A review of the top 5 Best 24/7 Emergency Veterinarian service near me in Richmond, VA

Zoe | Nov 14,2023

Best 24/7 Emergency Veterinarian service near me in Richmond, VA

Does your pet need emergency medical care? Our list of Emergency Vets in Richmond, VA is you best choose.

Your fur baby may just need a professional pet sitter on a regular day. In that case, you can refer to the most professional pet sitter list we have prepared for you in Richmond, VA.

However, when your pet encounters an emergency situation, do you panic? Do you urgently need a professional veterinarian to provide emergency care for them?

Although we don't encounter emergencies often, it's definitely necessary for you to keep the list of the emergency veterinary service near you in Richmond, VA.

The Top 5 Best 24/7 Emergency Vet in Richmond, VA

Below are the metrics we used to judge the Urgent care center in this review:

What conditions and diseases do pets have that require emergency care?

The table below shows the conditions and diseases that a pet require emergency care

Addison’s Disease Anemia
Azotemia Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome
Canine Hip Dysplasia Cranial Cruciate Ligament Injury
Dental Disease Diabetes (Dog)
Dry Eye and Corneal Ulcer Elevated Liver Values
Feline Immunodeficiency Virus and Feline Leukemia Virus Feline Inappropriate Elimination
Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease FLUTD GI Parasites
Heart Murmur – Cats Heart Murmur – Dogs
Heartworm Disease Hyperadrenocorticism (Cushing’s)
Hyperthyroidism The Itchy Dog
Kennel Cough Luxating Patella
Neck or Back Pain & IVDD Nutrition, Weight Management, Specific Diets
Osteoarthritis Pancreatitis
PU/PD Cat or Dog SICK Diabetic (DKA) – Cat or Dog
Spay, Neuter, and Pyometra Toxins and ASPCA Poison Control
UTI and Bladder Stones Vaccines for Cats and Dogs
Vestibular Disease Vomiting and Diarrhea
Wound and Bandage Care Others...
  • Accessibility - Ensure that the emergency veterinary clinic or hospital you choose is easily accessible. It should be located within a reasonable distance from your home, especially during urgent situations when time is of the essence.
  • 24/7 Availability - Look for an emergency care facility that operates 24/7, including weekends and holidays. Emergencies can happen at any time, and having access to round-the-clock care ensures that your pet can receive immediate attention when needed.
  • Well-equipped Facility - Ensure that the emergency care facility is well-equipped with modern diagnostic tools, such as X-ray machines, ultrasound, and laboratory facilities. Having the necessary equipment on-site enables prompt and accurate diagnosis, leading to more effective treatment for your pet.
  • Expertise and Specializations - Consider the expertise and available specializations at the emergency veterinary clinic. Ideally, the staff should have experience in handling a wide range of emergencies and possess the necessary skills to diagnose and treat various medical conditions. Specializations in critical care, surgery, or internal medicine can be especially valuable in emergency situations.

1.Virginia Veterinary Centers - Richmond

Virginia Veterinary Centers - Richmond
WEBSITE https://www.virginiaveterinarycenters.com/locations/richmond/
ADDRESS3312 W Cary St, Richmond, VA 23221, United States
CONTACT (804) 353-9000
OPERATING HOURSMon - Sun:Open 24 hours

As a true pet lover,I am proud to introduce you to Virginia Veterinary Centers (VVC). We understand that pets are integral members of your family, and their health is of utmost importance. When you entrust us with their care, we consider it a great honor and responsibility. Our dedicated team is committed to providing compassionate and exceptional veterinary services.

At VVC, our specialists, doctors, and support staff work collaboratively to ensure that your furry family member receives the highest standard of care. We are equipped with state-of-the-art medical facilities and utilize the latest advanced technology to deliver accurate diagnoses and effective treatments. Our team of veterinary professionals is extensively trained and skilled, guaranteeing that your pet is in capable hands.

With Virginia Veterinary Centers, you can have peace of mind knowing that your beloved pet is receiving the best care available. Our commitment to excellence, advanced medical resources, and compassionate approach ensure that your furry family members are in the best hands possible.


