Chipotle Mexican Grill

Google Rating:3.6

Chipotle Mexican Grill
2.9 based on 371 reviews
  1. stephan harris 2023/12

    Great Chipotle! Nice people, good burrito!
    Dine in
    Meal type
    Price per person
    Food: 5
    Service: 5
    Atmosphere: 5

  2. Peter Olson 2023/11

    It was Chipotle you know what to expect?
    Dine in
    Meal type
    Price per person
    Food: 4
    Service: 4
    Atmosphere: 3

  3. Kaylynn Lipford 2023/11

    First, I pulled into the chipotle lane, sat there for 5 mins before I backed up and pulled up again so the bell would go off then someone acknowledged me, asked for my name. About 10 mins later the food comes out. I didn’t get the chips I ordered and after asking they just said “we aren’t making anymore tonight” I placed the order at 8:45. When asked what can I do about the 2 chips I was missing they got someone that could “help me better” and all the other person said was “come back tomorrow and you can get the chips cause she’s working tomorrow and she’ll remember you” I asked if there was a way I could get my chips for free next time since I already payed for them, they’re only option was for me to come back tomorrow to get it. After all that I just drove off and said forget the chips. I got home and went to eat my bowl and it has no sour cream when I put extra on the app and my husbands burrito had no sour cream or cheese when put both on his. They’re always screwing up my order. If I could give negative stars I would.
    Take out
    Meal type
    Price per person
    Food: 1
    Service: 1
    Atmosphere: 1

  4. CjGoatedatDaGame 2023/10

    My order was a chicken bowl but they were out of Chicken at the time of when my order was placed so instead I got something else in place of chicken with no charge and the food was delicious
    Price per person
    Food: 5
    Service: 5
    Atmosphere: 5
    Recommended dishes
    Burrito Bowl

  5. Endry Caseres 2023/10

    Muy bueno excelente ambiente
    Food: 5
    Service: 4
    Atmosphere: 4

  6. Russ Gee 2023/10

    This is the worst chipotle chesterfield. They are not friendly serving food. They are impolite to customers. They kick people out for speaking in their experience. Terrible. Horrible environment. Manger Rachel Watson is the responsible manger for all that goes jon in that building. And she lets it all go. It’s TERRIBLE
    Take out
    Meal type
    Price per person
    Food: 1
    Service: 1
    Atmosphere: 1

  7. Jim McCullen 2023/10

    Chipotle food is getting tired, just doesn’t seem fresh anymore
    Meal type
    Price per person
    Food: 2
    Service: 5
    Atmosphere: 3
    Recommended dishes
    Burrito Bowl

  8. Amy 2023/09

    Even though they were busy they were fast and food was delicious!
    Dine in
    Meal type
    Price per person
    Food: 5
    Service: 5
    Atmosphere: 5
    Recommended dishes
    Burrito Bowl

  9. chris ross 2023/08

    They mad rob you with the amount of meat they put on, half of what other stores give, best to go to the others
    Price per person

  10. michael mayweather 2023/08

    food was as expected but the male worker with dark loose curly hair who gave me the food disrespectfully made a negative comment about me to another worker audibly. not to mention the hair in the food that i didn’t get to take a picture of.. seems targeted but it’s chipotle and god forbid you ask the workers to do their job lol
    Take out
    Meal type
    Price per person
    Food: 1
    Service: 1
    Atmosphere: 1


  11. Ike Tucker 2023/07

    Couldn’t find a Qdoba so I settled. It is what it is!
    Food: 3
    Service: 3
    Atmosphere: 3

  12. GEORGE VASSILAS 2023/07

    I ordered a Carnitas burrito. What I got was a pork fat burrito with virtually no meat. Plus the bean juice was dripping out of it so profusely it ruined the dining experience. It was inedible. When I pointed it out to the manager he said to go online to get a refund and he did not offer to remake the burrito the proper way with the real meat and not fat.
    Take out
    Meal type
    Price per person
    Food: 1
    Service: 1
    Atmosphere: 3

  13. connor Schrecongost 2023/07

    Food would have been great if the working making my food was listening to me. A “little bit of salsa” doesn’t mean a full scoop and a half of hot salsa..
    The same worker also decided picking his nose before putting gloves on was ok, and catching an attitude, eye roll and a fake walk around the corner to wash his hands was good enough. No name tag to identify him..
    Highly disappointed
    Take out
    Food: 3
    Service: 1
    Atmosphere: 5

  14. AVERY H 2023/07

    I walked in at 7:45pm and stood in the empty line, ready to order, for a few minutes before I asked 1 of the 4 employees walking around cleaning if they were still taking orders. The employee just said “oh!” And walked in the back cluelessly. Then another employee walked out and they both stood at the register. After about the most awkward 20 seconds of them just staring at me from 15 feet away I just told them I’ll find somewhere that’ll take my order. I get people have positions within a restaurant but at least say hi and tell me someone will be with me. I have no idea how long I would’ve had to stand there before i wouldve been helped. I know the employees don’t care but I hope the owner/manager read this because u need to get ur night shifts in order.
    Meal type
    Food: 1
    Service: 1
    Atmosphere: 1

  15. Breanna Bartell 2023/07

    Ordered a 2x steak bowl online from this location. Cost almost $20 and they did not put ANY steak in my 2x steak bowl. Cheese, beans, and rice… saddest work lunch. I had been looking forward to this meal since I got to work. I have been budgeting my meals all week to get me to the next paycheck, this was going to be my slurg… even tho I got a free entre from support for next time, this ruined my day today.
    Take out
    Meal type
    Price per person
    Food: 1
    Service: 1
    Atmosphere: 1

  16. Cory Cooper 2023/06

    This place is always quick, no matter the length of the line
    Food: 5
    Service: 5
    Atmosphere: 5

  17. Andrea Walker 2023/06

    My meal was delicious!
    Food: 5
    Service: 5
    Atmosphere: 5

  18. Matt Morgan 2023/06

    Good chipotle. The steak was a little weird though.
    Take out
    Meal type
    Price per person

  19. shatteredswords 2023/05

    Decent place, but they do tend to leave things out when you order take out. Numerous times I’ve ordered a drink online only to find out they don’t have it in store, or they leave off toppings on tacos and forget sides. The food is great, but if you’re getting take out, make sure to check your bag to make sure all the details are correct.
    Take out
    Meal type
    Price per person

  20. Wayne Stone 2023/05

    It is a chain restaurant and they should be better. The dining room is not clean food on the floor. The staff is slow to clean up the tables. And a transparent kitchen is not to their advantage. Food all over the counter tops. Lettuce in the corn been . Nor well supervised. Food is good but I no longer trust the environment from which it is made. Find another chipotle in the area. This one needs some work. Slopping food out of a messy kitchen is not the way to go.

  21. Brandy H 2023/04

    I Won’t Be Back! I Asked For A Third Vinaigrette Because It Was Literally A Teaspoon Or Less And He Tells Me He Would Have To Charge Me, I Said Ok And He Proceeds To Charge Me As If I Got A Side. So U Telling Me That U Are Charging Me The Same Amount You Are Charging For Queso For A Half Of Teaspoon Of Vinaigrette, Which Is A Condiment? Yeah, That Was My Last Time There! I Go To The One in Midlothian And Love It!
    Price per person

  22. surrealix 2023/04

    When the food is right, it’s very good. Kind of inconsistent, but not in major ways. Once or twice, they added the wrong amount of cheese, but no significant issues. Even with those slight flaws it’s good food, but in most scenarios, your order will be completely correct, and the food will be great.
    Take out
    Meal type
    Price per person
    Food: 4
    Service: 5
    Atmosphere: 4
    Recommended dishes
    Chips & Guacamole, Burrito Bowl
    Vegetarian options
    It has quite a few vegetarian menu items.
    I think they are actually pretty good, since the meat isn’t the center of all of the items, meaning if you remove it, it’s not going to change significantly.
    Parking space
    Somewhat difficult to find parking
    Parking options
    Free parking lot
    This Chipotle does not have its own parking lot, as it shares one with a few other businesses. It’s rarely full, but spots closer to the restaurant are often taken at peak hours.

  23. Cindy Mitchell 2023/04

    Still delicious

  24. mark lanton 2023/04

    Often a hit or miss place. This time it was a hit, next time?
    Dine in
    Meal type
    Price per person
    Food: 4
    Service: 4
    Atmosphere: 3
    Recommended dishes
    Burrito Bowl

  25. Allan Taylor 2023/02

    Takeout using the app is super easy, and they dont skimp on the servings.
    Take out
    Meal type
    Price per person

  26. Helen Wilck 2023/02

    food poisoning

  27. Carlo Roukous 2023/02

    Most chipotles are pretty good. But damn this location is not good at all💀 the food was terrible the staff was weird and awkward. Just not a good experience
    Dine in
    Meal type
    Price per person
    Recommended dishes
    Barbacoa Bowl, Burrito Bowl, Rice Bowl, Kid’s Build Your Own, Large Queso & Large Chips

  28. Erin Wakefield 2023/02

    Great food, quick wait times.

  29. Ernestine Joseph-Pauline 2023/01

    They were not friendly. Maybe I just caught them at a bad time
    Take out
    Meal type
    Price per person
    Food: 4
    Service: 3
    Atmosphere: 3
    Recommended dishes
    Steak Bowl

  30. david malone 2023/01

    Gauc browned and old!

