CareNow Urgent Care – Regency Square

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CareNow Urgent Care – Regency Square
4.4 based on 350 reviews
  1. jeanclaude derival 2023/11

    Excellent service

  2. Mary Henderson 2023/11

    Excellent customer service and care!

  3. Lexy Taylor 2023/11

    Carenow is normally my go to for urgent care because of the stellar service, clean waiting areas, and excellent providers. However, I called to this location to follow up on lab results and the lady on the phone was extremely rude. She spoke as if the questions I had were a bother to her and as if I was wasting her time being on the phone. I normally do not leave reviews but this was a highly unpleasant encounter that unfortunately makes me hesitant to revisit this location.

  4. Donea Daniels 2023/11

    Very pleasant and efficient.

  5. Julie 2023/11

    I went to the CareNow at Regency Square last night. I was absolutly MAD at the service I received. I just got off from work and it was on my way home and my husband and I stopped for some swelling in my shoulder and neck. I filled out all of the paperwork just to be told that I would have to pay self pay since my insurance company was closed for the day EVEN tho I had my insurance card and also had my $75.00 copay. If you look on the back of my card it also has a website to verify the insurance. I have NEVER had an issue with my insurance card or going to Better Med or Patient First before. So needless to say I did not pay it and left. The girl working was not nice and this should of never happened. I work in the medical industry and I am appalled at the way I was treated. DONT EVER GO TO THIS PLACE! I will put this on social media and make sure that everyone knows how you will be treated at this place. She should be fired for being nasty and NOT doing her job correctly ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  6. Jessica Harris 2023/11

    I loved the doctor that took care of me he was very concerned about my problem I came in with . I will be coming back to this location.

  7. eileen curran 2023/11

    Everyone was very professional !

  8. Gale Matheny 2023/11

    Wait to long test done wrong
    went to hospital

  9. Carl Meyer 2023/11

    Service and care from the doctor was excellent

  10. Red Dawn 1984 2023/11

    Fast service. Courteous staff.

  11. Merle James 2023/11

    the doctor was a kind man but the wait was ridiculously long. i waited almost two hours only to conclude that the flu test was only 50% accurate. What was the point?

  12. Boydie Maraj 2023/11

    Best urgent care I’ve ever been to! Was here for a work trip and had some health problems pop up. I saw Dr. Rivera and he was super knowledgeable and thorough. He explained everything to me and even said to advocate for myself. Thank you so much for the amazing care!

  13. Keona EL 2023/11

    I loved them ! There was this situation with this woman but they handled it so beautifully.

  14. Amy L. Spiker 2023/11

    This is my second visit to this location. I have been very happy with the speed and efficiency of my visits. I appreciate being able to register ahead and not have to wait once I am texted to arrive.

  15. Jaclyn Schmidt 2023/11

    Great! I got on the waitlist online and in about an hour they texted me saying I could come in and I drove over (12 min). The lady at the front desk checked me in and answered my questions kindly and thoroughly since I’d never been to urgent care before. They took me back in about 5 min. I saw Mukul Mallick, PA and he was great! Super caring, asked lots of questions, and even though I had been gaslighting myself for weeks about my symptoms he realized I was really sick and needed medicine. He prescribed me a couple meds (I had two separate issues I needed to take care of) that I took for about a week and afterward I felt SO much better. I am happy to know there’s such a helpful PA and urgent care center here until I’m able to get in to see a family doctor (new resident to Richmond).

  16. Julie Jackson 2023/10

    Great experience! All employees were so polite and professional. Minimal wait time, easy to register online, and the doctor was amazing. He listened to all my concerns and fixed me right up. I highly recommend this Urgent Care location!

  17. Jayci Page 2023/10

    This place was a lifesaver! The staff were so friendly and helpful. The later hours are greatly appreciated as a working mom. Extremely short wait time, online check-in and being welcoming to myself and children – I’d recommend to anyone and everyone.

  18. Tanya Holloman 2023/10

    Everyone was great.

  19. Terri Okes 2023/10

    I was seen quickly and treated professionally.

  20. Joe Oglesby 2023/10

    Very friendly staff

  21. Chrystal McGlone 2023/10

    It was easy to check in and get registered. The nurse was efficient and kind and the Provider was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I was in and out in 75 minutes. Great visit!

  22. Michelle West 2023/10

    Quick, great care when you need it the most. Highly recommend

  23. Keisha Walker 2023/10

    The staff were very curious and detailed. They explained every detail.

    Due to renovation, it was unclear where i was to enter for service. The sign on front door started they open at 8:30 a.m. I was there on time and the door was locked. After knocking, someone came to inform me that I needed to enter at the side door. There wasn’t notification on either door.

  24. Anne Gibbons 2023/10

    The provider was kind, knowledgeable, and helpful. I would return here.

  25. Kay Mcmanus 2023/10

    Fast efficient and professional

  26. Barbara Clingenpeel 2023/10

    It’s was very confusing between the nurse and doctor they did not seem like they new what they were doing

  27. Barry Davis 2023/10

    Everyone is great and very professional. In and out on time.

  28. Katie J. 2023/10

    So slow I thought I was going to die

  29. Gennet Tekelhaimanot 2023/10

    Dear dr. and nurse thank you for taking care of me diligently and professionally i am very happy to visited Urgent Care Almighty Gid bkessed you all!

  30. NANCY DENBY 2023/10

    Received great care from Simon after dog bite this pm. Thankful

  31. Hernando Rodriguez 2023/10

    Fueron muy amables y profesionales en su trato.

  32. Erin Klich 2023/10

    Quick service and Dr. Simon is the best urgent care doctor I have encountered. He made me feel heard and was incredibly thorough and validated my concerns which I find to be rare. He was incredibly knowledgeable and gave me a clear course of action to address my issue.

  33. Jack Jack (The SJ Show) 2023/10

    Great staff. Fast and easy service.

  34. Gita Prakash 2023/09

    I tried calling to see when I should come for lab testing. No one answered. Filled out my forms on line which apparently isn’t needed for employment requirement testing. The lady at the front deadline was very rude. I asked politely for a time frame and she was curt and abrasive. She said she couldn’t say and didn’t attempt to inquire. There is nothing like urgent care at this facility. The wait is long and the front desk staff very rude and unprofessional

  35. Lisa Edwards 2023/09

    Outstanding. Doctor is brilliant MA was so professional!!

  36. Damon Charity 2023/09

    Today I took a family member to the new BetterMed at Regency Square and I have to say it is FAR and AWAY THE ABSOLUTE BEST URGENT CARE FACILITY in the area. From the moment we entered the lobby and were greeted by a plush, modern waiting room to the ease of check-in and the care and concern exhibited by each and every member of the staff, I knew we were in the right place.
    This is such a difference from the lack-luster and “ take a number “ feel I used to receive at Patient First.
    Their staff are fully engaged, knowledgeable and have great bed side manners.
    The attending are actually concerned about your welfare and confident in their recommendations.
    Are you tired of being over charged for services and meds at Patient First? Then do yourself and your family a favor and go to this Urgent Care Facility the next time you’re in need.

  37. Brian Stults 2023/09

    CareNow at Regency square mall was very clean and the employees did a good job of getting patients in and out.

  38. CMONEY D 2023/09

    Got there early. Was in and out in 30 mins. Clean facility. Nice staff.

  39. Bob Wilson 2023/09

    The medical side of my experience was top-notch. The administrative side – initial greeting, collecting personal info, etc. – not so much. There was extraneous conversation going on in the waiting area that was distracting.

  40. kathryn buchanan 2023/09

    Felt like I received a thorough exam and was treated with great care.

  41. claire morrison 2023/09

    i have had nothing but great care at this location, i will never go anywhere else as long as these doctors are here. they are kind and patient. they explain everything in great detail and answer questions thoroughly. im always in and out within an hour.

  42. Kimberly Samuels (Kim) 2023/09

    Outstanding patient care and the physicians bedside manor is fantastic, great place for medical care when you need it most!!

  43. Susan Lubman-Edwards 2023/09

    Efficient and professional. Thanks for the care.

  44. Jess Kennedy 2023/09

    Friendly staff and doctor

  45. Nathan Deal 2023/09

    Great experience at this facility… much better than recent experience at an urgent care competitor

  46. Rachel Brownstein 2023/09

    Receptionist, MA, and PA were all great. The whole process took maybe 90 min. Convenient and got what I needed done relatively quickly. I will be back if I need another urgent care visit.

  47. Winona Banks 2023/09

    Very good service with a caring manner

  48. Cody Fischer 2023/09

    Dr. Rodgers was very professional and went above and beyond for me.

  49. Tom Watkins 2023/09

    Friendly and professional

  50. Svondai Miles 2023/09

    Everyone that I came in contact with were very nice and competent.

