C.C. Pet Spa

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C.C. Pet Spa
4.8 based on 66 reviews
  1. Naturally Me 2023/09

    I love the staff at C.C. Pet Spa because they’re the most supportive and caring group of people I’ve met. They are always smiling and the dogs are always happy when I take my pup for his grooming session. They treat my dog as if he belongs to them. He’s always happy when I leave him and happy when I pick him up. I would 100% recommend them to anyone looking for a place to take care of their pets.


  2. katrina hi 2023/08

    This Pet Spa deserves an A+. My Poodle was beyond happy when I picked her up, and her cut ✂️ ? was everything I asked for. Thank you! …


  3. Roberta Plante 2023/05

    We have our dog Ella groomed at CC’s and have had a great experiences. Nice, nice people and I love the fact they let the little dogs run free

  4. Crystal Harris-Thomas 2023/05

    Outstanding service! CC and staff are reliable and trustworthy. They “truly” care about the health of your pet. They love dogs. I love the reminders when shots are coming due, the doggie report card to tell us about their visit. The facility is clean and very organized.The hours are very convenient. When you find a good thing stick with it! They are the best!

  5. Tanje Jenkins 2023/03

    They Took Great Care of Oj each and every visit….Thank You CC and all the great staff for loving on OJ. Thank you.

  6. keith tate 2023/03

    Rocco loves the friendly service.


  7. Julieta Ponce 2023/03

    They are the best! Very happy with the results 🙂


  8. Colletta 2023/01

    Love this place an my baby loves it too


  9. Samantha Tieng 2022/11

    We started bringing our dog Blitz here since he was a puppy. They have always been great to him despite his overly energetic personality. Blitz is always so happy to see them and they treat him well. It is hard to leave your dog with someone you trust especially a groomer, but they always take great care of him. He always comes out smelling brand new. we LOVE this place and definitely recommend it to anyone!!

  10. Ivy Robinson 2022/07

    This is my new go-to for my dog’s grooming needs! They treated my puppy with such care and did a great job on her cut. They beat the pants off chain store grooming. See you again soon C.C.!

  11. Treva Henson 2022/06

    Miss CC always does a wonderful job with my dog Very professional

  12. Sheila Smith 2022/06

    Great experience at cc pet spa!! Brought my dog Marley in ..he came put looking like a new dog.
    Staff is really pleasant n helpful in letting you know what to expect.. thoughtful. All the way great place bring you pet.!! Ms. Sarah is so cool!!

  13. Sherri C 2022/06

    I drove 2 hours to get my dog a much need spa day. My doodle was happy and adorable ? …

  14. Angela Lewis 2022/03

    They are so friendly and treated my boys and I like family. I only needed a nail trim and they went above and beyond for just a nail trim. Will definitely highly recommend and be back soon for another.

  15. Sharonda Johnson 2022/02

    The ladies always do an awesome job with my fur baby


  16. big zonva 2021/10

    They cut REAL GOOD…Tell them what you want and there you go!

  17. Helene Lovell 2021/10

    My dog absolutely loves going to CC Pet Spa. They provide excellent service. We travel from Chesterfield to use CC’s services.

  18. Kelly Rochford 2021/09

    I just moved to the area and I didn’t know much about the area nor grooming spas. I fell across C.C. Pet Spa. My dog is a year and a half and she hasn’t really interacted much with people or other animals. She was very scared to say the least. The staff here are extremely professional, kind and gentle. You can tell they LOVE the dogs in how they talk to them and treat them. I highly recommend this pet spa to everyone. TeeTee (my dog) will absolutely be going back for her monthly grooming! Thank you C.C. for making TeeTee look AMAZING!!!

  19. Markia Keith 2021/09

    I called to make an appointment and whoever answered the phone was very unprofessional and didn’t seem like she wanted any business. I rather not take my dog here. Sad thing their service might be good but I would never know.

  20. monimon1k 2021/07

    My baby looks amazing thanks Mz. C.C
    My Las Vegas Show Gal ??? …

  21. Lillian B 2021/06

    CC is an amazing groomer. My experiences with her have always been great! She takes good came of my babygirl!


