Bush Veterinary Neurology Service (BVNS) – Richmond

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Bush Veterinary Neurology Service (BVNS) – Richmond
4.8 based on 74 reviews
  1. Isabel Burgess 2023/11

    The front desk staff, the veterinary technician, and the neurologist were all beyond kind and patient. I felt heard and all of my questions were answered, and even felt so supported in a visit that was albeit a little stressful since no one wants to have to take their baby to the neurologist but I am so glad I did and feel confident to be able to better take care of my sweet pup because of them. Highly recommend! Dr. Young and Hope, LVT and Robin at the front were amazing!

  2. Susan Morgenstern 2023/11

    Professional. No waiting. Spent quality time with us explaining and answering our questions. Treated our 10 week pup like a princess. Even gave her a bath before we left!!


  3. Emau Cats 2023/11

    So grateful for the speedy response and knowledgeable staff.

  4. Joel Mann 2023/11

    Top notch! Even with having to be patient and understanding they were busy and had done emergency cases still were top notch! Judy was great handling my concerns timing and for sure taking care of my side kick and buddy!
    Dr Young straight shooter realist and great to work with! Highly recommend. Put your mind at ease even when it’s a lot to take in After all these are our beloved animals that are sick. Leave it to the professionals to set you up for success!

  5. Ron Sevigny 2023/11

    Very professional. They were very caring and they helped our dog to walk again. I would recommend them to anyone needing there services

  6. Susan Meyer 2023/11

    Everyone in the office was extremely caring and sympathetic during a really tough day! The care of my pet received was out of this world, and we are forever grateful!!

  7. Sharon Szydlowski 2023/11

    I took my little dog, Harriet Nelson, to have an MRI of her brain last Friday. After falling down the stairs in our home, she had no control of the muscles in her legs. My vet, after examining her, quickly made me an appointment with Dr. Young, who quickly put me at ease with respect to the procedure she would be undergoing. She was fine, and was having a reaction to a rx she was taking. It was a great day after all, and I was kept informed of her progress throughout.

  8. E. B. 2023/11

    From the staff to the doctor, very professional and caring. We had a great experience.

  9. Nicki Garvey 2023/10

    LOVE THEM. They are busy but they care about every one of their patients. When my older dog had a stroke they gave me options without pushing. And we’re honest on the benefits of tests etc making a care plan based on his needs


  10. Denis Pelley 2023/10

    Our visit was outstanding from start to finish. Everyone has a sincere caring attitude. The entire staff are efficient, courteous, and professional. Dr. Higginbotham listens and provides expert advice and diagnosis in a manner that is understandable by the layman. We truly believe you will be well taken care of and glad you chose their facility for your furry family member!

  11. Cindi Dickens 2023/10

    We have had to bring our dog, Ty, in several different times. Every one from front staff to assistants and doctors have ALWAYS been extremely sweet and compassionate. Dr. Higginbotham has been seeing our dog and takes so much time with us. He is never in a hurry and takes his time to thoroughly explain every detail. He goes the extra mile to make sure he checks Ty in every way possible. He is very patient with all of our questions and seems to really care for the well being of our dog. We feel very comfortable knowing that Ty is getting the best possible care he can get.


  12. Kaitlynn Ross 2023/09

    Bush Neurology service was fantastic, considering the circumstances of why we were there. Front desk was up front about expectations and cost . Our vet tech was nice and inviting. Our provider was professional, empathetic and understanding. I’ve also received a callback from the provider checking on Penny.

  13. Pretty Properties 2023/09

    Our dog Ginger suffered an unknown injury and was declining–losing all mobility. Bush Neurology front staff worked hard to get us in quickly for her to be seen. They made a scary situation much more manageable. They answered all of my questions and were so patient as we struggled to make our decisions. We opted for surgery which went great. Her mobility has been restored. We found all of the staff and doctors to be very caring and responsive. They called when they said that they would and did what they said they would do. We are grateful and highly recommend.

