Betty Baugh’s Animal Clinic

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Betty Baugh’s Animal Clinic
4.6 based on 328 reviews
  1. Helen George 2023/11

    Have been using this clinic for years and years…so grateful for the expert and compassionate care from wellness exams to emergencies.

  2. Taylor Raquet 2023/11

    Dr. Wynne and the staff were incredible today when my dog had eaten a toxic food. I’m so grateful for their dedication, expertise and care!

  3. Barbara Moore 2023/11

    For many years, the veterinarians and office staff at Betty Baugh’s Animal Clinic have given me outstanding service and expert, compassionate care for my cats. I can’t imagine taking my dear pet friends anywhere else.

  4. Jack Catlett 2023/11

    Very friendly and attentive with my pet.

  5. Kerry Svoboda 2023/11

    I love my vet she really knows and cares about my animals.

  6. Evelyn McGill 2023/11

    Excellent advice and service

  7. Andrew Jernigan 2023/11

    Awesome vet, great staff! They were able to fit us in during what ended up being a real emergency and have been great to work with ever since! They really care about your pet. Can’t say enough good things about this place. Our dog actually loves going there, go figure.

  8. Clare R Trow 2023/11

    Staff went above and beyond to provide care for older dog in pain despite limited time frame – amazing!!!!

  9. Kelsey Guarnera 2023/11

    I took my beloved golden boy there for years, and when he was finally diagnosed with cancer we received the absolute best care. He was gifted 4 amazing weeks of additional quality life thanks to the staff at Betty Baughs. The kindness of the front desk staff and passion that the techs and vets show is truly one of a kind. Dr Chubb helped us through some very tough decisions. Our boy was blessed to have such a wonderful team care for him- and he knew it, he loved going to Betty baughs!

  10. Antonya Lewis 2023/11

    I loved the fact that I can tell they actually LOVE the animals!

  11. Julie Abse 2023/11

    They will work with you to make sure your pets health is taken care of. Very friendly and up front about costs and procedures. One thing I really appreciate is that they start off with the least invasive and costly procedures when you ask them to—no push back or pressure. But in the end they do what’s best for the pet and the owner.

  12. Marie Shannon 2023/11

    Dr. Callahan is the best vet ever! Well miss her when she’s out on maternity leave.

  13. revelle Barnes 2023/10

    This clinic was great made my dog feel so must better i will recommend this clinic to anyone

  14. Jessica Aseng 2023/10

    As a new patient, I was able to get my pet an appointment the same day. I was shown into the exam room as soon as I walked in. The vet tech and doctor were amazing and really cared for my cat. They took their time with the exam and explained to me everything that was going on and their thoughts.
    I will be making this place my regular vet!

  15. Betsy Featherstone 2023/10

    I had to do a lot of waiting, but everyone was very very nice. And my cat is feeling better!

  16. Dagny Waldron 2023/10

    Dr. Wynne is amazing!

  17. Esthefani Cavalcante 2023/10

    My puppy got sick, I could quickly get an appointment for the following day, and they were awesome with my baby boy!

    I recommend them to everyone.


  18. Hannah Compiano 2023/10

    My cat had an emergency this week. Betty Baughs rushed us in, made time for us, followed up, and did an all around fantastic job. I’ve had two rather high stress visits with my cat here (she is bad at the vet and I’ll admit so am I) and I felt that everyone did everything to make us both at ease. Thank you to the doctors, reception staff, nurses and medical assistants. Myself, my husband, and our cat Tuesday are so thankful for the fast action, compassion, professionalism, and courtesy at this fine establishment. My heart is so happy knowing my cat had the best care available this week.


  19. Hallie Lifson 2023/10

    Everyone is so friendly and my dog actually loves to go to the vet- even when he has an ear infection!

  20. Jeanette Rouse 2023/10

    Not impressed. They told me my 12 year old small mutt didn’t need her DAPP, natural immunity.

  21. Craige Perry 2023/10

    The office itself is within a mile from my house, so I absolutely love that. It is always clean and the staff is super friendly and efficient. The doctor that assisted me was Dr. Blake and he was very comforting and very thorough. He always gives a follow up call to make sure that my Ninja (cat) is doing OK. The prices are very reasonable and I would not take any of my animals anywhere else. Big love for Betty Baughs Vet

  22. McKenzie Dalton 2023/10

    Dr Dodson is awesome! My dog is pretty scared of strangers touching him & was definitely nervous in the exam room, but the entire staff has made his comfort such a priority & he’s been making new friends every time he goes 🙂

  23. Jason Barr 2023/10

    Fast service and met all my pets needs. Would recommend this facility to others!

  24. Cheryl B 2023/10

    Love everyone at Betty Baugh! They love their clients!

  25. Dorria Brown 2023/10

    My cat had a serious eye infection and they fit me in for an emergency appointment. Staff is very friendly

  26. Amiyah 2023/10

    Amazing Service! They took my dog in with open arms and it was a busy day for them. It was our first time there we felt very welcomed even though they were busy. All of my questions were answered, They made me and my dog feel very comfortable, definitely will recommend this clinic. We thank everyone at the desk and Dr.Chubb and assistant (sorry I can’t remember all names) but you all are great! 😊

  27. Paula Delfs 2023/10

    ❤️ this practice! Rosie, now 8, is our first family dog, and Dr Fulton has been such a wonderful partner since she was a pup. He is so gentle with her, knowledgeable and affirming, we are grateful. Great support staff who are compassionate and responsive.

  28. Savannah Sheely 2023/10

    I’ve been holding off on writing a review, but I’ve written to this clinic twice now to try to get closure from my experience and it was ignored both times, so now I’m writing this here so my voice and experience is heard.

    My brother’s cat was experiencing a very alarming and fast health decline, he had just moved here due to the loss of our mom and didn’t have vet care set up yet. I’ve been a client of Betty Boughs for five years now, so I took Edward in to be seen. They originally mistreated Edward, which ended up making his sickness worse. When we took Edward back in after noticing worsen behaviors, the vet admitted she couldn’t figure out what was wrong and stated “I’ll be honest I’m more of the dental vet.” when communicating about Edward. She just insisted we put Edward down because “he is a very sick cat.” She said Edward wouldn’t make it a few more days. Please note – Edward was never given any care of fluids while in the clinic. She pushed us for three hours to euthanize Edward. We couldn’t come to a solution with a clear mind because there was no sickness diagnosed. When we asked for more information on what is going on, she said she didn’t know “Could be cancer. Could be this, could be that.” But never tried to figured it out. She gave up on Edward. After the three hours, she was just persistent in trying to convince us to just put Edward down and stating “What would you do if this was your mom?”; not knowing we just lost our mom a year prior to Edward’s visit. I eventually decided to take Edward to another vet, where he stayed over it to get good consistent care, he was diagnosed with heart failure and is now on medications. He’s still alive, and this has been several months now. I tried reaching out to the clinic trying to gain closure over this traumatic clinic and also gaining all of my records from them, they ignored my email but sent the records. They don’t give a **** about your pet/lives. Do not go here if you want actual care for your pet.

    P.S. I’ve talked about this experience with many people, some employees/owners around the city and they are sure to share my experience with others and encourage people not to go to this clinic. They’ve also let me know a lot of other people are feeling this way about this establishment.

    Betty bough, if you see this, eat ****.

  29. Annette Allen 2023/10

    I thought these people were very nice. They are all about their pet clients. I’ve only visited once, but look forward to other visits. First impressions are everything. However, I have not had a full enough of an experience as far as longevity with this pet clinic. Having said this, hopefully I will look forward to an awesome experience from here on out.

  30. Lauren Williams 2023/09

    So nice and really showed my dog love

  31. Alexia Hill 2023/09

    They were really helpful and sweet with my cat!

  32. Karen Allen 2023/09

    I love Betty Baugh! But I had to bring in my dog for a heart worm test, and because she is terrified of getting in the car, it was kind of an ordeal. I bought the necessary medications; and today I got a text asking for a stool sample. Please try to be a little more organized!

  33. Nicole Fernandez 2023/09

    So grateful to have come across this clinic. Dr. Chubbs is amazing. She knows her stuff, truly cares about making your pet better, and takes time to communicate and make sure you understand what’s going on. I have the peace of mind that when I need them they’ll be there. I’m switching vets. Shout out as well to the staff who were all very kind and competent.

  34. Ada Cobbs 2023/09

    I appreciate the care the doctors and techs take with my dogs. I don’t care for the reception I receive at the front desk at all. Not very welcoming.

  35. Abby Williams 2023/09

    Very knowledgeable and friendly. My favorite vet clinic in Richmond!

  36. Cheryl Street 2023/09

    The people there were great and very gentle with my dog

  37. Patrick Foster 2023/09

    I’m pleased with my experience at the clinic ,the staff and Dr Blake. Tony is doing great after a night of severe scratching the dying fleas. The kitten wellness plan gives me peace of mind with this new addition to the home.

  38. Mary Miller 2023/09

    Professionals who care and know their stuff.

  39. Allison Koschak 2023/09

    Great service. Jenny and Dr. Odair wonderful.

  40. Chris Hilbert 2023/09

    My doctor was wonderful. I was seen right away even though I was late. You waived the late fee. I got an emergency call in the middle of the appointment and you moved my dog into a different room. I am so pleased with the service I received.

  41. Lisa Van Arsdale 2023/09

    Very caring staff. Professional and they make every effort to see me, even on short notice

  42. Daphne Mains 2023/09

    I love this veterinary. The staff was professional and helpful. They cleared up duster’s eye, even when we thought he would lose it. We then took Dani my son in-law’s dog. They were patient and informative about her condition. However she had cancer and we thought it best to put her down. We didn’t want her to suffer. And through it all the staff was so understanding. Thanks everyone at Betty Baugh,’s clinic.

  43. Jesse Glitters 2023/09

    It was a lovely experience. I feel like they went over and beyond. From deana to the vet dr Dodson they were all fabulous. They showed me how to help give meds to the kitties and they listened to my concerns. I really appreciate the service. And the rooms were so friendly mine was painted purple… So if you like wonderful care you are coming to the right place. She even called me the next day to check on my babies. The service was excellent

  44. Joyce Dustin 2023/09

    Betty Baugh’s Animal Clinic is the best. They are very good with my dog and does only what is needed. They don’t push things on you.

  45. Barbara Edwards 2023/08

    Just lab appointment for allergy shot. Very short wait. Shot seems to be reducing scratching.

  46. WyJean Porter 2023/08

    Bartley was very well taken care of. Great staff and Dr. Chubb is the best.

  47. Carla 2023/08

    Well kept and well run. Doctors are personable and spend time explaining. Front staff very nice and competent too. I also think the prices are fair and maybe even less than those in the downtown or Carytown area.

    My very difficult dog was seen and they welcomed her and handled her quite well.

    Thanks Betty Baugh!

  48. Tarah Carlow 2023/08

    We have been going to Betty Baugh’s for years. They have been kind through the heartbreak of losing 2 dogs to old age and cancer and wonderful with welcoming dogs to our family. Dr O’Dair is the best- I trust your judgment and she tells it like it is in a very graceful way. I have the ultimate comfort entrusting my babies with them.

  49. Dana Perkins 2023/08

    They gave us an upfront prognosis. They gave us a range of treatment options and an honest prediction of what the outcome would be. Very compassionate staff.