  51. Adam Rothschild 2023/08

    Great staff and professional support.

  52. Peter T 2023/08

    Check in process was extremely easy and I was informed of how long the expected wait time was, which was very accurate

  53. Sylvia King 2023/08

    Efficient, caring and courteous.

  54. Todd Curtis 2023/08

    Dot physical
    Everyone was great and very professional

  55. Jan Johnson 2023/08

    I had a mix of concerning signs and symptoms and received a very good workup and plan. Thank you, Simon Rivera, PA-C, for listening and doing a thorough exam!

  56. John Gallup 2023/08

    Staff was very cordial, and care was very thorough. My problem was solved.

  57. George Ortiz 2023/08

    It was a long wait but everyone was nice and once I got back to the exam room it went smoothly. The nurse was very nice and helpful and the doctor was thorough and very helpful. I would recommend using this urgent care facility.

  58. Ruth Wilson 2023/08

    The employees were very professional and courteous to me on my visit.

  59. Catharine Broadnax 2023/08

    Have been here three times and it’s the best urgent care facility I’ve ever experienced. We always add ourselves to the online registration and then walk right in. Great service and staff.

  60. Kelley Taylor 2023/07

    Best urgent care experience we’ve ever had! Boyfriend went in with some concerning symptoms. Dr. Simon Rivera was extremely helpful and thorough. Thank you for the speedy, professional care and most importantly, some peace of mind while navigating a scary medical situation.

  61. Tfife1981 Tfife1981 2023/07

    The front desk and staff were very polite and knowledgeable. I was very much satisfied with my treatment.

  62. Shawn Highsmith 2023/07

    Everyone was very professional and put me at ease for a work physical.

  63. Antione Robinson 2023/07

    The young lady at the front desk was very rude and disrespectful. I was told that I stink. Then she started spraying disinfectant spray on the chair I was sitting in. That’s not a way to treat another human being at all.

  64. john sotos 2023/06

    Overall I was highly satisfied with my visit. Doctor & nurse were very friendly and professional. Only draw back I had was when I entered there was no receptionist, and there wasn’t one for several minutes after I had arrived.

  65. joyce slater 2023/06

    When I walked in there was no one at the desk for at least 5 minutes. The entire staff seemed extremely uninvolved from not introducing themselves to constantly leaving the front desk to refusing to say how long the wait was. The person who gave me the PCR test had no name tags and no designation. She was very slow at the computer. Not clear if I’ll be seen by a Dr even.

  66. Carly Croft 2023/06

    Went in sick with sick infant. No one at front desk for a long time. Registration had to be done entirely on phone, front desk staff, when present, “are not allowed to assist in entering insurance information”. Baby’s temp was taken improperly by medical assistant, and had to be redone by the PA when I insisted that I was sure he had a fever (second reading did show he had a fever).

    Edit: I called the number listed by the owner several times during hours listed as open for business, and no one picked up. There is no way to leave a message.

  67. Aarik Mickens-Dessaso 2023/06

    Great service, no long waiting and very acute attention to details for what I needed (non-Covid related) — staff at this location was awesome, personable and patient (pun intended)

  68. Tazhane Clarke 2023/06

    Best experience I’ve ever had with an urgent care. In and out, granted I went early in the morning. NP I saw made a memorable experience as well.

  69. Scottie Alley 2023/06

    I was impressed with the facility of BetterMed and the professionalism and efficiency of the intake clerk, x-ray tech, LPN, and PA. First-rate treatment.
    Several years later … I have just visited CareNow (because my physician did not have openings) and was impressed by the professionalism and experience of the Nurse Practitioner. I will definitely return.

  70. Chaney Carter 2023/06

    I was told by my employer to report there for a urine test today at 2pm and although I arrived early I still wasn’t called back to give my sample until 2:30 pm or later which almost caused me to urinate on my I feel it was unprofessional on their part.

  71. Anna Williams 2023/06

    They were quick and efficient. Doctor was very kind and had good instincts and knowledge.

  72. Austin E. Rakes 2023/06

    It took a long time today, but I always like getting the doctor on duty. He’s so kind and helpful and remembers me each time even though it’s just an urgent care!

  73. Majel Stein 2023/06

    Efficient, professional, friendly.

  74. Dave Selander 2023/06

    Very polite and professional service.

  75. Faith Green 2023/06

    It was fine

  76. Tonya Hill 2023/06

    Service was great I will come back again.

  77. veda crawley 2023/05

    Staff was very professional, friendly and efficient.

  78. Maria Parris 2023/05

    No complaints. Professional staff efficient and expeditious. Definitely recommend.

  79. Jeff Schmidt 2023/05

    Great experience!

  80. MeMe Mays 2023/05

    Best experience at an urgent ever!!
    I appreciate the electronic check in and paper work. Saves paper and headache of trying to write when you don’t feel well.

    The front desk ladies were sweet and welcoming.
    The nurses were prompt and accommodating.
    The PA was very thorough and spent a lot of time explaining things to me and making a follow up plan.

    I would highly recommend this place to anyone who wants great care and a comfortable atmosphere.

  81. Jerimi Mixon 2023/05

    Everyone was so caring. Doctor explained everything to me, and told me to come back if the problem wasn’t resolved.

  82. Julie Black 2023/05

    I brought my mother in close to closing time for an ankle injury. All of the staff were caring, calm, and professional. The facility was clean and modern. I’ve never had such a nice experience at an urgent care facility.

  83. Rick Barden 2023/05

    Very thoughtful and professional

  84. mwpatter77 2023/05

    It was great. Their online checkin makes it super quick.

  85. Quincy Smith 2023/05

    Nice and very clean establishment. Personnel were friendly and very helpful.

  86. Annie Reinke 2023/05

    After I filled out my paperwork I was immediately seen by a nurse and after a short wait I was seen by a very kind doctor. I’m impressed and very grateful as my regular provider could not find time during the entire week to see me.

  87. Madison Richmond 2023/05

    Hours should be 8am til 7pm if you’re not going to let a patient be see if they come in at 7:15.

  88. Taneiyah Townsend 2023/05

    Office staff ignored calls on my 5/8th visit & when got inside was joking about a prior patient they ran off and apparently was disrespectful in front of, although on 5/9th I got dr Mukhal on the phone for a Dr note when I tried calling him back a hour later to ask whether I should wait in office for testing for myself he ignored me talking with him and transferred call to front office staff, that day they answered but didn’t communicate the hold would be extended because they were busy at the moment, I could say I’m shocked but customer service in a lot of people is looked at like a joke now apparently it’s truly sad, if I joked about patients in their faces & ignored calls I wouldn’t have a job, how pathetic

  89. Secret Stash 2023/04

    Staff is very friendly and helpful. Quick and easy process, got me in and out

  90. Aubrey Granderson 2023/04

    The people were very friendly. Everything was clean. The medical staff explained things well. My total visit was less than an hour for an ear infection. I especially love that I didn’t have to get weighed for ear pain. With my insurance, my copay for CareNow is more than Patient First, but it’s worth it for the quicker and friendlier service.

  91. Te'Aria Bennett 2023/04

    I’m never disappointed when I come to Care Now, the doctors are kind and make you feel like a patient and not just a number.

  92. M Hatch 2023/04

    Excellent care. Very caring and professional. The provider listened to understand and was very knowledgeable.

  93. Jason Bryant 2023/04

    Great experience. Empathetic and professional.

  94. Pedro Gomez 2023/04

    Muy atentos

  95. Charlotte Suhr 2023/04

    Fast, excellent care!

  96. Lisa Carter 2023/04

    On time

  97. Johnny Araya 2023/04

    As a medical professional who coordinates care for patients in the field, I am concerned that some members of the staff may not realize de value that we bring to these practices. If things don’t go well and staff is not courteous, helpful and cooperative with us, we may choose other providers to provide care to our injured clients.
    I want to clarify that the Occupational Medicine medical practitioner and her supportive staff at this location, at the time of this review are flat out excellent. She is extremely professional and attentive to my patients and is extremely knowledgeable of work injuries and to treat them at this level.
    SOME of the front desk staff, unfortunately, seem to be bothered by just doing their job. And will roll their eyes at any simple requests or assistance. They are quite rude and very focused on imposing their apparent authority by cutting you off on requests, instead of politely listen and then respond and explain.
    Some of them are more interested in what happens on their phones.
    I urge the owners or managers at this location to call me directly for any questions about any of the above.
    It is likely this is a great place for care as wait times are quite reasonable and even better than most places I visit. And most clients appear to be satisfied with the care. So, I am not questioning the professional level of the medical providers, just to clarify. But customer service may make or break your business.