  14. George 2023/08

    Are 5 year old Long Haired Daschund spontaneously had A disk in back go out.He could not use his rear legs and couldn’t feel anything in his feet. Things seemed pretty hopeless. 72 hours later the vet said only place available that could see him was in Richmond 2
    Hours from are house. We went to see Dr Higginbotham and he ordered an Mri. Surgery to
    Fix this was only option. Surgery went well and
    Two weeks post op are Baby is starting to walk
    Again. It can still take a few more weeks to get back to new normal but we will take it. Thank you again Bush Veterinary Neurology for giving
    Oliver a second chance.


  15. Christi Patterson 2023/08

    If i could give 10 stars I would. Last week 7/11 My pup started shaking like a wet leaf with uncontrolled spasms. 7/12 she started drunk walking. 7/13 no leg movement at all. I was told by the emergency vet to contact Bush Neurology. I contacted the one in Springfield but they were not able to get my pup in. They referred me to Richmond and set everything for me. BNVS was amazing from the time that i walked in to the time that I walked out. Unfortunately my pup was diagnosed with IVDD. Dr.Trub did the MRI and explained to me that my pup needed surgery and few days later she was getting surgery. We are 2 days post surgery with gradual improvement in hind legs although we have a few weeks in our healing adventure.

  16. Kyle Milwit 2023/07

    Enormous thank you to Dr. H and the entire staff at Bush Veterinary Neurology Service (BVNS) Richmond.

    Dr. Higginbotham, also known as Dr. H., performed an excellent surgery for my dog Milo, who had ruptured a disc and couldn’t walk at all.

    When I brought Milo to BVNS, he couldn’t move his hind legs. Only one day later, he was walking without assistance. In addition to being an awesome, life-saving surgeon, Dr. H. is an excellent communicator. He thoroughly explained things before and after surgery, which helped me to feel relatively at ease during a very stressful time. My family is super grateful for Dr. Higginbotham and the entire staff at Bush Veterinary Service (BVNS) Richmond!

    Not just as a dog parent, but as a small business owner and certified dog trainer with Bark Busters Home Dog Training in Richmond, dogs are an especially important part of my life. I highly recommend Dr. H and BVNS Richmond to anyone in need of expert, neurologic care for their pets. Thank you again!

  17. Sarah Maser 2023/06

    I’m forever grateful to Dr. Higginbotham and his team. My tabby Calypso had a slipped disc in her tail that was causing her pain and trouble walking, and she ultimately had to get her tail amputated. Dr. Higginbotham and his team were so kind, accommodating, knowledgable and truly cared. We felt in very good hands through the entire process. I would recommend them to anyone. Can’t thank them enough!


  18. Christy Diggs 2023/05

    Dr. Young and staff were extremely caring, helpful, and more than willing to discuss and answer any concerns or questions that I had. For Delilah’s initial visit they squeezed us in because it was an emergency, she all of a sudden was unable to use her hind legs, They saw us first thing the following morning, examined Delilah, explained the different treatment options, and had her in and out of surgery all by about noon. Dr. Young was very thorough in explaining Delilah’s problem and her chances for a positive outcome. At her follow up, our most recent visit, Dr. Young and staff were once again very informative and took the time to answer any and all questions/concerns I had, and even took the time to look over and advise me on the best lifting/support harness to use for Delilah, I purchased three different ones. Even though I never physically got to see Dr. Young, he earned my trust with my precious angel by his thoroughness in all treatment plans available and his willingness to take the time to listen and answer any questions/concerns. I don’t trust people easily when it comes to any of my 4 legged babies,so this is a huge compliment. I’d recommend Dr. Young and staff/BVNS to anyone!! They saved my little girl from being paralyzed


  19. Lisa Diskin 2023/04

    October 2019 was a tough month for our family. Our Old Boston Bulldogge, Barney, was growling (from pain, not to bite) when we tried to pick him up. He was lethargic and stopped eating and we immediately knew that something must be wrong in his head. We (kind of) had a little experience with neurology from a prior visit to BVNS, some 5 years prior, with our beloved Boston Terrier, Guinness.

    Dr. Higginbotham performed an MRI on Barney and found a large tumor on his pituitary gland. Our options were: do nothing and he will die within 3 months or try targeted radiation and hope to shrink the tumor. If we were successful with radiation, it might buy us 1-2 more years with Barney. We opted for radiation and, after 20 targeted treatments, Barney was his old self.

