Boulevard Animal Hospital Inc

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Boulevard Animal Hospital Inc
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  1. Mr H. 2023/11

    Great experience,

  2. Mel Robens 2023/10

    The vets and staff are great here especially Jenn she was absolutely amazing. They care and are compassionate beyond words.

  3. Janice Lewis 2023/10

    I would like to give a shout out to Jennifer and Jasmine,they are the most caring and loving people ❤️ 💕 I know, whenever there’s an emergency with my animals they do not hesitate to immediately get them in to see the doctor.I n my time of distress they are there to comfort me, they go beyond there job to assist me in any way. I love these two ladies..there spirits are genuine. If they were to ever leave this facility I would remove myself also.
    So you ladies continue to do GOD’S WILL ,and keep on loving animals as you both do .I will ever be so Grateful to you both 💓 💖 💛 💗 ❤️

  4. Tina Maples 2023/09

    I’ve been bringing my pets here for over 25 years. Very attentive and knowledgeable veterinarians and staff


  5. Elizabeth Morrison 2023/09

    This is the worse vet I’ve been too since it was sold to the new group. They try to double charge me for a service I already paid for. Iam making a formal complaint with Department of veterinarian profession. On 8/17/2023 Jasmine made me a 10:30 appointment. I arrival at 10:10 and at 10: 11 Jenn charged me a late fee saying my appointment was at 10. Today I had a 2:30 appointment and after my dogs sutures were removed Jasmine tired ro charge me a reexamination fee when they charged
    me the day they did the blood work and because I refused to pay again Jenn gave me my dogs shot and said she wl email me my dogs records and I should go somewhere else And Lindsey is never available or return.calls

  6. V Christian 2023/09

    Best vet clinic for me in RVA. All of my animals have been cared for by this clinic for over 20 yrs.

  7. Michelle B Smith 2023/09

    I take my fur babies there

  8. Marissa Ray 2023/08

    Amazing staff!! They are always willing to do what they can! They have been flexible to meet our needs on multiple occasions in the past 3 years we’ve been seeing them. Grateful to call them our vet!

  9. j Orp 2023/08

    The front desk & vets are so nice and welcoming

  10. Gene Smith 2023/08

    My family has been bringing our pets to this Boulevard Animal Hospital for over 50 years. The last few years, it has been a steady decline in satisfaction with care and attention to our animals.
    During Covid, on of our dogs required euthanasia. While I understand the protocols that were necessary, they would not let one of us in to be with our dogs as he was put to sleep. He was left to die alone, with strangers. Letting one person from our family be there at the end would not have broken Covid Protocol.

    Recently, I brought another dog in for treatment. It had been a few years since his last visit, as Boulevard neglected to send us reminder cards as they have for our other dogs. While it is ultimately my responsibility, it had slipped my mind as I have 4 dogs. It turns out, my dog had lumps in his stomach that required an Ultrasound, that was to be done at another hospital. Tests were inconclusive, so next step was a CT scan- at yet another hospital- for $3000.00.

    We did the CT scan, and waited to hear the results. After a week, my father had another of our dogs in for a visit, and asked about the CT scan. He was handed the results, with no explanation. I called the office the next day, and was eventually handed over to a Doctor. He did little to explain the results, and instructed me to call the hospital (Carytown) that performed the CT scan.

    I called Carytown, was informed by them that because the original visit was with Boulevard, that I needed to speak with them, and they ended the call. I called Boulevard again, was told the Doctor was with a patient and would return my call.

    That was Friday. Today is Monday- no call back. So, I called them AGAIN. Got the answering machine. Left a message (at 3pm). Have yet to hear back.

    I have lost any faith that this hospital cares about my pets, and now I feel as if I am seen only as a Dollar sign.

    I will be using another Vet for any future needs. I will NEVER return to Boulevard Animal Hospital. 51 years of loyal patronage pissed away.

  11. Robert Kelly 2023/06

    The staff at Boulevard Animal Hospital provided us with great support and empathy during the very sad and difficult process of having to euthanize our beloved dog, Murphy.

  12. Gregory Clark 2023/05

    Great staff loved the service will be my doggy vet for life


  13. Twaquisha Williams 2023/05

    Pricey but worth it

  14. Chuckaluck Too 2023/03

    I told them that I’ll take pictures of the cat’s skin and could they make a diagnosis based on that. She says you have to bring your pet in. For the second time I told her this is not a pet, but a feral cat . I can’t bring her in. It’s not possible to make an appointment for a feral cat.

