Broad Street Veterinary Hospital

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Broad Street Veterinary Hospital
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  1. Dawud Brown 2023/11

    The help and care they Showed me and my dog doing how visit.

  2. Ardana Cook 2023/11

    Terrible vet in my opinion. Only cares about making money. Was told by the doctor that “indoor cats do not need to be on preventative” and in my naivety we are now fighting an infestation. If I could give less than 1 star I would. Luckily I asked for a pack of revolution anyways or we would be screwed.

  3. Sandy Stokes 2023/10

    They wouldn’t help my dog when I called several times on several different days. I was told to take her to urgent care. I did that and they robbed me blind and my dog is now dying and in terrible pain so I called back to see if they could help put her down. No, they can’t do that either. Not very humane at all. Why are you all even in business if you have no service es that you can perform?

  4. Ricky McDonald 2023/10

    Great veterinary office great staff and service. Highly recommend. Took great care of my jack-chi.

  5. Julie Kerr 2023/09

    Thank you for taking such amazing care of our dogs – Deb who grooms them is THE BEST – our dogs LOVE her – and Dr. Cloman literally saved our dog Scout’s life. And their new vet is awesome too – immediately took care of an issue for one of our dogs when he was in there to be groomed. THank you – always!

  6. R. Pierce Hoehn 2023/08

    Very pleased with the dental service my dog received. A clean and friendly office.

  7. Cathie Ricketts 2023/07

    It is very disconcerting that they like to take your pet out of the exam room for their treatments.

  8. Lisa Gaidanowicz 2023/07

    Unbelievably disappointed in my experience at BSVH. I’m shortening this because there simply isn’t enough room for everything that went wrong during this appointment. First, I took a day off from working for our scheduled appointment only to find out the receptionist never scheduled it. Had to reschedule to a different day and take extra time from work. Second, they took my dog into a back room for his appointment without me which is not something I expected. He was supposed to have a follow up to see if his heartworm was gone. They suggested he also get his distemper. I don’t think he actually had this distemper. (It wasn’t on the bill they handed me which I realized after we left.) The vet seemed angry and confused and annoyed. She told me he was on the wrong medication (medication they had prescribed). Also said he had the wrong procedure at another vet. (Complicated) Receptionist told me she didn’t even know he was positive for heartworm. (It’s in his paperwork.) They said they’d email me a link for the new meds. I have yet to receive it. Absolutely zero apologies for any of the confusion or incompetence. Extremely disappointed. The final blow was as I’m paying the bill and making small talk about the cost of living in Richmond (whatever) the receptionist responds with “Well, you can blame Biden.” Maam, please leave your political opinions at home. That was extraordinarily inappropriate. I’m upset. I had a choice of vets when I adopted my dog and our first visit to BSVH was a positive one. This time, absolutely not.

    Update: its been three days and I still haven’t received an email for the updated medication but despite me asking multiple times for them to cancel the original online order for the wrong meds, I received a notification that it’s been shipped.


  9. Amelia Hulth 2023/06

    Dr. Klohman has an excellent attention to detail and has given all of our fur babies excellent annual care, surgery, and preventative treatment. They are a little expensive, but it’s worth it.

  10. Richard 2023/06

    this place has literally gone to the dogs i miss the old staff the professional approach dr, rose and past vets would not be happy

  11. Twaquisha Williams 2023/05

    Pricey but worth it


    Highly qualified service, the Doctors and all the Hospital Staff are extremely very Professional.
    Kevin Jimenez treated us very kindly and helped us with the health of our Pet.

  13. Ryan Burns 2023/04

    Great Vet! I’ve been taking my pets here all my life. Very kind and caring staff.

  14. Adam Fordham 2023/04

    Very friendly, appointment in a reasonable amount of time, facility and rooms looked clean, very short wait time upon arrival. Cat approved.


  15. Noelle Hart 2023/03

    My favorite vet in Richmond so far. I never wait more than 10 minutes to be seen and it’s usually pretty easy to get an appointment! The receptionist, vet techs, and the doctor himself are all so kind and knowledgeable. Me and my two kitties always feel welcome, and even better, it’s always quick!

