CareNow Urgent Care – Willow Lawn

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CareNow Urgent Care – Willow Lawn
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  1. Maxwell Strahan 2023/11

    Overpriced health care.

  2. David Morrison 2023/11

    Very happy with the service.thanks

  3. Mary Wentworth 2023/11

    I was seen almost immediately and was very pleased with the evaluation and medical advice I received.

  4. Dave Thompson 2023/11

    Hour wait, but good service and quick once you leave the waiting room

  5. Stephanie Jones 2023/11

    Check in was easy and I didn’t have to wait that long to easy a provider. The provider was very nice and caring talked to me and my husband both, even though I got transferred to the hospital she took the time to make sure the hospital knew I was coming and what the problem was and etc.

  6. YOJ D-C3 2023/11

    Have waited for not that long, and was assisted well. Thank you

  7. Kenneth Hochstatter 2023/11

    Awesome people awesome staff got me right in took care of my needs really appreciated it

  8. Clarence Harris 2023/11

    The service was fast and courteous. The doctor (PA) was friendly with great bedside manner.

  9. Kevon Robinson 2023/11

    Quick and easy – the only thing I have to note is to let there be a way to correct mistakes during signing and make sure patients are being looked over when doing so.

  10. cm yandel 2023/11

    Very thorough and caring. Will come here for urgent needs.

  11. Christine Auman 2023/11

    Took over an hour to see a Dr. But once back in an exam room, the intake nurse and physician were very good.

  12. Dominique Jordan 2023/11

    Long wait times , staff friendly and professional

  13. Melissa Alfaro 2023/11

    Danica is an awesome provider! I felt very much heard and she took my symptoms seriously. Veronica was great as well with my intake and vitals. Both are competent and compassionate people despite how busy they were!

  14. Adrienne Bryant 2023/11

    Love Yolanda. She is a great asset to the company.

  15. Barry Kelley 2023/11

    Quick wait time, excellent customer service, and very informative throughout my treatment!

  16. Lauren 2023/11

    Staff was very nice and the doctor really took his time with taking care of me. I appreciated how I didn’t feel rushed and he made sure to recommend the best ideas to make me feel better!

  17. Scout Simes 2023/11

    Super friendly staff and quick service

  18. Amani Matthews 2023/10

    I’ve never been in and out of an urgent care so fast! Staff was friendly and helpful; the facilities were very clean.

  19. shuah Jerome 2023/10

    The first time I came I had to do 5 minutes of paperwork but was called and assesed in less than a hour. I come today @ 10 am and I dont what got in to this facility I had to wait an hour and when I asked why wasnt I called , one front desk reapondant said she called and thought I went outside , which make me think she lieing. After being told we will call you again soon. One front desk agent ask to see some paperwork that was given at my last visit. Basically acting like it is protocol to waste a young black man time. The audacity of bougie black healthcare workers.

  20. Chris Klocke 2023/10

    I had an amazing experience today here. Probably the last place I thought I would be at but it was great from start to finish. Registration was done through cell phone which may be bad for some people but not me.
    My nurse and NP that took care of me were great. I was in and out of there in 90 mins, which most of that time I was with the nurse and/or NP treating my wound, cleaning and stitching me up.
    Overall a great visit. I will definitely return here next time I need an Urgent Care, just hopefully not anytime soon.

  21. Damien Radvany 2023/10

    Came here for stitches and have been sitting in here for well over an hour with a deep open wound that’s not stopped bleeding and they have been taking everyone else for drug testing and physicals back first. Not even attempting to prioritize someone who is actually injured and is actively bleeding. No wait times posted anywhere.

  22. Jimmia Short 2023/10

    Had a good experience at Willow Lawn. Received good care.

  23. Kelly Ray 2023/10

    Incompetent medical care

  24. Briana Patterson 2023/10

    Very fast service ver nice nd polite ppl

  25. Mike Brown 2023/10

    The service was excellent from the front desk to the physical and out the door I go with passing results Thanks ladies very professional

  26. Kristen Neylan 2023/10

    Pleasant environment. Very clean. Attentive to my needs. Not extremely busy. Convenient. Dr took time to explain in detail medical diagnosis and treatment

  27. Roger McKinney 2023/10

    Always love the kindness and professionalism

  28. Will Redd 2023/10

    Waited in this clinic for 3 hours until I got my test results back. Doctor told me I had the flu and to feel better and sent me on my way home without a prescription of any kind. Heavily DO NOT recommend going here for your urgent care visits!

  29. linda cauthorne 2023/10

    Nurse and doctor I was seen by for my county physical were both very kind and I felt very comfortable and relaxed during my exam…thanks !!!!

  30. Corey King 2023/10

    Staff was great and dr Danica was super sweet and helpful, I was in and out within an hour or so

  31. Chaunsie Ferguson 2023/10

    Very friendly staff! Not too long of a wait.

  32. Andrew Brown 2023/10

    180$ out of pocket to meet with doctor because they don’t accept Medicaid. Couldn’t get my meds because they were 500$ at Walgreens. Had them sent to CVS in hopes they would accept my insurance. CVS told me I must have the urgent care doctor contact my insurance to ‘approve’ the coverage of the meds.

    So I called CareNow. They explained that it’s against their ‘policy’ and they are too understaffed to contact the insurance company. They offered to prescribe a less expensive drug but with more side effects. Didn’t want side effects and was told about GoodRx so I asked that they send the original prescription to CVS and I will pay out of pocket.

    Got to CVS. They were out of the drug. They then said they’d send the prescription to a location (20 mins away) that had the drug.

    Arrive at new CVS. The prescription was still “on hold” and they were about to go on lunch in 20 mins.

    Wait 20 mins. Everyone goes on lunch. So frustrated I left. I still haven’t gotten my meds 5 days later. What a joke.

  33. Taysha Janae 2023/10

    Everyone here was so nice and respectful definitely a 10/10

  34. Patrick Kennedy 2023/10

    I was seen quickly for a split lip. I was done and out the door with a few stitches in less than an hour!

  35. Andrew Kim 2023/10

    Absolutely disgusted with the customer service behavior. I called in to inquire about a recent visit, and the lady behind the phone was extremely unprofessional and rude! I called in at around 2:00Pm today, and whomever was working at the time should not receive ANY praise for this amount of disrespect. I will NOT be recommending this place to my friends and family, I’d rather suffer in pain then receive treatment from these rude folk who also hung up the phone on me!

  36. Patricia brawley 2023/10

    Always nice and professional atmosphere.

  37. J M 2023/10

    So I give credit for the quick service, I was shocked by that, but my last visit i was treated poorly, wasn’t given any actual treatment and overall a bad vibe.

  38. Antoine Henderson 2023/10

    Great and fast

  39. Jennifer Mundin 2023/10

    Very nice,pleasant experience place to go,for urgent care,everyone was very friendly, would recommend anyone to go there,quick,professional service.Good bedside manners.

  40. Kimmy Roberts 2023/10

    Waited 2 hours to see someone. The medical assistant kept asking me the same questions I already answered. Waited another 1/2 hour for the doctor to come in. My throat was painfully sore and inflamed on on

  41. Natoine Shelton 2023/09

    Very professional

  42. Sanjar Inoyatov 2023/09

    I paid for a drug test for one of my drivers and sent him to 3 locations of CareNow. All of them came up with different reasons to refuse to do the drug test. The worst organization and experience ever. Would not recommend to use their services ever.

  43. DONNA HARRIS 2023/09

    Everyone was so nice and they are very patient when you’re trying to get the information that they need.

  44. iJordan Christopher 2023/09

    Nice staff, clean facility. My only problem is the wait time, waited for 2 1/2 hours to finally get checked in

  45. Mavis Green 2023/09

    Nice 👍 Experience …

  46. Mika Usova 2023/09

    Quick and efficient. I checked in online, and it only took 20 minutes or so for the whole process. 👍 …

  47. Ballard Payne 2023/09

    Good experience.

  48. Jeff Sorensen 2023/09

    Terrible service… Waited over an hour for a simple TB test before I walked out… People in the office were laughing and calling Richmond public schools, people rude as I waited for my paper so I could leave… If you don’t have any standards for how you like to be treated this place might be for you

  49. Miss Mae 2023/09

    The location was so quick and easy. There wasn’t a long wait time and the employees were all professional. The Dr. was very polite and she listened without over talking and seeming as if she was in a rush. I would recommend this location, and also use it again in the future.

  50. Opal Joyner 2023/09

    Pleasant experience and wonderful care!

  51. Dionne Gayles 2023/09

    Had to wait 2 hours just to take a drug test I had people came after me and got called on before I did I even had a customer said I came in 1 hour after her why u all didn’t call her yet very disappointed

  52. James E Fitzgerald Jr 2023/09

    Quick and easy.

  53. Andre “Dre” Lynch 2023/09

    They were “professional” lol

  54. Ryder Blonde 2023/09

    Went to a busy location, but it was worth the wait. I was educated and serviced in a timely manner. Great team who helped me today.

  55. Tonya Jay 2023/09

    Small waiting room but ok. I waited almost an hour to be seen for a 5 minute drug test. Probably won’t go back. Staff was nice

  56. Angel Goode 2023/09

    Terrible experience here with wait times and cleanliness of facility. I came here only needing a pre-Employment drug screen. I had to come back multiple times due to the extended wait time. Whatever system is being used to do these is not an effective one. I have worked in Urgent Care we’re we had to do these types of visits; and they are typically “ Fast track” having 1-2 staff members running just these type of visits. On top of that- One of the ladies at the front desk was less than polite. It is unfortunate that I experienced this service with this facility. There is definitely room for improvement. It is no reason these types of visits should take this duration of time.

  57. Matt Harris 2023/08

    Awesome staff. Easy check in and acceptable wait time for the high volume they get. Keep up the good work. 🤙🏼 …

  58. Lucie Yudkin 2023/08

    Absolutely Horrible. 0 stars. Do not go to this place. Not sure how they can call themselves an “Urgent Care” when they do not offer ANY lab testing (even a simple CBC) and they advertise x-rays on their website but do not have those either.
    Oddly enough, they DO have an EKG machine, but sadly are not equipped to know how to use it. When I asked for the results of the EKG I was told it was “unreliable”.
    As soon as you walk in the door you will see that it is FILTHY. The carpet is horribly stained and thoroughly disgusting…this is a Medical Office!!! The Health department needs to be called.
    And BTW…do not expect to be seen by a physician…there are no physicians.
    I suppose if you could care less about cleanliness and you just need a simple flu test or Covid test or possibly strep then go for it…wear an mask…and good luck.

  59. cynthia smith 2023/08

    Receptionist where very good even with the rudeness of patients they remain calm and professional.

  60. Siedha Stephens 2023/08

    Yolanda and Jasmine provided excellent customer service today!

  61. Carrnell Baskerville 2023/08

    Extremely slow and unattentive admission staff… member looked me in the face and didn’t greet or acknowledge me, next guest/customer that entered was attended to immediately after I was waiting 15+ minutes of me trying to be polite. It seems to be a purposeful directive to ignor Black males unless I become rude or annoyed. PURELY LAZY, and she looked at me multiple times, nothing was going on in the office at the time….she choose to leave me there waiting, to offer a misleading excuse that she did occupied…not to the point you’re unable to acknowledge clients and notice new individuals entering your front desk space.

  62. Dominique Morris 2023/08

    Staff was very professional & provided excellent customer service.

  63. Amy Carol 2023/08

    I was in and out in less than an hour. The receptionist team was so welcoming, kind, and professional. Lindsey, Medical Provider, was thorough and helpful with my plan of care. I’ll be coming to them for all urgent care needs

  64. Jennifer Sole 2023/08


  65. Christopher Hunter 2023/08

    Fast, friendly service in a nice facility. Great communication.

  66. Thisjus10 2023/08

    Everyone was super friendly and helpful, and it was great that I could check in online and it told me when to head to the location based on my travel time. Only down side is that they don’t take Aetna better health of Virginia

  67. Ted Alexander 2023/08

    Had a great experience! The staff were very professional, the faculty was very clean and modern, and didn’t wait very long. Definitely would recommend to anyone.

  68. Jim Hays 2023/08

    Excellent people, friendly, and QUICK SERVICE. They did NOT waste my time.

  69. Daniel Folkes 2023/08

    Clean and good doctors. Was billed way too much and had to get my insurance company to call them before they changed the bill. Codes wrong. Shady.

  70. Stephen Williams 2023/08

    Great care!

  71. Wanda Langley-Hardy 2023/08

    Great experience. Friendly team. Provider was awesome. Highly recommend. Not a long wait.

  72. John Powell 2023/08

    Caring and efficient. Great staff.

  73. Sir Manny 2023/07

    The staff of the clinic were amazing. They were so helpful and understanding. I will definitely recommend this clinic to my fellow teachers.