  50. Maranda Moore 2023/08

    After my first visit I would highly recommend this vet they treat your pets like human patients it’s super personable and friendly and they really go out of their way to make your pet comfortable

  51. FALT FASION 2023/08

    I brought in an abandoned kitty and they were great with her. Very gentle and compassionate. She’s now comfy on the couch in her new home!

  52. Matt Zoller 2023/08

    good. A little pricier than I thought.

  53. Ashley Larson 2023/08

    Very thorough and caring. They walked me through the recommendations for new kitty, and I feel like she is in great hands!

  54. Christen Voltz 2023/08

    Great service, and vets/staff very informative and helpful!

  55. Triston Noble 2023/08

    The vets and staff were polite and friendly! My elderly animals received excellent care and I was given quotes before they provided any treatment. 10/10

  56. Tammy Ogorsell 2023/08

    Love love this animal clinic. The whole staff was compassionate and caring. Saved my dogs life. I went in thinking I had to euthanize my baby due to the horrible experience we had at Fairfield vet. I can’t thank yall enough. So glad I found this place. The whole experience was amazing. I recommend Betty Baugh’s Animal Clinic to every pet lover.

  57. lilian jack 2023/08

    Thank you sooo much for taking care of my fur-baby …your office is kind and nurturing…Awesome practice…💐💐 bring your babies here….they treat them well💞💞 …

  58. Katlyn Price 2023/08

    Everyone was very informative & so kind ! My pupperoni loved her first visit to the vet 🙂

  59. Andrew Allen 2023/08

    Very pleasant visit- we were walk-ins and had very good service!

  60. Laura Wilson 2023/08

    Betty Baugh’s Animal Clinic was great all around!! They were able to squeeze us in last minute and all of the staff was attentive and caring. The Doctor made sure all of our questions/concerns were answered and we walked out of there with some medication to help our dog get better!

  61. Charles Menges 2023/07

    Dr. Wynne is terrific. Very knowledgeable and caring.

  62. Jade Sparkman 2023/07

    The staff adored my new kitty and showered him with love and affection. Did great explaining the pricing, answered all our questions and offered support when needed!


  63. Elaine Morris 2023/07

    They took such good care of my sweet kitten Dwight 🥰 …


  64. nicole parnell 2023/07

    Super friendly staff, very sweet to my pup!

  65. Maddie Foster 2023/07

    Dr. Fulton was both knowledgeable and kind. In the past my dog has shown severe anxiety going to the vet. Dr. FULTON’s gentle demeanor kept her calm and comfortable. The technicians were top notch and clearly showed their love for animals. It was an easy low stress visit. Thank you!

  66. wayne whitham 2023/07

    Excellent care for my dog at a reasonable price

  67. C Tate 2023/07

    Sr.Fulton and Kristin were excellent! They were attentive and thoroughly checked out our pup. We love our visits but not all of us like the shots.

  68. Alexis Fergusson 2023/07

    I have been coming here for years because of the consistently informed and truly compassionate care they offer. I would especially like to mention Dr. O’Dair, who has been there for me and my pup through some scary health crises. Her logical suggestions and her kindness helped me get through these times. It’s so obvious how much she loves animals!

  69. Nicole O'Neal 2023/07

    We are long time clients of Betty Baugh’s. They offer knowledgeable, helpful, and courteous service. They care about my pets’ health and it shows!

  70. eileen crean 2023/07

    Both the vets and the techs provide excellent care. I have worked with Dr. Fulton and Dr. Dodson who are outstanding. Highly recommend.

  71. Kaitlyn White 2023/07

    We absolutely love taking our two dogs to Betty Baugh’s. All of the staff are friendly, informative, and compassionate. The doctors answer all of my questions and consistently provide excellent care. Our older dog is very anxious during vet visits and they are always patient and thorough with her, doing all they can to make her feel more at ease.

  72. Leah Dumas 2023/07

    i love this place and so do my dogs! they are the best and my pups could not be more excited when we show up here

  73. Jen Tyler 2023/07

    In my opinion, Betty Baughs is overpriced. The atmosphere of the clinic is off, and communication isn’t good. If you’re looking into this clinic, I’d recommend that you inquire about the payment plan before you book your first appointment, or things could get very expensive very quickly. Don’t go here if you have an emergency

  74. Siri Tupurani 2023/06

    They provide excellent service and care! Also every time I asked for an appointment, they were able to schedule one within a week. Very accessible, friendly and knowledgeable! Only downside is they are a little bit pricier than other clinics but they make up for it with providing excellent care so I continue to choose them to care for my dog.

  75. Harper Ward 2023/06

    Betty Baugh’s is a friendly, thoughtful vet clinic. Every member of their staff has been kind and supportive whenever I have a question. I have a mini dachshund puppy and they’ve walked me through potty training and leash training. They listened to every concern I had and they provided answers, suggestions, and resources for me to use at home.
    They also have the cutest goody bags at the end of your appt with little handwritten notes that make me and my pup feel the love!!
    Thanks for all y’all do!
    <3 Gulliver and Harper

  76. Brenda Hubbard 2023/06

    I know my pets are getting good care at Betty Baugh’s Clinic. The vets and their assistants are so compassionate when dealing with my skittish, often defiant, cats. I couldn’t ask for more.

  77. Marsha Wulf 2023/06

    Dr.O’Dare is the best!

  78. Zenobia Brooks-Hanna 2023/06

    I arrived about 55 or some minutes before my technician appointment
    I probably messed up someone’s lunch, but was accommodated. Thank you!

  79. Archer Brinkley 2023/06

    Ive been taking pets here for 27 years, first my family’s pets growing up and now my own as an adult. Even through the stressors of parking lot drop off during COVID or frustrating medical mysteries everyone I’ve interacted with has been very kind and helpful. I will say it’s difficult to make an urgent appointment as they are so popular, i am really feeling the gap in my pet care between routine advanced scheduled appointments and life threatening emergency pet hospital situations.

  80. Lindsey Standish 2023/06

    ♥️ Best Vet!

  81. George King 2023/06

    Excellent service, friendly and knowledgeable staff.

  82. Sara Monger 2023/06

    I couldn’t ask for a better place to be to send my fur baby Penelope when she had a tumor. She didn’t make it but the love and absolute respect from the staff is amazing.


  83. Laura Robinson 2023/06

    I needed to find a vet closer to my home and Betty Baugh’s was first vet I found that was accepting new patients and could see my two pups within a few days. Dr. Dodson spent over an hour with us and walked me though so many things that I needed to know about my pups issues/concerns. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the friendliness and just simply the time she gave us. I am very thankful

  84. Sarah Vondracek 2023/06

    Took amazing care of both of our pups!

  85. Jessica Y 2023/06

    Everyone here, from the receptionists to the techs to the vets, is super professional and nice! I had a great first appointment with my dog Luna. The techs were gentle with her and treated her like she was their own. Dr. Chubb took great care of her and was very thorough and supportive. I highly recommend.

  86. Angela Losey 2023/06

    I absolutely love Dr. Wynn and her vet tech. Yes, I spent way more than anticipated, but good care for my fur babies is essential. I did a lot of research to find the right vet for my fur family and I think I did good. They took time and answered all of my questions and got the newest member of the family set up for a long healthy life.

  87. Mary J 2023/05

    I found the Vetrinarian and supporting staff to be knowledgeable, helpful, friendly and professional. They listen and support my dog’s health and well being.

  88. Jane Newell 2023/05

    Welcomed even though I arrived way too early. Help with juggling two unhappy cats appreciated.

  89. Michele Cantor 2023/05

    Had Gracie who was awful! The vet tech had to hold her down with gloves and the vet was able to give her shots! Next day tigger was obsessed with cat nip and he was in heaven they were great! Shots nails everything went great!

  90. shannon elizabeth 2023/05

    The staff and Dr were exceptional . My dog needed a lot of testing and the staff were very aware of the costs and helped me prioritize Daisy’s needs. Dr Wynne called to follow up and guide me with her diabetes treatment. The staff is kind and friendly. Daisy now has a new vet!


  91. 220 Phactz 2023/04

    Definitely racism in the air they over charged me for medical visits and I felt taken advantage of I got the vibes that they don’t like black people or bully breeds

  92. Lauree Poole 2023/04

    Scheduling was time sensitive and my pet was treated with care. Extra precautions were taken to help him deal with his visit stress.

  93. Polly Ewald 2023/04

    The clinic made time to see my sick kitty on a busy Monday. As always, we received excellent veterinary care despite being a fit in visit. Everyone on staff is kind, pleasant and competent. I have had pet animals for my entire life and this is the best veterinary care my fur babies have ever enjoyed. Thank you Betty Baugh!

  94. Brian Shaw 2023/04

    Wonderful and friendly staff

  95. Jennifer Tarry 2023/04

    Dr. Fulton and staff are very caring and have great bedside manners!

  96. Denise Williams 2023/04

    The staff was very friendly and the veterinarian was professional and knowledgeable.

  97. Pamela Thomas Graham 2023/04

    So grateful for Dr. Fulton and his ultrasound capability. He is very compassionate and truly interested in the best outcome for my Oglesby.

  98. Scott Ellett 2023/04

    Lola loves Dr. Hannah!

  99. S Drew 2023/04

    My pup doesn’t like the vets office but these folk are very good with her

  100. Deb Capone 2023/04

    Best vet I have ever taken my pets to. Highly recommend

  101. Kam Mac 2023/04

    They are always very kind and knowledgeable with my two dogs.

  102. Leslie Naranjo 2023/04

    Dr. Fulton and staff were very caring and empathetic to me and my aging kitty Marlowe during a check on his progress with insulin for diabetes.

  103. Ashland Sears 2023/03

    Best Vet office ever! So accommodating! Always a pleasure to work with! Everyone is super nice! They truly care about their patients!!!


  104. Cass 2023/03

    Dr Wynne is the kindest vet I’ve ever met in my life. Our little orange boy goes in often for a chronic condition and she cares so much about him- she basically treats us like family! I couldn’t trust someone more with any of our pets than I trust her. Also huge shout out to all of the staff at BettyBaugh who always get us in for urgent visits and take the best care of our boys .

  105. Grace Bowen 2023/02

    I have a great relationship with all the staff, we get great vet care there. The reno looks great. They all go over and above.

  106. AMY WILLIS 2023/02

    Dr Wynn is amazing. Her care with her patients (and owners) is just right. She is the perfect combination of genuine, caring, detailed yet to the point. Her communication and follow up is always on-time. She coordinates care and follow up with her counterparts beautifully which leads me to also mention Dr. Callahan who has been terrific in every way. The front desk staff is always friendly and helpful. The office even stayed open a few minutes late one evening to allow me time to pick up pain meds for my pet. I highly recommend BBAC to anyone seeking the BEST care for their pet! You and your pet will be in good hands. Recommendation from Amy Willis, Allie’s Mom

  107. Krysti Albus 2023/02

    This place has extremely caring and knowledgeable staff. I appreciate how accommodating they are to me and my pet.

  108. Angie Heyming 2023/01

    Caring, kind staff, and also aware of costs and thoughtful about unnecessary charges.

  109. Amy S. 2023/01

    I have an extremely fearful and anxious dog who requires pre-medication and special handling when she comes in. Dr. Minch is so knowledgeable and understanding with fear aggression and has helped us with a plan to make her visits as smooth as possible. We love Dr. Minch and everyone at Betty Baugh’s!

