Calm K9 Training

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Calm K9 Training
4.9 based on 133 reviews
  1. Connell Mullins 2023/11

    Carl with Calm K9 did a great job teaching us how to train our energetic 1 year old puppy. I highly recommend the bootcamp program.

  2. Corey Iglesias 2023/10

    We have 2 pit mixes we adopted from RACC. Both with differing issues. David is an extremely knowledgeable trainer and our dogs are completely different pets now. We always get compliments on their off leash manners out around town.

  3. Kortney Jordan 2023/09

    We finished bootcamp with David a little over a year ago and I can not express how much that experience made not only Peter’s life better but mine as well. Before training, Peter couldn’t go on walks, he had aggressive tendances towards most people and other dogs, and rarely got to go on outings with our other dogs. In the year following the training, Peter gets to go on walks everyday and regularly goes out for either just car rides or trips to the mountains to hike. If you are considering training your dog, this is the place. Don’t be fooled, it is a lot of hard work and a bit of a lifestyle change but it is beyond worth it to be able to provide your dog with the life they deserve.


  4. Jaclyn Schmidt 2023/08

    We just finished our last training session and as soon as we left, we said “that was money very well spent”. After 4 weeks of bootcamp training our dog no longer barks at us in the house and we have all the tools we need to continue to ensure he gets better and better about his leash reactivity. I thought there was no way he’d be this good after such a short amount of time but he is! It takes a good amount of work on your end (the pet parent) but we expected that up front and it allows you to be able to continue the training and obedience forever. I highly recommend working with David to ensure you have a calm k9. We did a lot of research before hiring him and are so glad we ultimately chose to work with David!

  5. Alissa Seay 2023/07

    My dog, Les showed extreme aggression towards people and animals before meeting David. He couldn’t be out if someone new was over, I couldn’t take him on walks, or anywhere really. I lived in fear of what les could do to others, and was constantly anxious. Les did the 3 week rehabilitation bootcamp with David and came back a totally different dog. He is now calm, and not a ball of anxiety. I can walk him with no issues, and even have people over. I no longer have to live in fear of Les showing aggression. I couldn’t be happier or more grateful!


  6. Emily 2023/07

    Calm K9 training completely changed our dog. Although he didn’t have the worst behavioral problems, his behavior made both him and us unhappy. Cookie is so much more confident, relaxed, well behaved, and all around happy thanks to Calm K9s and, specifically, Carl. Don’t be fooled. This isn’t magic. You need to do the work and you can’t just go back to how things were before. It is a bit of a lifestyle change. But it will bring you and your dog closer and give you a better understanding of dog behavior. It is worth every second and every penny. I would recommend Calm K9s to anyone. We love Carl!!!!!


  7. kgeorge21586 2023/05

    Calm K9 was a great experience; I would 100% recommend them to anyone looking for training. We went with the Boot Camp program which has made an amazing difference for our dog Dexter. Carl was a pleasure to work with and helped get Dexter’s behavior where we wanted it to be. Dexter is a 4-year-old rescue; we originally looked at just getting the walk training but decided during our consultation to go with the Boot Camp option. He pulled a lot on walks, scavenged for food, and was also overly friendly when we had visitors (jumping, wouldn’t leave them alone). Walks have become a lot more pleasant, he is well behaved in the house, and we can now have people over without Dexter being overly friendly. A large focus of the program is teaching the owners how to work with their dog which we found to be great. Carl showed us what to do and we practiced each step until the next session. If you are willing to put in the time with your dog, this program is for you. We found it to be better this way so that Dexter got used to us giving the commands as opposed to a trainer. Would definitely use them again in the future. Shout out to Carl, he was amazing and patient with us and Dexter.

  8. jade staats 2023/04

    I absolutely love this company their training methods are amazing and I wish to come here with my dog again soon!

  9. Brittany Cummings 2023/03

    Wasted thousands of dollars on training our puppy who had aggression issues. They told us we needed to do boarding even though we had the issue in the home with two dogs. They were not able to help us and didn’t give us any money back. Tried to get us to train our other dogs who were older. Didn’t work out. Next time they should listen to the customer on what’s going on and not just take money from them. We had to get rid of our dog. I will never forgive this company for wasting our time and money.

  10. Charlotte Bowden Principato 2023/02

    We considered our dog, Riggs, “obedient enough” before we started the training, but we have a new baby in the home and needed him to be more reliable and much calmer on a leash to ensure everyone’s safety and happiness. Calm K9 was exactly what we needed. We are so thankful to Carl and Calm K9 training for giving us the tools to make Riggs calmer and happier in our home and out in the world. Carl was not only patient and calm with Riggs, but with us, too as we learned this new skill. He was reassuring and always answered all our questions. Our family and friends have already remarked how different and more calm Riggs is. We have so much more confidence in our ability to keep him safe and happy on walks and in our home. We are so so grateful and would recommend Calm K9 to everyone.

  11. Mark Schultz 2023/02

    Carl of Calm K9 was great with my dog and me. He trained both of us, building us up slowly over the four week program. My dog is much better handling interactions with other dogs now. I highly recommend this company.

  12. Taryn Lemmon 2022/11

    My dog Elvis did the Basic Bootcamp training with Carl and it was worth every penny. Elvis is reactive/fearful towards strangers and has a bite history. The 4 weeks of training that we underwent has already helped him calm down and made him more confident in different situations. Elvis had a pretty solid foundation of obedience and off leash training when Carl started working with us, but Carl helped teach me how to clean up his obedience and utilize it to build confidence. I’m now looking forward to having new people over to the house because it will be a great training exercise for Elvis and I trust that he will be able to relax enough to meet strangers for the first time ever. I can’t say enough good things about Carl! He was patient, kind, explained everything in great detail, and never made me feel like I couldn’t ask 1,000 questions (which I did.) Highly recommend!

  13. Dwight Gray 2022/10

    Calm K9 was an excellent choice for my mini golden-doodle! Carl was fantastic at providing effective guidance and instructions during the training sessions. Oliver is now calm throughout the day and I have complete confidence that he will adhere to my instructions! I would highly recommend Calm K9 to anyone who is looking for a trainer in the Richmond area.

  14. Ali Condon 2022/10

    Dalia and Henree are awesome! We were working primarily with Dalia, she has a great connection to dogs and really understands their personality type. Our dog is very hyper aware of his surroundings with high anxiety and Dalia I was able to teach us how to get his mind in the right state, work to keep his attention on us and not be so concerned with his surrounding environment. Dalia was great with communication, answering our text when we had questions outside of our sessions and very flexible working with us since we have a very tight work schedule. The training program definitely requires consistency and being very steadfast in the rules of what needs to be accomplished but it definitely shows its results. I would highly recommend Henree and Dalia to anybody especially those who have dogs that can be more challenging than the average


  15. Alexis Dolbow 2022/09

    Carl with Calm K9 Training was great to work with. He stayed patient and was happy to answer any questions I had. He did a very good job explaining all the training techniques. The bootcamp worked very well with my dog and I am excited to see how we improve even more!

  16. Libbie Crane 2022/07

    Amazing experience with Carl! Training is very effective and well worth the expense!

  17. Nina Hall 2022/07

    My mini dachshund, Oatmeal had major aggression and was terrible to bring to parks or around anyone for that matter. He would bark, pull and even bite occasionally.

    Since starting the program of training, We have been amazed how much calmer and receptive he is. We were able to even take him to a PUBLIC park and no issues! He stayed in a down command for about 5 minutes while people walked past and around him -it was amazing . He is no longer aggressive towards people and let’s them come greet and pet him.

    This program gave him more confidence and we have had zero issues with him growling or showing signs of aggression since our last session. And most of all I feel a better bond and respect we now have with Oatmeal.

    Carol was the BEST trainer all credit to him! And thankfully he didn’t take it easy on us and that’s what we needed for perfect results!!! We are so happy and want to recommend for other to go see Carol!

    Training was our last hope for my pup before rehoming due to aggression but thankfully with this program we will never have to get rid of him!


  18. Sara Brown 2022/06

    We have a 1.5 year old expensive Mutt (aussiedoodle) who was rather rude, and I’d finish all of our walks with a forearm full of bruises and a bad attitude. He was super mouthy, had insane energy that he couldn’t control when he was overstimulated, and no amount of fetch or exercise could wear him out.
    We signed Eddie up for the 4 week bootcamp and couldn’t be happier. It was intense, and a lot of work, but so valuable. The training builds week by week so you have to be disciplined with it! I still feel like we got our moneys worth just after the first week. After the first few days even, Eddie’s walks were easy and relaxed. I haven’t been bitten since!

    Dalia and Henree were super nice, enthusiastic teachers, extremely knowledgeable and helped us with every question we had for them. You can truly tell they have a passion for what they do! The training went very smoothly and the thoroughly explained the reason behind every bit of intensity of the program and slowly introduced different techniques behind training with the prong and e-collar. I was initally very apprehensive about using an e-collar because i was afraid it would be cruel, but Eddie has never once acted as though he was in pain, just reacting to a stimuli. He shows no fear of the e-collar or remote and wags his tail when it goes on. Even having the collar on with no use, he knows its time to behave.
    I will say we had to be pretty flexible with times and scheduling, as our appointments were changed or pushed a few times, but I understand that they are training a ton of dogs at once and life happens sometimes. We are still extremely happy!

    I have already recommended Dalia and Henree to multiple friends, and the training we learned will be applicable to any dog we have in the future. It is WELL worth the money!


  19. Desiree Richardson 2022/05

    Dalia is an awesome trainer! After day one we noticed a difference in our pup’s behavior. Loki (our GSP) struggled with basic commands, pulling and lunging on walks to being very compliant and heeling in no time. Throughout our training Dalia was very responsive and answered any questions we had. This training helped us and Loki to better communicate and understand our love language :-). Thank you Dalia!!


  20. Brianna Dolecki 2022/04

    We adopted a puppy with a lot of anxiety and reached out to calm k9 training to help! Carl was our trainer and he was amazing!! He was so informative and kind to work with each week! Our dog is doing so much better and more confident because of this training!! Would recommend to everyone!!!

  21. Aliya Wachsstock 2022/04

    We contacted Calm K9 training to help with our two rescue dogs who came with their own emotional baggage and lots of anxiety. They are great in our home but messes on walks, and we wanted to be able to bring them more places as well as decrease their anxiety. We were placed with Carl as our trainer and he was truly amazing. It helps to have someone who truly loves dogs, and Carl does. He was sweet to our dogs and able to understand their individual needs. After just one week there was a noticeable difference with our pups, and now we are able to take them on walks without being stressed out or worried about them, and their anxiety is significantly lowered. Would highly recommend this program, and would recommend Carl to anyone! Our dogs (and us) are very happy. We are excited to keep up the training and to remain in touch with Carl!


