Bon Air Animal Hospital

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Bon Air Animal Hospital
4.8 based on 446 reviews
  1. Warra F 2023/11

    Fantastic, caring knowledgeable staff. They have treated my furbabies over the course of 32 years.


  2. Deeidre Porter 2023/11

    My precious baby Bailey had been going to Bon Air since he was 9 weeks old and he is now 9 years old. He’s is healthy and doing great. Love the service and the care the staff provides at each visit.


  3. James Schuyler 2023/11

    So pleased with the entire team at Bon Air!

  4. Rik Acoma 2023/11

    All of the doctors and staff are Outstanding. I have been bringing my furry family members to Bon Air Animal Hospital since 1976. You won’t find better care for your furry family any where else!

  5. Blake Schneden 2023/11

    This is by far the best vet in all of Richmond. They are so caring attentive, and always willing to do anything to help. Could not recommend them more!

  6. Valerie Stolcis 2023/11

    Dr. Haney has been caring for my family’s dogs for many years now. He is always very knowledgable and caring, and demonstrates a positive and upbeat attitude. I trust him to guide me in managing my dog’s medical care. Dr. Haney has performed surgery on both of the dogs we’ve owned, and has done an excellent job, not only with the surgery itself, but also with any follow up that was needed. The front desk staff and vet techs at Bon Air Animal Hospital are also friendly and professional. I have referred several friends over the years, as a result of my high degree of satisfaction with the practice! Valerie Stolcis

  7. honore doherty 2023/11

    The vet and staff are the best.

  8. tammy olszewski 2023/11

    My first time appointment was great.

    My last experience was awful. I had a cat that needed to be put down. We tried medication and it didn’t help. I inquired on my first visit….how much to euthanize…..$217.00 “maybe more depending on extra medications needed”””””

    On the day I made the appointment I was told $95.00. I told the person about the previous quote. She double checked and said…oh it did go up. &158.00.
    As soon as I enter the room, I was asked to pay before the procedure. She said 195.00. I told her the quote of 158.00. She said I don’t know why it’s different. So I told her to ask the person who made the appointment. She came back and said that didn’t include the medication to euthanize.

    Dr. Sharpe was very compassionate and kind.

    When I made the appointment and when the assistant came in, I told them I was taking him home with me.

    After everything was done. I went to the waiting room. After about 15 minutes, a girl asked me what I needed. I told her my cat. She said, do you want me to get him?

    This was not my first rodeo. My pet was always put into a box and brought out to me, with compassion .

  9. Sally Ribeiro 2023/11

    The Bon Air Animal Hospital is the best place to take your pets! From the front end staff to all of the Techs and Vets you receive compassionate and great attentive care! You won’t regret it!

  10. Val C. 2023/11

    Our cat had urinary retention and stayed at the clinic over the weekend. We got daily updates as to his condition. Very efficient, clean and professional service. Thanks!

  11. Janet Ackiss 2023/11

    Today was a good day. They took me early and my cat got good care.

  12. Randi Hill 2023/11

    Bon Air Animal Hospital is the best. I love all the staff and vets there, particularly Bonnie Cline. All staff are friendly, caring and professional. My German Shepard girl, Olivia is in good hands there.


  13. Victoria Moore 2023/11

    The vets and staff are absolutely wonderful. They see all of my my exotics and have never misguided me on my babies.

  14. Wayne Sanford 2023/11

    Busy, older facility. Like our vet and the staff is friendly. Parking lot is a little difficult to get into.

  15. Anne Bryan 2023/10


  16. Robert Rocca 2023/10

    I loved this provider, but they have become absolutely worthless. Use any other vet practice and avoid this one at all cost.

  17. Jezy Belle 2023/10

    This place misdiagnosed my cat, it almost killed her, and overcharged the hell outa me all to tell me they couldnt do anything for her and to just let her die. If I didnt take her to another vet she would of died. HORRIBLE experience and will never come back here.

  18. Julie N 2023/10

    I have been taking my cats to this Veterinary service for many years. They have been their for our cats first visit and sadly for their last. They have been extremely. professional and compassionate. It is always hard to take an ailing cat to the Vet. However, I am confident my cat will recieve the absolute best care in town.They understand that your cat is part of your family and they show they care. I would recommend this Veterinary Hospital to all my friends who own pets.

  19. Courtney Dressler 2023/10

    I was referred to Bon Air Animal Hospital by a friend and was absolutely pleased with my experience. I was able to get my pet in for a new client visit in a reasonable amount of time. The staff were all kind and friendly, showing my pet lots of love and care. While there, one of the vets would interact with all of the animals in the waiting room each time he walked through. I saw him sit down and speak with another client who had questions about their cat. He sat there in the lobby with the client and provided detailed support and answers. I was really impressed by this and felt a genuine sense of care from the team. My pet enjoyed his visit and probably would’ve chosen to stay there with his new friends! Happy to be a new client and to have found a veterinary service that I trust with my pet’s health. While it may be expensive as others have noted, pet insurance has been a great investment and the plan I selected works to cover most things. Any additional cost is worth it (In my opinion) compared to other negative veterinary experiences I’ve had.

  20. Joseph Pankoski 2023/10

    I am always grateful for the excellent and compassionate medical care that my pups receive.

  21. Red Drewster 2023/10

    Have gone to various vet offices around the area over the nearly 40 yrs I’ve lived here. This is the most expensive vet I’ve visited for standard services (checkups, shots). Similar care and services are available elsewhere for a more affordable price.

  22. JessForFun Z 2023/10

    I could not ask for better. Dr. Lipstock is the best vet I’ve had hands down. You guys are amazing.

  23. Nicholas Read 2023/09

    Super friendly staff, knowledgeable and caring doctors, bright, clean environment, timely care during appointments, quick and easy check-out. Couldn’t ask for a better experience!

  24. Kevin Beres 2023/09

    A little more expensive then other vets I’ve been to in the past but it is worth it. Great service and staff is very knowledgeable and helpful.

  25. Christine Begin 2023/09

    Everyone here is so welcoming, kind and patient with Annie, a VERY happy and energetic little girl! We have been coming here for many years, and the care our “Bostons” have received has always been excellent. Thank you!

  26. Bonnie Williams 2023/09

    Caring vets and excellent support staff. This veterinary practice is extraordinarily well run. I’ve always received superb care for my two dogs and cat.

  27. Tonjia Peteet 2023/09

    I am so thankful and grateful to have met such a great group of people! Caring, knowledgeable ,professional and transparent!!

  28. Steve Bittner 2023/09

    We’ve been going to BAAH for over 18 years. They’ve cared for numerous loved pets for us, through the fun times and inevitable worst times…. Will continue using them for their compassion and understanding….

  29. M B-Cee 2023/09

    Very nice and professional staff. They are gentle and caring with our cats. They return phone calls promptly. Only Con is they are a little expensive.

  30. Trawpical Chica 2023/09

    The best vets. We’ve actually Bern taking our dogs and cats there for 30 years now, before the current location even. They took care of my first two dogs and current and our family cats. They always provide the best medical care in a clean, caring environment and give the family all of the options while giving their honest opinion on the best path for each pet. I always feel comfortable and safe having my pets in their care.

  31. Jason Bane 2023/09

    Great Vet. You can tell everyone here loves every animal that comes in the door.

  32. Tyler Baldwin 2023/09

    Treated my dog with attention to detail and made my concerns heard and felt appreciated

  33. Jasmine 2023/08

    We had a great first experience! Everyone was very kind, caring, and made the entire visit quick and easy. It was out new cat’s first time at the vet, and the doctors were thorough and treated him with great care.

  34. sueddognut 2023/08

    We are very pleased with the care our dog received when he had an injury. They squeezed us in quickly. The tech and the vet examined Cecil and treated him with care. The after care was clearly explained and we went home feeling like Cecil got great care and he would be fine.

  35. Natalie Stark 2023/07

    I have always had such a positive experience at Bon Air Animal Hospital! A warm amd friendly atmosphere for sure!

  36. Mike Guerrino 2023/07

    Drs. Haney, Cline, and staff treated Milo as if he were one of their own. They also explained in very simple terms what they were doing during the check-up, and exactly what I needed to do for after-patient care. It is no accident that I give them a resounding “5 stars”.

  37. Jennifer Rossi 2023/07

    Favorite vet

  38. Rick Dushuanack 2023/07

    first time there was happy so far

  39. Terrie Harris 2023/07

    Such an amazing group of caring professionals that have taken care of my fur-baby during 2 knee surgeries and for his overall health. I appreciate their attention to detail and the way they take of the humans too!

  40. Elyse Kalfus 2023/07

    Okay it was good.

  41. Joe Sparatta 2023/07

    The best vet we’ve ever been to. Been going to see them for the last 10 years. All of the staff are so kind and caring.

  42. John Thomas 2023/07

    We have used Bon Air Animal Hospital for over 20 years. The staff are excellent and most compassionate during the difficult times. They recently performed a major facility renovation which provided many new and improved capabilities. We think they are the best!

  43. Hillary Keeton 2023/07

    Great experience for my cats!

  44. Tim Brownson 2023/07

    Always quick to greet you and your pet. Clean, up to date facility. Professional and personable doctors and staff. They take great care to ask questions and don’t just make assumptions. Good place to take your pet for quality care.

  45. Kristine Sohn 2023/06

    I am so thankful for Bon Air Animal Hospital! I took my dog to two other vets and they did not provide the best care. I needed another set of eyes and a thorough examination on my pup. Bon Air Animal Hospital went above and beyond! The facility is clean and organized. The lobby is not crowded. The staff and Drs there are on top of everything. My pup finally got the treatment she needed. Though I am located an hour away, this is her new vet and where she will continue to be treated. Thank you Bon Air Animal Hospital!

  46. Paris Lape 2023/06

    The vets, assistants and techs at Bon Air Animal Hospital are always so kind and great with our pets! They are considerate of our budget while also providing top quality care. I definitely recommend them. They also see pigs, birds and rabbits!

  47. Laurie Burke 2023/06

    We have been taking our pets to Bon Air for many years. Dr Haney and Dr. Cline have always gone the extra mile taking care of our dogs and cats. They are excellent and have a wonderful staff. I would recommend anyone who is looking for compassionate, ethical and expert care for their pets.

  48. Kimberly Croasdale 2023/06

    Thrilled with the office staff, Rhianen and, of course, Dr Lipscomb. It was our first visit and I am so glad I have excellent health care available so nearby for my Coco.


  49. Valarie Blaes 2023/06

    We recently switched to Bon Air Animal Hospital after many years of taking our now senior Great Pyrenees to another practice that was not taking care of my pet’s needs at a critical time. Bon Air Animal Hospital was recommended by the vet techs at the emergency vet where I had to take my dog for bloat surgery. Dr. Lipstock, the techs and staff are responsive, diligent and caring. I just wish we’d switched sooner.

  50. Lisa Snellings 2023/06

    We are long term Bon Air Animal Hospital clients, going way back to the original location. We’ve trusted the care of our fur babies to Dr. Haney, Dr. Cline, and Dr. Lipstock for years. They’ve treated our pets through ups and downs and helped to heal our hearts along the way. These three have even become trusted mentors for our daughter, Maddy Melton. Safe to say, we love them all. In fact, we adopted our current dog, Rosie, from them. Walking into Bon Air Animal Hospital is like walking in to be with family. I’d recommend their services to anyone, without hesitation. Knowledgeable, dedicated, compassionate….all words to describe Doctors and staff at Bon Air Animal Hospital.


  51. Jeff Diamond 2023/06

    The team here has always been fantastic to work with. They’re pragmatic and empathetic and will work with you on what is best for the animal, regardless of how difficult some of those decisions may be. I have been coming here for years and will continue to for the future.

  52. Tuesday Stott 2023/06

    Bon Air Animal Hospital provides outstanding care for our two dogs. The staff is kind, caring, professional, and knowledgeable. Their expertise and experience shine through in every visit.

  53. Gayle Hamner 2023/06

    Good news or bad news is always handled in a professional candid manner. The vets and staff are honest, friendly, professional, caring, and especially–obviously–loving of animals. You can rest assured they treat your pet with the utmost care, respect and affection. Couldn’t offer a higher recommedation.

  54. Susan Allen 2023/06

    Dr. Cline Tom great care of Palmer. I am very grateful for the care she was given!!


  55. Bridget Dunn 2023/06

    This hospital is fantastic. Starting off, they have excellent communication. It is easy to make appointments. If I ever have a question or problem, I call or email the front desk and I always get an answer in a timely manner. It’s easy to get prescriptions refilled/approved. Their pricing is extremely reasonable. All of the doctors are fantastic and very thorough. I always feel heard if I have a problem with my pet.

  56. Elaine Severson 2023/06

    Every one of the staff members at Bon Air animal hospital is so friendly and so caring. Dr. lipstock is amazing with my cat.