  74. Keith Jenkins 2023/07

    Very caring and friendly very nice experience

  75. Precious Shanklin 2023/07

    Front desk lady was awesome with her smiles and politeness. Wish I knew her name but I do not remember. And Shanique P. was awesome and has a wonderful personality. I will definitely choose this place again and thank you

  76. Brandon Jenkins 2023/07

    Everyone was kind and helpful, no trouble or complaints at all.

  77. Jordan Wakefield 2023/07

    Not only was the front desk lady helpful and knowledgeable but my doctor and even my nurse were endearing!!!

  78. Rickshawn Ross 2023/07

    Terrible, hour long waiting period for drug screenings.

  79. Janaecious 2023/07

    The staff was beyond pleasant and made my visit easy breezy!

  80. Courtney Corboy 2023/07

    Easily requested appt and virtually registered from home and was notified when to come in. Appropriate wait time.

  81. Paul Henry 2023/07

    Very efficient and thorough. Short wait.

  82. Curtis O Winfrey 2023/07

    Came in for a pre employment drug screen unfortunately I arrived a little outside of the allotted time to take my test, fortunately for me there was a angel working at the front desk who greeted me with a smile and kindly and politely asked me to wait while she checked for me, I asked he answered, they got me in and out and all the staff were amazing even tho I arrived a bit late. They were all nice and professional .. idk if you will see this but I just wanted to say thank you for making me feel like I mattered

  83. Kristin Frye 2023/07

    Great experience. Staff was pleasant, helpful and efficient. Not the quickest of visits, but not terrible (door to door in 1.5/2hrs), which I feel is expected for these types of places. Overall, positive experience! Would definitely recommend this place to a friend.

  84. K L 2023/07

    Really friendly and attentive staff with minimal wait (for a walk-in)

  85. Monica Brown 2023/07

    Superb Service! Awesome experience at CareNow (Willow Lawn). Two of the Ladies I interacted with – – the awesome Intake team member and Ms. Yolanda (she’s amazing) the Collector team member – – were courteous, professional, detailed, positive and really good vibes! Thank you Ladies 🙂

  86. Gary Cohn 2023/06

    Very efficient and professional! Thanks, Barbara and Leslie!

  87. maya0724 2023/06

    Fast efficient

  88. Courtney Michelle 2023/06

    Danica and Lauren are amazing! My friend needed stitches and they were warm and welcoming, clinically did a great job, and explained all post care instructions. The facility was clean too!

  89. Camryn Council 2023/06

    I went in for a drug screening and multiple individuals were called ahead of me that arrived for after me. After waiting two hours I talked to the receptionist about the wait. She said I would be called next. I waited another 30 minutes and other individuals were still being called before me. I went up to her again and ask to get my money back when she told me they never turned my paper work never got sent back and that’s why I never got called. What an absolute waste of my time when I had other things to do today.

  90. Debbie Brice 2023/06

    The wait was to long. The lobby area was not clean. The carpet was not clean. The vision machine was not working properly. The specimen box was rusted and not clean. They need to update equipment. The doctor was friendly and professional.

  91. Tony Byrd 2023/06

    It was very nice and easy

  92. V Floyd 2023/06

    Danica was attentive and sympathetic to my health issues. Also gave suggestions. Great customer service from beginning to end.

  93. Shawn Jackson 2023/06

    Fast, efficient and very professional

  94. Rita Williams Cisse 2023/06

    Very nice very clean thoroughly enjoyed visit …front of desk person was amazing. Great timing didn’t have to stay long.

  95. Summer Schultz 2023/06

    Literally impossible to get anyone by phone. Been trying for 2 days now and the phone just rings and rings.

    Care was good, but the office is understaffed and things do not get done without a lot of follow-up on the part of the patient, such as (1) no callbacks as promised with results of my X-ray; had to call (repeatedly) myself to get through / get the results and (2) paperwork never faxed over to insurance to get PT approved, so now on the phone – calling for over three hours – trying to reach office staff and have them fax the paperwork over. My calls keep timing out and disconnecting after ringing for 5 minutes.

    Medical care in the US involves a tangled mess of paperwork and approvals – and patients do not have the time and ability to navigate this ourselves! Please hire enough staff to run your office properly. This is ridiculous.

  96. Sarai Iracheta 2023/05

    Great customer service very attentive and cares for the best interest of their patients.

  97. felicia robinson 2023/05

    The staff was very professional and was caring of my needs if I had to recommend a doctor to other I would suggest this doctor office.i appreciate the staff.

  98. Kim Isaacs 2023/05

    The Nurse practitioner was so pleasant. The two front desk ladies were absolutely wonderful as well. They greeted me in a very polite and respectful manner and was willing to answer all my questions.

  99. Mir Williams 2023/05

    It was cool

  100. Marian Graham 2023/05

    Wait was ENTIRELY too long considering the high number of staff and low number of patients (nearly all of whom were only there for routine drug screenings).

  101. Terri Bradbury 2023/05

    Very friendly staff, very communicative. Recommended

  102. John Brown 2023/05

    Prompt and professional staff. PA was outstanding. Highly recommend

  103. Kevin Quinn 2023/05

    Thank you for the rapid, gentle and straightforward health care.

  104. tyrone staten 2023/05

    Everything was great 👍 wonderful staff …

  105. Lo Johnson 2023/05

    Very friendly and personalized care! From the check in to check out!

  106. Jacob wilson 2023/05

    No one seemed to want to be at the location. Lack of organization and absolutely ridiculous waiting times. Not impressed. I’m flexible when it come to bad service but this was beyond what i will tolerate.

  107. Sad Tom 2023/04

    Reception staff was Very personable and pleasant while maintaining professionalism. Wait time was short and PA Danica was thorough.

  108. Ms. Jackson Jr 2023/04

    I will always go here as long as I live nearby, it’s never packed when I go. Me and my family are seen quickly and on our way home within a hour or so. The staff is very nice and professional. And most importantly they take my Medicaid. I will be back anytime a non-emergency health concern arises.

  109. Oliver Ross 2023/04

    The wait time was pretty standard for a walk in urgent care visit (but not terribly long) and everyone I spoke to was very kind and helpful. Will absolutely visit again when I need same day medical care.

  110. Hunter McGhee 2023/04

    Very friendly and helpful staff! Would highly recommend

  111. Tenia Wilson 2023/04

    I got there at 1 something an abruptly left at 3:50pm because the quack doc asked if my mouth had been burnt?🤔 Didn’t come there for that? …

  112. Sabrina Woods 2023/04

    Very quick and everyone was nice!

  113. Bianca Harleston 2023/04

    Amazing!!!! Great nurses and treatment

  114. Will Jones 2023/04

    The wait was over an hour which is too long to wait just for a drug test.

  115. Sari Wilkerson 2023/04

    Customer service was good. It was refreshing to have people who wanted to help.

  116. Millicent Jackson 2023/04

    Very polite and friendly and professional staff. Overall Pleasant visit. Physician and Medical Assistant were great!

  117. Tanika Coleman 2023/04

    I gave them 3 stars because it took them almost an hour to see me for a simple drug screen test for employment. Other than that, staff was nice & the building was clean.

  118. MR. MORNING 2023/04

    Very professional staff

  119. Julianne 2023/04

    Staff, both medical and clerical, were absolutely wonderful. Wait time was reasonable for a Saturday mid morning—only waited about twenty minutes as a walk in. Highly recommended.

  120. Sam Peffer 2023/04

    hdud wuehebfudud

  121. Krystal Diggs 2023/04

    Slow af!!!!!

  122. فرسان السلطة الرابعة 2023/04

    She was great Dr

  123. Erin Byrd 2023/04

    A little bit if a wait, but that’s expected at an urgent care. Everyone was absolutely delightful and kind.

  124. Tina R 2023/04

    I had to take a drug screening for employment. The people there were really nice! That made the whole visit a pleasant experience.

  125. Stephen Goldberg 2023/04

    Everyone was so friendly from check-in to the end. Danica was wonderful! Very sympathetic, fantastic bedside manner. I was in and out in 30 minutes, definitely recommend this place. Thank you to everyone working hard on Easter Sunday!

  126. Estefania negretval 2023/03

    It good place nice attention. Maybe bc everybody is getting sick with this weather change, just make sure bring your book for the long waiting time.

  127. Nancy Edelman 2023/03

    I had a great experience I did not have to wait long and all the staff were really professional and listened to me.

  128. Jacquie DeGroat 2023/03

    Care Now Urgent Care staff was efficient, knowledgeable and kind. The place was also very clean. Only issue, they need a coat hook for your coat, and a table in the restroom for your handbag. I would definitely go back.

  129. James Carter Sr 2023/03

    Staff was friendly and very professional 😊👍👍👍 …

  130. Kmo 2023/03

    Incredibly incompetent and rude drs.

  131. RODSLINGER 2023/03

    Extremely knowledgeable and helpful with any of the conditions I’ve had whenever I come in. And I always feel welcome.

  132. Jeremy R. Starks 2023/03

    Great experience! Kind, courteous, and amazing personal care.

  133. Rosslyn Brown 2023/03

    I had to sit in the lobby for almost an hour just for a drug screening . They literally were taking people back one by one . Wasting everyone time .

  134. Joel Mendoza 2023/03

    Very profesional

  135. Michael Dougherty 2023/03

    Wonderful staff, Definitely my best experience in an urgent care facility. Thank you Barbara and Leslie!

  136. king k. 2023/03

    Yolonda was wonderful entire staff was very polite

  137. Ki 2023/03

    Great customer service

  138. Jamie Cherry 2023/03

    Everyone I interacted with was very friendly and professional. I would not hesitate to go back.

  139. Andrew Geha 2023/03

    Friendly staff, relatively quick wait time, and an overall positive experience

  140. Jaye Suede 2023/03

    Very caring, careful, and professional

  141. Colleen McBride 2023/03

    My PA Wad fantastic 10/10. She was very personable. I would recommend Danica to anyone needing medical attention

  142. Whitney Campbell 2023/02

    I was seen promptly and thoroughly, for a reasonable price. Everything you’d want urgent care to be!

  143. Todd Fornwalt 2023/02

    Everyone here was super nice and took great care of me. Didn’t have to wait too long. Will definitely come back whenever I need to in the future.

  144. Jordan Branch 2023/02

    Super nice front desk and fast turn around. There were 2 people in front of me and I was seen within 30 minutes!

  145. Mac Star 2023/02

    Had to listen to the front desk guy talk about how bad he wanted to quit, whether or not if he is fired or quits will he still get paid PTO, how bad registration is etc. The waiting room was a nightmare. The nurse was outstanding I believe his name was Antoine. I would stay from here.

  146. Kerry/Joel B 2023/02

    Everyone was kind and knowledgeable. I was treated with compassion, and they answered all my questions. Kerry Blum

  147. Melody Turner 2023/02

    I was feeling bad for two weeks. Danica Yarnell, PA was great. Did a thorough exam & diagnosed my illness. Recommend them over Patient First who I had visited a week before.

  148. Jeremiah Tomlin 2023/02

    Very Friendly Staff!

  149. Nupa Agarwal 2023/02

    great staff and doctor and very quick

  150. Ramon Rivera 2023/02

    Extremely professional service. My Dr and Nurse were Amazing. Super thorough during my physical. 5stars for sure!!!

  151. Rachel Snodgrass 2023/02

    The staff was nice and helpful but they did not have on site lab work or much of the testing they have listed under their services

  152. Catherine Herrmann 2023/02

    First time visiting a former better med location after the new ownership and had to immediately turn around because they didn’t have any providers on staff today for urgent care services. I was not aware they offered other services, being an urgent care clinic, but I won’t be returning to this location next time I need to be seen.

  153. Jason Cooper 2023/01

    Not busy. Very polite. Was in and out in less than 45 min

  154. Lynn Shipp 2023/01

    We we waited over 2 1/2 hours to be seen (taken to room and vitals taken). Then we waited over 1 1/2 hour to be treated. When we were treated it was a quality visit but the wait is excruciating. Danica was great but I wouldn’t come unless I had no other choice.

  155. Hedi BenAicha 2023/01

    Excellent care and very helpful staff! Keep up the great work.

  156. Kelly Kilgore 2023/01

    It was a little slow to be seen, but they were very informative and helpful. The staff was super friendly also!

  157. Elaine T 2023/01

    The staff and facility were very welcoming and professional. My biggest reason for putting a three is that the better med website said lab work and x-rays could be done on site. That’s why I chose to come. Except for test strips in a urine sample, but all the tests had to be sent out. There was no X-ray tech on site should I have needed an x-ray. Point is to be sure you call to make sure they’re available to provide at each location what you think you’re getting with better med.

  158. Thomas Reid 2023/01

    Waiting time after being taken to treatment room exceeded 1.5 hrs. Staff very friendly.

