Chipotle Mexican Grill

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Chipotle Mexican Grill
3.4 based on 293 reviews
  1. LL Francis 2023/11

    Tried to go at 3 PM, but the place was CLOSED. I don’t know if there was a sign on the door because another couple walking back to their car said it was closed. Very odd.

  2. Cyndi Greer 2023/11

    My first time at this location. It’s right off the I-66. It may have been an off day. Rice was very hard .I had an item missing from our order that I didn’t catch it till we were back on the road. I will try them again. Lady at window was nice and working hard.
    Take out
    Meal type
    Price per person
    Food: 4
    Service: 4
    Recommended dishes
    Burrito Bowl
    Recommendation for vegetarians
    Somewhat recommend

  3. Di L 2023/11

    Chicken was spicy for no reason. Staff was friendly and food area was clean and well stock . Floors could be cleaner .
    Dine in
    Meal type
    Price per person
    Food: 2
    Service: 5
    Atmosphere: 5
    Recommendation for vegetarians
    Highly recommend
    Vegetarian offerings
    Large vegetarian selection
    Parking space
    Plenty of parking
    Parking options
    Free parking lot
    Be careful backing out .


  4. Thomas Ripley 2023/10

    Chipotle has gone downhill in general. It’s hit or miss here.

  5. Gena Barker 2023/10

    Good food and the portions are great. It’s much better than the mechanicsville location. Staff is friendlier, too. Parking is horrible. It is very difficult to get in and out of when busy… which is often. Otherwise, I love the food.
    Food: 5
    Service: 5
    Atmosphere: 3

  6. Razzi Rae 2023/10

    You don’t have to be very competent at all to work here because all the employees including the managers are so incompetent that they don’t know how to get your order right. Also the manager acts like its a huge inconvenience to remake the bowl they got wrong & she went so fast making it the second time that she still got it wrong & gave me a skimpy bowl.
    Food: 1
    Service: 1
    Atmosphere: 1

  7. Tiffany Lewis 2023/10

    Quick service, good portion and delicious food. Everything was well seasoned which to me is hit or miss in other locations. Couldn’t have expected anything better.
    Take out
    Food: 5
    Service: 5
    Atmosphere: 5


  8. Ken Roche 2023/09

    With each visit these places get worse and dirtier…not to mention more expensive
    Dine in
    Meal type
    Price per person
    Food: 3
    Service: 4
    Atmosphere: 3

  9. Gabriela Castillo 2023/09

    Was not disappointed.
    Food: 5
    Service: 5
    Atmosphere: 5

  10. Mindy Hamilton 2023/08

    The last SEVERAL visits have been disappointing. Food already cost too much as is and they never seem to have all the toppings available, queso is not hot and overall just doesn’t taste as good as other locations. Staff could care less about anything either.
    Take out
    Meal type
    Price per person
    Recommended dishes
    Burrito Bowl

  11. ddan8862 2023/08

    Great clean store and nice staff . FYI ..Bring cash for tips . I don’t know why you don’t have that option in person. Tips should be an option. If I order online I can give a tip. The company of not paying that wonderful. In the gig economy you should have that as an in person option. I wanted to give a tip. I rarely have cash.
    Food: 5
    Service: 5
    Atmosphere: 5

  12. Mary Garcia 2023/08

    Great costomer service very professional
    Take out
    Meal type
    Food: 5
    Service: 5
    Atmosphere: 5

  13. Eva M 2023/08

    I love Chipotle but this location is disgusting. More than half of the dining room tables had food smeared all over them and there wasn’t a clean area on any surface of the kitchen. It wasn’t that busy at all. Also, the grill cook didn’t cut the tendons out of the chicken so I had to spit out a few bites.
    Food: 3
    Service: 3
    Atmosphere: 2

  14. Ana Streat 2023/07

    The place is filthy, and the floors got trash. Not very appealing when you see trash on the floors for a food establishment.
    Take out
    Price per person
    Food: 3
    Service: 3
    Atmosphere: 3

  15. Brenda Harris 2023/07

    Another satisfying lunch!!!
    Dine in
    Meal type
    Price per person
    Food: 5
    Service: 5
    Atmosphere: 3

  16. Daniel Calderon 2023/06

    The restaurant really needs to clean up after the lunch rush because the drink area is always a mess
    Take out
    Meal type
    Price per person
    Food: 3
    Service: 3
    Atmosphere: 3
    Recommended dishes
    Burrito Bowl

  17. Heather Rdomnai 2023/06

    Apparently cooking rice is a hard thing for them. I ordered a burrito bowl, got about a half a bowl and the rice was so crunchy like none of it was cooked long enough. I took it back. When they made it the second time I at least got the full portion size and the rice was cooked better but still too many crunchy pieces.
    Giving them a 1 star i think is too generous.

  18. E. 2023/06

    I come to this chipotle all the time with zero complaint . However I went there today and my food was not it at all. My rice was hard and had a weird taste to it and the chicken was burnt.. For $9 I wish I could have at least ate half the bowl instead of only being able to take 2 bites

  19. Bruce Nome 2023/05

    By far the best pico de gallo I have ever eaten before. I enjoyed the food. 👏👏
    Take out
    Meal type
    Price per person
    Food: 5
    Service: 5
    Atmosphere: 5

  20. Chris Renn 2023/05

    Service was fine but the place looked like it hadn’t been cleaned all day. Food quality was marginal at best. Chipotle used to be a pretty solid place to get good food quickly but lately it’s definitely not the same.

  21. Tunisia F 2023/04

    Quick and efficient
    Dine in
    Meal type
    Price per person
    Food: 5
    Service: 5
    Atmosphere: 5
    Recommended dishes
    Barbacoa Bowl
    Parking space
    Somewhat difficult to find parking
    Parking options
    Free parking lot

  22. Suzanne 2023/04

    Before ordering from this location I should have read the first few reviews. I did an online order for pickup because it was friday and I wanted to ‘treat’ myself. I do realize I ordered later than most but my order was so screwed. 4-5 items were missing/wrong…no chips (payed for queso and guac with chips for both) no salsa and to top it off my item looked like it was drop kicked across the restaurant. I was told ‘we don’t have any chips’ when I said I paid for them. I then asked for a refund and the employee ran in the back, threw me a bag and I should have looked. When I got home I had 6 chips in the bag. Had to contact customer support and received a ‘free meal’ good for 30 days as a ‘we’re sorry’. Thing is I don’t want to use the free meal because I never want to enter a Chipolte again.