  22. Samantha Marker 2022/03

    Carl was wonderful to work with. He was so patient with us and always listened. Our girls are so much less anxious because of this training!

  23. Megan Rellick 2022/03

    I chose this training program for my German Shepherd pup who was just under 1 year old. He was not treat motivated and needed more structure. Carl was great, he always explained things in ways you can understand/relate to and made sure everything was clear. He helped me get through the times my pup was being stubborn. The program is great & very successful so far. As long as you put in the work and do your homework outside of the weekly lessons, it will make a big difference in your pup!

  24. Ellen Derr 2022/03

    I contacted Calm K9 training for help with my 9 month hound mix. I had seen 1 trainer beforehand but she wasn’t much help. I wanted to give it another shot with Calm K9 because of the reviews. My dog’s separation anxiety was getting worse and I wanted him to be safe and happy. Carl was great throughout the whole process. He was communicative, supportive, and encouraging. We did the basic training program and I saw a huge difference in my dog’s behavior and basic obedience right away. I am very thankful for Carl and for teaching ME how to train my dog. Highly recommend!

  25. Amy Spencer 2022/03

    Carl was so great to work with and helped tremendously with Kirby’s reactiveness toward many things (dogs, lawn mowers, etc) as well as his fearfulness, which would manifest as growling at strangers. He even will share toys with the other dog in the house now and walks well on a leash, both of which were unthinkable just a few weeks ago! Carl gave me the tools to best help Kirby to become calm and balanced. It takes work on the part of the owner, but it is so worth it, and I would highly highly recommend this training! I’m excited to keep up with the training on my own and keep helping Kirby to improve and hopefully love his new life.


  26. Carrie Hamilton 2022/02

    We had a great time working with Carl! Not only did our dog see great improvements over the course of the training, we now feel like we have the knowledge and tools to continue working on her problem areas too,

  27. Carlie Diberto 2022/02

    Carl worked with my 1&1/2 year old goldendoodle and I and I cannot recommend him enough! The change i’ve seen in my dog from the first lesson to now is so incredible! I genuinely cannot believe how much of a well behaved and mannered dog she is. We worked on all the things I wanted to be fixed and with carl’s guidance and help and our hard work she is the most well behaved and obedient dog! Thank you carl!!!

  28. Caitlin Williams 2022/02

    We had a great experience with Calm K-9 for our people-reactive chihuahua dachshund mix. After he bit an elderly neighbor we reached out to them on their website and got a quick response. Within weeks Carl came out for a consultation and assured us he could work with our dog. We signed up for the 4-week boot camp and could not be happier with the results. Not only can we have guests over to the house with out worrying about their safety, he also does not pull on the leash on walks, has stopped most destructive chewing behavior, listens to basic commands, and has all around better behavior. Carl did a great job teaching us lessons and being there for all of our additional questions after hours. Would very highly recommend the company and Carl, was worth every penny.

  29. Emily Peachee 2022/01

    We loved our trainer and have seen such drastic improvements with our pup. They are so response and did a great job of making sure we always felt comfortable asking questions. We had a very reactive dog and after just 4 sessions we have seen a huge change. We cannot recommend them enough! Our trainer Brandi did everything she could to make our dog feel comfortable and at ease. We learned just as much as our dog did and can’t wait to see how she continues to grow! They make it clear we can always come back if we have questions or any issues down the road.

  30. Sandra Steenstra Byrd 2022/01

    We had Carl from K9 calm come and change our lives. We “acquired” Sprite during a breakup 3 years ago and expected him to go away one day. We decided to invest in him with training. The only problem was we had a queen of the house, Ava, who ruled the roost. It was made clear that we wanted to train both of them so they could co exist together. It was the best decision I made to have both of them trained. Carl did an AMAZING job and we couldn’t be happier. He spoke to us in languages both my “Disney dad” (Carl’s words) and myself could understand. We both took the training seriously and have 2 different dogs. Thanks Carl for all your help.

  31. Kelsey Hedgepeth 2022/01

    What a great company! Very communicative, very accommodating to crazy schedules, and very very good information.
    We have 2 intelligent and excitable German Shepherds(2 year old male and 9 month old female) that had received positive reinforcement training which was effective but in some cases not if we didn’t actually have a treat handy for them particularly when it came to recall. Walks were mildly enjoyable but often frustrating cause I got tired of being pulled around.
    After the 4 week basic boot camp our dogs are a pleasure to walk and have vastly improved in all areas of training from response time to recall to distinguishing commands meant for 1 dog not the other.
    It takes work and they’re not fully trained yet but watching them understand what is being asked of them and then being equipped to reinforce good behavior and correct bad behavior has made such a difference in our lives in a relatively short amount of time. I can see that they are happier and more confident dogs already, which is saying something for our rather anxious male, and I know that will only continue as we work to improve on the foundation Calm K9 helped us set.
    Carl was our trainer and we couldn’t have asked for more from him. He gave simple and easy to understand instructions, he is patient, very knowledgeable, and well prepared to handle the training of two dogs simultaneously.
    I can’t recommend this company enough.

  32. Erin Stryker 2021/11

    We had the absolute pleasure of working with Henree for my ultra anxious, leash-reactive rescue. Before basic boot camp, Stevie would react to dogs over a block away- now we pass dogs on the other side of the street without even a look from her. It’s been amazing to watch her gain confidence in herself in the outside world! We even finished out her last session with a dog introduction and it nearly brought me to tears seeing my dog laying calmly beside another dog.

    Training is definitely a lot of work and it doesn’t end just because the sessions are over. Over the course of training, Stevie and I have really strengthened our bond. She has more confidence in herself because she trusts more that I’m not getting her into any bad situations. I have more confidence in her because I know her boundaries and I know how she’ll react.

    Thanks to Henree, it’s like I’ve got a brand new dog. She can even accompany me to breweries and the river like a real Richmonder!

  33. Peter Gronseth 2021/11

    We heard about Calm K9 through a family friend after a vet recommended we look into a behavioral trainer for our ~1 year old mixed breed we adopted at the beginning of this year. Before we started the boot camp, he wasn’t always crazy but when he was it was insufferable at times and we felt helpless. During our consultation Henree already had him respecting a sit command and by the end of the first class we had already noticed improvements. It is a class teaching you how to teach your dog, but trust me when I say this, it works. As an example, our little guy was never a fan of the crate. The night after the first class with a little work he spent the whole night in the crate with the door closed. 2-3 days later he was going into and sleeping in the crate on his own no problem. This was one of many things we noticed that had almost immediate improvement. If you trust the process and the methods that Calm K9 provides you will see a difference and it is such a rewarding feeling watching your dog learn and grow as well. We could not thank Henree enough for how much he helped us. It’s so nice being able to relax and enjoy our evenings again.

  34. Matt Glienke 2021/08

    Calm K9 was a transformative experience for our pup Cooper. Walks have turned into an enjoyable experience with Cooper heeling on command instead of pulling everywhere. Barking has gone away and Cooper listens much better. Highly recommend!

  35. Mason Brown 2021/07

    Dalia and Henree were FANTASTIC. Our dog was little over a year old and we knew we needed training as much as he did and the two of them were so helpful throughout all the sessions and each week whenever we had questions.

    I was extremely nervous going into any training and from the very first few minutes with Dalia we knew we made the right choice. It’s a fantastic learning experience that was a lot of work but fun and entirely worthwhile. The fact we were able to bring our dog to our family Thanksgiving and not have it be a nightmare is a huge testament to their work and professionalism.

  36. Veronica Garabelli 2021/07

    My husband and I are expecting our first child, and we needed to get our Black & Tan Coonhound’s reactivity under control in preparation for our baby’s arrival, so we signed her up for the Basic Bootcamp. The training is a big investment – financially and time wise – but I can say that in four weeks our dog’s behavior has improved dramatically using the training methods Dalia and Calm K9 provided us with. Our dog now walks much better on walks and doesn’t bark/react at everything in sight. We can now walk past dogs without her lunging at other dogs or animals, which she did at the start of the lessons. This was a major concern for me after she knocked me over during a walk. Your dog won’t be instantly fixed after four weeks, but if YOU put in the work and continue to use the tools the trainers provide, you will see major improvements. Thank you Dalia and Calm K9. We are forever grateful!


  37. Michelle Ford 2021/05

    I would definitely recommend it

  38. Alison Bernier 2021/05

    Very personalized and understood the best approach for the dog and for the owners. Fantastic. Wish I had done this sooner. But so happy we finally did.

  39. B Small (BJ) 2021/05

    Henree with K9 calm did an incredible job helping my Great Dane and I. Henree was incredibly competent, confident and patient. He has not only helped build my confidence but also helped target and correct the behaviors we needed to work on and improved our relationship! I can not thank you enough.


  40. Alex S 2021/04

    Amazing training experience.  We honestly can’t say enough good things about Henree, and are so incredibly happy that we found him.  We have a 6 year old pug named Wally with fear-based aggression issues (on-leash towards other dogs/bushes, at the TV, etc., which he would viciously redirect onto us), which manifested after a dog attack when he was young, and had progressively gotten worse over the last four years.  We were at our wits’ end and were considering having to find him a new home.  Going on a walk with him was a daily nightmare, and it was impossible to predict when a stimulus would cause him to lash out and try to bite the person on the other end of the leash.

    Enter Henree at Calm K9.  He came to our house for an initial consultation, explaining how the training would flow and which package would be appropriate for our situation.  We went with the basic boot camp, consisting of 4 training sessions (once each week for 4 weeks) which each lasted about 1.5-2 hours.  The trainings were mostly focused on how to effectively use a prong and a remote e-collar.  There was a good amount of homework involved (a few hours a day of training time, including about an hour of walking time), which makes sense; in order to get the results that we wanted, we needed to put in the effort and make sure we were implementing what Henree taught us.

    And we are so glad that we did.  Wally is now able to go on long walks everyday with almost no tantrums.  We can watch TV without any issues.  He is significantly less stressed overall, and has a much better sense of his ‘place’ in the household, which we can easily tell gives him more peace.

    Throughout the whole process, Henree was extremely knowledgeable, willing to answer all questions, and genuinely invested in making sure Wally came out better than he was before.  We even got to have Wally meet Henree’s dog at the end, with the two of them coexisting in total harmony (which, before the training, would have been chaos).  I would absolutely recommend Henree to anyone looking for help training their dog; the experience was worth every penny.  Thank you, Henree!!

