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BluePearl Pet Hospital
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  1. Michael Nolan 2023/11

    Dr. Riddle did a wonderful job of explaining things to us when our dog Abby became very sick suddenly, and tried to be as thorough as he could with limited time. He was straight forward, did not beat around the bush, but was still personable and knew how to speak to us.

  2. Pam Seward 2023/11

    Princess went in on a Saturday and was immediately seen due to her critical breathing issues. The vets were informative and courteous and taking her condition seriously . She had to be transferred to another ER bc they closed overnight where she stayed several more days and died . She had pneumonia supposedly . Their radiologist on the x days did not give the best tips according to the next vet . I do wish perhaps they had started her on more vigorous antibiotics that day . However out of the three vets princess went to during her emergencies on Friday and Saturday, I think I would recommend the blue pearl . They did respond very quickly. The cost was outrageous of course but I guess that’s what you get at an ER.


  3. Abi McFarland 2023/11

    Came here at the recommendation of my vet for scar and additional margin removal following a tumor excision that didn’t get all of the malignant cells. Met with the surgeon a few days after calling, she explained the whole procedure, the possibility that my dog may need a skin transfer, and a quote during the consult. Had the surgery a couple weeks after and everything went great. They wrapped him up and he’s currently chilling at home hopped up on comfort meds. There always seems to be someone on staff to answer any questions and each person I’ve talked to remembers him by name – which is shocking because he’s not a friendly dog.

    He’s pretty reactive and usually isn’t a big fan of people or other dogs – the more people the worse and definitely doesn’t like strangers touching him. Each time I’ve been in for follow ups he’s been alert but not anxious, the staff remembers him, consistently says he’s good the whole time, and he even let them pet him when he was out of surgery. Its great knowing he’s this at ease with them after such a severe procedure.


  4. Charles Kivi 2023/11

    Way too expensive! They charged me 152 $ just to look at my dogs hot spot ! Then wanted to charge me an extra 600$ to treat him . I went to another vet and they treated him for 167.50 $ in total

  5. Danny Stump 2023/11

    The entire staff, including the receptionist were friendly, professional and showed the utmost concern for my pet. They kept me informed throughout our stay and ensured that both my pet and myself were as comfortable as possible

  6. Chelsea Taylor 2023/11

    Take your pet elsewhere. Would not let my friend see her dog while they were “caring” for it and then the dog went into cardiac arrest and still wouldn’t let her back there. Awful and uncompassionate.

  7. Gregory Vaughn 2023/11

    My wife brought our dog to this establishment for weakness and not eating after our normal vet had done some blood work and told us she needed to stay overnight somewhere to be receive fluids and be treated. My wife arrived with our dog at 7pm. Our dog could no longer walk she was so weak. The lab results had already been sent from our vet to this place showing critical lab results, yet there was no rush to begin treatment. They took our dog back to get vitals on her. For the next 6 hours no treatment was done for her. My wife had asked if they had at least started IV fluids and their answer was that they don’t do any treatment until they supply a quote for costs of care. The doctor did not talk to my wife until 1am. She promptly agreed to the costs of $3900 and asked to see our dog before she went home. It wasn’t until then that they realized she had died. This whole time there was only 3 total dogs in this “emergency” vet. I do not know why they could not have seen her faster. Why they could not have rendered some kind of aid. Why they were not aware she had died until my wife wanted to see her. Do not take your animals here.

  8. Jennifer Ares 2023/10

    The staff at BluePearl have been simply AMAZING! We have two dogs (our male, Hercules 113lbs and his sister, Minnie Girl 80lbs from same litter) that both have cancer at same time. It hasn’t been easy on us however, EVERYONE here from check-in to staff, nurses & doctors all have been so caring and detailed about all steps along the way. They make our dogs comfortable as well as us. Communication is key for me and they give 110%. I can say with confidence after two major surgeries and multiple visits that this is their standard practice. THANK YOU BLUE PEARL FOR ALL YOU DO FOR OUR FUR BABIES!!!! 💙🐶💗🐶


  9. Michelle Williams 2023/10

    The staff were very friendly. I took my dog there because she had swallowed a piece of gum. I called beforehand and said I could bring her in right away. They Immediately took her and kept me updated. They addressed all of my questions.

  10. Sherilyn Preston 2023/10

    The cost of internal exam was $2500 – paid it to find out what was needed for Libby. Based on information finally received three days later, surgery was set.

    Surgery prices increased WITHOUT being notified. Started process on one payment scale then received verbal quote for surgery and took first available appointment and surgery price estimate $2000 more than verbal quote. When I questioned the prices I was told of the increase that occurred 2 days earlier. After stating the process started before the prices were raised within the same building and the same owner I was told that it did not matter according to Ashleigh the practice manager. She did finally give me Allen’s name and number at corporate to contact after a contact was requested at their corporate office in Florida.

    After receiving Allen’s number at their corporate office, I was told the financial request made was in “the grey area” and he did not know what the outcome would be. Such a surprise to receive the information that the final statement response was NOT to honor the beginning prices.

    It was explained that time was of the essence for my beloved Libby so we moved forward with the surgery to remove the masses. The feeling was of being trapped! During surgery we received a phone call explaining the possible dangers of removing the masses. Nothing was explained before the surgery. The internal exam did not reveal this concern. A great deal of caution was given about the possibilities of her not making it past 72 hours. So through the distress and tears, the decision was made to close her back up without anymore surgery. Of course we received a refund but the cost was still $4300 without anything being done.

    I was told about another surgery place in Fairfax – Southpaws. Took Libby there and the surgeon was outstanding. He removed three masses and my puppy survived and was with us for an additional 10 months.

    For your own sake and peace of mind I strongly suggest that you check out other options for your puppy other than Blue Pearl. Southpaws in Fairfax Va is EXCELLENT! Blue Pearl Corporate was arrogant and only concerned with money.

  11. Melissa Gadzichowski 2023/09

    I used Blue Pearl back when my mastiff was just a puppy and ate a Christmas decoration containing glass. The staff was so friendly, professional and courteous in their care. Years later my big guy developed musculoskeletal issues and they welcomed us back with open arms. He sees Dr Gifford who is highly skilled and trained in ortho issues as well as having an incredible bedside manner and keeping me informed about her current research for my dog’s issues. Despite setbacks that come with having a giant breed, the staff including Christie at the front desk (who let me cry in her arms after his first surgery and always greets us with a friendly hello) and Allison the vet tech (who loves my big guy even when he’s being sassy and uncooperative) I can’t imagine going anywhere else. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for helping my dog get back to hiking!


  12. B A 2023/09

    I continue to recommend Blue Pearl Pet Hospital and Dogwood Veterinarians to anyone looking for compassionate and genuine expertise in caring for their pet family member.
    Dr.Amy Gifford and Dr.Aman Grenwal provided excellent surgical care to our Trevor.
    At our local vet office Trevor had to wear a muzzle for aggressive behavior. When I first took him to Blue Pearl the staff took time to bond, talk, and pet Trevor. His muzzle was removed and he willingly walked with staff. It surprised me and every time thereafter Trevor recognized kindness and compassion and received treatment without any problem. Trevor was treated like family.
    I cannot thank you enough.

  13. Emily Reed 2023/09

    My experience very closely echoes the experiences of the other 1-star reviews here. Waited for 6 hours and never saw the doctor. Took my cat home COVERED in pee, which makes me feel like he was totally neglected when they took him to the back. This after being told it’d be another 4 hour wait to get baseline blood work done. I can (slightly) understand the wait time and triage system. What I can’t understand is the complete lack of communication and transparency, the neglect of my animal and lack of urgency around anything, and the complete rudeness and lack of compassion of the nurse that worked for us – tall, blonde curly hair – made more than 5 rude comments about my cat from the second she took us to the back. I have never had a comfortable or good experience here and I hate that this is the only emergency vet in Richmond. I truly do not feel like they have genuine compassion, and you will never leave there spending a rational amount of money. Please avoid this place if you can and instead try one of the urgent care vets around the area

  14. Thomas C 2023/09

    Brought a potentially poisoned cat here minutes after the potential poisoning event during their emergency hours. They took hours to even look at the cat (so did not even consider anything like induced vomiting or anything to get the poison out), and basically wasted my time for 8 hours until I realized they would do nothing for the cat without telling me as much. They recommended paying $1000 to do blood work on the cat, also to sedate the cat because they were too afraid of him. They were clear this would do nothing for the poison. They also said they could prescribe a medication to try to neutralize the poison. I was desperate to help him so agreed, but they said they couldn’t sedate him without hurting him. This is a cat that has never hurt anyone, before or since. It took hours until they said they were not only not giving him the medication to neutralize the poison, but they didn’t even have the medication, I would have to get the prescription filled elsewhere. They held the cat for hours and hours without accomplishing anything, and when I finally asked for my money back since they couldn’t do anything, they were too scared of the cat to even return him to me and I had to go get him. He was covered in poop and pee and was terrified out of his mind. If he had ingested poison, taking him to this place would have ensured not only that he would definitely have died because of them wasting my time, but also died in abject terror away from anyone who showed him any kindness.

    The whole time I was there, I didn’t hear any pets being helped, only pets being put down. The triage seemed to be that there are either pets to be put down, and pets that will be ready to be put down if they waste enough time.

    My cat used to be personable and curious at the vet. Now he cowers, motionless and shaking in terror.

  15. Security Simmons 2023/09

    Absolutely abysmal. These people just said that a dog is “worth only 350!” and that all of the medical care after THEIR negligence “should never be paid.” THIS IS WHAT THIS PRACTICE THINKS OF OUR BELOVED ANIMALS. DO NOT TAKE YOUR DOG OR CAT HERE!!!!

  16. Kellie Pritchett 2023/08

    Was very nice and took care of my Munchkin as I was having fears about her breathing the team at Blue Pearl was awesome!

  17. Nancy Coulson 2023/08

    Do Not Come Here. I arrived at BP around 1030 am today- it’s now 558pm and we( my cat & myself) are still here. I meet with doctor around 1 pm today to talk about my cats treatment. I checked with the front desk to get an update on my cat and was told due to the high number of pets coming in today, the doctor will not have time to speak to me today- they will call me later. What kind of service is this?? I paid them the amount of money that charged in full right after I meet with the doctor at 1pm and during all this time that I have been sitting in the waiting room they had not had 5 minutes to meet with me.– THis is totally unacceptable. I paid for a service and I don’t even know if my cat has received the medicine or services that I have paid for. I have not been able to see him .They told me at 530 they were getting my discharge papers- no papers yet – it now 612pm. Everyone time is valuable but when u r being paid – u need to do your complete job! This is my first and only visit here. I will never come back.

  18. Dustin Shumaker 2023/08

    Had a good experience when my dog ate a battery and I needed to go in. I see a lot of 1 star reviews for this place being heartless but I didn’t see any of that. It is a business so I can’t imagine this place would help your animal out for free or anything. Overall I was happy this place existed as my dog could have died if they weren’t open 24 hours. Receptionist was very nice and Vet was to the point and helped me understand next steps. I hope I never have to come back but if I had an animal emergency this would be where I go.

  19. Maria S 2023/07

    Sunday February 5, 2023

    This place is awful! I purposely came here bc of my last experience at another ER in Carytown back in April 2022, so I figured this place would be much better. It wasn’t!! I called around 5:00 and I was told to come on in and that there may be a 4hr wait. I got there at 5:35ish. There was only two people in the lobby. I was asked what was going on with my dog and I told her. She asked me to fill out a paper which took 2 mins to fill out. In the meantime, others came in after me. I do understand they have referrals from other vets or the urgent care but I was still there before they were. I too had an emergency. About an hour into waiting they took my dog in for vitals and then returned him to me back in the lobby. I was told his vitals were stable and that he had a fever of 103 which means I’ll have to wait bc it didn’t seem to be emergent. I was told it was in the middle of the shift change and by now it’s 6:50. At that moment they didn’t have a room but once the other doctors come in there could be a possibility there would be. So, we waited and waited……. Once the shift change happened the people working the front completely disappeared. Around 8:30 I was told I’d have to wait at least 8 hours before being seen and just like that she walked off. I couldn’t leave bc I had to wait for my fiancé to come back with a new blanket and more pee pads. My fiancé came back around 9:10 and we continued to wait a bit to see if someone would come back out. Phones were ringing so I thought maybe they’d come back out. Nope. Finally I made the initiative to call them at 9:33 while I was waiting in the lobby bc I noticed their sign Priority 1, Priority 2, Priority 3. Based on that sign I was priority 1 and treated as if I shouldn’t have bothered coming to the ER. They picked up and I asked for them to come to the front bc I’d like to speak to them. She arrived and I asked her to tell me exactly what my pets vitals were and she told me. I let her know I was confused about the seniority on how they have patients coming in behind me and I’m still waiting. I said based on your sign, this is an emergency. My dog is vomiting, he’s lethargic, has excessive bleeding, and troubled breathing. Please tell me why he hasn’t been seen yet? Her answer was, I’m sorry we are at full capacity. We left. I’m sitting at home writing this at almost 2am and I’m watching my dog bc I honestly don’t think he’ll make it. If I had to put him down tonight I would have vs seeing him the way he is. Im so disappointed with ERs in the Richmond area. I understand you might be full or understaffed but tell people at the beginning what the deal is so we can make other arrangements. No compassion at all. Have better protocols. I’m seriously disgusted and disappointed.

    Update: our sweet boy passed away at 6:55am February 6, 2023

  20. Danita Bailey 2023/07

    My 8 year old, 75lb dog hurt his foot, we called ahead, did intake online, & got there at 10:10 pm. We called to say we were outside, 10 minutes later, someone called to ask us to park the car closer, I asked if they wanted me to bring my dog to the door, the woman said yes. I lifted my dog out of the car, & walked him to the door. The woman inside looked at me, then hesitantly asked if that was Rusty. I said yes, she said okay and went back inside. I waited for another minute or so, another woman walks out, asked me for my dog’s name and tells me that they aren’t ready for him. I told her that I was told to bring him, & that I couldn’t keep lifting a 75lb injured dog in and out of the car. She gave me a blank look. 20 minutes later, the attendant comes to get Rusty. 3 hours later, I call to ask how he is doing. The rep said that he hadn’t been seen, & was resting comfortably in the back. She mentioned that because of the emergencies, the wait would be another 3 hours. There was one other car in the parking lot who pulled up 2 hours after we did. The rep said that I could leave my dog, it was 1:55 am, but they would charge me $500 as a holding fee. I have been to either the vet or the animal hospital with my dog every month (he had health issues & had to have blood work done) since July of 2020, & before that, I had a dog 16 years. I have never had such a disorganized visit. Between the lack of communication and the rush to charge exorbitant fees, I would not recommend this place, even as a last resort. They deserve zero stars.

  21. Maddie T 2023/07

    Thank you so much to all of the staff! The Vets and nurses were so good with my baby Luna and handled her with great care and compassion.
    The front desk staff are so friendly and understanding and great with the animals as well.
    I am so thankful everyone at Blue Pearl that were there for Luna and helped her feel better.
    She is home, continuing to follow the doctors orders and she is doing well.


  22. Carl Kesner 2023/07

    My experience with Blue Pearl is similar to many others who left one and two star reviews. A sharp piece of plastic became embedded in our cat’s paw. We discovered it about 8 PM on Sunday, called Blue Pearl, and they said to bring her in but it would be a 4-6 hour wait. I arrived with my cat at 9 PM and there were no other cars in patient parking. At 3 AM Monday the staff informed me it would be 8-12 hours. I waited another hour then decided to leave. They never examined my cat and, while I waited, they took others ahead of me. I’m not sure what the point of this place is or why it exists. It was better when it was Dogwood. I’ll never again take a pet to Blue Pearl.

  23. Volkan Aytar 2023/07

    Their staff and DVMs are nice and helpful. However, this place is far pricier than other places. Price of the consultation fee is almost double of other specialty hospitals. I was also disappointed that it took them two days to send us the medical report even after I had kindly asked them that it was an emergency situation and we had to go to another facility. They need to improve their internal communications.

  24. Cadie Kelley 2023/07

    Above and beyond service, on a Sunday nonetheless. Victoria at the desk was sooo helpful and understanding! Long wait, but it is a hospital after all.

  25. Theresa Garriques 2023/06

    I took my dog there and was told that they couldn’t see him because they were too busy. They were 5 cars in the parking lot including mine. Will never go there again!

  26. Max Neumann 2023/06

    I called to inquire about overnight post-op care for my dog who will be having surgery at a different hospital. I was told they provide care but it will be decided after the surgery when the doctor at BluePearl speaks with the surgeon. This means if for any reason they dont want to take the dog, you are on your own and would need to “find one of the other veterinary hospitals nearby afterwards”.

  27. Therianna Ward 2023/06

    Didn’t help my cat AT ALL after waiting for nine hours. He also now has fleas! Take your pet elsewhere!

  28. Jake Soble 2023/06

    My cat had a health emergency while I was at work and ended up being brought here by my parents. I’m not going to lie when I read reviews at first I was a little apprehensive but we couldn’t have had a better experience. When they called they were told it would be a 1-2 hour wait. Upon arrival and explanation of what was going on he was IMMEDIATELY taken back to be examined. All of the employees couldn’t have been more helpful and patient. They even took the time to sit down with me and explain everything going on twice/collect information when I was finally able to break away from work. Yes, we did wait a little but patients are seen based on the level of emergency and yes the place does seem to be a little short staffed but that’s everywhere right now. Cases are seen based on the level of emergency so if your pet is not suffering from something life threatening you’re going to be there a while.

  29. Susan Hudson 2023/06

    We took our 10 year old terrior mix to this emergency vet on Friday May 26 and were told there would be a 4 hour wait or could be sooner. After waiting 2.5 hours we were told other more critical cases came in and it would be 8-10 hours before a vet could look at our dog. We took her in because she had become lethargic and not eating. We decided to take her home as it appeared her life was not important enough to them to even warrant a 5 minute look to see what might be wrong. We were able to get an after hours appt with a local vet the next day only to find out our dog had been bleeding internally and at this point needed to be euthanized. I give this emergency care facility a zero!

  30. Shelby Atkins 2023/05

    The staff were very nice. Front office and triage tech were very nice. They triaged in lobby and brought my animal back but I wish I would’ve been able to get an assessment. I arrived around 445 pm. My cat was brought back immediately. Was told it would be a 4-6 hour wait.. was told at 7 that he was next, then told at 9 there were two emergencies in front of him. however, I waited until almost 11 pm and was still never seen. Emergencies kept coming in is what I was told, by 11 pm they told me it would still be another 4 hour wait. & we live an hour away. People with those emergencies left before I even got seen. Not sure if they’re under staff (which I get) but it just sucks that I waited so long and still never got seen. I would’ve thought maybe some sort of treatment would be initiated (such as X-ray or breathing treatment), but they only started o2. I chose to wait until tomorrow morning to see his primary vet. Probably will chose to not return unfortunately…

  31. Meredith Nusbaum 2023/05

    I brought my dog in this morning who had consumed a button battery. I called and was told the wait was 4-6 hours. All other emergency vets were closed or not taking Admits. When I arrived, I was told she could not be seen but when I said I had been told differently, they said we could be seen by triage. One poor woman was literally doing everything up front- checking people in, etc. way too much for one staff. She gave me some numbers of other places to call- one was closed on sundays (why this was provided on a Sunday I don’t know) the other was not answering. I asked if someone could tell me what to do- either go home and watchful wait or wait it out in the ED. I know we weren’t as emergent as others, but I wanted advice, and quickly. She told me she couldn’t give me advice. It was then another patient who told me VCC was now taking admits and I drove there. Obviously this is stressful.

    My concerns are:

    This agency is obviously understaffed

    No one told me about the poison control number like VCC did. Seems obvious.

    Why don’t the area centers communicate with one another about availability like human EDs?

    Why is the Richmond market for this type of service so small?

    Waiting can be so dangerous in cases like these. I wish someone could have told me what to do more quickly or provide some resources at least . Even if that was sit for 12 hours.

    FWIW, VCC saw us immediately.

  32. Reena Rexrode 2023/05

    Always call before you go to any pet ER. We were fortunate to be seen on a very busy night, after being turned away from another ER. Pet ERs are not first come first serve but based on what’s going on with your animal. I thought the staff handled the number of cases well and gave people realistic time estimates. This is an increasingly hard field to be in, so I urge everyone to be patient and understanding with staff.

    We were the last to be seen out of a large group (about 4-5 hours after arrival but shorter than quoted) and that was okay because my dog was not as critical as the other cases — and in my experience at other facilities, this wait time can be expected. Once we were seen it was a quick diagnosis and treatment. Treatment was minimal and appropriate with conditions, so no upselling. Pricing was fair and on par with what I’ve paid elsewhere. The front desk, vet tech and vet were clear and easy to work with. We didn’t feel rushed, even though it was a long night. Thank you for helping my dog.

  33. Kel Braun 2023/04

    Not PERSONAL experience but experience through my daughter recently. Her cat had eaten something she shouldn’t have and needed emergency care over the weekend. They saw the cat quickly and did many diagnostic tests. Unfortunately after waiting overnight she was unable to pass what she ate and needed surgery to remove her blockage. I do appreciate them not being quick to do surgery in her case and to wait and see instead of jumping straight to surgery that needs recovery and medication.

    Although my daughter was in a panic about cost, I reminded her this IS emergency care and that does not come cheap. She returned a few hours before the cat had surgery to discuss more about the procedure and possible outcome and when my young daughter called me back I could tell she was in much better spirits and was optimistic, after seeing Oliver first.💖 Thank you for that, I can tell your staff understands the importance of our pets.

    Oliver is now home and healing well, getting loved on by her parents. She’s literally back to her normal self (almost) trying to keep her from jumping and playing around is tough but definitely a good sign. She’s eating and drinking and moving around like she didn’t have to have emergency abdominal surgery 48 hours ago.

    And I absolutely must say to the staff I deeply apologize for Olivers sassiness and not wanting to cooperate and seeming mean. She is a very sweet kitty just does not like strangers much. Thank you SO MUCH for balancing your compassionate care and discussion about costs. Although I was not there my daughter she made it sound like it was very professional, and the fact she was no longer worried and frantic about the surgery after the discussion says a LOT to me. Thank you thank you thank you to the staff at Blue Pearl for taking such great care of my grandkitty AND my daughter. I pray we never need your services again for an emergency, if we need any you will be the first place we call!


  34. Abby Ferguson 2023/04

    Worst emergency vet experience I have ever had.

  35. Claire Rogers 2023/04

    I’m mainly writing a review to hopefully reassure folks who are in a emergency situation and need to take their pet here. When you go to the ER you don’t have the luxury of reading a bunch of reviews before hand, but I bet a lot of reviewers read these while in the waiting room!

    Most of the reviewers who rated BluePearl poorly were in non-life threatening situations. I’ve come twice – once with a cat in a life threatening condition, once with a dog that needed overnight hospitalization but wasn’t about to die. Both times I thought they handled it with the urgency that was appropriate.

    When there are only a handful of staff (which is not their fault – there’s a nation wide shortage) if there’s an animal that needs to be stabilized they will be prioritized over one in a stable condition – even if that means waiting for 3 hours. It doesn’t mean they don’t care!

    Once my dog was taken in, it went very smoothly. All the staff were so kind and explained everything thoroughly – both the prognosis and the cost of care. I felt so much less anxiety leaving him there overnight rather than keeping him at home.

    I was a bit worried the cost would go up after the BluePearl acquisition, but it was comparable both times with similar level of care. Again I think those giving negative reviews could have gone to a regular vet and gotten the care for cheaper, but for the urgent, over night type care I think it’s reasonable.

  36. Nicole Pack 2023/03

    We drove here from Fredericksburg because our dog was in distress. She ended up not making it. Kierra was very helpful and made sure we had everything we needed to say goodbye to our dog. I really appreciate her patience with us.


  37. Lorna Quidley 2023/02

    I overall had a good experience when we took our kitten Orion. He was very sick and this was the only 24 hour clinic that was not to capacity.

    The entire staff was very friendly and professional. Were they very expensive? Yes. Were we there for a period of a little over 5 hours? Yes BUT isn’t that expected with ALL emergency facilities?! Yes!

    I am very grateful they were there for us and gave us all options including doing what it would take to get Orion through the night where we could take him to our vet in the morning! So I give them a thumbs up for all they did! THANK YOU BLUE PEARL for being there when we needed you the most on a Sunday night!

  38. Lauren Epps 2023/02

    I visited with my 15 week old golden retriever for vomiting. I completely understand as her vitals were stable she was not emergent, however, we were completely shoved aside and basically ignored once her parvo test came back negative. She vomited three times in the room we were in for two hours, which I made the staff aware of. There was never any acknowledgement by a veterinarian while we were there , even to lay an eye on her and quickly explain the wait. The staff was friendly enough but not pressed to help us and basically said I’d be better off leaving as it would be a five hour wait. Again, a vet never laid eyes on my puppy in two hours . I’m sorry but that’s unacceptable even for an emergency vet. We opted to leave as no care was being given anyway.

  39. Kinsley Alexander 2023/02

    I don’t typically take the time out of my day to write reviews especially a bad review but I had the WORST experience EVER with this office today! I arrived at 4pm for my dog having major seizures and it’s now almost 10pm and they took my dog back for an “exam” and had absolutely no answers from then on and was still charged 200 dollars for absolutely NO ANSWERS NO NOTHING other than them wanting to throw estimates at us for him to be hospitalized but gave us no further information on what or why! So then we proceeded to wait for estimates and another hour and half no estimates no check ins no dr returned no assistant returned no nothing! I finally got up and walked out!! PLEASE DO NOT TAKE YOUR ANIMAL HERE IT WAS THE WORST EXPERIENCE EVER AND IM NOT THE TYPE OF PERSON TO SAY THESE KINDS OF THINGS BUT I CANT STRESS IT ENOUGH AVOID THIS PLACE!!!

  40. MIHI Grace 2023/01

    I took my poodle/chihuahua mix there. He was choking and making a snorting sound. I just grabbed him and drove. I called on the way there and the young lady that answered the phone was so pleasant. The tech checked him out and all was well. It was a 2 hour wait to see the doctor. I would definitely recommend this hospital.

  41. Mary C. Carroll 2023/01

    Dr. Gifford is a skilled surgeon that saved our girl’s life! I can’t be more grateful to them. What’s more, is everyone is very helpful and kind even though they’re overwhelmed with all of our critters. Thank you everyone at Blue Pearl!

  42. Jeremy Snyder 2023/01

    BluePearl did a fantastic job taking care of our 1 year old Cavapoo after discovering he needed an emergency procedure (Urethral Prolapse) just one day prior. BluePearl was able to get him in the next morning. The procedure went flawless as they fixed his Urethral Prolapse along with being Neutered and a Hernia that he had since birth.
    The procedure was costly but it’s expected when seeing a “specialist” as opposed to going to a veterinarian office BUT our little guy is doing much better. Everyone in the office was very professional and knowledgeable which is what you want when having someone operate on your pet (family member). Definitely recommend this office if you’re needing something done that your regular vet office can’t perform.

  43. Heather Burnette 2023/01

    Had very bad Vist all about money don’t care about your furr baby’s doctor very rude

  44. Sheemah Aldosari 2023/01

    They care 💕 …

  45. Steven King 2022/11

    Calling around for a urinary blockage surgery for my cat. Quotes have been expensive but this place is insane. They charge 5 – 6k for it…. I laughed on the phone. They are extorting people. Two other ERs are around 2k. This place needs to be closed down.