  159. Leroy Cosby 2023/01

    All around good service

  160. Keith Goodwin 2023/01

    The care itself was fine once in the exam room, but I had an appointment and still waited in the waiting area over an hour.

  161. Ebby T. 2023/01

    Waited well over an hour. Signed in but some how had other patients who were walk in for urgent care go before me. I usually like this location but today it was not organized or fair.

  162. Anne Atkins 2023/01

    I arrived at around 2 pm. I filled out a form with why I was there and also the online appointment details. I was there because I had fallen and had a hip injury. Two hours later, the doctor or physician assistant came in and I explained my problem. She told me that they didn’t have X-ray capability nor did Ashland or Mechanicsville locations. Everyone was very nice, especially the doctor . But how in the world can an emergency center not have X-ray capability! And
    This is the second time this has
    Happened to me.

    They can hardly be an emergency center without xray capability. I didn’t think to ask if they had bandaids or if those weren’t available either.

    Don’t bother going there!

  163. Brittany Freitag 2023/01

    They called me in a hour and 20 minutes earlier then my appointment saying I can come early. I pull up and there are 4 other people already waiting and one doctor. They can’t take my insurance fine whatever but as I’m speaking with them they are eating food and cursing. I had to offer to self pay they were clearly trying to go home early. I ended up leaving after my original appointment time so I could of been doing other things instead of sitting around waiting. I spoke to the doctor about my experience and she TOLD THEM BEFOREI left. As I’m walking out they are loudly saying ” oh clearly we don’t know how to do our job. I understand it’s Christmas Eve Eve but people come in there because they aren’t feeling well and need to. They were scheming to go home and clearly did not care about the people coming in. I will not be back.

  164. Steven Wright 2023/01

    Worst place I have been to for a department of transportation physical the doctor was very rude I had to walk out and keep my cool will not be going back there ever. That place is a joke instead of being professional would not recommend this place to any truck drivers wanting to do a DOT physical.

  165. Barbara Gottlieb 2023/01

    It was a long wait but the staff, medical and auxiliary, could not have been nicer

  166. Robin Holland 2023/01

    Doesn’t let you know ahead of time they don’t accept Medicaid. Need a sign or something on the door to give people a heads up.

  167. Tyna Sloate 2023/01

    Nice staff and under the estimated time.

  168. M A 2023/01

    While sitting with my friend in the waiting area today it became beyond evident that the front desk staff clearly does not understand professionalism or confidentiality. While here, I’ve heard the DOB of multiple patients, witnessed staff assisting one patient with checkin speaking to another person checking in asking their insurance type and what she was coming in for. Another person called to inquire if a concussion test could be conducted and the staff person said “I doubt they do that, mfers don’t even do x-rays” as they walked to the back to find the answer. Absolutely unacceptable!

  169. Robert Elliott 2022/11

    Took over an hour to be seen, with only one person in front of me with a reservation and nobody was in the waiting room when I was.

  170. Sarah Wilson 2022/11

    The staff was polite, very efficient and helpful. The facility was very clean and well decorated, not like a sterile medical facility. PA Miriam Robertson was thorough and had me right in and out and feeling better. Thanks so much for the great experience!!

  171. Jessica Kennedy 2022/11

    My PA was very thorough and kind!

  172. Amanda Driggers 2022/11

    I haven’t even been to a Better Med because they don’t accept Medicaid. This is classist and discriminatory and one reason ERs and other urgent cares are overrun. Should be called Rich People Only Urgent Care. Shame on this Classist company for excluding those who can’t afford $700/month insurance premiums. Do not recommend.

  173. Bill Warhop 2022/11

    DO NOT COME HERE IF YOU ONLY NEED A COVID TEST. Don’t get me wrong, everyone here was professional and polite and kind as can be, but they don’t just do a Covid test, it turns into an entire urgent care visit whether you need it or not, and they will bill you. They went there the motions of taking my vitals, shared no information about those vitals with me without my asking. It’s a deceitful practice. I know sometimes you don’t have your choice when you NEED actual urgent care, but because of this I would never go to a BetterMed facility anywhere unless it was my last option.

  174. Dennis and Jean Smith 2022/11

    Very timely and efficient

  175. Theresa F. 2022/11

    The service provided was great. Friendly staff and fast service

  176. jasmine awad 2022/11

    Leslie the NP had great bedside manner and was super knowledgeable. The front staff and nursing were also extremely kind.

  177. Gail Morrison-tevnan 2022/11

    My first visit to this location. I found them warm and friendly. My attending physician was Leslie Kelly and she listened to my symptoms and diagnosed me right off the bat. I really do like this location even though I’ve got two better meds near by me

  178. Lauren Mathews 2022/11

    Very efficient but personable experience!

  179. Stacey Wright 2022/11

    Awesome experience at this location. Checked in on line and was in and out in no time !

  180. Andrea Wiley 2022/11

    From the staff at the receptionist desk to the NP who saw me last I was treated with professionalism , which includes dignity and respect. My questions and comments were well received by the nurse who actually took my vitals, a brief history of my medical condition/s. etc and gave me the PCR COVID test! The facility was clean and orderly and the process was organized.The NP took them time to orientate me to their patient portal. My experience at BetterMed Urgent Care on West Broad St near Willow Lawn Drive was a pleasant one!

  181. christina mastroianni 2022/11

    Friendly, efficient and helpful staff

  182. Diamond Fields 2022/11

    Don’t waste your time coming here if you think a bone is broken: they don’t have an xray machine. Ladt at the counter was very unprofessional. I tried calling before I came but she did not amswer the phone(she was the only receptionist working) then tried to tell my mom she has a copay when her insurance covers everything. She then told us they dont have an xrayachine but didnt recommend us to another place. Please go somewhere else.

  183. Ruben Sanchez 2022/11

    The lady who checked us in today was incredible. Very friendly and caring! The nurse practitioner was super helpful and reassuring. Excellent service all around.

  184. Ashley Glor Crocker 2022/11

    I was a walk-in around 5 pm on a Friday. I was greeted immediately, registered (took about 10 min), and taken to an exam room. A very knowledgeable professional PA saw me within 15 mins, explained treatment plan, and I was out the door. Environment was clean, people are amazing and kind and wait time was minimal to seeing a provider.

  185. Chantelle Freeman 2022/10

    Super clean. Staff was friendly and knowledgeable. Service was quick and easy. For being sick, I couldn’t ask for a better experience!

  186. William Cooper 2022/10

    This is one of the worst Better Meds is the Richmond area. I scheduled a covid test for travel and they never called or emailed me with the results. I had to go to the office to pick up the results. They promise same day results if you get the test before 12pm. They get the results, you just won’t get them same day.

    This office hardly ever answers the phone and when they do they just send you to a voicemail which doesn’t call you back!

    This was a frustrating experience since this is time sensitive test so that I can travel.

    If you go to this office expect to be treated like just another number not a patient.

  187. Jason Garrigan 2022/10

    Scheduling was super easy. I went online at 3:15 and had an appointment for 4:00. Showed up about 10 min early, they saw me, did the evaluation and I was out by 4:35. The nurses were very friendly, and the doctor, I believe her name was Miriam, was great. I only gave 4 stars instead of 5 because the lab follow up wasn’t the best. I had to call to get my results, some of which weren’t ready. The last of the labs didn’t come back for 5 days (granted it was over a weekend), but the person who called wasn’t really about to answer my questions I had about my results nor gave me confidence that all the tests had come back.

  188. Sunny Laster 2022/10

    Just go to the Emergency room. That’s all they are gonna tell you to do. They take your vitals and then give you a suggestion. Not worth the money

  189. Lindsey Mallory 2022/10

    Within 30 minutes I was checked out, vitals & diagnosed. Very friendly healthcare team and clean facility.

  190. Alex Stewart 2022/10

    Went right at opening, having read online it their policy was to see people as they arrived. Very professional and welcoming, kept everything very clear and quick. Someone was upset as I left that they couldn’t skip the line by making an appointment online but they clearly did not understand what the policy was, felt very bad for the person he was yelling at. Highly recommend this Bettermed.

  191. Caryn D 2022/10

    I went to better med this morning with a chest infection that I get once every few years, same exact symptoms as I always have. Every time I get this I always get complete cure with a simple Z pack. I explained this to the NP Leslie Kelly and she insisted on giving me a steroid instead of what I KNOW always works. She does not use common sense or listen to the patient. I think she lacks experience and empathy. I now will have to wait to see my PCP to get proper treatment. I have used better med in the past but last 2 visits were a waste of time and copay Won’t be using them again.

  192. NDM 84 2022/10

    I was in the waiting room for over 90 minutes and had to go out to ask what is going on. By the way this is just to get a PCR test and then at the end of it all the PCR results were for the next day. I genuinely believe they forgot about me waiting or are extremely slow which in either case it’s terrible.

  193. Robin Seidon 2022/09

    Polite, clean, efficient. Everything you would want in an acute care facility. We were in and out in around an hour with treatment.

  194. Donna Gede 2022/09

    Everyone was friendly and caring.

  195. Blue Shively 2022/09

    I like this location. Everyone I’ve seen has been prompt, professional and very polite. It’s also less chaotic and germy “feeling” than any Patient First I’ve gone to.

  196. Jennifer Wartella 2022/09

    Relatively short wait, courteous and concerned staff, PA’s exam was comprehensive yet focused, effective and reassuring. Feeling better already – would definitely return.

  197. Britt Coffey 2022/09

    I can not tell you how much of a better experience this was than any other urgent care I’ve been to. I don’t carry insurance and they were able to give me their rates (and explained what could make that change) over the phone– with kindness and understanding. Just before that I had been on the phone with the other popular urgent care in town and I thought they might hang up on me. BetterMed treated me with care from the phone call until I walked out the door of my appointment. Hey, my partner and I were even able to have fun and joke with the staff. It did it give off stale doctors office energy in there. I’ll be coming back any time I need care. They have a wonderful thing going on in there.

  198. Bianca Gandarias 2022/09

    This was my first time at a BetterMed and I was so impressed! The offices are clean, your room is private and the staff was all very friendly and helpful. The NP in particular spent time talking to me and didn’t rush out of the room which I appreciated.

  199. Britt Altizer 2022/09

    They don’t honor their hours. Why have hours if you don’t accept patients near closing. Very disappointed

  200. Khadijah Elmore 2022/09

    Quick service, caring staff!

  201. Diana May 2022/09

    Trash. During my visit, staff was more preoccupied with what they wanted to eat for lunch. The PA was the only good part of the visit. After the visit, I did not receive the results of my PCR test for 6 days. Once I called from one number, the phone was no longer answered from that number. I had to call from multiple phones just to get someone on the line. They were lazy, lackadaisical, and non concerned about anyone’s needs other than their own.

  202. Adriana Davalos 2022/09

    This place use to be really good now they are transitioning to hca worse experience I came with a workmen comp is taking 3 visits to being seeing I’m still waiting here for more the 1 1.2 hours the customer service pretty bad the website doesn’t work
    They are clueless what are they doing

  203. Scott Sadleir 2022/09

    Highway robbery. Extremely expensive for a simple covid test. Set aside an entire hour if you chose to go, many unrelated but compulsury tests – checking heart rate and lungs !!!??? Cannot opt out of these. Go to CVS INSTEAD AND HAVE THE SAME TEST DONE FOR $20 in 15 mins!!!!

  204. Theresa Boyd 2022/08

    Wonderful experience

  205. Don Miller 2022/08

    Very poor time management. Doesn’t matter if you have a confirmed appointment. Was told I needed to wait 2 hours with only two other people in the waiting area.

  206. Jenn Bushman 2022/08

    Quick & easy!

  207. Anthony Alfred 2022/08


  208. Lamonie Dandridge 2022/08

    The site tells you that you have to set an appointment for each location but then says all slots are taken and new ones will be open at 5am when that’s a lie. No location in Virginia had slots open at 5am.

  209. Becca Longhenry 2022/08

    They imported an old list of medications from CVS instead of actually listening to me and writing down the medications I currently take. This could have been a dangerous mistake! Luckily, I caught it in the patient notes they sent me after my visit, and they corrected the prescription they had sent to the pharmacy.

  210. T Blake 2022/08

    This location At 5215 West Broad Street.. Has a very professional staff. They are good in their trade. I would just like to say thank you to the staff. You may have saved my life. I highly recommend them to everyone .

  211. Tim Brazil 2022/08

    Quick and efficient visit. Staff is very nice.

  212. Melanie Hartman 2022/08

    Staff was professional, knowledgeable, and kind. Great experience for a nervous tween.

  213. T Trent 2022/08

    Dr Leslie and her nurse were amazing! They hit me in and out quickly!