  57. Gerald Saunders 2023/06

    Drs Haney, Lipstock, Cline and the couple other docs we’ve seen over the years have been the best and so are the techs that help with our visits. Recently Dr Haney was able to see and treat an emergency with my MinPin as soon as we could get there, treatment and advice was the best. Our dogs, chickens, and a lizard have gotten the best care over the couple decades we’ve been going there and we are blessed to have this place and these docs in our town…

  58. Skeeter Kelly 2023/06

    Bon Air’s only vet

  59. Marisha Fiden 2023/06

    Dr Lipstock was amazing

  60. Debbie Mangolas 2023/06

    Have used BAAH since 2008 and have always been very pleased with their service and genuine concern for the care of my pets. We’ve said tearful goodbyes to our Lab Gus and cat Autumn over the years and now they are taking great care of Izzy and Simba. All of the vets and techs know and love animals and they all care about the relationship between pet owners and their practice.

  61. Lisa Strauss 2023/05

    The folks at Bon Air Vet were lovely. The techs are quite capable and very kind with pets. Dr. Haney very kind and gentle with my pup. Answered all questions. Great experience!


  62. Beth Martin 2023/05

    Dr Haney and Dr Cline are excellent doctors and are wonderful w my rescue dog (she is scared and gets aggressive w strangers/vets). They are patient, understanding and go out of their way to make her as comfortable as possible. My dog has had acl surgery and a dental surgery and both procedures went extremely well. I feel very fortunate to be able to have them take care of my pup.

  63. Sharon deCheubel 2023/05

    Best vets. So caring. Have used them for many years.

  64. Roxanna Payne 2023/05

    Great service. I always value the care and advice that is given for my pets. Cats and dog alike.

  65. M H 2023/05

    Friendly staff, knowledgeable veterinarians, reasonable pricing. Did a great job performing surgery on my dog.

  66. A. Spencer Denham 2023/05

    Very caring staff and doctors. Professional and caring. Very happy with the service we always receive.

  67. Chris McNulty 2023/05

    Have been coming here since we moved out this way. Always on schedule and Dr. Lipstick is the man. He is very engaged and willing to take the time to listen. Always look forward to seeing him when we come in for a visit. Keep up the great work!

  68. Nick Varney 2023/04

    Bon Air Animal Hospital should rename itself “Bon Awesome Animal Hospital.” They’re straight shooters and care for our pets. I brought my Standard Parti Poodle “Billy” here when it was time for him to say goodbye. I bring my current pets here for their veterinary needs and have been pleased with the faculty.

    They’re also easy to communicate with in setting up appointments.


  69. ashley taylor 2023/04

    The staff is amazing. Always, kind, patient, and capable. My fur babies love them and so do I.

  70. Perry F 2023/04

    Took my new kitten in for a check up. Very nice place and people. Our vet was very informative and had a good bedside manner with my kitty. Answered all my questions and concerns. Looks like I found my kitty’s doc for the next couple of years.
    Took my kitty elsewhere. Vet here seemed to be shooting in the dark on kitty’s sneezing. Not overly concerned the treatment wasn’t working.
    New vet, Stratford Hills, got kitty totally healthy with a new round of RX.
    Have been taking kitty to new vet for months now.

  71. Sun Yi 2023/04

    we take both of our dogs here. I have a senior dog at the moment who needs a lot of TLC. the staff, the vets and techs really care about your fur family. everyone is genuinely friendly and professional. thank you guys for taking great care of our animals

  72. Amy Traubert 2023/04

    Everyone has always been amazing for almost 20 years!

  73. Joban Mendpara 2023/04

    Everyone is very helpful and have the utmost care and compassion for our pets.

  74. PopnLockNessMonster 2023/04

    Great vet!!!

  75. Kevin Goolsby 2023/03

    I couldn’t ask for a better “first visit” for my five month old German Shepherd pup!

    This practice is worthy of a “cross town” drive, just south of the Huguenot Bridge prior to Forest Hill Avenue!

    Competitively priced, too!

    Five Stars+

    Kevin Goolsby


  76. Hal Imburg 2023/03

    The staff here are efficient, caring, include you in pets care and openly communicative of presented symptoms and recommendations.

  77. C Valentine 2023/03

    Take great care of animals

  78. Bobbie 2023/03

    Friendly front desk staff. Very helpful

  79. Paul Thrasher 2023/03

    New patient. We missed our appointment. Called us right after to let us know we lost the $66 we paid upfront. Would be another $66 paid upfront to reschedule. This is not the vet for us.

  80. Gail Yancey 2023/03

    Dr Haney is very caring, competent, and thorough; and the staff works very well together to provide great care for our dog.

  81. Chey F 2023/02

    I experienced kind, compassionate, and courteous care for my pets here. I recommend them wholeheartedly. I recently had to put one of my dogs down, and it was difficult, but the team at Bon Air helped to make it easier on me. They also have an option for a private cremation so that you may receive your pet’s ashes and a small memorial set including a paw print in clay.

  82. Trevor Heck 2023/02

    I’ve taken my pets to Bon Air Animal Hospital for many decades and I will happily continue doing so. They always treat my pets with great care and respect.

  83. Cyndi Neal 2023/02

    Excellent care always provided & genuine interest in your pets health!!!

  84. Sandra Picchi 2023/02


  85. Joyce Kopchak 2023/02

    Dr. Cline put my anxious Katie at ease.
    She related to her so well that Katie had the best vet experience ever…, too. Her assistant, Erica was reassuring as well.

  86. frances morris 2023/02

    Very efficient, polite, friendly……the doctors, techs, staff very helpful……the vets are very caring, knowledgeable, and responsive….I trust my furry family member to their care ❤️

  87. Stephanie Abrams 2023/02

    The doctor was personable and knowledgeable. The staff was professional and helpful. I received a senior discount. They treated my cat with care and respect.

  88. Don Rositch 2023/02

    We love you! We’ve used Bon Air Animal hospital for 15+ plus and trust you with all our four legged family.

  89. Mary Vest 2023/02

    My Peaches is very calm with the team of doctors, etc. She is not afraid of being at the animal hospital but prefers Mama to hold her! Thank you for your professional team and for keeping my baby in good health.

  90. Patti Jo Knight 2023/02

    I left another vet facility because of unacceptable experiences on two occasions with different pets.
    I chose to try Bon Air Animal Hospital because Bon Air is where I grew up and I know it’s a good area.
    I found the staff at Bon Air Animal Hospital to be friendly, attentive, and clearly happy in their work. Says a lot about a business when the employees are happy.
    And I greatly appreciated Dr. Haney’s thorough and unrushed exam of my cat, and the detailed discussion of my pet’s needs and treatment of his problem. Couldn’t be more pleased! The experience overall was like night and day to the vet I’d visited elsewhere. I definitely recommend Bon Air Animal Hospital!


  91. Katherine Paige Baisey 2023/01

    Awesome staff…Dr. Cline is our favorite!

  92. Kara Miller 2023/01

    I have taken both of my cats to Bon Air Animal hospital since moving to Richmond 8 years ago and I have never had a bad experience. The staff is always accommodating and helpful when scheduling appointments, picking up food, etc. and I have found every doctor I’ve interacted with to be very thoughtful, professional and attentive to my cats’ health and needs.

  93. Miranda Byles 2023/01

    Bon Air Animal Hospital has been great with my 3 kitties. All of the vets are thorough and none of them make you feel rushed. They are patient in answering my questions and providing options for next steps. They have urgent care appointments available as well, so I’ve never had any trouble getting into to see them when my pet is sick or injured. Great team and well worth the trip across the river!

  94. Bria Hall 2023/01

    Very nice staff

  95. Denise Moss 2023/01

    I absolutely love this place and the folks who work here. I have been bringing my 2 fur babies here for nearly 11 years and although I moved a good distance away, I still bring my babies here for check-ups, immunization and all other needs. I totally trust these folks with my pets and you cannot put a price on peace of mind. Dr Lipstock and Haney were able to diagnose an auto-immune issue one of my dogs has and I feel like she may not still be with me if they hadn’t diagnosed her so very quickly. I’ll never take my pets anywhere else!


  96. Molly Smith 2023/01

    I have seen both Dr. Haney and Dr. Knott at Bon Air Animal Hospital and they were wonderful. My pup has had a long standing issue with cyclic vomiting that has previously been written off as anxiety and Dr. Knott is the first vet to acknowledge a GI issue and offer a plan to treat GI symptoms and not just anxiety. I appreciated her immediate plan of action and recommendations for future steps in making my senior dog’s quality of life better!

  97. Jane Dowrick 2023/01

    Always the best care for our dogs since 2003!

  98. Lori Hummel 2023/01

    I have always found the doctors and vet techs very caring, understanding and knowledgeable. They take time with the pets and the humans answering all our questions.

  99. Jodie Coutts 2023/01

    We were first time clients to Bon Air Animal Hospital. We took our new puppy in for his vaccines. The hospital was clean. We were greeted by a receptionist immediately when we entered the clinic. The technician, Kennedy, was friendly to us and Angus, our puppy. Dr. Haney was friendly and explained his recommendations to us, including not only vaccines, but heartworm and flea/ tick prevention which is so important in our area. Angus didn’t even cry when he got his vaccines. Dr. Haney asked if we had any questions before we left. The checkout was as smooth as the rest of our visit and they made our next appt. for us before we left. I will definitely be returning for our follow up visit. I think we found our new veterinary clinic.

  100. Johanna Leinmueller 2023/01

    We recently brought our cat here after she went into heart failure and we were not happy with the previous vet.
    The doctor here is very competent and takes good care of our cat. We can highly recommend Bon Air Animal Hospital and it’s team!

  101. Liz Flaherty 2023/01

    We will always use Bon Air Animal Hospital
    Dr Haney gave us his best he never gave up on our Koda and Koda is with us today
    Koda sees Dr Haney every 3 months all the Doctors and staff care for your animals as if they were there own we love them all

  102. Sin and Wisdom 2022/11

    Dr Jones was great! She listened to our observations and concerns and was very knowledgeable!

  103. lucy homiller 2022/11

    We have been taking our dogs here for 15 years and absolutely love it. From puppyhood through the final, hard days, the doctors and staff are kind, knowledgable, and timely. Thank you all so much for everything you do for our most precious, furry family members!

  104. Les Lindsey 2022/11

    These are highly competent and compassionate folks; everyone-staff, veterinarians and assistants have gone out of their way to make “the queen:” and I comfortable. Your loved one will thank you.

  105. Donna Blackwell 2022/11

    Always a great experience at Bon Air. We have been clients for over 10 years. Very professional and caring staff.

  106. Nikki Postero 2022/11

    Bon Air Animal Hospital is fabulous! I am am an exhibitor/breeder of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and know when I have a vet appointment that the docs/staff at Bon Air will take loving care of my darling dogs. Everyone at Bon Air loves all pets and it shows! Very loving and caring, I highly recommend!


  107. Maggie Negaard 2022/11


  108. Jo Watson 2022/10

    Well run, caring and professional.

  109. Marty Vaughan 2022/10

    All the vets vet techs here are awesome! You can’t go wrong by taking your pet to Bon Air Animal Hospital.

  110. Susanne Denham 2022/10

    I have been working with the veterinarians at Bon Air Animal Hospital for about 9 years. They have cared with my pets with love and skill. This week with my puppy was no exception. Thank you!!

  111. Kelly Gregory 2022/10

    e have been using this practice for almost a year for our year old golden. More times than I would like to recount, I have attempted to make an appointment for ailments like an ear infection, or a yeast infection and they cannot see me for at least a week out UNLESS I want to pay extra for an emergency care visit. This continues to happen and at this juncture, I am looking for another veterinary alternative. Highway robbery.

  112. Christina Breidenbach 2022/10

    I take both of my dogs and cat to Bon Air animal hospital. The staff is very friendly and the doctor’s are very knowledgeable and thorough. I feel that my animals are always in good hands and they always receive wonderful care. We have primarily seen Dr. Lipstock, he is wonderful 😀 …

  113. David Adler 2022/10

    The Vet tech and Dr that took care of my Puppers were both outstanding and answered all my questions and were extremely gentle with my puppers. Thanks again.

    Dave Adler

  114. Valerie Query 2022/09

    Dr. Haney
    Thank you sooo much for the quick response for Ivy Grace….we greatly appreciate your guidance and care for our precious babes
    Valerie Query

  115. Shannon Brown 2022/09

    I have used Bon Air Animal Hospital for over 26 years! They are great and their staff is very professional and welcoming. Dr. Haney is like an old friend and always greets us like he just saw us the other day. Even on the hardest days when you have to say goodbye to your beloved pet, they are so gentle and loving and you know their hearts are breaking too. I wouldn’t take my pet(s) anywhere else.

  116. Anne Geiger 2022/09

    Great place for your furry friends.

  117. Margaret Duke 2022/09

    Exceptional and went above and being in a situation that felt like an emergency to me.

  118. Alec Sar 2022/09

    Very friendly staff!