  46. John Wojcik 2022/11

    I have had bluepearl do a couple large surgeries on a Border Collie with one surgery actually removing his whole shoulder and front arm. This surgery required extensive cutting, sweing, clamping off arteries, tests, pain meds, anti biolics and the list goes on. The itemized bill had over 40 lines. The total cost of the procedure was $2400.
    Yesterday i brought my beagle in to be seen about a polyp that needs to removed from her annus. As the doctor explained to me the polyp is in a position where he can pull it out and snip it off. The annus will just snap back in place because the skin is not needing to be cut. Of course there will be some pain meds and antibiotics involve but when i recieved the estimate i thought something was wrong. The estimate was 4 lines. No itemization and a cost of $3000-$3500. I don’t understand how this procedure can even compare to others my dogs have had there in the past.
    Reading all these reviews have caused me concern about how Blurpearl is operating over the past years or so. It was in the past an great facility. I hope this estimate is just a screw up and i can change my review because i did like the facility but it seems its changing.

  47. Sonni 2022/10

    Several reasons as to why I wouldn’t recommend Bluepearl to my family or friends, this facility made me uncomfortable. There was obvious miscommunication issues as well as giving orders and not alot of options, basically had to reach for options. Eagered for money. Felt rushed throughout the visit. !Please pet owners! If you feel uncomfortable at any time, take a step back and go to another vet.

  48. Michael 2022/10

    What can I say? My dog was limping for 2.5 months on and off without a straight answer. Blue pearl gets me in a week earlier than my initial appointment. I see Dr. Giannetto who within five mins tells me my dog has a torn ACL and the other knee is not in good shape (which I noticed without telling her). She breaks everything down for related to surgery and tells me she can do the surgey in about a month. In 5 minutes , she goes I had a cancellation and can do the surgey today. Its not a cheap producedure but dog is looking better after 3 days. Dr. Giannetto was awesome and the front desk is outstanding. If your dog needs ACL surgery, come here.

  49. Sarah Grant 2022/10

    I understand that emergency vets are places where anything can happen, so longer waits are to be expected. However, I have been waiting to take my pet for the past 3 hours; my dog has already been seen, there is no one who can walk my dog out to me? Lack of professionalism and lack of caring

  50. Amy Nunnelley 2022/10

    Dr. Summers and her team were there for us and comforted us in one of the hardest decisions of my life. They were extremely patient with us and compassionate. I can not give doctor Summers enough praise.

  51. lechelle smith 2022/10

    My dog needed livershunt surgery i had to go through Two 200 dollar consultations for them both to tell me the same thing then his after post no one communicated a price to me each time i called to set appointment or anything when they called me they did not give me a total they wait till i get here to tell me his appointment is darn near 800 dollars … do these people think I am one of them to where I can wake up with 10000 dollars to my name to play with ? Then i gotta come back in ANOTHER 3 months for ANOTHER CONSULTATION and a total of 800 and i guarantee they are gonna tell me the same thing they are telling me right now THIS IS ROBBERY and I will never bring any pet back here again nor will I tell another to

  52. Chris W 2022/09

    I had good emergency service from Blue Pearl. Both times I needed them, the wait was not too long. Another time, they were backed up, but I called first, and they told me the wait time, and I went somewhere else. The ER doctors I’ve had there were all good, able to perform complex procedures late at night, and then explain later. Assistants were all nice and caring and knowledgeable. This is very important also. All staff need to be personable as you take your ‘child’ (in our case) for urgent care.

  53. Rae Sunshine 2022/09

    Didn’t get to be seen here, but the lovely woman who answered the phone at 8am on a Sunday was wonderful. She informed me that they probably would have a very long wait for my dog’s symptoms and referred me to urgent care in Mechanicsville. I appreciate her thoughtfulness and honesty.

  54. Kendra Fournier 2022/09

    I just want to give a huge kudos to Blue Pearl vet hospital in Richmond. This was my second experience with them, and both were stellar. A vet tech is assigned to the client and pet that follows you through the visit from walking in the door to checking out and walking you out the door. The veterinarian was in the room waiting on us when we walked into the cardiac room for the echocardiogram. The vet explained everything as he went, then sat us down in another room to go over the test results again and see if I had any questions. Also, before the visit, an email was sent out with clear prices for services and a promise to consult before any additional charges. I can’t think of one thing that wasn’t done or handled efficiently from beginning to end. There are several vet specialties that operate within the umbrella of Blue Pearl. I highly HIGHLY recommend them!!

  55. Belinda Cabusao 2022/08

    The best Emergency hospital. Dr. Young & staff. Thanks to all of you we got to celebrate two more birthdays of our dog Mocha. Through your care we’re hopeful that we get to celebrate more birthdays 🤗 …

  56. M B 2022/08

    Money hungry, they do not care about yours pets

  57. Nina Sandler 2022/08

    This place was great! Everyone was super nice and explained everything down to the details.They explained the billing process very well and gave us an estimate. They had a opening back in January when my dog had accident they were able to squeeze her into their emergency
    schedule with a opening we were able to get.

    I’m super greatful my dog Zelda had a successful procedure. They kept her overnight to make sure all her vitals were stable. The next day we picked her up and she was doing better than she was before and she healed well.

    I really appreciate everyone here! Thank you!

  58. timothy rtolley 2022/07

    If I could give this vet a 0, I would. We called about our dog tonight who was having a seizure. We did not know what to do and they were the first emergency vet to pick up the phone. My wife asked multiple times what to do/if to bring him in and they only responded “do what you feel is best” you are the PROFESSIONALS, we don’t know what is best, that is why we were calling you. After the first phone call, our dog had a second seizure, where we called back, to hear the same response with no compassion or care what so ever. It was ridiculous. I have never heard a vet office sounds so shallow and rude. I will never call or recommend to anyone. Thankfully, we found another vet tonight that went above and beyond to help us through the process.
    Edit: they told us the wait was 6+ hours at the minimum for a dog that is having seizures.

  59. Lucy Yen 2022/07

    Just wanted to give a huge shout out to the staff at BluePearl Pet Hospital who helped us during a pet emergency last night. I was super shaken up from my pet’s accident and the staff was nothing but incredibly sweet. We arrived really late and were told it would be a 3-4 hour wait to be seen by the vet. While we were waiting, one of the staff members suggested we wait in a private room which turned out to be more comfortable for us and our pet while we waited – that little bit of kindness was much appreciated in a moment of uncertainty. Thank you BluePearl for being there for us!

  60. KaylaKaycee 2022/07

    My 13 year old Mastiff was diagnosed with bladder cancer a few months ago and when I arrived home yesterday from work, I knew my dog was probably nearing the end of her life.
    I took her to Blue Pearl because I felt she was in pain and didn’t want her to suffer.
    The staff were pleasant, the hospital was clean and my highest compliments go to Dr Riddle.
    After evaluating my dog Daisy, he came in and discussed his findings and his thoughts on her. I was very appreciative of the way that he explained his findings in detail and the manner in which he spoke to me. I didn’t feel as if he was rushing me or pressed for time, even though they were swamped with animals. I decided to euthanize her based upon his findings and thoughts and the staff were very patient and understanding of my emotions.

    I was there quite a well and I felt for the staff as they appeared to be understaffed and very busy with other patients. The cost was about what I had expected considering it’s an Emergency Vet.

    I wouldn’t hesitate to return here in the future with our animals if needed.

    Again my thanks to the staff, especially Dr Riddle for his patience and thorough explanation of his findings with Daisy.


  61. Will Clements 2022/07

    Horrendous. The visit took 7 hours and was just told our cat had spinal issues and was prescribed $60 pain medicine!! And they didn’t even give him medicine while they had him. Definitely would not go back.

  62. Hilary 2022/07

    The vet was very sweet they got us to a room quickly to say goodbye to our pup. We wrote that we didn’t want her ashes and I panicked and recalled them and they wrote in my notes that I WANTED her back.
    And now it’s too late, I was told she wasn’t privately cremated after the vet tech wrote down that I did..
    This vet office has broken my heart.

  63. K. Jones 2022/07

    I had to bring my dog in at 2:30 in the morning and based on the reviews I was worried to visit this clinic but had no choice since this is the only 24 hour vet in the Richmond area. The receptionist, Mallory, was absolutely wonderful and even helped us carry in our sick dog (60 lbs mind you) who wouldn’t walk. She was so kind and patient and in my panic she was so reassuring! We were told it would be a 4-6 hour wait but thankfully we were in and out of there in two hours. They checked my dog’s vitals and put my mind at ease and Dr. Summers was very helpful and understanding. I won’t hesitate to bring my sweet dog back to this vet if needed in the future. Thank you to Mallory and Dr. Summers!

  64. Brook 2022/07

    Brought in my pittie with a ruptured cysts .. met another pittie in the way out.. this chick behind the counter says dirty were at full capacity .. I’m like what?? Er center?? Injured animal and they wouldn’t see him?? Only 4 cars in lot..I think they don’t see pit bulls..

  65. E O'Brien 2022/07

    Did we have a long wait on a Saturday morning when all other vets but emergency are closed? Yes. Did I have to get up once to ask about the status of our price estimate (that I had to sign off on before they’d run the tests on my cat)? Also yes. Was there a lot of talk of money? Again, yes.

    But human ERs have long waits and times when you have to ask staff for an update, especially if you’re unlucky enough to be there with a non-critical case at the same time as a lot of critical cases. And human ERs NEVER discuss cost, so I appreciated having all that information up front.

    I called before going over, because the website showed hours of operation and I wasn’t sure if they were open yet. I got an honest estimate of our wait time based on the symptoms, and I was notified of the exam fee as well. My son and I arrived prepared.

    The vet we spoke with was very thorough in explaining the options, especially because we had a case that was exceptionally hard to diagnose. They let us go home while waiting for the bloodwork to be done, which was very helpful and eased a little stress. When the vet called back with the results, she was very patient as we discussed the options, and totally understood when I made the choice to bring our cat home with antibiotics and a plan to monitor, even saying that if she were in our situation that’s what she would do – it gave me the comfort that it was a good call.

    I HAD to get the medication from an outside pharmacy because they didn’t have the right dose in stock, but this is typically the best way to go for animals and humans – the hospital/urgent care center almost always charges more because most other pharmacies can buy enough to get bulk discounts while the care center can’t.

    (For any who wonder: once she was in the comfort of her home again, Ismay seemed like her normal self and the issue with her walking seems to be totally resolved. This makes me even more thankful for the frank and thorough discussion with the staff, because it’s saved me hundreds of dollars and tons of stress on the whole family.)

    For a true emergency with our animals, I’ll call Blue Pearl again.

  66. Angie 2022/07

    Avoid coming here at all cost. They take advantage of desperate pet owners that seek medical emergency for their pets and charge ridiculous amounts. They charge 7x more compared to other places in the area for X-rays and blood tests and have LONG wait times till they finally see your pet. The vet was knowledgeable but very arrogant. We later found out Blue Pearl Pet Hospital has a reputation of being unreasonably expensive. The only good thing about this place is that the receptionist and nurse were very kind.

  67. Maria Bastida 2022/07

    Several reasons as to why I wouldn’t recommend Bluepearl to my family or friends, this facility made me uncomfortable. There was obvious miscommunication issues as well as giving orders and not alot of options, basically had to reach for options. Eagered for money. Felt rushed throughout the visit. !Please pet owners! If you feel uncomfortable at any time, take a step back and go to another vet.

    Edit: unfortunately, I don’t care enough to follow up. This facility just isn’t up to standards. Thank you!

  68. Joann Leitch 2022/06

    There Staff was short near midnight. A family with a dog on a leash told me they had just been turned away to go to a different hospital. The dog was walking well on his leash with his owners. He had been having nausea and vomiting all day. I watched that dog jump up into the car and leave. I knew he could make it to the next facility. I knew the difference in acute situations and something more serious. So I rang the door bell. I gave our dogs 3 week history and basically benign previous vet visit results. Now we presented with weakness and new onset of shortness of breath. Blue Pearl took her in. Over night stay and test were done looking for answers. Thank you for getting the ball rolling. She was transferred to another hospital the next day due to staff shortage. This was ok. We all get this now days. The very next day at the next hospital lymphoma was diagnosed. Thank you for “hearing” me and for taking her in that night. Now we are lucky to keep her in a good place longer with chemo and love.

  69. April Steeley 2022/06

    I have had to come here three times, today being the most recent, and the first time I didn’t leave with one of my dogs.. the staff here is amazing.. we arrived today with our dog, socks. He died in my arms on the way here but they did everything possible to try to save him, and for that I’m grateful.

  70. Lee Strickland 2022/06

    Dr. Litterine-Kaufman, Dr. Grewal, and their team saved our cat.

    Our kitty needed urgent emergency surgery and finding a surgeon capable of doing what was needed (removing a cancerous intestinal blockage) was almost impossible given how busy vets have been since the pandemic began. We looked everywhere within about a 3-hour radius and no one had availability and a board certified surgeon capable of doing it. We were truly running out of time. Blue Pearl initially said they had no capacity but after hearing about our difficulties through another vet at VVC, Dr. L-K and Dr. Grewal stayed way, way past their shifts to fit our cat in. They went above-and-beyond for us.

    We are so grateful for Blue Pearl and for the team that saved our girl’s life!

  71. Leila 2022/06

    Came in and told it was a 3-4 hour wait. Understandable. We started seeing others that came after us, go back before us so asked how much longer. It was then stated it would be another 3-4 hour wait and that my dog was pretty much put off because his case wasn’t as serious as my dog continues to wheeze, cough, sneeze and cry in the back seat. That was just waste and unprofessional.

  72. Vera Fisher 2022/05

    SAVE your pets from this place! WORST animal hospital in the RVA, they treat pet as things, it is alarming the lack of compassion and communication from the doctors and staff, it’s like they all got their degrees on a quiosque and became doctors.

  73. Jaydah Torres 2022/05

    I came here at 1 am and left at 6 am and unfortunately had to put my Rias to sleep but I never felt so heard and cared for during my whole time there. They were very sympathetic and understanding throughout the whole night making sure I was okay and telling me my options. I didn’t go there thinking I would leave with my baby asleep but it was the best option for her and she’s no longer in pain. I rate the hospital a 10/10 I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend blue Pearl.

  74. Hannah Shinholser 2022/05

    This vet hospital is doing the absolute best they can, and I’m so thankful for them.

    We had to transfer our baby boy from our vet to BluePearl after we found him unable to move or walk. After talking with the vet we were told that it was most likely a blood clot, and had the option for more testing or human euthanasia. It was a very difficult decision, but the quality of life & well being of our baby boy was the most important to us. We were comforted in our decision to let him pass that day. The team was very kind and attentive.

    We just received his ashes back today, and to much surprise they came in the beautiful engraved box & they even got his pawprint 😭😭 this was such an unexpected and appreciative keepsake.

    The whole practice was filled with kind and understanding people. Having emergency situations with our fur babies is one of the most difficult things to do through, so to have a staff that is sympathetic & compassionate is very important. I highly recommend this hospital.


  75. Gabrielle 2022/05

    Rude receptionist

  76. Angelica Skyler 2022/04

    I took my kitten here because they’d hurt their paw. My animal has never been aggressive and was always excited to meet new people but that changed after I took them here. Everything was fine in the waiting room, but after they were taken back I was told they were hissing and swatting (which they had NEVER done before) and I would have to pay for sedation.
    I asked to see my kitten to try and calm them- then was placed in an exam room where I had to wait HOURS just to see and comfort MY PET that also happens to be my emotional support animal.
    It seemed I was forgotten about as my kitten was scared and alone in the back probably mortified by the different smells and sounds.
    Now here’s the kicker, when I finally got someone to bring me my pet- they were placed in a muzzle and cone to “protect the technicians” and carried by hand with their injured paw rather than be placed inside the carrier and brought back to me. Why would they do any of that without my consent?? My animal has been TRAUMATIZED and is even skittish to me and the people he’s been around his whole life.
    The only redeeming quality about this place is the coffee/tea bar for when your waiting for hours while your pet is being terrorized in the back.

  77. jessica goins 2022/04

    When we first rescued our newest baby, he was barely 6 pounds & actively declining. We took him to this emergency vet & they gave us the honest truth and when we decided we wanted to give him a fighting chance they did just that and helped us do everything to bring him back! He now gets to enjoy his life with his sister & get spoiled. The only thing I would’ve changed while we were there was the amount of time it took to get seen, an other steps but that’s with a lot of emergency places. But we can’t thank them enough for all their help with our Buster!


  78. Pinky Koch 2022/04

    DON’T BRING YOU CAT HERE. I wanted so much to like this place since the Norfolk branch was so good but it’s HORRIBLE. To preface our cat possibly ate a needle. I called as soon as they opened(sunday). We got here at 7:20 in the morning when there were only one or two other pets here. Waited nearly 4 hours with them saying my cat was being x-rayed, 3 times. A dog came in 1-2 hours after us that ate a squeaky toy and they got x-rayed and left after like 90 minutes. Left without him being x-rayed to just keep an eye on him and bring him to our vet tomorrow since it’ll be quicker!

  79. Catherine Bacon 2022/04

    I arrived sat morning with my 15 year old plott hound with an explosive infection involving one eye neck head and throat. Blood running from eye nose and mouth, labored breathing. My vet on Friday gave me prednisone thinking it’s a tumor behind eye. But Dr Ashley Quarles treated her with fluids, pain meds, blood tests, antibiotics. Today is Tuesday. Swelling is gone, appetite is back, she can walk. All and all healing nicely.
    It was a miserable day from 9:39 am to 8:37 pm. Worth every minute to us and to my old Annie. Thank you blue pearl team and God bless Dr Ashley 💙 🙏

  80. Bethany Linden 2022/04

    I took my dog overnight only to get there and see signs posted that the ER was closed. The website hours said they were open and when I tried to call ahead there was no answer, but the VM said to proceed to the ER. Luckily, my dog was stable enough for me to find another emergency vet to go to, but that’s a very dangerous risk to take for an emergency clinic.

  81. Caroline Fox 2022/04

    I’ve been to this dog ER *many* times for multiple dogs who have decided that my life was too calm and they needed to add some *spice.* Each time, they have been outstanding to us. Whether it’s been a dog attack on my then-puppy, dealing with a dog who ate a tampon (gross), or an u expected emergency end of life appointment (our vet was closed and things went downhill quickly) they have been nothing but compassionate and kind to us.

  82. Gazelle Williams 2022/04

    I took my dog to this hospital and it was a HORRIBLE experience. My dog was a trauma 1 patient with vomiting, not standing and had passed out several times. He wasnt stable and they had me waiting in the waiting room for hours (overall I was waiting from 1030 am until 730pm) to have a doctor see him. Just to get his vitals checked it too over 5 hours of waiting. After the doctor saw my dog after waiting 7 hours she asked the same question that were in the intake. It was if she did not take time to read my questionaire or look at the records of when he was there the last time. It was horrible and they ended up relasing my dog with no type of help. They said they were going to email the discharge paperwork. The next morning I had to call back because they did not release the discharge paperwork. Said the doctor had already left and there was no way to relase discharge paperwork. This place is a rip off. Save your money and time and go to a real hospital.

  83. Chris Clark 2022/03

    We took our puppy to this vet for surgery. Told us all she needed was one procedure then after that failed they turned around and wanted to do another procedure for more money. Like who has thousands of dollars to spend on guess work?! Go elsewhere for your pet’s health care and this place is only after your hard earned money.

  84. Lois Thatcher 2022/03

    If I could give a minus number, I would. We arrived at 8:30 am and it is 5:00 pm and are still waiting to see a vet. Our dog has a UTI with blood in urine. No sense of urgency or need to utilize customer service standard of service. We feel our pet would benefit from an antibiotic. Unfortunately, we need an Rx to get meds to assist in getting bacteria from her urinary tract .
    So frustrating.

  85. JessForFun Z 2022/03

    Don’t come here if you have an emergency….or for any reason. You will be put aside- and our situation was an actively dying cat. She had to go thru it for 15 more minutes while we rushed her somewhere they could put her down peacefully. Our baby was actively seizing, and they said go to the car and wait…this was over the phone while we stood outside. No one actually talked to us in person….no name or information about who we were, but they did know what was going on. There was no miscommunication, and we understand Covid restrictions, so I don’t want any excuses. When we complained after all was said and done, we got more excuses and were told to call to resolve the problem. Really? She was already gone….why bother? You didn’t care when it mattered. What is actually considered an emergency? Horrible. Took her to a much busier vet who took her right away and thankfully her last moments were peaceful. I don’t want anyone to have to see their baby go thru anything like this. Seems like a shady place, and compassion doesn’t exist. Thank God she was not aware of anything at that point because of brain activity, she had had a benign brain tumor for a while and we knew eventually something would happen. She was happy literally until the end. Had a great day, then this happened in the middle of the night/early morning. She didn’t know what was going on, but we watched. We watched for longer than she should have had to go thru it. They didn’t even sound like they were paying attention, so maybe that’s where the miscommunications come from. From one pet parent to others….please…just don’t.

    PS: You don’t see it, because we left. Excuses. Shocking.

  86. VA Kline 2022/03

    I took my cat sparkles here after he was hit by a Henrico county cop. My mother went with me as I’m disabled. They said they could fix his broken leg. At a very high cost but no way could I look my 7 yr old in the face and tell her I couldn’t fix her cat. It was 5000 and credtcare paid 2000. We were left to pay the rest. They gave sparkles excellent care and in but after this expensive surgery he just died. I had an autopsy done. Apparently he had heart issues no one not even his regular vet detected. He had a massive heart attack. They cremated him and sent him back to us. They did provide him excellent care but it’s a shame you don’t do payment plans.

  87. Scott Lipschitz 2022/03

    The staff was excellent. They were courteous, professional, and knowledgeable. They have a Dr. Available later then any other vet in the Richmond/Chesterfield area. And I especially want to thank Dr. Chelsea Hester for being amazing!! Thank you.

  88. Hayley 2022/03

    I was recommended to take my dog here by my primary vets when they didn’t have a vet available due to just opening. When I got there I explained that my dog had a freak accident. Some of her teeth had been crushed and one was bent backwards. The vet came into the room and told us there was nothing she could do because they didn’t have a dental vet and that my dog was fine and to just schedule an appointment with her primary vet. She didn’t even ask to look at my dogs mouth until my boyfriend asked if she wanted to see it to which she glanced at it from a few feet away and assured us she was fine especially since she wasn’t acting like she was in pain. As soon as we got into the car I called my primary vets and explained that BluePearl had said I needed to make an appointment to which my primary vets told me it was indeed an emergency. My primary vets had me come in to evaluate my dog and did surgery same day. They told me I was lucky I brought her in when I did because if I waited it would’ve been way more difficult and my dog would’ve made the damage worse. I’m so upset that I wasted my time bringing her here only to get shrugged off

  89. Shannon Hocutt 2022/03

    My cat, Mordecai, was fine all day then suddenly had trouble breathing around midnight. I rushed him to BluePearl and they took immediate care of him. The doctor calmly and professionally explained all the possible explanations for poor Mordecai’s predicament, from most to least likely. Then they admitted him.
    Unfortunately, they had to call me early in the morning and tell me it was the worst case scenario. The doctor was still calmly professional as he explained the possible treatments and his honest assessment of Mordecai’s chance of survival via these expensive treatments. I made the difficult decision to put my beloved companion down rather than make him suffer through surgeries he wasn’t likely to survive.
    Although I now associate BluePearl with trauma and bawled when I had to go back to pick up my cat carrier, I think they did the absolute best they could do for Mordecai. The front staff was talkative and friendly at the beginning, when I was talkative and friendly. When I went back depressed and grieving, they quiet and respectfully gave me my space.
    They also refunded 2/3rds of the money I had given them, since Mordecai wasn’t there for as long as we thought he would be and didn’t need as many tests.
    I am thankful that I know we both did everything in our power to save my baby.

  90. Maddie Albrecht 2022/02

    If I could give this “emergency vet” zero stars, I would. It is unthinkable that a place with such exorbitant wait times as 8+ hours could even consider themselves an emergency pet hospital. We brought my dog in because her entire face had become swollen along with her lymph nodes. She was also shaking a bit. When we arrived, they said she would be triaged in 30 minutes and that depending on her stability, she would see the doctor in 8 hours or so. When they took her to get triaged over an hour later, they did not explain what the remaining process would be. They told us that they were taking vitals, and yet did not share what that meant. Come to find out, they didn’t really take any of her vitals and did not share any information on her status with us. They didn’t even take her temperature over the course of our 9 hour stay. The only thing they gave her was benadryl, which didn’t do anything so they ruled out an allergic reaction and told us it was likely something more serious. It could have been an infection or even related to a tumor. They told us they were going to try a streroid, but then hours later came back and told us they changed their minds and that we would have to talk to the doctor before she received further care.They said it would be another 2-3 hours before the doctor could talk to us. In the meantime, they wouldn’t even do blood work to check for an infection! They didn’t even look in her mouth for visual signs of something causing the swelling. And while we were waiting, they communicated nothing about whether we could see her or have her come wait with us. At this point, we’ve been here for 5 hours without any form of care at all in her triage unit. The whole point of triage is to provide some medical care and to do lab work for the doctor. For the duration of our stay, we did not receive any kind of update even when my mom asked what was going on. After our 8 hour stay was over, my mom had to go ask the front desk why she wasn’t being treated by the doctor only to be told that it would now be another 2-3 hours before the doctor could see her. That would mean we had waited 11 HOURS for EMERGENCY CARE. Are you kidding me? And I understand needing to prioritize those with worse conditions, but to wait there with no communication, no treatment, and the ultimatum that we had to speak to the single doctor on call there be treated is ridiculous, unprofessional, and frankly dangerous. We ended up having to take our sweet dog home, still swollen and in pain, because they didn’t do anything. When we decided to leave, they suddenly said that she could be prioritized and that the doctor could actually see her now. So, basically, they didn’t want to lose the money they would have charged her for actual treatment. They are a scam, and capitalize on the fact that they have a monopoly on the emergency vet care on the weekends. There is nowhere else to go. You have no choice but to wait, and they will charge you insane fees just for the waiting even if you don’t receive any care at all. In the end, we had to pay $130 for essentially 1 benadryl pill and 8 hours of absolutely nothing. I can’t imagine what they charge you if the doctor actually sees you and provides treatment. Don’t go here, save your time and money and make a longer drive somewhere else if your pet is having an emergency. It will save you money and time in the end.

  91. Alexander T. Williams 2022/02

    My dog 😥 was bitten and I called to take him here because his normal vet is not open on Sunday. The woman who answered the phone informed me I would have to drive to Fredericksburg or Williamsburg with him. When I asked how they were considered an emergency veterinarian and why I had to take him somewhere else she informed me they did not have an emergency vet on staff. I told her that I couldn’t drive that far with him and asked for somewhere local I could take him she hung up the phone. I wouldn’t take any of my dog here even if they had a vet on staff due to the rude interaction on the phone. Nor would i recommend to anyone needing an emergency situation to come here. If you aren’t capable of helping on the phone and are rude I question how you would be with my dog behind closed doors.

  92. Scot J 2022/02

    Be prepared to wait. Been here 7 hours and still no doctor.

  93. Ashley Walker 2022/02

    If I could I’d give it a zero. Seemed to not be interested in helping my grandmother’s dog.. as they had higher priority pets… Backstory: over night her dog had lost the ability to stand eat drink and urinate … But I suppose this wasn’t enough to warrant an exam all they offered was to check her vitals… I will never be back here and I hope for your pets sake you don’t either.
    They seem to be all about putting an animal down not actually trying to find out what’s wrong and treating them … It’s a shame.
    They seem very nice at first but apparently it’s a show preparing you for the let down.