  16. Katherine Lynch 2023/02

    Brought my new cat I adopted to this vet because it was closer to my house. After scanning in all of his records they still told me he needed his rabies vaccine even though he already had it. After explaining this they looked back at the records and found it only to later be told again by a different worker he needed it which I had to stop them again from giving it to him. They had me wait in an exam room only to do my cats exam in the back where I was not allowed to see. I was told everything was good by an older woman vet but ended up taking my cat to my old vet 30 minutes away to find out he had ear mites among other issues. Seeing this vet was a waste of time and $90 as they could not even perform a basic ear exam to see he had these mites. I’d highly recommend going somewhere else for a more thorough and educated visit. I will continue using Midlothian Animal clinic as it is worth the drive for the amazing care I get there as they were able to diagnose and treat my new cat for issues missed at broad street veterinary hospital.

  17. Joyce Wells 2023/01

    They are very professional and you just get the feeling they really really love animals and they do. They were so good to my little Buddy I just can’t sing there praises enough.


  18. Elizabeth Cleveland 2023/01

    I’ve been going here for 18 years and have always been impressed. Dr. Rose was our vet for the longest time and now our newer pets see the other doctors here. All are fantastic and I deeply trust their care for my dogs and cats. The front desk staff is incredible, too! So kind and loving — they all really get animals and their owners. It’s a very supportive and knowledgeable vet hospital. The cool, historic architecture is an added bonus!

  19. Michael Diaz 2022/11

    Dr. Cloman and the staff are nothing short of incredible individuals with phenomenal bedside manner.

  20. JADE LAWSON 2022/11

    THANK YOU Broad Street Vet. Literally saved our dogs life. The staff is very friendly yet incredibly professional. I would recommend their services to all pet lovers!!

  21. Masse Samuel 2022/09

    Worst experience. Charged $1000 for getting my Cat spayed. Nothing that should have made it cost so much.

    Never going back again unless it’s a true emergency.

  22. Rebecca Doody 2022/08

    I was originally connected to Broad Street Vet based on a recommendation through the Richmond Animal Care and Control, which is where I rescued my dog Stella back in 2019 and I have been taking Stella here ever since! The front staff who answers the phone are always so kind and helpful and the vet techs who take Stella back are patient and gentle with my girl who gets very nervous! Dr. Cloman is also absolutely the best!! He discovered through a routine test that Stella may have Lymes, and after that was unfortunately confirmed, has been incredibly thorough and knowledgeable through the all the needed routine testing to monitor it. I ask a lot of questions and he always explains everything until I have a thorough understanding, which I appreciate SO much. Dr. Cloman (and the rest of the staff!) know how important pets are to their families! Cannot recommend bringing your pet here enough!

  23. Evelyn Stells 2022/08

    Used the grooming service. My little boy looked fantastic

  24. Antonio Wallace 2022/06

    My main vet. They have all of the services you need.

  25. Anthony Washington 2022/06

    The Staff is SUPER!!! They’re kind , understanding and friendly. The Dr. is Awesome! My 4 month old American Bully ZEUS’s first VET and Only Vet while I’m residing in Richmond. Also Cost is reasonable 😉

  26. Alexis McGrath 2022/03

    Broad St vet takes the best care of my two cats and dog. My dog, Polly, is (unfortunately) an all too frequent flyer. We absolutely LOVE Dr Allred who is the kindest, smartest vet I’ve ever had. She is incredibly knowledgeable and thorough in her exams and procedures and l have complete trust in her. The front desk staff is wonderful as are all the techs/assistants I’ve encountered. Highly recommend!

  27. Nicole Sabovik 2021/11

    I have loved my time with Broad Street Veterinary – They are always quick to help and have been some of the friendliest and nicest people to work with and everyone is always so sweet to my very timid 8lbs Chihuahua.. If I wasn’t moving out of town I would never leave them!!