  23. Charles Moore 2023/04

    Restaurant not clean, servers cold and dismissive.
    Take out
    Meal type
    Price per person

  24. Kyle Jacobsen 2023/03

    This particular location seems to have a lot of issues. I got a burrito bowl with extra black beans and got regular portion pinto beans. Didn’t include half the toppings I ordered. Bowl was smooshed like it had been thrown around. They seem to constantly be out of things like rice and chips. Go to the one on broad st instead

  25. Joseph Washington 2023/02

    My wife and I went to Chipotle to get something to eat standing in line with seven more customers management just close the store sa
    Food: 1
    Service: 1
    Atmosphere: 1

  26. Sara M 2023/02

    Clumpy rice, just big balls of rice and order was wrong and VERY skimpy. Ordered extra fajita veg and got exactly one onion slice. Not worth your money anymore.

  27. Jeff Brown 2023/02

    Always great food and fast service
    Take out
    Meal type
    Price per person
    Food: 5
    Service: 5
    Atmosphere: 5

  28. Seena Sunshine 2023/01

    6:20 in the evening and they’re out of half their proteins and guacamole. Poor planning.
    Take out
    Meal type

  29. Sam 2022/11

    Need to hire more staff.
    Food: 5
    Service: 1
    Atmosphere: 1

  30. Udit Chavda 2022/11

    Ordered a veggie bowl and they were out of guacamole. They would not comp queso instead.
    Dine in
    Meal type
    Price per person

  31. Heather French 2022/11

    Everytime I’ve come here they have signs posted for being temporary closed. This has happened multiple times in the last several months. This location should just be closed or at least update hours online to reflect when you are actually opened.

  32. Eric Webster 2022/11

    I ordered online. They forgot the corn, rice, and lettuce. Not sure how you can mess up an online order when you’re just reading down the list. I got there and they were not very busy….
    Still got my meal for the most part. It’s been fine other times.

    I think I prefer other Chipotles

  33. Adam Schaffer 2022/10

    This particular restaurant is well managed in my experience.

  34. Sendin H 2022/10

    Two days in a row, online takeout order is wrong.

  35. soyoung Schaedel 2022/10

    Worst Chipotle branch I have ever stopped by. Rude server doesn’t help. So stingy with food. My son had to order double meat. Do not cone here

  36. Connor Orr 2022/09

    I currently live about 3 minutes from this chipotle and over the past about year it has become one of the worst establishments I have ever seen. The last 3 times I have been here they have been out of more than 3 ingredients. I am coming in at dinner time, nothing abnormal. Now I mobile ordered food and it was over 30 MINUTES late. They made countless people just wait in the store for over half an hour because of their incompetence. It is also dirty and the staff are never friendly or anything. I have been driving to a new chipotle when I have time, but after this recent experience I think I am just going to stop going to chipotle for good. They never can just have a flawless meal service, always something happens.

  37. Lalo uribe 2022/08


  38. Sherri Anderson 2022/07

    The staff was not friendly…acted like I was bothering them. Food quality was not worth the price.
    Take out
    Meal type
    Price per person

  39. Jake Christman 2022/06

    Worst chipotle around Richmond

  40. Corey Stockdale 2022/05

    Worst one in the area can even come over on a break to grab food without waiting in line 20mins with 2 people in front of me. Ridiculous

  41. Roosevelt Taylor 2022/05

    This has to be the worst chipotle ever. They consistently get the orders wrong. The last two times I ordered from here they left the guacamole of that I paid for! I refuse to order again from this location

  42. Damian Glymph 2022/05

    4 stars because one of the workers put a good amount of toppings and food in the bowl and the other one didn’t and the worker who didn’t put a lot of toppings in the bowl made mine.

  43. A. Gayle 2022/05

    The employees were nice enough. The stars are for cleanliness. Building and tables. Dirty. Crazy enough I saw one employee (a young lady) wipe the drink area, she accidentally dropped the towel on the floor, but then picked it back up and continued to wipe the area.
    Meal type
    Price per person
    Dine in: Yes
    Outdoor seating: Yes
    Takeout: Yes

  44. Kathleen Bennett 2022/05

    Not sure if the girl who prepared my bowl was new or just not paying attention but she barley filled up the bowl and added lettuce on it when I didn’t ask. Then when I told her that I didn’t ask for lettuce she reopened the bowl, hand picked it all off, then with guac on her hands resealed it and gave it back to me:
    Take out
    Meal type
    Price per person

  45. Navy Vet 2022/05

    Terrible. Went in at 9:06 and was informed they didn’t have ANY rice, cheese , sour cream. You can tell this crew was prepping for closing , in place of pans for beans they had plastic. Beans sitting in plastic bags to have less dishes to wash upon closing I guess. Unacceptable , I’d gladly run this chipotle and be the best in town. An hr before closing mark enough of everything to last an hour.

  46. Jeremie Ha 2022/04

    Worst Chipotle in the area.

  47. Carolyn Robertson 2022/04

    Like that they’re open until 11pm.
    Food: 5
    Service: 5
    Atmosphere: 5

  48. Whit Long 2022/04

    I thought the Willow lawn chipotle held the award for worst in Richmond, but they’re now in second. This place breeds incompetence like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Impressively pathetic.

  49. Jana Johnson 2022/03

    Whoever worked today @4pm needs a RAISE! Best Chipotle I’ve had probably ever 💜 J & J …

  50. Brian 2022/03

    Just got back to work with my food. 8 chips in the bag and they forgot the bowl of queso I ordered but they charged for. Watched 3 employees on break with their friends, 1 employee running the whole line with no help and no manger on site running the failing store. Second experience like this in the last two weeks. Tried calling the store for half an hour and no one will pick up.
    Take out
    Price per person


  51. Michele Semeraro 2022/02

    Our order was 30 mins late and was missing all the sides we ordered but paid for! Do not go here they are a rip off and have horrible service!
    Take out
    Price per person

  52. Marie Therese Hidalgo 2022/01

    Attempted to make an in-person order at 9PM but the doors were locked. The hours posted say they close at 10pm. I’m sitting outside watching 3 employees eat while two more customers try to go in too. There are no other signs stating different hours. The employees didn’t even have the decency to come to the door and explain why they’re closed early. Very disappointing.

  53. kumar P 2021/10

    It was a good experience..
    Dine in
    Meal type
    Price per person

  54. jones20695 2021/10

    Customer service was terrible and they didn’t have a lot of items

  55. C 2021/10

    Can’t handle in-store orders. Online only, seriously? Past service was bad…held up the line for 5+ minutes because they couldn’t find the guac button on the computer and nobody came over to help.

