Church Hill Animal Hospital

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Church Hill Animal Hospital
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  1. Shayne S 2023/11

    I adopted my dog 3 years ago right before the pandemic and I was living in Richmond at the time. Church Hill Animal Hospital was the best veterinary hospital with the MOST CARING doctors and staff and we hated to leave them when we moved to another state. Long story short-ish — my dog was scheduled for dental surgery here in my new state. When we arrived at the new veterinary hospital they asked for his rabies vaccination certificate. Oops- I had totally forgotten it at home 30 minutes away and his dental procedure was in 20 minutes. I called Church Hill Animal Hospital with no time to spare. The friendly person who answered the phone pulled up his records and told me they’d email it right away. Perfect! We received the certificate within 30 seconds! Everything went smoothly. Thank you Church Hill Animal Hospital for your fabulous, friendly, caring, attentive staff. Alex, the feisty Chihuahua mix, thanks and misses you all!


  2. Lauren Carraway 2023/10

    This place has been the best. I’ve been bringing my cats for about 4 years, and they’ve been nothing but great with my little terrors. They’re more than happy to prescribe meds to calm your anxious pet down before visits which is 100% necessary in my case. They gave us a great referral when my cat was diagnosed with a heart murmur. They listen, give you a bunch of options, and also give their personal experience with their own pets. I often use that as a gauge of what tests I want to run and I never feel like they’re just trying to get money out of me.

    I’m writing this because of the amount of time the staff spent with my cat today. He didn’t have his usual calming meds and was very vocal about how little he wanted to be there. They gave us so much grace and extra time to make sure we could do as much of the exam in office as possible. And when they needed a couple more things but my cat was too stressed there, they set me up with everything I needed to take samples at home and bring back to them for testing (also gave me the option of getting more calming meds and bringing my cat back when he was calmer). They’re (seemingly!) happy to explain things thoroughly and I greatly appreciate that.

  3. Maryann Sena 2023/08

    Extremely professional staff and excellent medical animal care.

  4. Ben Quade 2023/06

    Unfortunately they have lost their touch. I had to change the review from 5 to 1 based on multiple interactions in the past couple years. They used to be the best vet in town when their was another Vet in office.
    The vet is judgemental, only suggests Purina pro plan ( likely getting kick backs ), and more worried about making a buck than your animals. Misdiagnosed and freaked us out to spend hundreds on unnecessary testing.
    Has made it clear she doesn’t like our husky. This is sad since their nursing staff are the most amazing humans, I’ve continued to push through the judgements and BS because the nurses always took such great care of us.
    I’m sad to part ways, but I will not continue to support Purina Pro sponsored Dr.Clay.

  5. Melda Gammon 2023/05

    Great with sny pet, even the littlle fiesty ones that yap at everthing n everybody,

  6. Pixels N'Bits 2023/05

    The staff at this place are ridiculously friendly. I had so much anxiety taking my pug just to get his nails trimmed and get his shots updated but it got relieved literally at the front door. That area has more dogs than people so it’s in a good neighborhood too. I used to live across the street years ago and I always knew my boi was in good hands.

    PS, if your dog is cute, watch out, theyll shower them with love!

  7. james frazier 2023/02

    Church Animal is a caring and knowledgeable practice.
    I would recommend them to any owner that loves their pet.
    I began taking my dog, Buddy, to them when he was 3 months old.
    I knew they loved animals by the way they treated Buddy and me.
    Buddy had a great life and his life was prolonged because of their care.

  8. Angela Hopgood 2022/10

    They’ve been my dogs only vet since we adopted her 3 years ago! Have always been able to fit us in during emergencies and are so kind. Thank you for everything!!

  9. Raakin Ali 2022/10

    They would not look at my dog because they were not accepting new clients.

  10. McKenzie Gross 2022/08

    They go out of their way to take care of my anxious pup! The staff is very caring, welcoming and do it with a smile. Thanks for all that you do!

  11. Juan Rivera 2022/06

    They were pretty good but now you can’t even get an appointment for your animal wow


  12. Steph Shaw 2022/06

    Only reason I’m not giving a 5 is because they’re not open on Fridays. The staff is incredible here. They remember my dog’s name and treat him as if he was own of their own pets. Wouldn’t consider taking Reggie anywhere else.

