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COTA Veterinary
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  1. Liz_Savage 2023/11

    Love the atmosphere here. The exam rooms are super chill and inviting. Not only was my fur baby comfortable, but I was too. It was the best Vet experience my dog Nova has ever had. Dr. Fenton was very gentle and loving, and Nova felt super calm around her. Shani, Sarah, and Laurie made sure nova felt like she was part of the family, and that she was safe while she was getting her shots and other medicine. Would absolutely recommend their services. Prices were very reasonable, and you can’t beat the friendliness we were met with!!

  2. Janie Simmons 2023/11

    Wonderful hospital with caring staff that are friendly and genuinely happy to see their clients. My very nervous dog was calm and excited to be visiting the vet when I took her to COTA for a
    “happy” visit.

  3. Sron Card 2023/11

    Dr. Hester and team members are wonderful. They did great with the procedures my dog was in need of and kept me posted throughout the day.

  4. Merilynn Bergstresser 2023/11

    My 2 agility dogs get their chiropractic adjustments from Dr Fenton. She and her team are wonderful!

  5. Dick Hazel 2023/11

    Very pleasant environment for dog and handler. Deuce seems to have more energy and discomfort after his treatments.

  6. ashlee Pierce 2023/11

    Thank you Dr. Fenton and staff for loving my Peter and taking care of him. He is feeling so much better today. Low stress. Very clean. Helpful. Responsive.


  7. Lorri B 2023/11

    We are so happy we found COTA Veterinary. Dr Fenton and Dr Hester have taken excellent care of our German Shepherd Rescue. They are also great with helping you get same day or next day appointments.
    My poor Bear was scratching day and night, with the help of COTA they realized it’s was more than likey an food allergy and by a long process of elimination it turned out to be chicken. My Bear no longer itches day and night. We are getting ready to adopt another rescue and wouldn’t think about taking her anywhere else.


  8. Laura Kistler 2023/11

    We are big fans of COTA Vet! I am very picky about who handles our dogs, and I have been consistently impressed with the whole team. Dr. Fenton is an excellent vet! She’s up to date on the newest science and is very knowledgeable about the practical parts of treatment. Equally important to us, is that she treats our dog kindly and is always looking out for his welfare. Highly recommended by us!

  9. Valerie Cushman 2023/10

    Our Shih Tzu started showing some pretty scary symptoms on a Friday morning. Our usual vet was out of the office so we called COTA. A half hour later we were in their office for an assessment. They did a thorough exam and gave us a plan for the weekend. We had a virtual chat with their 24/7 vet service on Saturday and on Sunday Dr. Fenton proactively reached out to us to check in. We could not have asked for more focused attention! And, the feel in the treatment rooms was awesome. No metal exam table, just a comfy couch that our pup was encouraged to jump on and get comfy. Which he and I did and he was relaxed the whole time we were there! I highly recommend COTA!


  10. Julie Martin 2023/10

    We have had a wonderful experience at Cota. I brought me sick kitten to see Dr. Hester and Laurie. They got my kitten feeling better and were so kind and helpful. We will be bringing our 3 other cats here soon.

  11. Laurie Shuren 2023/10

    Thank you for taking good care of Mac!

  12. Donna Foy 2023/10

    My 16 month old Newfoundland had her first visit with Dr Fenton for chiropractic adjustments yesterday. It was my first experience with a canine chiropractor. I just cannot sing the praises of Dr Fenton and the entire COTA staff enough!! They were prepared with answers to every question I had and questions I didn’t even think to ask. I was greeted with a smile at the desk and made to feel completely comfortable by everyone there throughout our visit. Dr Fenton is so knowledgeable and so gentle… my girl, Morgan pretty much just melted in her hands. I left feeling in awe of what a good chiropractor who understands showing and competing can do for my dog. And I love their exam rooms! Feels more like being in a living room than at a cold Dr. office. And Morgan certainly appreciated being able to get on the couch. It was a long drive and a long day…. But worth EVERY mile.


  13. The Baldwin Family 2023/10

    We had a wonderful experience last week. Our pup is normally very nervous at a veterinary office but she jumped out of the car and bounded inside for her visit for a hurt toe. Our exam room had a couch and a pretty rug. She was allowed on the couch and was given lots of yummy cheese and treats. She said as relaxed and lounged on the couch and stretched out on the rug, too. It looked like a living room and I think that made her comfortable. The LVT and doctor were gentle and soft spoken and my dog was instant friends with both of them. They took great care of my girl!!

  14. Brit Pocklington 2023/10

    I was looking for a nearby vet to get my baby checked and came across COTA in Short Pump. Made an appointment for the next day.
    Everyone there is extremely friendly, helpful, caring and informative. Thank you all for taking care of my kitty like he was yours!


