Brook Run Animal Clinic

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Brook Run Animal Clinic
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  1. Deanna Rachel Bobiwsky 2023/11

    Been going here years, really appreciate the whole crew, they have taken care of all our furbabies.

  2. Carlos Baeza 2023/11

    Great people, very professional

  3. Evan Dwyer 2023/10

    Dr. Z and his team are the best in Richmond. They’re always super accommodating with my myriad of cat problems and are always quick to find a solution that helps my animals get in to be seen swiftly. Dr. Z and Dr. Moyer both take time to explain the “why” behind diagnoses and alternatives for treatment, so we feel like we are being consulted for making the best decision for our pets – rather than forced to take an approach that may not work for us (like oral meds for a cat!). They’re flexible, detail-oriented, and my favorite veterinary practice I’ve ever been to in 20+ years as a pet owner. If they have new patient openings, they’re the place to go. We used to go to Broad Street Veterinary Hospital but were turned off by the exorbitant prices and lack of urgency when it came to health issues for my dog. So glad we switched.

  4. laurie ohmen 2023/10

    Top notch veterinarians, caring and friendly staff. I’ve been taking my pets here for years, Not looking to go anywhere else. A warm and welcoming atmosphere

  5. Karen Martin 2023/09

    not accepting new patients. just be ready for being dismissed.

  6. Anna Miller 2023/09

    We have been going here for two years with our cats Banjo and Fiddle (soon to be lab too). Dr. Z and his staff are always incredibly kind and really listen to your concerns. I trust them completely with my animals, they always go above and beyond! Thank you Brook Run!

    We now have our lab, Murphy, and we just love this place so much! I can always count on great care and Dr. Z is always so kind and cares a lot about our furry kids. Murphy wags his tail the entire time at the vet! We will never go anywhere else!


  7. Albert Shakarian 2023/08

    No one touches my animals but Dr. Mike Zuccaro. The whole practice is stellar.

  8. Gabrielle Ward 2023/07

    Best Veterinarian Clinic. Love the staff. Caring and compassionate. Can not say enough about Dr. Z. I have been going to Brook Run for close to 45 years and would not go anywhere else!

  9. Lauren Steinruck 2023/07

    Every single person that works here is pleasant, caring, and competent. The vets are very patient with me and my questions, taking time to explain things. I switched to this practice when another really screwed me over with my dogs spay and my other dogs biopsy. It was obvious right away that everyone here simply care about our pets. My dog having cancer was terrible, but I am so grateful that we found this vet to guide us in his care. The staff was so gentle, kind, and empathetic.

  10. Bob Rose 2023/06

    We have been going here for years and they are great to work with and very caring to both people and the animals

  11. Nancy Will 2023/06

    Always enjoy seeing the people at Brook Run always pleasant and friendly

  12. Janet Givens 2023/06

    I’ve been going there for years. I believe they are the best Vets around. Never have had any issues

  13. Ric Howe 2023/04

    Been taking my animals here for 15+ years. Won’t take them anywhere else. Staff and vet/owner are the best. Thanks for taking care of our animals over the years. Thalia says hi 🙂


  14. Carol Wakefield 2023/04

    Personable and friendly. We have been with Dr Z for over 20 years and trust him.

  15. Snow White 2023/03

    Always excellent care for my ferrets. Dr. Z is incredibly as always.

  16. Bri U 2023/02

    Dr Zucarro is great he’s been our furbabies vet for over 10 years. The staff is nice and helpful, specially Becky shes a sweetheart.

  17. Rick Michaels 2023/01

    Everyone is great.

  18. Christine Couturier 2022/11

    The assistant to the vet kept giving me dirty looks because I brought in an older pup (16.5) and it was clear she thought I should put her down.

    My decision!

    Moving to Ashland Vet.

  19. Kimberly Taylor 2022/10

    Great team. So good with my dog. Couldn’t ask for a better vet service.

  20. Carl Mishoe 2022/10

    Been taking my pets here for years!