  13. Darren Arble 2022/05

    When I started bring my dog here there was a great vibe and a conversation about how my do was doing, that has all changed. The last visit is was very disconnected with information, wanted to get some prescriptions for my dog and wanted is for the vet to walk me through the best option, nope turned into a full on sales pitch with excessive blood work and a hard sale on prescriptions, now I can get any unless I pay for another round of hard selling. I cant go back there again, I’m sure they mean well and want their business to be successful, but I would ask that the focus be on the pet and the owner and the success will follow.

  14. Anna C 2022/03

    Our pup is 7. We went to this vet before and after they changed vets (retirement). We love both! Last visit couple days ago. They listened to every concern, and even advised against a skin tag removal with risks outweighing need. We left with required shots, teeth cleaning recommendation & very happy with treatment.

  15. Danielle Bailey 2022/03

    I made an appt for my dog, who was having urination issues. a very serious symptom. I called the location. The young lady looked up my account to ensure Dilly was a current patient before she made the appointment for a week later. I was willing to wait the week. I worked remotely for most of the week beforehand and put him in doggie day care when I had to go into work. I took the day off and drove from Henrico, as this was the hospital I’ve always used since previously living in Church Hill. I get there and they cannot find my appt! The staff person asks me if I wanted her to ask the doctor if they could fit me in. I said, “please, I took the day off, I made the appt, I would never just come in and demand an appointment.” The staff person, instead, goes back to the counter as I waited, never spoke to the doctor, and came back stating that I made the appointment at “the other Church Hill Animal Hospital in Tennessee”. How would that hospital have my information to make the appt???? Needless to say, I had to leave, they were not willing to see me or fit me in and had not a care in the world about my dog. What has this hospital become since Nan Jack’s retirement? I guess they don’t care that they lost my business forever, but they have!

  16. Melanie Spahr 2021/11

    Great place. Very gentle, kind, and reassuring. HIGHLY recommened.
    Dr. Manuel has treat our pets for years and we would not trust them anywhere else.

  17. Leah Small 2021/11

    My animals have received compassionate and competent care from Church Hill Animal Hospital for over seven years.

  18. Sallie Noe 2021/10

    Great vet and crew!

  19. Enyde Benyard 2021/09

    They take care of my cat and very nice 👌 …

  20. Alise Knight 2021/08

    Bad all around

  21. E F 2021/08

    I’ve been taking my pets to this office for over a decade and have always gotten exceptional service. I understand times are difficult with covid. I do not have any complaints about the medical care my dog receives, but recently have been having worse and worse experiences with the employees working the front desk. It seems like every person you talk to tells you something different. Everytime they’ve told me they were going call me back, they don’t.

    Numerous times my dog has gone without the medication he needs because it doesn’t get filled. I’ll call, someone will say it will be ready in a few hours and they will call me back. I’ll receive no call back. Then I’ll call the next day, only to have another person say it will take 24 to 48 hours, and they will let me know. I’ll wait 2 days, receive no call back, call again, and it still will not be ready. I shouldn’t have to call repeatedly for something so simple. If this goes on for much longer, I’m sadly going to have to change vets.

    The front staff has always been kind and helpful. I do not believe this is an issue with the staff’s performance, who clearly are too overworked. I really hope Church Hill brings in some more employees to deal with the problems stemming from being so understaffed. I feel bad for them.

  22. Taylor McQuinn 2021/08

    This place safely removed 2 mammary tumors (breast tumors) from my 9 year old dog diamond they also gave her a full hysterectomy during the process I’ve probably called them almost everyday since 12/17/20 asking questions ( i know they are probably tired of me calling) but they always answer all my questions and they are very nice and professional i didn’t have all the money to pay for her surgery due to COVID making things hard right now they called and told me that if i paid $200 they would cover the rest of her surgery which was well over $1000 i love this place completely oh and a doctor there named Lisa especially is amazing!!!

  23. Pam S. 2021/08

    My Pit Bill was not welcome. He
    is a good dog with good manners (when he is away from home😊). I experienced not being welcome from the moment I walked in. No services were provided. Not planning to return. …

  24. Brad Shupp 2021/06

    I’ve been taking my animals to this hospital since 2014 when Dr. Nan Jack was at the practice. I always had a pleasant experience when she was there. They always found time to see my little guys during emergency visits and made the experience not as bad.

    However, since Dr. Jack’s departure, I have had difficulty making appointments that weren’t more than several weeks out and have even been turned away during emergency visits when my cat was having a seizure.

    Most recently, a refill for prescription flea medication ($100) that I have been receiving at this office since 2014 was declined. After speaking with the receptionist to determine why they stated we were overdue on their yearly visits. If you live in Church Hill, you know fleas come with the neighborhood. Now the only way to release this prescription to keep my cats free of this parasite and keep myself and home free is to spend $65 to have a Doctor look at my cat. This sounds like a money grab.