  110. Elizabeth Boudreau 2023/01

    I am so grateful for the whole team at Betty Baugh’s. Their compassion and knowledge is truly remarkable.

  111. S. Stretch Matthew 2023/01

    Charged over $600 for pound male puppy to be fixed. Been a customer for 10 years and ever since they sold they’re no longer about making sure animals get good care for reasonable price. It’s all about extracting as much revenue as they can from their clients, and when I questioned the price of action I was offered my records.

  112. Liz Knapp 2023/01

    So friendly and knowledgeable. Best vet ever!

  113. Frazer McGilvray 2023/01

    We’ve had first experiences at a number of vets as we move often (this is our fourth vet practice with our dogs), and when you walk in to a practice with three big dogs you tend to get noticed. The ‘awwwww’ reaction of the front-of-house practice staff was so nice, and it put the dogs at ease. Lots of fussing. When the vet (Dr Wynne) came in and instantly sat on the floor with them, then you know it’s about the dogs, 100%. First impressions matter, and this was a very good one. And then it just got better. The dogs were at ease (as best any dog can be at the vet), great advice, no unneccessary ‘upsells’ that we’ve all seen, just solid practical guidance. Thank you. We will be back.

  114. Jack Amos 2023/01

    Always reliable, Betty Baugh’s staff can be counted on to see that my pet is well taken care of, whether it’s for his yearly checkup, or for trying to figure out what ailments he may be reacting to. An absolutely trustworthy, compassionate animal clinic.

  115. Andrea Jordan 2022/11

    Very happy with Dr. Grimes! He is professional and friendly. I didn’t feel rushed when we were there for our appointment and he allowed me to ask questions.

  116. Ashley Farley 2022/11

    The staff and Dr. O’Dair were attentive to Emmie and spent lots of time discussing our issues. Couldn’t be happier.

  117. Melissa Turner 2022/11

    While I have not taken my pets here, they were one if two clinics who offered urgent assistance when my cat needed it . I had vets all over Richmond unable to help. By the time I had heard from Betty Baugh I had already secured treatment for my cat. I wanted to give them a shout out for being willing to help in a complex situation. Dr. Carrie Adair was ready and willing to see my cat the morning after his emergency. It is nice to have a back up plan during the veterinary shortage.

  118. Richard Clinger 2022/11

    As new clients, my husband and I were amazed by these wonderful people. We had an appointment within a few days of calling. When we arrived at the clinic there was no waiting as they saw us almost immediately. Because of our dog’s age and anxiety level, they decided that it would be better to examine him in the car rather than to attempt to move him. Dr. Chubb was able to do all necessary diagnostics there. As the assistant cleaned and swabbed his large wound, he snuggled up to her side. that was incredible as he rarely trusts strangers. Our pet’s comfort was foremost for them.

    The clinic called later that week to follow up on his progress. The charge was very modest. This is the best veterinary visit we have experienced in over 40 years of caring for our pets.

    Jean Clinger

  119. Alexandra Lee 2022/11

    This vet is awesome. They are so efficient, it’s impressive! They treat their patients with great care. I highly recommend this vet. You won’t be disappointed!

  120. Elsie Bemiss 2022/11

    Everything about this 2nd year physical was BAD. I harken back to the years of quality with the original owner Dr. Harrison. My annual Physical was comprehensive that Dr O’Malley. It was so brief that the assistant was embarrassed enough to check my dogs teeth and ears after OMalleys’ inspection. No mention of the weight of my dog more
    Less the fact that she is a 2 year who is deaf- no inquiry as to weight or training with deafness – no inquiry about anything. Guess we now pay for what we get. Betty Baugh’s animal
    Clinic is nothing like it was………

  121. Lea Setegn 2022/10

    My cats have been patients here for many years! All of the vets are compassionate, caring, and skilled. I won’t take my furry kids anywhere else!

  122. Rebecca Dvorak 2022/10

    Gone downhill. Great 6 years ago but since departure of founder Dr Harrison and new owners we’ve had one disappointing, incompetent and/or poor customer service experience after another – held off on writing this negative review for over 2 years to see if they could make it through their growing pains. They can’t. I’m loyal to a fault with my service providers and always give the benefit of the doubt. But I. Just. Can’t. Worst front desk from *any* provider I have ever experienced. I’m not the only one, nor am I a particularly demanding or unreasonable person….every 10th review here says the same thing – place was good until Dr. Harrison left and new owners came along, front desk/customer service used to be good but now is rude and incompetent. Makes you wonder if there’s a bot writing the positives in between. Taking business elsewhere.

  123. Michele Faison 2022/10

    Betty Baugh’s Animal Clinic is a very caring veterinary practice that I have been using for my feline companions for the past almost 20 years. I drive across town with cats who don’t like to travel because I know they will receive the very best of care there.
    I trust the all doctors there more than at any practice I have used, but I am particularly fond of Dr. Carrie O’Dair.

  124. John Mahoney 2022/09

    Overall, everything from intake to discharge was excellent.

  125. Elizabeth Siebers 2022/09

    Dr. Grimes is such a caring and conscientious doctor!

  126. kelly agliardo 2022/09

    I recently move to Richmond and needed a new vet. My neighbor takes his dog to Betty Baugh and gave the facility rave reviews. I set up an appointment with Dr. Mercurio. Dr. Mercurio is awesome. She spent a long time with me discussing my dog’s needs. We discussed a multitude of issues my dog was experiencing and developed a regimen/plan. He had a few suspicious lumps that she removed along with a dental cleaning. The pricing for all procedures was beyond reasonable. I am naturally a nervous person and she put my mind at ease. I highly recommend.

  127. Daniel Hearn 2022/09

    Very satisfied. Professional and responsive staff.

  128. Jarmal Holloway 2022/09

    Was my first time using the clinic. It was clean, the staff was friendly and you could tell the people genuinely care for the animals.

  129. Judith Duarte 2022/09

    I have been taking my cats to Betty Baugh’s for at least 20 years. They have always received excellent treatment & I trust them implicitly with my cats. The veterinary hospital is clean & everyone is highly trained. I recommend them to anyone who cares about the health of their animals.

  130. Samuel Basnight Carter 2022/09

    very friendly staff! check-in was super easy & quick, even as a new patient. waiting area & exam rooms were clean & they didn’t try to upsell me on any special diets, vitamins, etc. for my cat. will definitely be coming back next year for yearly exams & booster vaccines!

  131. Robin J 2022/08

    Thank you for catching Mabel’s pyometra! Another clinic had looked at her just a few days before and did not catch it. Without Dr. O’Malley’s astute observation Miss Mabel would not be sitting here at my feet today. And thank you to Dr. Fulton for the surgery and ultrasound. To Dr. O’Dair for our regular visits with Rocket, Daisy, Banana, and Verde. Thank you from Boykin Spaniel Rescue as well!

  132. Amanda Orchowsky 2022/08

    I get that everyone has pandemic fatigue and that everyone thinks it should be handled in a different way. But I feel that any medical professional (human or animal professionals) should be wearing masks. But alas, I was wrong. Both receptionists weren’t wearing a mask, one of whom sounded rather congested. I almost walked out but my cat needed vaccines. And then the vet who came in to check out my cat didn’t have one either. In a tiny examination room with zero ventilation.
    The doctor didn’t even talk to me, just to my cat. Didn’t acknowledge anything I was saying, I asked her if she wanted me to take off his harness for the vaccines. And instead of responding, she slammed the two vaccines into him without a word. And then told my car his carrier was too small for him, instead of addressing me. It all felt super passive aggressive. And she spent probably 4 minutes with him tops. That’s not what I consider a wellness check.
    I had a specific concern about his breathing and she said as long as it isn’t worse, he is fine. Which didn’t feel like a sufficient answer to me.
    I wanted to get his claws trimmed as well while we were there. But after the vaccines, I didn’t trust that it would be done gently.

  133. Pam W 2022/08

    The entire staff is so friendly and patient and knows how to calm my skittish COVID pup. And Dr. Mercurio Is always so thorough, and careful to explain everything to us. Thanks to them, my rescue survived heart worm, and is healthy, happy, and thriving!

  134. Hope Bogan 2022/08

    I have two older poodles that have been going here since they were pups. The staff has always been gentle, kind and professional.

  135. Kristina Edmonds 2022/07

    I had such a wonderful experience with my last pup all the way up until she passed. They were so considerate and kind and understanding that I have since adopted a new pup (after 2 years) and have gone back to them because I trust them so much! I know they will take such great care of my fur baby. I recommend them to everyone I know.

  136. YVETTE DANIEL 2022/06

    Best Vet clinic ever! Most wonderful loving considerate empathetic kind doctors and staff! Thank you Dr Callahan and Dr Grimes! Tomtom and I love you guys and are very thankful for your kind attention, loving expertise and medical care.

  137. Jordan Keith 2022/06

    Everyone at the clinic was so friendly and patient! From the ladies at reception to the vet techs to the doctor, I had such a positive experience! In the past, when I’ve taken my kitty to other vets, it has always been a stressful experience for him (and for me), but thanks to the kind and gentle manner of everyone at this office we had an incredibly relaxed and positive experience for his first appointment!

  138. Jonathan Gilmore 2022/06

    Been going to Betty Baugh’s since 2004, wouldn’t go anywhere else. Dr. Carrie O’Dair and the other docs are the best veterinarians I’ve ever worked with and demonstrate a level of care like no other. I recommend them without reservation.

  139. Elizabeth Stratton 2022/06

    Called in to check for appointments, and they were able to fit us in that day due to a cancellation. Looking forward to working with them, very friendly and affordable. Covid aware! Thanks so much you guys!

  140. Kelly Malone 2022/06

    My 12 year old kitty had blood in her urine and in a panic I called Betty Baughs. They were so kind and fit me in same day and the staff even stuck around after hours to make sure we had everything we needed. I love this place and they are always so accommodating and understanding.

  141. eskyedancer 2022/06

    First exam was free and the nurses/ doc were super sweet 🙂

  142. Alan Farley 2022/06

    As always, the entire staff at Betty Baugh’s Animal Clinic took great care of my sweet, sweet, super high maintenance puppy, Louie!

  143. Max Murphy 2022/06

    Today I got my Cat microchipped with BB Animal Clinic. I was very impressed by how professional, knowledgeable, and caring the staff here were. I will return for any future needs, and I recommend this animal clinic to anyone.

  144. Alesha Lieser 2022/06

    I had a great experience at my last appointment with Dr. Grimes. I brought my cat in after my other cat unexpectedly passed away. He was super kind and understanding and eased my anxiety. I felt that my cat was in good hands. I would highly recommend him and the staff was very friendly and nice.

  145. Mary Gibson 2022/06

    All around awesome experience. Dr. O’Malley was amazing and so personable; as was every vet tech.
    I am so happy and comfortable having this office as new and main Vet for Rory. Thank y’all so much.

  146. Tonya V 2022/05

    Everyone was very friendly and truly took their time with my sick dog! I highly recommend them!

  147. Shemariah Kentish 2022/05

    I have had the best possible experience as I have been navigating my puppy being sick. Dr. O’Malley has been so compassionate and kind. She answers all of my questions and always gets back with me so fast. I couldn’t ask for a better vet!

