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ClearDefense Pest Control
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  1. Mary Margaret Praught 2023/10

    Joshua came yesterday between services and was very thorough and helpful. Clear Defense Pest Control has great customer service.

  2. Ashlee Lambert 2023/10

    David is a great technician, and we always appreciate him coming out for our quarterly treatments and helping keep our yard and house pest-free! Thank you ClearDefense Pest Control!

  3. Libby Sale 2023/10

    Rylen and Mancelus with Clear Defense did an amazing job figuring out our ant issue. They took the time to not only thoroughly treat the areas but to find the source of the problem as well. They took the time to look under fence caps to see the thousands of ants finding a way to our house, true detective work! The best for pest issues!!

  4. Terry Parsons 2023/10

    After researching 3 pest control companies, we chose Clear Defense Pest Control. Joey & Kevin were our technicians. They were professional, explained everything and did a great job evaluating and applying the necessary products. There was no smell in the house, residue on our hardwood floors and it was environmentally/pet friendly as promised.

  5. Ariana Calvo 2023/10

    Kasey C from ClearDefense Pest Control came out this morning for the monthly spray and to clean out the front porch that was covered in spiders. He was amazing, told me what kind of service I should be expecting and helpful long term tips. Cannot say enough kind words about this company. Highly recommend!

  6. Tony Daniels 2023/10

    Outstanding company and awesome technicians. Seth showed up today to complete my monthly Mosquito Treatment. He was very polite and took care of all of my concerns. Excellent customer service. I couldn’t be happier and would highly recommend Clear Defense Pest control. Thanks Seth!!!

  7. Michael Barnes 2023/10

    Clear Defense Pest Control, and more specifically, Joey V provided phenominal and timely service to my pest control needs. Joey was professional, timely, and responsive to my questions regarding the services he performed. I have no doubt that I made the right decision to join the Clear Defense family. Thank you for your service. Please keep up the good work you do!

  8. Barbara Coward 2023/10

    David called with an ETA this morning for the mosquitoe treatment. Upon arrival we discussed areas of concern for coverage.
    As I observed David apply the treatment, he also spotted spider webs on our deck railings & promptly addressed those.
    David asked if we needed any other services performed that he could address.

    Thank you David & Clear Defense Pest Control for making us satisfied customers.

    Ben Wagner arrived today from Clear Defence to apply a redo for mosquitoe treatment. It rained alot last treatment, thus a redo. Ben was punctual & thorough. Thank you Ben.


    Today Brad, from Clear Defense, arrived to apply the mosquitoe treatment. I( Bill) spoke to Brad prior to his arrival concerning the effect damp weather on the mosquitoe treatment. His responses really put our mind at ease.

    Thank you Brad for your expertise & professionalism.

    Thank you Clear Defense for having our home covered.

    Ben, of Clear Defense Pest Control, continued the tradition of “knocking it out of the park” with mosquito, exterior; and interior treatments. We are more than pleased with Clear Defense.

    Greg & Alec of Clear Defense are nothing less than phenomenal, as always. We recommend thus business for all of your pest control needs????

  9. Michele Taylor 2023/10

    Great service today from Joey and David. Took care of everything and even added some extra spray after I mentioned seeing a few spiders. Very courteous and efficient service, as always.

  10. Kelley B. Morrison 2023/10

    Joey is a wonderful technician. After running into him outside he was super wet from our sprinklers getting him wet while he tried to do his job. He was still super polite and laughed about it and even took the time to explain to me what he wasn’t able to get to (only due to our sprinklers). He told me what to do to ensure they return back for the mosquito treatment and even took time to talk to me about the traps he’s replaced and was very kind. He was super easy to talk to and very respectable and friendly. I highly recommend him!

  11. Marc Ayscue 2023/10

    Very professional from the office to the field. The technicians are always polite, on time and attentive. Today we had quarterly service and the final mosquito control for the year. Rylen was great and very thorough, including spraying some inside areas at request. It is easy to understand why this company consistently receives 5 star reviews.

  12. Jackie Droujinsky 2023/10

    I always look forward to seeing my friends from Clear Defense every quarter. They never fail to do an outstanding job of keeping my house pest free, but this time it was especially necessary. I had an influx of flies for some reason and Jared came today and took care of the matter perfectly. He informed me that flying insects It are difficult to control because there’s no one pesticide for them but whatever he did worked. I have not seen one airborne insect since he left. Jared, I cannot thank you enough – thank you thank you thank you.

  13. Sunny Days 2023/10

    Jared and Kennard with clear defense were awesome! Very professional and respectful. Provided additional tips on ways to protect against unwanted pest in a smell good way by using Rosemary and lavender verses mothballs! It’s great to have a team that is very knowledgeable and knows how to provide service with a smile! Best team ever!!!

  14. Jenn Sions 2023/10

    Tim from Clear Defense pest control did a great job! They offer a much more thorough pest control service than any of the companies I have used in the past and give a guarantee on their services.

  15. Stephen Ross 2023/10

    We have been using clear defense for over 2 years now. Never have any problems with ants , bugs or any type of insects. The employees are always polite and do a thorough job.

  16. Lauren Lipchak 2023/10

    Grayson was an awesome technician! He was super helpful, knowledgeable and thorough – definitely made us glad we chose ClearDefense Pest Control! Especially grateful because they came on really short notice.

  17. AK Davis 2023/10

    Today we had our normal quarterly service by ClearDefense. We have been extremely pleased with the service that they offer but also the manner in which they provide the service. Every person they have ever sent to our home has been respectful, customer focused, and determined to do the best job possible. Today it was Ben, who could not have been anymore helpful and accommodating in spraying inside some areas in the house as well as doing a thorough job of treating the outside and the garage and taking the time to explain the treatments he applied. We have been with them for a few years and plan to stay because of the value add we get from their service but also how easy they are to work with which includes the technicians as well as the office.

  18. DonnaMarie Nelms 2023/10

    I have been using Clear Defense for three months. I will have to tell you I am so impressed with Jordan and his team,
    They are wonderful to work with and very professional. I have had the opportunity to meet Shane, Seth, and Kyle, all who have been extremely professional on time and responsive to our needs. I’m so glad that you are in our area. We’ve been looking for you for a long time. Thank you so much for your professionalism and care!

  19. Allison Monette 2023/10

    Great service provided by Greg and Seth. They checked in before and after they performed the work and explained where they focused extra attention, which will be helpful for me to keep an eye on since I hadn’t noticed the problem.

  20. Jeremy Vreeland 2023/10

    Joey and David from Clear Defense came out and really went the extra mile. After heavy rains we’ve been dealing with an ant problem. These two stopped them in their tracks and sent them to a better place. These guys are professionals!

  21. Becca Wilson 2023/10

    We have been so happy with Clear Defense Pest Control! Todd recently came by, he was so professional and did a check Around the house and sprayed to make ensure the bugs continue to stay away. We definitely recommend their services!

    Even 1 year later we are so please with Clear defense! David came by last week and treated the inside and outside of the house, with the temperatures dropping it’s great to ensure the bugs stay out!

  22. Dan Schultheis Jr 2023/10

    Good morning, Seth did a great job. Thorough and cordial. Very nice young man. Well done.

  23. Tazashia Wilson 2023/10

    Stefan & Kennard were very personable and knowledgeable. They did a great job educating us on the insects we were seeing and also on the treatments they used.

  24. Ginga Thombs 2023/10

    I would recommend Marcellus at Clear Defense Pest Control for any of your pest control needs. He is a master technician that is extremely knowledgeable and thorough. He helped find issues that had been previously overlooked and worked hard to address all my needs.

  25. Pam Doss 2023/10

    Stefan at Clear Defense Pest Control was very professional, yet personable. He inquired about issues we may have and advised me on the safety of my pets. I would be comfortable having him service my home again.

  26. Allen Price 2023/10

    ClearDefense always does a wonderful job. The team (Seth and Jacob this time) were very professional, polite, and did a wonderful job cleaning and spraying.

  27. Joseph Keagy 2023/10

    David from Clear Defense and Jared Klunk for office manager 2024!

    We were very impressed with our latest treatment with David from Clear Defense! He remembered questions from his first visit over 5 months ago and also spent the time to ask and listen about our prior services. He really went the extra mile coming back out to make sure we wouldn’t have a problem with mosquitos!

  28. Justin Waddell 2023/10

    We really appreciate Clear Defenses’ help in getting the bugs (especially ants) under control. They’ve been professional and patient with us. We asked a lot of questions. Thanks Jacob

  29. reesestick86 2023/10

    ClearDefense is a very professional, responsive, and respectful company. As I was getting off of work I met Stefan Dunn at my door. He had already completed the job and went over what he did and what to look for in the upcoming days . Very detailed

  30. Ken H. 2023/10

    Don’t normally leave reviews, but when a customer service experience exceeds my expectations, needs to be noted. Joe was excellent, explaining everything he was doing and making sure we got the problem areas addressed. He spent 2 hours in our initial visit taking down cob webs, spraying and setting up traps to see what issues we have. I recommend ClearDefense Pest Control.

  31. Marwan Rayan 2023/10

    Kyle from clear defense is professional, polite and very knowledgeable.
    Great service!

  32. Lynn Purdum 2023/10

    Jared did an excellent job. He thoroughly treated the house. He texted me in advance and arrived within the window of time which was stated. I highly recommend Clear Defense

  33. sheila parker 2023/10

    Stefan w/Clear Defense serviced my home today. He was prompt, professional and courteous. He thoroughly serviced the exterior and the garage as requested. I always appreciate great service, Stefan and Clear Defense did not disappoint. Thanks.

  34. Dodd Coleman 2023/10

    Just started a contract with CD. I called and spoke with Kyle who got me signed up and scheduled. He was professional and courteous. Signing up was quick and easy. The tech, Breyon, arrived early for the appointment. That was ok with me. He took his time and explained things thoroughly. He was professional and courteous. He did all the things I was expecting. With no complaints, I’ll give 5 stars.

  35. anatoly parchuk 2023/10

    Great professional service from Jared L with ClearDefense. Would recommend the service to anyone who is looking for pest control

  36. Jennifer Anderson 2023/10

    Kyle from Clear Defense was awesome! Really nice and courteous guy. We have been using Clear Defense for a couple years now and they have always been wonderful.

  37. Roland Rivera 2023/10

    Jacob and Kyle from ClearDefensePest were exceptional. Very professional and thorough. We appreciate their customer services. Thanks Jacob and Kyle!

  38. todd gardner 2023/10

    From the sales person Jeff, to the technician Jordan Baker, Clear Defense Pest Control was absolutely top-notch. I am thrilled with their service and 100% recommend them. I had a contract with another national company, but after Clear Defense applied their first treatment, there were dead spiders everywhere! * Just had quarterly service by Kyle from Clear Defense Pest Control, today Jan 11, 2022. I haven’t seen a single spider or other pest since their last treatment. Kyle was extremely friendly, professional, knowledgeable, and thorough. I am absolutely thrilled with this company and their people.
    Today, Oct 20, 2023, Kasey from Clear Defense Pest Control came to do an “in-between” service, in between my scheduled service dates, to give an extra treatment for fall spiders. He treated inside and outside my house, took down any webs, and replaced the glue board traps. He showed up exactly on time, was super friendly and efficient, and did a fantastic job!

  39. Samantha Cardinali 2023/10

    Brad and Rylee from Clear Defense were amazing today! They went above and beyond to make sure my house was covered and all pests were eliminated

  40. Dave Pohlmann 2023/10

    Stefan was by to follow up after our initial service, but before the next scheduled service, because we were seeing a lot of ants outside. He was on time, extremely courteous and knowledgeable, and creative in his treatment to help control the problem. Great service!

  41. Tonya Statelman 2023/10

    Kyle from Clear Defense is the perfect pest control expert. He is knowledgeable, responsive, and friendly. He immediately addresses any concerns and provides thorough service with a smile.

  42. Patty Dearing 2023/10

    Kasey was very nice and professional. They have taken care of the issues I had and keep it up. Love this company.

  43. John Powell 2023/10

    Seth was very helpful and thorough, as well as courteous in answering my questions about the process of treating my home. Thank you!

  44. Timothy Williams 2023/10

    I just started a service agreement with Clear Defense this week — because of an ant problem inside the house — and I have already seen a dramatic decrease in ants. They seem to be nearly extinct. It’s like they brought a herd of anteaters over and let them loose in the kitchen, which is now devoid of ants. An extremely nice, knowledgable and professional tech named Breyon appeared at the house (right on time), destroyed a home for angry yellowjackets that had been harassing us from a large bush right outside our front door for several months, then put down a layer repellent around the outside of the house, and a layer of poison for the ants to take bake to the Queen inside the house. I am extremely pleased both with tech Breyon and the service agreement, as it allows me to call them if the ants (or any other critters) appear or reappear before my next service call. Thanks CDPC!

  45. Alexander B 2023/10

    David from Clear Defense did an amazing and thorough job! Very pleased.

  46. Thomas Taylor 2023/10

    Grayson showed up this morning with the best attitude for a gloomy kind of day. Explained what he was going to do and got right to it. Very professional, efficient and takes his time. Had to change my service to today rather than tomorrow. Thanks Clear Defense for that last minute change. My grandson will now be able to enjoy playing in the backyard later today!!!

  47. Amber Garrett 2023/10

    Kyle with ClearDefense Pest Control was great. He performed our quarterly service and our monthly mosquito treatment. He was really polite and incredibly thorough (inside and out). Would highly recommend!

  48. Aubrie Reid 2023/10

    Kyle is great! Each technician including Stefan, Joshua, Seth and Shane were all awesome! I am so pleased i went w/Clear Defense! No regrets!

  49. Bhavesh Mehta 2023/10

    The folks at ClearDefence do a great job. Never had issues with my quarterly service and at my last treatment, technicians, Ryan and Spencer, went above and beyond checking my attic for wasps and treating the problem. Most recently, Jared re-upped my spider barrier just in time for the fall. Glad to be a customer!

  50. Ceda Cosby 2023/10

    Stefan & Breyon were very polite professional and knowledgeable during visit. Educated me on what to look for when identifying certain bugs.

  51. Marie Clune 2023/10

    I have been using Clear Defense for about two years. Still very happy with them and everyone I work with. Greg is always especially helpful. He is very knowledgeable and polite.

  52. niloufar ghochaghi 2023/10

    We are with ClearDefense company for about 15month. It was the great decision we made. We live close to the lake and off course there was a lot of spiders acting going on. Since last year, we did not see a lot.
    Thank you so much!
    Also I would say a special thanks to Marcelus W, he came to my house and sprayed interior and exterior.
    Marcelus W was very professional, knowledgeable, courteous.
    He did answer all my questions and he finished his job completely and perfectly.
    Great service!

  53. Montana 2023/10

    Have had a phenomenal great experience with this company, a lot of great technicians, friendly, professional, and always on time. Joshua Moore went above and beyond, walked me through the process of what was being performed. Outstanding guy, outstanding team, outstanding company!!!! Keep up the good work guys!!

  54. michelle paul 2023/10

    Travis was highly informative and thorough. He actually explained how each product performed and the entire process. Travis answered all of my questions without hesitation, and he generously replaced traps without asking and explained what insects are active during this time of year. I could tell that he was highly knowledgeable, and really loves what he does! I hope and pray he returns during my next quarterly service! Thanks Clear Defense Pest Control

  55. Robert Westfall 2023/10

    Been using clear defense for a few years and they do an excellent job! Grayson came by for our quarterly pest control and took care of some ants that had building around our fire pit!

    David came out to treat our house today, friendly and great as always!

    David came last month (Sept 8th)
    and once again did a phenomenal job!

  56. Mehran Falak 2023/10

    We are with ClearDefense company for about 15month. It was the great decision we made. We live close to the lake and off course there was a lot of spiders acting going on. Since last year, we did not see a lot.
    Thank you so much!
    Also I would say a special thanks to Marcelus W, he came to my house and sprayed interior and exterior.
    Marcelus W was very professional, knowledgeable, courteous.
    He did answer all my questions and he finished his job completely and perfectly.
    Great service!

  57. Pastor Danny 2023/09

    Kyle Mai did a great job with our quarterly service for Clear Defense. He helped us find a couple of entry points that might be the reason for some unwanted critter activity, and gave us a solution. Thanks Kyle!

  58. Cathy Serrin 2023/09

    Kyle was very informative, polite and handled the visit with professionalism. Very pleased with his workmanship.

  59. Deborah Wilkinson 2023/09

    Hi ClearDefense. Greg completed both my monthly mosquito treatment and my quarterly service for September. Greg was fabulous and performed a very detailed job. He got all the corners of house, around the gutters and thoroughly cleaned around the awnings both front and back. I’m very pleased with the service Greg provided and continue to be pleased with ClearDefense.

  60. Aja Jones 2023/09

    We worked with Breyon from Clear Defense Pest control. We were very happy with the wonderful service and look forward to continuing to work with them! Breyon was on time, very informative, respectful of our spaces, and sweet with our pup!!

  61. Laconia West 2023/09

    ClearDefense has been great with my monthly and quarterly treatments. Shane ZUPO was great today. I told him and issue I was having and he made sure to put down an extra barrier and scheduled a follow with me to make sure I am no longer having any issues.

  62. Dorothy Nelson 2023/09

    September 2023
    David Ficke from ClearDefense came by today and took care of our quarterly and extended treatment. He texted on his way and upon arrival, and did a very thorough job covering all the hot spots and normal areas. Great communication as always.

    Kevin from ClearDefense and Ray came by today to do our monthly mosquito and made sure to treat a specific area we needed done. Great and friendly communication as always. Thank you!

    Grayson from ClearDefense came by to do our extended mosquito treatment today and service was great as usual! Communicated his arrival ahead of time, came on time, and addressed all our concerns including extra treatment for clover mites we have been experiencing. Glad to have our first extended treatment of the season!

    We have been using ClearDefense since we moved here in the fall and I am very happy to say we have no bugs inside. We just recently added on the extended coverage to try to combat the mosquitos, fleas, and ticks of the summer. Ryan was very thorough and professional with the application, making sure to follow my requests to spray specific areas. He also kindly communicated with me after he was finished and answered all my questions. All of the techs we’ve had have been very professional, respectful, thorough, and polite. Highly recommend trying out ClearDefense!

  63. Shiraz Khan 2023/09

    Great service. Our tech Grayson was very thorough with our quarterly service. he went above and beyond to address all our concerns with pests inside and outside the home. Thank you !

  64. Mark Smallacombe 2023/09

    Thrilled to finally have a weapon against those pesky spiders that love to coat my house in webs! Alex was professional, personable, thorough, & took the time to explain the process to me. I can’t speak highly enough about clear defense and while this was my first treatment, I’m so
    Glad I called them!

  65. Cathy Coulter 2023/09

    Our Technician Joshua from Clear Defense Pest control was very professional, friendly, and helpful. We have been very satisfied with our service over the past few years.

  66. Tom Foster 2023/09

    Jerome & Breyon from Clear Defense were fast, courteous, and informative. Best of all, no bugs since they left! Great job!

  67. Stacey Pettit 2023/09

    Breyon from ClearDefense Pest Control came to our house to spray for spiders and other unwanted creatures. He was very friendly, professional and knowledgeable. He took care of business and now we have seen barely any spiders and bugs. He did an amazing job!

  68. Jane Willis 2023/09

    Casey is very detailed with his work. I live on the James River and we have so many spiders! They’re all over my porches and they make such a mess with their “droppings”. They won’t wash off without a power washer! Just imagine the ongoing struggle! But Clear Defense is helping me battle them, and other pests too, with quarterly treatments. I’m a happy customer.

  69. Carrie Neveldine 2023/09

    Seth & Alex, from ClearDefense Pest Control, came out today for our monthly mosquito and tick spray. They did a great job getting all of the spots in our yard to make sure ticks and mosquitoes stay at bay. I was very impressed by their professionalism and thorough job. Highly recommended!

  70. Sean Brooks 2023/09

    Stefan from ClearDefense was awesome! He even ran to a different job to give me a couple minutes to finish mowing the grass before coming back and doing a nice, efficient job.

  71. Jay Patel 2023/09

    Alex did our initial treatment a week ago. He was very thorough, informative and professional. Thank you for a great service!

    Stefan came by our house today and took care of the ongoing pest problems we had. He took his time to do the treatment and answer all the questions we had. We would use the service again! Thank you for a wonderful service!

  72. dgls drk 2023/09

    Marcelus and Kennard did an outstanding job; they were very professional, communicated job effectively and delivered to a high standard!

  73. Jerry Brewer 2023/09

    Grayson was here last week and, as usual, the service was great. He was professional and knowledgeable. Thank you Grayson and ClearDefense.

    Jayme serviced our home last week. He was courteous and very thorough. I recommend Clear Defense.

    Travis serviced our home the other day and we were very pleased. They are always professional and I am always confident that our home will be bug-free.


  74. Catharine Setzer 2023/09

    David Ficke was the tech today and did a fine job with our monthly treatment. He asked how things had been since the recent time they came to treat for ants. Thanks

  75. Gregory Svenningsen 2023/09

    Kennard and Kyle were out for my quarterly service and were fast, thorough, and very professional. Great job, ClearDefense Pest Control.

  76. Eileen Macleay 2023/09

    David from clear defense did a great job with my service today. Took his time and went above and beyond to make sure all my issues were taken care of.

  77. Sarah C 2023/09

    The best! Had a mouse in the house, called, was scheduled for the very next morning. Joe was timely, professional, personable, and knowledgeable. I’m a first time customer and they will have me for life!

  78. Amy Birchett 2023/09

    This was our first time ever using a pest control company but I am very pleased with the service that was provided. Breyon did a great job explaining the process and what to do if I needed help in between treatments. Highly recommend

  79. Cristal McDonald 2023/09

    My husband and I continue to be incredibly impressed by ClearDefense Pest Control and satisfied with their service. I want to specifically thank Tim for his continued attentiveness to our home’s specific needs, in addition to his exceptional customer service skills. We appreciate the entire team.

  80. Shelby Evans 2023/09

    I noticed a huge hornet nest in the magnolia tree in my front yard and I wanted it gone. I looked up hornet removal companies and called Clear Defense because of all of the positive reviews. I am so glad that I did and I now understand why they are rated 5-stars! This company is top notch! They understood my sense of urgency and scheduled my hornet removal for the next day! Alex, the Technician, was fantastic! He is super professional, kind, and relatable. He wasted no time in removing the hornet nest which was bigger than a basketball! I peeked out of the window while he worked and swore that the earth shook when the nest hit the ground! Alex also took the time to explain the products that he used for the hornet removal as well as educate me about hornets. I signed up for quarterly services moving forward and I wholeheartedly recommend Clear Defense!


  81. Cheryl Welshans 2023/09

    This was our 2nd visit from Clear Defence. Shane was very helpful and friendly as was the gentleman who did our initial service. We are pleased with the service.

  82. Brian Obertone 2023/09

    UPDATE 9.7.23 – Today Jacob and Travis came out and took care of the mosquitos and spiders. Thank goodness for these wonderful folks from ClearDefense!
    UPDATE 5.8.23 – Brad and Jayme came by and really took the time to help keep our house from pests. We really do appreciate everyone that works at ClearDefense and recommend them!

    I use Clear Defense for all our bug needs, they come out quarterly. Matthew Pace is the gentlemen that comes out and does a spectacular job, does anything you request to help make sure the bugs dont bother you and is very professional. I cant highly recommend this pest control company. Thanks!!

  83. Laura Knight 2023/09

    Joe from ClearDefense Pest control did an excellent job with our monthly service. He was friendly and efficient. He made sure to close our gates so no one got out (sounds small but is huge) and remembered about our previous ant problem and asked about it! I am very satisfied with Clear Defense!

  84. Stephanie C 2023/09

    Today Ben Wagner showed up for our quarterly servicing. His professionalism was exceptional and he also tended to the problem–I noticed an increase of spiders and crickets. Obviously, those pests are no fun, but with the indoor treatment as well he assured me they should be as good as gone soon. Thanks Clear Defense Pest Control for continuing to provide great service. Satisfied customers here!

  85. Jeff Point 2023/09

    Clear Defense does what they say they do and more. Breyon was my tech and did a very thorough job. Highly recommended company

  86. letitia jacobs 2023/09

    This was our first time using clear defense and we are sold. Jerome arrived on time and was extremely professional and very good at explaining the process. I would highly recommend this company for exterminating needs.

  87. Elena Thomann 2023/09

    Breyon from Clear Defense did am excellent job. He is very friendly and caring. I am very pleased with the great job Breyon and the other young man did that treated my house. I definitely recommend them both.

  88. Pegah Ainge 2023/09

    The sales rep, Jeremy did a wonderful job of explaining the company, the services, and the product that is used. He sold me on the company, and was the reason I ultimately chose to go with them. Doug came out to complete the service, and was polite, knowledgeable, and efficient. He answered all of my questions, and asked about and treated any “problem” areas. I am really glad I chose this company, and I look forward to being pest free 🙂

    Today, David came out for our quarterly treatment and was kind, courteous and helpful. He asked about problem areas and took care of any issues. He was thorough and efficient. Thank you, David!

    We had Doug as our service provider today and he was polite, efficient, and cleaned up all the excess webs. Thank you, Doug!