  15. tomeka jones 2023/03

    Very gentle and caring. They treated our big guy very kindly.

  16. D'Wayne Smith 2023/01

    I have taken every dog I’ve had here with success each time.

  17. Gypsy “Gypsy aka cookie” Luck 2023/01

    Dropped off my friend’s pet for outdoggie surgery.
    Staff was very nice and professional 👌.
    Doggie is doing great 👍.
    Highly Recommended. …

  18. Jackie Turner 2022/10

    My interaction with the staff at Boulevard Animal Hospital has been nothing short of exceptional!
    I have been bringing my pets to this establishment for many many years and although the staff has changed considerably, the quality and dedication has not. I would especially like to thank Dr Jeffers for taking great care and much concern for my little “ Louie” I would also like to thank the staff who always seem to be very accommodating and patient when I have an issue or concern. I would like to mention “Jasmine” in particular for her very sweet demeanor. 🙂 THANK YOU guys for excellence!

  19. Mia Wooldridge 2022/09

    The staff was knowledgeable and kind. They had genuine care for me and my pet’s well-being

  20. Beverly Brooks 2022/09


  21. Valeshia Green 2022/09

    It was a great experience I called at 945am I got my dog an appt @11:30am …

  22. Melissa Mosley 2022/09

    Just went to pick my dogs medical records up, since we started seeing a new vet. After reading the office notes that were left from my phone call just proved that the entire front office staff are completely incompetent. I called and asked for the NEXT AVAILABLE appointment and was offered an “emergency” visit for the same day with an additional charge of $125. When they had an appointment slot two days later that they could have offered. When declining the “emergency” visit fee, they took that as me refusing to have my dog seen at all instead of offering the next appointment that was 48 hours later. Even after I expressed that he was an established patient that should be able to get in within a decent amount of time. So my options were, same day for a extra fee or an appointment over a month out. This practice needs a lot of growth in customer service. I’ve always been patient with the front staff because the actual vets are really thorough, but unfortunately the front staff are who shape the customers experience and satisfaction. Sad they just lost out on over 1k in work that I happily paid our new vet to take care of our needs.

  23. M K 2022/08

    “Got us in fast the process was quick and my dog left happy”

  24. Charles Martin 2022/08

    Front office needs to get their act together. Booked a surgery but its not on their books with only a few days to go.

  25. mark reed 2022/07

    This vet is great I trust this doctor

  26. Tameka C 2022/07

    Everyone is awesome and great customer service. They took good care of Rock until he went to doggy heaven and now they are taking great care of Tank! I love Boulevard Animal!

  27. Leanne Pettigrew 2022/07

    Takes very good care of pets being seen and very customer friendly!! Wouldn’t pick any other place for my baby!!

  28. Mariah Martin 2022/06

    they were so sweet & i loved seeing their whiteboard saying hi to all of the animals coming in 🥺 …

  29. Melissa Mosley 2022/06

    I have been going to this practice for over four years and have witnessed first hand the customer service go downhill. I am so frustrated after hanging up with the practice manager this morning. It disheartens me that I have to find a new place for my dog to be followed. As an established dog, he should be able to be seen if needed for acute needs. He was just seen last week for a physical, but now is having ear issues. I requested an acute visit appointment and was first told I would have to pay $125 for an emergency visit. I declined because it is an urgent matter, but all they literally have to do is take a look at his ear and prescribe medication if needed. The receptionist offered for me to drop my dog off the next day and pick him up while ready. Those were the only two options given to me. I asked to have a manager call me back and was talked over and completely disrespected over the phone. She offered an appointment for two days later in a regular time slot and could not explain why her receptionist couldn’t offer it to me. I refuse to return to somewhere that treats paying customers with no care.

  30. willis shine 2022/04

    This doctor gray hair all about being since no compassion no help don’t understand it

  31. Shane Dowler 2022/04

    Really friendly service and competitive prices. I would highly recommend the group.

  32. Marshall Hurdle 2022/03

    Very nice place for your dog or cat

  33. Jennifer Campbell 2022/03

    Wonderful doctor’s and staff! Highly recommend.

  34. Michon Gideon-Bracey 2022/03

    I love these guys, we have been using them for many years

  35. Colin Salem 2022/03

    Always compassionate service here. Vets are real friendly and kind to my sassy cat.
    The dog smell is always extra in the lobby.