    So, here we are, 3 years later and Barney is still going strong until 3/21/23. He suffered a big seizure and another one later that evening. Off we went to see Dr. H. and the incredible staff at BVNS. We were seen on 3/23 with a repeat MRI. Truth be told, I was convinced the tumor was back but the MRI revealed NO tumor. Dr. was as confounded as I was and I was certain he was going to tell me we only had X number of months left with Barney but he didn’t. He sent us home with seizure meds and sent his bloodwork off to make sure his thyroid was working.

    Bottom line…This is our third visit with BVNS and, without regard to the outcome, they were professional, caring, kind, compassionate, and so loving to our Barney. Without hesitation, I would HIGHLY recommend them if you suspect something is going on neurologically or with the spine.

  20. KATHLEEN Graeve 2023/02

    The care we received from Dr. H and the staff was superior, caring and prompt. We drove from the DC area after an acute IVDD issue and were able to go straight from MRI to surgery with minutes in between. This fast response was worth the 2 hour drive and is giving our pup the best chance for an optimal recovery. Thank you so much for your professionalism at all levels!

  21. Rosie Waterhouse 2023/01

    Dr. Trub performed a craniotomy on my dog on 6/30/22 to remove a brain tumor, but she failed and it left my dog disabled. No amount of the tumor was resected and instead, she removed a similar-sized portion of healthy tissue. The surgery outcome and the way the hospital handled the aftermath is why I am leaving a review here.

    There was a lack of communication about why this happened, with the only explanation provided being “the angle was less than ideal” and “it was a lapse in judgement.” They suggested we review his quality of life then put him down if necessary. We refused, hoping he would recover.

    In the months afterwards and up until now, he has recovered well and is still with us, despite the 1-2 month survival time Dr. Trub gave us. The hospital offered a refund, but we would have to sign a release of liability. We refused. They essentially abandoned him as a patient after that, and all communication ceased.

    We are very lucky to have a new neurologist who is compassionate and kind and educational without giving us unnecessary stress or false hope. Luckily their facility opened up recently, and we were able to have another chance to treat him. However, when we requested records, BVNS claimed they never performed a post-surgery MRI. Luckily for me, I asked for a copy of it previously and was able to provide it to his new dr myself.

    The lack of integrity, compassion, and quite frankly skill are what prompted me to leave a review. I want to provide the opportunity to allow possible new patients to make an informed decision before they trust their pets with BVNS.

  22. Kathryn Harrison 2022/11

    We took our sweet Beagle Doug to the Richmond location last week for emergency surgery because he had fractured a disc and couldn’t walk or use his bladder. We are one week post op and he is doing SO well! Dr. Young was amazing. He was very concise with his assessment and plan for Doug which immediately put us at ease. I felt like Doug was in the best possible hands and would strongly recommend Bush Neurology and Dr. Young to anyone going through this experience with their dog.

  23. Richie Babb 2022/11

    The staff is very professional, caring, and thorough. We got bad news, but the delivery was caring and compassionate.

  24. Matthew Weeks 2022/10

    Highly recommend Bush Neurology and Dr. Sarah Trub and Dr. Michael Higginbotham were both very wonderful and knowledgeable but able to relay information with utmost concern and compassion for our little guy.

    Emelia, Brooke, and Olivia as well as the other staff were also great and compassionate with our little guy as well.

    We are very thankful and appreciative of every one of the staff that helped us during this different and emotional day.

  25. Tundra FX 2022/09

    Unbelievable that is the only word that describes Dr Young and his medical staff. We took our 3 year old Cocker in for a consultation with Dr Young last week for a disc issue. For some two weeks our baby would hide in the closet not eat hang his head down and would stumble while walking. After a visit with Dr Young he diagnosed it was a bad disc in his upper neck area pressuring the spinal cord causing nerve loss to his legs Dr young recommended surgery that same day to relieve the pressure off the spinal cord. That being said we were very concerned that our baby would never be the same do to complication that could occur with spinal surgery but we went ahead with the surgery and the next morning Dr Young called us telling us that our baby was doing fine and we could come get him that afternoon. On our way to the hospital all kinds of things were going though our heads (How would we carry him, How too feed Him, Would he have after affects do to the surgery) I can tell you now when they brought him out he was so excited, he wanted to jump again, wouldn’t stop eating he was a different dog WE HAD OUR BABY BACK. I want to thank Dr Young and his staff for all the attention you gave our baby while in your care. I would HIGHLY recommend Dr Young to anyone that is considering have spinal surgery to there fur baby. Job well done Dr Young.