  31. Randy Jones 2023/01

    Great burrito as always loved the new garlic guajillo steak was amazing.
    Take out
    Meal type
    Food: 5
    Service: 5

  32. mslashes 2023/01

    Don’t waste your time. They NEVER get your order right and they’re stingy with the food. I kept giving them chance after chance but it never works out. I’ve come to the realization that some people go to work just to play around. Not going back to this location.
    Take out
    Meal type
    Price per person

  33. Shakira Ali 2022/12

    One of my favorites!
    Dine in
    Meal type
    Price per person

  34. Sierra Brockwell 2022/12

    Bad service and not even giving full servings

  35. Theresa E. 2022/12

    This location has gone downhill. The guacamole rarely is fresh, always has strings and so much brown chunks of avocado. They have a serious problem with cross contamination; I’m always picking out cheese from my guac and lettuce! Then I found meat in my veggie bowl, disgusting!

  36. Robert Ruby 2022/11

    Chipotle is Chipotle a little better than some others
    Dine in
    Meal type
    Price per person

  37. djoecav 2022/11

    They close the store physically but don’t notify delivery services. I drive all the way to the store just to yank on a locked door. I’ve told them they need to, for example, let doordash know they’re closed so drivers stop wasting their time showing up here. But they scoff and brush it off. Or roll their eyes and say “Alright man whatever”. I know your workers are stressed out, but their carelessness about this particular thing is causing stress in my life. Please fix it. Thanks.

  38. Joel McCauley 2022/11

    Food was good. Exceptionally friendly staff.
    Take out
    Meal type
    Price per person
    Recommended dishes
    Chips & Guacamole, Burrito Bowl


  39. Tracey Hawkes 2022/11

    Three strikes and you’re out! Chicken burrito was made correctly but cold. Veggie burrito bowl had sour cream instead of the guacamole that I ordered and had no lettuce at all even though it was requested. Chicken quesadilla was very poorly put together and also cold. I was not late picking up my order. It was not ready yet when I got there. Very disappointed.

  40. Michelle Mannino 2022/11

    Probably the most disgusting chipotle I’ve ever seen.
    Take out
    Price per person

  41. Cecilia Vasquez 2022/10

    La línea donde sirven la comida bien sucia
    Comida tirada por toda la línea y el bowl todo lleno de comida de abajo donde los ban pasando por la línea toda sucia llena de comida

  42. Kiel Legg 2022/10

    Destiny was great very friendly and helpful food was good!!

  43. Bill Susman 2022/10

    This is changing my last review in the past 6 months this store has gone downhill. And the don’t expect to be able to go in and order in person cause all they do is online orders now apparently. I’ll not add a whole app just to order food from this store.

  44. M R 2022/10

    I was there at about 8 pm and the customer service was terrible. The staff was a bunch of unsupervised teens who were having a good time taking to their coworkers and friends who decided to stop by, while ignoring customers. The cook was in the back on his headphones, so they ran out of black beans and were almost out of rice. Now I know why the last time I placed an online order none of my bowls had the beans in them I’d ordered. Chipotle has never had great customer service, but I’ve never seen it this bad.

  45. Diya Harris 2022/10

    No chicken no steak no rice no lettuce
    Dine in
    Meal type
    Price per person

  46. Marilee Tait 2022/10

    Place was filthy and the food was nasty. I ask for salt and pepper and they told me they didn’t have any. Drink machines were broken. Will never darken that door again.

  47. Iva 2022/10

    Horrible customer service, the lady in the front taking orders is absolutely rude. She was getting mad when I was asking for my toppings on the side. If you’re not going to be nice, don’t work with people that you clearly can’t get along with. The other lady, overcharged me for a veggie bowl, but I let it slide. Because she at least has some good customer service.

  48. ron farrow 2022/10

    Was a little leery of going back into this particular locations because of my last experience but decided to take another chance. Walk into the place no hand sanitizer or grade posted ok understandable. Continue to place order with co worker & as soon as he place his order a yellow device fell right into the Queso. The worker reach into the Queso pick up & never replace with new nasty. She also had a cloth full of dirty water washing off the countertops.

  49. Cameron Lee 2022/10

    super fun to order ubereats at this location and have to get a refund and re order literally every because the order is always WRONG. it’s not even about the extra wait time because clearly I do but do the employees even read the tickets? Mobile order or Uber it doesn’t matter, there’s always something swapped or missing in an order that only ever has two items in it. Stuff like cheese in vegan bowls making it literally inedible and wasted. My partner and I frequent this location because it is so close but it is very frustrating to have this issue every time here specifically.

  50. David Lugo 2022/09

    I went in today around 1:40 ordered my food and they forgot my chips and I keep calling and no one answers the phone and I’m very upset with their service because they seem to be going down like the one on Hull Street

  51. MaryBeth 2022/09

    Second time using Chiptolane. 14 minutes waiting and another screwed up order. Going back to Qdoba across the street. Very disappointed.
    Take out
    Meal type

  52. Lance Pessarra 2022/09

    Three stars for the quick service. Disappointed with the fulfillment of the order. I ordered online for a pick up but did not get everything I ordered. Asked specifically about one item at time of pickup and was told it was in the bag. Got home to find neither the item I specifically asked for or another item. Two items were missing. Both were listed on the receipt.

  53. Mel Jimenez 2022/09

    Good food, but portion a little small

  54. Lauren Walence 2022/09

    In the last couple months this location has been closed numerous times WAY before their advertised closing time. It’s disappointing and frustrating.

  55. Tamika Williams 2022/09

    They STAY out of key ingredients and shutting down either completely or only taking mobile or online orders due to staffing shortages. Put in three orders within less than 2 weeks, and EVERY time they did not have fajita vegetables. So, Qdoba for me until they get it together.

  56. Kenny Edwards 2022/08

    Quite possibly the worst Chipotle in the company. I’ve give this location multiple chances but I will not return. I understand staff shortages and it’s no different at other locations but they’re managed 100% better than this one.

  57. Keisha Bradshaw 2022/08

    Employees were rude and didn’t care about how they prepared my food. Pinto beans had a sweet taste. Wouldn’t visit this location again.
    Take out
    Meal type
    Price per person
    Dine in: Yes
    Outdoor seating: No
    Takeout: Yes
    Delivery: No
    Curbside pickup: No

  58. Carolyn Grimes 2022/08

    At 4:00 today I visited this location. The floor in the dining area was covered with dirty napkins,chips and other food. The people behind the counter were busy talking and laughing together and ignoring me. The food was cold. I have always liked Chipotle but will not go back to this location.

  59. Bridget Eckert 2022/08

    The cashier was really rude they were busy and all said I don’t need lettuce anymore I didn’t want to hold up the line because they were super busy and I just wanted my food and to leave. I asked nicely if someone could put the lids on my food that was not going to get lettuce anymore and they were out anyway. She said side remarks to her coworker I just wanted my food and to get out of there and I didn’t want to hold up the line since they were busy. She was just rude the whole time and treated me awful. I will not be going to that chipotle anymore because have the way that cashier acted.

  60. patrick speers 2022/07

    Maybe because of the Pandemic the portion was sooooo smaaaaal

  61. Jeff Sneed 2022/07

    Everything you expect at Chipotle only the steak tastes like it’s cheap and when you ask for more cheese, you can expect an attitude with it.

  62. Brittany Jackson 2022/07

    The photo likely tells you everything you need to know.
    Take out
    Meal type
    Price per person


  63. Steven Mcleod (Nice To Sell) 2022/07

    Horrible service. Ordered online and got food 25 minutes late. Then got home and the rice wasnt even cooked! Fire everybody and shut this clown show down please

  64. CJ MUBARAK 2022/06

    Food quality not like before and definitely not paying $13 for 2 spoons

  65. Justine ruffin 2022/06

    Ordered online and it was cold and rice was hard. Also asked asked for extra rice and they gave less than the regular amount. I’m disappointed

  66. Nate Greenwald 2022/06

    This location is terrible: Guac that looks like it’s been sitting out for hours, over cooked chicken, yellow lettuce, bad sizes, terrible service by staff. And on and on and on. Please do not eat here. Hopefully the new location further west that’s soon to open delivers better service.

  67. T-Mania RVA LLC 2022/06

    Chipotle’s disgusting steak. Its all burned. How can you all not realized it’s fully burned. They must be blind. You guys gotta refund it.


  68. Carrington Green 2022/06

    Took 20+ mins for my online order. Didn’t even look like they were doing online orders until the person walked in. Poor organization and management. If you can’t handle online orders don’t it. This has been a reoccurring theme.
    Take out
    Meal type
    Price per person

  69. Stacey Marble 2022/06

    While everything else was fine, I was dismayed when checking out that a)the cashier walked away from us as we approached the register so she could prepare a call ahead order; b) while doing so, she picked a receipt out of the trash to then attach it to the to go order she was preparing. Gross
    Food: 4
    Service: 3
    Atmosphere: 4

  70. Jay Dumire 2022/06

    Poor management at Chesterfield Town Center location. If I could the rating would be lower. Waited over 30 minutes past pickup time for an online order. Asked to cancel the order and refund me & was told couldn’t be done by the manager. After I just watched her refund another man for his chips they didn’t have, which I ordered 3 bags of and couldn’t refund me but still gave me the large queso and guacamole. She didn’t offer to reimburse me for my chips. I watched 30 plus customers walk in and get served before my online order was filled. Then I get home and my order is missing some of the items in the bowls I ordered. Spent $50 and should not have been charged half of that. I threw the food away. Never going back to this location again.
    Take out
    Meal type
    Price per person

  71. Carmen Crater 2022/05

    I’ve only had their salads, but I’m addicted. The chicken, the salsa, the vinegrette, EVERYTHING is soooooooo good

  72. Tiffany Gooden 2022/05

    They are always generous with the serving

  73. Chris Gooch 2022/05

    The usual. Its standard fare. Good food to fill the whats for supper need.

  74. Bill Erickson 2022/05

    Ordered online at this location, two of our orders are incorrect while extra and less portions are completely wrong. This is completely ridiculous for a meal that is on the more expensive side.