  28. Kai Wang 2021/11

    Since recommended by a friend (thanks, Sully!), we have been taking our pup, Jewel here for the past few years, both for grooming and check up. The staff are professional and caring. You can tell they have a heart for animals. I also appreciates the character of the staff that comes with having confidence in their services.

  29. Nasha A. 2021/11

    They treated my baby with love, care, & support.

  30. Francheska Fernandez 2021/10

    I’m so grateful for this establishment. They were the only ones that fit me in during a busy schedule for an emergency for my husky boy Jake! They were able to cure my boy’s eye (which he could’ve lost if we would’ve waited another day)This place is the best hands down. They were very attentive, informative and very friendly. I will definitely keep coming back. Thank you for saving Jake’s left eye and for your outstanding services!


  31. Rachael Ballard 2021/08

    Words can not express the gratitude I have for this team, my senior dog is back to waging his tail and being happy. Thank you all.

  32. Stephen Shanks 2021/07

    Great staff and wonderful vets!

  33. Alison Young 2021/06

    I went with a friend to take her oet ..its very clean and caring veterinary works there..

  34. Pam O'Rourke 2021/06

    My pets have been patients for 25 years. They give an exceptional level of veterinary care.

  35. David Volle 2021/04

    I’m so thankful I was able to find Broad Street Vet! Just moved to the area a couple months ago and our pup wasn’t feeling great this past weekend. I was able to make a last second appointment on Saturday at 9am, fill out their client/patient info online, and arrive at the vet for an 11am visit. The entire team there was so sweet and reassuring, especially since this was my first time dealing with a vet visit (4 month old puppy).

    Dr. Allred took a look at our pup, ran a few tests, and was able to prescribe a treatment plan in the span of ~45 minutes, all while following safe COVID protocols (curbside pickup and speaking over the phone). Will definitely keep bringing Rosie back here! Thank you everyone!


  36. Teresa Baldwin 2021/03

    Dr. Rose is the most caring vet I’ve ever had. Years ago my dog got out and was hit by a truck. Someone saw it and notified Dr. Rose. He got in his own car, picked her up and took her back to his office for treatment. He contacted me from her name tag. Unfortunately he could not save her but he wrapped her in a pink blanket hiding all her wounds to talk to me.

  37. Joshua Roberts 2021/03

    my fiance and I just got a kitten. After a small scare that we absolutely over reacted to, they were quick to get us in when alot of other places are not accepting new patients. They were great with her, and both of the vets that we have met with have been so kind and helpful with choosing the best route for any meds that she needed including giving us home remedies that we could apply to save money on medication. I would recommend Broad Street Vet Hospital to anyone!

  38. Anne Hammock 2021/03

    Very friendly staff, always helpful

  39. Joanette Rodriguez 2021/03

    Great service!!

  40. Chip Davis 2021/01

    Super helpful and sweet to my pet

  41. Hunter Harrell 2021/01

    Never bring your pet here, I told them my dog was shy and to be gentle. Because of covid they would not let me in with her, and 30 minutes later they came out to tell me they had accidentally let another dog in the hall with her at the same time, a Great Dane, and that the Great Dane attacked my dog bit her in the face and that she had to have stitches in her face and an antibiotics for weeks. She still has a scar to this day and is terrified of the vets now. I was just taking in her for a check up!! and I leave with a traumatized, seriously injured, and scarred for life dog. DO NOT TRUST THIS PLACE WITH YOUR PET!

  42. James Harris 2020/12

    I recommend more animals to go there.

  43. Petie Tucker 2020/10

    Would rate TEN stars if I could!!! My kitty got in a fight with a stray cat and was bitten resulting in a fever, lethargy and a bad limp. As soon as I called Broad Street Vet, I KNEW I had made the right choice!!! They were able to squeeze me in and help my poor little nugget almost immediately, they were super helpful and informative EVERY step of the way even in this COVID situation, and these were just the sweetest people to work with! These wonderful heroes will be our go-to vet for LIFE after today’s experience!!! Thank you BSVH team!!!!! We’re so grateful for you!!