  148. melissa moran 2022/05

    Love how much you all care for our beloved pets. Very honest, accommodating, and friendly.

  149. Ann Price 2022/05

    Dr.Mercurio is very helpful, knowledgeable and caring.

  150. Nancy Husson 2022/04

    much less personalized

  151. Jennifer Salley 2022/04

    Dr. O’Dair and Dr. Minch are both brilliant, kind and caring doctors. They supported me and my dog through the end stage of her life with treatments and therapies and ultimately helping me to ease her suffering. I can not thank them enough for all that they do!

  152. Doug James 2022/04

    I needed a quick appointment because my little girl (malti-poo) was feeling terrible with a bacterial infection that we had seen before. They took us right in, checked her out, and gave her the anabiotic she needed right away. Everyone in the office was wonderful. It was a very pleasant experience and I got my girl home with the medicine she needed right away. I would recommend them to anybody

  153. Rob Guarnera 2022/04

    Great Service! Everyone was so friendly and treated my dogs as they were their own! Dr Grimes spent so much time answering my questions and doing a thorough exam of the dogs. Excellent practice!

  154. Nelson Parker 2022/04

    Great place to take my dogs

  155. Edvard Evans 2022/04

    Really great animal clinic! All the staff are very friendly, and the appointments are incredibily fast.

  156. A F 2022/04

    I have been taking my pit here for years and have had nothing less than a wonderful experience always, from the front staff who are so kind and loving to him, to the doctors who have helped us through 2 surgeries, giving me consistent, clear communication every step of the way. They are such a caring, professional group and I am so grateful to have them for my boy.

  157. Melissa Ryan 2022/04

    Betty Baugh gave this first time pet (puppy/10 week old French Bulldog – Avery) owner a fantastic introduction to visiting a Vet! Friendly and engaged staff greets you and you can tell how much they love animals. Next, the competent and attentive medical staff takes their time to examine my “baby” and answer all my questions and concerns! What a great experience! Highly recommend!

  158. Lanie Seymour 2022/04

    Most everyone was very professional & very kind.
    Dr. Fulton did a very THOROUGH examination of my pup. Made me feel very comfortable about the planned ultrasound. Provided me explanations I needed, pre and post procedure.

  159. Nancy Vaughan 2022/03

    On Saturday, January 1 about 9 AM, we called Betty Baugh for help with our old dog who had been in extreme distress for several hours. She advised us what to do for his interim comfort until she could come to our home. She then confirmed that Jack likely had a brain tumor, to the point of no reasonable hope of recovery. Betty Baugh could not have more been more gentle in putting Jack down and consoling us on the loss of our beloved pet of 14 years.
    We are so grateful for her help and recommend her and her practice completely and without reservation.

  160. Maria Rasmussen 2022/03

    I love Betty Baugh and really appreciate her home visits rather than visiting the clinic. She is an awesome vet, compassionate and has an incredible depth of experience. The clinic should definitely consider expanding home visit pet care. 👍 …

  161. Hokie Boy 2022/03

    The manager Laurie is awesome team leader with outstanding customer service. You should be proud to have her. And she was able to relate to my dog’s needs being a lab owner herself. Thanks again Laurie.

  162. Karen and Richard Thomas 2022/03

    People are great, it’s just bugs me that tests (for dogs and humans) which are so routine stil cost as much as they do! I worked for 6 years as a vet assistant before there were vet assistants and taught to recognize intestinal issues in the microscope. Licensing and specialization increase the cost of everything.

  163. Kerry Finley 2022/03

    All of the staff were super friendly and welcoming! They answered all of my questions as a first time dog mom and made me feel at ease. I appreciated and understood their recommendations as well which was huge for me.

  164. frederick campbell 2022/03

    The team at Betty Baugh has been great to work with. Having a Vet that is in touch and not burnt out is great. We have a dog with special needs that the team keeps up with to make sure she is healthy. We can’t recommend enough. Many thanks to the Betty Baugh team.


  165. Sheena Terrell 2022/03

    They were so fast and efficient and very gentle with my fur baby.

  166. Dawg Boss 2022/03

    Everyone at this vet is always so welcome. The vet is great and very calm and gentle with your dog. 10/10 recommend

  167. Dreame Bee 2022/02

    Dr was very dismissive , front desk & staff polite & attentive. Service was ok. Know what you want done, do your research 1st. Call around & ask around then go full of questions & concerns. They will up sale you on services.

  168. Greg Rogowski 2022/02

    Always on time and have rooms ready to take your dog to as soon as you arrive. The vets and technicians are always very good with our dogs.

  169. John Conroy 2022/02

    I have been a client of Betty Baugh’s for more than 5 years. ZERO professionalism from Betty Baugh’s Animal Clinic. Maddie and Christine at the front desk are especially rude and unprofessional. Maddie hung up on me numerous times when trying to call the office to talk to the vet. Every time we go WE have to chase down information from reception or the vets and then the information is either wrong, outdated, or incomplete. There is no communication or attention to detail. Their only interest is to pump as much money out of their clients as possible. If you want to spend a lot of money and get treated poorly, then Betty Baugh’s is the place for you! If you want a veterinarian practice that actually cares about you and your animal, I suggest you try somewhere else. We have left them as clients as of today after wasting 1000’s of dollars on their terrible service and are now at Bon Air Animal Hospital.

  170. Sheryl Brown 2022/02

    I drove all the way from Williamsburg to go here! I will keep doing it! Great experience!

  171. Anthony Massimini 2022/02

    I have been taking my two dogs to Betty Baughs clinic for the day past 8 years. I have been very happy with the care the vets and vet techs have provided to my two senior dogs. This past week we had send Layla to heaven. They were very compassionate and explained everything throughout the process. Dr. O’Dair is a wonderful vet

  172. Tom Wilkes 2022/02

    The Vets, and the Assistants are awesome!

  173. Ann Lang 2022/02

    Caring doctors and staff.

  174. Cristen Marine 2022/01

    I will forever be grateful for Betty Baugh because she literally adds years to my dog’s life because of her knowledge & love for animals (original vet said he would not make it to 10). My boy has had many complicated health issues and Betty Baugh has been there to help guide us & give us hope through each diagnosis (when other establishments have not). It is also wonderful that Betty Baugh does house calls because our boy gets so stressed out, that he does not leave the house. On this particular visit, our boy was so sick, he stopped taking his prescriptions, wouldn’t eat, had his eyes closed all the time, he was in poor health. After Betty Baugh examined him, she said he was a good candidate for a shot and we agreed to give it a try. I appreciate the fact that Betty Baugh told us how much the shot was up front, as it was expensive. There are two sides to “cost effective” – his antibiotic was affordable but he won’t take it because it made him throw up, so it wasn’t effective. The shot was immediately effective, thus worth every penny! Within 30 minutes you could tell he was feeling better because his eyes were opened and clear and he finally ate some food. He even started giving out kisses and snuggling again! Betty Baugh also suggested that we consider putting him on medication for his anxiety, as it seemed to be getting worse with his age, which was making his Nesidioblastosis symptoms worse. This has been a game changer for our boy! He was able to make it through the holidays with lots of visitors in his home withOUT being stressed to the point of having a seizure, loud noises don’t make him jump anymore, and he will even go outside for small walks to investigate the neighborhood. We are so grateful that our boy is feeling better, eating consistently, taking his medications, and relaxed. ALL of these many blessings are because of Betty Baugh’s generosity, honesty, and kindness. She even texted on Thanksgiving day to check in on him!!! We are beyond grateful!

  175. Lenny Satisky 2022/01

    I wish that I could give ZERO stars here. I went to this clinic to have a dental issue addressed that my Vet could not. I met with Hannah Mecurio who is supposed to be their dental specialist. I had read good reviews. My initial meeting with her raised doubts for me. It seemed the only thing they wanted to do was pull teeth. I almost cancelled today’s procedure. I should have and it’s my fault that my dog will likely not live until Monday. The doctor talked me into moving forward for the health of the dog. I never felt good about it. I should have trusted my instinct. An hour after I got home I got a call from the doctor. I’ve been told by 3 different doctors that she has dental disease. I was told it was a cancerous growth and they were stopping. Of course they polished her teeth and yanked a few. They then told me to pick the dog up at 1PM??? How would the dog be ready to go home at 1pm???? She wasn’t. She couldn’t walk, spitting up blood. She was fine this morning. These pieces of garbage charged me $650 to kill my dog. They have not heard the last from me. I am filing a complaint with AAHA through my attorney and I am writing reviews everywhere. My expertise is digital marketing. I will make certain that every dog owner in Virginia is aware of this treatment. The condition they sent my dog home in is disgusting and I am not going to rest until they are damaged from this. It’s the least I could do for butchering my dog this morning and sending her home in the condition she was sent home in. My dog is not likely to survive the weekend. DON’T LET YOUR DOG SUFFER THE SAME FATE

  176. Tammi Taylor 2022/01

    Dr. Grimes and the team were very accommodating and fit us in on a Saturday. He always takes great care of Bella. This time he went the extra mile. We appreciated it.

  177. Debbie Hughes 2022/01

    This office is amazing from the office staff to Dr Grimes!!! They are honest and caring for you and your pet! I highly recommend this office

  178. Mary Burgholzer 2021/12

    Have taken my pets to this Veterinarian for many years and always been very pleased with their help and care.

  179. oscar prat 2021/11

    Very professional, caring and knowledgeable staff. Great customer service. Highly recommendable.

  180. Corinne McEwen 2021/11

    I mistakenly thought my appt was at 4 and it was actually 3! They were very understanding and worked in my elderly cat 😉

  181. Melissa Whitley 2021/11

    We brought our injured Basset Hound Rumble in last week at 5:55 pm one evening and the great Dr. Grimes and his awesome staff stayed super late taking wonderful care of my sweet dog. They went above and beyond stabilizing Rumble’s wounds for the evening and continued to provide him incredible care over the next several days. They have showed my dog such love and compassion over and above their fine veterinary work. It takes an accident to really see how fabulous the folks at BBAC really are!!

  182. Sheena Lloyd 2021/11

    Every vet who works there is amazing! Have been going there for years.

  183. John Hauserman 2021/11

    Dr. Caroline O’Dair is the worst veterinarian I’ve ever experienced. She attempted to administer 50 mg of Cytopoint medication into my 13 year old dog’s hind/backside without asking her technician to assist/restrain prior to the injection. As soon as she began injecting the medication (after pinching my dog’s hind/backside skin to find a injection site, my dog, jumped forward with a yelp). I was a bit in shock that she didn’t ask her technician for restraint assistance to administer the shot. Dr. O’Dair then attempted to inject the remaining medication again, without restraint, again, and naturally, my dog yelped in pain (and fear) and jumped forward again jarring the needle out of his hind/backside. The needle she was using became bent from the first attempt. Third attempt, same bent needle, I expressed to Dr. O’Dair being upset with her “plan” for the injection and I demanded restraint to help finish the treatment. It took approximately 2 more attempts (with the same bent needle) to administer the remaining medication. My dog was extremely upset, as was I, to see the lack of care or thoughtfulness during treatment. I have had previous general check-up appointments with Dr. O’Dair in years past and have never been impressed with her “bedside manner”, so to speak, and her lack genuine care for her patients or their caregivers. Dr. O’Dair comes off very snooty…I do not recommend.