    Dr. Jack would never have allowed my cats to go without this prescription. I will be taking my cats somewhere else, somewhere that can provide the level of service that is clearly no longer available at Church Hill Animal Hospital.

  25. Mark Morrison 2021/04

    We took our cat, who had a severely wounded tail, to this clinic. They returned her with no bandages and a still completely wounded tail (still a large bill of course), which she kept biting at and bled all over the house. This is unacceptable behavior for anyone in the medical profession. It is a bad idea to use this clinic for any reason.

  26. Mike Kershner 2021/04

    Great service great staff the doctors genuinely care. Only place i trust with my german shepherd thats about the best review ill ever give anyone hes my world.

  27. Karen Bittner 2021/04

    Theye were Great with my Tessa Rose! She came with bladder stones & they took Wonderful care of her. Poodle.

  28. Colby Casolaro 2021/04

    The good: vets are nice, nurses are helpful, and your pet will be in good hands.
    The bad: They are disorganized and you’ll likely spend most of your time waiting. They are VERY money driven and try to up-sell you for fecal exams, flea & tick meds, and unnecessary visits to answer simple questions. They are also aggressive with email marketing.

    For me, the bad outweighed the good, and I wouldn’t recommend this place. Our new vet, by comparison, has been a fraction of the cost, much more organized and efficient, answers my questions by phone, and even sent a handwritten thank-you card after our visit.

  29. TY Garner 2021/03

    When first Ill dog king smoke and toke him here they fell in love with him they explain what type of shots he would need. And let you know what they a for so we can keep I’ll buddy around. Its a gud place check it out


  30. Caroline Flagler 2021/03

    I just moved here from Atlanta, and I want to say that I am so blessed this vet is right around the corner. I am appalled they have any low reviews at all. This practice SAVED MY CATS LIFE! They found a urinary blockage and without them he would’ve died a few days later! I am eternally grateful. I read through the reviews and I do want to add, yes, even I had some trouble getting them on the phone. But you want to know what I realized? It’s because they are SO good at their jobs and in such a high demand, that they have a SUPER HIGH CALL VOLUME! So be patient! Just try to call back, thats what I did. It is beyond worth it. I had Sarah at the front desk and she might be a real life angel. She has such a good memory and she is so courteous. My cat saw Dr. Clay, and she called me three times in a day. I don’t know what vet makes the time for their patients to do that, but that’s some serious customer service. I’ve never gotten so many updates before – it was so refreshing. Lastly, Lisa, the Head Vet Tech Is the one who actually saved my cat’s life and helped with the blockage. She is the most kind, dedicated, professional, and hard working person . Even more off topic – she knows her clients very well. I love personable practices. She stopped an owner just to ask them how they have been because she knows their story, health issues, etc. She is such a great human being. Ignore all other reviews and go by this one. I used to work at a vet office so I know a good place when I see one. Never going to another place again. Thank you, Church Hill. Y’all saved my cats life!

  31. Rosemary Harrigan 2021/01

    Best veterinary care, my baby is being treated for heart worms, they are caring and compassionate.


  32. Sara Joachim 2021/01

    I’ve taken my cat here for years, and have never wanted to switch vets even though I don’t live in Church Hill anymore. My baby is 17 and has multiple health issues so I’m constantly worrying about him, and they’re so kind and helpful whenever I call to ask questions and they always take wonderful care of him. They’ve clearly been very busy throughout the pandemic, but everyone there works so hard and I always know he’s in good hands. I’m so grateful to have such an awesome place to help me make sure his golden years are as healthy and comfortable as possible.

  33. jason walters 2021/01

    Great Staff!

  34. Dennis Malarkey 2021/01

    Karen Manuel is skilled, knowledgeable and great at teaching and communicating with pet parents

  35. Dwayne Jackson 2020/11

    The staff was very friendly, fast and efficient!! Great COVID protcal systems in place. And excellent integration of Humans and Animals!!

  36. Jorge Salgado 2020/11

    I trust them wholeheartedly with my pups… Love Dr. Manuels there!

  37. Whitney Smith 2020/11

    They do a really nice job here. Appointments are on time, the staff is competent and compassionate with your pet and the prices are fair. I never feel like they order unecessary testing or procedures.

  38. PWade 2020/11

    Great service also very efficient! Thank you for handling everything quickly!