  98. Andrew Weaver 2023/04

    Doctors and nurses are good. Expect long waits and if you call you typically can’t get through to anyone. I’m going to switch to Dispatch Health for my urgent care needs.

  99. Maggie Goodrich 2023/04

    first time experience – extremely helpful. receptionists were cordial and welcoming. didn’t take long before i was called back after walking in. nurse was patient and friendly. one of the most understanding and effective doctors i’ve seen at an urgent care. he was there to treat me. not get me out the door, & move on to the next patient. extremely impressed and already feeling better. completely worthwhile. thank you to the awesome staff!

  100. Catherine Richards 2023/03

    CareNow at Regency was quick but thorough, professional, and knowledgeable. Dr. Simon is wonderful!

  101. Lisa Davis 2023/03

    Friendly staff and very quick, didn’t have to wait long at all. Would have been awesome if I could have picked up my prescription there but otherwise great. I liked that it wasn’t too crowded and the waiting area was cozy.

  102. Caroline Brady 2023/03

    I checked in online before going and the wait time wasn’t bad. The doctor was kind and answered all my questions. I would recommend this location.

  103. Annie Winter 2023/03

    I was the second person to check in this morning the minute they opened at 8am. Just need a simple strep swab. It’s been 1.5 hrs and I’m still waiting. Asked why it was taking so long and when I would be seen and was told there were “staffing issues”. The person who finally took the swab was the same person initially at reception so I suspect they’re just covering for a medical professional. No idea who is managing this place, and I know urgent cares are never actually urgent, but this one is really not well run.

  104. grace vosburg 2023/02

    The staff was so friendly and the Dr was awesome

  105. Brady Cason 2023/02

    Beautiful receptionist! 😉 …

  106. Shirley Malak 2023/02

    Great fast service

  107. David Huddleston 2023/02

    Very easy to work with, timely and efficient with resources. Will come back to this location if needed

  108. Jay Lewis 2023/02

    Like many others in these reviews, I had good experiences at this location (and others) when it was a BetterMed. I’d now strongly advise against CareNow (new name post HCA’s acquisition) if you have any sort of issue, with an additional star only given because the PA was pleasant.

    I recently broke my finger and went to this location to confirm. Upon seeing the PA, he said I needed an x-ray, but that despite having the equipment they did not staff an x-ray technician at this location and informed me that to continue my visit I’d have to drive 30 minutes to the Hull Street location for imaging (plus an additional 30 minutes home.) Not seeing another option and reasoning I was going to get charged anyway, I agreed. On my way out he fitted me with a simple metal/foam splint and some tape to stabilize my finger, and informed me that because he felt bad I wouldn’t be charged for it.

    Inconvenience aside, the pricing of this place is now absurd. The simple splint that I was told was on the house hit my insurance for $95, and the provider charge for the PA totaled $497, which is 55% more expensive than the hand surgeon I saw later in the week.

    TL;DR – CareNow represents everything wrong with American healthcare. A good thing (BetterMed) exists, is bought by a corporate health behemoth (HCA), level of care decreases, and we pay more for it. Save your frustration and go somewhere else, which may or may not be better.

  109. Amber Ford 2023/02

    Quick and easy intake! Friendly staff and doctors.

  110. Michelle Mines 2023/01

    Excellent staff and doctors.

  111. Jill Blouch 2023/01

    I will never go to another urgent care center again. Twice now, I was so impressed with the friendliness, efficiency and quality of everyone I interacted with while there. They answered and returned my calls promptly. Very clean also! The doctor went out of his way to find another antibiotic when the one I was using wasn’t working. He also made sure to call it in immediately so I would have it asap.

  112. Cenk Kalemdaroglu 2023/01

    Awful experience. I waited an hour on one day and had to leave because I could not wait anymore. I returned the next day and waited close to two hours and was still not seen by a provider. When I asked for my copay refund and tried to leave, I was told I had to call their accounting (because they had already taken me to a back room and taken my BP where I waited another 45 minutes). So, I had to wait more. Overall, MD spent 90 secs with me. My experience averaged approximately 100 minutes of waiting per 1 minute of clinical time.

  113. Mark Baldwin 2023/01

    Front desk associates have a lackadaisical attitude and are very indifferent. They sit and joke while patients are having trouble checking in to a less than friendly computer check in app. I would not recommend this facility

  114. Jennifer Matthews 2023/01

    This place is a joke..the past 2 times I have come here have been horrible. Save your time and money and go wait at Patient First. Front desk is rude and thinks everything is funny. Depending on what day and time you go its by appointment only unless you don’t need one and just have to wait. They decide at that moment when its appointment only.

  115. Garret Bernal 2023/01

    I had a great experience here.

  116. Jennifer Rambo 2023/01

    Friendly staff & clean facility

  117. Bruce Cann 2023/01

    I waited for 2 1/2 to see a doctor.
    The z-pac only lasted for a week.
    They refused to provide a refill without an office visit.
    Their was no quarantining within the waiting room where sick and Covid were all waiting to see one doctor.

    Sad that this this best treatment available to Medicare patients.

  118. Brenda Michael 2023/01

    Were not professional, front office or back treatment area. Terrible registration procedure, the worst I have encountered. I would not recommend, not a pleasant experience.

  119. Faith Richardson 2023/01

    Services were quick easy and painless. Got there around 9:30am and got out and was done by 10:30am. Wasn’t busy and staff was nice and kind.

  120. Martha Mullen 2023/01

    Not much of a wait, comfy couches, comfy exam tables, clean bathroom, polite staff. Just fabulous!

  121. Amy Hamme 2023/01

    I always love coming to this office! It is clean, everyone is friendly and knowledgeable, and the nurses and providers really take their time with you. I just love Mukul Mallick! He is amazing and has never steered me wrong. He is kind, compassionate and explains everything. I am a nurse myself and really appreciate the care that is provided. This is a top notch location.

  122. Kelly Norton 2022/11

    Caring, quick, and efficient. I would recommend to anyone.

  123. Kakiva Alexander 2022/11

    My first visit To this location. I was in and out. Great first impression. Thank you for making it easy to get care.

  124. Carolyn Norman 2022/11

    Everyone was very friendly, fast, and efficient. Definitely, my go-to place for PCR test.

  125. Jessica Bardenheier 2022/11

    Clean, friendly, fast but thorough! I’m glad to know this is near by. Very convenient and the staff was helpful throughout!

  126. Alice Scott 2022/11

    Very efficient! Hardly any wait! Very clean!

  127. Jasmin Shelton 2022/11

    The receptionist was really nice and was better than previous urgent care places that I have visited. Some receptionist can display what seems like an attitude

  128. April Bonner 2022/11

    Fast and friendly service. Facility very clean.

  129. Davishia Baldwin 2022/11

    Great service. Friendly staff, thorough care. I wish they also did primary care.

  130. Barry Penn Hollar 2022/11

    Prompt, professional, and personable.

  131. Jane Perkins 2022/11

    I received excellent care today. The nurse who took my vitals and other info was on the ball. She knew the clues that indicated that the thermometer was incorrect and got a difference device that showed the first was 3 degrees off. When she heard me coughing she brought me water. I really liked the doctor, too, who was very efficient, friendly, and prescribed a medication he thought was best for me.

  132. Scott Nystrom 2022/11

    Great service. Caring and knowledgeable staff. Very convenient

  133. ViviJu 2022/11

    The front staff was very pleasant and the Dr answered all our questions patiently and thoroughly. Thank you!

  134. Molly Huey 2022/11

    Best experience I’ve ever had at a medical facility. I’ve never felt so listened to, and no one seemed bothered or rushed to help me out. I was a walk in patient and left with answers, reassurance, and a referral! Shout out to Simon – my fiance was also seen by him for a different reason today and we both left feeling this way. Amazing.

  135. Daniel Holt 2022/10

    Nice place, friendly staff.

  136. Jennifer S. Murphy 2022/10

    Very kind, swift, and efficient staff. This was our first time visiting. We will definitely return to this location in the future. Thank you for the amazing care!

  137. Chris Wible 2022/10

    Excellent care. Efficient and friendly. Thank you, BetterMed!

  138. Kathryn Hobbs 2022/10

    Quick and easy! Made an appointment online and was checked in as soon as I arrived. Saw the provider and was out the door in less than an hour.

  139. pat smith 2022/10

    Got great care with very little wait time.

  140. Paula Spraker 2022/10

    Great visit
    Both the receptionist who took my information and the nurse practitioner who took my vitals could not have been friendlier and more engaging
    The doctor was also very efficient and explained what he was doing
    All in all a very successful visit

  141. turk 19 2022/10

    This was my first time here. It was such a pleasant experience-from the check in to taking my BP and such, and to the nurse practitioner, everyone was SO nice and accommodating- the best urgent care experience I’ve ever had!! Tracy W.

