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  1. pam lieberman 2023/11

    Update 2023: I got a puppy this summer and decided to send her to Pat’s training. My previous experience was with older dogs who had behavioral issues I needed help with. Cleo went to Pat’s 3 week board and train when she was a little over 4 months old. She is still young so I just wanted her to get a good foundation. She came home with a good understanding of the basic commands and I can tell with consistency and practice at home she is going to do great. This will allow her to be part of every day life outside the home since I live in a neighborhood with lots of dog friendly places. Pat did a great job teaching her especially since she is an energetic and some times scatter-brained pup! She has also started exhibiting some resource guarding with my other dog and Pat is helping me to “nip that in the bud”. I highly recommend bestpawforwardk9 training if you want your pet to be able to have a bigger and better life with you!

    Original review: I took my nearly 10 year old golden retriever to Pat for severe reactivity to dogs when on leash. She gets along great with other dogs but is highly reactive when on leash, in the yard or in the car. It got to the point that I couldn’t handle her anymore and it was not safe for her or me. She was also causing my new rescue pup to react to dogs as well. Pat worked with Nalla and with me over the course of the board and train and long after to make sure I understood the new tools I had. I also sent Maya for board and train and then Nalla and Maya were there together for the last week. I can now take them both for long walks together daily and Nalla is also much calmer in the car. The training has allowed me to take Nalla places I couldn’t have before. It has made a major difference in our life and we are all getting more exercise without the stress we had before training. Highly recommend Pat as she is an expert in helping dogs become their best selves.

  2. Brian Solomon 2023/10

    Our covid pup grew up in the suburbs and was having trouble adjusting to city life, friends coming over, and visiting with small children. After searching, Pat’s location in the city and experience with small pups, made us confident she was the trainer for us. Pat did a great job showing Louie his place in our home and in the world, allowing him to relax, go more places, and generally be better behaved over the three weeks Louie was with her. Just last week, we took him along to the Festival of the Arts in Forest Hill, and we could not believe how well he behaved! Even after Louie’s stay, Pat continues to offer guidance, checks in on progress, and is available for any questions.


  3. beth rutledge 2023/09

    It is unusual to find a dog trainer who is as brilliant with people as they are with animals, and for me that’s just one of the things that makes Pat such a gem. She understands and adores dogs, and endeavors to know each pup’s unique challenges and strengths. She was committed to learning about and appreciating our 6-month old, Ari, and, in doing so, figured out exactly how to strengthen his confidence while instilling more positive behaviors. And then she showed ME how to build on his growing skill set! After three weeks with Pat, Ari moves forward in the face of the unknown (no more stop and flop!) and is becoming the go-everywhere dog I hoped he’d be. Pat’s support of Ari and of our entire family has been invaluable. We are all so grateful for Pat and Best Paw Forward!

  4. Lauren Henby 2023/08

    When I had my initial conversation with Pat, I knew that she would not only be the perfect trainer for our young Bernedoodle, June, she would be the perfect guide for our lifelong training goals.

    She brings her all to your pup and each conversation. Over the course of the 3 week program, we received communications, videos, pictures, and insight to how we can continue June’s progress when she comes home.

    Every minute of our time with Pat has been exceptional. I will miss our phone calls and texts but know that she is just one phone call away. Reach out to Pat, ask questions, follow her recommendations; you will not regret it.

    June left our home a gigantic puppy with past training that wouldn’t stick. She is coming home to educated owners that are ready to continue to build off what we have both learned, and we all have a new friend in Pat.

    Thank you!


  5. Kurt Wallenborn 2023/08

    Great trainer. She takes all the time to help our pups be the best. So grateful for Pat!

  6. thomas farrell 2023/08

    We are so thankful that we found Pat. Our young Westie Marco had traveled from abroad to be a part of our family which includes an older fellow Westie. Marco understandably had some issues adjusting as did we all. Three weeks with Pat and Marco is a calmer, happier pup who now has structure and what appears to be a good sense of security and confidence. Thanks to Pat, we can now watch our little big man grow up happy in a well structured and low stress environment. Thank you Pat!