    Hew and Spencer came out last week with some more top notch service! I have had a really good experience with all of the reps that come out, additionally, we don’t see bugs and spiders. I’m very happy with Clear Defense Pest Control!

    Thank you to Grayson for quick, efficient service yesterday!

    Sam treated our house for ants and even found a centipede nest that he was able to spray and clear away! Thanks Sam!

    Cam was helpful, efficient and polite! Thank you for your service!

    Thanks Ben for taking care of our bugs!

    Joe came over yesterday to treat some ants and the garage. He was very kind, pleasant and thorough. Thank you for the great service!

    Clear defense pest control sent Calvin and Payne for our quarterly service. They were efficient and thorough. Thank you for your service!

    Thank you Kennard and Greg for your top notch service during my quarterly service with Clear Defense Pest Control!

  89. Melissa Howdyshell 2023/09

    ClearDefense is great! They are always professional and make sure to ask if I have had any problems since their last visit. Breyon helped us today and he was patient with me since I forgot to open our gate.

  90. Awilda Ramirez (Suqui) 2023/09

    I’ve been having problems with bugs in my house. It was out of control and was about to give up with the house until I reached out to Alex R from Clear Defense. A very professional and customer driven individual with wonderful response to quality and values to their customers. He scheduled an appointment and arrived on time and was very knowledgeable with my issues. The treatment that was done made a huge difference with my lawn and my home. Thank you so much, Alex R for being such a great help to my family and home.

  91. Wallace Shaw 2023/09

    Just had Clear defense services had alot of spider webs.
    The guys did a excellent job of cleaning the webs. Grayson, Kennard and Marcelus

  92. Suzanne 2023/09

    Kasey did an outstanding job helping with mice and spiders! He was attentive to special arrival time request and was even a few minutes early!

  93. rmpettway 2023/09

    Kyle arrived at 1020 hrs. this morning. He was very polite and we discussed the areas that I would like him to treat in particular and he started his work. Kyle was very through as he went about his treatments. I would highly recommend him and look forward to having him back in the future.
    Ray Pettway
    Thank you!

  94. Ed Anderson 2023/09

    Jared L. From Clear Defense Pest Control did a professional job clearing spiderwebs and making my backyard insect free. I highly recommend using this service.

  95. Sarah Ott 2023/09

    Ever since we started having Clear Defense come out, we have had much fewer bugs in our home. Everything from tree roaches to ants. Sometimes it takes a little time to schedule an appointment if it’s outside the quarterly appointment, but they’ve always done their best to see us promptly! Jacob came out today and treated the perimeter and did a nice job listening to concerns I had about increased ant activity.

  96. Kim Morrissett 2023/09

    Shane did an excellent job with clearing out mice from our kitchen. 10/10 would recommend

  97. Aaron Cooper 2023/09

    David from Clear Defense, was quite an amazing technician. He was very professional and friendly. He also answered any questions and informed us of spots on our property to watch.

  98. Curtis Jenkins 2023/09

    Update 09/2023
    Can’t be happy enough with ClearDefense Pest Control. We live in a heavily wooded and high moisture area so insects look like the were from Jurassic Park. When Ben from ClearDefense comes out we know we are safe!

    Everyone at Clear Defense does a great job but one stands out, Ben. My dogs are even excited to see him because he runs around playing with them each visit before he gets started. We use Clear Defense for pest and mosquito control and recommend you should too!
    ClearDefense Pest Control sent their technician Ben for our monthly yard spray. Ben and ClearDefense Pest Control do an awesome job of helping us be comfortable in our yard during the summer.

  99. Aja Jones 2023/09

    We worked with Breyon from Clear Defense Pest control. We are new customers and are so happy with the service. Breyon was incredibly helpful!!!

  100. Bird Shop 2023/09

    Alex@cleardefence was great! He calls before coming, provides great service and even helped save me from a mistake that could have costed me more money! I highly recommend this company, thanks Alex! -Paul Sloan

  101. Shibu Skaria 2023/09

    Great experience with ClearDefense Pest control! Shane was my service technician and explained and demonstrated why I had any issues in my kitchen and also found the source of the problem..since then no issues with ants! Very much appreciate Shane for taking the time to explain everything and being a great service technician!

  102. Lauren Sos 2023/09

    Rylen did a great job offering all available services and being accommodating when we gave specific instructions about which areas to spray.

  103. Hannah Mitsuno 2023/09

    I’ve been had this Cleardefense company service to our house for awhile but they are always on time and good service! This time especially technician ‘Stefan’ aware of my plants like pumpkins and perilla plants and go around them and explained it. Most of time I always ask them to make sure spray pool area but he did it before I asked him! Thanks for the service and keep it up like now 🙂

  104. Lindsay Jones 2023/09

    Ben and Juan recently came out to service our home. As usual they did a great job. We have used ClearDefense for many years and they never disappoint. Keep up the good work!

  105. Jeremy Kiernan 2023/09

    Clear Defense Pest Control has been my pest control company for a little over a year, and they consistently deliver top-notch service. They’ve entirely eliminated our ant problem. Earlier this week, our technician, Jared L., went the extra mile during our quarterly service, addressing an interior bug issue with care and expertise – staying a little after hours to help us out. I highly recommend Clear Defense.

  106. Shana Moore 2023/09

    Breyon and Marcelus took the time to explain what they were doing and why, as well as what to expect over the coming weeks and month. They answered questions and gave reassurances on how to keep my pets safe, and we all shared wonder in a lively orb writer spider in one of my bushes..:great first experience guys!

  107. Nic Davis 2023/09

    We are a new customer and have been extremely satisfied with the service we have received. David from Clear Defense was thorough, knowledgeable and very easy to talk with during our recent service.

  108. Mary Walton 2023/09

    I have lived in my home for almost 30 years and have never had a pest issue… until this year. We had small ants showing up in different places in our home. Alex R. of Clear Defense treated the areas and outside and no more ants! He also addressed a couple of outside bug issues.

  109. Stirling Hackney 2023/09

    Shane Zupo was very profession, efficient, and effective with the service he performed. Was able to provide insights and guidance on our pest control and made some necessary updates on the fly. With the tools Clear Defense had in place, it made it very simple and seamless to complete.

  110. Stephany Gornick 2023/09

    Just had my monthly mosquito/tick/flea treatment done and boy did BRAD go above and beyond for me today. We have a decent amount of property surrounded by woods. It was only written in their notes to spray the wood line even though we pay to also have the yard treated. Brad, not only sprayed the yard as well, but made sure their system was corrected so future technicians knew what to cover. He was friendly and professional as I notice is a standard at clear defense. I couldn’t be happier with my service today and this company as a whole! We have gone all summer without a tick or mosquito bite thanks to Clear Defense!

  111. Jason Parry 2023/09

    Breyon from ClearDefense was awesome! Communicated about arrival time, provided great service, and answered all my questions!

  112. Roger Jones 2023/09

    Update 9/5/23
    Rylend came to perform quarterly treatment. He did a very thorough job on 9/1. He found the ants and treated them. He cleared the spiders on second floor and treated. Great job.

    Update – 6/30/23
    Kyle Mai came to perform a quarterly treatment. I explained to Kyle that I had ants revisit around the perimeter of the back of the house. He put down treatment liquid and granules. This should do the trick and I will be looking out for any return. Kyle was very informative and cordial to work with. He did his work and was on his way. He did do an exit review before he left.

    Ray, Adin and Brad did an excellent job on the initial extermination. All were very informative and cordial. They worked quickly but thoroughly. Great job Clear Defense! Great team job.

  113. Wesley Converse 2023/09

    We have been dealing with spiders and wasps on our front porch and rear deck since we bought our house 3 years ago. I’ve tried every product I could find that was pet friendly but nothing worked. I finally decided to call for help.
    Our first visit was from Alex R. At Clear Defense and he did a great job explaining everything he was going to do as well as the products he uses. He did a thorough job treating the exterior of our house, crawl space and yard. After 3 weeks, I’d say 90% of the spiders and wasps have remained gone.
    This week, we had our second treatment. Greg at Clear Defense came and provided us with professionalism and knowledge. He too did a thorough job treating our property.
    My only regret, not calling Clear Defense 3 years ago!

  114. Olivia Surface 2023/09

    Greg from Clear Defense did a great job at our new house! He was super thorough not just for the treatment but in explaining everything he did. Thanks, Greg!

  115. Bruce Nugent 2023/09

    Grayson came out today for our quarterly visit. He was extremely professional and did a thorough job. Anytime I have issues I just call the office and they quickly get me scheduled for another visit!

  116. Shonte Dove 2023/09

    Clear Defense is an amazing pest control company with great techs like Jared L, who serviced our home today. Jared made sure that all of my concerns were addressed and answered my all of my questions.

  117. Aja-Austin Jones 2023/09

    We worked with Breyon from Clear Defense Pest control. We are new customers are so happy we reached out to their team. We feel so good about their service and look forward to continuing working with them!

  118. Kirsten M 2023/09

    This is the best pest control company we have ever used! The office was friendly and responsive. Our technician, Jerome from ClearDefense Pest Control, was very thorough and addressed all of our concerns. A fantastic experience from start to finish – thanks!

  119. Elizabeth Louis 2023/09

    Breyon was wonderful and extremely professional. I’m not used to having a pest company spend about 90minutes at my property. It appears they are thorough. He was very polite too.

  120. Stephanie Woodrum 2023/09

    Shane from ClearDefense Pest Control was so professional, personable, and thorough! He listened to my concerns and took prompt action. He gave advice and spent a lot of time making sure all of our concerns were acknowledged and taken care of.

  121. Alia Y 2023/09

    I have been having an ongoing yellow jacket issue that has been making mowing my lawn impossible. Stefan came out today and was able to locate the wasps despite my lawn being overgrown. He treated the area quickly and was super helpful overall! Very happy with his expertise!

  122. Hau Vong 2023/09

    we have been using Cleardefense for over a year now and have been very happy with the service. Shane, service technician, came out for our quarterly service and was able to identify the source of the ant problem. He spent time tracking it down and we appreciate him for his professionalism and expertise.

  123. Wendi James 2023/09

    Jared L. at ClearDefense was great, he explained everything he was going to do beforehand and then treated our yard and came back afterwards to ask if we had any questions. Great experience and would definitely recommend Jared L. as well as ClearDefense!!

  124. Lamont Jordan 2023/09

    Kennard and Marcellus (not sure if that’s the correct spelling) did an amazing job with our service and were professional and knowledgeable about their work. ?? …

  125. Christopher Toy 2023/09

    Kyle from Clear Defense Pest Control did a great job on our quarterly service today, highly recommend.

  126. Melanie Eccard 2023/09

    I recently used ClearDefense Pest Control to help control the spider and ant activity around my home. I really appreciate the professionalism and care of my Technician Shane. He was prompt and explained everything well and even pointed out several preventative ideas. He did a great job of representing ClearDefense Pest Control and I look forward to working with him in the future.

  127. Nic Mace 2023/09

    Jacob with Clear Defense Pest Control did a great job with our misquote treatment and changing out sticky traps in our garage!

  128. Manisha Magar 2023/09

    We have been using cleardefense for about 3 years now – we get a quarterly service for prevention/maintenance pest control, and have had mosquito services in the past as well. Today, Spencer at cleardefense pest control was awesome! This was his personal second visit out to us and he was great – professional, great attitude and friendly. I had seen a couple of wolf spiders in the basement so he treated my basement windows in addition to what the technicians normally do. He wore a mask and booties without me having to ask, and I really appreciated that. Thanks for another great service!

    Update: Kyle from ClearDefense Pest Control came today and was amazing! We had a few ants, and he gave us advice to help prevent more as well as treating the area. We also were having landscaping done that day, so he suggested coming back another day to treat the exterior to prevent bugs coming in from the new mulch. I would have never thought to ask, thank you, Kyle!

  129. MzD33 T 2023/09

    Travis, a ClearDefense Pest Control is amazing! His service and his mannerisms and the explanation as to what service was being performed on my household was top-tier!

  130. Eric Burcham 2023/09

    Great communication, hard-working amd friendly employees, and effective product! Thank you to Jacob and ClearDefense Pest Control for creating a bug management plan for our home and being prompt as always. Special thanks for following through on the more troublesome yellowjackets!

  131. Mickey Drummond 2023/09

    We have been having nothing but issues in our home so we reached out to a few different companies and found Clear Defense and after discussing everything we decided to try them out. They were incredible to talk to and work with – explained everything everyway they could and then – They sent the man – the myth – the ABSOLUTE LEGEND Alex to my home and he KILLED it. Explained everything again. Worked with us and our pets – Explained what he was doing and then went to absolute WORK crushing our issue. I couldn’t be happier with the service – How quickly they worked us in – and how lucky we are they sent us Alex – If you have an issue with Pest call Clear Defense you wont regret it – and either request Alex or hope you get lucky because Alex is the DUDE! Thanks Guys!

  132. Leslie Harris 2023/09

    Jared did a fantastic job for us today. The team at Clear Defense are always prompt, friendly and respectful. They take great care of us!

  133. Caroline Davis 2023/08

    Greg Mucky came by today and he is so great! He asked us questions about the house and since we started using Clear Defense we are very happy with the results.

  134. Austin Jones 2023/08

    Breyon of Clear Defense Pest Control was incredible! Clear Defense came recommended from a neighbor because a bug seems to be pushing through our area of the neighborhood and Breyon was calming, knowledgeable, thorough. I am more than confident that my home and family are protected now.

  135. Cameron Vaile 2023/08

    I’m so impressed with this company! Every step of the process has been a positive experience. Kind, responsive, punctual people. Joe at Clear Defense Pest Control was our technician, he was so great!

  136. Jurya Miller 2023/08

    Had Greg Mickey come out today. Second time he has been here. Every time he treats the entire house (crawlspace. Attic. Garage) listens and is super friendly. Great service from him and Clear Defense.

  137. Alexander Manns 2023/08

    Just had my first quarterly service done by David and I am nothing but satisfied with his knowledge and professionalism. Keep it up!

  138. Michael Goodman 2023/08

    I’ve been using ClearDefense Pest Control for a little less than a year, and I’ve been completely satisfied. Wasps and ants were my initial concerns, and those both disappeared almost immediately after the first treatment. Their technicians are courteous and professional. Marcelus W. just completed our quarterly treatment. On top of the usual applications, he noticed some spider webs that I hadn’t noticed and took care of them. He was very positive, upbeat, and polite.

    Update: 2 years later and still satisfied. Ryan & Matt came out yesterday. They were both very friendly and eager to explain and answer my questions.

    August 2023: Still a satisfied customer. We’ve noticed a handful of ants here and there in the house recently (not unexpected with a 10-year old who likes to hide snack wrappers instead of throwing them away). Greg & Rylen just finished up our quarterly service, and they threw down some extra ant protection around the house. All part of the service. I’ve never had a tech come out who wasn’t extremely cordial.

  139. Najáh van Beveren Lambert 2023/08

    Kyle and Josh with ClearDefense Pest Control are phenomenal! They were quick and efficient. Glad to be back with this company.

  140. Melanie Garrett 2023/08

    Bryeon and Marcelus did a wonderful job treating my home! They were both friendly and professional! They made sure to educate me about the entire process along the way!

  141. Walter Taylor 2023/08

    David and Kennard from Clear Defense were great.
    David was my technician today. He was very personable and thorough. I was very pleased with his approach.

  142. Gary Williams 2023/08

    Kennard and Payne provided our quarterly service today. They were very courteous and made sure they addressed any of our concerns. We appreciate their attention to detail and professional expertise. We are pleased with the results of the services provided by Clear Defense.

  143. Jennifer Frias 2023/08

    Clear Defense never disappoints! My technicians- Kyle and Kasey from Clear Defense Pest Control- were very thorough with their explanations and courteous!

  144. Katherine Rollins 2023/08

    Jerome from Clear Defense Pest Control was awesome! I called them in distress about flying roaches and they came out the next day. Jerome was knowledgeable and timely and answered all of my questions!

  145. TOM WILSON 2023/08

    After introductions, Joshua Morr and Kevin Kirby, provided a walkthrough on the mission at hand. They also covered services offered that would improve the quarterly treatments I had in place. Now I have whole property defense – haven’t seen a mosquito since the treatment. Very Happy.

  146. Rohit 2023/08

    We love clear defense, Shane did a great job and was very patient all through.

  147. Chelsea Wallace 2023/08

    Stefan from clear defense came out and was great. He was very thorough in his work and was very respectful when we needed clarification on things.

  148. Taylor Wiegert 2023/08

    I’m a new customer with ClearDefense Pest Control. From the moment I called them to schedule an initial service, I was impressed by their professionalism and the time they spent to walk me through their process and answer my questions. Plus, they use environmentally-friendly products. We got off to a great start and my positive experience only continued from there.

    Ben W. was the technician who serviced my property initially. He was great. He explained what he was going to do and made sure I didn’t have any questions. From there, he went straight to work and REALLY spent time meticulously inspecting and servicing the property. It didn’t feel like I was one of many people he was visiting or that he was over-scheduled. He really took the time to do things right.

    Once he was done he stopped by, reviewed what he’d done and made sure I was feeling good about things.

    I’ve used other pest control services before, but the professionalism and thoroughness of ClearDefense and Ben was second to none.

    MAY 2023 UPDATE
    Calvin just completed my quarterly service. He was fantastic and very thorough.

    Kyle from Clear Defense Pest Control just completed service for us. I wasn’t home when he came by, but as always, he appears to have done a thorough job.

  149. Matt Patterson 2023/08

    Joe was my technician today and he was very professional. He explained everything he was doing and why he was doing it. He’s very personable and friendly when I spoke him. Great guy! A+ service.

  150. Nick Lombard 2023/08

    Technician Payne Price, from ClearDefense Pest Control was at our home today to perform the quarterly service. He was very thorough and professional. I especially was impressed with how well he listened to and followed up on my requests. ClearDefense (Richmond) has consistently proven to be superior to the several other pest control services that we’ve used. I would highly recommend them!

  151. Jennifer Hess 2023/08

    Kyle & Kasey came out and did a great job! ClearDefense is always professional, offers helpful information and is respectful of my property

  152. Robert Andrews 2023/08

    Greg Muckey with ClearDefense Pest Control was excellent, explaining everything he was doing and making sure we got the problem areas addressed. I recommend ClearDefense Pest Control to anyone concerned with pest control or prevention.

    Robert (Bob) & Linda A.
    Mechanicsville, VA

  153. Lindsey Booth 2023/08

    I have been using ClearDefense pest control for almost a year now and have not had any problems with bugs inside or outside of my house ! They are always very professional! Thanks to Grayson & Kyle for coming out today and doing such a great job!

    Upstate 8/4/23
    Had Stefan come over and get everything perfect ! He really took his time getting rid of all the nasty summer bugs and spider webs ! Thanks again!

  154. shaquana peterson 2023/08

    Jerome at clear defense: I’ve Been getting serviced quarterly with clear defense pest control for the last 5 years and they’ve always been professional, I’ve never seen any bugs in my home, today I had to get a reservice and Jerome had the best customer service and attention to detail. 10/10 I would definitely recommend them

  155. Julie Myers 2023/08

    8/24/23 Alex Robles completed my Mosquito service today. He did an excellent job! He was very professional and courteous. Clear Defense is the best Co. for Pest Control ????? …

  156. Jacquelyn Branch 2023/08

    Kylen and Rylen were very helpful and did a great job providing the mosquito treatment and the regular pest control treatment on August 23, 2023! They were also very pleasant.

  157. Journet Shaw 2023/08

    Kyle and Ben from ClearDefense Pest Control did a great job with mosquito treatment. Ben also completed my quarterly treatment and did a great job explaining his treatment process. Appreciate how professional every technician has been. Would recommend this company to anyone looking for a diligent and effective pest control service.

  158. Jason Dickerson 2023/08

    Going on our 3rd year of continued pest control service. We receive an email and texts before service.

    Ben and Juan swung by today and knocked out our quarterly service.

    If you are shopping around for solid, reliable pest service, make the call to Clear Defense now!

  159. Jennifer McAvoy 2023/08

    We use ClearDefense quarterly to maintain any bug issues and have had nothing but a greta experience! Kyle and Ryien came by this past week and took great care to remove all webs, replace traps and ensure our house was covered, both inside and out. Highly recommend!!

  160. Daniel CRANDALL 2023/08

    Joey Vicente from Clear Defense Pest Control did an outstanding job taking care of all of our pest elimination needs, inside and outside of our house and sheds! Since we started with Clear Defense services, the ant problem that no other pest service could solve has almost completely been dealt with that we only see one or two ants between services. Excellent work!! We are very happy with all of the technicians who have serviced our home. Thank You Joey and Clear Defense Pest Control!!

  161. Hannah Huesman 2023/08

    Jared L. was great – he called before the service was done just to make sure there wasn’t anything else that needed to be done. Ended up spraying the inside of our house. Thanks, Jared!

  162. Kathleen Howard 2023/08

    Jerome inspected my home on 8.23.23. He was very nice and helpful. He put my mind at ease. He was very thorough with the inspection.

  163. Justin Godsey 2023/08

    Jerome with Clear Defense pest control came out and treated my home for spiders, ants, mosquitos and more.
    Great customer service, professional, and honored my request to just do the kitchen and living room to keep our frog nice and safe in the office.

    Was thorough also and kind! We are doing a month of overhauls and renovation and this pest control treatment was crucial in moving that process along.

  164. William Hiltner 2023/08

    This is my first review and I’ve been using the company for over a year. Each technician that came to my home has been very polite, professional, punctual, and knowledgeable. Even calling the office I’ve had exceptional experience. Today, Tim came out and he was punctual, professional, and friendly. I was able to discuss my concerns and he addressed them according. Tim even told me about how possums are great for the ecosystem. (Fun Fact) I learn something new every day.
    I would highly recommend Clear Defense and by the way…I’m very particular.

  165. Lorraine Conrad 2023/08

    Brad was very knowledgeable about the service he was providing as well as friendly and courteous. He actually went above and beyond what the service entailed.I highly recommend ClearDefencePestControl.

  166. Robin Milia 2023/08

    We had our initial service with our technician Jerome from ClearDefense Pest Control today and he did a very thorough treatment inside and outside and went above and beyond our expectations. We are very happy we made the switch to ClearDefense Pest Control.

  167. Kathryn Blake Le 2023/08

    Jared provided wonderful and thorough service addressing all aspects of our requests and beyond. He identified and anticipated potential issues, addressed them proactively and without additional charge. We highly suggest you consider Clear Defense especially if you have new construction that recently disturbed natural habitats.

  168. robin kleppinger 2023/08

    Marcelus is always professional, personable and thorough. Jacob came along , too, for the service today and was very helpful. This is a wonderful company and they will send team members out within a day of your call! They go above and beyond and call to recheck about any service they may have completed. Always friendly and helpful on the phone, too. Clear Defense is definitely a company you can rely on! We highly recommend them! Thank you, Clear Defense, and thank you, Marcelus and Jacob!

  169. Joseph J 2023/08

    Alex R. from ClearDefense was fantastic! He went above and beyond with the initial treatment of the home, spending a great deal of time and energy treating all of my concerns. Alex was friendly and informative! I am extremely happy with the initial treatment by ClearDefense and their high quality technician (Alex R.).

  170. Joseph Byram 2023/08

    I’ve been with ClearDefense Pest Control over two years and they are always professional, flexible on times, and quick to respond when I reach out. I’ve had great interactions with all of their technicians, most recently Payne did a phenomenal job and was very professional and personable.

  171. Kristen Theagene 2023/08

    Alex at ClearDefense was phenomenal. He made sure all of my needs were met. Im so grateful for him. My kitties and I thank him so much.

  172. Jennifer K. 2023/08

    Adin with Clear Defense Pest Control did a fantastic job when he came out to our house. He was very informative and helpful to help assist with a pest problem that we were having. He thoroughly inspected the house and the outside!

  173. Krystal Zeiner 2023/08

    Jared L with Clear Defense Pest Control came out today and treated our property. He was very professional. He was one of the most polite people I have ever met. Jared L. was very knowledgeable about the products he was using and explained the process to us flawlessly. A+++ for Jared L.!! He is a total asset to your company!! Highly recommend.

  174. Tyler Purvis 2023/08

    Very professional and punctual, Joe&Josh hand my whole house done within minutes. I will definitely be recommending this company to everyone I know.

  175. Michelle Macias 2023/08

    Had our first service today and we are excited to get the process going! David D was super nice and very thorough inside and outside! Thank you!

  176. Kelly Yeung 2023/08

    Kyle and Kasey from Clear Defense performed the pest control at my property and they were amazing! They listened to the concerned areas and were able to treat it immediately! Highly recommend

  177. Amanda Powell 2023/08

    Today I had my first treatment and Jerome was wonderful! He was very knowledgeable and kind. He took his time explaining things to me and go over everything again before he left.

  178. Tyler McNeely 2023/08

    Breyon did out did our initial visit and was very thorough, professional, and we could not be happier with his service. Very glad Clear Defense could get him out here so quickly!

  179. Nicole Dahlke 2023/08

    Just had my pest control service with ClearDefense Pest Control. Jerome was thorough and very professional. All the wasp nests and spider webs have been removed from the exterior of the home. Couldn’t be happier. Highly recommend.