  184. Megan Habeck 2021/11

    We LOVE Betty Baugh for our two hairless cats! They are always responsive, listen to us with our concerns and explain their thinking for everything they do. We have gone to them for routine check ups, emergencies and procedures. Every time they are fabulous.

  185. Mj 2021/11

    The techs and the office do a good job. We’ve had a variety of vets, some good some not.

  186. Emily Martin 2021/10

    Unbeatable vet – they are the whole package! I’ve been a client here for a few years and have only good things to say. They are communicative, patient, honest and compassionate about your pet’s circumstances. My large dog is absolutely terrified of the vet, so the doctors and staff go out of their way to help make sure is cared for even when he can’t even make it through the door – seeing him in the car, parking lot, etc. And they are always timely about following up on everything. Betty Baugh is wonderful – your pets (and you) are in GREAT hands here.

  187. Sapna Murukesan 2021/10

    I was looking for a veterinarian to establish care for my 2 year young buddy and a new puppy and one closer to my residence as well and came across this clinic.Dr. Caitlin was friendly and explained things nicely. The nursing staff were also friendly and welcoming. I liked their service and I hope to continue their service for a long time.

  188. Marcy Lindenmuth 2021/10

    Love Dr. Mercurio and Betty Baugh’s Animal Clinic! My dog has a lot of medical issues and Dr. Mercurio is great at problem solving for his issues. Couldn’t recommend them highly enough!

  189. Amber Richards 2021/10

    Everyone was very nice and willing to answer any questions I had (even ones I thought were silly). The doctor called me throughout the visit and let me know everything he was planning to do, and again to discuss results and options with the results. They offered me samples on medicine they had available to cut down costs. It was a great first experience. I feel she got the same treatment one of my children would have gotten when they go to the doctor.

  190. Kelly Mulligan 2021/10

    Everyone’s always nice and helpful and we know you love our dogs!

  191. Hilary Smith 2021/10

    They took time to explain everything. Worked me in when my dog was sick but we didn’t have an appointment.

  192. Dae Carney 2021/09


  193. michelle mclaughlin 2021/09

    I’ve always heard great things about Betty Baugh’s Animal Clinic and after my first visit I can see why. Everyone there was so friendly, professional and welcoming. Dr. Grimes went above and beyond for my dog Mack. He was understanding and empathetic which meant a lot to me. Not close to where I live but worth the trip. Thank you Dr Grimes and all the staff for a great vet experience 🐾

  194. Rick Ralsten 2021/09

    This is by far the best animal clinic that I’ve ever been to. The level of care and attention given to my pet was incredible. All of the staff were incredibly friendly and helpful. I always felt that my pet was safe there and in the best possible hands. I don’t hand out 5 star reviews like candy, but Betty Baugh deserves them and then some.

  195. Andrea Wilson 2021/09

    Great provider interactions so far. Front office staff are welcoming, and hours of operation are reasonable. Location is very central and easy to get to. I feel very comfortable bringing my fur-child here.

  196. T K 2021/09

    All around best Vet I have been to in Richmond. They do not over sell and take care of all your pets needs and all questions with a smile. Great customer service is important to us and you will get it with Betty Baugh!

  197. Junk Goats 2021/09

    Fantastic, knowledgeable & caring Doctors & Staff. Highly recommend! Thank you Betty Baugh’s!

  198. TC Fischer 2021/08

    I no longer will be using Betty Baugh as my vet. I’m not sure what’s wrong with the vets at this office, but I have no confidence in their abilities to diagnose medical issues. My dog had a split toenail and the vet told me she has to amputate her toe. Thankfully, another vet was consulted and determined it was not necessary. Additionally, they misdiagnosed my sister’s dog for a year. She paid for blood tests and vet visits and for a year they told her his swollen lymph nodes were lipomas. She took him to a new vet who immediately diagnosed him with stage 5 lymphoma and said he has 3 months to live. Because of the incompetence of the veterinarians at Betty Baugh, my sister’s dog was not treated early and now she has no options. It’s completely unacceptable and they should be ashamed of themselves. I would never ever refer anyone to this office.

  199. Scotty Dilworth 2021/08

    Having our Doctors at Betty Baugh Animal Clinic is like a sigh of relief when it comes to the care of our Chocolate Lab, Ford. They are kind, warm and highly skilled professionals and we have never had any problem with any of our issues or procedures. Recently, Dr. Carrie O’Dair & Dr.Hannah Mercurio teamed up to solves some dental and surgical issues Ford was having and I felt so comforted by their excellent communication throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for excellent care from a respected Veterinary Clinic here in Richmond VA!

  200. Elizabeth Lowsley-Williams 2021/08

    Betty Baugh’s has been our vet for 20+ years of dogs, cats, guinea pigs, and parakeets. While they no longer treat pets such as guinea pigs and birds, they were and continue to be a genuinely caring practice. The staff is always courteous, efficient, and professional; even when my dog had surgery that had to be performed by an outside specialist, our Betty Baugh’s vet checked in daily on his progress. Their care is expensive, but excellent.

  201. Ashley Gentry 2021/08

    I knew my dog had an infected tooth that needed to come out ASAP, or at least she needed an antibiotic. My previous vet said their first available appointment was in 30 days! I called Betty Baugh’s Animal Clinic and not only did they get her in within 2 days, she was also able to have dental surgery the very next day. I’m so thankful that they took in a new patient so quickly and both doctors she saw there were very thorough and kept me in the loop of everything that was going on with her procedure.

  202. Sarah Houchins 2021/08

    We have truly felt like all the staff and vets we have interacted with have been incredible. They go above and beyond in their care. We’ve had a couple hiccups with our new puppy and have been in quite a few times this year, for some tummy troubles and then neutering. Honestly, we were surprised when our pup got neutered and we received multiple follow up calls to check on him. Dr.Grimes has been so kind and willing to answer any questions or help us with any concerns we’ve had. You guys treat our furry ones just like your own!

  203. Kaylin Bowen 2021/08

    Betty Baugh’s treats my two cats, and I couldn’t be happier with their service. Scheduling is a breeze, they adhere to COVID-19 precautions, and they work well with my pets.

  204. Dorsett Rollings 2021/08

    Well day two and still have gotten nowhere on a simple ear wash request for my dogs comfort until she comes back to see Dr Grimes. It’s now Saturday morning I’m getting ready for work and decided to call and check on the status I was speaking to a receptionist who once she took all my information said wait a minute I have to put you on hold. I was then on hold for 20 minutes. I hung up and called back and decided to drive towards the clinic myself. When I got there I was still in another hold pattern hung up called again and was put into another hold pattern. Keep in mind the initial call I made I got right through to the receptionist. I decided to walk in and say that I’d been on a holding pattern for that length of time with no response back to me come to find out that Jenna the office manager was there and was not the first person I spoke with but it’s odd that I was on a hold pattern for 20 minutes and then on hold patterns the other two times I called. I did ask for her supervisor’s name which I did get and I’m hoping that Lori Willis will give me a call back in response to my concerns about the well-being of my animal and how the front desk manager seems to have dropped the ball. other than my one instance with this particular person everyone else is beautiful and has a great attitude. I hope to hear back and I hope my dog is fine until probably Monday before I get anything resolved.

  205. Neil H Cohn 2021/08

    From the front desk to our attending physician, we found the staff to be caring and knowledgable…..

  206. anna-leigh powell 2021/08

    I took my new puppy to Betty Baugh’s and was very impressed by their care and service. They were responsive and attentive, we will continue to use Betty Baugh’s!

  207. Jesse Hawthorne 2021/08

    Very good service. They saw us on a walk in basis and took care of the problem within an hour.

  208. doug kubican 2021/08

    Betty Baugh has been our vet of choice for many years now. House calls keep the cats comfortable when an office visit is not required, and Doctor Betty Baugh has gone above and beyond when circumstances required special care and attention. Thank you Betty! You have our sincerest regards and recommendations.

  209. Nancy Essid 2021/07

    Having a sick pet anytime is bad. But having to navigate weekend pet care in our Covid times is a nightmare. It can be nearly impossible to even get into emergency care. But Betty Baugh came to the rescue for my cat. They agreed to see him and probably saved his life. I am forever grateful to them. We have taken our cats to them for many years and they continue to show wonderful compassionate care. They are the best.

  210. Ruby Meow 2021/07

    Dr. Callahan that helped me with my dog Sushi was very informative and helpful! She answered all the questions I had and everyone there is super friendly and nice!

  211. Marissa Smithson 2021/07

    Referred a client to you, and recieved super positive feedback. You were able to assist her with her cat on short notice whereas another vet wouldnt see her for a month. Can I just say I love your superior customer service and empathy!

  212. Hall Wingfield 2021/07

    Good vet, friendly, knowledgeable, and affordable.

  213. Linda Maxey 2021/07

    Boarded my special needs cat there 1 week. All went well!

  214. Amelia Asplund 2021/07

    Thank you to Betty Baugh’s staff and especially Dr Fulton who allowed us to bring in our two dogs after they were attacked by two large aggressive dogs. The attack was unexpected and violent. Our vet was unavailable and two other emergency vet services had long waits. Betty Baugh Clinic worked us in quickly and evaluated our dogs, making sure they did not have internal injuries in addition to treating their bites and bruises. We were grateful that they were willing to evaluate the dogs even though they were not our regular vet and then to recommend the meds and treatment needed to help our dogs recover. Thank you Betty Baugh staff and vets!

  215. Sarah Barden 2021/07

    I love taking my dog to Betty Baugh’s! He’s an older dog now and they take excellent care of him. He had his teeth cleaned yesterday and even during the COVID precautions I was kept informed of what was happening throughout the day. All of the vets, technicians, and support staff are courteous and friendly and most importantly treat my dog like he’s there own.

  216. Catherine Keiger 2021/07

    Dr Grimes was very caring and attentive with Louie. He stayed in touch with us over the course of the week to ensure Louie was doing well and getting the right treatment.

  217. Tyler Rogers 2021/07

    Always take such great care of me!

  218. Julia Warren 2021/06

    The team is very friendly (with humans and animals alike). You can tell they really care about the pets and do a good job explaining issues.

  219. Gibboney Huske 2021/06

    My dog is a rescue and had some challenging behavior issues. Her vet Dr. Mercurio is a specialist in this and has been a great resource. They also have good technology for setting up appointments, fulfilling prescriptions etc.

  220. Vera Houghton 2021/06

    I have been with Betty Baugh for years and even though I have moved out of the City, I will always take my pets to her animal clinic. They are caring and professional. I love them!

  221. Hilda Blake 2021/06

    As always great experience…. Finnegan’s spoiled as usual very Thorough Exam. The Staff are Wonderful ☺️

  222. Doug Foley 2021/05

    Dr. Mercurio is awesome – great dog doc – good advice – love her!

  223. Ev Maynard 2021/05

    We have 2 elderly dogs and the vets at Betty Baugh are very sensitive to this fact and proactive on keeping them healthy.

  224. Heather Simpkins 2021/05

    My pets have always been well-cared for at Betty Baughs. Dr. Callahan is the caring and thorough!

  225. Amy Miller 2021/05

    Always pleased by the service Dr Mercurio and her staff provide to our 11+ year old dog. I trust her to choose the right treatment for our dog and NOT choose the best treatment for her wallet.

