospital was clean, neat, and organized and the receptionist was welcoming, professional, and caring. When we met with Dr. Fenton, she was absolutely wonderful! She took her time to thoroughly check both of my dogs, offered expert advice, and clearly showed how important her profession and her patients are to her. After our visit, I felt very comfortable knowing we received the best possible care. For pet owners who live anywhere close to Richmond, VA, you should feel very fortunate to have such a great, knowledgeable, and caring veterinarian in Dr. Alyssa Fenton to provide the absolute best possible services for you and your loving pets! I highly recommend Countryside and Dr. Fenton!

  79. Brandy Bishop 2022/05

    The staff at Countryside Vet is always very helpful and show they care about my dog. Dr. Fenton listens to your concerns and makes you feel heard and understood. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a compassionate and knowledgeable vet!

  80. Christina Lee 2022/05

    Absolutely friendly and welcoming environment! My pup was really comfortable and I fully understood everything that was being given and needed to be done for my dog. Great place!

  81. Stephanie Garton 2022/05

    I have been in the business quite a bit, and I recommend so many of my clients to this business simply for Dr. Fenton! She really goes the extra mile and is as empathetic as she is honest about care. I treat all pets as if they are my own and I trust that she does the same. She and her assistant are the dream team.

  82. Laurence Wilson 2022/04

    Dr. Alyssa Fenton and the staff at Countryside Veterinary Clinic are very professional and caring for our pets. I recommend everyone to go see Dr. Alyssa Fenton as you won’t be disappointed. She even offers Chiropractic care for our pets.

  83. Melissa Thurston 2022/04

    This is a place that sincerely thinks of the animals and their families. They make everything so simple. We’ve also saved SO much using their paw plans. With having 3 dogs, it can get expensive quickly. Cannot recommend them enough.

  84. Marie Robinson 2022/04

    Everyone one was great. They worked with my doggy who has separation anxiety and my daughter’s feisty little cat. Kept us updated on how the pets were doing. Definitely would use them again.

  85. Kathryn Ivy Photography 2022/04

    Our old chihuahua is always well cared for at countryside. The staff is happy to see her and seem to really enjoy her when she boards with them. The doctors have taken great care of her through falls and illnesses. Glad we found a great vet for our pup!

  86. Holly Hatcher 2022/04

    Dr. Fenton is the best vet. She always takes excellent care of my pets and has been treating them for several years. The staff there is always helpful.

  87. alicia moore 2022/04

    I was there several years back for a teeth cleaning and exam. Could not have been a better experience. Dr Fenton is easy to talk to, listens to your concerns, and does great work. I don’t live there right now, but I will certainly go to her if I am in the area and need help!

  88. Natalie Wells 2022/04

    Countryside Veterinary Clinic has been an amazing extended family for us and our animal family members. They do everything they can to provide optimum care, with compassion, patience, and time. God bless them all, the doctors and the staff. We think very highly of each person there. From the time we walk in, or call, to the time we say a temporary goodbye, we, and most importantly, the animals, are treated with high regard, and with respect.

  89. Fuwa 2022/04

    Told me my new puppy had cancer and needed immediate expensive and invasive surgery. Took my puppy to a different vet for a second opinion. There was no cancer. It’s been over a year. Still a super healthy dog. Horrid vet office.

  90. Molly Alexander 2022/04

    Caring providers! I trust them with my boys.

  91. Candace Sasser 2022/04

    Absolutely love the staff at Countryside Veterinary Clinic, especially the vet, Dr Alyssa Fenton. She is extremely compassionate and polite. I never hesitate to trust the care and advice given by Dr Fenton.

  92. Bellamy Lyon 2022/03

    Since I am very new to the area, I just took a chance that Countryside would be a good fit for us. From the moment I walked through the door everyone was pleasant, helpful, and listened to my concerns. They gave treatment options, with explanations of pros and cons for each and allowed me to ask questions prior to settling on best treatment. I’m so thankful that we found Countryside.