  119. Renee Hill 2022/09

    I have an older gentle dachshund, and a cat who is a sweetie at home and a complete psychopath at the vet. BAAH staff are always patient, kind and know how to handle any situation. I can’t imagine taking my fur babies anywhere else. Top notch service every time.

  120. WL Holmes 2022/09

    My wife and I have been taking our dogs there for nearly 30 years. We would recommend Bon Air Animal Hospital to anyone. They are simply the best.

  121. amy p 2022/09

    Bon Air continues to provide amazing support. I always ask for Dr Haney but feel comfortable that all the doctors will give my buddy the best help needed. You won’t be disappointed. Sometimes you may have to wait but it is no different than going to the Dr and I would prefer to wait for the best care then be seen quickly and pushed out the door. You can definitely trust the practice. 5 stars all the way!!


  122. Nightshift Got us like CoVid-19 2022/09

    Great experience, wonderful staff!

  123. Pat McDermott 2022/09

    I’ve been very satisfied with the care my dog have received at Bon Air Animal Hospital.

  124. Emily Hess 2022/09

    I have taken my cats and dog here for a few years. The staff is really helpful. My dog gets hyper in stressful situations and they are always patient with her.

  125. Pamela Aldiab 2022/08

    We have been taking our dog here for a few years and they a very friendly and helpful

  126. Maggie McGrann 2022/08

    I love this place. They have been doing checkups on my two cats for the past 4 years and are very quick to respond to a crisis. The front desk staff are always so helpful and polite, and the doctors all really care about animals…the bedside manner is truly impeccable. Can’t recommend enough!

  127. Patti Garvey 2022/08

    I love Bon Air Hospital. I’ve been going to Dr Haney for a very long time. The office is great and they always send out reminder in mail for my pets. I am very grateful and would not go anywhere else.

  128. Lisa Pullen 2022/08

    Those folks are so caring and kind. They take special care of your babies of all ages and species. Thank you for your continued excellent service and kindness

  129. Mari 2022/08

    I have 4 dogs and 2 cats and they care for them all. I moved to Richmond in 2017 and had to find a new vet. They’re located right near my job and home, and I was incredibly wow’d by the way they treated my cats at our first visit and decided right then and there – they were my go-to. And since then, they have been. I refer my employees and clients there. You can tell everyone there deeply cares about what they’re doing and ate determined to help you and your pet. Whether if it’s a kitty with anxiety, a regular check up, or doggy heartworm infusions. I remember being hestericle the first time they said my dog had heart worms, but they walked me through the steps and expectations and we got through it- now our boy is looking at an additional 6-8 years on his life! They. never. stop. caring. It’s magical I’ve found them. It’s also a good looking establishment and it’s always a warm welcome when you enter! Thank you to everyone there for the last 5 years of caring for my babies!

  130. Anne Allen 2022/08

    I have been using this veterinarian’s group for over 15 years. They have yet to disappoint. Everyone is always courteous, helpful, and genuinely concerned about my pet.

  131. Megan Edwards 2022/08

    All of the doctors, techs, and staff are friendly, kind and knowledgeable.
    We have felt comfortable trusting them with all our pets!

  132. Chris Friedrich 2022/07

    Dr. Haney and Dr. Cline always take great care of their patients (and their humans). I never feel rushed and and they work with us to find solutions to our pet problems. The entire staff is kind and knowledgeable. My animals have been in their care for 20+ years and I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

  133. Daniel “DanTheMan” 2022/07

    They have always taken great care of our animals. I would definitely recommend them to anyone. I am disappointed that the price of my cats’ food has increased every three months when I go to pick up more but understand that that’s life.

  134. Bird Watcher 2022/07

    Compassionate, knowledgeable, diversified, a myriad of other positive descriptors. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

  135. Aliceson 2022/07

    I have a 16 year old Pomeranian and a 7 year old Jack Russell. I have been unable to trust anyone with my dogs, until I found Bon Air Animal Hospital. Dr. Cline has done so much for us and our older baby, I couldn’t thank the staff enough for making us feel safe to bring our babies in for care.

  136. Pam Parsons 2022/07

    My cat Tabitha and I had a very nice visit to Bon Air Animal Hospital for her annual examination. Dr. Knott was thorough and related well to both Tabitha and me.

  137. Dottie Figg 2022/07

    Best in town. Caring, curing and always listening to my concerns about my pet.

  138. Maggie Laughlin 2022/06

    Since I work at another animal hospital. You guys made it easy to trust and help ease my nervousness. Pibbles and I appreciate all you have done . Thank you

  139. Karen Mickool 2022/06

    We’ve used Bon Air Animal Hospital since we moved to Richmond a few years ago and we have complete confidence in the doctors and the staff. They are excellent vets and kind and caring humans!!

  140. Cathy Wheeler 2022/06

    Best vets ever!! My rescues have been seeing Dr. Haney and his team for almost 20 years now. All rescues have their own unique problems as they age; and we have been fortunate enough to have had some of the most advanced technology used to keep them moving and as pain free as possible. We have used laser therapy and acupuncture for those with arthritis and back and hip ailments. Of course drugs are available but not always recommended first. We would recommend Bon Air Animal Hospital to all who love their pets!

  141. Stuart Eisenberg 2022/06

    Super staff. Dr. Haney is great.

  142. Bonnie Williams 2022/06

    Bon Air Animal Hospital treats my two dogs and cat with professional care. The staff is personable, easy to deal with. They are reliable and responsible.

  143. Theresa Bourne 2022/05

    We saw Dr. Lipstock for several years before moving away from Richmond, and he is an incredibly talented and compassionate veterinarian. He cared for several of our cats, one of whom unfortunately passed away from cancer. He provided us with the best treatment options for her while helping us remain realistic, and ensured that she had the best quality of life possible. I cannot recommend this practice highly enough and will always be grateful to Dr. Lipstock and his staff!

  144. Cynde Liffick 2022/05

    Great people here. So knowledgeable and so caring for.the animals and the people.

  145. Loren Desautels 2022/05

    They are very caring. I have 3 dogs that have gone there since they were puppies. The staff and doctors are great! I trust them fully with the care of my dog

    Loren D

  146. Kim Yager 2022/05

    Dr Haney was extremely professional and caring. This was a last-minute emergency visit for a RESCUE cardiac patient. The entire staff was fabulous!


  147. Viva Keever 2022/04

    Everyone was so nice and they were able to see my cat, a new patient, the same day that I called. Every single staff member was kind and explained what they were doing so I felt comfortable and knew what was going on. Awesome team, my sweet girl is already feeling so much better! So grateful!

  148. Nancy Covey 2022/04

    Excellent until check out which was slow considering the number of people in the reception area.

  149. Charles Jajesnica 2022/04

    I have been coming to Bon Air Animal hospital for over 15 years. I started with Dr. Haney was across the street in a small office. Recently one of my dogs, Bailey has become ill with kidney failure. Dr. Kline has kept Bailey alive for over a year with meds and therapy. She will not give up as long as you don’t. If you want the best doctors and technicians you have to try Bon Air Animal Hospital.

  150. Morgan Setzer 2022/04

    I typically do not leave reviews because I am very forgetful but my vet visit today was definitely one worth remembering.

    I brought in my two guinea pigs today to be seen by Dr. Lipstock. He was incredibly kind, very funny, & super knowledgeable about small mammals. He gave me incredible resources to use so I can keep my piggies healthy & happy. I felt far more confident in their health after leaving our visit today.

    Booking the appointment was super easy & the receptionist who helped me was absolutely lovely, they were able to fit them in relatively fast. The vet tech who helped with Boots & Bear’s visit was super helpful & I really enjoyed talking to her during the visit— thanks for watching my guinea pig videos:-)

    Thank you to the whole staff for taking care of animals, you guys rock.

  151. Wendy Gayle March 2022/04

    Great clinic and staff

  152. Steven Mallis 2022/04

    Great place to bring your pet. The check in is a little involved for me, but done in reaction to COVID I imagine

  153. Susan Gilsdorf 2022/04

    Bon Air vets and staff have always loved and taken excellent care of our furry family members … for over 30 years!

  154. DARLENE CRAWLEY 2022/03

    I love the Vet services because they are efficient, caring, easy appointments that just to name a few, wouldn’t go any else

  155. Victoria Ficco-Panzer 2022/03

    Dr.Cline and the vet techs were excellent at caring for my cat Daisy.They examined her skillfully,trimmed her claws,and were very concerned about her health.I would recommend them to any pet owner!

  156. Michael McCall 2022/03

    They are almost always busy because they’re very good. Knowledgeable and caring doctors and staff. We have a dog who suddenly and totally lost the use of the back half of his body. Thought it was over but with laser and acupuncture, he was back to normal in less than a week!

  157. Niccole Camlet 2022/03

    Dr. Cline is very knowledgeable, she was great with both of our dogs and I appreciate her patience with all our questions. We’re new to the area and are SO HAPPY we found a new vet, we’ll definitely continue to go here.

  158. Lisa S 2022/03

    Best vet ever – we have a very anxious vet-adverse dog and they’re fantastic with him. Highly recommend this caring, amazing team!

  159. pat bia 2022/03

    My cat Alf is 18 years old, and they treat him like a King Alf. He was so sick, and they brought him back from the edge 4 or 5 years ago, and for that, I am so grateful. Everyone there is a 🌟 …

  160. Keith Chantree 2022/03

    Very happy here for all of my pets needs. I have been coming here since 2008. Very professional, knowledgeable, and friendly.

  161. Amie Jones 2022/03

    We adopted two new pups from the Southside SPCA (whom I also highly recommend!) We’ve been with another local vet for years and she was retiring, and the remaining vets were fine but not the ‘bedside manners’ we wanted so we took the recommendation from a friend for Bon Air Animal Hospital. So glad we did! Every vet, every technician, and the front desk staff all genuinely are happy to see our pups. The check in and check out process is smooth and easy, best I’ve ever seen. The vets take their time and don’t rush you, allowing you to ask the questions you need to. End to end the vet experience here is a joy. I had no idea it could be this way! Bon Air sets the standard we should all hold our vets to.

  162. Sarah Freeman 2022/03

    We were able to get same day care for our dog and they gave us a prescription while we were there to resolve our dogs’ kennel cough.

  163. Ginny Sanford 2022/03

    Just love Bon Air Hospital! Everyone is always upbeat, caring and compassionate. Dr. Jones is the best and my cat thinks so too!

  164. Adrian Vilar 2022/03

    Wonderful staff and reception. My Greyhound sees Dr Cline over there and she is awesome. Even when my dog needed to be seen urgently for a dog bite they were accommodating and saw him within 2 hours. Highly recommend.

  165. Margaret Smith 2022/03

    Took two of my dogs for annual checkup. Curbside checkin allows dogs to remain in less stressful environment until their appointment, and keeps human companions safer from germs.

    Staff are very attentive, professional, and prompt in performing their responsibilities. Dr Cline is very professional, thorough, and calm. She takes time to explain animal’s condition and answer any questions.

  166. Patti Grace Garvey 2022/02

    I’ve been taking my pets to Dr Haney and staff for at least 16 years. When my Charlie boy lab got really sick and I had no idea what was wrong, Dr Haney found that he had possibly eaten something and he had pancreatitis! I was shocked. Never been sick in his whole life. They put ivs in to give him medicine and fluids and it was the first time he ever had to stay T the vet for days in the big bottom cage. He never left my side and was a bit anxious. The staff gave me a time each day that I could come visit him and sit on the floor for awhile to visit him. It was so great for both of us. That was before all the Covid19 but he was cured fast and lived on a happy life until age 17 and passed in his sleep at home. I’ve also taken my kitty there who was also 17. She stayed for the day while I worked. She was in pain with kidney stones. The other Dr. Offered medicine to take her home but I chose for her not to suffer. I’d never an animal down so I was very sad and nervous. They let me hold her in her blankie. Then they came in and gave her the shoot to put her down and explained it all to me first. Very kind loving staff. I take my pup now as well and the care is always wonderful! Thank you SO much for all you do!


  167. Melissa Mclaughlin 2022/02

    I wouldn’t take my animals anywhere but Bon Air Animal Hospital!! You all ROCK!!!!!

  168. David Stott 2022/02

    Perfectly professional, friendly and communicative.

  169. Robert Beasley 2022/02

    Great service friendly people & these Veterinarians really care. My go to for all my furry friends
    Just adding a little more. I have taken 3 of my dogs here over past 2yrs. Most recently my Chihuahua & her puppies. I could not recommend this vet MORE. The service, care & compassion from all the people working at this Vet is outstanding. The prices are also extremely reasonable for the level of service the offer. Thank all of you for what you do for our pets

  170. Colleen Ferrell 2022/02

    Excellent vets and staff. 2 years ago I adopted a 10y.o Coton de Tulear with a significantly enlarged heart – he’s still doing very well thanks to the care he received at BonAir. At the time he went in for a pre-dental echo (Summer ’21) their cardiologist was only on-site once a week, but this is typical for a specialist since they cover several locations, and they still got me in very quickly.