  180. Carrie Godbey 2023/08

    I had concerns with wasps so I called ClearDefense and they were able to come out the next day! Breyon and Marcelus were both thorough, professional, and great at communicating what they saw around my property. On top of that, I think my dog might love them more than me now! I look forward to using them going forward!

  181. Wesley Mason 2023/08

    Kyle and Brad were my technicians from ClearDefense Pest Control, and were very friendly and did a great job, as advertised!

  182. Freddie Peacock 2023/08

    Can’t Thank Grayson and everyone at Clear Defense pest control enough. Our main issues was dealing with flies around the front porch and ants in our kitchen. Grayson did an awesome job today.

  183. Rachel Walker 2023/08

    Greg from ClearDefense Pest Control was great to work with today! He was professional and addressed all our questions / concerns. We always have a great experience with the ClearDefense team!

  184. Jessie Graham 2023/08

    Kevin and Justin from Clear Defense were very thorough and efficient. They answered all our questions and provided solutions to our concerns. They respected our home throughout the process and made it feel like a less daunting challenge. Very happy we chose clear defense!

  185. Amy Scott 2023/08

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Outstanding experience with Clean Defense Pest Control in Richmond, Virginia! Kasey and Payne, the service techs, were not only knowledgeable but also personable. Their thorough inspection and eco-friendly approach to pest control were impressive. With their expertise, my pest problems were efficiently resolved. I highly recommend Clean Defense Pest Control for their professionalism and effective solutions.

    Geoff McDonald

  186. Nicholas Mitchell 2023/08

    Alex and Brad @ ClearDefense showed up at my house at 5:30 in the evening after calling me to confirm their arrival time. These guys spent over 2 hours examining the house for possible entry points for mice. I called a few other places but I had the best feeling about this company given their reviews. They were very professional taking the time to explain everything they were doing and why. They noticed I was doing a few things myself to combat mosquitoes … after speaking with and learning how they apply their mosquito product …. I ended up adding up adding that service as well.

  187. Anna Zafarino 2023/08

    Brad from clear defense did my intitial
    and follow up treatments. He was very helpful and pleasant to work with.

  188. kevin sluss 2023/08

    Kevin did a great job as always. We haven’t had any pest issuance we starting using ClearDefense.

  189. Leah Groat 2023/08

    Thank you Adin at Clear Defense Pest Control for helping us with our home! He was timely, quick and gave me great info about our home. Thanks for everything, we really appreciate it!

  190. JJ Ramirez 2023/08

    Had another great experience with ClearDefense Pest Control today. Technicians Kyle and Rylen came to our rescue by performing a routine spray for mosquitos, which were slowly becoming a nuisance. They were very friendly, attentive and fast with their scheduled appointment today. Thank you so much you two!

  191. Janette wooldridge 2023/08

    I was very impressed by the service and professionalism given by Alex from Clear Defense Pest Control. Alex was very personable and took the time to answer all of my questions. I feel confident that Clear Defense was the right choice for my ants problem.

  192. Laura Knight 2023/08

    David from Clear Defense Pest Control was here today. Such a polite young man! He was quick and efficient and did a great job. The quality and value of service we receive is outstanding. Thank you David!

  193. Kay Del Rosario 2023/08

    If I can give more than 5 stars ⭐️ I would. Kudos to this company and especially to their technician Kyle Mai. Their professionalism and knowledge is top notch. I highly recommend this company of your Pest Control needs.

  194. Olga Burcham 2023/08

    Stefan did a great job in the house and around the property. He was very nice and accommodating. Really glad we signed up from clear Defense Services.

  195. Sunny Newland 2023/08

    The technician, David Drummer was prompt, processional, friendly and listened carefully to my current pest issues. He was detailed in addressing these issues, he checked back prior to leaving to verify our satisfaction. He also explained everything he would do and what would happen for future treatments. We appreciate his thorough attention to both inside and outside of our home. Surely felt he went the extra mile. Hope he will be assigned to us for our quarterly treatments!

  196. Scott Miller 2023/08

    David and Grayson of clear defense were very knowledgeable and explained everything to my wife and I so we could understand what needed to be done. Thank you very much ?? …

  197. Dr. Tonora Garbutt 2023/08

    Adin & Justin were awesome, professional and efficient. I appreciate them ensuring pest control is managed at our home.
    Very engaging and professional!!!

  198. Karie 2023/08

    David & Grayson from ClearDefense Pest Control were very friendly, professional, quick, and did a great job! I would recommend them to anyone for pest control needs!

  199. Nate Jones 2023/08

    Jerome at ClearDefense provided exceptional service! He was prompt and thorough in his work and we have appreciated how bug-free our house has been.

  200. Nate Jones 2023/08

    Kyle and Rylen provided excellent and detailed care to my home! Would definitely recommend Clear Defense Pest Control.

  201. Ira Basinger 2023/08

    Joshua & Kevin did a great job. Clear Defense has high standards that I have not seen before in pest control. Joshua went beyond the call of duty to make sure my concerns with ants and possible mice were taken care of.

  202. Julie Ranson 2023/08

    The technician who visited my house, Adin, was very sweet. He listened and answered my questions professionally. When I initially called ClearDefense, the young man who spoke with me was extremely polite and thorough. I look forward to having this company take care of my home.

  203. Tom Collins 2023/08

    For this quarter’s service, it was raining the day scheduled, so my tech Tim came by and did some inside areas I asked for since I had stayed home for it, and then came by a couple days later and did the outside without me having to be home. I appreciate him making 2 trips.

  204. Diana R. 2023/08

    I called cleardefense pest control because I saw a mouse in my kitchen. It scared me so bad, I sprayed a whole bottle of bug spray in the kitchen. I refused to go back into kitchen until the technician arrived. I called on Thursday evening & they were able to come out the next day. My technician Alex R. @clear defense was on time, professional, friendly, & knowledgeable. He really helped put me at ease, & answered all my questions. He did an awesome job treating the house. I also had a good experience when I called & made the initial appointment. I would recommend ClearDefense to everyone.

  205. Ken Haley 2023/08

    Alex @ Clear Defense was on time and very professional. He explained everything he was going to do and he reminded us of the 100% service guarantee!! We felt he went above and beyond being courteous and had excellent customer service skills. The people that we spoke with on the phone were helpful and very nice answered all our questions!! We will recommend Clear Defense to everyone!!!

  206. Chris Barlage 2023/08

    ClearDefense Pest Control is great at relaying a message to your technician. I was having a few ants in the house and they said they will make sure they come in the morning of my scheduled visit so I can discuss issue before I leave. My Technician, Greg, came with the proper spray and great knowledge on what needed done and he came in the morning liked asked. This company communicates very well between client needs and getting information to technician that can help. Greg listened to my concerns and looked at a picture of the bug to verify what it was, and explained what he was going to do to get rid of pest. He came for mosquito application and added the extra application no extra charge. He sprayed for mosquitos in extra areas around our property like asked. Very friendly and never felt rushed. Thank you for hiring great people!

  207. Kirstin Eberhard 2023/08

    Adin with cleardefense came for my initial treatment. He was polite, professional, & very informative! 10/10 service!

  208. Daniel Cale 2023/08

    Breyon G. with ClearDefense Pest control was very professional and very friendly. Knew what he was talking about. Explained his whole process and made us very aware of the situation. Highly recommend.

  209. Eric May 2023/08

    JOEY came to the house for our periodic service. We showed him a location in the kitchen that has been overrun with ants just two days before. While there were none present when he arrived, he looked for locations where ants might be getting in. He treated those areas with appropriate deterrent, then completed the usual service. No sign of ants since.

  210. Amanda Wood 2023/08

    Joe with Clear Defense came out today to treat our house. He was very thorough & addressed our concerns. Very happy w our service!

  211. Chelsea Peterson 2023/08

    Extremely professional service today performed by Grayson at Clear Defense Pest Control. We’ve been dealing with beetles inside the house for a few days and Grayson was more than happy to treat it for us. Our 9 month old was sleeping upstairs and Grayson was quite as a mouse. Great service and amazing team members. Highly recommend!

  212. Edgardo Cortes 2023/08

    David and Kennard from Clear Defense were great. They did a thorough job and arrived right when they said they would. Product works well to keep bugs out of the house.

  213. Martina Goins 2023/08

    AWESOME!!! Is the best way to describe ClearDefense Pest Control. They not only come for your usual treatments but they come when you call for the smallest issues like fruit flies. A special thanks to Ben and Rylin for not only doing a fantastic job but for taking the time to walk me through the process and to address all questions and concerns.

  214. Julissa Robles 2023/08

    Alex @ Clear Defense treated our home for General Pests & Mosquitoes, he was very knowledgeable. Will recommend this company always!

  215. Kevin Sykes 2023/08

    Had a technician Adin Adkins service my home today with Clear Defense.He was very professional and made sure he answered all of my concerns. Very friendly and took his time in servicing my home. He appears to be an asset to your company. In my next service I will be asking for Adin. Kevin Sykes

  216. Shahidah Reid 2023/08

    Clear Defense was the best call I could have made! The customer service was on point and our technician Breyon was so patient and knowledgeable. He made sure he covered the entire problem areas and answered my many questions!!!

  217. Alli Goldman 2023/08

    We recently had our quarterly service from Clear Defense Pest Control. We consistently receive excellent service from the technicians who service our home, and this last time was no different. David and Marcelus took extra time to address our concerns and really explain other things we can do around our home to ensure we get the best results and remain pest free. They even invited me outside to walk the exterior of my home and point out specific areas that they addressed on this visit. These guys were so friendly, professional, and patient. Thanks so much, David and Marcelus!

  218. Alia Mathews 2023/08

    The technicians have been incredibly professional and genuinely nice people. I want to give a shoot out to Jayme from last month and Payne from this month who were both wonderful. Everyone from the company has taken every big concern seriously and always followed up when they said they would.

  219. Jodie Crabill 2023/08

    Kyle and Kasey at ClearDefense pest control were excellent ans provide a lot of good solutions for our home.
    Thank you-

  220. Christopher Ryan 2023/08

    Jérôme from Clear Defense was excellent. Polite, well-dressed, and very professional. I would highly recommend this company.

  221. T Garnett 2023/08

    Jerome did an awesome job. He asked where the problem areas were located. He placed yellow jacket dust in each hole in my front yard(above and beyond).

  222. Kevin Carr 2023/08 is a great choice for any professional pest control needs you may have. The service is top-notch and their service specialist, Kyle M., made the experience stress-free and thorough. He clearly walked through the process and did superb work. I highly recommend.

    I received a follow-up treatment with Kyle M. from Clear Defense, who again did exceptional work and was friendly and helpful as always!

  223. Reggie Bailey 2023/08

    Alex came today to do our first treatment, and it was terrific. He sat down and talked with my wife, answered all of her questions, and proceded to work on our bug problems. Alex is an awesome fellow. We look forward to working with him again. Kudos to whoever hired him.

  224. Scott Sherman 2023/08

    Joe, our service technician was excellent and with the high temperatures always finds a way to remain positive and service-minded. Thank you Joe!

  225. Jaafar Maksoud 2023/08

    ClearDefense did a fantastic job. Rylen and Kyle were very nice and got the job done in a timely manner.

  226. Stephanie Tingler 2023/08

    Jerome from Clear Defense Pest Control came and did our initial service. Very professional and explained everything as to what he was going to do. He was extremely polite and very nice. He did a wonderful job. 5 stars for sure. Thank you !

  227. Michael Matthews 2023/08

    Overall service and results have been of very high quality. Technician Kyle today was incredibly knowledgeable, professional and friendly. He went above and beyond with information about what he was doing and potential risks in the neighborhood. Highly recommend.

  228. Dan Allen 2023/08

    Brad St Clair was polite, informative and efficient. ClearDefense always does a great job!

  229. Frank Friedman 2023/08

    We are first time users. We were very impressed with the efficiency and the attention to detail. The technician, Jerome answered our questions and explained what he was doing and what to expect. A first class operation all the way.

  230. Jetaun Bledsoe 2023/08

    Kennard was professional and gave 5 star service. Great job young man
    I had better not see any mosquitoes.
    Just kidding. . Kennard is great with customer service and we are very please with CLEAR DEFENSE PRST CONTROL! ☆☆☆☆☆

  231. Cindy Bukach 2023/08

    Another great quarterly visit. Kyle from Clear Defense Pest Control was very thorough and polite. He even blocked a whole that mice may have used to enter the house. This company always asks if there is anything they can do to help. Highly recommend.

    Greg Muckey performed a Quarterly Pest Control and was very friendly and professional. He took the time to ask us about whether we were experiencing any issues, reminded us we can call him back, and did an excellent job with the quarterly treatment. Great service

  232. Tim Dey 2023/08

    We’ve been using ClearDefense Pest Control for a couple of years now for general service and mosquito treatments and I still love them! Jacob came to our house today and patiently listened as I explained my concerns of pesky little black ants around the outside of our home. (Since we’ve been using Clear Defense, we’ve not had any trouble inside our home!)

    I have been very satisfied with ClearDefense Pest Control so far. Keep up the great work and customer service!

  233. Elizabeth Hicks 2023/08

    Stefan from ClearDefense Pest Control just completed my initial treatment. He was very knowledgeable, professional, friendly, and was very thorough.

  234. JeffK 2023/08

    David F. did an amazing job with treating my house for mosquitoes. We haven’t seen mosquitoes all summer and I hope it stays that way. Thanks again for all you do David!

  235. Rebecca von Meister 2023/08

    Matthew Pace was friendly and professional. He sprayed thoroughly and listened to my concerns and requests.
    Thank you for great service!

  236. Dawn Mason 2023/08

    Our technician Jerome was absolutely amazing. He came out this afternoon on a very hot afternoon and did a tremendous job. He went above and beyond to make sure my yard was sprayed for mosquitoes and flea and my home was taken care of for pesticide. I couldn’t be more pleased at the job he did. Thank you Clear Defense pest control ? …

  237. Leslie Harris 2023/08

    Breyon Golson and Stefan came out to our house today for our initial treatment and did a fantastic job. They arrived a couple of minutes early, explained the process, and were very friendly and personable. The shoe covers alerted appreciated, too! Looking forward to seeing the results, thanks guys! -Leslie and Joe

  238. Betsy Wickline 2023/08

    We’ve used Clear Defense Pest Control Services Richmond since May of this year. Every technician had been on time and very professional. Today Tim & Shane explained the treatments he made and complied with our requests to treat certain areas of our home. Great service!

  239. Latanya Dorsey 2023/08

    I have nothing but good things to say about Clear Defense Pest Control. It’s been almost a year since I’ve been with them and I don’t regret my decision at all. They’re very polite, professional, and provide great customer support as well as customer service. My tech that came out yesterday was great. Jacob provided both my monthly and quarterly services and did a great job!

  240. Jeanette Frazier 2023/07

    Breton did a great job getting our house sprayed yesterday. Super professional and loves what he does! Would definitely recommend to others!!

  241. ellen hutson 2023/07

    joshua called in advance of the appointment, ran thru plan for treating exterior then let me know what he accomplished; he was very thorough treating inside the house. very polite and professional. an asset to clear defense

  242. Anne Saville 2023/07

    Clear defense quickly responded to my request and came out in within a few days for the requested service. Jerome was incredibly professional and thorough. He was very personable and respectful.

  243. Katelyn Coughlan 2023/07

    Hew and Rylen were very thorough! They responded to all our concerns and adjusted our plan to address them. We are thankful for the care that ClearDefense Pest Control puts into their service!

  244. Nancy Ramirez 2023/07

    We started with Control Defense Pest about a month ago and we absolutely love them. We had recently switched from another pest control company and honestly it doesn’t compare to how happy we are with clear defense. They make sure they cover everything and are really thorough. Have yet to see any bug since having them come out. We also love how professional Payn and Kennard (Hope I’m spelling it right! Sorry) were! They made sure to get anywhere I was concerned about and were really nice! Definitely recommend them (:

  245. Regina Hurst 2023/07

    Matthew arrived today ready to tackle my growing indoor ant problem and that he did. He worked inside and outside—even finding a couple of ant colonies in the front yard—which he also treated. He then applied the regular bug control protocols to the house. All this was done thoroughly and when I asked for details of the products used, he gave me the names of each and explained that all were safe for human and pets. I couldn’t have asked for a more pleasant experience. Thank you, Huge!

  246. J J 2023/07

    Ray with Clear Defense Pest Control just serviced our home and we were blown away. We have never ever had pest control service like this. OUTSTANDING!!! I truly can’t believe such service exists. After first introducing himself and what all the
    service entailed, Ray got to work and we’ve never witnessed such an in-depth pest control job such as what Ray did. Hope to see Ray for future visits to our home.

  247. Syed Shaik 2023/07

    Best pest control company that I’ve dealt with. Technician, Brad is prompt, courteous, and thorough – which is much appreciated. Cost is affordable. I’m very happy with ClearDefence Pest Control”.

  248. Anne Marie Kegley 2023/07

    ClearDefense Pest Control is professional with good customer service. Shane Zupo does a great job.

  249. Anna Smith 2023/07

    Adin came by to spray for mosquitoes. He was very professional and incredibly friendly. Not only did he spray he also helped by emptying out some standing water and gave me a heads up that he saw a snake in my backyard advising it would be good to keep my dogs inside for a bit. Thank you, I really appreciate you!!!

  250. Kennon Artis 2023/07

    Adin from Clear Defense Pest – Richmond came by last week to perform our quarterly service. As is consistent with every other technician that has visited, Adin was professional, engaging and thorough. He’s a likeable young man whom I found quite respectful.

    Once again, great job Clear Defense Richmond!

  251. Kenneth LaTessa 2023/07

    David from ClearDefense was fantastic! He went above and beyond, spending a great deal of time and energy treating our ant issue. And he did it being friendly and informative late into a very long day! I am extremely happy with the service ClearDefense provides and their high quality technicians.

  252. Joanne Farina 2023/07

    I called Clear Defense Pest Control on Friday afternoon regarding an ant invasion in my kitchen. Jared and Justin were there Saturday morning at the time scheduled. They were professional and courteous and eliminated the problem. Joanne F

  253. Cora Montgomery 2023/07

    Tim went above and beyond the scope of the job they initially came out to do and we are very grateful for them. Being a new homeowner can come with varying types of pest. We previously had someone else out a week or two ago from ClearDefense and that person didn’t do a very good job. Don and Cam came out and made sure we were happy with the work they completed. I highly recommend asking for them to come and take care of all your pest control needs.

  254. Allison S 2023/07

    Ben Wagner from Clear Defense Pest Control was great! He provided service quickly and detailed other pricing should I be interested in adding to my plan. Thanks Ben!

  255. TIffany Bryant-Johnson 2023/07

    My Service Specialist, Payne Price, at ClearDefense Pest Control was AWESOME! I really enjoyed speaking with him! He was so friendly, polite and thorough! Keep up the good work Payne!

  256. Terrence Banks 2023/07

    Ryan & AJ provided exceptional customer service. They listened thoroughly to the issues my wife and I had brought up, and were very attentive and responsive to addressing them. They were very detailed in their work, and provided great insight on preventative measures moving forward.

    6/30/2023: Jayme provided A1 customer service, and great energy as a technician.

  257. Kevin Clark 2023/07

    Alex, was very knowledgeable and helpful with what process was being performed in preventing house pest and insects. He was very professional and most of all a New England Patriots Fan! I really enjoyed the service.

  258. Kelly Woodroof 2023/07

    Outstanding pest control and customer service! Grayson was our technician today and I truly feel my nana got the best treatment she possibly could get. Grayson was friendly and took the time to explain the service, breaking down every step. He treated our ants that have been a real pain and also checked all the traps and filled in multiple holes to stop the issues we have had concerning the mice. This is only our second treatment with Clear Defense, but cant recommend the customer service enough. 5 stars!

  259. Jason McNamee 2023/07

    Adin was our technician. He was on time, very knowledgeable, understanding of our problems, and professional. Looking foward to doing business with them in the future.


  260. Jeffrey Colburn 2023/07

    Kyle from ClearDefense was friendly, and did a great job explaining different treatment options without pushing me into services that I didn’t want. I have 2 kids, and a new puppy in the house, so we chose to treat around the exterior of the house, but not inside. The product should be safe even if used inside, but we just felt more comfortable going about it this way. With this approach, we have not had any bugs inside the house. Before treatment we were getting eaten alive by biting little insects every time we stepped out of the house and when going from the car into the house. It was making me feel like I didn’t want to go outside. Since treatment, we have not had these biting insects. Great salesmanship and great service. I appreciate Kyle and his work (on a hot sticky Richmond day!). Thanks!

  261. Carolyn Bowdry 2023/07

    Technician Ray, was very polite, knowledgeable and professional. He explained to me what he was doing and the name of the product he was using in and outside my house. He answered all of my questions I was asking him about the product.

  262. Bill Pawlik 2023/07

    Shane did a great job today. We had a problem with ants and he was able to determine where they were coming from and addressed it directly. Will follow up in a weeks time to se if issue was addressed. Great service. Very happy with this company!

  263. Christina Waddell 2023/07

    Have had a thorough job when our first Clear Defense Pest Control technician Ray came out to visit us. He was thoughtful and thorough. He made sure that all the spiders and webs were gone, he took care of the problem areas, and addressed everything we noted to be an issue. Ray was the best and made a great impression on all of us, especially my three year old who gave him a fist bump! A huge spider came out of nowhere in the garage right after he mentioned the creatures may come back in full force and he took care of it! Absolutely loved Ray for his kindness, efficiency, and his ability to address every pest issue in our home!

  264. Nancy Welk 2023/07

    I was referred to this company and am so glad. Their products are clean, odorless and their customer service is truly outstanding. Highly recommend. Very professional and accommodating.

  265. Leigh-Anne Edwards 2023/07

    Brad from Clear Defense was so awesome! He was very knowledgeable & thorough. I highly recommend Clear Defense for pest control.

  266. Tim White 2023/07

    Breyon (technician) did a great job inside and outside the house. Very thorough treatment application. Good advice and insights.
    Highly recommend.

  267. adelita ponce 2023/07

    Brad was our specialist and explained everything and did a great job!! He was very friendly, professional and really made sure our dogs were not stressed with the indoor treatment. It was a great experience!

  268. Caleb Redmond 2023/07

    Brad did an outstanding job with our indoor treatment. He pointed out what to look for and gave us tips to get rid of the pests we’ve been dealing with. 12/10

  269. Phillip Dillulio 2023/07

    I am a new customer and highly recommend ClearDefense. They are very professional and value customer service. The also do great work in ensuring that your home is bug / pest free. I had the pleasure of having Adin service my home and they were fantastic. Thanks!

  270. Abbie Niderberg 2023/07

    Greg did an awesome job communicating & thoroughly treated our property. We’ve been very happy with ClearDefense Pest Control & we highly recommend giving them a try if you’re thinking about a new pest control company!

  271. AK Hardatt 2023/07

    I have had the ClearDefense service for more that a year now and i am very satisfied with the service and pest control treaments that we have received which is very effective.
    I would like to give a shout out to our technician Shane Zupo for listening to our requests and doing a rigorous job to satisfy the requests. Thank you Shane!

  272. Leroy Davis 2023/07

    We have been a customer for a couple of years. The technicians are knowledgeable and professional. Joe asked good questions about our current pest problems and treated our house and foundation thoroughly.

  273. Bruce White 2023/07

    ADIN ADKINS was at our house yesterday evening and handled our pest treatment with a smile on his face and in a very professional manner. ClearDefense has been our provider for several years now and have done an excellent job of removing a severe spider problem. Good people.

  274. Sue Carson 2023/07

    This was my first treatment from ClearDefence Pest control. I am more than pleased with their service. Breyson Golson, my service specialist, did an amazing job. He was professional and knowledgeable and ready be sure my home is pest free.

    I had used another pest control service for years. They got so bad during and after Covid I finally cancelled. Even at their best, they weren’t as good as ClearDefense. They were a nationally known company.

    I’m very happy with ClearDefense and Breyson.

  275. Dawn Haynes 2023/07

    My ClearDefence Pest Control technician, Breyon G. did a 5 star job. He was professional, knowledgeable and friendly. I appreciated him sharing the plan, up front, of what he was doing and an estimate of how long it would take. I asked about fruit flies and he said he would drop some traps off tomorrow That is awesome! I am very happy with the service I received. Thank you!

  276. Lauren Loyd 2023/07

    We have had the best experience with this company. We just transferred services to our new house and Brad was amazing at ensuring we were all set. Thank you so much!

  277. Steve Parks 2023/07

    Jacob and Kyle with Clear Defense Pest Control were very thorough and explained everything they were going to do and when completed what they did. Clear defense has two wonderful employees here!

  278. Steve Spann, Sr 2023/07

    Stefan Dunn was very professional. When he came out we told him that the person last week didn’t do everything that was on the job order. He did what he was supposed to do on his job order and about 15 mins later he came back said that he talked to his supervisor and explained to him what we said happened. He took care of the problem and we were very grateful. Thank you again Stefan Dunn ! Awesome job !

  279. Rae Burlos 2023/07

    A friend recommended Clear Defense to me and I am so happy she did. I am very pleased with my first service and I am impressed with the plan of attack on my ant and wasp issue. Thank you Clear Defense for being professional and timely. Greg was wonderful at explaining what he was doing and answered all my questions very professionally.