  26. Kelly Casebolt 2022/06

    Nice, very expensive$$$

  27. Miquelle Fowler 2022/06

    Dr. Young and the rest of the staff were amazing! My sweet french bulldog Leo suffered from IVDD, he was losing all feeling in his hind legs and needed emergency spinal surgery. All of the receptionists did an exceptional job communicating with me, and Dr. Young was extremely knowledgeable and very realistic with me about the chances of different outcomes my dog had. All of them were so patient and kind during such a hard time! We are post op one week, and my dogs recovering even better than I had expected at this point! He is capable of standing on his own and has even been taking a few steps! Thank you to all who played a role in saving my boy – we are forever grateful!


  28. Tazty Taz 2022/06

    If your pet is I’ll and your not getting the answers you need… Bush is the place!! This hospital is even better then the hospital for humans!

  29. Heather Gomez 2022/06

    I took my pug here for an MRI due to seizures. They were very helpful and explained what they were going to do and the possible treatments. I trust them with my fur kids.

  30. Becca Sanborn 2022/05

    I cannot thank the staff at BVNS for how they cared for our dog and helped us navigate his emergency situation. All of the staff members were so thorough, kind, and patient. As someone who deals with customers with elevated emotions for a living, I would hire any of the team members that we dealt with in a heartbeat. I have seen people comment on the pricing of BVNS, but I will say I found the pricing to be very transparent. You have to remember that we are unfortunately in the position of having to pay for a specialty treatment (in our case canine neurology/spinal surgery, etc.) that comes with specific expertise and use of equipment. Special shout out to Dr. H, Andy, Jenna, Mary, and Andrea- I hope I am not missing anyone. You were all extremely knowledgeable, pleasant, patient, and have been great pre and post-op with our questions, next steps, and suggestions.

  31. Winston Greenwell 2022/04

    On one of the worst days of my pets life they brought extreme expertise and results. My dog was immobile from the waist down and no movement of her legs. They ran the scans and we went immediately into surgery. The results at the one week mark are far beyond any of my expectations. I do not want to give others false hope. My dog was a very healthy 5 years old and not over weight. She had reinjured a back from a period of abuse from her first year of life before we adopted her. They are very caring and professional and the web site and communications all work correctly. If your pet only has one chance, even though your results may vary, this is the place you want to be at. Thank you Dr. Higginbotham.

  32. Keri Cullen 2021/11

    I had an amazing experience here despite it being a stressful time! My beagle was referred here for suspected spine problems. Although COVID limited my ability to be present during the evaluation, Dr. Higginbotham called me after with a very thorough and patient-friendly explanation. He recognized the signs of an ortho issue (not a neuro issue), had an ortho surgeon evaluate her at the same time that he did, assisted with getting us into ortho the same day, and even waived his fee as she was neurologically intact. I don’t often write reviews, but this service was outstanding. I would recommend Dr. Higginbotham to everyone.

  33. David Dalson 2021/11

    Wonderful staff recommend Bush to anyone that needs Neurology specialist.

  34. Sharon Beach 2021/10

    I was very impressed by BVNS. Everyone I spoke to was extremely helpful and professional. I felt Freckles was in good hands, and diagnosed with IVDD.. Communication was great!

  35. Missy Lippiatt 2021/10

    When the ER vet in my area reached out to Bush, there was an immediate response. We were squeezed in that day to be seen by Dr. Higginbotham. When speaking to me about her diagnosis, he used everyday language and made certain I understood each and every step of her diagnosis and surgery. Dr. Higginbotham and the entire staff cared for my pet showing her the compassion and tenderness she deserves.