  214. Kamden Strunk 2022/08

    Waited two hours (despite making an appointment) to be seen for an infected wound. She wrote me a prescription for neosporin and put adhesive tape directly on the wound. Gave incorrect wound care advice that actually directly contradicted what the printout she handed me said. Beyond useless. Maybe even actively harmful.

  215. Ernie Vanarsdall 2022/08

    Very thorough and quick service for my son!! They are our go to Urgent Care!

  216. Karem Negron 2022/08

    Fast service. From the receptionist to the nurses and doctors— all very friendly and helpful. Extremely satisfied with my visit.

  217. Jacob Stanley 2022/08

    The booking system here is a joke. They advise that only same day appointments can be made starting at 5am and that is a lie. I was on before 5:00 until 15 after continuously refreshing and I was never given the option to make an appointment.

  218. Gini Bray 2022/08

    Updated review: Provider lacked the ability to communicate. They said they didn’t think they saw signs of infection in my ears. They did not explain what “Eustachian tube dysfunction” is. They suggested a referral to a specialist. In hindsight, perhaps they didn’t actually mean it. They need to understand that I will always see a specialist if I am told to do so. Now I’m out even more money and time for a trip to a specialist. At least the ENT explained what was causing my pain and gave me three options for over the counter treatment. I’m very pleased that I know now what’s going on and I’m not stuck on antibiotics. It’s always my preference not to take those. Doctors seem to assume the opposite. But if BetterMed had been confident that there was no infection instead of saying “I don’t think”, and if they had been able to explain why I was in pain, and if they had not referred me to a specialist, then they would have kept my original five star review.

  219. Katherine Baker 2022/08

    Accommodating and lovely doctors and staff!

  220. John Sauls 2022/08

    Staff was amazing, front desk was very helpful, the nurse was very kind, and the NP was very professional and diligent. Only complaint was the wait time, I had an appointment at 3:30 and didn’t see the doctor until 6:30.

  221. Brittany Taylor 2022/08

    When I had bad eye irritation causing me headaches, I called ahead to check wait times and insurance coverage. The receptionist was helpful and kind and made me feel welcome. When I arrived, check in was relatively brief and easy and the wait time was as expected. Most importantly, the physician I saw was very easy to communicate with, helpful, efficient, and prescribed antibiotics that fixed my eye issue in less than a day. Would recommend for any minor injuries or concerns.

  222. Lindsay D 2022/08

    Very friendly, professional, and prompt. Facility is exceptionally clean. Great experience!

  223. Mina 2022/08

    It was super nice to be able to make an appt and have a text sent when I was able to go in, on top of that, everyone was super friendly and helpful. best urgent care i’ve ever been to by far!!!

  224. Faith Thomas 2022/08

    The overall service I received was very attentive and professional.

  225. Gail Everhart 2022/08

    Easy and efficient online scheduling. Friendly & knowledgeable staff. Expedient appointment

  226. Madison H 2022/08

    Front desk person had an attitude, and even though i made an appointment before going, they failed to tell me they dont offer the services that i needed.

  227. Yasmine Jones 2022/07

    Everyone was friendly and nice! Spent only 1.5 hours there! Very quick registration process

  228. Henry Mills 2022/07

    Very fast and efficient. Compassionate workers. Wish more urgent care were like this.

  229. Mary Davis 2022/07

    I was seen and diagnosed quickly. The nurses and PA that helped me were very nice and professional. They provided quality care when I felt bad and I greatly appreciate their help.

  230. Michelle Espinoza 2022/07

    I would definitely come back just have patience because there is a wait there was only one physician at the time but it is a clean environment and the staff very nice and willing to explain your questions. Everyone had masks on and kept there distance which I appreciate. Thank you to all that helped me

  231. Ashley Rose 2022/07

    The staff was very friendly and the PA took a couple extra minutes to ask if I had any other questions or concerns. This was nice because the medical fields sometimes seem very rushed.

  232. Art Wright 2022/07

    Great experience! In and out very quickly. Kind, knowledgeable staff.

  233. Henri-Etta Burke 2022/07

    Always professional and considerate.

  234. Jeff Rathner 2022/07

    Quick, professional and pleasant!

  235. debra moore 2022/07

    Very efficient. I was in and out quickly

  236. Sheena Finney 2022/06

    Came for worker comp claim altogether 3 visits. All 3 visits are as just waiting room for over 2 hours and in the back for over 1 hour. The whole whole listening to personal conversation between workers and nurses. The worst experience I have had at any urgent care facility. If it wasn’t for workers comp. I will have chose someplace else to go. This is insanely unacceptable and a waste of one’s time. Especially since they aren’t busy! Checked in complete at 9:16. It is now 11:41 and I’m still in waiting area

  237. Charles Backus 2022/06

    Friendly staff, quality services and they take Medicare!!!

  238. Rhoda Faulconer 2022/06

    BetterMed is always a great experience. No crowded waiting rooms. You can make an appointment or walk in. The staff is always very nice and knowledgeable.

  239. Delaney Prevost 2022/06

    I had to wait 2 hours even though I made an appointment.

  240. EJ 2022/06

    Came in for a strep test and was waiting for over an hour for the results, office was not busy when I came in.

  241. Meredith Barnes 2022/06

    Not sure why it takes an hour when I’m the only one here to see a Dr. Way better than Patient First wait time tho. Will keep coming here

  242. Doug Woodring 2022/06

    Best of luck getting an appointment free covid testing! They cannot schedule them over the phone despite the fact that the website will show you as confirmed for covid testing but then sends you an auto-generated email saying that your Urgent Care appointment does not cover covid testing

  243. Carmen Sargent 2022/06

    7 year old son had ear pain on vacation. We were seen quickly as a walk-in. Facility was clean and all providers were nice and listened to concerns. Would definitely use Bettermed again!

  244. vernetta oliver 2022/06

    Great experience thanks for caring awesome staff. Great personality

  245. preston nash 2022/06

    Went for a sick visit. Was able to be seen with no appointment after a wait. Many other places had no appointments or a longer wait with the current state of Healthcare today it was not a bad. After going to the back Iwas seen quickly and on my way back home in no time. Practitioner was friendly and professional.

  246. Ashley Richards 2022/06

    I explored many urgent care sites; none with reasonable appointments for “urgent care”. I was able to be seen within 2 hours of requesting an appointment on an early Monday morning at 8am, administrative staff were friendly and efficient. Clean, calm and very welcoming . Providers were thorough, knowledgeable, and comforting (PA-Miriam Robertson is phenomenal). No long billing details at checkout, super simple and easy.

    Best urgent care experience I have ever had in every area of service!!! Providers are wonderful, feeling better already!

  247. Carol Swinson 2022/06

    No long waiting time. Staff was very friendly and answered all questions. Would definitely recommend for urgent care!

  248. Robin Gahan 2022/06

    Friendly, knowledgeable, and great customer service.

  249. mary beth oreilly 2022/06

    I came in 1 hour after they opened and there were about 6 people in the lobby. I thought I’d be in for a long wait but I was in and out in about 1 hour and 15 minutes. The staff was very courteous and efficient. The provider i saw (Lesely) didn’t rush me and was very thorough. I would recommend this location.

  250. Corky McCullough 2022/06

    On time, professional, courteous!

  251. Thea Brown 2022/06

    Polite, thoughtful, caring service.

  252. Matt Elliott 2022/05

    All the staff were friendly, considerate of my situation, and professional.

  253. Victoria Harrell 2022/05

    Excellent service

  254. Mary Lou Oken 2022/05

    Staff were pleasant, efficient, and helpful. I am pleased to be able to get care quickly with suggestions about followup care

  255. Alexa Eaves 2022/05

    Staff was friendly and Kelley was reassuring and efficient. Feels much better! Actually listened to my concern unlike another practice I saw.

  256. Carolyn Price 2022/05

    I was able to CALL (very important as I had tried to go online and was unsuccessful with several other options) in for an appointment for myself and my mother. Once there, I was assisted with the check in process. EVERYONE there was very professional and we were out in about 45 minutes. Awaiting results. Would DEFINITELY return!!!

  257. Stephanie Moody 2022/05

    I attempted to visit this location but was immediately turned away and told to go the ER. The front desk worker assumed my condition before I could explain anything further and won’t even let me sign in.

    When I did attempt to explain what was causing my symptoms she cut me off and told me to sit down and she would ask the doctor. She came back out 2 minutes later and called me to the front desk like she was going to sign me in and went ahead to say “the doctor said he will see you and look at you…to tell you to go to the ER”. She lend me up there to believe she was actually going to help me and decided to just be rude when I clearly was unwell.

    I have never been more disrespectful by a health professional. I understand we are still in a stressful time because of COVID but no one should get amusement from denying me medical treatment.

    I went home and called an at home service which arrived in under 2 hours and was gone within 45 minutes with clear answers and instructions. There was absolutely no need for an overpriced hospital visit.

    Please inform your staff at all locations patients do not need a CT scan to diagnose a sinus infection that caused minor bleed from one ear.

  258. Caroline Feinman 2022/05

    Always love better Med. Some visits take longer than others but the providers and staff are always lovely.

  259. Dianne Jones 2022/05

    Staff were amazing and had us in and out quickly. Definitely would recommend completely.

  260. Lori Vest 2022/04

    Quick checkin, not a super long wait to see a Dr, staff very professional, friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.

  261. Robert Taylor 2022/04

    Very professional

  262. Melissa Neuburger 2022/04

    The staff was super friendly and attentive.

  263. Gabriel Trop 2022/04

    Wonderful, efficient, super professional and friendly urgent care!

  264. Heather Wallace 2022/04

    Everyone was awesome and Dr dj was fabulous thanks guys and girls

  265. anthoney wilson 2022/04

    My first experience was great doctor was Very informative

  266. Grace Al-wazzan 2022/04

    Very kind staff and very fast caring service .. I highly recommend

  267. sidney kessler 2022/04

    Very efficient. Didn’t wait too long and everybody was delightful.

  268. Miranda Skinner 2022/03

    Quick and efficient as a walk in. Very impressed with their care. Will be back if I ever need care when I can’t get in to my normal PCP.

  269. Skye P. 2022/03

    A waste of time. They sent me to the ER without doing anything extensive on their end. The most they did was give me Tylenol to bring my fever down. A complete waste of money… they didn’t even try.

    Update: $600 later it was the flu… negligent healthcare works to say the least.

  270. Patsy Smith 2022/03

    Visited this location for a simple Covid Test. Waited an hour just to get tested. Never received an email to the portal. I have called numerous times and can get no response. Wasted my time and visit and still do not have test results.

  271. E B 2022/03

    $70 copay to get COVID tested during a pandemic. Billions in funding spent and they charge you just to wait. Last time I came in they submitted the bill incorrectly to my insurance and stuck me w the entire $165 (insurance paid $10) bill for a covid test. Don’t come here unless you’re made of money.

    Wanted to update because their office continues to decline answering me or my insurance when trying to get them to correct the $165 they wrongfully charged me for. All they need to do is resubmit the billing code and my insurance will cover their charge, but they prefer to keep me on the line for way more than I should have paid.

  272. Helen Via 2022/03

    I called and asked what their wait time was and they said they couldn’t tell me… it’s extremely unprofessional how they want you to come in and not know how long you’re going to be there. Do better.

  273. Ann Cundy 2022/03

    We were able to make an appointment quickly, the staff was helpful and kind. Such a pleasant experience!

  274. Jessikah Buys 2022/03

    Fast, easy, and everyone was super nice

  275. Brittany Cox 2022/03

    Very smooth check in, friendly, kind, and clean! I will be sure to come back here again!

  276. Mary Deis 2022/03

    Quick and professional service

  277. Harrison Wallace 2022/03

    Quick in and out service and really friendly staff. I set an appt 45 minutes ahead of time, and I was in and out in one hour.

  278. Galen Hamilton 2022/03

    Yeah don’t go here if you have anywhere to be at any point in the day.

  279. Donald Jones 2022/03

    Easy to make an appointment on line. The entire staff as well as the medical provider were professional and showed a lot of courtesy. They were very efficient as well. In and out very quickly

  280. Deborah Phinney 2022/03

    While the provider was excellent the facility now only sends out lab work, which means you will have to be seen elsewhere for definitive diagnosis. The web site states that lab work is available which is incredibly misleading when you have to wait 3-7 days to get results.

  281. Patricia Skiffington 2022/03

    Great staff. Everyone was very attentive, professional and caring.

  282. Darren Steadman 2022/02

    Warm reception, quick service, professional administration

  283. Michael Phelan 2022/02

    I was seen quickly and the PA was very competent and efficient.

  284. M. Hunter Haglund 2022/02

    Clean, friendly, quick-ish.