  21. Mary Patterson 2022/09

    I have been taking my pets to Brook Run Animal for many years. I totally trust them and Dr. Z is the best.

  22. Sabrina Starke 2022/09

    I have always had multiple cats and over the past decade and a half I have been going to Brook Run Animal Clinic. I highly recommend this place for compassionate and affordable vet care. Dr. Zuccaro is very knowledgeable and the staff are very caring and supportive. You can also get care for feral cats. I have been able to get an appointment when it was critically needed. Dr. Zuccaro also makes many personal calls regarding the welfare of the animal in his care. When euthanasia was the only Humane option Dr. Z and all of the staff were so loving and supportive.

  23. Jacqueline Gooding 2022/08

    Their prices are comparable or slightly less than others in our area but their service and care for the pets and their humans is remarkable. I always feel supported and understood and I always feel that my babies will be getting the best care they can.

  24. Gregory Wegener 2022/07


  25. jason givens 2022/07

    Highly recommended. Dr Z and his team have always been awesome with our dogs and treated us always like family. Your pet’s health is their number one priority. It’s also nice to go to a vet that the waiting room is not full of products treats and toys that they are also trying to promote and sell.

  26. Michael Clarke 2022/06

    Very caring and friendly staff. Also, Dr. Zuccaro is awesome!

  27. Juanita Trent 2022/06

    Brook Run Animal is terrific Staff always nice and helpful. I cant say enough GOOD things about Dr. Zacahara (sp?)

  28. Lisa Daniel 2022/06

    Very friendly.

  29. Jay Farmer IV 2022/04

    The friendliest staff that I’ve visited, and they welcome donations of old towels for their kennels. They have been my vet for almost 40 yrs.

  30. Joan Marie 2022/03

    Dr. Z is the best vet ever. So kind and explains everything very well.

  31. carman fedele 2022/03

    Professional and friendly staff.


  32. Lynne Brownlee 2022/02

    Made a quick over the counter purchase to pick up some flea medicine for my 9 mo old puppy. After calling ahead of time, I was in and out in about 5 mins! Staff was organized, friendly, and knowledgeable.

    Thank you

  33. Betsy Edwards 2022/02

    Had best visit ever this past week, quick and easy.

  34. Judy Acciarito 2021/11

    The staff is INCREDIBLE! So kind, professional, and knowledgeable about all the treatments and procedures. Still virtual visits si I can’t go back with my doggone. The come out and get them from and then return them to my car. L I get a nice, long convo with the vet for each pet though. I know they love and take care of my pets there!

  35. Kelly Rhea 2021/11

    Love Dr. V!

  36. Laurie 2021/10

    I’ve been taking my pets here for over ten years. DR. Z and his staff are awesome. It’s clear they care about my fur babies as much as I do

  37. Meagan Bennett 2021/09

    We just love our vet and the staff. We have been taking our animals hear since 2000.

  38. Jackier Moore 2021/07

    Dr Z and his staff have been taking care of my pets for 26 years. Great service, very professional staff and my dogs love Dr Z.

  39. Araceli Rivera 2021/07

    Love this place! They treat your fur babies as their own 💕 Amazing Dr’s and staff. …

  40. Kim Crowley 2021/06

    Such a friendly staff and set of physicians. We waited in the car while they got our dog, adhering to safe Covid guidelines.

  41. H Lynn Smith 2021/05

    The staff is always professional, friendly, and I love the way they treat my dogs. The dogs trust them and the vet and the technicians are always very gentle and kind. I’ve recommended Brooklyn animal clinic to several friends.

  42. Life Is Good Peace Love And Serenity 2021/04

    Everyone display great customer service.

  43. Leanne Raynor 2021/04

    We have used Brook Run Animal Clinic and Dr. Zuccarro for several years. He successfully performed complicated surgery on our cat. Several years later, the problem reoccurred. Based on the lab results from the first surgery, he prescribed a different bladder stone dissolving food for our cat. We are very pleased that the change in diet worked.