  94. Scott Taylor 2022/02

    My dog was in here for over 12 hours for a laceration that needed 12 stitches. It was a Sunday and I understand being short staffed but other customers were put in font on us who had stable vitals. The place seems poorly run or under staffed or both. Some more competition would certainly make these folks deliver better customer service

  95. Faith Clements 2022/02

    We decided to take our cat here this evening, we waited 7hrs just to be seen and then the dr left the room and said he would be right back with treatment plan and never returned, had to go find someone to come back into the room so we could leave. It took an hour for them to bring me the cat and the meds. I understand emergency, but 7hrs for a veterinarian office is a little long. I will not be back. And all they did for my pet was pain meds and follow up with a vet. So why did I need to wait for you? I would avoid this place at all cost.

  96. evin dogu 2022/02

    I went to two different veterinarians after my dog June’s cough worsened over the last year and unfortunately, neither vet was able to diagnose or treat her condition. A friend of mine then recommended Blue Pearl to me.
    I made the appointment and was able to bring June in soon after. Dr.O’Connell, one of the internal medicine specialists, did a thorough check up of June including X-rays/radiographs and spent a great deal of time on the phone with me (Covid-19 protocol at the time) to get the most accurate medical picture of June so that she could understand what triggered this worsening cough of June’s.
    Dr.O’Connell was able to figure out the trigger (a teeth cleaning where she was intubated several months prior) and diagnose June’s condition (a collapsed trachea and chronic bronchitis) after the first visit and prescribed medications that improved her cough almost immediately.
    During this time, June developed a hernia that needed to be operated on and it was then I was introduced to another veterinarian at Blue Pearl, Dr.Litterine-Kaufman, one of the surgeons. Like Dr.O’Connell, Dr.Litterine-Kaufman was very thorough in explaining the reasons for the surgery and any potential risks. The surgery went very well, and I received a phone call as soon as June came to from the anesthesia. June’s recovery from surgery went smoothly and there were no complications.
    I continued to work with Dr.O’Connell and one of the vet techs Tyler throughout the year and while June’s condition ended up being too severe in the end to continue treatment, I know that they did everything they could to help June and minimize the discomfort and severity of her respiratory condition.
    Though the services at Blue Pearl are not cheap, they reflect the excellent value in the quality of care received. You get what you pay for and in this case, throughout the year there was constant communication via phone calls and emails regarding June. These were all included in the service and anytime I called to ask questions about June, within 24 hours I got a response and was always asked to follow up within a few weeks to let the team know of her progress. It was always very obvious to me that the team at Blue Pearl really cared about June.
    I rarely write reviews, but I was so impressed with the team at Blue Pearl, from Gretchen the friendly, kind receptionist to Tyler and Dr.O’Connell and their professionalism, expertise and love of animals that I felt inspired to share my experience.


  97. Erin Zettlemoyer 2022/01

    I came home to find that my dog had gotten into the trash and had eaten some chocolate. This place showed up as the closest to me. I called them looking for advice and I was redirected to the ASPCA because there was no vet there yet. I call the ASPCA and couldn’t get in touch because they wanted almost $100 over the phone to tell me if my dog was going to be ok. By this point, my dog has thrown up 3 times. I say screw it I’m just going to head over there and hope someone will help me. The lady who answered the phone when I pulled into the parking lot was cold and rude telling me that if finances were my concern I could take my dog somewhere else. She also told me another vet would tell me “if he was ok to wait or about to die”. Do not go here….these people don’t care about animals at all

  98. Jenny D 2022/01

    Like everyone else, it was a true emergency visit to Dogwood. It says on their website to call them to let them know you’re coming so they can be ready and that’s what I did. I walked in the door, they knew who I was, what I was there for and got right into action. My very, very ill cat didn’t have to wait at all. He ended up in their ICU for that day, that night, and into the next. Yes, they are expensive, but they are an emergency vet service with top notch work, so why would anyone complain? They treated my Happy with such care and me with such empathy and warmth. My cat is still not close to out of the woods but everyone is doing their best and that’s all I can ask. I have nothing but praise for Dogwood.

    It’s 2 yrs later, Dec 12, 2021, & my update is for my 18 yr old Lucy, my wonderful longhaired tuxedo girl. Renal failure finally took it’s toll on her and pain began last night. First thing this morning, I was ushered into Dogwood (Blue Pearl). Taylor had taken my phone call & was so sympathetic and empathetic. She was also part of the help in prepping my girl. It’s a terrible day when you have to say goodbye to your beloved pet. Dr Alyssa Thompson was my vet on duty. Soft spoken, gentle, & patient with my tears and emotions & ulta gentle with my Lucy. It was all over in a minute with my Lucy’s head tucked into my chest. She was at peace with no more pain. Can’t say the same for myself, but I can say that once again Dogwood/Blue Pearl came to the rescue with all the gentleness and compassion anyone could ask for. They are my angels, true angels.


  99. savannah taylor 2022/01

    Honestly. Horrible. Christmas eve I bring my dog in and get thrown a curve ball of basically a death sentence for my 3 year old dog. The vet then jumps to the conclusion that it must be heart worms and makes me feel like it’s my fault my dog is dying. Then throws the fact most pet parents euthanize when I’m not even fully understanding what is going on then someone walks in with a $2800 invoice to even FIGURE IT OUT and I have 2.5 seconds to decide what to do. I then decide to do actual stuff somewhere else and get a second opinion so all I asked them to do was drain the fluid and confirmed the price then they add another $100 on that price magically and all I can say is these people don’t care about your pet. It’s all money

  100. Carissa Joy Clark 2022/01

    I’m not recommending this pet hospital!!! My baby was diagnosed with Salivary Mucocele, we’ve been suffering for 5months by hand feeding and going to vet every 3weeks just to drain her swollen neck and tongue. I’m also pregnant while taking care of her just to make sure she’s taken care of. We went to this pet hospital to do the surgery on her so she won’t have any more issues before the baby comes yet they didn’t do their job! Instead of removing the damage salivary glands and be done with it, they just cut the extra swollen skin under her tongue and call it done! After 3weeks her mouth started to swell again and she’s having a hard time to breathe. We called them back about the surgery and guessed what they want to do another surgery on my baby With a Full Surgery PRICE! They didn’t do their job and don’t care about your baby! They act professional but they don’t know how to do their job! Find someplace who really cares about your puppy not this place who only cares about MONEY!!!

  101. Nancy Walter 2022/01

    I had to come to Blue Pearl after my dog swallowed a piece of clothing right before I could stop him. After multiple tries to induce vomiting at home we called our regular vet who was booked up. We then proceeded to call the Emergency vet near us who was closed. Finally found blue pearl and took him over right away. They took him back immediately and were very kind. After the first dose of nausea medicine was unproductive the vet came in the brief us on our options. She was very upfront and respectful of pricing and possible outcome. We decided to try to induce vomiting one more time and it worked. We could hear the staff cheer when he finally vomited the clothing up. All in all this was the best (and cheapest) emergency vet visit I’ve ever had to experience. Highly recommend!


  102. J 2022/01

    The hospital had some mild communication deficiencies that happen to affect my family and our pet in a very big way. Although I had to be patient, management was able to really compassionately help to resolve the situation–what’s important isn’t the mild deficiencies a company has, it’s the way they respond to them that matters! Thank you Blue Pearl Hospital.

  103. Ender Ender 2022/01

    The only emergency vet in the area that was able to assist after my dog was attacked by another dog. Clean facility, prompt service, and the bill was on the low end of the estimate provided. Satisfied with the service I received and will hopefully never have to utilize their services again. They would be my first call if I do need veterinary help after regular hours.

  104. Ellie Leonetti 2022/01

    Professional, caring, and compassionate when I had to unexpectedly put a rat down. I do not think they regularly see exotics, but it being a Sunday I gave them a call to see if they could perform euthanasia as there had been an ongoing illness with my pet and I no longer wanted her to suffer. Everyone I encountered was amazing and I appreciate deeply that this place was able to accommodate us in our time of need.

  105. Sarah Hull 2021/11

    To start off I will give a little background. My dog Tilly has been having stomach issues for a little over a week. Our regular vet recommended changing her diet. This morning our poor pup got worse, we tried taking her to our regular vet but they were closed due to power outage. After hearing how sick she was this morning they recommended Dogwood.
    They don’t make appointments which is fine I followed there instructions I filled out their paper work online and called when we had arrived in their parking lot, 9:30 AM. They took her in shortly and told us it would be one to two hours. They also recommend you do not leave their parking lot while they have your pet or it would be a $500 reservation fee. My fiancé and I said that’s fine and decided to wait.
    Hour one, didn’t hear anything not unusual. Hour two goes by seems kind of long but I am sure they are busy. Hour three I was nervous, no one has tried to contact us saying they were running behind. As I said before she was very sick this morning and I was concerned. I decided to give them a call while on the phone I was told they still hadn’t seen her yet for an exam but she was next in line. Thought okay at least they are about to see her I am sure there just must have been a back up. Then hour four comes along still no word from anyone. I called again because this wait seems abnormal since I was originally told one to two hours. Was something wrong? Did they find something? While on the phone they said the Doctor did the exam but did not have time to talk to us because he had to walk in with another patient. At this point I am thinking okay, at least they did the exam they should be giving us more information soon, let me relax and let them do their job. Finally we have hour five. That’s right hour FIVE after being told one to two hours. We’ve been anxiously waiting for our dog, in their parking lot like they suggested and we haven’t heard anything.
    We notice the parking lot starts to fill up. I call them again asking for any update and was placed on hold for so long my fiancé ended up trying to call them himself. Thankfully they answer his call (mean while I am still on hold) and told him they just had two emergancy patients come through and they don’t have time for us but could take a message.
    Now listen, I love animals and I am sure the pet owners that showed up to what was my hour five were very concerned. HOWEVER I was there as well. With MY dog who I was concerned about. Being told they were too busy to answer me, that is one of their biggest mistakes, you have my dog and if you aren’t going to help her or tell me what’s going on I need her back. Not just take a message down and push us off to the side again. I also would have taken there emergency patient excuse better if I had not been there so long. What was happening at hour 2 or 3 even 4? Were they just taking there sweet time? Is it poor time management? I will never know because there was absolutely NO communication.
    As I said at this point my fiancé and I just wanted our dog back. They said they could bring her out but they would not be able to go over the results with us and would have to try and call us later. After we took the day off work, waited all the time, no one could even tell us the slightest bit of information on what to do next. Can I give her water? Should we try and have her eat something? If so what and how much? We have nothing, just wasted time.
    So here I am, with my poor dog that is still sick, waiting on a phone call which will probably never come. If they can take anything away from this review or my experience there, PLEASE work on your communication. My dog is important to me, bringing her there and not going in is scary for both her and I. Their lack of attention has made this process even worse. I will be not being going back to Dogwood and will share my experience with our regular vet and urge them NOT to recommend them either.

  106. P Taylor 2021/11

    I had a great experience and the people at this hospital are wonderful. I did not experience any of the things in the negative reviews. ✨

    Everyone I spoke to on the phone was so compassionate and kind and listened to my concerns. I felt that they truly did want to help my Kitty and get him feeling better. There are so many reviews saying they only care about money. I did not get that impression at all. The staff were all just lovely. They updated me frequently and kept me totally in the loop about how much things would cost and that I can deny treatment if I can’t afford it. They won’t do anything resulting in more charges without asking you first

    My cat threw up, and then started running around with dilated pupils, twitching, stumbling like he was drunk, hitting his head on cabinets, drooling and panting and making strange noises. I called blue pearl and described his symptoms and asked if they thought it was serious enough to bring him in. They said yes to bring him immediately. When i got there i called in and they came and got him within 10-15 minutes. They called shortly after to let me know they needed to do emergency stabilization because he was in critical condition and i needed to put a $600 deposit down, but i would get it refunded if treatment didn’t end up being that much.

    They soon called with another update and said he needed to be admitted and stay overnight resulting in more charges. They sent me a detailed estimate of the low and high end of the charges based on how long he was staying, saying it would probably be 24-48 hours. They said i can deny treatment or, if i was on a budget, they could try to just do the most necessary treatments, and would consult with me.

    The next morning I called for an update. They said they’re busy but will call back in an hour or two. Then the vet called to say he was doing much better after treatment and could go home today. She described how he was seeming shy so they gave him a hidey house. And that she moved a cat away from him that was bothering him. Overall i just felt like my cat was in great hands and everyone was so kind. Yes it’s expensive, vet care, especially emergency vet care, always is.

    And i saw a lot of reviews about people being mad that they had to wait hours to be seen for soft tissue injuries like a hurt foot. You can probably wait and take your pet to a normal vet for that. This is an emergency vet for things that can’t wait. 🙂

  107. Courtney Parham 2021/11

    I made a big mistake taking my dog to BluePearl Pet Hospital. The front desk staff is very unorganized and has know clue what’s going on. I had to take my dog to them twice and both times, I was required to park my car and call the front Desk, I had to call several times to get somebody on the phone and when I finally got somebody on the phone, they placed me on hold and never returned. I spent an hour with my two kids waiting on discharge papers for my dog and when I called the front desk to see what was taking so long. I was told I’m not sure I wasn’t the person you spoke with. After spending $425.00 for an Vet visit, we were told to take the dog home and give her meds that didn’t work. We were told if our dog didnt get better, we would need to admit her into the Hospital for more tests. I gave in and spent $1800.00 and admitted my dog into there ER Hospital, for the doctor to run more tests and observations, because I couldn’t stand to see my dog in so much pain and the doctors still couldn’t give me a cause for her illness. The doctors were more concerned with finding another reason to charge more money . After paying BluePearl $2225.00, they still couldnt tell me what was wrong with my dog. They pretty much told me to give my dog pain pills and just make her comfortable. A few days later i took my dog to another veterinarian and they diagnosed my dog within minutes with hookworms. I took my dog home gave her the medication provided and in two days my dog is almost back to her normal self. BluePeal cant even disgnose a simply thing as hookworms. Please take your animal to another veterinarian if you want your animal to live. BluePeal was so concerned with making money they were willing to risk the life of my dog. How are you going to let a dog die for more money??

  108. Shawn Reeves 2021/11

    Great staff and very honest!!!
    They charged us what they thought that was going to need for our Leo french bulldog to stay overnight and then we got a pretty big return on that the following day once they figured out that they didn’t need everything they had charged us for. They did this on their own it was nothing that we asked we were actually confused, we got great service and these people are super honest. That’s 2 hard things to find in this world from most companies and these people have it.
    Great job team!

  109. Gaby Rilee 2021/11

    We took our cat to Dogwood on a Friday evening when he was suddenly unable to walk on his back legs, not eating, lethargic, etc. It was some time of sitting in the car before we even had an update on our cat. He was hypothermic and it was suggested he was hospitalized for the night to receive medications, fluids, and diagnostic testing. We were given the quote, which we couldn’t afford. The tech responded with an “oh. Well what can you afford?” Surely we aren’t the first people to enter your doors to be unable to produce thousands of dollars, just on diagnostics with no leads or even a hunch of what could be wrong.

    They called us back hours later with a new estimate “for our budget”, we paid and I asked for an update on our cat. The tech told me he was enjoying his heating station and was a “little lump in the corner”. Are you kidding me?! During this conversation, I also had to hear about “our budget” 3 times. The vet only called him “your kitty cat”…please work on calling the animals under your care by their name. The bedside manner here could use drastic improvement.

    We were able to take our cat home the next day with pain meds, no diagnosis and not a ton of improvement. We were told euthanasia was premature. To their benefit, he did improve for some time with pain meds. When he came home, he immediately used his litter box and peed for 1+ minute. He was not a cat who was picky about his box, which makes me believe he did not have access to one. We had 12 more days with our cat before he had 4 seizures back to back, the last one resulting in a cord wrapped around his neck 5 times. Had we not been home and in the room with him, he would have died a very horrific death. His post-ictal phase displayed the exact same symptoms that we originally brought him to dogwood for. However, neurological causes were never presented to us as a possible cause. Probably because of “the budget”.

    We had to bring our cat back to Dogwood to euthanize him after his seizures, as he was not recovering and we could not watch him suffer any longer. As we were paying after he passed, I saw a sign on the desk area wall of the 5 principles of Mars (who owns BluePearl)…the last principle is Freedom: “we need freedom to shape our future; We need profit to remain free.”

    I hope everyone who works there can understand the horrific feeling a pet parent has as they read that sign and wonder “is my pet dead because you wouldn’t make enough profit?” We’re you unable to diagnose him because you CHOSE not to, simply because we couldn’t front thousands of dollars in the middle of a pandemic where everyone’s livelihood is affected? And yes I do mean you chose not to because it’s not that you couldn’t find a diagnosis, it’s that you wouldn’t without the Benjamin’s in your pocket.

  110. Kimberly L. Winn 2021/11

    I did appreciate the Very Congenial And Caring Customer Service. They even sent a card of Condolence for the loss of my pet. The Only problem is the Excessively Expensive Costs for their service. Otherwise… A Good Experience!!

  111. V Poe 2021/11

    The Pros: These are friendly, professional, and knowledgeable people.

    The Cons: I truly regret going here. My dog tore a tendon in his leg and could not walk. The place ordered a custom leg brace that was never mailed into being made, until I called a month later asking about it. Another month later I had to call and find that it had already been delivered a week prior, and no one contacted me about it. Why am I doing all the work! When i went to pick it up, they increased the prices and double charged me on something else. Go somewhere else… it will be worth the wait.

  112. Earl B 2021/11

    This is one of the slowest animal hospitals I ever went to. 7 plus hours in here and still waiting. I’m starting to think my skin color is making me wait. I’ve seen 8 people come and go! This is the worst!!

  113. Katie Bernard 2021/10

    We had to bring our cat here when our regular vet couldn’t fit us in for a semi-emergency. It was our first time at an emergency vet, and we were really happy with the experience. The staff was incredibly friendly and prompt, and it was reasonably priced.

  114. Keri Cullen 2021/10

    My beagle needed surgery for a torn ACL. They fit me in same day for both the consultation and surgery (it was incorrectly diagnosed as a spine problem at first by an outside veterinarian and we were at the neurologist on site). They called before with an extensive description of surgery, possible complications, and recommendations. They professionally and thoroughly answered my questions (and I had a list!). They called right after surgery with updates and thorough discharge instructions. When I had concerns about her skin on her leg, I just emailed pictures to them and they responded within 12 hours. They made a tough situation much more manageable! Would definitely recommend.

  115. Robert Partin 2021/10

    I couldn’t recommend enough that you STAY AWAY from these people. My wife and I rushed our kitten here at the recommendation of our veterinarian after our dog hurt her. We knew she needed help but it didn’t appear too major. We got there and they told us that they wouldn’t open for 15 more minutes so we waited. When they came out they took her inside and said they’d call us soon with news. We new that something wasnt right Even though she wasn’t bleeding and had no broken bones. They called after 30 minutes to tell us her vitals were good and that she would at the doctor soon. 45 minutes later the doctor calls to tell us that she needs to do X-ray’s to check her out and would have finance call to work out the details 20 minutes later finance calls and tells us that they needed $650 up front to do x-rays and give her meds. Now I’m a firm believer in paying what is fair for services so I asked if we could set up a plan to pay for this since we just didn’t have that sitting around and knew there would likely be more things l that she would need. They refused and instead asked “well then what is your budget?” I have never felt so helpless in my life y’all. This lady was telling me that I either paid up front for my animals care or there was nothing she could do. So I told her exactly what I could pay and she said she would call me back. 15 minutes later she called back and said that for $185 she could give her some pain meds and we could take her home and follow up with our vet later. I figured that they wouldn’t send her home to die and if there were something wrong then they would work with us…. Well I laid with her all day and then left for an hour. I came back to find my 8 week old kitten had died. My wife has balled her eyes out for hours.

    I say that because this really shows that they care more about money then animals. I didn’t refuse to pay anything, I was happy to do what needed done. They just REFUSED to help my kitten unless I paid first. So thank you Blue pearl. I am now mourning the loss of a pet that my wife loved so much.


  116. Vicki Satterwhite 2021/10

    I would NEVER recommend this Pet hospital for an emergency! My prior veterinarian sent me here when he botched my 3-year-old Bernese Mountain Dog’s spay. All Blue Pearl had to do was stop the bleed and save her life. Instead, they performed more surgery on my already critical baby….taking out her spleen without consulting me. ( Spleen was benign.) Twice during the 5 days my precious girl was fighting for her life, the doctor tried to send me to DC, saying she would get better care. What? I thought Blue Pearl was a specialty/emergency hospital! Turns out he was right. My baby died from infection and fever after too much surgery. After paying over $12, 000, Blue Pearl’s insurance company offered me $1,800 in compensation. My heartache continues from losing my baby over 2 months ago. My anger at this hospital, the surgeons, and the CEO’s of this company will never go away. They should be ashamed!


  117. Laura Price 2021/10

    My pet and I received outstanding service in our hour of dire need. I will never be able to thank Dogwood/BluePearl enough for their caring, gentle assistance.

    Molly eats everything. I cleaned out a closet last week and think she may have eaten a black widow spider. Extreme vomiting, diarrhea, salivating, walking drunk. I stopped crying long enough to call another vet hospital first. It was just after midnight; I told them I’d be there within the hour. When I arrived at 5 to 1, they said they were full and couldn’t admit her. They told me to call Dogwood.

    The Dogwood tech stayed on the phone with me THE ENTIRE TIME that I drove from the first place to their location. It was unfamiliar, dark, and I was sobbing. Just to hear someone on the line was so helpful. There was staff waiting for us as I pulled in the parking lot.

    I was given a clear diagnosis, instructions for meds, and timeline. At 4:30 I was overjoyed to see my much-better pup trotting out the door. The bill was steep but for emergency care, realistic.

    Other reviewers have not had such great experiences, and this is too bad. Dogwood/BP provided us with excellent emergency care when we needed it most. I will continue to recommend them wholeheartedly.

  118. Thomas Bickett 2021/10

    Very helpful in a successful situation. Thanks for taking care of Atticus!

  119. mRVA 2021/10

    i agree with so many of the other negative comments. this is a poorly run practice. they did not demonstrate an ounce of urgency or compassion. i was told they would take my dog back, but it would be 2-3 hours before a vet would even evaluate his condition. and i had already wasted an hour in the parking lot waiting for techs to collect information.

    if you have other options, choose somewhere else to take your pet. this emergency vet system is wildly mismanaged and inefficient. it’s no wonder beloved pets (cited in other reviews) die under their care.

  120. Joey Hodges 2021/10

    3 words…


    10 hours from start to finish. Crazy right? Buuuttttt, these folks C-A-R-E! Yes, the 5+ hour wait is TRUE folks, but when you have a pet in an emergency, I WILL WAIT! Remember, you are near a whole lot of places to occupy your time and palate, so you can occupy your time while your pet-baby is being seen.

    My niece’s cat needed help and the staff and veterinarian were great in helping. I tried other VETS in the area where I live, who aren’t emergency care vets, and they could have cared less.

    I found BluePearl and they took me in right away and showed compassion. Now I will say, come with your credit card, but if you weren’t utilizing a monthly pet insurance plan to begin with, chances are you can expect to pay for an emergency medical visit. Like Dave Ramsey says: Have an emergency fund. And the fund came in handy here. I highly recommend Blue Pearl.

  121. Jenn Spain 2021/10

    I brought my senior cat Kiyu in because I thought he may be dying. The staff quickly took him to the back and did a quality of life exam and deemed stable for the night. The staff explained there was several hours of wait time because other pets were in critical condition. I wasn’t charged for the vital check. I was very emotional upon arrival and everyone was VERY kind. The technician was one of the sweetest ladies and explained my cat may have another condition that can easily be treated with medications. Staff was reassuring, kind, excellent customer service. Thank you so much for your positive attitudes and the difference you make in pets lives. If I have any emergencies I would return to this clinic. Also thank you so much for making sure my fur baby was comfortable during the entire process.

  122. Allison Zahory 2021/10

    They saved my cat. He required emergency services which included surgery. Yes it was expensive, but they took very good care of my cat. All in all I would recommend them and I am most thankful to them.

  123. Stephen Smith 2021/09

    At this moment in time it is 6:27am on 11/6/21. I got in with my kitten at 8:42pm on 11/5/21.

    The majority of my time here I have been alone. Literally nobody else, I’ve called out and no response.

    They locked me inside overnight and checked on me three times.

    I asked to just take my kitten and go home, they had me pay, and said they’d quickly bandage her wound and I’d leave soon.

    That was at 4:24am and I haven’t seen anyone since.

    I have now been awake for over 24 hours and I’m still locked inside. I haven’t seen my kitten since 9:30 last night.

    This place sucks.

  124. Emily 2021/09

    Really grateful to the staff here and so glad I chose them to care for my pup. Every single person I spoke to was knowledgeable, communicative, friendly, and reassuring. My dog saw an emergency vet the night she was admitted and then a specialist the following day, and both took their time to understand what was going on, explained my options clearly, and inspired complete confidence. There was a significant wait for my dog to be seen the night I brought her in (since she was stable/not critical), but the staff explained upfront the expected wait time and provided an update as she approached the front of the line to be seen. They also ask for payment for estimated treatment costs upfront, but refund back anything beyond the actual cost once the pet is discharged. Really can’t say enough positive things about this place, and it will definitely be at the top of my list if I should ever need emergency treatment for a pet in the future.

  125. Shahneese Wright-Hall 2021/09

    In 2015, I brought my baby to receive emergency care. He had been hit by a car. He was blessed not to die. After spending, considerable amount of money, the lead veterinarian told me the best was euthanasia. I wanted to take him back home. I said, patch him up, as the veterinarian said could be done. I wanted to take him to his veterinarian who had taken car all my dogs for 14 years. Informed he could die at home. I was so distraught. With hesitation, I agreed. I thought, when the veterinarian brought him out for me to say “see you later”, he was going to be weak. He sat up when he saw me. The veterinarian said his bone in his back was severely fractured. That for the remainder of his life he would need to be taken care of and not be able to control his bowl movements. Since, I have done my research. I should have brought my baby back home. I hate this place. I will NEVER recommend this veterinarian emergency hospital. All the veterinarians do not care. Wanted me to pay $2000 to have a MRI. If all what I was informed, I could not understand why a MRI was recommended. The only reason to me was so they could make money. I am still in pain. I look at pictures and tears come to my eyes. He could do all the obstacles, at the dog park. The other owners asked me where did I have him trained. I informed them I did, I have always trained my own dogs. How he get hit? He was going to the bathroom. A car comes flying down the street, without their lights on and hit my baby. I had no time to react. To this day, still unsolved. I only gave one star because that was the only way I could post.

  126. Jonathan Smith 2021/09

    We’ve been here since 6:00 PM. It’s 3:30 AM. Our dog cannot use his back legs and we still haven’t been seen by a vet. The vet techs have only been in twice in over 9 hours. Will update once we see the doctor.

    Update 4:40 AM: Doctor came in and was super informative, helpful, and apologetic concerning our wait time. She patiently explained the issues impacting our dog and our next steps with the rest of the team.

  127. J 2021/09

    Go to another place please. This place robbed my money for my pet who died days after the visit. I am very upset about the fact that we had to wait ALMOST 3 hours while my pet was left out dying. The place was not even filled up with people. Honestly very disappointing.

  128. Andy Paik 2021/09

    Took my dog here on Sunday evening to have my dog treated for a bite wound on her neck. Waited about an hour in the parking lot before someone came to take my dog in for treatment. Was told that it could be up to a two hour wait before she would be seen by a vet. Received a call two hours later to let me know that the vet would be taking a look at her wounds to decide the best course of treatment and to give me an estimate to which I accepted. At this point, they said it was okay for me to go home and that there was no need to wait in the parking lot since it could be up two more hours before a vet would be able to treat her. I am relieved to be told that the wounds were “superficial” and the treatment would likely not need stitches, they would shave the are, inspect and clean the wound and send her home with some pain medication and antibiotics.

    So I go home to wait for the call to pick up my dog. From this point, it was FOUR hours before I heard back from them. It is almost 1 AM at this point and I go to pick my dog up. The vet tells me again that the wound is superficial and no treatment was necessary beyond cleaning. I am reassured that no stitches were needed and the wound would heal on its own.