  56. Ridethewave09 2021/10

    When I first moved here I liked this chipotle but after being here for a little while the workers are kind of rude. Even though they close at 10 they close their doors early and always say that they’re out of food this is happened to me at least 4 times. I have went up there several times around 9 o’clock maybe even 9:30 the doors are locked and when I knock on the door because I made an online order the workers will look at me like I’m crazy and I’m not a hard knocker so I know that’s not why they were looking at me like that . It would be one thing if online it said they close at 10 but they really close at nine or 9:30, but on the door it says they close at 10… I honestly would recommend the chipotle on West broad because that one is super cute and they don’t skimp on the food, i’ll definitely be going there from now on it’s literally five minutes away from This one.

  57. Blain Grimsley 2021/10

    I ordered on their app to pickup in-store. The scheduled time was 8:30 pm and I was there a few minutes before that. When I got there the doors were locked with a sign that read “store closed. online orders apply for refund”. I’ve contacted them twice with zero response. Six days ago as of this post.
    tldr: don’t order after 8pm. They like to close early and just take your money.

  58. Misha J 2021/09

    placed an online uber eats order – tried to call at least 8 times to make a correction to burrito – i can’t believe no one answered 8 dam times !!! will never order from this location – was being cheap with delivery – staplesmill location is better

  59. Kris Tomeldan 2021/09

    Apparently this Chipotle has decided they are so scared of their customers that they wont allow any in person services other than come in and pick up the food you ordered online and then get the hell out, you diseased and infested lepers

  60. Douglas Simon 2021/09

    Extremely understaffed. Often have online app orders disabled or closed during posted hours. This seems to be happening to many locations. Food has been good the few times I have gone when they were open.

  61. Mark Macman 2021/09

    I always love eating Chipotle. I remember when it used to be packed, everyone in line would have to hope for a seat by the time their order was ready. It’s different now, COVID, but the food is just as good as the first time. This is a good location, always good service, no complaints from me ever.

  62. Maria Hasegan Rios 2021/09

    Both times I visited this location I had a bad experience with their customer service. Some days they only accept orders placed online, but don’t bother reading in detail what you actually order. The first time I arrived 5 min after the order time, after the order had been marked completed, and there was no trace of my order. The clerk just said…”Oh, we must not have seen your order in the computer” . After waiting for them to fix it, I realized at home that they completely skipped the meat. I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt, and ordered again a few weeks later. This time it was ready as promised. However, i had ordered light on the rice, and my bowl was mostly filled with rice. I also paid for guac, but when I arrived they told me they didn’t have any, but would not refund the difference. At the very least they could have offered something, a drink or chips to make up for the extra money I paid. But no apology or attempt to make it right. Our family loves Chipotle in general, but their staff needs better training in customer service.

  63. Stephanie Contois 2021/08

    The girl at the cash register was rude and should work on her customer service skills because I definitely won’t be coming back to this location.

  64. Kenan Besirevic 2021/08

    Put my order in through the Chipotle app, got a half sized burrito that was wrapped by a 3 year old. This particular location is troublesome, not the first time.

  65. Ashley Cedeno 2021/08

    The food was extremely salty. My guacamole was just a avocado cut up, no effort put in it at all. Staff was rude no hospitality. They were just in a hurry to rush you out so they can gossip with the other teens that came in.

  66. Chris Price 2021/08

    Understaffed, and because of this the food is very subpar. Give you plenty of rice, but you get hardly any meat, hardly any queso, and a small spoon of what is nothing more than hard avocado mixed in a bowl. I’ve noticed this trend over the last several months at most Chipotle’s, but especially here. They are in such a hurry to make more that it’s not made properly and tastes terrible. I complained and they had nothing but excuses. Nobody cares anymore, yet we are supposed to pay higher wages to these workers. Also, the worst thing you can do is order it for pickup, because then you really don’t know what you’re getting. Very sad. Our company visits this store quite often, but we will soon move to a place that appreciates making good food for a decent price.

  67. Scott Richards 2021/07

    A lot of my food, perhaps too much.

  68. J Box 2021/07

    The food was okay but the staff wasn’t very friendly except for the cashier.

  69. Joseph Hoffman 2021/06

    Quickly in and out and the food was hot and delicious

  70. Mrs. Rivera 2021/06

    Bathroom was clean, restaurant was clean, social distance was in place & staff were friendly.

  71. D Watson 2021/06

    Portions are small and food was luke warm. I Should have read the reviews before visiting this location. Very disappointed with my meal at this location.

  72. igivereal reviews 2021/06

    I was visiting Richmond and decided to get some food from Chipotle near my hotel. I went around 1145am, I wanted to avoid the lunch rush. I ordered a chicken bowl, and chips. I went back to my room to eat. Almost immediately after eating the food. I began to feel sick. An hour went by I was extremely sick. I had plans on leaving Richmond but I had to stay another night I was so sick. I was up all night vomiting with bowel movements. I kept tasting that food all night.

    I always eat at Chipotle’s in my area all the time. Im not sure whats going on here in Richmond. I will never eat here again. This place made me extremely sick and inconvenience me. Honestly I never want anything else from any of the Chipotle’s after this horrible experience.

  73. mike jones 2021/05


  74. John Murphy 2021/05

    Love this place could eat lunch here everyday

  75. Rachel Schmidt 2021/05

    I always order in the app to pick up. It’s never ready at the promised time. They never put utensils or napkins in my bag. I order dressing with my salad and the ramekin is o my about 1/4 of the way full.

  76. Caitlin F 2021/05

    They claimed they didn’t have salad dressing when we literally saw them go get it for online orders. I asked for chips and queso for them to tell us at checkout that tortilla chips were being reserved for online orders only. Completely disorganized and acted annoyed at us… go to a different one in the area if you can.

  77. Anthony Patton 2021/04

    Pretty good!!

  78. Christopher Campbell 2021/04

    Great food!!!

  79. Fayrene Koroma 2021/04

    Absolutely love the soft Tacos!

  80. Matthew Zacharias 2021/04

    This chipotle is the worst chipotle location I’ve been to – when they decide they’ll be open, of course. They won’t open the restaurant but are inside making orders for online, which you don’t know about until you park and walk up to the door.

  81. Lisa Gordon 2021/04

    This is the worst meal I have ever got from Chipotle. I opened it right in the store and this is what it looked like so I asked the girl working if she would mind maybe putting some chicken in the bowl and in the cup you can see what see gave me. Poor excuse for a restaurant that I find very good normally. Won’t be back to this one ever again. And also the girl working was very rude .


  82. Latoya Mickie 2021/03

    Love chipotle!