  36. Courtney Zinter 2021/09

    After our 100 lbs. dog suddenly couldn’t stand or walk without falling, we were desperate for help and fast answers due to the physical challenges involved in helping such a large dog. Every person I spoke with when calling multiple BVNS locations was incredibly kind and took time to recommend how I might secure a neuro consult ASAP (he didn’t quite meet ER criteria). I was very thankful that BVNS in Richmond had an opening within two days of calling, and thanks to an MRI, we were able to get a diagnosis. It wasn’t what we wanted to hear, but now we have some answers and can make informed plans for our dog. We are very appreciative of everyone we spoke with, from Dr. Higginbotham’s expertise, to Vet Assistant Andy, to Emelia.

  37. Keith Hennett 2021/09

    Always the best. We have had 2 dogs that have required their special skills and they have always been just awesome.

  38. Andrea Bossio 2021/09

    They treated my son Chase with such great respect and love. My pup was able to come home and they are very knowledgeable on everything. You can truly tell they care and are interested in saving your pet. You don’t find this in a lot of vet places, so thank you so much!!

  39. Karen Gavoni 2021/09

    Everyone was awesome to my baby Simba. We didn’t get the news we’d hoped for with the results my baby Simba passed a week later . Thank you Bush Veterinary for all your knowledge and caring for Simba

  40. Toke Hound 2021/08

    Thank you so much Bush Neurology Richmond! I had to take my Pug here for a proper diagnosis. I had an absolutely positive experience here. Dr. Higginbotham is great, he explains everything to you in a language you can understand and he is detailed! I couldn’t ask for a better person to take care of my pet. Thank you so much!!

  41. Heather Gundy 2021/07

    We received excellent service. The staff was caring and Dr. Young was very thorough and knowledgeable about what was necessary to diagnose and treat Fiona’s epilepsy. When we arrived at the ER on a Saturday morning, we were offered an appt with the neurologist so we could get the proper help for Fiona’s uncontrolled cluster seizures.

  42. Tracy Winters 2021/07

    They got Toby’s seizures under control. They started with the least amount of medical intervention and increased it until seizure control was accomplished. Toby has had only 2 breakthrough seizures since being put on his current medication regiment. Thank you Bush Veterinary.

  43. Malia Coppage 2021/06

    Had a great experience there. Lovely staff. Compassionate. Communicated well.

  44. K. Crawford 2021/06

    They are not cheap but you know this is America so everything is inflated except wages of the average Jane. With that out of the way I’d like to say thank you Rachel, Amelia and Dr. H for all the expertise, care and kindness you have shown me and especially my baby these pass few days. I most appreciate the knowledge and directness from the staff after results were found. Unfortunately my girls options weren’t what we had hoped for. I also appreciate Dr. H not going in on me for interrupting him while he was kindly telling me the worse news I’ve received in a very long time. There I was talking about my baby’s teeth and he’s trying to explain she holes filled with fluid in her brain. I think you said something like and I quote “I could care less about her teeth at the moment”. I’m mentioning this to say that in my ignorance of the situation I really just thought she would just need her legs corrected. Never thought it would be such terrible news. So I thank you for your patience with me as well. Rest In Love Tutu


  45. Jonathan Fitzgerald 2021/06

    Great facilities, great staff, great doctors. And they truly care about my pup. I couldn’t ask for better. Service

  46. Steve Livingston 2021/05

    Very pleased with overall attention and expertise of Dr. and staff. Surgery successful, follow up very good. Explanation of current issues very clear

  47. Lefty Gunslingers 2021/04

    10 Star service, While it is never fun to have a pet in dire shape, it happens. Bush Neurology is top notch, could not be more pleased with the service and care. My Beagle had disk disease surgery the same day of my first visit, was allowed to come home the next day. Surgeon Dr. Trub was fantastic and informative all the way along. Tech Mary handled all the check in and start up. World class people in a time of need. Thanks so much for the work you did to help my little Jelly Bean start the road back to normalcy.

    Update – 5.5 weeks after surgery and fully recovered. Absolutely amazing. Thanks to Dr.Trub and the great team at BVNS


  48. kim ber 2021/04

    We have had a great experience, everyone has been very helpful and extremely kind and incredibly knowledgeable – which is amazing! I feel the follow up care has been one of the most amazing things about this practice.