  285. William Lemmond 2022/02

    They were very accommodating, taking me as a 5:30 PM walk-in, and letting me fill paper forms, after I struggled too much with my phone. I had a wait of only about 10 minutes, before I was brought back from the waiting room. The doctor followed me nurse by only a few minutes.
    And they accepted my insurance as full payment.

  286. Cate Clifton 2022/02

    Very clean and tidy. Good customer service and friendly and thorough provider experience.

  287. Darrell Brister 2022/02

    The nicest Doctor and staff ever.

  288. Mary Beth Long 2022/02

    Fast, friendly service. Everyone was very professional. Office was clean.

  289. Ari 2022/02

    Do not waste your time going here. Got charged a $234 bill for lackluster service and treatment. They just wanted money! I came in with chest pain and they tried multiple tests on purpose to run up the bill, and after 2 hours the incompetent nurse practitioner told me that she doesn’t know what is going on! Way to waste my time and money when I was in pain–won’t be returning.

  290. J. Goetzinger 2022/01

    Prompt, courteous , clean

  291. J Davis 2022/01

    Quick and efficient service. Everyone was very nice.

  292. Josette Dingle 2022/01

    First time visiting. Check in was smooth, in spite of computer problems. Staff was courteous and COVID protocols followed.

  293. Shadow & Nala 2022/01

    The wait wasn’t too long and I got to be seen and left within the 20-30 minutes that I was there. I like the process of doing everything before your visit before setting your appointment.

  294. ruth lavine 2022/01

    Quick and efficient.

  295. Patty Hartman 2022/01

    Quick and personalized care. Leslie Kelly, NP was great! Front staff was professional, polite and quick. Scheduled my appt on line and was in and out quickly.

  296. Allen Edwards 2022/01

    they make COVID testing quick and easy, and they return the results fast.

  297. Yasaman Aghaeinejad 2022/01

    We were turned away at this place and told to go to the ER for vertigo, even though there was only 1 person in the waiting room and they were not busy. I thought the whole point of urgent care places is to help relieve the hospitals, particularly during a pandemic. Super annoyed and never going back.

  298. Heather Clarke 2022/01

    Today was my 4th visit to this BetterMed location, and I remain very pleased with the care I’ve received here. The staff are friendly, the waiting room isn’t overwhelmingly crowded and the wait is reasonable considering they are an urgent care. I come from across town to go to this location because the staff has always been AMAZING to me and my family members.

  299. Emma Breeden 2022/01

    Staff is very friendly and kind! I was seen pretty quickly, and the facility is very nice and clean.

  300. Ann Johnson 2022/01

    I was very impressed with this Medical Clinic.
    All the staff were professional, friendly, and exhibited
    great skill during this appointment. Also, the Better
    Med staff were organized and very efficient in carrying out their duties.

  301. Chris Seedless 2022/01

    I went here at 8:45am on 10/25/22. I was prescribed medicine that still has not made it over to CVS on 10/26/22. I call and the admin transfers me, no one answers or puts me on hold forever and does not pick up. I physically went to your location again and they told me they would re-send it, but CVS still does not have it. If someone could contact me please. I need to get the medicine.

  302. Mike Phillips 2022/01

    The visit went OK. They don’t have an on-site PRC setup so I was told I would hear the next day. I tried to call numerous times but the desk hardly ever answered and when they did I was transferred to an answering machine that is seemingly never checked. I’m on the 3rd day since my appointment now and still nothing. Absolutely unacceptable and I would never go back. 0/10 if I could.

  303. M Williams 2021/12

    Honestly I prefer this place over patient first. The atmosphere is just different. My only knock is that they don’t handle workers comp cases if I’m not mistaken. Other then that it’s cool. The staff is is easy to talk to. My recent visit took a while do to staffing issues which isn’t their fault. The woman that took my vitals was friendly and easy to talk to as we had conversations that made me feel at ease. I told them I had an issue with fainting when drawing blood and she went above and beyond to see to it that I didn’t get fatigued and faint during my procedure. We laughed and joked and before I knew it I was done. She even allowed me to stay an extra 20 minutes to get myself together.

  304. Tommy Slater 2021/11

    Very prompt and courteous service.

  305. Lena Scott 2021/11

    Better Med Urgent Care is a great place to go if you don’t feel well… I highly recommend it!

  306. Taylor Hoggood 2021/10

    I’ve been here twice over a matter of years and received prompt, professional care both times! If you ever have to go to an urgent care facility, this is the one!

  307. Rebecca Mauck 2021/10

    I had a fall and cut my head. Ended up with staples. It wasn’t a pleasant experience but everyone was kind and good at their job. I’d go again!! Thank you all!

  308. Debra Roethke 2021/10

    I wasp thankful I came to the Short Pump BetterMed. Everyone was extremely kind. I was seen quickly snd my medical problem addressed. The facility was clean. I’d definitely go back again. Thank you everyone who helped me today!

  309. Deborah Izo 2021/10

    So professional, efficient, and kind. Thank you everyone!

  310. Ally Hodges 2021/10

    Very professional and kind, thank you!!

  311. Carol Stephens 2021/10

    Quick efficient check in and CoVID testing. Polite staff. Very clean environment. Easy access. Not terribly transparent about billing however. That remains to be seen.

  312. Melissa Leatherman 2021/10

    Very friendly, patient and knowledgeable staff

  313. Jared Preston 2021/09

    Great staff

  314. Jacob Uzzell 2021/09

    Erin (the PA) is absolutely phenomenal, and the staff is helpful and friendly. They absolutely saved me a needless trip to the ER. I won’t be going anywhere else in Richmond for urgent care!

  315. Stacey 2021/09

    Everyone was very polite, nurse and physician were accommodating and asked great questions associated with my issue. I’m definitely keeping this on on my urgent needs list. Thanks Willow Lawn Better Med! 😀 …

  316. Jessica Voss 2021/09

    This place is a rip off. I forgot that after my first experience a few years ago and went and got a COVID test after an exposure. They take your card for the test. When you ask why they need your card they just say it’s their policy to have one on file. When you question them further and say that Covid tests are required they don’t have the decency to tell you that they do an exam and it might not be covered by insurance even if test is. They do this as a bait and switch. If they at least proved the patient with this info then you would not be blindsided with the charges. Go to CVS or a drive thru place for a COVID test (right now there is one right across the street from willow lawn bettermed).

  317. VAlencia Jc 2021/09

    I was racially profiled, the other person on the line automatically ASSumed that I was on Medicaid because I asked if they accept BCBS, I was rudely told we don’t accept Medicaid which is BCBS, I tried to explain it was through my job but she wasn’t hearing me and rudely stated AGAIN we don’t accept Medicaid and hung up the phone. Now I can never reach anyone in management in any of the offices to file a complaint, this was the one in Colonial Heights. Piss poor rude and unprofessional service.

  318. TMak 2021/09

    I normally go to the Better Med Urgent care in Chesterfield. Since I relocated to Richmond city, I decided to try out the one on W. Broad St. I was greeted by a pleasant front desk receptionist who took my information. I didn’t have to wait long before I was called back. My vitals were taken, then waited to be seen by the NP or Dr’s Assistant, don’t know which title she held. Upon greeting me, she listened to my health issue & checked the area of concern. She thoroughly explained what was going on with me & her recommendation. She submitted prescriptions to my pharmacy for the diagnosis. She was knowledgeable, pleasant, & courteous. I felt very comfortable in communicating with her. Over all, this was a pleasant first time experience in this facility.

  319. Jacob Kelly 2021/08

    Signed up for a PCR test, arrived on time, tested on time, nice employees and good service. No complaints.

  320. Sandy West 2021/08

    way better than any experience at any patient first. made a reservation, got taken back to a room right away, decently kind staff, and the nurse practitioner was great! in and out taken care of like clock work.

  321. Leslie Frazier 2021/08

    I had a great experience at this BetterMed. The staff were friendly and accommodating, which are two things that have meant a lot to me lately as the reason I visited was a follow up to a car accident injury. I definitely recommend!

  322. Maureen Stinger 2021/08

    I was seen immediately by friendly and kind staff. The person who took my vitals was kind and encouraging, as was the x-ray tech. My NP was Madeline and she was wonderful.

  323. DailyDori 2021/07

    Prompt and helpful

  324. Sarah B 2021/07

    BetterMed is the best. Madeline and the staff up front are amazing. I will never go to any other urgent care type place again besides BetterMed.

  325. Liz Stallings 2021/07

    Will not be visiting any other urgent care facility. BetterMed had definitely won me over! Really friendly, helpful staff. Providers have all been wonderful. A great, positive experience every time I visit. Was seen very quickly each time I’ve been in!

  326. Lily Miller 2021/07

    Quick, nice, simple

  327. Clara Ko 2021/07

    Quick in and out.

  328. Trina Johnson 2021/07

    Amazing kind and caring staff. I always feel like I’m well taken care of, listened to and confident about the practices here.

  329. Toni Cook 2021/06

    We had a great experience. The personnel was extremely pleasant and knowledgeable . We will always come back.

  330. Jazi FresHooks 2021/06

    Kind staff and not a long wait. A great experience at this office.

  331. M. Todd Kirkpatrick 2021/06

    Staff is completely unprofessional. I watched the front desk operator park her car in the handicapped parking yesterday – the first spot outside of the building- then she took her lunch in and sat at her desk. The car was still there an hour after my appointment. Staff inside was clueless to waiting times for patients. Was told to wait ten minutes and someone would return to my room with results, but a half hour later, I walked myself out to see what was going on and finally got answers/help. They also did ask for my insurance, which they didn’t need for a rapid covid test, so I’m afraid I will be billed for unnecessary tests like one of the last reviewers. Do NOT go here.

  332. Sadie Nave 2021/06

    Wonderful quick and clean experience

  333. maria farmer 2021/05

    Was ok dont really care for interactive sign in overall good

  334. Tashia Johnson 2021/05

    It’s always a good experience. They finally have a great front of house staff member and that’s all that was missing. The nurse practitioners are always excellent and helpful and take time to explain everything.

  335. Kenny Barnes 2021/05

    Got a Covid-19 Rapid test done back in April. They sent me a bill for the entire service stating that insurance did not cover even though they require you to send copies of your insurance card and ID BEFORE the appointment. Bottom line is they did not inform me that the service would not be covered by insurance beforehand so I did not consent to a service that wouldn’t be covered. Now I’m trying to resolve the issue and their billing/management doesn’t answer the phone or even have the ability to leave a voicemail. Definitely don’t go here unless you want to deal with the headache of hours wasted on resolving billing issues.

  336. Britney Carr 2021/05

    Quickest yet thorough, medical appointment I’ve ever had! COVID test was quick and painless.

  337. Joy Dupuis 2021/05

    Good care but long wait.

  338. Pamela Sloan 2021/05

    Very quick! Friendly staff. Overall a great experience.

  339. David Hancock 2021/05

    Absolutely worthless. Had an appointment scheduled for a covid-19 test and when I arrived I was told that the test was not covered by my insurance company. Mind you they had my insurance info at the time I scheduled the appointment. I asked why I was not told that and they said they didn’t have time to let me know. So I made a trip there for nothing. I was told that I could pay for it with cash that I did not have. So if the spread of covid-19 increases blame BetterMed. They turn people away for the test. Don’t waste your time or money with them. I found a place that accepts my insurance and I’m sure you can too. Wish I could give 0 stars on this review.

  340. Esther E 2021/05

    As a healthcare worker, I do everything I can to avoid going to urgent care unless I absolutely have to due to long wait times, burdening urgent care staff members and high copay costs. I unfortunately had one of the worst coughs lasting more than a week not resolving with OTC meds so went in late on a Sunday night.

    I was impressed with everything from the front desk staff member to the wait time to the resolution of the visit. It was easily the shortest wait time for me at an urgent care facility. M. Robertson was the PA I saw and she was friendly, professional and to the point.

    Would 100% recommend coming to this location for all urgent care needs.

  341. Keith Hare 2021/05

    Poor care and organization. Do not follow the most up to date CDC guidelines.

  342. Elizabeth Cosby 2021/04

    Excellent, prompt, efficient care by kind professionals in a clean facility located close to pharmacies and our home. Thanks for the great care.

  343. Sherry Shortridge 2021/04

    Feeling awful and dreading the horrid Covid check-I went in and was met by a friendly receptionist. I waited maybe 3 minutes before I went to the Room. The process was performed quickly and efficiently by another friendly and kind professional. I received my results quickly and my questions were answered. Overall a great experience if I hadn’t felt so bad. I highly recommend this business. They have a wonderful staff of caring people working for them.

  344. Leigh Bowling 2021/04

    Went in for a covid test. The front desk staff, nurses and provider were very friendly and efficient!

  345. Fatu Bangura 2021/04

    Very welcoming and efficient staff! My problem was quickly diagnosed and treated. I will definitely come back to this location.