  41. Lindsay McAtee 2021/04

    We originally contacted Calm K9 for help with our dog Moose, but after a consultation, decided to enroll our other dog, Whisky, as well, since there was no additional cost for a second dog. Our two dogs are very different, but the basic bootcamp worked so well for both of them. Whisky was very anxious but eager to please, and he caught on to the training fairly quickly. He used to be terrified of walks and would pull towards the house the entire time, but now he walks really well on a leash. Moose was scared of strangers, possessive of toys, and also a nightmare on a leash, and the training has helped with all of those things. We even had a stranger comment on how well behaved he was on a walk recently! Henree was our trainer and he was fantastic! He explained everything really well and was always just a text away if we had questions between sessions. He was also just really great with our dogs—Whisky in particular loved him. The basic bootcamp is honestly bootcamp for the owners as much as it is for the dogs. You have to put in a lot of work to get the results, but if you do, it’s so worth it! We’ve tried other training programs in the past that haven’t worked for our dogs, but Calm K9 was fantastic and we highly recommend them!

  42. Sherry Pinkard 2021/04

    From the day we brought Greta home from the SPCA, she has been very reactive toward other dogs which made walking her unenjoyable. But today, during our last training session, she was able to run and play with two dogs she’d just met. It was great to see that she is capable of making friends – something we didn’t know how to help her with. Thank you, Henree, for believing in her and for giving us the tools to help her succeed. We appreciate your patience with us, sharing your knowledge, and for your obvious love of dogs. It certainly helped us trust you with the process. We look forward to finally enjoying walks with our girl.


  43. Austin Stokes 2021/03

    Thanks to David and CalmK9 we basically have a brand new dog. We got Chaco almost a year ago as a puppy and didnt have the skills or knowledge to train him properly. He would pull us down the street on “walks”, bark incessant at guests, and was generally uncontrollable and unpleasant. It was a strain on our relationship with him. David taught us the techniques we needed to manage Chaco’s anxiety and ultimately allow us freedom to bring Chaco anywhere. Just go in knowing that the at home bootcamp really depends on you working with your dog and being consistent. At the end of the four weeks we’re looking forward to continuing practicing what we learned and couldn’t be more grateful we found this company.

  44. That 80's Song You Love 2021/03

    My wife and I are travel nurses and we had a work assignment in Richmond. We have our dog, Dante, who travels with us. Dante comes from a suburban/rural lifestyle and hasn’t had a lot of exposure with new environments or other dogs. Staying near downtown Richmond, Dante was overwhelmed with loud city noises and would lunge and bark at other dogs.

    We found Calm K9 online after deciding Dante would benefit from a trainer. We signed up for a consultation and Dalia from Calm K9 arrived. She was very understanding, knowledgeable, and patient with Dante and us. Dalia’s instruction was practical and customized to Dante’s needs. We signed up for 4 weeks with Dalia and by the end of our sessions and after daily practice Dante was much more calm and learned restraint around other dogs, he was no longer lunging and barking.

    We can’t thank Dalia and Calm K9 enough for giving us the tools and education to train Dante and maintain his training.

  45. Brianna Pitchford 2021/03

    I had such an amazing experience with Dalia! We adopted a pitty puppy from the shelter to join our family with an existing 9 year old small dog. I contacted Calm K9 to help with training, learning my new dog’s needs and calming the constant chaos. Dalia was so helpful and knowledgeable and might I add my puppy is obsessed with her. After one training failure I was skeptical but had such great success. I was not able to work from home bc my house was in a constant state of crazy, but have been able to work from home now since the first week of training. We love Dalia and truly miss our weekly visits!! You will. not regret the investment. Our lives got so much easier! Thanks Dalia and Calm K9!!

  46. Kelci Simonsen 2021/02

    The 4 week boot camp turned my anxious and overly excited lab/pit mix around and into the best girl. David was great and answered all my questions thoroughly. I highly recommend this process for anyone struggling with their pup’s behavior.

  47. Lisa Dawson 2021/02

    Henree came to work with our dog George who was fearful and anxious which he displayed as aggression toward anyone who tried to come into our house. From the very first, George responded well to Henree and when we implemented the training suggestions Henree made, George was transformed into a much calmer and less anxious dog. It wasn’t magic but it does work!

  48. Byron Watts 2021/01

    I couldn’t have hoped for a better training experience than the one I had with CK9. My 2.5 yr old lab is a sweet dog, but he was so full of energy and just wouldn’t listen when he was excited or distracted. Once I started the Basic Bootcamp with Henree, I could immediately start to see my dogs overall behavior change. The results only got better over the 4 weeks and he is so much more attentive and obedient. He also used to pull and lunge constantly on walks, but now I can walk him in a perfect heel with ease. Henree was a great trainer to work with. He is patient, thorough, and you can tell truly cares about his work. He is always a text away if I ever had any questions. If you are willing to put in the work to train your dog following Henree’s lead, you will absolutely succeed.

  49. Nikki Ligo 2021/01

    We did at-home training sessions with Ashley. Our Australian Shepherd Oaken struggled with separation anxiety and leash pulling. Instantly after our first session Ashley was able to get him to walk nicely on a leash with limited pulling. For the other sessions we focused a lot on his anxiety. He’s a completely different dog and I can now leave the house without worrying about his anxiety and barking. Oaken has been to other trainers prior to Calm K9, but no one addressed areas he struggled with like Ashley. I’m very thankful I found Calm K9 and enrolled Oaken into one of their programs.

  50. Sarah Martin 2021/01

    Calm K9 totally transformed our dog! We worked with Dalia and could not believe the difference in a few short weeks (we signed up for basic bootcamp). Dalia was knowledgeable and professional and a miracle dog worker! As our dog was aging, he was becoming curmudgeonly and started policing our children and other dogs when they were running around. We could never get him to behave when someone came to the door, he would jump and sometimes nip clothes, and he was the absolute worst food thief in that not only did he countersurf, but would jump on chairs to get to food in the middle of the table, as well as take food right out of your hand. Well, that dog is long gone! We finished the program about a month ago, and it still doesn’t cease to amaze how my 3 year old can take him on walks now with no fear of him running after a squirrel or other dog. He sits calmly and quietly outside with tons of distractions. When people come to the door, he calmly waits in his “place” until released to go, and not only is that amazing, but then he doesn’t jump when he gets to them. I mean, I just can’t believe or do justice with words the changes in our dog! We never cease telling him what a GOOD BOY he is!!! I’m so proud of him and so incredibly grateful to Dalia for guiding us through this process. Calm K9 is totally worth it! Thank you Dalia and Calm K9!

    PS – that’s a yellow dog treat. Look at him waiting for it! 🙂


  51. Natalie Epstein 2021/01

    Had to share our amazing experience with Dalia at Calm K9 and post a review. Our beagle mix Libbie is an anxious little thing who became very leash reactive when we moved to an apartment complex and had to be on a leash much more than she was in the first year we had her. She would bark and lunge at other dogs with no biting but still scary for the other dogs involved. We also have a new pup Yoshi who was able to start training alongside Libbie. He’s still a baby so the basic training was very much needed for him as well. Dalia is truly a pro at what she does. After just the first session, and the tools she provided, we began seeing a change in both of our pups. Now after the 4 week boot camp, Libbie is not only more relaxed on walks but she walks right next to us and there is absolutely no tension on her leash, we walk together, and she is able to walk past other dogs without reacting. Yoshi is thriving as well and with the training is learning how to be a dog, and a well behaved one at that! We can’t thank Dalia and Calm K9 enough, we truly didn’t know if there was hope for Libbie and that we would have to start avoiding other dogs on walks for good. While Dalia is an incredible support system and knowledge base for her trade, just know it’s all about what you as the owner is willing to put into their training as well, and we can say that working with our pups has been the most rewarding experience. Thank you Dalia and Calm K9!!!


  52. sarahjay3 2020/12

    I couldn’t recommend the boot camp with Calm K9 enough. I think all of these reviews speak volumes, which was what made my mind up when we decided to start. David is absolutely fantastic at what he does. I told him multiple times that I would have paid double for what he taught us. Our little girl isn’t a frickin’ a-hole anymore.🙏🏻 My little family is very grateful! ❤️

  53. Andrea Freed 2020/12

    Calm K9 Training has changed my relationship with my dog! Henree is easy to talk to, knowledgeable, and makes the process of training into a positive & rewarding experience for owners and their dogs. I am very impressed with the training, and will use Henree’s instructions for the rest of my life. You will be happy with the progress your dog makes!

  54. Kaitlyn Riley 2020/10

    I used calm K9 for my really anxious dog Jinx.

    Ashley was so amazing with Jinx. She really broke down the training step by step to help us see why what we were doing was important and how it could help Jinx. She also was super responsive to texts when I had questions. She was always on time, if not early. We already see a massive improvement in Jinx. The system works really well and I highly recommend Ashley and the Calm K9 crew!

  55. Amber Bouchard 2020/10

    Ashley was fantastic with my spoiled rotten, high-energy lab mix; their program helped us introduce some much-needed structure into his day and while keeping things fun and positive for both my pup and me. I came out of the basic bootcamp program feeling confident that I have the tools to continue training my pup on my own. To me the best part of their approach was that they weren’t training my dog for me, they were basically training me how to train my dog, so that the benefits will continue way past the month of training we did together.

  56. Hanna Thaler 2020/09

    David was AMAZING. I have a 2 year old bulldog/boxer mix who did NOT listen to me at all. Everything I did with him was a stressor for the both of us. I couldn’t take him anywhere because he was horrible on the leash and would not listen. Now I have a calmer dog who listens to me and actually enjoys walking on a leash because it’s relaxing. I highly recommend Calm K9 training. It is 100% worth it. I can now actually enjoy time with my dog!

  57. Nicole Lang 2020/07

    After our time training with Sarah, we are enjoying a much deeper connection to our former problem child pup, Anchovy. It’s hard work, harder if you are not committed, but if you put in the work- the rewards are real! Sarah was both compassionate and firm with Anchovy and it is clear she truly care for all animals, not just the animals she works with. She is knowledgable and patient, ready to answer any questions/concerns in depth.We were at first timid about the prong collar and concerned about using the e collar and she helped us feel comfortable learning to use these tools that are crucial for some dogs to be able to be all they can be. The proof is in the pup! Our once growly, biter (who refused to even sit!) is now way more confident and trusts us, the difference is huge. There is still a lot of work yet to do, but now we have the skills to have a more meaningful, less frustrating relationship with our dog. Thanks Sarah and Calm K9! Highly recommend!