  142. CABB 2022/10

    There’s no meed to make an appointment if you’re going to be there 1.5-2 hrs. The wait times in this place is ridiculous!

  143. albert tyler 2022/10

    good service from the front desk

  144. Kaylee DeVore 2022/10

    I waited for a while but I was also a walk-in. All staff were kind and helpful. Facility was clean and welcoming. Probably would have been quicker if I made an appointment.

  145. Sheila Stells 2022/10

    I was very pleased with our service today! They were prompt from start to finish. I am a nurse of over 25 years and have high customer service standards with medical profession- took my daughter there for X-ray for possible fracture and walked out with our questions answered and a temporary cast. Will definitely recommend! Thank you!

  146. Richard Hendrickson 2022/09

    People were friendly and thorough. Will use again!

  147. Ashley Morris 2022/09

    I went to this location today to get a Covid test to return to work, but Betsy refused to do her job and look me up on the uhcprovider website. I sat in their parking lot for over an hour calling my insurance company and HR trying to figure this out because Betsy is to incompetent too I suppose. I called again and spoke to a very nice lady just to find out that Betsy canceling my appointment even though, she promised I would get in today. Basically don’t go here unless you want to deal with idiots.

  148. Lydia Harte 2022/09

    I received excellent care from the second I walked in this morning. The registration person was friendly and calm. I was taken back after only a few minutes. The nurse, Allison, was excellent! The PA who helped me genuinely listened to me and was extremely thorough. I highly recommend Better Med!

  149. Jonathan Tomenendal 2022/09

    I made an appointment for 3:15, didn’t even get in a room till 4:20, and waited in the room for over an hour on top of that to actually get a doctor in. I get that it’s a busy day, but there is a difference between a half an hour wait and a two hour wait. If you are understaffed, then don’t schedule as many appointments and don’t allow walk ins. Making people wait over two hours is unacceptable and extremely inconsiderate of their time.

  150. Jerry Miller 2022/09

    Very friendly staff that puts you at ease. Also, I am impressed with how nice the facility is with all the private rooms. Within five minutes of arriving, I was checked in and within ten minutes, I was back in a patient room. The nurse was very prompt and friendly and advised me about the timing of my consultation. The attending nurse practitioner (or doc) was very thorough and spent time understanding the situation. All in all, very pleased!

  151. Stephanie Canar 2022/09

    This is the 1st time that I say I didn’t have a good experience. The PA that I saw needs to listen to the person that they are treating.

  152. Brian Dudley 2022/09

    Staff were efficient, polite, and helpful

  153. Mary Lu Bennett 2022/09

    Friendly and helpful staff.short wait time. I wanted to take Shandra home. The doctor ( and I’m sorry I can’t pronounce his name) explained my condition and the medication prescribed in easy to understand terms.
    This is my go to place for urgent care

  154. Weezie Thompson 2022/09

    I was so impressed with all the staff’s kindness and thoroughness today. I will highly recommend the Regency location of Better Med.

  155. Chris McNulty 2022/09

    I always have a great experience. Efficient and effective. All of the staff has great attitudes and this is my go to place when I need medical attention.

  156. Bruce Brooks 2022/09

    All staff very welcoming, friendly and helpful. Took time for questions.

  157. Donna Riedel 2022/09

    1st time and the ease of filling out forms was quick. Saw the nurse right after I git in the room and Dr. Simon was in to see me within a very short time. I would certainly recommend Better Med.

  158. Karen Michael 2022/09

    Very friendly staff. Very efficient. Nice setting. Highly recommend.

  159. Fareeda Ali 2022/09

    No point. Go to an urgent care. They do not do a lot of things and harass you when you owe them the littlest amount sending it to collections.

  160. Anne Murphy 2022/09

    Appointment was easily made online. Everyone was friendly and efficient. The facility is relatively new and very clean. I was there for a routine test and was in and out in 25 minutes. Great experience; I would certainly go back there for care.

  161. Brianna Ashcraft 2022/09

    I used to go to Patient First. No longer! I went to BetterMed once and have been returning since. The doctor that I get (I always forget his name unfortunately) is the absolute SWEETEST most caring doctor I’ve had. The staff is always so nice and kind and professional, and the place itself is always so clean and relaxing – even when you’re in pain or sick. I love this BetterMed.

  162. Aubrey Ellis III 2022/09

    Staff and doctor was super cool. Very knowledgeable and I could tell that they actually cared about me and wanted to help me get better.

  163. vincent bonner 2022/09

    Everyone was kind and very respectful and I appreciate it

  164. Patricia Walton 2022/08

    Excellent service, comforting and helpful staff and expedient.

  165. Courtney Morgan 2022/08

    Everyone from the receptionist to the tech to the provider was friendly, efficient, and professional. I was in & out quickly with prescriptions sent to my pharmacy. The building was clean & quiet. I can highly recommend this location!

  166. melisa house 2022/08

    Very friendly at front desk and Dr. Mallick was awesome. You always wonder what kind of experience your gonna have and mine could not have been any better. My nurse was awesome too. Thank you all.

  167. Caitlin Bomar 2022/08

    My entire experience here was fantastic. I had fallen while playing volleyball the previous night and even though it didn’t hurt at all at first, within a few hours of getting home I couldn’t walk on my right foot. I iced it but this morning it was still hurting just as badly. I was checked in within a few minutes by a kind staff. Facility was clean and bright. The man who took my vitals and x-days as well as the doctor who went over my x-rays were both very professional. Definitely felt well taken care of here and would absolutely recommend it.

  168. Angela Brame 2022/08

    The team saw me right along arrival. Very nice staff. Everyone was patient and nice. Thank you

  169. Aubrey Duerksen 2022/08

    A++ From check in to leaving, every single person we encountered was so kind, pleasant, and helpful. BetterMed at Regency is now my first choice for Urgent Care.

  170. Brian Ross 2022/08

    I went in for help with debris in one of my eyes. Sign up was easy. It was my first visit to a BetterMed. Simon then checked my eye with a thorough examination, listened to my concerns, offered advice, and the eye drops he used seemed to help. My eye is feeling better. Hopefully, the problem doesn’t resurface.

  171. Patricia Jones 2022/08

    The entire staff far exceeded our expectations. From the front reception check in with Sierra to the intake with Tashawndae and then the visit with Simon Rivera, the experience was fantastic. I was most impressed with everyone’s pleasant interactions – treating us with kindness, respect, efficient, and just ‘in a good mood’ which can be rare at times these days. A special shout out to Simon for being incredibly patient at explaining the diagnosis and educating us incredibly thoroughly and not feeling rushed. Thank you – we will be back (and we hope to get this very same team) and we will share our positive experience with others! Please tell this team how much of a positive impact they made in our day (at a time when you are sick!).

  172. Sara Sculthorpe 2022/08

    I was the first person at BetterMed this morning and it took less than 3 minutes to self check in and then just 3-4 minutes with the admin who then quickly took me back to a room. The nurse was there waiting for me to do vitals. After he left, Simon came in to check me. He has the most calming voice and demeanor. He was willing to spend as much time as I needed asking questions and discussing a treatment plan. I wish he could be my primary care doctor because he is much more empathetic and caring. After 30 minutes, I was in my way home. This was the least obnoxious doctor visit I have had in years.

  173. Nay Nay R. 2022/07

    This place never fails me. Great bedside manner and excellent customer service. Always a pleasant visit when going. Doctor very attentive and listens to patients concerns.

  174. Robin Liesfeld 2022/07

    Professional, caring, and friendly!

  175. Whitney Fogg 2022/07

    I used to love BetterMed; unfortunately HCA has purchased it and today I had a horrible experience. I waited for an hour and simply left. No better than a Patient First experience, and that’s saying a lot.

  176. Kate Archer 2022/07

    I had an awesome experience today at BetterMed. My online appointment set up was very easy and I could fill out my paperwork beforehand. When I got to my appointment the staff were extremely polite and professional. Highly recommend if you need urgent care treatment!

  177. Michael Bencivengo 2022/07

    Tried to make appointment at 6 am for a covid test for travel and by 6:01 all slots are gone I couldn’t type my name fast enough

  178. Whitney Campbell 2022/07

    This BetterMed is what every urgent care should be. Efficient, effective, and compassionate. I’ve been here twice and the staff has been so kind and reassuring and I’ve hardly had to wait at all. Thank you for setting the bar!

  179. Golden Sparkle 2022/07

    Beautiful, clean and good service

  180. Joshua Thomas 2022/07

    Great service when the doctor came in . Very kind and professional

  181. julia payne 2022/07

    Everyone from the front desk, to the rooming nurse, and the PA was quick, respectful, thorough, and helpful!