  93. Jacqui Carrington 2022/03

    My friend and I were on our way to Doberman nationals when her dog came up lame. Dr Fenton was so amazing and got this dog in and worked with her so that we could still go to nationals and run Agility. Her dog was fine and we believe we have Dr Fenton to thank for that she was amazing! Highly highly recommend her for her awesome Chiropractic work

  94. Kenzie Murdo 2022/03

    First time dog owner and first vet appointment was amazing! Staff was so kind and made us feel welcomed. Truly great 🙂

  95. Bob Thomas 2022/03

    Took my dog there during the pandemic for check up and they didn’t let him acclimate so he got all scared and bit the vet, Alyssa Fenton. Made a huge deal of it and reported it to animal control.

  96. Hillary N 2022/03

    I’ve brought my German Shepherd mix, Trigger, to Countryside twice since we moved to the area during the pandemic. The first time was for an emergency issue, when he had an aural hematoma and most recently, we brought him in to get his vaccines up to date. I’ve seen both Dr. Dyer and Dr. Duval here and both are amazingly friendly, courteous, and respectful vets. I have never had a service pressured on me, plenty of literature was printed out and provided for all the services I have gotten, and everyone here treats my dog like their own.

    For as long as I have pets, I’ll happily bring them to Countryside!

  97. Stephen Glick 2022/03

    The office was clean and neat and they ran on time. Everyone was very nice and helpful especially since it was our first visit.

  98. A B 2022/03

    I took my sick puppy to Dr. Dyer after my previous vet (will not name) kept claiming that my puppy (12 years old) had a tumor and that was the cause of his seizure over two years go but he had only 2 total seizures. We had to take him off the seizure medication because he kept losing weight and he was depressed. The last straw for switching to Dr. Dyer was when my puppy rolled down about 11 stairs and they didn’t X-ray him or do anything just kept shoving medication on him again. We went to them again and they still claimed its a tumor and that they would not see my puppy again until we took him to a Neurologist. We made the decision to get a second opinion and my other puppy had seen Dr. Dyer before he left the practice and came to Countryside. My dogs loved him prior and when I brought him in to an appointment (they got my puppy in within a day) due to him not eating, lethargy and issues when he was walking. Dr. Dyer didn’t dismiss the idea that it could potentially be a tumor but he preformed more diagnostic tests (X-ray and more lab work and sending lab work out). He told us that my puppy was in critical condition because he had a liver shunt and he was in liver failure. If it wasn’t for him and getting him taken care of and not denying care or our concerns our puppy would not of made it to the new year. He was that bad. Logan is now eating on his own and up and about more, drinking water (not guzzling or getting too much) after only 4 days of proper medication. I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND this practice!!! They saved my dogs life. We want to say Thank YOU DR. Dyer – LOGAN thanks you!!!

  99. Rick McClure 2022/02

    These folks were fantastic. They were able to see my dog with same day service. Professional service. Priced reasonably. Will definitely be returning.

  100. Elizabeth Dozier 2022/02

    Everyone there is so wonderful ! They treat our pets fantastic, the best care!

  101. Katherine whitaker 2022/02

    This vet was so awesome with my puppy!!!! He was sick when he went in and now I have my playful pup back. They have made a faithful customer for life

  102. Sarah Osborne 2022/01

    Dr Fenton has always been quick to offer help and advice when needed and takes excellent care of every animal she sees. Vets are spread extremely thin right now, but she always does her best for each patient.

  103. Kacie Holland 2022/01

    Dr. Fenton is an amazing vet. She is so good with clients and pets. Makes you feel welcome, comfortable and really cared for. The whole staff at countryside is great!

  104. Shannon Schellenberg 2022/01

    Kind caring staff – awesome vet!!!

  105. Elizabeth Bratton 2022/01

    Oscar and I love our new veterinarian team. Oscar seemed a little off so I called the veterinarian clinic to voice my concerns. They were so sympathetic and got him in as quickly as possible.
    The team was gentle and attentive to his needs. Thank you 💟💟 🐶🐕

  106. Ashley Castro 2022/01

    The team at Countryside has come through for me and my dogs many times. From emergencies to routine care, Dr. Alyssa has always provided help whenever we’ve needed it. My agility dogs are also very glad she’s learned canine chiropractic as she helps keep them moving their best.