  226. Rod Holder 2021/05

    Very attentive, professional staff.
    Doctor (Hannah) was very thorough and answered every question I had.
    Very positive initial visit, feel very comfortable and happy with our decision to trust our pet’s care to/with Betty Baughs animal clinic.

  227. holly dejarnette 2021/04

    Always responsive and very caring to our many pets over decades!!

  228. Penny Adams 2021/04

    Frist visit with Dr. Grimes with our new puppy, after Dr. Grimes helped us say goodbye to our 17 year old. The doctor has a terrific pawside manner, for both dogs and two-leggeds. Our old boy was always in good hands at Betty Baugh’s, and our new baby is off to a great start.

  229. Beatrice Muncy 2021/04

    We have had our dog under the care of the team at Betty Baugh’s Animal Clinic her entire life, almost 13 years. Not only is her doctor (Dr. Carrie O’Dair) incredibly skilled, her genuine caring nature makes us comfortable that she always keeps our dog’s best interests in mind when making her recommendations.
    Can’t speak more highly of her team! Particularly those who answer the phone convey such caring & compassion, as if your concerns were about their own pet. Love everyone there!

  230. Laura Shuford 2021/04

    I think the care is excellent and staff are very nice. I would have like to have known ahead of time that my dog’s allergy shot had increased by $60.

  231. Elizabeth Houser 2021/04

    Dr Fulton has already been the best vet I’ve ever worked with. Everybody has been so kind and supportive. I took my dog Coco in on Wednesday Dr.Fulton examined her and ordered fluids and took blood for tests. I originally had an appointment for Friday morning but she really was doing badly and they got me in on Wednesday. Her blood glucose was 700! I took her back to stay to try and get her stabilized she will probably be there for the weekend. Dr.Fulton or his assistant have called me at least twice a day. When she was admitted Dr. Fulton came out and spoke with me at length. I am new to Richmond I cannot say enough about this practice and the culture of kindness and care I have experienced. She’s not entirely out of the woods yet but I believe there is good hope and that I will have excellent guidance from this practice in her care. In future.

  232. Richard Reynolds 2021/04

    We have Betty Baugh’s always to give high quality service .

  233. Cathy Davis 2021/04

    Our new pup needed emergency help, BB was responsive and caring. Checked in next morning! They squeezed us in, at closing, helped our baby, and sent us home with a safe pup!

  234. Kipley Herr 2021/04

    Through word of mouth Betty Baugh has sold out to a big business. in the past year, I have noticed a difference in the ‘customer service’ aspect. The doctors seem harried, over worked, and they talk over you… As my dog was declining I didn’t want to switch vets. They fumbled many things during this time – answering the phone and talking to me about another pet; talking about medications that my dog doesn’t take… and other things. These things are small ‘oops’, but they were constant. I will say that Dr. Wynn (sp) reached out to me regularly about my dog’s blood work and updates. The worst is that when my dog passed away, they sent her collar and tags to the crematorium along with my beloved dog. This was the ONLY memento I had for my pet. The ONLY thing to remember her by.

  235. Linwood Tate 2021/03

    Dr’s. Find what Noone else seemed to want to.

  236. Kim Marcia 2021/03

    Great experience all around today. From the staff at the front desk to the doctor in call amd technician. Thank you

  237. Dana Joseph 2021/03

    Dr. Fulton is so great. I cannot fully describe his character and manner, other than with words such as “genuine” and “caring”. He’s the one true difference-maker we could use more of.

  238. Anthony Sakowski 2021/03

    Just switched to BBAC and at this early stage, I’m glad I did. Pricing appears very appropriate, and the layers of caring is very apparent. My GSP was spayed with very nice post op care from Dr. Grimes and staff. Feel like the switch is going to be a good decision, especially since we live very close to the clinic.

  239. Laurence Kinzler 2021/03

    Have worked with Betty Baugh Harrison or one of her colleagues (mostly Dr. O’Dair) for 5 dogs since 1993. Service has been competent and compassionate. Recommend the practice very highly.

  240. Melissa Taylor 2021/03

    We feel very fortunate that our dog’s health is cared for by Dr. Fulton at Betty Baugh’s. He is very caring and always takes the time to explain everything that is going on with our old girl.
    During this time of COVID, Betty Baugh’s has maintained excellent care. We have been impressed with how they have been able to adapt.

  241. Patrick Flaherty 2021/03

    Super Friendly Staff, organized, and care about my pet as if it is their own.

  242. Leslie Brooks 2021/03

    This practice has been fantastic from front desk to techs to veterinarians for as long as I have been taking my pet there. They have been dedicated to my pet’s health, including a recent visit, where immediate attention was needed. They made room for him in the schedule, gave prompt attention upon arrival, and gave incredible care, resulting in a quick discharge. My pet healed very quickly from his accident after his visit with the care he received. I highly recommend this practice and each vet that practices there!

  243. Roxanne saunders 2021/03

    This is an amazing vet. They are nice and explain anything you need. There fast and good.

  244. Amy Smith 2021/03

    the staff is always nice to me and answers my questions. i always feel like they have time for me, and the staff takes time to explain things thoroughly. everyone my kitten and i have met seems to truly love animals and working there. They called to check on my kitten after her spay–and didn’t charge me an unreasonable amount of money either. These people are kind and good.

  245. Nancy Rhodes 2021/02

    Betty Baugh is the key to the success of the clinic . I have been using her services for 30 years . There is no one like her .

  246. Terri Bates 2021/02

    This was my first time ever coming to “Betty Baugh’s” and honestly I do not regret my decision. I loved everything about this clinic. Being a first time dog mom at such a young age they assured me that everything would be okay. Dr. Fulton was great and my pup Luna loved him. They were very informative and went the extra mile and answered all the questions I had. Luna was very timid and scared when she entered, but by the time we were leaving she warmed up just fine. They kept her very calm and distracted while giving her shots and checking to see if everything was okay. Alongside all of this it was very clean. If I could give this clinic 10/10 I would

  247. Peyton Wells Floral Design 2021/02

    My puppy’s first appointment was great! Due to COVID I could not go in but, I talked to the doctor on the phone while he was observing the puppy, and I got to ask all of the questions that I wanted about the new puppy? It was a very satisfying experience. They also clipped his sharp little nails, and he did fine. A great business to go to if you have a pet, both you and your pet will enjoy the experience!

  248. Matt & Jen Hall 2021/02

    We love the doctors and staff at Betty Baugh. They take great care of our pets and provide us with in-depth education about their health. They’ve never tried to sell us things we don’t need. Thanks to everyone at Betty Baugh for your hard work taking care of our pets during the quarantine.

  249. Katherine Kleimenhagen 2021/02

    My cats are under the care of the vets at Betty Baugh’s. Always professional and extremely knowledgeable. Highly recommend!

  250. Margie Cartagena 2021/02

    When I arrived about 30 minutes early I called from outside just to make sure it was OK to come in. I was on the phone for 15 minutes and Noone answered. So I left the car on with the dogs inside the car to ask. I stood there for another 10 minutes just to get noticed. The whe time one rep was talking to a customer about unlated things and the other on the phone. . Finally I’m noticed . But just to be told hold on know they want to bring an older dog out . Me being a new customer. You would think put me in the room for the older dog us to make sure . Because they didn’t know my dogs temperament. Safty should always come 1st. And could someone please tell me why ot coast $600 to cute a dogs nuts off . I mean really.

  251. Douglas Cornell 2021/02

    The team at Betty Baugh is fantastic! They professionalism is only surpassed by their compassion. I have never been disappointed with any need request concerning my pets. I highly recommend them as the best veterinary practice you can choose.

  252. Pamela Collier 2021/02

    I recently changed over to Betty Baugh’s this year because they never turn a sick animal away and are always so helpful and available. Many clinics are overbooked lately or short staffed, but if Betty Baugh’s is either of these, they do not let this hinder any pet in need or turn clients away. The staff here are extremely caring and compassionate. Dr Wynne has been so attentive to my aging greyhound and during a recent emergency when she was not working, Dr Grimes took her right back as soon as we arrived and was so nice and attentive with her. His bedside manner put me at ease during the emergency and he kept me informed personally throughout the visit. He also called me a few hours later (after hours) to check on her. I cannot say enough about this practice.

  253. Katherine Gomez Nelson 2021/02

    I gave four stars because Dr. O’dare is a gem and provides quality care of our dog. The entire staff at Betty Baugh’s Animal Clinic are responsive and professional. The only reason I did not give the fifth star is because the entire clinic needs a deep cleaning, painting and possibly new flooring. It’s looking pretty shabby and dirty and there were droplets of what appeared to be blood on the floor beside the exam table. They charge premium prices and I typically get the service and care to match the costs, but it’s time to clean and freshen up the exam rooms.

  254. Ronda Bernstein 2021/01

    A friend of mine recommended BBAC for our cats when we moved here. There has been some confusion with the four cats on multiple occasions and we weren’t notified that the rabies was due for one of them; we found out from our old vet. Fortunately I stay on top of it. We love Dr. Grimes. He is so good with our cats. They also have an at-home vet which has been great for our very skittish cat. They’ve also been great with their Covid protocols. Just to note, if coming eastbound on Patterson, turn into the office complex immediately past BBAC. You’ll be able to drive through the parking lot. I usually turn in there from westbound as well because their drive is hidden by bushes and parked cars so it comes up on you quickly. You can also use that same driveway as an exit if you need to turn left onto Patterson.


  255. Maggie Grumbine 2021/01

    The staff went above and beyond to get my puppy the proper veterinary care she needed at a very critical time. I trust them completely with her wellbeing.

  256. Jenna Chansky 2021/01

    The doctors are incredible, the staff is amazing, the patient care is top notch, the prices are ridiculously reasonable, and they always go above and beyond to accommodate me or my pet’s needs!

    Shout out to Dr. O’Dair for helping me through one of the hardest times imaginable with my cat Chloe and of course caring for my other kitty Peaty. Shout out to Dr. Callahan for saving our family cat one time, after he ate poisonous plants and for always being so kind and patient. Another Shout out for Dr. Grimes, who has helped many of my animals in need. I’m also a panicky fur mama and Dr. Grimes is always so calm and comforting in tough situations. My next Shout out is for Dr. Wynn, who cares for her patients as if they were her own. My doberman really loves her!

    Dr. Mercurio, gets a huge Shout out for seeing some of my babies and also doing a major dental cleaning on our family dog. Diamond was immediately relieved afterwards and could finally enjoy eating again! Next is Dr. Fulton, who has also seen some of my animals and has done ultrasounds on a couple of them. My chihuahua likes him a lot! Lastly, I’d like to give Betty Baugh a shout out as well. She came all the way out to my house to help me say goodbye to cat some time ago. It was one of the hardest experiences I’ve ever had. Betty Baugh was very compassionate and helped me get through such an emotional time by reassuring me that it was the right decision.

    All doctors have seen my pets, through good times and bad. All of them are so intelligent, caring and are emotionally invested in what they do. I am so grateful my clinic has a variety of doctors with so many different skill sets. Best place ever!!! ♡


  257. J R 2021/01

    Amazing service, whether it’s routine care or emergency. Since moving to Richmond, they ha e done amazing work for my pups.

  258. Mark Bradby 2021/01

    Thanks for seeing our dog so quickly and identifying the issue and providing a solution.

  259. Sherry Smith 2021/01

    Wonderful experience! Loved how they checked on my dog after I left with her.