  182. Blair Davies 2022/07

    Our visit was fast and efficient. The doctor very quickly diagnosed my daughter with a double ear infection and prescribed us the correct antibiotics. Very happy with our experience. My daughter is now on the road to feeling better thanks to BetterMed

  183. Susan Bird 2022/07

    Dr Malik was awesome he fixed me right up with a little minor surgery. Towanna was awesome- nurses assistant I think, and I think the nurse was Sheena? From start to finish I really liked the place, all the staff was very kind and helpful. I’ll go back there next time. Everything was clean and cleaned after each patient I noticed.
    Thanks to all for making me comfortable and feel welcomed.

  184. Michelle Turner 2022/07

    I am so thankful they treated my dog bite so quickly!

  185. Kathryn Hunt 2022/07

    Fast, efficient & friendly

  186. Vanessa Johnson 2022/07

    This was my first time going to better med for service.
    The staff was very kind
    The PA or Doctor had a absolutely great bedside manner .
    The medical assistant was fantastic
    The front desk receptionist had such a beautiful personality.
    Overall 100% service

  187. Jennifer Bradley 2022/07

    Clean facility(lobby and rooms), staff friendly and the doctor was very informative

  188. Goshi Chaudry 2022/07

    BetterMed is not a reliable source of medical needs. They require appointment for visiting their facilities. But their Portal make you get up 5am to make appointment but appointments are never available. I tried this to make appointment for 8 days but couldn’t succeed. BetterMed sucks period.
    Shafquat Buttar

  189. vicki s 2022/07

    Love the people and typically when you make an appointment you are in and out. We were sitting in the room close to an hour this time and my Mom is 89
    She was cold and anxious to leave. Must’ve been an off or short staffed day. I still love Bettermed though

  190. Jenny Cassell Faulknier 2022/06

    Everyone was pleasant, helpful, and knowledgeable.

  191. Sherry Phillips 2022/06

    Came in with 2 cut fingers. BetterMed took me back immediately. I did not have to wait. The ones attending to me were very friendly and efficient. They stitched me up and I was out the door quickly. This was my second very positive experience with BetterMed. I highly recommend using this urgent care center if needed.

  192. Jane Pearson 2022/06

    Excellent care! All employees wonderful!

  193. T Roux 2022/06

    Receptionist was super helpful and friendly. All the staff was friendly and they helped me make a quick appointment and be seen fairly quickly(45mins total). The only downside is I had to fill out a bunch of paperwork.

  194. M C 2022/06

    I woke this morning feeling really lousy but the people there were so kind and very very prompt. I got lucky and was able to be seen after making an appointment online. All the people who are working today were first rate, I’m sorry I don’t have all the names. I think the doc was Simon? But everyone from receptionist to rest of nursing staff were excellent, couldn’t have been better, I have no suggestions for improvement! I was in and out so quickly and will definitely recommend this location

  195. SUSAN GLOVER 2022/06

    Was treated respectfully and professionally by everybody that I had contact with. Seen in a timely fashion, listened to and given excellent care

  196. carlos smith 2022/06

    The staff was polite and prompt. The staff and doctor took the time to listen to me and conduct their diagnosis.

  197. Sara 2022/06

    I chose BetterMed over my regular doctor because usually they quick and efficient. But I’ve been waiting two hours to see a doctor. I will not be returning to this location.

  198. Suzanne Peterson 2022/06

    First time visit and was very appreciative of the smooth and quick check in, thorough discussion with nurse first and then doctor who diagnosed problem and patiently answered a few questions.

  199. Dawn Plourde 2022/06

    My visit was fast and everyone was so nice, especially my provider. 10/10 would recommend.

  200. Maria Camacho 2022/06

    Dr. Simon is the best. I’ve been here several times and he always remembers me. Fully knowledgeable, pleasant and addresses all concerns.

  201. Lindsay Daniel 2022/06

    Great care!

  202. Jenn Cook 2022/06

    I went here because my insurance told me it was a good option to get an order for vaccine titers (which makes sense because it involves zero actual medicine and presumably there are medical providers that work at an urgent care). Apparently no one practices basic medicine at this place. I walked in and was told to fill out their forms on an unsanitized ipad, which I did. Before I had finished another girl comes out and very rudely yells that “we don’t do that!!!”… I figured she meant that they can’t do the lab work themselves (which is odd because the website literally says they do lab work btw) but no, she barked at me that they literally don’t have a provider that will write an order for lab titers.

    I honestly don’t think there was an actual practicing provider in there, because if there where this scenario doesn’t make sense. Even if there was, the girl who yelled at me was so rude that I’m embarrassed for her. Hopefully she’s nicer in her personal life.

  203. Kate Cunningham 2022/06

    Service was good. The only negative part was that they collected a $50 copay, which I explained that I should not be charged. I verified with my insurance company, and called two separate numbers at Better Med. Both calls referred me to someone else. Bottom line: I will have to wait over a month to have my money returned by check.

  204. Sara Shelton 2022/05

    Easy to schedule, minimal wait. Super friendly staff and even a popsicle for my daughter after her CoVID test. Highly recommend

  205. Greg Fanning 2022/05

    Friendly and acconadating staff

  206. Debra Shepherd 2022/05

    Always friendly and professional. Easy to get an appointment and be seen quickly.

  207. Marcus #1 2022/05

    Good staff and experience.

  208. Tom Cricchi 2022/05

    Efficient, capable and courteous…winning combination.

  209. Shane Townsend 2022/05

    Won’t go there again. Even with an appointment it was a 2 hour wait with no warning just to get to the back. After an hour back there I left. People were rude. And the receptionist allowed walkins back before some of us with appointments

  210. Tammy Torocsik 2022/05

    Great quick experience.

  211. Sherri Douthat 2022/05

    First visit -made an appointment for Broad St. and arrived on time. I was told that there would be a 2.5 hour wait. I asked if they would call another location ( Parham) and they did. Only a 35 minute wait there. I was seen at the Parham location and out within 1.0 hour. Staff was friendly and efficient. The provider was very nice and thorough. I will visit again if necessary but lesson is to walk in rather than make an appointment.

  212. Lindsay Colflesh 2022/05

    Very efficient and helpful

  213. Marcy Horwitz 2022/05

    It was quick and friendly!

  214. Mikey B 2022/05

    Quick and friendly. Did not have an appointment and they still let me come in. Almost left because the sign on the door said no walk-ins. I’m glad I didn’t have to go somewhere else. I would recommend BetterMed to anyone.

  215. Dana Marie 2022/05

    Everyone I was in contact with was polite and seemed happy to help. Even making the appointment on line was simple. The whole experience was efficient, friendly and thorough! Much to be said for that these days.

  216. Jen McKeon 2022/05

    The wait was short, the fro t desk staff was friendly and fast, the doctor actively listened and called in my prescription immediately.

  217. Laura Labuschaigne 2022/05

    Incredibly efficient and helpful. Walk-in friendly. Highly recommend for any urgent care needs.

  218. Jen Carter Tsimpris 2022/04

    Better Med is clean, efficient, and friendly. I highly recommend!

  219. Judith Mehl 2022/04

    Excellent care and service!

  220. Brad Gray 2022/04

    Timely, professional, knowledgeable. Great experience. So much more convenient for simple medical issues than trying to schedule with my primary care physician.

  221. Sharvette Mitchell 2022/04

    Very efficient service and the decor of the lobby is wonderful.

  222. Sean Greer 2022/04

    This was my first visit to BetterMed and I was impressed. Iiked how i was able to check in and enter my insurance info via the tablet in the lobby. It made the whole intro process easy and efficient. The clerk who checked me in was very polite and efficient. I was seen quickly and the nurse who took my vital was very nice. We had a very useful discussion about how to take my blood pressure so I could get the most accurate reading. The doctor who helped me was nice and I felt like we had a great discussion about my situation and how best to address it. I was in and out in an efficient manner without feeling like I was being rushed. After this experience, I will definitely consider BetterMed the next time I need urgent care.

  223. Mary Barbot 2022/04

    Needed a quick Covid test because we were about to travel. All the drug stores were booked.

  224. Sarah Rana 2022/04

    Great customer service. Nurse was very knowledgeable and caring. They were able to see me right away.

  225. Kylie Burr 2022/04

    My visit took over two hours just to get covid and strep tests, other than the horrible waiting time everyone was very kind and knowledgeable

  226. Peggy Martin 2022/04

    I use to go to Patient First. I Will NEVER go there again. Better Med was SO prompt and efficient in making an appt and being seen in a timely manner. Loved the PA that tx Me. I will DEFINITELY be coming back!! And telling my family and friends about the facility!! Thank you

  227. Hope Adams 2022/04

    The Doctor was super thorough, and answered all my questions. It was very clean. Everyone was super friendly. The bed side manner was also very huge! Especially coming from someone who works in health care. Even though there wasn’t much they could do for me, he did give alternative solutions to help with the individual symptoms.