  107. Shannon Jones 2022/01

    Countryside Vet was warm, friendly and extremely patient. I highly recommend them!

  108. Elizabeth Henley 2022/01

    Very poor service.

  109. Mike P 2021/11

    I can’t say enough positive things about the care my dog Jax has received at Countryside since he was a puppy. Countryside goes above and beyond to make sure my little guy is able to live a healthy and active life in his old age. They truly care for my dog and I feel like they always have his best interest at heart.

  110. Ashley Wilson 2021/11

    My dog Dixie needed to be seen right away for an emergency type of surgery. This vet is very professional and absolutely wonderful. They kept us informed step by step of the process and really took care of my baby like she was their own. I would recommend this place to anyone with a pet. They are wonderful!!!

  111. Lisa Hammersley 2021/11

    These folks are amazing ! So helpful and caring,,easy to schedule and give excellent care and recommendations. The doctors and staff are the best I have ever experienced! 😍 …

  112. Steve Sica 2021/11

    Countryside gave the best possible care to my dog Mara for over 15 years. The multiple veterinarians she saw over the course of her life all went above and beyond to make sure that she received the proper treatments for her health conditions. Dr. Fenton was especially helpful as she handled Mara’s care during her senior years. Dr. Fenton was thorough and informative whenever I brought Mara in for medical treatment. She made sure that Mara lived a healthy and comfortable life during her senior years and I’m deeply appreciative of that.

    I also can’t say enough about the vet techs and support staff. They were incredible at facilitating Mara’s care. Everyone there treated Mara like she was family. They helped calm her anxiety during office visits and adapted their care to meet with her unique personality. They’d always follow up with calls to make sure things were going smoothly after Mara had started any new treatments. There was no way I could’ve managed Mara’s care without them.

    I highly recommend Countryside if you’re looking for a veterinarian to care for your animal. They will treat your pet with the highest level of professional care while also providing the best service to you as well.

  113. Les Harris 2021/10

    My dog is not a patient here but I called to see if they performed a surgery my dog needs and unfortunately they don’t. But the lady I spoke to went out of her way to find a few places I could call that offered the surgery. I was blown away by this act – what a pleasant place with pleasant people!

  114. Jahlil Joubert 2021/10

    They always treat my cats well and make them feel safe and comfortable. They are responsive and they give good advice

  115. weezie beckley 2021/09

    Countryside is a wonderful vet … the vets, the vet techs, the staff.
    I have a senior dog with heart problems and they have been so patient in answering my numerous questions. And referred me to a cardio vet. Cardio and primary vet are good at working together.
    Also Dr. Fenton is a chiropractic vet . Yes – it does make a difference in my little guy to have regular adjustments.
    I chose Countryside as my vet cause the rescue my pup came from uses them. Have had no regrets.

  116. Benito Milano 2021/09

    Rude, unprofessional and incompetent. Don’t take your pet here!

  117. Alicia Young 2021/09

    Please beware. This used to be a good practice. We had an appointment for our sick cat and they were almost 30 minutes late to come get him. When we asked them to process payment over the phone, one of the techs told us we were making them run behind.
    There is also no record of his exam or his visit- we don’t know if the vet saw him at all. They will not return calls.
    We used to take all our cats there. Now we are finding a new vet.

  118. Brian Failon 2021/08

    Tiffany is awesome!

  119. Dara Riley 2021/08

    Great vet and staff

  120. Dave LaBrie 2021/08

    Extremely accommodating, friendly, and knowledgeable veterinarians. Slotted us in on short notice when our pup broke out in hives. Definitely recommend the crew at Countryside if you need reliable, attentive, and caring vets in the West End!

  121. lisa brunetti 2021/08

    Excellent experience!

  122. Amanda Wax 2021/08

    Used them for boarding 3 dogs for a week. They took great care of them!