  346. Jessica Greenberg 2021/04

    Everyone was extremely helpful. They really listened to the problem and tailored what they did next to what I was saying. It is so nice to be listened to when seeking medical care.

  347. Dakota Clifford 2021/04

    Exceptionally friendly, efficient, and caring staff

  348. Bob Burnleycr 2021/04

    Incredibly fast, friendly, efficient “service”. Never ever go to Patient First again, ever. Don’t do it.

  349. Rev. Artie C. Bethea Sr 2021/03

    Excellent care here. Receptionist so kind and knowledgeable. Loves her job. The Nurse, being a gentleman and friendly in personality touch move and inspired me.
    And the icing on the cake was the young doctor assistant new my problem and for me to try out the meds she recommended until my urine text comes back. Remarkable service. I will recommend anyone of family and friends to visit this location when health is needed. And if they don’t have all the answers this office will recommend other medical help.

  350. Jillian Lavoie 2021/03

    Very friendly staff and very efficient. In and out quickly.

  351. Crystal Goodwin 2021/03

    Awful experience.. would never visit or recommend this location to anyone .. very rude staff member at the front desk..I was told it would be a 35 to 45 minute wait even though I had made an appointment for 5:15 pm .. so I asked the front desk staff member if I could wait in my car and they could call me when ready and she said yes.. after seeing multiple people being called back for their appointment….I decided to walk in and just as I thought they had forgotten about me.. the front desk staff was rude when I inquired about why I had been skipped.. I work in the medical field and this is not how you handle business.. yes we make mistakes but we apologize and own up to them and push that patient to the front of the line.. No they made me wait until all of the scheduled people behind me were seen… Unreal!! Sorry but Short Pump Better Med will be my go to from now on!!!!

  352. Christie Eads 2021/03

    Went in shortly before closing on a Saturday night. All members of the staff treated me with respect and were very helpful and accommodating. I did not feel rushed at all. Would definitely recommend.

  353. Victoria Davis 2021/02

    The front desk staff was very helpful. I came in for extreme shoulder and neck pain. The tech didn’t even take my bp right 🙄 she took it on my forearm and it registered at 120/55 which is low and should have prompted her to retake it. I told the NP, Kelly Leslie about a previous and similar experience in which I revived a shot in my arm for it, she said there is no such thing. She credited her knowledge to working in previous emergency rooms. She tasked me no historical/medical related questions besides if I am diabetic. I assume that’s because I’m Black and slightly overweight (from a cultural perspective). I’m currently in school for clinical health psychology and have received my masters. Not sure why she would approach me like I was unsure of my previous experience or knowledge base. I can tell her online degree was rushed. I know it is a trying time for medical professionals, however the way I was treated was disrespectful and unprofessional

  354. Mirjana Lipovac 2021/02

    The staff is phenomenal!

  355. Alicia Svensen 2021/02

    Staff was very friendly and communicated clearly.

  356. Qubilah Muhammad 2021/02

    Today was my first time visiting BETTER MED, and I must say I was impressed with the level of service I received.

  357. Willem Koenders 2021/01

    I understand that there’s high demand etc. but it’s not OK that I have to try to book a PCR test at 5am only to find all slots taken at 5.01am, where I have 1 chance given the flight requirements (with 72 hours but before 48 hours of the flight). No option to reserve ahead.

    Update: I moved from 1 to 3 stars. I still hated the experience and stress of having to log in at 5am not knowing if I could travel, but once with the appointment in hand, everything went very smooth. Specifically the young lady at the desk was very friendly going out of her way to help me with gathering a signature from the doctor and uploading a separate copy into the portal (not so much her colleagues from the back). Still not sure about the additional things they do (blood pressure, heart rate) that I had no need for and that I’m sure are getting charged to insurance.

  358. Guy Chapman 2021/01

    Very polite and efficient, good communication and follow through.

  359. Betty Toliver 2021/01

    The lady at the front desk is so pleasant so r the nurse in the back

  360. Elise Ferguson 2021/01

    Planing a trip abroad and needed a same day covid test. These ladies were awesome! Super personable, yet efficient. My total time was less than 30 mins

  361. Giselle Alfaro 2021/01

    We saw a Family Nurse Practitioner today because my son had a fever. All the staff from reception to provider provided excellent service, were knowledgeable and friendly.

  362. Öz 2021/01

    the “doctor” literally told me she never heard my common symptoms before…DONT go here these aren’t actual certified people and if they are they shouldn’t be.

  363. justin stocks 2021/01

    The girl with tattoos on her arms is extremely rude

  364. bill betzhold 2021/01

    Very efficiently and safely run. Pleasant staff.

  365. Hunter Davis 2021/01

    Visited here on a Sunday evening for the first time and was in and out in 30 minutes. Staff was friendly and the place seemed clean.

  366. ashlie gentry 2020/12

    bettermed was wonderful!

  367. Tina Burkett 2020/08

    So irritated! My husband went to Better Med because he was having stomach pains (has a history of diverticulitis) and chest congestion/coughing. They took his vitals and listened to his chest. Told him he may have pneumonia and sent him to ER. We go to ER. They do a chest Xray, EKG and CT scan of stomach. 5 hours later, we’re told there’s nothing wrong with his stomach and that he has congestion in his lungs and they did a COVID test. The nurse tells him 12-18 hours for COVID test results. I call hospital for results as we’ve heard nothing and a nurse tells us it could be 4 days before results are given. There’s no telling what the ER visit cost us for services that could have been handled at Better Med had they taken the time to look.

  368. Jordan Hunter 2020/05

    I’ve been here twice now, yesterday being my most recent and I can’t say enough good things about this place! I walked in with no appointment around 12:30pm and was immediately taken back into a room after signing some paperwork up front. All nurses were kind, talkative and thorough. I was having a really rough time physically and on the verge of vomiting while in the room on multiple occasions. The nurses made sure I had a trash can and anti-nausea medication asap.

    At the end of my visit having my blood, urine and saliva tested, Anna came in to go over my results and was extremely informative when explaining everything to me! I’ve never had a doctor explain my results so thoroughly before and I made sure to tell her that too. Highly recommend this place. In and out quickly, beautiful facility with a great staff! Keep up the good work!

    P.S. They also have TVs in every room!

    Update: They called me today to check up on me and see how I was feeling! Seriously guys, this place is amazinggg!

  369. Jae 2020/05

    Horrible customer service! BEWARE, the paperwork you sign does not match their actual posted policies. Read your financial responsibility form and then ask them what their ACTUAL procedures are. They want you to sign an acknowledgement of receipt for two documents that they don’t have to give you. When I asked for the documents I was treated extremely rude. Never going back.

  370. Ashley Diersen 2020/04

    Facilities were clean almost like brand new. Staff was kind and knowledgeable and efficient in getting me what I needed. Would highly recommend and will definitely be using them again in the future.

  371. Debbie Smith 2020/03

    The office visit itself was pleasant , however the billing is outrageous. They require a credit card to secure payment under the guise they will bill your insurance before anything is applied. First the office visit was only for a sinus infection; no labs , no swaps just one quick second of asking for antibiotic with a Physician Assistant. The office visit was $369! Heart Surgeons don’t charge that for a basic office visit. They then billed the insurance wrong, they did NOT follow billing instructions on the insurance card. The claim adminstator issued a temporary denial for them to Resubmit the bill to the correct entity. Instead Better Med drew the Full $369 from my HSA card and called it a day. Then when trying to reach them to correct the billing I have been on HOLD for a lifetime. Think Fios or Comcast call waiting. This place is hoax. No real Drs, or office managers with probelm solvers-this is just a pretty office with nice funtiture for your wait.

  372. Amanda Flanagan 2020/01

    Wonderful, quick and listened to me. Every person there was kind and helpful. I will go back with sickness inevitably arises 😷 …

  373. Andrew Rothschild 2020/01

    “Better” seems an excessive adjective. “Just ok” might be more appropriate. Not busy but still long check-in and wait times. Would prefer MDs on staff rather than just nurses or PAs.

  374. Kristen Griffin 2019/11

    I was beyond pleased with my experience. I dread going to the doctors, especially typical doc in the box facilities. My experience today was phenomenal! I set up a time online, arrived and within 20 minutes I was checked in, had my vitals completed, and had seen a doctor! I work around the corner, but live in Williamsburg. If either my family or I need urgent care services, I would not hesitate to make the trip from Williamsburg to go back to this facility!!!!

  375. Bruce Richards 2019/11

    I went in for a finger injury 05/08/2019. It had been a few weeks and it was still swollen at the joint. The doctor briefly looked at it, ordered an xray, told me I had fractured it, had the nurse give me a splint, then sent me on my way with little to no advice on how to care for it or the timeframe in which it would heal. I did not have a good experience and felt pressured into getting things that weren’t necessary. I could have just taped a popsicle stick to my finger and saved myself the bill since they effectively pushed me into an xray for no reason. The receptionist was the only reason I didn’t give them 1 star.

  376. Aidan Jenkins 2019/10

    We came in with a deep cut on my friends foot and we had to fill out documents and show ID as my friends foot bled on the floor.

  377. Abikuneebus 2019/10

    In about 20 minutes this place ensured that if I ever need urgent care, it’ll be here that I get it.
    I had gashed my arm pretty badly at work the previous day, and was agonizing over what to do.
    I could return to the job site and begin the hellish workman’s compensation process, or drop $100 of my own money. Dorian and Danielle saved me from having to do either!
    Doris was very genuine and kind from the beginning. She remembered me from the phone call I made earlier in the day, and honestly laid out my options. When I was clearly unsure of what to do, she told me that they would probably not give me stitches, but she couldn’t say for sure. She then went back to find a nurse to look.
    Nurse Daniele came out with gloves on, and better examined the cut. She told me they wouldn’t stitch anything that was over 12 hours old, and since I was current with my tetanus shot, I just needed to keep it clean, disinfected, and covered. She gave me thorough instructions on how to do so, double checked with a physician, and told me I was all set.
    I am positive that most places would have charged me for an office visit for what I received here. Instead, they did what was reasonable; saving me money and time, while speeding up the care of others.

    Sorry for the long windedness, but this was a refreshing experience.

    Thank you Dorian and Daniele

  378. Drew Earnest 2019/10

    After my insurance company refused to take into account I went to BetterMed on a holiday and were not willing adjust their coverage, BetterMed worked with me to find a payment solution that was manageable and affordable. Their help is appreciated and I certainly recommend BetterMed in the future to anyone in need of care, with the caveat that you need to be careful with your medical insurance to make sure they will cover the visit. Thanks BetterMed , and Tina, for all the help! – Drew

  379. Jessica Melin 2019/10

    I cannot say enough how great my visit went at this urgent care location. I personally saw Simon Rivera, PA for vertigo. I thought I was going in for a sinus infection and just felt absolutely terrible. Instead, I found out I had vertigo. I was so impressed with the quality of care. Not only did the PA take time to do an exam and confirm my diagnosis, but he thoroughly explained what was happening to my body with me in a way that made sense and was incredibly helpful. He even took it a step further than that and treated me there in the office teaching me exercises I could do at home to relieve my symptoms and get my body back to normal. He also wrote two prescriptions that helped relieve some pain for me over the next few days as my body was trying to recalibrate. I am so thankful I ended up at this location as I am almost certain that I got better care than I could have somewhere else. It was my first time visiting and I was so impressed with the level of knowledge by the PA here as well as his execution of handling my case. I cannot recommend this location enough to others who find themselves needing urgent care.

  380. Mina Smith 2019/09

    Really surprised at the great level of care i received. The waiting room was comfortable and supplied coffee, hot chocolate and water. The receptionist was very nice; we need to clone her and put her in every receptionist position. She was really good at making me feel welcome and cared for. My wait time was almost non-existent. The nurse talked over me a bunch while asking me questions, but she did get the job done efficiently. The doctor was super caring and thorough and asked a lot of good questions. He gave me some great follow up advice and really seemed to care about making sure i got better. They even called me up today to see how I was feeling. Really happy with my decision to go here instead of the other urgent cares closer to my house.

  381. Lee M 2019/08

    Excellent customer service. Simon very personable and great bedside manner. He made me feel comfortable and explained everything to me. It was nice to have that as i am out of town on business and needed some medical care. Would definitely recomend this place

  382. jaynes vijeo 2019/08

    Been going here for issues for about 3 years, always been great, usually when I come here there is little to no wait time (my favorite part) and the staff are always nice.

  383. Bobbi DiPasquale 2019/08

    Excellent service. Highly recommend.

  384. Taylor Bates 2019/08

    Will never go to Patient First again! The BetterMed staff was far more competent and I didn’t have to wait to be seen.