    Our only complaint is the phone system. The lines are sometimes busy. One day, we were left on hold for 5 minutes on two separate occasions.


  44. Andrew Blake 2021/03

    Always friendly, caring service from the team here.

  45. Nancy B. 2021/02

    They’ve been our vet for over 10 years. All the staff here are caring, compassionate, and knowledgeable. They’ve never pushed unnecessary products or procedures. We usually see Dr. Z or Dr. Yateman; both are good at explaining our pets’ health or illnesses clearly and presenting options and likely outcomes. When it’s been time to say goodbye to a pet, everyone has been kind and supportive, and the condolences cards they’ve sent us are thoughtful. I am 100% satisfied with BRAC!

  46. Bob Oakley 2021/02

    Always great

  47. Shaquana E 2021/02

    Friendly, Staff is Awesome!!

  48. Tunisia F 2021/01

    Appointment only, even if your pet has a potentially lethal injury. I went on a Saturday morning, waited until they opened, with my cat who had been shot with a pellet gun. They gave me 3 others vets and bid me good day. Thankfully she was seen by an emergency clinic and patched up.

  49. Leslee Stone 2021/01

    So happy with this veterinarian office! My niece has been taking her pets here for years. Now I am here with mine!!


  50. Corinne Overkleeft 2021/01

    I was very pleased with the efficiency, safety precautions and very knowledgeable, empathetic service my precious pet and I received by the medical staff and office staff. They come get your pet from the vehicle, the doctor calls with the infomation and explains the situation and lets you know what the options are to treat your pet. Your pet is returned to your vehicle.The veterinarian, Dr Zuccaro was sooo patient with my questions and his explanations. I was expecting my pet to be a great deal more traumatized. She was calm and just ready to go home. The medical treatment was great and spot on; the process was efficient and friendly.

  51. Sandi Brann 2020/11

    Love them, wouldn’t go anywhere else!


  52. Anne Harris 2020/10

    All the staff and Dr. Zuccaro are always willing to help you and answer any questions you have. They are all very friendly. Dr. Zuccaro has taken very good care of my past two bunnies and has taken very good care of the bunny I have now.

  53. Denise Hall 2020/10

    The staff is top notch!! Love all the doctors and techs! Becky is awesome!! If you are looking for a place that will love your furbabies like you do then this is the place to be!

  54. Cindy Hicks 2020/09

    Caring, compassionate and knowledgeable. Highly recommend any of the vets.

  55. Anna Wilkin 2020/09

    I’m in a bit of a binde since my primary vet clinic closed recently and I need to update my dogs vaccines to board him. I tried to book an appointment with Brook Run to update vaccinations for my dog. When I called they said they had availably the following week. When I mentioned I would be a new client however, they changed their minds. For new clients, there was no availability for 4 weeks. I don’t appreciate this old school style of business where long time clients get privileges and priority over newer clients. I’ll be taking my business elsewhere.

  56. Matt Marcus (Madman) 2020/08

    They have been taking care of my fur babies for almost 20 years now. They are simply the best

  57. Marcia Marcia Marcia 2020/08

    Excellent service, kind and genuinely caring staff

  58. james hicks 2020/08

    The staff at Brook Run Animal Clinic is wonderful, Play Take excellent care my dog. And dr. Zuccaro is the best vet in the Richmond Metro area!

  59. Kenny Guy 2020/08

    Excellent veterinarian and staff!

  60. Jaycee Dempsey 2020/07

    Friendly, punctual and caring staff!

  61. Howard 2020/06

    Nice place, good people

  62. Craig Mattice 2020/05

    An exceptionally carrying, empathetic, understanding Veterinary practice, the professional quality and service of the staff unmatched at any time of my life having pets. Highly recommended.

  63. Patricia Holley 2020/04

    Great place to take your dogs for wonderful care, friendly staff and easy scheduling

  64. gretchen quoss 2020/04

    Dr. Z is the best. We recommend him to all our friends.