  123. Marjorie Beaudry 2021/07

    As new adoptive parents to Cooper and being seniors, both my husband and I were traumatized when we came in for a visit with our cat. The anxiety quickly lessened on talking to your great professionals and we felt in control when we left. Cooper said you were great also!!

  124. Peter Goldman 2021/07

    Our dog Allie is always well taken care of and the people there make it easy on my wife and I.

  125. Matthew Thornton 2021/07

    Very friendly and knowledge team!

  126. Jeremy B. 2021/07

    Due to covid restrictions I had to wait in my car but the staff was extremely polite and courteous. The doctor even came outside to make sure I knew what was going on. I would of given it a 5 if I had an idea what the inside of the establishment was like. After covid I’ll update my review.

  127. Tom Lucente 2021/06

    Friendly, caring and competent staff and Doctors.

  128. Alyssa S 2021/06

    Excellent vet office. Everyone I’ve interacted with clearly loves and cares about animals. Easy to make appointments online or over the phone and they’ve fit me in last minute when needed. Dr. Fenton & the team are wonderful and address all my questions/concerns about my dog.

  129. Red Gable 2021/06

    Thanks for everything … RIP Sue pi . GOOD GIRL…

  130. Heather Marvin 2021/05

    We found Dr. Dyer in an emergency when my cat had accidentally eaten a lily and I was so impressed with the experience that they became our regular vet for all 3 of our babies. Since then we have also seen Dr. Duvall a few times and we absolutely adore her, she is so thorough and patient, and takes the time to explain things and I am always pleasantly surprised by their prices. We’ve always had great experiences with both vets and even though we’ve moved further away, we still make the drive to take our pets to see them! Everyone from the person answering the phone, to the vet techs, to the doctors, are incredibly caring and you can tell they just love helping animals. I highly recommend Countryside.

  131. Leah McCormick 2021/05

    Countryside wasn’t our regular clinic for our dogs, but when we had a puppy dislocate his elbow, I called 15-20 different vets offices and not one would fit us in. I finally called Countryside and they had us in office an hour later. They printed out an estimate of cost up front and gave us options, so we knew how much we would pay and there was no guessing.
    We will be switching our pets over after such an awesome experience!

  132. Don Weigel 2021/04

    Wonderful vet, great staff, affordable care. All around positive experience.

  133. monica del castillo 2021/04

    Was great

  134. ReyBen Soulmates 2021/03

    Very accommodating, pleasant, and fully informed me of everything that was to be done with my feline son, including costs. Very sweet with my boy.

  135. Kati Hattwick 2021/03

    We so appreciate our vets and their amazing staff. Drs. Dyer, Fenton and Duval are always there when we need them. They are attentive and loving to our feline family members. They were incredibly kind and compassionate when we had to euthanize a long term family member last fall in the midst of COVID. Dr. Fenton went above and beyond during this difficult time for us, allowing our family of 3 to hold our boy while he passed peacefully. They treat our animals and us with care and dignity. The staff is always responsive to our needs, following up to be sure the cats have recovered from their shots or illness. In spite of COVID practices changing everything, they have done all they could to minimize the impact on the care they provided. Jessica, Alyssa, Brian, Sarah, Staci, Brittany, Ashlee have all worked with us at one time or another … all of them are there when we need them. They truly care about what they do. We are happy to have them as our veterinary team!!

  136. Bentley Heese 2021/02

    We have had 4 legged patients with Countryside for close to 20 years. First with our cat Hazel, who has been gone for a long time. When we had her put to sleep they were very gracious, I just left and was not pressured to come by and pay the bill. They were privately owned at the time.
    Fast forward, they are pet of a big corporate conglomerate that buys vet practices. They still have a private owner feel.
    Tiffany has been there for years and knows most folks by name, at least frequent fliers like me and our old Bichon Jack. Very personable and she cares. Also we really like Dr. Dyer who has been there for about 4 years I believe. The whole staff is great and has adapted well to running a medical practice for pets during a pandemic.