  171. Janet Cole 2022/02

    Great service is back! Appears fully staffed now. Great vets!

  172. Carol Frazier 2022/02

    Love Dr Cline she’s so gentle and loving toward Toby and explains everything she does.wouldn’t want my baby to have anyone else.

  173. Casey Lopez 2022/02

    I love Bon Air Animal Hospital. I have been taking my dogs here since 2019. The staff is great, the facilities are always clean, and they have recently done some solid remodeling too. The veterinarians are wonderful, and I especially like working with Dr. Lipstock. He’s very straightforward and doesn’t make me feel like he’s trying to sell me something or overdo the care my pets receive. I recommend this vet to anything that needs pet care.

  174. Londyn Carter 2022/02

    Kayla and Suzanne and the staff gave coco a warm welcome.

    Customer service was impeccable.

  175. Vickie finn 2022/01

    Love the staff, it is very clean. The doctors are awesome and they take care of my Kobie. He is feeling so much better. Highly recommend Bon Air Animal Hospital.

  176. mary beth enderle 2022/01

    The team at Bon Air Animal hospital made a stressful situation better by their calming presence and cheerful attitude. They took care of both my dog and me! I highly recommend them .

  177. Amber Tichenor 2022/01

    I love Bon Air Animal Hospital! We’ve been taking our mini-golden doodle there for over a year now and we’ve seen some amazing results. Stella (doodle) has kidney and pancreatic issues. We’d been to other vets but no one was clear on how to treat/ take care of her/ improve her condition. With the care of Dr. Haney and the amazing staff, Stella is doing great! We still monitor her numbers every 3 months but she definitely is a healthier dog. I highly recommend Bon Air Animal Hospital!

  178. Sharon deCheubel 2022/01

    Amberleigh came in for her annual check up. She is always a bit nervous and Dr. Jones was so patient and gentle with her. The entire team at Bon Air Animal Hospital is so amazing. I would not even think of going elsewhere.

  179. Kristin Whelan 2022/01

    I think we have now met all of the docs at Bon Air Animal Hospital and they are all wonderful- knowledgeable and compassionate.

  180. Chuck Jajesnica 2022/01

    Dr Cline is the best.

  181. GeGe Beall 2022/01

    An excellent veterinarian hospital. Staff and physicians are knowledgable, kind, caring, and customer focused. We moved further away from the office, but willingly drive the extra time. We’re very grateful for their compassionate care.

  182. Jonathan Bonnett 2022/01

    First time putting a dog down and the staff was super amazing. I know its their jobs but you can tell that they really do care about the animals and feel your pain. They made it a special moment and gave us all the time we needed. Would definitely recommend to anyone with a pet.

  183. Kelsey Newton 2022/01

    Bon Air Animal Hospital is simply amazing!! They are loving and compassionate towards my two dogs. A couple months ago, my 11 year old rescue stopped eating/ losing lots of weight. Bon air quickly determined she had a massive splenic tumor. After decision making and lots of education by the amazing doctors, they moved scheduling around to fit Lucy in within days for surgery. They fully removed the tumor/spleen and she came home to us. Despite later finding out that the tumor was metastatic, they were always so heart warming and amazing. Lucy was originally given 4 months to live following the biopsy results, and 7 months later she is still showing her youthful self and living life to the fullest! Couldn’t be more blessed by the supportive staff at bon air.


  184. Lizzie Wheeler 2022/01

    I have taken my cats and dogs here for over twenty years. They are more expensive than some other vets, but the quality and care Bon Air Animal Hospital provides makes it completely worth it. I wouldn’t take my animals anywhere else. They have always treated my animals as if they were their own, and they offer treatments for the animals most places can’t. They genuinely love and want to help your animals. I strongly recommend them for your home vet. You will not be disappointed. They are a strong, knowledgeable, and devoted team you can depend on.

  185. Ona Willard 2021/12

    Our animals have always been treated with love and care by those at Bon Air Animal Hospital.

  186. Raana Moltaji 2021/12

    Absolutely love everything about BAAH. The staff is hard-working, kind, caring, and the most knowledgeable bunch I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. The doctors are incredible; good people in and out, intelligent, and damn good at what they do. You can tell the whole staff loves what they do and are dedicated to helping all pets and the people who love them. Oh, and the place never smells like, you know, how a vet clinic could smell. Everyone wants to say a workplace is like a family, but here they truly mean it; you can see that translated into the honest and amazing work they do. I’ll always bring my pets to Bon Air Animal Hospital for their veterinary care.
    I’ve included a pic of my dog resting well, knowing he’s in good hands when it comes to his health.


  187. Blair Bridgman-Fralin 2021/11

    Always kind, empathetic and the vets are just wonderful

  188. mary williams 2021/11

    Extremely caring and diligent in caring for our Shelter doggie and serving us on every level ~ M Wliiiams

  189. Kathy Wilson Jones 2021/11

    Dr. Bonnie Cline is the bomb. 💣 We have a brand new dog because of the care given here. …

  190. Susan Keane 2021/11

    Teddy received 5 star care at Bon AirAnimal Hospital.The staff treated Teddy like he was their own.Dr.Lipstock,Emily and Mary kept me informed of what was happening and explained his aftercare and provided me with instructions .Teddy is recuperating fine and am so thankful for their expert care.

  191. Rosanne Toman 2021/11

    Several of my dogs have become sick over the years that we have known Bon Air Animal Hospital. They have always done all they could not only for our dogs, but for us. They have helped us through some very sad times and more important, prevented some sad times. It is so obvious that Dr. Haney and Dr. Kline love animals and love doing what they can to help them.

  192. Leslie W. Doyle 2021/11

    We were so relieved when Dr. Lipstock was able to treat our duck and get him back home to his flock the same day. The cost was below our expectation and the entire staff was sho accommodating. Switching vets and using Bon Air for ALL of our pets.

  193. Donald Edwards 2021/11

    The best to go to

  194. Kristen Aull 2021/11

    If I could give no stars, I would. These people were 100% okay with refusing my cat care, under the assumption that she has rabies, despite her being and living with me and showing no symptoms for well over 6 months. She has showed no symptoms. All I wanted was for her to get vaccines.

    I needed them to examine her bloodwork since I was hospitalized with a bacterial infection I got from a bite by her, since I was trying to extricate myself from a domestic violence situation. By refusing her treatment, they are allowing my health to decline and impeding my own treatment. I would say I would never come back, but if this infection does kill me, then I really won’t.

    I hope whomever is reading this chooses a much more compassionate clinic to take their pets, truly. Because these people absolutely do not care.

  195. Alison Hallock 2021/10

    Outstanding first experience from start to finish! The hospital itself is clean and the environment is welcoming and friendly. The vet techs were sweet, gentle and patient with my dog. Dr. Lipstock performed an incredibly thorough examination of my dog. He fully educated me on the diagnosis and offered a clear action plan as well as a number of helpful tips and tricks on how to treat him at home. I could not be happier that we found this practice.

  196. Liz 2021/10

    They are caring and take the time to explain everything. Dr. Cline is simply superb at what she does. Couldn’t recommend them more highly! 🐶🐹 …

  197. Lisa Allen 2021/10

    They have covid protocols in place. You can either call them when you get there and go in with your pet or stay in your car and let them take your pet in. Without a/c in my car I chose to stay in the car because I know without Kojak seeing me he would behave. Within 10 minutes the vet called me and gave me a glowing report for my 9 year old puppy.

  198. Devan Mann 2021/10

    I brought my dog to Bon Air Animal Hospital for them to take a look at a bump on the side of her underbelly. I was immediately impressed with how kind, knowledgeable and caring everyone was. I interacted with several people (I can’t remember everyone’s name, but I remember Kelsey was very sweet on the phone) and the level of customer service was consistent throughout. They were very accommodating as I could not come inside while my dog was being evaluated because I had my two young children in the car. Dr. Jones called me to ask a few questions and committed to calling me back with an update once they knew more. She called back soon after to let me know what her diagnosis was (a mast cell tumor) and recommended having it removed. She was patient with me and explained the diagnosis in a way that made it easy for me to understand. I felt at ease when speaking with her, even with the information I was just given.

    I have an appointment scheduled for my dog to have the surgery in a few weeks and I expect to receive nothing short of excellent service!

  199. Timothy Kelly 2021/10

    The staff was very nice and professional. They offered various treatment options to help your pet and work within your budget.

  200. Mike Meacham 2021/10

    Our cat loves the staff here. We love the care he receives.

  201. Cindi Manuel 2021/10

    I took my 7 week old chicken who has a crooked neck to see Dr Lipstock. As a new owner I had many questions. He took a lot of time to examine my chick and answered all my questions while providing me ideas how to care for my chicks. Everyone I interacted with were helpful, kind and professional. I will definitely go back if I need a chicken vet.

  202. Xochitl Sanchez-Johnson 2021/09

    Staff is compassionate and patient with fur babies.

  203. Harlie Furman 2021/09

    Very nice

  204. Dawne Brooks Gulla 2021/09

    Quick response to our puppy eating 2 feet of leather leash. Professional and empathic. Thank you

  205. Ashley C 2021/09

    I recently adopted a kitten. Upon bringing her home, I immediately noticed she was sick and not eating. I called multiple veterinary clinics/hospitals in the area who could not see her for days or even within the same week. I was very upset and concerned for my kitten’s declining health. I finally found Bon Air Animal Hospital. They were able to see her the same day. She saw both Dr. Lipstock and Dr. Cline for her visit and follow up visit. Both doctors were very thorough. I greatly appreciate the time they spent thoroughly explaining and answering all my questions. My kitten is now bouncy and eating well. I highly recommend Bon Air Animal Hospital!

  206. Alexandria Diaz 2021/09

    All the staff is so friendly, and you can tell they all have a genuine love for animals. Emily was our vet tech for one our dogs neutering today and she was the absolute best!! So kind, and talked us through our dogs recovery and what to expect. Thank you Emily for being so great, and thank you to the entire Bon Air Animal Hospital staff for always being so professional and friendly and treating all pets like their own family. Highly recommend taking your fur babies here!!

  207. Christopher Wyatt 2021/09

    They took amazing care of my dog Artemis. Now they are doing the same with my car Burrito!


  208. Bunny Chidester 2021/08

    They are so helpful and always return calls right away. I love this place!

  209. Kim Bartulewicz 2021/08

    My pig seemed under the weather. It was Feb and very cold. I walk with a cane and chip weighs 25 pounds. My husband put him in the car and they took him at 10 30 for his squeezed appointment at 11 30. They kept him until 230. So my husband would be home to take him out of the car when we got home. Chip was not showing signs of one illness completely. They treated him for all possibilities. He is doing better. Every day. Thank you for putting him in their already Covid busy schedule.

  210. Adrian Carter 2021/08

    I highly recommend Bon Air Animal Hospital. My Vet Clinic who I had been with over 25 years could not see my sick dog until December 31st and my dog was getting worse so I called Bon Air Hospital on December 30th and they was able to fit me in the same day. Unfortunately within 30 minutes of arrival s u z i e had passed and they did everything possible that was needed based on lab work to try to save her. Dr. Lipstock was wonderful, caring and professional. Even after Suzie had passed he had took me out to the lobby to discuss the lab work and what was the cause of her death. I am a registered nurse and that meant a lot to me because he could have had the attitude that Susie has passed so no need to discuss lab work or what had caused her to pass away. In addition all the staff there is wonderful. I will be using them the next time I decide to get another fur baby. I’m forever grateful that they was able to fit me in as a new client and at peace that I was able to get Susie in to be seen and that she did not have to wait until the next day and then would have felt guilty that she would have passed away at home.

  211. Becky Bell 2021/08

    Not clear on charges. Overcharged and I questioned and they reduced but still felt they overcharged. No apology. MONEY. Not really there for the pet unless money is exchanged. Not going anything extra like the old days.

  212. Lexis Hauls & Budgets 2021/08

    I’ve called several places today to get my Chihuahua seen. They squeezed me in for an emergency at 1045am. I’m so glad they did. My Vet was booked all day. The staff was wonderful. The Dr was very helpful. They got me in and out with no trouble. Thank you for seeing my G, he ate his food and played today after taking his medicine. I’m glad to see him happy again. Thank you!! I’d highly recommend Bon Air Animal Hospital!

  213. Dawn Sullivan 2021/07

    Great doctors and staff. Have been taking my pets to Bon Air Animal Hospital for 15 years and they are fantastic

  214. Nupa Agarwal 2021/07

    When they say no contact they really mean it. They make the whole process very easy and the doctor even came out to the parking lot to speak to me. All three of my dogs are patients there. I had a very old 22 year old dog that had to be put down the clinic and they were extremely gracious and sympathetic throughout the process and made the experience as painless as possible. I really appreciated that they did not try and coerce me into having her teeth cleaned in her old age as other vets had tried to do. I would highly recommend Dr. Lipstock in particular.

  215. Joanne Genest 2021/07

    I have been taking my pets to Bon Air Animal Hospital for over 20 years. The vets are extremely competent, professional, and honest. They discuss treatment options and offer suggestions. I know they care about our pets.