    After bringing my dog home and getting her down, I take some time to inspect the wound and notice that the gash in her neck is quite deep and is definitely not “superficial”. But I trust the vet to do their job. The next morning I awake to blood all over my dog’s blankets and bed and blood coming from her wound. I chalk it up to the dog scratching at the wound and wrap her neck with gauze with the hopes that the vet will be right. Two days later and the wound still has not scabbed over and continues to bleed at the slightest movement. On top of this, the gash looks worse and has begun to smell rotten. I immediately take her to my primary vet and have her treated. I’m told that her wound was not treated properly. To treat her wounds, my dog was sedated due to pain, they needed to reopen the gash, scrape out the infected and necrotic tissue, and stitched her up with TWO layers of stitches. I was told that wounds were absolutely NOT superficial and she should never have been sent home without stitches.

    Sorry for the long post, but I think it is important for people to know that this level of care and treatment for our pets that we consider members of our family is unacceptable. Being one of the only emergency vets in the area, a certain level of service and care should be expected but Dogwood has seriously failed in this regard, and a quick scan of other reviews should show that this is not an isolated issue. Warning to pet owners, stay away!!

  129. Travis Altman 2021/09

    Go somewhere else. First they took 2 hours to see my pet. Then after getting the cost and paying it took them another hour to bring my pet out. Ridiculous!

  130. Laura Hinkle 2021/08

    Awful care – if you value your pet’s life stay away from this place. My dog was extremely ill and, after 5 hours he hadn’t been seen yet. They kept insisting that he was “chilling comfortably”. I finally insisted that they bring him back out to me so I could take him somewhere that would actually treat him. When they brought him out he was not comfortable at all. He was shaking and panting. I ended up taking him to VRCC who actually acknowledged he was very sick – he almost didn’t make it. If I left it up to Dogwood/BluePearl he would probably be dead.

  131. Suad Ikanovic 2021/08

    Came here because our dog was having problems walking, talked to a lady at the desk, she said “we have to wait in the parking lot for 8 hours” because of the wait. No appointments can be made, or be put in a queue, they really expect people to sit in their car for that long, absolutely rediculous.

  132. Audrey Weaver 2021/08

    The staff were awesome and took wonderful care of my dog. They were extremely busy but they were up front about the wait and kept giving updates on how much longer it was gonna be. They explained the plan of care and came up with two invoices to choose from. They answered all of my questions. I never felt rushed. They were kind and everyone had a smile on their face. My dog is feeling better. I would definitely go back if needed.

  133. Robin Orton 2021/08

    This place is awful. Came there and was told there is a 8-10 hour wait but that my dog’s vitals would be checked when we arrived. Got there and waited 2 hours and not even the vitals were checked. My dog has not eaten or drank water and they basically said others dogs were sicker. The front desk girl was nice but we just left. This place is awful!!! No compassion. At least at a real ER vitals are checked within minutes of arriving

  134. Karyn Cusimano 2021/08

    DO NOT USE THIS PLACE! My poor 13 yr old cat was in horrible pain & they kept him in a back room in his kennel for 12 hrs no treatment or pain meds. They were “busy” with more important pets and finally I had to threatened to call the cops because the lady at the front desk wouldnt discharge my cat until I spoke to the Vet before leaving but they were so busy and I was tired of waiting so we left with no meds to help him.

  135. Blair Swecker 2021/08

    Don’t go unless you have 7 hours and minimum $500. My experience was ridiculous. The dogs with non-life threatening issues should be treated and moved on. The triage excuse does work cause I was there 7 hours to watch. They keep them that long to justify the price. $100/hour. Minimum 5 hours. The company that owned this facility before Blue whatever knew how to take care of emergencies. This places is bad news.

  136. kirsten ladendorf 2021/08

    Do not take your precious animal to this non care facility. They do not know what they are doing, staff, doctors, CEO’s and all affiliated with Blue Pearl.
    They let a dog that was admitted already in distress and removed her spleen with no owner consent!
    Then 5 days into critical care they could no longer do anything and recommend moving her to DC. Unfortunately the damage was done and Ellie past. A beautiful 3 year old gone because of Blue Pearl.
    Oh, the insurance adjuster did call to offer $1800 for her, guess the felt GUILTY!

    Stay Away if you love your pet!

    You all should be ashamed!

  137. Kelsey Robusto 2021/08

    Came w a stable dog and was seen quickly by a tech. Thanks for helping us this morning

  138. Annie Miller 2021/08

    We discovered both of our dogs had eaten raisins. We immediately drove to Blue Pearl Richmond and called from the parking lot and explained the situation to the receptionist. The receptionist proceeded to tell us that they couldn’t help us because they “don’t have a toxicologist on staff” and that furthermore no facility in Richmond had a toxicologist and that our best bet was to call animal poison control. Fortunately after that we called our friend who is a vet who said that that was absurd, that our dogs needed immediate veterinary care, and to go to a different facility. We took them to Virginia Veterinary Centers (where we will be going from now on) and they are treating them. The VVC vet said that the information the Blue Pearl receptionist gave us is nonsense, that treating a dog that ate raisins does not require a “toxicologist” but does require immediate veterinary attention. The information the Blue Pearl receptionist dispensed is not only wildly inaccurate, it is dangerous.

  139. Nikki G 2021/07

    Should be able to give 0 stars. I was there with a friend tonight. She waited 10 hours and was told she had to give a $500 deposit to “start testing”. Nothing was ever done in 10 hours. Staff was rude to everyone I saw them interact with. At the end we were told non life threatening animals take at least 8 hours. I have never experienced such unprofessional and disrespect from a veterinarian staff. Warning to all go somewhere else. DO NOT GO HERE!!! We ended up going to another emergency vet. An hour later got answers.

  140. Chenoah 2021/07

    They are caring for my Sphynx kitty now who is having seizures and I feel assured he is in good hands. I will update as the process moves along. They’ve been so compassionate compared to our experience with another vet last night and got him on medicine right away. The staff is all friendly and they don’t get irritated when you call to check on your pet. I do recommend.

  141. Sarah C 2021/07

    My family brought our cat here when he couldn’t stop vomiting. The staff were incredibly helpful, kind and calm, which was welcome as I was having a bit of a breakdown. The medical staff were extremely patient when informing us of our options. I’m so glad we brought Marlon-Verdell to BluePearl, and I would do it again in a heartbeat if he were to have health issues. At no point did we feel rushed, and the staff did a wonderful job of keeping us informed throughout the process of taking him back and having his vitals checked. We had never been here before, but I’m so thankful we now have a solid resource for both of our cats should they ever have an emergency. 10/10 would recommend BluePearl Pet Hospital! Marlon-Verdell is feeling much better better and says a big “Thank you!”


  142. Lindsay Ray 2021/07

    While you never want to have to make use of an emergency 24 hour care facility for your pet, I was very pleased by the care my dog received while at Blue Pearl. I was also pleased with the regular updates I received from the vets working with my dog. The staff were all friendly and showed wonderful compassion to me as I had to say goodbye to my pup.

  143. Kimberly Gorrell 2021/07

    So I’m currently sitting at another vet because BluePearl basically said my dog was not serious enough to be seen and that there was a 4-6hr wait time after I drove 3 hours to bring here to the ER because they done her cancer surgery. After getting there they tell me the wait time and say they can take a $500 deposit to keep her basically in line to be seen if I wanted to leave. I said no way and go to another clinic right across the road. They immediately took her blood and knew she wasn’t okay. She was having seizures and her kidneys aren’t doing good at all. Her calcium levels are so low she might not make it! And this WITHOUT A DOUBT IS BLUE PEARLS FAULT after me explaining her shaking and falling over that is serious. And yet they just say basically there are other traumas more important. So if my dog dies because of this I will be contacting an attorney. BluePearl and all the corporate companies only care about money! $4200 later and she’s probably going to die because Blue Pearl didn’t think she was serious enough! To add we had a follow up last week and I told them about the same conditions she was having and how she was lethargic and not wanting to eat and puking and they just said to give her her thyroid meds! So here’s to another $2000+ at another emergency vet!

  144. Sierra Brown 2021/06

    My dog was given great care but wait times were horrible. I sat in the parking lot for up to 11 hours to get my dog returned to me.

  145. Erica Floyd 2021/06

    I went the other night for my dog who was vomiting all day. Sat in the car for 7 hours for them to tell us we can do X-rays and tests for $900 or $300 to send him home with fluids and a anti nausea shot ect.. we went with the $300 option. They recommended a prescription diet or chicken and rice.. and did not inform me I needed a legit prescription for the food. My dog would not eat the chicken and rice so I wanted to go with this option. I called them back to get a prescription for it and was told they would call me back. They never did. I will never take my dog here again.

    Edit: they called me the day after this review to make things right apparently. I got the voicemail. I already figured out other options so I do not need their assistance anymore. I have raised it a star because they did call but honestly it should have been when they said they would. Or better inform someone bringing their dog in. I can deal with the long wait/sitting time.. Feeling like my dog wasn’t important enough to take a moment of time to give me a prescription is what bothers me more than anything. Or sending it with me the night we left, it was only for food. My dog had not eaten in 2 days when I called and asked for it because I was advices to stick to bland food for his stomach (of chicken and rice or the prescription food) if I had know I needed a prescription for it I would have gotten it the night we left from them.. Which I was told I could get from them. But didn’t stop after saying so and proceeded with the rest she had to tell me.

  146. Debbie Welch 2021/06

    Having had a good experience in the past I took a cat to them that had not eaten in two days and was lethargic. I was told it would be about two hours. When I inquired about leaving and coming back was told I would have to pay $500 in case they need to perform additional tests. I was not told this would be refunded if tests were not needed so I stayed
    After three hours with no information they called to tell me that she was taking it easy but they couldn’t get the vitals because she was too anxious (feral cat) and I would be called at 1230 for an update. No call so called them. They ask if they could sedate to do the exam. I agreed. At 245 still nothing so called again. Was advised they would need to do additional tests. Was told they just started the exam 30 minutes prior to my call. Having sat in a parking lot with only a porta potty available I figured I already had 7 hours invested in this and by the time I could get her to another vet they would have to sedate her again so I agreed. This time though they said I could leave and pick her up later that evening. The same excuses others have mentioned are the same I received. I was also told they would make corrections so it doesn’t happen again. I see now that is only lip service as based on the reviews they continue to have the same issues day in and day out. The vet was nice and informative but that is not enough to overcome the complete lack of customer service and I will no longer recommend or use their services for emergency care.

  147. O2 Median 2021/06

    Worst vet out there waited 8 hours for a dog that has a cut on her neck the size of a baseball went home to let my other dog out when I called back to see if I could get in they said I’d have to start the process all over again while my dog sits there and bleeds!!! For 8 hours!!! Do not recommend this place very slow and inattentive to your pets needs! Did not even address her open wound to stop bleeding and wanted me to wait another 8 hours to get seen

  148. Kate Traweek 2021/05

    I am so amazed with this place. I brought in a kitten that had been hit by a car. They came out very quickly and it only took a few minutes before the vet came to talk to me. I was pretty emotional over a cat that was not mine and was feeling a bit ridiculous. Although the kitten did not make it, they reassured me that it was great that I brought him in and it made things easier for him.

  149. Randy Shurie 2021/05

    After over a week of treatment (during which we were unable to get his meds into him – he’s a fighter) for blocked urinary tract, my cat needed overnight monitoring and treatment that my regular vet couldn’t provide. BluePearl assessed him ($220) as generally healthy and were not interested in keeping him overnight even when asked to do so.
    I took him straight to VRCC. They read the paperwork from my vet, treated him overnight and were able to give him the meds he needed. He came home with clear follow up instructions and he’s back to his normal self.

  150. Stacey Boone 2021/05

    I arrived at Blue Pearl at 6:52 pm with my 11 year old shorkie that suddenly had trouble standing. I called that number as posted on the gate to advise them of the reason for my visit. A few minutes later someone came out to get my dog and at 7:15pm I got a call that only informed me of my dogs vitals. I was told at this point that my wait time would be 2 1/2 to 3 hours and that I would need to wait in my car during that time. I was told that if I left, with the exception of “running to get something to eat”, I would need to pay a drop off fee I am writing this post at 1:13 am and I am still waiting in the parking lot for my dog.

  151. Lewis Mills 2021/05

    I had to take my dog here twice last year for unexpected illnesses. Both times at late hours. This is not his regular vet. However, the staff were great and on both occasions my boy got great care. They obviously care about animals. On the second visit I did walk away with a pretty big bill (about $1,000), but the on-duty vet informed me of the treatment option in advance. I gladly paid it because my dog got great care and running a 24/7/365 vet emergency room has got to be expensive. Even though my dog has a regular vet I like knowing these folks are there for emergencies.

  152. Tracey Waldbauer 2021/05

    I’ve been to different emergency vets dozens of times in my 20 years of rescue. It’s never a pleasant experience but I felt the staff did their best for their patients. While I was in the waiting room, I witnessed several emergency dogs and cats brought in. Naturally, the techs gave the unresponsive dog and cat hurt in a farming equipment accident first priority. I waited a long time but eventually saw the vet who explained everything well and gave me options. As it was a stray, sick kitten I chose the most cost effective. They prescribed antibiotics for her eyes and orally and 12 hours later, she’s purring and eating and drinking.
    The staff at the front desk were kind and responsive to questions. I will go back if I have to but I do think they need more techs and at least another vet on at night.

  153. Lisa Adams 2021/05

    I have only written one other bad review and I write a lot of reviews for our business but didn’t feel this review was appropriate for our business page so I posted to my own account. In a crisis, I made the best decision I could in a timely manner. I took my cat to Dogwood without knowing much about it. My main issue was the communication about the welfare of my pet while in Dogwood’s care. Communication after initial check-in was beyond terrible. During my 3+ hours sitting in my car, I called 4 times, once being put on hold for over 6 minutes and yet never getting to speak to anyone about how my cat was doing. I saw cars come and go yet I received no phone calls until the doctor called me 3 hours after check-in. I really had no problem with the doctor. He did his job. When my husband, who was at home, called the front desk, he was told shift changes and patient discharges caused the delay in my pet’s care. I spoke to someone at the front desk several times during my 3 hours in the parking lot but she didn’t really seem to care much, didn’t seem very helpful, and had no sense of urgency, and that felt very much conveyed. You just don’t treat people with such disregard. I was upset about my pet and to just have to drop my cat off, in this Covid-19 age, to people that he has never met before was very emotionally difficult for me, as I am sure it would be for any pet lover. I will never bring my pets to Dogwood again nor will I ever recommend their services to anyone. Communication is SO important. Had I read the reviews online about the lack of communication with other patients, prior to driving to the emergency center, I most likely would have gone elsewhere but I made the best decision I could have at the time. It just happened to be the wrong decision. Thankfully, my cat is okay and his injury was not life threatening but had it been, I really don’t have much confidence that this facility would have taken care of him in a timely fashion. (Update: actually it seems my pet was not okay. We now assume he had a seizure that night based on a similar episode that happened the next week. Perhaps if it didn’t take 3.5 hours for the doctor to see him, someone may have noticed the symptoms he experiences within the first hour after.)

  154. Rhonda Dixon 2021/04

    Waited over 6 hours as my 9 month old pup was vomiting all inside the waiting area. Was told a 4 to 6 hour wait. Finally told another 2 to 3 more hours. Left & never saw a doctor!!

  155. X. Natasha Lindeback 2021/04

    Absolutely horrible place that seems to care about money more than anything.

    My sister had a surgery consult for her senior dog who had cancer and was assured that everything would be fine post surgery. She was quoted $6000 for the surgery.

    During the surgery they discovered the situation was even worse. Like arteries wrapped around tumors. Instead, of reevaluating the situation they went ahead and continued which ultimately led to an earlier death for my sister’s dog. And to add insult to injury they charged $3000 more for a decision they chose to make without input from my sister because the surgeon said that she just went ahead because she hoped my sister had the money.

    Now, they refuse to work out a payment plan with my unemployed sister and are holding the remains of her dog.

    Ultimately, this is a surgery they should have never recommend and they should have been more honest and up front about the potential negative outcomes. But I guess it’s better to get someone to save up their unemployment benefits and drop nearly $10k just to have their dog die anyway.

    So definitely get a second opinion about any surgery before going here. And don’t expect any compassion from these robots.

    This place was better when it was known as Dogwood.

  156. Anna Marie Mason 2021/04

    We had the absolute worst experience with the doctor on Monday nights shift. He stated to us “he isn’t qualify to do the throat exam on our bull dog & our dog wasn’t his priority“ mind you he was a level 3 dog. If you have a very sick dog I would never bring them here. They where not compassionate what so ever!

  157. devin martin 2021/04

    Very friendly and welcoming staff!! They were patient with my grumpy kitty and thoroughly explained the treatments/medication and kept me informed on the process the whole way through! I will definitely come back here again should the need arise. Thank you 🙂

  158. Tara Larrick 2021/04

    This was not my first emergency visit to this facility, so when I had concerns about my dog I already knew where to go for excellent care. I recently returned for care of my dog who had a sudden onset of balance and coordination deficits along with other symptoms. I will say that the staff greeted me and my significant other with compassion for our concerns. They were transparent about the long wait we should expect. Their estimate was fairly accurate. Once they took my dog in to the facility we waited in the parking lot and received calls from the facility as updates were available. We observed that there were other obvious critical patients had arrived, so we understood why it took so long for our dog to be seen. Note: he was wagging his tail and seemingly improved upon arrival. Our dog was diagnosed, treated, and we received oral medications to take home. So far, his symptoms seems to have resolved. I appreciate the compassionate care this facility has provided to all of my pets recently and in the previous years.. I’ve been there with a pet that was immediately rushed in and promptly seen. I have also experienced the long wait. This tells me they know how to prioritize their patients based on level of acuity. That is a good thing.

    Thank you to all of the staff/techs/veterinarians who have provided competent and exceptional care to my fur-babies.

  159. Tiffanie 2021/04

    All the staff were super nice. Orri was taken care of.

  160. Elliot Cohen 2021/04

    I went to your facility last night because my cat let out a yowl, had convulsions and lost consciousness. When I arrived, there was a note on the glass door that said I had to call to be buzzed into the building. I called but no one answered. I saw the phone at the desk light up, but no one came to pick it up. I ended up driving to Virginia Veterinary Centers on Cary St. Unfortunately, my cat Adrian was dead on arrival. I doubt anything would have been different if she had been attended to earlier. The vet at VVC said it was likely a heart attack. Still though, I mean what the hell? What is wrong with you people? I hope whoever was supposed to be at the door had something really really important going on, because I lost my friend.

  161. Mark Bellotto 2021/04

    Dr. Giannetto is the best!! She is highly recommended. She took her time and explained everything to us in detail. My dog had TPLO surgery for a torn CCL. (ACL) I’m very thankful to everyone that checked us in and out and made the process easy.


  162. Mary Medina 2021/04

    I had to bring my diabetic cat in at 11:30 P.M. and obviously wait for several hours but everyone I encountered was very friendly and supportive.

  163. tina anderson 2021/03

    WOW! What can I say about this place, only one thing……They chose money over a life of an animal!!!!

  164. Danielle Morris 2021/03

    Came here at 6pm and was told two times that the wait was 3 hours. After an hour or so goes by, my cat is still in the car in his crate. We call them and see why they haven’t checked him in or come to get him yet, etc. (mind you there were not many people at all who were there prior to our arrival) they finally come out to get him and just say “sign this and we will check his vitals” ok cool, great. FOUR HOURS LATER everyone that was there before us and who had arrived in our time waiting was being helped and we had not gotten so much as a phone call. I called once 2 hours after they took him back and they said he would be seen at nine. Once again, great cool. Then it’s 9:50, we’re waiting still. Wait until 10 and call in to see if literally anything has happened since we had not one single update the entire time we were waiting (in our fing car btw,) they are noticeably irritated and tell us we were not urgent enough and it would be SEVEN MORE HOURS. Now, the wait time was an issue yes but the real issue in our opinion is that they did not even attempt to update us, give us a new time period, or even tell us that they weren’t bringing him back to the car after they took his vitals. We wasted nearly 5 hours and got absolutely no results. Were told 7 more hours when there were merely two other cars in the parking lot who had both arrived much later than us. Not to mention several pets were brought back to their owners who had pulled in 5 seconds prior and were walking to and from the car, etc. in not any worse conditions than my baby. Moral of the story is, absolute piss poor customer service….

  165. Bradley Jobe 2021/03

    I took my cat who had been seizing for 30 minutes and was in the process of dying to this “emergency” vet at 6am in hopes to get her the help she needed to pass peacefully. Instead of any care or compassion, I was told the wait time was atleast 10 minutes and that we would not be able to be with our cat in the last moments of her life. We had to drive 15 minutes away to a different vet who was more than happy to help our animal and allow us to be with her even though they seemed more busy than the last.

    Absolutely horrible.

  166. Heather Gundy 2021/03

    My dog was recently diagnosed almost 2 months ago with and has been getting treatment for epilepsy by a neurologist at Bush Vet Neurology Services in the same building as Blue Pearl. Over the past couple weeks, my dog’s meds haven’t been able to keep her from having seizures…the frequency and intensity have increased as time has gone by. Of course, when my dog is having a crisis, our neurologist is on vacation, so my normal vet referred us to Blue Pearl ER when my dog had cluster seizures yesterday and today and maxed out her rescue med doses. It seems as though everyone assumes that Blue Pearl ER has neurologists on staff since they share the same building and waiting room with other specialists, but that is untrue. Blue Pearl ER is ran entirely separately. As soon as I stepped inside I was asked to pay $600 upfront, before they even had time to evaluate my dog. Someone whisked her into the back and we never saw her again until we left. In the meantime, my daughter and I sat in an exam room for about 3 hours. I brought along the seizure log I keep to share with the doctor…she didn’t really want to hear all the details. Despite me calling over the past few days to BVNS, begging for someone to please prescribe my dog some prednisone, no one would do it. I told the ER dr that my dog had 12 seizures over the past 10 days, and that number of seizures would most likely cause brain inflammation because she had it before and it was seen when the neurologist performed a MRI and spinal tap a month ago. The ER dr suggested we leave our dog overnight because they said they could administer IV meds to stop her if she was seizing. I was presented with an estimate of over $2000 just for them to keep her overnight. I said I preferred to take my dog home. I doubt anyone there would watch her as closely as I can, plus I don’t have thousands of dollars to throw around, especially after spending $5000 on vet bills just last month. So the ER dr said she would go “consult” with one of the neurologists next door, which seemed to be a federal case. The ER dr reappeared with a new quote…now they wanted to do another MRI and spinal tap….for $2000+. I couldn’t understand why it was necessary…they said they needed proof of brain swelling before prescribing anti inflammatory meds. Again, I said no, I thought it was completely unnecessary and inhumane to put my dog thru that again. Stess causes seizures, and she just had it done last month! Her hair still hasn’t even grown in fully on her head, and they wanted to stick a needle in the base of her skull, as if it’s no big deal? Do they really think I can afford to pay for monthly MRIs and spinal taps just for the heck of it? After I said no to the the MRI, the ER dr disappeared and then came back with another proposal…this time she said we could assume there’s inflammation and prescribe prednisone. FINALLY! GOD, IT WAS RIDICULOUS! I’ve never seen so many people acting like prednisone is basically an opiod. My dog had been on prednisone last month,, so I couldn’t understand why everyone was doing their best to deny it to her…it’s not as if it could hurt anything!
    The fact is these people prey on the emotions of pet owners who feel helpless, and push costly and unnecessary procedures on you because they know you’ll feel guilty for questioning it. In the end, I was refunded about $250 out of my upfront $600 payment, but was still overcharged for all the more they did. They put a catheter in my dog’s leg in case she needed IV meds, but she never seized while we were there, so they never gave her anything. No bloodwork. I basically spent $350 for prednisone and a liver supplement. All this place cares about is $. The ER vet didn’t even care enough to refer to my dog with the proper pronoun…she’s a girl, she was wearing a sunflower bandana and floral collar…her name is Fiona, yet the ER vet kept saying “he/him”, and even on the discharge paperwork the ER vet gave me, she referred to Fiona as a male. I will never go back to this ER.

  167. ada larsen 2021/02

    We took our 6 1/2 mo old maltipoo puppy to the 5918 west broad street location yesterday. My puppy was suffering with a gastrointestinal issue because she ate something in the yard that made her so sick.
    She was shaking and crying in pain.
    The receptionist was Cold and Uncaring from the start. The tech Andy who came out and began questioning us was cold and stoic and did not introduce themselves until I asked who they are (are you the doctor?)
    Thank goodness the Vet Dr. Grewal was very nice and somewhat comforting. My dog feels better now.

  168. Goose Goff 2021/02

    Went in because my dogs back legs were unable to be used. Had to wait 4 hours to be put into a room to wait 2 more hours to be told we had 8 hours more to wait. I understand the severity of some cases and I understand that means we get continually shoved back in emergencies but it’s absolutely ridiculous to think its not an emergency he’s unable to use his hide legs.

  169. Brooke Rabe 2021/02

    Called the hospital after the regular vet recommended them because they didn’t feel comfortable handling my cat’s sudden illness. I called Blue Pearl and was told that it would be a 6 hour wait and to get there as soon as possible. They also suggested that I fill out the intake form online which I did. Upon arrival I called again to let them know I was there but no one answered, so I left a message. After over a half an hour of not receiving a call back my boyfriend calles again. This time someone answered and said that it would be an 8 hour wait before anyone would even come to get my cat for even triage. I decided to go to another hospital where they were atleast able to do a triage within an hour.

  170. Judy Aspinwall 2021/02

    My sister, Vicki Satterwhite, just posted her experience at Blue Pearl Pet Hospital in Richmond, Va. I am appalled at the treatment her 3 yr.old Bernese Mtn. Dog received there when she arrived w/critical blood loss. By removing her spleen without my sister’s permission, her extra blood supply was disabled, causing her unnecessary & unimaginable pain & suffering &, ultimately, her death at such a young age. The experience of this loss has been heartbreaking for all of us. I’ll not fail to mention the burden of ridiculously outrageous costs for the improper care of this beautiful dog who was never given the chance to live. Blue Pearl has now asked me to delete this review of what actually happened to my sister’s precious Berner & I certainly will not! Their negligence in causing my sister’s Ellie to become even more critical is inexcusable & should be shared w/ the public in hopes of preventing this from happening to someone else’s beloved pet.

  171. Isabelle Francisco 2021/02

    We are so thankful for Blue Pearl and all of their staff there. Our kitty Magnus went in Saturday morning for what we thought was constipation but ended up being much more serious. Although he spent the entire weekend their with them I had no doubt in the amount of care or high quality of care they gave him. Not only were they exceptional at staying in touch with us (even being short staffed and overwhelmed), they made sure he was comfortable every step of the way and it is because of the wonderful people there that Magnus did not die and got to come home Monday. They were thorough discussing with us the treatment plan before anything was done, after he was unblocked and recuperating in the hospital but also at discharge. Although I hope I never have to visit a emergency vet again, this is my first and only choice for an emergency vet and I appreciate everything they did for Magnus in the time that they had him ❤️


  172. Sandy Bullock 2021/01

    So it has been a while and I think I can write without breaking down. My boy became so ill and I had no way to help him. I called my vet and they advised that I come here. It was the most heartbreaking experience but he had to transition. The staff here is wonderful. So patient and did not rush me at all. I was so scared that they would disregard my feelings but they catered to me and Pepper. I was able to spend all the time that I needed with him before he passed. I was able to be at peace with him and was able to sit with him until I was able to walk away. I really appreciate this as I had never experienced this before. The front desk women was awesome and the ever she was so patient. I received a card and my baby in the most gorgeous memorial keepsake. Thank you from the bottom pit of my very soul.
    Cassandra Bullock ( Pepper) mom

  173. Dylan E 2021/01

    I felt like my pet received very poor care, and it seems they have a heavy focus on money, and high pressure sales tactics.