  58. David Uberman 2020/07

    Quick summary:

    CalmK9 offers an amazingly effective and appropriately priced professional dog-training program for dogs six months and older. You will not regret retaining their services, and I highly recommend them. They also offer evening appointments after work, which was very convenient.

    More detailed review for those interested in the logistics:

    Ashley, our professional trainer, was absolutely amazing, and if you are looking for an effective and reliable dog trainer in Richmond, then I cannot recommend CalmK9 highly enough.

    Ashley was extremely professional, knowledgeable, courteous, and kind. In just four weeks (and four visits to our home) our lovable but wild GSD puppy, Freyja, has developed into a lovable and obedient GSD puppy.

    Freyja even passed the mother-in-law test. My MIL, who is not a dog person, decided after one visit before Freyja had started training that she would not return to our house because Freyja was “too high strung.” Well, MIL just so happened to return on the day after Freyja’s first training session with Ashley. MIL must have complimented Freyja’s calm demeanor half a dozen times. That’s high praise, and Freyja had only completed one session at the time!

    CalmK9 offers several different options for training, including boarding. After Ashley evaluated our pup, she recommended an at-home once a week “boot camp.” At first, I was concerned that may four visits may not have been enough time, but I was totally wrong. I was also happy that we did not need to send out pup away and that we were completed integrated into the training process.

    I still cannot believe how effective Ashley’s training was and continues to be. A German Shepherd Dog pup who zoomed around the house bouncing off the furniture now calmly responds to commands and lays happily beside us when told, “Down.” And she also responds to a myriad of other commands like sit, stay, place, drop, come, and off, among others.

    Trainers are not, however magicians, and Ashley trained us just as much as she trained Freyja. You will get what you put in, so be sure to continue to apply the training techniques CalmK9 introduces. Ashley gave us the tools and shared with us the techniques that we will continue to use to train Freyja in the months and years to come. And CalmK9 stands behind the effectiveness of their programs. If, for example, Freyja started regressing — despite our consistent effort — then CalmK9 will return and work on any problematic behaviors at no charge. And the trainers will know if you haven’t been diligent so no cheating!

    We were beyond impressed with Ashley and how well she intuited Freyja’s actions. We feel very lucky to have had her as Freyja’s (and our) professional trainer.

  59. Bryony Grover 2020/05

    We have a big great pyr mix rescue (Penny) who spent the first 3 years of her life having free reign outdoors. When we got her, she knew her basic commands but she’s a smart girl and would fall into patterns to appease us. Plus, her recall: non-existent. We also have 4 cats who couldn’t leave our bedroom because Penny had such a high prey drive she would chase them without a second thought. Ashley helped us so much. Penny is a new dog. She still slips up sometimes, but she comes when told and she and the cats can finally intermingle. That alone is so comforting to me. I’m so glad we reached out to them. It’s definitely worth every penny!

  60. Bianca Blake 2020/01

    Didn’t have the pleasure of working with them as it didn’t even get that far. Maybe a blessing in disguise. David was very sarcastically toned on the phone. I was calling to follow up on the online form I filled out, and he said he would get to it when he’s not driving in a very smart-aleck way. (As if I knew he was driving.) To keep it short and simple, the customer service was off, and that is all I needed to know. So 1 star customer service! I’m sure they’re great at what they do though!

  61. Nora Hermes 2020/01

    We are very happy with our decision to use Calm K9 for training! We have a 3y/o maltipoo that was all over the place on walks, trying to fight with big dogs, bolting out the door and making us chase her, and jumping all over guests when they would come in. We did boot camp training with Ashley and she is a totally different dog! We actually enjoy walks with her and have confidence opening the door to greet our guests. She is a happy more confident dog and the tools have really helped us! It is dog AND owner boot camp 🙂 Thanks Ashley!

  62. Jaysa Cecil 2019/10

    Calm K9Training changed the game for us and our pups in our new RVA homestead! Our dogs Penny & Charlie were both relatively new (& very loved!) rescue pups before we moved to Richmond which caused anxiety, aggression issues and general mischievous tendencies. Ashley to the rescue! She was so patient with us (because this is mostly people training) and our pups. We now enjoy walks in public, a LOT more manners and even off-leash hikes and play time. We would HIGHLY recommended calm K9Training- it is well worth the cost!

  63. Emily 2019/10

    My fiance and I contacted Calm K9 Training in regards to our 3 1/2 year old male lab. We received a quick response and in no time, we had an appointment with Ashley to evaluate Dixon. Ashley came to our home and recommended the Basic Bootcamp training for Dixon. We started as soon as we could! Within four weeks, Ashley provided the knowledge and tools to us to have Dixon trained into a well mannered dog. We are now able to take him into public/stores, walk him on a leash without getting dragged down the road, he stays when told even if the doorbell rings and SO MUCH MORE! Ashley was seriously a life saver for us! I highly recommend her. She was always on time to each session, explained everything thoroughly and always made sure she had all of our questions answered before leaving. Ashley is the best and we will always recommend her to anyone in desperate need like we were!!

  64. S S 2019/09

    We had CalmK9 training come out to meet our 6 month old GSP, Bella, and proceeded to setup the training sessions. Ashley was our trainer and was very good about showing us how each training session would work, and then demonstrated the techniques with both my wife and myself. Ashley was always there if we had a question on a technique or needed clarification on something and while there is a lot of homework and time involved during the week in between sessions, it is well worth it and the results do speak for themselves. This is far different training than the local pet club training sessions (which we tried), and we couldn’t be more pleased. Highly recommended!

  65. Carolyn Carlson 2019/09

    I highly recommend Sarah at Calm K9 Training. I had recently adopted an Australian Shepherd who was good with me but aggressive towards dogs and other people. It was a struggle to take him out on a walk without him losing his mind barking and lunging at people and other dogs. It was stressful having people over due to Ollie barking aggressively as soon as they entered the apartment.
    We are so happy with how the training went with Sarah at Calm K9 Training. Each session I learned new skills and were finally given the tools to communicate effectively with Ollie. Sarah was very patient with all my questions and the skills she taught us are invaluable. I cannot believe how much Ollie has improved! I can have people over without Ollie trying to scare them away. I’m mindful of situations where he can get anxious but I can walk him confidently knowing that he is focused on me and not everything around us.

  66. Robbie Pratt 2019/08

    I came to Calm K9 Training with my Pittie in order to solve his anxiety. Duncan had a long list of fears that culminated into some less than ideal behaviors. One of the biggest fears for Dunc was men. Grown men. Our trainer was a man named David (fun for duncan). In less than 10 minutes into our consulting, David had Duncan in a down position. He was fairly calm for a dog that feared stange men in our living room. After that, I was sold.

    Duncan and I went through the month long Basic Bootcamp. Throughout that time, we were given homework after every session. It was hard and it took a lot of time out our month. Boy was it worth it. After a few short weeks, I could confidently take Duncan anywhere. He still has a long way to go, but David provided us the tools to succeed. My buddy has never been calmer and I know, with the stucture we established, he will continue to grow into the best dog he can be. I am so proud of Duncan and I am so thankful for this company. Work with them, do your homework, and enjoy the results. You won’t regret it

  67. Ben Wiseman 2019/05

    My dog struggles with dog-dog aggression. She’s been to classes, intensive in home training, and even boot camp. Calm K9 helped her learn to manage her issues effectively. She is even able to go to the dog park now!

  68. Byron Burns 2019/03

    David and the CalmK9 team were great to work with. From the first evaluation it was evident that our dog could be well balanced if we knew how to work with her. David showed us the way and empowered us to guide her to make the right choices. We have seen a remarkable turn around with her and feel we have the tools now to help her be the best she can be.

  69. Genesis Cruz 2019/02

    We finished today our boot camp for our two German Shepards!! This program has been a life changer for us, before our dogs were out of control and we thought there was nothing we could do about it. One of dogs had really bad separation anxiety and would chew and destroy our furniture when we were gone, thanks to this training program she is a much confident and happy dog. I would recommend anyone who needs this program is affordable effective. Thank you David for helping us!

  70. Stephanie Tuck 2019/02

    We had a great experience with Calm K9! Ashley was our trainer and was so helpful throughout the process. She answered any questions during the training as well as via text if we were having any issues. Our dog, Rocko, had an allergic reaction to his collar and was unable to participate in the last training to avoid further irritation & Ashley brought one of her boarders over so we could still see the training in use for when Rocko was better. I definitely recommend Calm K9 for any of your training needs.

  71. Michael Smith 2019/01

    My husband and I have gone through 3 different trainers. All they did was go over the basics. However, that was not the issue. I have 3 pitbulls and one started attacking mine out of no where. Sarah came out and did the initial assessment with us. Yes they use pronged collars and e collars. They also show you how to properly use them even if you are familiar with either. Sara off the bat was very calm when she came in. She is very thorough in explaining and answering any questions. It has helped me to immensely we are finely seeing good behavior and improvement. Totally worth getting their help. So glad I found them online.

  72. Josh Monday 2019/01

    We just finished the Basic Bootcamp with Ashley. Our dog was very hyperactive and would always chase our cat and had some on-leash aggression issues. Ashley was a very good instructor and gave us clear directions during each step of the training process. It was extremely helpful to having the one on one time with the trainer and that everything was taught in a way that was specific to our dog. The Bootcamp was originally scheduled for 4 sessions, but we ended up needed an extra session and it was no extra charge. We still are surprised at how well our dog behaves now; she’s a completely different dog from when we started. She still isn’t 100% perfect and has her moments, but we have the tools we need to keep progressing with her training.

  73. Rachel Westfall 2019/01

    My roommate and I have 2 rescue dogs, and calm K9 totally helped making our house a calmer place. Ashley was a fantastic trainer for us, and I really liked her style of teaching. Everything felt very clearly explained, and in case we forgot anything we had email recaps to reference that she would send for each session. The basic bootcamp program that we went through built on itself really well, and our dogs seem to be thriving in the structure. AND the fact that they guarentee the training for life is icing on the cake. I would 100% recommend Calm k9 to anyone and everyone with a dog.

  74. James Bailey 2018/12

    We found CalmK9 after coming to the conclusion that our boxer mix, Dolly, a very friendly girl, was too wild, too prone to hopping the fence, and desperately needed a job and some discipline.

    We met Ashley for a ten minute evaluation, during which she had Dolly in a down stay literally seconds after waking in the door. Impressive!

    We just completed the four session Boot Camp, and could not be happier with the results! We have work to do, but Dolly hasn’t hopped the fence since we started, stats in place when visitors arrive, even when every instinct is telling her to jump all over our guests.

    Very impressed! Having trouble with your dog? At the end of your rope, as we were? Call CalmK9!