  385. Eric Kelsey 2019/07

    I have visited BetterMed twice in the past year and each visit has been met with exemplary and amazing care. My wait times were both minimal and the doctors I have seen were knowledgeable, thorough, and extremely caring. I have a pre-existing condition that can sometimes lead to uncomfortable conversations and/or the doctor being completely ignorant on the subject; but each time the doctors knew exactly what to say and what questions to ask. That means to world to me.

    I recommend BetterMed to every person I know because they are simply that good. Keep it up! <3

  386. Crystal Wiley-Perry 2019/07

    The clinic was clean, and the receptionist was courteous. Unfortunately, I received minimal care on April 13, 2019, and my condition worsened. When I realized that the pharmacy I normally use was closed for the weekend, I tried to call the clinic to move my prescription I received a voice message twice. No x-rays were taken, nor even recommended. Was not questioned about any allergy concerns. I had to visit St. Mary’s ER April 17, 2019 to get the care I needed.

  387. Kiara Ridley 2019/07

    Fast and friendly!

  388. Timmy Dolan 2019/06

    **I was there for 3 hours for an xray and there was no other patients in the waiting room for the majority of the time i was there.

    The employees are friendly but I have never once been to a doctors office that failed to tell me I had a prescription and then proceeded to send me to collections after failing to tell me. If you had wanted me to pay the 14 bucks you could have added it onto what I already paid. Poorly run facility and I hope they right there wrongs. The ONLY reason I gave 2 stars is because the building was clean and the receptionist was professional. Seriously lackluster service. Will never return.

  389. Gina Budhai 2019/04

    Modern sterile facility staffed by friendly efficient personnel.

    The service was immediate, assessments, xrays, prescription within 40 minutes.

    I would highly reccomend them as I had a wonderful experience and more importantly I got better.

  390. Josie H 2019/04

    I just wanted to leave a review today about my great experience with this urgent care. I have visited the one in Mechanicsville (also awesome) and now this one as of today. The PA Juan Morin was very professional and kind even shook my hand and introduced himself (the nurse was awesome too) I will definitely return to this location for any urgent care needs. They took care of my issue quickly and efficiently and all were kind.

  391. Miss Kionna 2019/04

    Ive called this place 5xs prior to 8pm, because I’m new to the area, & wanted to ensure that they took my insurance and no one is answering. It says they are open until 9pm, and the phone keeps saying they are closed.

  392. Rakesh Yadav 2019/03

    Too costly. I went to bettermed for my daughters sprain checkup. Nothing was found in xray and they released her after giving pain killer and a bandage for swelling. Now I got a bill of $380 where $334 is for office visit ????. I should have gone to other place, even Patient first doesn’t charge this much. I will not recommend bettermed to amyone.

  393. Jennifer Bailey 2019/03

    I was there for less than an hour and they charging me $344.90. I thought it was a billing mistake but they did a test that they said “cost $25.00”. It was a drop of blood on a piece of plastic. ?????. I don’t understand why they are charging so much. Been to other places for urgent care and much more reasonable. I will not be back and will not recommend.

  394. Pamela Williams 2019/03

    I called ahead to make sure they took/in network with my insurance and the receptionist response was “We take everything but Medicaid”. I arrived and presented my Ins card and the receptionist responded “this is Medicaid”. Maybe because she saw Optima she assumed. However I also had 20$/Coinsurance amounts for different services. Medicaid does not have those high copayment amounts. The most you will see is 0$ , 2$ or 5$ which she should know. Then she asked was my ins through an employer I said no. Her response was “We don’t take ins that’s not through an employer. Marketplace ins is Medicaid.” I also work in a urgent care doing the same exact thing but did not debate with her because I was not feeling well. Not sure if she was new or not but being that the ins types are constantly changing and she works front desk at a medical facility she should know difference or specify when someone calls and not respond with “We take all Ins” before she turns away the wrong person. (10/22/19)

  395. Lauren Knowles 2019/02

    This place is great. I was sick on Christmas Eve so I came here. They seemed busy but I received great care and was in and out quickly. I felt like everyone cared and was thorough. There is a TV in the exam room so waiting isn’t annoying. I will definitely go here again.

  396. Melanie Burriesci 2019/02

    The Radiologist and receptionist were curteous and friendly. That is all I have to say about this urgent care. I have nothing good to say about the nurse practitioner. This location is convenient, though I will go somewhere else next time.

  397. Rudy Wolf 2019/01

    This place is insanely expensive!! $500 for a 30 minute appointment and a steroid shot and they won’t work with you on the bill at all besides payment arrangements. That seems excessive as I’ve gone to other urgent care places for less than half of that. The care was decent but I just can’t get over that price tag. Also, they do not call you back in a timely manner.

  398. George Cokes 2019/01

    To slow lack of front staff…

  399. Christal Jordan 2018/11

    If I could give more stars I would. The staff was so kind and patient.

  400. Nikki Chavis 2018/11

    The staff here is really caring and passionate about their jobs. I felt like a valued patient here .

  401. Jamie Hoover 2018/11

    I didn’t feel that it merited losing them a star, but after booking an appointment on my lunch break, apparently there was some sort of glitch in their system that disable me from checking in via tablet when I got there. There was also some confusion about how the check-in worked and it seemed at first that there wasn’t any real order in how to do so. I was in a lot of pain when I came in so it was hard for me personally to get through that portion. The check-in assistant put up with my demeanor while I was out of sorts and I appreciated that.

    However, from check-in to check-out, the staff was really attentive and actually seemed to care. I was in and out pretty fast and the PA and nurses were very attentive to my issues and gave me a quick solution to my problem without putting me through an array of expensive diagnostic work. Very happy they exist so close to my work.

  402. David Hummel 2018/10

    Staff can be rude and does not know it. Had a good PA, but the staff may cause me to go elsewhere. You may want to to listen to your front desk one of these days for quality control

  403. Taylor Walls 2018/10

    If you’re looking for a quality personal primary care experience, BetterMed is it.
    I was blown away by the care I received at BetterMed. The people I met with were all incredibly kind and made the process painless. I had no wait time when I went Sunday afternoon, and was in and out within 15 minutes.
    I was pleased to be treated so humanely. The care did not stop after my visit, I received a follow up call a few days later and was able to call back and request a refill on a prescription with no hassle. The facility was very nice as well. Felt very welcoming.

  404. Tami W. 2018/10

    They seem decent enough for an urgent care place. I’d say it was about what I expected. I took away a star because the front desk person asked for my complete social security number very loudly in a waiting room with other patients. I respectfully declined and wrote it down for her instead. I recommend the establishment adding this on the form or kiosk check in if required. That type of information is not something that should be asked aloud publicly.

  405. Erika B 2018/10

    The staff was in general friendly enough, but I just don’t believe they tried hard enough or really cared much about what was happening to me. I scheduled an appointment online but still ended up waiting a very long time and was there for around 2 hours total — but actually only spent around 10 minutes with any staff members. I was charged $75 before I was even seen, which seemed like a high copay to me. If the staff had taken any time to look at my condition, they would have seen an extremely swollen / infected tonsil; they performed a throat swab that seemed to be totally ineffective, resulting in possible negative test results (I’ll get to that later). The doctor told me when I left to go get some Aleve and throat lozenges, and to do saltwater gargles; from what I remember, the doctor did not actually take a look inside my mouth, where the issue was.

    Overnight and the next day, my condition worsened to an extreme degree. I called several times to check in about the culture test the staff had sent off, and was given conflicting answers on when the results would come back (one person said the day after the appointment, another person said 3-5 days). I followed the directions on the literature the doctor had given me, which said to contact the doctor if any conditions had worsened (all of mine had — swelling had gone up and was spreading, I had developed an earache, could barely swallow and/or speak, was in extreme pain, had postnasal drip to the max, could barely sleep).

    When I called, they said I would need to pay again to see someone — at this point, I decided to go to Patient First instead, where I was promptly treated for an infection; I was prescribed antibiotics and steroids and saw immediate positive results. The next day after visiting Patient First, I was 90% better, and 2 days later I felt almost 100%. The infection and swelling had visibly decreased and all the pain was gone.

    Three days after my appointment at Better Med, I received a phone call about my results to my culture test — telling me that there was no bacterial infection. This is why I feel that the test was poorly administered and that the result was a false negative. I am positive that had I not gone to Patient First, I would have ended up at the ER, as my condition was only getting worse. I was very disappointed in Better Med — especially due to the lack of care / concern that was shown when I tried to call for help, and even the follow up call about the test results that was just incredibly unhelpful and did not seem correct. I will never go back there.

  406. Joette Love 2018/07

    I have always had good experience here. Took care of medical issues professionally and in a timely manner!
    Oops meant to place review as 5star!!

  407. Scott Warren 2018/06

    Not sure what exactly these medical professionals actually do – they definitely don’t do something as simple as refill a prescription, so the hour spent was a complete waste of time. You get the feeling you’re more of an interruption to their day vs actually wanting to assist in medical care. Worst visit I’ve ever experienced in my entire life.

    As far as professional care, the nurse takes notes on post-it notes and has to ask questions a few times because she apparently forgets why you are there. They also employ a medical scribe vs having an actual computer to note things of importance. And forget about seeing a doctor – the PA acts as a go-between for discussion.

    Save your time and more importantly your money and visit one of their competitors.

  408. Deo Gratias 2018/05

    I have been to Better Med several times for myself and and a few times for my children. I always have a great experience and they are certainly better than Patient First. The receptionist is always polite. Nurses, doctors, and P.A’s are great. They have followed-up with calls from more serious visits and I’m always impressed. Incidentally, I am reviewing the facility at Willow Lawn.

  409. ViolinRVA 2018/03

    I have impressed with this facility after my first visit. -Efficient, warm staff -quick visit -answered two phone calls post visit when my symptoms changed.

  410. Sarah DeBlasio 2018/03

    In and out in under an hour during a horrible flu season. Never waited in the big waiting room. Great experience. Will be back.

  411. Reece Griffith 2018/03

    My issue went further than what they could test for, but the staff was super friendly, made sure I was comfortable and made sure I was comfortably transported to a nearby hospital.
    It’s scary going through a serious medical scare when you’re a young and healthy guy. The staff here really helped with that. Thanks guys!

  412. Shane D 2018/03

    Good people. Clean, professional, polite.

  413. mark johnson 2018/03

    Very pleasant experience. From the receptionist to the nurse to the provider, everyone was polite, very competent and super efficient. My son was properly diagnosed and treated for a sore throat. We waited only 5 minutes in the waiting area before being seen. We were in and out in 35 minutes. Superb and highly recommended.

  414. Maurice Swinson 2018/02

    They are the best! Very professional and passionate. The whole staff is great and the Doctor there as well! I would recommend them highly!

  415. James Arthur 2018/01

    Very professional with minimal wait time and is very nice they handle most things in house so the flat fee covers it all. Elizabeth Barker is who saw me and I highly would recommend her to anyone.

  416. Jada Fitzgerald 2017/11

    I went here because my regular doctor couldn’t see me until much later than I was willing to wait and I’m glad I did! They were so nice and had great customer service! A couple days later they even called me back to see how I was doing!!

  417. David Breslin 2017/11

    Very slow. Ended up spending over 2 hours here only to end up with a “everything was negative” diagnosis. They were kinda thorough and lab work was done while waiting but im nervous about the bill even with insurance and in network. Dont expect speed here.

  418. A 2017/11

    Great facility! Everyone was polite and friendly….nurses, x-ray tech and Rob (PA). 2nd visit in one month for same issue. They were super helpful. Now I am waiting on a call back from the billing dept as I paid a $20 copay on my first visit, but the follow up visit was $50. Still happy, but will be even happier once I receive a call back to resolve the financial matter.

  419. Candace Leonard 2017/11

    Very professional, quick, clean place. I highly recommend it and would definitely go back again if I need immediate care.

  420. Veloschka Raptor 2017/11

    Much better than Patient First

  421. Research and Design Buying Office 2017/10

    Excellent service. The staff was super friendly and fast. We were in and out within 20 minutes. I would highly recommend going there. Excellent place and staff!

  422. Laurel Longton 2017/08

    I am so impressed with the level of care I received here. The staff were kind and attentive. I was never left alone in the exam room for more than 15 minutes. My doctor even stopped in just to check on me when it had been a few minutes, even though there was nothing to report. I came in with a condition that was not easily diagnosed. In 1.5 hours, they took blood and urine samples, x-rays, and an EKG. The speed and quality of care was outstanding. A similar urgent care facility took 6 hours to process blood work and an x-ray.

    The facility is also set up to help you be comfortable. The rooms are actually a comfortable temperature. There is free kreuig coffee in the waiting room and a TV in the exam room (not only in the waiting room). I will be returning here whenever I need a doctor’s attention. I only wish that I had known this facility existed sooner!