  49. Pauline Tillett 2021/03

    Caring staff

  50. Dani Darko 2021/02

    My beagle baby had to be rushed to a 24hr emergency in Midlothian last month due to him having bad tremors and other symptoms going on. He was sent home that night with no answers and was tremoring badly still so I took him straight back there where they kept him for a few days until my appointment with Bush Veterinary Neurology. Since taking Rascal there, he has improved tremendously. Unfortunately we found out he has Meningitis, but it was found thanks to Dr. Trub. She has been great to us and very helpful and informative during this time. With all the correct medications, he is doing great and we are fighting this disease. The support staff at Bush is also great and have been very helpful. Rachel has gone above and beyond with her help whenever I have any questions. Everyone there is caring and will treat your baby like family! I highly recommend Bush Veterinary Neurology Service. Rascal says thank you to all of his friends at Bush!

  51. Rachel Press 2021/01

    I have never left a review in my entire life, but for this circumstance, I certainly will.

    I have NEVER experienced such terrible service and communication from a veterinary office before in my life. Even working for YEARS in the emergency clinic setting within veterinary care I have never seen such neglectful and irresponsible behavior.

    My cat Kai, was referred to Bush neurology from my vet at school back in Charlottesville. Kai has been suffering for the past 2 months, a consistent decline in his neurological health and can no longer hold himself up or walk due to extreme weakness on his right side. Now, I had inquired with both my regular vet and the emergency clinic I had gone to regarding updating his rabies vaccine while he was in their care, and they both believed that due to the severity of his symptoms and it having been longer than 10 days of symptom onset, that they do not feel comfortable vaccinating him at this time. I set up my appointment with BUSH NEUROLOGY as a referral in order to have him seen, and made it very clear that Kai was not up to date on his rabies vaccine. The doctor confirmed his comfort in still seeing Kai.

    Due to school, I had to reschedule to today, Tuesday 11/9/2021. I drove over an hour in order to have him seen. The veterinary technician I spoke to was lovely. I then received a phone call about 10 minutes later from the receptionist, her name started with an E, who had now told me that nobody in the office was comfortable treating Kai and they are refusing care to my animal. This was the same receptionist I had initially scheduled his appointment with. I was rightfully very overwhelmed that they were not going to see my cat, and before I could even truly get any information from this receptionist, she hung up on me. Distraught, and extremely sad I called back. The receptionist then informed me that “there is nothing else she can do for me and to wait for a call from her manager”. I then tried calling back a third time, in order to inquire about their ability to vaccinate Kai in their facility if it is that necessary since my rDVM would not do so. THEY IGNORED MY PHONE CALL. The woman at the desk did not think to apologize, or offer any kind of explanation from a veterinary technician or doctor considering the mistake THEY made with scheduling and the miscommunication that occurred amongst their staff which caused me distress, and my animal who is already suffering, distress.


  52. Angela Parker 2020/11

    Saved my fur babies life, as well as my own!!

  53. Kinsey Havener Hinsey 2020/11

    My husband and I were blown away by the kindness and care the staff showed us and our sweet puppy Luna. They made us feel comfortable and informed throughout her treatment and our girl is feeling much better! Highly recommend!

  54. Michael Lyman 2020/10

    The care that they provided to my dog was phenomenal and second to none. Dr Higganbotham is a stud.

    There are no words to describe how great it makes me feel to see that my dog no longer has any issues walking properly barely 3 months after surgery, when prior, was barely able to make it out my front door.

    My dog also had complications resulting from his spinal surgery that required extra attention and an extended stay with their internal medicine department. Dr Ruby and Dr Parker helped him recover from the aspiration pneumonia he had, and called me every few hours with an update on his progress. It was extremely expensive, but they were able to work with me on completing the payments.

    I would highly recommend going here if you want the absolute best care in VA for your pet.

  55. Fred Zehrer 2020/07

    Our Shih-Tzu had a repeat flare up of a back problem making his hind legs basically useless. This was a Monday around noon. Immediately took the dog to our vet who checked him over then referred us to Bush Veterinary Svc. Got lucky as they had an opening at 9am the next morning. They did an MRI confirming a ruptured disc, and after speaking with the vet we decided to go forward with surgery. Since he was already under anesthesia from the MRI, they took him back right away. Fast forward… we’re now at just over a month out, and he’s back to his normal self. Couldn’t have been more pleased with the service, communication, and follow-up we received from everyone at this clinic. Highly recommended!