  7. Mari S. Bae 2023/07

    We love Pat and BPFK9! ❤️

    My dog, a 10 year old mini Poodle, Soy, is such a sweetheart but she had some anxiety driven reactivity issues. Her issues magnified when we brought a newborn home a few months back. Pat identified that the core of Soy’s anxiety is her low confidence. She had Soy for 4 weeks, working on building her confidence. She did her magic! ✨

    After spending just 4 weeks with Pat, Soy no longer showed extreme anxiety at home. She didn’t follow me around the house, she listened to my commands, she respected the boundaries between my baby and her. She didn’t bark at every single noise she heard. She didn’t seek my reassurance every 2 seconds! As Soy just got back a week or so ago from her training, we’re still working on recall but she is already a whole different dog! 😯

    Huge props to Pat. She’s the most genuine person and she really loves what she does. We’re very lucky that we found her and were able to have her train Soy. We love to continue working with her and we’d recommend her to anyone who’s looking for dog training! 👏

  8. April Pace 2023/07

    Pat took our gigantic, unruly, hard headed puppy and turned her into a respectful young lady. So happy to have had Pat to lay this groundwork for our girl. What she taught her is essential to our everyday life with our pup. Pat is so committed to helping us stick with it and continue this discipline as well, which is a huge bonus with this program

  9. Jennifer Mallare 2023/06

    This review is way overdue, but we feel like that may be a good thing because we can speak honestly to the staying power of Pat’s training. Our 2 littles spent three weeks with her in January, together, for board and train after we combined households. Buddy struggled with reactivity and separation anxiety, and both dogs played off each other. Car rides, walks, travel, visitors, outside noises, etc. all caused them, and consequently us, stress.

    When we picked them up from training, the improvement in their behavior was immediately noticeable. Four months later, we can say that what they learned has stuck! Pat laid an incredibly strong foundation and with her ongoing support, guidance, and encouragement, we have been able to follow through with appropriate tools and expectations at home.
    Car rides, trips to the vet, walks, visiting others’ homes and having visitors are now not only manageable but enjoyable. Ellie and Buddy continue to surprise us as they continue to improve their self-regulation and their ability to calmly manage situations that used to cause them stress. They are both still fun, energetic dogs with lots of personality, but they are calm and happy. Win- win for all involved!

    Knowing that Pat continues to love, care about, and advocate for them from a distance, months after they completed training means more than she can know. We’re forever grateful and can’t recommend her highly enough!

    Jennifer, Dave, and Meghan
    and Buddy and Ellie, too


  10. Emily S 2023/05

    We went through a bad adolescent phase with our rough collie puppy. He was spoiled rotten when he was a baby by my fiancé and I but by the time he was 75 lbs instead of 25, his bad manners were stuck. He was reactive on walks, barked relentlessly when he wanted out of his crate (even at 7am on a Saturday) and couldn’t be left alone for more than 10 seconds without him trying to get into something. The basic puppy training sessions we got for him just weren’t enough. I found Pat through a quick google search and she was quick to get back to me to start talking about setting up a start date for his training. He’s been home now post-training for a couple weeks and we still can’t believe the improvement. He listens to us now, doesnt bark in his crate and I can now comfortably walk my large dog without him pulling me or getting too excited when he sees another person or another dog. We’re hopeful and excited that he will finally be able to be our adventure companion we dreamed of him being. He’s entirely new and improved but the same lovable goofy boy!

  11. Teresa Hudson 2023/04

    Pat is a great trainer, and really cares about her pups. She trained both of our dogs and the results are amazing. Highly recommend!

  12. Kelli Brearley 2023/01

    I contacted Pat when we realized that the training methods that we’d used with our older dog were not working with our Aussiedoodle puppy, Bailey. Bailey was very curious and energetic. She explored everything with her mouth and enjoyed climbing on furniture, tables, and counters. We spent a lot of time trying to manage and contain Bailey. We loved Bailey but honestly weren’t enjoying her very much. Pat offered some tips for managing Bailey in our initial conversation. After spending three weeks with Pat, Bailey has developed a lot more impulse control. She’s still curious and energetic, but she can also chill out while we’re working or watching tv. She’s a great walking buddy and isn’t reactive to other dogs or people. Pat gave us the tools to communicate better with Bailey and helped Bailey develop the ability to calm her mind and not be constantly in motion. We have a calmer home life now and actually enjoy spending time with Bailey.


  13. Lisa Mock 2023/01

    Very grateful to have been referred to Pat for some help with our 1 year old boy, Gus. Gus did great with training and recall as a young pup, but around 8 months, decided it’s a lot more fun to make his own decisions. We are still working with Pat and she has been great about providing at home instructions and is very available to coach and help us to gain the confidence and skills to apply in our home what Gus learned during his board and train time. Highly recommend!