  75. Mike McCabe 2018/12

    This training was the best investment of time and money that I have ever made. By the time David came over for the consultation, my fiancee and I were at the end of our rope. It had been three months since we brought our husky mix home to be a playmate with our Boston terrier, and it had resulted in full blown anarchy. Pulling on leash, running away from us at dog parks, chewing valuables. You name it. Within the first 20 minutes, David had both dogs laying down while he rang the doorbell and banged on the door. My fiancee and I laughed in complete embarrassment. David helped us realize that we created this situation, but we could change it.

    The efficacy of the training was clear from the first session. We bought in and now we enjoy our dogs again. I’m so excited to be able to take our boys to Texas Beach off-leash this summer and not worry about them. Thank you, David!

  76. Terry Smith 2018/11

    David is a great trainer; he has a very direct and pragmatic approach. He was always professional, courteous, well-informed, punctual and flexible. We have seen great improvements in our pooch! I would recommend Calm K9 Training to anyone looking for help with an animal having a behavioral issue with impulsive control, aggression or fear…. or hardheaded stubborness.

  77. Jacqueline Waters 2018/11

    I just finished the 4 week boot camp with Ashley. My pitbull was a rescue and he was very fear aggressive towards adults. After trying regular obedience classes through another provider that did little to help him with his self confidence we found Calm K9 and I’m so glad that I did. Our dog is much more confident out in the world and very obedient now. I truly believe that Ashley and Calm K9 saved our dog!

  78. Laura Watson 2018/10

    Our dog Samson (1.5 year old Doberman mix) was the opposite of calm. He was very high strung, always pacing around and on guard. He had a lot of bad behaviors (destroying things, counter surfing, etc.) and had a lot of anxieties with people. Having people over was a nightmare to say the least. He was terrible on the leash in every sense that you could imagine (lunging after dogs, squirrels, bunnies… barking and growling at people who were too close). Although I have always loved Samson, I didn’t always want to be around him. Everything about our human/dog relationship was really hard and a true labor of love. Our home was not a restful place because we were constantly struggling with Samson’s antics. We had taken him to 16 weeks of training before going to Calm K9 for the Basic Bootcamp program. I’m not exaggerating when I say that after day one, we had a new dog. Not a day goes by that I am not genuinely proud of my dog. Not a day goes by that I am not impressed by his actions and decision to make good choices. He knows how to rest, which means I get to rest (and that’s a BFD). We have a calm home. Our walks are actually pleasant and I look forward to walking him every day. Our quality of life and Samson’s quality of life have significantly improved and this is just the beginning. Basic Bootcamp is hard work. It takes time, patience, tough love, and the proper mind-set. I recommend if there are two dog parents in the home, that both are present for the sessions. It was very hard for me to remember everything and then go home and teach my husband AND train Samson. There aren’t enough words of gratitude that I could say to thank David for all that he has given me and Samson!

  79. Dave B 2018/10

    My fiancee and I have two dogs. Both have been through training before and were relatively well behaved, but there were still a lot of issues we needed to clean up in the hopes of having them be part of our wedding. Our experience with Calm K9 was excellent. Within the first few days after the initial session we noticed a big change. David did a fantastic job training us, the dog owners, to better understand how our dogs think and act, and that has helped us develop a much stronger relationship with them. David is very responsive, and is even willing to answer questions after the final session was finished. We wish we would have found Calm K9 sooner and will be recommending them to all our friends with dogs. Thanks!

  80. kelly sherman 2018/09

    I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited to write a review! My pup Archer and I just finished up basic bootcamp with David and to say that a 4 week dog training program has changed my life is both a bold statement and 100% true. I’d been putting off pursuing training for 2.5 years believing that Archer’s issues were too ingrained and that I wouldn’t be able to make the changes I needed to make to shift the dynamic. His main issues were random leash aggression with other dogs and people (mostly men), barking at anyone who came near me in public places, barking at houseguests, impulsive marking in the house, and just in general being a pretty strung-out anxious little man. From the second we met David everything began to improve. Seeing how positively Archer responded to a strong, authoritative presence was both humbling and encouraging and showed me that I had it all wrong. Archer most certainly was capable of being a calm and confident dog and I could learn how to be the “pack leader” that he needed. As I said, part of my hesitation in pursuing training previously was that I was skeptical that someone would be able to teach me…to train ME…to be able to train my dog. I cannot speak highly enough of David’s ability to really break things down, reiterate it, and give multiple examples to help things stick during sessions. He was also super helpful and quick to respond with the couple in-between-session questions I had via email. In just 3 weeks we are working with zero leash aggression on walks, NO MARKING in the house, we’re able to go sit outside together and Archer calmly lays at my feet- not barking at people/dogs nearby, and we’re slowly, but surely conquering the front door. His confidence continues to go up everyday while his anxiety goes down. The quality of both of our lives is on an upward trajectory after this training and I’m so, so thankful! Calm K9 guarantees this training for life and I believe it…because I feel totally equipped with the tools necessary to move forward and keep implementing what we’ve learned + I know I have the support there should I need it. Richmond is really lucky to have this resource. If you’re struggling with your pup, don’t put it off any longer! Call Calm K9. You’ll be SO happy you did!


  81. Miles Keller 2018/08

    Before training, our shepard/spaniel mix was:
    >Terrified of strangers, friends, and family.
    >Endlessly anxious and panicking when we left the house.
    >A terror on the leash, pulling and making the experience infuriating.
    >Queen of the couch and jumping in bed without being asked.

    After training (just 4 weeks):
    >Warms up to new people much faster, and excited to see people she knows.
    >Anxiety is almost non-existent, and she is amazingly independent.
    >Walks are calm and fun. Passers-by comment on how disciplined she is.
    >With her commands, she is always where we want her to be.

    They train you to train your dog, so you can always continue training after it’s over! Also, Calm K9 provides a guarantee for the life of the dog, so if you ever have issues in the future, they will consult for free.

    Absolutely worth it. I am now a believer that no dog is beyond good, calm behavior.

  82. Scott Schibner 2018/08

    I first reached out to Calm K9 when my girlfriend and I decided to rescue a stray pit bull mix we named Lucy. When we first got her she was in really rough shape and scared of everything. Once we nursed her back to health we tried to integrate her with our 10 year old husky named Lilly. They got along somewhat well but when they got into their first scuffle we realized that we needed help being that Lucy was so strong and we were scared that Lucy would hurt our other animals (we also have a cat). Before David came out for our free hour consultation I could not get Lucy to sit, down, come, or go in her crate. When it came to walking her it took every ounce of energy I had just to go around the block once because she pulled so hard. Within 20 minutes of David coming over and working with Lucy he was getting her to sit, down, crate, and walk beside him. I was absolutely blown away at how quickly David got her to do everything I could not. David really put us at ease during the consultation, explaining why the bad behavior was happening and how we, the owners, were causing a lot of the problems without even knowing it. We decided to go through with the basic boot camp which, to be honest takes spending a lot of time and energy working with your dog. We spent what felt like every waking minute outside of work teaching Lucy and Lilly. Every time David would come over for a session he would teach us how to teach the dogs new skills and we would have homework to complete before the next session. After the training was over I could not believe the dogs that both Lucy and Lilly had turned into. Lucy had turned from a dog that we were having second thoughts about keeping to a dog we love and can’t live without while Lilly went from a good to great dog. I cannot praise David enough. His expertise, experience, and blunt honesty made him a great fit for us and our situation. I would recommend David to any dog owner that feels hopeless about their dog’s behavior. We learned so much through this training. The knowledge that David passed on to us is gold and I would feel confident in training a new dog if we ever decided to add to our pack. As a disclaimer, if you want to see results you need to be prepared to work hard, take criticism, and show a little tough love to your dog. Yes, we use prong collars and e-collars. No, they are not torture devices. If used properly they are the most effective training tools out there and David makes it very easy to learn how to use them. I encourage you to do your research before ever enrolling your dog in a dog training program. We did. That why we chose Calm K9, because we wanted to do it right the first time. I could not be happier with the results, it was the best decision we could have made. 5 stars. David is the man.

    —Scott and Melissa

  83. Kelsey Farabaugh 2018/07

    David was phenomenal! I have a 4 year old Great Dane that I rescued when she was a year and a half. She came to us with some dog aggression and a ton of anxiety. As the years went on, we kept trying “traditional” training, but nothing was working. Fast forward to Jan 2018 and she was on 80 mg of Prozac a day and we couldn’t have her near any other dogs.

    David was our last chance at giving her a normal life. In just 5 weeks, Emmy has been transformed from a crazy (120 lbs of crazy) dog that couldn’t sit still for a minute to a dog who is calm and confident. We’re still working on training and it’ll be a lifelong commitment, but just last week, she calmly walked alongside another dog which has NEVER happened.

    David has given me and my husband hope for Emmy and has given her the chance of having a happy, normal, anxiety-free life.

    I recommend David to anyone who is struggling with any issues with your dog. We thought Emmy would be a lost cause, but we were so wrong!

  84. Meagan Montgomery 2018/07

    My husband and I adopted a 3.5 year old lab mix without realizing that he had severe anxiety. Luckily, our vet put us in touch with Calm K9, where we met Sarah. The instant she came through our door, we had a different dog. He respected her and was far better behaved than we had ever seen him – on the first visit!

    After just a few months, we witnessed a huge change. Sarah gave us the tools to reduce his anxiety and help him stay calm enough to listen and behave. It has truly been life-changing. Now we can take walks again (and enjoy them!). When we leave, we’re not worried about destructive behavior. The best part is we’ve started to see that we have a very sweet, affectionate pup who loves to please. Training with Sarah at Calm K9 has improved our dog’s life in a big way and also ours!

  85. Alyssa Thomas 2018/07

    My husband and I highly recommend Calm K9 Training. We had Sarah help us train our 1 yr old yellow lab mix and she completely changed our lives! She is very calm and our pup responded quickly. We went into training feeling very frustrated with Murphy and he was equally as frustrated not knowing what we were asking of him. He is our first pet and we are very new to training. We live out in the country with no fence and could not get him to come when called. We were initially hesitant of e-collar training but have found it’s the best way to communicate especially at long distances. He now comes on command and stays with us off leash, which were our two biggest desires. The place command has also changed our lives for the better and has led to a much calmer puppy. I wanted to hug Sarah after our last session! It’s the best feeling to have friends and family come visit and notice the changes in him for the better. While the training is a big investment, it was so worth the money as long as you stick to the training and do your “homework” between sessions.