  36. Ryan Elizabeth Parrish 2022/02

    Though the vets and vet techs are exceptional and do take good care of their animals, I’ve never felt welcome by the office staff in person or over the phone. I recently called to ask a simple behavorial question about a stray I rescued and was received with a “you can look this up online” answer. Not helpful whatsoever. I won’t be back.

  37. j branch 2021/11

    They take care of your Animal like a hospital that would take care of you.

  38. Sherri Farley 2021/11

    Was given pills for my pet that can’t take pills. I told 3 people no pills. There was a bad reaction to the liquid medicine we got. (Received both a liquid and pill)
    I called to ask what to do and left a message asking for a call back. No one ever called.
    I felt they didn’t care about my pet and were just doing a job.

  39. Storm Lattimore 2021/11

    Very close to my home!! Love the nice staff

  40. Shawn Haner 2021/11

    They think it’s funny to keep you waiting for over an hour now. Trying to get medication for my dog and there’s a whole line of cars also waiting and they are taking forever. We’ve been trying to get my dogs medicine for over three days now and I assume they are mad because we are switching vets because we moved and they said they sent her medication to the walgreens, it was not sent and it’s been an upsetting time with them

    I wouldn’t recommend them

  41. Bonnie Pugh 2021/11

    My family and I have been going to Boulevard Animal Hospital for about 40 years. They have been wonderful all that time.

  42. Inez Blow 2021/10

    Everyone there was polite and professional. My dog was well taken care of.

  43. Tamara Lester 2021/10

    Poor customer service, African-American staff was not willing to work with the African-American customer

  44. Jay Baker 2021/10

    The best veterinarian to take your dogs. Great people, great services!

  45. Audrey Reynolds 2021/10

    We had avery good experience at the

  46. Chelsea McAvoy 2021/10

    When I called and set up an appointment for my cat to get neutered the person who I talked to told me that it was going to cost $52 for the surgery, I even said how awesome it was to be so inexpensive bc everywhere else I called gave me numbers in the $300-500 range, I KNOW what I said and I wasn’t corrected about the price and what I was saying but when I showed up for my appointment they told me that the surgery costs over $400!!! Now I’m positive what I was told and how I reacted but they just didn’t care. Then beyond that when I got there they told appointment was supposed to be the day before and that I would have to pay $52 to have him rescheduled and seen that day. Now even more than the first part im

  47. Felicia Davis 2021/09

    Worst customer service ever!!!front desk staff unconcerned and rude!!!

  48. Dana MacDermid 2021/09

    Very nice

  49. Laurie Denton 2021/09

    These people have always been wonderful. They’ll answer your questions and provide suggestions wherever needed for the care of your pet.

  50. Suyapa Gutierrez 2021/09

    No me gusto la atencion de las meseras

  51. Sylvia Williams 2021/09

    It took about 15min for them to come to the car but once they did both of my pets were taken care of really quick 🙂 …

  52. Nadia McDaniel 2021/09

    They always take good care of my dogs. I do feel like they can lower their prices

  53. Lynn Caft 2021/08

    This has been our vet for many years and they always treat our dogs just like they are family. You can tell the staff really cares and its not just a job to them. Everything is always explained in detail before you leave. We will continue to go here as long as they are in business. Our dogs are a big part of our family we only want the best care for them.

  54. Redskins Diva 2021/08

    Staff is very polite and professional.

  55. Mark Coe 2021/07

    You sit in vehicle they come out get pets to take inside do exams, nail trimming, ect…


  56. Rob Johnson 2021/07

    This is one of the greatest places on the Earth because they always take care of my children my pit bulls all of my dogs which are just an extension of my family I don’t know how I would survive without the boulevard animal clinic I love this place if you love your pets like you love yourself and your family always go here I strongly recommend it and advise it no nonsense no hassle no bull just helpful people who love animals as much as me thank God for the boulevard animal hospital I love those guys and that lady who works at the front desk she’s the greatest ever!

  57. Vernon Austin 2021/06

    Many years ago when I still lived here in Chesterfield we had dogs that went to see Dr Gray at the animal hospital spend 30 40 years I was there to carry my neighbor who has her beagle looked after and she seems to be extremely happy with it so I’m assuming they still are carrying on a really good service for the animals they look after.