  14. Haley Lieberman 2022/10

    Pat is seriously a magician with every dog she crosses paths with. Pat teaches dogs the foundational skills and communication skills that I’d say are essential for any dog and their owner(s). You and your dog both benefit a ton. She trained both of my mom’s dogs, who especially needed help with anxiety and severe leash reactivity, and was so successful. My partner and I then decided to send our 1 year old dog Luna to board and train too. Luna had TONS of chaotic energy when we got her — like we are talking full sprints around our apartment doing parkour off of furniture. It was stressful for us, and she also seemed stressed — she was restless and anxious, and never really knew how to relax and sleep. After the training, she now knows when to let out all her crazy zoomies, versus when she needs to be calm and respect the boundaries of our 10 year old deaf dog (Archie), us, and strangers she meets on walks. Luna also seems much happier now that she understands communication. She now goes off leash with us on hikes, goes on runs, walks and rollerblades with us, plays much more gently and snuggles with our older dog Archie, and still regular lets out her craziest zoomies at the park. The training itself is also great for any high energy dogs — the mental stimulation of doing a ‘structured walk’ practicing their training is as much stimulation for Luna as 3 hours sprinting at the dog park. We still bring Luna back to Pat’s anytime we are going out of town, and she loves it. Pat remains connected with you far past training too. I’d recommend Pat to everyone.

  15. Heather Mintz 2022/10

    We started using Pat with Best Paw Forward K9 Training 7 years ago when our dog was 9 weeks old. Pat has been an amazing resource and friend to our family. Throughout many stages of our dogs life Pat has helped including puppy training, obedience, bringing home a new baby and adjusting our dog, moving to a new home and adjusting our dog, and the most challenging recently has been handling our dogs anxiety. Pat has a very structured program that will give your dog and family everything you need to be successful. I highly recommend Pat for all dog training needs. She is the best!

  16. David Morgan 2022/10

    We had a fantastic experience with Pat! Cannot recommend her more highly. Although we live in California, another family member on the east coast had such good results from their dog’s time with Pat that we sent our 7 month old puppy to Pat for basic obedience training. When we returned to Richmond three weeks later we were amazed at how much progress had been made in such a short amount of time. Our nervous, shy pup was so much more self confident and outgoing and had learned some key basic behaviors and commands. With Pat’s great instructions to us, we were able to return home and build on all our puppy had learned from her time with Pat and Best Paw Forward K9 Training.


  17. Sada Leonard 2022/09

    Pat and her team of (doggy) helpers have been an essential part of raising our puppy. Our Boston Terrier first went to Pat for her board and train program when he was about four months old. She was able to teach him skills in three weeks that would have taken us months to accomplish. When we got him back he was calm, obedient and confident. Pat has continues to be a resource for our family and has been invaluable with her advice and guidance as we continue to train our pup. Pat has helped us realize that training a dog is a continuous process – she laid an amazing groundwork and supports as us as continue to implement her teachings at home. A quick note on size – we have a small dog and he was perfectly comfortable and safe with Pat’s dogs and in her home. We love Pat and would encourage anyone to partner with her in raising their beloved dogs. Thank you Pat!

  18. Natallia Maroz 2022/08

    We sent out basset hound to Pat with no expectation that anyone could train her (it is one stubborn basset after all). Four weeks later, after a lot of friendly messages and updates (we especially appreciated pictures and videos), we were very excited to learn that our “untrainable” dog was responding to commands and behaving well. After the four week period, when Pat met with us, our dog dropped all the bad habits: she no longer engaged in her barking marathons, she stopped jumping on people, she stopped plopping in the middle of the street when you take her for a walk, and she began responding to the commands. Further, she dropped bad resource guarding habit and no longer growls at us. From day one, reading Pat’s updates, I was amazed how well she could feel the dog. We’ve had our basset for almost a year before this training and Pat basically nailed her personality and behavior in a few days. A big part of the dog’s training was also a “training” for us as we quickly learned that the respect the dog gained for the trainer was not transferrable and we need to earn it. (it’s very different from getting your computer back from the IT team with updates – that was something I imagined before our dog came back home). Pat helped us understand what our dog needs and what we should do to help her strive. Even after our basset went home with us, Pat continued to reach out, ask how we and the dog were handing the transition, and kept giving us tips on what to improve. It was a great experience overall. We strongly recommend Pat’s services and expertise to anyone who might need any help with their dog.


  19. Nucdesigner 1 2022/07

    We hired Pat at Best Paw Forward to train Bear, our adorable, but quite feisty, lab puppy. From the very first meeting, we knew we were in exceptionally qualified hands. Pat quickly got started training Bear by using a prong collar for walks and an e-collar for training reinforcement. Bear thrived under Pat’s instruction and learned far more than we expected in six weeks. Since graduating from his training program with Pat, we have continued to work with Bear at home and have seen more improvement each week. We hope to send Bear back to Pat for a “refresher” course when he is a year old.