  65. Dennis Howard 2020/03

    Dr Zuccarro is not only a Great Vet, but also a Great Person. The staff is so Wonderful, Becky is the Star. Thanks for being, what I consider, the Best Vet in Richmond…

  66. Todd Nordquist 2020/03

    Extremely knowledgeable doctor, and very compassionate. Dr. Zuccaro is like family to me, and I have the utmost respect for him and his capabilities. I know you will also!

  67. Liz Orsi 2020/02

    I’m newly transplanted to RIC and have multiple family members who have been long time clients of Dr. Z. I’ve attempted twice to book an appointment for my cat with a recurring UTI. This is for a non-routine appointment, but both times was told the first available for new patients is a month out. I understand the difficulty with booking during the COVID pandemic, and the burden of clinics staffing; however on both occasions the women at reception were dismissive and uncaring. Neither tried to help me find a solution, nor were they very friendly. I have 3 pets, and will be finding alternative veterinary care for all moving forward. Such a shame because I hear wonderful things about Dr. Z and the rest of the DVMs here. Perhaps my review is not warranted, but I’m very upset and a little caring would’ve gone a long way; particularly since I am used to an exceptional staff at my previous clinic in Florida.

  68. Doris Widmark 2020/02

    Dr Zuccaro took care of my Mama and Daddy’s doggies while they were living. He was exceptionally kind to them and went out of his way to exam there dogs, Lucky and Bootsie. I moved and decided to take my loving doggies to him also. The office staff is very professional and courteous. Dr Zuccaro is a Great Veterinarian and I highly recommend him. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  69. Lori Hodgin 2020/01

    I recommend this vet! Being new to the area I needed a vet and was recommended this practice by a friend.
    Dr Zaccaro is knowledgeable AND truly listens to concerns about your pet.

  70. Carter Holt 2019/11

    Very professional. Caring and loving and always there in time of need. The very best

  71. Jana Bell 2019/10

    I’ve been bringing my pets here since they were puppies and have never had a bad experience. The staff is very friendly and compassionate.

  72. Steely Dan 2019/09

    Best veterinarian service! Dr. Zucarro and his team are the most considerate and compassionate people in the world. Highly recommend the services!!!!!

  73. Debbie Satkowski 2019/09

    I brought my cat in because she had been bitten by a dog. The staff at Brook Run took such good care of her! They treated her with gentle kindness and attended to her wounds without getting her more upset then she already was. Within days she was feeling better. Love This Place!!

  74. Karen Seeber 2019/08

    Absolutely love Dr. Z. The front office staff are amazing and go above and beyond to help my babies! Thank you for taking the time to listen and have everyone work as a team to enable my pet the best possible recovery.

  75. Melissa Hunt 2019/04

    I can not say enough wonderful things about about the staff and doctors at Brook Run Animal Clinic they are the best

  76. Daniel Boon 2019/03

    I have been taking all of my pets to dr. Zuccaro since 1997. He has taken care of three of my dogs and four of my cats over the years. dr. Z as one of the kindest and most thoughtful veterinary doctors you could experience. He came to our house and put our dog down in a familiar comfortable environment for my dog. Brook run animal clinic associates are very kind and accommodating. Doctor z used to volunteer at the maymont zoo. And was on the Brook road corridor expansion committee back in the 90s. And now we see the improvements that he and his committee worked for. dr. Z is the equivalent of a highly-regarded Beverly hills plastic surgeon. You feel lucky if you get him as your Dr.

  77. Elana Dory 2019/02

    I went on a Saturday as a walk in when my dog needed care and was turned away by the young woman at the desk. She just said they were fully booked and dismissed me and my dog. I’m not a client there, nor will I ever be one as the staff seems not animal friendly. I went there for care since my vet was closed and will never go again. I’d rather pay the emergency room price than go to this office! If I could rate them as no stars I would!