  260. Mercer Taylor 2021/01

    Very kind staff who were gentle and patient with my two very nervous dogs. The vet was also wonderful with my girls, and I was pleased with the whole experience.

  261. Kim Zaninovich 2021/01

    We’re constantly impressed by the professionalism and level of care from Betty Baugh’s.

  262. Ruth Savino 2021/01

    The Vet and assistant were very informative and helpful

  263. Kate Kerns 2021/01

    We have been using Betty Baugh’s Animal Clinic for our dogs for the past 20 + years. We have always found them to be helpful and caring. Their easy and safe approach to seeing your pet during Covid is much appreciated as is their always thorough time spent at a visit and interest in your pet.

  264. Lindsay Schmandt 2020/11

    Definitely recommend! They have been a wonderful resource for us while living in RVA. Quick and flexible appointment times, great care & timely responses to any questions. Dr. Fulton is awesome! He was able to help answer our many questions when our cat got hold of a bat earlier this summer and needed vaccinations and care. He has also recently taken time to help coordinate pet care during our cross-country move (and even left a detailed voicemail after hours on a Friday to make sure we got it). Vets don’t get enough credit for the work that they do – thank you!

  265. Hannah Byrne 2020/11

    Dr. Betty Baugh Harrison has done nothing but go above and beyond to care for my dog Mowgli. She has gone out of her way to do house calls for me, and recommended me to the best surgeon for my case, Dr. O’Dair. Dr. O’Dair did an amazing job, and the incision sites are healing beautifully. Since surgery, Dr. Harrison has been readily available and responsive to care for my dog and to answer any questions I have had. I have never experienced another vet to be as caring, thorough, and dedicated as Dr. Harrison. There is no one else that I would trust to be my primary veterinarian. If you have not yet been to Betty Baugh’s Animal Clinic, I highly recommend Dr. Harrison due to her professional and empathetic care.


  266. Kimberly Brown 2020/10

    Dr. Harrison has so much compassion. Was recommended to me by a friend after being disappointed in the service I received at the Fan Clinic. She gave several options for treatment for my cat. Followed up with personal phone calls to check on his progress. And the staff is top notch.

  267. Beth Wood 2020/10

    We have taken our dogs to Betty Baugh’s Animal Clinic for decades and for various reasons and have always received outstanding and compassionate care for our dogs.

  268. Lindsay Beckett 2020/09

    They have been taking care of my dog the last 5 years, and have always been wonderful. Recently my dog was diagnosed with cancerous mast cell tumors and the doctors and staff were absolutely incredible in helping us through this difficult time. Even during quarantine when I couldn’t speak to anyone face to face, I felt 100% taken care of. All of the doctors there are wonderful, but a special shout out to Dr. Grimes for taking such good care of my dog. Would recommend over and over again.

  269. Margaret Waymack 2020/07

    Called on a Tuesday afternoon to see if a Vet could come put my 14 yr old lab to sleep on Wednesday. Have been seeing Dr. Harrison (who is wonderful) for 16 years but she was out of state and not one of the other doctors would come. I wanted put the dog to sleep at home and I am less than five minutes away from that office. To say the least, I was very upset that no one would come. Was able to get a Vet from Loving Kindness to come on Wednesday afternoon. If you can’t see Dr. Harrison, recommend you look for another clinic.

  270. Tara Larrea 2020/07

    Dr. Betty Baugh Harrison made a house call to treat my extremely nervous cat. She was so gentle and patient with him. I was very impressed by her and the care that my cat received.

  271. Jamie Carter 2020/06

    The whole team is amazing! Dr. Grimes was so good with lulu and they even got her nails trimmed!!!

  272. Sean Smith 2020/05

    Great team, always accommodating & extremely professional! I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Betty Baugh Clinic and boarding!

  273. Jay Bee 2020/05

    U r awesome!

  274. Amanda Reynolds 2020/04

    I want to take the time to thank the entire Betty Baugh’s Animal Clinic staff for all the wonderful work they do, and the personal care and attention they have given our dogs (Nacho and Nugget) and us as dog parents. They are very responsive – answering every question you could possibly have, easing every concern, and providing excellent customer service from call to visit to follow up by phone. I really am amazed that their staff has the patience to deal with our crazy family and all of our inquiries. They have been so kind to us and our dogs. I really appreciate their staff and their excellent veterinary skills. I would highly recommend their services to anyone and everyone I know!

  275. Cary Knight 2020/04

    Dr M recently put our fur baby down and she and the staff couldn’t have been more accommodating and sympathetic! They are truly the best!

  276. Moira Carapico 2020/04

    Quick and efficient curbside service for Simon’s heart worm test and medication.

  277. Keith Hare 2020/04

    Everyone is terrific. They love and treat each animal like it is their own.

  278. Katherine Coleman 2020/04

    The entire staff at Betty Baugh’s are incredible and I am truly grateful to have had their support and care for my pups over the last 5+ years. We primarily saw Dr. O’Daire for the treatments and end of life care for my 2 senior boxers and she was truly a partner in helping navigate challenging medical conditions and such a difficult time. I look forward to continuing the relationship in caring for pets.

  279. Helen Clapp 2020/03

    All of the people at Betty Baugh have been great and they really care about your pets. I’ve been very happy with the service and staff at the clinic.

  280. Charlotte B 2020/02

    Quick in and out, easy to contact. Appreciate that you are observing physical distancing and staggered entry. Vets seem kind and compassionate.

  281. Lauren Adelman 2020/02

    The only place I’ll ever take my cat. My cat is definitely not an easy one to handle and the vets and vet techs knew all the correct manners and techniques to treat and care for my difficult kitty.
    She had a very bad case of fatty liver disease and would have died without medical intervention. They were patient with me as I had to make the very difficult decision of whether to put her down or spend $$$$ on procedures they couldn’t promise would be successful. Ultimately, we chose to give her a fighting chance and I’m so glad we did! Dr. O’Dair, and her awesome Veterinary Nurses saved my cat’s life! It was a long journey but here we are, nearly 2 years later, and I’ve still got my grumpy, mean, old-lady cat. Thank you a million times over! Truly superb, exceptional, feline, veterinary care.

  282. Serena 2020/01

    Excellent service from caring, animal-loving employees! We brought our little feral boy in for his first exam and everyone from the front desk to the assistant to the vet himself were fantastic. He stayed calm the whole appointment thanks to their professionalism! 💕 …

  283. Acr Rca 2020/01

    I normally have my Dr. at locke taylor, but their hours and responsivness on the phone are a little annoying. Other than that they are good.
    Because of the nature of the issue with my cat Oscar, which didn’t turn out well, Betty Baugh’s hours were open during a minor holiday, they answered right away, very professional, I have never been there before but they allowed me to come in as a walk in. Took Oscar in within a reasonable time. Were unfailingly kind to me. It turned out that Oscar had an aggressive form of cancer, so I had no choice but to put him down lest he suffer, they were compassionate, kind and took time to let me process what was happening. I think I found a new Vet. Great people there.

  284. Kristen Fournier 2019/11

    Dr Mercurio has been a wonderful discovery! She is so patient and gentle with my rescue Dolly, and answers all my questions thoroughly and thoughtfully. Super happy

  285. Sally Craighill 2019/11

    Dr. Winstead is the best! My bulldog, Max, gets a little wild and anxious at the vet, but he loves Dr. Winstead! She is very knowledgeable and has walked us through some weird situations. It gives me peace of mind to be able to board Max at Betty Baugh’s too! I know he will be well taken care of – plus he seems to know and love everyone there!

  286. Hannah Elvington 2019/11

    Dr Odair is always very kind and straightforward. She is considerate of our budget, communicates well and always makes time for our dog. I appreciate all of the staff and the ability to be seen ASAP if one of our animals isn’t well.

  287. cort givens 2019/10

    Dr. Betty Baugh is the best vet! She kept my dog alive when all of the other vets wanted to put her down. Thanks to her, she lived 3+ years. We put her down today with Dr. Betty Baugh, You can’t say it was a good experience, but Dr. Betty Baugh did her best to make it so much less painful.

  288. Mary Ratto 2019/09

    I believe in my heart that Dr. Harrison is the best vet in Richmond. And I can tell she only hires the best as well. I love her calm, holistic approach to working with animals. I wouldn’t take any pet of mine any place else as long as I’m in Richmond. She treated my Chyna, a senior Chow, in her final years and she put Chyna at ease whenever she was around and that wasn’t easy to do. My Chyna was one tough girl. I’m sorry I didn’t know her when my Zoey, my second senior Chow, was still alive. It may have saved her life. But, she treats my little Manly now, a 20 pound ball of fur and love, and I wouldn’t even think of taking him anywhere else. I have complete confidence he will receive the best care with the most love. Mary R

  289. Jennifer Van Horn 2019/07

    We can’t thank enough Dr. Mercurio and all of the staff who have helped us so much over the last year to get our rescue dog as healthy as we can!!

  290. Montese King 2019/07

    Betty Baugh explained Jack’s medical issues and was very compassionate about her job. I could tell she truly cared about my little boy and getting him back on the road to recovery.

    Jack is responding well to the treatment Betty Baugh prescribed. He is on the road to recovery and I am happy.

    Thank you Betty Baugh fir calming my fears and helping Jack in the road to recovery.


    Montese King

  291. Marsha Wulf 2019/06

    Dr. O’Daire continues to be the best vet in this entire area. Dr. Fulton is not far behind. Dr. O’Daire is so compassionate, sensitive with her exams and clear in her diagnosis.

  292. Beverley Curry 2019/02

    I have been going to this clinic for some time. In the last few years it has been very upsetting how much it has changed. Each visit tests and more tests are suggested $$$$ , and with each visit there is less and less observations and care about the actual pet. What happened to the vets that would touch and interact with your animal. They would observe and listen, ask questions and make observations and evaluations based on your conversations. The office visit alone is extremely over prices, especially when they barely interact with your pet. I just went and paid $96 and have no answer to the problem I was concerned about. I left feeling as if I had been taken advantage of. I am very sad to see yet another animal clinic is focused more on the bottom line than on the animal care itself.

  293. Christian Golden 2019/01

    Great staff and extremely accommodating!

  294. Anne Adette 2018/10

    I wish I had read the other reviews beforehand.. I brought my pup here for his first wellness exam and his DHPP booster vaccine, along with concern for a bump on his stomach. Rather, I was questioned about my OTHER dog (who is not a patient at their clinic)? She then encouraged me to administer two (and admittedly optional) vaccines to my pup. I told her I wasn’t interested, but she brought it up three more times in the 10 minute consult! The DHPP booster was FINALLY administered, and immediately afterwards she shoved a syringe in my pups mouth (without telling me beforehand what it was or even ASKING if I wanted it done) and pushed medication down his throat. She then told me it was dewormer. Again, if she had simply ASKED OR READ HIS MEDICAL RECORDS I PROVIDED, she would have learned that he was just dewormed two weeks ago!!!

    Unfortunately, the bump on my pup’s stomach was never looked at or addressed, but at that point I was fine to let it go, as I planned on going elsewhere after that horrible experience.

  295. Tim Kurtzweil 2018/09

    We have taken our 3 cats there for the last three years and have received nothing but amazing treatment. Betty Baugh and Dr Fulton have been amazing through the many health issues we have encountered. I would highly recommend this practice.