  423. Shannon Jones 2017/08

    Fast, courteous, and would definitely go back. Hopefully not too soon though. 😉

  424. Yakysha 2017/07

    The worst do not go here

  425. Lauren Greene 2017/06

    Nice, new facility. Minimal wait. Attentive staff

  426. Carl Cooper 2017/06

    Wow this place is amazing! There was absolutely no wait time for me and I was a brand new patient! I always love when I see places that are technologically up to date, I just signed onto the iPad and I saw a doctor in a flash. Also, they have a really fancy keurig in the waiting room.

  427. Logan Taylor 2017/06

    I was happy with my initial visit to Better Med when they first opened, however, after a more recent visit, I received a bill with a charge for a test that I was both unaware was performed, nor was I given the results. When I called to clarify why I was charged for something that I was not told I was being tested for, I was told by billing that their healthcare providers were not responsible for informing me of what tests they were running, nor were they responsible for letting me know of the results if it did not have any “significant implications on my health.” I asked to speak with the director, and I was told to expect a call back and I never did receive that call. This is the problem with healthcare–providers who don’t respect their patients and don’t believe they owe them explanations about what services are being provided or what tests are being performed. Having worked in healthcare myself, I know this policy of not having to inform patients of testing and results is not true. This is unacceptable. I would not recommend this group to anyone I know or care for. I was extremely disappointed.

  428. Ospreyman Lott 2017/06

    I went in for dehydration from a bike ride. I’m a very good in shape rider who didn’t drink enough fluid on a hot day. I was tested for pnenumonia because the oxygen sensor was faulty on the machine which showed low oxygen. The “physican” that saw me was a PA who is supposed to be supervised by a full Doctor. There is no MD on site as there always is at Patient First. While I was finally given a IV, the PA came and told me that because a enzyme that signifies heart damage was above the normal range I needed to go to the emergency room which would give me another blood test to confirm the results. This inexperienced PA didn’t realize that dehydration skews results. Emergency room confirmed a false positive and I was released within an hour. Emergency room doctor said that dehydration skews results and it was procedure that required Urgent Care to refer me to the emergency room. I asked Urgent Care if I could go see my personal Dr. for a follow up blood test and they said it wouldn’t happen soon enough. So for inexperience at Urgent Care I owe the hospital $1,200. I will go to a real doctor at Patient First from now on.

  429. Kim & Bill (Green Dragon Farm) 2017/06

    I thought I had a UTI and at 5 am I woke up feeling miserable. I had seen Better Med, read the reviews and went to their web site. From my bed at 6am I made my 8:30 appt. By 8:45 I had finished my appt, I was in the car on the way to the pharmacy. Everyone was great. The office was spotless. It will definitely be my go to when I can’t get in with my PCP.

  430. Jackie N 2017/05

    Everyone was very friendly and courteous. They really live up to their name “Better Urgent Care”! Compared to other urgent care facilities they were definitely “better” and very “urgent”. I was out of their in no time and my prescription was ready in 10 minutes!

  431. Jeff Raines 2017/05

    It was alright at first but then they wouldn’t let me talk to to an actual physician. The nurse and secretary were really great but the doctor or PA, whichever were only in for less than few minutes. And when I called back the next day about a reaction to medication they wouldn’t actually listen to me and the secretary just got the doctor to prescribe me something else without even letting me talk to the doctor about my situation. I guess they just hand out pills there until something seems to stick.

  432. Barbara Moore 2017/04

    I came in for care on a Sunday afternoon and was thoroughly impressed. I was given immediate attention – no waiting. The facility is inviting, clean, comfortable and nicely decorated. While there (for fewer than 30 minutes total), a lab test was done and results confirmed. I interacted with four BetterMed associates during that half hour and all were incredibly professional, polite and efficient. My prescription was sent to the pharmacy of my choice before I left. This location is just blocks from my home, so very convenient.

  433. Natalie Kitchen 2017/04

    Super quick, everyone was nice, and the place is spotless. There are even Tvs in the exam rooms.

  434. Laura Moores 2017/04

    I’ve been to this location many times before and have always had a great and quick experience. But this particular visit left such a sour taste in my mouth, it’s making me rethink to ever return to this location.
    I went here November 25 at around 1 PM. I was having an asthma attack and had no puffs left in my inhaler. I called my pharmacy beforehand to refill my prescription and they informed I could not until my doctor approved a refill since unfortunately I was out. My PCP was closed, so the pharmacist told me to go to an Urgent Care center for an inhaler in the meantime. So when I got to Better Med, I assumed it would be the same quick and easy visit I’ve always enjoyed. So imagine my surprise when I am told by the front desk clerk that they cannot help me because I didn’t have a photo ID on me, even though I’ve been there multiple times before. So now I will have to go to the ER and pay 10x the amount I would have had I been helped in the attitude that is best in mind for the patient.

  435. Stefanie Powell 2017/03

    Quick service, clean environment, very nice staff

  436. Briana C 2017/03

    Very expensive! I was charged over $500 dollars for a breast exam. I have cigna insurance and was left with a $200 bill after insurance. It was a total waste of time and money! I’ll never return here. The receptionist was also very rude.

  437. Gena 2017/03

    Fast, great staff, and nice facility. I recommend this place

  438. Mitzi Ford 2017/02

    My first experience with Better Med. We were greeted as soon as we arrived. We were registered and back in a room very quickly there after. The nurses and staff were super friendly and very dedicated to diagnosis my son and help find answers and relief! They took there time and made us as comfortable as possible.

  439. Kara Cook 2017/01

    Best Urgent Care! Excellent and professional staff. Quick wait times and provider really took the time to listen to my health issues and get them resolved.

  440. Nate Teikari 2017/01

    I had a wildly good experience at this Urgent Care facility today. I really hate going to the doctor, but the staff at this location made me feel as comfortable as possible. I think I was there for about two hours, but I didn’t have to wait at all when I walked in, and I don’t think I was left alone for more than ten minutes. All the staff that tended to my needs seemed personally concerned about my well-being and only let me go when they seemed comfortable with how I was feeling and where my vitals were at. Cheryl, Betsy, Katie and Jennifer, I very much appreciate your help today and will definitely come here again when I need to.

  441. Kelly Prescott 2016/11

    Minimal wait time as a walk-in. Clean facility. Staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. They even called a day later to check in and see how I was feeling. Never going to Patient First again.

  442. Jenny Aghomo 2016/11

    I’ve been to Better Med three times in the last month. The last time my daughter ended up fracturing her ankle. They were able to take x-rays, put a splint/cast on her and have us out the door within the hour.
    Never have had to wait. Brand new building and everyone that
    works there is friendly.

  443. Christopher Winkler 2016/11

    We were the only ones visiting on a Sunday evening. We were in and out in 15 minutes. The front staff, nurse, and doctor were awesome. Super friendly and understanding, and listened to us carefully.

    The front office was clean, as was the private waiting room.

    Check in was quick and mostly done without paper forms.

    All in all, a great experience!

  444. Ashley 2016/10

    My entire experience took less than 20 minutes. Every single person I encountered was extremely pleasant and helpful. The receptionist was really welcoming, hospitable. My Dr. Was equally helpful, answering my questions thoroughly. They even called in my prescription to a recommended pharmacy, and recommended a PCP for me.
    Thank you to the wonderful ladies at the willow lawn location.

  445. Trace Woodbury 2016/10

    My wife has gone here, my mother in law has gone here, and last night I went here. This place is everything you are hoping to find in an urgent care location. Polite, friendly, QUICK, thorough, and they really take the time to answer all of your questions. I can’t think of a better place to go.

  446. Andrew Miller 2016/09

    I visited two other urgent care locations before trying BetterMed. One didn’t take my insurance, the other didn’t have the equipment needed to diagnose pneumonia. I took a chance on BetterMed, not having been there before, but was seen quickly. The staff are extremely helpful and attentive. They stayed open nearly an hour late to make sure I got everything I needed. Would definitely recommend.

  447. Carter King 2016/09

    Way better than Patient First. Nice staff and VERY fast.

  448. Gabrielle Spring 2016/08

    Will never go to CVS minute clinic or patient first again. Quick in and out visit with friendly staff!

  449. Sweet Dreams 2016/08

    I had excellent service visiting this urgent care practice. I was seen very quickly. I had already been seen at Richmond Urgent Care (NEVER go to that place – on Parham near the Aldi). I had a positive rapid strep test in that office – despite that Doctor refusing for it to be possible for me to have strep, then I was prescribed something I clearly said I was allergic to. I didn’t have to go through any of that here at BetterMed. The doctor even gave me something in the office for more instant relief, and prescribed the correct stronger antibiotic. I am finally kicking this strep throat, and it saved me an ER visit. So thankful I came here….very angry with myself for not just coming here in the first place!!

  450. nash francis 2016/08

    Great experience with short wait time. The entire staff was friendly and extremely helpful. Definitely the best customer service from an urgent care I’ve been to and would highly recommend to anyone else.

  451. Stefani Crumley 2016/07

    I had a great experience here today. The staff was friendly from the moment I walked in the door. I was seen quickly and felt taken care of. So glad to have this urgent care option near by.

  452. Constance Brindle 2016/07

    The receptionist kept reminding me they were going to close in 25 minutes. The nurse did not check my weight she told me to take a guess. I went to pick up my prescriptions and they were never sent over…. They were so busy trying to get home my health did not even matter. Tomorrow morning I will be contacting the Dept of Health Professions…. WILL NEVER GO BACK TO PEOPLE MORE WORRIED ABOUT GETTING HOME THAN A PATIENTS HEALTH

  453. enginetix 2016/06

    Needed a laceration on my finger sewn up, staff was awesome and thorough and even got my sense of humor! Facilities were clean and organized! Highly recommend this location if needed!

  454. Robert Swindall 2016/06

    Excellent care . Highly recommend .

  455. Tao Lu 2016/05

    If you are ready to take more than $300 out of pocket for a single visit, go here!

  456. Ms. Gi 2016/04

    Excellent!!! Will never go to patient first again! I was able to book an appointment online as a new patient, and I received email and text reminders. When I arrived the receptionist was very friendly, professional, and efficient. After I was signed in I was able to walk straight to the exam room- no waiting!! The moment by bottom touched the seat I was having my vitals taken and literally 2 minutes later the Dr. came in. Dr. Juan’s bedside manner was incredible and he was very knowledgeable. Hands down above and beyond my expectations. Will be my go to from now on. Thank you for amazing service!! 20 minute visit from start to finish.

  457. Timothy Gettemy 2016/04

    Wonderful experience… Everyone – reception, nurses, PA – were friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. No wait, in and out in an hour. Highly recommended over Patient Last!

  458. Norman Thomas 2016/04

    I’d never been to an urgent care before. I needed to see a doctor. I’d contracted acute bronchitis over a 24 hour period, and had both immediate travel commitments and important work obligations to fufill. My VCU-based doctor’s office had “no sick appointments.” I’d heard of Patient First, and called them. They said they would not take my insurance (Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield) as a “new patient.” They even refused to see me and allow me to self-pay! So, I found BetterMed online, and went to the Willow Lawn location. No waiting; I arrived at about 10:30 a.m. From the receptionist to the intake nurse, to the doctor, they were excellent to deal with in every way. They called-in my much needed prescription to my nearby pharmacy, and sent me on my way. They gave me information about my condition, and invited me to follow-up if things don’t clear up soon. I was home in less than two hours, prescription in hand, from the time I left. Now, I can fulfill my obligations, take the medicine and get better. No more stressing over how to access a physician for an acute illness in the Richmond-Chesterfield area. That is what I call a positive experience in difficult circumstances!

  459. Anna Jones 2016/04

    By far the best urgent care facility I’ve ever been to. From the time I walked into the door to the time I walked out (granted, no other patients in the waiting area) was under 25-30 minutes!! I had a knowledgeable and pleasant PA as well as an efficient and courteous intake experience. This will be my go-to spot until I’m able to find a primary care doc here in Richmond. Way to go guys, you’ve got your ducks in a row!!

  460. Katie Taylor 2016/03

    Very quick urgent care, took less than 40 minutes from walking in to be totally done. Very nice staff.

  461. J Miller, Au.D. 2016/03

    I had need to visit this Urgent Care facility. Visiting Richmond from out of town. After registration, I was immediately taken to an exam room. Caring , professional healthcare providers. Diagnosis given , pain managed and prescriptions 💊💊sent to the CVS store one block over.
    I couldn’t have asked for better care. Thanks to everyone for taking excellent care of me👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  462. Carl Funk 2016/02

    As a first time walk-in, waited only about 5 min after filling out the paper work. When I was seen by the doctor, they were very very informative and comforting. Thank you guys!

  463. laminar flow 2016/01

    Once you clear the office of redundancy department, these guys are awesome. Quick, polite, and knowledgeable.

  464. Chuck Gallagher 2015/05

    Clean, fast, and very good experience. This will be my “doc in a box” going forward

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