  228. Kristen Manila 2022/04

    I had a pleasant (first) experience. I was seen relatively quickly (for an urgent care facility) and the entire staff was extremely friendly and professional. The doctor was very thorough and transparent in explaining my diagnosis. I would definitely come back to BetterMed at Regency.

  229. Stephen Dickinson 2022/04

    We found Better Med to be a place that enabled you to register quickly, be tested quickly (For PCR travel purposes) and get results quickly and efficiently. We use them time and time again with good results.

  230. Frederic Doree 2022/04

    Facilities were very clean, staff was very friendly and professional. Dr. Mallick was friendly, attentive, thorough, and neither condescending nor blasé. I was not seen immediately but wait time was appropriate for an urgent care facility. Recommended.

  231. shelby geyer 2022/04

    We had a great experience! Everyone was incredibly nice, efficient, and professional. Great care received.

  232. Eric de Nijs 2022/04

    The staff here are professional friendly courteous. just a wonderful experience very efficient first time here love the place

  233. Sarah A.B. Reimer 2022/04

    The front desk person was very nice.
    My nurse was very polite and gentle.

  234. Connor Ashley 2022/04

    Review is from Rianna Riccardi (my account was not cooperating)

    My visit with the Regency BetterMed location was fantastic all around. Each person that I interacted with was extremely pleasant and sweet. My nurse was very down to earth and the provider that saw me today (8/17/22) was exceptional. Really listened to everything I had to say and was very transparent. I obviously hope that I don’t need to return but should I have to, I know I’ll be in good hands. Thanks guys!

  235. Misty Myers 2022/03

    Incredible experience! All staff was exceptional! Easy registration, met with great customer service, and quickly seen and my problems were listened to and taken care of with a plan that was completely explained! I will definitely be using this location for all of my future urgent care needs!

  236. Sharon Brooks 2022/03

    Front desk was very polite. The PA was very professional and explain to me why I was having this problem and how to rectify it. My wait very short….Thanks BetterMed

  237. Stuart Terl 2022/03

    Got an accidental, but fairly significant, dog bite from one of our dogs. Went right to the nearby Regency Square location, then close to 8pm. Although they officially do not take walk-ins, Simon, the on-duty PA saw I was bleeding, and took me right in. Six stitches in my index finger later and we were done. Everyone was friendly, professional and helped to make a crummy evening as good as could be. Congratulations to the entire staff, I would not hesitate to go there again. (And in fact we did for our covid tests just this past weekend.)

  238. Eleanor Moore 2022/03

    These guys are so efficient. I was in and out very quickly. The doctor had a wonderful bedside manner: astute and comforting at the same time. Answered my questions and I left confident that we have the best plan of action. Thank you!

  239. Glen Wilensky 2022/03

    Very accommodating, and pleasant staff, clean treatment rooms. Have used on two occasions.
    Will use their services again when the need arises.

  240. Mae Sams 2022/03

    I liked the fact that the place looked clean. The front desk receptionist was very nice, as well as all of the other staff I encountered.
    One really big thing that irritated me was the check-in process. I first started off using the kiosk , then it sent a link to my phone to continue to fill in the rest of my check-in information.
    Technology is supposed to make things more convenient and orderly for people. This check-in process was an absolute mess! Please take into consideration that our phones are small, and many people can see that those tiny lettering and numbers. I could’ve easily entered incorrect info.
    Not only that, everyone is not cellular phone savvy.
    Lastly, people are there to be helped for whatever reason. Don’t cause extra stress and strain for people!!!
    Either check people in the old fashioned way, OR purchase large kiosks like Patient First!
    This set up was a major turnoff for me, and because of that, this establishment would not be my first choice in the future.

  241. Gail Lloyd 2022/03

    Very kind & professional experience.

  242. Mike Mannion 2022/03

    Very short wait times. Friendly staff

  243. Sandy McDonald 2022/03

    Have been to this location a couple times and the service has been great – really nice, helpful people equipped to answer questions and quick turn time on the visit. Very little wait time. Also like their app.

  244. John Mason 2022/03

    Amazing staff.

  245. Tiffany Smallwood 2022/03

    Very friendly staff! In and out within 30 min for a COVID rapid test

  246. John Flippen 2022/02

    Professional and personable

  247. Amelia Elander 2022/02

    Quick, fast, efficient care given by everyone from the start to finish of my visit.

  248. rick chess 2022/02

    In with doctor within 20 minutes of arrival; professional; good service

  249. Roy Parker 2022/02

    First time visit and it was a wonderful experience. The staff is very friendly and engaging. Online registration and appointment reservation made for very little wait time. This will now be my go to place vs. their competition

  250. Marcia Gillison 2022/02

    Better Med took me as a walk in after I had a Covid exposure. They were very professional. They explained the available Covid tests so I understood my options. The test was administered so well, it was easy. They use their own lab so I got PCR test results the same day.

  251. Martin Slutzah 2022/02

    I had a cut finger and I’m on blood thinners it wouldn’t stop bleeding. I had a great experience and they made me feel at ease. He explained everything he was doing while he was stitching up my finger. On a scale of 1 to 10 I will give an 11. I will recommend you to my friends & family.

    Thank you,
    Martin Slutzah

  252. Kathleen Ford 2022/02

    Woke up with my eye crusted shut. Was able to make an early morning appointment. I was seen almost immediately and diagnosed quickly. Very happy

  253. Beth Rubinstein 2022/02

    Great service, got us in and out quickly. Definitely would recommend!

  254. Josh K 2022/02

    Hour +wait for a 2 minute visit w doc. Then They send script to the wrong pharmacy. Definitely will not go back to this location.

  255. Katie Swartz 2022/02

    Always a good experience going to this bettermed. Competent, happy, friendly staff!

  256. Tim R 2022/01

    Quick and thorough. Took time to answer questions.

  257. Cindy Moore 2022/01

    Love Better Med, will never go back to patient first Better Med is always kind & caring,
    Front desk awesome, Nurse taking my temp & blood pressure awesome, Doctor was personable explained everything & was awesome .Also In & out pretty fast also.

  258. carolyn grady 2022/01

    Quick easy and very professional.

  259. Alan Gagnon 2022/01

    I arrived right as the doors were closing @ 8pm. Based on my symptoms, they still processed and saw me. Despite the late hour, they were thorough and polite. The PA was fantastic. Thanks Better Med Parham.

  260. Bob Rayner 2022/01

    Excellent, highly professional staff from front desk to nurse to PA. Clear communications, careful questions and patient answers led to a sound diagnosis and good results. Quickly!

  261. Wendy Gayle March 2022/01

    Yay! A same day PCR so I may attend a concert in LA! Very kind staff. So great a place I might apply to work here ☺️

  262. Angelique Hunt 2022/01

    The staff were pleasant and very friendly. There was hardly any wait time, I was called back right after checking in. The provider delivered great bedside service. Thank you BetterMed.

  263. Teresa Lee 2022/01

    It was very easy to make an appointment for a COVID test. All of the staff was professional and friendly. The facility is clean. I felt very comfortable there.

  264. Douglas Barrett 2022/01

    Receptionist helpful doing the registration process, and very impressed with young Doctor’s customer service, explanations, concern and pleasant demeanor! I listen to his prognosis, and helpful suggestions to resolve my issues if my symptoms didn’t improve!

  265. Brendan Marais 2022/01

    A quick professional visit attending to all care needs

  266. Sara Tripp 2022/01

    Very helpful. PA Simon very thorough.

  267. Kelly Esslinger 2022/01

    Staff was friendly and helpful. Easy visit:)

  268. Karen Sewell 2022/01

    Quick. In and out within minutes. Staff was courteous! Made me feel like family! Doc was amazing!

  269. Tedd Povar 2022/01

    Quick and professional. Nice experience getting a PCR TEST.

  270. wendy watkins 2022/01

    Polite, personable, efficient at front desk. Dr. Thorough, explained things well. Addressed issues.

  271. Gail Marie Steininger 2022/01

    Thank you for being so kind and efficient. Hands down the best urgent care. Staff and providers are always ALWAYS so knowledge and caring.

  272. Krista Norrington 2022/01

    I just visited Bettermed for the first time. My daughter in law recommended I go there. The facility is spotless and all the staff were friendly, kind & so helpful! Would highly recommend if you ever need urgent care.

  273. Bronwyn King 2022/01

    After going to Patient First and having a terrible experience, it was a relief to find great care at Better Med. I was in and out quickly and the nurses and doctors made you feel heard and it was obvious they cared about your health. Very grateful for the team at the Regency location!