  75. Brent Klich 2022/04


  76. Kayton Austin 2022/04

    Always closing early or only accepting online orders. Save your time and just drive to a different one.

  77. 2D 2022/03

    Last 4 orders have not been accurate as ordered through the Chipotle app. We’ve never received dressing with salad bowl orders even with double checking it is checked and in the order. Rice is also not cooked at times, as well as something else missing or wrong.

    Last 2 times the bag has come ripped through so we’ve had to bring the bowls in individually off the front steps. Each time, some sauce has not been capped and soaks the items and bag so we have to clean off a mess before eating. We’ve given enough chances, esp. for $12 bowls now.
    Meal type
    Price per person

  78. Lynn Ramsey 2022/03

    This is the bowl they prepared for me when I ordered through GrubHub. It is half the size of what they prepare when you order in person. Very disappointing. I will not go there again.


  79. Ariel Walker 2022/03

    The portions are always awful and the customer service is pretty bad. If you order extra of anything on an online order, you will not get it. Every bowl I get is never worth the money.
    Take out
    Meal type
    Price per person

  80. Charles Belle 2022/03

    Walk-in with my family Sunday, January 30th at 6:32 PM (close at 8:30 PM), we were greeted with a sign posted to a slippery floor sign that read, accepting “online orders only.” Meanwhile, people are inside eating, and there’s an entire staff behind the counter. We approached the counter, and their employee told us unless we placed the order online, we couldn’t eat there, so we left.

  81. Rostam Kamvar 2022/03

    I have recently visited this location twice in the last month, and have had very good experiences each time. Keep in mind I arrived either before or after the midday rush, which isn’t a bad idea for any restaurant if you want quality treatment. The staff were pleasant, friendly and personable. The portion sizes they gave were better than what I’ve been seeing from other Chipotles in the recent past. Each time, the food was delicious, and no issues afterwards. I have nothing bad to say about this location, I just don’t give out 5 stars unless I’m truly blown away by an experience.

  82. Letetia Thompson 2022/02

    It was OK!

  83. Merna180 2022/02

    horrible customer service , always forgetting something in my order

  84. Angela Harris 2022/02

    OMG!! There were flies flying around the rice and meat. That’s not the worst part of it the worker saw the fly land on the rice and continued to make the order. I left there was no way I was going to eat any food from that nasty place. Save you time and money go somewhere else.

  85. Nichole Booker 2022/02

    Burnt meat. Cold fixings.
    Dine in
    Meal type
    Price per person

  86. Ivy Robinson 2022/02

    The guacamole is a must have! All selections are fresh and well seasoned. I’m glad they now have brown rice, too. I like spice, but not a lot of heat, and their salsa verde is just right. The prices are reasonable for the portion size. My go-to for Mexican!

  87. Kali Lilith 2022/01

    Waited 30min for an online order.

  88. Amy G 2022/01

    So salty I couldn’t eat it. Left the LG guacamole out of the take out order. Very disappointed. I think the extreme salt was in the Pico. I love salt but this was excessive.

  89. SeEun Park 2022/01

    I used to love chipotle…. but Every now and then their steak meats are terrible… my last order from this location was horrible….there were no quality steak but only bunch of FAT parts( couldn’t chew at all) … shame on you Chipotle… and please clean your AC vents above the food prep station. They are COVERED WITH DUSTS…. Shame on you chipotle…. so disappointed….
    Take out
    Meal type
    Price per person

  90. Rebekah Nicole Hall 2022/01

    Wasted my time. They should have posted a sign saying that brown rice is only able to be ordered online.
    But that was the absolutely most stupid thing I have ever heard! I saw 4 people leave because of that apparently.
    I’ve have problems with this chipotle before and I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt and try them again, but after today I’m done with them.

  91. Jules 2021/12

    Single soft taco 💖 …

  92. Kennon Merritt 2021/12

    Never order online here. They will give you very little, they will be late, and your order will be wrong. I will never be spending my money at this location again.

  93. Debra Wilson 2021/12

    The carnitas bowl was all fat and grisel. The service was lacking, a bunch of kids. I mentioned the fat in the carnitas and the employee said I should pick another meat next time😐
    Take out
    Meal type
    Price per person
    Food: 3
    Service: 2
    Atmosphere: 2

  94. Sumting Wong 2021/12

    Don’t order online you will get skimped on everything. As far as quality goes it’s fine just like any other one. However this place is filthy and they have fruit flies all over the drink station.

  95. Nyiaka James 2021/12

    I order 4 meals online this evening, 2 bowls and 2 kids meals . Both kids meals were missing the drinks and one missing the chips that come with the order . All 4 entrees where cold ( I specified a time for pick up which we were not late for ). I ordered and paid for a large chips and queso ; chips here were 12 ; yes 12 chips bc I counted , in the bag. I called the restaurant to see if we could get this right … I called 16x from 9:33 to 9:56pm and no one answered the phone . The line would pick up and hang up so we couldn’t even leave a message . I’m so disappointed with this entire experience.

  96. Josh Das 2021/12

    I tried to order a steak and cheese quesadilla (I have called this for the past five years), but this time, they wouldn’t let me order it in person and told me to order it online. I have tried to order it online in the past, but you did not have the option for quesadillas, so I asked him if he could help me figure out how to do it. He had some remark implying for me to figure it out myself. I pulled up the website and, sure enough, couldn’t get just a basic steak and cheese that I would always order. I asked another employee that wasn’t busy (mind you, the store was pretty empty) if they would be able to help me. His response was “I don’t know” over and over. Numerous other employees were there listening and watching, yet nobody was willing to help. I’m not sure how you expect someone to get anything done with a staff that is so lazy to help out customers by having to do anything outside of their job description.

  97. Sheena Santiago 2021/11

    Wick and easy

  98. Aaron Tunnell 2021/11

    Always out of something, service is slow

  99. Matthew Tompkins 2021/11

    I came at 7:49 and was greeted with “we’re closed lol” and it seems to be a reoccurring thing like. I guess maybe the hours on the door should changed to reflect that because I could have driven to somewhere that was still open in that time. And this is always happening. It’s alw at s the same young man in there too.

  100. J B 2021/11

    Had a gift card I wanted to use so I pre-ordered and came to pickup. I waited 25 minutes upon arrival. There was a line in front of me when I got there of people waiting for their preorders. There was 1 employee in the front and after about 10 minites, 5 employees come from the back to help out.. not sure if there was a shift meeting or not, but 6pm is definitely not the time for that. The food also didn’t taste right. I picked up a group order and the other people agreed their meat didn’t taste right. My pork was underseasoned and burnt.

  101. Utam Lekhraj 2021/11

    Made a mobile order and then watched at least 20 people come in after me and left before me. Mobile ordering does not work well and the crew could care less. The quality of a restaurant and their staff can be determined when they are at their busiest. I don’t recommend this chipotle and will never be back.

  102. Markos Lazo 2021/11

    I had a really bad experience today at Chipotle, one of the staff was really rude when I told her that I wanted less hot sauce she looked at me and was very unprofessional when handling the situacion infront of everyone and when I ask to speak with the manager no one showed up and I left the store with no food.

  103. Sean Smith 2021/11

    I used to eat weekly from here, the management has become terrible and all they care about is corporate numbers. Last 2 orders had under 2oz of meat. If you get deliveries from here they just don’t care about you or your food. Any time I call and ask to speak to someone they just hang up.


  104. Jenna A. 2021/10

    It’s okay

  105. Jordan Whelan 2021/10

    Every time I pickup from this location the food is cold and the chips are stale.

  106. Brianna Ayala 2021/10

    I ordered a burrito and a bowl online. Both of which were missing most of the ingredients I asked for. I started eating my bowl and found a huge hair in between all the rice. I also ordered a coke WHICH I NEVER GOT!! I have ordered from this location multiple times and each time there is something wrong with my order. This is the last time I order from this location. I DO NOT recommend eating here. The staff is rude and clearly inexperienced when it comes to completing orders!

    **Not sure what happened. This location had a great crew and all the sudden there is these kids that are lost and can’t give answers. It is truly a disappointment since this location is in a very popular area.**

  107. Celyon “Shalonness” Fenty 2021/10

    Food is delicious, always fresh and clean.

  108. Israel Leonardo 2021/10

    Just excellent! Love Chipotle, and today’s team was very kind!
    Dine in
    Meal type
    Price per person

  109. Indy Breza 2021/10

    Food was fine, bathroom was very messy with toilet paper and they have two single stall bathrooms but each has a gender marker. This can be uncomfortable for families, trans people, and anyone with a binary gender waiting for their assigned stall to be free with the other bathroom totally empty.
    Dine in
    Meal type
    Price per person

  110. Laura Beck 2021/10

    Tonight we ordered online for pickup. A quesadilla, chips and guac, a burrito, and two bowls. The bowls were both customized with absolutely no dairy due to dairy and soy allergies. Almost $40 later, my husband comes home with our food and we open our bowls and find them SMOTHERED in sour cream and cheese. I’ve been trying to call the restaurant for two and a half hours and the phone just rings and then the call is disconnected. I would like my money back for the food that I had to throw away in the garbage.

  111. Jonny Funez 2021/09

    it’s ok

  112. Tim Uzel 2021/09

    Slow service. Unprofessional. Avoid

  113. VintoW 2021/09

    Many folks like their approach to latin food. I’m just not a fan. Very caucasianized.

  114. Sean Cunningham 2021/09

    Good food, but the pickup process is pretty bad at this location. I consistently have to wait 15 minutes or more past my pickup time before I get my food, and there’s always a group of people who are also waiting past their time on their food. As I’m writing this review I’m in the restaurant 20 minutes past my pickup time and still waiting, and so decided to give a negative review.