    My pet potentially ingested a toxic substance requiring simple but urgent care. They waited over four hours to even discuss administering any treatment – this could have been the difference between life and death. They got very upset and rude with me when I asked them to discuss the medicinal necessity of the items comprising the full $10,000 quote I was given for care. I know the human-sized version of the supplement needed can be purchased for $25 over the counter at a pharmacy. They continued to push me for my “max dollar amount today,” and again were very frustrated when I asked to weigh the medical necessity of each decision rather than just spending as much money as possible.

    I will never bring a beloved pet here again.

    I ended up paying them a few hundred for the supplement so my pet could get started with treatment and then taking my animal home.

  174. Katie McLernan 2021/01

    dogwood vet was light years better than my previous ER vet experience in carytown. the compassion, speed of care, and communication made the experience virtually painless. my dog was having an allergic reaction to an insect sting or bite and the vet who talked to me was very clear, had the nicest demeanor, and let me know what services were needed versus recommended to help with cost.

  175. Raymond Rudolph 2021/01

    All this place cares about is the money. The worst customer service I have ever experienced. The employees here could not care about your pet and just want the money. I would not take or recommend taking any kind of pet/animal here.

  176. Jonathan Hernandez 2021/01

    Had to bring our cat boots in and ultimately had to put her down staff was very comforting and calming during her last moments. Definitely appreciate everything you guys did


  177. Tawnya Luck 2021/01

    Rude staff! It’s expected that at an Emergency Vet there should be a sense of urgency but obviously they have become quite desensitized.
    I was told the Vet could not see my dog for 6 hours!!!!! That’s it!! They said six hours and offered no other options other than I could take him somewhere else. It was midnight and I had to Google to find another ER Vet while my dog was in distress!! They will NEVER get my business again.

  178. David H 2021/01

    Wife and daughter spent 4 hours waiting for our cat. Wanted $2500! FU.

  179. Richard Featherston 2021/01

    Our beloved Pomeranian passed away today. I called these people right out of the blue! Never been here before in my life! They were SO sweet and respectful on the phone. Extremely helpful! We brought his remains to them. They handled him with the utmost respect! I seriously can’t give them a high enough rating!!! We were absolutely heartbroken, and they handled the situation with the highest amount of professionalism and respect! They have earned a customer FOR LIFE today!!!!

  180. Abdon Electric 2020/11

    staff is very good, prices are outrageous. more than double the cost to put an animal to sleep than in the pricey d,c, area

  181. Sherry Irwin 2020/11

    I had brought my 2 dogs because they had both been bitten by a copperhead. I called when I got there and was told there was a 5 hour wait because there was a lot of emergencies. I understand that they could be busy but I thought a snake bite was an emergency.

  182. Emily Helft 2020/11

    I don’t write reviews very often, but I thought this facility deserved a shoutout for our experience. We don’t really overreact at all for our pets, though we love them dearly. But we were convinced something was very very wrong with our cat who had thrown up a few times earlier that day and then started crying in the middle of the night while laying on our bed, hardly able to move.

    Feeling awful we hadn’t taken her in to our regular vet earlier that day, we did a very quick search on Google to find a facility that was open that had at least somewhat good reviews. Dogwood was around the corner and seemed decent so we loaded up and headed out. They took our info on the ride over to make our arrival as smooth and streamlined as possible, and gave step by step directions for how things would work when we arrived (this was during strict social distancing time so we would not be able to go inside, which was sad but completely understandable). Every step of the way, people were kind, calm, and knowledgable. They weren’t annoyed with me at all when I accidentally missed their call multiple times because my phone was still on DND (pro tip–take that setting off if you are dealing with a middle-of-the-night-emergency!)

    Despite our issue essentially just turning out to be a kitty stomach bug (thankfully), no one made us feel silly or like we had overreacted at all. Every single person we interacted with was incredibly kind, calm, and patient throughout the whole process. They gave us information we needed in a way we could understand, presented us with our options, and then gave their opinion on a treatment approach when asked. And to top it all off, while I was writing this review (seriously, this is not made up), our regular vet called me to check up on us because Dogwood got in touch with our primary vet to get them up to speed! We were just so impressed and so thankful we found a place to go when we were so stressed–I would not hesitate at all to use this facility again if we needed to.

    TLDR: amazing, kind, knowledgable staff who know what they’re doing and make you feel taken care of. Would not hesitate to go here again if needed!

  183. Melissa Harreld 2020/11

    The staff at Dogwood were all SO friendly and compassionate. My pup had a crazy accident and they took care him so we’ll well and made me feel much better about his recovery. The cost was also extremely reasonable.

  184. Christopher Hess 2020/10

    After my dog got bit by a snake they thought it was appropriate to have me sit In the parking lot for almost an hour before she was seen while she was getting worse the whole time. How is this an appropriate response?

  185. Stephen Wilmot-Doxey 2020/10

    If I could give less than a 1-star, I would. My sister in law brought her 6 week old pup here because he had stopped eating and was having trouble breathing. They recommended in patient care for an additional few hundred dollars but stated that they could buy medicine and he should be okay in a few days so they went that route. Well next day, they went to feed him baby food and he was dead. There was no honesty or transparency through this money hungry business and I would highly recommend against this poor excuse of a veterinary hospital.

  186. joellen davis 2020/09

    Everyone we encountered was great! My dog had eaten trident gum containing a toxic ingredient for dogs. Apparently it can be lethal.
    I was terrified it would hurt her, or worse.

    They took care of her right away and soon were able to tell me she was going to be ok.

    I recommend dogwood highly!

  187. Christina Moore 2020/09

    My husky was vomiting and got diarrhea but unfortunately that’s on Sunday and mostly all of the hospitals closed. One of the hospitals told me to come here so I brought her here without seeing any reviews before coming. I was told to wait for around 2 hours and finally waited for 5 hours in the parking lot. They kept saying that there are many emergency cases. Ok that’s fine you could tell me to take her to another place or just tell me the exact time then I could go home and come back to pick her up. They charged me for $120 for nothing done. After 5 hours waiting they said they haven’t seen anything and need to take another test or something for another $900 ??? Nahhh I cannot afford that much. I would take my dog to another place. And when everything’s done, I couldn’t see any record of her until I called them to send it to me. I don’t recommend this place to anyone and definitely won’t be back. I have found another place for her much cheaper and greater than this one. This place just want your money and care nothing about your pet.

  188. Jeff Johnson 2020/09

    Our experience with Dogwood was very good. They are efficient and this operation reminds me very much of a human emergency room. Our dog came in as and emergency and we luckily brought her home healthy and happy. That probably colors my review as we were 50/50 on survival.
    That being said: everyone was professional and all of the information that we were given was honest. We weren’t left guessing and the 2 doctors that we met seemed quite good.
    The cost of the care was high but well worth it. Our dog, Bella needed an emergency blood transfusion and lots of medicine. Everything was explained up front and we were able to make decisions ahead of all procedures.
    There are financing options available. Everything was explained and nothing was open to interpretation. Had things worked out differently, my feelings might be different but in the light of day, they shouldn’t be. Our pets are our family we came very close to losing a member of our family. Everything possible to care for Bella was done and I couldn’t ask for more.

  189. Chelsea Pritchard 2020/09

    Blue Pearl is the reason my little pug Decaf got to live an extra 4 months. The people who work at Dogwood emergency and the BVNS specialty team are absolutely incredible, caring, and hardworking people. Dr. Young and his team are the only reason my baby was able to continue fighting with the cards stacked against her. While the loss of Decaf is nothing short of tragic, I truly believe the people who work here did everything they possibly could to save her and that they would do that for every animal they encounter.


  190. Amylynn Hurt 2020/09

    The level of concern amd compassion from ALL staff members during a very difficult time/decision was unsurpassed. I was incredibly moved and appreciative.

  191. Baydream 2020/09

    Five Stars doesn’t begin to thank them…they are amazingly caring professional vets!!! Many thanks for saving our cat’s life!

  192. Carole-Sue Fiest 2020/08

    All I need to say, is if you love your pet, you will feel confident and secure that your pet is in the hands of a staff and of doctors who truly care.

  193. Elias Romero 2020/08

    This place only cares about Money. My puppy eye is infected and looks really bad. They told me everything was ok that just her hair was bothering her and it was going to get better. I spent almost $300 just for them to tell me that but next day my puppy would not even want to eat and decided to take it to another place and told me that her eye is in really bad conditions and needs treatment. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE. They only want your Money

  194. Enjoying Life 2020/08

    Compassionate people there doing a difficult job – humans expect answers, my dogs are not pets – they are family. These vets work under a condition that the patient can’t tell them what is wrong – the owner is their voice.
    So if you have to run ever test possible based on what I, the owner is seeing – every $$$ is worth it to find the cause to keep my baby alive and healthy.
    That holds true for when it’s time to say goodbye – I couldn’t ask for a more competent, caring and informed place to go.

  195. Abby Hauschild 2020/08

    I brought my cat in after she vomited some blood and not only did it take them over 4 hours to offer me an x-ray and pain meds but every time I got a response from them it was only because I called. Not once did they call me. They kept me waiting endlessly to hear back about my cat and by the time the got around to offering treatment she very well could have bled out had it been bad. Wouldn’t recommend to anyone that cares for their animals

  196. David Rice 2020/08

    Excellent everything!

  197. Renee J 2020/08


  198. Alexis Rose 2020/08

    My min pin had been having some occasional limping on his back right leg for a few years—we were told by his primary vet that it was likely a luxating patella, which is common in many small breeds, and it would always correct itself and he’d be fine after a short time, so nothing to worry about, just to monitor. Well this past Thanksgiving, he stopped using that leg all-together, just holding it up whenever he’d walk anywhere. Xray at his PCP showed what looked like a bone lesion on the top of his femur, likely cancer. We were referred to Dogwood Oncology. From the start, everyone on the staff that we dealt with was wonderful—-kind, informative, sincere, and never wasting our time. I never felt like they were trying to force me to make any decisions I wasn’t comfortable with or that were unnecessary. We then moved to the Surgery team as his leg was unusable and clearly causing him a great deal of pain, and had the leg amputated. We’re now almost 3 weeks out from having the surgery and he’s back to his old self. His pathology came back cancer-free, but it was still absolutely the right decision to amputate as he had such deterioration from arthritis, the bone was almost unrecognizable. I can’t thank everyone at Dogwood enough for helping us through such a stressful, frightening, and uncertain time. I would and will recommend them to anyone. They are angels who truly made us feel taken care of and confident we were in great hands, even when dealing with such stress.

  199. Stephen Bull 2020/07

    Only thing I can say about this place is that the staff are nice. After 4 hours waiting in my car, having only seen about 6-7 other cars in that time period, I requested my pet be returned and left. she had not been seen by anyone during that entire time period.

  200. Lauren A. E. Lee 2020/07

    I stood in the lobby for 5 minutes calling for help. When someone finally came out into the lobby she told me I had to leave. Apparently they only do curbside appointments. The only doctor on staff was not available and I was advised to go to a different hospital.

  201. Emily Boyd 2020/07

    My puppy received a significant ear laceration and my primary vet was unavailable but suggested Dogwood. I didn’t look it up and just took their recommendation because I trust them. As a health care worker I could tell based on the type and depth he would need sutures. We we’re unable to go in due to COVID, understandable. The check in process was fine, we were told it would be about an hr before he would be seen but they would watch him until then. My husband and I wait for about 2 hrs before calling since we hadn’t heard anything. They apologized and said they had more emergent cases come in and hadn’t been able to see my dog yet but that the new person coming on in 40 mins could look at him first thing. Great! Annoying, but ok I totally get it, he’s not dying so it’s not immediately necessary. 1.5 hr passes, he should have been seen by the new doc, no call. I call and they seem annoyed so I ask if they are short staffed. The tech responded, “We are always short staffed. We only have one doctor on at a time.” ONE DOCTOR AT AN EMERGENCY VET?! That is completely unacceptable and you could tell by her tone she was burnt out and used to dealing with upset owners. I requested a call hourly to check in and was again told they didn’t have the staff. Eventually it was 4 hrs past, he was alone in the vet without food, we were in the car scared and hungry ourselves. To leave him there we had to put down a $500 deposit. Finally 5 hrs after dropping him off the doc called while we were at dinner. He was a good vet, knowledgeable and answered my questions but I could tell he was also exhausted and burnt out like the tech. My pup would need sutures and have to be sedated but they were understaffed so they would have to medically board him and do it in the middle of the night. So…their staffing issue caused my dog to be alone for 16 hrs, NPO for 16 hrs, and a $95 boarding fee. If they were appropriately staffed we never would have had to board him there. His procedure didn’t even take place til 6am the next morning. We got there at 3:30pm the day before. It took an hour for my husband to even pick him up because they were so flustered getting animals intake and discharge. This is horrible! I understand he wasn’t dying but an emergency vet must have more than one provider and be willing to routinely follow up with the owners. I’m glad the care he did receive was sufficient to fix the problem but the emotional stress it put my family through was horrible. I called my primary vet the next day to make a suture removal apt and told them about my experience and suggested that they stop referring to Dogwood. I’m have no doubt that the veterinarians are great but whoever is the practice manager needs to get things under control. Their poor staff is overworked and burned out and not capable of showing empathy to patients families when they are experiencing a time of fear. I can only hope that they are actively hiring for at least 3 other providers to help staff things appropriately.

    EDIT: I received a call from the staff today to discuss the experience. The woman I spoke with was very kind and listened to all of my concerns. They also refunded the boarding charge and are instituting a new policy of calling owner’s at minimum every 2 hours. Really thankful that they were willing to listen and change as a result!

  202. Kathryn Ball 2020/06

    Pros: Our dog received good care. Prices were relatively reasonable compared to other emergency vets we have used. Staff are pretty friendly.

    Cons: it took 10+ hours to diagnose and treat gastroenteritis. We hope some other doggy lives were saved in that time, but it felt unreasonable to us. We understood our dog wasn’t the most urgent priority, but it felt like he wasn’t even on their list. We had to call for every single update we received.

    Our dog is doing well, but we would hesitate to take him there again.

  203. Sara Krauss 2020/06

    About one month after adopting our dog, our vet recommended we take her to the emergency vet as she had not been drinking water and was having tummy trouble. We took our dog here in the early evening and we were terrified to have to take her to an emergency after-hours vet. Everyone here that we interacted with – the front desk staff, the techs, the vet who saw our dog – were extremely calming and professional. They were very caring to our dog who is very shy and anxious. The vet who saw our dog was extremely skilled and knowledgeable and under her recommendations and care our dog was feeling better in just a couple days. The emergency visit and the meds our dog required were about $160 total. Hopefully we won’t have to return to an emergency vet, but if we do we will go to Dogwood.

  204. Tamara Perry 2020/06

    Sadly I had to go put down my dog today..! But the staff helped me so much and made me so comfortable and made my Lulu baby comfortable as well..! I thank them beyond words for helping me and making sure my dog was no longer suffering..!

  205. Diana Kantlis 2020/05

    I was told 2-3 hours would be my wait time but was done almost 7 hrs later. My dog was exhausted and frightened when I got him back. On top of that, no one called us at all during this time to keep us informed about our pet.
    This place is only for a true emergency, otherwise your pet is looked at time permitting.
    The staff was friendly but they definitely need to be more considerate in keeping you informed.

  206. Adam Gray 2020/05

    My dog was attacked by another dog and was bleeding profusely from the attack. We arrived at noon on a Sunday and got ushered into a room to wait. And wait. The technician saw us after 20 minutes not knowing how she was doing. She was dripping blood all the while we were waiting. The tech simply said that they were busy and doing the best they could in a very rude and condescending manor. She went away for another 40 minutes and finally informed us that it would be another 2 hours before we would be seen by the vet!!! I couldn’t believe this. The vet wouldn’t even poke their head in to apologize for the wait and to take a quick evaluation of things. We left to go to another emergency clinic and were seen by the vet within 15 minutes despite them being very busy. Very unprofessional. Under staffed. Will never return.

  207. Lisa Kusmin 2020/05

    Unfortunately, the time had come when I had to put my 14 year old pit bull to sleep. Ideally, i would have liked to gone to my own vet, but this was outside of normal business hours. I googled emergency vets and this was the closest to my home. I was a little worried because i had read some of the negative reviews, but I also did not want to go to the emergency vet on Cary Street.

    I called before to ask if i needed an appointment and the receptionist was very understanding and just advised us to come to the vet and call when we arrived (due to COVID19).

    There was a slight waiting period before we were allowed to go inside and make final decisions regarding my pit bull. Everyone treated us with dignity and treated my dog with dignity. They allowed me time to say my final goodbyes and allowed time to grieve. I didn’t feel rushed or pressured. Everyone that was involved with the care of me and my pet were super friendly and professional.

    Of course they are more expensive and want payment for services rendered. That is to be expected at any emergency vet. But the price I paid for the service and subsequent cremation was still less than i anticipated.

  208. Kathryn Rose 2020/05

    Very caring and professional without outrageous prices!

  209. Déja Coley 2020/05

    This place is completely unorganized. I had to check-in twice. They came and got my dog from my car bc she started vomiting. Well, I went 2 hours without hearing any status on my dog. When I called, they had been calling a completely incorrect phone number that I don’t even own. Then, they tell me that this whole 2 hours, they’ve done nothing for my dog. Oh, and when I got on the phone with one of the doctors, they didn’t even have the correct reason I bought her in to begin with. I ended up leaving without treatment because I don’t anticipate on paying them a single dime for their carelessness. Never coming back here and I recommend you go elsewhere for your pet’s emergency needs.

  210. michele wilson 2020/04

    This place is awesome. This is the second time I was here, but with a different dog. The staff is awesome and so are the doctors. Both my dogs are old, 12 and 15 and like me have arthritis flare ups that require medication. I thought my dog was choking on something and that’s why he was shaking and haunched up, but it was an arthritic pain attack in his back. The doctor explained what he could do to relieve the pain and didn’t try to talk me into any unnecessary costly tests, xrays or MRI’S. I was impressed with him and his staff and will continue to go to them with any emergency situations.
    The cost of the visit, examination, bloodwork, pain shot and meds was under $250, which is very reasonable. Only bad thing here is if they get pets that are worse than yours, you may be there for hours. I sat in my car for over 8 hrs, while they had one critical case after another and only one doctor to handle it all. Hopefully it’s not like this all time. Last time I was there, I was in and out in hour, so I think it was a fluke night. Make sure you call first.

  211. Akellydill 2020/04

    Do not recommend this place, at all. I have owned animals all my life and have been through major, minor surgeries and other situations with my pets because I own them all of their lives, and as you know, the older your fur baby gets, the more medical attention they need. So I’ve been through a lot of scenarios and appts and never had I ever had such an awful experience. Ever. My visit started off slow. First off, my appt was for a consult. I live in Newport News so I got up early to be at my appt by 9:30AM, this office is in Richmond. So I got there at 8:55AM And called them to let them know. They brought out paperwork at about 9:15. Fast forward to almost 10:15 (again appt was at 9:30 for a consult, no treatment) and someone finally calls. So at about 10:35AM someone finally calls again for me to meet them by the door with my paperwork, so they come out and take my dog back. So time keeps going by, an hour and a half later, I’m noticing the cars that were there way before me, are all still sitting there too, waiting. (6 cars total) So now I’m thinking, hopefully they are quick because it’s just a consult. My vet already sent up our VERY expensive blood work info to them for my dog and his xrays of his chest and what not. So I’m sitting there now and finally get a phone call around 11:30-11:45AM About my dog and the situation going on with him. Dr. Walker is talking about all these tests and this and that and talks for about 20 minutes straight with no concern for the fact that I haven’t said 1 word in 20 minutes about the whole situation. First off he’s telling me what I’m going to do, not what I can do. He sounded very nice but his explanations were really all over the place, and all the stuff they wanted to do they weren’t even sure which area needed the surgery. Also He wanted me to do all these different tests and then jump into a $4000 surgery with him. My dog is 11 years old, brachial, and stressed easy. He sounded very pushy about the surgery when he himself was not even exactly sure where on my dog the surgery was needed. And didn’t explain any risks until I brought them up. Also the surgery could make my dog have seizures for life, and he didn’t seem concerned with that. I feel like their office was very unorganized and disoriented that they were just trying to run through everything and I think they were so far behind with whatever schedule they had they were just trying to hurry people up. First of all I waited here for 7 hours and my dog was supposed to just have his consult, all the paperwork blood and x-rays for Him were already sent from my vet office so the fact that it took them 7 hours to just do a consult is beyond ridiculous. Also the fact that the doctor and the person doing the triaging about my dogs appointment, also shows me that nobody read his chart because I kept getting asked the same questions, what was I doing there and what was it for, and I kept having to repeat myself. I am in healthcare, reading the chart is very important with any patient. So I was also told an ultrasound could be done to determine what area needed the surgery, I was told the Ultrasound tech could do it today but they have to drive there to do it, so it was supposed to be between 12-1PM, is what he told me in the first place. So at 1:15 I called and ask them what is going on and the doctor told me he said he told me 1:30PM but he actually told me 12-1PM. So the tech finally gets there and 30 min go by, I finally call and then they tell me “well your dog wouldn’t stop squirming so if you want this ultrasound today, we’ll have to sedate him.” It is now 2PM and I’ve been in the car for 7 hours. So I tell them no, this has dragged on way too long and I’m ready to take my dog home now. I felt like they should’ve paid me the $157 consult fee! My poor dog was so stressed when he came out and visibly frightened. I HIGHLY do not recommend!! Also my vet has been able to take xrays on him just fine, but you all struggled with a single ultrasound? He’s had over a dozen xrays and did fine. It’s your lack of care. So upset!

  212. Shannon 2020/04

    This is the worst place, I came in at 11am sat in the parking lot til 4 pm, no calls no updates, had people come and go with their pets. My pet was treated like his emergency did not count because he was a cat. He was placed low on the scale of arrivals, even though we were here first.. I will never bring any more of my animals to this place. They don’t deserves any stars🖕🖕🖕Dogwood

  213. Katherine Siefker 2020/03

    Dr. Gianetto and the surgery department at Blue Pearl were excellent! They got me in right away and were able to examine my dog. They explained everything to me and their recommendations. I highly recommend them!

  214. Cindy Dietrich 2020/03

    When we arrived and checked in, I was told my dog would be seen in about an hour. However, I have been waiting in the car for over three hours with no update on my girl. I called and asked what was going on and was basically told that her issue isn’t “severe enough” so other pets have been moved ahead of her. I get it – those babies deserve care and attention, too. But for OVER THREE HOURS you’ve left my baby sitting alone in a cage, frightened to death AND you’ve left me in the car worrying without even a phone call or to offer alternative options. And the snarky, could-care-less tone from the technician that answered the phone when I called for an update was unprofessional and uncalled for!! It’s funny, they were very quick to check her in and take my $115 payment though when we arrived. That part was handled in about twenty minutes!! Sadly, I didn’t have time to read the reviews before we came here but it looks like this place has a history of being unorganized and uncommunicative. At this point, I can’t provide any feedback on my dogs specific situation (because the clock is still ticking) and I have to hope this will end well. But, I guarantee I will not be back. This is not the only emergency hospital in this city and I’m ashamed that I didn’t take the time to read reviews before I brought my girl here!!

  215. Yuriko Ota 2020/03

    This past weekend We had an horrible experience with my cat at Dogwood Emergency hospital.
    My cat suffer of Urinary obstruction, we usually take him to his Vet, but is was Saturday nigh so no vets were open to help, so we decide to take him to the emergency because it was already more then 24 hrs with no signals of urination.Once we got to this place we pay 115 admission service fee, and then the Vet was supposed to call us to led us known what is going on and what we were supposed to do, any how the whole service was over 2500 dollars which sadly we didn’t have that nigh, we ask for any other cheaper solution that could help our cat because, as is sound this illness is so simple but deadly. I coudnt believe how the handle the situation to started if we didnt pay on front they will just let the cat die, and the vet was presioning us telling us that he doesnt get help in the next couple hrs he will died, is so terrible what the will said, and worst that they have the solution on hand to help him, they even let us pay haft that night and by next week we could pay the rest, but no one would help us or gave us any other cheaper solution.
    Another aspect of that horrible experience was that who ever works in there as a nurse was a totally inexperience and unethical , my boyfriend was so stress out and terrified for the out come of this situation because Tico is his cat, and he probably use profanity, over the phone on the situation no to her ,and the Vet call us to said they will not help us with any service because of the profanity , which i think is insane that an professional are supposed to know how to handle a situations like that , and dont get offended because my pet which we consider part of our family is about to died , n this people had everything to hep him but because of the huge gap money different they just will let him died.
    We left this place and just wait until the next morning and took him to VVC on carry st, were the vet work with us to find a cheaper solution and save our cats life, we were so happy even we still expend over 700 dollars on Sunday but a least with our cat a life!!.
    I seriously dont recommend this place if you dont have over 2000 dollars to dropped at once on your cat, and also the team that was talking to us was inhumane, so just to that show how much they will care of any pet.

  216. Ron Bell 2020/03

    Male cat (Bump) with its third blockage in serious condition. Had to do P/U surgery. We were fortunate to have a great team of vets; our primary vet Dr. Mortimer, Quioccasin Veterinary Hospital and Dogwood/BluePearl Doctors. All were professional, knowledgeable, and caring. Dr. Campite was first up and got the blockage under control. Then consultation with her and Dr. Mortimer helped tremendously in arriving at a difficult decision to do the P/U surgery which is not without risk. Dr. Gifford skillfully performed the surgery and it was a success. Without a skillful surgeon the outcome could have been far different and we were fortunate to have her as the surgeon. Dr. Polit, who was also involved in the care, and Dr. Gifford were supportive during the next several week recovery period which proved extremely difficult. I would give them periodic reports. In response Dr. Polit went out of his way to call a couple of times and discuss the recovery and provide sage advice as well as did Dr. Gifford during the weekly post-surgery recovery visits. The vet techs and staff were patient and helpful and unfortunately often the unsung heros in helping get through these stressful events. P/U surgery recovery is not for the faint hearted and may be harder on the care giver than the cat. While the final jury verdict is out, twenty-three days since the surgery things are looking up. Wouldn’t wish this on anyone but hope you get a team of vets as superb as these if you do. You may have a question about the cost. It was not inexpensive but given the talent and effort that went into achieving a successful outcome we believe it was reasonable.

  217. Stephen See 2020/02

    Waited for 3 hours after they did my dogs vitals. After waiting for that long, I went to VRCC and was taken right away. Won’t be coming back to dogwood.

  218. Melissa McFall 2020/02

    I wish I could give them a 100 stars.
    We had to take our fur baby to them recently. She had never been there before. They treated her like royalty. They were so kind and gentle with our emergency. They took their time, gave us space and guided us through the hardest decisions of our pets life. I can’t thank them enough for their kindness and true love for animals.

  219. Steph 2020/02

    I’m glad they were open and able to take my pet when she needed it, but the experience was very poor. I hate to write negative reviews, but I do think that it should be noted that while they have good COVID-19 precautions in place, they made everything way more confusing and difficult than it needed to be.

    The doctor seemed confused when she called me over the phone to talk about my pet, and they didn’t address the reason I brought her in until I asked about it, it seemed like maybe she hadn’t reviewed anything I had said about my pet or what had been going on with her. Also, I had to take my pet to another vet office a few days later and there were quite a few things they noticed in their examination of her that Dogwood didn’t, and I understand that things can change over time, but it was a lot.

