Canine Adventure LLC

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Canine Adventure LLC
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  1. Rebekah Booth 2022/06

    Hannah and her fellow trainers are wonderful. They meet you where you and your dog are. The training workshops help with real life situations. I’m grateful my dog and I found this team!

  2. Rob Anderson 2022/04

    They are the best. I have been using them for several years now.

  3. Brittany Kelly 2022/01

    Ruby (my two year old Australian Shepherd) loves when her friends from Canine Adventure come for walks!


  4. Sully 2021/06


  5. rubyclaire89 2021/05

    Canine Adventure is an amazing service for dog-walking and beyond! Teagan has been our dog walker now for a couple of months and we cannot speak more highly of her! We started with the mid-day walk service to get our 1.5 year old doggy acquainted with Teagan and the service, and then quickly moved on to doing adventure walks! Teagan sends us pictures and a full report after each walk/adventure, and our dog is SO tired/happy after each visit. We trust Teagan with our girl, and we’re so happy to have found her and Canine Adventure in Richmond, Va.

  6. Sarah Davis 2020/05

    Best pet sitting service around! Kasey took great care of my kitties while I was out of town.

  7. Eric Gehler 2019/09

    Great dog walking service and more

  8. Jasmine Park 2019/09

    Wade is phenomenal with my Molly who rarely likes anyone! Highly recommend

  9. Russell Morton 2019/07

    Excellent people who care about your dog as if it were their own. Highly recommend.

  10. Carrie Terbush 2019/03

    Highly recommend! Top-notch!

  11. Alex Glaser 2018/11

    Canine Adventures is the best! We love them so much. They take our dogs on a 2 hour hike every other week as well as a mid day walk once a week around the neighborhood. We use them for pet sitting too when we leave town. You can tell their dog walkers REALLY love dogs and have fun with them on their hike. The best part is they send you photos and a quick recap of their adventure reach week.


  12. Veronica Reddic 2018/08

    Best of the best company in Richmond!

  13. Morgana Evenstar 2018/05

    Not having a pet myself at present, I have not had occasion to use this service, but I did go through the interview and shadowing process. All I can say is “WOW.” While my hopes of employment there did not end up panning out, I just HAVE to brag on these folks.

    Not only are their services comprehensive and well-managed, you can really tell after very little time in the walkers’ company that they are deeply caring about each animals well-being and specific needs. Adventure walk services in particular are a great chance for the animals to get in good exercise, with or without socialization with other dogs depending on the client dog’s particular needs.

    Add to this that the staff are friendly, frank, productive on top of their investment in making sure these animals are getting what they need (they train in far more than just walking and basic care and bring ALL of those skills to the table) and you can see why this company is so well spoken of. Even if your price range means only being able to use them occasionally, I HIGHLY recommend you take advantage of all they have to offer, you and your pet are going to get bananas bang for your buck.

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