  137. Sara de Wet 2021/02

    I have taken my dog and cat there for sick visits. Both times the staff was very accommodating, friendly, and professional. Great medicine, very clear explanations for all procedures, and very reasonable in price. If I lived closer this would be my primary vet for all my animals. They are my go-to for when I travel in town with the pets.

  138. nancy acree 2021/01

    We have been taking our dog Lily to Countryside Veterinary Clinic for years. We have always felt that they care about Lily. We especially like Brian who assists the vets. He was so nice and caring!!

  139. Mary Hardwich 2021/01

    Took our cat for his first annual checkup. I could tell he was very anxious, but both the tech and Vet were great with him. I had read thru many reviews of many Vet offices and decided to go with Countryside because it is nearby. I’m very happy I did.

  140. Jackie Morgan 2020/12

    Love Dr. Fenton! And the staff we’ve encountered has all be great!

  141. Ernest Lee Graham Jr. 2020/12

    I take my old cat for his checkups and grooming. He is a healthy 20 in human years. He looks great. He is spry and happy. What more could I ask? The crew is kind to the pets and to the ppl who bring them.

  142. Brooke Gordon 2020/11

    Dr. Fenton is amazing. She is so compassionate and caring. No other vet can compare!!

  143. Karen McGovern 2020/11

    Good quality vet care but wish they would allow “parents” to come in with pets. Don’t like dropping them and not being able to come in with them.

  144. Richard Watson 2020/11

    The staff as a whole was absolutely amazing. I will recommend you all to anyone who ask. Thank you all for everything again

  145. Jennifer Krug 2020/10

    Great service. Friendly staff. They fit us in when our doggie wasn’t feeling so well. Took care of his needs quickly and called to check up later to see if he was feeling better.

  146. S Walter 2020/10

    I have taken cats to two different doctors at this practice. Both seemed concerned about my pet and offered solutions to improve their wellbeing. They are knowledgeable and professional. I trust my pet with them.

  147. Nancy Schreiner 2020/09

    Looking for a vet look no further. Staff, especially Ashlee and Dr. Fenton very compassionate.

  148. Heather Esposito 2020/09

    My cat has a chronic condition and everyone there is patient and kind to him and me!

  149. Meg “Bert” Bert 2020/08

    Doctor Dyre is amazing. Cheese burger approves

  150. Jennifer Joss 2020/07

    The staff is always prompt and professional. I have always felt like they are providing compassionate and appropriate care for my dog and giving me a good explanation of what’s going on and what to expect!

  151. Myia Wagner 2020/07

    The office was able to get us in as a new patient the same day I called. They met us in the parking lot with paperwork and took my dog in the office. I spoke with the vet over the phone durning her exam and she was very helpful and gave me a lot or resources and information. We left with a good game plan and the medication and allergy treatment we needed.

  152. Tina Garrison 2020/07

    Staff is very punctual. Always available for questions. Offices are clean. Vets do not push unnecessary and expensive tests on fur parents

  153. Joel Nowak 2020/06

    This was our first visit to the clinic and I couldn’t have been more impressed! The entire staff was wonderful. They were patient, kind, and took the time to explain my pet’s situation. It was special that they were so kind to my timid dog, Walter Waffles. I Would recommend their business to my friends and family 👍 …

  154. irene t 2020/06

    Always a very professional and caring vet clinic. Absolutely love Dr. Fenton, she addresses all questions without feeling rushed and is very thorough in explaining conditions.

  155. Mari Rutherford 2020/05

    Brought my cat here cause he got an URI and I was moving half way across the country in less than 3 days and they were absolutely amazing! I saw Dr. Fenton and her and the rest of the staff were all very understanding of my situation and helped me help make my cat get better.

  156. Eric Etka 2020/04

    We have been bringing our Vizsla, “Dixie” here for many years based on a recommendation from a family friend. Excellent wellness plans, clear explanations and also Chiropractic for pets.