    At the end of our stay with Dogwood, I received multiple phone calls telling me my pet would be out soon. After 1.5 hours I called the receptionist and asked if something had happened and she said she wasn’t sure why they hadn’t brought her back out. She transferred me to a vet tech and she said the same thing and then finally brought her back out to me.

    It was unfortunately a confusing and unpleasant experience, and maybe they’re overwhelmed during the COVID-19 pandemic, but the confusing communication and the way the doctor seemed to have not read anything I said about my pet made the whole experience frustrating.

    I hope that if you choose to go here you have a more pleasant experience.

  220. Sam Spence 2019/11

    I would like to thank the reception staff, the lab techs and the wonderful Dr. Who helped us with Cricket. Very compassionate, professional, and mostly just wondereful people. It must be a difficult job yet they were beautiful. Thank you so much for being there in our time of need. Thank God for people like you.

  221. Cheryl G. Green 2019/11

    I have been taking my (same) dog here for over 3 years. Dr. Roy Barnes is the BEST. He takes time to talk, answers questions in an understandable manner, seems to really like my dog, and does not make me feel rushed.

  222. Don Ward 2019/11

    Our Bull Mastiff, Caroline, 9 and a half years old suffered some sort of an event at home. She was fine when we left her and ran errands but when we returned a couple of hours later she was having difficulty with her hind leg. It was the same leg she had TPLO surgery on in 2014 done by Dogwood. We just figured she had gotten off “her sofa” and twisted something but would be better by the next day. It wasn’t, the leg was swelling and she was having difficulty walking. We took her to our usual vet who did a series of xrays on that leg. Nothing obvious was found, he surmised too that she had just twisted something and had possible soft tissue damage. He gave us some pain meds and we brought Caroline home. The next day, her leg was swelling, she could hardly walk, it was looking real serious. As it was the Friday after the 4th of July & our usual vet was closed we took her to another vet nearby. That vet did blood work, found her white cells higher than usual and her platelet levels low. They referred us to Dogwood the next morning. We arrived at Dogwood where she was again evaluated. Caroline’s leg was real swollen now and the swelling was also in her other hind leg. They were at first concerned about a nerve issue but ruled that out and spoke of a blood clot. Then they talked about infection, then they talked of cancer. They wanted to keep her to give her IVs of platelets and pain meds and antibiotics. Caroline stayed at Dogwood for 2 nights, the morning after the 2nd night it was apparent the Doctors at Dogwood had no idea what was going on, so we brought Caroline home. Caroline died the next morning. The doctors at Dogwood wouldn’t listen to what we were trying to tell them, that there had been some event that began the problems, they talked ‘AT’ us, and not with us. They drugged Caroline so much she was lethargic and not at all alert. When we told them to cut back on the meds they argued with us about it. We had to become very firm with them. I sincerely doubt we will ever return to Dogwood Vet Hospital. We spent close to $5000 and for it never received a definite diagnosis for anything, only guesses. I cannot recommend Dogwood Vet Hospital.


  223. Tammy-Lynn Gilbert 2019/11

    I have taken my pets to Dogwood ER on multiple occasions over the years and always have considered them the best in the area and I’ve always recommended them highly. That ended June 13.
    My Dory was rushed in struggling with CHF. She was put on oxygen but her heart was just to weak and my baby passed when they tried putting in the IV.
    Now rewind 2 years ago – I had a pup who passed away at Dogwood (she was 20+) and the after care was so compassionate and the entire staff made me feel like LeeLou was loved the entire time, even after she passed. When we went to pick up LeeLous body, they brought her out in a sealed box. I asked to see her one last time, the staff opened the box and LeeLou was placed on a pillow, covered and looked so peaceful. The staff at that time were amazing and I know she was well cared for and loved by them.
    This time however was a different story. When we picked up Dory’s body, they wheeled her out on a gurney but she was zipped up in a blue bag. I asked to see her one last time and was horrified. She was not wrapped up in anything, no extra special touches were done that made me feel like the staff really cared about her. When I questioned the state she was in, I was told “they didn’t do boxes” and “the county makes them bag them now” – of course the young girl kept calling me “dear” which I found very patronizing and fake…I asked to speak to a manager and am still waiting for someone to call me.
    If bags are necessary now, why not handle the deceased pet in a more caring and compassionate way than to just put the frozen pet in a bag and give the explanation “its required now”.
    Clearly the folks who trust Dogwood to care for their sick pets, feel their pets are family and not just a dog, or cat, or rat, or lizard etc. It is a very difficult time losing a pet and then to have the ER staff make us feel like Dory was not a big deal also makes us question the care Dory received when she was alive. Did they handle her gently and make her feel loved and safe, or were they handling her with an attitude like “she was just some dog” and that made her so frightened by the whole experience, that when they placed the iv – the stress was too much and she died.
    I can’t say enough nice things about the surgery, the cardiac and the oncology departments…the level of care hasn’t wavered over the years and they remain top notch.
    However, I would definitely think twice before entrusting your precious pet to the ER staff.
    By the way, Dory passed away the evening of June 13 and I’m still waiting for that call back.

  224. Kiana Kelly 2019/10

    My baby came in with bloody stools which is not abnormal for her. They offered several test which I declined as she was still eating and acting herself so I had set up an appointment with her primary and just needed supportive care until the next day. The practice manager Christy Schwartz came to speak with me to voice her “concerns” as to why I had denied them to provide some services. (A $300 xray and fluids which I denied because she had been drinking water with Pedialyte for the past 1.5 days and I felt no need for an X-ray as she has history of this and past x-rays have shown nothing) Her approach was not only extremely rude, it was cold and unprofessional. She literally yelled at me in the waiting area about why I was choosing the decisions I was making. Instead of speaking to me and voicing her opinion or even better sending a vet out to speak with me she yelled and argued and literally rolled her neck as she spoke with me. As I tried to explain that I was open to any suggestions because my pet was of course my main priority, she completely disregarded me and continued to be argumentative. I went as far as nearly complimenting her for “advocating” but explained that her demeanor was completely unnecessary. No matter how patient I was she wasn’t receptive. Finally I had to request to speak to ANYONE but her. Dr. Evans came and spoke with me. She was EXTREMELY nice and professional. She updated me on her condition and spoke with me about her history and what was currently going on and agreed that the plan I had was 100% fine. She only recommended someone watch my baby in case her condition worsened. This is a medical office where worried owners bring their pets. At no time should staff, ESPECIALLY a practice manager, be talking to clients in that way. I should have been approached with compassion and concern, not yelling and neck rolling. I will no longer support this clinic after bringing her here on 3 different occasions due to the disrespect and embarrassment I was subjected to.
    (After giving my pup the medicine I requested she was fine. Didn’t have any more diarrhea or bloody stools)

  225. Johnathan Drennon 2019/10

    Great staff. Very helpful.

  226. Keith Kellam 2019/10

    This is an excellent emergency vet. They provide an excellent level of care for a wide variety of animals. I would not recommend this as your primary vet, as the pricing reflects their focus on being an emergency vet available 24/7. However, when faced with needing immediate attention, this is an excellent choice.

  227. Toni Duesing 2019/09

    I usually go to Carrytown ER vet..I went to Dogwood because was seeing a Specialist at the surgery center….I was so disappointed AGAIN! My dog had a torn Achilles tendon….Normal protocol is to splint the leg until she could see a specialist to keep her from doing any further damage…..I waited 40 mins for the ER Vet to say, “Go around the corner and make an appointment with Specialist.” The Specialist did not have any appointments for 2 days….I dont understand why the ER Vet could not put a splint on, when it can be done at my regular Vet…What a total waste of time….I should have known NOT to go back to Dogwood

  228. Logan’s Mom 2019/09

    Update added at end:
    We took our very large 6 year old female Doberman to the ER on a Saturday night after she became unable to walk. She had had increasing difficulty since the previous day with no history of any problems before. We were originally quoted almost a thousand dollars basically for X-rays and to check for Lyme disease….no. We ended up agreeing to part of the xrays and paid over $600 for those and receiving no answers. We literally carried a 110lb dog to the car with NO idea why she could not walk. They were supposed to call us about an hour later when the radiologist double checked her xrays. We never received any call. On Monday we took our dog the our regular vet and they looked at the xrays and our 75 year old horse vet immediately saw the problem…..she had lesions on her spine and several areas of discs pressing on her spinal cord….wobblers. Dobermans are the most common breed to get this disease and 6 years is the most common age of onset. I cacnnot believe this had never even been suggested to us by the ER staff after over $600 for xrays and the evaluation of the vet. They saw nothing on the same X-rays. My vet saw it immediately. He also checked for Lyme, which we knew would be negative, for about a third the price of their same test. Our baby got a shot of steroids from our vet right then and was able to walk within hours. She will need to be on steroids for 2 months. So we basically gave them almost $700 ($140 of which was for the radiologist to doublecheck the X-rays after the vet to assure nothing was missed) and got NOTHING. Thank God for horse vets that can read an X-ray and give a steroid shot. Our vet looked at Saturday’s X-rays, sedated her and took a few more xrays, did basic lab work, examined our dog and gave steroids for about $200. I feel robbed.

    This was added after the owners response:
    We were offered no treatment other than pain pills twice a day for a large dog that could not walk. There were NO possible explanations proposed other than Lyme, which we did refuse to pay for them to check, because we KNEW it was negative…she is always on treatment for fleas and ticks and has never had one, plus our vet checks that annually and it had been checked not long before. With our girl IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN OBVIOUS IT WAS WOBBLERS…1. She is the most common breed for that at the most common age of onset. 2. It was clearly visible on the X-rays that we paid for that night and were taken and looked at not only by your ER vet, but also by a radiologist we paid $140 extra for. My vet saw what was wrong from looking at YOUR xrays. We received no OFFER for any price for anything other than more xrays and the Lyme test. We were OFFERED NO treatment other than the pain pills we paid $18 for. So please DO NOT make it seem that we were offered all these additional tests that we refused or additional treatments that we refused, as that is not the case. We refused additional X-rays and we refused a Lyme test as we knew that was not the problem. Your vet was obviously unable to read an x Ray, as was your radiologist, and your vet was also obviously unaware that wobbles occurs in 5.3% of all dobermans, there is no test for a gene that can predict it, frequently there is an acute onset and she at 6 years old was at the most common age of onset. She was presenting with classic symptoms and IT WAS VISIBLE on the X-rays. The treatment is steroids to reduce the swelling on the spinal cord….Were we offered a steroid?? No. We were offered pain meds, which we bought and we were offered a phone call after the radiologist looked at the X-rays…which we never received. So please don’t try to make it appear we were offered services that would have helped, but didn’t get them.

  229. linda kappesser 2019/09

    Most people that take their pets to a Veterinary emergency center are stressed and overwhelmed for the welfare of their pets. When we arrived we were greeted by a professional and reassuring staff that assisted us throughout our visit. Not only were both Dr. Walker and Dr. Hamilton informative and detailed in their explanation of the injury but compassionate and caring. Many thanks to ALL.

  230. Amy Bowman 2019/08

    The staff was amazing when I had to put my cat down. I really appreciate your kindness! Thank you so much!

  231. Donna Edwards 2019/08

    My “baby” 2 1/2 y/o Bichon Frise hurt her back leg around 5pm on a Thursday. I called my vet who said they couldn’t squeeze her in for more than 3 days 🙁 and suggested Dogwood. I called, explained the situation and was told come right into the emergency room. I was greeted by friendly and efficient reception staff and very quickly she was taken for vitals check and returned. She was then taken to see a Vet who met with me to discuss her suspicions. We were able to be seen by an ortho specialist who confirmed the diagnosis and explained in detail the problem, options and prognosis. All of my questions were answered and we even discussed the medications (I had choices), which I was able to obtain right then. A careful review of the med administration was provided to ensure I was clear on the specifics. I felt that a very thorough examination had been provided by all – nurse, doctor and specialist. The need for an expensive surgery exists if she doesn’t respond to rest…. please… I was given a written diagnosis, an estimate of the procedure that indicated what was and wasn’t included. I feel very good about the care and attention we received. I would recommend Dogwood for emergency and Ortho specialty care. She’s resting in her crate with her babies now!


  232. Lina Zorrilla 2019/07

    Money, money, money, the vets don’t tell you the solution or the treatment to your animal until you accept all the test they have to perform on the dog. My dog had arrhythmia and the solution was a pill call sotalol but they did not tell me, until I accepted all kind of test that cost 3 days in the hospital and $5000.oo, they take advantage of the stress and pain of the owners and don’t give good quality of information about the condition and the solution for the animal, it would be good if they treat the animal right away and if the owner wants more info about the reason of the problem then perform all kind of test that costs thousand of dollars, I think their practice is not ethical with the animal and with the owners…..I will never be back there….!!!..

  233. jiffyj13 2019/07

    Took my dog in for fear she was having seizures or ate something she shouldn’t have that could be considered poisionous to dogs…I told them my dog has anxety, and at first we thought it was that but then she kept yelping in pain and wouldn’t stop convulsing…I had to wait over thirty minutes in the front after talking to two different people about what was wrong. Finally after thirty minutes I went up and asked if she was going to be seen. They said someone was coming up after calling to the back. Explained what was happening to a third person, and they took her back for vitals and said they were good. Then they told me since we weren’t sure if she had eaten anything poisionous, and it could be back pain (??? I know I’m not a vet but seriously), They weren’t sure what they could do, and it would be HOURS before we could see a vet. They told us we could try the ER vet in carytown. Thanks for the tip. I will never go to dogwood again.

  234. Laura Artis 2019/07

    I was referred to Blue Pearl from a local Veterinary Emergency Hospital over an hour away. My experience at Blue Pearl was far superior to my local veterinary emergency hospital. Staff was very friendly and acted quickly to examine my little dog, and take care of her very serious. heart issues. The doctor was very knowledgeable and explained to me clearly the issues at hand, and developed a treatment plan right away. Dogwood will be my little girl’s Cardiologist, even if I have to travel an hour away to see them. My baby is doing so much better now, and I did not have to put her down as suggested by the horrible doctor at my local emergency vet hospital.

  235. Jamie M 2019/07

    the Staff was so helpful and patient, Kelsey went over and beyond for my family & I when we came in to put our pug down. She is truly compassionate for animals & their owners!

  236. Ceily Poh 2019/06

    Dr Hamilton is amazing. Highly recommend their surgical services.

  237. Davonta Hill 2019/04

    I had a miniature schnauzer that had his nose crushed, if it wasn’t for the excellent care he received at Dogwood Vet I wood have lost my friend forever. My dog enjoyed 7 more years of quality life.
    I am sincerely thankful for the veterinarians and staff for all the love and attention that was given to me!

  238. Albert M 2019/04

    They have taken excellent care of my gsp’s on two occasions. Good professional and compassionate staff. However, they are very expensive.

  239. Olivia Fuller 2019/04

    I came in after spending $3500 to heal my dog after he was poisoned. I have been absolutely aghast at the lack of service that I received start to finish. Seems like it’s all about money. They charged $3100 to a credit card that night no issue, then proceeded to tell me I would need an ID to pay the remaining balance of $297. I explained I had already used the SAME card for over $3000 why would I need to produce an ID for 90% less than that. They took me to a computer where they forced me to use the card to pay online stating that they couldn’t be involved in the payment because it was fraudulent? Huh?? They called the practice manager over who was so rude to me that my friends jaw dropped. She was completely aggressive and trying to close some random Facebook page and the amount of eye rolling and neck twisting was on par with some of my 13 year old students. She informed me that what their ER service did was illegal by taking my payment and she would have to “take it up with them” while the IMED receptionist informed the entire waiting lobby that she was going to “go off” on me, just letting the practice manager Christy know in advance. Christy said nothing and this person was never punished for the comment despite the VVSA receptionist apologizing to us for it, saying they were short staffed and tensions were high but she agreed what was occurring was completely unprofessional. Dr Parker, my dogs vet, was so great and saved my dogs life, and I cannot say enough good things about her however the billing department is run by people who are very rude who have no idea what your charges are or are understanding of your financial situation. I have spent $3500 in your hospital. The person in front of me spent $5500. How can there be such unprofessional actions in such a huge clinic? And I read the reviews on here, this is regular occurrence for them. Then they left me in a room for a long time with nasty notes on the computer about me saying I DEMANDED they take my payment (uh no… their night ER person said I didn’t owe a balance) so when she/Karen said to me, “your owed balance is $296” I was surprised and asked for a print out of my charges. I never at any point demanded to pay because I didn’t EXPECT to pay. She said no, I couldn’t have a print out until I paid. So I can’t see my bill unless I pay it?? What?? Then she proceeded to be blatantly rude and inform my “little girlfriend” (whose in school to be a registered nurse by the way) okay’d the additional charges up to $1200 additional last night. That NEVER happened. “My little girlfriend” did say that it could be more when she talked to them but she said to the tech you’ll have to okay the charges with my girlfriend because she’s paying for it. I wasn’t even angry there was an additional balance, just surprised and when I requested to see a print out, sorry Charlie you’ll have to pay for the right to see what we bill you. How does that make sense?? I paid my bill which is all I was trying to do in the first place (keep in mind I am just trying to pay them and GO nothing else this entire time) to which they refused a payment option they took the night prior. Then they put notes in my dogs medical file saying I was AGGRESSIVE with them? Uh no?? I definitely didn’t say I was going to go off on anyone like their receptionist Karen said. Then leave it up on the computer I’m facing when Im seated in their discharge room? Completely unprofessional. Don’t take your pets here.

  240. Gilbert Rios 2019/04

    Its good hospital but its to much money

  241. Dana Grooms 2019/04

    Went to get my cat neutered and was there for over 5 hours before I was told by one of the staff that they do not provide that service at this facility..but it clearly states on the website that they do.then it looked like my cat had been sedated because he was very groggy so I have no idea what they were doing with him while he was in the back of the clinic with the nurses..I was upset because my time was wasted and I was bold faced lied to..I came all the way from Alexandria, va because this vet was highly recommended…But I will not be returning to this facility and I will be telling others to not go here also…I wish I could rate this place a negative star but I cant..thank you for wasting my time.

  242. Jaime Weatherington 2019/03

    This staff is so compassionate, understanding and loving at a time when I needed them so very badly due to a loss of a pet. I could never repay them for their acts of true kindness.

  243. Kat Adams 2019/02

    Our 9 year old Miniature Poodle had 2 seizures within 4 hours. We were referred by our primary vet in Fredericksburg, and thank goodness we were. At a highly emotional time, the team was quietly and steadily reassuring. Very thorough and patient while taking down her history and events for the day. More importantly – by the time she was ready to be released she was brought to us in a waiting room…she circled the room and laid quite comfortably in the floor for a nap as we discussed her prognosis. The staff (all that we interacted with) were phenomenal.

  244. Abby Colebaugh 2019/01

    Since this is a fairly common issue, I wanted to share that I paid about $1,500 to have my cat treated for a urethral blockage. Although this was really expensive, it’s the price you pay for emergency services. If anyone is worried their cat has this too, my advice would be don’t wait. This is a serious issue, and that price could be much bigger if not caught early, or your cat could die. The staff was amazing, they walked us through what we were paying for, and why. I don’t think my cat would be here if it wasn’t for them, thank you!

  245. Morgan Childress 2019/01

    Absolutely wonderful emergency vet!! They showed amazing compassion and great comfort when it was time for my little one to cross the rainbow bridge.

  246. Terri Rocco 2018/11

    How do you give this place negative 10 stars?!? Lol, you have to give them atleast 1 star to comment!! When you read ITS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY….BELIEVE!!! Our pup suffered a possible stroke in the early morning hours, before our regular cet was open.We were referred here, with assurance someone would greet us and take our pup right in. We were meet by a woman with a clip board, demanding payment. In less than 5 minutes (no exaggeration at all), I was told 3 times I need your bank card…picture this…Im holding a limp pup, with no free hands… I stated, if you could help me here, I could gladly pay you…and was met with a reply …” Sorry, we can’t touch the animal until you make payment!”…What compassion…my pet is near death, and you will gladly hold my purse over my pup….Next was the Vet…she was great at operating a computer and quoting prices…I remember thinking, is she a vet here, or the accountant? Actually telling me….I don’t really know your pet, so this will be alot of guess work! REALLY?!? We have a 6 yr old pup, limp from the neck down, and also now blind!…and the blind was only my observation…when I mentioned, I don’t think he can see…she replied…yeah, I thought his eyes looked strange!…I know this is getting long…so to the point…I say, we are looking at $10,000, to tell me what has happened, but he is past repair? She was fast to correct me, with, ” no, it will be about $8500, most of which test, he needed to get in line for….so he lays suffering untill tomorrow.. I pay $8500 after the already $300, (remember the chick with the clip board)…up front…I leave my dog here….tomorrow we will put him down, but we will know what caused it???…pretty much so…but then an additional charge to put him down!!! When I said, I’ll just take my dog….she said, she couldn’t let me…that would be animal cruelty. She said I had 2 choices…pay up for test or put him down now!..asking to be left alone for a fee moments….she returned for my decion…saddly and tearfully, i choice to stop his misery, and ask to see my pup….she left the room, only to send another girl in…yep, WITH ANOTHER CLIP BOARD!!.They wouldn’t bring my pup back in the room until I gave them a bank card to pay to put him down!!!…I thought I may be going to jail at this point!!!!…enough said, I’ll stop here…PLEASE PLEASE STEER CLEAR OF THIS PLACE!!!!

  247. Cat Kirchner 2018/11

    Took such care in helping my pet!


  248. Kathy Tatum 2018/10

    Went to the surgery department for a consultation. I am a general practice veterinarian myself, and I always find the specialists to be knowledgeable and friendly. I trust them to take good care of my pets who are like family to me.

  249. Brandon Silvis 2018/10

    We received amazing service and care for my dog. The procedure and follow up care was expensive but I’m not sure if it was any more so than a different surgical facility. If it would have been cheaper I would give them 5 stars.

  250. Sandy Dalton 2018/10

    We could tell the whole staff was truly concerned for his wellbeing, and did everything to make sure he was comfortable as they nursed him back to health! I will be forever thankful 🙂


  251. patrick o'brien 2018/09

    Thank you so much you took care of Max and let go to sleep in peace last night 3-22-2018
    Thanks again Patrick O’Brien

  252. Nunya Bizniss 2018/09

    Some of these reviews on here are laughable at best.
    As a previous veterinary professional, until recently I have worked in the field for nearly 15 years, including a stint at Dogwood.
    I can assure the public of a number of things:
    1 – no one at Dogwood is swimming in the ocean of money you all seem to think they are. They are not throwing wads of cash into the fireplace to heat their homes because they have such an abundance of it.
    Many veterinary professionals, including the veterinarians, work 2, and even 3 jobs to pay their bills, keep a roof over their heads, and simply eat. Speaking of eating, many go without the foods they would enjoy so that they can buy food for their own pets; because despite what you may think, they actually DO care about animals!
    2 – diagnostic tests, lab work, radiographs, surgeries, other procedures do cost money! Yes, you may get away with a visit to your daytime vet for under a hundred bucks. Do you know why? Because your vet knows you, and your pet, and its history, and has probably managed your pet’s care its entire life. When you come to an emergency vet, they don’t have that luxury. They don’t have Fluffy’s most recent blood results. They don’t have a history with Fluffy to be able to determine if what Fluffy is doing is normal, or if it’s something to be concerned about. That’s why blood work, x rays, ultrasound, imaging, and referrals to other departments are suggested. Not because they want to run in the back and pop open the champagne while the disco balls turn and money rains from the ceiling. But again, because they care about your pet, and want to figure out what is wrong with Fluffy, and provide you the best recommendations to help Fluffy. This can’t be done with a wave of a wand or a shake of a Magic 8 Ball.
    3. I can assure you that many of the events described in these reviews DID NOT, nor NEVER WILL, happen. No one has thrown a clipboard in your face. No one has said you should just kill your pet. No one has laughed in your face. No one has said you don’t care about your pet if you don’t have $27,000 at 2 in the morning. No one has “let your pet die” just because you didn’t pay up front. And treatment plans can change. That is why you get financial updates – because your pet may require a procedure that was unforeseen (again, no Magic 8 Balls here), or a specialized test that unfortunately isn’t cheap. You are informed along the way so you don’t show up and complain that your estimate was $1000 but your invoice is $2000. And an estimate is just that – an estimate. Things can change drastically from one moment to the next. And even when you do decide to yell and complain, they still respond with care and calm, because they’re not a–holes.
    4 – despite being the money-grubbing leeches you think they are, most veterinarians, and staff, gladly do SO many things for your pet that aren’t even charged for. Comforting your pet, feeding, bathing, cleaning ears, trimming nails, keeping your pet warm, changing out piles of laundry when your pet is sick and has vomit, urine, diarrhea, and blood exploding from every inch of its body.
    In closing, veterinary medicine is a pretty tough field to work in. Veterinarians graduate school with crippling mountains of debt they will pay for probably the rest of their lives; technicians aren’t paid nearly what their human healthcare counterparts are for the same, or even advanced, skill sets; assistants go home covered in blood, poop, urine, and vomit; the front desk staff is yelled at, belittled, and threatened on a nearly continuous basis. They all hurt when your pet dies, or is euthanized.
    And you know what, they get up the next day, eat their 3 day old leftovers, wear the “least dirty” scrubs they can find because they haven’t had time to do laundry, kiss their own pets goodbye for the day, jump into their 1996 Ford Probes and just hope it makes it to work and back one more time, and do it all over again. Because, again, even though you may think otherwise, they do, in fact, truly, care about you and your pets.

  253. Vickie Popek 2018/09

    Was referred by Chenault vet in Ashland , called 5 times and left two messages in a course of 5 hours and they never returned a call.

  254. Caitlynn Satterwhite 2018/09

    My dog just had surgery Wednesday and Dr. Padron was amazing. He sat down with us and explained the procedure and answered all of our questions. Dr. Padron explained what he did and found and showed us all the x-rays. The staff told us what to expect with the recovery process and helped us through this hard surgery. Would recommend this place to anyone. They are amazing!

  255. Tina C. 2018/09

    Found a lump on my dogs paw and immediately made appointment with my vet. It came back as a MCT and he recommended amputation (since tumor was located in a difficult spot) and then referred me to Dogwood. I was nervous because I read all the reviews and I was expecting the worst. My experience was wonderful! Receptionist was polite and friendly. The waiting rooms are spacious and clean. The oncology team was professional and explained everything about what the plan of treatment would be and amputation WASN’T in the plan! Our next appointment was with the surgeons at their Hull Street location and they were absolutely wonderful too! They treated my dog like she was part of their family and made sure to go over every detail of the upcoming surgery. Finally today was the big day and the surgeon called me afterwards and gave me an update on my baby girl. I am so thankful that we were referred to Dogwood and that we have a CareCredit card because it was expensive but what specialist isn’t and my baby still has her paw!!

  256. Joseph Hardwicke 2018/09

    I took my basset hound in on April 15, 2018 after he was attacked by another dog. All of the staff there were extremely kind and caring in their treatment of Hank. They not only provided quality care for my dog at a very reasonable price, they provided my with peace of mind which is invaluable. I most definitely recommend Dogwood if your pet has an emergency.

  257. Laura Peters 2018/08

    The staff were so helpful in diagnosing what was going on with my dog and saw us quickly and explained things well and priced very fairly.

  258. Mary Wood 2018/08

    We have gone to Dogwood on two occasions for emergency care for our dog. Both times they have literally saved our dog’s life and been very kind to us. The staff are very helpful and take the time to explain the treatments and costs during your visit. As an emergency facility, we completely understand that a fee is required up-front to evaluate a dog. For our first visit, our dog had bloat which is extremely time-sensitive. We were seen very quickly and while our dog stayed there overnight, we either called or received calls with regular updates on his condition. We were able to see our dog right after surgery and at other points during his stay, which meant so much to us. Emergency pet care is expensive in general, but we feel confident that our dog got the best care available, particularly from the surgical teams. We had no issues submitting Dogwood’s paperwork to our pet insurance company. It is also great that Dogwood is in the same building as surgical, heart, and oncology practices etc. so that they can all work together on our dog’s care. Thank you, Dogwood!