  83. Jessica Stanard 2021/03

    The worst customer service I’ve ever dealt with! Because of this location I will not eat at any Chipotle

  84. Maria Lemerise 2021/03

    I have gone to this location 3 times in the past 2 months because it’s close to my house. The first time I asked for a little bit of hot, I got like a drop of hot. The second time I asked for regular amount of hot since they barely put any in there the last time, but my mouth was on fire, it was like I got extra hot. Today, I ordered the hot on the side because who knows how much they will put on there. I asked for extra rice, I got less than the normal amount of rice and they also really skimped on the meat. The only thing that wasn’t skimped was the vegetable toppings. Food was also super cold. I was trying to give this location multiple chances, maybe it was a bad day/time, but this location is probably the worst in Richmond. No consistency and customer service is non-existent. I’m just relieved that I didn’t make the same mistake that other people did of ordering the guacamo— sorry, chopped-up-avocado. If you want to go to a good chipotle, keep driving past this one and go to the one by Cox road, you will be happy that you did.

  85. Neil McCoy 2021/02

    I just dont understand how its 940 and i cant order food. I thought you closed at 10.

  86. gen mia 2021/02

    My steak was cold in my burrito. The order was 10 minutes late. Will go to a different one next time.

  87. Denny O'Shea 2021/02

    Understand food shortages. but dinner did not go well with my wife as she threw her food at me.. mad because I was charged full price for tacos that she thought were hardly regular Chipotle tacos…
    Take out
    Meal type
    Price per person

  88. Victoria Gallagher 2021/02

    I normally ordering a bowl and at the end of the service I asked for honey. I do it all the time and I’ve never had any problems with it, even the same girl that works cashier has gave me honey before. When I asked for honey today, they kinda acted like I was dumb and acted like they didn’t have any and was to lazy to get it when it’s on a shelf for the public to see.

  89. Mike Smith 2021/01

    Standard chipotle with great staff

  90. Sam 2021/01

    Good food at decent price but often closes at random

  91. Jannie Marks 2021/01

    Food was just ok because the fahitas are always old and over cooked. I should give a 1 because employees don’t wash hands and re glove as often as they should. Cashier should NOT be handing out forks either, very unsanitary. Aren’t Yall company tired of people getting sick from your food. I always observe anywhere before I order. Employees should not be handed a door dash order from the cashier, then lay it on the food line. I understand that they need to know what to make but there needs to be things in place to assure safe food handling. Bowls should not be sitting face up because i don’t want a bowl that’s been sitting face up. I shouldn’t have to ask your worker to wash hands and change gloves upon entry, specifically, when visually soiled and when they’ve been adjusting their hats. Invest in hard core FOOD SAFETY

  92. Travis Grady 2021/01

    Cash register was down had to d.l app and put in card info and Email then had to deal with the frustrating menu. Wouldn’t let me order some items had to order the app version. Only had google pay on menu until you mistaking swipe over and brings hidden options. Finally get food and it was burnt and skimp. Didn’t know id be going to work when I walked in the doors will never go back to this location and don’t know if ill eat shitpotle again.

  93. Diane “Vanellakream” Harris 2020/12

    It was ok will go again
    Dine in
    Meal type
    Price per person

  94. Regina Lewis 2020/12

    Food was great overall
    Food containers were near empty and should have been refilled for 7pm dinner. Scraping bottom of pans. Food was very good.

  95. Leslie P 2020/12

    Please change your hours! It’s a inconvenience coming to chipotle on my break for the location to be closed. I never have these problems with qdoba every chipotle I come across has issues!!! I’ll be going to qdoba from here on out

  96. James McAlister 2020/12

    If I could leave 0 stars I would. The employees at this store truly don’t care about what it going on here. Every single I’ve been in the store in the last 2 months I’ve had to order online for no reason simply because “that’s all the orders they can handle at that time” which makes absolutely no sense. I’ve walked into the store multiple times and stood at the front counter waiting to order and employees were just staring at me and it takes a kind employee all the way across the building to tell me they are only doing online orders. To add on to that, every time I’ve had to do an online order it has taken 20 minutes minimum to get 1 order ready and every time I’ve selected a time to pick up my food it is never ready. I know this review won’t have much impact but I had to write this review because the customer service at this store is absolutely pathetic.

  97. Ms. Geneva Edwards 2020/12

    My portions were small, my lime 🍚 rice was hard and they forgot MY CHICKEN 🐔 for my CHICKEN FAJITA 🐔 🥣 BOWL SOOO, no I will not be returning
    Take out
    Meal type
    Price per person


  98. Deborah Ceay 2020/11

    Very Helpful.

  99. Rebecca Harris 2020/11

    Food is always fresh and delicious. Service is two thumbs up.

  100. Matt Garrison 2020/11

    Chipotle should limit how many people you can order for when you walk in the store and get in line. The three people in front of me ordered for multiple people and I stood in that line for about 20 minutes. Chipotle should limit how many people you can order for two maybe three people? The guy immediately in front of me ordered for about 10 people. They had his stuff spread all the way across the counter. It really caused a back up.

  101. John Caddell 2020/10

    Quick stop for some much needed lunch, the staff was fast and friendly as well as the portions were good, will stop again if in the area.

    Thank you,

  102. Margaret Scism 2020/10

    Very disappointed because I come to this chipotle probably 2 times week however today the lady was giving literal PINCHES of each item and when asked for more she argued back and said that was the normal amount (which is wrong). Overall probably got 4 pieces of chicken and then i had to pay $8. Very sad

  103. Kevin Beres 2020/09

    Only taking online orders?

  104. Michael Hannell 2020/09

    The eating area when ever I go to this location is always a mess with dirty tables

  105. Cynthia 2020/09

    The two times I ordered through DoorDash from this chipotle the orders were messed up. First time they got the order wrong and it was delivered wrong. and now the second time they accepted my order , charged my credit card and then canceled the order because they were out of chips. They told the DoorDash driver to call me and let me know, and he didn’t do that. I had to call chipotle myself to get this straightened out in order to get a refund to my credit card.

  106. baronr33 2020/08

    Its chipotle!

  107. Samuel Johnson 2020/08

    They hyped us on our online orders where we paid extra for multiple guacamole and chips and they didn’t provide them and told us that we would have to pay DOUBLE the amount of the total order to get them added to this order. They were also super rude and snippy with a lot of guests in the store. I used to love this location, but they’ve been pretty horrendous

  108. Joe Siler 2020/06

    Great service

  109. Zac Wilson 2020/06

    Everything was perfect and tasted fresh!! Great customer service!!