    With how long the mobile/online pickup process has been consistently late I’m surprised nothing has been done to fix the issue.
    Take out
    Meal type
    Price per person

  115. John Stephens 2021/09

    My tips just keep getting lower and lower. Stop forgetting my queso and giving me no fork or napkins.

  116. T Daniels 2021/09

    The staff usually does not do a good job preparing and maintaining the food. They have attitudes and it seems like the manager is not doing a good job. Go to the Chipotle a little further away near the mall. Huge difference in everything.

  117. Dean Andryeyev 2021/09

    Great and fast service. Best Chipotle experience I’ve had in a while.
    Dine in
    Meal type
    Price per person


  118. William E Ferrell, Jr. 2021/08

    Food and service was good.

  119. Neil McCoy 2021/08

    By far the best chipotle in the 804. I just so happen to be on that side of town b4 i went home. And it was late. Everything was still fresh.

  120. mike jones 2021/08

    They say they are open for dine in but Only 1 table is available and the employees all take turn taking breaks/eating there
    When I asked where I could sit they said their only table is being used by employees so to wait or leave…food was good but had to eat in my car

  121. Michael Hannell 2021/08

    I understand there is a staffing shortage but this location needs to make it more clear if they are taking online orders only. This sign should be posted on the door.

  122. Seth Grant 2021/08

    We order Chipotle often and it’s alway an issue with the order. Today for example 2 coworkers and myself decided to get lunch. One of the bowls didn’t have rice, they sent fountain drink lemonade in place of the organic lemonade and they didn’t send the large order of chips and guac. If you want lunch and prefer to get what you ordered id suggest ordering from a different location.

  123. Bobbi Sunshine 2021/07

    The service at this location is extremely horrible! The staff is very rude and doesn’t listen even when they are making your order incorrectly they continue to do so without changing it, They also give an extremely hard time about extra cheese and sour cream instead of just saying that it cost more if that is the case! They also have left out items from my order during the last two visits! But the main thing that made us location so horrible it’s just how rude And how much attitude the staff has towards their customers! Will NOT be going back here!

  124. Chandra Henley 2021/07

    It was very good i real enjoy it

  125. Frank Drake 2021/07

    Stop there one night try to get some Mexican food Land was going really really slow seemed like it was going to take forever so I decided just to get some dessert and I guess somewhere else and get something to eat and lo and behold guess what I found out Chipotle Mexican Grill does not have any deserts they don’t sell any kind of dessert so you’re not going to get dessert with your meal if you go there to eat but figured I’d let you know

  126. jimbo jimbo 2021/07

    I was turned away at 6:40pm. This is because they were only accepting online orders due to their “system failing (?)”. I have interpreted this as either a lie or bad management.

  127. Nneka 2021/07

    This location is absolutely terrible. I am sure they are doing what they can with staffing shortages but this is extremely inexcusable. Customers accept closing early, knline orders only all the time but to have to question cook time on food is a real low. I’m sure myself and others would prefer to go meatless or choose an alternative than rush to serve undercooked meat. To jeopardize someone’s health in this manner and offer complimentary meal is an insult at the highest. This was 11/23/21 around 7ish if anyone else was there and chose chicken. Wish Google would allow 0 stars. #sick


  128. jalisa Hence 2021/06

    Food was great n friendly smile
    Take out
    Price per person

  129. Maceo 2021/06

    i’ve been ordering from this chipotle for years and it’s been great, however.

    on wednesday i purchased a burrito and noticed it tasted weird. today (friday) i ordered another burrito and i couldn’t even finish the whole burrito. i’ll take my money elsewhere now.

  130. Casey Williams 2021/06

    Extremely disappointed in the overall experience at this location. The employees I came in contact with seemed to care very little about me as a customer or the business. Due to me having very little time I decided to preorder to lunch entree at least 2 hours before to be made at a certain time. When i arrived to the business there was several people in line as well as other that was preordered. Unfortunately mine wasn’t prepared. After I showed someone a receipt they then said “Are you at the right location?” Even though I was 99.9% sure I was at the correct location I didn’t want to look stupid if I was wrong, so I looked for my confirmation email. After waiting almost 20 minutes for someone to finally pay any attention to me the cashier allowed me to show my email proof. Only after I flagged her down waiving my phone. No one offered an apology or anything. This location is the worst, if I had zero stars that’ll be too many.

  131. Glen Rathke 2021/05

    Stay far away if you place an order using third party companies. Had 2 orders placed 8 minutes apart by the same customer going to the same house. First order was a little bit late; completely reasonable because it was lunch rush. The other order took 40 minutes!!!

  132. Alexander Gonzalez Argueta 2021/05

    Good taste

  133. Jennifer Graves 2021/05

    Just awful! Do not go. Order wrong, not wrapped correctly so leaked and bag broke. Then only silence….

  134. Anonymous Person 2021/05

    I love their burrito and bowls but I mostly like their burritos I like salsa steak cheese salad white rice & heans

  135. Edward O'Beirne 2021/05

    It’s a Chipotle. Always satisfies. Very fast. This one might be more friendly than average. Access from Midlothian Turnpike is a little tricky going in. Departing is easy. Parking can be tight.

  136. Jacqui Westbrook 2021/05

    This particular Chipotle off of midlothian turnpike wasn’t busy, when I made my order inside the store, the server that prepared my order shoved back into the rice container all the debris and I guess fallen food on the edge of the counter above the container of rice.

    I asked why did she do that and she never answered, but took a spoon and picked a few gains of rice and threw it into the trash. She should have removed the entire pan of rice..

    Quite disgusting, I’d like to talk with the manager.
    Jacqui Williams

  137. Paula P 2021/05

    This is THE WORST Chipotle ever and I’ve been to quite a few. Customer service is non existent, its dirty, the food is always over cooked and sloppy looking. The rice looked like soupy clumps. I asked the server to remove some vegetables and she used her hand which were gloved but I saw her walk away several times and touch everything in surroundings. HORRIBLE!

  138. Charles Feiring 2021/05

    Out of 4 meals all 4 were wrong.
    We were charged for things that were ordered but not in our meals. This is a frequent problem with this restaurant, it is very difficult almost impossible to get any one on the phone for resolution. At least this time food was ready upon arrival. I will not be returning. If you do order, make sure to throughly check the various items of your order prior to departure. The restaurant was not busy, it is just inattentive staff.
    Go elsewhere….

  139. Hans Kiebach 2021/04

    Portions at this store are terrible and all over the place. They have skimped me for the third time now on just about everything. I’m not one to want an unreasonable amount of extra food for free, but this place is horrible

  140. Jonathan Skinner 2021/04

    Bowls are really good but the chips are disappointing and need some work. Chips = burnt cardboard 90% of the time. Don’t let them charge you for double meat when you get half and half (like half steak half chicken, etc), have them charge you for just steak. Enjoy, my carnivorous friends. Enjoy.

  141. George Morgan 2021/04


  142. Michelle 2021/04

    90% sour cream… barely any meat.

  143. Justin Appelbee 2021/03

    Parking is a pain, but the food is top notch, AND the service is phenomenal!

  144. The One 2021/03

    Good stuff

  145. Amie Winston 2021/02

    Staff is really nice clean

  146. Nette Howard 2021/02

    Food is good. All fast food restaurants need to take etiquette and customer service from chick fil a

  147. Katrina Moffit 2021/02

    DONT EAT HERE!!! I got a bowl here and I choked on a piece of plastic wrap that was left in from one of the ingredients. I’ve had minor bad incidents with this Chipotle, but this one was the worst. Never eating here again.


  148. Carlos Arturo Toro Restrepo 2021/02

    Un lugar para comer platos ligeros de la comida mexicana, venden comida para llevar. Buenos precios.

  149. Althea Romero 2021/02

    Good food and service

  150. Doris Bibbs 2021/02

    Service was great. No long line at the time.

  151. Crescent Moon65 2021/02

    Very slow service. Ordered once online and it was literally 30 minutes late. Another time it took 10 minutes over at the time it was supposed to be done.

  152. Jennifer 2021/02

    They need to do better at having delivery orders ready on time. Seems like they get pushed back for those who are dining in.

  153. Blake Edwards 2021/02

    Relatively quick food, only slightly blander than usual –

    Edit: online ordering only with a makeshift sign telling you so.
    Take out
    Meal type
    Price per person


  154. Allen Jones 2021/01

    Tasty food, but I think I’ll skip trying the cauliflower rice next time. There is a upcharge for that, which is fine, but you get a VERY small portion in return.

  155. De Ali 2021/01

    My favorite Mexican food

  156. William Newnum 2020/12

    Great food

  157. Kilee 2020/12

    This was my first time at chipotle AMAZING costumer service

  158. Andrea Jefferson 2020/12

    Ok…. have had better… they burnt the chicken ugggggggg

  159. jones20695 2020/12

    Online order done on time and food was delicious

  160. Tairet Paulino 2020/12

    Very nasty the line girl left me because she decided to keep having her conversation on her air pods. They can do better !!!

  161. Brandon Eck 2020/12

    There’s an older Hispanic woman who is so ignorant she gets mad or overwhelmed and leaves her station I’ve been coming here for a few months and all they do is gossip and laugh at who comes in and they throw food all over the place and next time I’m getting pictures she’s so rude it’s incredible that she even works in the food industry and she gave me the middle finger after I told her to have a nice day

  162. John A Franklin 2020/12

    I ordered a burrito bowl treating myself to a well deserved meal which I thoroughly enjoyed. Good service.