  39. Gloria Umbach 2020/10

    This is the most wonderful veterinary practice, and I am deeply grateful they are present in Richmond. Dr. Jack and her staff are competent, professional, genuinely caring and supportive. The clinic is clean, and well maintained. I feel confident my two fur babies are in excellent hands.

  40. Fee Fee Leonard 2020/10

    This place is Amazing! The doctor there stands above the rest. The other animal hospitals could learn something from this one. when your dog just like a child is sick and you don’t have the money for it let them make payments. That’s exactly what this animal hospital did for people who could not afford to pay outright.

  41. Charlie Culley 2020/09

    Great people who really care for your animals. Lisa is the best tech!

  42. Cassandra Hamilton 2020/09

    Visited them right after I got my Service Dog! No question went unanswered. They were great and always a phone call away!

  43. Catherine D. 2020/09

    Very caring staff who always fit my pets in if it’s last minute and they do very good surgery. They’ve adapted well to the pandemic and keeping everyone safe and healthy! Good, quality care.

  44. D S 2020/08

    We are so pleased with the compassionate care from this facility. With little notice, they recently saw our beloved 12+ year old boxer who suddenly began having violent seizures one morning. We knew when we brought him in that he was likely going to have to be euthanized, but they still took time to stop his seizures and make him comfortable while they explained his grim prognosis in a caring and understanding way. In the end, we did have to put him to sleep, but we are so thankful for the caring staff who eased his pain and ours.

  45. Nyheem Richardson 2020/07

    Great place

  46. Sam Brown 2020/06

    They do a great job

  47. Galina Varchena 2020/06

    Friendly staff

  48. Marie Rios 2020/06

    They are just a all around great vet. They dont push you to get the unnecessary things done. I never wait long to get an appointment. They remind you when your pets need to be seen. I take all 3 if my fur babies to CHAH

  49. Jeanne Schlesinger 2020/06

    Wonderful people who take great care of my animals. They love going to the vet!

  50. joe ravinu 2020/05

    Honestly I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my dogs. Very soothing environment.

  51. John Angelo 2020/03

    I am so disappointed in my vet office. I’ve been a patron of this vet office over 5 years. They sell my dogs’ medication at a high price but I’ve always bought from them. After losing my job as a result of the covid pandemic I wanted to buy the medication online for a discounted rate. They spent 20 minutes trying to talk me out of it before returning my dogs to me. Finally telling me they wouldn’t give me a paper prescription, but the retailer had to fax them a request for the doctor to sign. The retailer faxed the request and they never sent it back. My partner and I have called and left many messages in the last 2 weeks and they have not returned a single one. It seems they’d rather my dogs go without medication than get it somewhere else. In trying to gouge me for around $200 and not acting with understanding during a time of crisis, they have permanently lost my business. I hope it was worth it. Also I’d like to point out that everyone in the office may not be at fault for this. The doctor has always been kind and understanding. The folks at the counter have given me attitude several times. I’ll be looking for a vet that doesn’t try to punish me for trying to save money once in 5 years. Good luck!

  52. Katie H 2020/03

    I live practically across the street from Lakeside Animal hospital and after trying them out, I quickly (despite the extra drive time) decided to go back to Church Hill for my dogs veterinary care. Dr. Jack has always provided exemplary care to my pup, and I have complete trust in her knowledge and expertise. Church Hill AH also have the most reasonable rates for their services and I believe this is bc they truly care about animals.

    I’ve never written a Google review before, but I was moved to do so after the incredible service I received from them today. Earlier today I discovered a large abscess on my dogs hindquarters and called Church Hill immediately. They informed me that they were double booked today but if I could drop her off soon, Dr. Clay would squeeze her in. Within two hours my Jujubee was diagnosed and treated by Dr. Clay and I had her resting comfortably back at home with me and her necessary prescriptions. Incredible. Can you imagine how much money they saved me for not having to go to an emergency vet?!

    Lastly, the front desk staff and vet technicians have always been super kind and helpful. I would easily wager that this is the best veterinary practice in Richmond! Thank you Church Hill Animal Hospital!

  53. Jennifer “OnlyMijay” Jeanty 2020/03

    So I visited this place with a good friend of mine that adopted a dog and was getting it checked out my friend’s dog is super huge she’s a black lab and he’s basically like a baby and a Giant’s body the staff was so welcoming it was ridiculous they had snacks they come come down they were very pleasant to talk to I’ll try their best to figure out what’s the situation to take next inside at the office when the doctor came she was awesome. very funny straight to the point as I should say . and please do not underestimate the pretty nurses and helpers there girly but strong the way they tacked this GIANT dog was amazing to see lol

  54. Dequettia Gilmore 2020/03

    Hospitality and a nurturing environment for all pets

  55. Brenda Mcleod 2020/03

    Never had any problems there the Drs are extremely knowledgeable and the aids are very helpful and respectful and very reasonable. Good group to deal with the atmosphere is warm and caring.