  110. Jossette Dinsmore (SilverWolf Crafts) 2020/06

    Yummy food but not ideal for taking a toddler as they have only spiced meats. He liked the brown rice though 🤣 …

  111. Andy Davis 2020/06

    i was the only customer in the establishment, there was one employee preparing the orders and one at the cash register. they were obviously working on a very large online order, and unable to help me immediately which was of course no problem, not their fault. meanwhile, the manager one duty and 4 other employees were sitting down at a few tables goofing off when the young man making the online orders was clearly in distress. the girl at the register needed the managers assistance and the manager was very huffy with her and myself when i thanked her for the help. AND as another customer came in to order and the boy working the orders began to help her, the manager loudly talked down to him telling him “you need to finish those online orders” as if he should just completely disregard the business that just walked in and is standing right in front of him. the manager was extremely rude to her employees and myself, sloppy and unclean looking, and didn’t even flinch seeing how panicked her two employees were trying to fulfill orders. even a less than decent manager would have stepped in and not say around with multiple other employees. i was appalled by the whole experience and can’t believe that a corporate store allows this behavior in their management.

  112. Tykisha Booker 2020/05

    I came here today for lunch and it’s 1:45pm prime lunch time and it’s four of us waiting for chicken!!!!!! This is absolutely unacceptable!!!!! I wasn’t a fan at first but this definitely seals the deal and of course the line attendant had to ask what kind of cheese they had….this was horrible

    Now it’s 2:01 and I’m back at work and I have to admit this is good so I’m gonna give yall two more stars…smile

  113. Sean Devlin 2020/04

    Good food, speedy service

  114. Chris Wible 2020/04

    Great location and great food

  115. Joshua Tuck 2020/04

    This location has always been tight with their portions. Recently I have been ordering delivery from here and the last 5 times something has been wrong with my order including wrong bowl ingredients and missing items. I will go the extra 5 minutes to the one on Broad Street. They are much better in my opinion.

  116. Jeff Grieves 2020/03

    We normally love this place. It took over 30 minutes for our order. They are no longer allowing you to order in the store. The placed is packed with angry waiting customers. Staff has no clue.

  117. Tommy Campbell 2020/03

    Just picked up lunch here ten minutes ago. Got home and opened the bag… the burrito is half the size it usually is. I guess when you aren’t standing there watching you get a different experience? not going to risk my lunch again by coming back. ordered through the app… no feedback option there either. Moe’s app has one.

  118. Shrenik Punamiya 2020/01

    Fast service. Clean and hygienic facility. Fresh food. Friendly servers.

    Update 12/11/2019 – the staff has changed here, the service area does not look clean. Food portion size was kids menu unless you explicitly ask for more stuff. On seeing some unhygienic move by the server, I requested if it was possible to change their gloves, and I got back a rude frown with a puzzled look as if it’s the first time someone asked for that. Love this retail chain but not visiting this location again.

  119. Christopher Bryan 2019/12

    Best run chipotle in area, consistent.

  120. Michael Scholz 2019/12

    This was very good the price to good ratio was pretty good and it was clean and the employees were ingratiating.

  121. Shontay Lane 2019/12

    Dirty restaurant. Food everywhere, grill was dirty and windows were dirty too. Employees stand around talking. Will go to other locations instead in search for cleanliness!

  122. George Wade 2019/11

    Good fast food

  123. christina koenig 2019/11

    clean and good service

  124. Eddie Bryant 2019/11

    It was great. Shout out to Hongpha!

  125. Leticia Vargas 2019/10

    😍🤗 …

  126. Spencer Macturk 2019/10

    Nice place

  127. Samantha Kruize 2019/10

    Good as always

  128. Sarah Santiago 2019/09

    At 5 o’clock they were out of EVERY SINGLE THING. Rice, chicken, guacamole. Waiting 20 minutes…. then they were stingy while serving.

  129. Lamont Berkeley 2019/09

    No fault of Chipotle, but this parking lot is horrendous. I avoid during lunch hours.

  130. Matt Lott 2019/09

    Standard Chipotle, which is a good thing. Try the burrito bowl and save a bunch of calories while still enjoying all the flavors. They have beer available too.

  131. Kathi A 2019/09

    Excellent customer service, knowledgeable employees, fresh great food. I live close to a chipotle and I drive the extra 20 minutes from my house to come to THIS chipotle, and it’s 100% worth it just because this is probably the best run one in the area.

  132. Melinda Renner 2019/09

    I love Chipotle, but this location seemed disorganized and the food line was messy. They may have just been understaffed for the evening, so I’d go back and try them again. Everyone was friendly and accommodating.

  133. Melanie R 2019/09

    Ordered food at 9 pm online, took them an hour to cancel my order after ensuring me they were making new chicken for my meal. They never did and cancels my order after the restaurant closes. Never coming back here. First time I tried to after several years and this is what I get. No wonder you gave people food poisoning.

  134. Cynthia Bow 2019/08

    Great location

  135. Melanie Powell 2019/08

    Love this place!!

  136. Dee JaXn 2019/08

    Prompt…D🔥J! …

  137. Luke Aydlotte 2019/08

    Not as good as Qudoba..

  138. Malaz Bashir 2019/08


  139. Robert Clark 2019/08

    Lousy time mgmt for service food took 2 hr to get to us and it was .microwaved and burnt

  140. Jaden Radogna 2019/07

    They were out of sour cream and vinaigrette.

  141. Candice S 2019/07

    Great Food. Good Service

  142. Roger Leek 2019/07

    This is an excellent location. Very clean and the food is exactly what you expect at Chipotle.

  143. Jillian 2019/07

    I’d recommend this location. They are not the friendliest but the food is prepared well and the servers don’t skimp or put too much salsa water in the dishes when scooping.

  144. Nancy Brown 2019/06


  145. Sunny Day 2019/06

    Rarely disappointed.

  146. joe c 2019/06

    I mean it’s Chipotle. Quick and tasty

  147. Charmaygne Simmons 2019/06

    Fast service..consistently delicious!

  148. Shawn Patterson 2019/06

    Terrible. No quac. And then ate salad outside on patio while rats kept scampering from the foliage onto the patio. I had to keep jumping up and walk towards them to scare them off. Not a great way to eat your dinner. Really a negative 2 stars. But this site makes you select at least one star.

  149. Joshua McNeil 2019/06

    Great Chipotle, always clean and the food is well-prepared. I have gone to Chipotle weekly or more for over 10 years; I am happy I moved close to this one! The staff rotate but are often friendly and many recognize me. I’ve seen Jon at many locations and I’m happy he is at this one now! Chicken preparation is how I typically compare Chipotle restaurants and it is rare to find it not perfectly cooked and seasoned at this location.

  150. Sundeep Tripuraneni 2019/06

    I went to chipotle on the basis that I enjoy spicy food. I did say upfront that it was my first visit so please be patient. I selected the crispy tacos, with a variety selection. Every item was enjoyed. The staff were great. The server was patient. My meal portion was just right. I was just short of finishing my soft drink because I was full. It’s not priced in a entry range food. But then it’s not a fast food experience either. It’s a lot better.
    Their eat in tables could be better. They were clean, adequate, but seating experience can be improved.
    Food 5 star. Service 5 star. In house eating 4 star.