  296. Geri Oliver 2018/07

    Betty Baugh Harrison has taken care of the cats I’ve had over many years. She is very knowledgeable, has that vet’s sense of what is wrong and is compassionate.

  297. Sinopa Hyenith-Balbuzard 2018/06

    They are professional, caring, and empathetic to those who don’t have the funds on hand to take care of their pets. I had a cat with a UTI and I didn’t have the cash to help him clear his stomach. They unlike our previous vets didn’t say to pay up or kill it, but went straight to saving our cat and worked with us on a payment plan. They are a company that’s has dignity which is rare to find in a veterinary industry.

  298. Chrissy Wengloski 2018/05

    We’re relatively new to this practice, and live in the city (so we have plenty of vet options), but they certainly have given me every reason to continue coming back! Dr. Fulton has been great with our two beagle-hounds, one old and one young, but most of all he’s been great with the humans too — answering my many questions thoroughly and respectfully. When our older beagle was experiencing vision loss, he literally sat down with me and talked about next steps, demonstrating that he recognized the gravity of the situation for me as a pet owner, even though I think I appeared to be handling it well — this meant a lot because he easily could have just gave me a referral and sent us on our way. The rest of the staff has been kind, patient and friendly as well — I’ve called many times for various reasons and don’t think I’ve ever hung up dissatisfied with the exchange.

  299. Chad Thompson 2018/05

    We just took our dog Bella to Betty Baugh for her teeth cleaning. They were great! Very professional and easy to talk too.

  300. Makayla Ngoun 2018/05

    This is the best animal clinic I have been to. I have been here a number of times since we got our puppy from them in October. The staff is friendly, caring and always call after an appointment to check on our pup. I recommended this place to my friends and all of them have stayed. Make a change and visit this animal clinic – you will not regret it!

  301. Kim Barber 2018/04

    I recently moved to the city AND adopted a puppy and I couldn’t be happier! Dr. Harrison saw us initially and made my puppy and I both feel comfortable. They offer a “puppy package” which covers a lot of the initial costs for a reasonable lump sum. When my puppy was having GI issues, Dr O’Dair worked with me to get them resolved. They also spayed her and gave me excellent instructions. I know my girl is in good hands with this clinic. Highly recommend!

  302. Ruth Avery 2018/01

    We were hopeful that Dr. Betty Baugh Harrison would be able to help us with our Boston Terrier, Max, who was diagnosed with cancer. She was so caring and sensitive, but unfortunately the cancer was too far advanced. When the time came to let him go, Dr. Harrison was so kind as to come to our home in the evening so that both my husband and I could be with Max . She was able to administer the drugs while Max rested in the snuggling position he had chosen, next to me. He peacefully drifted off, which was such a blessing after watching him suffer and decline for the past week. I can’t say enough how much it meant to have such a caring person help us with this process. Max, our sweet little guy, will be missed by our family, but at least I have peace knowing that we did all that we could to help him, and letting him go, in his own spot on the sofa snuggled beside me meant the world to both my husband and me! Thank you, Dr. Harrison!

  303. Pat Vitsky 2018/01

    I could not be happier with an animal clinic and their vets & staff. Have been a faithful customer for many years. They take time to answer questions, show sincere care for pets, emotionally supportive, and honest. They do not do unnecessary procedures, and are clear about what/why/costs of anything they do. I have seen many of the vets there and am 100% satisfied with all of them. THANK YOU BBAC!

  304. Bill Gooch 2017/11

    can’t recommend a better, more caring vet and staff… thanks for all you do.

  305. danielle elmes 2017/11

    I went to another vets to get help for my dog and they tried to tell me it was mosquito bites and did not give the dog anything to help. He was losing his hair and both sides of him and his skin just looked terrible. So I took him to Betty Baugh’s and she ended up giving my dog a shot and some antibiotics with a prescription baithing soap and he healed rite up! I mean his hair grew back and everything within a month! And it really wasn’t that exspensive. I would definitely recommend Betty Baugh’s to somebody who needed a good animal clinic to go to.

  306. kamryn S 2017/08

    Best veterinary practice ever! Put our little Bentley back together and helped us get him back to health after we adopted him after finding him after being hit by a car.

  307. Barbara Brandon 2017/08

    I’ve been taking my rescue Great Pyrenees to Betty Baughs for nine years. They have taken wonderful care of him. Everyone from the person who answers the phone to the most senior vet listens to my concerns and acts in a completely professional and gentle manner. My dog loves going there. I wouldn’t take him anywhere else.

  308. Sharon Dajon 2017/07

    It has been a great experience; friendly staff and great vets, especially Molly Morgan. I think their fees are reasonable. They treat your pets like family. Highly recommend!!

  309. Sue Sculpalot 2017/07

    Total incompetence

  310. Elizabeth DuVal 2017/06

    Dr Harrison has been so helpful and caring with my sometimes grumpy, aging German Shepherd. She takes time to really evaluate and make sure that the dog is comfortable with her and the treatment. I truly feel that she is extending the time and quality of my dog’s life. Everyone at the front desk had also been helpful and caring despite drama over mobility issues and his noisemaking. Thank you Betty Baugh!!!

  311. Mae Palmer 2017/06

    DO NOT BRING YOUR PET HERE!!! They are unprofessional have no knowledge on what they are doing, they gave my puppy dubble dosage of one vaccine without checking her charts, then they gave her anther vaccine which cause her to get a lump on her back then they tried to charge me for taking out the puss and bacteria, they are no good if you love your pet do not take them here.

  312. Jacqueline H. Dwyer 2017/05

    This is a wonderful clinic, and my only complaint is that their charges seem a bit high to me. All the veterinarians are very knowledgeable and caring, and I love how they have cages for kittens that need homes out in the lobby, helping to find them homes.

  313. Barbara Batson 2017/04

    I have been a client at BBAC since Betty Baugh opened the clinic on Patterson. Staff have always treated my furry ones with compassion and respect.

  314. B Hollingsworth 2017/03

    Really the very best experience in what is usually a traumatic event with my very nervous pup.

  315. Holly Roper 2017/02

    Wonderful clinic! Betty Baugh treated our beloved pet like he was her own. She treated us with great kindness and respect!

  316. Phil P 2017/02

    A bit disappointed. Took in my three cats for an exam, provided a fresh fecal sample for lab work that does not show in the records, was charged for an exam on one of them that was deemed too stressed to be examined, thus did not receive the examination. Talked to staff about it, and was told the veterinarian would call on Monday.
    No one called on Monday. Management got involved the following week and offered a free fecal labwork, on the next sample provided.

  317. Katherine Carr 2017/01

    Excellent doctors, staff, and location. My dog loves Betty Baugh, and so do I. Affordable and friendly! They even make house calls.

  318. Catalina lopez 2016/11

    It’s a great place. Everyone is so nice, I’m really glad I met them.

  319. Hershman Hale 2016/09

    Dr. Winstead is wonderful; she’s knowledgeable and compassionate. Rodney is pleasant, as well. However, some of the other staff are rude or incompetent. Sharon and Holly have both told untruths when asked a question directly.

    Note: I would suggest not waiting on them to notify you that your pet’s ashes have been returned. Contact the crematorium instead. The office staff neglected to call me when my pet’s ashes were returned. When I asked why, they lied and told me that they had “just gotten them.” That was not true, as Agape told me that the ashes were delivered the day before.

  320. Liv Wallace 2016/03

    I love my little kitty Kat that u blessed me wit

  321. lisadar 28 2016/02

    my dog has been going here since he was a baby but latly my dog is now 3. The staff is horrible especially Erin the so called manager of the office. Also I heaed one of staff has been charged with animal cruelty…wow… the only person I like is Dr. Morgan who is currently out due to maternity leave….The worst unprofessional place they use to be good but it seems they let their staff do whatever they want to include speak to their loyal customers however. DONOT GO HERE OVERCHARGE AND THE STAFF HORRIBLE…..EXCEPT DR. MORGAN…WILL NOT GO UNLESS I DEAL WOTH DR MORGAN ONLY DIRECTLY.

  322. Daniel Gill 2016/01

    Dr. Winstead with Betty Baugh’s Animal Clinic provides top Quality health care with compassion. Enough can not be said about the staff during end of life illnesses with our dog Jackson that was deeply loved and missed daily. The financial obligation was nothing compared to the loss! Betty Baugh’s Animal Clinic is of top quality and true professionals in there trade, would recommend them to any one and still a faithful customer. Thanks Dr. Winstead and the staff at Betty Baugh’s Animal Clinic!

  323. Catherine 2016/01

    I do not trust Betty Baugh’s after the three months going to their office. My kitten was taken in the back for a scheduled second vaccine in a series of two. When bringing my kitten back out front they informed my boyfriend that they had given him two shots. The extra one they provided was a mistake since my kitten had already had the full series. I already felt worried about them taking my kitten in the back, and now I know I should have trusted my instincts. When I obtained both of my kitten’s medical records the appointment where they messed up was not on there even though we have receipts and verbal confirmation of the problem. It took about a week to get the correct records and a sincere apology and refund. I no longer trust this practice with my kittens based on the unnecessary vaccine without our knowledge and the way the situation was originally handled by front office staff. Make sure to double check with the person treating your animal on what will be administered in the back.

  324. Bridget Walton 2016/01

    Overcharged for tests on two dogs at the same time that I did not authorize. One dog given a vaccine that I said no to. Other dog given a vaccine she already got. Why do the Vet assistants spend time asking you questions about the services you want for your pets if they won’t communicate it with the staff. After paying $454 for a yearly checkup on two doggies I am done. I called once in the car leaving the facility because my dogs were already loaded in the car to ask why I have additional tests on my invoice that I didn’t approve and the phone answered said we do those tests because we insist you do them. Geese, so you mean to tell me you do what you want and I pay it. Very unproffesional!!! I will be picking my dogs records up and seeing another competent vet. Rip offs with poor customer service!!

  325. Julia Murdaugh 2015/11

    Thank you so much for taking care of our little pug! I was worried sick all day but when we came to see my dog he seemed to love the nurses and they were extremely kind. 🙂
    most definitely going back if we have anymore problems

  326. debbie mm 2014/11

    Absolutely love them! Every doc I encountered was terrific. And the front desk staff and the tech’s are great. A truly professional and caring office. Extra kuddos to Amanda C. for being so gentle with my not so friendly cat.

  327. Tammy M 2013/11

    I’ve taken my dogs here for many, many years and always raved about the quality of care and professionalism of the staff…BUT….in the last couple years both have dramatically changed. I’ve had to deal with unauthorized, invasive procedures being done, incorrect and conflicting information in my dog’s file, receiving conflicting and confusing information from what has become a group of children running the front office, only to have my complaints to a doctor I once had great respect for dismissed by lame excuses. She actually acted defensive instead of concerned about the problems. It is now all about the money and nothing more. This place is on a steady decline and after being with them through many years am forced to find a new vet. The irresponsible, unprofessional little girls they have handling things now is simply unsafe.

  328. Claybakin 247 2013/02

    I am not surprised by the negative reviews I have seen here. As a rep for one of their pet product suppliers, I have seen first hand that one of the doctors steered her clients toward the product that would earn the company the highest profit rather than the one that is best for the animal. The young receptionists on duty also seemed to be spending an inordinate amount of time wining about their customers to each other as well.

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