  56. Brando D 2020/02

    The staff is extremely helpful and nice. Dr. H and Young are very knowledgable and patient throughout the whole process. It’s a bit pricey but they aren’t pushy and do their best to help you. We’ve gone for two surgeries now and they have been very professional.

  57. Carol Sabet 2019/10

    All the staff are genuinely caring and understanding of the special needs of our little Lucy AND her anxious mom and dad. A special shout out to Dr. Young and Nurse Vanessa. Your knowledge and experice of our little girl’s injuries saved her, and restored Lucy to her happy tail good nature. We thank you so much.

  58. Crystal Lenox 2019/08

    mark and crystal lenox would like to sincerely thank the bush neurology staff for their outstanding accompolishment with our baby boy bogus. new years eve he was taken to his local vet who directed us to bush vet clinic in Richmond, contacted then and they made the arrangements to see us that afternoon, conducted an MRI on bogus and found a herniated disk, consulted with us and went into immediated surgery. Dr Michael Higginbotham performed the surgery and notified us on new years eve that all went well. the teriffic staff took care of our bogus for the next 3 day with us calling to get very informative updates. bogus got to come home on 4th day, vey happy dog to be home with his owners. at 2 week check up, Dr. Higginbotham scratching his head as to bogus’s progress, thinks he should be progressing further, wants to see him 4 weeks, bogus is now staggering and standing with non stop tail wagging, Dr. Higginbotham doing back flips with his progression. it is now 6 weeks and bogus is pretty much walking, with little staggering, still needs a bit more muscle control and strengthening. we can not Thank all the staff enough for the consideration shown and personal touch we felt with the care given to bogus and us. we will spread the great expierence we have enjoyed with Bush veterinary neurology service. THANK YOU all involved, you have shown us so much of your passion with our 4 legged family espically on a Holiday. God Bless you all involved with bogus and his family, will be sending video to office soon.

  59. Kathleen Payne 2019/08

    I came in with a really confusing case with little evidence of something being really wrong but everyone treated me like a concerned parent instead of a burden to their workload. Every person I interacted with was exceptionally helpful and had really amazing people skills. Emelia at the front desk was very helpful in submitting my insurance claim and the woman that was up there with her kept me in the loop and even got me a cup of coffee! My vet tech was very nice and answered all of my questions and was very good with my baby. And Dr. Higginbotham was really amazing with Jack and even more amazing at explaining in thorough detail the images from the MRI and his thoughts on the case. I have been so worried and I feel so much better now that I have some answers. Thank you to the whole team for making my day easy. I wish I lived closer because I would always bring my pets there (if ever they needed the service)

  60. Anne Nowak 2019/07

    We’ve had a wonderful experience with Bush Neurology and can’t thank Dr. Higginbotham and everyone there enough for their help with our dog Henry. We live several hours from the office but my local vet recommended Bush as the best specialist office to provide diagnosis and treatment for our dog’s issues. I called the office, described his symptoms, and they assured me they could fit Henry in as soon as we could get there that morning. From the moment I arrived the entire staff – Emilia at the front desk and all the vet techs – were so compassionate, friendly and helpful. Dr. Higginbotham examined our dog and took the time to explain and make sure I understood his findings. He offered treatment options at every step of the way – answering every question I had and never pressuring me to make one decision or another. They made sure I was educated and empowered to make the best decision for our pet and our family. Even though the office was very busy, I never felt rushed and everyone took the time to answer every question I had. Within a few hours of our arrival they were able take Xrays, an MRI and perform a needed surgery. The office kept us up to date on Henry’s progress throughout his surgery and recovery, and gave us detailed instructions for his care during his recovery at home. They have been available to answer any question I have when I’ve called. It’s been a few days since the surgery and Henry’s progress is nothing short of amazing. I can’t thank Dr. Higginbotham and the staff at Bush enough and recommend them very highly!

  61. Mary Beth Wood 2019/07

    We brought May Li in for an MRI on Dec 21 to see what was going on with her back, she had been diagnosed with IVDD. Turns out she had 2 ruptured discs, Dr. Young performed surgery that day. She has bounced back beautifully! I cannot say enough good things about the wonderful staff & Dr Young who is a fabulous surgeon!! May is almost back to her old self! It’s hard to make her take things slowly because she feels so much better.

