Companion Animal House Calls

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Companion Animal House Calls
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  1. Patrick Andrews 2022/10

    👎❌🚫 I saw zero credibility as everything out of her mouth was negative. The vet was too concerned with saying how old our dog is rather than actually providing any substance in which you would think her title would afford her…but not a mere bit of substance from this overpriced vet. Our dog pulled away when getting her blood drawn, she says “all old dogs do this”…this is how loosely she loves to tell you your dog is old as many times as she can…Upon asking numerous times to stop calling our dog old, she kept doing it and refused to honor our home’s wishes. She was eventually asked to leave before the end of the appointment. Having her in our home was a pretty sickening experience. We appreciate the vet techs care and compassion. The vet though 🤮 Communication could be much better too. We went to an emergency vet, a regular vet and an ophthalmologist and all three combined cost as much as this one time waste of service. Costs aside, because no amount of money can provide the best care, however we paid for the best care but got a discount vet. Didn’t even take the time out to provide feedback on blood work done. Lazy and incompetent. Didn’t even care enough to check how our dog was doing after butchering her nail that left her bleeding significantly well after it was cut. It is normal to cut the skin and bleed when trimming a dog’s nail, this was NOT that. But you know what she blamed it on, “old dogs do that”. If you want the female doctor Kevorkian in your house, she’s your girl. It’s clear, she is not interested in healing.

  2. Leslie Rubio 2022/03

    Dr. Ryder is one of the best! Having a veterinarian come to you makes everything easier…less stress for you and your pet!

  3. Lindsay McIntee 2021/09

    Dr. Ryder and her team have cared for our two dogs for several years, and were there for us when we recently had to put one of our dogs down. They were professional, flexible, and empathetic to our needs and emotions at that challenging time. The provided vet car with a personal touch and made the experience as positive as possible and we are so grateful for that.

    Dr. Ryder provided vet care for our dogs in our home as they aged, so we didn’t have to take them out to a vet office as their mobility declined and their anxiety was high. It has been very pleasant to work with them and we recommend Dr. Ryder and her team highly to anyone.

  4. Celia Cortner 2021/07

    Dr. Linda is so good with animals and their owners. She educates you, patiently answers your questions, and is very gentle with the animals. She is definitely a wonderful choice for a good local vet, especially if your pet is elderly or larger in size. Convenient quality care for an overall great value.

  5. Cynthia Pearce 2021/07

    Just wonderful!

  6. Lisa Frances 2021/07

    Dr. Ryder has been caring for all my fur babies from the early 1990″s and she has taken care of each and every one of them with care and concern. She handles them so well and talks to them and makes them feel secure and safe. She has great compassion for the babies to the seniors and helps you along with their visits and its your own home to make the cats and dogs feel comfortable. One of my girls used to wait by the glass door for her when she saw her car and greeted her as she walked in. That’s how I knew we had a keeper for a vet. Linda and her staff are wonderful and pleasant and professional. I will never use another vet.
    Thank you from Missy, Maggie, Lily, Lucy and newcomers Annie and Emily.

  7. Scott Thompson 2021/05

    I cannot say enough wonderful things about Dr. Ryder. She was on time, professional and compassionate…..She is the most caring vet I have ever met! She also spent her valuable time (especially now when all vets are swamped) with myself and my precious pup, not a quick 15 minutes. She discussed my pup’s condition and options for treating her. She also gave, yes, gave, me a can of special diet food for my pup to try. I will also say that her bill is EXTREMELY reasonable compared to my regular vet’s bill. Saving my pup the stress and trauma of a trip to the office is priceless and her visit was very reasonable. Her office staff is also very helpful, pleasant to speak with, and caring! Love Companion Animal House Calls!!!! Thank you Dr. Ryder, you are truly special!

  8. Jody Taggart 2021/03

    Dr. Ryder and her vet tech Sarah are probably the toughest women I have witnessed. I have had many cats over the years and thought I had seen it all but my cat scared me today. Dr. Ryder and Sarah said no big deal and made me feel better. Their confident handling and tenacious attitude is the only reason this difficult cat gets her once a year rabies shot and an exam. I was ready to give up today and they were able to get the job done. I am so impressed. The only negative is that Dr. R can’t give me a sedative!