  86. Jeff 2018/06

    Jake, a beagle mix around 1 or 2, came to us as a stray in October of 2017 and did not know ANY basic commands. He also went nuts anytime he saw a squirrel (and some other animals). He slipped out of a collar and even out of a harness on different walks when seeing a squirrel and ran through the neighbor howling and barking like a crazed dog. If he saw a squirrel while in the house he would bark like crazy and paw at the window and not listen to anything you said. We started the boot camp with CalmK9 Training in January and the results have been outstanding. In order for the program to work you need to be committed to following the instructions provided, which can be a lot at first, but you and the dog both quickly adapt to the change. The training is as much for you as it is for the dog so you need to be committed or you are wasting your money. At the end of the first session I was already seeing a change and at the end of the 4 week program Jake was a changed dog. He loves his crate and “place” now and seeks them out on his own, and settles down in them when directed to by us. I can be out and about in the neighborhood without him on a leash and do not worry about him barking and chasing squirrels, which is something I never imagined. We now often out with neighbors and other dogs for long periods of time with Jake off leash and he listens to me at all times. If I call him he comes, if I tell him to lay down next to me he does. One of my neighbors looked and me and said “I can’t believe that’s the same dog!”. I can take him on a walk and tell him to sit or lay down and drop the leash when a squirrel is 10 feet from him and he will not chase it. He sits and waits for me to open the door to the house rather than rushing in and out. My neighbors and friends are absolutely amazed at the change. We will continue to work with him and “clean up” some of the small things. Going through this training was worth both the time and monetary commitment and has provide Jake with a tremendous amount of freedom that he never would have had before. If you are thinking about using CalmK9 training I would highly suggest moving forward!

  87. Monique 2018/06

    My puppy Winston was a menace to every one of my friends/ family. At almost a year old, he has grown pent up energy and excitement that may sometimes seem aggressive to my house guests, and therefore making my house an unwelcoming place. Since the training, Winston and I have strengthened our relationship. I believe he is happier pup because he has gained trust and able to do things he may have been unable to do before training. He has learned to exert his energy differently and stay in a calm manner. I certainly recommend David to guide those in training their pup. Training a pup can not only be for your benefit, but for you dog’s own safety as well. It is certainly a gradual process, but with time and patience can certainly be achieved. Weekly homework is assigned and is practiced daily. You get what you put in! Thankfully, David made it that much of an easier experience for myself and my puppy. Happy training!

  88. Ananeika Claxton 2018/05

    I have an 8-year-old Chihuahua (Melody) who has always demonstrated aggressive behaviors and as Ashley explained, that is because she is naturally, a very anxious dog. Melody would regularly lunge at strangers and bark at everything. At the consultation, I saw an immediate change. After every session in the boot-camp, I saw improvements. She is now more obedient and my relatives are genuinely surprised at the changes in her behavior. She had a check up yesterday and the vet-techs while acknowledging her anxiety, were very surprised with her calm demeanor. They had previously put a note in her file that she had aggressive tendencies. I am completely satisfied and I love that I can contact the company at any time if there are any questions or setbacks.

  89. DTaylorDayz 2018/05

    David’s training and help really changed the game for me and Kacy. I reached a point in life where I felt lost when it came to trying to train and control my dog myself. I felt like I couldn’t have visitors over as much as I wanted because of her reactions to people and just couldn’t seem to get her to listen without a treat incentive. Eventually I stumbled upon Calm K9 Training while searching for training. David’s methods beat everything I’ve tried (including another trainer previously). He seems to really know and understand the dog and the owner themselves. He’s able to communicate clearly what is needed to be done and provides excellent support in getting you and your dog on track. From day 1 you’ll already start to notice a change. By the end of our last session and upon reflection, I noticed that Kacy really has transformed into a well-behaved and trained dog. She listens to me, is no longer door aggressive or aggressive towards guests. She seems much more at ease. I also noticed that I feel much more confident in myself when handling my dog. You cannot beat the peace of mind and confidence that having a trained dog will bring you. It’s night and day. I 100% recommend Calm K9 Training. You won’t regret it.

  90. Shane Boyar 2018/05

    When my wife and I adopted a 2.5 year old pit mix, we had already decided we were going to do everything we could to train her into a well behaved pup. We got books, and watched videos, and although we made some progress, nothing was really sticking. I saw Calm K9 recommended on a reddit thread, and checked them out.

    I’ll admit, I was skeptical of Calm K9’s training methods at first. I had fully bought into the idea you could get a well trained dog using only treats and praise, and I do believe you can get there, but as someone who works all day, the progress I desired seemed like it would take years.

    David, during our initial consultation got my dog to sit/down and not move with unbelievable rapidity. I was sold from that point on.

    The first official training session went so well, I was confident my dog would be off leash in a matter of days. Then we hit a wall on the second session, but David let me annoy him with text messages trying to figure out how to breakthrough, until we got something working. From then on it was smooth sailing.

    Just yesterday I let my dog off leash to play fetch and she did wonderfully. We are currently sitting in our house with a contractor who is using a vacuum and she is laying down calmly. These are things that seemed impossibly just a month ago.

    Calm K9 is amazing, bordering on miracle workers, and what’s best is they are really training you and not the dog. I have confidence that whenever I decide to get a second pup, I’ll know exactly what to do.

    Thanks again, David!

  91. Jake Finnegan 2018/04

    Calm K9 helped my pup duke tremendously. I can now take him on walks without the fear of him barking and acting aggressively towards other dogs. He has completely transformed into a well behaved companion. I can’t thank you guys enough!

  92. Amber Fiducia 2018/04

    My name is Amber and I have a 2 year old Pitbull named Nala.

    Nala is very energetic, loves to cuddle, snuggle and pretend she is a lap dog. We wanted to get her trained because we are expecting a baby next month and though this would be the best thing for our family.

    David came and did her evaluation and recommended the basic training so we went ahead with that.

    At first the training was intimidating and a lot of work, but after seeing an improvement in our dog after the first week, there was no doubt in our minds that this was the best decision that we could of made for her. Its not just training your dog, its essentially a boot camp for you. Teaching you the basics and helping you understand the reasoning behind his training was something David was great at.

    After the 4 weeks of training Nala now loves to sleep in her cage, will lay down wherever you say the word “down” and will only come to someone when called. She also walks around Richmond without a leash, paying no mind to anyone else but simply enjoying her walks.

    I would recommend David to anyone who simply wants their dog trained for specific reasons or just to have a companion that you can take outside without any worries. Our dog is a happy, trained dog! 5 stars isn’t enough, this has changed our dogs life and ours for the better!

  93. Wendy Jordan 2018/04

    Sarah is our hero! We adopted a couple of 9-week old rescue puppies in Feb 2016, they had a lot of fears and we knew we all needed help to make all of our lives better. In their minds, the sky could be falling at any given moment. Loud engines, paper and plastic bags, corners of the rooms…it was all terrifying for them. They aren’t aggressive dogs but I must confess that one of our pups held a contractor hostage in the guest bathroom when having our house sided last summer. Anyway…I went online September 2017 looking for trainers that specialized in dealing with fearful dogs and I am so grateful we found Calm K9 Training.
    It wasn’t always easy, and within the first 2 – 3 days I wasn’t sure I could stick with it. But anything worthwhile takes some work and some practice and having happy pups was important to me. Going through life afraid of everything is not a good life! As a result, we have obedient dogs that are happier which makes us happy as well. It was time and money well spent! I trust Sarah and David completely and we have recommended them time and time again.

  94. Anne Adette 2018/03

    We signed up for the Basic Bootcamp with our 3 year old Ridgeback mix. She had fear-based aggression (towards strangers and some dogs), anxiety with certain noises, and pulled on leash. We thought she was “too far gone” and was afraid no trainer would want to work with her… But luckily we met David!

    The moment he stepped into our home, there was an instantaneous shift in her behavior. David is a very knowledgeable, funny guy with a strong leadership presence. The sessions can be an overload of information, but he makes them interactive and has a great sense of humor with it.

    We had 4 sessions over 4 weeks, but there was training everyday. This is an intensive Bootcamp that requires practice outside of the sessions for it to be truly effective. But the results are so rewarding!

    We can now take our dog nearly anywhere without issue, she listens when we speak, and we can walk her off leash. She is a completely different dog for the better, who now gets to enjoy life!

    No dog is “too far gone” for rehabilitation. Calm K9 really is a life saver!


  95. Brian Martin 2018/01

    Great trainer

  96. Jessica McWilliams 2018/01

    This guy only knows ONE way to “train” dogs and will refuse to adapt to the specific needs of your dog. He believes that all dogs can be trained this way. We came to him because our dog was pulling towards other dogs on walks… now not only does she still pull, but viciously growls at them and nips at them if she gets close enough.
    We tried expressing our concern about the harsh training tactics he uses (all pain inflicting) and how we thought this was causing her newly developed agression (NEVER there before training) and he wouldn’t listen and refused to try something else without pain. We used to be able to meet other dogs on leash, now we have to avoid dogs on walks at all times. Not only have we wasted a large amount of money, but we feel she is more anxious because of the pain he caused. Here’s an example: he would put a prong collar on my dog and then step on it with his foot and pull her neck down until she submitted and laid down while she looked scared and uncomfortable.
    We even talked to our vet and they firmly believed that the tactics he used likey caused the agression in our dog and were harming her mentally.
    Please, I don’t normally write long reviews like this but our dog is a family member to us and we are devastated by what has come out of this. We regret trusting this place every day. We want our dog to listen and feel comfortable, not force her into submission and have her scared of us.

  97. matt gusti 2018/01

    After researching countless places and going to 2 different group classes I finally found a solution, Calm K9. I have a Jack Russell Terrier and is energy became so much that group classes/training was becoming exhausting. I have had multiple companies visit but none was able to control Rocco’s Attention except Calm K9. After working with Calm K9 I have a dog that I can take any where, no longer just to parks because now the world is his park. I am eager to see what else he can do now that I have complete control over my Jack Russell Terrier.


  98. Jean McKeever 2017/11

    I used Calm K9 Training for my male Labrador and highly recommend their service.

  99. Christina West 2017/11

    I contacted calm K9 training because of aggression issues we were having with our 8 year old pit bull. She was always leery of strangers especially men and with a lot of dogs. She became worse and worse and it was very hard just to walk her because of her lunging and acting aggressively toward anyone or any dog that walked by. David taught me (and ginger) how to become a calm confident walker. She is obedient and looks to me for guidance instead of just reacting. I no longer have to worry she is going to bite someone or run at the door when the mailman delivers the mail, or anyone who knocks on the door. I am very pleased with the training that was provided, I feel that David went above and beyond to help ginger. Very happy that we found him.