  280. Nick Palmer 2023/07

    Hey I been through a few different companies and none come close to Clear Defense, they are so thorough! Always on time and they take pride in the services they provide! This time a Field Service Techs Adin and Jerome took care of the property and they were courteous and did a excellent job ! 100 percent satisfied with the service ?

  281. Dana Murphy 2023/07

    Ray from Clear Defense
    Ray was professional and worked hours.
    He explained things in detail. He worked very hard on a very hot day! Excellent service.

  282. Dana K 2023/07

    We have been using this company since we moved and it has been well worth the cost. We don’t have any kind of bug problem. When our cat killed a mouse, clear defense sent a technician to inspect both inside and outside. They were very quick to schedule us in, which I really appreciate. Our technician was Matthew Pace and he was great! He explained where the mice were coming in from, plugged the holes he could, and promised to follow up. Thanks Hew!

  283. Devin Stokes-Howell 2023/07

    Jayme KIRBY, did an excellent job both performing the treatment, but also educating me in best process and explaining ways to target insects present in the exterior of my home. Thank you!

  284. Scott Freer 2023/07

    Shane is a great tech. He was professional, polite and even filled some holes around the foundation as a preventative measure.

  285. Genevieve Mellott 2023/07

    I am relieved that ClearDefense Pest Control cares about pollinators. They control the pests where we need it, and let my garden thrive. Jayme came out yesterday and did a wonderful job with our mosquito and tick service. He made recommendations on how they could make an even better plan for us. Totally pleased!

  286. Rebecca Ivins 2023/07

    Clear Defense is a superior choice for pest control. I am a repeat customer and have used this company in my previous home as well. They have superior customer service and proven results. Alex and Brad are informative, friendly and on time! Cannot recommend this company enough.

  287. Front Desk 2023/07

    We frequently use ClearDefense Pest Control, and they are amazing. Today we had the pleasure of working with Adin, and he was awesome, probably the best technician who has come out to spray our building. He was a great communicator with us and very informative. He let us know what he found, what he did, and if there were any issues. ClearDefense always helps us with the bugs, which is great because we are near the woods. We definitely look forward to working with Adin again 🙂

  288. jamie mcgovern 2023/07

    We’ve been using Clear Defense for a few years now and couldn’t be happier! Every service is great and keeps the bugs away. Special shoutout to Stegan w/Clear Dense–I had a work meeting pop up right before he arrived, so he was very flexible and treated the inside of our house first, and then the outside in an effort to keep our dog quiet while I was on my work call. It was very appreciated! Totally recommend Clear Defense to anyone trying to decide which pest service to use!

  289. Its_Deb 2023/07

    Jared with ClearDefense Pest Control performed my monthly mosquito service. He did a great job, removed all standing water and was very professional. This service has been a benefit and has allowed me to enjoy spending more time in my yard.

  290. Catalina McCullough 2023/07

    Ray with ClearDefense Pest Control was excellent. Great customer, service, and extremely knowledgeable, he was able to answer all my questions related to the products used.

  291. Linda Dorn 2023/07

    We had Calvin F. Here from Cleardefense. He was professional and listened to our concerns about being bite on upper level of house and lower. He asked about recent activities and we mentioned that we came back from vacation a week ago. He recommended we get bed bug sprayed/flea sprayed. We wouldn’t of thought of it ourselves cause we have no animals but the bites do look like flea or bed bugs. It actually adds up and he escalated it to the office and we are getting sprayed next week. We are thankful for this company and their diligent employees! Keep up the great work!

  292. Walter Ruggieri Neder 2023/07

    We’ve been a customer of Clear Defense for a few years now and I have to say they are very diligent with their service, all the technicians are well prepared and I didn’t have one bad experience yet! Today KYLE MAI and his partner Jacob were very professional and came back the same day at the end of their shift to take care of a yellow jackets spot in my back yard that I wasn’t able to show them in person, because I wasn’t home. Thank you for your hard work!

  293. Derrick Branson 2023/07

    The two technicians that serviced my home were nothing less than courteous, polite, competent, and professional. Thank you for offering a great, effective product, and for the continued stellar service.

  294. Jake 2023/07

    I use Cleardefense pest control. They do a great job with general pest control for my home and their mosquito control for my yard over the past few years. Just got serviced by their technician Ben and he was awesome! I recommend Cleardefense pest control for your pest needs. Ben does a great job every time.

  295. Brook Ballard 2023/07

    Kyle Mai completed our first quarterly service today and did an A+ job. Went above and beyond in all regards. Took the time to show me where different nests and hives were before removing. All said and done he spent several extra hours ensuring every inch of the house was treated. We look forward to continuing our service!

  296. D.I. Rodzewicz 2023/07

    Ray from ClearDefense Pest Control just completed my initial treatment. He was very informative, professional, friendly, great with animals and had excellent communication. I would highly recommend Ray.

    Shane from ClearDefense Pest Control just completed my first treatment He was very informative and have me a run down on what he saw and what to look for in the future. He was also, professional, friendly, great with animals and had excellent communication. I would highly recommend Shane. The product is a top shelf product for a reasonable price. Y’all should switch and help support a local company with good customer and employee care.

  297. Catie Beard 2023/07

    Ben provided us service today, and he went above and beyond to help with some insect pests that he wasn’t even at our home to treat this time around. We really appreciate his thoroughness today!

  298. ANGELSBANE 2023/07

    Stefan from Clear Defense Pest Control was magnificent, he did an extraordinary job addressing all of our pest concerns. Thanks to Stefan we no longer have mice in our home and are happy to be Clear Defense Pest Control customers. Stefan is also very knowledgeable and great with our animals! Thank you Stefan!

  299. Chris 2023/07

    Breyon of ClearDefense Pest Control was fantastic! He was super knowledgeable and answered all my questions. He explained everything he was doing and informed me how long to wait for my pets to go outside (about 45 min). With first impressions being everything, Breyon’s professionalism spoke volumes for the company he works for. I’m very pleased with my service.

  300. Alvin Seale 2023/07

    Admin from Clear Defense did a great job with my service. Timely, efficient, and responsive. I would definitely recommend.

  301. Shavonda Early 2023/07

    I can’t recommend ClearDefense enough! They are a dream to work with, which is why we’ve been loyal customers for nearly 5 years. All of the technicians are wonderful but I have to highlight Jared L. He went above and beyond for us today and deserves to be recognized!

  302. Patti McBride 2023/07

    I’ve been very happy for a long time with ClearDefense – but they struggled to eradicate a Yellowjacket ground nest in my front yard after 3 visits – the last visit (Friday) which they were there for a couple hours and did several treatments. However, I needed the Yellowjackets gone by yesterday (Saturday) when I was hosting a party… but when I woke up there were still several flying around the nest entrance. Went out and bought a can of this stuff from Lowe’s which seemed to clear them up almost immediately – zero activity since. It’s frustrating I had to go out and treat it myself after 3 visits – but I get these things can happen.

    Kevin was truly awesome – and I believe used everything the company had to offer – just wasn’t as effective as the $5 spray from Lowe’s. Grateful he was also willing to spray my yard day of when I signed up for mosquito service also Friday – that was amazing service.

    Overall I’m still sticking with ClearDefense – but wish the Yellowjacket nest situation had gone differently.


  303. Melanie Mack 2023/07

    I’m a regular customer of Clear Defense Pest Control, mainly for control of spider webs and ants. Alex and Adin did a great job at our last visit. The treatments have made a huge difference for us on our home, especially around lighted areas and windows. I highly recommend Clear Defense Pest Control.
    Melanie M.

  304. Preet Nijjar 2023/07

    It’s one of the best company clear defense,they doing wonderful technician name is Stefan,he is very responsible technician,he takes his time to do his work very sincerely.he is very professional and hard working person.we really liked his job.

  305. Linda Andrews 2023/07

    Alex came out today to respray for a couple spiders and we had a bad bee problem and he sprayed for them. Clear Defense always does a fantastic job and Alex was no exception. Always happy with them

  306. Kisha B 2023/07

    Our tech Alex @ Clear Defense came out to our home on 7/22/23 and did an amazing job . He explained what he was going to be doing and answered all of our questions . Great customer service . Alex was awesome and very knowledgeable!!

  307. CeCile Gilbertson 2023/07

    We discovered a bee problem over the weekend while doing yard work. Monday morning we reached out to ClearDefense Pest Control and they were able to send out a technician the same day. Breyon G. came out and handled our issue like a boss. He was on time, knowledgeable and friendly. Our family is glad to have found such a good company to handle our pest control needs.

  308. James Gill 2023/07

    Great service!! Brad and Madison clearly explained what treatments were included in my service visit. They carefully administered the treatment without disrupting my activities. The team was professional, detailed, and efficient. I highly recommend ClearDefense, as well as, Brad and Madison.

  309. Kate Mullery 2023/07

    Brad from clear defense was great! He did a great job explaining what to look for and doing our indoor treatment, we highly recommend him and the company

  310. jazz fulfilled 2023/07

    Let me start with… the rest of these reviews are real…
    We have them come out and service our home long term.
    David from clear defense did a Phenominal Job on 7/24/2023
    He did the most through and professional job ever. Hands down- I didnt have to repeate what the problem areas were, they came ahead of schedual and but on footies before coming in the house. Super respectful and friendly. Shared tips and information We have used probably 4 or 5 different pest control services in the last 3 years and they blew all of them out of the water. They even knocked down ALLLL the spider webs! above and beyond service. A++++

  311. Sidney Chappell 2023/07

    Adin of Clear defense pest control had amazing customer service with a great attitude. Really appreciated his friendliness while on the job!

  312. Pam Holtz 2023/07

    David did a great job addressing our concerns about current pests. He was thorough and took care to avoid our vegetable garden as requested. He explained the product used and why it was used. Excellent service! Thank you.

    7/12/23 – David returned for follow up ant service and all went well. Thank you for the follow up in addressing the ant issue.

  313. Reginald Bagby 2023/07

    Kyle Mai was AWESOME! He was super thorough and made us feel at ease about Clear Defense program. Would ask Clear Defense to ALWAYS send Kyle back to our home for servicing. Will tell my neighbors about Clear Defense, and Kyle as well!!

  314. Gregory Barlage 2023/07

    David was here today for mosquitoe service. He did great job. I asked him to hit our deck area a little extra and he was happy to oblige. Great guy

  315. Breon Smith 2023/07

    Just had ClearDefense Pest Control Technician Travis come by the house. He was very prompt, respectful and did an amazing job spraying the interior and exterior of our home. Thank you Travis, until next time.

  316. Kendra Dunn 2023/07

    Marcelus & Calvin from ClearDefense are THE BEST. They are dedicated, knowledgable, friendly, and have excellent attention-to-detail. They take great care to protect my home from pests. So glad, I have them and ClearDefense on my side. Highly recommend!

  317. Jane Little 2023/07

    Shane and Carl were the technicians that took care of my house. They let me know ahead of time when they would be here. They were very courteous a d polite when here. They made sure they addressed any issues I had and kept me informed as to their findings at the end of the visit. I would recommend them to anyone.

  318. Kim Mulvey 2023/07

    Excellent service by my service specialist, MARCELUS Wilkinson today. He was through, professional and answered all my questions. I highly recommend ClearDefense Pest Control.
    Kudos to MARCELUS Wilkinson!

  319. Bob Leighty 2023/07

    ClearDefense demonstrates Excellent customer service, knowledgeable and courteous technicians. A real Benchmark for how service organization should operate

  320. Austin Martin 2023/07

    Had a sugar ant problem, Breyon and Marcellus attacked the problem head on with no slack. A quick, detailed and overall professional team who will deal only in facts, without the typical upselling attempts you see with other companies. Happy I called and you will be too.

  321. Joshua Mines 2023/07

    Breyon with ClearDefense Pest Control was very professional and explained everything about what to expect with the treatment and future interactions. He was punctual and very friendly to my whole family. A+ customer service

  322. Rowshaun Epps 2023/07

    Stefan with ClearDefense Pest Control did an amazing job performing the initial service on our home today! He was very knowledgeable, personable, and responsive. We look forward to many years of working together to control the pest at our home.

  323. Ann Tilley 2023/07

    Breyon & Stefan were very professional and explained my services very well 🙂 Stay cool in the heat and we’ll see you next month.

  324. Carol West 2023/07

    Stefan, I was very pleased with his professionalism along with how quickly he performed his service.. and on other occasions he did not mind extending his time to perform his work services with clear defense.

  325. John Taylor 2023/07

    I’m a big fan ClearDefense Pest Control. Our technician Ray was awesome! Highly recommended!

  326. Mark 2023/07

    We just had our first service with ClearDefense pest control to take care of a roach problem in the kitchen. Breyon Golson came out soon after I called and helped us move our appliances out of the way and let us clean behind them before he sprayed and treated for roaches.

    Shane, Kyle, and then Justin/Joe have come out the other 3 services to finish treating the German Roaches. Everyone was very helpful and friendly, I will definitely be using their services for any future issues. The roaches are almost entirely gone after less than 2 months

  327. Shameka Mallory 2023/07

    Brad St. Clair from Clear Defense came out to do my initial service. He was personable, knowledgeable, thorough, and extremely professional. He took the time to talk to me about the service, what he would be looking for, my concerns and questions. I was shocked to find out he had only been with the company a short time because he carried himself as a seasoned professional. Great service so far! Thank you Brad. I appreciate our conversation and your expertise!

  328. Chris Watson 2023/07

    7/19: David with Clear Defense was amazing. He was very kind and courteous and put a little extra effort into addressing my mosquito concerns. 5 stars for David!
    This company is great. The technician, Chris, is very polite. He had to be patient because it took us a while to answer the door. He took good care of our house and we will definitely use them again.

  329. Andrew Felker 2023/07

    A seemingly purported salesman, who appeared under 25, stopped by. He was wearing a Clear Defense company polo shirt.

    The 3-star review is ONLY regarding the salesman’s reflection on the business. The three star review is not intended to imply that the company has committed any egregious offense.

    I posted a Reddit video of the seemingly purported sales pitch. Perhaps the visit was actually a cancel-culture attack? I removed the video this morning. It is available on the cloud.

  330. Alexis Manuel 2023/07

    Alex and Jarod have made this experience so easy and painless. They are not just thorough with their explanations but with the service as well. Alex came and serviced the house and made sure I was Aware of what his was doing every step of the way.

  331. Donta Myrick 2023/07

    Brad from Clear Defenese was our technician today. He was very informative, very down to earth and extremely transparent which is something all customers love. We will recommend Brad from Clear Defense to everyone we know that needs this service. Thanks Brad!!

  332. Randall Thornton 2023/07

    I’ve been using Clear Defense Pest Control for the past 2 years and have no complaints whatsoever. Adin came by today to provide more excellent service. We just started the mosquito service and I am just as confident I will notice a difference as I do with all of their services.

  333. Dana Crocker-Farrar 2023/07

    My experience has been great! From the initial phone call to set up the appointment, everything was explained to me well. The gentleman was attentive to our needs, explained the service that best fits, and spoke as if he already knew me. Bryeoon, our technician was sooo professional! He called when he was on his way, explained everything and went straight to work. I respect anyone who works in this heat and he completed his job as if the heat didn’t matter. I highly recommend this company.

  334. Jeff Lail 2023/06

    Adin was extremely helpful during today’s inspection and service. He was eager to listen to our concerns regarding some insects that we have never seen before and their ability to enter the living area of our home. He went above and beyond our expectations treating the inside of our home as well as the exterior of our home. He was very polite and courteous throughout his visit, and he is definitely an asset to ClearDefense. We are very pleased with the level of service we received from Adin.

  335. Susan Williams 2023/06

    Greg from Clear Defense Pest Control was professional and personable. He answered all of my questions and addressed all of my concerns. Highly recommend

  336. Darian Giddens 2023/06

    I have had ClearDefense for a few years now and they are a great company. David completed my most recent appointment and as always was very professional and provided great service!

  337. Jasmine Alves 2023/06

    I had an absolutely fantastic experience with Breyon G. He gave me a call, letting me know that he could make it early. On top of that he was very polite and thorough in his work. Even getting my gazebo in the back! Highly recommend him for services, even offered his own personal line if I ever have any complications with the service. 10 out of 10!

  338. Caitlin Raines 2023/06

    We’ve had Clear Defense for over 2 years. We’ve always been very happy with them but recently we had the best visit yet. We were having some breakthrough problems with pests as we do yearly. Grayson was awesome! He went above and beyond to help us with our issue. He sprayed the entire house inside and out and put granules down. He was on time, super polite, very thorough and accommodating. He did an amazing job! It’s obvious he cares about his customers and doing the best job possible. Also, I sent the email to the company on Friday night that we were having issues and they called Saturday morning. I’ve never been happier with a pest company!

  339. Joe Jennings 2023/06

    ClearDefense is wonderful. They do their quarterly inspections timely. Greg and Adin were very professional and did an excellent job for us.

  340. Allison Singer 2023/06

    I just had Ray from Richmond ClearDefense come out for a mosquito treatment. Ray was great with communication leading up to and during the treatment. He gave me useful insight about other treatments I may benefit from without being pushy. He executed the treatment with expediency and was a joy to interact with. Thanks so much Ray, I hope I never see a mosquito ever again!

  341. Allison Morrison 2023/06

    We had a fantastic experience with Jayme! He was on time, and super informative! He walked me through everything that he was doing made some recommendations to help us out in the future, and made sure to get every nook and cranny. He was very professional, and incredibly kind our dog loved him as well. we’ve been having issues with spiders over the past few weeks and he came as soon as he could and helped us get rid of them. We highly recommend clear defense for your pest control needs.

  342. Amy Villafane 2023/06

    We had our first treatment this afternoon done by Breyan G. with ClearDefense Pest Control. He showed up on time and was very friendly and professional. He answered all of my questions and as an added bonus, he gave my dog lots of love! So glad we chose ClearDefense Pest Control!

  343. Roslyn Floyd 2023/06

    ClearDefense Pest Control always does an awesome job with informing me of my upcoming Appointment for my pest control application.

    My Technician Joe thoroughly applied pest control treatment and explained what was accomplished today. I really appreciated that.

    He also let me know when his application was complete. Joe was very courteous and professional! Great Job.

  344. Lou Marmo 2023/06

    Brad, our technician, was extremely thorough and friendly. Explained everything he was doing really well. Very happy.

  345. Keitha Orth 2023/06

    Kyle did a great job and was very customer service oriented. I have been very pleased with the service from Clear Defense

  346. Steven Slocum 2023/06

    Jerome at cleardefense was fantastic. Walked us through the whole process. Was on time and extremely personable. Would enjoy him coming back again to service our house.

  347. Tanya williams 2023/06

    Greg serviced my home today and Clear Defense did another great job! Greg was prompt, attentive to my needs and a great communicator! I recommend anyone reading this message to sign up with ClearDefense for services Asap!

  348. Jessica Chrisinger 2023/06

    Clear defense has been awesome!!! We called them when we started noticing ants getting in our house. They came and did the inside and outside and the very next day we were ant free. For the service we got, they come every 90 days to retreat the outside. Jared and Stefan came for our follow up and we’re very quick, efficient, and super nice! They let me know if we have any issue again, big or small that they’ll come right back out to help. 10/10 highly recommend ?

  349. Lori Hall 2023/06

    Breyon from Clear Defense was prompt, polite and thorough. I feel he provided service far above what other companies had done in prior years at my home. Thank you!

  350. Jason Vondersmith 2023/06

    Ray was awesome from start to finish! Will came and got us set up, and I was expecting a tech to simply come spray and then leave. But ray was extremely personable and explained all the services to me. Including a mosquito fog that im excited about

  351. Shavanti Houchens 2023/06

    We switched over to ClearDefense after receiving a recommendation from a few neighbors utilizing their services and suffering past trauma from dealings with Ardent Pest and Lancaster as our past pest agents. Without a doubt I’d recommend ClearDefense to anyone! After calling them just a few days short of our first appointment, they were able to accommodate our preferred availability, given the mosquito issues we were having, and even offered 50% off our first service as a nice welcome. Our technician, Breyon G., showed up to our house on time, respectfully greeted us and was very knowledgeable about the products he was using. We received service in our garage, full exterior of lawn and an added surprise with interior service. At the end of our service, Breyon made sure to walk us through all of the sites he attended to and left a handwritten thank you card before exiting. I’d say 3rd time is certainly the charm for us with pest services and we are throughly pleased with both Breyon and ClearDefense.

  352. Alejandro Guzman 2023/06

    Ray with Clear Defense was an awesome tech. He was prompt, friendly, and very thorough. The excellent customer service and professionalism put us at ease from the get go as this was the first time we’ve used a service like this. He took the time to thoroughly explain the process and ensured we were made aware of everything going on. We were glad to learn that everything used is EPA safe for everyone in our family, including our pets. Highly recommend.

  353. Brittany Renee 2023/06

    I have been using Clear Defense since I moved to VA and I am blown away by them. I’ve never worked with a more reliable, friendly, knowledgeable service ever. Every technician and every person in their office is beyond amazing. Shane is so wonderful and helpful. His knowledge and friendliness go beyond expectations. He goes the extra mile and does such an amazing job. I wish every company I used for my house was even half as good as them. I cannot stress how much I recommend them to everyone.

  354. Haily Grogan 2023/06

    We live in the country and have had ALOT of bug issues. After hearing great things from our neighbors, we finally decided to reach out. Ray was awesome! Super professional, friendly and full of knowledge. I’d definitely recommend!

  355. Sarah Z 2023/06

    Jayme and Jared came out to our business last week and did a wonderful job!! They were thorough, informative, and friendly. Would highly recommend Clear Defense Pest Control.

  356. Liz Krash 2023/06

    Joe and Adin from ClearDefense came for quarterly inspection today. Joe was very friendly, professional and thorough. He addressed my ant issue and said he will follow up to make sure it was enough. Would definitely recommend. Thanks Joe!

  357. Jen Miller 2023/06

    This was my first time using ClearDefense Pest Control and I had a great experience! Ray came to my home and was very kind, explained the process and answered all my questions. He was both thorough and efficient. I highly recommend ClearDefense Pest Control to anyone who’s considering their services!

  358. David Briggs 2023/06

    We called ClearDefense because we had a wasps nest attached to our house the size of a basketball. Brad and Alex were AMAZING! They both went above and beyond my expectations. They cleared our wasps nest to the very best of their availability and explained what they were doing throughout the whole process and communicated what will happen next to ensure they don’t come back. We are so happy with our service, the professionalism, and our wasp and bug free house!

  359. Cristal Reese 2023/06

    We love the service we receive from the ClearDefense Pest Control team. Breyon was our most recent technician and he not only was was attentive and thorough to our pest control needs but even able to help provide information for us to help our neighbors set up similar service. Their service is effective and prices are fair. We highly recommend them!

  360. Yuree Byul 2023/06

    STEFAN from Clear Defense came to treat my home and, of course, he did a wonderful job. Not only was he very good and professional at what he did but he was very friendly and offered excellent customer service! Clear Defense will never let you down. Also, I signed up for their special deal with Mosquito/Ticks/Flea treatment through MARCELUS, one of their best managers! Thank you for protecting my home and keeping it pest-free. Their service is worth every penny 🙂

  361. Sarah Brown 2023/06

    Super easy to get scheduled. Brad came out to my house and was very friendly, informative, and professional. Would recommend!

  362. kristina edmonds 2023/06

    Clear Defense was referred by a friend and I am so glad to have learned of them! Ben Wagner was very quick to respond to my inquiry as well as setting up my first service within 2 days of calling. Spencer and Hew came out to perform the service and not only were they VERY punctual, but they were also so very polite, professional, and quick! 10/10 will recommend to a friend.

  363. Larry Kriebel 2023/06

    Just had our quarterly pest control service with ClearDefense pest control….our technician Jayme was communicative, thorough and efficient while on site. He answered all of my questions and had a pleasant demeanor, which reflects well on himself and the company. We appreciate the service!

  364. barbara george 2023/06

    Today was my initial visit using Clear Defense. I have a mice issue and am petrified of them. Calvin was my tech and I cannot express how pleased I am. Calvin really cared about my issue. He took a long time here trying to leave no stone, or should I saw hole unturned. He explained so much to me, told me what to expect and to reach back out with any issues. I love this guy and recommend him highly. I usually don’t do these reviews but Calvin earned my time. Thank you Calvin. I believe I will get rid of these horrible mice thanks to you and Clear Defense!

  365. Sandra Hartley 2023/06

    Today I had my inspection and initial treatment by Jerome at ClearDefense Pest Control. This was an excellent introduction to the company. Jerome was here during the quoted timeframe, was personable and knowledgeable. As well he was very thorough and patient with my questions. So far I am very impressed!

  366. Meg Patton 2023/06

    Living in the country, we have a ton of bugs and Clear Defense helps to keep them out of our house. The technicians are always friendly, especially Ben and Adin who came out today and did a great, efficient job!

  367. JP Services 2023/06

    Brad from Clear Defense was wonderful. He provided great customer service, was professional, and very informative. I would recommend Brad from Clear Defense to anyone in need of Pest Control Services.

  368. Kelly Rudd 2023/06

    David D. at ClearDefense Pest Control was on time, courteous and very thorough at making sure my home was treated properly. His professionalism and communication methods are outstanding. He informed me what he planned to do. He’s a nice young man.

