Cool Canines Pet Care Services

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Cool Canines Pet Care Services
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  1. Meghan Wright 2020/07

    I bought some treats at the farmer’s market stand, and my dog LOVED them! The owner even threw in an extra chicken foot out of generosity!

  2. Alex Glaser 2020/05

    Friendly, affordable, and local! Highly recommend

  3. M McLemore 2018/09

    Great customer service! Got a really quick response when I asked a question, and shipping was fast and free. Ended up buying the peanut butter poppers for my mom’s dog and he goes crazy over them!! I’ll definitely be buying more for him. And my mom loves that they’re all natural treats, not made out stuff she can’t pronounce.

  4. Chris Johnston 2018/07

    Dog treats were a hit, would recommend to anyone looking for an all-natural alternative!

  5. Holly Jefferson 2018/03

    Hallelujah! Finally a snack that agrees with our dogs “finicky” digestion system. Thanks CCPCS for inventing the all natural Peanut Butter Poppers; because CoCo, ChaCha, and Bitty Smalls…the 2 terrier mixes and the Pitbull are in dog heaven when they get their snacks.

    CoCo and Bitty especially, since they both suffer from gastrointestinal flare ups at least 3 times a year..go figure their vet can’t. They haven’t had a problem for the 3 months that they have been enjoying this deliciousness

    I wanted to be honest before reviewing since they do have digestive problems…I can honestly write that they are a great snack for all my dogs. Thanks!

  6. Brooke S 2018/02

    I recommend Cool Canines 100%. I have a challenging, hyper reactive pit mix who most people are terrified of, but Jarrett met Churro and was so great with him. Than Jarrett introduced Vic, Churro’s dog walker, and my life changed! I have so much more freedom and I know I don’t need to be concerned about anything when Vic and Churro are together. Vic is patient, loving, attentive, spirited and has lovely energy and Churro responds wonderfully to her. I don’t know what I would do without Cool Canines now.

  7. Melissa Baker 2017/08

    We used Jarrett (and his team) for 3 years while I was commuting to Charlottesville. I was initially uptight about having a stranger in the house, and we thought our dog would prefer females. After talking with Jarrett, and him coming over to meet us and Cinnamon we gave him a try (he’s super engaging for us and our pup). He was great. Conscientious, responsible, reliable, & kind to our dog. He would text me a picture of him and our pup daily after his visit, which was a relief. We even had Jarrett check on the house and grab our mail when we vacationed. He has my contact info if he ever needs a reference. Wish we had him here!

  8. Iris Bolling 2017/03

    This is my Roxy. When I travel Cool Canines Pet Care Service is the only pet sitter I trust her care too. It doesn’t matter if its, a day or a week long time the owner of Cool Canines handles Roxy with care. I can concentrate on my business and rest easy knowing Roxy is in good, caring hands. I’ve attempted to try other sitters. The peace of mind was not the same. Roxy is a member of our family. When we have to leave her, it is important to know and trust her care provider. Cool Canines has my trust and Roxy loves them.


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