  56. Rafael J. Ramirez 2020/02

    Shots and annual checkup for cat. Dr. Nan Jack was fantastic!

  57. Robin Clarke 2020/01

    Awesome reception awesome vets,all around great people

  58. Benjamin Messer 2020/01

    This place is great.

  59. Kaylyn Tucker 2020/01

    They are so great with animals. You can tell they really care about their patients. They were so great with my scared cat and the vet took the time to carefully explain everything to me and even showed me the x-rays. Love this place!

  60. Sabrina Crawley 2019/12

    They took very good care..of my cats misti and sherbert..two years ago

  61. Sarah Allen 2019/11

    Staff are so friendly and caring. Not much a of a wait time for appointments. Prices are reasonable. I found out I had to put my cat down and they gave me all the time I needed in the room, even helped me pay the bill in the room so I wouldn’t have to do it in the waiting room in front of people bc I was obviously upset. Same with putting her down, very sweet, inexpensive process and everyone was so caring and gave me the privacy I needed to say goodbye. They even told me I could come spend time with some of the cats they have living there if I needed some kitty Love ❤️!

  62. Rosemary Quade Nichols 2019/09

    They were super kind insensitive to our situation with our beloved dog I would highly recommend them

  63. Aleah Ruggles 2019/09

    It was the best vet clinic I’ve ever been too. It smelled so clean. Staff was friendly and the vets were fantastic! Dr. Jack is great with cats. I will be going here for all my vet needs. If you have a cat that gets stressed going to the vet ask them if you can pick up gabapentin prior to your visit. My kitty has to take her dose 3 hours before we leave for the vet and she does SO much better.

  64. Joanne Corley 2019/09

    Had some ferral cats and they spayed and gave shots at a discounted rate. Kept one kitten, so she is a regular now.

  65. Paz O 2019/07

    Excellent service, but the dogs HATE it (for some reason 🤔). …


  66. Gustavo A 2019/07

    This place just makes me feel like cats are safe. Dr. Jack is the ultimate professional. The admin staff is friendly and they know my cats by first name. I’ve been going there for 6 years and I love it.

  67. Thaddeus Fortney 2019/07

    Over the past few weeks my dog’s health has taken a turn for the worse, and I have gone to CHAH because they are close to my house. Dr. Jack has been the vet we’ve seen and I want to caution people against seeing her. I frequently wait 30-45 minutes before she will see me and now on two separate occasions she has forgotten to call other specialists with blood work and health information that relates to my dog’s medicine. When I brought this up with the staff they echoed my concerns and suggested that this was not a unique problem. I won’t be returning to CHAH, and I’d encourage others to seek out other vets.

  68. Kizz woo 2019/06

    The staff are so friendly.

  69. Debra Bagby 2019/06

    Dr Jack is the best. Everyone is great andprofessional and considerate. I highly recommend Churchill Animal Hospital. They treat you and your pet like family

  70. Kendall von Michalofski 2019/06

    I want to give a huge thanks to CHAH. I adopted a senior, FIV+ kitty from the SPCA a few weeks ago, and let’s just say he has a couple of medical issues! I have been to CHAH twice since adopting him, and saw Dr. Manuel both times. I was extremely impressed by the level of care and compassion that Dr. Manuel and the rest of the CHAH team showed my kitty during both appointments. All of their recommendations made a lot of sense to me–they gave me a solid reason for everything they did/recommended. My kitty is still improving, but regardless of his ultimate recovery, I would recommend this vet to anyone!

  71. Carri 2019/05

    Great docs and care!

  72. Michael Mayo 2019/05

    They are the best around

  73. Meghan Coyle 2019/05

    Dr. Nan Jack is wonderful and knowledgeable.

  74. Silene Bateman 2019/05

    Best vet in town. They always go above and beyond.