  216. chris cirino 2021/06

    Absolutely Awesome. They took great care of us. Highly recommend this place Doctors and staff are the best.

  217. Jenn Walker 2021/06

    Bon Air Animal Hospital provides phenomenal care for pets and guidance for the pet parents. Dr. Cline was amazing helping me through the last years with my older pets. She thoroughly explained all of our options, and when we had to make the hard decision to let them go, she was so supportive and comforting. She also helped us welcome our new puppy, and she has provided exceptional care for our sweet girl. Bon Air is the absolute best!

  218. Nell Simmons 2021/06

    Helped by checking for chip in a cat so l could find its owner

  219. Ashton A 2021/05

    This is the best vet in the area. I was desperate to find someone to care for my adult bunny. The vet they assigned us was knowledgeable with the most amazing bedside manner. He made me comfortable and at ease that my pet would be okay and was in good hands. 10/10 reccomend Dr.Lipstock and the entire staff 🙂

  220. Meghan Swenck 2021/05

    We have been clients at Bon Air Animal Hospital for over 20 years and have always felt the Vets have given us the best care options as if the pet was their own. They are honest, reliable and realistic with treatment choices and consider things like budget as well. We recently had our 14 yo cat go through cystectomy surgery and the vet, Dr. Jones, called me several times with updates. What a relief to know whats happening and to stay informed. I appreciate their caring attitudes and supportive efficient staff.

  221. George 2021/05

    Nice facility, experienced staff, always friendly. Called Emma this Friday morning 8:10am have spent $573 in last 8 weeks on preventive care on my dog. Told her appears to have discharge in urinary area she offered me to be worked in with an additional $35 fee above normal office visit or come in Monday. Not good for me or their patient. Thanked her and found another Vet. Perhaps its worth the $35 to loose a long term customer.

  222. Priscilla Erickson 2021/05

    I have had very good experiences here. My dog is extremely anxious and scared at the vet, and all of the doctors and assistants we’ve seen have been patient and accommodating. They also have convenient hours for busy schedules and will work hard to fit in urgent appointments.

  223. Coleen Scholl 2021/05

    Betty is a big scaredy dog and does act up sometimes. The staff is always aware and attentive to her every need.
    They help our sweety pie live her best life.
    Thanks Everyone!


  224. Judy Hart 2021/05

    Dr. Bonnie Kline is the best. She considers many options causing the condition and offers several different treatment choices. She is the best vet me and my cats have ever been to !! Judy

  225. Andrea Ross 2021/05

    We have hod nothing but great experiences with the docs here. All the staff are professional and caring.

  226. Alice Sharp 2021/05

    My family has been using Bon Air Animal Hospital since its inception. I have known Tom Haney for over 20 years and wouldn’t trust the health and care of my animals to anyone else. The staff are always so lovely .. from the first phone call to every assistant.

  227. Jim harris 2021/04

    Dr Cline treated my Westie for 3 plus years for IBD. He was on his death bed when I took him in. She stuck with him throughout and never gave up. She explained everything to us along the way and her treatment gave us a wonderful three more years with him. When he had a severe relapse and had to be put down, she was careful to help with the decision and was so supportive, and afterwards showed so much support and comfort for our distraught family. We can’t thank her enough for all she did.

  228. Joyce Johnson 2021/04

    Staff technicians were very kind and compassionate. Dr. Lipstock is absolutely perfect for the job. Everybody obviously loves pets and it shows in their professional tender handling of pets. This was the best experience that I have ever had at an Animal Hospital. I have been spreading my experience at Bon Air like wildfire. I am so happy to have found you. i will definitely bring my other kitty to Bon Air when she is ready for her next booster shots. I LOVE BON AIR ANIMAL HOSPITAL.

  229. Larissa Bryer 2021/04

    Process smooth and docs are thorough but costly so expect to pay more

  230. Kathleen & Jim Bush 2021/04

    I brought my new rescue bunny to Bon Air Animal Hospital. The staff is very friendly and efficient and Dr Lipstock was great with her. I highly recommend this animal hospital

  231. Karen Morano 2021/03

    great, caring staff

  232. Bruce Williamson 2021/03

    Caring wonderful people.

  233. Rick Wildes 2021/03

    My first time going here with my son’s dog Hank while they are away on vacation. It was a great experience considering it was an emergency visit. The staff worked Hank into the schedule and took good care of him. Dr. Knott was wonderful.

  234. John Duke 2021/03

    Great care and knowledge staff. They have been very flexible in working with us. Covid protocols are in place and adhered to.

  235. Kaylee Kenna 2021/03

    Had to find a vet for my kitten to get a well visit, spay, and other tests to make sure she was healthy. It was so difficult to find a vet during COVID that was going to see a new patient. This animal hospital was able to get her in so quickly and I can tell she was cared for. The vet called me as soon as the surgery was over and answered all my questions, at pick up they went over discharge instructions as well as a form with all instructions written down, gave me an itemized list of what i was being charged for and called me the next day to check up on my kitten. Everyone I spoke to was very nice, helpful, and accommodating.

  236. Cara Boim 2021/03

    Super lovely people here. Very gentle and sweet with my cat. The vet recommended I avoid an allergy test due to cost and get a shot instead. Working pretty well so far! We will definitely be going back for his checkups.

  237. diette banks 2021/02

    Dr. Jones is the best, she is caring, thoughtful etc.

  238. Flow Detailing 2021/02

    Dr. Haney has been caring for all of my animals for over 20 years. He is basically family at this point. BAAH has always gone above and beyond for our pets, and I refuse to take them anywhere else. I will be a lifelong customer due to the care and attention they take with EVERY animal, not just mine. There is no comparable vet around, they are simply the best. Thank you to everyone who works here and has helped us throughout the years.

  239. Sharol Neugent 2021/02

    Dr Seth Lipstock is amazing! He is so compassionate and kind. His work is impeccable. His attitude is the best I have ever known. Heck, he can operate on me! I trust him explicably. HE CARES!

  240. Maresa Spangler 2021/02

    Best vet office ever. On time, kind, caring, calls to let you know how your pet is doing if having a procedure. Staff is outstanding. Highly recommend to anyone with a pet who deserves the best!

  241. Extraordinare 2021/01

    These guys are the best. We take both our dogs here and cannot be happier with the service we receive

  242. Lynda Burnside 2021/01

    I brought my new to me cat, Pretty Girl, a black short hair that I adopted from a shelter, to this practice for her initial, baseline check up. I Loved the curbside pick-up, allowing me to stay in my car, the ability to speak to the vet, Dr, Jones, after the eval to go over any concerns I have, and the ability of the practice to remain on time for the appointment. I had my last vet, in NH, for 40 years, this practice stood up to my very high expectations.

  243. Susan Hollister 2021/01

    My dog loves going to see the vet techs and Dr. Cline!
    The love they have for the pets under their care is so obvious, not to mention the quality of care my pup
    receives there.

  244. Daniel Erickson 2021/01

    Dr Cline is amazing. The staff there is friendly and professional. My cats get great care!

  245. Reid Dennis 2021/01

    We took out mew puppy in for a check up and get here lined up for shots. We were able to do everything without leaving our car. Dr. Haney spent time talking with us about all the care needed for a new puppy, neutering details etc. we are very pleased

  246. Monica Chambers 2021/01

    Friendly place

  247. Ospreyman Lott 2020/11

    I have used many excellent vet hospitals and Bon Air is no exception. Every vet and techs there I have used and all are very personable and knowledgeable. My dog has gotten excellent care at every visit. Particularly impressive is their front office, which is the most efficient, friendly and professional I have seen in a vet office. For me an excellent front office reflects an excellent vet.

  248. Matt Daum 2020/11

    The staff at Bon Air Animal Hospital are very nice and friendly. They have taken very good care of our corgi for both his routine health and more urgent situations.

  249. Tim Quigley 2020/11

    Best in Richmond

  250. Steve C (Steve) 2020/11


    Also, they are trying to capitalize on COVID. To get an appointment they are charging an additional $35. And the. Trying to sell you on how important it is to bring your pet in.

  251. ed holten 2020/11

    Very caring doctors and staff. I’ve seen 3 different doctors al nice and professional. Safe practice during covid.

  252. Brianna Lanzillotti 2020/11

    I had a bad experience with a different vet in town, so I called Bon Air Animal Hospital based on a friends recommendation and I am so thankful I did. They were able to see my pet an hour after I called, and they took great care of him.

  253. Hailey Tait 2020/11

    This place took care of our dog like that 👌
    The thing I don’t like tho, is that only one person can go in. Oh, and be sure to call and make reservations first 😉 👌 …

  254. William B Roberts 2020/11

    Bon Air Animal Hospital was extremely well organized for service during the Covid-19 pandemic. Our waiting time was minimal, the vet was kind, engaging, and thorough, and the staff was helpful and courteous. We recommend this veterinary practice without reservation.

  255. John Witt 2020/11

    Tom Haney is one of the best veterinarians I’ve ever met. My father was a vet and I grew up around vets and worked with them. I know a good one when I meet one.

  256. Cheryl Ragsdale 2020/11

    Confidence-inspiring professional service/advice on all aspects of our dog Sydney’s physical well-being. Very responsive to our requests. Very generous with their time. Great vets, great staff.

  257. sundogtune 2020/10

    i thought everyone was very professional.can not complain about the staff or doctors.

  258. Thomas Dwyer 2020/10

    They are really good. They have taken care of both my cat and my dog. Very professional but obviously very caring. Recommend without hesitation.

  259. Alyssa Kelley 2020/10

    I’ve been going here for fourish years and they are amazing! I’ve never had an issue with the staff or doctors and they treat my dogs like they’re their own! I have three dogs that go here and have taken 2 of my exes dogs here and they are SO GOOD to all of them!! They are super reasonably priced and accessible! Their hours make it so I rarely have to go to an after hours vet! They make time for sick animals and take good thorough care of my babies! They have amazing bedside manner too. My mom’s dog needed to be put down and I wanted to her to not be alone when she did it, so Bon Air actually did everything for us and were AMAZING about the whole thing. I could not ask to have randomly found a better vet four years ago!! I CANNOT RECOMMEND THEM ENOUGH!

  260. Lesley Weatherford 2020/10

    I can’t say enough about this practice and Dr. Jones I have followed from practice to practice. She is an amazing vet with a sharp intuition in addition to strong knowledge.

  261. Shusonya Whitaker 2020/10

    Very loving, caring & professional establishment. The doctors are very knowledgeable & treatment for my fur baby has always worked for her. The staff goes the extra mile to make sure all of your pets needs are met.

  262. Heather Reeves 2020/10

    I have been coming here for over 5 years. They are always friendly and good with my dogs. I highly recommend them

  263. Dianna Mitchell 2020/10

    The staff is amazing to my Pig!! I recommend them to all my farm friends!

  264. Wendy Whitlow 2020/09

    They took my 20 year cockatiel in on an emergency and treated the bird with such gentle care and concern. His beak had grown into his skin… They were so kind to all people and pets.

  265. Lauren Noe 2020/09

    BAAH went above and beyond to make sure my dog was able to get his annual wellness visit so he could stay current on his heartworm meds even during COVID. The drop off/exam procedure was very smooth and easy. They clearly love animals here, we felt well cared for and are grateful for their help. Highly recommend.

  266. Mary Hall 2020/09

    Bon Air AH is a caring, thorough, professional, efficient practice. We’ve been with them for about 3 years now after not being ultimately happy with a few other RVA practices, over the years.We recommend them, without reservations.

  267. ashbelis mcneil 2020/09

    Everyone here has the best interest of your pets in mind. Thank you to all!

  268. Nevaeh Wyld 2020/09

    They really care about our animals and show it. They go out of their way to help them. I would never take my animals anywhere else.

  269. Ian Jones 2020/09

    Great experience! My cat had a urinary track infection (though I didn’t know that at the time). I was able to pull up, they came out to the car to get the cat and handled everything by phone. I appreciate the steps they’re taking to stay open and ensure the safety of their staff and clients. Fortunately it was simple issue to address and my cat is doing much better now.

  270. britney burton 2020/09

    This animal hospital is one of a kind. Speedy and accurate service and the lobby smells fresh, not like dogs.

  271. Matthew Bray 2020/09

    Great local vet office!

  272. Janet Hensley 2020/08

    My pup needed surgery on both rear legs. Dr. Haney took the time to walk me through surgery options and which option was best for my dog. He called after the surgery to explain how things went and what to expect. My dog needed to stay several days for her recovery. I got a call each morning and evening giving me updates and how she was doing. I was confident she was in good hands the whole time!

  273. Jen Osheridan 2020/08

    They are wonderful!

  274. Tom Redford 2020/08

    Great people! Great vets!

  275. Laura Harrison 2020/08

    We are big fans of Dr. Lipstock and the staff at BAAH. He has been managing the care of our furbabies for 5 years. He knows our family and understands the quirks of each furbaby. It’s always a pleasure to visit BAAH.