  15. Daydream Collies 2023/10

    Very friendly and caring staff providing excellent care. Colt came home wagging and happy as if nothing happened.

  16. Debra Winall 2023/10

    My Blue hurt his leg, they got me in quickly, followed up and hopefully he will be up and moving soon! They are so personable and caring!!


  17. L J 2023/09

    Dr. Fenton is has been adjusting my agility dogs for years. Like, people, dogs can also be out of alignment and struggle with performance. I am thrilled to follow her to her new offices at COTA, the clinic is absolutely beautiful and the COTA team is top notch. I love their “not corporate owned” personalized approach to healthcare for my dogs.


  18. Kimberly Failon 2023/09

    Responsive, prompt, caring community of doctors, techs and admin. Highly recommend!

  19. Susan Masek 2023/09

    Cota Veterinary, we are pleased with the Service they offer,
    Dr Chelsea Hester and her assistant were outstanding , they worked faithfully on getting A diagnosis on our Kitty Maize May, they were there when we needed their medical knowledge and they were on top of it on A diagnosis and offered solutions and how to meet her medical needs.


  20. Christine Lemmon 2023/09

    My review is based only on my experience with the vet, Alyssa Fenton. She was distracted and didn’t seem to care when she saw my dogs. She made the heartbreaking experience of losing one of my dogs even harder with her lack of compassion.

  21. Lindsy Doyle 2023/09

    This is the first time I was going to be taking my dog to a vet since making a career change and not being an employee at the office we would be visiting. Although we do know Laurie, the LVT, and she is the main reason we chose to come here. She is the absolute kindest woman and is beyond patient. She made sure not only I felt welcomed and comfortable, but my dog did as well. When he got nervous and barked, she greeted him with cheese as I had indicated he would do well on our pre-appointment questionnaire. The exam room felt more like a small office/den, which immediately brought both my and my dog’s anxiety down. I was in and out within a very reasonable time frame, I felt listened to and my opinions / wants respected, and I was never pressured to do anything I did not want to do. I felt guilty I did not catch on to my dog getting a rash sooner, but they made sure we both left happy. I cannot recommend this practice more, especially with a history of working at different practices. I was beyond impressed and actually excited to go back for our check up!

  22. James Fraser 2023/09

    The staff and vets were great, friendly, professional, and caring!

  23. Summer Hart 2023/09

    I cannot say enough good things about Dr Fenton and the staff at COTA. I appreciate their compassion, professionalism and expert care they gave my dog (and me) and we will be back in a week to try out their chiropractic care. We’re brand new to the area and having had 1 pretty awful experience at another vet office locally we drove 11 hrs to go to our old vet to tide us over until we found another vet we trusted. And that office is COTA and Dr Fenton. Thank you for the wonderful care we received!

  24. T W 2023/09

    Everyone was super nice! Vet and vet tech were both wonderful and very patient with my dog. Highly recommend!

  25. Carrol Bronson 2023/09

    My dog, Yippie, needed to see the vet right aways but it was almost closing time and I could not get him into his regular vet.. The team at CODA said bring him
    now, then gave us all the time we needed to give him a complete check up, diagnosis and treatments. Dr Fenton, whom we love, was our vet at her previous practice but she was off. Dr Hester was there and Shani her assistant. They were so kind, caring and generous by giving us all the time and help we needed. Yippie will see Dr Fenton for a Chiopractic message today. He will be so happy to see her.

  26. Sarah Wenk 2023/08

    Unbelievably kind staff who takes care of your pet just like you would. They truly care, and put the time and energy into going above and beyond for your animal. The vets themselves are very knowledgeable and finance conscious. Couldn’t recommend them more.

  27. Karen Szobota 2023/08

    Prompt appointment, great care in the office for an emergency, and they followed up to be sure my dog was doing well.

  28. Becky Rayfield 2023/08

    The office is pristine. Staff was friendly and professional. Dr. Alyssa Carvalho took excellent care of my German Shepherd, Argus. We will definitely visit again!

  29. Curtis Hunter 2023/08

    Great staff that truly cares for your pets.

  30. Elizabeth Betz 2023/08

    The team at COTA is great. Clean, home-like environment which is less stressful for pets and the veterinarians are so responsive. Dr. Fenton is wonderful and truly takes time with her patients and clients.

  31. Angela Elmore 2023/08

    We have had great experiences with COTA and claim the title of COTA’s first feline. We really appreciate knowing that we have available care for our kitty. The clinic is calming and home- like. And the staff are all about the health and well being of the animals in their clinic. I really appreciate their desire to create an attractive and calming setting.


  32. Ellen Garris 2023/08

    Great service, great staff. My pug got wonderful care in a minor emergency situation . I called the office and they fit me right in. The veterinarian contacted me the next day to check on my fur baby. I could not be happier with the service.