  75. Mike Boss 2019/05

    There is no other vet or animal hospital like this place. It is sad to need to take your pet to a vet but I do look forward to these visits. The Chrch Hill neighborhood experience is a definite plus. While onsite parking is basically non-existent, I have always found free on-street parking with the block. The staff are all well trained and delightful and Dr. Nan Jack is skilled and reassuring. I think she is truly more concerned about the animals than their owners and I mean that in a good way. A most excellent way. Another vet, Karen, also works out of that location on a part-time basis. Karen has been our at-home vet for more than 15 years and I look forward to her regular, non-urgent visits as well.

    This world would be a whole other kind of place if every establishment followed suit. You’d definitely see a lot more smiles.

  76. Pauline Jefferson 2019/04

    Sweet Pea loves them and so do I. They were fast and helpful and took very good care of my cat.

  77. avery toulson 2019/04

    Me and my girlfriend of years decided to get a dog a new little pitbul named benji! from the very first visit they treated us like family but most importantly they absolutely loved benji and all his puppy struggles lol a great and cheap place to go. I recommend to everyone!

  78. yvette Cannon 2019/04

    Great veterinary care

  79. Kenneth Tunstall 2019/04

    Great place for my dog.

  80. Drew 2019/04

    I had several pets that used to go here. I’m not even sure who/which doctor was seeing my fiancee’s sick loving cat but I do know that they were extremely rude, judgmental, and downright disrespectful to her without knowing our own life situations. For instance, I’m battling stage 3 cancer myself and things are in a constant state of disarray. My fiancee asked for simple advice as to what to do and their answer was “I would’ve never let this happen to my cat”. I want to know who routinely defecates in this doctor’s cereal every morning because that is no way to treat a saddened and grieving individual by any means. My pets will never see this disgraceful hospital again and I hope others are inspired to switch as well.

  81. Florence Leonard 2019/03

    I took my brother and his 🐕 ( name Heaven) to church your animal hospital. The people are friendly the service is Stella and the price is a bit high but they will work with you.
    I give them a A+ all the way!!!
    Highly recommend them to anyone and everyone! 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

  82. Joe Freeman 2019/03

    The best Animal Hospital in the world!

  83. Hazel G. 2019/03

    I cannot recommend Church Hill Animal Hospital enough. I came across them after originally calling another vet in town. My experience in just getting basic information about the services provided and the cost involved from that first office left me with a horrible taste in my mouth, so I continued my search.

    I’m so glad I found CHAH. The receptionist was friendly, knowledgeable, honest, and transparent – everything that other vet’s office wasn’t. I was able to schedule wellness visits for both of my cats with no trouble at all.

    The service was impeccable. I have one cat who can be a little iffy around strangers and they handled her like a pro. Those who tended to my cats (doctors and staff) were caring and professional. I felt comfortable with their recommendations and they were gracious in answering my questions. Pricing is more than fair.

    In short, if you’re looking for a vet, give Church Hill Animal Hospital a try. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

  84. Michael Nesossis 2019/02

    Can’t say enough great things about this place and the staff.
    So very polite. So helpful and supportive. Will squeeze you in ASAP if schedule allows. We have 3 cats and the girls always asks how everyone is doing on our visits.
    And of course mega convenient if living in the Hill.

  85. Mike Maroney 2019/02

    Great staff, Dr. Jack is the best

  86. Jordan Alexander 2019/01

    They are saving lives here! It is amazing life saving techniques happening here!!!

  87. Chris Thomas 2018/11

    Friendly vets with a wonderful staff. They have taken excellent care of our two cats.

    The have house cats that live in the building and they’re very friendly.

    Not recommended to visit if you have pet allergies.

  88. kristine smetana 2018/10

    Most caring vet and staff. Dr. Jack is the best!

  89. Little Bird 2018/09

    Dr Jack is the most compassionate veterinarian I have the pleasure of knowing. She treats your pet family the way they should be treated. Precious. She has reasonable fees as well.

  90. David Connell 2018/08

    First time here but never felt more comfortable. Really nice folks and none of the add-ons and gouging that I’ve seen elsewhere. Great service for reasonable rates. What else could you ask for?

  91. Tina Buskey 2018/08

    Best in town

  92. Ella Gardner 2018/08

    Best veterinary office i have ever been to. So caring and helpful. Thank you.

  93. Joe Corley 2018/07

    Always helpful. Great feral cat program.

  94. Jo Ann Holt 2018/07

    Wonderful caring staff. Had to put my little dog of 16 and a half years to sleep. They gave me all the time I wanted to spend with her. Dr. Jack told me to not worry about the bill and that we’d settle up when I came back to get my little dog’s ashes. I have been going to this veterinary hospital for years. Highly recommend them to take care of your animals needs.