  274. Donae Johnson 2022/01

    I had a really good experience at Bettermed the staff was very welcoming the wait wasn’t long at all expect when you had to put your information in the kiosk but other then that it’s still better than Patient first I will definitely be coming back in the future

  275. Debbie Markel 2022/01

    Clean and efficient facility with an attentive staff. I would definitely go back.

  276. Shirley Seenes 2022/01

    Absolutely Amazing staff. Everyone was so friendly, professional, and took excellent care of me and my family! Thank you!!

  277. Gabrielle Courtney 2022/01

    The BetterMed at Regency was very fast and their staff was personable and excellent!

  278. GEORGE JOHNSON 2022/01

    30 minutes in waiting room, pretty normal but over 2 hours in paitent room waiting in pain for 15 minutes and to be not taken seriously. Not sure I’ll ever go back.

  279. Laura Koch 2021/11

    I had a very good experience. The staff were friendly and efficient. The PA Mr. Mallick was very knowledgeable, helpful, and took adequate time addresing my concerns. I had an x-ray on site that was read by the radiologist within about 15 minutes. I would not hesitate to return to this location.

  280. Lynn Bennett 2021/11

    Everyone was friendly and the process was smooth. Excellent experience!

  281. Mason Barden 2021/11

    Charged me 150 dollars to tell me that I should go see a real doctor and they couldnt help me. If they had just sent me away that would be fine but the fact that they charged me to stand there for 5 minutes go “that looks bad” and then tell me to essentially go away seems fraudulent to me.

  282. Christopher Johnson 2021/11

    Easy appointment scheduling and prompt service late on a Saturday. Can’t ask for more than that. Friendly and compassionate front desk staff and Simon was very patient and conversational in diagnosing my symptoms.

  283. Lisa Martin 2021/11

    Professional, fast, clean!!

  284. Maria Linda Guimoye 2021/11

    Friendly, prompt and informative.

  285. George Wade 2021/11

    Excellent service. Friendly and polite staff. Very easy to understand appointment sign up. Highly recommended.

  286. Rebecca Brannock 2021/10

    I got in quickly and everyone there was friendly and helpful . My doctor was helpful

  287. Katherine Meyers 2021/10

    Called ahead about 25 minutes prior to closing. Walked in and got the help we needed immediately.

  288. Matt Davis (mattitude23) 2021/10

    Fast friend service.

  289. John Heins 2021/10

    The people couldn’t have been nicer.

  290. Pam Newman 2021/10

    Very clean and relaxing. The doctor and nurse were kind and caring. Listened and made me feel incredibly comfortable with them and the treatment they provided. A very positive experience.

  291. Marina Melnikova 2021/10

    It was great. Polite, fast, professional. Thank you!

  292. Travis Gardner 2021/10

    Great service. Knowledgeable staff. Super clean. We went in for couple of stitches for my daughter. Highly recommend.

  293. Frances Burruss 2021/09

    Fast check in, and kind, thorough care.

  294. Lauren Hepper 2021/09

    The nurse and PA were efficient, kind and knowledgeable!

  295. Kai Starkes 2021/09

    I always visit the Parham road location but for this visit it wasn’t so pleasant. I gave it 1 star because BETSY at the front desk is very rude and nasty. Putting her hands up in customers faces and denying me of the COVID test and being a smart ass… BETSY needs to know how to talk to customers especially the customers coming in there sick or not feeling well…

  296. Steve Bennett 2021/09

    quick and easy—-good experience

  297. Kelsey T 2021/09

    Unbelievably friendly and competent staff. Was in and out within 30 mins and felt extremely taken care of. Rashenna is a gem and so is Dr.Mukul!

  298. C F 2021/09

    Good care but severely disappointed that they did not make an URI symptomatic (coughing and congested) adult wear a real mask. A bandanna – not even a gaiter – is not sufficient . The child with similar symptoms and a fever was not made to keep her mask over her nose. The check-in desk was not disinfected after they left. Thankfully, I didn’t have to touch anything.

  299. Joyce Engnehl 2021/09

    My experience was very professional, efficient, and as pleasant as an ear canal cleaning can be. I was pleased with my walk in visit from start to finish.

  300. Tara Stamm 2021/09

    Everything was great and exactly as advertised.

  301. Joanna Pipes 2021/09

    The entire staff was warmly professional.
    The registrar was phenomenaI she handled a wave of patients with fluid grace. PA Malik was very knowledgeable and listened intently.
    Highly recommended

  302. Curtis Lee 2021/08

    Excellent fast service from the receptionist to the physicians. No complaints here.

  303. Toby Hawley 2021/08

    Doctor Mallick was superior to other doctors we have encountered! He was friendly, professional, and took all the time we needed. Never did we feel rushed. Doctor Mallick answered all of our questions and made sure we understood everything being done. We would highly recommend this Doctor and this facility. The nurse we had was also above and beyond! Great place, great people!

  304. Savannah Ssalter 2021/08

    Very kind providers!

  305. Ricky Gonzalez 2021/07

    I didn’t have an appointment, but I was able to be seen quite quickly as a walk-in, after filling out some information on the tablet, I was called up to the desk, the lady who checked me in was absolutely great and welcoming. Once the nurse came in, and then the Dr after my test were done. Everyone was friendly and professional. I’m glad I choose this place to get care. And it’s close to my house also. I’m feeling better thanks to the team at BetterMed.

  306. Kelsey Hall 2021/07

    Signed up for an appointment online, check-in was easy, there were several people waiting but I was seen in a very reasonable amount of time. Everyone was kind, professional, and communicated thoroughly. I appreciated the quality of care and was very happy to be seen when my primary care doctor was unable to see me.

  307. Laurel Herman 2021/07

    Thank you so much for treating me for vertigo. Simon is amazing because most doctors don’t have a knowledge to do the maneuvers to balance the crystals. I am feeling better and I’m going to take his recommendation to see the vestibular therapist. Thank you so muchThis is the best practice in Richmond.

  308. Theresa Chase 2021/06

    Very nice and thorough doctor who took great care of me while I was there and ordered me meds to take care of me when I left. The nurses were great too.

  309. Ure’yah Morrow 2021/06

    Staff was very friendly, welcoming, and professional.

  310. ViolinRVA 2021/06

    Was taken care of quickly and everyone was very polite and explained everything I had questions about. So thankful to have place in our area.

  311. D Shelton 2021/05

    Easy appointment set up. Great customer service. Very clean. Very quick service. I was in and out with all test complete and results and being seen by a doctor within less than an hour.

  312. Audra Yerian 2021/05

    This place is a well oiled machine! The employees here are personable and responsive despite having to deal with the stresses and strains of a pandemic. My appointment was at 2:15pm and I was out the door and in receipt of my results before 3:00pm. My hat is off to healthcare workers right now, especially those who are positive, professional and efficient. Lots of folks like that at BetterMed Regency. Thanks y’all!

  313. Bhavna Shroff 2021/05

    Very friendly and efficient service. The front desk lady, the nurse, the doctor and the entire staff were very nice and very helpful. Thank you so much!

  314. Deniz Korfez 2021/05

    On time and very quick!

  315. Carolyn Davis 2021/05

    Everyone was kind, patient and thorough! Went out of their way to help me! I’m totally grateful!

  316. Lauchana Teasley 2021/05

    They were amazing

  317. Russell Helm 2021/05

    BS given about test result timeline. 3 different stories. Made it very frustrating to get things straight with my employer since I was given nothing but misinformation regarding when I would have results. Won’t go back.

  318. James Contoris 2021/05

    Let me start by saying that the doctor and the staff were all VERY nice. The problems came a bit later. Our appt. was at 5:00. We got out of there a bit after 8:00. Now they did have a couple of emergencies but that is a long wait. Second, the doctor wanted to schedule an ultrasound for my leg. I asked him to please schedule it at Chippenham, as it is right down the road and I depend on a ride. It was scheduled at Henrico Doctor’s Hospital and I received notice of it less than 45 minutes before my appt. Third, the doctor was going to order a prescription pain reliever because the pain in my leg was Intolerable. When I checked with pharmacy, only the antibiotic had been called in. I am now waiting for the staff to call me back to make better arrangements for my ultrasound. Overall, I do not see myself returning to this facility.

  319. Gowthami Polepalle 2021/04


  320. Saraan Ajaye 2021/04

    The facility was very clean and nicely decorated.The staff was kind, prompt and courteous. I was in and out very quickly.

  321. Roberta B 2021/04

    Great location, BetterMed Urgent Care.

  322. L 2021/04

    My husband went for vertigo and had a great experience. We made an appt before we went, he got to go right back and he was out within 40 minutes. He met with the PA and my husband keeps saying how great and thorough he was.