  58. Stephanie Abarca 2021/06

    Definitely not a emergency vet

  59. Donna Rhoads 2021/06

    Very affordable the staff was very friendly.

  60. Deborah Hoff 2021/06

    Everyone here is very knowledgeable and give great care to your pet.

  61. Antwann Edwards 2021/05

    This was caeser first visit with them and the experience was great.

  62. Khang Ngo (nathan) 2021/05

    great place and friendly worker

  63. Vickie Crawley 2021/05

    Great place our dog Got some. shot today She doing Well

  64. Rhonda Jolly 2021/04

    Great service. Felt like the vet techs loved my Georgia Mae as much as I do. All my worries were put rest.

  65. Zacardi Bolling 2021/04

    The best

  66. Nelda Hall 2021/04

    They are alway helpfulness when my cat is there and really good with animals.

  67. Gail Isaac Davis 2021/04

    I bought my dog in for grooming & shots early in the morning,got him back at almost 7 pm that night.Also I notice he was licking his feet,he had been cut between his toes. I have been looking for another they keep u on the phone for more than 30 minutes before they answer your call.

  68. Chantay Jordan 2021/03

    I love the vets and staff there. It’s clean and pleasant smelling. For the most part the prices are reasonable, except for the neutering. The price for that is unbelievably high.

  69. Mz804 2 u 2021/03

    This is the only local vet and groomer near my home… So its convient if nothing else… But EVERYTIME i take my pets there it is a problem… A few months ago I took my dog to be groomed… Drop off was 8:20am … After calling multiple times throughout the day being advised that he wasnt done yet… Closing time roll around… I call them back… They say “O your dog had been finished and groomer left for the day”… So i go to pick up my dog… Had to wait over an hour for them to bring him out… 2nd instance… I take same dog back to get groom… Drop off 8:20am…. Get a call at 1pm Saying the groomer just up and quit… So moving forward… I have to find another vet and groomer

  70. karmel lewis 2021/03

    Hasn’t been the same since Dr gray retired. Always come with plenty of time because on average it takes 10minutes to get off of hold when you call then another 10-15 to start anything.

  71. Amanda 2021/02

    I called to state my dog was sick.. Rude insensitive secretary tells be will you came in 3 weeks ago doctor told you she is trying to improve his quality of life. He is 15 years old…. I don’t care how old he is he is my dog and a part of my family. That was very insensitive for her to say as a clinic secretary… The office staff don’t try to accommodate the customers. But refer them to emergency services at another location…

  72. Vicky Dupree 2021/02

    Very happy for my dog now and this animal hospital is definitely a keeper

  73. Jim Bennett 2021/02

    From reception/office staff to the volunteers and vets, everything about Boulevard Animal Hospital is first rate. They are caring, considerate, and professional through and through. I’ve been bringing our family’s pets (cats and dogs) there for many years.

  74. Gayle Harris 2021/02

    I understand that the rating is not good because I’m taking my dog to get his nails done twice and didn’t do a good job because he said he can’t cut it too short so when I bit my back the last time he was in and out at a blank of an hour I don’t think you could have did nothing taste mail and then when I told her that you know that look like they hadn’t done that in so value can’t go in and see what’s going on I think they’ll rip off did not guarantee and stand behind the quality of work that should be given to the airport or the one that I had what the hell

  75. Mischa De Jesus 2021/02

    They need to work on customer service.

  76. Cynthia “Cindi jane” Drumheller Porter 2021/01

    Not very good with the public

  77. marie Castle 2021/01

    Always the best

  78. Ayesha Smiley 2021/01


  79. Chantay “Chaun” Jordan 2021/01

    I love the staff. Everyone’s very caring. The only problem I have is with the price of neutering my kitten. It is way too expensive (over $400).

  80. Sharon Mayo 2020/10

    Excellent strategies in place to protect against COVID-19. I was so impressed at how efficient this team was. My fur babies have been patients at BAH for 10+ years. The Receptionists, Techs, Doctors, and grooming staff are above excellent. Thanks for all you guys are doing to maintain service during this pandemic. My little fur ball is feeling much better and sleeping peacefully.


  81. Monica Deane 2020/10

    I just pick up prescription dog food from them. They are always friendly and have what I need.

  82. Mary Gibson 2020/10

    The Curbside service is awakening however it is good protocol and my pet still was his vibrate self after his visit to the Doctor and staff again
    Thank You

  83. Oedhel Setren 2020/10

    Very friendly and communicative staff.