  44. Christopher Risch 2020/10

    Very displeased with the services provided during COVID-19. The vet never came out in person to discuss his charts and they told me I had to pay over the phone before seeing what exactly I was paying for. They said they would send my information along with my pets medical history to the emergency vet and they failed to do so, resulting in the failure of essential treatments. My family has been going here for decades and they did not admit that they made a very big mistake and did not provide any compensation for this mistake. Otherwise this has been a very good clinic to take our pets.

  45. Wesley Wampler 2020/08

    Great staff with great docs. After arriving, I waited for my appointment almost no time before they took me back. Also, very efficient and compassionate care.

  46. Nadine Paul 2020/07

    Make sure your pet has its flee medication before coming here. The place is infested with flees.

    Brought my, inside only, cat to get vaccinated so that I could have him groomed. He had no flees going into the office, vet checked him out and recommended I buy a year supply ($200) of flee medication. I declined because he was getting groomed so a topical wouldn’t be ideal and i had medicine at home, also he doesn’t go outside and we have never had a problem. Two days later when he was getting groomed he had a “recent infestation of flees” meaning only a few flees, found no eggs or flee poo yet.

    I called the vet the same day to discuss the situation and no one has called me back. My cat has never had flees, does not go outside and we have been in quarantine for several weeks. Groomer came to my house so no chance of him getting them at a groomers.

    I think its funny how they try to get your pet infested with flees and push the medicine to get rid of it all the same. What a great business model.

    Very unsatisfied, and would have been more understanding had I received a call back from my complaint.

  47. George Plott 2020/07

    One of the best places in Richmond to take your pets for care. Great staff and even better vets.

  48. LaSonica Williamson 2020/06

    Slow as hell

  49. Frazier Millner Armstrong 2020/04

    Top notch. Great customer service and outstanding care for the four- legged ones.

  50. Sawyer 2020/04

    Lovely staff, surgery went quicker than expected and was scheduled the same day of his checkup. (Small cat ate a shoelace because, why not?) Vet care is never cheap, but felt like the cost was fair and everything was really well explained.

  51. Josh Sessions 2020/04

    They’re always helpful, caring and professional.

  52. Ashanti Johnson 2020/03

    Love this place 1st time coming, and very satisfied with all the staff!


  53. Shing Han 2020/02

    The staff is super friendly, but that doesn’t make up for the general lack of knowledge and blatant oversights. I honestly do not understand how there are so many 4/5 star reviews considering the cost and lack of thoroughness. I spent close to 300$ for my kitten to be misdiagnosed and not treated properly. Upon asking for ringworm treatment I was told to apply Lotrimin (intended for humans) on her. Now I have an aggressive case of ringworm as well, which could have been avoided if they just listened to my concerns sooner. I am very dissappointed and thankful there are much cheaper vet options in the area who give better care. Don’t make the same mistake I did by listening to the 4/5 star reviews, you will regret it…(It seems that they are more concerned with splitting the visits up as much as possible so we pay more for examination fees…) I won’t be coming back.

  54. Amy Pruden 2020/01

    nice people, great care. my dog has no fear of going to this vet…always has her tail wagging going in and coming out! and their COVID protocol is top notch.

  55. Dahlia Von Graves 2020/01

    I came to them because of Tiffany. Anywhere she works i will go. I trust her with my pets more than anyone. Today they took care of my cat Baby Lion and he is at home happy as can be.

  56. Leonard Skynard 2020/01

    Prompt. Professional and easy to work with.

  57. Katie Davis 2019/11

    Dr. Stevens has to be the most passionate vet I have ever been to! This was not my vet however, my dog needed to be seen ASAP and her vet was closed. Due to convenience I had decided to make an appointment with Broad Street Veterinary Hospital. Being that this was our first visit and not knowing what to accept the process was very easy. After Dr. Stevens came in to evaluate Dottie the conclusion was that she was not well and with her being 14yrs of age her cancer had returned. With that being said I had to make a very tough decision. Dr. Stevens could not have been more empathetic towards the situation and made this process as smooth as it could be. The way everything was handled I could not have asked for a better experience in such a difficult moment. He is one of the BEST vets I have ever come across and I will definitely be returning one day. Not to mention a great staff as well! I usually do not write reviews but this was well deserved.