  151. C Travels 2019/05

    Pretty solid Chipotle

  152. claudia serna 2019/05

    Very dirty. I left

  153. Mr Cowen 2019/05

    It’s not even real Mexican food 😂 …

  154. Tu B 2019/05

    They’re beans have been dry on several visits

  155. JOEY LIAO 2019/05

    STOP!!!!! My wife and I got two burritos here this morning. It tasted nothing bad. However, we both felt sick after hours. My wife and I both vomited out everything. This is the only food we have for today.

  156. Gay Small 2019/04

    Employees are So Customer Service aware

  157. James Wilson 2019/04

    All depends on how long stuff sits out on the steam table

  158. jonathan fraser 2019/04

    When the chicken and pulled pork (carnitas) is fresh, as well as the other ingredients, very tasty.

  159. Reynier Cedeño 2019/03

    the manager is very rude and the restaurant very slow
    el gerente es muy grosero y el restaurante muy lento

  160. Serena Belasquez 2019/03

    Burrito bowl yasssssss🙌🙌🙌 …

  161. Binulal Balakrishnan 2019/03

    Chipotle is rocking awesome

  162. Tad Hines 2019/03

    Nice place ,very clean, friendly staff.

  163. david richardson 2019/03

    If you’re trying to cut out the bread in your life or just eat healthy, try the bowl instead of burrito.

  164. Mark M 2019/03

    Worst Chipotle visit I’ve ever had. My salad was so puny that I had to ask for additional lettuce at the end of the line. Maybe half a scoop of beans. It really felt as though the staff was getting a bonus for conserving food. Forks were empty, area was dirty.

    Two stars because most of the staff was polite and seemed happy to be there.

  165. Leslie Montgomery 2019/02

    Loved it

  166. Travis Cook 2019/02

    Friendly staff and excellent service 👌 …

  167. Douglas Atkins 2019/02

    it’s chipotle. it is what it is. never great. never bad

  168. terrell brokenborough 2019/02

    Good food prices are ok

  169. Tonya Johnson 2019/02

    Food good just seem little less.

  170. Lexxis Bosslady 2019/01


  171. Frances FINCH 2019/01

    Food is always food

  172. Gail Dent 2019/01

    New steak is good place was extremely dirty. Staff was talking to each other instead of paying attention to there customers and dining room. Customer service is out of the window. Sad I took my food to go cause the dining room was filthy.

  173. Ed Aldana 2018/12

    Muy buena comida

  174. Louis Szuch 2018/12

    Gone downhill

  175. Karan Salekar 2018/12

    Awesome Chipotle bowl and friendly staff

  176. donald c 2018/12

    Great food but service slow

  177. Peter Morris 2018/12

    Dont waste your time putting in orders online. You can place it an hour before you pickup and they will still not start preparing your food until you show up at the pickup time and stand around for 10 min.

  178. Letitia Washington 2018/11


  179. Avery Ashe 2018/11

    Always fire

  180. NuclearCoffee 2018/11

    Nite crew is not as good as the day crew

  181. JAMES Mclean 2018/11

    At particular location the were tight with the rice and chicken in my bowl. Barley put any in there

  182. Jordan Flammia 2018/11

    Best place to get a REAL tasting burrito. Food tastes like its homemade it’s so good, no “fast food” flavor/vibe even though you get your food super quick.

  183. Mike Stamat 2018/11

    Don’t go of you’re hungry. Apparently rice and beans are expensive these days.


  184. Shaquille Arias 2018/10

    The best chipotle in 804

  185. aarti singh 2018/10

    It’s a nice place with good food

  186. Robert Price 2018/10

    Chipotle a clean great service, and food to die for.

  187. Rivina T 2018/10

    I know they trying but they Always short staff. Especially this area gets busy during peak hours

  188. Hannah Barr 2018/10

    I’m an AVID chipotle eater but this is not my normal location. They are moving so fast they are scooping very light and doing a half assed job. They were nice though.

  189. rosie diaz 2018/10

    Service at the chipotle in the willow lawn area has gone down a bit. Food didn’t look vary fresh. It looked as if it had been sitting there for a while. The flavor on a previous visit wasn’t so good. But Don’t get me wrong I still like my Chipotle. So we decided to go to the Glenside location. By the walmart.

  190. K S 2018/10

    I have visited this chipotle twice in the last 2 months. I think the ingredients lacked freshness because of the time of day I visited…Between lunch and dinner, around 3 pm. The chicken was very dried out both times on the burrito bowl. The tables and floor were not very clean either. Parking was not a problem and the location is visible from horsepen road and glenside drive.

  191. Tianya clark 2018/10

    This restaurant is an a cafeteria style restaurant. You go down the line and indicate the items that you want. If this is your first time, they will allow you to sample each item so you can decide what you like. I do encourage you to be adventurous and taste each of the meat so that you can decide which one or ones that you will choose to get. To increase the protein, you can get some brown rice and beans to go on whatever you choose. Enjoy!

  192. Jackson Short 2018/09

    Yummy! 🙂

  193. Denise Allen 2018/09

    Very clean store and friendly servers

  194. brendan mcenerney 2018/09

    My favorite “fast food” joint. Still the tastiest Mexican chain, scandals notwithstanding.

  195. Peter Russo 2018/09

    Consistently good. I’m a sofritos guy. Their chips are better now too — thinner and less salty.

  196. amanda staley 2018/09

    The staff was having a rough morning it seemed. The people in front of us were waiting for steak to be ready and let us go ahead of them they still got their food first. I ordered a burrito and the press for the shell hadn’t been turned on yet, then they didn’t have out the corn salsa, basically they weren’t ready for the day…it was the craziest experience at a chipotle.

  197. Milton Fredrick II 2018/08

    I like the ingredients and quick service

  198. Mac Star 2018/08

    Food was fresh and they were not cheap on the portion like some other locations. Staff was friendly. Soda was balanced correctly. Restaurant was clean. 👍👍 …

  199. InFaith Gibbs 2018/08

    Its been a while since i ate here, though i love Chipotle. Location is great as its conveniently stationed. Sometimes parking is a big problem especially during the lunch time rush.
    Today was shocking as well as disappointing and i was there at around 6pm. Normally i would be in and out but not today, i was was waiting for 20-25 minutes (my break was 30 minutes long).
    You could tell the young ladies working were overwhelmed and overworked. They were running around and looking at each other clueless as what to do.There was no order or organization and i don’t think there was someone incharge or supervising.
    The food trays were mostly empty and they were just scooping the left overs on the bottom of the trays, not washing their hands or changing their gloves when they went to the back to see if they could get salads or cheeses. (Did they get the handwashing memo??)
    I can guarantee you i am not going back to the chaos or risking food poisoning![


  200. Chan D 2018/07

    Good, clean and quiet

  201. beto yousif 2018/07

    I like going there everytime i was near by

  202. Judy Tetlow 2018/07

    Love the sofrito. Very busy spot, everyone was nice.