Critical Care , Dentistry & Oral Surgery , Dermatology & Allergy , Diagnostic Imaging , Emergency , Internal Medicine , Neurology & Neurosurgery , Oncology , Ophthalmology , Radioactive Iodine Therapy (I-131) , Surgery , Urgent Care , Anesthesia.

All Services Here

Service Area:Fredericksburg, Midlothian, & Richmond


  • 24/7 Emergency & Specialty Hospital
  • More than 20 veterinarians
  • Walk-in Emergency & Urgent Care
  • Online Pharmacy
  • Years of Urgent Care Experience
  • Continuous communication
  • Continuing Education
  • Easy referral(Online System)


  • A little careless at work
  • Easy money maker
Customer Reviews

" Our young Ginger received excellent care from Dr. Babbitt and his wonderful, caring staff on our recent initial visit! Our rescue puppy had came from a hoarding/puppy mill situation in Texas and we found her at a rescue group in Maryland several months ago. Ginger survived the malnutrition she experienced from the evident abuse in Texas but the extensive damaged fractured jaw, missing and/or damaged teeth, serious infection and periodontal disease that result needed immediate attention and Dr. Babbitt and great staff saved her! Ginger has a long bright, happy future now because of the excellent care received at Virginia Veterinary Center! We can’t thank everyone enough for saving our fur baby and giving her the opportunity to be loved and have the wonderful life she deserves! --Valerie Carter "

" The quality of care so far has been excellent. Dr. Dong was incredibly thorough and explained everything to us --and Erin was also incredibly kind and helpful. I really appreciate hearing about all of the options. We have a clear plan to stabilize Theo and obtain a diagnosis. The cost transparency has been an added benefit.Thanks to Dr. Dong and her team, Theo's illness has been in remission for over a year and a half now! His quality of life is excellent and you'd never know by looking at him that he was ever sick with PLE. I'm forever grateful to VVC. --Emily Connor Fort "

" Our vet Dr. Monika Jankowski was wonderful with Katy (pit mix) and my self. Very caring, explained everything so I could understand Katy’s type of cancer and answered all of my questions. Her staff was amazing as well!! --Traci Loving "

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2.UrgentVet - Carytown

UrgentVet - Carytown
WEBSITE https://urgentvet.com/location/carytown/
ADDRESS3531 Ellwood Ave, Richmond, VA 23221, United States
CONTACT 804-362-0202

UrgentVet was founded to fill the gap between your regular veterinarian and the ER vet. When your pet has a mild illness or minor injury after hours, we’ll provide the compassionate care your pet needs and the affordability and convenience you want.

At UrgentVet, they have a comprehensive understanding of pets, both in terms of their physical well-being and their psychological state. They possess the knowledge of what brings them comfort or causes them anxiety and irritation. When a cat or dog is unwell, the veterinary team at UrgentVet is capable of delivering swift and professional care infused with love and compassion.

Emily,the owner of the clinic, is looking forward to serving and building a bond with the Richmond area community and their furry family members!

Service area:the Richmond area


Diarrhea/Vomiting , Not Eating or Not Drinking , Dehydration/Excessive Drinking , Poison/Toxin Ingestion , Skin Allergies – Itching, Rashes, Hot Spots , Upper Respiratory Infections , Coughing and Sneezing , Urinary Tract Problems – Frequency, Straining, or Blood , Ear Infections – Head Shaking, Ear Discharge,Abscesses,Back Pain,Cuts & Scrapes,Minor Wounds & Lacerations,Fracture Assessment,Mild Lameness,Limping & Trouble Walking,Pain Management,Post-Op Incisions,Toenail Injuries,Vaccine Reactions,Bites & Stings,Allergies (Hives & Facial Swelling),Anal Glands – Scooting, Licking,Anxiety & Motion Sickness,Bad Breath,Hiding or Whining,Lumps & Bumps,Parasite,End of Life Care-Euthanasia

They don't treat:

Serious trauma cases, like hit-by-car incidents ; Procedures requiring amputation ; Overnight hospitalization ; Severe illnesses;