  323. Jennifer Balmforth 2021/04

    I made a reservation and I was in and out within 30 minutes. Everyone was extremely nice!

  324. todd simkin 2021/04

    The care we received was fine, but took a lot longer than we felt it should have.

  325. O M (Reese) 2021/04

    I really wish I could give this location a better review since most of the staff were very friendly, but unfortunately this is a health clinic & mistakes like these shouldn’t happen.

    My first issue was having only partial medications being sent to pharmacy & of course it was the pain medication that was desperately needed. I had to call the office in the morning & have them send to my pharmacy.

    Secondly I had tests sent down & some how that was also done incorrectly so three days later I get a call asking if I could come back & give another sample.

    These were avoidable mistakes being made in a medical setting. I wonder what else gets overlooked.

  326. Rachel Lyons 2021/04

    Friendly staff. Excellent care. And FAST!

  327. Sarah Byrd 2021/03

    It was extremely busy yet everyone was extremely pleasant and thoughtful. They explained things, kept me informed about next steps. A+ to the Dr, Athena, who did the swab, and the very kind check in nurse. I think her name was Shenelle. Please give them each my thanks and appreciation.

  328. Julie Hoffman 2021/03

    Dr. was very professional and polite answered all my questions and took his time to treat me! Everyone out front and the lady that took my vitals were all very professional and nice! Will go back! Facility was beautiful and looked neat and clean!

  329. Susan Rogers 2021/03

    Excellent staff and they took their time listening to create the best treatment plan.

  330. Zan Stuart 2021/03

    Recently made an appointment for a COVID Test, and nothing else. When I called to check in, I was told to come inside and go back to an examination room. After the nurse took my vitals, she administered the test. I was told that everything would be covered under my insurance. A few weeks later, I have an outstanding balance for an “office visit”, which was charged as something separate to the COVID test. The fact that this was something that I didn’t request, and the fact that I would be charged for an “office visit” was not made clear to me at any point is despicable. If at all possible, I would avoid this place.

  331. Will Anderson 2021/03

    When we finally got a chance to visit our daughter in the UK, it became an ordeal to find a testing site that could test us as soon as possible within the 72-hour window before departure AND assure us of timely results. Everything was done expertly in a calm, courteous atmosphere. Well worth the copay for better service.

  332. Benjamin Jones 2021/02

    Kind and warm people. Clean and calm environment. Doctor was attentive, caring, and professional.

  333. Minda and Emilee Templeton 2021/02

    The people there are very kind! They actually care about each person! I highly recommend them!

  334. Christine Hunsberger-Falconio 2021/02

    I made an appointment through the website after contacting my PCP and being unable to get in for a “sick visit” (unrelated to covid19). I was not even checked in by the receptionist until nearly 90 minutes after my scheduled appointment. Then, I waited an additional 20 minutes for a nurse to take my vitals. Eventually, close to 2 hours after the appointment time, the provider came in for about 30 seconds, dismissed what I told her, and provided no relief or help. This was quite upsetting given the circumstances. For the record, they were not that busy. Only the covid19 testing was busy. Hopefully, if ever needed, this will improve as I previously had a good experience there with a provider that immediately sent me to the hospital for something I didn’t think was anything terrible.

  335. Stephanie Felder 2021/02

    The nurse was very unskilled at drawing blood. Pricked me four times and couldn’t find a vein.

  336. Jeremy Tozier 2021/02

    I was scheduled through Better Meds telehealth system to go in for a Covid screening. Upon arriving I was instructed to wait for a call. 3 HOURS later I had to call and ask when my appointment would be to be informed “you shouldn’t have waited this long” and “I looked in the lot and didn’t see anyone”. How is it we are nearly a YEAR into this pandemic and your testing practices are still this out of sync is beyond me. If you have a choice choose a different testing location.

  337. M X 2021/01

    When I visited today, the receptionist at the front desk was not wearing a mask. If you can’t expect people in medical facilities to comply with COVID precautions, who can you expect to do it? There are extra-contagious strains now and the people who deal with the sick and elderly aren’t following guidelines. This is reckless and could kill someone. If you need to get tested for COVID, go elsewhere. You might contract it from their terrible staff.

  338. Danielle Ricki Dean 2021/01

    Went to this location to have my PCR test for travel done and couldn’t have been more pleased with the friendly and speedy service I received!

  339. L Hutson 2021/01

    Great experience at better med today, i did a online same day appt, and had no wait time once arrived.

  340. jjkkff12 jjkkff12 pro game 2020/11

    I like it and it’s good food

  341. Kayla 2020/11

    Best experience I’ve had at an urgent care

  342. Alchema Woodcraft 2020/10

    Overcharged next for my visit and provided no way to contact to resolve

  343. Joseph Fordham 2020/09

    First of all I have been to five different places in town including St. Mary’s, Cvs and several other facilities to try to get Covid testing and even though people said they had it on their website they were unavailable or uncooperative when I got there.

    Kaitlyn did a phenomenal job of getting me registered online while I was driving to get there and got me an appointment right away and took me back to a room as soon as I reach the building. She is an answer to prayer!

    I never knew how difficult it was going to be to get tested but this facility really does care and shows each customer the same level of respect and dignity that you would want.

    I am always impressed when people go above and beyond to make sure the patients were customer has everything they need and Kaitlyn certainly took care of everything from registering me online to making an appointment to actually doing the test and explaining how I would be notified. She is a credit to her profession, and we need more like her!

    Kaitlyn did a phenomenal job and even though the Covid-19 test is no cake walk she went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable and relaxed.

  344. Sara Palmer 2020/08

    It’s close to our house; so we gave them a try. Set price, and they tell you what they charge on their website. Walked in, no wait, no insurance, and no judgment. Staff was very friendly, and catered to my daughter. I am very grateful, and would definitely recommend.

  345. Armin Hartmann 2020/08

    No waiting time due to online appointments. Patient onboarding is close to paperless reducing risk and speeding up process. Medical service is personable and to the point. Prescriptions are sent electronically to the pharmacy further streamlining the process and reducing paperwork. 10/10 would recommend.

  346. Thomas John Colli 2020/06

    Rude people on the phone, incorrect info for my “appointment” that I never got to have because of their incompetence.

  347. sequoyah Ferguson 2020/04

    When I arrived for my appointment the young lady said she couldn’t find my info. When she found my info, she told me that they couldn’t help me bc my appointment was scheduled for urgent care. I did not know that you had to put what you were going in for or that there was even an option. Especially since I clicked on the link for COVID to make the appointment. I even received a confirmation email giving me detail about what to do when I get there, to call and wait in the car etc. She gave me the option to come back Sunday (it’s Thursday). So…I’m just supposed to go to work thinking I have COVID? I was recommended this place by a friend and I really didn’t want to go anywhere else. I’m very disappointed in this process.

  348. Arianna L.O 2020/03

    Very short wait time, even without appointment. The staff was nice and helpful. And the whole place was sparkling clean

  349. Namsik 2020/02

    BE AWARE!!!
    if you have already visited or planning to visit this office for COVID-19 test. Check for any unauthorized debit from your account and with your insurance company about billing because most insurance companies do and pay for all the cost including copay for Covid-19 test.

    In my case, they still charged my son and me twice for the test. So, I had to call my insurance several times before they processed the refund for my son’s test back into my account. But mine was denied because, apparently BetterMed billed my insurance company with a different billing code (said – code was for a headache other than the Covid).

    After telling my agent “Yes” I was there and made an appointment for curbside Covid-19 test and specifically told the nurse I had all kinds of symptoms like Covid, one of them being headache, I mean they wouldn’t stick 6 inch cotton swabs up your nose just for a headache, would they? She said in order to fix the problem, BetterMed needs to resend the bill with correct billing code.

    Called BetterMed… A same staff that I was dealing with during all this time at the billing department tried to lie to me by telling me they DID send the bill with correct code as being Covid but my insurance denied it, therefore I was charged for the cost and wouldn’t help me any further. So, I called my insurance once again to verify and no it was NOT billed as Covid!!! So, the agent called the BetterMed herself and straightened out and finally processed the refund and was told I should be getting it back from BetterMed very shortly. However, after waiting for more than 3 weeks since I started the request for refund, I haven’t received a dime!!

    BetterMed, this is very wrong in so many ways. Your incompetence is waisting so much of your customer’s resources, especially who are already suffering from this pandemic.

  350. Christina Santos 2019/11

    Not sure how they are with more complicated issues but I came in with a simple cold and was taken care of quickly and professionally. Prescribed an antibiotic and was checked in, seen and out the door in 30 minutes. Nice clean office and friendly caregivers


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