    During Bear’s training, Pat kept us abreast of all of Bear’s accomplishments by posting pictures and videos showing his progress. She also frequently called to let us know of his success and achievements. Pat took excellent care of Bear and seemed to truly care about his progress and happiness. She still checks up on him like he’s part of her family 😊! Pat gets a perfect 10 for not only being an incredible trainer, but also being an invaluable source of education and support for dogs and their owners.

  20. Seth Krawitz 2022/07

    Pat has helped make our dog a part of the family! Our Golden Retriever puppy guarded food and toys at 10 weeks of age. At his first puppy well check, our veterinarian recommended immediate training. We sought help and worked on puppy socialization as best as possible during the pandemic, but our puppy continued to guard, snarl and even bite. My children were fearful of our dog. We were constantly vigilant and our family was divided as to whether we could keep him. We looked into rescue groups and considered surrendering him at about the same time Pat was recommended. She immediately gave us information to read and helped train our family. We learned to be consistent, more assertive and, most importantly, how to use a prong and e-collar to walk him. Our pup responded immediately and obediently. He respects us now and seeks affection and companionship from us. Thanks to Pat, with lots of consistent work, we have learned to care for him in the manner he needed and, in turn, have gained a beloved pet.

  21. Josh Brent 2022/07

    Pat is the best dog trainer out there. When I brought Luna to Pat, she was extremely wild and hardly knew her own name. Now her recall allows her to be off leash and trusted on hikes and things of that sort. Pat provided me and Luna with the skills and knowledge to live a better life. I am able to have complete trust in my dog because Pat built an unshakable foundation. Even if I moved across the country I would drive all the way to Pat if I got a new dog. She is phenomenal at her job and extremely responsive. Even though board and train is three weeks she creates a lifetime relationship with the dogs and the owners. She is always available. Trusting her with my dog was the best decision I ever made.

  22. Jen Baird 2022/05

    We took our puppy, Annie, to Pat for training. With two small kids, a hectic schedule, and a busy downtown neighborhood with heavy foot and car traffic, it was important for Annie to have a solid foundation that would allow her to participate in our daily activities and understand how to be gentle with the kids. Annie is our first puppy since having children and my main concern was that without intensive training at the outset, she would be limited because we wouldn’t be able to trust her on the go with us.

    Pat helped Annie find a groove that allows her to thrive instead of suffer in our busy life! She’s clearly still a puppy but now she’s set up for success. Her impulse control is remarkable, and strangers tell us all the time that she’s the calmest pup they’ve ever seen. We take her EVERYWHERE because we know she can handle it and she loves to be part of the action.

    Pat has the magic touch and was so wonderful to work with. We had continuous updates on Annie’s progress and knew she was being showered with love while in training. Rather than “obedience” training, it felt like Pat taught Annie how to be a member of our family, which is exactly what we needed.

  23. Kathleen Pennock 2022/05

    Great experience with Pat and our 2 1-year-old labs. They have developed from wild puppies to big, young boys that seek direction and want to obey. She has laid the best foundation for excellent continued training with our family and our dogs are much happier after their board and train program. Pat has been amazing with introducing us to the canine mindset and provided guidance throughout the entire process. Highly recommend!

  24. Jennifer Schwarz 2022/05

    We have known and worked with Pat for years. She cared for and help train our first golden retriever. Ripken loved going to see Pat and her pups. She cared for him as if he was her own. She was one of the first people I called when he suddenly passed. She helped me get through that with her kind words and compassion and perspective. Since then we got a golden retriever puppy, Bowie. I knew right away Bowie would go to a board and train with Pat. We just wanted him to be a polite and well mannered puppy that could listen to commands and cues. After spending time with Pat he came home calmer, more confident, more attentive, is walking beautifully, is able to go out in public and socialize. Pat has helped us to be more confident dog owners. She really loves and cares for these dogs. She is always open and receptive when I call her for questions or for advice. I know Bowie is a better dog for spending time with Pat and he will return to her and her pups for visits. Thank you Pat!!!

  25. Ross Guedri 2022/04

    Pat is just simply the best! Our 7 month old goldendoodle (Bogey) absolutely adores her. He also made some wonderful doggie friends while he was there for the 3 week program. Since we were so impressed with her, we already booked a boarding with her in July. Bogey can’t wait to see her again.

    The training went very well and my 3 year old daughter went from being scared of Bogey before the training to now giving him hugs everyday. He’s the best family dog! I highly recommend you take your dog Pat no matter how old they are.