  9. judith fleming 2020/06

    Fun, clean. Every gardening need at your fingertips


  10. chris cirino 2020/04

    Great service , Extremely caring and compassionate towards our fur babies

  11. Wendi Schwartz 2020/04

    Excellent experience with my senior cat. My baby hates car rides and even leaving the bedroom of our house. She was provided very gentle care at home in the room in which she is comfortable. Highly recommended. Very thorough and caring

  12. Richard Borean 2020/03

    Most attentive vet we’ve ever used. You really feel like you’re getting the personalized care your pet needs.

  13. Mark Warriner 2020/01

    Dr. Linda Ryder is wonderful. She combines outstanding knowledge with tremendous compassion. She treats your pet like her own and will go the extra mile. Recommended!

  14. Elana Hyner 2019/05

    I only wish we found Dr. Ryder years ago. We were away on vacation when our senior dog’s health was declining. Dr. Ryder’s staff returned my call promptly and set up an appointment the next morning. Dr. Ryder was kind, compassionate, knowledgable and explained every to us, in detail. We love her and highly recommend her for all veterinarian needs.

  15. Ron Mamrick 2018/11

    Dr Ryder and her assistant were fantastic. She took great care of our dog. After we put her down she sent us the most wonderful note and even made a donation in our dog’s name. We loved Dr Ryder and Jessica.

  16. Billy Kinsey 2018/07

    Dr. Ryder and the team at Companion Animal House Calls are awesome! They are very caring and provide first-rate vet services. Dr. Ryder has cared for our pets for over 17 years. Highly recommended.

  17. Suzanne Wieringo 2018/07

    Dr. Ryder has cared for our cats for over 20 years. We first called her when we had a cat who was very nervous around dogs and didn’t want to put him thru the waiting room of free roaming sick dogs. What a blessing she has been. That first cat has since passed- Dr. Rider helped us when he needed to be put to sleep. She came over late and was so caring. She continues to care for our cats and loves each new addition we get. She keeps up on the latest medical research and is always very respectful of our wishes. She loves animals!

  18. Steve Ferretti 2017/10

    Our 22 plus year old cat was failing and needed terminal geriatric care. Dr. Ryder was compassionate and caring to both our cat and to me during her visit. I would highly recommend Companion Animal for your pet’s veterinary services at all stages of your pet’s life.

  19. Katharine Crawford 2017/06

    I can’t recommend Dr. Ryder enough. I called her late one afternoon as my senior cat’s health was rapidly declining. She made time for us that evening and the next day helped with the end of life process. Dr. Ryder was extremely knowledgeable, professional, and kind. Her honesty about what was happening with my cat’s health was exactly what I needed. She took such great care examining Penny and taking in her medical history. Her assistant was also fantastic.

    I regret not using Dr. Ryder earlier in Penny’s life. So much less stress to see a vet at home.

    The price for the visits was very reasonable and comparable to what I would have paid at my usual vet’s office.

  20. Tracy H. Long 2017/03

    Dr. Ryder is AMAZING! It takes so much stress off of our animals to not have to travel to the vet. She and her nurse are wonderful and very thorough. My children love to help out at the visits. I give her my highest recommendation!

  21. Patti Briley 2017/03

    Dr. Ryder, is the best Vet. I have ever had for my fur babies. She is kind gentle, caring, very knowledgeable, and just down right sweet. Linda, has a heart of gold and understands your concerns an answers your questions. When we had to put our little girl down she was so gentle and loving and cried as much as we did. If you want a woman who has such a big heart when it comes to animals and will be there for them Dr. Ryder, is the person your animal needs.

  22. Stacey Kiss 2016/05

    I have an older dog, who has aging hips and legs and is just not as strong as he used to be. It is really difficult to get him into the vets office, especially since on top of weak legs he is about 100 pounds. Not being able to go on our walks anymore, his nails were really getting long and had to be uncomfortable. I contacted mobile groomers but they would not come out for just nails and even if they would they would have to put him up in the groomer truck-again not so easy. Lynda Ryder was recommended, I called and got a call back same day, an appointment within a couple days and I am truly thankful for her & her assistant! They were right on time, early in fact, very kind and gentle with my old boy, he took to them right away-very excited for new friends. They trimmed his nails, all right on the screen porch where he is most comfortable . I can’t stop him from getting older but I am determined to keep him comfortable and happy for as long as I can and this was GREAT! I would recommend them to my friends/family and I WILL use their services again. Thank you so much! Super convenient, worth the price for his comfort and the ‘bedside manner’ was very compassionate and kind.

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