  78. Mark Adams & Associates Real Estate 2019/02

    Review submitted by Lisa Adams 3/6/19. I have been coming to Brook Run for about 15 years. Not only was it convenient to where I used to live but the doctors are great, my favorites being Dr. Zuccaro and Dr. Yeatman. Dr. Zuccaro is very thorough and is great at calling me back when I need some input on one of my pets’ behaviors/illnesses. Dr. Yeatman actually diagnosed and successfully treated my then rescue cat, Fuller, with Bartonella, when the rescue’s preferred vet told me he was just old and recommended pulling all his teeth due to their condition. (Fuller is 12 now and still has all his teeth thanks to Dr. Y.) Getting this second opinion was invaluable to my cat’s health. I always recommend this vet practice to anyone looking for a new vet or someone who has just moved into the area. I no longer live near this practice but Dr. Z and Dr. Y are still my vets and the 1/2 hour drive is worth it.

  79. Bryan Harvey 2019/01

    Dr. Z is the best.

  80. Jo Ann Holt 2019/01

    Friendly staff. Have taken two of my cats there and have been satisfied with the service. The office fee is a bit pricey.

  81. J Mo 2018/10

    Compassionate caring crew

  82. Adrianne H 2018/08

    Favorite veterinary clinic

  83. Justin Rutherford 2018/07

    Always use them if I can. Most of the vets seem to genuinely care about your pets.

  84. Phillip J 2018/07

    I have been taking my pets to Brook Run Animal Clinic since 1985. Dr Z has been part of our family since 1997. Dr. Z, whom most people don’t realize, used to be one of the Vets at Maymount Park Zoo. Dr. Z has taken care of 3 generations of my dogs and 3 generations of cats. Dr. Z is patient, kind, gentle, witty and charming. He is such a kind and considerate person, he has come to our house to put our pets down in a place they felt safe and unafraid. The staff and other Docs are just as kind and professional. If you get your pet treated here, it’s like being on a special list of people in Beverly Hills….that’s the feeling you get. Thanks for doing such a great Job. Phillip J (Baby Girl, Kocka and Panda)

  85. Linda 2018/07

    Great caring staff and they truly love the animals they care for.

  86. Ted Heck 2018/07

    Knowledgeable and friendly. They really take the time to educate owners about their pets’ health.

  87. Gene Ross 2018/05

    They have always been very accommodating, professional and great to my dog.

  88. Lou T 2018/05

    Very nice people but seem not to like big dogs or pitbulls

  89. Susan Arvin 2018/05

    Friendly. Good vet. Easy to get to

  90. Mary Ann Echelberger 2018/05

    The female vet seems to hate very large dogs. Was very condescending. Acted like she’s never been around a hyper large dog. I’d never go back there, she showed no compassion for my rescue dog which I’d only had a week. Acted like I should already had him perfectly trained. Wouldn’t recommend unless you have a tiny chihuahua. Terrible!!!!!

  91. chad mccurdy 2018/04

    Doc z is the best and Becky and the other office girls are great, Zeus loves them and so do we


  92. Julie PurpleChick 2018/04

    The.Very.Best. We love Dr Z and his staff. They are with you from the joyful beginning until the very sad end, and beyond.

  93. Robert Adair 2018/04

    Awesome people

  94. Briana 2018/02

    I have been taking my dog here since we adopted him, the staff and the veterinarians are very nice. We haven’t had any negative experiences. Although it’s pretty far from where we moved. We still make the trip once a year for our pup since they have been caring for him since he was born.

  95. Diana Stone 2018/02

    Great vets, friendly staff.

  96. Sam Wilkinson 2018/02

    Quality, compassionate care. Feel great knowing Dr. Z and staff are helping me take care of my pets.