  163. Caroline Grova 2020/12

    I ordered via UberEats for pickup. Arrived and they weren’t busy but nobody acknowledged me standing there. Having never picked up a prepaid order there, I wanted to ask what their procedure was. Eventually, I stepped up to ask a young man on the other side of the counter (but not in a uniform) and he said I could just take it and go.

    Why they have shelves labeled alphabetically I can’t imagine a they just take to go orders and shove them anywhere. (I didn’t even realize my order was there at first because the shelves for both my first and last initials were empty.)

    And then the food was edible, but not good enough to try it again. First and last time at a Chipotle.

  164. Rody Hurtado 2020/12

    El servicio es de primera

  165. Yulenny Murillo 2020/12

    Una experiencia desagradable, ordene online y al llegar mi cómoda se la habían llevado según dice la trabajadora, i la volvió hacer la orden, casi sin nada de lo que yo había ordenado, estas como las tortugas, no recomiendo el lugar, cada vez están peor… yo trabaje en el chipotle de stony Point, y nada que ver con ese lugar…. pongas más atención porfavor….

  166. Lexxis Bosslady 2020/12

    Employees could have been more engaging but they were not rude. Good experience. Fresh food

  167. Marvin Jones 2020/11

    Great food staff is friendly

  168. Msss Daisieshae 2020/11

    Should have put signs up to say your out of lettuce!

  169. Matt Smith 2020/11

    Too bad I cant give zero stars. Ordered and paid online with a pick up time of 5 PM. Only to show up at the store and find a handwritten sign stating that the store was closed until 6 PM?! Online orders will need to request a refund online? Thanks for letting me know prior to placing my order and driving to your location? This is not the first terrible experience at this store. This is likely the last time I’ll be going to this store and may be the end of Chipotle for me.

  170. Rando Traveler 2020/11

    They get orders right about half the time, so double check before you leave with your takeout order

  171. Brian Ramirez 2020/10

    Always fills you up and always taste good!

  172. Jr Garcia 2020/10

    Do not order online or on grub they steal your money with the little to no chicken in your order and the portions are small just enough for a child and food has no flavor 0/5 stars

  173. Michael Hough 2020/10

    I just ordered from Grub hub and received my burrito with no meat on it after asking for it. paid all this money not to even get all the toppings on it i asked for. I tried calling and no one even answers the phone. Will never order from here again. Dont waste your time here with someone who cant even handle the responsibility of putting 4 toppings to put on a burrito…..

  174. Carli Winter 2020/10

    Order from here pretty often, usually online. Never have any problems. From reading other reviews, a lot mention sloppiness. There were a few pieces of meat in my sofritas bowl. Not a huge deal, since I’m not vegan, but still kind of a turn off.

  175. Jack Boyles 2020/09

    Best food!

  176. Brianna Jean 2020/09

    Phones don’t work and they have signs up saying they are closed. 😒 but they are open. …

  177. Fluffi TOES 2020/09

    I work here and I can say it’s very open and clean. Amazing fresh food.

  178. Lola Hack 2020/09

    I’ve ordered from here a lot prior to COVID. This is my first order during COVID and I’m very disappointed. My chips were stale. The chicken bowl, I ordered hardly had any meat and it didn’t taste fresh. I know restaurants are struggling but I’m disappointed in the quality.

  179. Lindsay Olson 2020/09

    Nasty. Dirty. Terrible service. The cashier put of food on a soaking wet tray with wash water and soap bubble all over it. When I said it was soaked she dried it with a dirty napkin and set it back down in dirty water pooled all over the counter. Huge avocado peels in the bowl. The same girl wiped down the beverage station with a dirty rag and left it soaking. Disgusting.

  180. Breann Reeves 2020/09

    This place has the worst customer service I have ever experienced in my life!!! DO NOT GO HERE.

  181. its. siara 2020/09

    my mom order a bowl and there was it hair in it and they forgot to put guacamole on it !! and the problem with the hair it wasn’t jus on the top of the bowl it was inside .

  182. Sam Smith 2020/08

    Always good food

  183. Rich L 2020/08

    Chipotle is normally one of our favorite restaurants. This one was dirty and service was not great.

  184. Indigo Truely 2020/08


  185. Megan Lee 2020/08

    Got my order completely wrong and had to throw the entire burrito bowl away. They forgot both the black and pinto beans I requested as well as the corn salsa and sour cream. They put sautéed veggies on the order which I did not request because I find them disgusting and slimy. Way too much pico de gallo was put on and the rice was mushy and gross. They put barely any chicken in the bowl too, like 5 pieces. The side of guacamole I got was just a whole avocado shoved into a plastic container. The only decent food I was left to eat was the small bag of chips. Will only be having Chipotle when I’m in Blacksburg, VA where apparently only college kids can get my order correct.

  186. Michael Urso 2020/07

    Got sick real quick

  187. Itz WiteOut 2020/07

    So, I live chipotle and I would always buy it at the rittenhouse location on hull street since I had lived in the apartment complex. Now that I moved I now live closer to this location and it is absolutely terrible! I have ordered twice both $40 orders, got confirmation that it was recieved and found out that they were closed! Not only that but I would order a bowl with guacamole and it would be pure brown. My order would also be wrong and cold with the tortilla rock hard. The website also had told me they were open at 10:45am but then they wouldn’t open until 5pm??????? I’m sorry but this location will never get my business again

  188. Mandar D 2020/06

    Good restaurant for vegetarian and vegan options

  189. Ihumberto Blancarte 2020/06

    Nice people and good texmex fast food

  190. Larry Lloyd 2020/06

    Ordered food on the Chipotle website at 11:30 am and did not recieve food until 1:30 pm. My food was sitting in their store for TWO HOURS so I called and they stated that they knew their delivery system was not running correctly but still let my food sit for 2 hours and let the dasher deliver it. That is disgusting and they should be making food ONCE the dasher shows up since all they have to do is throw it in a bowl.

  191. Tom Podraza 2020/05

    Good food fresh. Prepared the way you want it.

  192. Donna Matthews 2020/05

    Great food but stay away from the one in Colonial Heights, its filthy.

  193. Janet Fleming 2020/05

    What happened?? Haven’t been to this location in a few months. Not sure I want to go back! SLOPPY! My food was thrown into my bowl, no care was taken in draining liquid from items such as the black beans, pico, corn, which left me with a pond of liquid in my bowl. Also lacked in flavor, very bland. Chipotle you can do better than this! (It was a salad with NO dressing!)


  194. Adash Lutchman 2020/05

    3rd time in a row the food is inedible. Rice seems barely cooked, chicken overcooked. I only experience these issues at this Midlothian store!

  195. Angela Torres 2020/05

    Ordered online. Ordered sofritas salad with beans, rice and other things. The “salad” came with just a few soggy pieces of lettuce with no sofritas nor rice. It absolutely sucked.

  196. Aaron Reyes 2020/05

    Store was filthy, the trash cans were overflowing; the tables were covered in old food; the service station was the same. Multiple staff members walked right past the full trash cans and did nothing. Food tastes like chipotle but we couldn’t eat fast enough we wanted to leave.

  197. Country Girl 2020/05

    I am visiting from out of town. I was greeted as I walked up to thefood line. There was only 1 person sitting in the restaurant and noone in line. The cashier was nice and the food was good.

    I looked at the other reviews and majority of the negative ones are true on my visit. The line & right next to the cashier (near the to go bags) was a little messy. (Messy means food partials).

    Out of the six 4 toppers. Only one of them was clean with no food partials under it. The trash was overflowing. The 1st 10 mins noone came in but noone came out to clean the lobby.

    QUESTION: Why isnt this Chipolte’s management or Headquarters staff not paying attention to these reviews??

    Chipotle has to do better!!


  198. Chris Harmon 2020/04

    Had NO RICE…the machine was supposedly not working. The beans didn’t look fresh and they actually sold me this (mind you my daughter only wanted chicken, rice, cheese and lettuce) in attached photo! That’s for $7 and is almost half the size of a regular burrito. Exactly why I don’t ever go to Chipotle… what a joke.

  199. Bunbun 2020/04

    Poor customer service…one member of the service team had on a mask which was alarming bc no one else had on a mask! Food prep was sloppy. I asked for chips and the cashier didn’t acknowledge my request. I called him out on it and he didn’t have a response. Overall poor customer service.

  200. joseph conlan 2020/03

    Service was extremely rude. Terrible experience. Won’t be back

  201. Tanner Payne 2020/03

    We ordered online to pick it up in the store, and when we got there, we had to wait 30 minutes before the order was ready. When we picked up the food, the orders had gotten mixed up too badly, and we didn’t want to eat them.

  202. Nicholas Pappas 2020/03

    I love chipotle in general and as a franchise give it 5 stars. This location however is the worst one I’ve ever been too. I eat at this location every Friday only because I work right around the corner, if I had another choice I would go to another location. That being said it’s not terrible, but just doesn’t quite meet my chipotle expectations. Namely for me it’s the Chips. Chipotle’s chips are the ambrosia of the Gods, but at this location they are almost always on the verge of if not completely stale and have mostly no seasoning or salt. Also feel like they skip on the meat sometimes.

  203. CeJae Vtipilson 2020/02

    I’m getting tired of it but it is good for vegetarians

  204. Craig Hammitt 2020/02

    The staff at this Chipotle gives exactly zero flying ducks. The order is always incorrect, food quality has dropped way off, the place looks like a food fight just happened, they never write people’s names on burritos any more, and trash is always overflowing. So sanitary and appealing. Hard pass from now on. There is a great new place in the old Caturra location west on Midlo tpke – I bet they serve burritos (I have no interest in that business, just trying to save you from this one) Too bad – I used to eat Chipotle almost every week… no mas

  205. Krimson Skyline 2020/01

    Nice, clean and fast

  206. Spencer Stitt 2020/01

    Good food and cold beer

  207. Carlos 2020/01

    Always great food

  208. Austin Butler 2020/01

    Paid extra for my food because they didn’t have change. Or a sign.
    Cashier was rude.
    Foods fresh though.