  369. Mary Phillips 2023/06

    Stefan was prompt and professional. He took the time to explain his services and knocked down my wasps nests and put a good treatment throughout my home. Additionally , he answered any questions I had. Posting on behalf of Michelle Paul

  370. N D 2023/06

    Ray was incredibly thorough and super pleasant! We were using a different company for a long time, and we are so glad we finally switched back to Clear Defense.

  371. Heather Harrison 2023/06

    I have been using ClearDefense pest control for over a year, great company respectful and always on time. Thanks Tony and Payne for keeping all bugs away! ?️?

    Heather ? …

  372. Brian M 2023/06

    Thorough! Brad S from Clear Defense did an amazingly thorough analysis of our needs and applied the chemicals and products needed. Very knowledgeable on the products being used and took the time necessary to answer all of our questions and concerns.

  373. Antoine K 2023/06

    David and Grayson did a great job today.. the company has been treating our property for over two years and no matter which representative shows up, customer service is always strong. Always quick, professional and thorough.

  374. Didi Cohen 2023/06

    Our original issue was wasps and our tech Jayme was professional, courteous, helpful, thorough and knowledgeable. Even the phone customer service techs were knowledgeable, and super helpful. We are excited to begin our full service with Clear Defense Pest Control.

    6 months later- Just had a routine maintenance completed with Calvin from Clear Defense Pest control and we continue to be very pleased with this company. As with all the techs and customer service providers we’ve encountered with Clear Defense, Calvin was professional, courteous, thorough, knowledgeable, respectful and kind to our pet ?. Not only have we been bug free, we have always had a positive experience with everyone at Clear Defense, as with Calvin today

  375. Ebony Diamond 2023/06

    Breyon was very professional and knowledgeable about the services provided. He explained the process of my first appointment and what to expect for the follow ups. I would definitely recommend both he and Clear Defense to all of my family and friends!

  376. Amanda Hayzlett 2023/06

    We’ve been using ClearDefense for about two years and they have always been responsive, professional and knowledgeable. We’ve had some issues with ants on our back patio. They treated today and will even be following up within a week to make sure the issue has been resolved, and will come back if not! Both Ray and Shane were very kind and explained the service they were providing with great detail. Thank you!!

  377. SimStreet 2023/06

    Excellent work by Tim Cottrell. He called before arriving and treated every part of the house, from garage to attic. It is my experience that Clear Defense Pest Control always makes their appointments (weather permitting) and provides good quality service. I unhesitatingly recommend them.

  378. Nancy Davis 2023/06

    The technician Jayme was the most respectful, polite, informative, professional, while performing our service. After this first exterior treatment, results were amazing. I look forward to a long relationship with this company in servicing pest control for our home.

  379. Wes Anderson 2023/06

    We’ve had a lot of techs come out from Clear Defense Pest Control come out here and all have been very good. There is one thought that spends much more time and great results, Ben CDPC. When I comment on that he spends more time than the other techs he said it’s because he’s older and wiser. Always love seeing him get out of that van!

  380. Kyle Gurgick 2023/06

    Greg from clear defense was wonderful. Without prompting he knew not to spray my vegetable garden, he found the trail of ants to my infants room and treated that, he refilled the bait stations, and found problems I didn’t know about. Very courteous and knowledgeable.

  381. Marjorie Merkey 2023/06

    I have used ClearDefense Pest Control for several years now at two properties. They are very professional and easy to work with. Travis came just yesterday for my quarterly treatment and was professional and efficient.

  382. C4 Armory 2023/06

    Ray was the tech from CLEAR DEFENSE who came out to do our first in-home/outside service. He was very professional and personable. He took his time, explained everything. He removed any exterior spider webs/nests, went through the entire house to treat all the baseboards/stairways, place sticky traps and did a gel treatment address any areas where ants were previously active. He sprayed the entire outside of the house from the screened in porch, foundation and all the way up to the roof. Very pleased with the Ray and level of professionalism thus far.

  383. Deborra Fox 2023/06

    Doug was our very knowledgeable technician from Clear Defense. He was professional, friendly, and did a very thorough job of spraying our home inside and out for your typical pests, dewebbing our home from the many spiders (even crawl space and 2nd story windows finished off with pressure washing!), and treated our entire yard for mosquitos. Absolutely great service. Excited to continue using their services.

    UPDATE: We’re still using Clear Defense a year later and are very happy with the service. Kyle was our technician today, and he was so friendly and proactively shared information related to the warmer weather. Still a satisfied customer! Thank you!

    We’ve also had Shane and David assist us with excellent customer service!

  384. Ryan M 2023/06

    SHANE ZUPO came out yesterday to do my service, (he has come out before) he is always friendly, definitely knowledgeable, and doesn’t take shortcuts while looking around.

  385. Kerri Rhodes 2023/06

    Great service today. My technician was polite, told me there was a huge snake by the front door and then nicely removed a snake skin it left behind. He went above and beyond. Thank you.

  386. Sue Blair (Sue Blair) 2023/06

    Calvin and Jerome did an incredibly thorough job finding a couple of ant nests in our back and side yard. They were on time and extremely efficient. A huge thank you for coming out so quickly after I called.

  387. David Nuckols 2023/06

    Kyle from Clear Defense did a great job, he is always on time. Best part about him, he is always smiling. He said, if you have any issues, just call us back. Guess what he means it. with all the rain, Mosquitos have been bad, and he just comes back and retreats my entire 2.25 acres. And still smiles when he leaves. Best Price and Best Service, we left for one month, to go with a friend and came back immediately. My wife got to tell me she told me so. lol Would recommend ever day !!!

  388. Mark TANNER 2023/06

    Kyle from ClearDefense did a great job with our mosquito service. He was very courteous and respectful of our son taking a nap.

  389. CR Fam 2023/06

    ClearDefense is amazing. I have been a customer for about a year and all the technicians are always so kind, professional and really rise above previous companies I have used. Jared L. & Kevin came to my home last week to do my service and Jared was eager to please. Thank you ClearDefense.

  390. bruce cox 2023/06

    Very professional and timely service. David exercised great care when treating newly installed mulch beds and tool extra precautions in protecting delicate plants we had recently planted.

  391. Kelly Woodroof 2023/06

    It was wonderful working with Breyon from Clear defense pest control! Very professional and thorough. He took a lot of time to inspect my nanas house and make sure he set traps where they were needed! Great experience so far 🙂

  392. S. Barham 2023/06

    Ray Bryant was the best. Very thorough and confirmed a suspicion that I had mice drippings. I ended my services with the last company who had to have seen the drippings and ignored it. I.chose Clear Defense due to tbs ratings and so glad I did.

  393. Abby Kerzhner 2023/06

    We are very happy with the service we received today. Our technician, Madison Smith was thorough and professional. It was blazing hot outside and she worked hard to get the job done well. ✔️ She even arrived early!

  394. Susan Hurt 2023/06

    Marcelus and Kevin did a very thorough job. Marcelus explained in detail what he was going to do. He listened to our concerns, and we felt that he went above and beyond our expectations to ensure that we were satisfied. We think that all of your staff and technicians provide exceptional service. These days it feels rare to have a phone call answered on the first ring and by someone who seems fully committed to addressing your issues and questions. We recommend Clear Defense wholeheartedly!

  395. Brzzz 2023/06

    Kyle Mai at ClearDefense Pest Control is awesome! So thorough, always very polite and professional.

  396. Ricardo Robinson 2023/06

    Shane was an excellent technician, very friendly and gave good advice and things to keep in mind with the seasons, he set up a follow up to check on how things are going after the service. I am a stickler for time and he came on time and even called prior, I recommend clear defense for your pest control needs

  397. Ethan Seligman 2023/06

    Ray from Clear Defense was fantastic. He was extremely communicative and did an excellent job. Real thorough work and great guy in general. I work in service myself so it really stands out when I am treated the way I hope my customers feel when they work with me. Thanks Ray.

  398. Sarah Rodriguez 2023/06

    Ben Wagner with ClearDefense Pest Control is professional , on time , and thorough. I’ve recommended to our landlord for our entire building, not just our unit.

  399. Bilquis ‘Bibi’ Chinn 2023/06

    Greg & Madison from ClearDefense Pest Control were very kind, thorough and responsive. They answered all of my questions and checked the property for anything that could be attracting mosquitoes, and took the time to explain what they did and why!

  400. Tyler Nealy 2023/06

    Grayson from ClearDefence was very professional. He showed great communication skills and informed me and walked me through the entire process. It was a relief to have someone help me and felt as if he went above and beyond to accomplish my needs! Thank you Grayson!

  401. Charles Faison 2023/06

    This was our first experience and treatment with Clear Defense. Brad and Alex arrived on time. They were very professional and explained in detail the services they would perform today and for the subsequent visits. They took the time to answer all of our questions. In addition to the standard services they inquired about any special concerns we have and I quickly informed them about our wasp problems all around the house but in the backyard in particular. They were able to identify the type of wasps we were dealing with and informed us of how they would be able to address this problem. At the end of the service they thoroughly explained what they did and what we could expect with the next treatment. They exceeded our expectations with this initial visit. So far we are very happy with the service. Based on this initial experience we would highly recommend Clear Defense…and if you happen to get Brad and Alex as your technicians, that’ll be a bonus.

  402. Larry Conner 2023/06

    We are new customers, we were having more spiders in our home than we liked. We had a previous local pest company a year ago that cannot compare to what we experienced on our initial visit. Kevin Kirby with Clear Defense, was very thorough, getting up high outside, getting spider webs, putting sticky traps in the garage, treating our entire basement. When he came inside he gave our son a bug alphabet book. We saw a few dead spiders already and he warned us we might see more before it gets better. We appreciate the time and thoroughness of his visit and look forward to not having so many indoor spiders.

  403. TonyR 2023/06

    Kyle from Clear Defense Pest Control came out to our property today and treated for mosquitos and ticks. Kyle did an exceptional job covering our complete property. We thank Kyle and Clear Defense for providing a great service. We enjoy being outside in the yard and not having mosquitoes attack us. Thank you.

  404. Danielle McCoy 2023/06

    We had a big storm roll through when our technician (David D.) was on the way to spray. He said he’d have to reschedule for later in the week. I was shocked when he showed up around 6:00 pm to spray for our monthly mosquito and quarterly! Fantastic customer service!

  405. Danielle Little 2023/06

    Brad with Clear Defense came by today. He was very professional, knowledgeable, and explained the entire process to me as this was my first treatment. He was very attentive to my concerns and answered all of my questions. Brad was very efficient and was also very thorough in his treatment!

  406. James Vick 2023/06

    Stefan our tech was wonderful. He did not ring the door bell as requested. It took him a few extra minutes to find house because the office did not have correct address. Additionally, he had to stop working and move the van which he did without any complaining. He is a good employee.

  407. Mallory Sweeney 2023/06

    Calvin from Clear Defense Pest Control was wonderful! He went above and beyond ensuring he got the wasps out of my mailbox as well as retreating other areas that needed it. Super patient and great technician- highly recommend!

  408. Nancy Kim 2023/06

    David from Clear Defense did a great job with my mosquito and home treatment. He was on time, courteous, professional, and thorough. Very pleased with the results I’ve had with Clear Defense and the experience I had today!

  409. Nick Pardue 2023/06

    Ben with ClearDefense was awesome! Arrived on time, was professional and knowledgeable about their services.

  410. Maurice Sanabria 2023/06

    Clear Defense provides quality pest control services. Ben, our technician, is always professional, provides a thorough service, offers feedback on findings, and arrives on time. I recommend them.

  411. Tim Haymore 2023/06

    Tim from Clear Defense was excellent, called first, then showed up on time and listened to what I needed. He went to work and then explained what he had done. Great service!!

  412. Kathryn Mischke 2023/06

    Alex, our tech was very professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. He also pointed out that we had some unopened bags of mulch that we haven’t put down yet, that we might want to have treated when we put it down. Good to know. Very happy with the company

  413. Elyse Granger 2023/06

    David and Toni are awesome! They take great care of us and we couldn’t be more grateful. When they found out I have a little boy who loves bugs they gave us a free bug coloring book. LOVE this company and so glad we switched!

  414. David Hill 2023/06

    As usual Shane did a great job and always arrive when they say. Gave me great advice and just a good person.

    Shane always does a great thorough job every visit. Can always count on Clear Defense to treat my property and never have an issue. No more spiders!!! Wife is happy!

  415. Huong Nguyen 2023/06

    We had Stefan over to help us exterminate insects and rodents. This is my first time with ClearDefense Pest Control and I was very happy with his service- he did a great job! I would recommend this service to others. Thank you ClearDefense and thank you Stefan!

  416. Barbara Gray 2023/06

    David from Clear Defense Pest control was welcomed at our home. He was on time and was most responsive to my request regarding issues of need on our property. David was professional with a great sense of understanding what our home needed for the day. We appreciated the quality of his work…. working to complete the job with a positive work ethic and attitude.

  417. Antoinette Smith 2023/06

    David F. was my technician and he was great. He appeared to take interest in my areas of concern. David was very informative and gave great instructions.

  418. Marcus Nowell 2023/06

    David was our technician and he was great. He took his time to thoroughly explain what was going on an what he was doing. He took his time and did a thorough job.

  419. Joey Condrey 2023/06

    I just had my first experience with them and so far so good. They have been responsive and professional. I was going to see how this service went before I did a full on pest service. Just may do it. My techs Stefon and I think Kay or Jay (First letter a little distorted) seemed to work fast and efficiently from what I can tell.

  420. Benjamin Franklin 2023/06

    Kyle did an excellent job. It was his first visit to our house, and he came prepared. He knew our preferences and asked if there was anything else he needed to know before getting started. He was extremely thorough. I hope he comes back again! Nice job, ClearDefense Pest Control.

  421. Lashae Jordan 2023/06

    David and Breyon came out and did a superb job once again. I wasn’t home but was able to communicate through my ring to them. I opened the garage so that they could render service inside and once they were finish, they communicated to me that I could close it back up. From the very beginning, this company has been up front about pricing and what the job entails. Professionalism goes a long way when dealing with various customers and I admire that no matter what representative comes out to conduct my service, the service is always excellent. There are a lot of compassionate people that work for this company and so I will say kudos to the manager for hiring such a great staff. Thanks guys, for such great service.

  422. Seddie Douberly 2023/06

    I was blown away! I actually ran into Brad at Sheetz and saw the van. I had another company come out earlier in the day and they didn’t seem to really care about my issues and wanted astronomical money. Not Brad!!! He is one of the most thorough people I’ve ever met! I explained my issues in the Sheetz parking lot and then he explained everything he would do down to the exact eco friendly chemicals they use. He then followed me to the house on a Friday night! When we got there he went over everything plus some and it gave me peace of mind. I’ve never experienced better service, kindness, attention to detail, knowledgeability, ever….!!! And not to mention very affordable!! Brad deserves a raise or vacation or something!! PLEASE DO NOT USE ANYONE ELSE…HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! CLEAR DEFENSE PEST CONTROL AND BRAD ARE AMAZING!!! ABOVE AND BEYOND!!! YOU WON’T BE DISAPPOINTED!! YES IM A REAL PERSON AND A REAL CLIENT!!! THANKS A MILLION!!!

  423. Z and D Mo 2023/06

    We switched our home pest maintenance to ClearDefense Pest Control after we had a customer representative come by our home and discuss their options and guarantees for service, specifically their mice, spider/cobweb coverage, and wasps, as these creatures in particular we struggle with based on our home and property layout.

    From the start, the representative Ada who came by our home, to calling for scheduling with Jared, and finally the over the top treatment job done by Breyon G., each of them were absolutely top-notch!

    The execution of the actual treatment of our home and extensive property we were not only thrilled with, but we have been so pleased with everyone’s pleasant interactions, and just delighted with how informative and understanding they all were with our specific needs as far as treatment goes and explaining each step to completion!

    Breyon was nothing short of awesome from the moment he was on our property, giving the outside and inside such attention to every detail and went above and beyond our expectations on removal of multiple wasp nests, spider web removal, and meticulous treatment! His thoroughness and eye for all those tricky areas showed how knowledgeable he was and that it wasn’t his first rodeo with a situation such as ours – even not skipping the dreaded, hot attic!

    We are looking forward to seeing the outcome from all the hard work that was done while in addition to knowing that we can have free retreatments, truly gives us piece of mind that they will keep at it until we are 100% pleased and the issues are at bay!

    Thank you Ada, Jared, and most importantly Breyon!!! 🙂

  424. Matthew MacDonald 2023/06

    David from ClearDefense Pest Control was great. Very professional, polite and knowledgeable. I would recommend ClearDefense to everyone.


    After 12 months of service, I would still highly recommend ClearDefense Pest control. Marcelus and Jayme at ClearDefense Pest Control did a great job. They were is personable, professional, and did a very thorough job. They went above and beyond to ensure I received 5 star service. Thank you.

  425. Tanya S 2023/06

    Shane from ClearDefense Pest Control did an excellent and thorough job treating my home. He is kind and knowledgeable and I highly recommend him and the company. Thank you!

  426. JBMDIV 2023/06

    Ray was my Technician for my home. Total professional young man that shown a outstanding work ethic! He not only delivered the product, he was very knowledgeable about the company’s services. I’m Retired Army and this young man displayed a unique sense of character not found in this generation today. Clear Defense Ray’s an asset to your company. I’m requesting now that Ray provides “All” my future services. He has had that type impact to me selling Clear Defense services!

  427. Emily Pritchett 2023/06

    Ray Bryant with ClearDefense Pest Control went over and above. Spent a bunch of time in the kitchen behind the stove and in and out of the house. Very friendly and knows his stuff.

  428. Zoinkz Nagito 2023/06

    Stefan and Marcelus were great! I had seen them next door and asked if they could spray for us and they did just that as soon as they could! i’ll be sure to recommend to others! -Kristen R.

  429. Shelley Johnson 2023/06

    Clear Defense was professional from the first call to through the initial treatment, and I look forward to continued service with them. Breyon, the Technician, spent time with me to explain everything I needed to know on the first visit. He was professional, engaging and informative. I would 100% recommend him and Clear Defense! It is apparent through their actions that this company believes in excellent service. I feel confident in my choice to work with them.

  430. Joshua Addison 2023/06

    Calvin has been to our house twice and has been excellent. He is very professional and personable. We hope Calvin continues to service our house with Clear Defense.

  431. Jenna Frantz 2023/06

    I had my first service done today with Jerome at Clear Defense and he was awesome! He persevered through a stubborn hornet nest in my bush and knocked it down for me, then scheduled a follow-up in a few days to make sure everything is taken care of. I’m glad I signed up for this efficient and quality service!

  432. AdysLynn Dill 2023/06

    JARED came out to our home and was very thorough treating our home. I appreciated him clearing out the spiderwebs on our playset as well! He advised us on extra protection plan to treat our extending yard of ticks and such to protect our kids and dogs. He was very personable!

  433. Anita Lopez 2023/06

    Alex Robles from Clear Defense came to treat my home/yard for mosquitos. He was very professional, but also nice and friendly.
    He also was able to answer all my questions. I am very satisfied with the service he provided.

  434. Delaney Young 2023/06

    David from Clear Defense came out to service. We have the typical every few months service but we had a little problem with ants from all of this rain and new construction around us. He took them time to explain the process, give clear directions, and asked if I had any questions. He was very helpful and kind.

  435. Daniel Ko 2023/06

    Hey ClearDefense,

    This is my first time writing a review for you guys, I personally don’t write reviews unless they’re terrible, and its rare I write a good one as great service is one of the things that are hard to come by these days. I appreciate the work that Greg and Madison put in today. They were very detailed and explained everything that they were going to cover including some of the concerns I had. Definitely deserve Kudos. Keep up the great work!

  436. Chris Lowery 2023/06

    Excellent experience! Ray, our technician, communicated very well throughout the entire process. He exceeded our expectations. Thank you, Ray.

  437. George Linkenhoker 2023/06

    We had Ben with ClearDefense Pest Control over today. He did a great job explaining the treatment process and spent the time to check the home for problem areas.

  438. Marlo Gibson 2023/06

    Breton G was exceptional. Walked me through the process as to how my home would be treated. Made me feel comfortable with the plan. Personable, friendly. Great customer service

  439. Leon Sydnor 2023/06

    Kevin K & Jared L with Clear Defense were great!! They were on time, kind and very helpful with my questions. Clear defense has made our yard enjoyable again.

  440. Lorie D 2023/06

    I love using ClearDefense Pest Control! Ben was my technician today. He came to the door to let me know he was there to spray the yard for mosquitos. I mentioned seeing a mouse sprint across the floor and was eventually caught. Right away he offered to do an inspection for possible entry points. When he came back to the door he brought me outside to show areas of concern such as missing venting covers and warped crawl space door. I highly recommend this ClearDefense Pest Control..

  441. Warren Uhler 2023/06

    I was very pleased with our first appointment. We moved here about three years ago and have had no pest problem until recently, when, unfortunately, rats moved in under the porch. Although it’s too early to tell how well the pest control will work, we are very pleased with our technican Madison, who did a thorough job inside and outside the house. She is new but enthusiastic and professional. I am looking forward to losing my “neighbors” and the potential damage they could cause.

  442. Allison McFarlin 2023/06

    Breyon G. from ClearDefense Pest Control came and treated our yard today for mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks. He was punctual, professional, and friendly! Since this was our first treatment, Breyon thoroughly explained what would be done today as well as helped me to identify the problem areas. We just moved into our home and he shared what additional services would look like in the event that we need them, which is always good to know. Highly recommend ClearDefense!

  443. Sad America 2023/06

    Kevin Kirby with Clear Defense Was very professional, listened to my concerns, and very knowledgeable in his field! My Location has an exterior infestation of ants, where my children play. Clear Defence Pest came out with a plan and treated my property as well as the inside. They have been a quality company going on three years now treating my dwelling. This is my first time having the yard treated and I am extremely happy with the services provided. Kevin was awesome! Extremely happy with services received!

  444. S Fleming 2023/06

    Jared L. arrived promptly today for our scheduled service call. Greatly appreciate the prompt, polite. thorough and reliable service from ClearDefenss Pest Control. Thank you!

  445. Rebecca Garrett 2023/06

    Adin and Kyle came out to service my property. They were very polite, took time to speak with me, and communicated their services. I appreciate them taking their time and explaining things and even sharing their monthly deal.

  446. Kelly Starry 2023/06

    Really loving the service from ClearDefense Pest Control! Very responsive and efficient. Stefan did an amazing job on our first visit and was very professional and through. Very happy to support local and glad to have a company that cares about their customers!

  447. Daniel Johnson 2023/06

    I have used this company for 3 years now. Got rid of my massive wasp infestation initially and they take care of them every spring for me since. If they spray and you still see activity they come back for no extra charge until they are gone. HUGH was great. Finished fast Thanks a lot. CLEAR DEFENSE IS THE BEST


  448. Lisa DiGangi 2023/06

    Ray from ClearDefense was friendly, professional, and incredibly helpful in my first appointment with them. I would definitely recommend!

  449. Mary Stuckey 2023/06

    Matthew, the technician who treated my property was wonderful. He was very professional and pleasant he made sure to remind me not to let my dogs out for a while after he completed the service. Overall the service was 10 out of 10

  450. Rachel Noto 2023/06

    I just had my first treatment with Clear Defense Pest Control and it went well. The technician Breyon was fantastic. He was on time, professional and very knowledgeable.

  451. Jim Vaile 2023/06

    David from Clear Defense came out because we were having serious ant issues on our deck. It’s been great being out there since he came. He was able to track down multiple nests in the yard and they are gone! I suggested using gasoline or a flame thrower but he talked me out of that, which is good because I think the HOA frowns on the use of open flames. I’m not sure if they have a problem with grenade tossing ninjas though. I’ll have to ask.

  452. Sandra Flanagan 2023/06

    We have been using Clear Defense for over a year now and can’t be more happy with the results. Grayson performed our mosquito service for today and took great care when treating our yard today. He took the time to pick up all our daughters toys out of the yard and place them out of the area he was servicing. All of their techs take great care and show extremely professionalism. Highly recommend them for your pest control needs.

  453. Josandra Giles-Faniel 2023/06

    My service today was performed by Stefan and I was thoroughly impressed with this young man. He was professional when he came to the door to let me know that he’d be performing my service. He was super courteous and friendly. The service has been working extremely well.

  454. Wade Johnson 2023/06

    Ray of Clear Defense texted us when he was running a little late and I appreciate that. He arrived and spent plenty of time telling me what he was going to do. He spent about 2 hours treating the house and our shed and especially our garage which had lots of spider webs and a history of mice. When he was done, he explained again what he had done and what would happen in the next visit and follow up by his company. He let me know his personal number and invited me to call him with any questions or to report a problem Ray is a very good representative of his company.

  455. A S 2023/05

    Kevin Kirby is awesome. Professional, personable, and informative! He was on time and represents ClearDefense Pest control as the reputable company that they are. Thanks again Kevin Kirby!

  456. Mark Parton 2023/05

    Just had my third service with ClearDefense and continue to be super impressed. Kevin came out to spray for mosquitoes and asked if I had seen any other activity. When I mentioned we had seen a few ants in the garage, he sprayed the interior perimeter and refreshed all the glue traps for no additional cost! Amazing! Really grateful for Kevin, ClearDefense, and the fantastic service they provide!