  157. Geoff Whitten 2020/04

    Amazing best vet ever

  158. Kelly Clanton 2020/03

    I just moved to Henrico and I knew I needed to find a new Veterinarian for my girl Roxxi. Countryside was highly recommended to me by my neighbor. It’s the best decision I’ve ever made! Dr. Fenton came outside and introduced herself and I felt so comfortable talking with her. Very positive and professional and very friendly, as well as Calli! I feel great knowing my Roxxi has an awesome place to go for her exams as well as her boarding! Good vibes!

  159. Mark Gulling 2020/03

    Dr. Duval was great as usual and the staff was very nice.

  160. Lin Brann 2020/02

    So happy there is such friendly and professional veterinary clinic near us! We are highly recommend them. After our poppy each scheduled shots, someone from the clinic would call and follow up. The Saturday morning hours are very convenient for people work during the week. Both dr. Dyer and dr. Fenton are very experienced and attentive.

  161. Lisa Dyer 2020/02

    Great care for my pets. Dr. Dyer is great!

  162. Dan Vunck 2020/01

    Dr Dyer and the whole staff at Countryside Veterinary are great. Dr Dyer, is super caring and attentive

  163. Jim Riendeau 2020/01

    My Dog developed a very blood shot eye. Called Vet and was able to get in that day.

  164. Daphne Griffin 2020/01

    I had chosen Countryside Veterinary Clinic for my cat Maestro, after I had such a bad experience with his previous vet he was at. Here at Countryside the front desk greet you and your pet by name. The staff and Doctors that assist us at the time of visit are awesome and I can tell they are very caring and concern about your pet.. They answer all of my question and they don’t make me feel stupid if i tell them i don’t understand, they will take the time to explain it to me at a level that i am comfortable with. My cat had a urinary blockage and they were able to get him back to good health.. That was about 6 months ago and still to this day when i bring him in for his nails to be trimmed the staff always ask how has he been doing.. I don’t know about you, but that means the world to me.. So to conclude this testimony i will give them 5⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


  165. Rich Johnson 2020/01

    Curbside… I was curious, if not concerned- but it went very smooth. Dr. Dyer- great information, always kind and thoughtful regarding our dog who is clearly getting on in years, and set up a good plan for our new kitten, a handful for sure. The assistant was new, but great, answered any questions she could right away and was also helpful and informative. Great place, we trust- which is why we drove a half hour to get there.

  166. Donna Gaitanis 2020/01

    We were so very thankful for everyone at Countryside Vet yesterday when our cat had to undergo anesthesia to get his teeth cleaned. Everyone was so very, very kind and helpful and positive. It is such a great blessing when that is the case and we will most certainly pass your name on to anyone who needs vet service. Thank you again for all your help and responses and answered questions to us all through the day when Sneakers was in your office for the procedure. May God bless you all.

  167. Joyce Koontz 2019/11

    The Countryside Vet Clinic personnel has been so caring and helpful as we’ve gone through our ~17 year old dog’s slowly declining health and then death at home this week. Dusty had been a Countryside “patient” since we adopted her in 2004. We have always been happy with the healthcare and boarding services we have received at Countryside. I appreciate that they will be donating her doggy items to a rescue facility for another deserving animal.

  168. Kevin Chaplin 2019/10

    Excellent care and reasonable fees

  169. Kevin Grisez 2019/10

    Very quickly brought back to an exam room. Easy online appt scheduling. Dr. Dyer went above and beyond discussing preventative care

  170. Nicolas Bergman 2019/10

    Good service and nice veterinarians.

  171. Sherri A. Thaxton, P.C. 2019/10

    What a great veterinarian! The PAW Plan is the greatest! I love my vet!

  172. Gwen Pearson 2019/09

    The doctor and staff are very nice, the office is clean and convenient.

  173. Kristin Payne 2019/08

    Kind, caring staff.

  174. Keith Chambliss 2019/04

    They took great care of my baby while she was still alive

  175. Kristi Martin 2019/04

    We love Countryside Veterinary Clinic. They always take great care of our dogs, Sandy and Chloe. They have good follow up and everyone is friendly, seeming to have a true love for animals. They also have flexible schedules and lots of options for appointment days and times.