  84. Roberto Romero 2020/09

    Too fast to diagnose – dog still itching

  85. N 2020/09

    Por el servicio

  86. Anthony Williams 2020/09

    Waiting on them,our dog died..

  87. Alisson Cruz 2020/09

    Very friendly and nice and they also treat my puppy with patience and love.

  88. Steph 2020/08

    I brought my pet here to follow up after an emergency visit and even though they were busy that day, they saw her and gave her excellent care! They noticed things the other vet didn’t and made sure I understood everything happening. I also really enjoyed that they came out to talk to me in my car (because of COVID-19) rather than just calling me periodically. It felt like a very personable practice and the doctors and vet techs were all so wonderful.

  89. Angela Richardson 2020/08

    Loved it

  90. Robert Carlos 2020/08

    Took my dog there for the first time. And the staff was great.

  91. Barbara 2020/08

    I love this place great place to take your animal to

  92. Capt. Mary Darden 2020/07

    Hi, After 14 + years in human life our Dog Tank Was Lead To Rest.

  93. Peppa Ann 2020/07

    Staff is very pleasant.

  94. Bobby Barton 2020/07

    My dog broke her back leg playing one day. The first visit was okay but I did not like being charged twice for x-rays because the technician didn’t get it right the first time and had to take more X-rays and I had to pay for the technicians learning curve. The doctor recommended surgery. So i had the surgery done my different veterinary clinic out of town. And I continue to go back to boulevard animal hospital for follow-up visits. When putting on the splint or cast depending on how you call it. The vet used some tape that was so strong I could not get it off and when they took it off I could hear my dog screaming and pain from where they took her in the back room to do it and then told me it wasn’t her screaming in pain. The surgeon when communicating with the boulevard vet made it clear that it was supposed to go above the joint which is called a hack. The doctor did not put the cast on correctly which left the lower part of her leg bouncing and moving every step she took walking on 3 legs the movement that was supposed to have been stopped by the cast. So I did not appreciate having my little girl go through all that surgery and healing time to have the next doctor put the cast on wrong.! So now they send me a reminder for her to come back in to make sure everything is healing properly. But I’m not interested in taking my girl back there.!!
    AND NOW THEY ARE telling me that she needs testing and shots that she just received FROM THEM, with in the last year. Like 4 months ago. It seems to me that THEY just want more money.! NOW saying that she needs vaccination.! WHEN SHE JUST HAD 4 MONTHS AGO.!! And I added some photos of the wrong size cast they put on my little girl. The full cast is what the surgeon put on. And the blue tape with my hand showing the distance of the cast from B.A.H. “does not keep the joint from moving”.. And i thought that was the HOLE POINT OF A CAST IS TO IMMOBILIZE IT SO THE LEG SO IT CAN HEAL CORECTLY.! So i found walk-in-pet. That is the BEST.!! I heated up the plastics sides of the walk in pet. So i could shape it to accommodated the extra width from the steel plate in her leg. All of this is more than 1 trip to Boulevard Animal Hospital B.A.H.


  95. Tina Brown Parker 2020/06


  96. Jose Ortiz 2020/06

    The staff was awesome. They made my puppy feel like she was the most important person in the building ♥️♥️♥️

  97. Regina Martin 2020/05

    They were very nice

  98. Christine Kolebas 2020/03

    Dr Willis is very kind, attentive and compassionate. My dogs love it. Price is reasonable

  99. VIRGEN RIVERA 2020/03

    Best place ever!!

  100. Burton Owens 2020/02

    Best pet hospital in Richmond

  101. Martha Rhodes 2020/02

    Great customer service 👍 …

  102. Jill Denise Porter 2020/01

    Good pet care. Good people rapport.

  103. ROBIN PURNELL 2020/01

    Zeke have no problems!!!!


  104. T Nicholas Merciez 2020/01

    I love this place. Appointments are easily made; frequently the same day. The staff is caring, knowledgeable and they seem to really like my dog. Quite understandable given her massive good looks and promiscuity. They take the time to talk to me and really explain what’s going on.

  105. debra brown 2020/01

    Great service


  106. Dillard Hubert 2019/12

    My dog have been going there for years.

  107. Lisa McAllister 2019/11

    All the staff are very nice ..and go out of there way to help.