All Services Here


  • walk-in and after-hours urgent care for dogs and cats,
  • Located centrally in Richmond
  • Open 365 days a year – including holidays and weekends.
  • Providing gentle, dignified care in a peaceful environment(End of Life Care-Euthanasia)


  • They Don’t Treat Life Threatening Emergencies(Hit-by-car incidents (severe),Amputation,Overnight Hospitalization,Pneumonia,Kidney failure (advanced))
  • Expensive
  • Long time wait
Customer Reviews

" I brought my senior cat here after he was showing signs of a UTI. I reserved a time online (not an appt) and was seen immediately upon arrival, it was right when they opened so I'm sure that helped. The staff was fantastic. They were kind, informative, respectful, and had a great "bedside" manner. The entire visit was about 3 hours from start to finish. When I left I felt like we had a thorough examination, my cat was fully in stable health, and I was prepared to care for him moving forward. In my experience, it was less expensive than an emergency vet. I was also able to apply for Care Credit that day and use my virtual card to pay. Thank so much team! Conky is feeling 100% better, his fur is even is growing back by his arms and on his belly where the grooming was excessive. The photo at home is the after photo and you can see how well he is. :) If needed, I would go here again in a heartbeat. --Katherine Ruth "

" There are hardly words for the inconceivable heartache that comes with a pet’s quick and sudden illness. I will forever be grateful to the team at UrgentVet for their unmatched compassion and care in helping me decide to put my dear cat to sleep. They did everything they could to figure out what had taken him so fast and desperately, but some things are just meant to stay unknown. Nevertheless, the attention and care they took in the process of euthanasia was a great solace for me. I got to hold my kitty, cocooned in warm blankets while they assured me how wonderful his life and personality sounded as he crossed the rainbow bridge. Thank you so much for treating him and myself in what was both of our worst and fearful moment. Thank you for giving us peace. --Kaity Moore "

" We loved our experience at UrgentVet when our sweet pup broke out in hives! The staff was friendly, the wait time was NOT bad (we were in a room in five minutes and we were seen quickly), and the staff was so knowledgeable! We were put at ease instantly! The prices were pretty relative (maybe a bit pricier, but negligible for us honestly) to our vet and being open until 11PM is so amazing. We so appreciate this spot for helping us!--Devon Garrett "

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3.Partner Veterinary Urgent Care

Partner Veterinary Urgent Care
WEBSITE https://partnerveturgentcare.com/
ADDRESS6506 W Broad St, Richmond, VA 23230, United States
CONTACT 804.206.9122
OPERATING HOURS Saturday - Thursday:10am - 8pm; Friday: closeed

Partner Veterinary Urgent Care (PVUC) is a trusted organization guided by a highly experienced team dedicated to providing prompt care for patients with non-life-threatening illnesses. Their primary focus is on delivering efficient and effective treatment to ensure the well-being of pets.

However, PVUC represents more than just an urgent care facility. It is an integral part of Partner Veterinary, a prominent business in the veterinary field founded and operated by women. Partner Veterinary is renowned for its provision of emergency and specialty care services. Their mission extends beyond individual clinics, aiming to revolutionize and reimagine the veterinary profession as a whole.

Partner Veterinary Urgent Care goes beyond providing prompt care for non-life-threatening illnesses. As part of Partner Veterinary, they contribute to a larger mission of transforming the veterinary profession through a team-first approach, resulting in a positive and long-lasting effect on their partners, pet families, and patients.

Service area:

the Richmond area.


Vomiting and/or diarrhea ; Eye, ear, and skin issues ; Coughing or sneezing withoutrespiratory distress ; Lameness and limping ; Allergic reactions ; Lumps and bumps ; Urinary issues including bloodyurine, frequent urination, or painfulurination

They don't treat:

Foreign body ingestion,severe or bloody diarrhea ; Non-productive retchingbloating, or distended abdomen ; Serious trauma (hit by car) ; Difficulty breathing or choking ; Weakness or collapse ; Heat stroke or snake bites ; lnability to urinate (urinaryobstruction ; Heat stroke or snake bites


  • Easy booking
  • Offer CareCredit and Scratchpay
  • Several options for payment(credit cards,cash,personal checks)