  176. H William Park 2019/04

    Countryside has been taking care of our animals for about 8 years now. I’m completely satisfied.

  177. Jackie Walker 2019/04


  178. Kyle Bollmeier 2019/03

    We presently do not have animals that are patients here, having just moved from Charlottesville, but this office and clinic were very helpful in getting us what we needed to treat one of our Australian Shepherds in a minor emergency. Very kind and thoughtful people.

  179. William Bischoff 2019/03

    Everyone, and I mean everyone, at Countryside is extremely courteous, caring, and responsive. An excellent clinic that goes above and beyond for their patients! They saved my dog’s life- we are so appreciative of the time and care they gave/give our dog!

  180. Holly LeBerth 2019/02

    Great place to board your dogs!! Safe, friendly, best experience the pups have had!! Couldn’t be happier!!

  181. Thomas E. Grant Jr 2019/02

    Expensive must charge by pounds

  182. Floyd Gåo 2019/01

    So far so good. My first visit to this establishment. Dr. Fenton appears to know exactly what she is doing

  183. Hollis Stewart 2019/01

    I have tried numerous vets in the area. Some were less concerned than me while others made me feel as though my cat or dog was about to die if I did not get a million dollar exam. Countryside vet clinic is the perfect balance of compassionate care for animals and humans. They are honest about cost/benefit. I will never go anywhere else.

  184. pat Merkel 2018/11

    Great individual attention, pet care and help.

  185. Shannon Downes 2018/10

    Called very last minute on a Saturday for a minor emergency – the lady on the phone was very sweet and understanding, and I was able to be seen same day! I was in and out in probably under 10 minutes, pricing was more than fair… first time here, but very impressed with the customer service and overall experience.

  186. Jonas Katz 2018/08

    Good service, okay food.

  187. Hatch Reppard 2018/06

    We have been taking our yellow lab to Countryside for over 10 years and have always had excellent service, thoughtful consultation by the Vets, and they have always spent plenty of time explaining our options. I would highly recommend taking your pet here.

  188. Hannah R. Turner 2018/01

    Everyone very nice, lovely vet. Like that they keep some appointments open for sick animals daily. Good follow up calls to check on animals.

  189. Adam Krause (SysTech Computers) 2017/10

    Very professional. Highly recommended. Outstanding value. Wonderful atmosphere.

  190. Martha Clark 2017/04

    Thank you all of you all are so good with my roddy

  191. Aaryn Comer 2016/07

    Absolute best vets there are!!!!

  192. Cara Matherly 2016/04

    I would like to thank Dr. Lenher and her staff for helping me with my 100% uncooperative Husky. I had an end of the day appointment and ended up asking for more work on him than originally intended. Everyone worked late to get the job done and didn’t mind doing so. The entire staff was patient and kind and couldn’t have been more professional. Thanks for a job well done! Nanook and I appreciate it and he has healed perfectly!!!

  193. Dave & Kathy Hayes 2015/08

    My 2 year old Boxer named Buddy, has received great care at Countryside Vet Clinic. Last week Buddy was deathly ill and as I prepared myself to mercifully put him down, Dr. Johnson examined Buddy and said it wasn’t Buddy’s time to go. Her surgical skills and comforting and encouraging bedside manner (to me!) went above and beyond what I had experienced before at other Vet Clinics close by in this community. I’ve had 6 dogs of my own and 2 fosters since 1994, so I’ve had plenty of experience with other vets. Countryside gets 5 stars in my book.

  194. Lynne Kendal-Wilson 2015/05

    Dr. Hunter and his staff are caring, friendly, and always helpful. Dr. Hunter has been my Vet for well over 10 years and I would not go to any other practice. He has been with me through happy times and sad times with my dogs and has always shown respect and consideration for me and my dogs. Dr. Hunter is always available to answer questions and discuss the best and most appropriate treatment. Jane and the rest of the staff are incredible and I look upon them as my friends.

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