  95. Colleen Forst 2018/07

    Great care, very long wait for my anxious dog:/

  96. Eliza Barry 2018/06

    Only reason it isn’t 5 stars is because even with an appointment I usually need to wait about 10-15 minutes to see the doc. Overall though they are great and reasonably priced IMO.

  97. Marie Rios 2018/06

    Great Vet. They treat your pet with care

  98. David Igou 2018/05

    My dog loves it here. He loves going everywhere. Including here.


  99. Marisa Cagnoli 2018/05

    We have had nothing but amazing experiences with all the vets and vet techs at Church Hill Animal Hospital. Our cat began acting very ill very suddenly on a Thursday afternoon – we were supposed to leave for a 5-day vacation on Saturday morning – and they fit us in first thing in the morning that Friday even though they were totally booked. Turns out our baby kitty needed multiple X-rays done and the staff at Church Hill were so flexible and helpful negotiating payments for these expensive procedures with us.

    All of the staff were so considerate of our schedules and our finances, and you could tell they truly cared about the wellbeing of our sweet furbaby….Dr. Nan Jack especially!!! They are the best!!

  100. Theron Haynesworth 2018/05

    Great place for your pets. Love the staff and they always know what to do.

  101. Anthony Medina 2018/05

    Great experience with CHAH! Took my cat for a routine check up/rabies shot and I was in and out within 30 minutes. They even cut his nails with no extra charge! The rooms were nice and clean and staff was excellent to work with.

  102. Kent Willingham 2018/04


  103. Benjamin Toro 2018/04

    This is the best care for your dog that you can get in Richmond. A warm and friendly office and veterinarians who truly care. Prices competitive with any assembly line vet chain.

  104. Charlette Smith 2018/03

    Good place to take your fur babies

  105. Kayleah St. Pierre 2018/03

    They are VERY caring towards their animals.

  106. Darius Reinikovas 2018/03

    Great service with veterinarians the truly care

  107. Tina Buskey 2018/02

    Cheapest place in all Richmond to get my cat her shots. Fast and stress free for me and the cat

  108. hbk nene 2018/02

    U will love it there my grandmother take her dog all they are great your animals are in good hands there😉 …

  109. Aidan Swords 2018/02

    great staff

  110. Bruno Sultanum 2018/02

    Great friendly staff and doctors.

  111. Ann Pane 2018/01

    They helped me in putting my 20 year old cat to sleep. The treated me and Shadow with compassion and honor. I don’t think there is a better vet in the area.

  112. Acts 1915 2017/10

    Dr. Jack truly has a heart for animals. She saved our 3mo old kitten! Wonderful people!

  113. Amanda D 2017/10

    The staff here is very helpful.

  114. Latisha McRae 2017/09

    The best place to go ​take care of your animal. Reasonable prices they will work with you, loving and gentle.

  115. Kevin Woodcox 2017/09

    Very knowledgeable staff that offers great care.

  116. Erliza Robinson 2017/08

    My Dog love this place…

  117. Sarah C. Richardson 2017/06

    Most caring vet.

  118. Mary Cary 2017/03

    Best vets anywhere!

  119. Carmen 2016/11

    This was my first time here. The employees were absolutely wonderful and kind. I brought in a stray that went completely paralyzed and could only move her head. I was devastated and was hesitant to bring her to a hospital because of how much it would cost. They were understanding and did euthanasia for free. They also offered to neuter the neighborhood stray cats that are all over here.

    I would honestly recommend them and I plan on coming here more often.

  120. lauren leggett 2016/10

    I give 5 stars to the actual veterinary care received here and I continue to go back despite the staffing issues and the amount of time that I’m often waiting for basic checkups and other similar routine visits. I’ve been taking my pets here for ten years and am always happy that the prices are reasonable and everybody genuinely cares about the welfare of my animals. My reduction in star rating is for the aforementioned issues of short staffing and long wait times for scheduled appointments.

  121. Jacob Coots 2016/09

    We moved to Richmond a little over 4 years ago. A little over 3 years ago we got two little rambunctious kittens named and named them Atlas and Hermes. We have been going the the Church Hill Animal Hospital ever since. The staff are always kind and helpful. Prices are reasonable. The veterinarians are top notch and they follow up very promptly. If you’re in Church Hill or Union Hill I highly recommend them.

  122. Matt M. 2016/09

    A staff that laughs at people inquiring about what to do about a stray is not one I would recommend.