  276. Mary Williams 2020/08

    They spayed a large female pig of mine. I was pleased with every aspect of my visit. They were prompt, caring and considerate. Dr. Cline called me immediately to let me know Peach was out of surgery and doing well. Thank you so much, Bon Air Veterinary Hospital.

  277. Anthony Jenzer 2020/08

    Tom and Bonnie have been our vets for years ! They are awesome and take the very best care of our pets., None better in the area,
    We drive all the way from Dinwiddie to get care for our pets.
    Thank you so much for all you Do!!!!!

  278. Kevin Post 2020/08

    Extraordinary care! Just that simple.

  279. stephanie sullivan 2020/08

    We love Bon Air Animal Hospital. The staff and doctors are friendly, reliable, and very supportive.

  280. Walt MacKay 2020/07

    Im a professional making a living in the animal services industry. I’ve tried several veterinary centers trying to connect with one that I can trust in. Well after 17 years of searching…..I found it!

  281. Reena Gupta 2020/07

    Excellent care for your pets. Wonderful vets and assistants.

  282. Gina Schiaffo 2020/07

    They treated my cat with so much care, and on short notice.

  283. Chad Taylor 2020/07

    Absolutely the most efficient, caring, reassuring and professional vet office I’ve ever visited. I mean, I would go there for my own health care. The admin staff is super-friendly, the techs are loving and skillful, and the doctor, Cresta Jones, DVM, who is treating my cat, does double duty as kitty angel and human therapist. I took my little Bub in with an eye infection that had gotten bad, and she made me feel calm and reasonable.

    The physical layout is really welcoming and, while I can’t say this is always possible, they saw me as a walk-in, on a booked day, and worked me right in to their consult rotation. I DO recommend an appointment, though, under non-emergent circumstances.

    I’m so happy to have found this top-quality hospital.

  284. Bev Pettway 2020/07

    I have been bringing my cats and (now deceased) dog to Bon Air Animal Hospital for over 20 years. The vets, technicians and reception staff are always so caring, and truly have concern and love for all patients and their owners/family. They look at all options in order for our precious pets to have the best, and healthiest lives possible. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for quality care for their pets.


  285. Kristin Coiner 2020/07

    Docs are awesome and are spot on with diagnosis. Great staff

  286. Katie Bernard 2020/07

    We took our piglet to Dr Lipstock and we had a great experience. He was so helpful in helping us learn best practices and the staff there really go above and beyond. We look forward to more visits at Bon Air!

  287. Cortney Merkel 2020/06

    Veterinarians are top notch and friendly. Techs are kind and caring toward pets and people. Special shout out to Dr. Cresta Jones for her acupuncture on our dog. I am very happy with the results and firmly believe this has enabled our
    Dog to remain active and mobile, even with spinal stenosis and weak rear legs.

  288. G Saunders 2020/06

    Great vets, great staff, reasonable rates. Dr Lipstock is our regular doc, others have been good, too.

  289. Ryan Hartford 2020/06

    Always friendly and professional. Absolutely love Bon Air Animal Hospital.

  290. Anique Chambers-velders 2020/06

    They are great! Really show care for our dogs

  291. Emilia Sparatta 2020/06

    All the Drs we have seen here over the years care very much for our pets. They are honest and open about treatment options.

  292. MC Banks 2020/05

    I have tried several vets in the Richmond area, and every time I move I end up driving the extra distance to go back to Bon Air. They are so reasonably priced, and really care about you and your pets – they aren’t just a business trying to take your money. They have always taken such great care of my dog and cat, I have recommended them to anyone looking for a vet!

  293. Paula Corsaro 2020/05

    Dr. Cresta Jones sees my Pomeranian Buddy. She is very thorough and gentle with him and explains everything in detail to us. The staff are always pleasant and very gentle with Buddy. Also, when we had to put our cat Shadow down, Dr. Jones was so very good with us and with him, I can never thank her enough for her kind treatment during such a hard time.

  294. Susan Ahlers 2020/05

    Bon Air Animal Hospital is the best of the best. Dr. Tom Haney, all off his colleagues and his entire staff are always professional, knowledgeable, and very much care about the well being of my dog, Brinkley. I’ve been using their services for over 18 years and wouldn’t go anywhere else for the care of my dog.

  295. Lisbeth Gonzalez 2020/05

    As soon as we adopted our beloved Chance, we called and was able to get in within two days. All precautions are being followed for COV-19 giving one peace of mind. The staff was absolutely delightful, helpful and encouraging. Chance was 8 weeks old, and did a great job!

  296. Tera Compton 2020/05

    Took my Frenchie to Bon Air back in June for breathing issues and what sounded like fluid in his lungs. Dr. knott took a couple x-rays and said he had a mass on his lungs but it definitely wasn’t pneumonia. She recommended I go see a specialist. Took my Frenchie home and a couple hours later his breathing got worse. Took him to the emergency ER at Dogwood where they took the same chest x-rays and found out he had double pneumonia. Dogwood gave him clavamox for two weeks and us to go back to the primary vet. Went back to Bon Air and Dr. Knott was still not sure how they came up with pneumonia, but Corbin was 10 times better after being on the med. Dr. Knott sent us home. A couple weeks go by and I heard fluid in Corbins lungs. Went to Stonehenge for another opinion and they told me it was allergies. They gave me a 10 day prescription. Didn’t help Corbin at all. Asked to have clavamox because it helped last time. This time the med wasn’t helping at all and noticed Corbin getting worse and worse. I was recommended to see a cardiologist only to find out his heart looked fine and was then told to see an oncologist. The oncologist took a few x rays and such only to tell me his pneumonia has progressed and the doctor was shocked at how bad his lungs looked. The oncologist told me after the first round of clavamox my primary vet should had given another round right after he finished the first 14 day supply. Thousands of dollars later. If bon air did their part the first time, Corbin wouldn’t had suffered for two months!! His quality of life has been awful. Do better! Worst experience and run around I’ve ever had. I just hate it for Corbin and how he’s been feeling. I’m praying he gets through this mess.

  297. Sawyer 2020/04

    Fantastic friendly people, treated my Guinea pigs very well

  298. Greg Norville 2020/04

    Very welcoming, helpful, knowledgeable, and caring staff. Glad our neighbor referred us there.

  299. Annette Graham 2020/04

    Referred here by a friend whose older dog passed away recently. I have been looking for a local Vet practice who will care for my older dog with skill and compassion. I think I have found that here. Very happy to be a client!

  300. Becky Cheyne Threatt 2020/04

    Really love Bon Air Animal Hospital. Dr. Cline and Dr. Haney and team are the best. Dr. Cline and her team love your animals as if they are their own. Wouldn’t go anywhere else!

  301. Brandon Flowers 2020/04

    100 % trust BAAH with our two pets who we love. Highly recommend.

  302. Nora Allison-Weiser 2020/04

    We love Bon Air Animal Hospital! Our pup was spayed there yesterday and the staff was so professional and kind. Everything was explained to us before the procedure. We were sent quotes and given options. Nothing was hidden and we paid less than what we expected. Our dog, Stella, seemed to love the staff and she is healing beautifully. It’s only been a day and she’s already feeling like herself again. We decided that Stella will no longer be going to her old vet and Bon Air will be her new place! We 100% recommend Bon Air and are so excited to have found someplace we trust for our doggy. Thank you for taking such good care of our baby!

  303. Zach Roberts 2020/03

    Dr. Cline is the best. Straight to the point doesn’t BS. She knows what she’s doing and works with you on your own budget

  304. Mary Brehmer 2020/03

    We have a 7 month old Aussie who had her first visit with Dr. Jones yesterday. She was spayed, microchipped, given her injections and exam. From the first phone call to ask about services, Bon Air Animal Hospital was absolutely wonderful. Everyone we encountered throughout the process could not have been nicer or more professional. Due to restrictions with COVID, the way the process was handled was amazing. We never met Dr. Jones in person, but we felt very confident because of her staff. When Dr. Jones called us after the surgery, she was wonderful. We didn’t feel rushed and all of our questions were answered. We highly recommend Bon Air Animal Hospital!

  305. Kelley Taylor 2020/03

    Bon Air Animal Hospital has taken great care of our rescue baby, who needed a LOT of work done on every end after years of abuse and neglect. As much as I hated dropping her off and not being able to go in with her due to COVID-19, I knew she was in good, caring hands. Special shout out to Emily! She is an angel disguised as a vet tech who gave me lots of reassurance and my pibble lots of love. Thank you from Kelley, Joe, and Sugar!

  306. Rando Traveler 2020/03

    Very, very expensive

  307. Katie Hall 2020/03

    So friendly and efficient! With all the changes due to COVID, the staff was extremely safe and protective- the doc called me from my car and explained everything – I was there and back within an hour- so grateful for the service and my pup is mending beautifully! Would highly reccommend!!

  308. Lois Redmond 2020/03

    This was my first visit to Bon Air. I felt great about the experience. Dr Cline was great and explained everything in detail and listened to my concerns. We’re just moving here from out of state, so I was hesitant about finding the right doctor for my 15 year old baby. Would highly recommend this Hospital.

  309. Jan Aardweg 2020/03

    I was impressed. They gave me a same day appointment, listened and responded to my concerns, overall good office visit. Only complaint is the wooden benches in the waiting room, torture to my back. But didn’t have to wait long. Good place.

  310. Adam Pulver 2020/02

    Amazing service and phenomenal staff. They all are consistently kind, well-informed, and highly educated on all things pet health. They share compassion, love, and attention to detail. I am proud to be a part of the Bon Air family

  311. Darren Speizer 2020/02

    The doctors & staff at Bon Air Animal Hospital are great!

  312. Jasmine Stone 2020/02

    I love Dt Cline and the staff at BAAH…
    From the gentle way they handled the death of my 18 yr old dog to the cats of my new little ones… they are the best. 🥰 …

  313. Joe Garofolo 2020/02

    I live 20 miles away from Bon Air animal hospital now however, will continue to cross the James River to receive the consistent Quality Care for my pet!

  314. Ann Butler 2020/02

    Had an appointment for my dog and forgot to mention I had a very tiny kitten I found and they happily fit that appointment too – all while waiting in my car. Great service!

  315. jay d 2020/02

    Bon air animal hospital is a great place to take your pet. I enjoy the staff and the veterinarians that work there. They are professional and very helpful. I will keep coming back to them as long as I have a pet.

  316. Kim TWEEDY 2020/02

    Bon Air Animal Hospital is amazing. We have been using them for over 25 years when Dr. Zavik was there. Dr. Lipstock and Dr. Haney are amazing. They come out personally to speak with you after the visit and call you personally with test results. They give you all of the options and take feedback from the owner, which is extremely important. They know we know our pets the best. They take the time to explain things in detail and answers questions even when they are clearly extremely busy. They also have all of the diagnostic tools available in house to diagnose serious medical illnesses, including ultrasound, X-ray, and labs. Instead of having to pay three times as much, one of the doctors there was able to do a heart echo on my cat instead of me having to wait to take him to a cardiologist, when he did not have time to wait. When we have had to made the extremely difficult decision of euthanasia, they are kind and compassionate, and follow up afterwards to check on us. The staff there is amazing. My dog actually gets excited when we pull into the parking lot. My cat, not so much. Haha I have recommended BAAH to many people and they have been so happy to make the switch to them.

  317. Fernando Di Gennaro 2020/02

    Super nice and friendly people

  318. Daniel Goodman 2020/01

    Helpful staff, able to see us right away in spite of the pandemic, and they really love animals and take great care of your furry loved ones

  319. Bev Church 2020/01

    Dr Jones is our favorite doctor here (but they are all good, from what I understand). She is compassionate, SO knowledgeable and our dogs love her. She has heart and it shows in how she treats her patients and makes everyone at ease too. Our dogs just do better with her than any other vet. She gives them what they need, makes suggestions as appropriate, and never oversells a treatment, etc. The staff here are also very friendly, never leave you waiting and are very knowledgeable and compassionate too. You get a great overall feeling when taking your four legged (or whatever) family members here and that is just really important to us. Can’t say enough good about this vet hospital. A+++++

  320. Sandy Bullock 2020/01

    I took two dogs in but one was an urgent visit. He was seen and finally given a diagnosis. He was going to another vet and I feared that his diagnosis was incorrect. They found the issue quick and then found an unlined big issue that could have really cause discomfort to him. As for her, she was handled with care and she appeared comfortable. The office is clean and the staff is Awesome. Even during this pandemic, my babies were properly handled.

  321. Adelaide Bowman 2020/01

    They have taken care of our pets for years and are professional, kind and caring. We pet sit and have many pet parents that love these guys too! John Lennon was a happy camper!

  322. Roselle S 2020/01

    There is no more caring group of Vets in Richmond than the ones at Bon Air Animal Hospital. The doctors are truly caring about the pets and the pet parents. Drs Haney, Cline, and Lipstock are the BEST

  323. Julie 2020/01

    I bring both my dogs here – Walter 15yrs and Chloe 1yr . All my experiences here have been top notch ! Staff is caring and very helpful. My youngest dog loves coming here.