  100. Barbara Selje 2017/09

    David was my last resort. After having given up walking Diesel, my 2 year old, 90 pound Pit/Mastiff mix for the past year and a half and always being on alert while watching TV to prevent him from launching at my TV when a dog appeared, I am now able to take him on walks again and watch TV in a relaxed state of mind. David has shown me how to effectively communicate with Diesel to let him know when his behavior is improper.
    Prior to David I had hired three different trainers to help me get Diesel’s behavior under control. The last trainer made things even worse. She had used dog shows on my TV to “desensitize” Diesel; however, that resulted in him being now over sensitive. He was literally waiting for a dog to come on. As soon as that happened he launched at my TV. It was very frustrating, but I am glad I did not give up on Diesel. It is not his fault.
    After we completed David’s training program I feel confident again to go on walks with Diesel, I don’t have to be on edge anymore while I watch TV. Diesel is in general a much more relaxed, better behaving dog. He is a new dog.
    Having tried three other trainers before, I have to say that was wasted money. I wish I would have found David’s program sooner. Even though it is a tough program, I think it was tougher on me than it was on Diesel who enjoyed David’s challenges, I finally have a well behaved dog who I love to be around and enjoy taking on walks.

  101. Allyson Burch 2017/09

    My husband and I are forever grateful for David and his time with us and our dog, Josie! He trained us as owners just as much as he helped train our dog. As opposed to other training companies that teach situational commands, David teaches a higher-level philosophy with basic commands that can be used in any and all situations.

    Not long ago, we had a dog who knew commands but chose when she decided to listen to them. She snapped at other dogs and people seemingly for no reason. She ruled the house and she knew it.

    After David’s initial consultation, we enrolled in the basic boot camp course which lasted for 4 weeks. After each session, he left us with very manageable homework for the week – this gave us plenty of time to master and internalize the teachings of the session before he layered on the next steps in the next week. In these sessions, we learned how to direct basic commands, but most importantly, we learned the mindset necessary to be in control at all times, no matter what situation we’re faced with.

    His methods are immediately effective and very fair to your dog…they are designed to set you and your dog up for success. The idea is to teach your dog that their job is to be calm – we the owners can take care of the rest. If you put in the work with your dog, you’re sure to see great results and will even be able to go off-leash.

    We now have a very calm, well-behaved dog who eagerly listens to commands. She looks to us to tell her what her next move should be and doesn’t mind the world of distractions around her in the meantime. We trust her to behave on and off-leash AND we have the tools needed to correct her if she doesn’t…those things together are incredibly empowering and are crucial for a strong relationship with your dog.

  102. revicmvt 2017/09

    We called Calm K9 because my dog was displaying anxiety when meeting new dogs as well as aggression while on a leash. My boyfriend and I had tried everything we could find online to correct this, but to no avail. It had gotten to the point where I dreaded every walk and every invitation to bring her somewhere. It was time to call in the expert. David does not leave wiggle room when it comes to instructions for you or your dog and the initial transition to a more regimented schedule/interaction was difficult. That being said, it was completely and utterly worth it. David was able to fully walk us through exactly why we were doing what he told us to do and was able to answer the many (MANY) questions we threw at him. The end result is a happier, more confident dog. She loves going for walks now (as do I), can play fetch it the park (without fear of her bolting), and even went to a football party with FOUR other dogs. There is still work to be done, but David provided us with the tools and the confidence to do it. If you are where I was, thinking there was absolutely nothing that would help my dog, call Calm K9, you absolutely will not regret it.

  103. Heather Reeves 2017/08

    I can’t say enough good things about David and Calm K9 Training. We have two young, 50lb dogs that were full of energy and completely unruly. They were very leash reactive and would always go crazy any time they saw another dog on a walk. It had gotten to the point where we were dreading taking them on a walk and couldn’t go anywhere with them! David has completely transformed them into well behaved, calm dogs that we have no trouble with whether it’s new people coming into the house or approaching another dog on the walk. Everyone should go through this training program with their dog!

  104. Elizabeth Overall 2017/08

    I recently completed the 4 week Basic Boot Camp training with David and Calm K9 Training. I initially reached out, after a simple google search, and with little idea what I was getting into as I have never used formal dog training before. I immediately got a response (which was over the weekend) and the staff took the time to understand what I wanted for my pup, Henry, and what behaviors needed to change. Henry was a very sweet dog, who wanted to greet everyone with a big jump and warm sloppy kisses and to meet every dog when we were on a walk. Walks were becoming more cumbersome and miserable for the both of us. Henry had complete control of the house and was becoming reactive when I would crate him when leaving my home.

    After the first training session, the behavior changes (For both of us!) were noticeable immediately. During the sessions, David demonstrated the training techniques and then provided feedback on the accuracy of conducting the training techniques. Each week there was homework for Henry and I, but it was manageable, and well worth the effort to see the progress. While the prong and remote collar were scary for me at first, these are tools that I will use for many years to come and would encourage everyone to use! Henry understands both of the tools and responds very well to his new life with them.

    Henry is now able to walk off leash, in downtown Richmond, amidst all of the distractions. He is so much more calm and happier. He is eager to practice his skills and experience new things as our training will always continue. People now stop me in the pet store, in my neighborhood and on walks to say what a well-behaved dog I have.

    I can’t thank David and Calm K9 Training enough for their support (which will continue even though training has been completed) for giving me my life back with Henry. We are enjoying so many new adventures together with a dog who loves to explore and spend time with people.


  105. Jen Dent 2017/07

    I couldn’t be happier with this experience. David is very professional, calm, and caring with dogs. I have seen a world of difference in my German Shepherd in a very short amount of time. I highly recommend this service.

  106. Amanda 2017/07

    We came to Calm K9 with a problem. Our 8 month old (bratty) Bulldog was getting too big, too fast. And he wasn’t listening worth a damn. I made a lot of excuses for him. “He’s so young….He’s just a big puppy…He will grow out of it…” But the truth was, he was taking a major toll on our lives. At one point, we considered rehoming him.

    Within the first 30 minutes of training, Bruno was listening, and obeying commands. Four weeks later he is a very lovey, and obedient puppy. Sure, he can still be a little jerk sometimes, because he’s a Bulldog and Bulldogs are stubborn meatballs. But we now have the tools and skills to combat those moments when he doesn’t want to listen. I’m amazed at the difference in him in such a short amount of time.

  107. Linnea Gerwig 2017/07

    What can I say, David has helped us so much! We could not imagine taking our girl to an open field and letting her run around 4 weeks ago. While we know we still have a long road ahead of us, the tools and knowledge that David has taught us have already strengthened our relationship with Madison and is helping her become a more confident dog. We no longer have to sidewalk hop when we see another dog approach or avoid having guests over because of how anxious and aggressive she can act around strangers. While these can still be challenging situations, we understand how to handle them and know they will continue to get easier with practice. It’s also very reassuring to know David is just a phone call or email away if we have questions and you can’t put a price on that. Thank you!

  108. Karen Gill 2017/06

    I don’t think I’ve ever been this thankful in my life. I have an adorable pitbull mix that was just crazy hyper and pretty much pulling my shoulder out of my body everytime we went on a walk. Even though he was a sweetheart anytime he would see a dog he would automatically start running towards them which would scare a lot of people including me at times and being the type of dog he is people did not take this lightly. David did me the biggest favor ever by helping me not only have a dog I can walk calmly on leash but also off leash. I feel safe having my dog around other dogs and I trust my dog to know that I am in charge. He is so happy that he can now go to the park and go to dog events. I can take him anywhere I want to! It’s the greatest feeling ever and I have never been more thankful. Thank you so much for working with me and training my baby while also training and teaching me without making me feel like I was a bad owner for how my dog acts like how others had in the past!

  109. Johnny Heath 2017/06

    David and Alyssa at Calm K9 Training did an amazing job helping us with our furry kid (an Australian Shepherd), Jackson. After my fiancé was bitten by Jackson (not aggression towards her, just transference of aggression towards another person while on leash), we decided we had to do something, and that something was Calm K9 Training.

    We found Calm K9 Training by Google search, read the amazing reviews, and decided that was the place for us. After the first conversation with David I already felt more at ease. He said the balanced approach, while different that the all positive training we had done up to that point, was what’s needed to train a dog out of aggressive behavior.

    Our first appointment came and we thought we were ready, but we really weren’t …it’s hard at first seeing your furry kid so strictly trained but the results were an immediate change in Jackson’s behavior for the positive. Jackson of course rebelled against the training some and had to be corrected but I’m sure that’s only because he had been able to do whatever he wanted for his whole life, which after all was the root of the problem. While the training definitely struck us as harsh at first, we listened to David and did our own research to find that not only is this not “harsh” but it actually provides a level of structure that some dogs actually require to be happy.

    This training was everything we hoped it would be, and more. Through the four weeks we trained with David and Alyssa, Jackson’s behavior just continued to improve and by the last session we were able to take a casual stroll in public with him, something that was only a dream for us just 4 weeks earlier. I hoped we would have a well behaved pup by the end but we gained even more than that. We now have a much stronger relationship with Jackson and feel closer to him than we ever have before.

    While there will likely be parts of the training that are emotionally draining, trust the process and you will get results. Calm K9 Training helped us unlock a great deal of potential in our amazing pup and helped us forge a stronger relationship with him that we ever knew we could have.

  110. Rebekah Jackson 2017/04

    Had my last training session with Calm K9 today and have all good things to say! Not only have I seen major improvements in my dog’s ability to coexist with children but it has completely transformed his behavior. I can take him places I never would have dared and this has allowed me to spend more time with my pup. This was a great learning experience, not only for Mogli, but for me as well. The staff was great and worked with me when I had scheduling difficulties.

  111. John Best 2017/04

    Alyssa was incredible! We could not have asked for a better trainer for our new black lab puppy. We started the training with him at 9 weeks and he certainly tested our patience numerous times, but Alyssa reassured us that if we kept up with the training that we would start to see positive results. She was extremely patient and always willing to do extra work with us, especially on commands that we were struggling with. Holtz picked up all of the different commands very quickly, especially considering that he is a puppy. We are very pleased with the results that we’ve seen and would highly recommend calm K-9 training to anyone as we truly couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

  112. Nina Brundle 2017/04

    I highly recommend Calm K9 Training. My boyfriend and I worked with Sarah, and we are both so pleased and impressed with the huge change in our dog, Rhoads. We took in an abandoned hunting dog earlier in the year, who developed some aggression, and had separation anxiety. He was quite the fearful guy, but during week one we saw in incredible change, that progressed each week of the basic boot camp training. It was incredible to see his fear decrease and his true goofy self emerge as his confidence grew. Sarah is amazing, professional, and she was available for our many questions. She helped us both to learn to be more patient and to stick with it, as Rhoads was not the easiest student. Their training program also helped us develop such an amazing bond with Rhoads, and I’m so glad we chose to work with Sarah and Calm K9 Training because we now have the skills to help our pup stay calm, safe and secure.