  259. Ana Stumpf 2018/08

    I had a lilly scare with my kitten on a Friday (VERY poisonous to cats, which I learned after the fact) and my vet reccommended taking him to Dogwood ASAP so he could have round the clock weekend care. I drove there crying but the vet tech calmed me down and was so kind to both me and my kitten from the moment I walked in. Dr. Abernathy was very calming as well and straightforward. We went over his x-rays together, which helped feeling like I was in the loop through the whole thing. The vet tech let me hug my kitty goodbye before they brought him back for the night. Dr. Abernathy herself even called me later on at night to give me an update which I appreciated! They care and it’s so obvious. A job like that I feel like could make someone jaded, but I had an incredible experience and reccommend them to anyone!

    Had to bring my poor little guy in AGAIN, about two months later this time at 1AM due to a completely unrelated issue. Cody, the tech at the front, and Dr. Granum were so kind and helpful from the start.
    I’m genuinely not understanding where all the 1 star reviews are coming from. Vets are expensive, emergency vet care is expensive, but at NO point did I ever feel pressured into getting tests done or that they cared more for my money than my cat. The place is busy frequently, so yes, there is a wait time, but they care about your pets and make it very clear.

  260. Don Riead 2018/07

    We were in the Richmond area when our little 11 month old mix breed puppy got very sick. By a stroke of luck we found Dr Cameron at Dogwood Veterinary Emergency Hospital. Being 1000 miles from our regular veterinarian and having a very sick fur baby we were terrified for our baby. The staff were very caring and professional and Dr Cameron, a lovely young doctor, was incredibly knowledgeable and had little Polly Pup-n-Stuff feeling better with fluids, anti-nausia medicine and diagnosed the cause of her gastrointestinal condition. Dr Cameron helped us put Polly on a special diet protecting her delicate digestive system. We couldn’t be happier.

  261. Biglouis Scott 2018/07

    My pet was about to pass away. It was difficult for my family to let go, but we didn’t want him to suffer. The staff was amazing and very sympathetic toward us. However the cost was almost as painful as the lost. Overall they handled everything with class and the staff was top notch. We had satisfaction.

  262. Hank Duarte 2018/07

    We recently had occasion to take our rat terrier, Sugar, to Dogwood (BluePearl) late on a Friday night, She was referred by our primary care vet with a severe case of collapsed trachea and we thought we’d lost her. Dr. Kiley Cameron immediately took over and did all the right things. Sugar is alive, breathing and barking today, all because of the kind and very expert folks at Dogwood.

  263. Sarah Glenn Marsh 2018/07

    Horrendous, money-grabbing, worthless people. Would never trust my pets to their care again; they only care about taking far more of your money than any sane vet. AVOID.

  264. Glen Logan 2018/07

    Fast service. One day after my initial telephone call we had a consultation with a surgeon who performed surgery the same day. Our surgeon, Dr. Giannetto,, was an excellent communicator who ensured we understood our pet’s condition and treatment options. All administrative staff were helpful and friendly, and never kept us waiting. Unable to comment at this time about the outcome of the surgery.

  265. Ray Honeycutt 2018/06

    Initial impression is that it is all about the money. Front desk staff was extremely rude on the admission and discharge visit. Professional staff were friendly and informed yet lacked follow through on progress updates. No call to us was ever initiated by Dogwood staff. Our 5 calls to them necessitated 5+ minutes of wait time with services available promo recording. Dogwood was highly recommended by our primary veterinarian and we will surely follow up with her on the experience. In the past, we have had pets receive emergency care at Cary Street Emergency and Veterinary Referral and Critical Care. The difference, in my opinion is that Dogwood is a corporation type environment while the others provide service in a more caring and compassionate environment. Could never recommend Dogwood Veterinary Emergency. On a positive note, our pup came home after 24 hours!

  266. Kathleen Flannagan 2018/05

    My dog’s needs were met with kindness and great care. The surgeries she had were successful and followup has been thorough. I highly recommend the team here.

  267. Esther Kraft 2018/05

    Staff and doctor were very good when we came in with my brother’s extremely ill kitty late on a Saturday night. They put her to rest with kindness and compassion. Not cheap, but not at all outrageous for emergency service. Thanks for being there to help.

  268. Emily Caudill 2018/05

    Rude staff, they only care about the money and don’t care if your dog is scared to death. They insulate the Dr.s so that if you have a question about your dog’s care, you are forced to speak with a “manager”. A person with zero veterinary medical expertise.

  269. Terry Cason 2018/05

    I know people don’t always have positive experiences but let me tell you I most certainly did. My kitty came in with a poor prognosis not being able to walk and very lethargic. He had a blocked bladder. I was greeted with compasion and care and never once experienced rude comments or eye rolls or anything disrespectful. I can tell that the people who I came into contact with are PROUD of their ER department and it shows. Their estimate was only minimal over the primary care vet and I got a refund . Thank you DogWood and BluPearl . You turned a very stressful situation around and me and Shadow cant thank you enough. Much Love.

  270. Mikey Likesit 2018/05

    New Year’s Eve and my dog broke her nail on the kwik. They took care of her fast and cheap. I’m so happy they are around. Caring staff.

  271. B 2018/04

    The girl at the ER desk was less than ideal. As I was walking across the lobby I noticed how rude she was to a gentleman asking her a question. I then noticed her on her phone! So unprofessional!

  272. Heidi Lahtuk 2018/04

    8/24. We came to dogwood because it was suggested to go to an emergency vet due to my dogs auto immune disease. The doctor was amazing and very explanatory. Unfortunately, we had to put him down this day. When we were leaving around 2pm, I’m not sure of the receptionists name, we stated our name and she replied with “okay, hold on” with a terrible attitude. We then stated that our dog needed to get to a our main vet ASAP to be put down. She immediately responded with “$95 dollars”. She was too busy eating her jimmy johns to check us out when we wanted as much personal time with him as possible. Unacceptable for a receptionist at an emergency vet.

  273. Dana Devore 2018/04

    They saved my baby girls life. They worked with us on the best but least expensive treatment for her. I cant say enough how much this place has a very special place in my heart and come to find out they saved my moms boy a few years ago!!!! This place is just amazing I cant thank them enough

  274. Jo Ann Holt 2018/03

    I’ve read some of the reviews and I can’t understand why they are so different. But anyway, my visit was great! I called and told them what the situation was with a feral cat, I named Dreamy, that I had befriended but had not seen in a couple of weeks but had just come back to me. Of course, they asked if I would take responsibility for the cost as any other office would. It’s not just about the money but they are in business to provide services and make a profit. That’s how they stay in business. I was expecting to spend over $600.00 since it is an emergency center and I had never been there before. So, I brought the cat in and once they saw him they took him right away to be examined. First they cleaned his eyes, nose and mouth. They gave him a bath. The vet, Ms. Abernethy, talked with me about his situation and what needed to be done to best assess him. She gave the costs right up front. They gave him fluids for dehydration, worm medicine, flea medicine and tested him for FIV and FeLV. He did test positive for FIV. They asked me if I wanted pain medicine for him which definitely wanted him to have. They gave me at no cost several cans of Urgent Care wet cat food. So, for all this the total cost was roughly $340.00. Dreamy is like a whole new cat now and he hasn’t left my house. So in short I’m very, very pleased with the service that I received and would recommend Dogwood to others.

  275. Ashley Corbin 2018/03

    We cannot recommend Dr. DeVito and her staff highly enough. Our pet had some uncontrolled bleeding around 11:00pm and the staff did not hesitate to jump in and assist. The next closest vet available for our exotic pet was 2 hours away and she would have surely not survived the trip. We cannot give the same praise to the receptionist that greeted us that night, but Dr. DeVito and her staff saved our girl’s life and we cannot be more appreciative!

  276. Christina White 2018/03

    Caring service

  277. Lisa Ann Peters 2018/03

    There was an overwhelming feeling of money, money, money here. Admission encouraged, expensive testing as well with no real discussion of how that testing would benefit our girl. No, lets try this to rule out that, just straight to really expensive testing.

  278. tara leal 2018/03

    It’s been a year now still can’t forget how cold and uncaring the staff was when we arrived so scared and helpless with our 15 year old Lexi.. they asked her name 3 times and asked what was wrong more than once seemed like all they cared about was the payment. Which money wasn’t even a thought they did an X-ray on my dog who had a horrible kidney infection .. my advice. Dont hire people that don’t have love or compassion for animals.

  279. Kelly Green 2018/03

    I want to thank the staff at Dogwood emergency…Wonderful job ! I brought my daughter’s dog into be seen due to a cut to the tung that just wouldn’t stop bleeding ….They took her back and about an hour later she was brought back out…..Not a dime was charged to me…This is not my first time here..Each time i get the same professional, caring, staff …THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO

  280. Heidi Reutter 2018/03

    The staff were polite enough. I did have some long wait times in the office and over the phone, but that was easy to forgive. I’m giving them a lower rating because when my dog came in after being seriously bitten by a much bigger dog, they failed to notice that one of her ribs had been broken and was lodged in such a way that it could easily puncture other organs. Her regular vet identified the danger and now she’s being prepped for a second surgery this week at a different emergency facility.. It would have been safer and less painful for Lulu if everything had been addressed right away.

  281. Alicia Davis 2018/02

    Took my precious Molly here for s/s of CHF. Within 1 hour the DMV (Craig Proietti) was suggesting Euthanasia. He was cold and only seemed to care wether we had the estimated $1500.00 to keep her overnight for O2 therapy, meds and to see a cardiologist. We applied for their care credit card and were denied. After that the WONDERFUL tech. suggested more options. Long story short….Molly is home with 2 different meds and is doing fine right now. Even if we have 6 months left with her, its better than putting her down. Only worried about money!! We are only giving 2 stars to the awesome tech!! A very nice gentleman with a beard and glasses. I wish I could remember his name. Thank you!!!

  282. Donald Morrison 2018/02

    First off I’ll have to say the medical staff were the best I’ve seen. I’m actually rethinking my local vet for someone more professional that would had found my dogs conditions well before needing the Dogwood services. On the down side I did see as many here have is that this facility has a uncaring corporate side that is truly all about the money that forces the medical staff into continuous up-sale of services without an honest “opinion” of the true condition and outcome of your pet.

  283. Theodore Dyke 2018/01

    My dog was seriously ill; my vet send an urgent consult request. A WEEK LATER, I receive a voice mail instructing me to call to discuss an appointment. Two weeks and 5 calls (with two voice mails) and I still have not heard from Internal Medicine. They really DON’T CARE about your dog. If you have a seriously ill pet go elsewhere, INTERNAL MEDICINE is a joke.

  284. Shawna Lindy 2018/01

    I would give it 5 but they are expensive…they have bills too..
    They DID NOT attack me about money as soon as I walked though the doors..they were concerned about my dog and myself as i was a wreck..they gave me 3 different plans for my pup. I got to choose. They explained all this to me AFTER they looked at my dog…no money was talked about until they looked at my dog…I should no better to read these damn reviews…cause I almost didnt take my dog here because of some of them…


  285. David Drake 2017/11

    Dogwood Oncology – they treated my cat for toxoplasma infection for 3 months. I asked to see Dr. Higenbotham, neurology again who told me it still looked like lypmohoma. A biopsy showed it was lymphoma and what’s worse is that the toxo titre was not a true positive. They had one job, diagnose and treat cancer and they failed. I would never recommend the oncology service, however, I give Dr. Jankowski at cart street emergency care, 5/5 for her oncology services, and she’s less expensive. The Neurology and holistic care at dogwood are 5/5 stars.

  286. Crystal French 2017/11

    Very bad experience! Do not take your pets here. The vet technician that waited on us had terrible bedside manner and talked 100 miles an hour. She is in the wrong profession. Dogwood needs to reevaluate their hiring process on their employees and find more companionate people to represent their company. I will not go back.

  287. Ginny Eyler 2017/10

    I recently visited my personal vet with a puppy and was advised to have the cardiologist listen for a possible murmur. Since I’ve used Dogwood before for this purpose, I contacted them, to schedule a consultation with one of their cardiologists to listen to the puppy. When making the appointment, I told the girl on the phone I wanted to bring in the pup and have the cardiologist listen to her. I explained it was for the same visit I had done two years prior with two pups costing $35/each. The girl pulled my account and referenced the 2014 visit I was referring to. She gave me the dates/times available and I scheduled the appointment for the following Thursday. That was the extent of the conversation.
    However, due to my schedule and in order not to miss the appointment my husband had to run the puppy to the appointment. On his return, I find that the bill was over $640! They had booked the puppy for a $180 consultation and an echo-cardiogram and not a $35 consultation as I had requested when making the appointment. Upon learning this was NOT what I had scheduled the pup for he immediately returned to Dogwood. While there the girl on duty called me at work, which was very nice, and apologized that a new tech was helping them the day I booked my appointment and did not go over the cost(s) with me. I explained the conversation that occurred when booking the appointment. , as well as, had even the $180 exam been referenced I would have told the girl it was not correct and not what I needed to be done. My husband, having never been there before, had no reference to what was to be done to the puppy. He was merely running the pup their in my absence. At no time whatsoever prior to service was any pre-authorization sheet given to him, as it was during my 2014 visit. Had they done so he would have known something was wrong. She apologized and said they had a new girl working the day I called and that she would have the office manager contact me.
    Several days later I was contacted by the office manager, Kelly, and she was very argumentative and rude. She told me an email was sent that outlined the costs. I explained to her I did not view the email, but I did receive a call to confirm the appointment and there was no mention of any of this. However, an email does not constitute authorization to service. She told me I was lying, and that her tech told her she gave me the cost on the phone and then said “well, I don’t know what you expect to be done the service was already performed” and then blamed it on my husband, for not saying something to the vet in the room. This is contradictory to what the girl told me when I talked to her the day of the visit, which was that a new tech had taken my appointment and clearly had not gone over everything. I asked Kelly why a pre-authorization sheet was not given to him and she kept going back to an “email was sent”. She kept saying their staff was really good at making sure customers knew the cost before procedures were performed, but no one did until the bill. Very rudely she said she would ask another manager, but she highly doubted anything could be done. I have worked in customer service for nearly 20 years and was astonished by how this woman was speaking to me! She called back several days later and left me a voice message with basically the same “too bad” info. I will NEVER be recommending anyone to this practice ever again or be visiting there myself! This is entrapment and downright fraud! How nice it must be to perform whatever you want on an animal without the owner’s written OR verbal permission and demand they pay the bill!

  288. Justin “The AustralianAmerican” Elmore 2017/10

    This practice is designed to extort your money when you are most vulnerable and provide almost no options to work around the expenses accompanying the surgeries that they push. They also rely on your medical ignorance to recommend surgeries that may result in a degradation of your pet’s quality of life. Even if this place is your only option, find another option.

    I brought my cat in with what was assumed as an obstructed bowel, unfortunately it was a blockage in the urethra. This was diagnosed expeditiously by the attending vet but is the end of the professionalism experienced. The cost to clear the blockage was in excess of $2000 dollars. After discussing the history of our pet, that being that he had had similar blockages in the past several months that had likewise been misdiagnosed as constipation but had cleared by themselves. Upon discussing this with the vet, it was recommended that further surgery would most likely be required to permanently remedy the issue, bringing the total in excess of $5000 dollars. This review is rated at one star for a combination of two factors. After revealing the exorbitant cost of the intending operations, the nurse informed me that there is no payment plan available requiring the cost to be paid up front, or you could apply for a “credit card”. This credit card hard a six-month interest free opening incentive, which would result in monthly payments of over $900 a month, or you would have to back pay the interest at an APR of over 15%. It cannot be overstated how huge a conflict of interest that this represents, pushing a subpar credit card to cover the cost of life saving surgery is analogous to extortion. We could not afford the cost of the operations and were worried about the future quality of life our cat would have if we didn’t get the surgery. Ultimately, we made the gut wrenching decision to have Walter euthanized. After debating with almost half the family, we came to this conclusion as the best course of action with a heavy heart. Clearing the blockage would not resolve the underlying issues that caused it in the first place and the surgeries had too many unknown variables combined with its immense cost. We advised the decision to the nurse (who understanding and compassionate). The vet proceeded to enter the room and immediately questioned our motives, having the gall to ask whether it was solely financially based. She then pushed again the surgery option as the best course of action after we had clearly made our intentions clear, to the point where a family member had to firmly state that we had clearly made our decision. The pressure exerted by the vet on all of us, after we had clearly made one of most difficult decision a pet owner could make was highly unprofessional. After Walter was euthanized, I decided to research the procedure that was recommended, being wholly ignorant to it still feeling extremely upset about his passing. To my surprise, the procedure was not as straightforward as the vet had billed it to be, with various complications possible, both during and after, and extensive aftercare required. The quality of life that Walter would have been diminished substantially as the surgery required would have rerouted his urethra to an area below his anus. Resulting in a significantly elevated risk of UTI’s and no guarantee that it would permanently resolve his issue. The vet had indicated his quality of life would have been improved and I remained ignorant to much of the procedure and its complications. This active push towards expensive surgery would appear to be a common theme in the reviews of this establishment and the lack of consideration to the future care or quality of life for the pet seems to be at a minimum. Combining that with the lack of payment options for surgery expenses limits your choices to financial ruin or the euthanasia of your animal. This is not how a vet should be run and had I any other options, I would have gladly taken them.

  289. Dexter Johnson 2017/09

    Brought in a puppy with Parvo, it took 3 visits to finally diagnose it and the staff continuously made jokes as my dog lay on the table dyingI sat in the exam room with my dog for 5 hours(6pm-11pm) while waiting for medical attention. Rather than telling me that there was no hope of my pup pulling through they encouraged me to hospitalize her for $5000 but when I told them that was too high they told me to pay for home care pack that came out to $700. They also told me that my puppy had a 62% chance with the medication and home care.. Every other vet I asked told me that the info they fed me was a lie and only for the money. I will not be coming back to these predators.

  290. Tim Carroll 2017/09

    Second visit and yes very expensive but no secret. All is explained to you up front and the decision is yours to proceed or walk away. The negative reviews regarding costs should not reflect on the caring professionalism these physicians and staff provide. Although my Memorial Day weekend ended in tragedy and I had to lay my dog to rest, I would have paid double if he could have been saved. As another review stated, thes people are the real deal.

  291. Leona Hawkins 2017/09

    Outstanding neurological care! After a back injury, we were afraid that our beloved dauschund would never walk again.
    The doctors and surgeons here are diplomates who have had years of additional training in their specialties.
    Just two weeks after surgery and she has regained feeling, is attempting to walk, and wagging her tail! She has also regained control of her bowels and bladder.
    Every staff member was courteous and friendly, thoroughly explained all tests and procedures, and made us feel that our pup was their number one concern.
    They are staffed 24/7, and you call call at any time to receive an update on your pet, and they happy to have you to bring favorite foods and toys.
    When we arrived for a post-surgery visit, a staff member was handfeeding our dog quality baby food from a jar using an infant spoon.
    We have never had such compassionate and quality care from a veterinary facility and are happy to drive all the way from Dinwiddie for all our pet care needs after this experience.

  292. Jessica L W 2017/08

    Avoid if at all possible!! They do not care about your pet’s well being. I wish I would have seen the negative reviews before we brought our kittens into Dogwood, but we were panicked and they were the closest ER vet.

    My husband and I took our two 7 month old kittens into Dogwood yesterday as one of them was passing bloody stools. We brought in a sample of the stool as well, assuming it would be tested. Apparently there was no need as we were immediately told they wouldn’t test it. This should have been our first red flag to go somewhere else. Why wouldn’t they test the problem?

    My kittens were then taken “to the back” and when I asked if I could go with them, I was told no, which seemed really strange as I am used to waiting with my kittens until they are seen by the vet. This also made me really uncomfortable. But then, the kittens were left for nearly 2 hours before we were told they were being seen! This made me furious! Why cast my kittens aside for 2 hours when they could have been waiting with their humans?

    While waiting in the reception area we saw others fill out paperwork and asked the registration staff if we were supposed to register our kittens. They said of course we were and they must have over-looked that when we walked in because it was so busy (but, we were the only people walking in when we did… now I was officially nervous about how professional these people were.)

    When we were finally brought into to a room at the 3 hour mark we were still not able to see our kittens. A vet came in and talked to us about the treatment, and then said he would give an estimate of payment. I asked about testing the stool to see if they could narrow down the infection and they said they would not be able to use it because there was litter in it and if we wanted to do that they would have to manually extract a sample. That seemed too extreme for our kittens who have already been through this 3 hour ordeal so we passed and stuck with the recommendation on just giving the kittens medication. We just want them better. We finally asked if we could see our kittens. So, after 3.5 on their own, we finally got to see our kittens.

    They were noticeably stressed. Our sweet kittens who normally love and cuddle each other were hissing at each other and growling. Neither of us had EVER heard either kitten hiss before! We asked about where they were kept to determine what would have made them so stressed, only to find out they were kept together in their small carrier the entire time (3.5 hours at this point!). NO WONDER they were stressed. We also found out (after having to ask) that they were not given access to a litter box during their stay either.

    What I can’t understand, is, if the wait was going to be that long, why not let our kittens wait with us in the waiting room? They are already sick, why stress them further by not letting them stay with their humans until it’s time for the exam? Or, why not have a larger crate for them to wait in with a litter box?

    After our awful 4.5 hour visit we were just praying our sweet kittens would return to themselves when we got them home into a safe and comfortable environment. We started medication right away, but, the lack of consideration for our kitten’s well beings has made us incredibly skeptical of the vets at Dogwood and we followed up with their Primary Vet as soon as the office opened this morning.

    In the end, the suggested course of treatment and antibiotic was the same, but Dogwood’s general disregard for the well being of our pets remains off-putting. In addition, or primary vet said they would like a stool sample, even if it had a little litter in it, whenever we can drop it by their office–without needlessly doing an unpleasant manual extraction for our kittens. They want to know exactly what is making our kittens sick.

    The only pro for Dogwood is that the waiting area is decent and there is coffee and tea available. However, we will never return and we will warn all of our friends who own pets to go elsewhere.

  293. Kristine Nguyen 2017/08

    Well, I brought in my dog, because she had some issues with her right eye. It was cloudy, red, and just seemed irritated overalls. We even waited in the room for dered about an hour. Then we paid $130 for an eye exam and they didn’t even give us any medication for the eye. We left and went to another place to find out the reason her eye was irritated is because she had a cyst. After two days, I decided to call Dogwood again. The lady on the phone wasn’t being clear and even yelled at me! Even with the lady being receptionist being EXTREMELY rude, we were desperate for the cyst to be removed. We decided to rush her into Dogwood. What do they tell us? They can’t remove cyst. The worst place for care and service. Absolutely do NOT go in there.

  294. charity haraway 2017/07

    I transferred my oldest baby sam to dogwood on Sunday to see CVCA on monday .I saw Dr. Cameron on arrival and she was the kindest , caring Doctor she was amazing and I felt so good leaving him in her hands . I can’t say how much i appreciate her kindness and caring , she’s amazing . I was also happy to see that Dr. Abernathy was with him during the day i know she’s amazing Vet and sam was a lucky boy to have the care of these two Doctors . Me and Sam appreciate you both as well as all the staff we met with and took care of him .


  295. Tyler Witt 2017/07

    Everyone there was absolutely awesome gave us every answer and told us everything we needed to hear. Very very helpful

  296. Jon Wergin 2017/07

    Our dog has had three surgeries here, with three different surgeons, and his treatment has been superb. Staff are caring and uniformly competent.

  297. Carl Runk 2017/07

    Words cannot describe the way I was treated here today. I called in today at 1:40 P.M. in regards to my pitbull who has fallen extremely ill, vomiting by the hour for over 5 days straight, eating absolutely nothing, and bleeding from his right eye. I told the receptionist over the phone all of these symptoms, and asked if i could schedule a time for him to come in to be looked at. She told me that the symptoms i were describing were very serious, and that i needed to bring him as soon as possible. I also let her know that we were very tight on financial resources, as my parents were unwilling to take notice of our dogs ill health, leaving my two sisters and I to scrape together the last of our money, and even start a GoFundMe campaign for him. She sympathized with our hardships and told us to come in immediately. We arrived at the hospital at around 2:30-ish to a nice furnished clinic and signed ourselves and the dog in, and was told to be seated. After two hours of waiting, I asked the receptionist how much longer our wait would be, because my two sisters were supposed to be at work at 4:00 P.M.. I explained this to the receptionist, and she told me that she was unable to give me a clear time on how long the wait would be, but notified me that there were 4 patients ahead of me that needed to be seen, and that i would be ready in probably two more hours. She also told me that they also tend to treat the needier dogs over the less needy, although i was told to bring my pitbull in “immediately” on the phone 2 hours previous. She told me to call back in two hours and said that I should be able to be seen by then. Three hours pass, and I call them up asking for a wait time on my dog. The receptionist working tells me that it would be another hour at the least before my dog could be seen. I explained to her that I came in earlier, waited for two hours, had to leave and i was told that i would be seen by then. She responded, saying that they check in the dogs who need medical attention the most, and that was the best that they could do, still asking if I’d like to wait. I, unhappy with their contradictions, told them i would not be coming in. The receptionist responded with a sarcastic “thank you have a good night” and hung up. Fast forward one hour later, and our dog is doing worse than before, vomiting and shivering immensely. My sister calls Dogwood asking if there’s any way he can be seen, because he was due to be seen hours ago, the same lady from the last call answers and tells my sister that it would now be a two hour wait. Completely outraged, i demanded an explanation on why he’s being thrown to the back. He’s extremely sick, near death, and i’m hearing over the phone that needier dogs need to be seen before him. The lady on the phone was ignoring every single word out of my mouth about this stupid waiting game i’ve had to play today, just to keep reiterating that phrase in the most sarcastic tone possible. I’ve never seen such childlike behavior from a veterinary hospital… I wish i listened to all of the negative reviews i saw on here before I stepped foot in this terrible establishment. These guys only care about money. If you have a six figure salary and want good service? i’m sure they’ll possibly give it to you. If you’re a 20 year old trying to schedule a simple appointment for your dying dog? Not gonna happen.

  298. Sabrina Giaimo 2017/07

    They made a hard time as beautiful as possible. Thank you


  299. Krista Betteridge 2017/06

    Wonderful place. I was a mess but everyone was so kind and helpful. I am so relieved that my dog’s emergency was so quickly attended. If I should ever have another dog emergency this is where I will go!

  300. Carol Fung 2017/06

    We were told a surgery is needed for my dog here. Luckily I decided to look for a second opinion. I took my dog to his veterinarian the next day and was told no surgery was needed. We saved $5000 and my dog is healthy and lively today.

  301. Tiana Taylor 2017/04

    Horrible. Misdiagnosed my dog and suggested she be put down the day we took her. We took her to another vet that determined she just had an infection and is almost completely healed. It breaks my heart that people that are supposed to care for animals use youthenizing as a first resort before even having actual facts. I just think to myself what would’ve happened if we agreed to her suggestion and not have taken her elsewhere, we would have put our dog down for no reason. If you don’t have to go here please don’t.