  457. LL L 2023/05

    Ray &Kyle from Clear Defense Pest Control performed an amazing job today! Love this company. Would recommend their services to all my friends!

  458. Dulce Reyes 2023/05

    Kyle Mai, your service is always top notch. Whether I’m home or away you always greet me (virtually or in person) with a smile. You always check in to make sure all my concerns are going to be addressed with every appointment. Thank you and ClearDefense for always taking such good care of my home. I’ve had no issues with the materials you use and no issues in my home. Thank you.

  459. Scott Hall 2023/05

    We have used ClearDefense pest control for about a year and they have been great to work with. We had an ant issue and Greg, Alex and Cal came our and resolved the issue in a timely manner. We will continue to use the service.

  460. Katelyn Paleos 2023/05

    Hugh came out to our house to help with a rodent issue and he was so professional and knowledgeable. The team as a whole is very responsive and helpful. I recommend them to everyone I can.

  461. Delila Boone 2023/05

    As of today I’ve been using ClearDefense for a whole year and I couldn’t say enough good things about my experience!!

    Joe came today and completed my interior and exterior spray. He was kind, courteous, thorough, and a joy to engage with. He listened to my prior pest woes and did a great job spraying down the exterior of my home.

    All the 5 star reviews are well warranted and I’ll be using ClearDefense in the years to come as well.

  462. Lilia Nunez 2023/05

    Very professional since the initial phone call, appointment setting very fast and great service by technician David Dummars, he was on time, gave a great explanation of the service and completed the service respectfully of all the house. Great Service

  463. Lindsey Brown 2023/05

    We just moved from NC to VA, curtesy of the military. Pest control is always high on my priority list when moving as I have an extreme aversion to spiders! After speaking with about 10 pest control companies in the area, I knew I had found the right company after coming across ClearDefense. Bill was extremely helpful and knowledgeable and answered about a hundred questions for me. Our technician, Ray, was extremely thorough and took time to really address our spider problem area (back deck). I have peace of mind knowing if any issues arise, I’ll be able to call and have them addressed quickly.

    ***Edited to say, I’ve continued to use ClearDefense during our time in VA. They have always done an outstanding job. Kevin & Ray were extremely friendly and professional during my quarterly spray and monthly mosquito service. Kevin was very knowledgeable and accommodating. I’d highly recommend these guys to anyone!

  464. Greg Carl 2023/05

    Kyle from ClearDefense Pest Control was phenomenal as always. Timely and very clear on my service for pest control and mosquito treatment. Kyle is one of the reasons I have stayed with ClearDefense for years!

  465. ce gm 2023/05

    We’ve been a customer for probably 5 years now and have always been happy with the service. The crew is always friendly and hard working, and today’s team of Jayme and Breyon were no exception. Highly recommend this company.

  466. Justin Harris 2023/05

    I received professional and timely service from ClearDefense Pest Control. Ray was an excellent technician. As a new home owner, pest control is highly important to me and this company has gave me and my family some peace of mind in that area.

  467. Kristina Lee 2023/05

    We have been using Clear Defense Pest Control for a while now and we love them. They are always friendly and provide great customer service. Our visit today was performed by Joe and he was so nice and answered all my questions and concerns. Since using them, we never have issues with bugs and if we do see a few here or there, they will come out for free to fix the issue.

  468. Meghan Wilson 2023/05

    David from ClearDefense came out today to treat our home for mosquitos/ticks. He was very thorough and even made sure to effectively treat our new shed in the backyard. He was even attentive to my children and dogs, making sure everyone was safe while the treatment was applied and dried. Very friendly and professional, as always!

  469. Zachary Campbell 2023/05

    We are new residents to Richmond and after significant research we landed with Cleardefense. Adin was our technician and was incredibly communicative and did a thorough job.

  470. Jody Dillis 2023/05

    David Drummond was my service tech, extremely knowledgeable, professional, and did an excellent job. Took his time to cover inside and outside of my home. Happy customer!

  471. Yarlene Villasmil 2023/05

    Shane Zupo with clear defense is one of the service specialist that comes to our home every so often, and he is also one of the best!… we have been using Clear Defense for a little Over 2 years and we have no complaints, these people are the best, very professional, very polite, we would recommend the Company and theirs service technicians without second thoughts! Kuddos to Shane! ?

  472. Albert Shakarian 2023/05

    Marcellas and Stefan were quick, professional, and knew what service they were providing when they pulled up. Nice guys, personable, and professional. They got to work, and were careful about the product application. They put a good face on this business.

  473. jessica harris 2023/05

    This All I got to say is FANTASTIC SERVICE!!! Jerome from ClearDefense Pest Control was so professional, kind and listened to all my concerns. He listened to me and didn’t judge me about the Cinnamon and Bleach I had all over the house to help keep the mice away LOL. Jerome literally went above and beyond to make sure he covered up all nooks and crannies that he or I seen. Sprayed the entire inside and outside. He made sure to go over any concerns or questions that I had. So glad I chose this company!

  474. Elizabeth Cannon 2023/05

    We always get great service with ClearDefense Pest Control! They always pick up the phone right away when I call. Our technician Shane did an awesome job at explaining what he was doing and being extra thorough with setting traps for a mouse who’s been in our house.

  475. Kevin Knott 2023/05

    We use ClearDefense for our quarterly pest control and couldn’t be more happy. The treatment is effective and the technicians are always great to work with. Shout-out to Payne and Jared who completed our service today. Thanks guys!

  476. Michael Chamberlain 2023/05

    Jerome at Clear Defense Pest Control did a awesome job. Explained everything very thoroughly. Great attitude. This was my initial service and feel like I chose the right company for the job. Looking forward to seeing the results.

  477. Spencer Wheeler 2023/05

    My first time meeting Greg, a supervisor for Clear Defense Pest Control, he was very professional. He introduced himself and thoroughly explained the reason for his visit. His answer to my question showed a high level of knowledge about the company and job.
    I have served in the military for twenty years and know leadership when I see it, and Greg is a good leader and supportive of his crews.
    Cal, the tech, is another knowledgeable professional who thoroughly explained what he would do, how he would do it, and how long it would take. As a pet owner, I had concerns, and Cal was able to address all my concerns regarding the products being used and pet safety, at a level I would only have expected from a supervisor.
    These gentlemen know and understand the importance of customer service and building valued client relations. This is a rare thing these days. I feel it is an invaluable quality for business that wishes to keep people coming back and growing. The two men care about providing a service to the best of their abilities. Clear Defense Pest Control should be proud of having such ambassadors representing and promoting their company. These two men have people skills that just can’t be taught.

  478. Donnie Hoover 2023/05

    Alex and Joe did a great job with our regular checkup. They were friendly, quick, and informative. Thanks!

  479. Johnathan Brenton 2023/05

    Our service with ClearDefense was great! Grayson was our tech for today and exceeded expectations. Not a bug in sight since we started with this company.

  480. Tanya Ketchum 2023/05

    We are completely satisfied with ClearDefense pest control service. Jayme and Jared were extremely polite, informative and explain the various services provided. Kudos to both of them. We highly recommend you use ClearDefense services. Thanks

  481. David Bass 2023/05

    The employees of this company, without exception, are the nicest, friendliest, and most customer service oriented people that I have had the pleasure of working with. Calvin came out to do our quarterly service earlier in the week, and he was extremely courteous, open, and friendly. As always, he did an over and above job on our property, treating around our outbuildings as well as the house itself, crawlspace, and garage.

    Fantastic company, amazing employees!

  482. Lisa Mcnamara 2023/05

    Ray Bryant from Clear Defense Pest Control came today for an inspection plus service on our house/yard. Ray Bryant is Extremely knowledgeable and professional. He took his time (roughly 2 hours) to take care of the issues and preventative service we requested. We have had pest control service in the past but this individual is the Absolute Best person we have ever had. Clear Defense is a very good company but I must say this person goes above and beyond to provide excellent service We highly recommend Clear Defense

  483. A Olivas 2023/05

    We had our first service today with ClearDefense. Our technician, Ray, was professional, knowledgeable and efficient. The experience so far has been great. From the start, the team has been communicative and thorough in our interactions and easy to get a hold of, thank goodness. Do the treatments work? We’ll just have to wait and see but darn it if this hasn’t been the most efficient and low pressure service I’ve had to schedule. Ray was a joy to work with and made sure we understood the process and what to expect in the coming weeks.

  484. Pam Garnett 2023/05

    Kevin and Ray from ClearDefense Pest Control did a great job and were so professional. They listened to my concerns and provided excellent customer service!

  485. Jared Bookbinder 2023/05

    Brad came to our house for a follow-up inspection. He set traps and did treatments for mice and cockroaches. He was very helpful and knowledgeable. He explained everything well and was a pleasure to work with. Brad seems to care a lot about the customer experience. 5 stars!

  486. Allison Dyer 2023/05

    Alex and Stefan did an incredible job today for us. We live right here the water so lots of bugs but not since ClearDefense … they are very professional and detail oriented. We appreciate them a lot and thank them for their good work.

  487. Alex Dizon 2023/05

    Kyle from ClearDefense was patient, knowledgeable, and friendly when he came to reservice a room in my house. I noticed increased activity of a beetle and Kyle was quickly able to identify it and inform me that it’s harmless. He sprayed around the room and explained exactly what he was doing. He also was patient when I had many questions for him. It’s wonderful that they offer free reservice. It really puts me at ease. The treatments also work very well to keep bugs at bay. I recommend this company.

  488. Jeff T 2023/05

    Ben at ClearDefense is someone you can trust to do a fantastic job! He’s on time, responsive, informative and willing to go the extra mile to make sure questions are answered and concerns are mitigated. I highly recommend Ben and ClearDefense.

    Follow-up service from Marcelus and Ryan has exceeded expectations. They are thorough, attentive and responsive. Our old house presents a number of challenges and they have helped work through everything. Thanks guys!

    Monthly mosquito service by Stefan and Jared and quarterly service by Shane from ClearDefense exceeded expectations! Thanks guys!

  489. E. M. Bailey 2023/05

    We have been very happy with ClearDefense Pest Control so far. This was our third service. Each technician has been professional, polite, responsive and interested in our concerns. Hugh and Alex were our technicians on this our third service. They were very responsive to our concerns about carpenter bees and carpenter ants. They shared their knowledge about our concerns and treated our property to address our concerns.
    The Bailey’s

  490. Meredith Lindale 2023/05

    We’ve been using ClearDefense for a year and a half and are always really impressed by how thorough, professional, and friendly the service specialists are. Calvin Sarkar treated our home today and was very detailed about what he found and how he took care of it. Highly recommend this company!

  491. Betty Bower 2023/05

    I have been using Clear Defense Pest Control for 3 years now, and I am completely satisfied with its service. Today was my home’s quarterly inspection and extermination. The technician’s name was Joe. He was very friendly, professional and thorough; he even placed extra traps in the garage. Thank you Joe!

  492. Taylor Peirce 2023/05

    Brad & Ben with ClearDefense Pest Control did a great job taking care of my home. Highly recommend

  493. Jing Li 2023/05

    They just completed an extra service for my home to take care some ants in the kitchen. Travis and Jared did an excellent and thorough job. I’m so happy for their work and highly recommend them for anyone who needs help with pest control.

  494. ranjit gelli 2023/05

    Really good service. We have seen a considerable reduction in the bugs around our home after we started using their pest control services. Friendly and flexible staff. We had Jared and Payne last time to complete the services, they are friendly, sincere, knowledgeable and helpful. Glad we have made the right choice

  495. Ashley Fritz 2023/05

    Brad with ClearDefense Pest Control was super helpful, efficient, friendly and very knowledgeable. Really appreciate such amazing customer service and how thorough he was. In addition, he was very considerate about putting anything in the house that would be harmful to my pets. Thank you!

  496. Jim Schubert 2023/05

    David & Breyon from ClearDefense pest control just finished my quarterly service. They’re always quick and professional, plus I never have ants or spiders and the service doesn’t affect other animals like snails. Win-win.

  497. Brandon Fryer 2023/05

    My man Jerome came in for me and was super nice and helpful! Walked me thru his process for what he was going to do and executed it perfectly. My overall experience was great; getting an appointment set up and getting the service was perfectly on point and done in a timely manner. Highly recommend clear defense and if you have Jerome service your place, you are in good hands!

  498. Ebony Trapp 2023/05

    My experience was nothing but awesome! For starters I had a lot of questions for the technician(Ray) with (ClearDefense) and he answer all of them with so much respect and confidence. Over all he did an outstanding job. I would definitely rate him 10 out of 10!

  499. David Schulenburg 2023/05

    Ray Bryant was professional in conduct and thorough in application. I recommend him and ClearDefense Pest Control to protect your home

  500. DeAnne Hall 2023/05

    Travis with ClearDefense has treated our yard twice now and is always very thorough. He is always on time and respectful of our property. Very courteous and professional. Highly recommended!

  501. Mary Cate Griffith 2023/05

    I have used Clear Defense for over a year. The bugs are gone and they keep the spiders at bay. They also assist with mice elimination in the crawl space. They are excellent.

  502. FLM 2023/05

    Everyone I have spoken to has been knowledgeable and professional. When Tim arrived he was thorough, personable and professional.
    Thank you for making my home bug free!

  503. Dick Harmon 2023/05

    Matthew Pace from Clear Defense Pest Control did a fantastic job! Management needs LOTS of improvement, but their failures don’t represent the quality service Matthew was able to give. Thank you!

  504. Josh Mruk 2023/05

    I have used clear defense for about 3 yrs. Brad and shane showed up today on time . They were professional, curious and understanding my situation. They explained that I had an ant issue that I was not aware of. They took care of them and explained how they did it. They set up a follow-up call to check up on the ant issue. I highly recommend this business for any homeowner or commercial business with pest issues. Thanks for the professional service.

  505. Willski Abrams 2023/05

    Both Stefan and Ray were cordial and professional gentleman who were informative by explaining what they where doing and as business minded representatives, they suggested using their mosquito services for our back yard.
    No issues what so ever.

  506. Annette Kilcrease 2023/05

    The service that I received today was top notch. David was very informative, professional, and completed the job in a timely manner. He explained everything that was done. Great service.

  507. Michelle Pauley 2023/05

    I highly recommend Clear Defense Pest Control. I’ve been using them for a few years now, and the the technicians are always professional, courteous, and thorough. For my most recent regularly scheduled service, Kyle and Amir were fantastic! They took extra care on my screened-in porch as well as the garage and shed–all places that need special attention. I highly recommend Clear Defense.

    Kyle from Clear Defense Pest Control just left my house after another thorough treatment. I’ve been so pleased with the professional service and the follow-up that Clear Defense always provides. I’m happy to be a customer!

  508. anika nero 2023/05

    Ray of Clear Defense was prompt and courteous arriving to my appointment. He was professional and treated myself and home with respect. Ray was knowledgeable, thorough and thoughtful, educating me on what was being done, what to expect while also making recommendations with consideration of my time and concerns. The experience this far with Clear Defense has been extremely pleasant and seamless from startup when I contacted the company to my first service being taken care of. I am glad my neighbor recommended them and glad I called! Not to mention I’ve already experienced it working less than a week out!

  509. Schanell Jasper 2023/05

    I would like to thank Jerome at ClearDefense Pest Control. You did a fantastic job and my family and I are very pleased. If you are having issues with pest, please call ClearDefense.

  510. Cathy Lopez 2023/05

    Since we started using Clear Defense Pest Control, we have not had any problems with the spiders. I hated seeing them on our house. Greg our technician does a great job! Keep up the good work!

  511. Barry Wisner 2023/05

    We have been with Clear Defense for several years now. We tried others, and checked out others and this company is the very best within a 150 mile radius. Their process is excellent, but their personal exceeds any others. Administration and technicians are the very best.
    Today I was blessed to have Kyle and Ray inspect and treat our property. As we walked they gave me ideal solutions to the problems I knew about, and discovered some I didn’t know and recommended solutions for them as well. After their treatment, all problems solved.
    Kyle and Ray are friendly, professional and most knowledgeable.
    Thank you Clear Defense for the very best people and process!!!!!!!
    Barry Wisner

  512. Jayla Jackson 2023/05

    Grayson was absolutely amazing! He was very sweet and knowledgeable about his services he handled it swiftly and even with crust in my eyes he didn’t even flinch.

  513. Gary Williams 2023/05

    David and Breyon from ClearDefense Pest Control were very thorough and made sure they addressed all of our concerns during today’s treatment. We appreciate their attention to detail and professional expertise.

  514. Adam Boyles 2023/05

    Amazing company with extremely thorough work and attention to detail!! Ray from ClearDefense Pest Control was Top Notch! Ask for him. He’s excellent and really took the the time to ask & answer all questions and thoroughly treated the outside and inside of my house. Well done sir!!

  515. Tracey Pulliam 2023/05

    All of the technicians are friendly and very professional as well as thorough trying to keep any insects, etc. away from the house. Thanks to Brad who just spent extra time analyzing any insect issues. We’ve been using Clear defense the past year and just added The Mosquito service which has been a huge help already. I would highly recommend

  516. Nelda Bagley 2023/05

    We have used ClearDefense Pest Control for a while now and have always had excellent service with great results. Our current technician Ray goes above and beyond to ensure our home is pest free!

  517. Jamie Woodson 2023/05

    ClearDefense has been very helpful in keeping the pests away from our house! Adin was very friendly and knowledgeable, and walked me through the details on mosquito treatment. We’ve now added the service and I am hopeful that it results in fewer bites over the summer!

  518. Candice Richards 2023/05

    Let me start out by saying that Clear Defense is the definition of pest control. All their employees are extremely knowledgeable and go above and beyond with every service. Grayson who came out to treat both our house and yard was an absolute treat. He asked us how our service has been doing since they were out last, and addressed our concerns about ants by our back deck. Don’t look anymore when it comes to pest control. Clear Defense really is the best.

  519. Shane Harrison 2023/05

    ClearDefense pest control is a very professional service. Haven’t noticed ants, spiders or other pest since using this service. Tim came out on 5/1 and treated the interior/exterior of my home. He was on time, courteous and took care not to track in dirt when entering home. I definitely recommend.

  520. Nate Nielsen 2023/05

    Very accommodating and great service all around! Ben Wagner at Clear Defense Pest Control was knowledgeable, quick, and thorough.

  521. Julia Rossi 2023/05

    Shane with ClearDefense Pest Control has excellent customer service! He helped rid the rodents and reassured me at a follow up visit- problem solved! THANK YOU!

  522. Brenda Peacock 2023/05

    Grayson did an exceptional job durning our first Treatment with Clear Defense. He addressed our ant issue inside the home and took the time to listen and reassure us of the treatments affect on the home, as well as making sure to leave detail notes for the next technician about how we want our treatment performed. Thank you again Grayson and Clear Defense.

  523. Terrance Addison 2023/05

    Hugh and Alex from Clear Defense Pest Control are highly professional and friendly individuals. They consistently deliver excellent pest control treatments for both my house and yard. Their attention to detail and thoroughness demonstrate their dedication to their work. They not only provide effective pest control but also take the time to educate and address any concerns. Overall, their expertise, friendly demeanor, and commitment to customer satisfaction make them the ideal choice for pest control services.

  524. Janna Kiseeva 2023/05

    Matthew serviced us for the quarterly in RVA and he was awesome! Polite, on time, did a great and thorough job. Thank you!

  525. Eric Struble 2023/05

    Kevin and Kyle stopped by to do our normal maintenance service. Very professional service and knowledgeable when responding to our additional questions. After the normal pest service they provided an additional inspection and suggestions for under our house.

  526. JOHN PAGE 2023/05

    Cal did a great service to my home at 2049 Woodmont Dr. I appreciated his courtesy and dedication to excellence. He came promptly on May 1, 2023 shook hands exchanged some pleasant conversation and then went to work. Next he came to the door announcing he was done. Thanks Clear Defense. John Page

  527. Craig 2023/05

    Jerome serviced my home. Very professional and efficient. Took his time and treated the entire property. Amazing work, always happy when Jerome comes as he always does amazingly through work and the job never seems rushed. Treats the property like his own and I am grateful for it!

  528. Gretchen Miller 2023/05

    Brad was wonderful, on-time, courteous, and very professional. He answered all our questions and was very knowledgeable and eased my fears when thinking one field mouse meant we needed to move. Definitely consider using Clear Defence!

  529. Project Steel 2023/05

    For our recent quarterly service with ClearDefense we had Ben and a new technician he was training, Brad. Both were very friendly and diligent in keeping our home pest free. I don’t know where they find these guys but the are always great! We have had Ben as our technician many times and although all of the technicians are very good he is our favorite. Good luck to you Brad with the new job and I’m sure you are in good hands with Ben as your trainer.

  530. Lauren Jones 2023/05

    Greg from clear defense pest control was professional and efficient! We are very pleased with our pest services and will continue using them in the future!

  531. Erick Randolph 2023/04

    I genuinely didn’t know what I was missing with my old pest control company. I thought the lingering webs and occasional insects were just part of living in Virginia. Jordan did my initial treatment today and spent close to two hours treating my house and property. He was incredibly thorough, in addition to being kind and pleasant the whole time. The treatment is more expensive than others, but the level of attention is night and day, much better. The treatment techs get a tip if you mention them in your review, be sure to help them out!

    UPDATE: Kyle from Clear Defense has done the few most recent treatments for my property and he always does a stellar job. Kind, professional, patient, thorough. What’s not to like?

  532. Wesley Early 2023/04

    Ben and Brad from Clear Defense are the best!!! I consistently ask for Ben as he does the best job!! He’s so thorough and takes care of all my pest control issues. Thanks Ben for all you do!!!


  533. Freddie Peacock 2023/04

    Great first service by Grayson from Clear Defense. He treated the ants in our kitchen and listened and recorded my concerns about our outdoor cats so that the next tech will know about how we want the treatment performed. If the other techs are as great as Grayson was I feel we are in great hands. Thanks again.

  534. Ethan Vass 2023/04

    I recently had the pleasure of working with Jerome from Clear Defense Pest Control for a pest control service at my home, and I must say that my experience was nothing short of exceptional. Jerome’s professionalism, expertise, and dedication to resolving my pest issues were truly commendable.

    From the moment Jerome arrived at my house, he exuded a friendly and approachable demeanor. He took the time to listen attentively to my concerns, patiently answering all my questions while assuring me that he would take care of the issue promptly. His extensive knowledge of pests and their behavior instilled confidence in his abilities, leaving me reassured that my home was in good hands.

    Jerome’s attention to detail was evident throughout the entire process. He meticulously inspected every nook and cranny, leaving no stone unturned. His thorough assessment helped him identify the source of the pest problem, which he promptly addressed with a tailored treatment plan. He explained the process to me in a clear and concise manner, ensuring that I understood the steps involved and the expected outcomes.

    During the treatment, Jerome’s efficiency and expertise were remarkable. He utilized safe and effective methods, taking into consideration the well-being of my family and pets. His attention to using environmentally friendly products was a welcome aspect, showing a commitment to both pest control and environmental responsibility.

    What truly set Jerome apart was his genuine passion for his work and the utmost care he displayed. He went above and beyond to ensure that every corner of my house was thoroughly treated, taking extra measures to prevent future infestations. Jerome’s dedication and professionalism were evident in his work ethic, leaving me with a sense of confidence in the service provided.

    Furthermore, Jerome’s professionalism extended beyond the actual pest control service. He was punctual, arriving at the scheduled time, and was respectful of my property, leaving it clean and tidy once the job was completed. He even took the time to offer me valuable tips and suggestions for ongoing pest prevention, empowering me to maintain a pest-free environment.

    In conclusion, my experience with Jerome from Clear Defense Pest Control was outstanding. His exceptional knowledge, professionalism, and dedication to delivering outstanding results truly exceeded my expectations. I wholeheartedly recommend Jerome and Clear Defense Pest Control to anyone in need of top-notch pest control services. You can trust that Jerome will go above and beyond to ensure your home is pest-free and your peace of mind is restored.

  535. Dale “Berry” Hancock Sr 2023/04

    Payne price from clear defense pest control-great guy , and his chief tech , Marcellus. They did a great job, I was impressed on their Knowledge of the product and immediately saw the results as they treated my house. 5 stars keep up the great work, gentleman.

  536. Sly Kraemer 2023/04

    Hugh and Ray did an amazing job. Every service person that has worked on my property for Clear Defense has been very personable and professional. I have been using Clear Defense for years now and have never been disappointed. I appreciate that the products are infant and pet safe and that their employees are such high caliber. I highly recommend them for any service a home would need.

  537. Susan Reed 2023/04

    Jerome at Clear Defense was very professional and right on time. He explained everything very thoroughly and took care and time with my house and yard. I am very satisfied.

  538. Jordan Baird 2023/04

    Travis was quick, thorough, and was easily able to determine where ants were coming from in my townhouse. He wore shoe protectors to enter my home and was really respectful. I have seen way fewer spiders and bees since starting routine maintenance. Overall nice people and an easy way to keep our home pest-free.