  97. Jennifer Taylor 2017/08

    Someone got neutered today! 😎
    He looks so cute in his cone. 😍😍😍😂
    Frenchies are known to die sometimes while getting neutered or spayed because of the anesthesia. Almost $300 at this vet in Richmond (& that includes a mandatory check-up, because they’ve never seen him before) vs. $650 at his own vet in Virginia Beach. I highly recommend this place!!! The owner of Brook Run Animal Clinic, Dr. Michael Zuccaro, D.V.M., is the one that did his procedure today. ❤🐶💋

    😚 #WendelTheFrenchie 😚

  98. Wolfgang Jasper HOWLDOG 2017/08

    They have been the best for all of our dogs over the years. I highly recommend them.

  99. John Fulton 2017/08

    This place is has kept all of our dogs happy and healthy for many years. They have always provided kind and courteous service.

  100. Robert Passaro 2017/07

    Mike is the best

  101. Jane Wilson 2017/06

    Established pet clinic (has been around for decades) on the Northside, close to intersection of Brook Rd. and Lakeside Ave. Customer area is clean and bright. Includes: Cremation service available (which I have used twice). Drawback: Vet staffing may be limited during holiday times. You may need to go elsewhere if you have an ailing pet (which I encountered in late Dec.). Advice: Have another trusted pet clinic that you can contact, in case this happens.

  102. Chris S 2017/06

    Great animal service and care

  103. Denise Hall 2017/06

    Only good things to say about this practice. They go the extra mile for patients and their humans. I have two special needs cats (diabetic and heart disease) and Dr. Z has been very patient with us all through adjustments in meds and testing. They even changed their insulin provider when the costs skyrocketed so they wouldn’t have to charge us that inflated price. All the staff (from the front desk to the vet assistants) know me and the two cats by name. It’s like a walking into Cheers but for pets. I feel like they are fair and compassionate. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

  104. Michael Norton 2017/05

    Wonderful staff. Very pleasant and they know their stuff. They have helped keep our pets healthy for over a decade.

  105. Lee Stone 2017/04

    Always amazing. They saw all three of our pugs on short notice and always give us the best service. We highly recommend this vet.

  106. Nick 2017/01

    I was mad they told me a price on the phone went in somehow went up 10 dollars then from the exam room to the register it went up another 10 dollars 😡 …

  107. [email protected] resource1 2017/01

    Loving and caring for animals as well for their families.

  108. Austin Mitchell 2016/09

    This office is awesome. The staff treats everyone with respect and is always gentle with the animals. I work with a rescue and we bring our animals here and I even changed to bring my own dog to Brook Run because of the service and respect I have been shown on my visits. They are knowledgeable about all types of animals and I highly recommend them to friends of mine.

  109. James Giaramito 2016/08

    I’ve been bringing my pets to Brook Run for the last 16 years. They do a great job in in examining my cats, suggesting treatment options, and coming up with a reasonable plan. I trust them 100%.

  110. Anissa Moreland 2016/04

    Just a simple phone call tells me I wouldn’t take my cat here. Looking for a place I can take him if I can, called them up and lady I talked to was just real short and sour about it; especially when I told her we weren’t members. I wouldn’t even think of taking him here after the treatment I got over the phone. Totally unsympathetic.

  111. Jason miles 2016/01


  112. David Keill 2015/10

    These are wonderful people, especially Dr. Z. You can expect great service delivered with care and compassion. The support staff is excellent, prices are reasonable and emergencies are accommodated. I highly recommend the Brook Run Animal Clinic.

  113. Virginia Urology 2013/05

    Dr. Z and staff are top notch. We travel 18 miles each way to get to his office. He is by far worth the drive. I have all kinds of pets and he treats them all.

  114. Beth Jasper 2013/05

    The entire staff of the clinic are very caring and compassionate. I have been taking my animals there for over 15 years. Dr. Zucarro is very patient and thorough with his treatment and with answering all of my questions and concerns. I highly recommend this clinic to all pet owners.

  115. ila Sue 2013/02

    I highly recommend doctor zucarro. He and his whole staff are through,very professional and waaaaaay above average with diagnosing and yet very,very humane. I’m very,very picky but am finally pleased :-

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