  209. Bob Claudio 72 2020/01

    I did an online order I got my confirmation time got the app confirmation that it was ready to be picked up at 5:30 it was an $87 order they were 40 minutes late having the order ready for me The food was cold missing items people don’t know how to use a slotted spoon and the watery corn turned my burrito bowl into soup bowl. and worst of all the kids food was so hard and crusty I had to just give it to the dog . The guacamole on the side for the chips when I put a chip in it there was a quarter of a avocado in two different containers zero quality control. . I had to stand at the counter and three different times ask the kid the status of my order they kept on forgetting to finish my order but I watched nine different people come in order their food pay and leave while they kept on forgetting mine and his excuse was they were busy and this was the acceptable norm this is not acceptable and if this is normal I hope that they close down. and I can’t post this without putting a rating but it won’t let me do a half a star it’s not even worth a whole star when the food was cold watery and the kids were complaining That’s not worth one star

  210. Gerardo Martinez 2019/12

    Excelente comida

  211. Jamie Ward 2019/12


  212. CE Edwards 2019/12

    Dirty how do you have 12 ppl here and not clean the tables? This is the closest chipotle near my house will not be back

  213. Corey Wilson 2019/12

    Not a bad bite.

  214. Brendan Justis 2019/12

    It’s Chipotle….. and delicious.

  215. Christian Nunnally 2019/12

    Only passed by haven’t been yet

  216. Lafaythia Wyche 2019/12

    Some of the staff could use additional training

  217. Sunny Day 2019/12

    Best fresh clean food!!

  218. Abigail Rose 2019/12

    Received over salted, stale chips. Chicken is usually either really chewy and rubbery or hard. Stick with meatless options if you come here.

  219. grey 2019/12

    The food is great, although some tables are dirty but overall goid place


  220. Modus 2019/12

    I’ve used the app several times in order to order food from this location on limited time. Just about every other time, the order is not ready when I arrive, which I have now tried to even adjust to be about five minutes after schedule to pick up. Additionally, when I do place an order in advance, if it is ready, it is already cold and is clearly been assembled far too early and simply left out at room temperature.

    On top of that, I have hurt my gums several times due to there being bits of bone in the chicken.

    Having to wait an extra 5 to 10 minutes in order to get my food puts me at a disadvantage considering the brevity of meal time I possess, and when having to eat hastily, there being a consistent trend of bones in the meat, it makes it especially discouraging from continuing patronage.

    Once or twice over the course of many orders is understandable, but having to adjust my schedule in order to accommodate a consistent trend of subpar service without even the slightest apology is just an added complication to something that should be a very simple process.

  221. Roy Brown 2019/11

    Food is just alright

  222. Anne Morrissette 2019/11

    Very delicious and super fast

  223. steven sheffield 2019/11

    Service here is pretty good food is excellent

  224. Loren Scharver 2019/11

    good food, fast service, a little on the expensive side but it’s delicious

  225. David Wills 2019/11

    This location needs an attitude adjustment. Check out the serving line counter, it is usually a mess, but the worse part of the experience is the non cordial staff who treat you as an inconvenience. Go there because it is better than no burrito at all.

  226. William Parrish 2019/11

    I’ve been coming to this Chipotle since they opened up to 3+ times a week. Probably the last time ill show back!! Employees could careless, portions are half of what other locations give you or what it used to be. Chips are ALWAYS stale. Not only that a female employee gave me attitude to the point I almost walked out!! Id recommend another location because this one sucks nowadays!! Get better Staff!

  227. Andrew Franklin 2019/11

    Foods good, sometimes the chips are stail. The beer is always cold.

  228. Luis Colon 2019/11

    This location has hospitable employees and I would give Five stars if it was only about the customer service, though I’m disappointed because when chipotle was first introduced they were know for their large burritos, but now every time I go to get food they always hold back on the portion and I always have to ask for more. It makes feel ashamed or embarrassed that someone else will hear that I am asking for more than what I’m served. Chipotle has gotten stingy compared to what it used to be; if I wanted a small burrito I would go to Taco Bell for half the price.

  229. Fenil Sheth 2019/10

    Best mexican food to go

  230. Chris Davis 2019/10

    If you like Mexican food, you’ll like Chipotle.

  231. Christine Melendez 2019/10

    Great service. Good tasting food

  232. Scott 2019/10

    By far the worst meal I’ve had all year. I went to Chipotle years ago and had a bad experience and haven’t been back, but thought, especially after the controversies in the news, they’d be on point and would have kicked up their game. Not so

    I got three soft tacos: 1 Beef, 1 chicken and 1 carnitas.

    The Carnitas came out ice cold. Like right from the refrigerator cold. 0 Heat.

    The beef tasted livery, and and was also cold.

    The chicken was so over-salted it posed as heat… And also cold.

    I got a side of guacamole and chips and a side of queso and chips as well.

    The queso was watery and gloopy and flat but was the only thing that was warm.

    The guacamole was okay

    Both bags of chips that came with the side items were stale – I’m talking had to bend to bite through stale.

    Absolutely 100% awful!

    They are fortunate that most who crowd the seats of these overhyped joints are too busy on social media deciding if their hair should be blue or pink this week to pay attention to the utter mediocrity placed before them absorbing heat from the atmosphere to warm to body temperature before consuming.

    Just awful

  233. Silke Brawley 2019/10

    Love the food. Could be cleaner though!!!

  234. adan aguilar 2019/09

    Everything is cold

  235. Jose Mendoza 2019/09

    Not too bad, a bit sloppy even serving, overall ok

  236. Michael Whitman 2019/09

    I had the tacos, which were OK. They went a little lite on the cheese and a little heavy on the sour cream, but they weren’t bad. I also ordered chips and queso. The queso is just not good. And the chips were stale. It was lunch and they tasted like they were a couple of days old. Overall, it was so-so.

  237. Chezna Fitzgerald 2019/09

    They suck at mobile order timing. They my orders are never ready at the promised times. I’ve come this location a few times and sometimes I arrive a little early. However when I arrived early even though there was no one in line I was still asked to wait for my order until the promised time. I spoke with the manger and she made the employee go ahead and make the order however by the time it was complete it’s was after my promised time because she had other customers. Then today the same thing happened but instead they had one person doing mobile orders while the others stood around waiting on customer s to come in. I waited for about 15 mins then I asked if I could just get my ticket and go through the line because no one was in line and she stated that I would have to cancel my already paid order to get in line to replace my order. I thought the whole idea of placing a online order was to got it to be prepared before arrival or at a faster pace. And once again my order was not ready at its promised time.

  238. David Carranza 2019/09

    I gotta say… bren eating chipotle for years in many different locations. I just do happen to have moved right close to this one..seems to be in a bit of a chaos here and there. Great staff but not as organized and focused as I’d expect from such a fast pace environment.

    Food quality seems ok… freshness of the veggies is more like sauteed. These are supposed to be fajita style not mush. One night I came by and the entire counter was filled with food spilled everywhere. I brought it to the staff member attention. She said… we are about to close. Umm…this was 7:30pm. Anyway… still love chipotle but this place could use some extra management attention.


  239. Christina Andrews 2019/09

    They ran out of sweet tea

  240. John Edwards 2019/09

    It’s tough to rate a chain for establishment like this on anything other than service and food quality. I would say that the service is good. The staff is friendly and seem to know what they are doing. With regard to the food, it’s pretty much as expected with the exception of some rather dry carnitas.

  241. Pauline Felder 2019/08

    Always great food

  242. Timothy Curtis 2019/08

    Eat there everyday

  243. matthew brindley 2019/08

    Where else can you get chipotle Tabasco sauce?

  244. Jessica Pethtel 2019/08

    Food is always fresh and service fast however the girls in there are very unpleasant and always have an attitudes

  245. I'esha 2019/08

    The service here is truly ridiculous. The servers are just rude and abrupt. They are also sloppy. They literally flung food around making bowls and burritos. It was disgusting. I had to ask the girl to slow down so she didn’t mess up my order. They overcharged me on an already large bill. It was uncomfortable to be in there with a bunch of kids with no answers to why the service was so disappointing. Ugh!


  246. Fresh 2019/08

    Slow and dirty

  247. A'makeal Caravan 2019/08

    i got a kidney infection due to ecoli and had to go to the emergency room 5 days later. but, worth it. too tastey i’d go back.

  248. Karen Marshall 2019/08

    Food was yummy, service was good.
    But the dining room floor was a terrible mess. However, before we left one of the staff did come sweep the door and wipe off tables.

  249. Dave Anthony 2019/07

    Awesome food and very tasty.

  250. Mackie Williams 2019/07

    SOFRITAS = bomb 🙂 love the vegetarian option

  251. Paul Brinser 2019/07

    Smaller location near Mall – doesn’t stand out in the chain for quality of food. People are nice though not as friendly as some other Chipotles I’ve been to.

  252. jay hawthorne 2019/07

    Ordered a chickn bowl to go at this location & after a few bites, I had to check my blood pressure. They had to dump salt on one of their ingredients. If ur worried about high blood pressure, don’t eat here today.

  253. Jennifer Williams 2019/07

    Good choices and food portion sizes

  254. Jay M 2019/07

    I apologize but I just don’t like Chipotle the food taste like it was all cooked in the same pot, the food tastes Bland, It’s not for me.

  255. Jasmine Traynham 2019/06

    Very stingy on the rice meat etc. meat may or may not be hot.