  203. Tabatha Lewis 2018/07

    Veggies bowls are on point! Cheese dip is the worst. It has a grit that makes the texture terrible !

  204. Kendria Pierce 2018/07

    Food was just ok today. I’ve had better experiences with them. It was noon and they didn’t appear to be prepared for the lunch rush.

  205. John Leonard 2018/06

    Little slow, had to wait for more chicken, line was past the door. Portion was good.

  206. Rita Barnea 2018/06

    Awesome, awesome staff, catering guy is awesome, they got our door dash order quickly an accurately.

  207. SK 2018/06

    The food was good.. could serve more rice and fajitas if customers are not adding any meat..

  208. Tatiana Bennett 2018/06

    It took me three trips to figure out the exact combination I love, but now that I have it down to my personal tastes, it’s my favorite restaurant! It also happens to be one of the only restaurants I can visit because of some issues I have with cane sugar, and their ingredients don’t contain sugar! Shock and awe!

  209. Wilma Ward 2018/05

    I love Chipotle! And at this one, the staff are friendly.

  210. Trever Cobb 2018/04

    They need more help to move line. The chicken tastes like it’s right off the grill!

  211. Katherine “Katie” Campbell 2018/04

    Pretty nice spot, gets busy like most but the staff is nice!


  212. adelaide calloway 2018/03

    The bean bowl was so GOOD

  213. Rashonda Braxton 2018/03

    My bowl was made perfectly and customer service was great

  214. DEXTER RVA 2018/03

    Foods always great here. Can never go wrong with chipotle!

  215. Charmaine Hansley 2018/03

    friendly people food tastes pretty good had a slight wait while they changed over to new product but that was expected I go back

  216. Dark Herald 2018/03

    Don’t know what happened to this location. It use to be my go to as I was a regular. I’d take friends there and business associates. It use to be clean, friendly, good service ect. Over the past few months it’s slid in all aspects. I’ve had on several occasions had to raise my voice to several employees who ignore completely what I’m telling them and just putting what ever they want on my food. It got to the point where I just started picking things off. They seem like they’re in a far off world rather than attentive. The previous employees I dealt with for years are gone. The steak has consistently been way over cooked for the past few months to charcoal dry status. The dining area has been consistently left dirty. The drink bar has been consistently left dirty. Things left unstocked. I’ve completely switched to going to another location.

  217. Jaden Radogna 2018/02

    Amazingly fast.

  218. Tyrone Parker 2018/02

    Everyone is nice and respectable

  219. Derk P 2018/02

    Best Chipotle I’ve been to

  220. Jewel Thomas 2018/02

    Customer service was Awesome! Clean, and they washed their hands.

  221. Andre Miller 2018/02

    After I ate my bowl which was skimped I woke up and had food poisoning for 2 days smh I expect better. I will not be eating at chipotle anymore. I wasn’t the only one to have it either

  222. Adam Ballantyne 2018/02

    I was a little hesitant to visit Chipotle after the whole scare, but eventually went back, it’s nice to get a change from Qdoba every once in a while. The staff here is extremely friendly, and always willing to help. Do recommend getting their hot salsa, it’s very good, worlds ahead of what Qdoba has. I’m a big fan of the bowls, extra non – proteins are always free. Definitely recommended.

  223. Naty Grd 2018/02

    Wow!! What happened to this chipotle? I used to avoid this place because of the terrible service, the crowded parking lot and also often ran into uncooked meat or simply ingredients that weren’t the best quality. Today I had to come in as I was in a hurry and noticed that the staff was all new, they were super nice and friendly, in addition, the ingredients for the burrito were fresh and nicely cooked. Coming back for sure.

  224. Allison Burkholder 2018/01


  225. David Mills 2018/01

    Okay still worry about food poisoning

  226. Dawn DeLancy 2018/01

    It’s quick and it’s good.

  227. nicole olmstead 2018/01

    You have been on the news for having ecoli. Now my step mom is sick because of your food. Not going there ever again.

  228. Franklin Murillo 2017/12

    Excelente lugar para deleitarse con un plato delicioso.

  229. James Wallace 2017/12

    Needs more variety

  230. Sharcarin Bonds 2017/12

    Chicken bowl, great!

  231. Sean Clay 2017/12

    The food was okay at best

  232. Jose Javier Torres Lorenzo 2017/10

    Muy bien

  233. Shayma Shemo 2017/10

    Gooooood foooood I lov

  234. Samrat Bagchi 2017/10

    Yummy food and perfect lunch time meal

  235. Damon Labenz 2017/09


  236. Jeremy Hartman 2017/09

    Quick service and spacious outdoor eating area.

  237. Tyler Evangelous 2017/09

    Best service out of any chipotle I’ve been to.

  238. D 2017/09

    Great food and better staff.. I eat there are least twice a week.. They all know me by name.. I feel like Norm from Cheers when I walk in

  239. Jane Wilson 2017/09

    Nice location at Reynold’s Crossing at intersection of Forest Ave. and Glenside Ave. Includes outdoor patio tables. Favorites: 1. Chicken bowl w/brown rice + black beans + fajita veggies + mild salsa & double cheese. 2. Quesadilla w/chicken. Drawbacks: Lacks free wifi. Peak times are what you’d expect (line waiting, noisy, messy). Advice: Visit at lower crowd times (non-peak hours) for calmer, cleaner atmosphere, and little or no line waiting.

  240. Brendan Croom 2017/08

    Fast service

  241. Joan Ray 2017/08

    Can’t beat the great tasting food!

  242. J. C 2017/08

    It was ok. The quantity keeps shrinking. Also not much veggies were given..

  243. Chuck Sanders 2017/07

    Horrible food and service.

  244. Christopher Neilands 2017/07

    Love me some guacamole

  245. Steve Bider 2017/07

    Very clean, fast, and great service.

  246. allen wells 2017/07

    They have their act together. A great meal.

  247. Naomi Kite 2017/07

    Always a friendly staff, clean restaurant & excellent food!

  248. Rocsheda Jones 2017/07

    This is literally the 1 of the top two Chipotle’s in Richmond. I’ve never had a bad bowl. The workers are always so pleasant. I go there enough that they remember what I like. It makes me feel so welcomed. Keep up the awesome work!!!

  249. Georges Leconte 2017/06

    Friendly staff that does a great job of dealing with problem customers.

  250. JT Gold 2017/06

    The best and cleanest Chipotle in the area in the manager Tatiana is awesome!