  123. Bishop S. JaNine Hyman, Ph.D. 2016/09

    Took my dog to another popular vet when he suddenly took ill because Churchill Vet could not accommodate me immediately. That Vet charged me nearly 500.00 for a non-conclusive diagnosis, and kept recommending more and more test to tell me what I already knew. Took took by dog to Dr. Jack who gave one test, and made a definitive diagnosis, and was very comforting when I had to make a decision to euthanize the dog due to his terminal condition. Dr. Jack has good mileage on her and knows good old fashioned solid, veterinary medicine, unlike many young vets today. She saw me and my dog through a few crises over these past 8 years.

  124. Bailey Bodine 2016/09

    Recently moved and our new house had fleas. I called late at night to leave a message, hoping someone would return my call in a few days. The next morning they had called back and recommended Comfortis for our 2 cats, and let me pick it up that day without having to take my cats in for an exam (and it was reasonably priced, comparable to online prices) . 24 hours after we found the fleas, the cats are clean and flea-free. Cannot recommend them enough, they really care about the well-being of your pets and the owners’ peace of mind.

  125. Kate Brown 2016/09

    We’ve been taking our pets there for years. We love Dr. Jack and Nichole and the rest of the team. I highly recommend them.

  126. Adam Smith 2016/02

    My wife made an appoimtment a week prior to the set date. She got to the animal hospital at 11:15 for the 11:30 appointment. Didn’t get seen and left at noon. Two people walked in without appointments and were seen while she waited. So now we have to find a new vet and rebook all appointments previously set and take another half work day. We tried to support our local business and are left very disappointed.

  127. Susannah Phillips 2015/11

    I love Church Hill Animal Hospital! They do a wonderful job with my cats.

  128. Ben Burns (MrBenBurns) 2015/10

    Just called to take my two dogs in for their first visit and was told that they aren’t taking new patients. Never heard of that in the 12 years I’ve owned pets.

  129. Curt Pavone 2015/05

    I have dealt with this clinic three times now for my cats. One was a euthanasia and the other two were for leg injuries. I have seen 3 different doctors and they are all super. They work with you and do not insist upon tests that may not be necessary for your pet. I am reminded of my first vet who was a common sense rural vet. I never feel uncomfortable asking questions about treatment and cost, which as we all know, can be daunting. And I will never go elsewhere to have my pet put to sleep.

  130. Dacia Foster 2014/06

    I wrote a much longer review that I accidentally deleted!

    -=-=- Abbreviated version. -=-=-

    -=-=- Pros -=-=-

    Nobody swore at me or was directly rude!
    Also, I didn’t have enough money in my bank account and told them I would have to return with payment. They didn’t make a big deal about it. I appreciate that.


    I went for my first checkup with my pup. I was not greeted upon approaching the front desk. The appointment took 1.5 hours instead of the 30 – 45 minutes promised. I was not given any kind of explanation for the extended wait.

    I do not feel like the Vet gave me much of a chance to speak or listened to what I had to say. I still don’t know her name as she did not introduce herself. While I was in mid-sentence she left the room saying “I’ll be right back” however did not return.

    I did not feel as if I was given an option to buy my medication elsewhere. I kept asking if I could buy elsewhere and was told that they may be from “disreputable suppliers”. I told them I could check out their reputation but they kept handing me the medications and did not seem to listen to anything I was saying.


    I’m going to see about finding another Vet that can hopefully be a little more courteous and maybe have less of a markup on their medications. I don’t think my expectations are unreasonable. I do not recommend this vet. I really did hate it but I want to give them some credit for not blatantly being rude at any point.

  131. clare t 2014/03

    would def recommend (and do) this veterinary facility – everyone who works here is compassionate, educated, thorough, dedicated and did i say compassionate! Dr Jack and her staff has helped me & my furry friends thru some tuff times.

    their main focus is helping my family member get better and/or maintain that quality of life.

    Though Church Hill Animal Hospital is not close to where i live, it is def worth the drive.

  132. Karan S 2013/05

    Well my dog was having an issue with this legs and I had taken him to one fo those Banfield Hospitals at PetMarts of Midlothian. Yea they are total rubbish (gave me a diagnostic estimate $175) and this place I had the doctor Mrs. Jack and she was absolutely wonderful. She knew exactly what was wrong with him (well most likely) and she recommended a direct course of treatment for him and she alos answered all my silly questions 🙂 The staff is also very friendly and accommodating since I have a very load and vocal dog.
    Definitely recommend this place and it is also considerably cheap or you may say affordable. They also will price match the lowest cost for neuter and spay for animals!!!

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