  33. Christy Tankersley 2023/07

    Prayers answered! Just what RVA needs! An animal clinic that is locally owned and operated ❤️ Thank you for coming and caring for our fur babies. Top Notch!


  34. sam Bflexin 2023/07

    I cannot speak highly enough about COTA Veterinary. From the moment we walked through their doors, we knew we had found a special place for our beloved furry friend. The level of care and compassion demonstrated by the entire team was truly outstanding.

    First and foremost, the veterinarians at COTA Veterinary are exceptional. They possess a wealth of knowledge and expertise that instills confidence in their ability to provide the best possible care for our pets. They took the time to thoroughly explain our pet’s condition, the available treatment options, and patiently answered all our questions.

    The entire staff, from the receptionists to the veterinary technicians, is incredibly friendly and attentive. They treated our pet with genuine care, making sure they felt comfortable and at ease during every visit. The facility itself is clean, well-organized, and equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, ensuring that our pet received the highest standard of care.

    What truly sets COTA Veterinary apart is their commitment to personalized care. They took the time to understand our pet’s individual needs and tailormade a treatment plan specifically for them. This level of attention and detail made us feel that our pet was in the best hands possible.

    Furthermore, the communication from the clinic was outstanding. They kept us updated on our pet’s progress, promptly returned phone calls, and were always available to address any concerns we had. We truly felt like a part of their extended family.

    In summary, COTA Veterinary is an exceptional veterinary clinic that goes above and beyond for their patients and their human companions. Their compassionate and knowledgeable team, combined with their commitment to personalized care, creates an environment where pets receive the best possible treatment. We are incredibly grateful for the outstanding care our furry friend received at COTA Veterinary and wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone seeking top-notch veterinary care.

  35. Alexandra Jones 2023/07

    Dr Alyssa Fenton and her team are absolutely amazing! They helped take immediate care of my kitten in an emergency situation last week and went above and beyond in caring for her since then. Dr Alyssa truly cares for animals (and their people too ❤) and is the first vet I’ve known to be completely available to patients – her love is felt, and it healed my kitten back to life. Thank you guys so much!!!!


  36. Alexis Ries 2023/07

    Friendly and helpful staff. Everyone was very knowledgeable!! I loved the membership they offer. It’s very affordable and not something I’ve been offered at other vets. My dogs felt right at home being here!

  37. John Durvin 2023/07

    We brought our senior cat in for a physical and everyone was just the right balance of friendly and professional, so much nicer than those big corporate chain clinics. I definitely felt like I was getting real service and not just checking boxes to get me out the door. During the exam the doctor even pointed out a warm spot on our cat’s back that suggested chronic pain and they did a chiropractic adjustment—I was definitely skeptical about the idea, but ever since he has definitely seemed perkier!

  38. Jason holbrook 2023/07

    Great place, great staff….

  39. Kelly Miles 2023/07

    This is a great concept and the staff are wonderful people, kind and knowledgeable. Highly recommend COTA to anyone with pets!!!

  40. Chrystal taravella-pranke 2023/07

    The office is warm and inviting. They are extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Highly recommend!

  41. Laurence Wilson 2023/07

    Fantastic new clinic! Very friendly and caring staff. Have been going to Dr. Fenton for over 10 years!

  42. Kimberly McCray 2023/07

    I took my two 9 week old kittens in for a visit to this brand new clinic last week. Was impressed with the cleanliness and comfort of the space, and found the staff to be very welcoming and kind. Dr. Hester did a great job checking over the kittens and showing them affection.

  43. Ashley Russell 2023/07

    COTA is simply the best! Great care, great vets, and great location. So happy to have found them. Our beloved pup is in good hands. Thank you!

  44. D Anderson 2023/07

    Dr. Hester and Ashlee are pros at handling fussy feline patients! They’re so responsive and helpful, and their prices are fair! Worth the 20 minute drive for us!

  45. Kimberly Maxey 2023/07

    A beautiful new clinic!!! Everyone was very welcoming and kind. Rudee loved seeing Dr Fenton again as well some other familiar faces.

  46. John Carvalho 2023/07

    Wonderful, caring professional team. Extremely professional. comfortable, welcoming office. A class act!

  47. Melissa Findlay 2023/06

    Really impressed with the relaxed but professional atmosphere. Location is super convenient and the staff have been amazing. So glad I made the decision to go with COTA!

  48. Valerie Weiner 2023/06

    So excited to have COTA in Short Pump. I love the business concept, and I was super surprised that it was so reasonably priced. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


  49. Brooke Castro 2023/06

    I visited COTA Veterinary for the first time a few days ago. The staff is friendly and professional, and the space is clean and comfortable. Dr. Fenton provides regular chiropractic care for my elderly dog Pete, and I would trust them with any and all of my pets’ needs.

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