  58. Meg Greenhalgh Pryde 2019/08

    We just finished up our puppy’s vaccines and absolutely love Dr. Cloman and all the vet techs & staff. Our puppy actually loves going to the vet because of how fun they make it for him. Highly recommend Broad Street Vet Due to the thoughtful service and excellent, friendly care.

  59. Sarah Lucille 2019/07

    Honestly, don’t even bother coming here. There are way better vets in the area that will charge you a more realistic price. I was charged $150 dollars for a one time visit and they didn’t even do anything. Also-they quoted me $1,200 to get my dog spayed. My father in law is a vet and he was with me the entire time. He said this place charges a ridiculous price and to go somewhere else. The vet also didn’t give me any type of concrete scientific answers which I thought was very odd. I mean seriously over $1k for that surgery? Other vets in the area can do the procedure between $80 to $250 which is so much more affordable and realistic. I also found it very unprofessional that the lady in the front desk was lecturing me about not buying prescription heart-worm medication in other places because there are a lot of counterfeit products in the market. She brought one of the Trifexis products out to tell me the fake one was measured in kilos and not pounds (indicated in the packaging). Really? Because the United States is the only country that has metric over imperial. I’m sure these products come from Europe all the time, and that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are fake.

  60. Cindy Oliva 2019/05

    We initially enjoyed Broad Street Vet – staff was friendly, easy to get a convenient appointment and very caring veterinarian. However, we will not be returning to this vet due to ludicrous pricing. As responsible pet owners, we wanted our new puppy neutered. He is a healthy mixed breed dog, 8 months old and weighs 40 lbs. They gave us a price estimate of $900, which didn’t include the $100 we already spent for pre-procedure blood work. After shopping around, I was able to find another local vet who preformed the procedure for $250. Please do your research to find a fair, attentive vet before coming to this practice.

  61. Mere 2019/04

    My family has been seeing Doctor Rose with our pets for almost thirty years, now, and so long as he still practices, we shall continue to do so. The staff here is unfailingly professional, kind, and highly skilled. Even through the hardest times with our various furbabies, they’re there for us, and do everything they can to make everyone happy, healthy, and comfortable, pets and people alike.

  62. Dani Girl 2019/03

    They take such good care of my dog and always have.

  63. Kathrine Coudriet 2018/12

    My 16 year old wire haired fox terrier receives laser treatments for her back legs there . I believe they have prolonged her life and made old age more comfortable for her . They are kind and caring and fond of my dog .

  64. Ashley Megan 2018/10

    I can’t say enough good things about Broad Street Vet! Dr. Hiser and the staff are incredibly friendly, accommodating, and attentive. My pets have always been given excellent care; from things as small as upset stomachs, to extensive mast cell removal surgeries. Dr. Hiser gives very clear explanations/diagnoses and treats pets accordingly without adding any unnecessary expenses. The front desk staff and the technicians are wonderful about communicating with owners whether you’re simply scheduling an appointment or your pet is in their care for something more serious. I can’t imagine taking my pets anywhere else!

  65. Caroline Lewis 2018/10

    We have taken our dog and cat here for several years now and love them. They are always great for regular annuals/vaccines and even have walk-in hours on Fridays and Saturdays I believe, and have been extremely helpful for specific ailments/injuries as well. The staff is super nice and helpful and they always have a secret staff dog or cat behind the front desk 🙂

  66. Codi Carter 2018/05

    This clinic took my cat in last minute when I showed up in Richmond for a USDA cert at the federal building thinking I’d get a health certificate from them. Victoria and the staff at the clinic were absolutely kind and professional despite my lack of preparedness. I can’t say that I’ve seen this level of care and kindness at any other clinic I’ve ever been to. A HUGE THANK YOU to the staff at Broadstreet Vet Clinic!!!!.