  256. Brad Fagan 2019/06

    Very healthy food, clean environment. Highly recommended!

  257. Gary Isley 2019/06

    Loved it

  258. Al Alahmadi 2019/06

    Okay service

  259. Alisha Nickole 2019/06

    I absolutely love this place

  260. Elnora Lightfoot 2019/06

    Love their bean salad bowl

  261. Denasce Messina 2019/06

    Fast food very busy place. Line moves fast

  262. Christian Holloway 2019/06

    Food at this location is always good. I usually enjoy the music the DJ playlist has setup.

  263. Brian Nauss 2019/06

    How do you run out of burritos? On a Friday at rush hour??? Ridiculous. Should have offered refunds!! That manager should no longer have a job! That’s like McDonald’s running out of hamburgers!

  264. CreatioNation DiySensation 2019/05

    I love CHIPOTLE

  265. Shawn Michael 2019/05

    Chipotle slowing going down hill.

  266. Loren Spellman 2019/05

    Quick, good friendly service

  267. Rhonda Robb 2019/05

    Get the Go Veggie bowl. You’ll be very happy that you did!

  268. Brian Roy 2019/05

    There was a big clump of hair in my bowl, enough said!!! And they weren’t too apologetic.

  269. Stacey 2019/05

    Got sick from undercooked chicken

  270. Krystal Maino 2019/05

    Good food

  271. Brandon French 2019/05

    I ordered a double wrapped double chicken burrito which is an extra charge and the burrito had neither. There was maybe one piece of chicken on the messy hardly wrapped burrito. Probably the worst chipotle I’ve ever been to. Waste of money.

  272. Debra Garnett 2019/04

    Love the chicken bowls

  273. Kaci Badgett 2019/04

    Enjoyed our time


  274. Brandon Miller 2019/04

    It’s a clean Chipotle with nice staff. Not much to it.

  275. Jake Parker 2019/04

    I got food poisoning after eating here. Also service was terrible first time experience btw.

  276. sara smyser 2019/04

    I love it my wifey hates it. Too bad the food stay fresh huh 5 stars hands down! !

  277. Tianna Reed 2019/04

    I used to work for this store and it’s so sad to see how downhill it has gone. I’m not sure who is managing this store, but I never see an actual manager on the line, or anywhere else for that matter. The evening shift staff is so rude! They don’t care about the quality of food or the happiness of the guest. They never smile and act like your business is an inconvenience to them. Whoever is managing this place needs to seriously step up. It took them 25 minutes to make a Togo order that I placed online for ONE KIDS MEAL.

  278. rose johnson 2019/04

    Bring your bankcard a

  279. John Nick 2019/03

    The people were nice to me.

  280. Billy Criswell 2019/03

    typical good, fast mexican food.

  281. Cathy Zickafoose 2019/03

    Wish 0 stars was an option
    No fountain drinks
    No water
    Daughter was given the core from the head of lettuce in her salad
    Will never come back to this location

  282. T Powell 2019/03

    Good was goog

  283. Elnora Lightfoot 2019/03

    I love their food! Always fresh!

  284. Cheryl Wentz 2019/03

    Love Chipotle salad with chicken. You always get an abundant portion. Never leave hungry.

  285. Conner Melton 2019/02

    Good food!

  286. john louis banks 2019/02

    Come on guys it’s Chipotle!

  287. Holly Roper 2019/02

    Usually really good and fresh.

  288. NoOne 2019/02

    Always great food and extremely fast even with a line

  289. outsidegirl 2019/02

    We love this place always fresh and plenty of food to eat great service

  290. Brenda Butler 2019/01

    It wasn’t bad for a fast food place.

  291. Scott Murphy 2019/01

    Most disgusting place in VA. Don’t eat here if you care about your health and don’t where open toe shoes. Nasty

  292. Alexander Filicko 2019/01

    I have made multiple online orders and each time it’s never actually ready until 15-20mins after the designated time. I’m not one to put the order in 5mins to 12pm and expect everything done. These are orders placed with more than enough time-more than we would if we went through the line.

    Every time no employee or manager says anything about it. I am not looking for a handout or something free. I just want what I ordered at the designated time agreed on. Not sitting in my car or inside for 15-20mins after the fact.

  293. Kay Mcmanus 2019/01

    5 stars all around

  294. Yogi Barr 2019/01

    Always so good, and so filling…

  295. Dee 2019/01

    Love this restaurant as I eat here atleast once a week. But the employees are seriously skimping on the meat. I order so much from chipotle that I’m always getting points for free bowls-seriously. But you all have to do better if you want me to keep spending my money! Stop skimping on the meat. I seriously counted 5 pieces of cut up chicken in a $8.00 bowl.

    One time I had to turn around and show a manager the actual bowl. It was ridiculous. I mean nothing was inside.

  296. rise of diamonds 2018/12

    Is not good anymore attention to costumes is bad and the meat just very little

  297. Tabatha Dunlap 2018/12

    Customer service was horrible today. Staff had poor attitudes.

  298. Fatima 2018/12

    Love Chipotle! This restaurant is clean and the staff very courteous.

  299. D. C. 2018/12

    Small portions. They don’t listen to what you ask for and then get mad when they have to go back and try again. I was polite and got met with eye rolls.

  300. Eriks Goodwin 2018/12

    Staff is poorly trained and disorganized. Food is ok, but not portioned correctly. Also, despite slotted spoons, the black beans are spooned into your food with FAR too much liquid from the container. This location is in desperate need of upgraded corporate training and quality control.

  301. Larry Jones 2018/12

    Typical of the franchise, good food, decent portions for the price, clean store.

  302. Cliff 2018/10

    Great times

  303. Payton Francis 2018/10

    I have been going this place for a while now and it’s very great I’m weird and only get chicken cheese and rice on my bowls amazing food and great service wayyy better that Qdoba which had horrible service and barely gave me any rice

  304. Jonathon Brown 2018/10

    They are friendly, weekends can *sometimes* take a while to get in and out but that’s rare….and I’ve never gotten sick after eating at this location in 5+ years so they must be doing something right!

  305. Tausa Brackett 2018/09

    Starting to loose its customer service focus. Food is all over the place. Staff behind counter always reaching across prepared food to fix other orders. Sanitary and quantity is not what it use to be. If you make it through that, the food is still good.

  306. Dawn Hamilton 2018/08

    Tummy food!

  307. Love Jones 2018/08

    It was my first time trying chipotle and Shawn helped me he was great and made my bowl exactly how i requested and he also provided excellent customer service. I will definitely be back for another bowl.

  308. Suzanne Gumaskas 2018/07

    I ordered 2 bowls with steak. The meat very fatty could not eat. Very disappointing. The hot sauce so hot could not eat. I love hot things ,this was too much.

  309. Michelle Hayes 2018/07

    I prefer this location even though it’s a further drive. The chips always seem a little stale though. And when the manager is on the line he doesn’t really listen before he throws ingredients in my bowl. They don’t skimp here either, thank God. Otherwise, just a normal chipotle.

  310. Michelle Miller 2018/07

    This Chipotle location has really gone downhill since I’ve started coming here 2 years ago. They rarely have my online order ready when I arrive for it. The store is a complete mess with most of the tables being filthy, napkins and food items all over the floor. Plus, the service is not totally pleasant. It also seems as though there are multiple employees hanging out throughout the store at all times.

  311. Mike klement 2018/06

    Ate there with my daughter and both of us got sick

  312. Nikki Chavis 2018/06

    Great on the go make you own tacos, bowls, and more.

  313. Olga Lidia Siguil 2018/06

    Very good food but the staff is really racist because I’m Spanish and the other thing is that every time I get my order they put really little bit of food

  314. jacob rhoten 2018/05

    Chicken burrito is fantastic

  315. karen colby 2018/05

    Great food

  316. AC M 2018/05

    The food is always good here,😊 but the managers and staff tend to be unapolegitically stingy with portions compared to other Chipotle locations we’ve visited. …

  317. Christopher Paul 2018/05

    Staff was very friendly, really clean. Chicken was a little overdone. This is a fast food place, so small things like that are no big deal. What do want for $8?
    The Barbacoa was perfect, since i always have to finish my wife’s meals,

  318. J.D. Phillippi 2018/04

    Family favorite! The pickup sevice is great.

  319. Yejin Kwon 2018/04

    Chipotle imployes are very nice and patient. I wished they gave you more food because they give little. Compared to other chipotles, this one gives you less food.

  320. Iommi Bennett 2018/03

    Yummy as always

  321. Cheri Berman 2018/03

    LOVE IT!

  322. Manish Shah 2018/02

    Love the Food

  323. Stefan Diminet 2018/02

    I have been going to this place for years now. They never disappointed me, yet sometimes they are short in stuff and the line is huge. If you want to get ahead of the line, order online and just come and pick it up.

  324. AnDru Simanu 2018/02

    Food’s amazing. But your toilet is going to be upset with you…oh yeah buy lots of tissue

  325. Courtney F 2018/01

    Always good and fast.

  326. Mr B 2018/01

    I have been to many chipotles in the Richmond Metro Area (as I assume many of you have.) This store is smaller in size compared to most of the area chipotles. Wait was short, store was clean and staff was well mannered. Food was typical for a Chipotle. I do have to say, the chicken was slightly charred. More than usual. Overall, good experience.

  327. Kimberly Florich 2018/01

    Honestly, this place has good food before 3pm. After that, it sucks. The staff at night time are lazy, rude, and make a mess out of the store. If you want a job here, i wouldn’t do it. Being a former worker at this location (I transferred stores) there is too much favoritism to certain ethnic groups. They work you to no ends and also when it comes time for your raise, they Jew you.