  302. Robert McCormick 2017/04

    This place might have all the top tech for animal’s but its becuse their all about money,every other sentence was about money, and when i couldn’t pay thousands of dollars all the wanted to do was put my pup down. She got hit in the head by a falling tool off the bench,head swollen but still alive and they want to put her down instead of treating her, they were sure they could save her till i couldn’t pay then it was your pup is in pain and should be put down,but you just said if i can pay you could save her,this place is money humgry,good place as long as your wealthy. Update, well it looks like the vet screwed up and gave me meds for same thing,didnt get meds for swelling like was suppose to, took pup to real vet and got right meds. This place will screw you if you dont have alot of money,was told both meds could jave OD my pup,vet didnt know what he was doing and his eyes qere so red he looked high,will never go back here,ever.

  303. Georgina Miller 2017/02

    Rushed my dog from Norfolk to Richmond in early May. The emergency staff brought her through the many crises and were WONDERFUL. Our surgeon Dr. G. kept us well informed about both up and down sides of treatment. As we progressed into oncology our dog was treated so carefully and when it was determined that we needed to let her go their compassion for not only our dog, but the human counterparts was outstanding.

  304. Emilie Kiritsis 2017/02

    The knowledge of the internal medicine doctor improved my rating; the rest of our two separate ICU experiences were 1 star. Our dog, diagnosed with megaesophagus, arrived to the ER on Monday morning after not holding down any fluids for over 24 hours. She was diagnosed and kept in the ICU for hydration and observation. I was very discouraged at how desperate she was to have something to drink when we picked her up (she frantically tried to lick the rain off the pavement on the way to the car), as the primary goal was hydration. ICU care should have included trying to make her comfortable, but it was very clear she had no access to drinking water.

    We returned at 10:00 Wednesday for the internal medicine appointment, and I was given a quote for thousands of dollars of care. Just like I would for any family member, I agreed to the care. What I wasn’t told was that my dog’s problem was irreversible, end stage disease, and these tests would not improve or prolong her life.

    It was suggested that she go back in ICU. My husband called to speak to the doctor caring for her just after 5:00. We were told the day doctor had left, the night doctor & staff is looking after her, and someone would call us back. At 6:30 there was still no return call, no vet tech that could speak to us, no doctor available. When we finally spoke to the night doctor, he said he hadn’t seen her since arriving for his shift, but assured us he would go see her then and begin her antibiotics. Our concerns began mounting over the lack of care being given in the ICU, and we choose not to let her stay the night.

    Our concerns were validated when we arrived to get her and we were told the antibiotics had unfortunately not been given because they were too busy (not a single other car in the parking lot), and we would need to wait another hour. Neither a doctor nor a tech ever came out to speak to us.

    We were double billed for her ICU care that day, and I was told someone would call me the following day to correct it, as the girl charging my credit card could no fix it (and of course no doctor could come out to correct it).
    Still no one has called.

    Imagine my disgust when we got her home and for the first time ever she frantically ran to our salt water pool, and with absolutely desperation began to drink the salt water.

    Our sweet girl died the following day. I wish I had kept her home for those days when she sat in Dogwood’s ICU. It is ironic that we paid for “intensive care” without anyone bothering to do the basics like keeping her comfortable.

    The sleek website and hospital like design drew us to Dogwood, but I sorely regret having made the choice to bring her here.

  305. Teresa Dalton 2017/02

    We were very grateful for the compassion that came from the staff. We were in a difficult situation with our beloved son who was basically dying. Twice in two days we were in the emergency room with him. The receptionist saw us and recognized us from the night before and immediately brought us to a room. The nurse also recognized us and knew that this was my son. The compassion on putting my son to rest can not be comparable. In the time of support the staff knew I was mom, my husband was dad. He was our son and was laid to rest with the comfort of the staff. I’m am truly grateful.

  306. Melissa Warner 2017/02

    This is an excellent veterinary office, with compassionate staff that provide outstanding care. I am impressed with how they tend to the animals’ families as well as the animals whom they treat. The cost is not low but was frankly less than I thought emergency care would be and was clearly stated in writing. I have a dog sleeping at my feet tonight who would not be there were it not for his recent treatment at Dogwood.

  307. Robert Passaro 2017/01

    Just came from there awesome staff Baxter said thanks

  308. jennifer francis 2017/01

    I’ve had to visit this emergency vet twice in the last year with 2 different cats & 2 very different reasons. Both times I was fantastically pleased with each staff member that helped us. Special thanks to Megan.

  309. Tina Divel 2017/01

    This place cares about nothing but the MONEY! Your animal doesn’t mean a thing unless you can cover the full bill right then and there…they refused to see my dog who has stones stuck in his urethra and is not able to pass urine (emergency!!!) they want $800 today (day before Christmas) to cath him, $2500 for surgery that would have been done Tuesday cause of the holiday and $2000 to hospitalize him till Tuesday…SAD they are all about the money verses the care of your animal. They treated me with 0 respect after I said I couldn’t afford that bill today, made me sign a leave against medical advice form and took $60 for giving me an estimate!!! The staff is rude and snooty and I will never recommend this place to anyone…LOCKE TAYLOR has helped many people in my situation and they actually care about your pet!!!

  310. Marybeth Taylor 2016/10

    We went in last night with a senior dog with a complicated medical history who was having some issues. They were fast, they were friendly, they were calming since I was stressing out. They had my dog back in a room for vitals within 2 minutes of our arrival, and I was seeing a doctor within 10 minutes. They gave me the spectrum of potentials, and gave gave me an estimate of expenses before starting any of the testing. Dr. White and David were great with Lucy, and they brought her back out to me to wait for test results to be completed. The facility is clean and welcoming, and it really helped make the best of a bad situation.

  311. goldvein jim 2016/10

    I took rusty there at the recommendation of my vet. The people were wonderful, both caring and professional. I compare them to nurses in an intensive care unit. They’re really not all about money, they actually refunded part of my fee. I hope i don’t have to, but I absolutely use them again.

  312. Margaret Duke 2016/10

    We took our beloved 11 year old Labrador into Dogwood Veterinary Hospital this past Sunday at 10 am. The dog was in obvious pain and was moaning, they allowed the dog to continue in pain for almost 2 hours. I requested something to make my dog more comfortable. It appears paying the bill was more important than treating my pet. I just assumed emergency meant ASAP. Their response was an animal more serious than mine had come in. My dog was slowly dying of GDV – gastric dilation/volvulus where the stomach rotates and begins to pinch off the blood supply to shut down the organs. It was horrific that they would allow him to suffer in pain. I would not recommend bringing your pet to this Emergency facility as I did not feel my dog was treated with compassion. They let him suffer Watching him dying in front of my eyes is something I will never forget.

  313. Susan Snyder 2016/09

    Took my ten year old Boxer in this morning. She had been bleeding with diarrhea and was lethargic. Dr. Granum was so compassionate and even cried when we made the decision to put her to sleep. Yes, the treatment plan they provided was expensive. That was exspected. With a poor prognosis we made the decision to opt out of expspensive testing and diagnosing. Everyone there was very nice. I was nervous going in, but they were awesome. I wish everyone could have the same experience.

  314. Karlena Dambrose 2016/09

    My little baby puppy was barely three months old when we bought her from a breeder. Within three days, we knew she was horribly ill. After multiple vet visits and months of constant and continuous medication trying to solve the problem, we were referred to an internal medicine specialist here at Dogwood. She was amazing. In fact, the whole place was amazing. It was easy to find, and the receptionists were incredibly friendly. They even let my energetic little gremlin run around and beg for attention and not a single person complained or made me feel like a bad parent. They also have these huge bean bag beds for the dogs if they get tired (that mine used it as a trampoline), and the place was somehow spotless. Anyways, we were super happy with the place, and then we met the specialist herself. She was phenomenal. I can’t quite remember her name, but it was close to Dr. Signuer in spelling. My puppy felt so comfortable and happy that she even fell asleep on her lap within an hour. The vet was so understanding of our situation and was quick to pose a game plan to fight off the infection. We ended up taking one set of x-rays, washing her trachea to get some samples of the root cause, and kicking the sickness in the butt two weeks later (after three months of watching our baby cough and suffer). I have to say, my absolute favorite part of the entire experience was when my baby came back from her x-rays. The nurse was so apologetic about it taking so long; they were so busy passing around the puppy and adoring her that they completely lost track of time. I thought they were pretending at first, but then the nurse started saying things about my puppy’s personality that were so specific and accurate that they couldn’t have been fibbing. I didn’t mind the wait regardless, but it’s so nice of them to let my baby run around and meet everyone. (She’s part bichon so she’s super friendly and loving.) Overall, I would seriously recommend this doctor to anyone that needs an internal medicine specialist.

  315. Laura McElligott 2016/08

    I had a very positive experience with the care there. The internal medicine doctor was extremely conscientious. I really appreciated the extra mile that they went to in treating my Newfoundland.

  316. Michael Throckmorton 2016/08

    Wonderful prompt and very personal and friendly staff. Treatment was explained well. Our 6month old puppy received exam, x-rays, fluids, and medications. Awesome experience.

  317. lauren leggett 2016/07

    I had to bring in a pet for emergency care and while it was more expensive than some other emergency places, I felt they did a good job in listening, diagnosing, and treating. I’m fortunate to have pet health insurance so I admit that the cost was less of a factor for me than it may be for many other people, however.

  318. Troy W 2016/06

    I’ll standing spot. My dog was sick and they did the test to find out that he had kidney failure and was going to die. The doctor was very honest and visited with all the facts. To be an emergency vet and they’re not very expensive I was shocked at the price was so low.

  319. Amanda Franklin 2016/06

    We were referred here by our vet so without any questions we got our dear Zeus here immediately. However all this place cares about is money! We spent $597.00 on “diagnostics”. After this they came to tell us they do not know what is wrong with our baby but they want to keep him overnight which would cost us between $1200-1500 in addition to the almost $600 we paid to find out nothing! Then they said that was for 24 hour treatment but he would probably need to stay multiple days. There is no way we can afford this so we had to take him back to his vet and pray for a miracle! Even the assistant here was snobby when we said we couldn’t afford their treatment plan.

  320. Dalton McMillan 2016/05

    Best place ive ever been to! Although we were there on bad conditions, we will be there every time we have an emergency. Staff was AMAZING. answered every question we had. Took care of us and my baby izzy like we were family. Wish they were a primary vet too!! Love these guys, HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

  321. John Riley 2016/05

    I had to have my dog euthanized yesterday and the entire staff treated my dog and I with the utmost care and respect. This was our first dealing with the clinic but, I would highly recommend them to anyone. From the moment my dog and I arrived to the moment Ieft without him, we were treated like family. I cannot thank them enough.

  322. Lorena Fenner 2016/04

    I just want to thank the staff here for assisting me in laying my dog to rest. She was suffering badly and they showed true compassion as me and my family went through the process. Handled her with care && They allowed us some time with her, did not rush us out of the room, which was very helpful for my grieving process. You are truly appreciated.

    “For Lyrik”

  323. Erin Johns 2016/03

    My friends and I brought in a stray dog around 1 am last night after my friends accidently hit her on their way home from my house. Dr. Granum and the staff on call last night really blew me away with their promptness, compassion and professionalism. The dog did not have a microchip and was clearly mistreated or had been on the streets for a while before our paths crossed. She was an old girl and had many other underlying issues on top of now having been run over (I apologize for my bluntness). Seeing as this dog was a stray and emergency vets are generally pretty expensive, I will admit I was not expecting a lot of action to be made on behalf of the dog. I was proved wrong. The dog was taken back and triaged with a swiftness I have never seen in any other vet hospital. There were other clients at the hospital with their personal pets and the ability to pay for whatever it took to make them well again and even so, we were never kept waiting for answers. The dog was made as comfortable as possible under the circumstances and treated like gold. Unfortunately, we came to the decision to let the old girl go. Dr. Granum and the staff let us come back and sit with the dog while they put her to sleep and then thanked US for doing the right thing in bringing her in. They thanked us when really we needed to be thanking them. I, without any reservations, recommend this hospital to people if they are ever in need of help during an emergency situation. I was so overwhelmed by their kindness to us and the dog. These people are the real deal. They are truly a blessing for animals.

  324. Bobby jourdan 2016/02

    The service was to the point and I love how they treat me. N my family

  325. joyce Dykes 2016/01

    My son took our 1year old pit mix there early Monday morning 7/11/2016 around 1am because of vomiting and diarrhea they examined him and ran tests they gave a prescription of metronizadole we were charged $90 for the emergency examination $55 for IV fluids $32 for a maropitant injection and $62 for a parvo test which they said was negative and less than 24 hours later he died. I truly believe he was misdiagnosed and could have been saved

  326. Shirley Ferguson 2015/11

    My dog, Rosie, an 8 year old Dachshund, was hospitalized April 18, 2015 for suspected HGE. She died in the hospital April 23, 2015, the day I was to take her home. She was improving on April 20 but they recommended she be transferred to the internal medicine doctor for suspected pancreatitis. Under the care of the internal medicine doctor, my dogs condition worsened. She had to be put on oxygen and the doctor who was working the night shift called me at 3:30am to get permission to do an x-ray and I went to the hospital. This doctor, who was very professional, showed me the x-ray and there appeared to be large amounts of fluid in her lungs. She commented that it looked like they gave my dog too much fluid. I stayed with my dog for 30 min. and she died in my arms. The internal medicine doctor never called me to explain the cause of Rosie’s death. I requested her medical records and found that it was severe alveolar infiltrate throughout her lungs. No one from the hospital called me to offer condolences or an explanation of her death which makes me very suspicious. My dog was there for 5 days. I even called the hospital with this concern and I still have not heard from anyone. This shows total disregard for me and my dog. I regret not taking her out of the hospital before she was transferred to internal medicine. Had I done this, I believe my dog would still be alive.

  327. Elisha Seager 2015/11

    I rescued my dog, Patty, from the SPCA. She was a neglect case. She was so thin and frail. I knew she had some constipation issues but i wasn’t overly concerned when i adopted her. The constipation quickly escalated to other intestinal issues that the SPCA vet could not figure out and we could not find any solution to (diet, medicine etc). Patty became incredibly lethargic to the point that we weren’t sure if she was going to make it. Patty was on death’s doorstep when we rushed her to the emergency department. They did a complete workup and discovered through extensive testing that Patty had Addison’s disease. Now that she is on the proper treatment for her condition, she has gained weight and runs all over the house and even plays now. Thanks to Dogwood our Patty is happy, healthy, and thriving!

  328. Chris Newcomb 2015/09

    Do not take your pet here unless you have tons of money. When they started coming up with estimates for my dog like he was a used car I knew I had come to the wrong place. It’s all about money to this place and they could give a crap about your pet. I didn’t have the money to help my dog who broke his tail (while I wasn’t home) and was in severe pain and pleaded with them to let me find a way to pay them. They pretty much told us to leave and charged me $120 to give me outrageous estimates and dog Tylenol.
    I understand that people need to get paid for their services, I mean I’m a computer tech for non-profit computer recycling business, but to turn away an animal who is so obviously in pain because they couldn’t get their money right then and their just sickens me.
    These people are supposed to care about animals. I left there feeling like they really don’t give a rat’s butt about anything but the money.

  329. Veronica Deschambault 2015/07

    I brought my cat here for a consultation because of a chronic, progressive health condition. The staff members were professional, thoughtful, and caring from start to finish. The doctor spent a good bit of time explaining the complexity of my cat’s problems and the uncertainty of her prognosis. She made it clear there was no “fix” for my cat, but also took time to outline possible treatments to try should I want to exhaust every possibility. I felt she was caring but realistic, not in any way trying to “sell” services but doing her best to give accurate and balanced information so I could make a decision. The news regarding my cat was sad, but my experience with the Center was positive.

  330. Suzanne Isaacs 2015/07

    This past Saturday night my Maya started having a seizure and it wouldn’t stop. I called Dogwood and they were very helpful as I was having trouble finding the location because I was so upset. They actually sent someone out to flag me in. They took Maya straight back to check her out. Thankfully she was starting to stabilize. They were very supportive in helping me to choose what to do based on my financial situation. I am out of work and on a fixed income. I really appreciated the staff’s attention and helpfulness.

  331. Mike McDaniel 2015/07

    About a year ago, Daisy Belle, our 9 year old Boston Terrier, started showing signs that something was wrong, by holding her head down much of the time, and she began to yelp if she suddenly lifted her head up to bark at someone at the door. We took her to the local vet who tried to treat her, but Daisy kept getting worse! I found out about Dogwood Specialists from a neighbor who had a PARALYZED dachshund who was treated and now RUNNING all over the house. I asked my vet for a referral and told her that I was upset that she did not recommend the Dogwood Clinic before Daisy got so bad.

    At that point we were ready to put her to sleep because her severe pain. Instead, we took her to Dogwood where we met Dr. Roy F. Barnes, a surgical specialist. He said that there was a chance the spinal problem could be resolved without surgery, and he immediately began treating her with high doses of steroids and pain meds. The goal was to reduce the herniated disk AND to prevent chronic pain.

    For the next 12 months we took her in for regular re-checks with Dr. Barnes. The overall cost to us was extremely reasonable… far less than we imagined!!

    Daisy is now completely off of meds and doing great! We did our part as well. We blocked all furniture so she would not jump up, put a ramp outside so she will not use the stairs and limited the dog biscuits so she could lose weight.

    Thank you, Dr. Barnes, for your expertise, diligence and compassion!!

  332. Dana O 2015/07

    This place was amazing. Help when my ex primary vet didn’t even see the problem. When I told me primary the problem they still didn’t care. Dogwood was very concerned and happy I brought her in when I did because she needed some emergency surgery. They were so kind and handled my dog so sweetly and professionally. I would recommend them to anyone. Dr. Babb is amazing!

  333. Lea Ann Hansen 2015/06

    Took an elderly dog on Christmas day. For the last few months, she had been getting thinner and weak in her hind legs, needing help on the stairs, and spending a lot of time just wandering from one end of the house to the other. Her quality of life was poor and I had already been considering euthanasia. This day she was panting a lot, her abdomen had become very distended over just a couple of hours and was uncomfortable.

    I got right in and they looked at her right away. I told the receptionist the above and that I thought it was time for euthanasia. The technician provided me with the form that declined the initial stabilization routine which is estimated at $300-500 without being judgmental. Dr Babb came in and said she was “a very sick little girl”. She did give me an idea of what she thought was wrong and the numerous things that could be done like x rays and surgery. When I declined while explaining my rationale, she agreed. The actual euthanasia was done with compassion and care, they rolled her in on a cart, when she was wiggling on the cart they put her on a big dog bed and let me say goodbye as long as I wanted and checked on me periodically. Everyone expressed their sympathies and they gave me a clay paw print.

    My suggestions would be to appreciate that some people do understand what could be going on (I used technical terms since I’m a health professional myself and the doctor did not pick up that she didn’t need to be so simplistic) and take greater stock when an articulate client gives you a detailed history and expressed desires before automatically recommending the standard battery of tests.

  334. Steven Presley 2015/06

    All I did was call about a simple question and was informed since I’ve never brought my animal to them they were unwilling to give me any advice money hungry sorry staff

  335. Terry Barnes-Pirko 2015/04

    We’ve used Dogwood for both specialty services and emergency services and have had only great experiences. Most recently, we were faced w a rapidly deteriorating older dog, but no clear idea what was causing his symptoms. Everyone, from the receptionist to the technicians, assistants, and vet, were wonderfully kind and helpful. We were informed of the costs, and treated like partners in the care for our dog.

  336. Shawn Reid 2015/02

    I would like to take a moment to encourage everyone to make an informed decision when choosing where to take you pet. I experienced the exact scenario that Shirley Ferguson did. My Molly was misdiagnosed and under triaged. For this reason, she died unnecessarily. The compassion offered to me and my family was less than what I wold expect from the local sanitation staff (trash man). The fees I paid were refunded and excuses were made. The management of this facility mirrors that of a manufacturing facility making trash bags. You and your pet are placed in a cold room where you are left for hours without the first person to care for you and your pet for extended periods of time. I am a health care professional and have seen enough to know that this place has a lot to be desired. I encourage those who have had similar situations to contact the Virginia Board of Veterinary Medicine and file a complaint. Don’t allow them to simply refund the money you felt was going to be used to save your pets life only to find out they gave poor care and let your pet die. RIP Molly, I will not let this go!!!

  337. Wendy Smith 2015/01

    I have over 25 years of experience in the veterinary medical field covering 3 different hospitals and one specialty and emergency center. I am also the proud owner of that dog that everyone has once in their pet owning days that special buddy. When Hoss’ local veterinarian found a growth in his ear, he recommended we bring him to Dogwood for an MRI. Dr Barnes and his staff were wonderful. The care and treatment Hoss received once the decision was made to go forward with surgery was amazing. We received the type of care I had always given throughout my career. The staff was polite and caring. Dr Barnes did not let any question go unanswered and explained all procedures thoroughly. This was not an easy road for us, considering Hoss is 14. We have had all those experiences everyone has who has ever owned a pet. We have lost that young dog or cat for some unexplained reason that no one should ever go through. We have lost pets to cancer, kidney failure, seizures and old age. Hoss is a member of our family and we want to extend a huge thank you to Dr Barnes and everyone involved in his surgery, recovery and recheck. You all are simply among the best!!!!!! Thanks again.

  338. Abygail Ziglar 2015/01

    The staff and veterinarians at Dogwood were absolutely amazing. I brought my cat in and she unfortunately had to be put down that night, The staff was comforting and understanding. They allowed me and my family to have almost an hour alone with my cat before coming to us and putting her down. They were respectful and i didn’t feel rushed at all. A few days later I received a letter from them with condolences from all the ER staff as well as resources like support groups and hotlines. They are absolutely amazing and i would recommend dogwood to every pet owner in the Richmond area.

  339. Deborah Parker 2014/06

    I took my dog here recently after she started limping and crying after our daily walk. I read the mixed reviews but my experience was very positive. Everyone was friendly, the facility seemed cleaned, the vet was knowledgeable and the price charged was standard for the care.

  340. Terry Brown 2014/06

    I have unfortunately needed to take my male cat (Henry) to an emergency vet twice in the last three years. Both times, I chose Dogwood due to proximity and the recommendation of my primary vet. Both times, Henry received excellent care and I was kept up to date and given estimates before each advancement of treatment. I highly recommend this clinic, if your pet likes to get sick after hours!

  341. Shelley Ottenbrite 2014/03

    I recently went to have surgery on my BMD. At chedk-in I realized this was the vet I took my previous BMD to Thanksgiving week as he was dying. They diagnosed constipation and irrigated his bowels. Sloppy uncaring work is conducted here.

  342. Elona A 2014/01

    I had a very bad experience at this vet on a Sunday evening with Dr. McDaniel. It was not busy there at all and at one point it was just me and one other pet owner. My pet’s issue (persistent diarrhea and vomiting with blood) was not taken very seriously. I was repeatedly left to wait for a total of 3 hours while my pet continued to get sick in the exam room. I could hear her carrying on casual chit chat with the other pet owner in the next room. When I commented that I was left waiting while others were seen repeatedly before I received a single turn she got a snarky attitude with me, very unprofessional. (Pro tip: worried pet owners seeking emergency pet care are experiencing a lot of stress, try being compassionate rather than defensive/ rude). Communication is key and this place did not demonstrate this simple concept. I don’t work in an emergency vet clinic nor have I ever visited one, it’s absurd of her/the staff to assume I know “the ropes” of this profession or details of how the process works. Simple communication is all it takes. For example when they said __ will only take “5 minutes” that means be prepared to wait at least 45 min-1 hour. Same with “i’ll be right back with your paperwork” this means they will be back -in 30 min to 1 hour.

    Ms. McDaniel then proceeded to tell me my pet would continue to suffer unless I paid for about $2,300 worth of services on the spot to “try to find out” what the issue is. She was very condescending and rude all while using a baby voice. It was confusing. She offered no other information on what was going on or what I could do to ease my pets pain/symptoms until I could get to my regular vet in the morning. I was left to consider grim alternatives because I cannot afford that much on just assessments but it was all or nothing. I was treated like a beggar off the street and not like a concerned pet owner. Be warned, if they don’t see your pet’s issue as serious enough they will dismiss your concern and feelings while trying to up sell you on extra services. Go anywhere else if you can. I wish I had.

  343. Sara Dingman 2013/04

    I have been here before and loved the vet that saw my pet, My most recent visit however was quite disappointing. The receptionist was incredibly rude and cared more about the person I was there with than my dog, she never even looked at her. She was very rude and had quite an attitude

  344. Lauren Estep 2013/01

    For the first time in a week, I can actually say that I feel comforted. Dr. Barnes greeted us and was forthright from the beginning. He let us know the good, the bad and the worst possible scenarios. As soon as my baby was out of surgery, he called to let us know exactly what was going on. Thankfully for us, we had good news. The staff in the ER center as well as he surgery center let us know (and truly made us feel) that they were there for us and would do whatever they could to make us feel better. My dog had been suffering from pancreatitis for about a week when we brought her in and Dr. Barnes was extremely knowledgeable and kind when explaining the procedure. His diagnosis and confidence gave us the feeling everything was going to be okay. His call after surgery confirmed that he knew what he was doing – kind, compassionate and professional. Highly recommended to anyone with a sick “kid”. ~ The Lorello’s

  345. Eileen Lipscomb 2013/01

    Our names are Beau and Katie Lipscomb and we are five year old golden retrievers.
    Dr. Roy Barnes, with help from Dr. Alex Padron, has operated on both of us in the last two weeks. We both had complete ACL tears repaired. We were pretty scared, but the doctors explained the surgery to our parents and were in contact with our referring doctor. Everyone was so nice, even helping us get out of our car on our first visits. Dr. Barnes called our mom after each surgery and later with updates. Our experience could not have been any better and we are at home recovering nicely. Also, we love Mrs. Barnes.

    To respond to a complaint review, we understand that there have been staffing changes at the reception desk.

    Thank you Dr. Barnes, Beau & Katie

  346. sally mullikin 2012/09

    I went in last night to have a Dr. look at my dog before I put him to sleep. He is old and sick and needed reassurance. I knew he needed to be put to sleep and was prepared. The receptionist put me in a room and left me for an hour while they had emergencies as she put it.She came in the room and did not make eye contact and basically made me feel like my situation was not important. The Dr finally came in after about an hour and checking out my dog and tried to sell me services to “make sure” I wanted to put my dog to sleep. When I asked what good that would do, she put great doubt in my mind and made me feel guilty for not doing x rays and tests by telling me if I do it, then I would be sure that putting my dog down would be the right decision then. The vet then left the room for about 45 minutes and I became frustrated that all they wanted to do was to sell me procedures instead of listening to me. I got up and went to the desk to check out and the receptionist dismissed me like I was a burden. I left and went to another clinic and asked for the same services, to have a vet look at him,then put him to sleep. They did and with great sympathy and attention. I would never suggest going to this clinic and frankly they should refund my office visit because they provided no service and made me feel worse for coming in. My dog is gone today and I am glad I went elsewhere because the energy was terrible there.

  347. Cindy Corcoran 2012/05

    The staff was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. The wait time was short. Bills are given ahead of time with a worst case scenario approach and are often less than expected. I wouldn’t visit a specialty clinic without asking the price beforehand. My dog is my first baby. She has surgery with Dr. Martin tomorrow for disc problems. I will update post surgery.

  348. Ospreyman Lott 2012/03

    My vet referred me to Dogwood for a tumor on my dogs mouth. When I called for appt. they wanted me to call my vet to send over records which most places do for you. When I got there they put me in a room and forgot about us for 40 minutes. After I reminded them I was there they wanted to take my dog in the back for the exam and wouldn’t let me go with him. The doctor wouldn’t come to our waiting room at all, either to meet me or examine him, instead he would only talk to me after examination. For a consultation fee of $100 I wanted to witness the exam and meet the doctor first. So I took my dog and left. They never called me to follow up or apologize, when I called to discuss my concerns I had to leave a message and they never returned my call. I believe a Dr. is only as good as his front office, and I rate the Dogwood front office, policies and customer service as poor.

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