  324. Marvin Adkins 2020/01

    I have trusted the care of all my pets to Bon Air Animal Hospital. They have the best Doctors and staff, I’ve come to know. My pets are in excellent health. I highly recommend all pet owners give them a try.


  325. Kevin Creager 2019/11

    The minute I walked into their office I knew they were serious about caring for animals. All the staff were kind and considerate and worked hard. The doctor was extremely gentle and compassionate when handling my pet, and knew how to interact with it without presenting undue stress or agitation. Very helpful and the place is well run. Will definitely return to for future appointments.

  326. Petrichor Coth 2019/11

    They are very professional and thorough on reviewing my dog medical history when I called for an emergency visit.

  327. Linda Shawhan 2019/11

    Love the vets an staff!

  328. meg hamilton 2019/11

    This clinic was recommended to me and I was not disappointed! Everyone was friendly and I felt my pet was liked and well cared for. A very good experience!

  329. Bre 2019/10

    This has been a great experience for my dog and me. The staff is extremely hospitable and accommodating during our visits (we’ve had about 10 at this point). Dr. Jones has been great to work with – she’s a great listener, follows-up with questions, is patient, really pays attention to my dog’s behaviors and attitude each visit. She has been giving acupuncture to my dog and we’ve seen good results quickly. I have nothing bad to say or recommendations to give about this place and the staff – I have been very happy with my experience.

  330. charlotte bowles 2019/10

    They took great care of my piggy!! Staff is wonderful. Highly recommend!!

  331. Jerry Burd 2019/10

    Excellent staff and vet. I feel very good about having my pets cared for by their team.

  332. Sarah Thornley 2019/10

    BAAH has many recommendations on Nextdoor App, plus it’s very close to my house. So I went and was very warmly welcomed; my pets received thorough treatment, with a nod to keeping costs at a minimum. Furthermore, during my visit I observed kind and gentle treatment of other animals and people who came and went. The waiting time was minimal, yet Dr. Tom Haney seemed to have all the time in the world to get to know me and my pets. No waiting, no rushing, personable and affable, knowledgeable and affectionate. Oh. And CLEAN!!! No offputting smells of either animals or cleansers! I’m a fan.

  333. C.G. Learn 2019/10

    They take extraordinary care with my two kitties. I switched from another vet to come here. Very good, friendly, and caring place. I fully recommend this place to all animal people…

  334. Aric Mueller 2019/10

    Great doctors and staff. Would never consider switching. Not the cheapest for sure so fair warning.

  335. Bob Bonham 2019/10

    Been going there for a decade… love them!

  336. Paige Beck 2019/10

    Love this place!! The techs the ladies up front and the vets are all so caring and considerate! Very clean and professional workplace! I’m so happy I brought my lil piggy here!! Thank you so much for everyone’s effort and kindness!

  337. ftcampbell 2019/09

    Nicest staff ever! They really care about you and your animals.

  338. Lee Kallusch 2019/09

    We’ve seen several different vets and other personnel in the couple of years we have been taking our cats here, and have always been very happy with the service.

  339. Nella Timmons 2019/09

    I have been taking my dogs to Bon Air Animal Hospital for 20 years. The vets are fabulous, very knowledgeable and accessible. The staff are top 10 – I have used them to dog sit many times. Bon Air is the best! I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

  340. Alexia Tyler 2019/09

    Staff makes you feel like family and they really know what theyre talking about!

  341. Lauren Delacruz 2019/09

    Average. All vet care is outrageously expensive anymore. Just like people doctors.

  342. Chris Harvey 2019/08

    Dr. Cline is divine! The whole staff was very caring and efficient. Very knowledgeable and went the extra mile with our fox terrier.

  343. Matt Nemetz 2019/08

    The vets and assistants here are great.

  344. Lise Batty 2019/08

    They are the best

  345. Jyuunin 2019/08

    They are so great. Everyone is fantastic

  346. M. Lorraine “Lorraine” Reynolds 2019/08

    I brought my Cat Mazu here for the first time. It was such an easy process. The Dr and staff did great with her. She acted almost as if she were home. I will happily bring my furry friends here when needed in the future. It was puurrrfect!

  347. Raye Harper 2019/08

    This was my first time at Bon Air and I expect a lot from any animal hospital that I bring my best friends to. Everyone was nice and supportive. Dr Jones listened when I talked and asked pertinent questions.
    I saw the high ratings on the website and will bring in the rest of the family soon

  348. Kiki Lynskey 2019/08

    These folks are great. They fit us in when we have an emergency. They also were very kind at our first appointment when we had to put down our dog.


  349. Joyce Martin 2019/08

    Vets are wonderful! We have been going there for 30+ years, now live over 30 miles away and wont even consider looking for someone closer

  350. Mark Braithwaite 2019/07

    I’ve always been a little leery when it comes to vets. We gave Bon Air a shot with our German Shepherd and have been very happy. I feel like they are honest and helpful.

  351. Andrew Weaver 2019/07

    Very professional. Great with the dogs.

  352. Cammie Olson 2019/07

    Phenomenal practice! I am thrilled with the care our animals receive at Bon Air Animal Hospital. Thank you for all you do for us!

  353. Jessica Hamway 2019/07

    I’m extremely satisfied with my dog’s care. Dr. Cline was very thorough and aware of a variety of the latest treatments for my dog’s GI issues. I feel confident that my girl is in good hands!

  354. Rob Downs 2019/07

    Friendly vets and staff. Really appreciate everything they do for our dogs

  355. Tony Wharton 2019/06

    Love the staff at Bon Air Animal Hospital. All the vets are great (special shout-out to Dr. Haney!), they fully explain everything, and everyone there is so friendly and efficient.

  356. Scott Glatfelter 2019/06

    There is no other place I would take my kids then Bon air Animal Hospital. Care is above and beyond. They care about every patient that comes in . They are there for you doing the good times and bend over backwards doing the tough times . From the front desk to the techs to the doctors and the girls in the back they go above and beyond . I want to just thank them for all they do for my babies .

  357. Katie Kephart 2019/06

    When our regular vet and a few other places couldn’t fit us in my co-worker recommended these fine folks! Able to get us in that day and we’re so friendly! Thank you so much!!

  358. Wht Wch 2019/06

    I had just picked my very beloved daughter, Rin (my four-legged pet) from a boarding facility for pets where I had left her six days earlier. The once lively little creature ambled by my side as we walked home, occasionally coughing and gagging. By mid-day she seemed lethargic, refused to eat and the cough got worse. Feeling certain something was wrong, I scrambled to the internet in quest of a vet – that is when I came across the BON AIR ANIMAL HOSPITAL – I saw that they were well reviewed.
    Took Rin there and they were closed at the time. When they saw that she was ill they invited us in and thereafter the kindness that was shown to her was overwhelming. She was indeed, treated there as she has always been treated at home like a princess with love, kindness, and compassion.
    Thanks to their loving care and accurate diagnosis, she is on the road to recovery and is doing well. Thank you, Dr. Tom and all the amazing staff at Bon Air.

  359. Ben Ragsdale 2019/05

    We love Tom Haney and colleagues. Excellent service, caring people.

  360. Lorraine Reynolds 2019/05

    Easy to get in for an appointment and very honest.

  361. Krystal S 2019/05

    Great staff, but kind of expensive.

  362. Linda Cox 2019/05

    Always a great experience, best staff in town!

  363. Christine Rosenfield 2019/05

    Okna needed the paperwork for her trip to Japan. I think everything is in order. If there is a problem I will be sure to let you know! The cost was more than I expected, but it is OK as long as she passes Japanese quarantine without issue.

  364. Kevin Post 2019/04

    Always pleased with the personal response.

  365. Scott 2019/04

    I’ve been coming to Bon Air animal hospital for 15 years. This exemplary team of professionals have tended to, cared for, and literally saved many of my furry family members.

    Facing everything from rare diseases such as S.A.R.D.S, to the struggles of dealing with cancer and extreme digestive issues that would have ended the lives of my pets years before their inevitable passing, they’ve giving us not only hope, but actual results culminating in having our pets with us years longer.

    I cannot say enough about the doctors, the assistants, the front desk, and all staff that I have encountered in all of these years coming here. The authentic heart they have for all pets who come here for treatment is obvious.

    In this last round where our little chihuahua was brought back from the brink from intestinal issues, Dr Cline in particular was amazing and for not one moment did I feel I wasn’t in the best hands with someone who was going to lookout for both my bank account and more importantly my sweet little family member.

    Dr Lipstock gave excellent care after hours, and over the entire weekend, and called me with updates daily. I truly appreciated that level of communication.

    Witnessing the logical progression of steps the doctors here take in evaluating and treating symptoms is impressive and comforting, with a minimalistic but realistic approach, and always with an eye on the needs, comfort and speedy recovery of the injured and sick.

    Highly recommended!

  366. B K 2019/04

    Love them all from the front desk to Dr. Jones and the quality medical care for my pup. I love the fact that they were willing to allow me to order rx, testing equipment, syringes on line to save money. Dr. Jones and staff take time to answer all my questions and concerns and to work within my budget. I feel supported and trust that my furry love pup is in the best hands. They were recommended by Dr. Lord @ Four Paws to me to handle my recently diagnosed diabetic pug. I’m just thrilled.

  367. Alexandra Owen 2019/03

    I was VERY pleased with the service we received from Bon Air Animal Hospital. My yorkie inured his paw and many places that we called charged outlandish prices, mentioned amputation, or couldn’t take us for days. Bon Air Animal Hospital took us immediately with a low base price, Dr. Lipstock was so kind and Ace came out within minutes happy as ever! He also checked our records from our old vet in MD and discovered we were missing vaccinations, took care of it immediately, and explain it all amazingly!

  368. Ragrad 2019/03

    Bon Air Animal Hospital is a rare gem. The doctors, techs, and front desk people are personable and caring. The healthcare they offer is state of the art, delivered with warmth and concern for both you and your pet. Top notch practice in which I have complete confidence.

  369. Jo Hughes 2019/03

    This is the best animal hospital that I’ve ever been to. They are always available when you need them to see your pets. They’re thorough and do everything they can to take care of them, and are gentle and kind with them. The vets explain everything to you without rushing you out of the door with nothing but a bill! All of the staff is helpful, understanding and pleasant. It’s truly a five-star facility!!!

  370. Kathryn Leary 2019/03

    The absolute best!!

  371. Charlotte Yates 2019/03

    David is very thankful to have Dr. Jones help him take good care of his Guide Dog for the Blind, Latin.
    David looks forward to Dr. Jones’ recommendations for Latin’s overall continuing good health.

  372. Adriaan Gomez (Adriaan Follansbee) 2019/03

    Wonderful, compassionate staff and all of the Drs have been great! We are always able to get an appointment when we need it and you can tell how much every person who works here loves and cares for the animals who come here. I feel so grateful to have a vet’s office that we love so much so close to our home.

  373. Sebastian Frontuto 2019/03

    I took my 9 yr old pitbull here because we couldn’t get into the SPCA hospital. The care was fast, incredibly kind, and completely transparent with pricing. In fact, they even told me where to find cheaper alternatives, which is really hard to find at most animal hospitals. I wouldn’t hesitate to take my dog here again.

  374. Howard Overbey 2019/02

    Very friendly place, all the docs and staff are attentive and welcoming. Particular hats off to Dr Cresta Jones, my baby Shih Tsu loves her!

  375. Natalie May 2019/02

    I have been taking my cats to this practice for over 20 years, and they just get better and better. I wouldn’t take my babies anywhere else. I really feel like they care about my fur balls, and about me.

  376. Tiffany Tait 2019/02

    Friendly, worked with me in a pinch, efficient, and honest!

  377. Aaron Zimmerman 2019/02

    Great friendly staff

  378. Emily Owens 2019/02

    We recently moved to the area and had not found a new vet yet when our cat started to have medical issues. They gave us the first appointment of the day when we called in the morning. Sadly we had to decide to put her down. The doctor was very knowledgable and the whole staff was wonderful throughout the process. When we are ready to adopt again we will be returning to Bon Air.

  379. Robin Jackson 2019/01

    Dr. Cresta Jones is the best vet! She is caring, compassionate and treats our cats like family! The rest of the staff is also great- they are attentive and very loving to our 2 cats each time we bring them in!

  380. Tricia Sarver 2019/01

    Such a great vet. I will recommend them to everyone. From the text message reminder for our neuter procedure to the day after call for check up we really had a pleasant experience. The staff is very friendly, and knowledgable. The surgery went great. My dog was given such great care. I’m grateful for Bon Air Animal hospital. Good vets are hard to find. You will love them.

  381. Teri M 2019/01

    We love Bon Air Animal Hospital. They take their time and listen to your concerns. Professionally and emotionally, they do their very best to see that you pet gets the best care possible. Your pets are handled with caring tender hands. They”re love for animals always shines through. Our cat Amanda thanks you for your service.