    It’s truly sad because I loved working at this store prior to the Management change. Also with the crew coming in at 530am to prep is horribe. They give us no encouragement or no initiative to even care about our team. They’re exact words, “worry about yourself” type attitude isn’t apart of the 13 characteristics of Chipotle. We are a team, not mcdonalds.

  328. WRiley Brown 2018/01

    Cleanliness. No supervision, no cares, place looks like a pig sty. Won’t be eating here again. Enough said.

  329. Mark Preston 2017/11

    Waiting on a catering order watchibg all the online order customers standing around waiting linger then ive been here. So much for fax in, pay up, walk out.

  330. Brian Bulson 2017/10

    Best chipotle around .

  331. james cary 2017/10

    Good food staff was a little light on the food. Not the best Chipotle out there

  332. Anita Page 2017/10

    Fell in love with their food very tastey

  333. Ryan Williams 2017/09

    When Kimberly runs to-go, everything is right in the world!

  334. Brandon Lewis 2017/09

    Very unorganized & service is slow. Tables are dirty and their trash was full. Also out of forks.

  335. Anselma Williams 2017/07

    It was good

  336. Joseph Rainaldi 2017/07

    So first off, the place is not the authentic feel it used to have. Employees are arguing with each other and it’s totalt unprofessional. The customer should be the only one you’re focused on and talking to other then business behind the line. My wife and I ordered burritos, JUST STEAK AND WHITE RICE. THATS IT. Half a spoon full was put on. We asked for more and heard comments come from more then one employee. Guy in front of us asked for extra everything and he got more then what he asked for with the girls giving him nice big smiles. Double chicken, double steak, double rice and beans, two hand fulls of cheese and lettuce. They couldn’t even close the entire burrito. The had to use 5, yes, 5 foils. So then an argument breaks out while we are trying to ask for sour cream. It’s like a massive thing to ask for anything when we go here. THEN WE GO TO PAY. I told my wife they will mark it and charge him more. Nope, same price as ours. Doesn’t make sense. His was a size of a football, ours was the literal size of a baseball. I don’t get it. Very bad customer service. Won’t be eating here again.

  337. Seth McCollum 2017/06

    Food is the same as all Chipotle’s. The music is way too loud and they need more seating. No Wifi available.

  338. Idkk 2017/06

    Moes is way better, chipotle been out here getting everyone hopes up for this world famous queso nd what me & a buddy of mine got was garbage, they should be thankful my boy baby tyler aint here cuz he will throw that bs right at the manager

  339. Ben Masters 2017/05

    Delicious and sublime eatery. Chik-fil-a is closed on Sundays? Think Chipotle! Chik-fil-a open any other day? Go to Chipotle regardless! I love how they have guacamole and don’t forget the vinaigrette dressing for your chicken salad.

  340. Jay Woods 2017/05

    Service? Great! Chicken? Always burnt. I come here 3-4 days per week. Chicken is black, crispy, and ruins the meal. Barely edible. I typically eat around the burnt chicken, making my meal slim and unfulfilling. It doesn’t just happen here, but at most chipotles.


  341. meghan atkinson 2017/04

    Can get whatever you want to eat

  342. Irv Kerry 2017/04

    Enjoyable burrito, just a little to much salt for me,but I do enjoy coming here once in a while.

  343. Tony Kilic 2017/03

    Unclean and unfriendly service. Not your typical Chipotle experience.

  344. Jared Robertson 2017/03

    Fresh, flavorful, and cheap. Staff is always quick.

  345. Billy H. 2017/03

    The person making my burrito put half the spoon full of chicken back in the pan then rolled it up like a softball and still open in the foil. I then had to stand there like an idiot for almost 10 minutes for the clerk to finish taking out trash before being rung up…after all that I attempt to eat my already mess of a burrito and the sour cream I ordered on the side was so watered down to the consistency of milk, I couldn’t even use it. I set the milk off to the side where it ended up sliding off the shaky table. When it hit the floor, so called sour cream splashed straight up all over me and into my hair. I threw all of it in the trash and left.

  346. Shayn Webb 2017/03

    skimp on ingredients, managers are rude, many friends have gotten their credit card info stolen

  347. Alejandra Shaw 2017/02

    Truly delicious cheese quesadilla. Good service

  348. Pete Smith 2017/01

    Great food, as always.

  349. Bob Rodi 2016/12

    Cause its omnomnom. It’s really good and the people are nice there.

  350. Fox Mitchell 2016/08

    I always liked Chipotle, all the ones around here so far have been clean and the food is good!

  351. Chris Seabaugh 2016/08

    Not nearly as good as the chipotles is Charlottesville. Most of the times their ingredients aren’t very fresh. Today a kid in front of me of asked for fresh chicken, and the girl turned around and dumped the old chicken in with the fresh chicken! Every time I asked for double meat they give the same amount as they normally would! I don’t know if that’s what management tells them to do, or they are just too lazy to have to make up more meat, so they give everyone very little meat. Either way it’s ridiculous to pay for double meat and they give you a scoop of maybe three more pieces of meat. I’m giving it a three star because I’m a huge chipotle addict, but this place could be faster and have fresher ingredients.

  352. Josh Cabaniss 2016/04

    Just like any other chipolte. Good, fast and busy.

  353. Tim G 2016/03

    Very fast service. Food is great as always

  354. Aaron Waxman 2016/03

    This location is pretty good!

  355. Victoria Baker 2016/03

    The service was awesome. The two girls behind the counter were so sweet and got the food very quickly. I got a huge scoop of meat and salsa. It was great. Better than any other I’ve been to.

  356. Edgar Gonzalez 2016/02

    Customer Service was good but horrible in giving food. They are sooo cheap with their scoops -.- my bowl was only have full and i had tons of add ons . They give barely a half a scoop of meat and rice. I asked for lettuce and the worker gave me 4 pieces of lettuce. Like are you serious? So not worth the money if they are barely gonna gove you food. #WeakScoops

  357. Peter Fisher-Duke (zepter) 2016/01

    I’ve been here a lot given its close to my house and I’ve never been disapointed

  358. Samantha Moussari 2015/11

    I love chipotle and have been to a lot of different locations, but this is the one location I continuously find to have horrible customer service and very very small food portions compared to all the others. Also, the food preparation is questionable due to the lack of flavor. It’s almost as if management here is trying to cut back on costs by not using seasoning while also cutting back on portion sizes. It’s worth driving out of your way to visit another chipotle location. Not sure how this one is still in business.

  359. Jhony Revelo 2015/10

    Very Good food but horrible customer service from cashier, night shift to be more specific, Never go back there for sure.

  360. Daniel Carter 2015/03

    GREAT food, just wished there were more tables since it frequently gets pretty busy

  361. Alex C 2015/03

    My company sent a fax order an hour earlier, I called to make sure it was ready… The fax came out “blurry” so they didn’t started our order.

  362. Amelia Fox 2014/03

    very good

  363. Ty Webb 2014/03

    Nothing good to say. 2 weeks in a row online order for 4 bowls takes 45 minutes. Ordered and called to ask about getting earlier answer was no. Rather eat at Pepe’s. Good gets there quicker too!

  364. Regi May 2014/01

    Worst Chipotle I’ve been to. Cold steak, small portions, poorly put together and slow!!!
    Probably will not come back to this location! Not recommended to others either

  365. Corvette Diongue 2013/12

    Called chipolte to c if they were still hiring cuz u checked my email to late for thee walk in interview. When I spoke to the manager therei on the phone he said he was having trouble with the online application n was told to come pic up an application from store. When I get there later on that day the manager act as though he did not no what I was talkn bout n hands me this card n say put application online. So I tell him I did that already but was told to come in cause of him having problems getn application online. So he tells me he got 200 applications online now. Wow. That hurt my feelings like I’m not good enough or don’t qualifiy for Chipolte. But I had a food vendor stand so how do I not qualify plus I have older children that I had to make meals for over tha years. WOW,!!!!! I rated the restaurant with honest opinions n not because the manager made me feel unwanted. Maybe oneday I’ll get there

  366. Adrian Belinne 2013/10

    Hair in my food: I’ve frequented a number of Chipotles here and in other towns because of their fresh ingredients and healthy options, but I’ve always felt that this particular one suffered from a lack of management. The seating area is really too small and the service has been uninspired. Until today it wasn’t enough to keep me away. The hair in my food wasn’t just a thin little one; this was a long thick black strand that when I went to pull it out, nearly dumped my whole plate on the table. This didn’t get in my food because a little fluff of down drifted on my plate. This was the result of a lack of proper cleanliness standards in the prep or serving area. It’s time for management to look into this store and shake things up.

  367. Team Hensley Real Estate 2013/10

    Chipotle Mexican Grill offers a great lunch at a great price. At Team Hensley Real Estate we find that the local Chipotle is one of our healthier lunch options when we resist the full on burrito, which is truly awesome with its fresh selections bursting out of the flour tortilla. We’ve found that if we go with the salad bowl (no dressing) and skip the sour cream and guacamole, which are really tough to pass up, and just rely on the tasty salsa toppings to give our salad its full flavor, we end up with a reasonably healthy lunch meal. The service at this location is just as fast and pleasant as any, while the seating area is slightly smaller than many of the other locations around town, so think about getting there early or late if you want to sit down and eat your meal in the restaurant.

  368. Amber Foster 2013/09

    Why does the online ordering system constantly go down???

  369. Antwon Washington 2013/07

    Omg, went there just tonight and there was a ROACH crawling across the counter just inches from where my food was being prepared and the employee just swatted it and continued on with their day as if it were a common occurrence. I will never be going back to this place!!!

  370. Alma Montalvo 2013/02

    I wonder when did chipotle start having a waiting time to order food.

  371. AB 2012/11

    Am in love with the restaurant

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