  67. Julian 2018/02

    Broad Street Vet has taken such amazing care of my dog and cat, my dog for his entire life. Their staff is incredibly kind and generous, always helpful either over the phone or in person. The care they pay your pets really shows and the doctors are patient, invested in your animals well being and friendly.

  68. Henry Howard 2017/11

    I’ve always had great experiences at Broad St. vet. From when I first brought my boxer there, they were extremely friendly and knowledgeable. You can clearly tell that everyone who works there, especially the vets, really cares about animals. Their pricing is fair and reasonable.

    They clearly communicate what’s wrong with your pet, even if your pet has something serious, like my boxer who was diagnosed with terminal cancer. The vet was very compassionate when he described my dog’s situation and gave me some much appreciated, honest feedback about life expectancy/treatment options.

    When my dog finally passed back in January, they sent me a card signed by all the staff with condolences. This was honestly one of the sweetest gestures they could have made. I’ll always take my pets to them from here on out.

  69. Hannah Weeks 2017/05

    Dr. Hiser was very personable and didn’t take an over-prescribed approach to treating my cat. Super clean office, they got me in at short notice, and excellent service from all the staff members.

  70. Ariyanna Anderson 2016/09

    The reviews speak for themselves! These people are truly kind hearted to all animals and give advice on how to care and nurture each one.

  71. fstop people 2016/08

    After a few separate issues with these people, it’s time to find someplace new (not to mention more affordable and professional).

    1st visit: after just adopting my dog from the spca she developed a bad case of kennel cough. So I take her in with my old roommate since he had been there before. The vet (a southern gentleman) insisted on taking her in the back to administer medication (why they couldn’t in the room IDK) and then tells me to give my dog Whiskey to ease her sore throat. Whiskey? The worst possible kind of alcohol to feed a dog? It’s poison!

    2nd visit: Just a routine checkup and updated vaccinations. There was a mix up on whether my dog had the bordatella updated as it wasn’t on the printed receipt. I went back in to ask if she got the shot or not as the vet earlier told me he was giving her the vaccination (again they insisted on taking my dog in the back so I did not see). Did she get it twice? I also realized I was under my old roommates name from the 1st visit and was told I could set up my own account, under my name, so I left my contact info with the front desk.

    3rd encounter: This time I called. I have felt uncomfortable with them and wanted to change vets so I call for my pups latest vaccination info. Lo and behold, they never changed my info and I was still under my old roommates name. The kicker… the contact info and address was mine but under his name. So now I’m told my dog of 4 years isn’t mine and it’s illegal to send vaccinations to me. I work in the dog industry and I call for vaccinations all day long to vets across the country. Even after offering to show proof of her adoption with my name, receipts from their own office with my name, and pictures galore of her and me… she still isn’t my dog. “Ma’am it isn’t your signature on the paperwork.” I have been the only one taking her in and never had anyone ask to sign paperwork for my dog.

    Unprofessional! Not once. Not twice. But three times. Movin’ on.

  72. Got Yarn 2016/05

    He wanted to AMPUTATE MY DOG’s FOOT…Brought my beloved dog to West Broad Vet as a new patient, she was lame and I had seen some blood on her paw. I told Dr Rose that she has a history of arthritis. He said he thought the blood was ink! I asked the assistant if they used a magnifying glass and the assistant said they didn’t have any!

    They took an Xray, told me she had BONE CANCER and wanted to AMPUTATE! He took more xrays and said she was lucky it hadn’t spread yet. He also took blood-work $$$. I asked about recovery and long-term implications of having part of her foot amputated and all he said was “Don’t worry, she’ll be fine, we do this ALL THE TIME!” I forked over $900 that day and up to $2000 for the surgery they eagerly scheduled for 2 days later.