  539. Jamie Ellis 2023/04

    ClearDefense Pest Control has been nothing short of one of the most responsive and invested companies I’ve dealt with when it comes to service, pest-related or otherwise. Travis & Brady did an excellent job with a prompt and speedy spraying last time, and they are clearly committed (with the rest of their company) to helping us get what we pay for rather than solving a problem just enough to keep us on the hook for payment. I will recommend ClearDefense to anyone I hear talking about a roach problem in our area.

  540. Caitlin Lowery 2023/04

    We live near the Swift Creek Reservoir, so we have lots of bugs, especially spiders. Clear Defense has fixed the problem – we almost never have spiderwebs to clean off the house anymore. Our technician, Stefan, is so nice and professional. Definitely recommend!

  541. Debbie 2023/04

    I highly recommend ClearDefense pest control. My technician Jerome came to my house for the first time and was very courteous & professional. He was very thorough in applying insecticide treatment and addressed my concerns that I had. I will continue to use their services.

  542. moknows28 2023/04

    Clear Defense Pest Control is a breath of fresh air! After multiple relationships with pest companies in the area, we are giving CD pest control a try. First impressions (they are everything) was on point! Our technician Matt Sink was informative and super responsive to any questions my wife or I have. He called 30 mins before the appointment and provided awareness he would be arriving shortly and was thorough throughout his initial service. Look forward to experiencing the quarterly service and the results but as of now this has been our best experience.

  543. Felisha J 2023/04

    I had an issue with some unidentifiable microscopic bugs in my new construction. I called Clear Defense and they were able to send a tech out the following day. Jerome arrived on time with great knowledge of his work. He was able to identify the issue in my home and gave me helpful info concerning them. He was very professional and made sure he answered all my concerns before leaving. I highly recommend Clear Defense Pest Control. I will continue to use their services.

  544. Jayna Henley 2023/04

    Clear Defense gets the job done! Our family received amazing service from our technician, Hugh, who was on time, extremely personable and kind, and perfectly thorough with the spraying. Hugh took the time to explain how pests were getting inside, where they were coming in, and gave us peace of mind by taking extra attention to those areas. Clear Defense is the best company service we’ve had! Would definitely recommend this company a the technician we had. 10/10!

  545. leon sydnor 2023/04

    I am a new client ofclear Defense and my technician Kevin Kirby was very courteous, kind and knowledgeable and explained the service process thoroughly and what I could expect on my upcoming services as well.

  546. Bruce Cox 2023/04

    Once again David from ClearDefense provided excellent service today with our quarterly service. Very courteous and professional in every way. He showed up when expected, did his job thoroughly, and made sure everything was back in place before leaving. He even went back over a few troubled areas in our mulch bed after noticing signs of ants. And the service provided by ClearDefense has made a tremendous difference overall, allowing us greater opportunity to use our backyard without being eaten alive by mosquitos. Plus, I’m no longer having to knock down spiderwebs from our porches on a weekly basis. Great service and great value!

  547. Sarah Young 2023/04

    Jerome was very efficient. Worked fast and told us everything that was being conducted before it was conducted. He was quiet and polite. We showed him all our trouble spots and he did what he had to do.

  548. Irene Hamilton 2023/04

    ClearDefense Pest Control truly delivered the service they said they would provide. The tech, Adin Adkins was thorough and provided excellent customer service. He explained the complete process. He was thoughtful enough to contact me before the appointment to let me know he would be a little late; and informed me when he was on his way. Good customer service is so hard to find and a company that stands by their word is even harder to find these days . I have no hesitation in recommending ClearDefense Pest Control.

  549. Manny Ortiz 2023/04

    Calvin & Payne, Cleardefense Pest Control were A+. They took time to explain the process and set expectations on what to expect next. They gave details about their warranty and when they would be back. They ere respectful to the property and made sure all gates and doors were closed after the service. My dogs did not even mind.
    From their customer service to the service technician this company is really great!! AAA+

  550. Monica Southall 2023/04

    Today, I received my first pest and mosquito control service with ClearDefense Pest Control and my technician Jerome was awesome!! He was very professional and listened to all of my concerns and made sure to cover every inch of my home inside and out. I’ve had pest control services from other companies before and they didn’t come close to how through Jerome did his job today. And, the fact that he covered his shoes before coming inside without me having to ask him meant a lot. 10/10 for my service today.

  551. Kareem Texler 2023/04

    Jayme from ClearDefense Pest Control did a great job at our house. He was efficient, friendly, and professional. And he kept his cool when he came across a bat hanging out in our attic.

  552. ALM - 2023/04

    The Clear Defense Team is focused on safe and effective prevention to avoid an infestation. We moved into a neighborhood infamous for wood roaches and they were recommended by a friend. Regular, quarterly application keeps our home bug free!
    They use a product that is safe for pets, which matters a lot to us.
    Shane and Tim were incredibly helpful today refreshing the outside perimeter and touching up internal hot spots where bugs try to test the perimeter.
    Thanks Shane and Tim!

  553. Joseph Kosten 2023/04

    We’ve been working with ClearDefense Pest Control since we moved into our home 3 years ago. With each service, we are more impressed! Kyle and Jared are terrific professionals. We feel that we are getting good value, and the technicians are knowledgeable, professional, and nice. Today, for example, our technician had a blowout tire, and ClearDefense quickly rerouted another technician in the area so they wouldn’t miss the appt. Adin Adkins was amazing! He helped me with three ant infestations around the property, took time to walk me through some areas of the home that needed extra love, and was very professional. Adin and ClearDefense are excellent and I recommend them.

  554. Brandi Carraway 2023/04

    I am a new customer and I was really impressed with the care that was taken to treat my house for ants and to knock down a wasp nest. Jerome and Marcellus were professional and very informative about the issue I was having with ants and how they could help to treat the problem! Thanks and glad I chose ClearDefense !

  555. Reginald Allen 2023/04

    Ben and Brad were very pleasant and professional. They stopped to explain what they were doing and why it should be done and how these measures would prevent or minimize my family seeing spiders. I would recommend this company to anyone who has issues with spiders.

  556. James L 2023/04

    Been with this company for over a year now and decided to add the mosquito control. Hugh came out on time and service the yard and ant stuff.
    Everyone who comes out are always professional and very nice people. Hugh was no exception. Gave me the run down and check to make sure everything was done for the ants, quarterly service and for mosquito treatment. Always very impressed with how they treat their customer.

  557. Yhanco Monet 2023/04

    Adin is the technician who inspected and treated my house. He was on time and professional. He was patient, listened to my concern, asked my questions and completed the job in a timely manner. I recommend him and his company.

  558. Andrew Chaser 2023/04

    Big thanks to Grayson with Clear Defense! He took the time to explain the treatment and everything he was going to do today. He even went as far as to pick up all my sons toys off the back porch as well as the dog toys, so no chemicals would get on them during his service. Five star service, as always from Clear Defense .

  559. Alex Le 2023/04

    Matthew Pace serviced both our primary residence and investment property addressing ant and field mice issues. ‘Hew’ was not only incredibly knowledgeable, but patient and informative. He thoroughly examined and set traps in our crawl space, made detailed notes for future inspectors regarding notable areas of the yard and communicates extremely well. We will be asking for him in particular for all our future quarterly treatments!

  560. Kira Walker 2023/04

    I’ve had ClearDefense for nearly four years. Their services have always been effective and coupled with fantastic customer service! All of their technicians are incredible. I highly recommend this company for all your pest control needs!

  561. Catherine Crichton 2023/04

    Payne was detailed, professional, and personable today. One of my rooms is under renovation and he is going to come back when it’s finished to spray that area at no charge.
    I’ve been using Clear Defense for 2 years and would highly recommend them! When I’ve had a problem with yellow jacket ground nests they came out next day and took care of them. At no charge!!! Every team member who has come to my house for service has been awesome.

  562. melissa zegarra 2023/04

    It is our first service that we do, the technician Adin taught me step by step what he was going to do to help with the problem throughout the house. I also loved that his products are pet friendly, I’m very happy with the service I was provided, definitely recommend.

  563. Cortney Waller 2023/04

    Today our home was serviced by Clear Defense Pest Control. Our tech today was Grayson who was friendly and knowledgable. Grayson took the extra step to treat for ants around the outside. cant recommend this company enough!

  564. Tovah Garnett 2023/04

    Greg and Brady with ClearDefense Pest Control are awesome! They were very professional and caring. Each one took time to address my concerns and the service provided is perfect for our needs!

  565. James K 2023/04

    Hugh was courteous and professional as well as knowledgeable. He came for an extra treatment to get residual bugs outdoors and treat for mosquitoes. ClearDefense Pest Control is much better and more thorough than a previous service we tried and I would recommend them.

  566. Robert Bryer 2023/04

    Grayson from ClearDefense was our tech and exceeded expectations. He truly went above and beyond for us. He answered all of our questions clearly, and even went the extra mile to clean off the front of our porch that had fungal spores on it. ClearDefense doesn’t just care about keeping your home bug free, but also about upkeep in the appearance of it. Seriously cannot recommend this company enough. Thanks again!

  567. Dominique green 2023/04

    Chances of me sticking with ClearDefense for as long as I can are very high. Kevin just completed my usual quarterly service and added on the mosquito service and explained the financial options for me so I could pick what would work best for me. He was very thorough and kind and I really appreciate his work! I def recommend ClearDefense for pest control, great service, kind technicians, 10/10.

  568. Leslie Lelik 2023/04

    Jayme came to give me a quote and he was able to spray and treat my house all in the same day! He was very professional, kind, informative, and explained the process. He provided A+++ service. I highly recommend this company!

  569. Scott Mathis 2023/04

    We’ve tried a couple of other pest control businesses in the area and Clear Defense has done the best job thus far. Greg was great. Very professional and took the time to explain what he was doing and what we could expect. Highly recommended! Thanks, Greg, and CD!

  570. Brooke Hanckel 2023/04

    Adin & Marcelus from Clear Defense Pest Control were amazing. Both were extremely professional, efficient, and informative. They undoubtedly represented their company at its highest standards.

  571. Emily Patterson 2023/04

    Tim was amazing! He was able to come 30 minutes early, was incredibly friendly and thorough in spraying the home and explaining services. We love ClearDefense Pest Control and we appreciate you Tim!!!

  572. Deborah F. Munson 2023/04

    I have been using Clear Defense Pest Control for several years and have always been totally satisfied with their service. Their staff is professional and courteous, always explaining what they are doing. Kyle is no exceptional. He came in Friday for a retreatment (complimentary) as I have been having a spider issue since my last treatment. He retreated the house and sprayed the interior since I wasn’t able to be home at my last quarterly treatment. He was polite, explained everything he was doing. I highly recommend Clear Defense Pest Control.

    April 29, 2023
    Kyle and Payne were just here for my quarterly treatment. Once again they did an excellent explaining what they were going to do and what they did do and how it works etc. Highly recommend Clear Defense.

  573. Brianna 2023/04

    Signed up with ClearDefense Pest Control for our new home that’s on a wooded lot. The first techs to come out for our initial service were incredibly thoughtful & volunteered to come back another day since it had been raining & the application may not take as well. I really appreciated them not wasting my appointment. Then Tim & Shane came out for the rescheduled visit a few days later. They called ahead of time to give me an update on their ETA due to traffic. Upon arrival they gave a thorough explanation of what to expect then proceeded to efficiently treat the home. The whole process was as smooth as could be which is incredibly valued during the stress of purchasing/moving into our new home.

  574. Kori Brown 2023/04

    Grayson was professional, courteous and addressed all of our concerns. Highly recommended. Pest control has been great since we started using Clear Defense

  575. Chuck Keblusek 2023/03

    Stephan was very serious about the good job done. The great majority of the ants were exterminated on the first visit. He has a very nice personality; we would be happy to have him back in the future.

  576. Andrew Barnhouse 2023/03

    I’ve had a great experience with ClearDefense Pest Control – Ray and Hugh were especially communicative, thorough, and helpful in our quarterly exterior extermination. Thanks for everything yall do!

  577. Shon Nuckols 2023/03

    Greg with ClearDefense Pest Control was very professional and informative. He assessed the situation and explained what he was going to do to remedy it before taking action. It was a very pleasant experience. I felt very confident my pest problems were over with Greg here.

  578. Andrew DIacont 2023/03

    Calvin & Kyle from Clear Defense Pest Control treated us with the upmost professionalism and courtesy. A trait that unfortunately lacks from many experiences in today’s client care world. They represented the company’s vision flawlessly. Both Kyle and Calvin were not only informative but educational as well, they took the time to explain why they were doing each task as opposed to just stating a rehearsed script that seems automated and informal. I appreciate the time you took to explain the ins and outs. I hope this duo of exemplary professionals will continue to service my contract for every visit. My kids loved the book and read it multiple times tonight. Thank you for being top notch in client care and effort!! Hats of to Calvin and Kyle from Clear Defense Pest Control.

  579. Brenda Massenburg 2023/03

    We are very satisfied with the service we received today. Stefan was very professional and very concerned with areas of treatment. Due to the service time being early morning, he was respectful enough to ask if there was any room that should not be disturbed. He also explained service rendered after completion and his findings. He made sure we were question free before leaving. We look forward in seeing Stefan next quarter.

  580. Donna Smalls 2023/03

    I bought my house a year ago, and saw HUGE bugs. I wanted to get an exterminator in to the home to take care of the situation before I moved in. I did research, and decided to go with ClearDefense , and by no means did they disappoint me. This company is SUPER AWESOME, SUPER RESPONSIVE, and the staff is SUPER FRIENDLY. When Greg comes out to treat my home he always has a smile, and does a WONDERFUL job. They have taken care of my needs, because I haven’t seen one bug in my home….. YAY! If you have a pest control need don’t think twice about using this company. Call them!!! I guarantee you won’t be disappointed with their service.

  581. Shawn Byrd 2023/03

    ClearDefense Pest Control is responsive and has a great line of employees. I personally met Calvin & Kyle as they checked my house for a general inspection and they were wonderful. Timely, communicative, and genuinely nice men. I will most definitely be using ClearDefense again, and I recommend them to everyone.

  582. David Jones 2023/03

    WOW! If I was a bug I would not come near my house. Jayme from Clear Defense came out and did an amazing job. Key factors:
    – On Time, I really appreciate that!
    – Knowledgeable, Knows the products and services and gave me all the information I needed and answered my questions.
    – Professional, he was respectful of my house and property. He wore shoe covers and moved the insecticide hose gently around my shrubs.
    – Value, Jayme liberally sprayed the inside and out side of my property. I felt like I was getting more value for my money. If I was a bug I would definitely stay away from my property.

    I definitely recommend Jayme from Clear Defense Pest Control and hope he comes back out for my additional treatments. Appreciate the service and keep up the excellent work!

  583. Sonia Lenarczyk 2023/03

    David F from Clear Defense was the most thorough, polite, professional and knowledgeable technician we have ever had service our home! He took the time to inspect every nook and cranny of the house and informed us of each product he used, as well as tips to prevent any future activity. We’ll be asking for David F every time we schedule with Clear Defense from now on!

  584. Keith Anderson 2023/03

    Kyle Mai serviced my home on 3/17/23 and did an excellent job. His external service was so impressive that my next door neighbor came over to ask about the service. My neighbor is very meticulous about his home and it was very apparent that the service performed by Kyle impressed him so much that he is now considering making the switch. Fantastic service!!

  585. Keriene Lucas 2023/03

    ClearDefense Pest Control is top notch. Way more personable than Orkin or Terminix. Hugh is the most thorough technician I’ve ever worked with and I know Payne will soon be one of their best technicians as well.

  586. Kelley 2023/03

    Jerome and Marcellus at Clear Defense were great! Extremely professional, timely and definitely went above and beyond in providing service. I had my home sprayed for ants and they were very thorough and efficient. I would reccomend this company to family and friends. 10/10!

  587. Mani of Marco 2023/03

    Hew from ClearDefense Pest Control was awesome! I contacted ClearDefense yesterday to start services and Hew was able to come out the next day. Hew was knowledgeable, professional, and very personable. Very fun to talk to. Here’s hoping he’s our usual. Thanks Hew!

    Update: Just had Hew again for our 3rd quarter treatment. He’s the nicest guy and even remembered that my wife is allergic to flying stinging things. We’ve had some yellow jackets and he hunted around for all the nests in the yard and treated them. Can’t thank Hew and Clear Defense Pest Control enough.

    Update: Hew and a new guy, David, came through and prepped us for the warmer weather. David was doing good! Thanks for coming out!

  588. Udbhav Desai 2023/03

    I am a new customer. I have enjoyed the services and timeliness when working with ClearDefense Pest Control. First, the office agent I spoke with, Kyle, did a great job of running through the services, costs and gotchas, then he scheduled me very quickly to take care of our concerns. The technician who came to our home, Jared, was here ahead of schedule, professional and courteous. I liked that Jared calmly explained the process before and after the services. The next steps were clearly communicated as well. Jared worked efficiently and in a timely-manner. Happy to be working with this group!

  589. Wesley Rupar 2023/03

    I love this company. I use them for quarterly service and speak to a live person each time I call and the techs always show up on time, but today’s experience blew me out of the water. We are having a spider problem (big spiders) and just this morning it seemed to be 2x worse than the week before. I called ClearDefense to come out, mentioned my parents were visiting us for the first time and getting in today, and they had Kyle and Adin at my house within 30 minutes to mitigate the issue. Thank you so much for the speedy and professional service!!

  590. Katherine F 2023/03

    Hugh and Calvin from ClearDefense Pest Control provided service to my home today and they were amazing. Hugh was so knowledgeable about different services, scenarios, and best practices. I super appreciated all their hard work and wisdom. I recently switched from another company and I’m so happy I did!

  591. Brian Hilleary 2023/03

    I just had a service done by 2 technicians who were very professional in doing their job. They are Greg and Brady @ cleardefense pest control. They were informative, answered any questions or concerns, and gave an explanation for anything that needed to be addressed. Again they were professional in how they did their job, which reflects positively for the cleardefense business. Gives fresh meaning to the old adage “Service with a Smile” Thank you to Greg and Brady and cleardefense pest control.

  592. Kenneth Seward jr. 2023/03

    Edit: Adding to this review (since I can’t seem to make another one). Was just visited by Stefan and Kyle from Clear Defense. They set up traps for mice, inspected our home (to let us know how they could be getting in), refilled our bait traps and more. All while spraying for bugs and such around our house. They did a great job. We’ll continue to work with Clear Defense in the future!

    Old review:
    Breyon from ClearDefense Pest Control did a solid job. He was friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient – he got right to work and was done in no time. Would recommend!

  593. Douglas Frankie 2023/03

    Jayme at ClearDefense Pest Control was very professional and knowledgeable in helping us protect our home against bugs. Explained everything really well and was great working around our pets!

  594. Dennis Kiker 2023/03

    We are very happy with ClearDefense Pest Control. Our technician, Kevin, is always on-time and upbeat, and we have had zero pest issues since moving into our house. Very thorough in removing exterior webs, and the treatments must be good because we don’t have any issues.

  595. Stella Lucas 2023/03

    Kevin was great. He did my quarterly spray and inspection. I told him about the ants that I was starting to see. He pretreated the issue and suggested another service that was perfect for my situation. Very professional and helpful!

  596. Malik Malone 2023/03

    My wife and I just had our initial service with ClearDefense Pest Control and the customer service was awesome! Our sales rep Jael did a wonderful job explaining the service and answering my questions. Our technicians Matt and Adin were very professional and curteous. They went the extra mile with explaining everything that they were doing in and around our home. As far as the product goes, it has only been a few days since the initial service, so I can’t give a comprehensive review. Nonetheless, we have seen less ants and spiders in our home since the initial service. If there product is anything like their customer service, I have no reasons to believe it won’t hit the mark!

  597. Molly Caldera 2023/03

    We use ClearDefense Pest Control at our office and are very happy with our services! The technicians are top notch – professional, knowledgeable, personable etc. – and our pest issues have been eliminated. Very pleased that we found them.

  598. Henree Josey 2023/03

    Clear Defense Pest Control is great! I have used them for nearly a year with great results. Greg is a very respectful technician and made things smooth for me, as I work from home running a dog training business it can get hectic! They have very fluid communication and are super responsive.

  599. Judee Smith 2023/03

    Jayme from Clear Defense Pest Control was very polite and nice, and I don’t throw those terms around lightly. He was very helpful and answered all of my questions. Thanks for doing your best to keep me comfortable. Marcelus came to follow up for a quality check in which was shocking because it was nice to know that two nice young men worked for the same company. Thanks Clear Defense!

  600. Carter Ruggieri 2023/03

    Calvin & Hugh performed our quarterly service this afternoon and per usual the customer service was very professional, friendly and knowledgeable. We’ve had issues with mice in the past and both gentlemen went above and beyond checking previous traps and for droppings in those hard to get to spaces. Calvin filled some holes we had in the wall behind our stove to ensure we didn’t experience any new issues. Ever since we started using ClearDefense Pest Control’s services several months back we’ve had nothing but great things to say about the service and techs. Highly recommended if your looking for an ongoing service!

  601. David Jones 2023/03

    WOW! If I was a bug I would not come near my house. Jayme from Clear Defense came out and did an amazing job. Key factors:
    – On Time, I really appreciate that!
    – Knowledgeable, Knows the products and services and gave me all the information I needed and answered my questions.
    – Professional, he was respectful of my house and property. He wore shoe covers and moved the insecticide hose gently around my shrubs.
    – Value, Jayme liberally sprayed the inside and out side of my property. I felt like I was getting more value for my money. If I was a bug I would definitely stay away from my property.

    I definitely recommend Jayme from Clear Defense Pest Control and hope he comes back out for my additional treatments. Appreciate the service and keep up the excellent work!


  602. Julie Bone 2023/03

    Hugh and Payne introduced themselves as they arrived for a scheduled inspection/maintenance appointment. They were extremely professional, and explained their process so that I had no surprises. They also told me about the newest benefits of the mosquito program. I found them to be very friendly and polite, and they did the job as expected.

  603. Anthony Helms 2023/03

    Hugh, Payne, and the rest of the ClearDefense team have been great in servicing our home for pest control. Hugh and Payne were professional, communicated clearly, and were very considerate regarding which areas they sprayed. The pest solution seems to work, as we’ve not yet encountered an issue, so we’re happy with the quality and value of the service.

  604. Keisha Reynoso 2023/03

    My inspector was David. He was super professional, and friendly and he kept me informed on what services he performed and also what additional options I could choice for my yard care concerns.
    I love the service I received from ClearDefense!

  605. Karen Loewen 2023/03

    Love Clear Defense! We have been using them for sometime and it gives me such peace of mind to know they are part of our our home maintenance. Today Ben, Travis and Calvin were here and were supper efficient, professional- did a great job!

  606. Shawn Ruppert 2023/03

    Hugh and Payne came by today for our quarterly treatment. They were both very professional and friendly! They were very thorough – taking time to explain what they were doing before getting started and told me about some things they found while doing the treatment! I would definitely recommend ClearDefense for Pest Control!

  607. matt garda 2023/03

    ClearDefense has been a fantastic service since I switched from a nationwide competitor last year. I have had no pest issues at all, and they are very proactive about identifying issues outside the quarterly service. David and Jerome were extremely professional and ensured full, high coverage of my home even in very windy conditions!

  608. Anneliese Bull 2023/03

    I give this company an A+ and specifically Kyle an A+++!!!! This company is excellent with communication, service and quality! Each time they come for the regular quarterly spray it is always a great experience! Kyle has come a few times and he is excellent! Super friendly, respectful, professional and quality! He really makes the company look good! I never use another company other than Cleardefense Pest control! They are a A1 company! Thank you all for such great work, much appreciated!!

  609. Louise Bacon 2023/02

    The BEST service in ALL aspects! Kevin Kirby, my technician, was diligent and attentive. His quality of customer service was outstanding. Thank you Clear Defense and Kevin!

  610. Lauren Larsen 2023/02

    We’ve been using Clear Defense Pest Control for a while with no issues. Last week, Shane and Matt came out to do our quarterly service and reminded me of how thankful I am to use Clear Defense. They found a mouse in one of the glue traps (they had put out at the last service). We have a conditioned crawl space and are very careful to keep it sealed pretty well. They were super helpful and showed me where the mice had chewed to come in and were very patient in answering all of my questions. Thankfully there was only one additional mouse. I would highly recommend their services!

  611. Rich Sodan 2023/02

    ClearDefence Pest Control has continued to meet or exceed my expectations visit after visit. Their technicians are extremely polite and professional everytime. The latest visit was was no different. Techs Greg & Joe arrived on time. I happened to be home and my dog was in the yard. Despite prior warning, I had forgotten to secure the dog inside. Greg & Joe were very professional and polite in allowing me to wrangle the curious pup so they could proceed with their task.
    The service was quick and clean.
    Honestly a great company and great techs.

  612. Jessica Culley 2023/02

    Grayson with Clear Defense was awesome this morning! He was on time, professional, and took his time with explain the treatment as well as making sure it was done right. They have really helped us get rid of spiders around our house.

  613. Aaron Brooks 2023/02

    Guy just came out and serviced our home. He went above and beyond expectations and did everything we asked of him. Very courteous and professional. Clear defense pest control will definitely keep receiving our business if they have more technicians like Guy.