  22. Sydni Otey 2021/06

    I recently went and sat to wait for my dog to finish his grooming. To start, they weren’t done by the timeframe that was given and I have other things I have to do. By observing and asking questions, I was told the daycare consist of dogs just roaming on a concrete floor close to the other dogs that are getting trimmed. If they aren’t roaming the very small “daycare” space then they are in the cage for a while. On top of that, they rudely told my girlfriend and I to stop leaving and coming back after exiting twice, once for food for our good dog we were waiting for and the other to get his leash out of the car and take an important phone call. In the end, the grooming was okay, nails weren’t trimmed enough and wasn’t worth the price. Very unprofessional place and I DO NOT recommend taking your dog here.

  23. valeria Chavis 2021/05

    Today was my dogs first day. She came home looking so cute. She has never worn bows, but she is wearing them today. She is so cute.

  24. Lloyd Eldridge 2021/05

    Does a really great work

  25. Donisha Russell 2021/04

    Very professional!!?? …

  26. Amber Mcdermott 2021/04

    Extremely satisfied from the time of making the appointment to the time I picked up my baby!

  27. D is what they cal me 2021/03

    1st time here. Had my 2 fur babies groomed and they did an amazing job. I appreciated that because my dogs are seniors, we were given a discount. Found my new permanent groomer.


  28. Jasmine M. 2021/03

    After a poor experience with another groomer, I began taking my goldendoodle puppy to C.C. Pet Spa. My puppy can be very rambunctious and is still getting used to being groomed. The team at C.C. Pet Spa have been patient and professional. I drive nearly 30 mins to obtain their services. I am very satisfied with how my puppy is consistently groomed. Would certainly recommend! Thank you C.C. Pet Spa LLC!

  29. Lesley W 2021/02

    They did such a good job w my dog Lola. She was very matted but they were able to give her a perfect shave and the cutest teddy bear face. I’ll definitely be coming here on a regular basis for my dog ? …


  30. Diamond Williams 2021/01

    Amazing service and my 2 year old maltipoo loves C.C! Lifelong customers!

  31. Jay Bee 2021/01

    They are great! I highly recommend.

  32. Patrick Martin 2020/10

    Our dogs are like our children..it’s hard to drop them off and trust that they are taken care of..listen, CC and her staff..will literally treat them like their own. They let them run around (supervised) on their own..they will love them, pet them, groom them with love and be quick and precise. I’ve never come across a better groomer than CCs Spa. Thank you for what you do and thank you for taking care of Coco so many times. You and your staff are top notch.

  33. Stephanie Segovia 2020/09

    I take my dog here all the time and definitely recommend this place!

  34. Bobby Atkinson 2020/08

    Searching for awhile .. independent groomers really did make my last years hard.. Then I found CC’s a mile from my house… These sweet ladies took care of my boys and I watched a lady talking to a lil dog as it was scared.. Not once did she get agitated.. IDK, 90 seconds later the pup just became a sweet boy.. Thank you ladies

  35. KHT 2020/05

    They did a great job with Gizmo. I will definitely come back.

  36. Mark Williams 2020/04

    The best

  37. Dreamer Abrams 2020/03

    Went here for the first time on june 2 got my pet groomed, great service i would ho there again

  38. Amber Adrian 2020/01

    Cc Is the only place that can actually keep my dogs calm and take care of them the way they deserve. They get so excited when they know they are going. And then they don’t want to leave when we get there.

  39. Denise Christian 2019/10

    This was my first time bringing our toy poodle to C.C. Pet Spa and the service was outstanding. I will be bringing BJ back again nice friendly atmosphere.

  40. Earle Harrell 2019/10

    We brought our 2 yr old Golden Retriever for her first grooming to C.C.’s. At first she was nervous, but C.C. was able to relax her so she could start grooming her. When we picked her up she looked great! Neat and clean, a wonderful transformation. Will definitely use her again.

  41. Ralph Williams 2019/10

    My poodle was really having a time being groomed until he met CC. Her caring spirit, and her grooming techniques really won him over. Thanks CC for making his grooming experience one he looks forward to.

  42. Cynthia Woods 2019/08

    CC does an excellent job, but what brings me back is my “Annie” loves it there. She’s always so happy when we pick her up.

  43. Toni Richardson 2019/07

    Great service from Ms. C. C. & staff… My two get the best service!!