  113. kristen boggs 2017/03

    We thoroughly enjoyed working with our trainer, Alyssa, at Calm K9 Training! We began working with her when our Lab, Maple, was about 4 months old. Maple had typical puppy behaviors prior to training (nibbling and nipping, jumping, walking poorly on a leash, and chasing our young children), and Alyssa gave us the tools to work her in these areas and many more. We are very happy with the progress that Maple has made, and we look forward to working with Calm K9 Training when Maple begins the off-leash program!

  114. Lisa Suggs 2017/03

    Sarah was prompt, personable and knowledgeable. Sarah provided insight that helped us understand our dogs behavior and how to correct it. With her help our home has become more manageable and more of happy environment for both ourselves and our dogs. She’s passionate
    and patient and those are instrumental when you are training not only dogs but their owners as well. Thanks to Sarah and the Calm K9 training program our home has become more orderly and an overall happy place. We still have work to do, but we feel confident we will be successful because of this program. Thank you Sarah 🙂

  115. Vijayata Dham 2017/02

    I am so impressed with Calm K9 training. Sarah was our trainer and she was extremely professional since day 1. Our dog Kona is a rescue and she definitely needed some help with her high anxiety and puppy behaviors. I have noticed a huge difference in Kona’s overall behavior and demeanor. She is much less anxious and she listens on command. We are so much more confident when walking Kona and taking her out with us. It was worth every penny and I wish I would have done this sooner!

  116. Michelle Rude 2017/02

    I can’t say enough good things about Calm K9 and their training. Sarah was our trainer and she was very quick to address any and all of our issues and concerns. She took our two dogs and not only turned them into calm, even tempered dogs, but she also equipped us with the knowledge of how to maintain that control and establish ourselves as confident dog owners. Sarah was available and quick to respond to texts when we had struggles or questions and was also flexible when we had to make a last minute schedule change. You’re doing yourself and your pups a disservice if you don’t use Calm K9.

  117. JESSICA ADDISON 2016/12

    Thanks to Alyssa at Calm K9 training these two enjoy more freedom as well as better quality and more fulfilling lives.


  118. Alyssa Eygnor 2016/11

    Before working with David, our two dogs were all over the place and we were stuck. One was extremely fearful and would run away at every little noise. The other was leash reactive and would bark, lunge, jump, etc at other dogs on the street. David and Randi taught us how to be confident leaders and we now have two happy and obedient pups. We were previously told that our fearful dog would always be a flight risk and now we know that wasn’t true. David is amazing, super patient and understanding, and really does want the best for owner and pooch.

  119. Tessa Desiderio 2016/11

    4 weeks ago we couldn’t control our 7 month old Goldendoodle. Walks were becoming more and more dangerous. He was pulling, jumping on people walking by, slipping out of harnesses and eating everything on the ground. Inside he was barking, jumping, eating socks and even laying on the kitchen counter when he had the chance. After 4 weeks we don’t have any of the above problems. He is so obedient and loves learning new things. We strongly recommend calm K9 training. David and Randi gave us the knowledge and tools we needed to have a happy healthy puppy!

  120. Sandy Terakita 2016/09

    We are very pleased with the results accomplished working with this very informative & knowledgeable team. We now have the tools we needed to create a stress free environment both inside and outside our home. We are very grateful for the help we got from David & Randi.

  121. CMCC 2016/09

    We are extremely happy with David’s expertise. We have a GSD that had anxiety issues leaving the house and now we can take her anywhere and with ease. We highly recommend !

  122. Melissa Davis 2016/09

    My parents and I used Calm K9 to help our possessive dog. Maxwell was uncontrollable at times and we were scared to expose him to new people or dogs. Now, I trust Maxwell; it is comforting to know that I know how to train him further and make him calmer, well trained, and overall happy. It is great to know our cuddly, lovable dog is here to stay.

  123. Diana Iannuzzi 2016/08

    I have a small, stubborn dog which would stop in the middle of the walk and not move. He would sit or stand, almost impossible to start walking again. David worked with my dog and me. He trained us both. We both caught on in a short period of time and our walks are now more enjoyable for both of us! Thank you David

  124. Kai Filippini 2016/08

    We have Hodor, a 3 year old pit mix who is loving yet kind of a brat. He has a precious personality that we didn’t want to lose with harsh training, but we also didn’t want to carry treats wherever we go.

    I must admit we were skeptical when looking for trainers in the area as each has their own training philosophy. We decided to have David over for a consultation and were impressed at how Hodor responded to his demeanor. David was confident that he would be attentive to our commands and even off-leash trained in 4 sessions. We were still skeptical but decided to commit to the program.

    David worked with us with a training program that made sense, was workable, and worked! He was not only flexible in schedule, but to the needs of us and Hodor. Even when the going got a little rough he made time for an impromptu session! His commitment to his clients is impressive- even though the 4 sessions are over (and successful!) he remains in contact with us for any problems that may arise.

    We can’t recommend Calm K9 Training enough!

  125. Jacqueline Demerest 2016/08

    Our experience with the head trainer David at Calm K9 Training was life changing. He not only rehabbed all 3 of our dogs, but he created a harmonious relationship between us and our pups. We are better able to communicate with our pups and give them the balanced life they all deserve. He helped calm our dogs down and in turn helped us to live a more calm and peaceful lifestyle. We run a rescue/foster program, and take in a lot of dogs with various behavior issues, and its a blessing to know we have David in our corner to help. He will give you nothing less than 110%.

  126. Rob Michael 2016/07

    The quality of the service provided by CalmK9 Training is truly outstanding in every regard. Under the leadership of owner and head trainer David Greenberg bad dogs are taught to be good dogs and good dogs elevated to great dogs.

    David and his amiable and capable assistant trainer Randi start the training process through an in-home visit to evaluate the pet, its environment and its interaction with people. During this visit David diagnoses the source of issues impacting on your pet’s behavior and discusses with you an outline of training options to correct those issues. In most cases David is able able to conduct the training is in your home with weekly sessions lasting anywhere from one to two hours. In some situations David may recommend taking your pet to his training facility in Richmond for more intensive training focused upon a particular behavior issue.

    David is conscientious in every meaning of the word. He is always on time, candid in his evaluations, thorough in his follow-up and exceptional in the level of communication he maintains with his clients. He cares about his charges. One need never worry about a pet left in David’s care. But tho most important question every pet owner must ask is does he get results? The answer is yes. But one should also note that whatever miracle David may accomplish with a problem dog will be for naught if the pet owner doesn’t re-enforce, as needed, the easy to understand and follow training methods at home.

    David is one of the top professionals in the field of dog training. Those of us who live in Virginia are lucky to have him nearby to help us to help our pets become the dogs that they want to be and that we want to be with us. Five stars are an easy and justifiable selection.

  127. shawn ratcliff 2016/05

    Before we went with calm k9 training we didn’t know what to do with our dog he was all over the kitchen table would jump on people and really was just crazy now our German shepherd is the calmest dog and well behaved we highly recommend Calm K9

  128. Ryan Semonich 2016/04

    Before working with David and Randi going on walks was a nightmare. I have a pitbull that weighs around 65lbs and would not stop pulling. After the first session she was already much easier to control. When going into the second session they corrected some things I was doing which was extremely helpful for me. They also offered some other training exercises while on the leash. I would highly recommend them to help with your training needs.

  129. Ashton Parker 2016/04

    My husband and I used Calm K9 for our two German Shepherd dogs (ages 1 and 3). They were rambunctious, leash aggressive and not getting along well. With the training they are calmer in the house and out on walks. Calm K9 was very professional, friendly, and willing to work around our busy schedules. We have seen such an improvement with our dogs!

  130. Andrew Friedberg 2016/04

    As a result of a 1.5 year old pit bull with lots of energy and a high prey drive, we contacted Calm K9 for help and could not be happier with the results. David helped our dog learn how to stay calm in various situations, and also taught us how to address unwanted behaviors. We are now able to comfortably go for walks and not worry that we will be battling our dog and his urge to chase squirrels or exhibit aggressive behaviors towards other dogs. We would recommend David’s services without hesitation.

  131. ashlie stupka 2016/03

    I called Calm K9 as a last resort for my 2 year old rescue springer, she was food aggressive, scared of leashes and collars being placed on and fearful/scared of human touch (was abused in her past we believe). She has done a complete 180 since Calm K9 came into our lives. She is now a very loving, calm and well-trained dog. Cannot thank them enough for all they have taught us as well as her. I owe them everything for allowing me to keep my baby!

  132. Heather Nelson 2016/03

    We cannot recommend David enough! We adopted a 2 year old lab mix this summer who was aggressive both on andoff leash. On walks he would go crazy lunging, growling, etc. when we could see another dog and our dog walker at the time said it was the worst leash aggression she had ever seen. Off leash he was just as aggressive with other dogs. Where we live we pass tons of dogs every time we walk him so it got to the point that we decided we either had to try to train him or find him a new home. We found David on google and after reading the reviews we thought we would send him an e-mail for help. He got back to me that day and came over that evening for the free consultation. Even after that short consultation we saw a huge difference in our dog and were sold on working with him. We did the full 6 week rehabilitation training with the socialization. It was definitely A LOT of hard work but with our weekly in home training and doing all the homework at the end of the 6 weeks our dog was a completely different dog. On the final day he played with 4 other dogs with no muzzle and loved it. It was amazing to see this transformation. David was reliable, and the training truly works. All our friends that met him before and after the training can’t believe he is the same dog. On our walks he walks right by our side, no pulling and is able to walk by other dogs without lunging, growling, or showing any signs of aggression. He is worth every penny. Thank you David!

  133. Nikki 2016/02

    I recently used Calm K9 training for my 3 year old pug/chi mix Finley. Finley was extremely leash aggressive with other dogs, making a walk through Carytown impossible. He’d start foaming at the mouth, pulling on the leash, snarling, and quickly became a threat to himself and those around him. He was also super anxious when in the home, licking constantly, and didn’t have a “chill” button. After working with David for four weeks, Finley is now a completely different, calm, and well behaved dog. He’s the sweet boy that I always knew he could be, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Walks are enjoyable now, and I no longer have to walk the other way out of embarrassment for my dog’s behavior Every penny I spent with Calm K9 was worth it and I would recommend Calm K9 without hesitation.

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