  26. Lois Lavan 2022/03

    I have known the owner of Best Paw Forward K9 Training for many years. Pat is highly skilled with e-collar training and is patient and kind with all of the pets she works with – even those who come to her with challenging, established behavioral issues. The setting is home-like and only a few dogs at a time are trained, so she can give lots of individual attention. Pat has worked with three of our dogs – each had their own unique issues. She has helped our pandemic puppy work through anxiety and socialization issues. All of our dogs have LOVED her & we so appreciate the relationship we have with her.

  27. AmyQ 2022/03

    Our dog learned his manners early with Pat’s training at Best Paw Forward, and now just knows he’s in for the best love and attention when he returns for a stay anytime his family is away. Pat has the biggest heart and all of the dogs and families feel it! She is consistently kind, reliable, caring, and surely speaks dog 🙂


  28. Cassie Lantier 2022/03

    Pat was absolutely amazing with our 11 month old lab. She is very knowledgeable, caring, committed, and a delight to work with. Our lab went to stay with Pat for the 3 week train and board program and came back home a completely different dog. Our pup still isn’t perfect but she’s much easier to manage and Pat helped lay the groundwork and give my family the tools to succeed. Pat down as also amazing at following up and staying in touch after our pup came home. We are so happy to have found Pat and have her as a local resource to continue to help us raise a well behaved family pet.

  29. Jessica King 2022/02

    I couldn’t recommend this training anymore! My two-year-old Mini Doodle Oakley has a personality and more energy than any human can contain. At two years old, I was unsure if the training would be as effective, but Pat assured me that dogs love to learn at any age, and the results have clearly shown that. From the minute I picked him up, there was a massive change from the wild dog I knew to one who is just as lovable and playful but far more relaxed. Pat was able to teach him not only to settle his energy but also his brain. Although he was only in the program for three weeks, she was able to teach him commands I have been struggling with since I got him. Pat kept me updated every step of the way and cares for the dogs as if they were her own, even taking him to the vet when she found a small lump on his side. She really cares for the dogs and sends update messages often, even since he’s been home. Highly recommend for any dog owner!

  30. Wing Chan 2022/02

    Pat was the best in the industry! My bernedoodle, Luna, is about 2.5 years old now and we have been working with her for about 2.5 years!! We started with basic “Place” comment training to teach Luna how to be patient and calm when she was little. We then moved on to prong collar and e-collar training to make sure she learns how to walk with her “hooman” properly along with being able to walk and run off leash at the end when we go hiking and snowshoeing! Pat is always available when I have questions and she keeps checking in on Luna and I even she moved back to VA when I am in MN. Pat is the BEST as Luna and I are still learning and improving everyday!!


  31. Christopher Joy-Hogg 2022/01

    Pat was incredible. She took our two pups for three weeks and set the standard for us to continue training and live comfortably with them. They used to inappropriately jump up on new people entering the home. They were reactive, clingy, had separation anxiety, etc. That is practically all gone now. We recommend her without reservation.

  32. Sarah Andrews 2021/12

    Simply put, we can’t recommend Pat and Best Paw Forward K9 Training enough. We brought our Bernese Mountain Dog puppy, Gus, to Pat for a 4 week Board and Train. Some of the issues we were hoping to work on included responsiveness to commands/general listening, pulling on the leash, some territorial behavior with toys, etc. Pat really gets dogs – she understands the challenges they’re having and works incredibly hard with them. At the end of the 4 week period, the progress she made with Gus was incredible. He looked to us for permission, he was consistent in listening to commands, we were comfortable walking him – overall, we felt like we were more in control and could communicate better with Gus (meaning a happier and better life for him and us)! What was most important to us is the fact that Pat’s method is rooted in an absolute love for dogs. Gus adores Pat. She trains them in a way that is consistent and dedicated but also loving and fun. She also goes above and beyond to make sure the dogs (and their families) have the tools they need to succeed. She’s always been willing to answer any questions we’ve had since our Board and Train, we’ve brought Gus back for overnight stays, and we’ve enjoyed keeping up with Pat and sending her updates on Gus. Pat truly is the best, we will continue to recommend her to all of our family and friends for dog training needs!

  33. Rea Childs 2021/12

    Pat’s training program has given Leo just the start he needs to be a wonderful furry addition to our family! He’s come home confident, knowing his commands, and ready to take on the challenges of the world….my kids. 🤪 I thought it would be tough adding a pet in our home especially with young rambunctious children running around. It’s no walk in the park but Pat has shared her knowledge and genuine love with us and showed me how it can be done. In this photo, Leo stayed right in place as my kids came running in the room. If there is any testament to her program, that alone says it all. We have a long road ahead but I’m confident that with Pat by our side we are going to be just fine! 🐾🐶


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