  44. LaFon #Onherway Kinchen 2019/06

    I have 4 poodle bichon mix dogs, I never like their cuts when I’ve chose other groomers. I was very excited when I picked up my crew!!….Ms. C.C. really is a great person and groomer. I wish her much success, Me and my 4 will definitely be back soon?? …

  45. Dev Dev 2019/06

    Visit once & you’ll never go to another groomer, ever! My girl, Robyn, is a lil feisty, yappy thing when she wants to be but she comes out looking perfect every time. ? …


  46. Alisa Morrow 2019/06

    My-My came out so beautiful and smelling so good. She can sleep in the bed with me tonight! Great job guys!!!

  47. Francisco Peot 2019/05

    This is my favorite groomer. She is always so happy. She treats all of her dogs like family. She does a great job on our dogs. She puts these bandanas on them which is an added touch that we enjoy. We live in the West end, but drive to the East End to get them groomed. It’s worth it.


  48. Regina penalvel 2019/05

    Prices are ridiculous

  49. Melvin 'MJ' Johnson 2019/04

    Took Starlord to C.C. and they did an awesome job! My looks like a new dog. I love his new cut and so does he. He will be going to C.C. from now on.

  50. Michael Beeman 2019/02

    Our Sophie loves going to CC Spa. We have had trouble getting her into other groomers and she would shake before we would even get her out of the car. But when we arrive at CC her tail is wagging and she is pulling to go into the shop. Sophie come out looking and smelling the best. We drive an hour to use CC Spa and it is worth every mile.

  51. Ariana tocute 2019/02

    CC is awesome at what she does!! Very flexible, never too busy, and I typically can get same day appointments. She is very personable which makes it even better!! Dog always looks and smell amazing!!!

  52. Monica Green 2019/02

    The owner is very caring. My Pit bull love her to death ? …

  53. Steven Matos 2018/10

    My dog loves CC. Just a great place to have your dog groomed.


  54. Holly Herzog 2018/07

    C.C. was amazing! We walked in with our bulldog mix, Minnesota, on Saturday and even though she was busy she fit us in for a quick bath and nail clipping. She was amazing with Minnesota, who was the happiest dog when we picked her up. She smells great and her nails are so much better. Thanks C.C.!

  55. Raymond “Relentlessly BOOMER!!!” Carney 2018/07

    Best pet groomer in Richmond…hands down!!!

  56. Tonya Winfree 2018/07

    C.C. Pet Spa is a very affordable, clean, and wonderful groomer! My dog looks amazing and smells great every time she gets groomed! C.C. is very professional, kind, sweet, and attentive to my dog needs.

  57. Pamela Vaughan 2018/05

    This is the only groomer I will ever use. My dog is 12 years old and set in his ways. He doesn’t allow just anyone to touch him in certain areas. He will allow Chanda because she let’s him know who is the alpha and I appreciate her for this. She handles him with care since he has arthritus and is overweight. C.C. Pet Spa is a great place for the special pets in your life.

  58. Robert McFadden 2018/03

    After going to all the other chain stores with trainees, it was refreshing to see a seasoned groomer take care of my dog and get the cut right the first time. I’m sold and as a bonus, I get to support a small business.


  59. Stephanie Jiggetts 2018/03

    I took my Keem to C.C.’s yesterday for the 1st time. He & I love her!!! Very personable & caring. I also love the intimate setting & the shop smells WWONDERFUL !!! No doggy stench, dog owners shouldn’t smell like dogs.Haha OK back to the review..the prices are GREAT for so much..hair trim, ANAL EXPRESSION, nail clip and bath!!! This shop is the right fit for my Keem!! Goodbye Pet Smart ✌

  60. Livalil 2010 2018/02

    They do an amazing job. Precise work and genuine care for the pets.

  61. Selena Burrell 2018/01

    Took my 5 month old golden doodle here for his first hair cut and she did an amazing job on him. He came out looking and smelling great. Defiantly will recommend anyone to bring their puppy to her for a great experience


  62. M P 2018/01

    Took my Angel for the first time and I must say we have found a new home. Sooooo happy with everything about the experience. Pricing is reasonable, cut was great, my dog loved it and I love the smell lol C.C was awesome! She was able to fit me in same day and with my unpredictable work schedule she is exactly what we needed. Will definitely recommend her to anyone tired of the run around from other groomers.

  63. Nikole Williams 2017/10

    They do an amazing job and at a reasonable price. Convenient location and good service.

  64. Brooke Peot 2017/10

    They do a great job on all of our dogs! We think they’re great!

  65. Cailey Cramer 2017/03

    Very affordable!

  66. Blackmamaba000 2017/01

    I’m really happy a place like this has moved in to this neighborhood …

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