  251. Hank S. 2017/06

    Good selection of healthy food, served fast (avoid long lines for lunch between 11:30-12:30) at reasonable (not low) prices.

  252. Crystal Galla 2017/06

    Food and service is great! Howevern they do not have a changing table available for babies and so I had to lay my child down on the dirty bathroom floor! 🙁

  253. Jay Woods 2017/06

    I go to many other chipotles locally in RVA, and this one has the smallest portions I’ve ever seen at any chipotle. Wasn’t just once, but three times now. I won’t be coming back.

  254. Monica Gittings 2017/06

    What a great and friendly staff! Thank you to Austin and Adi, sorry if I’ve gotten your name wrong Adi, for making my moment of being a forgetful human just that and nothing more. I was really thrown off and I could have been way more embarrassed than I was, but you guys took care of me! Thanks again, and I will be seeing you! Chipotle rocks!

  255. Kristin Boggs 2017/05

    Never fails me!

  256. Watch Next mix Gold 2017/05

    Always a great experience at this store!

  257. Rachel Narang 2017/04

    Good location, but awful parking during lunch.

  258. Sheldon Newmister 2017/04

    Eat here every day. It’s too good

  259. Victor Nunez 2017/03


  260. Charles Shade 2017/03

    Good Chipotle. Easy in. Easy out

  261. Pragnya Prachetas M 2017/03

    Being an Indian we like spicy food and the chipotle here has got really good flavour.

  262. Robin Johnson 2017/02

    Lunchtime favorite. Try the steak bowl.

  263. David Sygeel 2017/02

    Excellent food, good service, and relatively reasonable prices…

  264. Jon L. 2017/02

    Amazing service and great staff!! Always super friendly and I eat here at least twice a week! 😍😍😍😍😍 …

  265. Ryan Miller 2017/01

    Great Taco stand on the side of the interstate

  266. J. E. 2017/01

    Good food and service. Quintessential Chipotle.

  267. David Koslow 2017/01

    It’s Chipotle. No surprises. Consistently delicious food. No crazy wait times. Cheap.

  268. Manoj kumar 2017/01

    Great food. I always like Chipotle especially the Burrito bowl. When ever i feel much hungry i will have one Burrito bowl that fills my stomach.

  269. noosh noosh 2017/01

    After taking a year break from Chipotle because of scant serving sizes and declining quality, I decided to try it again.
    We bypassed a closer location because of small portion size complaints only to come here having to beg for a few more slices of fajita after waiting for them to cook and my boyfriend’s bowl was the smallest he’s ever received.
    Will continue to patronize qdobe instead.

  270. Nick Sharma 2017/01

    My favorite Chipotle in town. Service is fast and they always give you a lot of food compared to other Chipotles I’ve been to. The staff are very friendly and even remember by name and order now! Makes me feel really popular when I go there with friends.

  271. Arsany Rafael 2016/12

    I’m so tired of chipotle being so cheap!! What happened? You used to fill the bowls.. it’s like you teach your employees to give a little bit of rice and even smaller portion of chicken.. I hate it..

  272. Benjamin Malone 2016/11

    A good Chipotle experience. Nothing special, but tasty food!

  273. bls txi 2016/10


  274. lauren leggett 2016/10

    Though newer, this location is slower than the nearby location at Willow Lawn. Food-wise things are fine but the location seems to be understaffed and it is more crowded in the evenings so it takes much longer to get food.

  275. Jordan Barov 2016/09

    It’s great

  276. Andrew Mcr 2016/09

    Very nice place with good menu

  277. S S 2016/09

    One of the better looking/designed Chipotle location.

  278. Seth Westbury 2016/08

    The staff were all very friendly and helpful. Good food and great service. Very courteous.

  279. Andrew Batz 2016/08

    It’s a chipotle, what else could you expect?
    This place is always crowded, because it’s next to VCU, but is a ghost town in the summer outside of the lunch rush.

  280. Justin Browning 2016/06

    In and out in five minutes at lunch hour!

  281. Saunders Cox 2016/06

    Staff is more amiable than most locations. 7$ for a burrito/salad. Pleasant team attitude. I’m sure they do a lot of business with highway commute workers and UR students. Nice hygenic feel and simplistic design as with most locations.

  282. Phil Russell REALTOR 2016/06

    As an Englishman, I’m learning about Mexican food so my visit here was exciting! The staff were extremely helpful and friendly and the food was yummy, so I think they will see me a lot more as I work and live close by. It was lunchtime, so the parking here is restricted so be prepared to wait for a parking spot.

  283. Felicia Batts 2016/05

    Quick friendly service

  284. Parth Vader 2016/05

    Slow service even when there are no customers in line.

  285. Aj Gmail 2016/04

    I didn’t catch anything. So far so good!

  286. RKVA 2000 2016/02

    Good times and great food. This place is just around the corner near Walmart. The person who served me, I think her name was Tatiana, was very polite and helpful. Will definitely visit again. Good going guys.

  287. Shery Castillo 2016/02

    Got sick from eating their undercooked chicken. I’ve been to several other chipotles around the Richmond area and not once have I gotten sick from eating it. I had acknowledged the fact that the chicken was not cooked thoroughly. However, I ignored it thinking I would be fine. I was wrong. I got severe food poisoning from it. Never going here again. Im rating it as a one star because I have no choice.

  288. Edwin Lemmons 2015/12

    Good food

  289. Patrick Wright 2015/12

    Despite the recent troubles Chipotle has experienced, I always enjoy the sofritas salad. This location is quick and tasty.

  290. David Keaton 2015/12

    Whole team is generally on point. People are polite. The food is almost always awesome. There are times though when they don’t pay attention to when you say “I want it for here” and to be extra kind I point down at the floor just incase they didn’t hear me or if I want it to go I’ll point over my shoulder just incase. When they do make a here order to go it’s generally one person and they have a tendency to wrap the tacos to the point they’re smashed into a cream. Besides that it’s a pretty awesome location. Keep up the good work.

  291. Redeemed Redeemed 2015/11

    Food at this one always great

  292. Krystal Burgess 2015/02

    So….. I am a huge Chipotle fan. I visit about 2-3 times a week. This particular location is getting a poor rating from me for two reasons. First, when entering the building there is a very fowl smell. Second, the chicken in my burrito bowl was burnt. I got my orer to go, so I did not notice until I made it home. Instead of writing in a log to refund me or create another bowl upon my next visit, the manager insisted I have my reciept, and original container which the meal came in before he would make me another bowl. Whee. I explained that I loved too far to come back thwith same evening he said well keep it until you can return. I won’t be returning to this location!

  293. Amina Harry 2014/12


    The managers were very unapologetic and nonchalant!

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