  108. Xinyi Liu 2019/11

    Put me on hold twice for 10minutes each while trying to call for a question and appointment, no one responded back while I was waiting. Disappointed.

  109. Dave Crowder 2019/11

    Excellent pet care

  110. Belinda Pleasants 2019/11

    Doctor are knowledgeable about pets care.

  111. Eluterrio BrownSr 2019/10

    Always friendly and really do a great job at the front desk

  112. Mycal Kelly 2019/10

    I have not been to this vet’s office, but the customer service I just received as not a client over the phone was great!

  113. james AYERS 2019/10

    The cost is a bit much .


    Good service, friendly staff, very good veterinary docs

  115. Carl Scruggs 2019/09

    Wonderful people and great doctors

  116. Sandy Dobb 2019/08

    Sorry that Dr Gray sold the practice but I’m hoping the new owners will do just as good of a job as he did with the personal touch he gave every pet and owner.

  117. MK 2019/08

    Love that they have Saturday hours. It’s hard to get a follow up phone call from the young ladies who work the desk. Not all of them but a few never seem to know what’s going on. And when you do call plan to be put on hold for a long time. I think they forget about you. Dr. Huth is excellent and you do receive good customer service when you visit the office. I was bothered by a recent visit when I was told that after bringing my dog here for two years now she’s never had a full physical, which I doubt. How does this get by your staff or even left out of records. This is an update from 4 stars to 3.

  118. Jamie Thompson 2019/07

    Great staff and very helpful

  119. Martha Giddings 2019/07

    The doctors and staff are great

  120. Linda Yellardy 2019/07

    Good place to take your pet. You have to pay for every service right then. No payment plan .

  121. TinaBrownParker 2019/07

    Friendly staff

  122. Pamela Matherly 2019/07

    Very high in prices not humane to me

  123. C Jones 2019/06

    Still a Great a Veterinarian ,they have changed Management but are Still Very Friendly,Clean, Kind ,& Especially just as Compassionate to your Pets the only draw back though was that they have raised all their fees a bit ..

  124. Daniel Drake (Gizmo2371) 2019/06

    Went there to check it out. They seem alright but meds can be a little pricey.

  125. Brent holifield 2019/06

    Front desk staff is great and very helpful! Office manager unfortunately is very rude and doesn’t seem to know what she is doing. Dr. Huth seemed as though she was in a huge rush and wanted to get me out as soon as she could without taking the time to even introduce herself until a few minutes in. She was very rude and as I said very rushed and spent no real time looking at my dog. I would make sure to request not to see Dr, Huth but other than her and the manger a great place

  126. alice young 2019/06

    My dog doctor

  127. Nicole Sparkman 2019/06

    All of my pets have been taken care of by this Vet. He also boards there. His grooming is done there, by Mario!

  128. Brandi Herrera 2019/05

    Fast, inexpensive and very courteous

  129. Richard Brown 2019/05

    New administration, Dr. E. Wilis, is a disgrace to the animal care profession. Check your bill because he overrates and inaccurate in his diagnosis.

  130. Annie Smith 2019/04

    I have been taking my grandpuppy for 5 year now. The staff is like family.

  131. Grace Christopher 2019/04

    Great people

  132. V. Briggs 2019/04

    Great staff!

  133. Traci Price 2019/03

    This place has really changed since they changed ownership

  134. Lashonda Bowling 2019/03

    They are very friendly and knowledgeable honest and efficient reasonable fees for visits take walkins with in reason.

  135. Bonnie Johnson 2019/03

    The front desk people always seem to have an ATTITUDE…

  136. Paul H 2019/03

    I am happy with the vetrenary care my dogs get there, but the reason go there is Mario, the groomer. He has tamed my savage beast that nobody else could handle. I’ve gotten nothing but good service from him.

  137. Tamika Atkins 2019/03

    Very caring and professional

  138. Sherry 2019/02

    I brung my dog for shots, flea control and nail clipping. They kept clipping my dog nails too low. Thats why I dont do it myself because Im afraid I will do it to low. My dog kept whincing out after every clip and I told her she clipping too low. Finally my dog turned her head towards her to get her to stop. They ending up putting a muzzle on her which freaked her out so I told them to stop and paid for it without it being completed. It was so devestating I felt like I let my dog down.

  139. Debra Corker 2019/02

    It’s alright but I don’t care for it no more since doctor gray left

  140. Joe Vincelli 2019/02

    Great staff. Very friendly and knowledgeable.