  62. Gary Armstrong 2019/05

    Dr. Higginbotham a great doctor great staff really take care of you when you come in there take care of all your pets needs

  63. mark s 2019/05

    Wow- you are all wonderful!
    I am So thankful for your help! Our little girl dog can walk again. So thankful!

  64. CeJae Vtipilson 2019/04

    Took care of my bestie

  65. Latisha Futrell 2019/03

    Staff are very caring, and very helpful.

  66. Brian Kirby 2019/03

    Knowledgeable and thoughtful people throughout the entire process. Very caring and took the time to explain everything in understandable terms and put no pressure on any of the decisions that needed to be made. 10 out of 10 will be using them for all my pets needs here on out.

  67. Lenore Whitehurst 2019/02

    The staff there was wonderful to my dog and to me. Every single person we encountered was caring and considerate. Dr. Higginbotham saved my Sparky’s life. He is calm, thorough, patient and humorous. Most of all, he is sooo knowledgeable about his field. I felt secure and well-informed throughout my 2 days at Bush and bringing Sparky home. I am very thankful for Bush Veterinary and highly recommended them!

  68. Bee Tickler 2018/12

    My mini dachshund had a ruptured disk and the neurology group took her right in and did the needed surgical repair. She is doing great-just no more jumping down for her.

  69. Stacey Jones 2018/05

    Everyone from the front desk to the docs are amazing! They treated my baby, Mozart wonderfully and gave us the best possible outcome!!! They are patient, caring and treated him as if he was their own!

  70. Ellen Gajda 2018/02

    Absolutely outstanding, world-class service from Dr. Martin Young and his staff! Dr. Young saved my yellow lab, Noah’s life because of his expert, timely diagnosis and treatment plan. Noah was diagnosed with immune meningitis. While Noah was hospitalized at Dogwood with BVNS, Dr. Young and his staff were accessible and constantly monitored Noah’s progress. What a caring, compassionate, professional team. I highly recommend Dr. Young to anyone in the state of Virginia who needs the BEST neurologist for his/her pet.

  71. Teri Dill 2017/05

    The entire staff treated me and my baby with respect and tons of care. Believe me…my Bella was not a “good” patient. She screamed and cried which freaked me out. Yet everyone there did their best to keep both of us calm.
    Dr. Young spent a lot of time talking to me about her issues in a way I could understand. Best of all once I brought her home I could call 27/7 (and I did) and someone would call me back with my concerns in a very timely manner.
    She also had an issue on a Sunday. I called Monday and Dr. Young was booked up, but when I explained the situation they went out of their way to fit her in.
    I know these people really care about what they are doing. I’m glad they were there with my Bella. They made it easier to deal with a hard situation and I am grateful for each and every person who works there.

  72. Cyndell kaveney 2017/04

    I liked that the staff was patient with all my questions. I liked that the doctor sat down with me and drew on a picture what was wrong with my pet. He then explained what the problem was and how it would effect my pet. Some doctors talk to me like I also should have a doctorate, and already know the terms and the prognosis. This was not the case here, as he broke down step by step in layman’s terms. I was extremely grateful for that. The only reason I didn’t give them five stars, is that even though I arrived early they didn’t even see me until fifteen minutes AFTER my scheduled time.

  73. Ed 2016/06

    Phenomenal staff! Dr Higginbotham, Ashley, Rachel and the entire Bush team are caring, professional and top notch. Had disc surgery performed for our Dachshund. Consult and after care follow up are worldclass; better actually than some I’ve experienced for human care! Not cheap but didn’t expect it would be and we don’t regret it at all and worth every bit for our little guy! You can genuinely feel the care and empathy. These are pet lovers and it clearly shows in the extra mile they go to care for your family member!

  74. Michael White 2016/05

    Amazing staff. We brought our miniature dachshund for a consult after she had a seizure. After an MRI we found out she has a pituitary tumor in her brain. They’ve been extremely helpful and understanding through out the whole process. They referred us to The Oncology Service in Leesburg for radiation therapy. After a month of treatment things are looking good so far. Highly recommended.

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