    The next day I took her back to our old vet Dr. Creasey at Powhatan Animal hospital. She recommended new xrays, the quality of the one Rose sent over was POOR and only 1 foot, she said both feet in the same picture doesn’t cost any more and she wanted to check them both out. Dr. Creasey was pretty sure it was arthritis. The bleeding was from a toe nail and she bandaged her up. She wanted to be sure about the diagnosis and treatment so she had a radiologist look it over and they sent a report concurring it was arthritis! GOOD THING I DIDNT LET HER GET BUTCHERED ON BROAD ST! That would have have CRIPPLED HER FOR LIFE! If you dare to bring your pet there, get a second opinion if they want to operate on your pet – it’s a cash cow!

  73. Virginia Fiden 2016/04

    Known as the best in Richmond.
    Great care and concern. Go beyond my expectations.

  74. Matt Kang 2016/03

    Thought we weren’t getting a great deal on meds there but they clarified my error and even called to follow up. Need to brush up on my Rx knowledge. They’re great with people and pets alike. Thanks!

  75. Alexander Z 2016/01

    While I lived in RVA, my lab puppy came to Dr. Rose here. He’s a great vet, but very old school. He clearly understands dogs, gives good advice, and when Olive twisted her paw he saw her, diagnosed her in under ten minutes, had me on my way, and didn’t charge me for the ten minutes. The people here are genuinely nice and I will miss them.

  76. Tiffany Williams 2015/06

    I brought my girl in for her first time visit with Dr. Hiser and was very pleased with the visit. He sat on the floor at my dog’s level and conversed with me about her in great detail. It was not a rushed appointment and he was very knowledgeable and made great suggestions to me as a first time dog owner. Dr. Hiser will be my dog’s vet and its even more bonus that their office is SUPER close to where I live. The staff was very friendly to my dog and all treatment fees were explained it detail. I definitely recommend this office!

  77. FZ Shep 2015/02

    GREAT Veterinary. They have always been super knowledgeable about animal care. I rave about them because they handle my senior dog with such love and tenderness. The staff is skilled in animal husbandry but they also seem to really comprehend how precious our pets are to us and that value shows. The staff brings some of their own pets into work (cool). They have brag books about what their pets have accomplished (cooler). They also are involved in off-site helping animals such as rabies clinics and rescues (coolest)

  78. Alyson Stiles 2015/01

    I had an emergency with my dog and they were so great and squeezed me right in. The techs were very friendly and supportive and the doctor (Dr. Rose) was amazing! He kept me up to date on my dog’s condition & made me feel like she was in good hands. I highly recommended this place!

  79. Marjorie Baja 2014/11

    Went here for my first puppy’s exam and vaccines today; i saw Dr Tucker and he is very friendly and helpful. We were welcomed warmly and even had our own room to fill out initial paperwork in. My dachshund puppy is 15wks old and had a little accident on the floor and intake was very understanding and even cleaned him up! Dr Tucker talked to me about housebreaking, diet, crate sizes, and neutering. We left with rabies certificate and tag, a puppy kit that included One dose of Heartguard, flea and tick preventative, coupons, and even lil Bullet’s nails were clipped free of charge. I will be coming back here for all of my puppy’s needs from now on, even though I live in Petersburg! Highly recommended!

  80. Lyn D 2011/06

    Great Vet!! Great Doctors! Great Staff!

  81. Chelsea Lahmers 2008/11

    I can’t give Broad St Veterinary Hospital any more stars, but I would if I could. First and foremost, it’s great dealing with a vet that knows pit bulls and is happy to deal with their quirks…my guy gets his own room the moment he walks in teh door, which us avoid spastic barking in the waiting room. Dr. Hiser gets down on the floor with my dog instead of hoisting his wiggly butt up to the table, a big plus in my book. He’s very down to earth, gives excellent real world advice, and keeps up on what is new in diets, exercise, etc for my guy. I don’t have to wait long for an appointment and he always sticks to the estimate. The rest of the staff are helpful and the place is clean as a whistle. Last but not least, it doesn’t hurt that Dr. Hiser is easy on the eyes, if you know what I mean.

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