  141. Erica Coleman 2018/11

    Great staff, very gental with my dog during shots and nail clipping

  142. Ann Fareed 2018/11

    Quick and convenient. Great service

  143. Kathy Heyward 2018/10

    Do good work

  144. Rickie Stephens 2018/10

    My dogs was in great shape when I got them back home, so I think they did a great job caring for them , thank you all.

  145. Yellow Dart 2018/10

    Wonderful people, been taking my pets here for almost 20 years. Very sympathetic and helpful.

  146. Nicholas Austin (Nick) 2018/10

    I have been taking my animals for 20 years. They really care and have always done everything they can.

  147. Gigi Trevino 2018/10

    I have never had a Good Vet, talk bad about another veterinary facility, Dr. Grey has never been this way really disappointed

  148. Ashley Schafer 2018/10

    Never go on a weekend and especially without an appointment terrible services

  149. Sherri Baird 2018/09

    waited 17 minutes while someone was checking out. When I was asked what I needed a client walked in. I was told to have a seat. The tech then proceeded to go straighten a room & get the clients dog checked into a room..

  150. Lisa Gonzalezu 2018/09

    My dog Joy loves going to the vet

  151. melaniechatham 2018/08

    I have been bringing my pets to this animal facility for about 15 years and they have always been kind, professional and reasonable in their pricing

  152. angelic smith 2018/08

    My little peanut is always scared when he goes. So they suggested I bring him to visit so he’ll get to know them. so he wouldn’t be scared when he came back. I love it.

  153. Brek Sparks 2018/07

    Always well taken care of. Had to wait over an hour, even with an appointment, but helpful, informative and reasonable.

  154. clarissa pemberton 2018/07

    Can’t stand the weekend staff.slow as hell. Bring back the old staff more mature and pleasant

  155. Justin Gomez 2018/07

    My dog loves Dr gray

  156. David Mills 2018/06

    Fantastic animal care

  157. Francis Bare 2018/06

    Dr.Gray is the best vet.

  158. Donna Crawford 2018/06

    They are very sweet people there and been good with my babygirl Pooadoo

  159. Shirley Johnson 2018/05

    This Animal Hospital is great the staff there loves animals and they care for your pet. The doctors are superb I have known dr. Gray for about 20 years he took care of my little chihuahua and we had her a long time I would recommend him to anybody.

  160. Guadalupe Rodriguez 2018/05

    My 🐩 dipper loves this hospital …

  161. Nathaniel Banks 2018/04

    Great Vet. Allows you to stay in the room with your pet.

  162. Richard im 2018/04

    Wait time to see the vet was longer than expected…but my dog was seen as a walk in on the weekends…staff did their job and vet gave me a good assessment


  163. William Friday 2018/04

    Everyone is very nice and helpful im allergic to cats the I couldn’t stand to be in the place but for so long but the dog loved the treatment and the staff is on point

  164. Lauren Adelman 2018/03

    DON’T take your cat here if you love them. I took my good girl in the other day and she was extremely ill, I knew it, that’s why we went to the vet. As Dr. Huth walks into the room she literally says “I don’t like how this looks. She’s obese. I don’t even like her face.” I kid you not, this is how she introduces herself to us. Granted, my girl is 14 lbs, and her face was showing signs of ichthyosis — but this is the type of respect you and your animal can expect. No case history is taken from us or anything, she doesn’t ask me any questions about her behavior or what could have brought on this condition, she just looks at her and starts spewing opinions without actually gathering any information. That’s actually all she did. No tests, and barely a physical exam.. She referred me over the Carytown Emergency Vet in the middle of the afternoon, to get standard blood work and potentially ultrasound. She then starts to pressure me into euthanizing my cat. Those are my options, she says, go to the emergency vet immediately or put my cat down. Naturally I am immobilized by this type of conduct and she makes a joke that I have PTSD…. Seriously, I hate to cast aspersions but I can’t let this type of experience go unreported.
    Benefit of the doubt, maybe Dr. Huth was having a bad day. Regardless, she behaved in a dangerously unprofessional manner. My cat is currently recovering at another clinic where we were both treated with kindness and respect.

  165. Fredia Ponder 2018/02

    The staff loves your animal for something such as a vaccine.