  • The staff is a bit rude
  • Closed on Friday.
Customer Reviews

" i took my pitbull husky, jamie, here urgently yesterday morning. she had a nasty eye issue that had me very anxious. the second i got into the door, i told them of our situation and that i had no appointment. usually, i expect to be turned away but i was instantly relieved when they said they could see my doggo. luckily i didn’t have to wait long. jamie was in great hands. we were separated when she was examined but i could hear everyone complimenting her and reassuring her. thank you!!!! it’s only been a day since we came and i already see rapid improvement in her eye。--Jaclyn Nguyen "

" I cannot recommend this place enough, having now been to a variety of local urgent care clinics after a medical emergency for my cat (they're all good but this place is the best imo). Every member of the staff is extremely kind and competent. Somehow, I find the visits take no longer than a normal vet and their prices are reasonable. They're also really good about not making my cat sit in the waiting room when there are dogs which I haven't experienced at another vet. --Allison Cassels "

" Was recommended to come here by my primary vet after my dog had an incident with another dog and needed stitches. Long story short, Dr. Jacobs and the whole staff were amazing and were able to get the procedure taken care of in less than an hour (and they saw us when they had 45 minutes until closing). After a very stressful event, this was the exact care my dog (and I) needed. I would not wish anyone to have to visit an emergency vet, but I would highly recommend Partner Veterinary! --Eric Waters "

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4.BluePearl Pet Hospital

BluePearl Pet Hospital
WEBSITE https://bluepearlvet.com/hospital/richmond-va/
ADDRESS 5918 W Broad St, Richmond, VA 23230, United States
CONTACT 804.716.4700
[email protected]
OPERATING HOURS Mon:7 pm-7 am ; Tue:7 am-10 pm ; Thu,Fri & Sat:10 am-10 pm ; Sun:Closed

BluePearl Pet Hospital, previously known as Dogwood Veterinary Center, is a renowned establishment based in Richmond, offering a wide range of specialty and emergency services for pets. They understand the critical nature of pet emergencies, where every second counts, and are prepared to provide immediate assistance.

In cases where pets require specialized expertise, BluePearl Pet Hospital is fully equipped to address their unique needs. Their team of dedicated veterinarians, vet technicians, and support staff work collaboratively to deliver comprehensive and compassionate care that fulfills the requirements of every pet. They recognize that each animal deserves the utmost attention and devotion.

At BluePearl Pet Hospital, your pet's well-being is their top priority. Whether it's an urgent situation or the need for specialty care, their team is ready to provide the necessary treatment with compassion and expertise.

Service area:

Located in Richmond and serves central Virginia communities such as Charlottesville, Fredericksburg and Petersburg.


Emergency Medicine(Animal attacks , Bleeding , Collapse episodes , Difficulty breathing , Difficulty urinating , Hit-by-car accidents , Ingestion of medications, poisons or objects , Seizure , Severe diarrhea , Unresponsiveness , Vomiting) ; Diagnostic Imaging ; Internal Medicine ;Surgery(Cancer , Congenital conditions like dysplasia or heart defects , Hernias ,Trauma or injuries, including fractures, ligament and tendon injuries) ; Veterinary Blood Blank ; Compassionate Treatment;

All Services Here


  • Specialty and emergency pet care.
  • Medical Library for DVMs
  • National network
  • Specialty & 24/7 emergency
  • Specialty & after-hours emergency
  • After-hours emergency
  • open 24 hours a day, every day of the year.


  • Closed on sunday
Customer Reviews

" The entire staff, including the receptionist were friendly, professional and showed the utmost concern for my pet. They kept me informed throughout our stay and ensured that both my pet and myself were as comfortable as possible. --Danny Stump "

" Came here at the recommendation of my vet for scar and additional margin removal following a tumor excision that didn't get all of the malignant cells. Met with the surgeon a few days after calling, she explained the whole procedure, the possibility that my dog may need a skin transfer, and a quote during the consult. Had the surgery a couple weeks after and everything went great. They wrapped him up and he's currently chilling at home hopped up on comfort meds. There always seems to be someone on staff to answer any questions and each person I've talked to remembers him by name - which is shocking because he's not a friendly dog.He's pretty reactive and usually isn't a big fan of people or other dogs - the more people the worse and definitely doesn't like strangers touching him. Each time I've been in for follow ups he's been alert but not anxious, the staff remembers him, consistently says he's good the whole time, and he even let them pet him when he was out of surgery. Its great knowing he's this at ease with them after such a severe procedure. --Abi McFarland "