  614. Jayne deWysocki-Shearer 2023/02

    Shane and Matt just came by for my quarterly service. They were professional and thorough! Clear Defense has allowed me to enjoy my front porch more because there are no more bugs or spider webs! We have a number of neighbors who have started using Clear Defense. Thank You!

  615. J Kwak 2023/02

    [Unaffiliated Honest Review]

    Got my quarterly done again, and AS USUAL, Clear Defense ROCKS!! Marcelus usually comes to treat my home (who is awesome), but today, ***DAVID and MATT*** from Clear Defense came to treat and their service was outstanding and very professional. They not only took the time to carefully treat each corner and crevice inside and outside my home, but they even went through each drain to control those annoying fruit flies now that summer is creeping on us. They were extremely friendly and detailed in going over everything they did at the end of their service.

    Thank you again, David and Matt 🙂

  616. Monica brathwaite 2023/02

    I called ClearDefense and they were able to schedule me an appointment quickly. Travis came out for the initial visit. David and Stephan came out for a follow-up. All technicians went above and beyond being informative and courteous. Their customer service was greatly appreciated.

  617. Amber Was Atomic 2023/02

    I’ve used clear defense for a bout 2 years and it’s probably the easiest and best decision I’ve made for my home. Since we started haven’t had any pest issues even during the summer when ants used to be a huge issue. Their products are pet safe and the technicians are always super friendly! David and Matt from Clear defense did a great job and were kind enough to call when I forgot about the appointment and let me know when it would be safe for my dog to be out again. Thanks guys!

  618. Smilesinva Mills 2023/02

    They are very detailed and knowledgeable about pest of all kind. Jayme technician is very very very helpful and extremely thorough in his work. He even explained details of other pest I could get in the summer to be aware of because I have kids. The are way better than my other pest service who was supposedly the best, from spraying my house and cleaning out the webs in garage and around my home was more than enough and I truly appreciate it all.

  619. Montae Truitt 2023/02

    Jayme from Clear Defense Pest Control came to my home and really gave me the knowledge I needed in order to prevent mice or bugs from coming in our home. He even let us know we did a great job preventing the mouse from getting in before he arrived! I appreciated the fact that he took his time with us to make sure we felt confident that things were taken care of. Thank you for your service!

  620. Briggs Family 2023/02

    We’ve tried a couple different companies in the past and Clear Defense is the only one that keeps the pests at a minimum. And that’s saying a lot because we live in a wooded area. The customer service over the phone is the BEST. The workers who come are always on time and beyond respectful. Today we had our regular treatment with Kyle and David. And they asked if their was anything they needed to address or if there had been any problems. They were so kind and thorough in their work. I highly recommend this company having used them for a few years now. It is WORTH the money.

  621. Debi Monicatti 2023/02

    Jayme, the technician from ClearDefense Pest Control was very friendly and professional. He treated my home and gave me a very through explanation of everything he was doing and answered all my questions. I’m very pleased with ClearDefense.

  622. Angela Champion-DeVries 2023/01

    We had ClearDefense come and service our home and they were great! They literally came out the next day and worked with our schedule. Our technician Sam, was pleasant and professional as well as very thorough and work quickly. Would definitely recommend!

    David Came out today from ClearDefense and was great!

  623. Meg Jacoby 2023/01

    My fiance and I have never used a pest control company before, and we have heard mixed reviews about the reliability and quality of service that can be provided. However, Clear Defense Pest Control completely blew all of our concerns away with their professionalism and expertise. We first had Joe out to do an initial inspection for what we thought was a roach problem; we later learned it was a mouse problem. Under their in-between visit policy, we were able to have David come out with no additional charge to us to reorient the plan from roaches to mice. Both Joe and David were comprehensive in their explanation of what they were doing, thorough in their services, and nice guys to be around. It is not often that I find that I can honestly write such a glowing review about any company these days, but I really do feel this way about Clear Defense, and we will continue to use them for life. I have also had many brief phone exchanges with someone in the office named Kyle who has been wonderful, as well as a longer call with a woman who was a manager, but I can’t remember her name. Please also give accolades to these team members for making this entire process easy and straightforward.

  624. Sarah Lageman 2023/01

    I selected ClearDefense after reading great reviews and they lived up to their reputation! Joe came and did a complete inspection of my home and treated for mice, which are a new problem. You speak to a person when you call and they are very responsive to coming back to check traps and monitor your home. Very professional, on time, and responsive! I highly recommend them!

  625. Linda Gillespie 2023/01

    I’ve been with ClearDefense Pest Control for years and they’re an awesome! No complaints! Every technician that has come to our house to do the service have been top-notch.

    Today Grayson came to our house and did out first quarter of the year service. Everything was done in an appropriate timeframe and very well done. Grayson was a very pleasant and very accommodating in a couple of my requests.

    I recommend them highly for whatever service you need!

  626. Christina Shea 2023/01

    Cam with ClearDefense Pest Control was the technician that recently completed my quarterly service and he was great! He was very professional and pleasant. He checked in with me before he started treating the house to make sure he addressed any specific concerns I had and followed up at the end of service as well.

  627. J Lebowski 2023/01

    We’ve been using ClearDefense Pest Control for a few years now. Always impressed with their service and technicians. Ben came out for my recent quarterly service and did a great job as always. Very knowledgeable and helpful with my questions and pest issues. Highly recommend Ben and ClearDefense!

  628. Sean Gallagher 2023/01

    Had my quarterly service call from Clear Defense Pest Control today. Green, the young man who serviced my place today was very knowledgeable and answered any and all of my concerns or questions. Greg checked all around the house for any new or old activity from spiders and bugs and none was found during his walk through. I do get a lot of spiders and beetles in the garage area so during his checkup, he changed out the sticky traps that they leave to catch any stragglers that might not die from the spray they use or that try to get away from the spray and get stuck instead. Lol. He next sprayed the exterior of the house and even put down some granular under the trampoline to keep the bugs from climbing on the trampoline and out of that area which was a really nice touch. I appreciate Greg and Clear Defense for doing such a great job!

  629. Kayla Siwiec 2023/01

    Greg from Clear Defense did an excellent job with the recent treatment at our home. He was very friendly and did a very thorough job. We just started using ClearDefense this past August after finding a couple of roaches made their way into our garage and home through the bathroom pipes. We have not had a single issue (or seen any bugs) since their initial treatment. I would highly recommend Clear Defense for anyone looking for a pest control solution!

  630. Jay Yansee 2023/01

    We called ClearDefense Pest Control to service our home and the service was nothing short of spectacular. From the initial call with Brooke to the responding technician, Travis B, it’s easy to see why this company has so many praising reviews. Our treating technician was prompt and took time to explain every action he took and even offered different options for keeping our home protected from other potential pests. Although I could tell he was laser focused on why he was here, Travis is a great conversationalist and works to ensure your comfort with the process.

    In all, my experience with ClearDefense has been seamless thanks to Brooke and Travis who are the standard for what customer service and customer care should be. If the rest of our time with ClearDefense is as wonderful as they are, I’m sure they’ll be getting our business for years to come.

    Wanted to follow up on this post based on my most recent experience: ClearDefense Pest Control contacted me to set up my follow-up visit. Shane Z was phenomenal. He completed the exterior spray as well as worked in the attic and crawl space areas. Going above that he took time to point out areas of my home that might be vulnerable to pests and rodents during the winter season. I could not be happier with Shane. He left leaving me with peace of mind about everything. Thanks again Shane and ClearDefense Pest Control.

  631. Mike Chase 2023/01

    ClearDefense has been fantastic. We switched to ClearDefense from another provider and we’ve been very happy with the improvement of our indoor and outdoor pest concerns. Jayme and the other technicians that have visited our home have always been professional and attentive to our needs. You definitely get what you pay for.

  632. Robert Gifford 2023/01

    David was professional, detailed, thorough, helpful and communicated what was done in a clear, concise manner helping us be at ease in our home. We have been very pleased with Clear Defense Pest Control. We will recommend them to our friends and neighbors.

  633. Kaia Kasumi 2022/11

    I am always so impressed by their customer service and employees. I have never had a bad experience with them. They are always on time, quick to help, and easy to work with.

    Marcellus just did my service yesterday and he was easy to talk to, ensured that my house was taken care of, and did an amazing job. Very professional but also generally a nice person. I was very impressed by him and would love to see him continue to service my house!

  634. Kelley Bogue 2022/11

    I have been using Clear Defense since they first started up their business. I was impressed with them then and continue to be.

    Whenever I have had to call for a special request, they had no problem coming out, as they did today. Very friendly staff starting from the call to the actual house visit. Cam came out today and was very friendly and met all my needs requested.

  635. Jay Lewis 2022/11

    Update (Nov 22): Just wanted to write an updated review to give a bit more love to ClearDefense. We’ve used them for the past few months and seen a huge reduction in spideys on the premises. Today, Travis and Ben came by for our quarterly check in and were professional, courteous, and thorough. Would highly recommend!

    Summer 2022: Sam Norton was very thorough and treated our whole home, bringing with him a friendly and professional demeanor. This was only our initial treatment, but if this is a sign of things to come with ClearDefense we’ll be customers for a long while!

  636. Jose Cervantes 2022/11

    Moved into a new house and a neighbor recommended ClearDefense for ongoing maintenance. Signed up for their annual service (once a quarter). Jayme was the technician who came to perform the initial treatment. He was very professional and nice. No complaints.

    Only reason for dinging one star was due to the fact that during the initial sales call, it was presented that the yearly subscription included treatment of the yard for pests such as ants and also included mosquito and tick treatment during the spring/summer months. When the technician arrived, I was informed those are additional add-on services. Recommend you confirm what’s included and excluded with whatever service you sign up for.

    Despite the slight mix-up, still used ClearDefense. Would still recommend.

  637. Justin&Kendall Worrilow 2022/11

    As always ClearDefense provided great service. Everyone of their technicians has always surpassed my expectations. Hew (Matthew) showed up on time, made sure I didn’t have any questions. He exuded pride in his work and is a great representative of ClearDefense.

  638. J Harris 2022/10

    My time with ClearDefense has been super pleasant and they are always willing to come out when I call when it has rained after a treatment or if I am seeing more bugs (outside, generally) than I would like when the seasons change. The techs are always very professional and early or on time. My most recent tech Camden did an excellent job. Thank you, ClearDefense for keeping us bug free!

  639. Kimm Boyd 2022/10

    From start to finish Clear Result was great. Quote and scheduling a service was incredibly easy. Jordan and Alex at Clear Defense Pest Control showed up to our first scheduled service on time, was professional and did a through job. He communicated when he was going to arrive and what he was finding as he did the service. High recommend Clear Defense.

  640. Jason Bates 2022/10

    New customer, but so far the experience has been great. Alex has been our technician for both services (and he brought KeSean with him once). Both of them are friendly, professional, and get the job done quickly and thoroughly. Good job ClearDefense Pest Control.

  641. BJ 2022/10

    Had an excellent service from our Clear Defense Pest Control technician Kyle M! We had a small bug related issue indoors, and the service provided rectified the problem within a week. The techs are always nice and very attentive to details, and the customer service is awesome too. Look forward to continued great service from this company!

  642. Cara Leung 2022/09

    I had a great experience working with ClearDefense Pest Control for almost 3 years now. Recently I had Jason and Spencer who came out to my house for the quarterly treatment. It was one of the best customer service I had received thus far. They really went above and beyond everything that they did and helped explain what they would do to help me treat all the spiders and wasps around the house. I trusted them for a long time but the recent service has just brought the experience to the next level. I really want to say thank you to both Jason and Spencer for their superior customer service and knowledge in everything that they do!

  643. Karen Rummel 2022/09

    We’ve used Clear Defense for a year now and are very happy with their work. Every technician we’ve seen is professional and cheerful – they all seem to like their jobs, which says a lot about a company. Today we had Spencer come out, and he was great. He made sure to ask me about any problems that needed specific addressing, which was pretty much none because they have been coming quarterly to stay ahead of things. We are very satisfied with them.

  644. Dennis Smith 2022/09

    David and Kesean were extremely professional and a joy to work with. They explained everything that they were doing as part of the initial visit, which was an incredible amount of pest control for the price. They were very thorough, personable, and took the time to explain all the services that ClearDefense offers.

    I had an all around positive experience and I’m so glad I contracted with them for services. We are already seeing great results and we’re looking forward to the next scheduled service appointment!

  645. Alicia Sheehan 2022/09

    We just had our first quarterly service with Sam from ClearDefense Pest Control. Sam took care to explain what he would be doing and ensured us that all treatments used today would be perfectly safe for our dogs to be around. He was very helpful and thorough in addressing our concerns. Considering the weather lately, we had to reschedule a few times and the communication on their end was great. Everyone I’ve talked to from the company has been wonderful and I look forward to working with them in the future.

  646. Emily Choe 2022/09

    Clear defense pest control was great! Very responsive and super helpful in person and on the phone. Alec came to our home for our second treatment and he was great! Took care of everything quickly and efficiently. Highly recommend!

  647. Pam Shaw 2022/08

    We have been using Clear Defense for almost a year now and we have been quite satisfied. The last service with Dominic and Ben was very good. Dominic was pleasant to work with and he ensured our needs were met several times before completing services. This is a great company to work with to prevent and maintain pest control.

  648. Elizabeth Saye 2022/07

    We have had a great experience with Clear Defense Pest Control. Greg is a wonderful technician and was very thorough and professional. I really appreciated that he took the time to explain the products he was using in my home and how they worked.

  649. Jimmy Kruyne 2022/07

    We just signed up with ClearDefense as new home owners and our first appointment was fantastic. Sam and Travis were super great in being communicative about their arrival and explaining the work they were going to do that day.

    The best (and maybe worst part for Sam and Travis) was that it was pouring outside. They still did the work and we’re strategic in making sure none of the muck outside was tracked inside.

    Great job!

  650. Ken Aducci 2022/07

    Another successful visit by Clear Defense. Grayson was our technician today. Introduced himself, already had on shoe covers, and clearly explained the treatment we were receiving. He promptly treated for what we called for and asked if we had seen anything else. I told him we saw some ants on the front porch and he treated for that while he was here. Highly recommend Clear Defense. Can’t wait until they add termite programs.

  651. John King 2022/07

    Our recent technician David did a great job remembering issues that were present during his prior visit three months ago and ensuring everything was still resolved satisfactorily. Overall we’ve had a great experience with ClearDefense Pest Control.

  652. Anthony McEachin 2022/06

    The technicians were great. Cam and Ahmir arrived arrived early and went right to work. Communication was great, as my wife had specific instructions on how she wanted things done. They verified the instructions and did an excellent job. We are very satisfied with their work.

  653. Duane Wallace 2022/06

    I worked with Alex and by worked with I mean he explained to me quite thoroughly the entire ins and outs of what he and the company would be doing.
    His good nature in dealing with my myriad of questions as a first time home owner purchasing Pest Control Services made me feel much better about my decision to go with ClearDefense.
    The bugs may not like them, but I am definitely satisfied.

  654. Angela Flack 2022/06

    Clear defense is a very reliable and wonderful company to use for pest control. Today we noticed an underground bees nest and Shane and Drew were down the street working on another house and stopped by really quick to help. They are super thorough and very nice to deal with. Everyone is very friendly including the office when you call. Superior customer service for sure! Would recommend to anyone!

  655. KKS 2022/06

    Bought a house so went online to see which company is highly rated. Even though great reviews don’t always translate to a great experience, have to say happy I chose Clear Defense. Scheduling was easy, Ben came out on time and did an awesome job first explaining everything and then treating the house inside out. He was very thorough and before he left he explained what he did and next steps. While I didn’t think there were any issues, Ben explained that he had seen lots of wasps in and around an air vent and on my roof deck, so I’m really happy I got them out here for the preventative treatment.

  656. Tim Van Drew 2022/05

    David came to our house today for a quarterly pest control visit as well as helping us track down a mouse in the house. David was on time, very polite, incredibly thorough, explained everything he was doing, and took care of scheduling a follow-up visit. I would recommend ClearDefense to anyone requiring their services. Customer service was very helpful in getting the visit planned for a time that worked for my family. I’m glad to see companies with this level of customer service and integrity exist.

  657. Wendy Gutierrez 2022/05

    The services was incredible! Marcelus and Kyle are very knowledgeable about their work, they took the time to explain the next steps of services and how I need to continue the care… thanks for the service. This exceeds my expectations.


  658. Alfredo Collins 2022/05

    I am a new customer this year and am very happy with the service we are receiving. I always get a friendly call ahead of time scheduling service and our most recent technician, Daminic did a great job servicing our home. He arrived on time, was very friendly and knowledgeable, and was very thorough in all areas of cleaning and application of products. Thank you ClearDefense Pest Control for the great service we have received!

  659. Aarica Kelly 2022/05

    We have been using ClearDefense for about four months now, and we love it! The guys who have addressed our issues so far have been kind, helpful, and quick! The believe the first guy who came out was named Sean, I ment to review then because he did such a great job explaining the process to us. Alex helped us out this afternoon with a follow-up service, and he was great too! Thanks!

  660. Juletta Tyson 2022/04

    Jordan was my technician and he was very friendly, very professional, and very knowledgeable about the products and what he was going to do at my house. He explained everything to me about the process and I felt comfortable allowing him throughout my home and outside. I appreciated his kind nature and since this is my 1st home he made me feel secure very secure in my decision to use clear defense.

  661. Kiara Gresham 2022/03

    Excellent customer service!!! While servicing my neighbor’s home I spoke with Justin about Clear Defense Pest Control service. He was very informative and professional. He gave me a great explanation of what the company has to offer and I look forward to doing business with him in the near future. Thank you Justin for being courteous and thorough!!

  662. Alex Gharbo 2022/03

    Very pleased with Clear Defense Pest Control and will be recommending to friends & family. Ryan, my technician was very thorough, informative, and pleasant to work with. This company was great to work with overall & we will continue to use them for pest control.

    Update: Had a recent service from Marcelus and you can tell he is a well-refined technician. He is very welcoming but more importantly extremely thorough. Very confident about the services from ClearDefense!

  663. David Carter 2022/03

    David from Clear Defense provided the most respectful professional service we’ve experienced in a very long time. He was knowledgeable, friendly, patient, honest, conscientious, caring and passionate about his work, his product, and his company – which vastly displayed in his attitude, and his performance. He was on time, called to let me know he was on his way, didn’t rush to get done, and explained each and ever step and process that he completed – welcoming me to ask questions as I followed him around both inside n outside my home. I’ll recommend him n his company to any and everyone I know, without hesitation. THANKS DAVE – you were Awesome Dude!!!!


  664. Angelia Moore 2022/03

    Alex, who was the technician to come out for our initial service, was amazing! He answered all of my questions, discussed expectations with me, and was also very mindful that my family was home during the service. He deserves 5⭐️!

    My second service was completed by Spencer! Spencer was in my driveway when I arrived home, moved his vehicle, and then came back to install traps that he had left for us since I wasn’t home when he first arrived. Stellar service all the way around! We used Clear Defense before and we were so happy to be able to restart our services!

  665. L Brown 2022/03

    I had two gentleman by the name of Marcelus and Kyle that serviced my house for my mosquito treatment from Clear Defense Pest Control and as always they did an amazing job! No mosquito bites and their services are kid and pet friendly which is the main reason I went with clear defense in the first place. Doesn’t get any better than that knowing I’m getting great service behind a great product and this is an honest review from a customer who actually care about both. We all work hard for our money and appreciate companies that still put customer service as their top priority! Great job Clear Defense!


  666. Cecily Frank 2022/03

    Justin (Jay) came to my house today to do our regular mosquito service but we also have been having a yellow jacket problem. The poor guy went and sprayed the neat and definitely didn’t get away unscathed. We have only been using Clear Defense for a few months but the service goes above and beyond and worth every penny. We had David come out first and cleaned ALL the cobwebs off the outside and really took his time to make sure everything was taken care of. Then we had Spencer and Kesean, then Ahmir and Kyle, every one of them were kind and listened to our concerns and addressed every thing quickly and communicated the process well. This company is great and their employees have all been a delight.

  667. Sydney Pulliam 2022/03

    Sam with ClearDefense Pest Control was amazing! He was extremely thorough, unlike other pest control companies we’ve had in the past who spray for five minutes then left. As far as costumer service, Sam was extremely professional yet personable. I welcome him and his help to my house anytime!
    We love using ClearDefense Pest Control because they are local and genuinely want to help you and your family. When we call, we instantly get to speak to a real person on the phone. I recommend ClearDefense to all my friends & family in the area!

  668. Deborah Wilkinson 2022/03

    As always I’m very happy with my service from ClearDefense Pest Control. Kyle stopped by today for my monthly service. He was very professional and personable. I had some leaf build up on one corner of the house and he cleared it out for me. Great example of going above and beyond. Look forward to seeing him again.

  669. Trina Jackson 2022/03

    We’ve used ClearDefense Pest Control for going on two years and have always been happy with their service. Very professional and always ask if there’s anything specific that needs to be addressed. We haven’t had any issues since we started using them, which is a good sign that their products work! We usually get the same team but today we had a new crew, Marcelus and Matthew, and they were just as professional and courteous as we’ve come to expect from this company. Great company, and affordable.

  670. Richard Edl 2022/02

    Our first service was last week. Todd, our technician, was on-time, courteous and very thorough with all the details of what was going to be done. When the job was completed, he went over more details clearly and what to keep a look out for. Clear Defense also services my closet neighbors and they have good reports as well. So glad we made the choice of Clear Defense. We had concerns with the treatments affecting our buddies the squirrels, birds and the deer we feed in our yard. We feel very comfortable with their treatment plan and what is used to take care of our pest issues. We are satisfied new customers.

  671. Ariel Scott 2022/02

    I have been a ClearDefense Pest Control customer for 1 year and have had consistently positive experiences with their technicians.

    Kyle came out for my initial treatment. He was friendly, professional, and respectful of our home. He explained the products he was using and their purpose.

    Spencer recently came out for a quarterly treatment, and I had the same great experience. He took extra steps to help with mice activity, which I really appreciated.

    I was referred to ClearDefense by a family member in the area, and I would recommend them to others. They have been responsive any time I’ve called the office, and the service has been consistent.

  672. Pamela Ehrhardt 2022/02

    I just had the 2nd mosquito treatment with Clear Defense Pest Control. My Technician-Sam was on time and professional. I appreciate that he takes the time to explain what he will do and then checks back with me before leaving. I am so glad that my friend told me about this company. I highly recommend them!

  673. Kenny Gray 2022/02

    I started using Clear Defense after purchasing a home & they’ve been great! I receive quarterly treatments and, since signing up, they’ve treated my home three times. I’ve been satisfied with the results. All technicians I’ve interacted with have been friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. The latest visit, Dominic & Shane took care of everything needed. They are excellent at what they do while being very customer-centric. Keep up the good work!

  674. Jackie Bartenstein 2022/02

    Greg from ClearDefense Pest Control did a great job on our follow-up visit. This company has provided great service. We recently switched to ClearDefense and was surprised how much time they spend at our house. The 1st technician that was here (forgot his name) was so courteous, friendly and explained everything. He was also very consciousness about our dog and her water/food bowl. Great service!

  675. Cindi Dickens 2022/01

    We absolutely love the professionalism and extremely friendly service from Clear Defense. Grayson and Alex are wonderful! Always extremely thorough and courteous. They make sure the job is done correctly and to our benefit. If it’s raining or going to rain, they advise us as to whether we should reschedule or complete the service. They are always look out for our benefit. We use Clear Defense for our lawn at home and the regular pest control. They have ALWAYS gone above and beyond to meet our needs!

  676. Bean 2022/01

    Ryan and Camden both did an absolutely amazing job on taking care of the home. I had a roach problem and they rest assured me that they would take care of it as well as the other pests. Both were very professional and did their job quickly and hassle free. I feel much safer with ClearDefense! I am excited to continue my services with them! Amazing team!

  677. Liz Peterson 2022/01

    We have been using ClearDefense Pest Control for a few years now. They are always very kind, knowledgeable about our pest problems and helpful. Any time we have called them they have been out that day or the next day to quickly respond. We have had a few technicians come out and this last time Grayson came out and did a great job! If I am not able to be home at the time of quarterly service they do the service and then leave a door hanger with information of the services they took care of while you were away!


  678. shanon walker 2022/01

    Kyle performed our service this afternoon. He was kind and listened to my needs. I hate mosquitoes and when he told me he was doing the monthly spray, I asked him if he could do my entire property and around the gate where we have a wooden area. He was polite and said no problem. All of the techs we have had service our home have been wonderful! I definitely recommend Clear Defense! Picture added to show how wooded our backyard is…..


  679. Nancy Rivera 2021/10

    The technicians Stephen B. and Chris Timm were very thorough . They definitely exceeded my expectations. The sprayed all around the outside and even in the woods. So glad we decided to use clear defense. We live in a wooded area, so there’s lots of spiders, wasps, ticks, mosquitoes etc.. I am seeing the difference within a few days after our initial service. Thank you for answering all of our questions and fast service.


  680. Roberto Mercado (Merk1782) 2021/03

    The technician @Breyon G. was absolutely professional. He was very thorough and even waited for me to arrive since I stepped out to grab some lunch for my daughter, so he could treat my garage!

    Breyon just like the other technicians from clear defense were very thorough and professionals. That’s why I have been with them for over a year. Good Work!


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