  382. Thomas Bickett 2019/01

    We started using them for our dogs about 4 years ago. Everything from yearly checkups and shots to a couple major surgeries the service is always on point. Recently we had to put down our beloved Rotweiler, Cleo. The care and compassion we received from every one made a very difficult time much easier. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. You guys are the best and will be our Vet hospital for life!!

  383. Sandra Woodson 2019/01

    Always polite, professional, and supportive. Have had nothing but great attention to our 8 year old dog.

  384. Betty Dussor 2019/01

    Dr. Jones is a great doctor.

  385. Dean Johnson 2018/11

    Great doctors and staff

  386. Whit Brooks 2018/11

    The best.

  387. Ashley Edwards-Giltrop 2018/11

    I just drove over 2 hours to see Dr. Haney and it was well worth the drive. The front desk staff was extremely helpful. I needed to make a last minute appointment and they were able to see me the following day. Dr. Haney answered all of my questions and never made me feel rushed. He even saw us earlier than our scheduled appt. as we had arrived early. I am very impressed and a special thanks to everyone at Bon Air!! 🙂

  388. Lillian Dunn 2018/11

    Always friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and so wonderful with my dog.

  389. Michael Jeffries 2018/11

    Great place

  390. Susan Cox 2018/11

    Good vets, nice staff, very clean. Always busy but wait times are not bad.

  391. Jeni Appel 2018/10

    Absolutely wonderful. My cats are super sensitive and took right to them. I was amazed. Cannot praise them enough for improving my kitties’ quality of life. Even if you are worried they all have a just positive attitude. Excellent technique in calming old/scared pets ( and owners)- GREAT attitude. Kindness with real knowledge. Also affordable – fair pricing. They are the whole package as they say. My pets and I cannot praise you enough. You all are the best – Tang sends a special purr to Dr. Jones!

  392. John.Carolyn Johnson 2018/10

    Have been using them many years. Always friendly, competent, caring, and professional.

  393. Robert Moore 2018/10

    This is the vet for you. Full stop. Tremendous support, great care, organized and reasonable costs.

  394. julia robinson 2018/10

    Bon Air animal hospital is fantastic. The staff is friendly and helpful, and the doctors are all very knowledgeable. 10/10 would recommend

  395. Nathan Clark 2018/10

    They got my dog in (who is not a patient) on a Saturday morning and found she needed surgery, even though we did surgery elsewhere for cost reasons they helped us with x rays and records with no issue.

  396. Tatyana Fadeeva 2018/09

    They have cared for my pets for years. Great, caring people.

  397. Kristin Twine 2018/09

    The staff always does an amazing job. They help fit us in with last minute appointments when we call in a panic. All of the doctors truly care about their furry patients and it shows!

  398. Erin Clippinger 2018/09

    We love Bon Air Animal Hospital. The doctors are very knowledgeable and clearly care about the animals and families. We would highly recommend this office!

  399. Michael Whitlow 2018/09

    Great experience. I came early for a routine service, but the staff took our dog in quickly and got him out before the time the original appointment was to have started. Love how they are able to go with the flow and have such a positive service attitude.

  400. Gari Manz 2018/08

    Best one we have been to. Staff are friendly, can always fit you in and the vet we had was excellent and took the time to call us to go over everything. Went there after several disappointing visits to a place in Church Hill and Freddie dog is now on the mend.

  401. Jim Jernigan 2018/08

    Staff is pleasant and helpful. Doctors are wonderful and appear to genuinely care about their patients.
    I had a cat that needed severe dental work…12 teeth removed and she’s a completely different cat! She’s so much happier. We have a dog that’s having some issues that appear to be seizure related but she’s making slow but marked progress.
    So far I’ve worked with Dr. Haney and Dr. Lipstock… Both spectacular doctors!

  402. Sue Williams 2018/07

    CoCo’s first visit couldn’t have been any more pleasant for her or me! All who handled this little 1.9lb baby were obviously animal lovers and Dr Knott was most kind to this new puppy mom and CoCo

  403. Emily Hebner 2018/07

    Dr Jones is so caring and wonderful. I can’t recommend her enough.

  404. Diley Arce 2018/07

    I take my 9 weeks puppy to the shots , she have diarrhea and I have to call them , they never call me back !!! Not going back !!!!

  405. Shusonya Whitaker 2018/07

    Very attentive & caring atmosphere with very reliable staff and quick response time. My dog has been very well taken care of.

  406. David Easterling 2018/07

    They were awesome! We we’re able to get a same day new patient appointment when our usual Vet was unexpectedly unavailable when it came time for our puppy’s 12 week vaccinations. They were all very friendly and knowledgeable. Everything was very clean and inviting. I would definitely recommend the Bon Air Animal Hospital to anyone in the area!

  407. Lorraine Davi 2018/06

    Love this practice!

  408. Thomas Kennedy 2018/06

    Will never use this place again. Our cat came home boarding here sick and with a noticeable urine odor.

  409. Tracey Kellam 2018/06

    Awesome, caring practice! Love the staff!💕 …

  410. Julie Luke 2018/06

    Our pets have received care from many of the doctors at Bon Air Animal Hospital. All of the staff is so caring and they always make time to see us when there is an urgent need. We have been taking our pets here for over 20 years!

  411. Charlotte Worrell 2018/05

    Excellent vets and an excellent staff. They love animals!

  412. Rafael Pizarro 2018/05

    I first visited Bon Air Animal hospital while looking for a second opinion after one of my dogs received a dire diagnosis. Unfortunately she succumbed but I was so impressed with the empathy and care expressed while she underwent treatment that I decided to switch. I have not been disappointed and have had no reason to question the care provided by Bon Air. I feel confident in Bon Air Animal hospital for our boys routine care or when I don’t know exactly what a lump or bump is. Keep up the great work!

  413. Bunnie Pinkston 2018/05

    This place doesn’t just take care of your pets, they really care. I won’t go anywhere else.

  414. Scott Boastfield 2018/05

    I had the absolute best experience here. I am VERY particular with my older pup and had a much better experience here than church hill animal hospital (avoid at all costs). They are much better than the majority of vets in the richmond area about timely scheduling. they were very knowledgeable and they did amazing surgery on my lil bubba. thank you so much to the staff/vets and would recommend them over and over again.

  415. janet poulson 2018/05

    Absolutely love the Vets, the assistants and the service…they really care.

  416. Marty Willis 2018/04

    Dr. Cline and Dr. Haney have kept all my pets healthy and happy for years. I moved to the other side of town and will still make the drive no matter what. I like them more than my family.

  417. Mike Godwin 2018/04

    All our fur babies get awesome care at Bon Air!! Dr. Cresta Jones is incredible, knowledgeable, and very gentle with her patients… and their parents!!

  418. Lisa R. Hatcher 2018/04

    My experiences here with two dogs have been very good. Both the vets and their staff are caring, knowledgeable, and professional. Highly recommend.

  419. WILLIAM THOMPSON 2018/04

    I found the entire team at Bon Air Animal Hospital to be caring, concerned and very responsive. I have already recommended them to several of our friends. We were very pleased with our experience!

  420. Mary Blanton 2018/03

    The staff is friendly and smart. My Davy Baby was very happy when we left. The staff cares about your pet

  421. Carrie Ham 2018/03

    I love Dr Haney and the team. I have had dogs all my life and been to many vets but this team seems to care more and are willing to bend over backwards to help with all the crazy things that we go through as dog parents. As a human doctor I want to be able to understand what they are thinking and they have all been so great to take the time to make me feel welcome to ask questions. These guys really know what they’re doing! I am so glad to find them and recommend them to all pet owners unreservedly.

  422. Phil Hess 2018/02

    Best vets in town.

  423. Kim Hutchinson 2018/02

    This was our first visit to Bon Air Animal Hospital. Dr. Jones was wonderful with Pancake the Cat -the staff was pleasant and efficient and the quality of care was excellent. Love our new vet. Will continue to use Dr. Jones and Bon Air Animal Hospital for our pet care and grooming .

  424. Elisabeth Dena 2018/01

    Am not typically one to review but cannot say enough good things about this vet office. The docs have gone above and beyond to help my pet. In a situation where other vets have not helped/been able to assist, Dr.Cline came up with a plan of care beyond my expectations. Although my pet is very sick and we may not have long with her, I can say confidently that she was provided with the best care thanks to Bon Air. Really appreciate the time they’ve spend with us and their efforts.

  425. vibes7drum2 2018/01

    Great animal Care

  426. Brenda Maz 2018/01

    Excellent service, the staff is wonderful and Dr.Haney takes great care of my dog.

  427. Frank Drake 2018/01

    Very personable. Don’t have long wait times. If you call him up with a problem they will get you in that day dr. Haney and the rest of the team are good vet

  428. Silvia Degli Esposti 2018/01

    Bon Air Animal Hospital take great care of MIA. She spent two weeks with them . She came home calm, well groomed and happy. They are competent but also friendly responsive and sincerely caring Thank you

  429. Patti Bianchi 2018/01

    Bark or meow, they know how to help your pet.

  430. Christian Emery 2017/09

    Great experience with Dr Cline and the team. Everybody had smiles, positive attitude, and accommodating. Would visit again and recommend to others.

    Facility was bright, open, and up to date. Clean and well maintained.

  431. Justin Buhl 2017/08

    My cat was weezing a lot and I was able to get him in the same day. Friendly and knowledgeable vet. Very clean and professional veterinarian.

  432. Alex Glaser 2017/07

    Best vet ever! We have been taking all of our dogs here for years and they are just awesome. All of the vets are super nice and knowledgeable. The building is nice and always clean. I will never go to another vet.

  433. Leigh Fountain 2017/07

    Compassionate place to take your well-loved furry companions. I have known Dr. Tom Haney for 15+ years, and he, along with the rest of the staff, are efficient, thorough, and truly love animals. Best vet in town.

  434. Joe Hartowski [Roskowski] 2017/04

    I was visiting town when one of my dogs got a severe eye infection. They were able to get me in to see a vet same day despite a full schedule, and quickly diagnosed what was wrong. They made me feel very comfortable, clearly explained each test or procedure, and discussed the process they went through diagnosing my dog. Great service and nice people!

  435. Niki Holtz 2017/03

    Awesome friendly staff. Dr. Bonnie Cline is great. Very knowledgeable. Very nice. Very efficient. And honest prices. 😆 …

  436. Peter Fisher-Duke (zepter) 2017/02

    Convenient location and friendly staff who treats you and your pet like a life long friend. First impression couldn’t have been better: our cat was having her kittens and despite the fact that we had never been there before they recognized the emergency at hand and were at the door waiting for us less than 5 minutes after I called to tell them the situation. They seem to stay very busy and the only complaint I’ve heard some people say is it’s expensive. However, from my experience, if that’s true it’s not a deal breaker because it’s nothing more than a few bucks compared to other vets on Southside

  437. Larissa Dobransky 2016/10

    We love Bon Air veterinary and Dr. Haney. As first time dog owners we have been very happy with our experience there and feel relieved to know that if our Abby ever gets sick she will have great staff caring for her!

  438. Kia Holder 2016/08

    The doctors and staff are knowledgeable and caring.

  439. Julia Ferguson 2016/05

    I work at an animal hospital down in Roanoke, and am in town for the weekend for my sisters baby shower. They worked me in on a Saturday morning, which I know is a busy day, and the visit was quick and easy. Dr. Haney was very kind, and gentle with pepper and got blood results in a quick manor. The front desk staff was kind, the tech was kind, the assistants were all kind, overall I had an awesome visit, being on the other side of the spectrum. Thank you everybody for helping my gal get back on her feet again.

  440. Mikki Hopcroft 2016/05

    Just recently started going to Dr. Cloman at Bonair Animal Hospital and cannot say enough nice things about the Dr. Cloman and the staff. Dr. Cloman is thorough but conservative and we feel very good about the change.

  441. Robert Murdock 2016/04

    Amazing work. Patched our Sammy up

  442. Eric Gehler 2016/04

    A Great Animal Hospital, They truly care about your pets and understand how much your pets mean to you. Very professional, great staff and great service.

  443. Nick Olson 2016/03

    Incredible staff.

  444. V Sanborn 2016/02

    I just wanted to thank the vets and staff of Bonair Animal Hospital for taking such good care of my Cody in his final hours. Thank you for seeing to his good health during his prime and for ushering him so gently into his next life in his old age.

  445. Whit Brooks 2014/10

    Dr. Haney and team are amazing. They truly care for your animal as if it their own. Diversely trained they can treat about anything with four legs. Dr. Lipstock is great, a recent graduate he is up to date on the latest technologies and practices. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

  446. James Taylor 2012/07

    We take our pets to Dr. Haney at Bon Air Animal Hospital. They love the pets and take great care of them.

    Our dog, Maddy, decided to eat some feminine products in January, and they were quick to see us and ever so helpful. Took great care of her!

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