" Dr. Riddle did a wonderful job of explaining things to us when our dog Abby became very sick suddenly, and tried to be as thorough as he could with limited time. He was straight forward, did not beat around the bush, but was still personable and knew how to speak to us. --Michael Nolan "

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5.Veterinary Referral & Critical Care

Veterinary Referral & Critical Care
WEBSITE https://vrccvet.com/
ADDRESS1596 Hockett Rd, Manakin-Sabot, VA 23103, United States
CONTACT 804-784-8722
[email protected]
OPERATING HOURS Emergency services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Veterinary Referral & Critical Care was founded with the mission of providing veterinary expertise and critical care when it is needed the most. Offering services in Internal Medicine, Surgery, Neurology, and Emergency Medicine, our doors have remained open to referring veterinarians and clients 24 hours a day since 1997. We are one hospital and one team with a common mission that is fueled by compassion.

Located in Manakin-Sabot, VA just 5 minutes West of Short Pump, VA, VRCC has served the Richmond and surrounding areas (Short Pump, Henrico, Goochland, Powhatan, Mechanicsville, Hanover, Midlothian) since 1997.

Emergency services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to ensure the highest quality care for your pet.

Service area:

Located in Manakin-Sabot, VA just 5 minutes West of Short Pump, VA, VRCC has served the Richmond and surrounding areas (Short Pump, Henrico, Goochland, Powhatan, Mechanicsville, Hanover, Midlothian) since 1997.


Emergency Services ; Internal Medicine ; Neurology ; Surgery ; Canine Rehabilitation


Ultrasound ; Echocardiography ; Digital Radiography ; Endoscopy MRI ECG or EKG ; In-House Laboratory ; Antech Diagnostics ;Telemetry ; On-site CT ; Fluoroscopy ;

More Services Here


  • VRCC houses a large, open ICU staffed 24/7 with Licensed Veterinary Technicians and Veterinary Assistants for constant patient monitoring and care.
  • Years of experience
  • ASPCA certificate


  • Locate not in richmond
Customer Reviews

" We have been going there for years. Our dog had to have knee surgery which turned out great. Plus we've had to take our pups for emergency services. Lastly our oldest pup sees Dr. Fallin for a specific disease. He always explains everything and offers advice when we have questions. He is so kind and a great doctor. The entire staff is so friendly and helpful. They are wonderful. --Rita B "

" This place is amazing!!I'm new to the area, and have not established a primary vet yet. My cat became suddenly ill, and after being turned away from every Vet in the city - I did some more research and found this hidden gem.First, the staff is amazing. They took my pets information on the phone and my cat instantly got a room when I arrived. The staff were all very informative and comforting. They were also very kind and nice to talk to.Dr. Van Beek was so kind. She was very knowledgeable, and very caring. She explained all my options very thoroughly, and was very transparent on pricing. Which to my surprise, were very reasonable for an emergency vet.After day 1, I had to go back the following day. Since it was an active case I did not get charged for another emergency visit per their 24 hour policy. Again, I got a room very quickly (even though it was a Saturday)- and they took amazing care of my kitty.I would highly highly recommend this vet because you can tell that they care!! --Lauren LaRocca "

" I can't say enough about this place. My dog got kicked in the head by a horse and almost died and they saved her life. They also did a beautiful skin graft surgery on another dog who got a piece of wire wrapped around her leg and had Scar Tissue build up. They are compassionate caring and reasonably priced. --Shannon Carner "

The following is our curated selection of top-tier emergency veterinary care options available in Richmond, VA. We recommend saving this list for future emergency situations involving your pet.

For pet daycare services, we have compiled a list of the finest daycare services in Richmond, VA. If you are in need of routine check-ups for your pets, we also provide an overview of the best animal hospitals near you in Richmond, VA.

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