  166. Barbara Baron 2018/02

    Been going here for years, my parents even brought there dogs here. Dr. Grey best vet ever

  167. Enga Archer 2018/02

    Groomer, Boards and friendly

  168. thomas waite 2018/02

    They take great care of all the animals in my house and very knowledgeable

  169. David Mills 2018/02

    Dr Grey is the best

  170. Sheemah Aldosari 2018/01


  171. Raye Harper 2018/01

    I like the staff and doctors. Seems like they care

  172. Cecile Rock 2017/11

    Friendly, caring staff

  173. Mouayed Ismail 2017/10

    Excellent service.

  174. Summer C 2017/08

    Been going here for over 15 years, never had an account issue with this place.
    I wrote a check in December that bounced, it was an honest mishap. Reasonably, Norma, the office manager charged a fee and eventually interest since it had been over 30 days. Well Norma decides to write on an invoice mailed to our home “Please clean up this bad check”. When confronted, she refused to apologize for being rude and to add insult she stated it was illegal to write a bad check. That is how this place thanks loyal customers even after you pay what you owe.

  175. Vanna Spencer 2017/07

    Greedy for money.

  176. Tracey H (Ms3Kee) 2017/04

    They are the best. They tell you exactly what you need. I dont feel like they are trying to get me to buy stuff I dont have to have just to make an extra dollar. The staff is friendly and the doctors are great. I wish i had taken my older dog here when he was younger instead of Banfield.

  177. Joel Parfitt 2017/04

    Good service, nice people

  178. Enga Archer 2017/03

    Awesome Staff and Gets- Dr. Gray

  179. surah yaz 2017/03

    Maybe I will try the other vet there before I decide not to come back. Just my first impression is that no one seems to be on the same page about anything. You better make sure you have all your paper work in hand when you come there. Even with chart in hand they have no idea what they said last visit. We are the customer paying for a service. I saw Dr H, she talks at you and like you know what the heck she is talking about. She is kinda loud and not descreet in her conversation with you. Not very involved in the visit.its more like talking to you in passing to the next room. Office visits cost, so let me see what you are doing for it. You can easily spend $300 and only sat there for an hour or so watching staff come in and out the room doing much of nothing. Some staff are nice. I had better experience with them than actual vet.

  180. Joquoya Murphy 2016/10

    I love Dr. Gray. He does a great job handling my dog and my dog trusts him. However there is another vet that is quite rude. She kept ordering different tests for him that were not what I came there for. When I got my bill I realized she gave him a shot I hadn’t even asked for him to have. She grappled my dog and freaked him out and criticized me for his “disobedience” which was out of line for her to even say. My dog is well behaved and adores people and other animals. He is pretty big but well aware of his strength and doesn’t bite. It was pretty demeaning of this vet to attack my dog. From now on I’ll only ask to see Dr.Gray since my dog can only trust him and is uncomfortable around the other vet.

  181. High InternationalBitteringUnits 2016/10

    review from 12 years ago…he was great

  182. lisa cottrell 2016/09

    My boyfriend took his healthy 12 year old pit there to treat a minor ear iinfection. After reviewing him we were told to put Otomax in each ear twice daily for a week which was given to us there.. we were never told in case of hearing loss stop using immediately and flush his ears with a 50/50 water and white vinegar solution which later I learn by speaking with a vet tech at a different clinic in Mechanicsville VA. We are outraged by the fact we were never told about the possible side effects from this medication and how to treat it by flushing his ears. We called them after we stopped using this on him once noticed he could no longer hear after 7 days of use …we were told it was due to his age and go to a pet store for a dog whisle and to teach him hand signals or they could refer us to someone else that would have to put him completely under in order to examine his ear drums…are you frickin kidding me???? The fact they offered no insight on how to flush his ears or to bring him back in to them…just called it up to his age. I will never take a family pet back to this establishment as long as I live even if it was a lab rat on deaths door step!!!

  183. Molly Pugh 2016/06

    Dr. Grey has been taking care of my dog for 18 years. He is knowledgeable and has an amazing way with my fur baby. The staff is always pleasant. It saddens me when I read a post from some bitter individual that claims they are racist because they expect payment for services. They are already offering discounted services and I have never had them run tests or administer meds without first consulting Me. I assume everyone has to sign the same paperwork I did saying payment is due at time of treatment. I will never take my dog to anyone else.

  184. Steve Gates 2015/11

    There is none better than Dr. Gray and his support staff is excellent too.

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